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Post by JerriLeah7 on 21st November 2015, 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 21st May 2017, 1:25 pm

Stadium Collab: Part 2 of 2

The crowd cheers as Alyssa signals the safety and Varik laughs with joy, "Oh, yeah, guys, Reign is safe and she moves back onto the grid.  Phara moves in immediately, ready to knock her down--she misses!  The crystal is lost, guys, what a sad waste.  That's gonna blow later--"

Chaz states, "Oh, no!  Ellie and Brodie are at it again, these two are in it for the win.  Look at that serpentine pattern for a chase!  Oh, ho, James makes it in behind Ellie and now she's flanked as Reign goes down again--this time, she's in the pit, so sorry for that, Reign, good game!  Good game."

Varik says, "We've got two out for gold, one for blue, it's looking--YES.  That was INTENSE, guys.  Let me tell you!  Let's have a replay on the big screen as Ellie slips out of the dual toss and causes Brodie and James to out each other!  Make that four to one, Chaz.  Things are looking good for the blue team."

Sophie just happened to have the camera in the right place at the right time and was able to get her sister.  She begins cheering for her, the camera falling to her chest.  She is really proud of her sister.
Something higher in the stands catches her eyes.  She moves the camera up and sees a sign with Ellie’s name on it.  She takes a few quick pictures, knowing Ellie would love it too.

Brae is locked onto Ellie, watching as she's flanked, standing up suddenly with tightened fists as he clasps onto the sign and watches with intense excitement to see what happens.  "C'mon Ellie, he's behind you, look behind ya!"  He doesn't say this too loudly, since he's mostly talking to himself, but he waves up the sign, anyway, knowing she won't be able to see it.  

After a few short seconds, Ellie ducked and dodged to the side, the two opponents hitting each other with their crystals and knocking each other back into voids of the grid.  Ellie almost slipped into a missed square as she did this, but she gained her balance and Braedon cheered.  "SHIT.  THat was CLOSE!"  Braedon yells.  "That's my girl!!!"

Varik smiles, "Oh, yes, this is going to be good, the grid is already down to a third of it's start size and there are gaps everywhere.  Now our players are hopping through the gaps and trying to get to each other.  Looks like Gene is surrounded by holes and we are not sure how he's going to get out of that corner."

Chaz shakes his head, "Coach, what do you think, got any tips for your lost corner man?"

Delilah was flinching, ducking and weaving as she watched the team do the same. She wanted to shout 'he's behind you!' or 'to your left!' even though she knew no one on the field would hear her. She can tell Pierce is mainly focused on #11, Ellie, and though they all look the same from this distance, she tries to keep her eyes on her; cheering alongside Pierce when he shouted words of encouragement, hopping up and down excitedly.

"Well if I were in that situation, I would try to make the jump. Being in the corner isn't good, but if I don't think I can make that jump, then I would instead try to bob and weave around the crystals being thrown at me, and hope that they miss the ground around me.

Varik laughs, "There you have it, good luck Gene, I hope you can make that jump!"  

Chaz starts in, "Oh, man!  Only three left on gold, but look at that, they turned it around!  Kennan, Orrin, and Siege are down after being flanked and pushed into a center and ringed-out!  That was amazing, folks, what a maneuver!  Three to three left on the field and one blue is cornered--it looks like Ellie is gonna try to cover him while he makes the leap, Gene goes for the jump--"

"OH, he's on the edge and Ellie cannot help him catch that balance, but she tries to get Kennan out, she tosses--"  Chaz says.

The crowd suddenly shouts as Varik continues in a mourning tone, "Woah, that had to hurt!  Vest jumped over to take the hit for Elli and Ellie hits Kennan and he's down, but now Vest has knocked into Ellie, who's knocked into Gene and the fall counts--all blue are out just in the end, that's gotta hurt, my friends, what a loss."

The coach whistles as the match closes and the two remaining gold players throw their hands in the air as the stadium rises from their benches with cries of joy and excitement from the end game.

Varik sighs, "Man, that was a quick game, I did not see that cutting out so fast, but this is what happens on the shorter teams when you have a hard hitter on each team.  Most points for players went to Ellie Eleven and Kennan Five, tied with eighteen points and with Gene Nine taking second place with ten--I really think he could have gotten some more points if he hadn't been cornered at the end there, Chaz."

"Oh, man, what a shame," Chaz adds, "I hate it with group knock outs like that, this is why you shouldn't try to take hits like that, I am sure Vest is going to regret that choice, but I hope he learns from it, that hurts his team pretty bad."

"Alright, everybody, once again, thanks for tuning in, this is 101.7 Etherball with Chaz and Varik," Varik says, "We're gonna come back with more upcoming lists for the future games of the University after closing comments from the coach.  Thanks again, we're gonna hand off for closing comments to Coach Alyssa, everyone."

Ellie slams her hand against the platform she lands on before going over to Vest.  “Thanks for the cover.  Next time we will get them.”  She shakes his hand.  “I know you could have made that jump Gene.”

"Good game everyone, and come back for the next game. I hope that all of you will be there, including the team, of course," Alyssa says. "Let's have the team meet back up in the dugout, and I hope that all of you have a goodnight and a safe trip home," Alyssa continues.

"Ah, damn!"  Brae says, sitting down and pouting, "Dammit, Vest.  If he hadn't jumped...Ellie totally could have dodged that!"

Delilah sits down beside him, minding the sign, placing a hand on his shoulder. "Don't worry Pierce, I am sure she'll get them next time. She seemed very quick on her feet, and a very determined player. Besides, a loss now means more of a chance of a future victory!" Maybe she wasn't doing such a good job at comforting him, but damn she was trying.

"Yeaah,"  Brae says, still pouting, "You're right.  Okay, we can head out to the parking lot, then.  Ellie knows my car, so we'll wait there for her and whomever she has with her.  Then we'll go get a bite to eat.  I'm gonna treat everyone, this time.  Man...that was so close, too."

Ellie regroups with the team before they go up to the dugout.  Sure the lost, but more importantly they learned a lot about each other.  She cannot wait until Staccato next week and gets to have Kenan on her side for a change.

Delilah nods, carefully folding up the sign, which, if Pierce doesn't show Ellie, she will. She follows Pierce out to his car, sticking close to make sure she doesn't get separated, keeping the poster close to her chest so it doesn't get torn or wrinkled. "It was, but I'm sure she was still grateful to have you cheering for her!"

At the dugout, "That was a good game all, we still have some training to do for the upcoming match against Staccato. Now then good job to gold team for winning, they will have to agree on some place to eat. That's all for tonight, have a safe trip home, and a goodnight," Alyssa says to the team.

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Post by xenolion on 23rd May 2017, 5:52 pm

{Attn: Open At Etherball stadium post game 21:00 ish}

Sophie cannot believe the game ended that way.  Man that really sucks for Ellie.  She takes some time to pack up her camera and to let the stadium clear out a little.  It will be a madhouse and she really doesn’t want to deal with it.

She finally leaves the seating area, careful to avoid other people.  She cannot wait to get the pictures downloaded.

Cynric, sharing some nachos with his daughter, recognizes the cute photographer as she is headed out.  Ricky is the type of guy to leave last, so he always remains seating after a match and simply waits for the crowd to dissipate before exiting.  This has never bothered the kids, luckily.  He waves hello at her as he finishes another bite, "Oh, hey!   Ms. Chiodo.  This is my daughter, Jenia.  Jenia, this is Ms. Chiodo, a fantastic photographer.  Loved that work you did, by the way--it was excellent quality."

Jenia smiles, holding out her hand, "Pleasure to meet you."

“Oh hello. Please call me Sophie.  I was going to ask if you got them.  Thank you Chief Delacroix.”  She was surprised to see them.  She looks down at Jenia and bows.  “It is a pleasure to finally meet you too.  You are looking great.  I will have to tell Ellie that I ran into you.  So did you guys enjoy the game?  Ellie asked me to take some pictures.  There was some issues with the photography club and I was free.”

Cynric nods, "Oh, yes--great game, great game.  Those pictures were top notch, Sophie, really.  I am so impressed.  I am honestly seriously jealous of this talent of yours.  Our crime scene photographers are just Etheriests with quick and cheap, walmart cams that you can have developed within a day.  Let me tell you, if I could have someone on CETE with that gift...anyway, I'm rambling."

"Dad.  Let her be.  I now where this is going and it's not going there.  You can't just recruit the whole world into CETE--"

"What?  I wasn't gonna ask--"

"You so were."  Jenia crosses her arms.

Sophie blushes.  “Well we did do a forensic class when I was in school.  It was rather interesting.  It think I only threw up twice.”  Sophie laughs.  “First though we need to get the picture for your front page article.”  She bends down, digs around her bag, and takes out the picture she took of him at the park along with the release form.  “Oh and here is the picture from the park.  If you want me to submit it for the People of Coldrion book, just sign the paper.”  She holds both in front of her touching the furthest corners.

She is surprised about the job offer.  “If you don’t mind a non Etherist working for CETE, I may consider the offer.  But that can wait for later.”

"Excellent!"  Cynric takes the paperwork and signs the sheet where she indicates.  "Oh, yeah.  You get used to it, though.  If you ever felt you'd have the stomach for the job, CETE would cover any additional courses you needed for the job...we'd be happy to have your work here.  You'd catch a lot of bad guys."

Jenia rolls her eyes, shaking her head, "You are so hopeless, dad.  I mean, really.  Don't hesitate to turn him down, Sophie--if you're not interested.  He's persistent, but my father will respect your decision.  Wait...did you say non-Etheriest?  Interesting.  You have the potential to become one, you know.  You might be one...someday.  I wouldn't be surprised if you gained a photographic ability, if you're passionate about taking photos and if you're as good as my father says."

Sophie looks at Jenia.  “Trust me if I was in any form an Etherist, my sister will drag me to your office and have me enrolled.”  She resists biting her lip.  Can she somehow tell?  She will have to ask Ellie what her ability is.  Her phone chirps and she takes a moment to look at it.  “Speak of the devil.  This will only take a moment *Go ahead without me.  I have a lot of work to do tonight.  Have fun with your boyfriend.*  She wanted to know if they should wait for me.  Braedon is taking her out.  So when will be a good time to meet with you Chief?”

"How about tomorrow morning?"  Cynric asks, "I'll be in my office all day at CETE.  I'd be delighted to have a visit from you any time around then."

“Sounds good.  I won’t make it too early.”  Sophie looks at the thinning crowd.  “Well I better get going, I have a jog in front of me.  It was nice meeting you Dean Delacroix, and I will see you tomorrow Chief.”

Jenia waves sweetly as Cynric winks at her, "You have a good night now, Lovely Sophie. "

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Thank you leah
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Post by Vye on 24th May 2017, 5:29 pm

Delacroix University/Outskirts of Coldrion City; 2:00pm - 5:00pm

After class, Virsago took a quiet stroll to the cafeteria for lunch. The day had been progressing about as dull as he expected, but one thing he couldn't expect was how his Ether Control class would go. It would be his first time taking such a class, and based on the description, it seemed like he would have to use his powers in front of the other students. Purchasing a turkey sandwich packaged in cheap plastic, Virsago contemplated what the first day of Ether class would hold in store. Surely, the administrators wouldn't let Virsago or anyone else use their ability freely. The potential for destruction would be immense. But how else would he learn to control the dangerous powers he had?

A few bites into his sandwich, Virsago's phone buzzed in his pocket. A message from Brannagh.

It seems your rape case is leading to something bigger. I’ll keep you posted."

Virsago replied "Thanks, good luck." with one hand and continued with his meal. Something bigger? What the hell did she find? The student thought to himself. Maybe the district police were corrupted like he thought. Or maybe there was a bad egg employed at his school. Either way, Virsago wouldn't know until Brannagh found some evidence. Hopefully, she didn't stick her nose in too deep where it didn't belong. An expose of this caliber would put a few powerful people out of their positions.  

Finishing his sandwich, he killed an hour of free time by playing a little rhythm game on his phone. Sitting in the cafeteria so long made getting back up a chore. His rear end was sore and his legs had fallen asleep. Being as overpunctual as he was, however, he left the cafeteria with more than enough time to arrive at Ether class. In the unusually spacious classroom, Virsago took a seat towards the end facing a large white board half the size of the wall it was on. A few other students sat sparsely across the room. Soon enough, more people filed in, taking seats where they could. The teacher walked in among a group of advanced students and set his items on the desk in front of the white board.

"Good afternoon, everyone. Hope you all had a good summer break. We won't actually have you practice using your powers yet. There's a couple things you gotta learn first. We'll go into the basics of Ether and Aura, some common ways to use Ether, and then we get to the fun stuff. Expect to have an exam, though."

With that, the whole class groaned half knowing there would be some kind of test at some point. The teacher then went into the class structure and more details about the curriculum, as well as safety guidelines. He made sure to point out that he'd remind the class of those guidelines when they started training. He then asked everyone to give their name and Ether ability. Everyone's ability sounded about as abnormal as you'd expect, but when it came to Virsago's turn, he tried to bury his discomfort, thinking about the destructive nature of his ability, and what recently happened at the university. Most people understandably turned their eyes when they heard of Virsago's ability. Virsago, himself kept his eyes only on the professor, to avoid the other students' wary gaze.

"Oh, a fire user. We'll have definitely have to pay close attention to you. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had your Ether ability?" The teacher asked.

"Uh, a couple years. Haven't really done much with it, for obvious reasons." The professor chuckled a bit, but now Virsago felt like he had isolated himself from the group. Who'd want to hang around an unstable flame user? Virsago kept his eyes ahead and ignored everyone for the rest of class. Once the teacher dismissed everyone, Virsago collected his books and headed straight for the door. In the hallway he felt the pressure in his chest ease. With the school day over, Virsago took the bus to a spot he used to practice his Ether ability. Standing at the mouth of an old sewer drain, Virsago lit pieces of paper with his flame ability, trying to suppress the flame before the entire sheet burned to ashes.

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Post by RadioTanuki on 27th May 2017, 1:00 pm

Delacroix University ~ 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

[Attn: Anyone in Kilder's class (Ellie, all that I know of.. XD)]

The first day of class.... eeeaaaassssy... right? Well yeah, but why... so..... looooonnggg......

Kilder looked at the clock... 9:20.... and only about 6 more times today left to go... through this SAME DAMN SYLLABUS...

Can't they just read this shit themselves? They're like..... COLLEGE AGED.... Most teachers require HOMEWORK with more reading than this REGULARLY....

A bit later....

Besides that.... they're also gonna hear the same thing many, many times today, with very slight changes...

I guess I shouldn't be complaining though, really... it's only two days out of the year, and this is technically like... almost my easiest day....

Then, some of these students aren't necessarily making it easy for me today, was I being difficult? I think three have already shot me dirty looks today.... and it's only well, it's third period at least .... almost through it... 10:30 ish....

A bit later (yet again)...

WEEEELLLL.... then the first dirty look might have been my fault too, I didn't even realize, but I may have looked like I gave Miss Chiodo a dirty look there when she had her phone out in class... note to self, gotta get a phone like that.... thing was slick as hell.... mine's looking like a piece of crap these days...

Lunch period...

Only half the day left now, at least... Aaaand lunch.... ummm, wow, I really need to stop with the peanut butter jelly sandwiches if I can ever remember to make lunch ahead of time FOR ONCE.... wonder what Errette is doing right now...

That afternoon...

Okay, seriously? Yet ANOTHER dirty look? Talk about a tough crowd this semester.... I mean, shit, are these guys that big of go-getters that they're actually judging me on the FREAKIN' SYLLABUS READING?

"Mr. Arturas??" one of the students in the front of class raised her hand as the others around her looked up, many half-asleep, a few looking at her as if it was the first interesting thing to happen to them today (it was), and even a few looking... kinda pissed....

Caught a bit off guard, Kilder realized what was kinda happening.... "Um, oh, yes?"

"Is that the end of the syllabus? You kinda just stopped and zoned out there for a minute... it... uhh, looks like there's a bit more to go...?" she said, shyly.

Maker..... Meh
Well, that explained it... I'm this scatterbrained today.... holy shit, I didn't even see this coming... I AM THE PROBLEM.... Well, that sucks...

"Oh uhh, sorry about that, I have been feeling a bit off today, but yeah, we have a little more that I'm actually required to go through with you, but I'll do my best to run through it quickly and let you guys go... had a lot going on the last few weeks.... sorry..." Sweatdrop

After that Kilder went through the rest of the syllabus quickly, and upon finishing, dismissed the class early. What a freaking day already.... The next few classes would also be a slog...

Will it EVER END???

And then it did... finally through his last class of the day, he went to his office and sat down... he didn't even bother going to the break room or anything today. He was actually pretty tired, and to make matters worse, he still had some stuff to catch up on for his upcoming lesson plans. Although he was at the point now where they mostly stayed the same from year to year, in the field of criminal justice, laws and a bunch of other shit changed here and there. There were still the basics and that sort of stuff, yeah, and early in the plan most of it was still fine anyway, but he sometimes felt the need to find new methods and such, just to keep it all from becoming too monotonous for him. There was also the matter of that he had to know how to teach for his students on a more individual level for a few of his classes.... Those were always more difficult. Smaller class loads, and for good reason, as careful attention to each student's unique abilities were tested for their effectiveness in the field. Those were very different every year. While Kilder would say that they were the most fun part of his job, they were also the most taxing. However, being the first day, nothing of that came into play yet. Show and tell day was next class. They were a later year class, so he had actually known these students for a while, but he wasn't totally familiar with their abilities just yet.

That said, he did need to look over their files today, to get a good idea of what he was dealing with this year.

"Let's see... I have seven students in my Ether Defense class this time?" he flipped for the files of his class. This particular one was an advanced class that dealt with actually teaching the students how to safely and effectively utilize their powers for law enforcement purposes. It dealt with self-defense, pursuit of criminals, capture, and protection of civilians. It was a damn good thing it was small too. No matter how fun it could be at times, which really depended on the students (there seemed to always be one 'problem child' in the bunch, or one that won the shitty power roulette), it also felt a lot like running a police academy on his own at times... Well, he wasn't the only teacher who did this part... just the main one that did... How did I actually convince anyone to think that I was the guy to put on charge?


Darion Anath.... hmm, wow... a water etheriest.... oh yeah.... he ALWAYS needs to take bathroom breaks in class... and I had to stop him that one time from trying to get girls to drink water from his finger like a water fountain.... that was kinda fucked up... other than that, though... not bad, has good control, produces clean water, looks like he can produce a lot. No longer have to put up wet floor signs everywhere, so he's clearly gotten a bit better about that... he shouldn't be too hard to train. Just need to see how much he can actually do with that... but it looks like his water control is in good shape. Seems safe enough.

Erizia Baldon, oh nice! I remember her... she's sneaky, but a good kid. Portal etheriest, which is awesome, but only small portals. big enough to effectively teleport her limbs, with distance limits, I'm sure, I think it's still perception based on those, but should be very interesting to teach. Think I caught her messing with other students a time or two with her ability, but mostly well behaved. She should be good at pursuit and capture, for sure...

Terena Escar is.... okay, a strange one.... I remember the first time I caught her using hers in class I had to snap myself out of it before I could, and she didn't do it again, luckily. She blows..... bubbles.... multicolored, giant BUBBLES.... That would be great and all if they didn't have dazing effects.... no wonder she always acts high as a freaking kite with a power like that... Not that I'm to question anyone's life decisions, but is she sure she knows what she's training for here? Meh, then, a power like that should make this job easy for her. Send on some drug busts and that shit will be a cakewalk for her, I bet....

Geoffrey Lannen..... GEOFFREY?  Angry  Oh yeah... even worse... he goes by JEFF..... Okay, that name.... has always been just too goofy to me as it is... I can't take this guy seriously when I think of his name... WHY?.... ehh.... anyway... The worst part of that? He's serious as shit, maybe even the best suited to be a CETE agent in this class. Luckily, he should be easy to train here. He already acts like he's in the damn military, sans the constant boasting you hear from a lot of them.... that's a relief. And his power is even almost TOO CONVENIENT. Micro pulse vibration.... while not electric, he's effectively like a stun gun if he can control it correctly. Causes things and people to shake uncontrollably.... weird power though... it looks like he's giving people a seizure I bet... never actually seen him use this one though. Probably has a good reason for keeping it under wraps. That would definitely cause some alarm.

Aldon Mast.... hm... He's an aurist, looks like... that's interesting.... I guess he would make for good support? Oooh, he might make a good investigator if he can read auras very well. Looks like he can.... hear them??... Well, that's new... I guess that's a means of perceiving aura anyway... but kinda odd... Oh, maybe almost like hearing heartbeats from a distance and such though too, interesting, indeed... He has the stuff of an investigator, potentially, but I bet he still has more to his ether ability he hasn't tapped into just yet. Not a whole lot on file here. Well-behaved too, but, oh... he seems to be a bit shy. May have to break him of that a bit, he he...  Grin

I get there are multiple cultures that come here, but SERIOUSLY? ZARANITAR?? WHAT KIND OF ASSHOLE NAMES THEIR KID ZARANITAR? Angry  That's like.... freakin' cruel... at least in MY culture.... Maker, help me... please tell me this kid doesn't become a dinosaur or something... shit.... OH THANK MAKER, IT'S NOT. But then, he is a poison etheriest.... That doesn't sound super fun or safe at all. Oh good though, not corrosive or anything. Just harmful to organics.. What a relief there... I guess.... Disappointed
FORENSICS LAB MATERIAL! Maybe... then again, that still depends on how that all works for this dude.... and if he's actually double majoring in chemistry... Some of those poison etheriests seem to do that often.... and I don't know many.... meh, we'll deal with that when the time comes.

Maker... so tired... but only one more to look over, at least.... yaaay!  XD

Oh, last but not least, Elliana Chiodo.... "HEY! Who got my files out of order? I was actually trying to keep this class alphabetical, for once, but oh well...."
And back to my inner monologue.... I definitely know Elliana.... She's too popular and involved not to know. Plays ze sportses,.... Lots of clubs, outgoing, had her in a few classes before... guess she's looking to go the CETE route too. Oh yeah... she's Braedon's girlfriend too.... THAT'S RIGHT... Anyway. Hmm, wind etheriest... seems to practice a bit, her ether class isn't bad for her age. Her wind abilities seem a bit limited right now, honestly, but the wind wall thing is cool... she has a lot of potential... I'm sure there's a lot more she can do.... Well between this class and one of the other advanced ether training classes she should be in this semester, she should be able to grow a lot....

Really this whole class shows a lot of interesting potential. They're all pretty good students this year... maybe it wont be so bad after all...

Kilder now looked at the clock....

Delacroix University ~ 5:00 PM

"Shit! It's already 5?? And I almost forgot I still have this really boring form to fill out... damn... this past week really put me behind..." Kilder told himself, defeated.
"Eeeerrgh!" I guess I need to get it done quick before tomrrow but I gotta get home soon and feed the cat before the Etherball game tonight... which.. meh... I think I'll actually have to skip... I'm kinda too tired.... In fact, I think I'll just take this home with me and finish it... I've kept Errie waiting long enough...

As Kilder was walking out, he was planning to stop by Jenia's office to say bye and maybe talk a bit, but then noticed her door was shut... She has a meeting today? At this time? I didn't hear anything about that... He stopped to listen a bit, and while he couldn't hear exactly what they were saying, he recognized Jenia's voice and Braedon's voice, then.... a voice he didn't recognize at all. Ohhh... I'm sure that's about her case. Hope they get that worked out. Oh well. I'm not gonna barge in just to say bye.... even though it would have been nice to talk to her today.... Frown  She's been holed up in there all day as it is... *siiigh* Oh well... I have a cat to feed before it eats my plants and then me when I get home!

Kilder's Apartment ~ 5:30 ish - ???

As Kilder walked in, Errette was laying on the floor next to the couch, staring at the door. It was almost creepy.... He threw his stuff down and said, "Yep.... uhhh I know that look. dinner's coming right up!"

He got straight to work on prepping some chopped up chicken for Errie and himself.... luckily it was something they both agreed was awesome, and he had already pre-prepped a bit. In fact, Kilder was starting to get better about this whole 'cooking' thing, now that Errie was around... it wasn't too bad.... He looked around his apartment, realizing that things were actually looking pretty organized now.... weird..... It just dawned upon me... but this cat is forcing me to become more organized... wow... The cat is teaching me... THROUGH THREATENING GLANCES! I guess everyone learns their own way. He looks over at Errette, smiling, a bit. You are a good kitty.  Super Smile

He sets a plate down a plate for Errette and himself in the living room and flips the TV on to some cartoons. They eat together, quietly, watching, and then Kilder finishes, promptly passing out on the couch like a switch being flipped. What a freaking day....

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 27th May 2017, 5:05 pm

A Collab Between JerriLeah7, Xenolion and I

Ellie finishes her shower and dresses in the cute outfit.  She really isn’t that depressed since technically the gold team did not beat them.  They beat themselves.  She takes one last look in the mirror before leaving.

She walks to Braedon’s car.  She hopes he is not that disappointed in her.  Upon approaching she sees him with another woman.  She waves to him as she approaches.  

Braedon waves back happily before he takes the rolled up sign and puts it in the backseat.  He made sure the seat was clear, in case Ellie could ride with him.  She might prefer to drive there, though, if she brought her car here.  When she reaches them, he hugs her warmly before introducing her to Delilah.

"Ellie, this is my friend Delilah.  Delilah, this is the Ellie we came to see.  Wasn't she amazing?  You were amazing, El.  The way you dodged that flank was professional, I don't think I'd have been that fast in the same situation."  Braedon says.

Delilah is content to smile as Pierce embraces his girlfriend. She was...young. But Delilah withheld any judgement; after all, until a week ago she had been residing in the woods, society was probably different than it was in her mothers time.

She grinned as she was introduced, offering her hand out. "Hello, Ellie! You were very good! Do not let your defeat sadden you; you were very quick on your feet." She cleared her throat, realizing she might not want to focus on her fresh loss. "As he said, I am Delilah, I helped with the sign."

Ellie smiles upon seeing the sign.  “Aww you made a sign for me that is so cute.  I want to keep it and post it in my room.”  She eyes the lady wearily before blushing.  “That is so sweet of you.  I was hoping they would flank me.  People have a tendency to underestimate me.”

She listens to the woman.  She takes the woman’s hand.  “It is a pleasure to meet you Delilah.  That is a lovely name.  We may have lost, but we technically beat ourselves.  It is better for that crap to happen now than in a real game.”  She laughs and looks back at Braedon.  “So how do you know one another?  Are you coworkers…Family?”  

"Oh," Braedon says, facepalming, "Delilah--I'm helping her at work.  She's looking for her dad, so I'm the liason for her with Missing Persons Department.  Did you want to ride with us, or did you have your car here?

Delilah nods happily. "Pierce has been very kind. He explained to me what a car is and is generously allowing me to stay with him while him and Agent Ried look for my father; as my place of residence is...." 'Don't say you live in the woods.' "far. And, as I have recently discovered, not considered traditionally suitable for human habitation."

“I got a ride here, so I need a ride.  Sophie should be here too.  I had her take pictures since the stupid photography club is so disorganized.  Let me check if she is coming too.”  She takes out her phone to message Sophie.  “I have a favor to ask too.  I am not sure if your team has need for a photographer or not.  If they do, please put in a good word for her.  She’s been kinda down since that idiot Torrino fired her.”

Ellie tilts her head slightly when Delilah speaks.  She looks between the two of them before smiling.  “Braedon that is so sweet of you.  Is this your first time in Coldrion?  You must be so excited.  I would love to show you around.  You must tell me all about yourself.”

Her phone beeps and she looks down at it.  "Oh Sophie won't be joining us.  Ok so what are we doing?  I can go for some ice cream."

"I'll see what I can do for your sis," Brae says, "In the meantime, let's do that.  We can go to DQ--unless you had a different place in mind."

Braedon opens the front seat car door for Ellie and, since he already had the back door open from putting the sign back there, gestured for Delilah to sit in the back before he walked around and got behind the wheel.  He starts the engine after the doors are closed and he reminds delilah to buckle her seat belt.  "So...DQ?"

Delilah, taking a seat in the back, searching for her seatbelt for a moment, quickly responds to Ellie. "Yes, though I wish I would have been able to visit under different circumstances." She pauses, smiling; this girl was very friendly, she liked her- almost as much as Pierce. Which was saying something. "Oh, I would quite enjoy that, if you don't mind. I was only able to find the police station, it would be good to know my way around." Delilah felt a wash of gratitude that she had luckily run into what she observed to be some of the nicest people in the city.

She leaned forward, looking between the two of them. "While this all sounds lovely; I must ask- what is 'ice-cream'?"

Ellie sits down in her seat.  “DQ sounds perfect.  I can go for a caramel sundae.”  She looks back at Delilah.  “So how long has your dad been missing?  If anyone can find him, Agent Reid can.  He is the best.”

She gasps.  “You have never tried ice cream?  Oh Maker, you are in for a treat.  I am not going to explain more, you will have to wait.”  She wants to ask more about her, but does not want to sound rude.  “I have classes tomorrow and practice too, so how about we meet up for dinner?  I will drag Sophie along too.  What about you Braedon?  Are you busy or will this be girls night out?”

Braedon frowns, "Unfortunately, I'll be working on a case.  I do hope you girls have fun, though."

Delilah blinks, looking at Pierce, then back at Ellie. "I do not know what a girls night means but I would very much like to have dinner with you and your sister. I'd love to meet her!" She had nothing to do except wait for Reid's phone call; and that was agonizing enough for her. This would at least take her mind off it.

Ellie lies her head on Braedon’s shoulder.  “Is it one of those you can’t talk about cases?  Or is this about Jenia? I know you will get it solved.  I wish I could help you more.  Whoever did that deserves to be tortured.”  She was a little disappointed, but understands.  She looks at Delilah though the mirror.  “That sounds good, I will need your number so I can let you know when we are coming.  You will love Sophie.”

"She'll be at my house, so you can call the phone there," Brae says, "She doesn' thave a cell.  That's why she requires a liason--and yeah.  It's Jenia's case.  It took a step back today, but...I think I have a way to  bounce back."

Delilah nods, agreeing with Pierce's statement. "Just give me a time and I will be sure to be there." She then realized she had no idea where 'there' was. She would have to ask Pierce for directions later. "Ah, yes, the dean! Yes, a couple steps back. But you'll figure out a way around the obstruction I'm sure, Pierce."

Ellie looks back at Delilah.  “Don’t worry I will come and pick you up.  I commend you for not having a phone.  I honestly need it.  I have a lot of groups I help out at school.”  Ellie sighs.  “What do you mean a couple steps back?  No forget I asked.  I know I can’t stick my nose in everything.  If you need me to talk to Jenia, I will.  Ohh looks like we are here!”

As Braedon pulls into the parkinglot, he shuts the engine off and steps out of the car.  He waits until all are out before locking it and then walks to the door and opens it for them.  He gets them to a table pretty quick and they are handed out menus.  However, Braedon is quick to request a sampler tray just for Delilah.  He knows she will need it.

Delilah thanks Pierce for holding the door open, asking Ellie what she recommends before Pierce requests samples for her. She manages to try a litte of each, her eyes lighting up at the first spoonful, looking to Ellie as if she was about to cry; she was right, this had to be experienced rather than explained- before deciding 'cookies n cream' was her favorite, by far.

“The only thing better than ice cream is cheesecake.  My mom makes the best ones.”  Ellie looks over at Braedon.  “They still want to meet you.  My mom wants to make a ‘good old fashioned dinner’.  I can’t imagine what it would be like when I am done at the university.”

"Homemade cheesecake," Braedon says thoughtfully, "I bet that's amazing.  I wish my foster mom had made cheesecake.  That woman was picky about what she was willing to make."

"She made preserves though! And that usually takes a lot of time." Delilah furrowed her brows ponderously. "I have never had a 'cheesecake'; but I know what it is. The name is...misleading."

“Yes and no, it is just a different kind of cheese.  Brae, thank you so much I really needed this.  We play Staccato next week.  That is going to be tough.  I just know I will be sore after that game.”  Ellie cringes.  “Any advice?  Oh if you haven’t noticed, Brae is a kick ass Etherball player.”

Brae laughs, "I'm alright.  Staccato has a bunch of students with sticks up their asses.  I hear they aren't as bad as they used to be, but still--they will have the basics down.  No, they will have their basics mastered.  So your best fight will be away from the basics and more into improvisation and unique plays with your team.  Also, they are way into offense."

Delilah perks up. "Oh, yes, I saw the posters! And he seems to know a lot about the game. He explained it to me on the way over. It seems very interesting, I like the acrobatic part. Though I could not play it; and it is nothing like soccer. Which is the only sport I know how to play."

“Soccer is fun.  It is hard though physically.  I have a lot of friends on the soccer team.  I can only handle one sport at a time.  I am taking a full load too.  I want to get all the basic classes out of the way.  Oh and I am a wind Etherist.  Are you an Etherist Delilah?”  Ellie asks before taking another bite.

Delilah shakes her head. "No. Though I still don't have a complete understanding of how Ether abilities work. Pierce agreed when I asked if it was like The X-Men; so that gives me a vague understanding."

The waitress comes in with the sample tray and places it on the table.  Braedon politely thanks and she winks at him with a flirtly line.  He immediately looks at his girlfriend awkardly as she asks what else she can get them, along with her number and Braedon says, "Well, I'd like a chocolate shake.  My girlfriend--Ellie, what would you like?  Delilah?"

Ellie gets smirk at her face as she looks at the waitress.  “Oh I would love a nice juicy hot dog…Oh wait I will have that later silly me.  Just bring me a caramel apple sundae.”  Her phone beeps again and she looks at it.  “Ohh you guys really did bring the sign to the game.”  She holds up her phone to show them the picture Sophie took.

Delilah restrains a giggle at Ellie's comment. "Cookies n cream ice cream; uh, cone? Yes. Cone. Please." She looked at Ellie's phone after nodding at the waitress with wide eyes. "Pierce, that's us! It's a photo of us! And the sign! It looks very glittery!" She said the last sentence with a bit of pride.

"Yeah," Braedon says, red in the ears from Elli's comment before.  He pushes his embarassment down with pride, "That sign turned out great, thanks.  We'll let you keep it, El.  I'm gonna make you one for every game."

“You are too cute when you blush.  I am not the jealous type usually.  I know I can trust you Brae.  Although I hope the waitress got the hint.  I cannot wait to display it in my room.  I really appreciate your support Braedon.  I know you are busy with CETE and everything.”  She looks at Delilah.  “I hope you can cook because he likes to overwork himself sometimes.”

Delilah nodded, giving both of them a brief, knowing look. "I can; though I'm more accustomed to...a hunter gatherer arrangement rather was the word.." She snaps her fingers. "Grocery stores! Yes, I am a good cook but I am unaccustomed to grocery stores. And all that says is that Pierce is dedicated. It is a good thing, though I hope he remembers to take care of himself.

Another person arrives--it's a waiter this time.  He's a nice dude with a big smile and he drops off their orders patiently and sweetly.  he makes sure they don't need anything else before he pulls away and he's rather quick to make sure that they have enough napkins, just in case.  Braedon silently wishes they had service this good more often.

Ellie cheers softly before digging into her sundae.  “Ok this may be a bit rude, and feel free to tell me to mind my own business.  Where did you come from?  The lack of cars, phones, ice cream, and now grocery stores.  I don’t mean it in a bad way, but I am just curious.”

Delilah smiles and thanks the waiter, eagerly staring out on her icecream. She looks up at Ellie as she asks her question, finishing one more lick befor answering.
"Oh, er, well." She leans in slightly. "I uh, I live in the woods. In a...well, I guess you might call it a 'shack'." She leans back, taking another lick. "I've lived there my whole life. This whole...'civilization''s new to me. Ack!" She sees some icecream start to drip out of the cone and goes to lick it before it spills over the table.  "So while I know some things, I don't know much about this-" She gestures widely with her free hand. "'Brave New World', I guess you could say."

Ellie’s eyes grew big.  There is no way she is lying.  “That is amazing!  Oh how new this all must seem to you.  Now I really have to show you around.  I will bring you to a class or two as well.  I bet there is stuff you can teach me as well.”

She looks at Brae.  “And you, you are such a kind man.  I knew you were before, but you proved it again.”

Braedon scoffs, "Tch.  Any person would help out a crazy tree lady."

Delilah's face flatened. "'Crazy Tree Lady' knows where you sleep, Agent." She looks back to Ellie. "Oh, very kind. But watch that sarcastic streak of his, he can be a bit of what my mother might call a 'smartass'." She takes another lick, trying to keep pace with her icecreams melting.

Braedon smirks and shugs, "Eh.  So, El, question:  You, me.  Date with out the crazy tree bat here--when can that happen?"  We can take a night out and the bat can hang out with my tv and junk food.  That's how ya ditch your friends like you care."

“I think I can hold my own around him.”  Ellie holds up a napkin to stifle a yawn.  “Sorry early morning class is getting to me.” She smiles at Braedon’s proposition.  “Ohh that sounds great.  Well tomorrow I have a dinner date with the tree queen, but how about the day after.  I promise to shush my phone too.  No interference, just you and me.”

"'Crazy Tree Bat' would like to inform you if you would like to call her an animal, she feels it important to let you know she's not house broken. But thank you, Ellie, I prefer 'queen' to 'bat' any way. " She drinks the last bit of icecream within the cone. She would have smiled at the 'friend' part; as it was touching, but like hell she was missing a chance to be sarcastic. "But, if you two would like to run along and have fun and do- well, whatever modern young couples do out on the town, I can take care of myself. Make my own fun, so to speak. I'm sure there are some bedsheets Pierce would not mind me converting into dresses, as forest people are want to do." She gives Ellie a playful wink, leaning back in her seat.

Braedon passes a few jokes between the two as they finish their snacks and then he goes to take them both home.  When he drops Ellie off at home, he escorts her to her dor and he promises her that Delilah is in a different room.  He also lets her know that she can come over whenever she wants and that if it bothers her, he can get the lady a hotel room.  He's pretty blunt about it, but he changes the topic quickly to say that he's proud of her performance and hugging her tight for a goodbye.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 30th May 2017, 5:23 pm

Zorlias's appartment/5h35~8h + PM ??

(ATTN : Closed)

**This is a collab between me and leah**

Kyo headed toward Zorlias's place trying his best to keep his anger under control for the time being. He had a key to activate the elevator that went down to his appartment and although he could open the appartment if he wished, he still knocked and waited for him to come to the door. Kyo had a pretty serious look regardless of trying to keep his emotion on check.

Zorlias hears a knock at the door and he jumps. He didn't expect company and the quiet was so deep that the sudden sound within it surprised him. He puts down his book and moves to open the door, opening it to find Kyo. He moved aside to let his brother in, "Hey."

Kyo wave his hand slightly and enters to let his brother close the door behind him. He then start typing on his phone. ''Hey... sorry for the sudden short notice. I'm so angry inside I don't even know what to do about it. I just feel like punching something and screaming loudly... but I know that won't settle much. ''

Zorlias frowns, "Need to talk about it?"

Kyo nods and writes ''Yeah... although it might make you angry as well. We should take a seat or something first though.'' He let his brother read before moving.

Zorlias takes a seat after he gets himself and Kyo a drink. He puts a bookmark in his place and sets it aside while he waits for Kyo to finish typing.

Kyo sits down in front of Zorlias and start writting while he serve drinks for both of them. ''Well.... Jenia today asked me if I could go see her in the day and I did... however she basically told me that she would say in the cete report that she doesn't remember anything.  And she then asked me to back her up in from of Brae... but the best I could say there is that she made up her mind and she won't change it... but I'm like certain something happened. She wouldn't have changed her mind otherwise ... but she told me she could not tell me why she was doing this. I did make her confirm that she was safe however, but Brae might not be as safe... I told him to watch his back in a text earlier, but he didn't reply to me yet.... I think he was too mad or something. I'm mostly furious that I can't do anything and that someone might have treatened her. But also that someone with that much issues will stay within the society just cause. '' He finished typing and slid the celphone on the table toward Zorlias for him to read since it was a bit longer. Kyo's eyes were filled with anger just from remembering the scene.

Zorlias scowls, "Give me your hand."

Kyo was a bit unsure at first, but then he gave his hand without hesitation. He just wasn't sure what Zorlias wanted to do.

Zorlias waits for his ability to take hold, and it does, but seeing the threats made to Jenia is a bit more than he realized he could be ready for. With anger, he releases hold, now angry on his own, "She's threatened the whole family.''

Kyo shook his head and then wrote ''I figured it was something like that... But what frustrates me the most is that we're fucking powerless....  And I feel like even if she did manage to do something to Brae she would again slip through like it was nothing. ''

Zorlias crosses his arms, "Can you bring him by tomorrow? Tell him it's about the case. We will work this out on our own."

Kyo look at his brother with surprise, but then starts to write ''As in here ? or in your office upstairs ? But sure I'll see if I can get in touch with him again tonight. ''

Zorlias says, "I have homemade sushi. It's been chilling in the fridge. I finished it an hour and a half ago. Man, next time, just ask. I can bring you something."

Kyo nods and writes ''I will... I just was to shy to ask I guess. I'll take you on the offer of the sushis.'' The adrenaline from his anger going down, his tiredness was slowly starting to build up again. By reflex he raised his hand to his face and started to slowly rub his eyes from the tiredness.

Zorlias squints his eyes at his brother suspiciously before getting up to get the trays, "You'd better not be skimping out in food and sleep... If I have to get her to start parenting you again, I will."

Kyo jumps in realization that he was rubbing his eyes. He started writting again. ''For food I'm doing my best about it... just been too busy to keep the diet 100% accurate ... for the past 2 weeks... and I also did skip some sleep because I was on a big case and also helping with school stuff... so it was a bit hardcore. But the storm kinda passed now ish... I should be good to keep track of things a bit better. Don't worry I'll be okay... beside I don't want her to worry about me right now. Sorry if I'm worrying you though...  ''

Stepping back around to the couch, Zor sets down the tray of sushi along with some tea and cookies on the side.  He also made sure to bring all the sauces and he says, "I can play a movie while we eat, but all I currently own is Doctor Who and Pacific Rim."

Kyo nods and writes ''I wouldn't mind rewatching some bits of pacific rim, it's a pretty cool movie !''

He gets the movie started as Kyo starts to eat and he lowers the light a little and turns up the sound. He rarely has his TV out, but luckily, he had gamed, recently. He spends the next few hours watching the movie, some anime, and making sure Kyo gets plenty to eat.

Kyo doesn't really see the time go as he eat and watch stuff with his brother... and eventually he just falls asleep on the couch while something was playing. He was sleeping peacefully, but also it seemed like it was a pretty deep sleep. The poor guy looked exhausted even in his sleep.

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Post by Vye on 2nd June 2017, 1:19 am

(Collab between xeno and I)
Outskirts of Coldrion City; 9:40pm

Virsago lied against the wall of the empty drainage pipe. Having gone unused since the last heavy shower, it was essentially dry everywhere except the center of the floor. Still, Virsago made a mental note to wash his clothes when he got home. Nearly a hundred scorched sheets of paper littered the ground, some burned to almost entirely, others only singed in the cornes, the rest somewhere in between. "Fuck me." he muttered as he pushed himself onto his feet. The exhaustion he felt was different from the physical and mental fatigue he was already accustomed to. It was an entirely different experience using one's Aura for so long.

As he peered into the distant darkness of the sky, he thought how much it would suck if he encountered an assailant the one time he stayed out past his self-regulated curfew. He peered down at the litter he left all over the ground. "Can't leave a mess behind, as per usual."

Virsago kneeled down to gather the paper together before stuffing it all in his bag. He kept his ears open for any unusual sounds. Cleanup didn't take long, but it left Virsago's hands damp and dirty. Too tired to use his flame ability to dry them off, he wiped the grime on his pants. The darkness made it easy to overlook the on his clothes. Swiftly, Virsago climbed out of the trench the pipe flowed into. He merged into the streets as if it was habitual, despite his middle-class clothing.
A few blocks passed without any confrontation. Virsago felt a little more at ease. He was in the clear and well on his way home. That is, until he felt a hand grab his arm and pull him into a dark alley. From what little he could see, a tall figure stood next to him, face hidden under a hood, and a knife held at the person's side.

"Drop the bag, empty your pockets, and I won't hurt you."

Virsago's throat tightened under the rush of adrenaline. For once he was in mortal danger, on the first night he broke curfew. Unable to comprehend the situation, he paused with eyes wide, looking for a face or a figure or some kind of identifier. All he saw was an arm holding a blade, while the other arm gripped his in deadlock. Like a deer in headlights, he couldn't budge, until the shadowed figure shook his body.

"Come on! Hurry up!"

Virsago's mind spun in circles until an idea popped. He could deter the person with his Ether powers, and maybe cause enough noise to stir help. "I have Ether powers, you know! I could really hurt you if you don't let go!" The attempt seemed only to aggrivate the assailant, as Virsago was pulled in closer with the knife edging closer to his stomach. "I said let go! Hey!" The boy screamed. The resistance jostled a confidence Virsago didn't know he had. For a brief moment, he thought he would finally use his powers on a human being.

Sophie is walking home after the game.  He was always on guard after the sun went down, but that the same time she felt safe.  She was not completely defenseless.

She is walking past an alley when she thinks she hears something.  She looks around and sees nothing, so she slyly takes out her camera, placing the night lens on it before quietly going down the alley.  She is thankful she got one that can record video.

She crouches down behind one of the garbage cans.  She does not recognize either of the people.  Maybe she should call someone.

Virsago continues struggling, his strength building as the andrenaline pushes his emotions over the edge. "I swear to fucking God I'll hurt you if you don't let go!" The figure reigns in Virsago with ease, but every second it hesitated allowed Virsago more time to compound his fury. The immediate area rose in temperature as Virsago trickled heat out of his body.

"Fucking bitch!" The figure hissed. From the sounds of it, Virago was apprehended by a male in his late teens or early twenties. Merely seconds later, the mugger jabbed the knife at Virsago's torso. Virsago barely stopped the knife before it made contact, tightly gripping the man's fist. Unaware of any possibly bystanders at this point, Virsago released a small flame which soon engulfed the man's hand. He jumped back from Virsago, dropping the knife and slapping his charred hand, but the fire continued.

Sophie feels the temperature go up.  She is reminded of when Mayor Amden used his abilities.  Does this mean one of the men ahead is a fire etherist?  She keeps the camera steady.  It catches the light glittering the knife.  She stifles a gasp as it is thrusted to the other man’s chest.
Her question is answered soon enough when the man being attacked stopped the knife and burned the attackers hand.  She backs up keeping the camera running.  She looks down at her phone.  She needs to get someone here quickly.

The mugger recedes deeper into the alleyway, his face briefely illuminated by the fire burning away his flesh. It wasn't long until the fire caught his sweatshirt, racing up his arm. The indigo flames danced on his arm, coming ever closer to his neck.

"Aw hell!" Virsago exclaimed in a new state of shock. He mustered all the concentration he could gather to extinguish the fire. The man screamed in pain, dropping to the floor, but nothing could save him from agony. Virsago grunted, his hands clenched as he thought of nothing but absorbing all heat in the vicinity. The purple fires soon weakened gradually, dying out at a faster pace each second. By the time the fire had dissipated, the whole alley felt 10 degrees colder than average.

Seeing that the fire was gone, Virsago collapsed to his knees.

"Woooow! I've never seen fire that color before!"A young voice echoed before Banjee dropped from the roofs above. She landed with a hard smack, yet her knees somehow absorbed the impact.

It is worse than she could imagine.  The poor guy.  Sophie cringes at the smell of burnt flesh permeates her nose.  When the guy being attacked falls to her feet, she stands up and shuts off the camera.

She jumps upon hearing the other voice.  “Hey, we met before haven’t we.  Listen I am going to call for help.”  She takes out her phone and dials the emergency number.  

"Miss pictures lady! Hiii!" Banjee ran past the two males to see Sophie. She stood at the woman's feet with an innocent smile that turned to a concerned mix of fear and confusion. "What happened to that man? Why was he on fire? And where did the fire go?"

Sophie takes some deep breaths to calm down her body still shaking.  “The burnt guy attacked the other one.  Just give me a second.”  Sophie speaks into her phone.  “Hello, I would like to report an assault.  I am in an alley.  It is between Gold’s Jewelry and Elegant Designs Flower Shops.  There are injuries, the man being attacked is a fire etherist and used his abilities to defend himself.  Please send help as soon as possible.”

She hangs up her phone and looks at the young lady.  “I don’t know what to do about the burns.  This isn’t the most sterile of places...”  

Virsago didn't realize his consequences until he heard voices behind him. He turned his head to see a young girl and a young woman standing next to each other. His heart sank as he imagined what the two were probably thinking. He turned his whole body, still kneeling.

"It's not what it looks like. He came at me with a knife, I was defending myself!" Virsago's forhead touched the cement as he visualized his entire life crumbling because of one mistake. Everything he worked for would fall apart. He would be charged with assault, he'd get kicked out of school, face his parents, get kicked out of the house, become homeless, starve to death. It all sent his mind in a dizzying spiral of misery.

Banjee looked toward the the pitiful boy and the charred figure behind him. "Where's the hospital? I can carry him there if it's close.

Sophie looks down at the man who was attacked.  “I know you were only defending yourself.  I have evidence too.  Just sit down and stay calm.”

Sophie shakes her head.  “Bad idea, in fact don’t touch anything.  We have already tainted the crime scene.  We don’t want to hurt him worse.  Oh crap and I have a job to do tomorrow.  She opens her camera and takes out the memory card.  She looks up at Banjee.  “You can stay here for the cops, give them this.  They should not need any more from me.”  She holds out the memory card, thankful it was an empty one.  

Banjee accepted the card. It had an impressive luster in certain sections that rivaled the shiny metals she'd seen before. "Can do, miss!" Banjee held the card securely in her hand, holding it like her life depended on it. The burned man in the back reminded her of the chaos in her village during the earthquake. The sight brought the girl's gaze back to Virsago, who had fixed himself into a sitting position. "How long until the cops get here?"

Sophie shakes her head.  “I don’t know, but I will look.”  She walks down to the end of the alleyway.  She could just leave.  They have her memory card and proof.  The young man doesn’t know her, and the girl, Banjee, never named her.  It would be a shit move though.

She can hear the sirens approaching.  Good sounds like them.  She will point them down the alley and leave before they notice her.  Hopefully it isn’t CETE who arrives first.  

The whine of sirens hung in the air as the ambulance came rushing through the streets. Virsago knew it had to be either CETE, the police, or the medics. He curled into a ball, sitting against one of the building walls. No point in running, as that would only make him more suspicious. All hecould do was wait and pray whatever deity gave him his powers would get him out of that mess.

The medics soon arrive at the alley Sophie pointed out, hustling to the mugger who had been lying on the ground in agony from his burns. One paramedic asked Virsago if he was okay, but he responded with a broken "I'm fine." Soon all attention was pur toward assuring the unknown assailant was in stable condition. He was lifted to a stretcher after receiving initial treatment and hauled into the ambulance.

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 3rd June 2017, 10:39 pm

Outskirts of Coldrion City; 10:00pm

Banjee sat next to the emotional mess that was Virsago. Pittied by his defeated state, she grew curious of the guy. "Why are you so sad?" She asked quietly.

Virsago eyed the ignorant girl. "Do you understand what just happened? I just burned a guy with my Ether while he came at me with a knife. Any moment now CETE is going to come and ask me questions, maybe even arrest me."

Banjee's face hung for a second, confused. "Huh?? What's CETE? And that was YOU? I saw guys that use fire, but not fire like yours!" Her eyes lit up in the dark alleyway. The boy must have been some sort of wizard or master class Etheriest.

Unsure how to respond to the strange girl's enthusiasm, Virsago returned his face back to his hands. It would be  any second now, another siren would sound in the distance and a CETE opperative would come to interrogate him. But he should be okay...He was the one being attacked, the woman even said so, and she had her camera. But where did she go? Why would she leave when she had evidence? Perhaps the girl could act as witness, but she didn't seem to be a reliable source of the truth.

The sirens blare and CETE arrives, but the ambulence is already driving away.  Although they paramedics ask them to stay, they can't stick around to make sure that they do.  Of course, the CETE car isn't too far behind, so they wouldn't have had much chance to.

Fordell steps out of the passenger side, the driver remaining inside.  He looks from Virsago to Banjee as he steps up in his Agent uniform with caution.  His eyes are green, his hair is dyed orange and red and he has at least five piercings overall in his face and ears.  He pulls a notepad out of his uniform pocket and simply says, "Doin' alright, here, you two?"

Virsago heard another set of sirens, followed by a car that could only contain someone from CETE. He nervously watched a figure step out and walk into the alley. Based on looks alone, he didn't seem like an operative, but you could tell from the way he carried himself that he meant business. Virsago's mind blanked as he responded to the officer subconsciously "I'm fine, thank you. How are you?"

Unsure what to make of the situation, Banjee merely watched in silence. Frome the way the boy looked at the man before her, he must be a part of CETE.

"Okay," The agent says, "I'm Agent Fordell.  I'm here to help you, so if you could give me a statement over what happened here, as well as tell us who called us, we can do everything we can teo help you."

"Well...I was walking along the street nearby, about 20 minutes ago. I felt someone grab my wrist and pulled me into the alley. It was some guy, he tried to rob me with that knife on the ground, and he didn't let go until I used my Ether ability on him-force flame-and I burned his hand. The fire burned his arm, but I didn't let it get to his neck. I told him I would use it if he didn't let go several times. He didn't listen, so I had to use my power. I guess that's it, really..."

It was then that Banjee sprung up and handed the agent a memory card with the footage of the incident. "The lady that called told me to give ya this, so here ya go!"

Agent Fordell takes the card, asking several questions about what the caller looked like and inquiring about where she went.  He writes all of this down, nodding his head as he listens carefully and then asks for both Virsago's and Banjee's informatin so that he'll have it for later just in case.

"Okay, so  you were attacked and if this card verifies that, you're free to go,"  Agent Fordell says, "However, if the card says otherwise, we'll be coming by you residence to poke at you with more annoying questions.  I'm sorry this happened to ya, though, Sir.  Would you like an escort somewhere so that you don't have to worry about being on the streets again?"

While Virsago answered the questions normally, Banjee had trouble saying anything. Constantly pausing to figure out how to hide her homeless state, she eventually had to admit that she'd been living in a drainage pipe on the edge of town. Her arms crossed across her torso as she tried acting as if her current state wasn't any cause for concern. However one look would give away the fact that she hadn't seen a shower for days.

"We also have a department," Agent Fordell says awkwardly, "For those without a home.  We help people get off their feet.  Why don't you both ride with us?  We can drop you guys off and you'll be done with this entirely horrible affair."

"Sure, thanks." Virsago wasn't quite sure he wanted to sit next to a girl who'd been living in the sewers, but it beats walking home after the ordeal.

Banjee on the other hand, looked a little nervous, but still open. "Uhh...I don't know...I-I don't think I belong there. I'm  too young. Nobody would like me. Uhh..uhh

Agent Fordell laughs, "Dude, no.  It's not about liking.  We literally get you a temp home, shove you into a job, and get you some money to start a living.  That's it.  And the people you end up with as roomomates are great--and if they aren't great, we fire them."

For a second, Banjee pictures herself with money and an actual house, but then she would have to get a job, and change all the things she used to enjoy. Would she need to wake up early? She'd probably need to wake up early. It didn't sound like any fun. But money...FREE money. And a house, with a bed. How could she turn this down? She took a big breath before the word "Fine" escaped her mouth.

Agent Fordell smiles, "Excellent.  I'm so glad you'll let us help you out, Miss.  Alright, let's head out, we'll get you two to a home."

Agent Fordell sits back into the passenger seat and waits for Virsago and Banjee to hop in before the driver--a CETE assistant, starts the car and they drive away.  They get directions to Virsago's place before heading to their next destination, making small talk with each other about the newest polls in the elections.  It looks like the Lioness is winning.

Virsago's promptly thanked Agent Fordell once the car reached his apartment. Making no delay, he stepped out of the car trying not to make it entirely obvious that he was desparate for fresh air. Inside his home, he threw all his clothes into the washing machine before opening his bedroom door, after which he prepared for bed.

Banjee waved bye to Virsago, almost wishing he would have stayed for company. With her alone in the car with two CETE members, she couldn't help but feel apprehensive. Any mention about the elections was met with a puzzled look. She remembered the phrase "Lioness" posted all around the city but she never knew what it meant. "I heard of them elections but I never knew what people were talking of."

"Oh," Fordell says, "That's the elections for the next President. Looks like Lionesss is winning--that woman is making a lot of promises...I just don't know if she'll keep 'em."

"Dude, she'll keep him.  Listen to how she says it--"  The  Assitant says.

"Noooo." Fordell says, "I can say I hate fire up and down and make that convincing as hell, but I'm silll a Pyro Etheriest and that doesn't make any of it true.  Politics suck, miss, be glad you aren't all up in it."

Everything the two in front of her were saying sounded like gibberish. She remembered the President getting mentioned before, several years ago but she hadn't heard the term again until she came to the city. Whoever won the supposed election, it wasn't any of her concern. "A Pyro Etherist? That means you make fire? That boy can also make fire too. Purple fire that was as bright as a big trash fire. It was somethin' else."

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Post by Vye on 3rd June 2017, 10:46 pm

CETE Facility; 10:30pm

"Oh, purple?"  Fordell replies, "Interesting.  Not seen that before.  I just got regular ol' fire, myself.  Nothing so fantastic. "

They stop at the CETE station and Fordell steps out without question, beckoning for her to follow as he moves to open the door for her.  When they finally get inside, he smiles at her reassuringly, "The head of the Homing Department would be Agent--well...just call him Rusty.  He doesn't answer to anything else."

As they head towards the offices with the large "Homing" sign written over it, they pass a lot of desks, a lot of cubicles, and a lot of agents and assistants.  He pays them no mind and they pay him no mind, so all is quite quick as they finally reach the place and enter into the separated room rather quickkly.

"Rusty, hey," Fordell says, "Got this lovely lady here for ya.  She's lookin' for a home."
Rusty looks up and nods, pointing to the chair at the other side of his desk, "Alrighty.  Come right in, Miss....?"

"Hm." Banjee wondered if Virsago really was a master Etheriest. Not even a CETE agent had purple fire like him. The fact that sunch a young person had such a distinctive ability left Banjee amused and intregued. Her moment was cut short as the car pulled in to a CETE facility and she was promptly led inside. Banjeee held her hands together nervously, rubbing the top of her hands, up to her bandaged wrists. She faced a man named Rusty with a hollow gaze. Sitting in the chair, she was mildly distracted by how...clean everything appeared. Even cleaner than most buildings she had entered before. The claustrophobia caused Banjee to withdraw her arms and legs, keeping them close to her body at all times.

Rusty was a big guy, pretty chubby with red hair and blue eyes.  He's turning away from his computer as Fornell takes his exit after introducing Banjee to Rusty politely and assuring the girl that she's in good hands.  Rusty smiles smally at her, "Heya, Ms. Banjee.  So it sounds like you need a home.  No family, I assume?"

Banjee atempted to smile back. So far the people there seemed nice. Maybe they should know her real identity if she would be integrating into society. "" Banjee took a breath. "And my real name is Bixxa vas Cuzal. But I call myself Banjee. All my family is dead."

"Damn," Rusty says, "Sorry to hear that, Bixxa.  Alrighty, let me look up on the list here.....okay, so the next person up for hoursing would be Krissa.  You're gonna love her, she's super great.  Tell me, Miss, what skills do you have?  Anything other than labor?"

Banjee looked towards the floor, thinking of what she did before the tornado "I'm a pretty good swimmer. I know how to fish with a net. I can harvest food from a farm, and I did a little sewing. I acrobatics around the city for fun now."

"Oh, a good start!"  Rusty says, sounding pleased, "I can get you a position as a safe guard, a scout tutor in the fisherman's outreach group, and even a tailor for some fine suiting companies.  We also have open positions here in CETE for those that are willing to go to school and get the degree and training for it--if they are an Etheriest, of course.  What do you think?"

It was then that Banjee realized she may be signing up to take off all the bandages that have been keeping Perdix a secret for so long. Any occupation that involved swimming was out of the question, but it had been so long since she felt that weightlessness one can only experience underwater. "What's a scout tutor? And would I have to wear a swimming outfit?"

"Well, we got kids in the system--orphans,"  Rusty says casually, "We take them out for programs with various tutors take them out to do various things--yours could be fishing so that you could teach these kids how to fish.  So you'd just wear what you need to go fishing.  Of course we also offer tutor positions for all sorts of events and skillsets, if you think of anything to suggest for yourself."
Rusty leans back in his chair and props his ankles up on his desk to relax, "What's important to us is that these kids still get to do things--all the things, you know?  No one wants to go to school, go to the orphanage, go to school, go to the orphanage.  It makes childhood boring and without any kind of admiration or mentor.  So you could have the huge opportunity to help these kids--at least, some of them."

Banjee hesitated. She could help people and make money fishing like in the old days. She rubbed her fingers against her hands. Which one should she choose? It would be interesting tutoring acrobatics. But who would take a class like that? Banjee squinted as she thought. Questions poured into her mind. She sat silently in her chair, until "I want to be a tutor for acrobatics!"

Rusty nods his head, "Ooohhh, interesting.  We do got a gym open on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays near CETE...that could work.  I'll have to get the chief's signature on it, but once that's done, we'll jus thave to buy the equipment for it.  It'll probably take us a week to get your gear set up, but until then, we can probably find a few temporary sites to get started at...I'm gonna set up for class times and then put feelers out to our orphanages to see who wants to take your classes, okay?  Then, the government will pay you to teach these kids, just like that.

Now, how it'll start is that you'll be watched--your classes, that is.  To make sure you teach what you say you're teaching and the kids always have an adult with them--that's the program's policy.   However, you'll have free curriculum and a steady paycheck, so it's a start.  Sound good?  What hours do you want?  I'd say anything before 8pm is good."

Banjee grinned at the thought. "I've never been a teacher, but I'll try my best! Um....I guess 5 to 7 is good? I wake up very late hehe..." For once Banjee felt like the child she was. All the older people with jobs probably woke up at the crack of dawn.

"That should do it," He says, nodding his head, "Okay, guess it's time for you to meet the lady of the hour.  Your new roommate.  She's on a case, but she's volunteered, so I know it won't bother her to step off the job to help you get acquainted.

Kris is what we call your Homing Liason, now.  I've already assigned her and she'll be here shortly--I'm sure she will have already gotten the notification that she'll be having you.  What a Liason does and what they have agreed to, is a set time of free rent, a set time of low rent after that, and assistance with food, clothing, and other such necessities up until the time that you are able to care for yourself.

During this transition, you have the right to select a different Liason at any time, to return to CETE at any time with questions or concerns, and so on.  I'll always be here to help you and when Kris sets you up with a cheap cell, you'll have my number to reach me.  We're here to make sure you're comfortable at all times, Ms. Bixxa, so please remember that.  Do you have any questions, so far?"

Bixxa took a second to process all the new information. She couldn't believe she would be living in an actual house. "Do I get my own room? And bathroom? What about food? Will we have to share food?"

"Yes, yes, and... Well, that's between you and Kris. You two can work together to decide how food is handled."
Kris steps in from behind Bixxa, leaning up into the doorway, "I typically order out, but it's whatever."

Bixxa's eyes lit up like earlier, and soon she was back to her giddy self. "I still get money for food, right?" She then heard a voice behind her and hopped above her seat. Looking back, she saw a fairly tall woman much older than herself. She couldn't say she would have expected someone her age, but the stranger certainly looked like she handled more responsibility than Bixxa. "Are you Kris?"

"Yeah, that's me," Kris says casually, "You're uh...Bix-uh vas...something?  Sorry, I'm terrible with names."

"Hey, Kris!"  Rusty says cheerily, "This is Bixxa, she's gonna be your new roommate.  I appreciate you coming by like this."

Kris shakes her head, her hands in her pockets, "It's part of the job, Rust.  Alright then, Bixxa--is that right?  Bee-ja?"

"It's Bixxa, but you can call me Banjee if ya want." Bixxa responded, energetic. "Do you work here? Not the liason thingy, but like police stuff? Or do ya just wait at home for someone to move in with ya?"

"I'm an Agent here at CETE," Kris says, pointing at the sigl on her uniform, "I specialize in homicide.  Nice to meet you, Banjee."

Rusty looks rather pleasantly from one to the other and then says, "Okay, Bixxa, we have all the important paperwork filled out, we've got all your info, and Kris will give you my number to reach me.  You talk to me or Kris any time--day or night--if you need help, got it?  We're here for you, Bixxa."

Kris rolls her eyes, "Ugh, Rust.  Not all the mushy stuff, geez.  Alright, Banjee, if you'll follow me, I'm gonna take you shopping, give you a tour of the place, and we'll make sure you got all the accessories you need."

Rust holds up his hand, "Oh, do you need our starter ticket--?"

"Naw, Rust," Kris says, "but thanks.  I got enough money saved up to get started, so we'll be fine.  If we end up needing something a little out of my budget, I'll contact you.  I know the drill."

"Okay," Rust says, nodding with approval, "You two have a nice day."

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Post by RadioTanuki on 13th June 2017, 10:38 pm

Collab between Leah and I, RADIOTANUKI!! 8D


Zorlias Corp ~ 11:00 PM

Zorlias was halfway through a musical when he finally realized that Kyo was asleep.  With a silent smirk to himself, he was satisfied that all went to plan as he texted Kilder:  "Meet me in the parking lot outside of my place in half an hour."  He heard a sound in the back rooms and his neck flicked around from the sound.  It was Ember.  He moved back there and asked her to be quiet, explaining the situation to her with careful whispers before grabbing an extra pillow and blanket from another of the guest rooms and bringing it back into the living room .

There, he sets up Kyo in a more comfortable position, covering him up and turning out the lights with the exception of a dim one upon the wall to assist with night walking.  He carefully takes the boy's phone out of his hand as he slumbers and unlocks it.  He scrolls through is apps until he finds the alarm, shutting it off, and then placing Kyo's phone down on the table next to him.  With a sigh, he goes into his room, dresses in all black clothing, and then heads down towards the parking lot to wait.  It's rare to see Zorlias without at least a little red on him, but tonight...he was going to stir some trouble and Zorlias never wears red for trouble.

"Meet me in the parking lot outside of my place in half an hour? Woah... yaaaaaawwwnnn Well I just woke up, but... this oughtta be interesting." He got up off the couch and looked towards Errette who was resting, but looks up to him. "Hmmmm... To take you or not.... You wanna go? I have no idea what we'll be doing... but I doubt it would hurt." Kilder watches Errette look around a bit, then lay her head down again. "Guess not, tired huh?  Well that's fine, I'm off I guess!" As he got some shoes on and started to walk out the door Errette actually got up, shaking the tiredness off, seemingly. "So you are up for it? Okay, let's go then! If Zor says there's a problem, I bet we won't be so long you can't take care of yourself for a bit, I mean, you're a GIANT CAT! He heh.." They then go out the door, and jump in the car, heading to Zorlias Corp. The night air is pretty nice, so Kilder rolls down the windows a bit. Doesn't take long to get there, and since it's so late and they're set to meet in the parking lot, Kilder decides to pull into one the back lots. It's a bit longer walk, but there's no telling what's going on. Zorlias would have just invited him in if this were a normal visit. This.... well, he wasn't sure what it was, but it was likely gonna be interesting...

He and Errie walk through the empty lot now towards the front of the building and see Zorlias in the distance. As they get closer they seee him standing there, wearing all black, which is odd for him. Kilder hadn't seen anything like this... not in a while. He speeds up to a slight jog to him the rest of the way. "Yo, Zor! What's going on, man? Wow...." He squints at him and grins. "No.... RED..... AT... ALL.... Holy shit.... We mean serious business tonight! Actually that looks pretty sharp, but uhh, should I have dressed for the occasion? Hmmm...." he puts his hand to his chin, stroking it as he waits for an answer.

Zor smirks at Kilder as he holds up a black outfit that actually belongs to his friend.  It's actually something that he had left at his place a long time ago.  Back in their pranking days, this was something that they required for their work, especially when they broke a few laws.  He had honestly kept this up in his closet, since then, but now it was time to use it again and he suspects that Kilder will still fit in it, even if it has been a while.

At the sight of the suit, Kilder smiles as Errette looks up at him now. "Hm Hm Hm Hm.... Ohhh... I seeeee.... I was hoping this would happen again someday... Why yes, Zorlias, I would love to relive our glory days! Heh heh heh heh!" He puts his hands up in a grabby manner, wiggling his fingers like an evil villain obsessing over a precious diamond, and then grabs the suit from Zor.

He walks out of the light a bit behind something and changes into the suit right there. As he's slipping the last of it on, he walks out of the shadows. "Although Zor, depending on WHAT it is we're doing... I'll have to be like... really careful. I am technically part of CETE I mean still!..." he stops, looks Zorlias straight in the eyes with as dead serious a face as he can muster... only a few seconds before his face cracks, and he busts in laughter. "Pffftt!! HA HA HA HA! Whatever! We're... well, together, kind of untouchable, at least on this level, most likely.... heh heh... heh..." his face looks at him in curiosity. "Um, no murder involved, I mean, right? ...... pffft! HA! Nah, seriously though, what are we doing?"

Zorlias stil says nothing as a car drives up--a deep, navy blue vehicle that looks as bland and as nondescript as they come.  Raelyn steps out and hands Zor the keys and he silently thanks her with a nod as she greets each of them quietly with a wave before walking away to the other end of the parking lot where her car waits for her so that she can drive away.  He points to the vehicle and hops in before waiting for Erie and Kilder to follow.

When they are finally in the vehicle, beltseats on and doors closed, Zorlias tries not to be distracted by the giant cat in his backseat.  Rather, he  focuses on driving as they pull out of the parking lot long before Raelyn has even reached her own car.  He sighs as he finally speaks, this time without any fear of being overheard or seen as "acting suspiciously."

Zorlias says boldly, "We're going to pay a visit to the Lioness."

"WHAT? Are you serious?? How?? That's...." he crosses his arms and looks to the side with a very puzzled look on his face. "There... has to be more to all this! We gonna break in and get some dirt on her or something? Wait... that would be incriminating of us without a warrant.... I thought that Braedon was supposed to have this handled anyway! Yeah... maybe not yet, but.... hmmff... I need a bit more information, dude."

Zorlias sighs, "Look.  I'm doing this.  I'm pranking her, that's it.  Are you in or aren't you?"

"I mean, I'm already here...." Kilder smirks. "Of course I'm in, especially for a prank.. That's all you had to say in the first place. I just wanted to hear your plan. Sorry! Okay?!? I'm excited that's all! hee hee!" Kilder giggled. "It's been so loooong, duuude! I'm impatient! Gimme a break!" Kilder said, wriggling in his seat with a slight happy dance sorta thing going on.

Errette backed away a bit at seeing Kilder behave this way, seemingly even raising an eyebrow at him....

As Zorlias parks around the block, just a few blocks away from their target, he stops under the shadows of a good, thick tree.  He gets out and pops the trunk, pulling out a big, thick bag.  He zips it open to reveal what's inside when Kilder's curiosity is peaked.  Within, there are old cans--old cans.   These cans happen to have mana in them, storing up a kind of magical form of silly string.  However, it's much thicker than silly string and a lot harder to clean.  Not to mention, it happens to come with a foul odor...

It has been so long since they've used this stuff, but they had plenty left after their last run.  There's also a few stink bombs, magical glow in the dark spray paint that is made to look like literal, runny shit, and a spray stencil for the words of "get good" in a ridiculous size underneath the bag.

Kilder's eyes instantly light up at seeing the contents of the bag. His nostrils flare wide. His lips push ever tighter together until they can no longer push against each other and have no other choice other than to let the corners of his mouth push outward, into the most maniacal grin anyone had ever seen on his face in a long time. To compare it to the Grinch would have been quite accurate. While Errette and Zorlias knew it couldn't actually be happening, they both almost could have sworn the contents of the bag somehow cast a glowing light on his face as if it were full of Scrooge McDuck's golden money pool.



"WAS DEFINITELY WORTH WAKING UP FOR!!" he scream whispered.

He cast an evil grin in Zorlias's direction. "Myyy, myyyyyy Zor, I would say this stuff is.... ehhh, a bit too old to be using anymore, just about... don'tcha think? Much longer and... * tsk * yeah, we'll need some new gear, BUT! Waste not ya know?...."

"SO..." he got up right in Zorlias's face now, and whispered,

"Whaddya say we empty this bag??" his smirk was so intense his eyebrows twitched.

Zor smiles, "Oh, we're going to empty it. completely."

He picks up the bag before starting to walk under the trees towards the target house--it's a fancy-ass house, too.  This is a fancy-ass neighborhood.  Zorlias only has a small apartment as his cover, but he's actually considered getting a place like this and then leaving his underground home for emergencies...this was convincing him further.  He hates it when people live so...richly, but at the same time, it'll be more convincing, regardless.  More convincing of being normal.

"Her security system has been disabled, "Zorlias says as they are getting close, "She's also going to be alone today.   A little...housemaid vacation, if you will."

"Daaamn, you really DID plan this out! I wouldn't expect any less from you though. Seems you haven't lost your touch any, I guess we'll see how mine is still. I'm almost surprised she lives in a neighborhood with other PEOPLE with as rich as she is... And she's CLEARLY such a people person too... Oh, where are my gloves? Oh.. the pockets, of course... Better get those on now..." He pulled on his black gloves as they walked around the area. "We're gonna make her wish she lived under a bridge! And then, blame it on untraceable neighborhood kids! Please tell me there are some good delinquents around here that can get out of anything!" Kilder said jokingly.

Zorlias creeps around the edge of the building and then moves up to the wall when he finds a darker, shadowier place to climb it.  He has his gloves on already and he's ready to start.  With a deep sigh, he tries to push the anxiety and nervousness down as he readies to break the law.

Kilder follows Zorlias quietly, and sneaks over to the corner of the wall near where Zorlias is readying to climb it, and sneakily pokes his head around the corner as if he expects someone might be there. "Just glad she doesn't have a dog out here," he whispers and the turns to Zorlias. "Ready? Here..." Kilder says, touching his gloves for a second. "I'll follow you up after you make it. can't risk breaking concentration on your gloves while you climb. Motion if you see anything up there, of course."

Zorlias nods and climbs the wall with Kilder's help.  He's quick to get over and he waits for Kilder before they make it to the house.   He pulls out a few cans from the bag and tosses some to Kilder .  He begins to work.

Kilder quickly follows up afterwards and peeks over the wall... "No dogs?... phew Thank you maker! Thank you maker! Thank yooouuu maaker!" He whispers to himself, jumping over to the ground and parkour rolling as he hits the ground just for funsies. He takes out his cans of years old magic silly string, one in each hand, pointed as if they are guns. "This place is so bland.... I should help them decorate..." he deepens his voice to sound gruff, "POLLOCK STYLE!!" He says this all in a hushed voice, of course, but he still can't help but speak, this was too much fun. He starts by spraying a bit to the wall... it sticks like a spider-man web.... he had forgotten just how cool this stuff was, and it seems to have only thickened with age. noticing he still had time before it all got too stiff and that it was still attached to the can, he sprayed one across her yard to the house, making basically a small tripwire like string there. "hmm..." he placed his hand to his chin, then grinned.  he saw a small hill in the yard, just like a lump, kinda half-way between the wall and the house, which had a moderately sized yard, surprisingly big compared to the other much more tiny yards hugging the houses in most neighborhoods. He eyed the distance, which was... maybeeee.... 30 feet? Probably a bit more, actually... not important, there was enough room, and that's what mattered. The grass was the smooth kind too... that should help. Yeeeessssss.... it was all coming together..

He positioned his back to the wall, just out of arms reach, put said arms directly behind him, a can in each, and stopped as a sudden thought popped into his head.... the cans were fairly high pressure, but would they be enough to beat the air resistance? It was harder to fight the friction with gasses... meh, let's give it a shot!

He placed his feet apart and bent his knees a bit as if ready to skii, put his arms behind his back again with the cans of spray, focused his low friction across his entire body (save for the palms of his hands) and hit both triggers....

He shot forward, propelled by the spray cans from the wall, and towards the house, ramping the hill and flying into the air. He felt like a fucking super hero...

After flying into the air at the house, he put his forearm sideways so he wouldn't slam his can into her brick wall, now upping the friction heavily on his body as he connected with the wall, sticking himself to it. Firmly planting his feet and back to it. He put out both arms again and started spraying in all directions. The cans still had enough force to shoot across the yard. He hit a tree with it in a few places and draped a few from house to it, the wall, and any other object in the yard he could find, as well as hitting parts of the wall it's self, making sure only to leave a path for them to both get out.

"I'm out he said to Zorlias, tossing the cans to him and letting him throw him two more, which he stuffed in his cargo pockets on his pants for now, before re-positioning on the wall so that he could climb up to the roof. Where he would wreak havoc across the other sides of the yard from.... A storm was coming... A very foul-smelling storm was coming, indeed....

After their work was finished, Zorlias was tired.  Very tired.  He looked at his watch--it's 4am.  Ick.  He sighs and as they make their silent exit and make their way back home, he wonders silently just how the lady Lioness will react.  Regardless of whatever it is, Zorlias hopes that she's so pissed that she crisps her own house.  He really does.

After reaching the parking lot, he exits the vehicle and heads back towards his own place.  He's ready for sleep.  When he looks over at Kilder to say goodbye he grins, "Thanks, dude.  I needed that."

Kilder, after lugging his sleeping panther out of the car, who is a bit pissed, but walks over to Kilder's car before getting in the back and laying right back down, then catches his breath, both from pulling the panther out and trying to carry it a bit and from his laughter. He gives Zorlias a thumbs up as he pants, looking up from the gound and replying, "Nah, dude, that was a worthy comeback. I should be thanking you! Let's not wait another.... what like 5 years? until next time we do one, kay? Night, man!" he turns and two finger salutes behind him as he walks back to his car...

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Zorlias Appartment/2AM

(ATTN : Closed)

Kyo opened his eyes slightly, still feeling heavily tired. In fact he was still pretty much half asleep and wasn't even sure where he was at the moment. He then notice a half-naked woman bend down to pick up something and then went back up to leave further in the back of the appartment. Kyo was a bit confused, but too tired to care at the moment or ask himself questions. And so he fell back asleep instantly.

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[color=#2b53d5]The game was rough and exciting all at the same time. She still didn't know if calling Reign in was a good idea though. Who knows if the game would have even changed at all. Alyssa thinks to herself on her way back to her car. She drives back to her apartment and says "Honey, I'm home." She doesn't get a response at all. Which she expected seeing as how she lives alone. She heads over to her room and looks at the calendar to see what she has planned over the next couple of days, well week really. The only day she really pays any attention to is tomorrow and Saturday, which is the day when the Delacroix University will go up against Staccato. Alyssa has a hard choice a head of her though. Stay up and play Overwatch, or go to sleep for whatever will happen tomorrow. In the end it wasn't a hard choice.
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(Collab with Leah)
*8PM - 12AM*

The ride to Kris' home was seemingly swift, as Bixxa traveled faster than she has ever gone before. When she arrived at her new home, she gazed at the tall building. Compared to the homes in the city, it was quaint, but impressive nonetheless. "Is this your house?" She asked bug-eyed. "Do you have the thing that people put plates into? And the thing that washes your clothes? And what are the beds like? Are they soft? Do they have pillows?" Soon Bixxa fired off a barrage of questions without waiting for an answer. Sensing her excitement, her limbs began quivering like plucked strings.

Kris is driving to the apartment after the long-ass shopping trip.  It took damned near forever to get this girl clothes and brushes and...ugh.  She couldn't even pick a damned toothpaste.  She looks at the girl rather stoically as she is barraged with questions the entire evening.  She is seriously lacking in living skills, which is awful.  However, this is why she signed up for the program.  For poor girls like this.  So she just takes it all in with patience and answers each one as they come.

Of course, Bixxa had tried to put on all of the clothes, which Kris promptly put a stop to.  She informed the girl that she would be showering first.  She first explains to the girl what to do with her old clothes--and although she doesn't tell her exactly that she has to, she roughly recommends burning them into the ashes that they deserve to be with a look of distaste.  AND OH GOD.  The shampoos.  Why did she show her all of the options??

Finally, they reach the front door and Kris says, "I've already had a key made for you, I'll get it for you after you are settled in.  Once we get in there, take your shoes off, because no one walks on my carpet with shoes on, got me?"

For once, Bixxa got to try on clothes without having to put them back on the store racks. Through all of the different outfits, she settled on a stripped long-sleeve shirt and pre-ripped jeans, to Kris' chargin. Even though she had to shower and change clothes, Bixxa never removed the bandages wrapped around her arms and legs. The jeans seemed to do a good job of hiding her legs but the shirt left some of her bandages showing, and there was no hiding her hands. Bixxa kept her hands in her pockets most of the trip home.

Near the front door, Bixxa finally calmed down enough to wait for a reply to her answer, but the woman didn't respond to a single question. With the door open, Bixxa took half a minute to look at the living room inside. She was so amazed that she almost forgot the only set of rules given to her so far. After one step inside, she jumped and hurried to take her shoes off. Tossing her shoes to a corner near the door, she pranced into the living room and took in her surroundings.

An actual living room! And she could live in it! The clean walls, soft couch, bookshelf, it was beyond what she could imagine. Pictures of strangers hung on the walls, and whole area had a unique smell that wasn't overpowering. It seemed welcoming. Bixxa ran around from the living room to the kitchen, and back, feeling like she discovered a new treasure. She then looked to two closed doors, most likely leading to the bedrooms. "Which one's mine?"

"The left one," Kris says, "You got the master bedroom--it has its own bathroom, but you're gonna clean that once a week, or so help me...anyway, why don't you go get cleaned up and then we can talk and I'll answer your questions?"

"But I'm already clean!" Bixxa exclaimed as she opened the door to her new sanctuary. The room looked just as sterile as the living room, but one thing caught her eye: the bed. Bixxa immediately launched herself onto the mattress and let herself sink into the cushioned surface. She lied in the same position, smelling the mattres covers and sheets. She then steadily tried to stand on the mattress. Without a hard surface, Bixxa found it difficult to balance her weight. She awkwardly rose up with her arms up and her knees bent. Every neuron in her head told her to change her legs into a more suitable form, but she couldn't reveal her grotesque body.

That was until Bixxa tried standing with her knees locked. Her weight shifted sideways, and she felt herself falling towards the edge of the bed. With little time and no stability, Bixxa tumbled onto the floor. Her arms took the brunt of the impact, causing them to deform into odly shapped limbs with tiny stubs for fingers. Loose bandages slipped off her hands, revealing the black substance underneath.

As the truth of Bixxa's form is revealed, Kris is surprised.  She grins, "Woah, I got some, too.  Extra limbs, that is."

She activates her ability and reveals the metallic tails, lifing herself from the floor with  them after summoning four of them and bending them outward to her sides in a spider-like fashion before putting her hands on her hips with pride.

Bixxa groaned as she brought herself to her knees. Noticing that her bandages were undone, she hastily tried wrapping them back onto her hands. Oh I'm so sorry! she communicated mentally to her limbs. As she focused on reforming her arms, she heard Kris behind her. She saw Kris' metallic tails, looking like they could punch through walls. As impressed as Bixxa was, she couldn't face Kris with her current condition. She sat with her back towards Kris as she reshaped her fingers, first expanding into long claws, but receding into a more normal shape.

" my limbs. I don't have arms or legs like normal people. Just Perry."

"Perry?"  Kris asks.  She knows that's rude, but she is curious.

"Yes. He's, uhh...this thing. He's my arms and legs." Bixxa held up one hand, the smooth black form was more clearly visible under the bandages.

Kris gasps, "What the hell is that?"

Bixxa quickly rescinded her hand. "I told you, it's Perry!" She answered angrily. Her arms slowly but surley began to increase in size, almost looking like they were too big to fit in the sleeves of her shirt.

"So....that's not an Etheriest ability?"  Kris asks, confused.  She doesn't care about the girl's anger.


"A magical ability, like mine."

Bixxa's arms shrank as she looked at her own makeshift hand. "I don't think I have a magical ability. Perry does everything for me. He can turn himself into anything I think of."

"Wow," Kris says, "Interesting."

Bixxa's limbs shrink further, making her look like she's receding into a little human ball. "You're just saying that to make me feel better."

Kris sighs, looking stern and impatient, "Look, kid, I'm gonna tell you this once:

Don't lie to me.  Don't hide shit from me.  Be good to me and I'll be good to you.  I say what I mean and I mean what I say.  When I ask you to do something, I expect you to do it--and I would never ask you to do something I would not do myself.  You get me?"

"...Okay." Without much thought, Bixxa scraped the carpet with her hands on the floor.

"Oi," Kris says, "You're welcome here.  So let me help you, okay?  I mean that.  I can be...a bitch, sometimes.  But I'll be here to help and I care.  So you got my number saved in the new phone, yet?"

Bixxa turned her body around to face Kris. "I don't have your number." She held a dangling bandage still wrapped around her quasi-arm. "I'm going to take off the wrapping. Promise you won't freak out."

"Alright, I will write it down and leave it for you," Kris says, but she shrugs, "I doubt it.  I've seen a lot of fucked up shit in my career."

Bixxa paused for a second before taking her shirt off, exposing her bare chest and her bandaged arms, yet the dark substance of her arms covered her whole body from the neck down. Any physical features of her actual body was hidden under a  thick layer that stuck to her like tar. And the boundary where the substance ended and the skin began looked veiny, as if the substance had clung so long onto Bixxa's skin that it was embedded inside of her. Bixxa then formed one hand into a pair of pincers and used it to unwrap her opposite arm, and she repeated the same thing for the other arm. With both arms and her torso liberated, Bixxa's makeshift arms took on the shape of tenticles draped on her sides.

Kris' eyes are wide, but she says nothing as she observes the girl's body.  This is...this is some freaky ass shit.  She's seen a lot of garbage in her day, but this is just  not natural.  She moves up towards the girl slowly and then looks her over carefully with an analytic gaze.  Just what causes this?  How could this have happened and what is this...tar shit?  Is that also what she calls 'Perry?'

"Okay, so...the black parts...are Perry?"  Kris asks uncertainly, trying to understand.

With wary eyes, Bixxa watched Kris come closer. She focused on staying calm as Kris eyed her up and down. One could barely see Bixxa's chest rise and fall with heach breath. "Yeah. He's my pet. He feeds on my Aura and converts it to Glucose for me, or something like that. I can't remember if it's Aura or Ether."

Kris nods her head, "I see.  Interesting, indeed.  This is safe, right?  Like, it won't kill you?  Okay, so...if something is feeing on your aura, that makes you very susceptible to a lot of shit.  You know that, right?  Does Perry protect you from Aura Etheriests or anything like that?  Can he, even?  Or she!"

"I dunno. What does a aura etherest do?"

"An Aura Etheriest can mess with one's aura," She replies, "Like...they could mess with your emotions or your health and make you very sick easily.  As in, spritually sick."

Banjee's eyes brightened with recollection. "I think I ran into someone like that. Every time I was around him, I felt really happy for no reason, and I wanted to stay with him, but then Perry attacked him and I was so scared, I couldn't sleep for days. That was when I decided to leave."

"Ah," Kris says, nodding her head with a scowl, "Yeah, I bet he could tell they were fuckin' with your aura.  It can be bad, especially if they try to manipulate you for your trust.  We have a good one, though--the CETE police do, that is.  He's a psychologist--big surprise--but he's a good man.  He doesn't manipulate people like that.  He's the only one I've met, happily."

"Ohhh, I guess he is good if you like him. Do you think he would think I'm scary? Would anyone at CETE think I'm scary?"

"We got some scary-ass officers," Kris says with a smirk, "I doubt it.  Maybe to some--but once people got used to problems."

"They wouldn't try tests on me, right? I saw this one movie where a guy with the ether powers got kidnapped by some sientists, and they did all these horrible experiments on him, and they made him into a crazy person that only wanted to kill people!"

"I was just making sure! Perry doesn't like being poked and cut up. And I don't like it either. Oh! Also Perry doesn't like being cold, so it has to be warm in here all the time. He also doesn't like water very much, but I can get him in the bath tub. If he gets really close to you he just thinks your ether is tasty, so don't worry about it. I've been keeping him back but he might wander if I'm not watching him. Ummm...I guess, do you have any questions? Most people don't know about Perry."

Kris shrugs, "We can get a heater for your room, no problem.  Gimme your phone and I'll add my cell in there.  Then you can reach me whenever, if there's a need."

Bixxa pulled her phone from her pocket and fumbled with the device until she got a steady hold of it, turning her hands into 4-fingered manipulators. After managing to log into her phone she stared at the birght screen for a few seconds before handing it over to Kris, accidentally dropping it before Kris could grab it. "I'm sorry. The damn thing is so thin. And so slippery."

"Good night, I guess?" Bixxa muttered as Kris left the room. She got to her feet and set the phone on the empty desk. Looking at all the bags on her bed, she sighed as her arms drooped to the floor. Taking a breath to motivate herself, she got to putting away all the clothes and room supplies she got. Just about all of the clothes were stuffed in the drawer cabinets while a select few were placed on the chair. Most of her supplies were left scattered on the desk, and her bathroom items were simply put on the sink counter. After everything was put away, she collapsed onto her bed and relished in the comfort.

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NEXT DAY / Zorlias Appartment / 11 AM

(ATTN : Closed)

**This is a collab between me and Leah7 and yes the next day is now opened**

Kyo started to slowly wake up, his eyes still half closed as he looked around. He stretches as he felt a bit cramped and sore.     Not sure what time it was, he sit down and rub his eyes. Then it kind of hit him... this was Zorlias apartment, he stayed there and... wait how long had he been asleep he wondered. He looked for his phone and opened it to check... 11 AM of the next day ? His heart sank slightly he's never late to anything and he had a bit of CETE work today, thankfully he had only one class again today and it was a late one. Maybe he could use the time in the day to meet the keltans still.  He was getting slightly anxious, but his stomach brough him back to reality quickly enough by doing the most aggressive growl it could do. He looked slightly at it and placed a hand to start to rub it in attempt to calm it down.

Zorlias is in the kitchen, making miso soup and a vegetable blend with seasoned chicken.  As he hears some noise from the living room, he smiles triumphantly to himself as the food smell begins to waft across the room.  He clatters the dishes as he puts the ones he's finished with into the dishwasher and then tastes the meat.  It's about done, so he licks his finger, brushes it on his pants, and resumes to making his meal.  He's made enough for them both and all that's left is the meat.  The soup has been left on simmer so that it won't get cold.

Kyo gets up feeling like his body was heavy and all slimy from sleeping that long. He stretches again, this time, standing and then decide to slowly go toward that amazing smell. He got to the Kitchen and still didn't look fully awake, but he was up and standing at least. His hair was a complete mess, there was a few of them that were sticking out in odd ways. Kyo took a seat and did a little wave to his brother. He wasn't awake enough and too hungry to talk or think about his upcoming day.

Zor nods and smiles in return, pointing to the seat on the other side of the open bar.  He pulls out a couple of plates  and bowls and begins to plate the food after pouring the miso soup into the bowls and setting them out for himself and his sleepy brother.  He sets them out neatly and then returns to turn off the oven before getting Kyo a drink from the fridge.  He gets himself some sweet tea and sits across from him on the kitchen side.  Rather than saying a word, he simply smiles to himself and begins to eat.

Kyo look at how his brother seemed happy and he wondered what happened. He starts to eat his soup and it felt so good to eat. Feeling the soup slowly going down toward his stomach just woke the beast up again and it did a growl for a second time. He looks annoyed at his screaming tummy as he does a face while holding it almost as if he wanted to say shut up to it.  But then he continued eating and didn't stop till he was done with the soup. He then writes before attacking the plate ''You seem happy. Did something good happen ?...''

Zorlias grins, humming a tune to himself as he nods his head, but he finishes a large portion of his plate before he grabs the controller, points it at his television, and turns it on.  There, he loads up a saved file, which is apparently a news report.  The news woman is a little, tiny blond girl with big, surprised eyes as she gives her report:

"On other news, late last night, it would seem that the prestigious Lioness, one of our very own presidential candidates, woke to find her home vandalized with various magical tools..."

The pictures on the screen shoes pictures of the great estate in its glorious, ruined state, as well as of people trying to rush the press away with much failure.  The gardener was rushing to wash off the walls--or was he?  In fact, much of the staff seemed to be taking their sweet time with the removal of the mess...what a coincidence.

She reporter lady continued, "...though the culprit hasn't been caught and the police currently have no suspects, one thing is clear:  The wrong doers are suspected to most likely be young children in their late teens.  If anyone has any knowledge regarding this incident or saw anything late last night that looked suspicious, please give the number below a call and report to the head of the investigation..."

Kyo looks toward the tv when Zorlias points it and he grabs a bite at the same time. When he see what it was about though , he tries his best to swallow correctly. But then he just couldn't help it, he just started laughing. It probably was worse since he was feeling tired from oversleeping, felt like he would laugh easier at things. After a good minute he likes take back his breath still giggling. This was such a bad move yet such justice. It was amazing. ''TEENS ?! Omg they are so far. But wow... like did you guys sleep at all ? That stuff must have taken forever.''

"Only 4am," Zorlias says sarcastically, "Small little deal, nothing major."

Kyo smiles and shake his head. ''And then you tell me I'm bad for not sleeping enough. Though I think it was worth it. That woman is seriously a danger and she should chillax in jail and in special programs to control her shit ugh. Though erm... talking about sleeping, I kinda overslept a lot and erm am now super late to work when I'm never late. I hope they won't make too much of a fuss about it and that Kris won't be pissed at me or something. '' Kyo sigh, not looking forward to a pissed off Kris. He eat more food while his brother reads.

"I contacted them, they're cool," Zorlias says reassuringly, "Do you want another plate or bowl?"

Kyo looked surprised. ''Oh you did ?... Well thank you and ... I'll take both, well if there's enough of course. I'm starving. ''

"Yeah, I made a big pot full," Zorlias says, smiling.  He moves and preps the new plate for them both.

Kyo smiled happy to know he could have more. That stuff was amazing. When Zorlias comes back Kyo writes ''Thank you so much, this food is amazing. ''

After lunch is over, Zor looks at the clock as he's loading the dishwasher again.  He's got to get back to work, soon.  Ick.  Still, nothing can squish his great mood today.  So he smiles, anyway.  "You gonna be good for today?"

Kyo nods and write ''Yeah though I'll need to get home to like shower and change, my uniform is there too. I don't think I'll be able to tame my hairs before heading out though. Oh and I'll let you know about Brae when I know when he's free.''

"No problem," Zorlias says, "Let's head out, then.  Your car was moved to my fake place overnight, but Raelyn brought it back this morning.  Hope that's alright."

Kyo nods ''Yeah it's okay. I'm kind of glad I did use it yesterday, I'll be able to get home faster. Though it's not like it was super far in the first place.'' After Zorlias finish reading, Kyo grabs his backpack and open the door, waiting for him to come over.

Zorlias hums some more as he heads to the door and opens it.  He's still smiling as he pulls out his keys out and fumbles for the one to his car.  They walk out to the cars and he's just humming the entire time as they split up to the separate doors after handing Kyo his own keys and then saying, "Have a great day, bro."

Kyo follows his brother and his great mood sure was something nice. When they reached the door leading to outside, Zorlias gives Kyo's key back and Kyo smiles and nod. He then start heading out and take his car even though it was always strange to him to drive. Probably because he often prefer walking or running over taking the car. He then starts moving toward his apartment.


Kyo's appartment/12h45PM~1h20

(ATTN : Closed)

Kyo arrived at home, removed his shoes and started to rush to go her his uniform ready as well as extra clothes for later and then went to take a quick shower. He then did his usual morning routine and used the hair dryer to dry his hair. Kyo also piled up a bunch of leftovers together to have meals later. He then headed out to CETE by walking fast there. It was pretty close by so he thought he'd just walk it off.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 18th June 2017, 11:16 pm

{Attn: Sophie’s home late night until 9:00am ish}

Sophie directs the EMT’s where to go before she walks off.  There was enough excitement that no one noticed anyway.  It is not like they will need her, not with the video.  Once she gets out of sight of the alley, she begins to run.
Thankfully the rest of the way to her building was uneventful.  She finally arrives at her apartment and is stopped by the night manager.

“Hey Sophie, late night?  We have a package for you.”  He puts a small slender box on the counter.  “Have a good night.”

She picks up the box.  “Oh it must be the business cards.  Thank you Allen.”  Upon entering her apartment, she sets her bag on the floor and the box on her kitchen island.  She returns to the bag and digs out her camera and computer.  She starts up the computer and lets it start up as she takes some juice from the refrigerator.  She downloads the pictures from the game and backs them up.  

Unable to sleep, she begins to edit some of the pictures.  As usual she loses all track of time while doing so.  The alarm on her phone goes off the next morning and she is still at her desk.  “Oh shit, shit, shit.”  She gets up and goes to her room.  She has to pick out the perfect outfit.  She looks outside and sees the clouds.  No jog today.  She then goes to her closet.  She finds a nice blouse, a pair of dark blue jeans and a jacket.    She pulls out a cute pair of shoes before going to her bathroom.

Once dressed, she brings the equipment to her car in the underground parking lot.  She doesn’t use it often, but she does have one.  She does not have a lot of equipment, but she brings the items she may need.  It will be better to have it than not.  After she gets the car packed, she heads to the CETE office.

Ellie looks at Braedon.  “I trust you Brae, you are not the kind of guy to lie to me.  I like Delilah.  Thank you for the sign, and I will see you later.”  She loves Braedon’s hugs.  His arms feel so strong.

She enters her room and unrolls the sign.  It is even better up close.  She hangs it on the bottom of her loft bed for now.  She is asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow.  She loves being back in school.

She wakes up to her phone going off.  She looks at it and sees the message from her friend.  *don’t forget about your class.  Lucky you getting into the advanced class with professor Arturas.*  Ugh she had forgotten about that.  She sits up and stretches a little before dragging her butt out of bed.  She gathers her items and head for the showers.

She returns to her room and gets ready for the day.  She is dressed in a pretty green blouse and a pair of jean capris.  On her feet are sneakers.  She grabs her backpack and phone and heads to class.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by RadioTanuki on 20th June 2017, 2:51 pm

Kilder's Office/Delacroix University~ 7:30 AM

[Attn: Open]

Kilder slumped in his office chair, clinging dearly to the land of the living as he sipped his cup of coffee... There was no doubt about it... it was gonna be a loooong day... but the coffee was helping. In fact, since he didn't actually go to sleep the night before (he always oversleeps if he goes that late) he managed to make it to the school before anyone today and sneak to the break room before anyone else, where he grabbed 3 cups of coffee and rushed up to lock himself away in his office. He couldn't have the other members of staff seeing him around this early. That would be waaayyy too suspicious. Then, he also couldn't call in sick the second day of school. Also too suspicious, seeing as a news report showcasing his handiwork was on TV this morning.

"Yeah, I'm probably being a bit too paranoid about this..." he thought to himself. After all, it had been years since he was involved with anything of this degree. No one suspected him at all, it seemed. But the thing that worried him the most was that the people closest to him did know him and what he was capable of....*cough* JENIA *cough cough*.... She really didn't need to find out. And she probably already suspected it was the bad part. He knew she wouldn't turn him or her brother in, but he wasn't sure how she would take them getting revenge for her, especially this way. That hadn't necessarily gone well in the past. It was, in fact, one of the childish aspects of Kilder that seemed to push her away from him. He needed to grow up.

He had to do his best today. Not look tired, at least more than usual, and get his work done. There would be a fine line to keep on, and worrying about keeping up his so-so reliability would be a bit much harder today if he were worried and trying to hard. It would throw off his nonchalance and such. To most people, things would still seem, Oh, that's typical Kilder... but to Jenia, Cynric, Zorlias, or Kyo, something would definitely be amiss. They could tell when he was faking. They knew the signs. It would be all too obvious.

He decided to pull up some funny videos on his computer to pass the time for now. Since he did all his pre-prep for classes the day before this was always easier. On the bright side, he also had gotten some sleep last night before the whole scheme went down, he was actually feeling pretty decent by the start of his second cup of coffee. He put on his headphones and pulled up youtube for today's 'mental preparation'. "Ugh.... ads on all these videos lately though.... and for this dumb show too... 'Any Means Necessary'... oh boy... the one with the crazy survivalist guy who hunts everything down. Although it is kind of entertaining.... not really into reality shows though, plus half this shit he gets away with HAS to be fake. Oh boy..." Kilder rolled his eyes... "He's going from dangerous game to THE MOST DAAANGEROOOOUUS GAAAME!!" he repeated mockingly in his head. "I can't believe they're gonna let this lunatic bounty hunt people now... Geez, those explosions are totally fake too!" he added as the guy and his crew were blowing up things on the screen. He couldn't believe he was still watching this ad, but it was kind of a hard one to ignore for him with the crazy stuff going on, as much as he hated to admit it.

"RUFF RUFF RUFF! RUFF RUFF RUFF! RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF RUFF!" his video started, finally. "Stupid shiba inu ending... heh heh heh.... Always a great start to the day. How can I worry when I think to myself 'IT WAS A DOG, ALL ALONG?' I mean, right??"

After a few more minutes of videos, it was about time for class, so he got his stuff together and opened his door, finally. His first few classes today would be him going throuh easy lecture material, so not bad. The afternoon classes might be a bitch today though... He hoped he was feeling up to it. But he was always excited enough about that one to get through it, and today would be fun... Actually seeing his students powers in action for the first time. Always a good time. Sometimes fairly dangerous though when the students had destructive powers they didn't control well.

It was kind of nice to have just criminal justice lectures in the morning though, really, but there were times he wished that his training class weren't the last class of the day too. If it were first thing, he wouldn't have to do calisthenics throughout the day to keep his energy up. For some reason, he always felt a bit more adrenaline in the morning. At least the more physical classes weren't right after lunch though. That would be hell.

"Hmmm... should I just avoid Jenia today?" Kilder's mind had already wandered back. "NO NO STOP KILDER... That's waaay to fishy and you know it... *phew*~ keep cool, keep cool.... dammit... Why am I thinking of this AGAIN? CLASS. FOCUS ON CLASS..."

He walked into his filled classroom. "Oh good! No one's quit on me yet!" he said happily. "Well, no worries, this class should be a bit more interesting than yesterday's class for sure! WHO'S READY TO LEARN JUSTICE??" he said in a heroic voice as he felt his class give a collective eye roll. "Oh good," he laughed it off, "well be glad you're learning it in here and not out there, from the other end. That's the HARD WAY."

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 23rd June 2017, 4:32 am

A Collab Between Me And The Lovely JerriLeah7

Braedon shoots up from his bed, sitting up right with wide eyes as the nightmares from his restless sleep shift out of focus as the ringing sound of his cellphone wakes him, rescuing him from the dreadful fears that have haunted his sleep for so long. He snatches up the device, answering it quickly and speaking into the cell with a half-awake, gruffy voice.

He says, "Hello, you have Agent Pierce. Yeah. Oh--ye-yeah. Yeah. I got it. Thanks. No, let me just--what? No, I'll bring her by, don't worry about it. Yeah, give me an hour and a half. I got to make breakfast and wake up and shit. Thanks, my dude. See ya then."

Braedon sets the phone down, his gaze shifting to the clock on the wall to see the time. Seven in the morning, before work hours. He looks up at the ceiling as he lays back down in his bed as his thoughts wander. A part of him dreads the new day to come, another day of work. The other part of him is relieved that the nightmares are over. With a sigh, he forces himself up, shoving on some pants before he exits the bedroom and knocks on Delilah's bedroom door.

"Yo," Braedon calls out, "Wake up. They found your dad."

Delilah had a hard time adjusting to the noise. To Braedon it might have been quiet, but to her, the noise was so...lively. She heard the sounds of cars, people yelling in the night, alarms and sirens and five hundred other things she didn't have names for. She was tired, and luckily every time she closed her eyes it seemed another hour had past; her sleep being broken up into harsh, lucid chunks. In her waking fatigue, she thought of her mother, knowing that her staff leaned on the wall just beside the bed; the last bit of comfort she had to offer her.

She missed her home; her lumpy bed, in her and her mothers one room shack- well, she supposed it was just hers now, maybe not even that. She felt a hollowness stick inside her chest- nothing in her life would be the same. Now that she sat, alone with her thoughts, no journey to make, no one to talk to- she realized she would never again go splashing in the river with her mother, never again would they sit outside their shack for morning tea, never again would they play cards or checkers or laugh at each others jokes. 'Never again,' She thought as her grip tightened on the blankets. 'Never again.'

She jolted when she heard the knock at the door; snapping out of her somber trance. She was about to respond, a 'yes' or a 'what's wrong?'. But then she heard that word; that word that brought her here, the reason she was even sleeping in a world outside her little shack.

They had found her father.

She jolted up from bed; accidentally cornering herself on the nighstand and ramming herself into the wall on accident. A large, dull 'THUD' echoed through the door. She fumbled, grabbing for her mothers walking staff, as she scrambled for the door, yanking it open. She stood before Pierce, eyes wide as an owls, shock still registering on her face. Her hair was a mess, sticking out every which way yet again, clad in baggy pajamas borrowed from her host; she probably looked like a madwoman.

She didn't care.

She looked at Pierce in owl eyed shock for a moment. Two. Before an all encompassing smile spread across her face, a bright, shining, elated smile. She didn't know why; what possessed her to fling her arms around Pierce and pull him in for an encompassing hug- but she did.

"Thank you, Agent Pierce!" She said, unaccustomed to hugging someone larger than her. She quickly realized her unsolicited physical affection might be unappreciated, so she quickly hopped away, settling for smiling stupidly in her doorway.

Braedon hears a thud from the other side of the door. "Uh...everything okay in there?"

It isn't but a few moments later that the door is thrust open to reveal the half-crazed older woman in mussed pajamas throwing her arms about him in an unexpected embrace. Awkwardly returning the gesture, he looks down at her with silent surprise. It isn't unpleasant, just new. The only other person to hug him like this was Ellie--and even that took getting used to. His life has certainly...shifted lately.

When she backs away, he smiles back at her, the joy that she felt rubbing off onto him with ease as he says, "You're welcome. If you'll get dressed, I'm gonna make some bacon and eggs for breakfast. We'll eat, get ready, and go. I'll drop ya off and they are gonna prep you and then take you to your old man. Get to it, woman."

Delilah's smile doesn't waver as she nods excitedly, turning back into the room and closing the door behind her, careful not to slam it- her mother always told her it was bad manners. She quickly scrambles about the room, dressing herself in something presentable- her mother also told her first impressions were everything. Her staff leaned once again against the wall as she hopped about the room, pulling her pants on. She did a check, pants, shirt, socks- oh, hair! She tried to press her hair down, once she realized her fingers weren't working, she moved to the comb Pierce had given her yesterday. She'd kept it on her nightstand, and, if this was to be one of the last times she saw Agent Pierce in such a casual way, she'd keep it with her forever. Once her hair was mostly down, she carefully tucked it in her jacket pocket. She took her staff, walking out into the kitchen.

"You said they'd need to 'prep' me. For what? Meeting my father?" Her grin hadn't faded; her tenacious enthusiasm still present in her voice.

"Yep," Braedon says, looming over the stove, "They gotta make sure you know what to expect."

"I expect my father. I expect him not to know me. I expect...." 'I expect him to potentially want nothing to do with me.' Delilah brushed the thought from her mind, taking a seat at the kitchen table, so she could still see Pierce. "I have thought of all the possibilities of how this would go as I was walking here. They do not need to worry about that." She paused, watching Pierce's movements intently; she'd observed the workings of a stove before, even though she didn't know the exact science. "Would you like any help?" She cocked her head slightly, not wanting to be rude.

Braedon shrugs, "It's standard procedure. Even if they didn't have to worry about it, it's required. What? Yeah. Sure. You get to be the bacon flipper while I make these eggs. Get over here and I'll show ya."

Delilah carefully leaned her staff against yet another wall, rolling up her sleeves and joining Pierce in the kitchen. She held her hands, ready for action as she watched Pierce's movements carefully, aiming to copy them.

Brae shows Delilah how to work the bacon, letting her take over after a short while--she's a quick learner. He's pulled out quite a bit--Brae eats a lot, plus he loves bacon. Who doesn't love bacon? As they work on breakfast, he talks about Etherball a bit more, expressing his wish that she were an Etheriest so that she could play, too. They finish cooking, eat, pass a few's a good morning and it's the first one that Braedon hasn't spent alone ever since he moved out of his foster parents' house.

As he finishes the meal and they are cleaning up, this realization hits him and his heart aches. He barely knows this weird, hobo druid, but he's going to miss her. He focuses on the task at hand and then runs off to the room to clean up. He dresses, brushes, and straightens his uniform. An hour has already passed and morning birds can be heard singing. He moves to the bedroom window and opens the blinds, looking at the beauty of the sunshine. It's beautiful out there.

After a bit more of the silent brooding to himself, he exits his bedroom, keys jangling from his fingers as he steps out into the hallway and walks down towards the lounge and dining area while whistling a happy tune. He looks at Delilah stoically, "Ready?"

Delilah immediatly springs to her feet, grin on her face, staff in hand, bag slung over her shoulder. "Yes! As I'll ever be." She feels happy; but also rather sad- A part of her knows she'll probably ever see Agent Pierce again, a city as large as this, and a young man as busy as him. But still, she was grateful. The first friend she made in a city this large, and he was easily one of the kindest people she had seen. Yet, she was going to be meeting her father! Her actual father! For the first time in her life; a man she had only known through grainy pictures.

She hoped he was half as kind as the Agent.

She trailed after Pierce, face starting to hurt from smiling so hard; she occasionally caught herself bouncing, akin to an excited child, without even noticing it.

Braedon drove quietly all the way down to the station. The traffic is a bit of a bitch, but they don't have to go too far, so it isn't that big of a deal. It's a comfortable silence, anyway. At least, to Brae it is, especially with the music from the radio. The entire ride stays like this until they hit their destination, it's as if he's gone onto autopilot. His mind has fallen empty, thoughtless as his body escorts Delilah from the car to the parking lot to the CETE building to the department of missing persons.

He snaps out of it, though, just in time. As they make it to the door to that little room, he turns to Delilah and holds out a small piece of paper. It has his phone number written on it. This is probably their goodbye--he'd most likely never see this woman again. So this part was important and he just had to do it before he ran out of time.

"Um, here." Braedon says as he holds it out, "It's my number. Call me if you need anything."

Normally, silence to Delilah is natural. It is comfortable. It allows one to clear their head and not be distracted by any foreign intrustion. But the longer the car ride goes on; the more removed Delilah becomes from her enthusiasm- at least, to notice Pierce. Has he always been this quiet? She remembered yesterday- he always had something to day. Whether it be driving her to the station, or back to his apartment, or from the Dean's office, or to Ellie's Etherball game. Perhaps he hated goodbyes as much as she did- but in her case, it was because she never really had to get used to saying them.

She lets Pierce remain silent, having no idea what to say herself- Until he offers her the small piece of paper. It's his number. She takes it gently from his hand, looking down at it for a moment. Her lips press together, she feels a familiar sting at her eyes. But at least now, she knows Pierce doesn't mind hugs.

She wraps her arms around the larger man; pulling him into a hug much like the ones her mother gave her, at least she hoped the same emotion was still there. Was it because she didn't want him to see her cry? Didn't want him to feel bad? Was it because this might be one of her last times seeing him? She didn't know. All she knew was that she held onto that small piece of paper like it was the most important thing in the universe, that the stinging behind her eyes was getting harder to hold back, and that she wanted to hug Pierce.

"I suppose now I will have to get a phone, won't I?"

Braedon took the hug better, this time. He holds her and smiles at her inquiry. "You better." He's trying not to cry. He expected to have Delilah for at least a week before they found him. That's the shortest time that it takes on most cases and he remembers thinking on that at the beginning of this, wishing this wouldn't take so long and that he wouldn't have a stranger in his house for so long. Still, it didn't matter, now. He got to show her icecream and pizza and he got to introduce her to Ellie and Etherball.

Why did she have to be so kind and fun? She was almost like a mom to him and thinking about that fact really hurt. He never had a real mom and his foster mom loved him all she could--but she couldn't focus on him with all of the foster kids that she had. This was just different. It felt different and he didn't like it. This is stupid. He barely knows her!

Pushing the ache down, he separates from the warm hug that he returned and opens the door for Delilah, waving at Reid with a tired, sad smile. The guy waves back, saying his usual greetings as Delilah enters the room and Brae closes the door behind her. He walks away quickly, hoping that whoever this man his, her dad, he'll love her for all that she's worth.

As Delilah waves goodbye to Pierce, watching him leave, off to do his job; to take his kindness and spread it elsewhere, she felt the strangest urge to run after him. The young man she'd known for all of a day. She managed to keep the stinging in her eyes down, blinking rapidly as she watched him leave. She didn't want to say it; the word dancing in her brain. The similarity between Pierce and that which wasn't hers; something that felt like family, that was family, that she'd never, ever have. She clears her throat, composing herself as she turned to Agent Ried, carefully tucking Pierce's number into her pocked, zipping it closed so she wouldn't lose it.

"Good morning, Agent Ried, I hope you slept well. Agent Pierce told me you had good news- well, he already told me the good news." She smiled at him, excitement shining in her eyes.

"Yes, ma'am, very quickly." Reid says happilly, "We found your father, processed his DNA, and confirmed that you are related. We also did discuss this matter with him and he's delighted to meet you--very delighted. However, we did wanna tell you about some things before we escort you over--just standard procedure stuff."

Reid pulls out a folder and opens it up, pulling out a few photos. The first two are of a building with a big sign in front of it that says 'Redding Nursing Home' on it in rather large letters. They are different angles of the place, showing its rather large and well-managed conditions on the outside. The third, fourth, and fifth are all pictures of a man--the same man at different ages, one of which is obviously rather current.

"This is your dad," Reid says, "His name is Ames Devereux and he lives in this Nursing Home. He lives there because he has a mild case of Alzheimer's--do you know what that is, Ms. Delilah?"

Delilah eagerly nodded as Agent Reid spoke, staring at the pictures, resisting the urge to lightly trace the images of her father with her fingers. What was a 'Nursing Home'? It looked like a hospital, of sorts; a very fancy hospital. Was her father sick? Was he rich?

"Alzheimer''s a...disease of the brain." Her eyebrows furrowed together, her happiness fading slightly as she put the pieces together. "It makes people......forget." She paused, her voice falling. "My, my mother told me a little about it. A little. We read about it, in a magazine once. A 'Medical Journal'." She looked at Reid, her face growing slightly pensive at the implications of what he was saying.

"Good, okay." Reid says, "Mr. Devereux wanted us to tell you about this before we brought you down there, just in case he was having an episode and wouldn't remember your mom--however! The chances of this happening are very slim. Your father's case is incredibly mild and he rarely has these episodes. His memory is very greatly intact and he will know who your mother is.

There will be a sign in when we get there, a bit of paperwork to sign--I've already brought the bulk of it with me and you'll be able to fill that out in a moment. Once we have finished that, we'll head on over and introduce you to Mr. Devereux--the appointment is set and it's about that time. Are there any questions at all before we get started?"

Delilah gave a light sigh of relief; well, it was apparently not too bad. It was still....bad...but not the worst scenario she had thought of. At least he wanted to meet her, at least he was alive.

She shook her head; her brain was bouncing off the walls, too excited to think of any questions. "I just have to sight the paperwork?" She says after a moment of dazed silence.

Reid pulls out the paperwork from the same folder, sliding it over to her end and spinning it around with a wink and a grin, "Yep. That's all she wrote, Ms. Delilah."

Delilah plucks a pen up from nearby, noticing her hand shaking slightly. Was it from excitement, fear, or nervousness? Or some cocktail of all of the above? No matter what it was, she made sure to sign her name carefully on each necessary line.

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Post by xenolion on 23rd June 2017, 3:52 pm

{Attn: CETE office 9:00am – 10:30 – open to all there}

Sophie parks the car and gathers her bag.  She enters in the CETE building, hoping she isn’t too early.  She walks over to the receptionist.  “Hello, I am Sophie Chiodo, I have an appointment with Chief Delacroix.”

The receptionist smiles, "Oh!  Yes!  If you''ll sit right up front, here, I'll let him know that you are here, Ms. Chiodo."

Sophie nod and looks over to the row of chairs.  Two of them are filled.  There is a really good looking older guy with a lady.  The guy had the bluest eyes she has ever seen.  She would love to take a picture of the eyes.  
His companion’s eyes were just as unique.  She sits down in a seat separating them.  “Good morning.”  She smiles cheerfully digging through her bag.

"Good morning," The girl says.  The man simply nods his head quietly.  She smiles, "You don't look like CETE, so are you here for business or pleasure?"

The man speaks scoldingly, "Who comes to CETE for pleasure?  Don't be so nosy."

Sophie laughs at the lady.  “Actually, it is a little of both.  I am a photographer and I am here to take pictures.”  She looks between the two pausing for a moment.  “My name is Sophie…Sophie Chiodo.  By the gentleman’s tone, I assume you are here on business.”

The girl grins, "Yes.  He's Deego.  I'm Reela.  Nice to meet you, Sophie.  I like you."

Deego rolls his eyes, but says nothing.

“Reela, that is an interesting name.  I like it.  Your eyes are really beautiful and unique.  If it seems I am staring, I am sorry.  I haven’t seen you two around town are you new to Coldrion?”  Sophie asks.  “I take a lot of candid pictures around town.”

"Oh, we aren't from around here,"  Reela says, "I'm from the Keltan Island.  Have you been?"

Sophie gasps excitedly.  She has heard about Keltans, but never has met one before.  “Surprisingly, that is one place I have not been to.  I have traveled some with my former employer and my parents.  I am happy to meet both of you.  I would love to take your pictures sometime, if you don’t mind that is.”

"Of course," She says happily, "I'd be delighted.  I--"

The receptionist has returned and she waves over to Sophie before pointing to the door that she's holding open.  The door is up on an inner balcony room that's placed in the corner of the giant, main room on the opposite side.  The stairs to it are large and wide with railings, all officially professional and metallic.    She gestures for Sophie to cross the room, past the desks and up the stairs.

"Well, that's your cue, then.  We’ll be here."  Reela says in farewell.

Sophie quickly digs out her card and places it on the chair.  “If I miss you, call me any time.  There is my card.”  She stands up, adjusts her bag.  “It was really nice meeting you.  Hopefully, I will see you later.”  She walks up the stairs and through the door that is being held open.  Well today is going to be a good day.

Cynric stands as Sophie walks in, "Heeeyyyy, It's the lovely Ms. Chiodo!!!"

Sophie looks around the modern styled office.  It will be nice to take pictures in.  But she will have to bring her diffuser and external flashes in from the car.  Unless he wants to have the picture done elsewhere. “Good morning Chief Delacroix, I hope I didn’t come too early.  I like to get my shoots done in the morning if possible.  People seem to be in better moods.  Did you want to take the picture in here, or somewhere else.  This is a really nice office.”

The Chief sat at his desk, looking up with a smile upon Sophie's entry.  She's already talking as soon as she gets in...quite a lot jumped out of those cute lips all at once!  However, she hopped right to the point and he likes that.  Chuckling from amusement, he nods, "Thank you.  I'm ready, Ms. Chiodo.  We can take them here, but if you have another place to recommend, I'll trust your advice on it."

Sophie’s eyes scan the office.  She takes out her light monitor.  She sees the blinds on the glass wall behind her which is good.  “Yes, this will do.  I have to bring in some equipment, but will be ready in about ten minutes.”  She sets down her bag.  “If you were at a studio, I would have had it set up already.”

She leaves the office and a couple minutes later returns with two cases on rollers.  She removes a collapsible adjustable step ladder from one.  She is quite efficient with setting up the diffusers.  It is obvious that the step ladder is used quite often.  

“There.”  She steps down and looks at Cynric again.  “Now positioning you may seem a bit odd.  First, I would like for you to move slide your chair to the right.  Do you mind if I move items on your desk temporarily?  I promise to return them after we are done.”

Nodding his head, Cynric does as he's told and begins clear up whatever on his desk that she asks him to.  He's a good listener and they are only interrupted once by Assistant Vosk, who wanted to give him some charts for this month's quarter--but he waves the man away and then continues to work with Sophie's wishes.

She arranges his desk with his help and begins with taking some pictures.  He takes her instructions well as to positioning this body.  “I can tell you have done this before Chief.  You make my job easy.”  Finally she lowers the camera.  “If you want, I can have some proofs ready in about a half hour.  Thank you so much.  Is there anything else you want me to take pictures of while I am here?” She begins to put his desk back to normal.  

"Thank you, Ms. Chiodo," Cynric replies, shaking her hand, "No other requests--but I'd really appreciate it if you'd consider a job here with us.  We still need that crime scene photographer--if your stomach can handle it."

He realizes she won't shake his hand rather quickly and lowers his arm, unbothered by it.  He's known many who are just either too good to touch someone else of his stature--or they have an ability that effects it.  Or they are germaphobe.  She's obviously just one of those and he couldn't care less which one it is.  He returns to his desk and begins to return it to its original state.

Sophie looks at his hand, before she can object he lowers it.  She listens as he offers her the job again.  “You mentioned that yesterday, but I thought you were being polite.  I did think about it though, and I think I will accept it.  It will be an interesting way to expand my portfolio.  Just let me know what paperwork you need to have filled out and I will get started on that.”  She bites her lower lip a little nervous about working for them, but she will be safe here right? “Just one thing, I will be busy this weekend.  I am covering the convention that is in town, but I can start anytime after that.”

Cynric nods, clearly pleased, "Excellent.  I'll text the receptionist--she'll give you the necessary paperwork and the list of courses recommended for you to have the job as a specialist.  If you have any questions, she'll be able to help you.  Thanks again, Ms. Chiodo, I hope you have a wonderful day."

Sophie finishes packing her items up and bows to Cynric.  “No, thank you Chief Delacroix.  I will have the pictures for you to give to the reporter as well.”  She takes the cases and goes back down to the receptionist.  “Hello Miss, I believe that Chief Delacroix may have contacted you regarding some paperwork for Sophie Chiodo.”

"Yes," She says, just closing her phone, "I'll get the necessary paperwork for you."

The woman scrambles about in a filing cabinet at the back of her little desk area before she fiddles about and pulls out a few sheets and whispering to herself as she categorizes the sheets that are needed.  Then, she closes the drawers and turns around, handing Sophie a small stack of sheets with a smile, "Here you are.  The top sheet are some classes you'll need to take--all offered at Delacroix University, of course.  There are other universities that have most of these courses, but the primary course that's currently only offered at Delacroix is Etheriest Preparations, so you'll have to take that one there, if you haven't taken it before."

Sophie takes the papers and listens to the receptionist.  She is not happy that she will have to take a class at Delacroix.  She has worked too hard not to have her [i]dis[i]ability discovered.  It is only one class and hopefully she can get done with it quickly.  “Thank you so much Miss.  Is there a deadline for any of the paperwork?”

"No, ma'am."  She replies.

Sophie takes the papers and puts them in her backpack. “I will have these filled out and back to you later, thank you so much.”  She will for sure take the other courses elsewhere, but she cannot get out of the one at Delacroix.  She only hopes she can avoid Ellie and convince them that she is not an etherist.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by LightningFang on 23rd June 2017, 11:42 pm

{Atten: Delacroix University 10:00am - 3:00pm - open to anyone near there}
(Collab between me and xenolion)

Ellie’s first class was exhausting.  Even Professor Arturas seemed tired.  She looks down at her phone and text Sophie. Don’t make any plans tonight, I am taking you out to dinner.  She looks up and didn’t even get caught.  She plays with her pen and smirks.

After class she heads over to Professor Steele’s office.  She only hopes Alyssa is not mad because they lost so stupidly.  She really tried her best.

Aylssa gets up. Uggghhhh. She gets up and out of bed with a groan, she knew it was a bad idea to stay up late and play games. It was just so fun though. She looked over at her phone to check the time, the alarm was going off. Wait why was there an alarm? SHIT, I’m gonna be late! Alyssa runs out of her bedroom and grabs her car keys. She’s about to head out the door when she realizes that she didn’t grab her phone and wallet. Not to mention that she still would want to grab her earbuds to listen to music, at least if she was going to do anything after she talks with Ellie.

After quickly grabbing all the things she needs she runs out of her apartment and over to her car. She gets inside and quickly messages Ellie. Sorry, I’m super sorry. Super duper sorry. I got up late and didn’t realize my phone’s alarm was going off. I’m headed over right now. After hitting send she starts the car and heads over to the University.

Ellie looks at her phone and laughs.  She isn’t the only one who pulled a late night.  She walks out of the building and finds a bench.  It isn’t long before some other students find her.  “Well I should have the pictures from Sophie soon.  I am just waiting for Professor Steele to arrive.  Oh yes I will be on the campus station later, but only for about an hour.”

She waves to her friends and sees Alyssa walk up.  “Looks like you had a late night.  Did the Gold team keep you out too late?”  She chuckles.  

Aylssa walks over to where Ellie is seated. “I wish that was the reason, then I would have a better excuse then wanting to play games…,” Alyssa says her voice trailing off as she rubs the back of her neck with her right hand. As physical as Alyssa was, she still liked to take her time to play some video games. “Where do you want to go this time? I think it’s your turn to pick the place to go. If I remember right at least,” She puts her hand back down and pulls her phone out to check the time, 1:30.She puts her phone away in her pocket.

“It will have to be some place close.  I have class at 3:00.  Hey, at least it will be slower right?”  Ellie stands up.  “I made into Professor Arturas’ training class.  Not bad for a second year student.  So are you up for a quick jog.”  She winks and runs off toward a well known deli.

She orders a soup and half sandwich then grabs a table.  “I am sorry about the performance of the blue team.  For a moment there I thought we were going to win.  I am glad Kennot is on our team though.  He is going to be a tough guy to beat.

Alyssa orders a pepsi and a sandwich, with a soup. She didn’t plan to eat all of it, she just wanted to have stuff later so she wouldn’t have to cook later that night. “The performance was fine, it’s not like it’s a play or any sort of performance like that. Besides it wasn’t a big match, so it wouldn’t matter too much on which team won. The main thing is that you have fun and enjoy yourself. Having Kennot will be good too. I think he will become a strong player in due time,” Alyssa says waiting for the food to be ready. “Now, onto the main topic. What will be our game plan for Staccato?”

“They are going to be one of the toughest teams we face.  We will have to be on our A game.  Staccato will have the basics down, so we will have to have some finesse.  I would think a little creatively strategy wise.  That means no knocking each other over.”  Ellie points out.  “I think I will ask Brae what he recommends.  He is a great idea person.  I cannot believe he made a sign for me.”

”That was pretty nice though I didn’t really get to see what it said from where I was. Nor who held the sign really. But I did notice one at least,” Alyssa says thinking about what she had seen from where she was. “If you want to get Brae on over though that would be good. Getting advice from him is always the best. Especially when going up against out toughest team,” Alyssa says, she knew having advice from more people would help them come up with a better game plan. At least from her experience it would

“He is working now, but I will talk to him before practice tomorrow.”  Ellie checks her phone for the time.  She has a little bit of time.  “Thank you again for the talk.  So anything else going on?”    

Alyssa thinks for a moment. “I’m still looking for a roommate, so nothing new there. Ummmm, not dating anyone, so again nothing new. No new people that I train, and no new place where I work. Not that I would want to work somewhere else. So nothing new all around. How about you?

“Well you know about Brae.  I really like him.  He has a new temporary roommate.  It is a work thing.  Oh I will have the pictures from Sophie too.  I am still trying to get her jobs.  Torrin is such a jerk for firing her…”  She continues to tell Alyssa all the other stuff.  “I am so glad I have my phone to keep my schedule straight.”  Just then it beeps at her.  “That is my alarm to get to class.  So will I see you tomorrow?”    

”Sure thing, what time though? If you want to bring Brae and his temporary roommate that would be cool. It would be nice to see them again, not sure how long it’s been since I have last seen him. Or you could bring Sophie, she’s an amazing sister. Makes me wish I had one that awesome,” Alyssa says rambling on for a little bit about Brae and Sophie, and what they should do. “We could go bowling or something in town, that be fun. Oh, wait that’s right you have to go. Don’t worry me and my rambling you need to head to class.” Alyssa says while going to stand up.

Ellie has to laugh.  “I will text you later.  Brae’s schedule is just as crazy as mine.  But I have to go.”  She throws her bag on her back, throws out her trash, and jogs back to the campus.    

Aylssa heads back to her car, which is a quick jog away. She then gets in her car and checks her phone's calendar seeing if she has an appointment with anyone today or if she has a class to teach. Seeing that she doesn't have anything to do today she starts the car and drives back to her apartment to intending to play some games.
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Post by JulietHasAGun on 27th June 2017, 10:08 pm

A Collab Between The Lovely JerriLeah7 and I!

[ATTN:  OPEN, Delilah]  (11:00am)

It was a forty minute drive from CETE's headquarters to the Nursing Home in question--on the complete opposite end of town, a little aways away, separated from all of the bustly and noise by trees, fences, and a couple of farms.  When they get there, Reid parks it and steps out.  He moves up to the front entrance, swiftly stepping in when he's sure that Delilah is following.

A small room awaits, devoid of most funiture, save for few wallscrolls, five chairs, and a desk with a woman seated behind it, glaring down at her computer screen over the rim of her glasses.  She glances up when they enter and smiles, tugging at the collar of her buisness suit to straighten it up.  Clearing her throat, she greets them respectfully.

"Hello, guests, I'm Lara,"  She says, "What can I do for you today?"

"Um, yes," Reid says, holding out a badge, "I'm with Missing Persons at CETE and I've come here with Delilah with the necessary paperwork."

Lara holds up an index finger upon her recognition of the purpose of their visit, "Oh, yes!  I do have a sign-in sheet.  I'll take that paperwork, then, and if you'll both just sign this, we'll be happy to get you into the main lobby."

Delilah remained silent for the duration of the drive; noting that Reid's vehicle is not as nice as Pierce's- though perhaps she was biased.

She follows Reid, her hands nervously wringing her staff, her knuckles turning greyish white from the tightness of her grip.

She watches as Reid speaks to the woman, leaning in and scribbling her name down when she's asked to sign something. She did not understand the importance of a signature; they all looked different when she wrote them down, anyway.

When the paperwork was signed, Lara checked over the papers that they brought with them and asked them to take a seat.  She made sure all was as it should be before she left to file them away and to let Mr. Devereux know that her visitor is here.

"Would you rather I go in with you, or do you want to have some time alone with Mr. Devereux?"  Reid asks.

It took a moment for Delilah to even register Reid was talking to her; too lost in her own thoughts. What if he didn't like her? Didn't want anything to do with her? She'd heard stories like that, horror stories; but Reid had told her-

She snapped back down to earth, staring at Reid wide eyed.

"I-oh, uh, I," She tried to find an answer. "I, maybe I should go in alone- maybe." Her hands began wringing on the handle of her staff once more.

Reid nods, "Alright.  I'm gonna head into the lobby with you, but I'll keep my distance.  You can glare at me if you need me to get up there for back up, 'kay?"
Lara returns, gesturing to them both and Reid stands.  She says, "Mr. Devereux is out on the patio.  He'll be happy to see you out there."

"Excellent," Reid says.

Delilah nods, exhalling a breath she didn't know she was holding. Reid was nice, she could trust Reid; he liked energetic pop music and tried to explain to her what an e-mail was. She had no reason to be panicking.

But everything she'd gone through- it felt like years since she started this and what had it been? Days?

Just days.

She allowed herself to be led out, once more losing herself to her thoughts as she trailed after footsteps, mentally keeping time with the sounds of the steps. 'The Patio' sounded so casual, so....much of a non-issue. Patios were where people spent summer days, sipping fruity drinks, laughing about what they should have been doing that day. But in this instance it was the place of a reunion, and, perhaps, a hearbreak. But she kept her fingers crossed.

After giving them each a visitor's pass while they walked, they exited the entry and passed through the lobby--a carpeted room with a large television, dozens of chairs of various types, and a few tables.  People were here and there, milling about playing board games and enjoying other such frivolities.

The wall behind the entertainment system with the television on it is glass--tinted to a very lovely orange and blue pattern.  This effects the lighting within the room, providing splotches of warm and cool glows.  The center part of the wall is a sliding glass door, pulled open and left that way.  Birds sing from the other side, where a lovely, lush, and green patio opens up into a lovely, rich view of a lower garden area.  Trees dominate this area on the other side of the barred fence.

An old man--the only patient within the entire area that is resting outside, is seated at a small table, feeding little birds.  He is dressed in a simple, tattered suit with a bent up hat with a table napkin tucked into the worn out pocket.  It's sticking out of the hole in the bottom of the pocket, as well, but you can tell that this gentleman tried his best to dress like a gentleman.
As they near the sliding doors, Reid nods to Delilah before taking a seat within the Lobby, a good distance away, but still within eye sight.  He'll make sure to step in if anything goes awry, but he doubts that it will.  His prior conversation with Mr. Devereux suggests the opposite.  Still, Delilah looks very nervous, so he wishes to make sure that she knows she'll have back up.

When Lara approaches with Delilah, she smiles at him, "Hey, Ames, this is Delilah.  She's come to say hi.   Let me know if you need anything, honey."

Ames is taking a drink of his sweet tea when they approach, looking into that class and then lowering it with nervousness as his new guest approaches.  He's nervous as all hell, but what he saw as he lowered that glass surprised him so much that he simply could not keep her name from slipping past his lips with a tone of both hurt and longing as his eyes widen and his free hand moves over his heart.  He almost dropped his glass.

Delilah nervously trailed after the woman, she could feel herself shaking.

Ames, that was his name. That was her fathers name. Ames Devereux. That in itself felt like a gold medal, set to hang itself around her neck.

Before she could congratulate herself any further; he said a name. A name so important to her that it felt like something was pulling at her chest, hearing it from someone elses lips.

Malva. Her mother. He said her mothers name.

They had always looked alike, the spitting image of each other. She felt herself wanting to cry; it was him, he knew her, it was really him. She felt tears sting at her eyes.

"H-hello." Delilah tried to force words to come from her mouth. "Hello, Mr. Ames; my name is Delilah. I-" She cleared her throat, trying to compose herself. "I am Malva's daughter. I think, I think that I am your daughter." That was it, the basics. All she had to say. She didn't 'think', she was certain, but just seeing her had surprised him enough already, she didn't want to force anything else.

Ames's eyes, watery, just stare as she speaks so sweetly to him, the same sweetness from the woman he loved and cherished so long ago.  He shakily puts the glass down onto the table next to the bird feed, but the other hand does not move away from his heart as he looks in awe at the beautiful woman before him, a child that he helped to create.  His heart just...aches, memories of Malva's choice to leave him rushing up to flood into his memories as a single tear falls down his cheek.

Ames grins, "My daughter."

The words are filled with pride.  He stands up, moving up to this stranger and hugging her tightly up against him with eyes closed as he towered over the nervous girl, shaking probably as much as she is.  He starts to cry with joy, crying and laughing.

'My Daughter'

'My Daughter'

Any composure Delilah had broke at those two words. This was it, this was what she came for. Fat, watery tears started sliding down her face, her nose starting to twitch. She hugs him back; the hug she'd walked miles for, the hug she'd searched for, the one she'd been wondering about all her life.  Her arms are wrapped tightly around him; if it weren't for his size, she'd be concerned about him being able to breathe.

Her mother once told her, a human could cry from any emotion. Sadness, joy, anger; relief. This felt like a concotion of all of the above. Sadness, that this reunion only happened after her mother passed. Joy, that her father knew her, he wanted to see her; he was happy to see her. Anger, that she only met him after he was sick, stuck in a hospital.

Relief; because she had a family. She had a family still.

"Fa-" The word starts to try to pull itself from her mouth, but she doesn't have the strength for it; she doesn't have the will just yet. She burries her face in his his shoulder, not even thinking about crying on it.

"I've found you," She muttered, the words muffled quietly between the two of them. "I've found you."

After what seemed like forever, Ames was finally able to calm his emotions, pulling up the other chair at the table even closer to his and urging her to sit.  He's still smiling, his hand returned over his heart once more as he stares at her a little more, as if trying to convince his eyes that she is real.

"I never thought I'd get to see you,"  Ames finally says, "When she left me and took you away...that was a goodbye to a child I thought I'd never know.  And here you are!  I am truly blessed.  Tell me about yourself.  Please."

Delilah sat, wiping her eyes as she tried to clear her vision to look at her father.

He was real; and sitting right before her- staring at her with the same, stupid look. She can't help but give a little laugh under his gaze. This all seemed....funny. It was almost too good to be real.

She came down from her stupor; listening to her father speak. That felt so odd to think; 'her father'.

"I never thought I'd see you, either. I just had this pic- oh!" She reached into her pocket, delicately pulling out the yellowed photograph of him, placing it before her father. "I just had this picture of you. My mother gave it to me; she didn't really...explain much, though. When I asked about you, this was her answer." She couldn't help but look between the photograph and the actual thing, still slightly awestruck. "But I, ah, well." How did one go about telling their father they had lived in the woods all their life? "Well, my entire life, my mother and I have lived in a....I suppose 'shack' would be a good word for it- a shack in the wilderness. A ways away from here. It was just me and her, for as long as I've been alive. In fact, I only came into town yesterday." She leaned forward, looking at him. "But unless you're keen on plants and fauna, my life has been fairly calm. Nothing terribly interesting!" She couldn't stop smiling at him, no matter how awkward she felt what she was saying might have been.

"Woah,"  Ames replies, surprised, "So you're a hermit from society.  That' interesting choice that your mother made, there.  Um, okay.  Well, how do you like the city, then?"

Delilah scratched the back of her head, nodding awkwardly. "Yes, yes I've come to realize that's the case. I've been called a 'hermit', 'hobo', 'crazy tree lady', 'hobo druid', and 'tree bat'. Though those last three were endearing, I assure you." She lowers her hand. "I do not know why mother decided to live away from society, but I respect it. The city is....crowded."

She decides to not mention the time she got hit by a car.

"Well," She starts. "The city is interesting. There are so many people here, so many different things to do! It would have been so easy to get lost. In fact, I almost did get lost. Luckily my friend, Pierce, he helped me. He actually let me stay with him as Agent Reid who is-" She looked behind her, trying to spot the agent. "Well, somewhere back there." She turned back to her father. "Well, as the agent searched for you. He introduced me to pizza, and we went to an etherball game - which seems like a rather dangerous sport, if I'm honest- and we went out with his girlfriend for icecream! So, I like the city quite a lot- though it will take some getting used to." She leaned forward, now looking at him curiously. "What about you? What has your life been like? What did you do?"

"I was window washer,"  Ames says with embarrassment, "I just stood on platforms outside of skyscrapers and scrubbed all day.  Let me tell you, it's a dangerous job--and when people hear that, they think 'oh, you could fall' but that's not what I mean.  It's the birds, Del--they love to hit windows.

Rava always said that I'd suffer through an air stampede one day.  She loved to walk under me when she was in college, waving up and waiting for me to notice her.  I almost never did, of course.  I was looking up and around, but never down."

"Well, I'd say you were brave, then. There's nothing for you to feel embaressed about, it's a good job!" I think. She laughed at his comment about birds. "Oh no," She chuckled. "Poor birdies- Oh, uh, and poor you, of course. Must have been terrible to clean up!"

She liked the name; 'Del'. It was endearing; in a different way from 'crazy tree lady'.

"Rava? Is that a nickname for my mother? Or someone else?" She cocked her head to the side, curiously.

Ames raised an eyebrow, "Wow.  She didn't tell you.  Rava is your sister.  Your mom left her here with me....well, sort of.  Rava left us, first.  Ran away from home when she was quite young.  I barely got to know her.  She did show up a couple years back, though--showed up here!  I don't know why she ran away, she wouldn't tell me.  She just showed up, dressed all dark and moody.  Told me she had a kid...because she thought I'd want to know."

Ames speaks sadly for a bit, but then he smiles, "So I got a daughter and a grandson somewhere.  Pretty good deal, if I don't say so, myself."

Delilah lit up, her entire face lifting in shock. "I- I have a sister? An actual sister-" Her grin came to ahead once more, grabbing onto her fathers hand. "Oh, oh this is fantastic news! And a nephew! I have a nephew!" She clasped her fathers hand in both of hers, pressing it to her cheek, pausing in ponderous wonder for a moment.

"I have a lot of family..."She said quietly, before brightening yet again. "Which is good, I like family! much older is Rava than me? How many years before me was she born? Did she disappear again after telling you about her child?"

Her grip tightens on her fathers hand, not understanding her fathers sadness. "Don't worry, father, if I could find you, I'm sure I can find them, as well!" She grins at him, but also to herself.


The word was easier to say than she thought.

"There are seven years between the two of you.  She left when she was six...just...ran away.  Left a note she was never coming back.  So young--how did she survive?  We put up signs everywhere...I think...I think not finding her was a real stress on your mom.  I think maybe that's part of why she left.  Maybe."

Ames sighs, putting a little more bird seed on the table as pidgeons fly away and others join to eat more for themselves.  "Rava left after telling me about her kid.  Said she checked in on him from time to time and that he's doing well.  She gave me his name, told me that things were gonna be okay, said she was sorry for leaving...and then she just left.  Again.  I have no idea where she's been or where she's gone.

...This time, though, it felt like she was saying goodbye.  For good."

Delilah frowned, listening to her father, running a comforting thumb over the back of his hand. While she and her mother had been out in the forest, living without a care for the modern world- what had he been doing? Immersed in his own guild, his loneliness.

She wanted to make this right; for him, for her. Her mother was gone, yes; but she could still find Rava, and her son- Delilah's nephew- and make this at least partially right.

But, if that child had been adopted out; it was probably living out another life, with a family that loved him. He probably didn't want to worry about Delilah, or her father, or the mother that abandoned him.

She couldn't help the pang of resentment in her chest that she felt towards a sister she had never met. She left their father, abandoned her child, and just run off. For what? Yes, Delilah had left as well, but she had no choice- she had no idea until she was much, much older.

"Well, 'for good' might have been before I came around." A smile twitced upwards on her lips; though she knew, she couldn't find someone who did not wish to be found. Pausing a moment, Delilah started again, slowly, carefully. "What was the childs name, do you remember?" Did he have any traits from her mother or father? Did he wonder what became of the mother that left him?

Delilah suddenly became accutely aware of her gratitude towards her own mother; despite it all, she had never abandoned her, and raised her as best she could.

"Well," Ames says, "She didn't tell me anything else about him.  Just his name.  Braedon.  Weird name, if you ask me."

Delilah's smile tightened for a moment.

That was Pierce's name; well, his first name.

No, she thought, That would be too ridiculous! Too far fetched! There's simply no way. No. Not at all. A funny coincidence, nothing more.

But still....

"H-ho-" Her voice cracked, forcing her to clear her throat. "How many years ago did she come and say she gave her baby up?"

Pierce was early thirties, maybe late twenties. All of his comments; about foster parents, 'foster' this, his lack of any everpresent family, painted a picture Delilah wasn't sure she liked. Anxiety and tension were written plainly over her face. She never was good at hiding her emotions.[/i]

Ames ponders for a moment, hesitating with thougths before replying, "I'd say....'bout thirty years or so."

A mixture of panic, shock and mania is briefly plastered across Delilah face as the potential, and very, very bizarre, reality of the situation sets in. She briefly exhales a strange noise, akin to that of a balloon losing air; though that quickly stops.

"Well, father; I, well, I believe you and I have found ourselves in a very, [i]very
interesting situation. One that will require the assistance of my friend Reid- Well, hopefully my friend Reid." She gives the back of her fathers hand a loving pat before looking back, tracking down Reid with her eyes, making several, bizarre, dramatic facial expressions to get his attention.

Ames is about to say more, but Lara Two is heading over.  With a groan he smiles at her reluctantly and waves, but she just keeps coming.  Some part of him still wished that that wave would scare her off.

"It's time for your medication, Ames," another Lara says, "I know that will put you to sleep, so...wy don't you two decide when your regular visitation will be and then you'll get more time next time?"

Ames scowls, "Yes, Lara.  Del, where are you going to be staying--with your friend Pierce?  If so, you could work with him when you wanna visit and then I'll work my activity-free days around them.  What do ya say?  You can come over as much as you want!"

Delilah stops, looking over at her father, still on the comedown of the sheer level of anxiety of the potential outcome of the current situation.

"I-uh- mi-" If your father thinks you have nowhere to go, he'll worry about you. Delilah cleared her throat; she never was good at lying. "Yes, yes I will be staying with Pierce." She smiled fondly at her father, her face softening. "And I would very much like that. Is there a way I could reach you, a number? Or should I just call this-"

She forgot the name of the hospital.


Nailed it, Delilah.

Lara nods, but she's no where near as friendly as the other Lara was.  She looks half asleep, "Yeah, just call us.  You can grab a card on the way out.  Visitation is over, so say your goodbyes and I'll escort you."

Ames stands up to hug Delilah again, this time for a bit longer and without a bunch of tears, "Just call me when you can, Del--and visit.  Just visit whenever, I'll always love to hear from you and see you.  After enough visits from you, we'll be able to go on trips!  To the movies and stuff!"

She eagerly hugged her father, enjoying the embrace; her grip on him was firm, but she wasn't crushing him like last time.

"Of course, I'll be by whenever I am able-" Which, considering I do not yet have any means of employment, will probably be rather often."And a movie with you, father, would be lovely. My mother frequently told me of her love of 'horror shows'; I am not sure I share her taste, unfortunately."

Don't tell him you've never seen a movie, he probably knows already.

After saying her goodbyes to her father, making sure to procure a card on the way out. She spots Reid, making her way back over to him; not sure how to pose the question she was itching to as.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 30th June 2017, 9:10 pm

CETE /1h35~1h50 PM

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**
(ATTN : Cynric/closed)

Kyo was finally at work around 1h35 and he went directly to his dad's office. Not really paying attention to stuff going on around the multiple offices and such. He knocks on his door gently to make sure he wasn't interupting anything.

"Yeah,"  Ricky says, looking up when Kyo enters.  He smiles, "Hey, kid.  What's happenin'?"

Kyo gets closer to the desk, seemed like his dad was in a good mood. He starts to write ''Well... I know Zorlias told me everything was cool and stuff, but I wanted to say in person sorry for being so late.... I erm overslept.'' He looked a bit disappointed in himself for being late even though he knew deep down it was okay.

Cynric nods, "No worries, Kyo.  Zor said he turned off your alarm.  I swear, that boy does whatever he wants.  It's like he owns the entire planet, or something."

Kyo shakes his head and writes ''I think he just wanted me to get rest since I was basically a walking zombie at some point yesterday. He did get suspicious about it seems like and I did admit I didn't sleep quite enough in the past two weeks. I think he was just worried in his own way is all. '' He had a soft smile as he showed this text.

Yeah, I guess," Cynric says, slightly mollified, "So you got your case today...but Kris called in sick.  So it's just you and I don't think there's much you can do without her. You may need to work on smaller cases or duties today.  It'll be a nice break from the usual of the past week or so, at least."

Kyo looked surprised. ''Oh she's sick ? Then again she did work pretty hardcore too, hope she gets better soon. Although I can talk with the Keltans who came in the city more about their cultures and stuff. I'm kind of really interested and it could also help on the approach on the case I think. Though I can also talk to them outside work hours since its pretty much just my interest in a way. Oh... Did Brae come in already ? I need to see him as well.'' He asked curious.

Cynric says, "He's at his desk, last I saw.  He's up to something, though...on the Lioness case.  He's not telling me everything, I can feel it."

Kyo wondered what Brae was doing, did he not turn that report ? Unless he's doing another approach. ''I'll go see him and see what's up at the same time. See if he needs help on it.'' Kyo wrote to his dad, waiting for him to read before he would go.

"Alright.  Tell him to get it done."  Ricky says sternly.


(ATTN : Braedon, open?)

Kyo almost jump at the change of tone, but he nods and go to Brae, trying to make so he doesn't lose focus as he approach him.

"Okay, so...this is just an effect of your powers, for sure?  Like, has it always been like this?"  Braedon asks.

"Oh, no,"  Reela replies, "My hair shifted first, then my eyes.  They are all just there and I cannot change it back."

"Interesting,"  Brae says with big eyes, his hands already on her hair, playing with it between a couple of his fingers.  Of course, he had asked permission, first.  The galaxy-styled hair makes him think it is ethereal...or just cold.  Or beyond his touch, somehow.  Yet, here it is, and it feels just like normal hair.  She smiles at his inspection, clearly amused.  Deego is just sitting in a seat behind her, uncaring.  "This is...amazing."

Reela laughs a little, "Oh, thank you!  I do get a lot of commentary on it, so I guess it really must be as mesmerizing as they say."

Kyo wondered what this was about and look at the girl, Brae and Deego. The girl sure had some special hairs. He just stayed there in silence trying not to interrupt whatever was going on. Although he was wondering what Braedon was doing. Like was this another case or ?...

"Anyway, sorry for keeping you.  I didn't mean to interrupt your day."  Brae says apologetically, his gaze shifting to Kyo as he waves to him with welcome, "I hope you have a good one, Ms. Reela."

"Thanks!"  Reela says, smiling and waving at Kyo, "Hello, Kyo."

Kyo smiled and did a small wave to say hello to both of them and then does a small one minute sign to Brae. He writes quickly to the girl before she leaves ''I just wanted to say I'm sorry if I didn't call yesterday, been more busy then I hoped and then passed out after eating. Do you have some free time today, or perhaps it would be better tomorrow for you ? I just really want to know more about you guys culture, but I kinda want to do so outside work hours since it's for my personal interest if it's okay with you. I could be free later this evening. No passing out today promise.'' He let her read and smiled gently.

Reela nods her head, "We'll be here all week, Kyo.  You just give us a call or a text when you're ready to visit."

Kyo writes a reply ''Alright, thank you ! I'll let you go now, have a good day. '' He then heads back to Breadon and writes ''So erm... I'm gonna keep it down, but about yesterday... I'm sorry. However, even if I was with her at the time I didn't quite agree either to the situation and I'm not ready to give up. My dad's seems to be getting impatient but I'll keep him in the dark of stuff as well for now.  But yeah... I wanted to see you concerning the case and also because my brother would like to see you about it as well. I think he has a plan, though I'm not quite sure what. I'm not sure if you had one either.'' He lets his partner read and waits for his reply.

Brae crosses his arms, leaning up against the wall nearest them, "Eh.  I don't know.  I don't know your brother very well.  No offense."

Kyo sighs and writes more ''Isn't worth a listen to ? Also.... he did see in a vision that Jenia did received treats toward the family. Not that we can use that, but it's something to know. My brother won't speaks matter that needs to be kept under cover,  if that's what you're worried about. But yeah I'd like to help you for the bit of time that I have today and I'd really like for you to come with me and meet him to at least listen to what he has in mind. Please ? I want the Lioness to stop putting people in danger just as much as you do. Not for revenge, but  for the good being of innocent people that may suffer from her tantrums.'' He lets him read and wait again.

Braedon hesitates, "Alright.  You set up a meeting with him and we'll go."

Kyo nods and text Zorlias right away. ''Hey, Braedon would be free right away, are you free to see him ?'' and then he wrote to Braedon quickly. ''Just texted him, to see if he was free right away. Thank you.''

Zorlias is looking over at his computer screen, going over profits with Raelyn when hsi phone beeps.  He looks down at the screen and sees the text from Kyo after unlocking it.  He sighs, replying with a simple "I'm ready in my office, plz bring him by."  He looks back over at the screen again, dreading what is to come.

Kyo received the answer and texted back right away. ''Right, coming. We're leaving from CETE so it shouldn't be long.  '' He then looks back at Brae and then writes. ''He's ready to see us, let's go. He'll receive us in his office and stuff.''

"Well, that was fast," Brae says, "Alright, we'll take my car."

Kyo nods and start walking ahead.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 30th June 2017, 10:53 pm

{Attn: Open Sophie’s home 12:00-14:00}

Sophie gets everything packed and heads home. She brings the cases upstairs and places them in the second bedroom. Then she takes out the packet and begins to read it thoroughly. As she reads more it appears they do have a special arrangement with Delacroix University. If she wants to take classes elsewhere, she will have to pay for it. While she does have the money from her grandma, she does not want to waste it on this.

She feels her phone vibrate and looks down at it. It is a message from Ellie. It is what she needs, something to get her mind off of this stuff. She is dreading contacting Delacroix University.

She emails her alma mater first just in case Delacroix needs any transcripts. She searches the Delacroix University website. There she finds the application and fills it out. Before submitting the application, she finds the email of the person in charge of enrollment.

*Dear Delacroix University Enrollment,
My name is Sophie Chiodo and I was offered employment through CETE. I was given some classes they require me to take. Attached you will find my application. I will have my official transcript from Coldrion School of Photograpy shortly. I know it is a little late for enrollment. If you are unable to get me into classes, I will understand. Please let me know if you need anything else. My contact information is attached as well.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best Regards,
Sophie Chiodo

She takes a deep breath before pressing the send button. It is for a job, but she will have to convince them they she is not an etherist.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by JulietHasAGun on 1st July 2017, 12:49 am

Collab between JerriLeah7 and I

(ATTN: Delilah, Open) (12:00PM-1:00PM)

As Delilah returns from her visit, Reid stands, ready to leave with her.  As she meets up with him, they both continue to walk as he smiles and says, "Okay.  So how did it go?  Think you two will get on well?"

Delilah wrings her hands around her staff; with how much she'd been doing it lately, she would be surprised if the handle would survive much longer.

"It went well, very well. Thank you. He's very...kind. I can see why my mother liked him. They're both very loving; he gave me a nickname already...Del..I-" Her voice gets softer and softer, tapering off. She looks back up at Reid. "Agent, can you keep a secret? Well, help me, and keep a secret. I know you've already dont so much for me, and I will be forever grateful to you for that, truly; it pains me to ask you for anything more but...this is a similar situation. If you do not want to, I will understand completely." Her eyes are off somewhere else, a million miles away, occasionally flickering back to Reid; but mainly apoligetically downcast, focusing on the floor in front of her.

They've reached the car and Reid is frowning.  She asked the questions a few minutes ago, but he's hesitated, only giving her the short phrase to wait until they reached the car--for privacy.  Now that they are here, he's wondering what this is about.  Does she regret coming here?  Does she regret meeting her father?  Is she wanting to never see him again?  Finally, amidsst his thoughts, he says, "So what is it that I can do for you, Ms. Devereux?"

 Delilah shrinks under the seemingly oppressive aura of his silence. He's going to say no; which is fine. He did his job. She shouldn't have expected anything more. She held no bitterness- she could handle this herself....maybe.

She perks up, looking at him, uncoiling from her nervous mental ball.

"I.." She would have to get used to being called that. 'Ms. Devereux'; she supposed she had a last name now. "Well," She looked at Reid seriously. "What I'm about to ask." She cleared her throat, nervously, putting off the inevitable. "You have to promise me, promise me, Agent Reid, that you will keep this a secret. Until...until we find out if it's true. Maybe even, even after that." She looks him directly in his eyes; hers filled with uncertainty, and a mild dash of fear. "Please."

"Alright, I promise."  Reid says, an eyebrow raised.  He's intrigued now.

Delilah reclines slightly into the passenger seat, exhaling.

"My father, Ames; he told me I have a sister. 'Rava', she ran away a little before my mother did." She angled herself so that she was facing Reid slightly. "He told me about thirty years ago, give or take, she came back. She did not stay long; but she informed my father she had a child, that she'd given them up, for adoption-" Delilah knew what 'adoption' was, vaguely, at least. "The child was a boy. He t- His name was," She sat on her shaking hands, trying not to let her anxiety show through. Maybe she should just let it be; let poor, kind, Agent Pierce live his life, away from the family that had failed him.

'Everyone deserves the truth, Delilah, even if it hurts.' Her mother had told her once. 'Honesty is worth more than temporary comfort. If you love someone, you'll be honest with them.'

Did she love Agent Pierce? He felt like- well, she supposed now that she might be his aunt, that's what he was, her nephew. But he felt almost like a son. A son she'd never had. A brash, overgrown son.

Her head hung low for a moment.

"His name was Braedon. That was my sisters childs name." She shook her head, exhaling a breath she didn't know she was holding. She waited for Reid's response, hoping he connected the dots on his own.

"Ah," Reid says, oviously interested, "I gotcha.  Well, believe it or not, I have both of ya'lls DNA on file.  I a comparison, if you want.  If you guys aren't related, Brae wouldn't need to know unless ya wanted to tell him."

"Like the blood test? Like the one you did for me and my father?" Delilah nodded, her mouth pressed into an anxious line. She felt glad that Pierce's blood was already on file.

'Hello, Agent, just remain still while we jam this needle into your arm and suck out some blood. No reason in particular! Just feeding the vampire in the basement!'

"Please, please do. I don't...want him to know anything if it isn't true." She relaxed back into her chair, pausing for a few moments. ".....Do you think he'd be mad?" The question left her mouth without thinking much about it. How many days in the woods had she spent frolicking and laughing with her mother while Pierce was out there; wondering why his family didn't want him, why he had been left behind; why he'd blown it in the parent raffle.

She knew full well she should keep this to herself; but, who else did she have to talk to? Her mother was dead, she'd only just met her father, and Pierce....well, this was about Pierce.

Reid picks up his phone, types something in, sends it, and then starts the car, "Mad about what?  Being tested? Nah."

Delilah exhales. "No, Agent, I" She put her face in her hands. "How would you feel if one of the family members who abandoned you turned up at your doorstep, covered in dirt and holding a-a-" She gestured to her staff with one hand. "Giant stick!"

Reid laughs, "Ms. Devereux, no.  Braedon wouldn't be pissed.  I don't know him too well, dont' get me wrong, but I do know that he's a good man.  He'd never blame you for the shit that's happened.  Okay?"

Delilah slid down in her seat. Why was she feeling bad about something her sister did? A sister she'd never even met.

"I...suppose." She zipped up her jacket up, tucking her chin into the collar using it to cover her mouth. "How soon will we..know?"

Reid stops the car at the station, "It'll take a few hours.  Wait here in the car, won't ya?  I'll only be a couple of minutes."

He rushes in, finalizing a few papers witha signature that his partner has prepped and ordering the tests to be run discreetly.  he's one of the very few agents with that privilege, luckily.  As he's about to head out, his phone beeps, he checks it, smiles to himself, and then gets back into his car, which he had left running so that Delilah could keep cool.

"Brae's in a meeting--but he's asked me to drop you off at his place and to make sure you get fed. about some lunch?  I'm still on company time, so they're gonna be paying for it.  I can take you wherever you wanna go and then I'll drop you off at Brae's.  He said that the spare key is hidden at the top of the door frame."

Delilah waits for Reid, looking out the window with the eyes of a wounded puppy, jacket still covering her mouth. She jumped as Reid re-entered the car, turning back to look at him.

Her expression fell slightly. Of course Pierce had to be that nice; well, continue to be that nice. After a moment of quiet contemplation on her part, she nodded. She had no idea what 'company time' was, but it would lessen her guilt knowing that Reid wouldn't have to pay for her. "That sounds....nice. Thank you, Agent Reid."

Reid drives Delilah out to eat, selecting Subway so that they can both get custom sandwiches before they head to Braedon's house.  When they get there, he drops her off, waves goodbye, and wishes her well.  He makes sure that she can get into the doorway before he drives away, but before he does that, he sticks his head out and says, "Hey.  I'll text Brae when I got the results--dont worry, I won't be obvious about it.  Kay?"

Delilah nods at Reid, still white knuckling her staff as she takes the key she plucked from the top of the doorway from the socket.

"Thank you, Agent...again." She watches him, leave, exhaling another breath. She'd been doing plenty of sighing these days, hadn't she?

She stepped inside the threshhold, closing the door behind her, careful to lock it. She'd need to remember to replace the key later, after Pierce got back. She stood silently for a moment, observing the apartment; seeing it with new eyes, now. To think, this morning, she thought this would be the last time she'd ever see it, now she was here, and the sight of it was making her want to curl up into her own insides. She carefully set her bag down, noticing her old, dirty boots by the shoe rack, she had forgotten to grab them. She remembered Pierce's comments on her new ones; how is foster mother had loved them, and nature, and making preserves and-

She wondered if his life would have been any better if her sister, her mother- if they hadn't run away. Would he still be himself? Still be helping people? Would they get along? Would they even talk? Her mother said once that suffering had the potential to bring out the best in people; or the worst. Delilah didn't want to think too deeply into if that was the case in Pierce's situation or not.

She leaned her staff against its customary wall, taking a seat at the kitchen table; she was sure some part of her was hungry, but her stomach was tying intself in anxious knots. She merely...stared, at the food before her, letting the minutes, the seconds tic by.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 9th July 2017, 10:43 pm

Zorlias Corp/Zor's Office/2h10~3h

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

(ATTN : Closed)

Kyo and Brae got inside Zorlias Corp and Kyo led the way after confirming with the receptionist quickly that he was going to see his brother. As he arrived he knocked on the door gently waiting for him to reply that it was okay to come in.

Braedon followed Kyo when they reached the building.  He didn't know his way around, so it was best that way.  The place looks busy and big.  It's a bit out of his comfort zone, but hey, his job took him to places like this all of the time.  It is what it is.  When Kyo talks to this receptions--Raelyn, he nods his head in a silent greeting and she smiles in reply.  She seems to like that she isn't overlooked, it would seem.  When Kyo knocks, he hears a muffled 'yeah' from the other side of the door and then follows Kyo through the door after he opens it.

He looks Zorlias over and he just can't believe this guy.  He's still all fancily dressed in his rich suit and tie, looking into his computer like a professional--like a douchey professional.  Meh.  What does this guy want from him, anyway?

"Hello," Zorlias says with a smile, "Take a seat.  Nice to see you two."

Braedon looks to the chairs as Zorlias points to them and takes a seat.  He looks the guy square in the eyes as he holds his hand out to him to shake it, hesitating.  There is something...fake about it.  Still, he finally holds out his hand to shake the guy's hand, anyway.  To be polite.

Kyo nods and takes a seat though he could somewhat feel that Brae seemed a bit uncomfortable, but didn't say anything for the moment. He just hoped that things would run smoothly and was wondering what his brother had in mind at this point.

As Zorlias' and Braedon's hands meet to shake, Zorlias' eyes light up with a glow for a few moments and then fade away.  Zorlais pulls away, sitting down at his end of the desk with an expression that has now hardened.  He speaks simply and quietly, "Going to her place, watching will get you killed.  When she catches you--and she will...she'll kill you."

Kyo was surprised, but glad that he brought Brae there. He started to write ''That is insane.... though Jenia did warn me about Brae being in danger. Did you see what her plan was though ? Wouldn't there be away for someone else to counter whatever she had prepared ?... '' He paused his writing and then wrote again a line under the rest. ''Sorry I may be going a bit fast... that vision was probably brutal...take your time alright ?'' He showed first to Zorlias and then to Brae he showed it and added. ''My brother's vision so far are always accurate... I'll do everything I can to help, but please whatever you do don't continue this file alone. I don't want you to get murdered by that girl.'' He seemed serious, but also worried about him.

Kyo has started to write onto his phone as Braedon leans back in his chair, his arms crossed, "Yeah?  Well, what makes you so sure of that, vision boy?  Do you know what I'm even doing?  What are you, a prophet?"

Zorlias' eyes narrow, but he says nothing, instead looking to his brother ot see what he has to say.  He reads the screen carefully as Braedon rolls his eyes from the side.  He's about to reply to Kyo when Braedon speaks more.  He seems impatient, so Zorlias lets him say what he needs to say.

"I don't like being told how to do my job," Braedon says, "So you need to tell me something more than that."

Zorlias speaks as Kyo hands Braedon his phone, speaking some words to him that he is sure are meant to validate Zorlias' words.  "I can only tell you what I saw.  How you interpret the vision, as well as how you deal with it after--those are your business."

Braedon feels less irritated.  He says, "Okay.  Well...thanks for the warning, then."

"There was a second explosion at the school.  She did it.  There were drugs in there, that's what was found.  She intends to use that to discredit anything that Jenia says, should she come forward.  In the end, it'll be her word against hers, and both of them know that.  The Lioness has given herself the advantage, here."

Kyo sighs in annoyance. ''Seriously ?!...ugh... though yeah... what was her basic course of action to try and get Brae out of the picture ?... Maybe we could use that to our advantage to flip the coin so to speak.''He showed both of them the text.

"She burned him," Zorlias replies simply, looking disgusted at the thought.

Kyo gave Zorlias a look of apology. ''I'm sorry. '' He then thought some more. ''Her power is pretty dangerous, but isn't there something that we have in our equipment or teams that could either counter or protect against it ? I'm sorry but I'm just trying to brainstorm our options. '' He sighs and shake his head. ''I'm pretty sure even my armor when transformed would not hold on long, prob would be bbq either way.''

Zorlias is about to speak, but Brae cuts in, "What we need is a water or air Etheriest.  So I'll find one to assist."

Zorlias says nothing, but he nods his head in agreement.

Kyo nods as well. ''If you need me as a sidekick or someone who could get you or others out of the situation fast or something like that, let me know. And be super duper careful. Please. '' He wrote to Brae  worried about him and showed it to Zorlias too. He then poked his brother and wrote ''Do you have anything extra to say brother ? Any extra suggestion ?''

"I actually don't have any further advice,"  Zorlias says hesitantly, "Unfortunately.  However, I do have to ask about something else.  This...galaxy girl that you've met.  Who is she?  I've dreamed of her and I need to know.  This is very importantl."

At first, Braedon's mind freezes up, confused.  He blinks.  Then, it clicks.  Galaxy girl!  The pretty girl with the weird ass eyes and hair that really fucks with your brain.  He grins, "Ah!  Galaxy Girl.  Interesting term for her.  She's a Keltan, here to visit CETE.  I don't know much about them or who they are here for--I only know that they have refused a stay at the Keltan embassy, for whatever reason.  So, we're paying for their hotel fees."

Kyo raise his hand for Zorlias to look at him and then he started to write ''Me and Kris met her and another guy for work, but I'm supposed to go visit them tonight to know more about Keltans and stuff since I'm kind of very interested in their culture. I have her number to say when I'll be free. What's up with the dream and vision about her though ? '' He asked slightly curious.

Kyo nods to say yes and writes some more once Zorlias is done reading the rest. ''Yep it's him, they came over here together.''

Zorlias looks up from the phone, his eyes lit up, "They're here.  They're both here."

Braedon is curious, but he doesn't ask.  It's none of his business.  It's obviously got something to do with his visions, but he doesn't want to get in the way of whatever he's thinking.  Instead, he clears his throat, "So...I'll get help with the Lioness, then.  Thanks for the warning, Mr. Delacroix."

"Of course," Zorlias says as he snaps back to reality, "I appreciate your willingness to come here so that I may figure out what she's used to.  And I'm glad you've been watching her so closely.   The fact that you're doing what you can to keep her away from my family means a great deal."

Braedon stands to leave, this tone now much more respectful than it was before, "Yeah.  No problem, it's my job.  See ya around, Sir."

Kyo smiles and then write ''I'll stay for a few more minutes Brae, thank you for coming and be careful alright ? I'll be fine to go back to work on my own. I don't want to take any more time then already did. If something's up  and you need me, text me.'' He showed this one to Brae, waiting for his quick reply.

"Gotcha," Brae says before waving goodbye.  He makes his exit swiftly.

Kyo nods and then as Brae leaves, he turns back to his brother. ''Soooo...... like what's up with the Keltan lady and the guy ?'' He asked him, curious once again about the situation.

Zorlias leans back in his chair as he shrugs casually, "I don't know. I just have seen them in my visions, before.  That's all."

Kyo looked at his brother wondering why he was so secretive about it. ''You sounded kind of serious a moment ago... well I won't force you to tell me about it if you don't want to. '' He let his brother read the text and was obviously a bit disappointed that he couldn't know. But more in a way of he couldn't stop his curiosity about it, but he didn't want to be rude.

"Well, that's all there is to say,"  Zorlias says neutrally,  "I already told you.  Sorry if that explanation isn't good enoughf or you, but that's all I got, bro."

Kyo shake his head and writes some more. ''Sorry... I was just curious and wanted to know more. Plus if you needed something I could have helped maybe. If that's all you have to say it's okay though. I'm sorry if I seemed rude by being curious.'' Kyo wrote and let him read. Although he knew his brother was probably keeping details aside, he just hope it didn't include anything serious or dangerous.

"I may ask to meet them--can you find out what her power is for me? Her Etheriest ability?" Zorlias asks.

Kyo hears the sudden shift of conversation. ''Alright, I'll try to find out, I was personally curious myself anyways. As for a meeting I'll see if I could arrange something.'' He wrote with a smile. He let Zorlias reads and then add up. ''Anyways I should probably go back to CETE and see if there's something I can do to help till my class starts. ''

Zorlias nods his head, "Got it.  See ya later, Kyo."

Kyo nods and wave to his brother as he leaves.

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Post by RadioTanuki on 12th July 2017, 9:55 pm

Ellie enters in the class room.  She is a little early, but there are a few students there. It is a smaller class, but she recognizes some of the people.  She is on her phone as her eyes sweep the room.  She takes in the others in the class.  Darion kinda creeped her out with the water thing.  He tried to pull it on her, but she ignored him.  Zaranihar is really cool he is in the drama club and she has helped out on the set.  He waves her over.  She sits by him and they start chatting.  Aldon is behind them.  He was at the game yesterday.  She turns herself around and sits on the table so she can chat with both of them.

Virsago walked into the classroom, eyes sunken in his skull from the lack of sleep. All night he struggled not to think about the blade that was almost plunged into his body, or the flames Virsago summoned; the writhing man left with a scorched arm, CETE officers tracking him down like a criminal. His dreams about running through the streets didn't help much either.

As he searched for a seat in the front, he saw a girl that looked vaguely similar to the woman from last night. Were they the same person? Relatives? Virsago only thought about it for a few seconds before taking his seat. He then took out a notebook and pencil, waiting for the teacher to arrive. In the meantime, Virsago let his eyes rest.

Finally... the last class of the day... usually these last few are really fun, and the two classes before this kinda really know more what they're doing so it's not as much of a hassle, but today SUCKED.... he was tired.... He could feel it bad, especially last class where he was trying to demonstrate a proper apprehension maneuver that was supposed to be easy. Like... anyone could do it if they knew how, and he just about fumbled it.

His ether was taking a real hit today too, still recovering from lack of sleep and the amount he use it last night. He trained it everyday, but last night he had overdone it... He was high on adrenaline and was using it concentrated for long spans of time... It hit today like a skyscraper crashing down on him. He had been out there jumping around and climbing for like... hours, really.

This class would be the hardest, but at least it was the last class... sad part was, he prefered to start the first day with a bang, more so... Yeah, he still had to run through the syllabus, but this class was slightly longer, and they always got introductions in.... and intro could be fuuunnn... in this class... It wasn't quite as much about introducing oneself alone, as it was introducing one's ether power to the class, which had some interesting side-effects at times.... Kilder would have to be alert so as not to let anyone get hurt if an untrained etheriest lost control of their power. He downed his cup of green tea and got up.... It was time to start this little show... He got himself pschyed as much as he could and walked into the class room, looking as peppy as he could bring himself to, which in this case came off more on the delirious side with the dark circles under his eyes and the caffeine high.

"Hellooo Class! Welcome to my special little Ether Defense class, where, as I'm sure you've heard, I will be getting to know all of you very well! We start with just seeing what power everyone has, then we figure out how each individual can use it in the outside world, be it for working as a member of CETE, or even just for safe use of one's own self-defense! Unfortunately, we'll have to save intros until the end of class, but I will try, as always, to get through this boring syllabus stuff quickly, anyway!" he scanned the room... "Oh shiiiit.... the extra student! I forgot to view his file because I just got it today... last minute transfer... oh well, we'll see how this goes.... most likely he won't have a destructive power, right? He does look pretty calm, I mean! Yeeah.... surely not..."

Elliana sits correctly when Professor Arturas enters.  She sets her phone on her desk.  Wow he looks beat.  I guess even professors have rough days.  The beginning of semester is always tougher.  The students are just learning.  She sighs. Another syllabus day?  Even high school was not this bad.
She looks at her phone during his speech.  Cannot wait until school really starts so sick of the first day crap.  She types in quickly.  She taps her pen on her notebook.  She is looking forward to dinner tonight with Delilah and Sophie.  Hopefully Delilah has some news about her dad.

The professor finally came through the door when Virsago had comfortably rested his head in his arms on top of the desk. Virsago only looked up at the man as he prepared his syllabi for the class. The professor looked just as tired as Virsago; he probably stayed up late taking care of things last minute, as most young teachers do. Virsago sighed, hoping the class wasn't left in the hands of someone inexperienced. Once the teacher started his lecture, Virsago raised his head and tried his best to pay attention.

Kilder proceeds to go through the syllabus, almost nodding off a time or two again. Dude, this thing is so boring.... he's only had to read it like a million times today anyway. Course requirements, course objective, absences, late work policy, online policy (which I really don't even need for a class like this.... Geez), yadda yadda, and what else... oh yeah! The liability waiver! Had to have one of those for a course with as much potential for destruction as this!

Kilder finally got to the end of the syllabus. "And hey.... t-that's it.... YES! FINALLY THA- *ahem*" As he had said this dramatically throwing his syllabus at the trash can, he stopped in his tracks, looking at what he had just done for a moment.... He turned back to his class.

"That's the uh, end of the syllabus, the last one you'll have to hear this semester! Yaaaaay, right?" he said, his voice rising into almost a song-like tone at the end. A flash of terror crossed his face as he rushed over to the trash can and fished out his copy of the syllabus. "AH, yeah... almost forgot! Remember! Class... this.." pulling the paper out of the trash, "is a very important contract between I, the teacher, and you, the student, and should be treated as such. Very important! If you have any arguments against me on following these guidelines, you should speak to someone about it so we can get it corrected. ANYWAY!" he shouted at the end, clapping his hands together. "I do need you all to sign and turn that last page in to me before I'm allowed to start....

...the fun part...." he said with a smirk slowly stretching across his face.

"We're about to go through each of you guys today, introducing yourselves and giving a small demonstration if what you can do with your powers, which can of course be dangerous. This classroom is where we meet today, but from here you'll follow me to our training room next door, aaaaand pretty much all classes from here on out will take place in there unless otherwise instructed... Pretty sure it listed both rooms on the syllabus there too, so if everyone's good here, ONWARD! We'll get things started!"

Ellie lets out a soft cheer.  She quickly flips to the last page and signs it with a flourish. She grabs her bag and throws it on her shoulder.  She will have to remember to wear athletic clothes to this class.  Finally some action!  She is excited.  She hands Professor Arturo the signed paper and waits for the others.

Virsago lazily flipped through the syllabus, listening to the teacher more than reading the document. He could take a nap if he weren't so intent on paying attention. By the end of the lecture, he signed his name with little thought. The thought of showing his power to the class was a whole lot scarier though. Maybe Virsago could respectfully decline, for the sake of safety. But then that would paint a target on his head. All the students would think he's trying to be a badass edgeboy, or that he's too good from to show his flame ability. Thoughts of the possibilities flooded Virsago's head.

As they entered the training room, Kilder had the eight of them stand in a line side by side, facing him. He walks a distance across the gynasium-like open room where there is a very short, circular raised platform made of some type of metal with a very slightly depressed square in the middle, the square just big enough for a person to stand in. The platform itself is roughly 10 feet in diameter, and looks like it may have some strange tecnilogical function of some kind.

"Okay, guys, this should be easy enough. Intro day! Which if you know what that normally means in these training courses, it's your show and tell for your powers! FUUUUUUUNNN! Right?" Kilder said in a way that made it sort of hard to tell if he was being sarcastic or not. "Well I can let you guys volunteer yourselves up to go first, or we can just go in the old fashioned alphabetical way. Doesn't really hurt my feelings either way!" He scanned them. Some of them looked nervous, a few looked actually a bit or two even looked a bit bored... At his question, they all seemed to just look at each other as if waiting for someone to speak up. "Hmm... I guess we'll just go alphabetical, actually." Kilder said before anyone could say anything. "Yeah, if you guys are cool with that, it might help me to go that way today anyway, so that means... First up! Darion Anath! Come on down!.... Wait... I mean, STEP INTO THE CIRCLE...." he said, voice intensifying at the end comically.

Darion stepped up and introduced himself, and told the class a bit about wanting to get into the criminal justice field so he could become a stronger person and show that "even someone without an intimidating power is capable of taking down criminals" or something like that... Kilder was only half listening, but he got the gist. Kid was probably bullied by thugs or something.... He was too tired to pay much attention and the kid was actually a bit longwinded. He could tell he was excited about this. "That's cool, man, sooo, let's see what you got. Sorry to cut you off but we don't have a lot of time left today."

He looked a bit caught off guard at this, but then made a determined facial expression, nodding his head quickly in confirmation. He pointed out both fingers and took a stance.

Two streams of water at about the water pressure of what a spray nozzle would put out came jetting, and.... hit Kilder directly in the face.....

"Oh, shit!... I'm sorry Mr. Arturas!" Darion panicked, as it seemed he didn't actually mean for that to happen.

"It's.... FINE... NEEEEXT!" Kilder said, wiping water from his face. A bit of a wake up, at least, he was still tired... and now, he was wet too! woopeeeeeeee!

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