(IMPORTANT) How to Report a bug

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(IMPORTANT) How to Report a bug Empty (IMPORTANT) How to Report a bug

Post by Guest on 21st December 2013, 5:30 pm

How to report a bug!
Hello members of Gateway to Role-play forum,

From now onward we will have more updates that involve any coding, therefore, issues might start creating bugs around the forum not that we want them to occur. There can be any sort of bugs. Therefore, now you are able to post this bugs here, that way you'll be aware of the bugs occurring, if they're in the process of fixing, etc.. Also, the only Topics created on this forum is when a major problem occurs, are to be reported here.

You are expected to follow some small formats and rules:

(IMPORTANT) How to Report a bug Z_poti10

  1. When submitting a bug check for the following:

You are to use this format when reporting a bug, this makes everything easier for both, that way we are to get the exact, correct info that is needed.

[b]Description of the issue:[/b]
[b]Extra Info:[/b]

Thread: If the issue is happening in a thread, you can redirect it to the thread.
Description of the issue: Try to explain it the best you can, also intend to break it down to the most understandable one paragraph or less if possible.
Screenshot: We would like to see an image of how you are seeing the bug or whatsoever. This is an important one, please make sure to have this one at all times.

  1. Rules & steps to follow:
  • Before creating a new thread, please check the section to see if your bug has been already mentioned or reported. This will also check the status of it.
    Note: If this is ignored and create multiple threads, they'll be locked and moved to "Archived bugs."
  • Make sure to use the format above. If ignored, not only it'll take more time for both; it will also take more time for it to be processed and fixed.
  • Use an appropriate and fit-able title for the bug that is occasioning.

When checked, they'll be three types of status added into the title of each thread:

  • [In-Progress] - When posting, I will be using red bold font, therefore you are aware of the process of the technicians checking out this issue. There will be orange font involve, that's when we are currently working to fix this issue. Green font will be that the issue has been solved and fix, and currently is under archiving after your approval that this issue has been fixed.

  • [Completed] - When completing and fixing all of the bugs mentioned within your thread, we will add this into the title of the thread. Usually the font color that will be used will be green.

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