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Post by JerriLeah7 on 21st November 2015, 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Post by Vye on 6th December 2017, 8:13 pm

(Collab with Phoenix and Leah)

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 12:30pm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Kris headed out to the car, happy to be out of CETE after so many failed attempts to get away.  She opened the door, sat behind the wheel, and kept the dooor ajar as she pulled out her phone.  She still has Bran's voicemail on her phone....but she had called like six times today with no answer.  She calls again.  No reply.  She played the voicemail again.

"Kris! East Yordishre! New drug! More dangerous than I thought! Escaped! Can barely...gotta keep moving! I'll try again!"

I awoke, first slowly, then all at once. My...everything...hurt. Trying to sit up multiplied it. I groaned. Holy fuck. I had never had any desire to do drugs in my life and this incident had ensured I never would. Willingly.

"Lie still," came a female voice.

I jerked and regretted it. The woman pushed me back down. I heard water splashing, then something cool on my head. Blessedly, wonderfully cool. "You've been through a lot," the woman said. "I don't know what they dosed you with, but you're lucky to be alive. Your symptoms are like od and allergy. Never seen anything like it."

The voice sounded familiar. "W-who...?" I focused my gaze. "Ms. Ann?" Indeed. It was Mary's mother.

"Shhh..." she said, replacing the cloth on my head with a cooler one. She was a saint. "You need rest."

I shook my head--very slightly. Head no likey movement. "No..." I protested. "Gotta talk...need to call..."

"I already contacted your office," she informed me. "They put me on with a Ms. Nguyen. She sounded both relieved and pissed when I informed her of your condition. Told her I'd lay low and keep you safe. She said to let her know when you woke--though she's called every two hours." The last part was said with equal parts amusement and exasperation.

"I'd...been following you," she admitted sheepishly. "Someone looking into my daughter's case, I got my hopes up. I wanted to make sure you were doing your job. When they captured you in that alley, I didn't know what to do. Calling the police was obviously out of the question. I tried tailing them, but lost them. Then you turned up on Effer's Beach. Damn, you can run, girl. I followed and found you collapsed, got you to a hotel. You woke up before hysterical and the only way to calm you down was to assure you I'd call you people. I did. So here we are."


She looked at me as if I'd asked why water's wet. I gave her a weak, sheepish grin. The answer was obvious.

I gritted my teeth and sat up. She tsked, muttered something about me being stubborn, but I didn't care. I needed to move and time was of the essence. It hurt like shit, but my head started clearing up at once. "I need," I said, squinting.

"You need to lie--"

"Phone," I said firmly. "Those dickwads aren't getting away with what they're doing." I winced. It felt like talking was a new experience. "Phone."

She sighed and gave me her cell. I immediately dialed Kris.

Kris sets the phone aside, starting the engine and sighing with frustration.  She's about to drive when her phone rings.  She looks at the screen--it's her!  She shuts the engine off quickly and answersw the phone, "Bran!"

"Ow! Spirits. Quieter, please. My head is ringing like a gong. It's good to hear your voice, though. Doing okay?"

Bixxa followed Kris to the car, excited for what adventures lay ahead. She plopped into the shotgun seat. She noticed Kris was still concerned, but she had no idea what to say. She listened to the voicemail playing from the phone. Sounded like something urgent. Maybe an old friend? The phone then began ringing, and Bixxa's adventures were halted once more. She gazed curiously at Kris, wondering who was on the other end of the line.

"What. The. Hell?!"  Kris says, trying not to explode, "Don't ask me how I'm doing, tell me what's going on."

I winced. "Kid's case was right. Cover up. Police corruption. Drug manufacturing. Drug trafficking. Bribery. Hopefully, my phone has been sending you guys evidence. You activated it after he never responded to your code properly?"

Kris nods, "Yeah.  I haven't looked--I was more worried about you.  Can you make it back to the city tonight?  We could look over the file together.  The Chief will want to hear from you, as well and you know that if you finish this without an agent...there will be hell to pay."

"I don't know. Everything hurts. Illegal use of Force. They...put that shit in me......!" Heat had slipped into my voice without my realizing it. I wiped hot tears away.

"Easy, girl," Ms. Ann chided, sympathetically. "She's not fit to have this phone call, let alone try and go anywhere!" she called loudly at the phone. "Sorry," she added, seeing me wince.

"I don't think it was supposed to to have the effect it did on me. But I saw its effects. It gives powers! Etheriest powers."

Kris sounds pissed, "Fuck.  Okay.  Let me come get you.  I'm already in my car, anyway, ready to go.  I'll come get you and we'll take this to the Chief directly.  Give me your location."

I looked at Ms. Ann and she sighed. "The Silver Penny. 20 miles out from East Yordshire off of Highway 40," she said. "Just be careful. I tried to be discreet but dollars to donuts those assholes are checking everywhere for her."

Anger raged inside of me. "Let. them. try," I growled.

She snatched the phone. "If you're coming, hurry," she said briskly. "She's spent just trying to hold herself up talking to you. They'll have her like a grizzly with a kitten. It's true," she added at my offended glare. "You're sweating and shaking."

In form of protest, I leaned forward and put my face to the phone. "Keep your eyes open. They have teleporters. And they can transport drugs. It's how they do it." I collapsed back into bed. "Fuck, I'm sorry." I wiped at my eyes again. Being weak was a new experience.

Kris replies quickly, "I'm on my way.  Keep her safe.  I'll be there soon."

She hangs up the phone and looks over at Bixxa, "Change of plans.  We're going to pick up a friend--she's in trouble.  She's in Yordshire, so it's a bit of a drive.  I hope you don't mind."

Bixxa was enthralled by the phone call. It seemed for once, Kris had lost her cool demeanor. "I'm good." She answered after Kris hung up. She had no idea what was going on, but she felt like things were about to get hairy. She merely leaned back in her seat, prepared to go on a journey.

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Post by xenolion on 11th December 2017, 10:32 pm

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 3:00pm

Zorlias is sitting on the bleachers with a weeping Ember in his arms, a concerned tone in his consoling words as he tries to quiet her down. It takes some time to get her to return to any form of tranquility and it would only be a wild guess for Zorlias to determine what has made her this way.

"I got your text. Why have you been sitting here for three hours crying?" Zorlias asks, "What happened?"

Ember pushes out her words, "I told you that I'd tell you everything at just the right time. Well, the time as come--I can tell you tonight. However...I need you to do something for me and you can't question it."

Zorlias hesitates, "....okay. What is it?"

Ember sniffles, "You have to gather all that you trust--but only those that you'd trust with your life. No, don't. Just listen. I know you aren't a trusting person. I also know that you're trying to save this City--all by yourself, on your own shoulders. Don't ask me how I know that. Just trust me this one time, please, and do as I ask. Gather them where I've been staying tonight. There, I'll reveal everything. I swear."

Elliana is in her uniform. She loves to arrive to practice a little early. It is a tradition for her and helps her get her head in the game. She is exiting the locker room and going to the field when she hears some people talking above her. She recognizes one of the voices. It is Zorlias, that jerk. She has half the mind to tell him off for getting Sophie fired. For now she stays quiet and listens in.

Zorlias hesitates again, but when he speaks, he sounds frustrated, "This shit is why I have trust issues. Can you tell me if the visions I've had of Coldrion's they have to do with Sophora or the Lioness?"

Ember shakes her head, making a half frown, "I don't know. You said they were both powerful and dangerous, which I completely agree, but there's no way to know the cause. I only know that whatever comes, you will only be ready for it if you gather your most trusted for what I am going to say tonight."

Zorlias still sounds frustrated, "Very well. I'll reach out. You still haven't told me why you're crying.

"And I won't tell you." Ember says sadly. "You can go, now. I'm going to stay here for a while."

Elliana gasps when she hears Zorlias mention Sophie, by her full name none the less. Only a few people know her full name, although it is not a secret. He is wrong Sophie is not dangerous and who the hell is this Lioness? Her eyes narrow, she will be calling Sophie as soon as she can.

"Very well," Zorlias says respectfully, "Do call me if you need anything. I mean anything. I am not just here to keep Coldrion safe. I wish to keep you safe, as well."

Ember says nothing, simply nodding her head at him with a quiet discontent to herself. He sighs, walking down to the base of the bleachers and then moving back around and underneath them to head towards the entrance. He can see someone walking into the field, walking in the opposite direction than he is within the shadows, but he doesn't look up from his phone as he walks slowly, typing up a text on his phone before sending it to a select few: "Sis" (Jenia), "Bro" (Kyo), "Dad" (Cynric), "Kilder", "Pipes" (Piper)

"Hey. I need you to go to Zorlias Corp. Lobby 221 (the one in front of my office) at 6PM. Come alone or bring only those that you would TRUST with your LIFE. Tell no one else. Delete this text after you've read it. --Zorlias"

Elliana hears him leave and she walks to the field. On the way, she looks over her shoulder to glance at the girl Zorlias was speaking with. It is no one she recognizes. She pauses for a moment half tempted to talk to her. After what feels like forever, she continues to the field. Of all the times not to have her phone on her. Then again it would have given her away.

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Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 3:00pm

Valerius turns the corner sharply, walking at a somewhat fast pace with a song in his head and a big smile upon his face. He has a light step, a light mood, and it is a light day. His walk is abruptly halted, however, as he literally walks into someone--a beautiful girl with big, stunning eyes. She has a somewhat naive look to her, but it is sweet.

"Oh!" Valerius says upon impact. He stands back up, holding out a hand to help the girl up before brushing the dirt from his suit, "Many apologies, my dear. I hope you aren't hurt."

Sophie was looking at some of the cosplay pictures on her tablet. The publisher loved the idea of the book and gave her the due date for a rough draft. She was not paying attention when she turned the corner and crashes into a guy. She gasps and immediately recoils trying not to touch him. At the same time she is thankful that her tablet is rugged. She looks up at him drawn to his eyes. What is it with meeting people with odd eyes. Unlike before his unsettles her. His hair is unusual, not quite matching the business attire.

“I am so sorry, I was not paying attention.” She looks at his hand. But goes to her tablet that fell a little away from her. She picks it up and stands up. “Are you alright? Oh where are my manners? I am Sophie Chiodo. I was looking at my pictures.” She bows her head slightly.

Valerius smiles, uncaring about her unwillingness to touch him--most are, due to his oddities. "A pleasure, Ms. Chiodo. My sincere apologies, again. I'm just fine--thank you. I do hope you're okay, as well?"

“I am fine, and don’t worry about my stuff it is rugged.” She smiles. “I have broken others before, and my bag is padded too.” She bends down and opens her bag. She takes out her camera and checks it over. “No damage at all.” She carefully replaces it and slides her tablet in the bag as well.

"Wow, an impressive gadget," Valerius says, "Hobby or professional?"

“Both actually.” Sophie’s face lights up. She loves talking about photography. “I love taking candids as a hobby, but I have been trained as a professional. Photography is a very competitive business, especially in Coldrion. Are you interested in seeing some of my work? If you have time.”

"Intriguing," Valerius says, "I must say, that is quite the impressive skill set. You should do work for the Lioness--have you met her? She's a dear friend of mine."

“The Lioness, as in the presidential candidate?” Sophie gasps. “I heard she is a little selective about who she works with. Torino has been trying to arrange a photoshoot with her for a while. I have not met her, but I would love to take some pictures.”

Valerius grins, "Oh, I can make that happen for you, Ms. Chiodo! How wonderful for us to bump into each other, eh?"

He pulls out his cellphone, pushes a two buttons and then a third that is revealed to be speaker whenever the ringing can be heard by them both within the cool air. It rings. It rings. Finally, a voice on the other end:


"Rochelle, my love! How are you?" Valerius continues, not giving her a chance to reply, "I have a photographer for you--she's an old friend, I've known her for years and I've watched her portfolio grow and glow--what do you think?"

"Valerius, hi! I'm swell, thank you...And she is?" The voice asks.

Sophie listens to the man talk to the Lioness. She is not comfortable about him lying about her, but wow she may be working with the presidential candidate! She keeps quiet as they greet one another. She may need to get some better equipment. Take that Torino.

“Hello Miss Rochelle, my name is Sophie Chiodo. It is lovely to speak with you. I was just showing Valerius some of my photographs and he mentioned you. If you want, we can arrange a time to get together. I would love to show you.” Inside she is squealing.

"Okay, okay, Ms. Chiodo," Rochelle says, "If Valerius recommends you, I will take a look at your portfolio. V can give you the card to my assistant and we'll set up an appointment for you, okay? I've got to jet, but you two stay frosty, babes. I'll catch you later."

"Until next time, my love," V says cheerily.

Sophie places her hand on her chest to still her heart. “Thank you so much, both of you.” She quickly digs in her bag and offers Valerius her card. She makes sure to touch the very corner of it. There is a big appreciative smile on her face. “I am going to make the best of this opportunity.”

After the Lioness hangs up, Valerius grins, "Ah! I do love helping out a random stranger--but dont' think I did that out of the kindness of my own heart. I didn't. I did it for chaos, m'dear. Chaos." With that, he pockets his phone, as well as the card, and then turns to walk away from the girl.

Sophie raises her eyebrow at Valerius. “If chaos is what you are looking for, I am the wrong person. I am as normal as a human can get. Thank you again, it’s been a pleasure to meet you.” She tells him as he turns away.
She practically skips down the street as he walks away. She cannot wait to tell Ellie about this chance meeting.

Valerius turns back at her, a smirk upon his lips as he gazes upon her form one last time. "You're quite welcome, m'dear. Remember, now--normalcy means nothing to Chaos or its agents."

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Thank you leah
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Post by LightningFang on 15th December 2017, 5:43 pm

(collab between me and xeno)

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday. Time: 3:30

Alyssa headed over to the etherball stadium that the school had. Once she had arrived she got everything set up for practice. The lights were on, the net was ready, the board was set, and of course she had some music set up. She waited to play the music till more people showed up. Right now it was only her. She thought about the class she had been teaching earlier. She thought about her students and how they could improve. The class hadn't been up for that long, so it made sense that not everyone had good offensive capabilities. After a little bit of that she started thinking about what to do for the school year. She knew she would have to play it by ear. She couldn't plan for a month in advance without something not working out. Which would be getting sick or the wheather being bad. In either case she wouldn't be able to plan for it.

Elliana arrives at the stadium. Of course the only other person to be there early would be the coach. She looks over at her, but does not approach her. It is unusual for her, but she has her mind on other things.

Alyssa was lost in thought, so much so she didn't recognize that Ellie had walked in. When she did come back to reality and out of her class dream world, she saw that Ellie was there. "Hey, sorry I didn't see that you had come in." She walked over to hug Elliana. "What kind of music would you like to listen to during practice?" Alyssa asked once they had stopped hugging. It was a common fact to everyone that the first person to arrive for pracitce got to pick the music to listen to during said practice. It was her way of trying to get people to show up on time and try to be the first one there. Though not many people participated or even tried to show up early. There also were those that were still late. In the end though this was just a way to get people to be ready for the next game.

Elliana puts a fake smile on her face. She shrugs, “How about something a little soothing.” Another oddity, usually she picks something energizing to get pumped up. She walks over to Alyssa’s collection and hands her a disc. Ellie appreciated the hug and tries to get her focus on Etherball.

Alyssa put the disc into the CD player. listening to the music for a bit. "Something wrong? You don't usual pick something that's not upbeat. I'm one of the best listeners I know." Trying to crack a joke to lighten the mood. It probably wasn't best to ask, but if Alyssa could help out a friend she was going to try to.

Elliana looks at Alyssa, then back at the stands. Not that she can see the girl anyway. “You guessed it, my head is elsewhere today. It could be me overthinking again too. I just don’t know right now and need to talk to Sophie about it before anyone else. Just one question, do you know anything about a Lionesse?”

Alyssa looks towards the stands trying to think about this Lionesse person. "Hmmm... If I remember right Lionesse has something to do with being a candidate for a country for something. Not sure on what kind of candidate though. I also want to say our country, but I'm not certain of that. Other than that I'm not to sure on anything. I'm not much for politics and all that. Why do you ask?"

“Well it is my first year voting. I am trying to get opinions from those who I trust.” She feels horrible about lying, but even worse that Zorlias thinks of a presidential candidate as dangerous.

She looks over her shoulder and sees the second arrival. “Yo Korrin, are you ready for Staccato tomorrow?” She winks at Alyssa.

Korrin entered the stadium, she was followed by one other person. They were talking about the practice and what Alyssa would have them doing. "I sure am ready. Looking forward to it actually." She said looking away from Maria towards Elliana. "Looks like you beat me here again and got to pick the music again. I don't know how you do it. Nice choice of music though."

Aylssa checks the time, still got a while left before it's time to start. "Let's start with some stretches while we wait for everyone else. We still have sometime before everyone needs to show up." She heads over to where everyone else is. Getting ready to stretch and loosen up her muscles.

Ellie is thankful the others start to straggle in. Maybe now she can get into her zone. She begins to stretch with the others and chats with them too. It helps slightly, but she is still worried about Sophie.

After the stretches they go over some etherball warm ups. More than once she barely dodges shots that normally evaded.

Korrin approaches and playfully nudges her. “Yo Ellie it is Etherball time.”

Alyssa helps when need, but usually just gives instructions and lets the students learn stuff on their own. She joins in every once in a while to help out with the practice. She wanted to help Ellie with whatever was bothering her, but now wasn't going to be the time. With everyone else around. Not only that, but she didn't want to try and force Ellie to talk, that would only make things worse. While Ellie figured things out, she could at least a shoulder to lean on.

Ellie laughs at Korrin. It is obvious her head is not in the zone now. She approaches Alyssa. “Coach, I know this is bad right before a big game. I would like to be excused for today. I need to check on Sophie. Trust me, I will more than make up for it come game time.”

Alyssa looks to Ellie. "I can on one condition. On the condition that I get to know what's wrong and why you haven't been yourself. It doesn't have to be now, it doesn't even have to be tomorrow. Just so long as at somepoint you tell me. You don't even have to agree to this. I'll let you go early anyways. Just so long as you know. Know that I will always be there for you. I trust you I always have and always will." She gives Ellie another hug before letting her go. She hoped that at some point Ellie would let her know what's been bothering her this entire practice session.

Ellie nods. “Agreed, if I can. I may be just worrying about nothing and we will have a big laugh about this. Thanks Coach.” She is grateful for the hug and walks off the field.
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Post by JulietHasAGun on 15th December 2017, 10:26 pm

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 12:30pm - 3:30pm
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Braedon had moved all over the first floor--telling every single agent that he walked into that he had an aunt, introducing her to each person he knew well and even receiving hugs from a few. Now, the man isn't usually a hugging person, especially not someone that allows others to touch him if it isn't necessary, but today is different and he'll shake hands, take pats, give pats, hugs, half hugs, whatever. When this is finished, the time comes to drag Delilah up through another torture--the Chief! The chief has to know. Smiling big, he pulls Delilah up the stairs and walks into the Chief's glassy office, as the door was already open.

"Agent Pierce, if you're here to tell me that you are letting the case go again, I can assure you that I haven't changed my min--" The Chief was shuffling through one of his desk drawers, but had come up to see Delilah enter the room and immediately stopped his speech. He looks from her to Braedon with an expression of...confusion. Braedon was grinning like an idiot.

"Delilah, this is the Chief--Jenia's dad. Chief, this is my newly discovered aunt, Delilah Devereaux--courtesy of Agent Reid in Missing Persons." Braedon says happily, pulling his aunt against him tightly.

The Chief is up from his chair that very instant, his grin matching that of his Agent's as he moves around the desk, moving up to give both of them a giant hug of warmth before pulling away, one hand on each of their shoulders as he looks at them both, beaming with pride, "Hello, Angel Delilah! I am so happy for you both! This is great! I mean--wow! Sit down with me! I have champaigne!"

Delilah had never considered herself a 'shy' person; she was a very outgoing person in her experience. But god; Braedon knew...many, many people. Many people who he was very enthusiastic to introduce her to. Her heart had calmed itself from hammering away at her ribcage; and was now very content to swell with happiness everytime Braedon introduced her as 'his aunt'. She felt, happy- so happy. In large part because he seemed to be so happy. And that was all she could have wanted from this.

She allowed herself to be hugged, pulled along, and enthusiastically greeted by her nephew and friends- taking more than a slight beam of pride in it all.

But then; then she was pulled to meet this 'Chief'. 'Cynric Delacroix'; Braedon's boss, and Jenia's father. She noted his perplexed expression as Braedon pulled her against him. She smiled at the man, giving a little wave before being pulled into another massive hug. Delilah was not small by any stretch of the word, but being between the two of them felt like a very constricting sandwich- of love and kindness of course. But love and kindness were both much larger than she was.

"Cham-" She was going to ask- was that that fancy drink her mother mentioned? But decided against it. "That would be lovely. You are Cynric Delacroix, yes? Jenia has told me much about you." 'As has Braedon, but his review was slightly less sterling.' She looks to her nephew, who still seems to be beaming; as is she. Her cheeks started to hurt about halfway through the introductions, but she didn't see herself stopping anytime soon.

"Chief, we shouldn't stay long--" Braedon starts.

Cynric interrupts, "Nonsense! You sit here while I pull out my pretentious glasses."

With that, the man turns around, opening a cupboard that has several beverages within it. The pulls out a champagne bottle, opening it up with a pop and pouring it into the glasses and passing them around as he continues to talk to them both, "Now, I expect you to take the day off--or maybe the next day, too....yeah, just come back next week. Don't worry--you'll have paid days off; I'll spare no expense to your new family moments. We can let things wait until then. Family is important. And you've met my dauther--I'm so glad. She's my pride. My joy! Jenia is so much like her mother."

Finally, Cynric takes a seat behind his desk once more as Braedon takes a drink, "Do call me Ricky, Delilah. My kid--you like her? I got two more--two sons. I can't wait for you to meet them someday. I got the smart ones, let me tell you."

Oh, oh no. She had forced them into one of those uncomfortable social interactions hadn't she? When this... 'Ricky' turns around she mouths 'I'm sorry' to her nephew, with an apologetic, vaguely paniced look; turning back to the older man before he can turn back around. He seemed nice; despite Braedon's reluctance to stay.

"Yes, Jenia is lovely. Kind, patient; very wise. I am grateful to have met her. She's told me of her family, as well. You must be very proud." 'I shall leave mention of Zorlias out of this conversation yes?' "And I'm sure I'll meet them eventually, Ricky. I have been meeting many people lately. Though in a city this big I suppose that is hardly difficult." The name. Why on earth would it prefer it over his given name? 'Cynric' sounded much better, in her opinion. 'Ricky' sounded rather boyish for a man running such an opperation. She looks down at her drink, taking a sip before pulling back; making a face at its bitterness. People drank this? For the sake of drinking it?

"Oh, new to the city? We can have tours arranged for you, you know. Very simple and incredibly educational," Cynric says, "I do hope you'll like it here. We have a great community. Are you an Etheriest, like the newphew, or no?"

Braedon rolls his eyes, "Chief. C'mon, you're gonna bore her, talking about the city and shit. Thanks, though. For the days off. I really appreciate it."

Oh, here. A part where she had to lie. Fantastic. She hated lying; but she'd rather tell her nephew on her own time that she could make things happen with her brain. Besides; how terrible of a way to find out your aunt is a freak of nature than 'Ah yes Braedon by the way your auntie is a supervillain!'. Terrible.

"Ah, there is no need to trouble yourself Cyn-Ricky. I'll find my way around, I have many kind people to help me already." She shakes her head, perhaps slightly too enthusiastically. "Aha-ha ha. No. No. Jenia did explain those to me, however. Very wise. Very educational." 'Delilah please get better at lying or this charade is going to fall through before it begins.'

Braedon finishes his glass as the Chief brags about his kids a little more, and then about Agent Pierce. He just shrugs the compliments away modestly before standing up to usher Delilah out. He had been afraid that the man would flirt with her, but it seems that this will not be an issue and he is incredibly relieved. When they step out of the office and head down the stairs, Brae flashes her another smile, "A'ight, let's get home. Jenia's probably waiting for you and we're late."

Delilah smiles and nods as the man brags about his children. She finds it sweet, endearing- and can't help but smile at her nephew and agree when he starts bragging about him. Braedon maintains an air of modestly, but that doesn't stop her from appreciating Cynric's compliments. As Braedon leads her out and down the stairs her face sinks.

Jenia. She'd completely forgotten about Jenia.

"OOoooooh," Her hand goes up to her face. "Oh she might be mad. I forgot- I completely forgot. Do you think she's mad?" But Delilah supposed she would understand; with all that had happened today. But still; she supposed she'd understand considering all that had happened today. Maybe a bit of a slap on the wrist- considering still, she could have called, messaged- let her know. But, even if Jenia was mad; which Delilah would feel absolutely guilty for- it wouldn't ruin this day. She doubted anything could. The smile resurfaced on her face after its flicker. "But yes, yes. Let's get home."

"No worries," Brae says in a chill tone, "I texted her. I even told her where the spare key is. Let's go give her the news--I'll let you tell her."

Delilah gives an exhale of relief. "Oh, thank you. I-I assume she'll be happy." She trails after him, Jenia had probably already assumed. She was smart, wise- wiser than Delilah considered herself at this point.

As they reach the car, he gets in and starts the engine, following that by pulling out of the parking lot slowly and driving towards the direction of home. Having a couple of days off to add to his weekend is...well, amazing. He's gonna need to text Ellie when he gets home, too--but not while he drives. He doesn't text and drive.

Delilah once again makes a point to not destroy the interior of his car with her long, unfortunate stick; basking in an awkward moment of silent as he pulls out of the parking lot.

"So....Braedon.." Her good mood was bitten by curiosity; but if she put these questions off it would be a constant state of anxiety until she got an answer. "You're not...mad? Angry? Frusterated?" The synonyms tumbled from her mouth; trying to make the question seem less pointed, but only sharpening the edge. "I cannot lie I to how this would go."

Braedon looks at the road, but he smirks with an eyebrow raised, "Of course, not. It's chill, Del. Dont' worry about it."

Short answer. Typical. The smirk helped her relax a bit at least. "From what I understand 'chill' isn't a suitable adjective for any of this. Positive or negative." She sank in her seat. "This isn't at all a, as you might put it, 'what the hell' moment for you? You're just...happy?" Delilah didn't want to say she wouldn't be happy if such a situation happened to her; but damn she would be furious as well. "There is no; as Reid might but it, 'latent resentment'? You're just....fine? Happy? Well and good? That- that is not a negative thing. I do not mean to make it sound that way. None of this is- I do not want you to be upset I am just...sincerely surprised you're not."

'To be frank part of me is waiting for the last frayed strand to snap and for you to kick me out of your passenger side door. Which, again, could not blame you for.'

"Also if I have a right to be worried about anything, it is this situation. I almost dove out of Reid's window five times when he went to get you. Five. Not including all the times I wanted to roll out of his car and into traffic. That puts the number closer to twenty."

Braedon laughs, "It's good news, Del. You're my aunt--the sister to one of my parents. That means I got a family, it means at least some part of my family isn't fucked up and full of dickheads. I'm down for that."

Laughing, a good sign.

"You are taking this....much better than I think I would- than I think most people would. As you probably were able to tell I was rather terrified you'd want nothing to do with me, considering what I know about how your- our family treated you."

She awkwardly tugged on a stray strand of hair. "And sorry if it seems as though I am attempting to sully the mood. I am just....concerned. As usual."

Brae shrugs, "I've had more than enough time to deal with how my family has treated me. If you were my mom, I'd probably be nasty. I can't say the same for my dad--for all I know, he doesn't know I exist. I can't blame any man for that. But you aren't them. Fuck them."

"And you'd have every right to be." Delilah's grip tightened on the sticks handle; not in anxiety, but anger. If she ever met her sister....

She caught herself before she could dig a deeper hole of rage for herself. "Yes, fff-" Delilah wasn't fond of the word herself, so she lowered her voice from its normal volume ever so briefly. "Fuck them." Her fingers scratched nervously at the wood. "Still, I am....sorry. Sorry for what you have gone through. I apologize that I wasn't present earlier. I am sure my father feels the same way."

Speaking of her father; he was probably going to be elated to hear this. "Do you intend to tell him too? He was the reason I even had an inkling about the situation, after all." Obvious question, to which she'd probably receive an obvious answer. Still, she didn't want to pressure him.

"Yeah, I was wondering how you found out--he knew about me?" Braedon asks curiously.

"Vaguely, would be the correct term. He knew you existed, but she left him no knowledge of where you were. My sister- your mother- the story he told me explained she had run away, then my mother disappeared, had me. A few years after that- she reappeared briefly, told him of your existence, and left." Delilah knew that if Ames had known where Braedon was he would have helped him- at least she hoped he would have.

Braedon hits his steering wheel, "That bitch! Of course she would tell him that I fucking exist without actually telling him how to fucking talk to me! Why not leave me in the fucking system!!

Delilah jolts, jumping in her seat in surprise. She hearts the dull 'thump' of her staff knocking against the roof of the car and looks up in a panic, one hand tracing the roof to make sure no permanent damage was done. Braedon did seem to love this car, after all.

Though by the sound things, the car was the last thing on his mind. With her other hand she reached out, placing it comfortingly on his shoulder, her thumb stroking the fabric of his shirt.

"That she is. 'Harpy', 'curr', 'she-devil' are similarly accurate words." Her lips pressed together as she wondered what would make him feel better, what she could say. "I am sorry she dropped you into such a 'system' when she could have left you with my father. I am sorry she also denied you the rest of your family for so long, Braedon. I know nothing can make that right but," Her nose wrinkled, she felt like she was going to cry again. Was it from anger? Sorrow? "But I am here now, for whatever that is worth to you. And I am sure Ames will be as well."

As he pulls into the driveway he parks and shuts off the engine, turning to smile at her, "I know. I'll still be pissed at her, but....I'm gonna be okay. I see Jenia's car there--her driver must be bored as balls. Ha! I'm gonna go tell him that I'll drive her home and then I'll meet you two inside."

Delilah waits for her nephew before heading up. She doesn't want to let him out of her sight; she doesn't know why. Having another part of her family; one as kind and as...surprisingly not mad about it as Braedon was- was a blessing. She almost wanted to pinch herself. She gave him yet another hug before they went inside; perhaps out of affection, perhaps to assure herself that he was even real and still standing before her.

Jenia, of course, was very happy for them; and the three of them enjoyed a rather relaxed day. Talking, laughing, with Delilah telling them amusing stories about her time in the woods, asking after Braedon's work stories, and tales of Jenia's students. It wasn't until around 3 that Jenia acted a bit...strangely after reading a text message. When Delilah attempted to ask what was wrong, Jenia explained it was nothing. Delilah knew that was most likely not at all what it was- but refused to pry. She wasn't entitled to Jenia's secrets- and most of her mind rested upon Braedon anyway. She couldn't wait for these 'days off'. Days to spend with her nephew. Perhaps they'd go see Ames tomorrow, if Braedon would like? Oh, he would be as happy as she was- she was sure!

And oh, how she wished her mother had been alive to see this.

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Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 4:30

Elliana goes to the locker room and takes a quick shower before getting changed. She picks up her phone and stares at it. Does she want to call Sophie? What if she is busy? She knows Sophie will tell her that she is fine and can handle it. Instead she brings up Braedon’s number. He is CETE and will be able to help her.
Braedon, I need to talk to you ASAP. Let me know when you are not busy. It is important. Ellie.
There in the mean time, she has some research to do. Zorlias said something about the Coldrion ruins and both Lioness and Sophie being dangerous.

Sophie immediately went to her apartment. She is so excited about the Lioness. She begins to search for her. She wants to see what photoshoots the Lioness has done. Maybe she will do a shoot that Lioness has not done before. This reminds her of when she worked with Torrino. Oh and she has to put a portfolio together to show to Rochelle.

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