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Decus Latro

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 21, 2014 6:34 pm

Decus Latro (Latin for Honored Mercenaries) is an organization of highly trained mercenaries and assassins, famous for their ability for fulfilling missions and being a completely neutral territory. Outsiders know very little about the organization, and acceptance in comes at a high stake. Once part of it, they are never allowed to leave.

They govern themselves under strict rules; the mercenaries are never to speak of missions with outsiders, aside from those they are hired by, and they are never to speak of the organization beyond what the public already knows of it, which is very minimal. They are to treat those of the organization as if they were family; with respect. To steal, harm with negative intent, or murder would be to disrespect an individual and is dealt with harshly.

Most mercenaries are born into the organization and raised from youth on the laws and ways of their organization. Once of age, the child becomes the student to a mercenary, and is further taught until given the social status as a qualified mercenary.

Marriages are determined by the parents of the child; it can either be arranged or freely given to the child when he/she is of age.

Meals and housing is free, money is given for fulfilling missions only and not needed for most things within the organization.

Housing, training grounds, dining, and entertainment is all provided for members withing a highly guarded confined area; only members are allowed beyond those walls. Any outsiders are considered invaders an are to be killed on the spot.

This entire organization is run by a council, chosen by elder resigned council members, that makes decisions for the better interest of the group as a whole.

The RP takes place in a past tense fantasy world, however everyone is human, or at least humanoid, animals are mostly the same, although I will allow for some fantasy-related creativity (mild-type powers, abnormalities, ect. Please PM me regarding any fantasy creativity.) Most technology doesn't exist (i.e. cars, computers, ect.). Travel is most often by foot or steed, and most long distance contact is delivered by messengers.

Notes: Anyone is free to join, just create a bio. Everyone will have a character that is part of the organizations. If the RP is kept active for the first mission, there will be more missions to come. The length of the RP is pending upon activity.

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