The Contract

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The Contract

Post by Phirron on 7th May 2013, 1:11 pm


Ages ago, a great catastrophe presumably destroyed two warring worlds. But when the dust settled, at last, it was revealed that the two worlds had merged. This was a message from the higher power that the conflict was to cease. And so it did. The inhabitants of one world, Man, would now coexist with those of the other world, the Magicka, in one unified world. Now the world is inhabited by both mankind and supernatural forces, being fairies, elves, ogres, goblins, and other mythical creatures. Many of these creatures are domesticated. They coexist with mankind still possessing the largest population in the world. The world is generally modern. Like now time. Not futuristic or anything. Just with some magical beings and things running around.

The main thrust of this story is that the Brokers, a secret society of seemingly immortal beings with incredible benevolent (or malevolent depending on the point of view) abilities. They have been at large for ages and seemingly exist to preserve the peace. A major feature in this world is called a Magi-Duel, in which beings can compete using a combination of magical ability and "tags" (basically simple spells that are written on slips of paper in an archaic ancient language). Magi-Duels are perfectly legal and harmless as tags are not lethal and any sustained injuries are healed upon completion of the duel. Brokers possess a special ability in this. Two, in fact. The first is an ability to use tags outside of Magi-Duels (They also have much more advanced tags at their disposal than those used in these duels) and they can the ability to forge Contracts. Contracts are their most powerful weapons and are unpredictable. They can bend the laws of space-time and reality itself in the favor of victor in a Magi-Duel. However, there is more. Outside of Magi-Duels,, Contracts can also be made. How they function outside of this environment isn't fully understood but it is forbidden.

The Brokers give up their personal lives to become brokers, should they choose such a path. This is the primary path of concern with them. They wander aimlessly, seeking imbalance in the world and seek to fix it. But at such a price, is it worth it? There is one major concern eating away at the Brokers right now, so much so that they've almost all gathered in once place which rarely ever happens and hasn't happened in years.




[b]Occupation:[/b](Broker, Ex-Broker, Mage, Farmer, Chef etc...)

[b]If mage what type of magic do you use?:[/b]

[b]Alignment:[/b](use the D&D alignment chart for reference if wanted,


[b]Goals in life:[/b]

Just a basic character sheet feel free to fill in only that which you want to and feel free to add more to it as you see fit only requirement is Name, Age, Race, and what kind of magic you use if you are a mage.

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Re: The Contract

Post by Guest on 4th July 2013, 3:38 am

Name: Arianna Avalonia

Age: 19

Race: half elven half human (no elf ears)

Occupation: Broker

If mage what type of magic do you use?: N/A

Alignment:(use the D&D alignment chart for reference if wanted,

Personality: Arianna is a peaceful girl who normally keeps to herself, she will protect those whom she sees as important to her. Even as a Broker, she bends the rules by keeping somewhat of a personal life, she doesn't speak often, some people say her tongue was cut out, but this is not the case, she just wishes to keep her mouth shut.

Goals in life: hmmm I will figure something out...



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