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Post by Luna on 6th February 2015, 5:19 pm

Thread:Mobile connection problems.
Description of the issue: Mobile version will not allow me to log in. The menu bar that popped down before that allowed you to sign in or send you to the classic version doesn't pop down. When I asked my phone to give me the desktop version it did so and I was able to log in on the classic version, however when I tried to go back to the mobile version, there was no option for it on the classic menu were it normally is. I have my phone set up so that the mobile version will pop up when I click on gtr so I was able to get back on the mobile version by exiting and re entering, but the menu still did not come down and I couldn't go to the last page either.
Screenshot: No screen shot available.
Extra Info: Issue started today. It had not been a problem before as the issue had been resolved when working with Angie.

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Post by Ange Tuteur on 28th July 2015, 6:02 am

Hey, I apologize for the super late reply. This topic must've slipped by me somehow.

I'd just like to ask if this is still occurring ? I made a quick test by emulating the mobile version on the browser and I could see the drop down arrow for the classic version. If it's not appearing it's usually attributed to a JavaScript error. I remember I did fix one of those a few months back when I was working with the scripts.

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