Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

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Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 5th January 2011, 6:18 pm

Here is how I would like for you to fill this out.




Description(markings(if have, go here):

Living Quarters:

Weapons Used:

Element(if have one):

Class(monk/swordsman so on):

Powers(if have):

Brief History:


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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 5th January 2011, 6:42 pm

I will post mine here too

Name:Kentaro Owasagi


Race:Demon (Wolf)

Description(markings(if have, go here): Markings of red line his face, hands, arms, and legs. Each line is doubled, so two marks are in each spot. His eyes are purple, hair is blond, put up in a pony tail that is long. Reaches down to his lower back when down.

Living Quarters: Cave of Nuala

Weapons Used: Single Katana, carried on his left side.

Element(if have one): None

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Swordsman

Powers(if have): Whip from finger tips, He can only use it once in a while. He also has his long claws. Night Vision, strong sense of smell...

Brief History: Was born as a full Wolf Demon, his parents forced him to join the Soldiers at a young age and ever since has been guarding the castle gates of Cave of Nuala in hopes that one day he could live freely.


Name: Hatake Toyin

Age: 26

Race: Human/Elf

Description(markings(if have, go here): His eyes are green, he has light brown straight hair. His hair is pulled half back. The length of his hair is down to his shoulders

Living Quarters: Kyoshi

Weapons Used: Staff

Element(if have one): Air

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Monk

Powers(if have): Able to make barriers

Brief History: His parents left him in the hands of the high priestess of Kyoshi who is now passed away. He decided to take over once she passed away and has been living there ever since. He has no idea who his parents are but hopes in some day he will get the chance to meet them.

Number 3

Name: Kotoro Tenshi

Age: 14

Race: Human/demon (fox)

Description(markings(if have, go here): Light red hair, yellow eyes, his hair is really short and somewhat sticks up.

Living Quarters: Anchorsaur

Weapons Used: Small knife, some kunai,

Element(if have one): earth

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Theif

Powers(if have): can move small rocks, slash with claws. strong sense of smell, night vision.

Brief History: His mother was killed while he was very young as his father was taken away. He grew up alone for a long time but now lives with a whole bunch of children like him in the village in Anchorsaur. He usually tried to steal from humans,elves, or half human/elf people for killing his mom and taking his father way. He also does it for food and items for his friends.

lets make 4

Name: Ruka Nelia

Age: Unknown

Race: Elvan

Description(markings(if have, go here): Long Light Brown hair, half up half down. Her eyes are bright green, He skin is almost pure white.

Living Quarters: Everland City

Weapons Used: None

Element(if have one): Water

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Princess (I'm only doing this for something different, please don't do this without asking)

Powers(if have): Can bend some water, but doesn't do it often...she isn't allowed to do things that are considered fun

Brief History: Was born into the Royal family that runs the Everland City. Her parents are the King and Queen but she hates it. Her dream is to become a shaman and bend water all the time...She one day hopes that she can find a way to sneak out of the palace and be free with half breeds and others just to get away from it all. She also loves spending time with children.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by JerriLeah7 on 5th January 2011, 6:50 pm

Name: Irahdi 7 [Ee-raw-dee]

Age: Appears 20

Race: Fox Demon

Description(markings(if have, go here): Orange Markings on her face and neck, kind of swirling around, with red hair and yellow eyes. Very tall and thin and her hair is always in a ponytail, which looks almost like a fox tail.

Living Quarters: Cave Nuala

Weapons Used: Throwing Daggers, Claws, Bow and Arrows

Element(if have one): None

Class(monk/swordsman so on):

Powers(if have): Enhanced Senses, Speed, Moving Silently, Dark Vision, High Jumping

Brief History: As a thief, Irahdi is cunning, intelligent, and quiet...when needed. At othertimes, however, she has a short attention span and is distracted easily by the silliest of things. She frustrates those around her, especially other demons, who think she should take her life more seriously. Her family is unknown, as she was abbandoned as a youthling, but when found and raised, she has been loved and cared for ever since. She has been trained to be a thief by her her late father, who loved to steal things for the risk and excitement and passed his skills on to Irahdi before he died, along with his passion in the pilfery.

Her father tried to have children six times before giving up and finding Irahdi. Since her last name was unknown, they began to call her Irahdi 7, and so she has been called by all those that know her.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Holsety on 5th January 2011, 7:39 pm

First character:

Name: Nymaeria Takisa

Age: Appears 21 (is 423)

Race: Elf

Description(markings(if have, go here): Shoulder length blond hair, aquamarine eyes, height is about 5'3", she is slim but physically strong.

Living Quarters: Everland City

Weapons Used: Slim sword

Element(if have one): Fire

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Swordsman (sergeant)

Powers(if have): Can shoot fireballs

Brief History: Her father was a high-ranking swordsman, but he was killed fighting demons when Nymaeria was young. Since then, she has aspired to be a great swordsman, like her father, and fight demons, for whom she has a deep hatred. She is very loyal, dutiful, and determined.

Second character:

Name: Zhelyr Reduka

Age: Appears 17 (is 178)

Race: Demon/human (hawk)

Description(markings(if have, go here): Scruffy silver-grey hair that goes darker at the tips, red-orange eyes, height is about 5'10", he is of average build.

Living Quarters: Anchorsaur, but he travels around

Weapons Used: Two daggers

Element(if have one): None

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Mercenary

Powers(if have): Super vision (in daytime only), acute hearing, can summon wings but can't fly for very long, can grow claws.

Brief History: He lived with his father on Mount Piza until he was driven to Anchorsaur. He didn't want to stay in one place and he wanted to find adventure, so he decided to travel around as a mercenary. He is (obviously) adventurous, free-spirited, and he enjoys killing and doing dirty jobs.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by xenolion on 5th January 2011, 10:36 pm

Name: Kalena, no surname

Age: Appears 20

Race: Elven/human half breed

Description(markings(if have, go here): She is 5’4” Slender build. She has grass green eyes with straight medium brown hair that is down to the middle of her back. She usually has it in a braid or ponytail to keep it out of her way. Her skin is paler than most human, but not as pale as a true elven

Living Quarters: Temple

Weapons Used: Crossbow.

Element(if have one): Water.

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Priestess in training….maybe….

Powers(if have): She has shows some affinity with water, but has not been trained at all.

Brief History: Kalena was left behind at the Kyoshi temple when she was just a baby. She was raised by the temple priestess and monk with the intention that she will be a priestess in training. She was content with temple life until recently. She is curious about the rest of the world. The current Temple Monk wants to help her within reason and is allowing her to visit the other temples.

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Thank you leah
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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by EphPhoenix on 6th January 2011, 12:23 am

Name: Rasmus Goldheart

Age: 12

Race: half human/half panther demon

Description(markings(if have, go here): dark skin, jet black, shoulder length hair he keeps tied back, golden eyes that shine when light hits them (or he's excited), tall, lean, nimble

Living Quarters: wanderer

Weapons Used: claws, knife, the Phoenix Blade (further explanation later)

Element(if have one): none (fire when linked with the sword)

Class(monk/swordsman so on): wanderer (currently only has survival skills and couldn't fight with a sword to save his life)

Powers(if have): enhanced physical attributes and senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing; can see in the dark as clearly as day), an ability to communicate with animals.

Brief History: He was born in a small village, but his mom was chased out when the townspeople learned he was half demon. They led a secluded life in the mountains, and his mom taught him many things from the many books she had taken with her when she left the village. He led a quiet, happy life with his friends being the animals of the mountains and books.

One day, as he was wandering the mountains, he happened upon an area he had never been to before. In the center of a range of mountains was a tiny little island, hidden from overhead view by the mountain ranges. The place had a hallowed feel to it, sacred and peaceful. In the center of this place was a pedestal, and embedded in it was a sword. It had an engraved golden handle and hilt with a small emerald capping the end and a large emerald embedded in the hilt. Struck by its beauty, he was mesmerized, but knew enough not to mess with it considering the sacredness of the place.

However, upon leaving he was met with the sight of a mysterious girl. She was hauntingly beautiful, like a rare flower. Her long hair was a deep green that matched her eyes, and she wore a green vest and breeches. She looked like she was an elf. Her name was Loinnir, and indeed she was an elf, but there was more to her story. Her kingdom was under a spell, attacked by a greedy human wizard king that sought the blade in this grove. As a result, her body lay in a state of suspended animation.

However, she had somehow projected her spirit as she prayed for help and it had since been bound in this grove where the sword lie. Had he have tried to touch it, she would have warned him away. Though the sword itself had its own will, a protective spell lay on the altar in which it was sheathed, turning any who touched the blade to ash. He soon began regularly visiting the grove, making fast friends with the young elf, as unlikely as that was considering her situation.

One day, however, he was met with a horrible sight. His mountain cabin lay in flames and his mother lay dead. She had been attacked by demon hunters who saw her as tainted trash for having sired a son of demon descent. In desperation, he ran to the grove and grabbed the sword. Instantly, he was seared by flames as the sword came to life. The pain was excrutiating, but he held on, until finally he was reduced to ash.

But that was the trick. From his ashes he was born anew. The sword, hearing the wish in his heart, bore him of elemental flame and transported him to his mother. Following an unspoken voice, he held the sword over his mother, enveloping her in flames that instead of hurting her, rekindled the flame of her life and burned away her injuries. He was at once overjoyed, but was in for both a pleasant and nasty shock. Loinnir wasn't bound to the grove, but to the sword and went wherever it went. However, he couldn't return the sword to the altar. Whenever he tried, it magically appeared back on his belt as a sheathed knife. It was clear: it was up to him to try and save Loinnir and her people.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 7th January 2011, 2:12 pm

Name: Nobusa Kazuki

Age: 18

Race: Human

Description: Kazuki stands at 5' 6" and has a light but strong build. His hair is black and straight which is cut into a thin bowl-shape on his head. His turquoise eyes contrast with his dark hair, and he tends to smile more often than not. He wears the traditional robes and armor of the shugenja, and carries a naginata that has mantras etched into the shaft in silver symbols. The robes include a head cowl to cover himself when he goes higher into the cold reaches of the mountains. His body language and stances reflect his strong will, but do not express hostility.

Living Quarters: Lives in a small home on the outskirts of Anchorsaur

Weapons Used: Naginata or fists.

Class: Shugenja / Yamabushi (monk and shaman)

Powers: He has the power to purify, exorcise, or even exterminate demonic forces should they be evil or of ill-intent. He was born with this power.

Brief History: Kazuki's origins are not only mysterious, but remarkable. It is said that he fell from the sky as an infant. He landed upon a sacred tree that cushioned his fall and saved his life by supplying nectar to him for sustenance. A yamabushi monk found the blessed boy in his travels, named him, and took him as his own. The boy was raised under strict training, and quickly took to his adoptive father's teachings. Now Kaz's maturity is enough that his father allowed him to make his own home which is but a three-room shed. Immediately, a zashiki-warashi (hearth spirit that appears as a child, a girl in this instance) took up residence with him, and aids him in his daily tasks. His father is a well known healer, and eventually Kaz himself gained some renown through a handful of ventures. He found himself mainly purging evil spirits, and he is beginning to become an expert in the field.

[Hope this is fits well enough.]

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Goetia on 7th January 2011, 11:14 pm

Name: Uteke Ailshiba

Age: 20

Race: Human

Description(markings(if have, go here): Dark brown hair, swept back. Blue-ish gray eyes. 6ft tall with a slim, but muscular build.

Living Quarters: A simple house in Skyland

Weapons Used: Custom made uchigatana (similar to a katana)

Element(if have one): Air

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Samurai (Private)

Powers(if have): Ability to create razor-like winds that can cut a variety of substances. Often used in combination with his sword

Brief History: Ever since Uteke was a child, he was trained in swordsmanship by his father. He, himself, was a high class samurai. Uteke joined the armed forces of Skyland as soon as he was old enough. He proved to be one of the best soldiers, being able to cut objects without even having the sword come in contact. He occasionally trains with his father, and learns new tricks and techniques every so often. Every time Uteke trains with other soldiers, he likes to show off what he learned.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Luna on 8th January 2011, 9:46 pm

First character
Name: Amaterasu Watanabe

Age: looks 26 in human years

Race: Half Demon half human (Half Horse half human)

Description(markings(if have, go here): Has a face and body like a human. Though her feet are hooves instead, and she has a mane of black hair and horse ears that are black like her hair. Her eyes are a deep brown.

Living Quarters: lives in Anchorsaur

Weapons Used: Sword named Silver Fang left to her by her demon mother.

Element(if have one): none

Class(monk/swordsman so on):Swords woman

Powers(if have): Speed, Stealth, Extreme vision.

Brief History: Amaterasu is the daughter of a Full demon horse female that left her herd after they attacked a human village and destroyed everything and all but one male in a village. She was taking care of that man when she fell in love with him. She had only wanted to help him and then leave but her love of him made her stay. Together they had Amaterasu. When Amaterasu was only a babe her mother was killed in a war between demons. Her father raised her until he was murdered for having slept with a demon. Since then she has been on her own. A demon who was loyal to her mother found her and gave her the sword that her mother had given her as her birth right

2nd character.

Name: Cordale Xavor


Race: Elven

Description(markings(if have, go here): Cordale wears his hair in a long ponytail most days. This way he can shoot his bow without having any issues. He has Grey eyes and wears his bow across his back. His hair is a silver color, that is usually shiny.

Living Quarters: Everland

Weapons Used: Long bow

Element(if have one): Fire

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Shaman

Powers(if have): NA

Brief History: Cordale Xavor is one for the record books. He has an opinion about everything and anything. He travels a lot but usually calls Everland his home. He has been around and seen a lot. He usually keeps to himself but has been known to make a few friends. Those who are lucky enough to get in usually keep his trust for their life or eternally in his words.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 9th January 2011, 8:23 pm

Uki, let me know if I need to change anything.

Name: Mizu

Age: Appears to be around 17 (approximately 340)

Race: Full Blooded Fish Demon

Description(markings(if have, go here): Her skin is bluish-green color. She has light blue hair that comes down to her shoulder blades, and deep blue eyes. She also has webbed fingers and toes. Her ears look like Princess Ruto's ears from Legend of Zelda (I don't know how else to describe them...). There are two slits on each side of her upper neck just below her bottom jaw - these are her gills. Also, like Princess Ruto, she doesn't wear clothing, but doesn't look like a normal naked woman. She looks like she's just wearing a tight jump suit. As far as markings go, she's got blue stripes running down her body.

Living Quarters: Seryan (the village under Lake Seryan, home to the fish demon tribe)

Weapons Used: None

Element(if have one): Water

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Healer

Powers(if have): Healing, water bending, swims really fast, can breathe under water

Brief History: The fish demons live deep under Lake Seryan where the war has not reached them yet. They know of the war going on above them on land, but being pacifists, and not wanting to be dragged into a senseless battle, they prefer no to to get involved. They feel that, due to their location deep under water, the war will never be able to reach them and they will be safe from it.

Mizu is the daughter and only child of Umi, the leader of the fish demon tribe. Being born a girl, her father, Umi, does not acknowledge her all the time, nor does he ever really treat her kindly. Being his only child, she will one day take over his position, and this upsets Umi greatly because he wanted a male heir to run his people, not a female.

Neglected by her father since she was born, Mizu became real close to her mother, Luna, who raised her practically by herself. She taught Mizu the powers of healing, and how to manipulate the powers of the water. Mizu was quick to learn.

Her peers didn't treat Mizu much better than her father, nor did many of the males in the village. They too were upset that one day their superior would be a woman. The females of the tribe were relatively nice to her, but most of them were jealous of her future status.

Due to being looked down upon and rejected by so many, Mizu grew up to be very shy. There was only one other fish demon other than Mizu's mother who accepted Mizu for who she was. Her name was Aki. They are best friends today.

Mizu has heard of the war occurring on land, and does not thing it wise of her people to believe it will never reach them. Though her people looks down upon her, she does not think they deserve to be slaughtered, and she wants to do all she can to prevent the war from reaching her village.

One night, gathering her bravery, she breeches the waters surface, and climbs up onto land in hope that she will be able to help stop the war and bring peace to the lands.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Tokahia on 9th January 2011, 9:31 pm

Name: Yuki Gyojo

Age: Unknown

Race: Demon

Description(markings(if have, go here): Yuki Gyojo stands slightly taller than an average human. His outfit is normally a forest green Samurai Gi, though on occasion he wears a white Gi. His hair is medium long, though he normally keeps it pulled back in a pony tail. Yuki's face is fox like, with a small red fox paw print on his left cheek. His eyes are a forest green color. Yuki's nails are long and pointed as if they were themselves claws.

Living Quarters: Whisper Forest

Weapons Used: Wakazashi and Katana

Element(if have one):

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Swordsman

Powers(if have): High Jump, canine hearing, canine smelling,

Brief History: Yuki Gyojo spent most of his life in isolation. As the years went on he learned how to properly weld a sword. He then went into developing his own fighting style that he hasn't gotten a chance to try yet. After many years he has finally decided to leave Isolation and explore the world. Though he finds himself drawn to the Whisper Forest where he spends most of his time.
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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Kiseki on 30th January 2011, 5:14 pm

When you see this, Uki, you can PM me if I should change something.

Name: Rhylis

Age: Appears 22

Race: Demon (snake)

Description(markings(if have, go here): Two green, vertical stripes on his face where his eyes are. His eyes are yellow, and his pupils can turn to slits, like a snake. He has shaggy nearly black hair that reaches his chin. His height is about 6’0” and he is slim.

Living Quarters: A snake demon clan in the mountains, not far from Mount Piza

Weapons Used: One light weight sword

Element(if have one): None

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Mercenary (hired as an assassin by his own kind)

Powers(if have): A little control over plants, such as using vines to immobilize his enemies. He can camouflage himself to blend in with his surroundings, and can switch between infrared vision and normal vision. He has large fangs that he uses to inject his foes with venom.

Brief History: Rhylis comes a from a snake clan that is feared by other races because of their deadly venom and aggressiveness. They have a deep hatred for humans, who tried to eradicate their clan years ago. Rhylis, like many others in his clan, was raised to be a stealthy killer, and is considered to be a great success by his kind. His people, especially the leaders, hire him to assassinate anyone they please: humans, other demons, half-breeds. They rarely wish to hunt down elves, however, as they are considered weak, minor threats. Rhylis himself takes great pleasure in killing, and would happily murder anyone with human blood. However, the clan laws state that his kind is not allowed to make too many unnecessary kills, since they don’t want every race wanting to start a war with them.
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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 2nd February 2011, 10:14 pm

Name: Mally

Age: Appears to be around 20.

Race: Cat Demon

Description(markings(if have, go here): Mally has orange rings around her neck, wrists, and ankles which brand her as the demon she is. She has long, straight, jet black hair that comes to her butt, but she usually has it pulled up in a ponytail. She has yellow eyes, like a cats, and black cat ears with white tufts of hair on the inside stick out from the top of her head. She also has a black cat tail. Her skin is dark as well, and she wears a tight black jump suit, black gloves, and black cloth shoes that make no sound when she's running or walking. She also wears a black mask that covers her face from the nose down. All this helps her to blend in in the night.

Living Quarters: She is a wanderer, and at the moment is living in the forest just outside of Skyland.

Weapons Used: A katana, and throwing stars. She also has sharp, retractable claws she can use if needs be, as well as sharp teeth.

Element(if have one): none

Class(monk/swordsman so on): She doesn't really have a set class, but the closest thing she can come to would probably be a ninja.

Powers(if have): She has everything a cat has: Enhanced hearing, sight, smell, and touch. Retractable claws, like a cat. She is adept at landing on her feet from high places, she can jump high, and run fast. She can see far better at night than she can during the day.

Brief History: Mally was born in a small village near Anchorsaur. As she was growing up, her parents would often take her into Anchorsaur to recieve proper training in combat. She learned martial arts, as well as how to properly use a katana and throwing stars. One evening while coming home from her lessons, her carriage was attacked by a band of humans. She and her parents were able to kill some of them, but there were too many. She was terribly wounded, and she had watched as the humans butchered her parents. Some of the people from her village showed up before they had a chance to kill Mally. They ran the humans off, and brought Mally back home. They cared for her until she was better.

Since then, Mally was driven by the thirst for revenge. A passionate hatred for humans was born within her, and she vowed she would not rest until she found the humans who killed her parents and killed them as well. She truly believes that the humans are at fault for this senseless war, and she thinks that the only way the war can be stopped is if every human is either killed, or made to serve the other races. She works towards that goal of enslaving human kind, and those who will not cooperate, she has no regret in killing them. To reach her goal, however, she must recruit other demons, half-demons, or elves to her cause, for she knows by herself, there's no way she can do it on her own.

Mally left home awhile ago, and now travels the land, living no where in particular, trying to find others who will join her in her goal. So far, she has found no one who will join her, but she has not given up hope.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 22nd February 2011, 11:50 am

[This is a side character but I have decided him important enough to make a sheet for.]

Name: Takumi Rikubara

Age: 28

Race: Human turned into a Poison Quill Demon

Description: Almost six foot tall but hunches down and forward. His body is similar to that of a lizard with quills all about him. His skin is leathery and bright orange with some green and blue markings around his face. His eyes are a striking shade of green with thin pupils. All of his quills have black bands with the orange. His arms and legs also have some black bands around the wrists and ankles. He only wears the tatters of his monk robes as a makeshift loin cloth.

Living Quarters: Yoshimizu Temple of Anchorsaur.

Weapons Used: He has two small sickle-blades he used as a human and still will use them as a demon but he added chains to them so he can throw them. He also uses his claws on both his hands and feet.

Element: Poison

Class: Monk

Powers: As a human he could use controlling and banishing spells. Now he has poisoned quills which he can launch out of his body. He can also make odd sounds that disorient, spit poison, acid, or a substance that binds a person to the wall or ground, and he has heat vision and night vision. His tail can be used as a whip and if he scratches his scales a burning powder is released from under them. His acrid aura can eat away at anything binding him either physical or spiritual and his glare can disrupt spells or cause a weaker being to pass out.

Brief History: Rikubara's family line has always been unfortunate. Many of his family were killed by demons, droughts, and disease. His family never had a high standing either so to get back at the demons and improve the lives of his family that was left he went to become a monk. He studied binding and banishing spells non-stop and rose to a high rank as an exorcist of malicious demons. Recently though, he went against the menace in Anchorsaur and they preformed an ancient ritual which cursed his blood to take his vengeful and bitter aspects and turn him into an unstable demon.

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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 24th February 2011, 9:01 pm


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Re: Fuedal Era RP Sign Ups

Post by Guest on 1st June 2011, 10:45 pm


Age: 19

Race: Human

Description(markings(if have, go here): Tall, slender, silver eyes, silver hair. Extremely pale, doll like face. She has long eye lashes and long layered hair that goes to the small of her back. She also has a strange marking on her back that appears to be some sort of wing.

Living Quarters: None, she travels from place to place.

Weapons Used: Knives. Her bow. and spell casting. (Skilled in all, but nothing remarkable. But she preffers to stay out of the fight if it can be avoided.)

Element(if have one): Light

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Scholar

Powers(if have): spell casting.

Brief History: Very little is known about her. Rumors have been passed around but people dismiss it as childrens stories. She prefers to lay low with her partner in crime, and the only person that knows anything about her other than her name, Ittosai. The two of them have a strange, unbreakable bond that one one really understands. She is a known bookworm and is a walking dictionary (Much to Ittosais dismay). Very little escapes her attention. She posses a sharp wit and toungue and isn't afraid to use it. But she would prefer to not put herself and Ittosai into dangerous situations.
The story that Ittosai knows is that she was found on a river bed, not breathing. Apparently, she belonged to a fairly wealthy family, or so the story goes. A rich noble had been searching for her and the man that found her knew this. Knowing she wasn't breathing the man took her corpse back to his house and started talking with his neighboor about what he found. There was suddenly loud crashing in the house, when the man went inside to check, there was the girl, alive. She was staring blankly out the window and did not speak a word. Either way, the nobel was informed and thats where Ittosai came in. He was tasked with gaurding and transporting the girl to the nobels house which was quite a ways away. Through the process he started to become more and more taken with the girl. The girl slowly started opening up to him, telling him her name.
Now she began to tell Ittosai, no, beg, him not to take her to anyone. Ittosai, honestly not caring whether or not the girl returned to the nobel, readily complied. The two have been together ever since.

Name: Ittosai Tatsunami

Age: 21

Race: Human

Description(markings(if have, go here): Short/ mid length, choppy blonde hair, bangs that almost cover his eyes. Glasses. Tall, muscular but thin. Scars riddle his body. 6'3. His eyes are a striking shade of green.

Living Quarters: Nowhere. He travels.

Weapons Used: A sword as long as he is tall.

Element(if have one): None.

Class(monk/swordsman so on): Samurai

Powers(if have): His physical abilities are remarkable and his prowess with a sword is second to none. Other than that he is fairly normal. Nothing magical.

Brief History: Ittosai was raised a killer. His father trained him viciously to be an assasin. He was raised without love or kindness. The only person he ever cared for, his little sister, was taken away when his mother left. His father was later assasinated after killing a young boy ittosai refused to kill himself. From then on, he walked the path of a killer. People hired him, his loyalties belonged to no one. He didn't love, he didn't care, he wandered from place to place, his only joy came from killing.
Until he met Kaimele. He was tasked with transporting her to some rich nobel. It was just another job...right? Wrong. The experience changed the blood soaked life he had lived up till then. He became strangely taken with her, and when she pleaded her case and begged not to be sent to the nobel, he readily complied. He ran away with her and the two have been traveling ever since.

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