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GtR's Ranking System Empty GtR's Ranking System

Post by JerriLeah7 on 8th June 2014, 11:32 am

Hello, GtR Members!!

I would like to post an update to let you know that, since the GP/GtR Currency feature has been disabled, there was no way to get username features or custom rank text! However, this system has been modified and you are now able to do so! ^.^ Additionally, GtR has a new ranking system for all members.

With our new ranking system, the automated ranking now shifts as listed below:

0000 posts - New Member
0040 posts - Junior Member
0750 posts - Active Member
2000 posts - Senior Member
5000 posts - VIP

To receive a username feature, you have but to ask a moderator or administrator for one! If you are not a VIP, this username feature will only last for one week and you will be unable to request again for another two weeks, but it will not cost you anything. (The only exception is custom rank text, which will be permanent until you become inactive.)

To receive a custom rank above your rank image, you will have to ask a moderator or administrator, as well, but you can only ask for it to be changed/updated once a month. Do understand, however, that only active members may keep their custom rank. If you become inactive, your custom rank will be removed by an administrator.

Available Username Features:
(Non-VIP: One Week Duration; VIP: Permanent)

Custom Rank Text
No explicit text.
Custom Rank Text Coloration
Color must be easy to read on the board.
Icon Before Username
Must be easy to tell what it is when reduced to a 16px X 16px size.
Username Change
No explicit usernames.
Username Glow
Any color, so long as it is easy to read on the board.
Username Sparkle
Silver, Purple & Blue, Green, Gold, Gold & Yellow, Purple

For username and custom text coloration changes
, please use the following site to give the code of the color that you desire. If you cannot provide a color code, please specify the hue of the color that you choose so that an administrator can more easily help you: HTML Color Codes Thank you!

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GtR's Ranking System Zedsig11
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