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Post by JerriLeah7 on 21st November 2015, 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Post by RadioTanuki on 21st December 2015, 12:51 am

(Leah7, Venom, HikariKuragari, and RadioTanuki Super Size Collab)

Delacroix University; 11:35 A.M.

As Kilder sat in his office, actually doing his paperwork, (and taking a few short minesweeper breaks every now and then...) when he noticed something felt.... off. almost like the floor shifting a bit. Any distraction was a good enough excuse and no sooner had he gotten up out of his chair when he heard a soft thud from down the hallway. As he was about to open the door to the hallway, there was a loud crashing noise. He opened the door. Something seemed a bit... off. Yes. It seemed that the corner of the hallway was missing.... Funny, that should be where Jenia's offi--"OH MY MAKER! JENIA'S OFFICE COLLAPSED. WHATDOIDOWHATDOIDOWHATDOIDO????"

Kilder ran down the hall to what used >.> to be Jenia's office...

Maevis, just coming up the stairs after hearing the loud sounds of the crashing, is quite shaken and nervous as to what the cause could be. Moving cautiously and slowly, she carefully rounds up the stairs and around the corner, stopping just at the side of the entrance to Kilder's office. She looks in and doesn't see him--odd. That's where she expected the damage to have been caused from.

Kilder's office doesn't look great, looks like it usually does... Her back is still to the stairwell that she had just walked up from, having decided against entering his office, after all. She looks to her right, this time, turning away from Kilder's office and seeing the wreckage. And Kilder. He looks panicked.

"...wh--what happened?" Maevis begins to run down the hallway with concern.

"Im not sure yet," Kilder replied, still in shock at what he was looking at. Where Jenia's office was, he could see, was now a heap of rubble 2 stories down from where the office originally was. If this was someone's idea for how to build a skylight, they seriously done fucked up. Kilder could see out to the parking lot, and saw a very fancy looking car speeding away. He wasn't sure who it belonged to, but something about it was very familiar. He had no time to think about it, because looking down, he saw an arm sticking out of the rubble. "Holy shit! Jenia!" he thought, jumping down to the next floor, then to the pile of rubble, making sure not to land too close to the arm.

He breathed in and out heavily, trying to process the situation. "How do I remove this in a way that won't crush her to death?" he thought.


Kilder was on he verge of tears. This wasn't like him. He never lost his cool. But this... this shit wasn't cool. Buildings didn't just collapse for no reason. Someone had hurt Jenia. They wouldn't get away with this...

As soon as Kilder jumped down, Maevis ran after him, stopping at the very edge of the wreckage from the third floor and looking down in horror. She pulls up her phone. Instantly, she dials Cynric--if anyone can do anything, it's him. He's bound to know of an Etheriest to help Jenia out of this mess without letting her get hurt.

Kilder started pulling up the smaller pieces of tile and concrete up from around the area the arm was. It was slow, and the pieces were small, but it was the safest way he could think of to start. He made it to a large chunk, and looking at the direction of her arm sticking out, decreased it's friction, sliding it in a safe direction as gently as he could. He uncovered a bit more of the arm and saw that, luckily, there was a air pocket in the rubble. Two larger pieces teepeed together, leaving a larger opening, and more small rubble filling that opening. He dug with his hands through the small rubble some more and uncovered a nose, then the whole face, of Jenia. He uncovered her torso, and noticed a slight gasp for air.. "Thank Maker, She's breathing. She's alive..."

But then he noticed yet another problem. Jenia was pinned from the waist down by bigger pieces of rubble. The way they rested, one wrong shift could crush her at the waist. Kilder stared at it, shaking, sweating, he was a total mess. At least in his head he was. To the people now standing around watching in terror at the situation, Kilder looked as focused and in control as could be. The truth was, Kilder was so zoned in on this, he didn't even noticed the other people around him, now trying to help as well.

"I think I may need my sister's help..." he thought worriedly.

"I'm calling Cynric!" Maevis calls down as Kilder begins to remove some of the mess, "Just hold on, Ms. Delacroix!"

The phone rings....and rings. Finally, Cynric answers. "Hey, sexy. I didn't expect to hear from you--"

"Ricky, it's your daughter," Maevis cuts in, "She's been hurt. She's--she's under some wreckage a-and Kilder's trying to get her out but I--"

"What?!" Cynric's tone instantly shifts, "Is she okay? She's alive, right?! I'm on my way--I'm bringing some CETE with me, just stay with her!"

Maevis sighs and hangs up, panicking on the inside. Shaking, she looks down and yells again, "He's on his way, Kilder! He's bringing CETE!"

As soon as Maevis hangs up, Cynric sends out a mass text: "Jenia hurt at the University. Head that way now, if you can. Gonna get her out."

He made sure to send it to Kyo, Zorlias, and of course, a few others that could possibly help to dig her out. He knows some Etheriest abilities are better than others, but his mind is frantic and he's not sure who is available to help and who isn't, so he just sends it to a bunch of people.

Kilder snaps out of it long enough at this point to hear Maevis.

"Ok.... I don't know what to do here, Maevis!" he shouts worriedly. One wrong move and she's crushed in half! I'm calling my sister! Thanks for getting Cynric for me!"

Kilder grabs his phone from his pocket, swipes the text message notification from Cynric out of the way, (seriously, dude?) and calls Piper.

Piper, currently in the instance of focusing her ether, is totally thrown off by her phone. Annoyed, she looks to see it's Kilder, and answers.

"Yeah? *sigh* Kilder, you know not to call me at---"

"JENIA! IT'S JENIA SIS! She's hurt... I don't know what to do! I need your help. She's still breathing, but there's all this rubble, and she's pinned down. If I move it wrong, she's done for! Please help me here! No one else can do what you do! I CAN't let her DIE!"

"Ok Kilder, Listen! Don't worry, I'll come. They'll understand here." Piper replies.

"I'll get you a police escort here. Just get here ASAP!"

Piper then tells the crew there's an emergency and she needs to leave. She runs out, letting the recetionist know what's happening. As she runs out the door, she sees the nearest CETE patrol car pull up. The officer that normally patrols the area, Officer Burt. "Get in!" he says to her. "Word get's around fast Piper. Never heard yourbrother so freaked out."

- In a car on the way to CETE-

Kyo was still in the car with the coroner on the way back, they started to move not that long ago... however that's when he got a text. He took out his phone and checked who it was... His dad ?.... He look at the said text and his face turn from completely calm to one that seemed it had seen a ghost. His heartbeat started to go faster and he looked more and more worried as the information processed in his head. Finally he show the text to the coroner who was next to the driver, getting his attention toward him by poking him on the shoulder. As this one turn, he'll see Kyo's eyes filled with worries and it should be obvious what he wants.

Agent Brandt looks back at Kyo as he pokes his shoulder and looks at his phone. Reading the text, he raises an eyebrow. "Gotta get her out of what? That text is confusing--Oh, what am I saying. I'm sure you wanna get to the university, then. Okay. Jole, get us to the University, won't you? It's an emergency."

Jole nods his head and keeps driving, but he steps on the gas. Their speed increases as much as it can go, legally. He says, "It'll only take fifteen to get there--unless I speed. Want me to speed?"

Kyo nods to affirm that he wants to get there as quickly as possible.

Jole grins, as if he had just received the answer he was hoping for. Within an instant, Brandt looks pale in the face as he says, "Oh, Maker," under his breath. With a swift movement, he tightens his seat belt and clings to the seat. It would seem that the Coroner knows just what to expect when Jole drives over the speed limit.

With record time and alarming driving skills, as well as the risk of the lives of those around them on the road, the make it to the University in six minutes. Of course, the curnves and turns were sharp and they land on the lawn after having driven OVER the parking lot, but they are close to the wreckage that was not at all difficult to find or see from the road.

Looking over the damage from the van, Agent Brandt whistles. "Welp, good luck to Jenia, Kyo. Send her my best. Here's hoping our body isn't too badly damaged from that drive."

"I had it down tight, Coroner, no worries," Jole says quickly and defensively. "You just do what you gotta do, Kyo."

- Delacroix University-

Kyo nods and rush out even though he was still shaken from that crazy drive, however the adrenaline rush to go help Jenia was stronger then anything at the moment and he sees the damage quickly enough and gets close full speed and slows down suddenly when he get close and then sees Kilder and the others, he's out of breath a bit and broke a sweat, but then he sees the situation and trys to take a deep breath to stay calm, as panicked as he is inside. ''...'' He almost slipped to speak instead of text out panic, he wrote on his phone and approached Kilder quickly. ''Kilder..... ! I could do my best to lift in my third form, but I'm on a almost empty stomach so I might not be able to go full out for long, I need an angle and stuff planned...

"That would be great Kyo, but this is too delicate to try just yet without knowing. I called Piper here.. She can detemine exactly how we need to approach this.. You lift one piece of concrete the wrong way and Jenia's done for."

He writes some more in answers to the first sentence. ''I know that's why I'm waiting for a precise plan. I know I can't just rush her out of there as much as I'd want to. Piper would indeed be great...'' And then just as they were talking about her, Piper finally arrives. He waves lightly.

When Piper arrives at the school with the police, she sees that many of them are already there, as well as an ambluance. Some CETE members are setting up precautionary equipment at the sides of the rubble pile, some are keeping out other people, and atop the large pile she sees Kilder and Kyo, standing halfway in a opening in the rubble where the unconcious body of Jenia Delacroix lay, still half buried.

She rushes to the edge of the Pile as Kilder addresses Kyo, lightly waving to them both.

Seeing Piper now, Kilder yells out to her. "Piper! Get to the second floor where you can get a good look from slightly above! She's pinned and we need to know what move next to insure it doesn't crush her!"

-At the crime scene...-

Kris gets into the car, ready to pull out from the crime scene. She's rather restless, now, with so many questions buzzing in her head from the case. So many unanswered questions. She looks over at her partner as they begin to drive off, but then looks back at the road...after a few minutes of driving, she finally says what's on her mind.

"You seem a little out of it today, Bran." Kris says.

I jerked slightly, brought out of my thoughts by Kris' sudden breaking of the silence. The movement is slight, of course, almost imperceptible unless you're looking for it, but Kris has often proven fairly perceptive. I hold my silence for a moment, analyzing. I don't like lying.

"Just got things on my mind," I finally said, looking out the window. That was putting it mildly. That crime scene was a fucking Ether bomb for its implications. Was it a Keltan wolf? If so, why? Was it a hit at the behest of the leader? My people preferred open engagement to subterfuge, but we weren't above it if deemed truly necessary. Were the Keltan people in on it? I didn't think I'd--or hoped I wouldn't, rather--have to deal with my people before my journey was up. If this was an internal Keltan matter, then I'd have to dance a fine three-step.

Of course, those were the more obvious conclusions. I didn't have all the facts, so I needed to stay open to other possibilities. It was a good way of twisting facts to suit hypotheses, as opposed to the other way around as it should be. What if it was a Keltan criminal? Though rare, they weren't unheard of. But how did a Keltan wolf factor into it, if that was the case?

I sincerely hoped it wasn't this last one, because while effective, I did not like the thought of CETE taking on a rogue Keltan. No one was walking away from that unscathed. There was also the possibility that there was some breed of dog-like creature that, indeed, had the power of Flame. This would be news to me, if that turned out to be the case. Or maybe...a shapeshifter? I needed more information, but I had to start by talking to the local branch, first.

Bran's response was exactly what Kris said so much while saying nothing at all. She's not telling her something...but she's not sure what it is. She's about to say something more when her phone the exact same time that Bran's phone beeps. With a raised eyebrow, she pulls out her phone and opens it to read the text.

She shouldn't text and drive, but...what the hell. She's a decent driver. For the most part. It's from Cynric. Great. And Bran got it, too,'s probably some perverted come on. Fantastic. She opens the text: ""Jenia hurt at the University. Head that way now, if you can. Gotta get her out."

"...What? Get her out of what?" Kris says aloud. "Did you just get what I got?"

Kris' body language suggested she wasn't happy with my answer. Tough. I heard her inhale to begin speaking, but she got cut off by our phones going off. I went cold. The university? Fuck. I avoided the universities like the plague. Had to.

"Yeah. Sounds above my head." I nodded to the upcoming street corner. "Just let me off there, I can walk the rest of the way back to the precinct." My dislike of universities had been something quickly taken note of in the early days of my being here. I'd heard rumors both insulting and absurd as to why it was. Most assumed that it was because I had some issues with my parents and as a result avoided them. No one really pressed the issue, and only rarely did they make it a point of my going there as I...tended to make a lot of mistakes. Oops.

Kris is ready to head to the University, but she's stalled by Bran's words. "Woah, what? You're not gonna help Rick with his daughter? He asked for your help."

"Group text," I answered cooly, my body language going cold and stiff. "Likely, in the event that you were indisposed so that I could bring it to your attention. University is full of Etheriests and I'm only an Assistant. Likely, it's a situation full of Etheriests. I'd be a liability.

Kris shakes her head, "Well, we're both going. If he says he doesn't need you when we get there, you can head back and get started on the casework with Lynn."

Fuck her and her persistence, g*ddamn... I'll just have to be on my guard. I make my body language even more rigid and cold, remaining silent as acquiescence. Looking out the window, I grimace for a second. I had just improved my record in lifting this morning. Fuck it all if I was gonna have to take a serious injury. Again.

As they turn towards the University on the road, Kris activates Galaxy on her cellphone. "Hi, Galaxy."

"Hello. What can I do for you?" Galaxy asks.

"Call Agent Cynric." Kris says.

"Calling Agent Cynric."

The phone rings on speakerphone. Rick answers. "Kris! I'm almost there! I don't know the full details, yet, but I called Maevis back and she said that Jenia is unconscious--she's covered in debris--!"

Kris is surprised. She's never heard Cynric sound so panicked. So uncool. She interrupts him, "Just relax, Chief. I'm headed that way and I'll be there in like ten minutes. Do you need Bran?"

"...What?" Cynric sounds out of it, as if he isn't thinking clearly. Almost drunk.

"Bran. She says she isn't needed, so I'll drop her off elsewhere, if you don't need her." Kris says, "Get it together, Chief."

As if slapped by a bucket of cold water, Cynric speaks more clearly, "Yes! She's strong, she can help lift this stuff off of Jenia. We got to get her to a hospital, I think the ambulance is already waiting for us to get her clear--Is Bran there? Can she lift some stuff?"

I sigh inwardly, my instincts for self preservation warring with both my instincts as a nurse and just a human being. The worry of family. I'm not heartless, unfortunately. I try to keep my tone cold, but I fear that sympathy is slipping through. "You're asking a woman to lift?" I say with a hint of incredulity. "All the chauvenist shit that comes out of your mouth, sir?" I get an evil smirk on my face. "Let's get this over with. You're not living this down, Chief."

Ricky sounds relieved when he replies, "It's a date. See ya in ten minutes."

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 27th December 2015, 12:55 pm


Zorlias is in the Ether Tech Bonding Starter Building, looking over an idea that one of the team manager is pitching. He's not entirely impressed, but they have to find something good to out-class those damned hover boards. The man is showing him the latest showcase of ideas and concepts but Zorlias keeps shaking his head "no" at the end of each and he can tell that the team manager, Raykim, is getting rather discouraged.

Raelyn, ever so up to date with his schedule, knows better than to interrupt this meeting unless it is an emergency, business or otherwise. So, when she enters the room during the pitch, Zorlias is not perturbed. Instead, he simply looks up at her as she hands out his cellphone.

Raising an eyebrow, he looks down at it and sees several texts from his father, all barely making sense:

"Jenia hurt at the University. Head that way now, if you can. Gonna get her out."

"Late 2 the car. Rushing over."

"Piper n Kilder there 2 help."

Zorlias is on his feet and out the door in a flurry. He doesn't really say anything to Raykim on his exit, but he's not really in his right mind, either. Everything is fuzzy, but somehow he's in a car and he's headed that way with Raelyn left behind. He's not even certain of how he is suddenly driving--he usually has someone else drive him places.

His phone rings. He's still holding it in one hand on the wheel, apparently. He starts to speed on the road as he looks at the phone--it's Cynric. He answers and puts it on speaker phone.

Zorlias says, "I'm on my way, father. What is it?"

Cynric sounds like Zorlias feels, "She's buried in rubble. Her office collapsed, somehow. I know we got some CETE there to help out, but they said she's alive."

You see death, destruction, murder, rape... Zorlias thinks to himself heatedly, ...but you didn't see this??

Gritting the driving wheel tighter, his eyebrows scrunch downwards with his anger as his eyes pierce the other cars on the road with hatred for their inconvenient placing. He honks his horn repeatedly and speeds up, moving over and off the road and onto a walkway where pedestrians should be in order to get around some old imbecile that's driving ahead of him.

Now, with the imbecile behind him, he moves back onto the road and drives around the corner near the campus, "Are you close?"

"Not close enough," Cynric says regretfully.

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Post by Vye on 27th December 2015, 8:58 pm

((Collab between xeno and I))
[Attn: Open]
-11:45 AM-

Sophie is thankful for the break. She gets the lunch order from Claire and Leslie. She then leaves the studio. She is thankful that everything is within walking distance for her. It is a beautiful day, but it is a little warm for her. Her favorite season is fall. Not to warm or cold. Nor does she have to try to explain away being covered.

Banjee awoke to the sun already hanging high in the sky, but from the little home she made for herself, she couldn't really tell.

"Morning, Perdix..." She yawned as she stretched her back. Turns out a concrete pipe makes for a miserable bed. Banjee could tell Perdix was a little groggy as well, but it was fast to waking up. Banjee got to her usual waking routine, wrapping her arms and legs in her bandages, putting on her gloves/shoes, and checking the area for intruders. After checking the immediate area, Banjee crawled out of her homely irrigation pipe and into a drainage ditch that had been dry for weeks.

"Time for breakfast." Banjee leaps from the ditch and onto an adjacent street where she looks around for any open food carts. She finds a hotdog stand manned by a 30-year old male that's thin but still healthy-looking" Banjee innocently approaches the man, feigning a disarming smile. "Two hotdogs, please." The vendor obliges, preparing two hotdogs for the young girl.

Banjee grins, accepting the food before asking the man a small question: "Hey, what's 7 times 19?" The man stares confusedly before trying to work out the math problem, but during his thinking, Banjee sprints off. Obviously angry, the man chases Banjee down the street as she laughs to herself. After taking several corners, Banjee runs into a womanly figure headfirst, reeling back as she recovers from her headache.

Sophie panics as a person collides with her. She struggles to get free hoping that she has not touched the person. “Are you alright? I am so sorry.” She is happy she left her backpack at the office. She looks at the girl and sees she is bandaged up. Then sees the hotdogs on the ground and felt bad about it. “Oh you dropped your lunch. I just happened to be going out for lunch myself.”

"Oh, it's okay." Banjee replies, a little frustrated. "I'll just go find more...You're going out for lunch, huh?" Taking a moment to think, Banjee looked to the woman with wide, endearing eyes. "Well...I would...if I hadn't already spent my money on those hotdogs...I doubt you could, maybe...get something for me?" With the vendor at the back her mind, Banjee hoped she was convincing enough to get the hell out of there before the guy found the two.

Sophie smiles at the young lady slowly rising to her feet. “Don’t worry, I will get you some lunch.” She remembers how it was to be a teenager. “Trust me, it will be better than the hot dogs. We will have to hurry though; I only have about an hour before the next photoshoot.” She hopes the girl won’t consider it impolite that Sophie does not help her up. The young woman doesn’t seem to show any side effects from being touched.

A small gasp can be heard as Banjee's expression brightens. She couldn't believe this lady fell fer her shtick, or maybe she saw through Banjee's bluff and decided to help out anyway. Either way, Banjee was about to get a hot meal and avoid her pursuer. Perdix sensed its master's excitement, causing Banjee's hands to shake softly.

She was about to open her mouth to say something, but then tightly clasped her hands together to stop the shaking. "Oh, thank you so much! You're such a saint!" Banjee got to her feet, eager to put them to use. "So where to? I'm not from around here, so I'm still new to this place." Behind her smile, Banjee could feel the man getting closer and closer.

Sophie hears some shouting behind her. She looks up and sees one of the truck vendors shouting. “Yikes, he looks upset. Come on you don’t want to eat from the truck. I don’t think that can be classified as food.” Sophie takes the lead, pausing as she hears some cards speeding by. “Wow people are crazy today.” She leads the young woman to a deli. “Oh my name is Sophie.” She looks at the guy behind the counter. “Here is the list for my coworkers, I will have the reuben and a cup of the chicken and wild rice soup, then whatever she wants.”

Banjee also hears the hotdog vendor shouting from one of the alleyways, clearly furious. The smile on her face is momenarily interrupted by an expression of shock as a chill ran up her spine. "Oh yes, truck food is usually all I can afford to eat, but I've never had food from any of the restaurants here."

Banjee follows the generous woman closely, as if the two were friends or family members. All the while, she keeps an eye out for anything that means trouble. The sound of the speeding cars overwhelm the natural sounds of the city. With the lack of sirens, Banjee felt a little more relaxed. "Yeah...Some people are real speed freaks."

At the deli, Banjee learns the name of her Samaritan, so she retorts kindly "My name's Banjee." She felt a little sorry she couldn't introduce Perdix, but it has to be hidden somehow. At the deli, Banjee didn't know what to order. All the menu items looked equally appetizing. "Uh...I'll have what Sophie's having!" She blurted, embarrassed by her awkward pause.

”Pack hers separately.” Sophie tells the clerk. “You are going to love the reuben, they make it the best here. It is nice to meet you Banjee, that is an interesting name.” She hands Banjee her bag and takes the other ones. She looks down at her watch. “I have to get back to work. We have an important client coming soon. It was nice to meet you. If you stick around long enough, maybe I will see you later.”

Banjee's colorful smile returns as the chef prepares the food, only this time, her smile is more genuine than any other in the past week. She couldn't believe how generous Sophie is to her. All the more reason why the guilt in her wouldn't leave.

"It's nice to meet you too! My name is uhh...pretty unique, yeah." Banjee chuckles, but on the inside she kicks herself in the but for how shy she's acting. And yet, Sophie's calming aura is infectious. If only Banjee wasn't a criminal, she would definitely try to see Sophie more often. She couldn't remember the last time she made a friend before having to flee to a different city. After receiving her food, Banjee makes sure to thank Sophie for her hospitality. "Who's your client, the city mayor?" She asked half jokingly. Banjee wouldn't be surprised if the mayor were arriving for some important business meeting.

Sophie laughs at Banjee. “No, not the mayor. I am not supposed to talk about the clients. Torrino is strict about that. But it is a head of a major company.” She takes the bags and hands Banjee hers. “I hope you enjoy your lunch.” She smiles at Banjee, pays the cashier, and walks away.

Banjee contemplates Sophie's answer. The person must be a super rich dude that wants a new car or something. She's seen car ads plastered near every road she's been on. Banjee internally laughs to herself, reciprocating the warm send-off back. "You too!" She exclaimed excitedly before turning to walk her own path. After turning to an empty alley, Banjee climbs up to the rooftops with bag in mouth. She sits just behind the ledge, watching the city while indulging her hunger.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 28th December 2015, 12:25 am

***This is a collab between Radio, Venom, Leah7, Luna and me.***

Delacroix University ; 11h35~12h

(ATTN : All players within the university space )

Jim had to close his mouth as he looked at the sight in front of him. “Professor Clemmons, I don’t understand; who would want to do such a thing? Do you think it was an accident?” He asked. There were people beginning to come on scene to help with the rubble. Jim started to head towards the rubble.

Diane grabbed Jim by the arm. “Don’t do it Jim. I know you want to help, but all you will do right now is get in the way. The CETE have a system and you don’t want to be in their way.” She explained.

”I just want to help.” Jim said as he looked on.

”Don’t let it get to you Jim. Right now there is too much going on. I don’t think that was an accident and as fast as that car was going pulling out, I’m sure whoever it was had something to do with it. We will need to report it to the CETE.”

As Kris pulls up to the scene, she suddenly feels...tired. It's probably the stress. She parks it quick and gets out of her dingy little car before making her way across the school grass and over towards the damage. Onlookers are coming from every direction, but Kris can recognize Kilder rather easily among the crowd. There's also a few other, familiar faces, but none that she knows too well. She's glad that she's still in her uniform. It'll be easier to get people to back up from the scene with it on.

The ambulance is parked a bit away, with first responders waiting at the side so that they can take the girl away on a stretcher. She sighs again. This is just going to be great. Really great. Thankful to have more crime scene tape in the back, she moves to the trunk immediately and pulls some more out.

"Bran, mark off the sides, please, push the civilians back." Then, Kris begins to call out loudly to the onlookers with her arms up in the air. "Please step back! We need space to work."

Kyo turns as he see Kris approaching, and he couldn't believe he didn't think of that... in fact he haven't even noticed the number of unlooker coming due to being so focused on trying to find a solution. He was grateful that she and Bran managed to come. Bran will also be a great help when they start moving the stuff. He smiled toward them and did a small nod. Although his smile looked more like a worried one then anything. He then turned toward Kilder again, waiting for Piper to do her magic.

I beelined to establish a perimeter. I always found this fairly easy--most city-dwellers shy away at killing intent. I didn't dawdle, but I made sure to establish who was around my immediate area as best I could. There were people I needed to avoid at universities. I only had a couple of months left, but I had no intention of being discovered.

There was still the matter of what to do once that time was up. I wouldn't be able to stay at CETE. Guess my time was drawing to a close. Shame. I was kinda enjoying the work.

I finished setting up the perimeter and headed in, surveying the surroundings as I did so. Preliminary, and not deep, analysis: it looked like structural failure. Couldn't worry about that, now, a life was at stake. Hopefully, she wasn't too far buried--she might have to be amputated, otherwise.

Piper ran around the buliding, quickly darting through the growing crowd. Two CETE members that were making sure the building was evacuated were coming out of the main entrance as she approached.

"Hold on just a minute!" one said, catching her shoulder.

"I don't have time! Look! I'm Piper Arturas!" she said getting ready to pull out her ID. CETE has so many rookies these days, some of them don't even realise who she is. "I have clearance into this area by CETE authority! I'm Kilder's sister!"

Recognizing her the older agent steps in. "Let 'er go rookie. She's not lying. In fact, I'll escort you up there, Miss Piper. It could be dangerous."

She nods and they quickly head into the building and up the stairs.

Getting to the second floor she and the agent approach the ledge where the collapse is. She has a pretty decent view from here, but the sight of Jenia pinned between three pieces of rubble looks bad. Really bad.

She calms herself, taking a deep breath, and focuses her aura. Just from the look of this, based upon her experience with potential energy, this didn't look like a promising situation. Even with her guidance, they were going to have to move these pieces very carefully, and likely, at least two simultaneously.

As Kilder looks up to see Piper standing near the ledge, her eyes begin to glow a deep purple color. She moves her hands out in front of her, as if she were telekinetically trying to push and pull the objects in front of her. Sweat dripping faster down Kilder's face, his eyes dart back and forth in sync with her hands. "You got anything yet sis? Please tell me you do!"

"Let me concentrate! Almost!" she replies in an almost robotic tone.

After another few seconds, she says, "Ok, I found a possible move, but this isn't going to be easy. I'll need someone with a lot of muscle up here though, Kilder. This part is a lifting job. Not a sliding job. But I do need you to increase friction on the sides of those two rocks after they lift them. We can't risk dropping them. Those two" she said pointing at the teepeed rocks, "should be able to be lifted up, the right at a 45 degree angle and the left at the direct 90 degree, simultaneously. Kyo, if you could, crawl in that space with Jenia and hold the third piece of concrete in the center so it doesn't fall forward on her when they move those two. Any volunteers to lift?"

"Bran volunteers." Kris says immediately, listening in. She looks at the assistant expectantly.

Jim found himself having to move back with the professor. “Those paramedics are just waiting for whoever is under the rubble there. Who do you think it is?” He asked. He found himself more interested in what was going on than he thought he would be.

Well it’s in the administrative building so it could be anyone’s office. From the area though, it looks as if security was already high so I assume it is someone important. Here, step back.” She said as the security began to push them back some more.

”I hope no one died in that, man that would be a horrible way to die.” Jim said as he wrinkled his nose. He pulled out his phone and took a picture. He pulled up his facebook account and posted the picture with the caption saying ‘Man down at the University. Anyone know anything about this?’ before putting his phone back into his pocket.

”Jim, you better be careful what you post. I’m sure no one really knows this has happened yet. Why do I always have to tell you this stuff?” Diane said in a huff.

Jim smirked as he shook his head. “Most of the time, I just don’t care anymore. Besides, when you’re as depressed as I am you don’t take into account of anything else. You just do what you do and go about your business.” He watched as they started moving some of the debris away. He could hear others talking and pointing to what looked like a human hand under the rubble but he couldn’t be too sure from where he was standing.

"I speak for myself," I snapped at my partner, coldly.

My body language was rigid, still, and standoffish. I let myself trip over rubble, struggling to catch myself, then began to lift as they directed. People seldom paid attention in such situations, but I at least gave the impression I was struggling with some of the eavier pieces.

Kris walks towards the debris, smirking at Bran's response. Normally. she'd make the little girl pay for such stupid remarks, but at this point, she's more concerned about Jenia. Instead, she moves over towards the debris, carefully, her eyes falling on what can be seen of the poor woman with pity in her eyes.

She moves to the other side of the rubble, stretches her arms up above her head and then exhales deeply as her power activates. Five runes light up around her body, circling her head in a circular pattern in the air and moving slowly with a pink and blue light. Suddenly, some of the rubble around her breaks up into the air, instantly, the pieces of the rubble rising into the air and shifting into a matching pink and blue to match the symbols that surround her.

Finally, the shards then move towards her body and form five metallic tails, all pointed with spikes at the end, so as to better grasp the debris when used for lifting. Having the tails will certainly give her more leverage. "Okay, tell me what to do."

"Okay. One sec." Piper said. "I have to account for your tails real quick." Her eyes light up again and after a few hand motions, she points at some spots in the rubble. "Kriss, these points should be safe to anchor your tails in for the best balance and shouldn't knock any other debris out of place too much, if you so choose. I reccomend it just to prevent damage to yourself, but it looks like you can lift without it too. Make sure you stab the spiked ends of your tails at...." moving her hands to point at the rock on the right, "..about the center of each side of the rock should be fine as long as you don't exert too much force on each side. Just a light jab. Remember, you may need to stretch your tails a bit, because that piece needs to be moved in torwards the other piece at a 45 degree angle. Brann, you just hold on to that left rock until after Kriss lifts hers up a bit. If you don't it WILL fall on Jenia. Now Kyo...." She watches him crouch into the hole by Jenia after transforming. "That's a good spot there. Just hold your back against that rock and get ready to catch any falling debris or if they happen to crumble as they're lifting. You are here to hold and shield Jenia. The debris shouldn't crumble, but I can't control your actions and you'll have to gauge some of what I've told you yourselves. Now Kilder..." She said looking at him.

"I'll know when..." Kilder replied. "Give us the signal."

"...Good then. Just increase the friction for whoever is lifting or catching AFTER they lift. Don't jump the gun, Kilder! We don't want the concrete stuck to the ground!"


Zorlias pulls up behind a trail of cars, just moving into the school's parking lot behind his father. Recognizing his father's vehicle, he hangs up the phone and parks just behind him. He can't really see from here what's going on, but he can see Cynric getting out and slamming his door shut urgently.

Surprisingly, Cynric appears to be waiting on him, so he gets out and locks his doors with a press of a button before he walks over to the old man without any expression. His cold eyes look up into his father's eyes, only to see that the man is clearly not himself.

They walk together up towards the scene, seeing a crime-scene tape around the edges...weird. This isn't a crime--or at least, not one, yet. No need for the tape. They probably just put it up to keep people back, but still, it's bad for press, especially if it isn't actually a crime. They'll probably work it out.

Kyo followed Piper's instructions and went in carefully over Jenia, leaning his back on the rock behind and then he merged his arms into a shield he inclined and placed it over Jenia so if rocks would fall they would roll outside and not arm her... He was ready to quickly move/change position if he needed to act with a bigger debris though. He had a great focus and was taking good breaths making sure he was limiting the energy spent to still have some if he needed to lift something else after.

Diane nudged Jim as they began to use some etheriest powers to move some of the heavier pieces. “Look, now that is some serious skills right there. You should be looking to want your skill level there someday.” She said.

Jim rolled his eyes as he listened to the professor. “Look, I will take my time in getting there, but it’s not like my etheriest ability would ever be able to do something like that. I mean mine has to do with lightening for crying out loud. He took his phone out so he could take some pictures of the lifting. He wanted to be able to post these later. “Do you think they will make me take these down?” he asked. He said as he took a picture.”

”Depends on who it is. I hope it’s not the Dean.” Diane said. “Her office is on that side of the building if I am not mistaken. Though they do have everyone out of the building now.”

Zorlias moves closer with his father and looks about with a blank expression. Cynric clearly looks anxious next to him as they pass under the CETE tape. It's actually a good thing that he and his father got here at the same time...they wouldn't have let him in without him there to give him the access, probably.

Ashe approaches, he sees several people moved about, ready to help. He looks about blankly at each person that is helping his sister and taking in their faces so that he can thank them later.

Very slowly, Kris does as she is told, moving as carefully and as cautiously as she can. She stops before each move, double checking with Piper before she makes each move so as to be certain that she's taking the right steps.

Just how is she able to see all this, anyway? Can she see the future? Kris wonders to herself.

She looks up to see Cynric walking up with some super hot guy next to him. They don't even look anything alike, so who is he to Ricky and why is he here? He's not wearing a CETE Uniform and she's never seen him before.

Well, if it weren't for Jenia's injury, today would be a great day. Kilder acting all funny, Kyo half naked, and now this hot guy. Fantastic. She thinks to herself.

"Where is she?" Ricky asks impatiently.

"Okay, right there Kriss," Piper says. "Good Bran. Just hold a bit longer. Kriss, If you move that to your.... 3 o' clock from there, you should be able to set it down safely, and Kilder, let off of Kriss's piece and secure Bran's grip on hers just to be safe." She points to Bran. "You can move yours up and should be able to safely lay it... directly behind you. I shouldn't have to tell you, but be careful twisting with that thing. You don't want to mess your back up carrying that. No offense meant" As focused as Piper was, the last place she wanted to be was on Brann's bad side. She made sure to put things delicately. Insulting a bodybuilder's intelligence in their own field was the last thing one would want to do.

"And Kyo, after the rocks are out of the way, you should be able to safely push that one over backwards without harming anyone if you're careful." Piper finished. Her eyes stayed aglow though, as she looked at the remainging debris, mentally picking up and testing each individual remaining piece as best she could. At least the hard bit was almost over.

I just followed along. Some of this shit actually was really heavy. Mostly, I found myself analyzing. The pieces had oddities among them. Near as I could tell, most of the structures looked fine and fairly new. But parts of them looked decayed. Other parts just showed signs of too much stress from holding up too much weight. Yup. This wasn't natural.

As Kilder was just securing Kriss's grip, he heard a familiar voice:

"Where is she?"

"That's Definitely Cynric..." She's in this hollow spot up here Ricky!" he shouted back. "Don't worry, she's in capable hands! I got Piper here directing!"

Kris carefully does as directed as Ricky walks up impatiently. The man looks like he's ready to push on through recklessly--which would be like him, honestly. However, the hot guy next to him stops him, grabbing this arm and shaking his head. He says something to him, but she can't hear.

He doesn't look happy about whatever the guy is saying, either. Kris decides to help the guy out with a statement of her own as the rocks are lifted from Jenia. "We are getting her, Ricky, relax."

Seeing as Kris and Bran were done, he now moved to do his part, he shaped back his right arm as an arm and kept the other as a shield. With the help of his leg and his right arm as well as his back, he push it slowly and carefully backward. The said rock that was behind his back is now sliding behind where nobody is and stop it's course quickly enough. Some rubbles from higher up falls, but Kyo quickly react and redirect their course with his shield so they either slide on the surface or he give them a hit for them to fall behind where the other big rock is.

The last piece of rubble moved, I dropped it carefully and was over to the woman. Pulse was strong, several signs of bruising and lacerations. No cut off circulation to the arm, she got lucky there. Tibial fracture. I ran my hands gently along her chest. Couldn't be perfectly sure without a full exam, but there were dislodged ribs.

"She's critical," I told them, "but her pulse is strong. Nothing potentially lifethreatening, barring internal hemorrhaging, if she's gotten treatment soon. And the medics are already coming. Relay that to Cynric."

I was glad she'd be okay, but now it was time for business. I began to give the crime scene a full investigation, taking note of the dynamics between people offhandedly as they were unimportant, no matter how good looking that one guy was.

Piper looks down and sighs a deep sigh of relief. "The rest is small stuff now. Kilder can slide that small rubble away gently and you guys gently slide her out. Kyo, you if you can get a big arm under her, it may be best to cradle her in before you pull her outta there. From the looks of it there's gonna be a few broken bones, at least. I'm no medical doctor, but it's that obvious. Kilder, apply the friction decrease to the surrounding rubble. Not her, so he can keep a grip. You should be able to handle those pieces-they're small."

Kilder nods with a serious look and, for once, no words. He then places his hands on the pile below and activates his power. Loose rubble slides off of Jenia's legs as if it were sand. "Watch your step, by the way," he says to the others.

"No," I said sharply, giving them a halting glance. "Don't move her until absolutely necessary. Moving her into a cradled position would make her ribs stab into her lungs. Wait until the first responders are here with the stretcher.

"Okay, Bran. Noted. I can't tell internal things as well. So instead, Kyo, wait until they bring that stretcher up here. The rest of you can assist getting her onto the strectcher as Bran says is proper. That's out of my expertise."

As if on cue, the first responders begin to move up with their stretchers and a medical bag. They begin to work together to move her carefully in just the right way as they were schooled. They were quick to place some bracers about her body, as well as her neck.

Ricky is standing just behind them, looking over their shoulders. No pressure or anything. He seems darkly focued on every move that they make. His jittery behavior leaves the two medics looking quite uncomfortable as they lift her up in the stretcher and begin to move her to the truck.

Kyo wasn't sure what to do at this point, so he waited and looked around, the moment they started to move her away though, he transformed back and went to take back his uniform, putting it quickly back on and going after them. Writting on his phone he wrote ''I'm her brother... which hospital are you heading ? I'll join up with my brother and father.''

As the men carried her out on the stretcher, Kilder was relieved that they had gotten her out and to hear Brann say she was stable. Things slowed down, if only a bit. "I'll meet you guys at the hospital as soon as I can, Kyo." he said before Kyo took off. "I'm gonna obviously have to make a report as the first one here for now though. Keep an on her for us, okay bud?"

"Coldrion Mercy." The first responder says as he walks towards the truck. He places the girl into the back of the truck and Cynric blatantly tells the man that he's riding with. The first responder looks him up and down and sees he's wearing a CETE uniform. Yeah, he's not gonna even try to argue with that.

He gets in and Cynric follows, but before the doors shut, he looks out at the group of CETE members that helped with an expression of teary-eyed gratitude.

"Thank you."

The doors are about to shut, but Zorlias steps up and moves in to kiss his sister's forehead. One of the responders tell him he can't go with, but he just ignores them and concentrates. Nothing happens. Disappointing.

He gets back out of the truck and turns around as the doors close and the truck drives off. With a stoic expression, he moves in towards where Jenia was laying and begins to touch the debris here and there, waiting for something...anything. Finally, it comes. The vision.

"Hey, this is a crime scene. You can't..." Kris begins. However, he looks about the place, touching things and she can't help but wonder....what the hell is he doing?

Kyo nods and it seemed that his dad was going in without much of a say.... Looked like Zorlias was staying behind. He didn't want to take too much space in the truck so he just took her hand of the arm that looked more okay then the other slightly and looked like he was about to tear up. He wrote a message quickly to his dad. ''We'll meet you there.'' Zorlias gave her a kiss on her forehead before the door closed and then Kyo lets go of her, Cynric says thank you to those who helped and he nods to him as to say to take care of her. The door close and the truck start leaving. Kyo let out a big breath and follows behind his brother seeing that he have some trouble.

Kyo blocks the way of kris clearly aware of what Zorlias was trying to do. He type on his cel quickly. ''It's okay he's my brother and he's with me.'' He then look toward Zorlias waiting to see if he have anything and also ... to ask for a lift.

Reading Kyo's text, Kris smiles and nods her head. Looks like hotness runs in the family, she thinks to herself. She's relieved that Jenia is okay. She barely knows the girl, but it would still break her heart to know that the woman was gone. Plus, it would have effected Ricky and Kyo a lot more than she could handle.

"What's he doing--" Kris begins to ask.

Zorlias pulls away, his face shifting from stoic determination into anger. His eyes harden with cold rage as he looks to Kyo and the calm leaves his entire body. Zorlias is a man of cool reservation and if there's anything he's good at, it's not showing his emotions. This time, however, it would seem he has failed.

I'm gonna kill her. Zorlias thinks darkly, I'm gonna kill her for this.

"Where's Mae?" Zorlias asks.

Kyo was about to answer, but then Zorlias came back with eyes of angers. He rarely ever saw his brother show emotion, even less that much anger. He must have seen something serious. He types on his phone. ''Who ?....''

"Maevis? She was just up there on the second floor. Came over right after I did. I kinda lost track of her after I saw what happened and jumped in to help. I thought she got evacuated?" Kilder replied, thinking for a moment... "Wait, if there was foul play involved... and said foul play was that fancy car... (likely).. ok, maybe I'm jumping too far there...."

"She should have seen any visitor coming through! Wow. You almost lost me there for a second man. We have to find that girl!"

Maevis waves and he sees her at the edge of the crime scene. She clearly heard him when he asked about where she was. He walks over to her immediately, not taking the time to really say anything to anyone or explain. Kris is confused.

"Hey, Zor." Maevis says, "What's up? She's gonna be okay. They are taking care of her."

"Yeah." Zorlias replies, but he still looks angry, "Who was she meeting with? Black chick, black afro looking hair, gold eyes and weird ass clothing?"

Maevis tilts her head. "Uhhh...she had an appointment with the Lioness today, but that wasn't supposed to start just yet. So I don't think she had arrived, yet."

Kyo did a sort of oooh face when he caught up who his brother was talking about. He poked Kris and wrote a quick something to her. ''He has a sort of clairvoyance ability... He must have seen something. Sorry for the confusion. '' He then walked toward Zorlias and Mae, giving attention to the conversation and the info they were exchanging.

Zorlias just looks over at Kyo and says with frustration, "That's who did this, then. The Lioness, whoever that is. She did it on purpose. She did it to kill her."

Kyo reacts with a shock, but then type quickly. ''That might mean... that we'll need to have some protection around her. When that person learns she survive she might try to do something again... Should I text father ?...''

Zorlias shakes his head, "Oh, no. We're going there, now. I'm not leaving her side, let that bitch try to touch my sister again when I'm there."

Kyo nods, but then his stomach reminds him of something. He didn't eat... and used his power. A big growl coming from his stomach made him blush a bit. Typing on his phone he then shows it to Zorlias and the others concerned. ''That was my next question... if I could have a lift there. Though erm... I left my food back at CETE... didn't eat yet, won't be at my full strength if I don't. I sometime wish I didn't have a black hole for a stomach...''

Kris wonders who'll have this case. It can't be her...maybe Cynric will take it on, himself. He shouldn't though. It's against CETE procedures to get involved into a crime when you're related to it so closely. She huffs, but keeps her distance from the others as they chatter. Even if this dude's power is accurate...that kind of evidence is inadmissible in court.

This was becoming a fucking zoo. I was already three quarters toward the intruder of the crime scene before I saw her motions and guesstimated that she was likely using a Force power. I was correct.

"Corroborates my analysis," I said. "Look at some of the rubble. Its eroded like it's been here for ages. The rest of those chunks couldn't be more than a few years old. Likely guess is a Force power eroded the area." I nodded to specific areas. "Spots that held the place up were hit, the rest caved in from lack of support. This was no 'accident,' this was purposeful--at least enough to know where to hit."

I listened to all the new information and grimaced. Crime wasn't a big thing among my people. Not because we were all pure, law abiding citizens, but because in a small knit community full of people with exceptional senses, it made doing shit a deterrent to all but the most determined. Or clever. We hated subterfuge.

"What's our move?"

Kris looks at her partner and shakes her head, "We'll have to find someone to take the case. Someone not related to Jenia...but pretty much everyone in all of CETE except for you loves her, adores're just an assistant, but you're also the only one that's qualified...."

"Oh!" Kris jumps, "You and Brae--you're the only two."

Burn me for a cinder! Not only was it a fucking high profile case--and I tried to keep myself low--but it meant more time at this g*ddamn university! Two and a half months! Just two and a half!

Instead of the panic and walls closing in that I felt, I held my rigid demeanor and shrugged. "Nothing for it, then," I almost growled. That wasn't an act. I didn't want to be here or apart of this. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I didn't care about justice getting served. But I was still trying to get a bead on how they served justice vs how I was taught. And celebrity? Most officers would kill for a shot like this. Let'em have it. "I didn't realize CETE was so fucking small, though."

Kyo nods to his brother and showed he was ready to follow. ''Do you think we could do a short stop at CETE on the way ?... Need to grab my food there.''

"Okay, okay. Brae will do it alone. Whatever." Kris says, annoyed, "I'll send him to the hospital to meet with you guys and get some statements about everything. He knows what to do. I'm out. See ya, guys. Send my well wishes to her, kay?"

Zorlias nods and then places his hand on Kyo's shoulder. "Let's go. I'll give anyone a ride that needs one, I'm parked close."

Kyo nods to his brother and showed he was ready to follow. ''Do you think we could do a short stop at CETE on the way ?... Need to grab my food there.''

"Hey sis, c'mon. Let's head out of here! Hey Zorlias, I know it's not the happiest of times, but why don't we make the best of this and all go get some lunch together somewhere good. I think we could all use some good company after the hell this has turned out to be anyway, man. What do you guys say? I'll buy!" Kilder said with an unsure smile.

''Not to sound picky... but I need my own food.... I have a strict diet and a bottomless pit in there...'' Kyo replied with his phone.''I also want to be with Jenia as fast as possible.'' He added.

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(ATTN : Kilder, Zorlias, Kyo, Kris, Piper(Bran as like one text only))

*Collab between me, Leah7 and Radio/got green light to post it =3**

-- On the way to CETE/CETE 12h~12h05--

"Okay... Well I we'll meet you guys at the hospital then." Kilder replied. "Didn't think they would let anyone in there this quickly after the emergency, but I do want to know just as bad as you guys do what's going on. I'll worry about my report on this tonight. Right now, making sure Jenia's okay is what matters most."

Zorlias waited until the other three got into his car before he drove off from the University with rage still in his mind. Part of him is really ready for some revenge...perhaps, there will be some way he can have a justice of his own. Of course, even this kind of thought process would upset his father greatly. His father will get over it...if he finds out.

As he drives over, this time in a legal manner, to the Precinct, he stops up front long enough for Kyo to step in and get himself his lunch. He sees Kris also pulling up, ready to get back to work, no doubt. She's someone he's seen around from a distance, but her power was new to him. He'd never seen that before and it was actually very interesting to see today. Still, he had too much on his mind to dwell on it. He'll ask Kyo about it later. After Kyo returns to the car, they drive off once more.

Kyo didn't lose any time to rush inside CETE, heading directly to the cafeteria, grabbed his lunch and then thought of Kris..... Well he could always make her a full lunch to repay her. He left quickly and headed back in the car with his backpack which he installed on his laps before pulling his safety belt again.

He then took out his phone and sent a text to Kris. ''Sorry won't be able to give you some of my lunch today, had to hurry, but I'll make you a lunch another time as part of my gratitude for earlier... and thanks again for helping... I really mean it... I'll give you some news when I have some okay ?...''

Kris looks down as her phone beeps. She was headed to autopsy, but she looks down and reads the text as she hits the elevator to go down. It's from Kyo. She smiles and replies quickly with a text of her own, "No prob, dude. Just lemme know. Ur sis is gonna be ok."

''Thanks... I will...'' Kyo texted back. He then texted Bran.

''Thanks a lot for your help.... It's really appreciated....'' (Making it obvious for bran)

-- At the hospital / Coldrion Mercy 12h15~12h35 --

As they reach Coldrion Mercy Hospital, Zorlias parks up as close as he can and hops out impatiently. He wants to get to wherever she is, but he also knows they'll probably have to sit in a waiting room for sometime. Talk about frustrating. And of course, they'll have to deal with whomever they send from CETE over this investigation. Whoever is assigned to it had better be good.

Finally, they are walking up to the building and entering the doors and he heads up to the receptionist to figure out what's going on, but he sees Cynric from the corner of his eye and stops. He changes direction and heads towards him, instead.

"Father," Zorlias says with a nod of his head, "How is she? Have you heard anything?"

Kyo followed behind Zorlias which came to a sudden stop in the hospital and Kyo quickly saw why. Their father was in the waiting lobby. He followed behind and listened. His heartbeat was beating fast, really fast.... he was so anxious about Jenia's condition...

Kilder and Piper follow Zorlias in, quietly. When they see Cynric walking out, looking far more stressed than usual. He offers a seat to... well Zorlias... at least. Just what Kilder had thought. Them being here now-it really wasn't doing any good. They weren't going to let them in to see her this early, and there was nothing to say yet. It was just going to be a long, worrisome wait. And Kilder hated every second of it. Not being sure what was going on. Powerless to help her, and just.... not knowing what the hell to do in the meantime. What he really wanted now was to find the person who caused this. When Zorlias said someone had caused it, there was no doubt in his mind. He was so close to her. Yet he didn't know. He didn't stop it. He felt partially responsible for her getting hurt. How would Cynric ever trust him again after this? He had to find a way to right this. It was his failure...

Zorlias followed Cynric until the man pointed out a small group of chairs for them all to sit in. He took a seat and he wondered what he would do with his time while they wait. It's been a long time since he's been around his father for this long, so it feels a bit...awkward. Thankfully, Kyo, Kilder, and Piper will help with this mess. A lot.

"If it were any of us in her place, she'd be pacing this room, ranting and ranting with sweet rage about the entire incident." Zorlias says, smiling a little. "Probably throwing her hands up over her head from time to time."

Kyo took a seat and then listened to Zorlias. He nods toward his statement with a forced smile and hug his backpack out of stress... he needed to eat, but at the same time he didn't feel like it. And he looked like he was about to break on the inside. Although what he said is true.... it'd be her type.

"Yeah," Kilder replied, his mind eased just a bit by the thought, "She would definitely handle it better than us. At least she'd put a bit of a show on. Then there's us, sitting here, wondering what to do... I can't believe this could happen.... and to her of all people. I can't believe it. I was right there and I didn't even see it coming... I'm sorry Zorlias... Kyo... Cynric... I should have been there..."

"Don't blame yourself." Zorlias says. His father says it at exactly the same time he does. He looks at him, glaring for just a moment from annoyance.

Kyo puts a hand on Kilder's shoulder as he was right between him and Zorlias in a way to say the same as his bro and Father. Although the fact that they said it at the same time was funny... but he didn,t say anything. He then returns to hugging his bag.

"It means a lot to hear you guys say that... I still feel wrong about it.... Believe me when I say I'm not looking for pity. I care a lot about her too. And this all just feels so wrong. I can't believe I was there taking our time for granted. I can't believe someone was even able to do this to her." Kilder said, smiling slightly at their answer. "I want to do anything I can to help you guys. You're like family to me. If there is anything you can't do for whatever reason, I don't mind. I know as a member of CETE in my position it may be frowned upon, but if there is any way I can be on this case... or at least part of it in some way, I want in. Just give me the okay, and I'll do it."

Cynric is seated in his chair with his knees pulled apart and with his right elbow rested on his right knee as his hand props his face up under his chin. The other arm is also draped over his left knee in a relaxed position as he listens to what Kilder has to say. The boy has a crush on his daughter...he always has and that's been quite obvious to him. He finds it to be rather adorable.

Lowering his right arm and straightening his posture, he says, "Brae is gonna take care of this. Kris put him on the case and he's a damned fine officer...but you knew that."

Zorlias asks, "Who's Brae?"

Kyo wrote on his phone. ''Braedon...I'm usually paired with him lately. He's a good officer yeah... Although he's sometimes a bit annoying... But that's another topic...and usually when we're off from work.'' He showed his phone to Zorlias.

"....oh maker.... really?..." Kilder looks at him uncomfortably. "Well I can't argue he isn't an unbiased one anyway... sigh And yeah... I get it. Yes sir... But y'know... if that doesn't work out..... well, yeah, never mind! Shutting up!" he says as Cynric gives him the evil eye.

"Well, as long as he's good," Zorlias says with a shrug.

Cynric decides to talk about something--anything else. He's most worried about Kyo, who looks the most worried, right now. And since he is the like, the world's greatest father, he knows Kyo so well and thus, he knows just how to cheer him up. With a big grin on his face, he points at a nurse that is walking by in her scrubs.

"Well, son, I bet I can hook you up with that hottie," Ricky says with pride, "Though, I'm sure you could score her, yourself. Look at that asssssss."

Piper facepalms. "Oh Maker, Cynric... I'm like, right here dude..."

Ricky looks at her innocently and with mock confusion, "...what? It's not like I tried to steal Zor from you. Damn. This is for Kyo!"

Kyo get completely flustered as the nurse obviously overhear and giggle and he just feel like he wants to hide from the world. He looks at his dad with a face that was clearly not amused... although still pretty red from embarrassment.

"Wow, Cynric... You... y-you just always know exactly what to say to make everyone uncomfortable...." Piper says.

"Still got it, boss." Kilder adds.

Ricky winks at the nurse as she giggles and ignores Piper's response completely, pointing his thumb over at Kyo as the boy blushes. She looks over at Kyo for a second before waving at him and then walking off. Ricky chuckles.

"Go, Kyoooo." Ricky says, "You got the wave. My boy got the wave!"

He puts his hand on Zorlias' shoulder with pride and shakes him with his boasting. All this time, Zorlias had been looking at the floor and the flaunty shaking was rather annoying. He looks up at his father with another annoyed glare before returning his gaze to the floor.

Kyo sees the nurse wave at him after his dad point her to him and he just hide his face on the top of his backpack. This was the worst timing why did he have to do it here ?!.... Now that nurse will hit on him getting the wrong idea.... ugh... he just shove it aside and stayed like this... deciding to ignore it for now...

Kilder looks over to Kyo, as he somehow turtles further into his backpack. This kid must be like a freakin' gymnast, seriously. Fitting that much of himself behind that backpack. Putting a hand to his face as if crying, Kilder says, "I do just love these tender family moments.... priceless, Rick.... no topping that one..."

Zorlias places his face in his hands and just barely listens as his father prattles on about women and how glorious they could be. He talks about his favorite physical features...again. He zones out, his mind drifting as he tries to consider the different things he could do to this "Lioness" woman. However, he looks up when his father finally greets someone else, stopping suddenly from his womanizing speech.

"..and of course, there's the legs. I prefer longer legs, Kyo, and let me tell you, there are certain positions you could achieve if--Oi! Brae, over here!" Cyrnic says, "Nice to see ya!"

Braedon was tired, but not because he was sleep deprived. Rather, it is due to how much he's slept today. In fact, that's pretty much almost everything that he's done today, other than finding a dead freaking body while he was out shopping earlier. And of course, now, he's taken off of his damn break for a case...but this is Jenia, so he'll take it with care, out of respect for the boss.

"Hey there, Chief...Kyo." Braedon greets. He completely ignores Kilder as he shakes Zorlias' and Piper's hand, "I'm Agent Braedon, here for the case."

Cynric smiles, "This is my son, Zorlias. Don't believe you two have had the pleasure of meeting. And that's Piper, Kilder's sister."

Kilder quickly makes an ugly face at Braedon as he is looking at Cynric, reverting back to as if he wasn't paying attention with his hand on his chin as Cynric introduces Piper.

Kyo finally comes out of his hiding. Thank god for Braedon, it was over. This was one of the few times he think he could call Braedon his hero. He nods to him as he mention his name.

Braedon smiles at Zorlias, first, "A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Delacroix" and then moves onto Piper and shakes her hand, as well, meeting her eyes and saying, "A pleasure, Piper. What a lovely name. Lovely eyes, too."

Then, he moves right into the meat of it. "Okay, so...I was told, very vaguely, that someone here knew what happened to Jenia and all that? I've already talked to Maevis, but she didn't have much to tell."

Kilder cringed so hard at Brae's comment his chair shook a bit. What a fucking asshole. I can NOT let this get to me! What the hell did I ever do to this guy anyway? Sure his test is easy as fuck and a baby could pass it but that's not my fault. Now he goes after my sister to get at me? That's just low. "Oh she didn't, huh, Brae? With how good you are with making people comfortable around you, I was sure she was just dying to tell you everything!" he came back with a cheeky smile.

Kyo watched and thought that this was probably gonna go wrong... maybe.... he just shrug and opened his bag digging in for some fruits.

"You're right," Brae says with sincerity, "I should fix my people skills. Perhaps you could teach me a bit and I'll teach you some fighting techniques in return."

Cynric looks up at Braedon as if he's gone mad. That's out of character for him by far. He would have said something in return that was both nasty and yet mature, but still. Nasty. Now he's all...polite. Weird. However, he shrugs it off as Zorlias begins to speak.

Zorlias says, "I'm the one that saw what happened to her. My Etheriest power allows me to see visions. From touching the rubble, I saw who did this to her."

"Oh, I see." Braedon says, nodding his head, "Well, that won't be enough evidence to put the perpetrator away, but if you tell me what you saw, I can put together some evidence against him or her and we'll make sure the asshole pays."

Okay, then..." Zorlias says, ready to tell the story of his vision. He hesitates, however, when Braedon pulls up a chair and then pulls out a notepad and pencil to work. He notices at this point, that his father is giving the man a really, really odd look, now. He seems quite surprised that Braedon would pull out a pad and paper, for some reason.

Kyo almost choked on his fruit when Braedon started speaking again and even pulled out a notepad and everything. He was acting.... really weird. He wish he'd always be like that.... He continued eating his fruits.

Kilder looked as if he were a cartoon cat who's butt had just caught on fire and was just now noticing the smell. What the fuck is this dude playing at? Did somebody kill the real Braedon and replace him? Seriously, there's probably some kind of bodysnatcher etheriest out there somewhere.... Damn, this is just weird.... This isn't Braedon at all. What is he playing at? He looks at Braedon suspisciously, then at the rest of the group, just to make sure they're on the same page. Well, if this IS the new Braedon, this isn't nessesarily a BAD change of pace at least... except for the hitting on my sister part...

"I saw a black girl with a curly afro and with gold eyes....she was in Jenia's office. She was standing there getting mad and she was wearing weird, Roman-styled clothing. It was weird. And then, she became furious and her hair and hands lit up with a black fire and this black energy seeped out from her body. Then...the building fell apart, somehow. She did it with her black magic." Zorlias said, "Because she was angry at Jenia. For something. All I can feel is her rage. She hated Jenia for some reason in that moment. It was like...a childish temper tantrum. From an adult."

"Interesting," Braedon says, writing quickly in his notebook, "Maevis did mention that she had a meeting with Lioness and you just described her to a T."

"Lioness?" Zorlias asks, "Who's that?"

Cynric growls, "That's one of the Presidential Candidates. Some kid that's an ex-popstar that's decided that she has it in her to be a politician. I always thought she was a brat, but clearly...she's more than that."


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Post by Vye on 1st January 2016, 10:22 am

(Attn: Open; Collab with Leah)
-12:30 PM-

Emma and her new "friend" walked about for a little over an hour until Errete found them. She wasn't with Cade and Emma was relieved. With a smile, she ran over to her and gave the creature a big hug.
"Erie! I'm surprised they let you out without am escort! " Emma greets her.
Virsago walked up to the large feline, happy to see its shimmering fur as well. "How in the world did they let her walk around alone? They might be looking for her right now."
"Cade asked me to keep an eye on you. I've been stealthing about. I'm disappointed in you for telling him about me, but I understand that you felt threatened." Erie replies, using telepathy to reach both Virsago's and Emma's mind.
"Will you forgive me?" Emma asks sadly.
"Of course, Emari. Visago is an intelligent man. I expect he will keep my secret."
A voice entered Virsago's mind, clear as crystal. His mouth dropped as he wondered where the voice came from, but it only made sense if the panther or jaguar was talking to them. And yet, the idea of a talking cat was more ludicrous than someone hiding themself as they use telepathy.
"Is that panther talking to us?" He asked with his jaw still ajar and his finger pointing weakly at Errete.
"Yep." Emma says, cheerfully. "We should go somewhere less public. So we don't sound crazy."
Virsago eyed the girl for a second, somewhat confused that she was so accustomed to it, but forced himself back into reality. "I guess...we could go in an empty alley and hope nobody sees us."
Erie stalks off smoothly and Emma follows without hesitation. They are led to a small backyard to an apartment building. It seems empty and blocked off and the apartment seems unused.
"Sup, Erie? " Emma asks.
"Cade wishes for your return, soon." Erie replies.
Emma looks down at her feet sadly, "Okay."
"Sooo you two are heading back together or do I have to chaperon you back? And how does Erie know about my force ability?"
"We will not need your services," Erie says politely, "Though I can explain before I leave. Your power is of the Flame, not of fire. My power is of the Air, not the Wind. My link with the spirit of the wind allows me to detect one that is linked to another spirit."
Virsago leaned against one of the walls, trying to wrap his head around the info he just heard. "So I'm linked to...the Flame Spirit? What does that even mean? And what spirits are we talking about?"
"The Spirits of Aria," Erie says, sounding surprised, "It is odd that you would be blessed by one and not know it. I suppose the rumors about the fire spirit are true...but I'm getting ahead of myself. The spirits of Aria are ancient beings. Gods of the mother world, some called them centuries ago. Each spirit will grant their powers to those that they deem worthy of their gift. Thus, I have been granted the power of Air. And you of fire. You must have done something that the spirit of fire liked.."
Puzzled, Virsago recollected over his life memories. He thought back to when his fire ability changed; it was around the time that people become more of a nuisance, but he didn't do anything remarkable.
"But I haven't done anything spectacular. I won the Math-a-thon in 6th grade, but other than that, I haven't done jack."

"The only one that can answer why you were given this gift is the Fire Spirit. He is also known as Mennah. You should seek him out if you want answers. However, you'll have trouble finding him. Mennah has been hard to find ever since he abandoned the Keltans."
Erie says.

Just as Virsago's hopes rose, they crumbled all the same. He didn't even believe in spirits until this point. "Got any clues? If a panther can talk and my fire can suddenly change color, there must be evidence of this spirit somewhere. Maybe I can talk to the other spirits?" Honestly, though, Virsago doubted his impure soul would allow him to even see such mythical beings.
"Mmmmm. I recommend seeking out the Prophesied True Keltan. Though, the girl does not yet know she is what she is, so... You may need an excuse to stay at her side. She is destined to find, Praeor, the wind spirit, they say." Erie says, "Her name is Brannah Jones."
Emma looks from one to the other, confused.
"Maybe the wind spirit will know." Erie suggests.
"Okay...Never heard of her." Virsago was looking as clueless as Emma, never meeting a person with such a name before. And the Keltan? What was a Keltan? What in the world was Virsago getting himself into?
"I know little of her, myself. I only know she works with CETE during her second rite." Erie says, "We should go. Any other questions?"
"I guess that's all. Thanks for the info." With that virsago contemplated how to get to CETE quickly. He'd never been to the facility. He let Emma and Erie go on their path before pulling out his smartphone.

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Post by Red on 1st January 2016, 8:09 pm

[ATTN: Open]
-Zorlias Corp Materials Engineering Lab, 12:30 -

Imani stretched, feeling her shoulders crack as she finally straightened up for the first time in several hours. She reached one hand back to try and rub the knots out of her shoulders in vain as she looked down at her watch. Definitely time for her lunch break.

She'd been working on the same project since she was first hired - materials engineering. The goal was to synthesize a polymer that was highly resistant to ether abilities for use in body armor and such, while still being able to resist attacks from conventional weapons. Getting the best of both worlds was proving to be a pain in the ass.

If Imani didn't get out of this lab she was going to go nuts. She grabbed her purse and headed for the elevator out of here, thinking she'd go outside to see what was happening in the real world while she picked up something to eat.

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Post by Luna on 1st January 2016, 8:43 pm

Open University Time 1230

Jim was amazed at what he had seen. He was amazed at the level of skill used and the abilities that the people were using. The CETE were working together. Maybe they weren't so bad after all.

"I can't wait to post these pictures on facebook." He said as he started flashing pictures.

"Jim, you are going to get us in trouble." Diane said. "Come on, they are cleaning up now. There is nothing else we can do. I am pretty sure that was the dean of the school. It will be all over the news if it isn't already." She said as she put her hand on his shoulder. She pulled gently to get his attention.

"All right, all right..." Jim said as he turned around. He was busy messing around on his phone.

"Are you going to get off of that thing when school starts back?" Diane asked him.

"I think you are really the only one to care." Jim said as they turned to leave the area.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 2nd January 2016, 3:01 am

(ATTN : Kilder, Piper, Zorlias, Braedon, Cynric, closed)

**This is a collab between me, Leah7 and Radio**

-- Hospital Coldrion Mercy/12h05~12h15--

Kyo listened carefully to the more detailed explanation from his brother, and he couldn't even believe that someone would do such a thing under a bad tantrum. He listened to the extra information after and he could believe it even less. ''I sure hope she doesn't get elected if she's this unable to keep herself under control. '' He wrote on his phone and showed everyone. He then typed some more ''Although that position will make it difficult will it not ?... Don't know how we're going to proof that stuff... not only that.... but who knows what she'll do if she learns Jenia survived.''He also showed that one to everyone.

He then turned to his dad and wrote ''Would it be okay for me to skip work tomorrow and stay with her to protect her ?.... I don't think I'll be able to not worry otherwise.''He showed this one to his dad, although Zorlias should be able to clearly see it too.

Zorlias doesn't really get a chance to say anything, nor does his father. Rather, a doctor comes out in scrubs, his mask pulled down on his neck as he looks at the family with a quiet calm. He looks directly at Cynric and nods at him, who nods back, and Zorlias listens intently. His body tenses up.

"Hello, Delacroix family." The doctor says, "She's going to be fine. We just finished up some surgery, we've reset all of the broken bones--three ribs and both of her legs are a few fractures. She had some internal bleeding, but we've patched her up.

The good news is, she should recover well, but she's still in intensive care and under critical condition. Due to the fact that she's still patched up on the inside and a few of her organs are in a sad state, we have to keep her sedated and unconscious for the first twenty-four hours. We can't afford to let her move too much, just now, or she'll undo our patch-up work. This also means we won't allow anyone in to see her until tomorrow afternoon, I'm sorry."

Kyo was rather sad to hear the result, although he'd like to say it was a relief, it was still pretty bad... not only that, but they can't even see her. He didn't care, she was still possibly in danger, no way was he gonna just go away from the hospital. Although he really hope he could not work tomorrow. He'd rather not to and stay here to protect her. He waited to see what his brother and father would do, but he was staying here no matter what.

Kilder looked down for a moment after the doctor's explanation, thinking to himself. He was relieved to hear this news and yet still troubled by it. Exactly as he thought, they weren't getting in to see her today. But here they were anyway, and just being here made him want to get in and see her that much more. What was worse, he knew there was no way he would be able to stay here the whole time. They would need him to at least file a report on the incident as the first responder. He wanted to stay really badly though....

Braedon clears his throat, stepping up to shake the doctor's hand. The doctor takes it. "Hello, I'm Agent Pierce and I'm here for Ms. Delacroix's case. As we are positive that this is an assault case, I'll be posting up a protective detail on her room--two CETE officers at any given time, at all times. I'll also be going into her room to check on her for protective purposes. Is that acceptable?"

The doctor nods, "Yes, of course. And we'll give Mr. Delacroix a call if anything happens with her status. Otherwise, we're gonna do what we can to take good care of her during her stay here. Did you have any further questions for me?"

Zorlias shakes his head and his father follows suit. He feels so much better knowing that she'll have a protective detail on her. His father looks greatly relieved, as well. This is going to be a long day, frankly. Still...there's not much else he can do for his sister, here. Zorlias stands up awkwardly.

"I should go," Zorlias says, "I can't do much else for her here. Not today. I'll come back as soon as they'll let us in."

Braedon looks over at the others in the room after the doctor has left and as Zorlias readies to walk away, too, "Soooo...who want's some protective detail shifts?"

"I bet you know the answer to that one." Kilder said, throwing an arm around Kyo. "Sign us up!"

Kyo listen and as Braedon propose this protective plan, it was clear in Kyo's mind that he would stay here and protect her. It made him sad that Zorlias wanted to leave however, but ... he understood. However acess or not he'd camp here if he had to. When the doctors goes out, Braedon ask about who want to be in the protective detail shifts, Kyo rise his hand without hesitation even before Kilder came to put his arm around him. It was up in the air within two seconds.

It was obvious Kilder wasn't paying attention to that though. He just knew Kyo would be up for it.

Piper looked over relived. She was happy to finally hear something. It was good to see that she was safe. That their work had paid off. She felt bad for Kilder. It was actually pretty hard to see him like this, but it was good that he had something to do with it now. Maybe him getting to go on protective detail would ease his mind a bit. Anything would be better than him sitting around at home worried about it, because then she would have to worry about him... doing something stupid, or worse... something batshit insane.

"Well, I should probably get back then, Kilder. There's not a lot I can do here, and it looks like you have some things to get to now. I'll leave you guys to it. I'm just glad to hear she's ok." She gets up and turns to Cynric, Zorlias, and Kyo. "My thoughts and pryers go out to you guys. I'm only sorry I couldn't do more for her."

Zorlias gestures to Piper, "I can give you a ride back."

Kyo looked at Piper who was about to leave and he nods at her with a small smile. He wrote on his phone to her ''No worries... just you coming here was cool. ''

Cynric doesn't really say anything at first, but he smiles a little as Kilder and Kyo sign up for shifts to protect Jenia. He feels a bit better about not being able to be back there in the room with her, already. Braedon won't let anything happen to her. Ricky has known him for a long time and he's a good fella. When he wants to be. So he knows she's in good hands.

"I'll take a shift, too," Cynric says to Brae, "So sign me up."

"Sounds good." Braedon says, writing some more stuff down, "I'll be going in and out of her room, too, so I'll be able to make sure she's still in there and everything. I'll give Kyo and Kilder the first four hours and then the Chief can trade out with one of you and so on. I'm gonna send out a text and see who else will do some shifts with us overnight."

Piper nods, "Thanks Zorlias. I'll take you up on that." She says smiling, and tilts her head down a bit blushing sightly. "I'll see you guys! Behave yourself bro!" she says as they exit.

Kyo nodded about the shift with relief, it sounded like a good plan. He waves toward Zorlias and Piper who were leaving and then turn toward Braedon and write something. ''I'll just need to step out around dinner time to go get more food at home, but other than that... I plan to stay around as much as I can.'' He wrote toward him and then showed to the others.

"First 4 hours with Kyo guarding the room. Haven't had a job like this in a while. I can totally live with that shift. I like this new Braedon. Not sure what the hell he did with the old one but I'll take this. He's got me first shift and his people skills aren't too bad today. What's next, he gonna bring us doughnuts too? This still confuses me. He's gotta be up to something..."

He looks up with a smirk nonetheless. "We can handle that, sounds good."

"Okay, let's get started," Braedon says after Cynric mumbles his agreement, "I'm gonna go in and check on her. You two come with me and we'll get you posted up. I will get us a nearby room to post out in snacks and furniture between shifts."

Kyo nods, putting back the container of fruits he had earlier inside his bag and bringing his bag with him.

Kilder gets up and follows Braedon up to the room.

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Post by EphPhoenix on 4th January 2016, 8:33 pm


I had chosen a busy intersection, opting to walk back instead of travel with Kris. They had their drama and I was an outsider. Besides, the paperwork wasn't going to do itself. But that hadn't been the most important reason.

The surroundings were loud and raucous. People always think that you want a quiet, sneaky place for furtive goings on. False. You wanted noisy, boisterous places. Very unlikely to be overheard, let alone noticed. I finished up my call to the Keltan branch, they were now alerted to the possibility that a Keltan incident might have occurred. It was time to finish that paperwork. Stupid city-dwelling bureaucracy...

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Post by xenolion on 5th January 2016, 4:32 pm

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{Attn: closed - I sincerely apologize for the long post}

Zorlias is in the car as they head up to the studio for the photoshoot. It wasn't hard to get the best in the City, considering his rising popularity. He can't help but wonder if his competitors do this silly photography stuff. He should be back at the company, running things. Or, as he would like to be, with his sister in the hospital. Not here, posing like an asshole. As the car stops, Raelyn gets out and holds the door open for him as he steps out. He looks about and it is, indeed, a rather bright day, as Raelyn had mentioned. If only he didn't despise the sun as he does. Raelyn shuts the door behind him and the car drives off to be parked. He simply stands there and waits for Raelyn to go first. It's always ladies first. As he gestures for her to pass, he notices a familiar look in her eyes. Narrowing his own eyes with suspicion, he takes off his glasses to clean them with his shirt as he speaks respectfully to her with intrigue. "What are you plotting now?" He asks.

"Oh, just that...I think we should have you featured in a magazine--a family magazine. What more way to express how family-friendly the company is than to show them your own? Get with the siblings in a picture and--" Raelyn says.

Staring at her blankly, his lack of expressions shows his displeasure at her suggestions. Jenia would never agree to be in the same room with him, let alone in a photo shoot with him. Besides, that would just be using his family for self-promotion, which isn't really a loving thing to do. Leave it to the consumer specialist to have that kind of brilliant idea.

"I'm going to ask them, anyway. Jenia's going to have a lot of negative publicity with this accident thing, so she needs a positive touch on it. A family photo to show how well she has recovered and to show how much support she could help both her and us." Raelyn says, detecting his displeasure. She begins to walk up to the building and the door is opened for her.

Leslie’s face drops when she sees Zorlias holding the door. He is even better looking in real life. She regains her composure quickly. As he and another walk forward. “Welcome to Torrino, we are expecting you Mr. Delacroix. Is there anything you or your associate need while you are waiting?”

Raelyn smiles and nods her head, "Zorlias will have a water. Light ice, please. We do apologize if our early arrival is an inconvenience."

“It is no problem at all, I will get the water for Mr. Delacroix and let Torrino know that you are here, please take a seat.” Leslie offers before leaving them. On the table are photography books including one called “People of Coldrion”.

As soon as Leslie leaves Torrino appears in the doorway. He goes to shake Zorlian’s and the lady’s hand “Welcome to Torrino’s, Mr. Delacroix. I am sorry Leslie did not give me your name Miss. I know that Leslie will be back here with your water. Since this is your first time here, we would like to know a little bit more about you. We like to personalize our shoots to the person. Sophie, my notepad please!”

Sophie appears with the notepad and pencil in one hand, and the glass of water in the other. She sets the glass in the middle of the table and sits down opposite of Zorlias. She has her pencil at the ready as Torrino stays in motion. She sneaks a glance at Zorlias. He is good looking that is for sure, but she can see the stress in his eyes.

Torrino sits in a chair next to Sophie. “Now what image are you trying to project? I have seen your other covers. The nature one was great for showing your sensitive side.”

As they begin their greetings, Raelyn winks at Zorlias, pleased with Torrino's words over the previous shoot. She was always somewhat gloating when someone agreed with her. When shaking Torrino's hand, he braces himself for the onslaught of visions--it's usually rather unpleasant and sometimes painful. However, this vision was quite small and entirely painless. Surprising.

The flash of a vision lasts for just a few moments before fading into nothingness and he feels relief at the simplicity of the image. If this was the most of negativity that he would ever pick up from this man, he would have to hire him for this job more often.

Within the precognitive burst, he sees an ashen grey, metallic band around a person's wrist. It was approximately two inches wide and a quarter of an inch thick with a small screen and a single, simple button on the side. Why is a bracelet so negative and dark of a premonition? Zorlias is confused, but intrigued. His attention is brought back into the room as Raelyn speaks.

"Please, call me Raelyn. We want Zorlias' intellect to be accentuated, as well as his professionalism. We have a wide variety of competitors out there, so we have to show why we are the best."

Torrino laughs and looks over at Sophie. “You called them up ahead of time, didn’t you sweet Sophie. You would not believe this, but she already had set up an office set up in the studio.” He raises his eyebrow as a smirk appears on his face. “Or could it be you have some secret etherist ability I am not aware of?”

“No, Torrino, I just figured with all the other shoots that were done with him already that this will be the best one.” Sophie laughs at Torrino’s antics.

“And that is why you are my assistant. Let me tell you guys, this young lady may someday replace me…way down the road that is. Sophie, take Zorlias upstairs to Claire for makeup and I will get the cameras ready.” He disappears as quickly as he came.

“If you would come with me Mr. Delacroix, and don’t worry Claire is one of the best makeup artists around. I assure you she will make you look very natural. Ms. Raelyn, you are welcome to come as well if you want to observe.” Sophie stands but leaves plenty of space between herself and the others. “If you have any questions, or if there is anything we can do to make this more comfortable, please let me know.”

Zorlias takes a few drinks of his water as Torrino speaks about his assistant. He calls her Sophie and he looks at her with interest. She looks quite young--perhaps a teenager?

She stands to escort him to the makeup artist and Raelyn looks to him pointedly. She wants to know if she'll stay or follow, but Zorlias simply shakes his head. The two didn't even have to speak to communicate in this instance, as the woman has worked with him long enough to ascertain his needs.

Finally, he stands after a final drink of his water and moves to follow Sophie for the next step. She's quite polite and keeps her distance. However, Zorlias doesn't move to follow her and instead holds out his hand to shake hers.

"A pleasure, Sophie." Zorlias says smoothly as he mentally prepares himself for any onslaught of images.

Sophie turns and sees Zorlias with his hand out. “Please don’t think of me as rude, but I don’t like touching people. It is nothing against you. Instead please accept a smile and a friendly nod. Now please come with me.”

“She is right, of the year that we have worked together, I have yet to touch her. Then again she has very nice skin and hardly needs makeup.” Claire winks studying her next ‘victim’ from the top of the stairs. She has black hair with purple streaks in them. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite. You have very nice eyes Mr. Delacroix. He will be ready for the shoot in about fifteen, maybe less.”

“Don’t worry she outgoing, but very good. We are almost like a family here and she is the crazy sister.” Sophie steps aside at the top of the stairs. “Be gentle, he is a corporate person, not one of your experiments.”

Claire simply laughs at Sophie. “And she is the responsible one.” Claire shows him a simple black chair and puts an apron over Zorlias.

Zorlias' expression doesn't change when the declines his handshake. It's quite rude to refuse a handshake, but the way she handled it made it as polite as possible within their business atmosphere. He's surprised by the lack of professionalism, but she just an assistant, after all.

He walks up the stairs as he listens to the two ladies speak with each other. He says nothing as they prattle on and takes his seat as he is prepared to have the work begin. He knows Raelyn is probably off doing her own thing in the waiting room, finishing his water and taking calls. It is best she didn't come--she gets jealous and possessive when he's around other women.

When the makeup artist compliments his eyes, he gazes at her nonchalantly, even more grateful that Raelyn isn't up here. "Thank you."

Sophie returns when the makeup is done. “Wow I can’t even tell you are wearing anything. Follow me to the studio.” She brings him to a room. It looks like half of an office, with a desk and bookshelf. There is a flat screen prop on the desk and other supplies laid neatly on it. The other side had a tripod with a camera on it with different lights. There is a table with a laptop next to it.

Torrino is standing behind the camera. “I hope my girls treated you nicely, Mr. Delacroix. Please have a seat on the chair and we shall begin.” After Zorlias sits Torrino begins to make adjustments. He goes behind the camera and instructs Zorlias to move his body in different directions. “I know some of the poses may seem a little off, but trust me you will look fabulous.” In between the instructions he is taking pictures. “Now stand over by the bookshelf. Sophie, a journal please.”

Sophie hands Zorlias a leather bound journal empty of course. She bites her lip hard as she feels pressure from his hand on her glove. It takes everything within her not to jerk her hand back.

Zorlias is used to all of this attention and to the camera. However, being used to it doesn't mean he has to like it. He really doesn't. For some reason, he looks too good in a photo and it makes him feel so...fake. He's a fraud on paper and in the news. It's frustrating.

The shoot's going as well as can be expected until Sophie gives him the journal. However, as they touch, pain crosses across his eyes and he jerks away from her so suddenly, as if stung by a bee. He looks at her intensely, his eye color now changed as he lifts up his hand to adjust the glasses on his face.

He uses the hand movement to hide his expression from Torrino as he gazes at Sophie intently still. The eyes were green for a moment, but slowly faded into brown as the real world returned to him after he manages to escape from the vision. Great. Now he has a headache and the assistant thinks he's a jerk.

He forces words from his mouth as he recovers, "Thank you for the journal, Sophie."

Then, he turns back to the camera, his hands back to a natural position as he tries to ignore the headache a bit longer. He clasps the journal tightly as he remembers the vivid vision--the vision of death and destruction about him. The vision of ashes and decay. Forcing a smile on his face, he asks: "Do I look too serious for this pose?"

Sophie does not like the way he gazes at her. It was only for a few moments, but for some reason, felt a lot longer. She quickly goes over to Torrino, but watches Zorlias closely. She was wearing her gloves, but for some reason he still seems affected. But it didn’t look like he was tired. Maybe it was not her powers. She can only hope.

Torrino shakes his head. “No it is perfect.” He takes a few more pictures before handing the camera off to Sophie. “There Mr. Delacroix, you are a very handsome man. Claire will remove the makeup, and we will have some proofs ready if you want to wait about a half hour. If not, we will have them delivered to you tomorrow. I will see you downstairs.”

Sophie waits for him to leave. She approaches Zorlias. “I hope that wasn’t too bad.” She looks around to make sure no one else is looking. “How are you feeling? You are not tired by any chance are you?”

Zorlias thanks Torrino when he is finished and explains when to expect the results. He's rather impressed by how quickly it all went through. The man must really know what he's doing. Sophie speaks to him to make sure he's still comfortable. She must be able to tell that he's mildly uncomfortable.

Zorlias shakes his head, "No, no. It wasn't too awful at all, thank you."

Then, she asks if he's tired. He raises an eyebrow at the odd inquiry. Thinking on how exhausted he feels, it isn't very. After all, it's only the middle of the day. Does he look tired?

"I can't say that I am." Zorlias finally replies, "Do I really look so exhausted?"

Sophie looks relieved at Zorlias’ answer. “No not at all, I know sometimes photo shoots can take a lot out of people.” She leads him back to Claire and she removes the makeup from her face. Sophie then brings him the first floor. “Here he is Ms. Raelya, safe and sound. As we told Mr. Delacroix, we should have some proofs ready in about a half hour. I know how busy both of you must be. If you cannot wait, we will drop them off tomorrow. So will you be waiting?

As they return, Raelyn smiles and stands, a notebook in her hands that she just finished writing appointment dates into. She's happy to see him return and beams with happiness at him.

Zorlias looks to Raelyn at first, almost ready to ask if they need stay. However, the headache is only growing, so he decides he won't wait to see what she would prefer. He just wants to get out of here. Still, he might need to keep an eye on this Etheriest....

"I think we'll head out and I can send someone to pick them up tomorrow," Zorlias says, "However, I'd be happy to pick them up, myself, if you'll have dinner with me."

Raelyn's jaw drops. Zorlias has never showed interest in a woman before, nor a man. He's never dated. He doesn't date. Yet, here he is, asking a woman that he just met and barely spoken to out on a date. Green with envy, she turns away and beings to walk out, not waiting to hear the response.

Sophie is stunned. She can see Leslie faking disinterest. “Since it is business related, I don’t see why we cannot drop them off. Should I tell Torrino when and where you wish to meet him for dinner?”

“I am afraid Torrino already has dinner plans. So you will have to drop them off.” Leslie informs her a bit too cheerful.

Sophie scratches the back of her head. “Fine, Mr. Delacroix, I will be the one to deliver the pictures. Just tell me when and where to meet you.”

With the first smile this entire time, Zorlias nods his head with a pleased expression. If he gets to know this woman, he could really use her at the company. Keeping an eye on her would be wise and this is a great foot in the door.

"Excellent, I do hope you won't mind dining with me," Zorlias says, "And perhaps then we can discuss the possibilities of having Zorlias Corporation in your occupational future."

Zorlias tips his head in a polite farewell, remembering that she doesn't like to be touched, and then turns away to make his exit. The other woman is just staring at him. He pretends not to notice and leaves after a swift thank you.

Leslie waits until he is gone before she squeals. She comes around the desk and makes to hug Sophie. She steps back at the lost moment. Leslie stumbles a little bit, but turns around. “I can’t believe that you of all people has a date with Zorlias Delacroix.”

“It is not a date, but a business meeting, and that is how I am going to keep it.” Sophie shakes her head. She is more disturbed about his statement about Zorlias Corporation. She will have to tell him that she is not interested. She loves her job and is not interested in changing it. “Regardless of the date or not, I have some work to do. I will see you later.”

Torrino is waiting for her on the top of the stairs. “He seems interested in you. I noticed a change in his disposition when you gave him the journal. I hope you have fun tomorrow at dinner.” He winks at her. “Now get to work, we have some proofs to do.”

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Thank you leah
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Post by Vye on 10th January 2016, 5:22 pm

[Attn: Brannah]

"Brannah Jones...Brannah Jones..." Virsago repeated to himself as he rode the bus to CETE. He looked down at his phone, nervously occupying himself while waiting for the bust to reach his stop. Who's to say he would even be able to see the woman? The big officials probably have a shitton of protocols and regulations that make scheduling a meeting needlessly difficult. He'd be alright with being told to ask for a meeting in advance. Being near a CETE operative reminding him of the time he almost went to juvie for burning down a forest. What if they require a background check? What if by some chance, they figure out he's responsible for the fire? Virsago was so lost with himself, he almost missed his stop. Stepping off the bus, he calmly walked towards CETE's front entrance.

Inside, Virsago located the front desk. As usual, everyone looked like they were busy typing away on their computers. Approaching the desk, Virsago tucked away his fear. He joined a line meant for civilians, looking at his phone until he was up at the front. He was pleasantly greeted by one of the service workers before he politely made his request. The worker proceeded to type away on her keyboard, checking if Brannah was currently available. The worker looked back to Virsago, informing him that he was free to visit Ms. Jones up the stairs and to the left.

"Thank you," Virsago said before following his given directions. Well that was surprisingly easy. He thought to himself. It was impossible to guess what Brannah looked like, but he guessed the person was a woman, probably in her 30's or even 40's. He wasn't even sure what to say to her. It would probably be best to go straight to the point. But then again, talking about Keltans and spirits willy-nilly might just confuse her. Virsago was only a few steps away from Brannah's office so he just decided to wing it. He knocked on Brannah's office door, taking a few deep breaths.

Spirits-damn, this shit was rough. I would really need to intern with my own people, but I was fairly certain we didn't have this much Spirits-awful bureacracy. Upon my return to the precinct, I had tore into the paperwork Kris and I had been working on before we had been interrupted. It had been the particulars of the last case we had worked on. Nothing too complicated, just finishing up compiling the witness accounts and evidence in report form. Ooh wee, girl, your life as a CETE officer was so incredibly exciting.

Unfortunately, as I had been celebrating my victory with a quick dance on top of the desk (Good thing our office has blinds), I had gotten a text and email from Kris and I went from heaven to hell in an instant. She needed me to begin compiling the paperwork on the newest case. I was an hour into my work when there was a knock at the office door. This didn't happen often. "The door's unlocked," I called out to them as I continued my work.

After hearing the door was open, Virsago turned the knob and calmed himself down. Upon entering the room he saw clusters of papers and folders strewn around one lady that appeared younger than Virsago expected. She didn't quite look to fit the role of a "One true keltan", but Virsago didn't know what to expect. But then, Virsago realized he'd seen her before, back at the crime scene. They were looking for suspects related to an incendiary incident. What kind of mad god was running this world? Holding onto his composure, Virsago introduced himself.

"You're Brannah Jones, correct? I'm Virsago Stolas...I believe we've seen each other before, but that's beside the point. The point is, I was told to come see you...because you may know something about spirits?"

I glanced him over at his words. "You were at the crime scene earlier today," I told him, though he immediately added it was beside the point. Then why bring it up? I thought. City-dwellers.

I had begun resuming my paperwork, keeping him in the corner of my eye, but immediately stopped at his words. I gave him a wry expression. "Hang on, one second, please."

I dialed Kris' number. "Your jokes are not appreciated when I'm trying to do paperwork," I said mildly when she answered. "Unless you'd prefer to do all the paperwork yourself..."

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replied briskly, she sounded distracted, "but get back to work and don't call me unless it's important." She immediately hung up. I glared at the phone for a second before cooling my features and looking at the young man.

"Did someone put you up to this or do I need to do a sobriety check?" I asked, folding my arms.

It looked like Brannah didn't catch on to Virsago's hint. He'd have to be a bit more blunt, but he wasn't sure what was stopping him from being completely open about it. He waited for the operative to finish her call before laying out what happened.

"Look, I was approached by a...person, who said you could help me find the fire spirit. I know this all sounds weird, but I'm just looking for answers, and it seemed she knew what she was talking about. She said you were the One true Keltan or something, and you're destined to find the wind spirit. Something like Prayer or Peeor or something like that. I don't know anything about all this spiritual shenanigans, but weird things have happened, and I want to know why. If this isn't making any sense to you...I sincerely apologize for wasting your time."

Virsago couldn't remember the last time he had to swallow so much of his pride. Coming to talk to a law enforcer about spirits and prophecies must have been the most unusual thing he's ever done. And yet he's been approached by a talking jaguar that knew more about his power than he knew, himself. Virsago felt his life was going to get a lot weirder from then on.

I jumped and crossed the distance between him and myself in an instant, going past him to check the blinds and make sure there was no one around. I glared at him.

"Do not throw 'Keltan' around so casually!" I snapped, harsher than I meant to. I felt bad, but fuck, I'd managed to go an entire year without anyone figuring out what the hell I was, and in an instant...

I cleared my throat, then said a little more gently. "Have a seat," I said, pointing at an available chair adjacent to my desk. "And begin again. Who exactly sent you? And how in the hell did they know I'm a--waitaminute, did you say 'One True Keltan?" What in the actual fuck? Someone was having a laugh. I narrowed my eyes. "Also keep in mind, if this person's name is 'Ealga' you will likely have her to thank for getting thrown out my office window and charged for the damages." I glared at him.

Virsago jumped back the moment Brannah harped on him. Well, that was a more appropriate response. Quite startling, though. He stood slightly crooked, with his upper body angled backwards. He always knew religious people had their trigger words that couldn't be spoken lightly, but this kind of response took him by surprise. Once Brannah cooled down, Virsago's stance, as well as his breathing, softened.
He sat where he was told, trying to formulate an answer that wouldn't give away Erie's identity. It was harder then compared to when he spoke with the animal.

"Well...some talking animal told me about you. Yes...I know that sounds ridiculous, but...if I were lying, I wouldn't be visiting you. She said you're the true keltan or true prophesied keltan. I figured you'd know more about it than I do. I'm just relaying what I remember. And her name isn't Elga! Never heard of an Elga in my life. This...big talking cat seemed to know about guys and all these spirits that might be the cause for my powers."

I listened, trying not to stare blankly. "No," I said, "I know of talking beasts. Though most of you city-dwellers think them nothing more than tall tales."
I sighed. "I am Keltan," I said in a low voice. "I don't know about any of this 'true' or 'prophesied' nonsense, but--" my eyes lit up--"you actually spoke with one?! You are truly blessed for such an opportunity!" I calmed myself. "Sorry, amongst my people, it's the highest honor.
"And it's not a taboo word under normal circumstances, but I'm under cover and trying to keep my heritage keep my heritage under wraps for the time being, so please don't use that around me in front of others." I sighed. "I can tell you about spirits, but...what powers are you referring to...?"

Finally, they were getting somewhere. Virsago became more comfortable in his chair, eager to share his experiences. He was almost excited this woman actually knew what he was talking about.

"My apologies. But uh...well...I have these fire powers. But these fires aren't like normal ones. They're hotter, brighter, more intense. And difficult to manage. They're also a, uh, purplish color. It sounds like I'm a prime suspect for that case you're working on, but I had nothing to do with it, I swear. I mean I'm sure the real perpetrator wouldn't bother coming here at all, talking to you of all people."

Virsago took a moment to get himself back on track. "I can also see things in the dark rather well, and I've been told I have eyes like a hawk, but I'm painfully farsighted. I don't know if that matters, but I felt my vision changed around the time my ether ability changed too. Yeah, my fire ability used to be just like any other. Then...pffft"

I folded my arms and listened quietly. His story sounded familiar and different.

"Show me," I said. "Make a small burst of flame."

Taking a deep breath, Virsago held out his right hand. He focused intently on his palm, hoping to whatever spirits that existed that he wouldn't burn the place down. With some concentration, a tiny flame danced in the center of his hand. Thinking he could make it bigger, Virsago slowly increased the flame's size until it took up a quarter of his palm. His eyes looked up to see Brannah's reaction, but his face was still directed towards his hand.

It had been risky to ask him considering it was obviously new, but it had been the only way to be sure. My suspicions were confirmed. I could feel the power of Nature in his Flame. "That's enough," she said. "Indeed. You have Flame." I sighed.

I held out my hand and summoned one of my balls of Flame. "You should be able to sense my power," I told him calmly as my Flame ball hovered above my hand. "Only those who have been given the power of Nature, the lifeblood energies of Aria herself, can sense it from others who share the power, themselves."

Turned out Brannah was a fire adept as well. Her ball of fire looked different from any other ether fire Virsago has seen. It also had a strange warmth to it. Something he couldn't put into words. That was probably the power of nature Brannah mentioned. He peered into the fire, mystified by its glow and shape. She's probably had way more experience with her power. Virsago felt relieved once he let his flame dissipate. He put his hands to his lap, wondering what all of this meant.

"So am I a Keltan?" He asked hurriedly. This would be pretty big news to him. His parents must have been keeping their secret identities from him, or maybe Virsago was adopted, or maybe his old parents died and their friends took up the task of raising him. So many possibilities ran through his head.

I blinked at his enthusiasm, then burst out laughing. I held up a hand. "I'm sorry," I said, reining myself in. "Your enthusiasm is adorable." I took a deep breath. "And no, you aren't a Keltan. At least...not in the traditional sense."

I let my ball of Flame dissipate. "It rolls like this: my people many centuries ago came to the island we now inhabit and named it Kelt, and themselves Keltan. There, they entered into a pact with the Fire Spirit, Mennah. He granted us Force Flame--or Etheriest Flame, if you prefer--and gave them a totem animal that he bonded to them. The Keltan wolf. For centuries, my people enjoyed the benefits of our Flame power and the physical enhancements of being bonded to our companion.

"But over the last two centuries, Mennah disappeared and our powers began to fade. We're unsure why, though I have my own hypothesis. We're a shell of our former selves, only having a resistance to Flame instead of full immunity, and the Keltan wolf is an endangered species that no longer bonds to us."

I looked at him in wonder. "Though, from what you describe, it seems you've been blessed by the Fire Spirit himself. Your power is great." I grinned. "Which means learning to control that Flame is going to be a very difficult road ahead." I'm sure my face had wonder in it. "My people would be extremely jealous to hear of your experience." I felt my voice grow wistful, and felt melancholy. "What I wouldn't give to be in your shoes."

I shook myself. "Wait. You were asking after the Spirits. You haven't met Mennah, then?"

Virsago wasn't too disappointed by Brannah's answer, but in a way, he was also glad. The next family meeting would've been very awkward if she gave a different response. Virsago listened closely to Brannah's story. She talked of the same fire spirit that Erie told him about, so she probably didn't have any clues on the spirit's whereabouts either. Although she seemed quite interested in his powers.

"No. It all happened overnight. Not even a message to be more careful, heh...But...why would the Fire Spirit choose me? I haven't done anything noteworthy. And I was incredibly pissed at the world at the time. Would the Spirit reward me for just how I feel about people?"

I looked at him and raised an eyebrow. "Explain...?"

"I'm not a people person. Been that way since I was young. But my abhor for humanity grew gradually as I got older. Hearing of so many wars, petty arguments, and sickening self-interest-it soured my outlook on people. Then I guess it all culminated when I went to a party after prom. Prom itself was a bore, so I thought I might get some excitement away from the adults' watchful eyes.

What I saw was utter filth. I don't remember the details, but I do remember seeing a couple guys messing with a girl who was passed out drunk. Treated her like...some kind of blow-up doll. I should've done something, but I left immediately and called the cops. Several days later go by with nothing happening. No expulsions, no incarcerations, not even so much as a statement to the student body. I just gave up at that point. The next day I find that I have new powers."

I felt my face darken and anger burn inside of me. I took a deep breath. My disgust of city-dwellers' worship of money was well noted among the department. I had come under review for one such incident.

"I can understand your disgust," I said quietly. "I've had my own...encounters...amongst city-dwellers such as that." Sorrow filled my heart and I felt a tear escape from my right eye. I wiped it as I spoke. "But what you say confirms what I have long felt among my people: that they have lost their way, and the Fire Spirit is unhappy."

It was nice to see someone understood the darkness that resided in people's hearts. Seeing a tear well up in Brannah's eye led Virsago to think his story might have uprooted some unpleasant memories for her. Still, such memories are important reminders.

"So your people are consumed by greed as well? If you're upset with your peers, why don't you still have the Fire Spirit's power? I heard he's not so easy to find, so maybe he's just pissed off with everyone."

I shook my head. "Not greed. Pride," I answered. "We took the Fire Spirit's gift and became arrogant, drunk on our own gifts." I rubbed my arms. "My people aren't evil or anything, but we've lost our connection to our spiritual side, no longer rejoicing in the gift we were given, but feeling entitled as if it were our birthright."

"Reminds me of one common Makarist story," Virsago replied. "But the morals behind the message are the same." Virsago leaned back in his char, sighing away the pent up tension.

"Well, the one who told me you're a true prophet also told me you're destined to find the Wind Spirit, so I guess that'll be your chance to reconnect with the Spirits, and my chance learn more about my powers."

An idea suddenly struck Virsago that caused him to grin with twinkle in his eye. "That person also said I'd need an excuse to stick with you, so perhaps I could receive some personal training with my Ether ability, and what other abilities I don't know I have."

I cocked an eyebrow at him. "Um...I don't know about any of that," I said. "And there is nothing so special about me that they'd want to see me." I rolled my eyes. "That'd be my zealot sister.

"As for your powers," I went on, "mine...are a little different than a normal Flame user, but I can give you basic guidance as I grew up with a Flame user, so I can run you through the ropes." I smiled wickedly at him. "Be very sure you want a Keltan teaching you. We aren't...the kindest of instructors..."

Virsago shrugged his shoulders in response. "Hey, the panther did explicitly say to look for 'Brannah Jones', and you're the only Brannah Jones I know, unless you have some twin sister that also goes by the same name. And if I'm going to be seeing you, then we might as well do something, right? Just, uh, go easy on me. I'm not the most resilient."

"Just remember," I said, smiling sweetly, "that you asked for it." My eyes took on a serious cast. "But you mention it to no one. Everyone here thinks I'm a normal, non powered woman."

I was about to say more, when I heard steps approaching the door, and true to form, Kris came in, revealing her gift today for horrifically bad timing.

Kris walks in, looking from the dude that was at the crime scene and then back at Bran, her eyes darting back and forth. She says nothing, however, and instead moves to her own desk and takes a seat. With a deep sigh, she opens up some paperwork and begins to look some information over without a word.

"Alright, kid," I said to Virsago. "I'll look into it. I'll need her name, your home city, and the names of the boys involved." I pulled out my notepad to begin taking notes.

Virsago retorts with a somewhat sarcastic "Yes, ma'am." Deep down inside feeling regret for his recent decisions, but another figure walked into the room, not bothering to draw any attention to herself. Of course someone would show up the moment he's tasked with keeping another secret. He picked up on Brannah's cover, and looked towards the ceiling in an innocent, boyish manner.

"Her name's Mary Ann, with two n's, no e's. Uhh, my city's East Yordishre, and the guys are Dave Buffet, Chet Graham, and Zack Saffron."

Kris looks up from her folder suddenly, her eyes jerking up to him with a look of suprrised. "Saffon is involved in something? Wow, this world really is going to shit. He was such a good kid."

Then, with a disappointed shake of her head, she looks back down at her paperwork and mumbles something about hooligans being such a bad influence on others.

"Apparently," I said grimly. "I can't make any promises, kid, seeing as the case has been closed, but I promise if I can find some way to prove the little ass--Ahem, forgive my lack of professionalism. If I can find evidence that money changed hands or some other evidence, I'll make sure the gentleman involved see justice." It wasn't a lie. I was going to look into it. "That's all I need for now. But could you leave me your number just in case I have follow-up questions?"

"Sure thing, that's 801-133-7320. If there's anyway I can help, don't hesitate to ask." Virsago spoke in his usual polite manner towards strangers, but he had a feeling Brannah would actually bring the scum to justice. He rose from his seat, giving the officer a subtle thumbs up before turning to leave the office. Outside of Kyo, he found someone who actually gave him hope that good people existed.

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Post by RadioTanuki on 11th January 2016, 11:36 am

Coldrion Mercy Hospital ~3:30 P.M.

Kilder and Kyo had pretty much both been on watch together all afternoon. They took some small breaks, and were really supposed to be switching out, but good luck getting those two to leave for a very long period of time. They were taking small bathroom breaks and Kilder thought about stopping for some food, but... it wasn't any use. He wasn't really up to stomaching anything today. He didn't feel much like doing anything that didn't involve being here. Everything had been quiet all afternoon, Kyo and him had a few short conversations, or at least tried to... they talked about some fond memories of Jenia shortly, often ending with a little laugh and... well, more sadness. Really Kilder knew nothing he said would really cheer Kyo or himself up, for more than a minute at least. To make matters worse, Braedon was the only one allowed in the room. And he kept on going... in... out... in... out... Kilder was trying to keep himself from counting. He wasn't being mean, still, but he didn't have a lot to tell them either. It was killing them both. There was a noticeable 'jump' from Kilder and Kyo simultaneously every time the door opened that Braedon could no doubt not help but chuckle at. They were like puppies waiting at the door for their owners to come out.

Zorlias, having finished his photoshoot, wonders if Kilder is still keeping watch. He's sure to have a break at some point, though, so regardless, something can be done to work around it. He needs to see him.

He sends Kilder a text: "Need to see you."

Kilder checked the message from Zorlias, a bit puzzled. It had been some time since he had asked him something like this.
"Sure. What did you need, man? My shifts about done and I'm pretty sure Kyo has no plans to leave."

Zorlias' phone dings, he opens up, reads the text, and replies instantly: "Got another ID for you."

Kilder looked amused. He used to get these more often from Zorlias, but it had been a bit since the last one. He always did enjoy his little side ventures for Zorlias. It was his chance to do some spy work, which was, unfortunately more boring than it sounded. Not that the people Zorlias pointed him to weren't interesting to watch at times, but catching many of them in a suspicious position often took some time. Some of them didn't lead to much, but every once in a while they got big enough to become a full blown case. Nonetheless, Kilder enjoyed them. He had seen some pretty crazy things investigating in this manner.

"So who is it this time? I was almost worried I wasn't gonna get to have any fun anymore."

Zorlias replies: "C U soon."

"So ASAP, I guess. Ok. See ya man."

A bit later, Kilder decides just sitting here, though he wants to, isn't going to make him feel any better. He decides to leave it with Kyo at this point, nodding to him as he walks out.

"Well, looks like Zorlias needs some help from me. I'll see ya Kyo. Keep a good eye out for me, man."

Zorlias Corp.

Kilder gets out and gets over to Zorlias's office quickly. It's not to far anyway, and Zorlias Corp.'s first shift is usually leaving about this time of day. It doesn't take too long to get in. Not like the receptionist doesn't know who he is anyway. He steps in to Zorlias's office. "So what do we have this time? I really hope you got me someone really interesting this time. I've been itching for a new one after the lack of interesting characters the last few semesters..."

Zorlias smiles at this sight of Kilder, sliding a folder across the desk towards him, leaning back in his chair afterwards and bringing up an ankle to rest on top of his knee as his hands move up and behind his head with a relaxed posture.

"She gave me a vision...and it was filled with death," Zorlias says, "When I met her, she insisted she is not an Etheriest. Either she's lying, or she doesn't know. What I do know is that her ability can kill."

Kilder took the file and looked it over.

"Sophora Chiodo... Age 20... Has a little sister still in school, Elliana... Yeah, we've met... This would be her second year. Never had her in one of my classes, but she's a good student from what I hear. Wow. That's interesting... Sophora works for that photographer of yours, then? I think maybe...... I have seen her in passing, I believe? She never went to Delacroix though... I'll keep a look out. So what was it you saw, exactly? Like how did death happen? Did you see that? Anything specific?"

Kilder was like a kid in a candy store...

Zorlias scowls, "I saw ashes. I saw the decay of bodies and of Aria, itself."

"Wow. That's definitely some heavy stuff, man. Sounds... depressing.. but definitely interesting. Could be very dangerous. I like it!" Kilder replies.

"Thanks, Kilder. As always, I really appreciate this." Zorlias says, sounding relieved. "Haven't heard about Jenia, have you?"

"*Sigh* Nah... Not really... Braedon's been in and out about twenty times and he hasn't said shit.... And he's being really nice about it, too... Still makes me wonder.. He has never been that nice to me! It's almost as if he's rubbing how worried we are in. Kyo's still there of course. I think he's ok. I'll be honest. As much as I hated to leave, I'm kind of glad you got me out of there. I needed to get it off my mind a bit, I think... She'll be alright. I know we can trust them to keep her safe over there. And you pointed out who did it. She's not hard to miss. Hopefully we'll know by tomorrow, at least. I do know she unconscious still anyway..." Kilder said with a shrug.

"Alright," Zorlias says, nodding his head, "I know Kyo's diet, so, I'll be bringing dinner by for you three at six. Expect me then."

"Cool man. Stay and eat with, I hope? Anyway, I appreciate it man." Kilder said, walking towards the door. "I'll guess we will see you then. It's been too long since we've had a chance to talk much. It would be awesome to hang out again... See ya."

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Post by HikariKuragari on 11th January 2016, 10:40 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital - 12h15~3h30

(ATTN : Braedon, Kilder, whoever was still there)

Kyo had been keeping watch from outside the room with Kilder which was plain torture. He didn't get why they couldn't go inside... then again he did, but it was killing him. He was somewhat anxious on the inside and seeing Braedon go in and out all the time without saying anything was just making it worse. Not only that, but it seemed to amuse Braedon to make him and Kilder jump every time he opened the door from inside to come out. Well at least he was able to discuss a lot with Kilder, using his phone of course. They had multiple bathroom breaks and Kyo would sometime step out to eat something in the set room and come back. In fact he had been toughing out his lunch by eating bits of it a little at a time. He didn't know if he'd have enough till tomorrow though... but he didn't plan to leave still.

Kilder at some point near the end of their shift said something about Zorlias needing him after exchanging some text. He nods and wave at him and then remain alone in front of the door. Somehow now that he was alone though and left a bit more to himself...smeling all that hospital-esque scent reminded him of some dark places of his past... The time at which he was pretty much a test subject. That kind of scent was all over the place. Kyo shake his head, trying not to get further there. No he did not like the smell, but no even that would not keep him away from Jenia. Now he just hope his dad wouldn't try to still hook him with the nurse while he's working. That would suck. Still food was gonna be a problem at some point... should he text Zorlias ?... No maybe he shouldn't... didn't want to bother him or anything. Especially it wouldn't be a small meal....

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 12th January 2016, 12:07 pm

[ATTN: Imani] 4pm

Raelyn is in the elevator with Zorlias, who seems to be in the opposite corner as if he is trying to put as much distance between them. He's been acting weird all day, but she understands why. Although he looks as stoic as always, his mannerisms have changed and she can tell that he's extremely worried and stressed.

After some quiet hesitation on the seemingly forever lasting elevator ride, Raelyn finally starts talking. "Sooo...I'm thinking instead of a dinner date...maybe drinks with Sophie at seven-seven thirty? I figure you've got enough on your plate..."

Zorlias says, "Fine. Set it up."

"Excellent. I'll text her." Raelyn replies, "Looks like a lot of our workers will head home, soon...did you need anything else, or am I off for today?"

Zorlias says nothing, simply shrugging. Guess that means he doesn't give a crap. With an inward sigh, she forces her eyes onto the elevator door and tries to gaze at it while gazing at him from the corner of her eyes with a burning desire to punch him. What a crap day.

"What's tomorrow?" Zorlias asks tiredly, "I need time to go to the hospital."

Rae nods her head, "I kept that in mind. I've arranged it so that you have only two meetings tomorrow--both in the early morning. You have a progress meeting with project leads Imani McKnight and Shana Ford, the first at 8am and the second at 830am."

Finally, the elevator stops. Zorlias thanks her quietly and steps out and Raelyn sighs with relief. She's still mad about his stupid "date," but she has to understand about what's going on with his family...and speaking of dates, why Sophie? She saw the girl, there's nothing overly special about her. Zorlias has had twice her reputation and twice her breast size hit on him, so why this girl of them all? It makes no sense.

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Post by xenolion on 12th January 2016, 3:56 pm

~~Downtown Coldrion 5:00Pm~~
{Attn: Closed}

After working on the pictures for both clients for final printing, Sophie is free again. She grabs her bag with her laptop and decides to go downtown Coldrion today. The people should be getting out of work and the restaurants should be filling up. She grabs a quick dinner from her favorite place before finding a nice bench. She sits at the very edge and places her back pack at her side to prevent people from getting sitting too close.

She sits on the bench with her legs crossed under her. Very comfortable for someone of her height. She takes out her camera and selects the best lens. She has her tablet in her lap as she looks around for the perfect picture. There is a lot of foot traffic and soon enough she sees a couple walking together hand in hand. She brings up her camera. She feels a bit jealous of the couple. She will never be able to have a lover. Never will she feel a gentle caress from another person not to mention other intimacies.

She sighs and swings the camera in the opposite direction. She gasps as she sees a man dressed to the nines walking the largest jaguar she has ever seen. The creature is almost as tall as her. She could not resist taking a few pictures as they walk along. How cool would it be to have a pet? Once again she cannot do that. Maybe she will have a fish or other animal that cannot be held.

It has been several hours since Cade's meeting with the two, and although the young Mr. Arturas has already accepted his request via text through Ms. Delacroix, he has asked his lovely companion to keep with him for a while longer. Walking out in the city, he cannot help but feel satisfaction, both over the completion of his goal and purpose for coming to the town as well as for the pleasant chance to just...enjoy each other's company.

Suddenly, Errette seems to stop walking, looking off to his left. He stops, turning slightly to look after her and then to follow her gaze. It would seem her attention has fallen on a lovely young teenager that is taking pictures of them...with a rather pricey and high-quality camera. Interesting.

Errette walks towards the girl with slow, graceful movements, staring at her steadily with her golden eyes. With a smile, Cade follows. "A beauty, isn't she?" Cade says as they approach, "I think she loves having her picture taken."

Sophie smiles. “She is a beautiful jaguar. I have never seen one as big as she. I have not seen you in town before, are you visiting?” She sets down her camera momentarily to dig in her backpack for a notebook. “I am working on a project. You may have heard of the ‘People of Coldrion’ picture books. I would love to use your picture in the book. It is just a standard disclosure form they would like to have.” She holds the notebook up with a pen attached. “If you want to include a paragraph about yourself you may, but that is optional. It makes the book more personal. Also I personally am offering a print free of charge. That has nothing to do with the publisher. If you want that, please include a mailing address on the next page. Don’t worry, I don’t share any information.”

Cade looks at her and at the notebook, impressed. "Oh, wow! One so young in such a lucrative business! A difficult one, to boot. A pleasure to meet you, Miss. I am Mayor Cade Admen of Simarynn I don't suppose I'd really belong in a book that is meant for the people of Coldrion."

Sophie smiles at the young comment. She gets it so much that it is not even an insult any more, nor does she try to correct strangers. She almost drops the notebook when he introduces himself. “Um, well it is not exclusively about Coldrion people, but her visitors as well. However, I understand why you decline. I apologize that I didn’t recognize you. I have not been to Simarynn City. Nor did I expect to see a Mayor on my candid shoots. Actually this is just a hobby for me. I spend most of my day with people taking posed photographs, it is refreshing to just do candids. What is your companion’s name?”

"Oh, I see!" Cade says, "Well, how lovely to have such a hobby...her name is Errette. If you don't mind having a Simarynn townsman in your collection, I'll be happy to be part of your project. I'm sure Errette here will fancy it, as well."

The Panther stands, looking back at Cade, first, but then turning to Sophie and purring lowly. Her tail moves up behind her, swishing this way and that before she lays down on the cool ground with a big yawn.

"Looks like she's tired." Cade says, "I suppose I should rest here and give her a break. You don't mind if I--"

He's moving towards another of the benches, but his words stop as the Panther suddenly stands up on all fours with a low growl in her throat. She's looking off towards another man that's not too far off, starting at them rather suspiciously.

Errette's voice echoes throughout his mind, "He's been following the girl."

Narrowing his eyes in suspicion, he watches as the guy tries to walk around the park nonchalantly, but it's clear that he's really here on some sort of business, rather than just a casual visit or stroll. What a terrible actor. Feeling irritated, he looks to the young girl and says with a forced smile:

"Dear, I am highly convinced that this man has been following, and even watching you. I am an Etheriest and I would like to...use my power to assure your safety. Will that offend you?" Cade asks quietly.

Errette says, "Really? You're asking first?"

Sophie holds up the notebook again. “It would be wonderful to have you in the book. No one will believe that I actually got the Mayor of Simarynn. My offer still stands on the personal photograph as well Mayor Amden. I guarantee you I will pick out the best picture. I will also let you approve the picture as well.” She looks down at Errette as Cade introduces her. “Errette is a beautiful name.”

Sophie watches Errette get comfortable. She is thankful when Cade sits down on the next bench over. Her expression changes to one of worry as Errette begins acting up. Cade then alerts her a man following her. “Are you sure he is following me, and not you? I am just a normal person taking pictures.” She lifts her camera up to her face again. “Why don’t you tell me where the man is first, and I will see if it is someone I know.”

Leaning over, he points at the man in the most inconspicuous way possible as he says, "The one with the big hat and trench coat."

Sophie is extremely uncomfortable as the Mayor leans over to her. She leans away from him slightly as she points it in the man’s direction. “Damn, it I don’t have the right lens for this.” She lowers her camera. She wonders if the man was sent by Zorlias by any chance. He did seem interested in her. “What exactly is your etherist ability? I am not an etherist myself. There is no reason for anyone to follow me.” She nods. “Please, if you wouldn’t mind. I do appreciate it.”

With a mischievous smile, he says, "Let's find out what this man is up to, then, shall we?" Then, he stands up and looks about him to make sure that there aren't too many people around him to cause a fuss. There's enough space to work. After a few moments, the air becomes cold. Very cold. Cade's hasn't moved but now, he pulls off his rather richly made jacket and tosses it over to Sophie with an attempt to hope that it will keep her warm. As expected, several people nearby decide to take their leave. It's rare to find someone that will stay in a place so cold.

Thankfully, he doesn't get cold. The stalker looks up at him and he meets the man's eyes. The guy realizes that he's been caught, so he turns to walk away rather quickly. However, Cade simply flicks his hand to the side with a graceful motion and the ground below his feet suddenly becomes frostbitten.

It spreads out from his feet and the man finds that his feet are suddenly covered into a huge block of ice. He falls over, failing to walk from the huge weight that pins his feet together. Finally, Cade walks over to the man slowly as he struggles to break the ice with his hand, slamming his feet against the ground with the hopes that it will crack.

Cade's ice is just too powerful for that. He looks down at the man, putting his hands into his pockets casually. "You're a stalker and I'll be sure to inform CETE of this when they arrive...unless you can tell me why you're following this young lady."

Sophie watches Cade rise. Suddenly the air gets cold. Like winter cold, true Sophie is covered from head to toe, but she still feels it. She catches the jacket that Mayor Amden threw at her. The man freezes the ground like it was nothing. She has never seen force ice used before outside of etherball. “Please don’t hurt him. There is probably a reasonable explanation!”

Cade shakes his head as the man refuses to answer, glaring up as Cade, instead. He seems rather displeased and he has escape. "No, dear, I wouldn't dream of hurting the man. After all, it's illegal to use Ether in public if is used for harm. I'm a Mayor, so I can't just much about with tomfoolery like that..."

He looks back at Errette, who he usually calls Erie in his mind. She hates it, but she'll be okay. She's just standing there, watching. Seems things will be okay. So, now he returns his gaze back to the stalker man.

"Were you hired, or are you a pervert of some kind?" Cade asks.

"I--I was hired, I'm no pervert!" The man says.

Cade wonders if he is telling the truth or if he is just saying that to hide the fact that he's a pervert. After all, isn't that something a sex offender would say? He's quite uncertain. "Who hired you?"

The man shakes his head, "I ain't sayin'. I'll lose my job. Just let me go and I'll refuse the job. I'll leave her alone."

Cade doesn't know if the man is speaking the truth or not, but really, he doesn't care, either. After all, this man's fate is in the young girl's hands, not his own. So, he simply looks to her and asks, "What would you like to do with him? It's really up to you."

The man has sit up by this point, looking rather grumpy. Pulling his feet away from him, he looks down at the ice block around his feet with scorn as he mumbles under his breath. He seems so miffed, but Cade can't really blame him. This is definitely not a fun way to get caught when stalking someone.

Sophie is angry. She wants to know what is going on. She crosses her arms. “I understand that you don’t want to reveal your boss. However, a few questions or I will turn you over to CETE. What were the instructions given by your employer? How long have you been following me?”

The guy groans, "Look, girl. I was just told to make sure you don't hurt anyone. I was told you were a scary death mage and--"

"Don't lie." Cade cuts in, "She's not an Etheriest."

The man looks pissed, so he spits at Cade's shoes. However, the spit just freezes midway and then drops to the ground. The man finally says, "I ain' lyin'. My boss said she's dangerous. And possibly a killer."

Sophie’s face pales momentarily. “Do I look like a dangerous murderer? The only wicked talent I have is with a camera.” She walks back to her bag, throws it over her shoulder. “Tell your employer that he or she has the wrong person. I will let you go this time, but next time I won’t be so nice.” She looks up at Mr. Amden. “Thank you for helping me out, but I am going to head home. It was a pleasure to meet you and Errette.” She begins to walk away. She is scared, really scared. Is the man serious? She has been so careful never to use her powers. She keeps herself covered at all times, always careful not to touch anyone.

"I understand, young lady." Cade says, "I'm going to stick with this fellow a while longer to be sure he doesn't follow you. You go on right ahead." With that, an ice stool appears next to him and he sits upon it casually with a pointed glare. Cade says to the stalker, "You'd better not be a pervert."

Sophie waits until she gets out of the sight of the mayor and stalker before she breaks into a run. She is thankful that she kept up the running. She runs all the way to her building, making sure not to run into any other people. She fumbles with her keys at the door, her hands are still shaking. She will need to talk to Ellie tomorrow. She’s always been a reasonable voice when Sophie’s needed it. Her body freezes as her hand touches the handle.

She looks over her shoulder and sees gold colored eyes. Her eyes widen until she sees Errette walk out. Did Mayor Amden send her? How sweet of him. She raises her hand and waves at the jaguar. Then she goes into the building.

It isn’t until she is in her apartment that she begins to feel warmer than usual. She realizes that she is still wearing the Mayor’s jacket. Oh crap now she is a thief on top of everything. She will have to find a way to get it back to him. For now she has some work to do. Which is good because she doesn’t think she can sleep now. She takes her laptop out of the bag followed by her camera.

She grabs a glass and pours some wine in it. Then takes the memory card out of her camera and plugs it into her computer. She starts to download the pictures. She browses the internet as she waits. Once they are loaded she looks at them, smiling when she sees the one of Mayor Amden and Errette. He is a really nice guy for being a mayor, down to earth. She still cannot believe she met him. She starts writing her own blurb for the book. She will have to get it approved and find a way to return his jacket.

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Post by xenolion on 12th January 2016, 6:07 pm

Got permission to double post.

{Attn: Open, those who know Ellie}
Elliana is packing her stuff when she hears her phone notification. She opens it and sees the message with a link to a video. It was from James. She is surprised because she doesn’t talk to him too much. They had a group project once last year, which is why she has him as a friend. She opens the message and her mouth drops. She is so shocked and forwards it along to her extensive friend list. This is something important that everyone needs to know. She is glad they were able to save Jenia.

It does not take long before she is receiving messages from her friends. With their help, the word gets spread even faster. She suggests to have a candlelight vigil at the University in honor of Jenia. All her friends love the idea. They start spreading the word. She leaves the house and heads to the store to pick up some cheap candles and other supplies. She feels really bad for Jenia and hopes Jenia knows that they stand behind her. It is the least they can do for everything the Delacroix family has done for Etherists in Coldrion. She hoped that one of them will come and give them and update on Jenia's condition.

She wonders how this would affect the beginning of the school year. At least it was primarily the administration building that was affected. They should be able to hold classes. She hopes Jenia is not too injured and she will be up to having visitors. Until then she will collect the cards for her.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 16th January 2016, 11:50 am

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/6PM~6h30PM

(ATTN : People around the hospital)

- This is a collab between Leah, Me and Radio~ -

Zorlias works down in his room, researching as much information as possible on the lovely "Lionesse" while he waits to prepare for dinner. It isn't long enough before he has to stop his work, take a shower, and suit up for yet another visit to the hospital. He was not having any troubles focusing on his research like he has initially suspected--his anger fuels his focus enough, it would seem.

After putting on another nice suit, he begins to cook for the CETE watch. He is careful to add a few snacks and sides--Kilder is rarely satisfied by Kyo's rather particular diet preferences. Then again, Kilder is rarely satisfied unless Jenia made it. Go figure.

With the food all packed and ready to go, he heads outside of the Zorlias Corporation administration building. He moves out into the parking lot where his car is placed and gets inside. He'll have to fill up on gas before he can stop at the hospital. With a sigh, he checks his watch: He's a tad early. Plenty of time to fill up, then.

After twenty minutes, Zorlias is on his way to the hospital. He wastes no time getting there and getting parked. He carefully grabs the food he's catering and heads in. Visitor hours are still open, so the front doors are still opening. Two seconds after walking through the door, Zorlias almost loses everyone's dinner onto the floor. Holy Maker of Spirts! Zorlias thinks to himself with wide eyes.

Standing just in front of the entrance receptionists counter is a small girl with blue pigtails and bright blue eyes, looking as adorable as they can come. She's a young teenager...and she's with a giant freaking cat. A jaguar or something. Sitting there in the floor, perfectly freaking domesticated. The woman behind the desk looks quite flustered and the little girl looks frustrated.

"I told you, my brother got clearance for her in this City! The whole freaking city!" The little girl is saying, "Check in with the mayor, lady! I've got a right to be here...and Erie here won't hurt anyone, I promise!"

The receptionist shakes her head, "Young lady, you don't even have a leash for this creature. None of our patients are going to feel safe or comfortable with that thing in here. I'm sorry, but--"

Zorlias, immediately intrigued, walks on up to the desk and asks, "Can I help?"

The lady looks up at him and shakes her head, but she blushes a little. Zorlias is used to girls looking at him like she is, so he just ignores it. Looking over to the little girl, he can see the stars in her eyes, too. He inwardly groans, but he puts on a smile as he says, "I'm Zorlias Delacroix. My father runs CETE and I'm sure he can give a clearance for this animal in the Hospital, if it is, in fact, domesticated."

The young girl looks quite pleased and a big smile spreads across her face and the receptionist kind of gulps nervously. She's clearly shy around him, for whatever reason. She shouldn't be a receptionist if she gets shy around every dude that happens to smile and tries to be helpful.

Zorlias leans over casually, but flirtatiously, "Or, you could trust me to get this young girl where she's trying to go? We have CETE members in the building to respond, should anything go crazy. Do you think you could trust me?"

With this, Zorlias winks at the receptionist and she blushes even more red as the little girl giggles. She looks up at him mischievously and Zorlias knows that the little girl can tell what he's doing. She's a smart kid, that's for sure. He can put on quite the convincing and manipulative charm, when he needs to. It comes with the business.

"I'll stick with him," The little girl adds, "What do you say? He's a trustworthy dude."

The receptionist smiles, "Well, okay, didn't get through because of me, okay?"

The receptionist passes over a phone number written on a notepad and then clears her throat before sitting down nervously. With a giggle, the little girl stands up away from the desk and moves to follow Zorlias instantly.

He begins walking and the kid is right on his trail. Zorlias can't help but to look down at the large, scary looking cat as they walk, which has sauntered up on his other side. Somehow, he suddenly feels outnumbered....

"," Zorlias says, looking down into the cat's eyes briefly, "what's with the giant cat?"

"Oh, this is Erie." The girl says cheerily, "And I'm Emma Amden! Nice to meetcha!"

The girl hand out her hand to the side to shakes his and he happily takes it. However, he instantly recognizes the last name and then the blue hair and eyes suddenly strike recognition into his mind. So, she's the youngest Amden child....what company he is keeping...

"Pleasure to meet you," Zorlias replies, "What brings you so far out of your hometown and into a hospital so far from it?"

"Oh, I'm here on behalf of my brother," Emma says casually, shrugging, "I gotta give my respects to your sister with this little card and wish your whole family best wishes and all that jazz...and then I gotta pass on Erie here to some dude named Kilder. My bro says I'll recognize him easily by his personality, but I'm not sure what that means...."

Zorlias listens as the girl starts talking on rather quickly and excitedly. She's so calm, but yet so fast in her speech, it's sort of strange. She's got a lot of energy. As she says this last part, Zorlias laughs loudly, clearly very amused. With a grin, he shakes his head, but he doesn't say anything further as the girl keeps rambling on.

"Anyway, my bro just really feels bad for your sis and we're super glad she's okay and stuff." Emma says, "I really don't like hospitals, but letting people know you care is always worth the visit. But man, they halls always smell like cleaners and vomit. And the colors...they are so ugly. I wish I could just be an interior decorator for these poor saps. I'd put in some bright, nauseatingly happy colors! I'm talkin' vivid saturation, ya know? And then--oh, wait. Looks like we're there."

Erie has now walked ahead of them, her steady stride moving into a light jog as she rushes up to Kilder and Kyo, both of whom are sitting in chairs outside of a hospital room looking rather uncomfortable. Erie moves straight up to where Kilder sits and rests her head on his lap and stares up to him.

Emma giggles again.

"Guess Erie likes that guy." Emma says.

Kyo was starting to feel rather tired starring at the walls and then ceilling and then the floor, front and so on. Time looked like it wasn't moving. But then he saw Zorlias coming closer with.... a girl ?... and... wait... a... Kyo's completely bored and tired expression changed to one that lit up as he saw the cat approach them. He looked at the said cat in awee and then saw it place it's head on Kilder's lap. He was rather jealous now.... but at the same time he just couldn't stop starring at the cat... He wanted to pet it sooooo badly.

Kilder looks down at Errette as she lays her head in his lap. "Oh..... Hey you...." he said, tensing up a bit at first. Kilder liked cats, but this thing was freakin enormous... It's head a lone felt about the weight of a small boulder as it was... Well... That's a bit of an exaggeration but, you get it.
That aside, she was very fluffy and soft, at least. He rested his hand on it's head and petted her a bit. Looking over now, he noticed a young girl with Zorlias.

"Ice blue hair, a younger teen, brought this cat along... Amden's kid perhaps?.... She must have been the source of that shrill, high pitched voice coming from down the hallway.... I knew no one made that kind of noise when they were dying! It was just too.... entergetic.."

"Well looks like I'm still set to cat-sit tonight," Kilder said, smiling a bit. "Hey Zorlias, long time no see. And you young lady must beeeeeeee..... related to Mayor Amden? ....right?.... Am I?... Feel free to let me know now!''

Zorlias looks surprised that Kilder knows she is, but Emma does not. "Hiya....Kilder? Nice to meet ya!"

>.> How did she figure out who I.... the cat.... OF COURSE.... THIS CAT IS GOOD....."

"Erm, yeah, hi there! Nice to meet you too!........... young Miss Amden?....riiiiight?...."

Kyo was still looking at the beautiful cat with almost sparkles in his eyes.

"Thaaat's me!" Emma says with a giggle, "Call me Emma. I'm adorable! Just like Erie, here, so where's my pat on MY head?!"

Zorlias says nothing, but he just hands out some of the food trays to Kyo while he listens to their conversations. He's slightly thrown off by the entire ordeal. Kilder doesn't even seem fazed by the magnificent beast. However, he doesn't speak, since he doesn't wish to interrupt.

After Erie has appeased her needs in Kilder's affections, the cat soon moves over to sniff at Kyo. She looks interestedly at the food and at Zorlias, but she simply stares at Kyo in the end, waiting for him to pet her expectantly.

Kyo suddenly is brought back to reality when Zorlias hands over food trays. ''Uh?..'' He lets out that sound from his mouth as looks completely surprised and it takes him a few seconds to proceed the information again. When he catch that Zorlias brought him food he looks at him like he's his savior. ''Oh my god ! Food ! Thank you so much... hope it wasn't too much trouble !'' He wrote on his phone and show it to Zorlias. But then the cat comes by him... HIM... he suddenly stares at the cat again and then smile widely as he see that she was waiting on him to pet her. He proceed to pet her and the fur was so soft.

Kilder looks at her dumbfounded for a moment. "Um. Okay. Hello Emma, nice to meet you. Thanks for delivering this cough*giagantic cough* lovely, ~GENTLE~(Errette nuzzles a bit too enthusiastically as he is speaking) beast to me to have a wonderful sleepover with tonight. We might have a tea party, a pillow fight, maybe we'll even make some s'mores or something! And yeah, you are quite adorable now that you mention it!"

As Kilder says this, a nurse walks by them, going about her business. She happens to look over seeing Errette, who suddenly lifts her head and stares into THE NURSE'S SOUL. (It looked that way to Kilder anyway...) Her pace quickly picks up and she heads down the hallway faster with a worried look on her face.

"My hero..." Kilder says, patting her on the head, "Why, that very attractive nurse could have been walking down this way to stab me, if not for you!" He said it with a hint of sarcasm. "If there were any way this cat coulld hear sarcasm, I would not want to get on it's bad side...." -_-

Emma giggles at Kilder's comments. She moves over to Kyo and holds out her hand, "And you are?"

Kyo comes back to reality again as the girl asked who he was, in fact he almost jump as he was too busy rubbing his fingers on that lovely amazing gigantic cat. He writes on his phone with a hand and offer the other for the handshake as he show the text at the same time. ''I'm Kyo... Kyo Delacroix, brother of Zorlias and Jenia. Nice to meet you erm... sorry... I think I didn't hear your name well... '' He finished with a bit in embarrassment, considering it was because he had been fixated on the cat this whole time. He also showed a look that meant that he was sorry to his brother who was still holding that food tray and stuff.

"ooh!" She says, "I'm Emma. I-I'm so sorry for your sister. I'm here on behalf of my brother, Cade Amden. We wanted to offer our condolences."

Suddenly, she cringes, "I mean, we know she's okay." She says hastily, "I just mean...we're sorry and stuff."


Zorlias smiles, "Thanks. We appreciate yours and Cade's kind thoughts in this time."

"No prob!" Emma says, "Well, I should go. It was nice meeting you all!"

Kyo smiles too as his brother speak and he nods to show he feels the same. He helps Zorlias get free of his load of food. And he happily open the food and smile... while almost drooling. He was starving.

"Yeah. Thanks.. See ya.. Hey,... how long am I-- do I get to keep the cat again?" Kilder called to her.

Emma shrugs at Kilder as she walks away.

"OKAY, GREAT. I JUST HOPE I HAVE ENOUGH PANTHER FOOD AT THE HOUSE TO LAST US BOTH.... INDEFINITELY..." Kilder yelled down the hall to her sarcastically. "sigh..." He looked down at Errette, petting her again. "Just you and me bud. We're gonna have all kinds of fun together..." he said in a shrieky voice as he scratched her chin. At least he was becoming more comfortable with her now. All of a sudden, a rumbling came, almost as if out of nowhere from some deep otherworldly dwelling.... Kilder's stomach growled, in other words. He was hungry. "Zorlias... FOOOOOOOOOODDDD..... PLEEEEASE... AND---Thank You!" he said, popping back to life as Zorlias pulled out the food tray. "You don't mind, do ya Errie? I MIGHT share... a little"

Zorlias shakes his head, but he pulls up his own chair and takes a seat. He accepts a little of the food back from Kyo as they begin to talk about the food. So clearly, he knew who she was because Kilder has met Cade. Interesting. And now he' sitting? How in the world did Kilder get pulled into a job like that from such an important man?

"'re cat sitting?" Zorlias asks, intrigued.

Kyo looked at Kilder quite curious too while munching on some food. He do hope Kilder have the cat for more then one night... he wants to get to know the cat better !

*munch munch*~"Okay-SO! *munch* I was ad dis meeting~*munch* with the dear old--no,.. young mayor of *crunch*~ Simarynn City and Jenia--of course... and he asks me if I could go *gulp*~ahem undercover at his school. Apparently, he needed someone from the outside who was trustworthy, according to Jenia, whose opinion he apparently values. Well. I declined. I mean I do like going undercover and all, but c'mon, it was for, like, the whole semester! I can't just flake out on my school like that!--Oh, keep this under wraps by the way. Also! (picks up more food and shoves it in face) *munch*~ This is awersome foord Zor.... ahem ALSO,..... so yeah, declined his offer and he just kind of pauses *munch*~ for a bit and says to me, 'So can you watch my pet cat, pls?' and I'm just like... 'wut?' and look at Jenia who is also like 'wut?' and I'm like... 'okay.... sure. What could it hurt?' SO, that happened. I'm not sure why. I felt bad I had to reject his first offer I guess and just thought, 'hey, maybe this cat won't kill me if I'm nice to it!' and here we are. One big happy.... duo. Anyone want to party at my place tonight? This cat could use a welcoming party and ...I don't want to be alone... Somebody? Kyo, I see you eyeing her! Wouldn't you love this opportunity to have an all night dance party with this lovely girl, here?" Kilder fluffs out the fur on her face as she makes sad eyes or... maybe uncaring eyes?.... "Isn't she precious? You know you want to!" He says in his shriek baby voice to Kyo.

Zorlias just munches on his dinner, not responding at all. Then, after a full bit, he says, "I have a date tonight. Won't be able to stay very long, sorry."

Kyo listens to Kilder's story and as he get to the part about the cat, Kyo looks at her and then at him. He then writes on his phone ''I'd love to.... though I really want to stay here.... '' He had a more serious face now thinking of Jenia again, but continued eating. However when Zorlias said he had a date Kyo looked at him with wide eyes, but then curious ones... yet he didn't want to force him to tell details or anything.

"HOLD ON A SEC.... Did you just say you had a DATE?...."

BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Holy crap, dude. You haven't dated in like........ A REALLY LONG TIME ANYWAY! Hehe! You gotta tell me now buddy! Who's the lucky lady? I bet she's a knockout knowing you!... Well... then again... I'm not sure.... knowing you. Wait. You didn't pick up a goth chick or something, right? Do goths still exist? Ok. Who is it? I'm dying here man! ...Is this-- even a normal date?.... Are you, going undercover yourself? Or just y'know, undercover? Ha. Sorry. I couldn't help myself there... ahem, anyway... Do tell, sir! Do tell!" Kilder says excitedly.

Zorlias lets Kilder ramble a bit, looking quite blank in his response. He's definitely not surprised by his reply...he probably should have been more direct in the first place. "It's not a real date. I'm manipulating her. Obviously. It's Sophie."

"Oooooooohh, YES! I KNEW IT! I TOTALLY CALLED IT!!" Kilder said with a fist pump.

Kyo looked at Kilder rambling and could not help, but let out a small laugh, he couldn't stay serious with this. Although when Zorlias replied, Kyo looked a bit worried or rather confused, you could pretty much almost see a question mark on his face. Though when Kilder got excited again Kyo placed a finger on his mouth and said ''shh...'' Considering people were starring since he was loud.

"So she must be exciting if that's the case. MAN, THIS IS GONNA BE BIG! I JUST KNOW IT! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!!"

Kilder got shushed by Kyo at this point. "Oh... (whispering) yeah, sorry.. Thanks Kyo... So is it tonight then, Zor? You're already eating with us though!..."

"It's just drinks." Zorlias says, waving his hand dismissively, "Then I'm coming back here tomorrow afternoon at one. They said we'd have access to Jenia then."

Kyo eats some more and get silent again. The night was going to be long.... but he knew that even if he went home right now he wouldn't be able to sleep, he'd rather stay close to Jenia. Waiting till the afternoon tomorrow to actually see her though... was torture... There was also that case of today that worried him... he hoped Kris was okay... He felt bad for just leaving everything in her hand so suddenly... and that case was worrying him too. What a crazy day it was.

"Ok. I got ya. Cool, cool. Well, thanks for the food Zor. Guess you probably gotta go soon, and unfortunately, (sigh) SO DO I." he rolled his eyes, and then looked over to Kyo. "Wish I could stay and hang out, man. But I don't think they're gonna let me and Errette here sleep in the waiting room. I'll probably have to leave in a bit too..."

Zorlias stands, "Indeed. I must rest. should, too."

Kyo smiled slightly toward him and nods. As if saying it was fine toward Kilder. Though his brother then told him that he should rest too. Kyo wrote ''Well... even if I go now I know I won't be able to sleep at peace... Might as well stay close to her here.... If I get too tired I can make a chairbed I guess... ''He showed him the text and look away a bit. He knew he wasn't convincing at all to not worry his brother. In fact Kyo knew he'd get super anxious inside the moment they won't be with him anymore since he'll overthink stuff and all or just over worry.

Zorlias readies to say goodbye, but offers each of them a hug, as well as a short pat on the head to Erie.

Kyo place the tray on his seat after getting up and gives a warm hug to his brother, maybe a little longer than usual though. Must be the stress... He then write on his phone. ''Alright.... thanks for the food again by the way. It really helped and it was delicious.'' With a soft smile he showed his phone to Zorlias with the message.

Errette, who has been rather seeming to enjoy the affection from Kyo and Kilder up to this point, seems almost annoyed at Zorlias's petting her.

It was pretty noticeable that she didn't seem to like Zorlias's 'pat' for some reason, but he shrugged it off, unsure why. "See ya, Zorlias. Tomorrow, I hope. Thanks again, man." He hugged him back, then looked at Errie. "Guess I had better get YOU to the house now too. I would love it if we could hang here, but they just revived that guy down the hall after his heart attack, and I'm pretty sure you could put him at risk of another. Let's not kill anyone today, alright?..." He petted her and looked to Kyo. "Well dude,.... It's gonna be a fun night for the both of us I believe, and I'm already tired as hell.. Get some rest, Kyo." he said, giving Kyo a hug as well. "And don't worry, man. Jenia will pull through this. Your sis is the strongest girl I know. Heheh." He turned to Errette. "Well, let's go make a few memories, my friend. Starting with... a catnap, or two... Sound good?.... You don't have tell me, I already know you're thinking what I am! I SEE YOUR EYES, DUDE! Sleepy cat! Okay. Really though, let's go! See Ya Kyo! Goodnight!" Kilder and Errette then turned and walked away in a familiar manner... It kind of looked like Balloo and Bagheera at the end of the Jungle Book movie the way they made their exit.

Kyo gave a hug to Kilder too and then he listen to him and nods. ''I'll try to get some.... later. And... I know... but I can't help, but get anxious and worried. Well see ya tomorrow guys... I'll guard the fort till then.'' Kyo wrote on his phone to show them before they left and then waved as they left.

This is indeed gonna be a long night.... He wonders who's taking the next shift too, but whatever the case he'll stay around no matter what.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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[Attn: Open]
-12:30 AM-

The rest of Banjee's day went by uneventfully as she wandered around the city's shopping centers. Some stores carried some interesting goodies, particularly a stylish coat in yellow-jacket colors. The sleeves were big enough to conceal Banjee's hands and she could hide part of her face in the raised collar. Of course, the coat was 2 sizes too large, but Banjee would grow into it. A pair of black boots with cross-eyed smiley faces caught her attention as well.

Each mall and social center had their own flair, but the interior fountain structure in an upscale Jacey's mall kept Banjee entertained for nearly 30 minutes. The water trickled down a natural-looking rocky structure, flowing through channels and tunnels, snaking to the base of the artificial mountain surrounded by a shallow lake of water and mist. Banjee would have taken a dip if it weren't for all the people around.

The evening gave way to jumping across building rooftops, climbing up walls, and vaulting over gaps. The feeling of the cool summer air passing over Banjee's face 2 stories above ground gave her a high that's not often rivaled. Perdix reacted in kind, moving with razor sharp precision. The two danced from roof to roof like a leaf in the breeze. Later into the night, Banjee sat atop a tall crane, looking out over the city lights. "I could really get used to this city." She whispered to her companion. She could almost feel Perdix purring, relishing in the fresh air and ample Ether.

"You know, I think we should get ourselves a treat. You should really try harder to stop me, man." Banjee was itching to visit the shopping center again, but for a different purpose. Perdix had no idea what Banjee was referring to, but it could sense her excitement. Without anyone to oppose her, Banjee unwrapped the bandages around her arms and legs. She stood on the crane's metal boom, setting her sights for the mall she visited earlier. With her limbs out in the open air, Benjee felt a tingle run up her spine, a tingle she gets excited for ever time. A sporadic giggle carried across the wind as Banjee took off like a shadow.

With Perdix unbound, Banjee was free to use its full potential. Her limbs changed fluidly from limbs to tentacles to insectoid appendages and back on the way to the mall. Her backpack of random items jangled whenever whenever her body changed orientation. The mall looked like it was already closed, but one thing Banjee noticed was that the guards rarely locked the emergency exit on the roof. She scaled the back wall of the building, turning her arms into picks and jamming them into the grooves of the bricks. It wasn't long before she was up on the roof, and a door awaited her. Very slowly, she opened the unlocked door, tiptoeing down the following staircase.

On the ground floor, she checked for any guards before sneaking out among the stores. Wasting no time, Banjee sought for the electricity box. After what seemed like an hour, she found the switches for the lights on the floor. Smirking excitedly, Banjee took out an old flashlight from her backpack before flipping every switch, causing the entire floor to go dark. With the security cameras out of the way for the moment, Banjee sprinted for the store with the coat and boots. Using the dim light from her torch, she quickly closed in on the shop. As expected, the entrance was barred by a gate that descended from the ceiling. "Piece of cake..." She breathed as she slid a finger into a key hole at the bottom of the gate, feeling where to press on the lock as if her finger was morphing into a fake key. Footsteps were heard in the background, but she eventually found the right combination.

Being careful not to make much noise, Banjee slowly lifted the gate just high enough to slip through. She easily found the coat and boots she coveted, but instead of nabbing the ones on display, she took ones that were stored on racks for a legitimate customer. Banjee's nerves were on edge as she stuffed the clothing into her backpack. The apparel didn't even fit, so she had to keep the backpack open. She listened for any noise before slipping back under the gate. Stalking for the door to the staircase, Banjee's senses were on high alert. Just up ahead, she saw a light crawling across the floor, accompanied by the sound of leather shoes. Banjee shut off her flashlight and looked for the nearest thing to distract the guard. She couldn't get caught, but she also had to prevent the guards from turning the lights back on.

With nothing but bare floor and a vendor's booth to hide behind, Banjee ruffled her clothes, tapped her feet, tried to make enough noise to distract the guard. The footsteps grew closer, but they were distinctly slower, softer, telling of hesitance. The circle of light traced across the walls, but Banjee hid next to the booth on the side opposite to the guard. She had the idea of leaving the guard a gift, so she reached into her pocket and pulled out some used napkins, making as much noise as she could. The guard took the bait, creeping closer to Banjee's side of the booth. Just as the guard turned the flashlight onto Banjee, she slipped to the next side of the booth. She could imagine just how spooked the poor guy was. She heard the guard picking up the napkins, so it was her time to leave. Holding her breath, she crept swiftly off to the staircase.

Squealing under her breath, she gently opened the door and deftly closed it behind her. With the stairs between her and escape, Banjee darted up and up, until she reached the roof. Out in the open air, she took a in a big waft of air with a huge grin. The adrenaline caused Banjee to laugh uncontrollably to the point where she had to stop herself. Her body was still jittering from excitement, which caused Perdix to shake a little as well. Banjee looked down at her quivering hands, somehow feeling the need to look at her hands to make sure they're real. "Alright, we're almost home!" She exclaimed. She climbed back down the same wall, jumping several feet to the ground. She hit the pavement hard, taking a knee to cushion her fall. "Sorry..." She muttered before taking off into the darkness of the night.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Coldrion Hospital/6h30~7h30

(ATTN : Closed for the texting/Open outside of that)

-This is a collab between me and Vye, our character are texting each other-

Kyo was still in front of the room where his sister was laying on a hospital bed and not being able to be next to her was still torturing him, but he'd have to endure till tomorrow. Keeping guard in front of a door though was probably the job with the highest risk of falling asleep. The fact that he had nobody to talk to anymore or to do was just.... boring. He wondered if the next ones to guard would come soon, they seemed a little late. It's then that the said person came around to mention he was replacing him and how he was really sorry for what happened and hoped he could be of help. Kyo got up and left him the spot writting. ''Take care of my sister's security, while I'm on break... I'm counting on you... and if anything happen you can call for me or something, I have sharp ears.''

After that was done he moved to the waiting room set for CETE members who were taking shift to protect Jenia and sat down again. He then remembered crossing eyes with his friend Virsago while he was working on the murder case before. Maybe he should text him, he thought.

''Hey, just wanted to say hi and also sorry we couldn't really talk or say hi to each other earlier today since I was working, still am technically, but I'm on break.
How are you doing ?''

Back in his room, Virsago enjoyed a delicious cup of iced tea as he read an online article on jaguars. Meeting a talking cat perked his interest in the animal group. His phone vibrated on the desk-a message from Kyo. Virsago pondered if he should tell his friend about the events that had occurred in the day; the poor officer would probably flip his lid if he heard of a talking panther.

"It's fine. It looks like you're stuck with a pretty serious case." He began to type back. How to go about the rest of the conversation would be a struggle. "I've had an interesting day, so to speak. Ran into this little girl that wouldn't leave me alone and kept the most exotic pet I've ever seen. I learned some new stuff about my powers, but the details are hush-hush. And I picked up a couple school supplies. Heard about Jenia being in an 'accident'. Hope she's doing okay."

Kyo's phone had an almost immediate response followed by some others. ''Yeah.... about that... She's out of danger, but she's still in a bad shape sorta. Although she was really lucky how the debris fell... it could have been much worse... and I'm actually at the hospital close to her room right now. We're not allowed in till tomorrow, but I'm staying around to make sure everything is okay and stuff... And yeah the other case is pretty heavy too.

Kyo then came back on the part with the interesting day. ''Exotic pet ? was it a giant cat ? and like with a girl with blue hair ?.... if so I saw her, apparently her brother knows Jenia and she came to offer her respect and... pass over the pet to Kilder... friend of mine. So apparently he's cat sitting. I got to pet this amazing cat though ! And it's cool you got more knowledge about your power !! I'm happy for you man.''

Despite not knowing the woman personally, Virsago was a little relieved that his friend's sister was alright. The end of the summer was stacking up to be one he wouldn't forget. So much happened in a short amount of time.

"Any leads on what might've caused the collapse? School buildings just don't fall apart unless the whole thing was built lackadaisically or foul play was at hand. If someone is trying to intimidate the Delacroix University, they're going about it rather barbarically. And yes...that is the same exact girl I saw today! Her name's Emma? With a panther/jaguar? I know this is going to sound weird, but did the cat talk?"

Kyo receive another answer and tilt his head to the side. Yet he knew that Virsago wasn't crazy so it just made him more curious about the cat. He firstly answer about the accident and says ''Yeah... I know... it's really weird... Though I can't say much detail for now, but we're looking into it. And wow we actually met the same cat and all that's awesome... and wait.... can she or he talk(Didn't quite heard the name if the girl introduced her or him at all) ?... that would be so amazing... ''He answered back having almost sparkles in his eyes. Kyo was also trying to imagine how the cat would talk.

Surprised by how Kyo handled the question, Virsago felt free to add a few more details. "Yeah, it told me a fair bit about my powers. I think the panther is some kind of spirit possessing an animal, but it's just a guess. Whoever's taking care of it right now must be in for one hell of a night. The panther is very shy, so don't go around telling people that it can talk. That girl it was with is also has ice powers, so there's more to them than what we know." Virsago imagined he was sounding more delusional as he typed. He just hoped Kyo would be open-minded enough to accept what he was saying.

Kyo was like super in awe now, like way too excited for nothing. ''Wooow, that's so cool, I wish it would talk to me too... maybe sometimes ! And ice powers ? That sounds cool too... but yeah coming back to the cat...'' It was pretty obvious that Kyo was obssessed with the cat. ''It was so pretty and soft.... I want to pet it again so badly !!! ... but now I feel like I'm some kind of pervert.... but it's soooo cuuuute !!''

"I don't think you're perverted for wanted to pet a panther. It's fur is quite delicate." Virsago should have known to expect this kind of reaction, but he didn't find Kyo's excitement annoying. That was just how he was. "To be fair, I was also excited the first time I saw it. It had the most exquisite eyes I've ever seen on a feline. The owner must be a talented groomer."

Kyo answered, typing with a smile. ''For sure... and sorry for turning cat fanboy on you... y'know how I get with cats and this is just the most beautiful one I ever saw face to face. But yeah I'm glad my friend is keeping it for some time, I should be able to see it again. I wish I knew it's name though to stop calling it 'it'''

At this point Virsago wondered if he should bother keeping Erie's name secret, now that he had spilled a bean or two. He was happy he had the time to think about his decision. Playing it safe, he tapped away on his phone. "You should ask the girl next time you see her. I'm not quite so sure, myself. Did the girl ever mention why the panther is in the custody of your friend?"

''My friend explained a bit, it's a favor from her brother or something. I'll ask my friend next I see him if he know it's name. Surely he knows since he's keeping it for some time.''

"Good, thanks." Was all he texted, but then he felt guilty for sending such a small message devoid of emotional context. He always ran into that problem when he didn't have much else to say. He sat back in his chair, trying to think of something else to say before Kyo responded. Surely, there was something else he could bring up. Then, almost subconsciously, his fingers moved over the phone's keypad. "I had some amazing French toast for breakfast. We should hit up a nearby restaurant sometime."

''For sure, we didn't see each other much in the summer so far. Although given the current bad situation with my sister, I dunno if I'll have a lot of free time. I'll want to make sure she's okay and help her with school stuff if I can. Though I'll make sure to make some time for you and let you know when we can hit a restaurant or something. Or you could come over and I could cook something delish and we could chill after or go take a walk or something.'' Kyo added, man was he glad he was talking to someone time was going back so much faster and it was cool to take some news from his friend.

"I'll keep that in mind if I'm not too busy with school. Try not to starve yourself at the hospital, now. lol" Virsago felt awkward for using such a juvenile acronym. He had to get his joking tone across, somehow. He proceeded to skim down the web article he was reading, sipping on his now warm iced tea.

''Apparently, my brother is keeping that in check, he brought me food earlier, he's the best. Anyhow I'll go check how the other guy is doing and maybe grab something to drink. Was nice texting you. Have a good night for when you go .'' With that he got up, stretched and headed back out toward one of the machines that have water.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by EphPhoenix on 18th January 2016, 10:29 pm

[Attn: Open]

"So, looks like a secondary case," I said to Kris as I sat down across from her and began typing up the particulars to present to Cynric. "Rape. Money changing hands--'affluenza?'--perpetrators getting off free."

"Yeah, I can see that," Kris says, "You and another assist can get on that and I'll handle this Keltan case, msyelf."

My head snapped up at her words. So she did find something...

"Keltan...?" I inquired curiously. "The tribal people? What do they have to do with anything?"

"DNA came back with Kelt markers," Kris says with a shrug, "Bunch of other stuff. Nothing you have to worry about, now, since you have this case, now. Let me know if you and whoever you pick need any help."

Damn. That sucked. Suspicions confirmed. Worse, the evidence available suggested dangerous elements. "Yeah," I said lamely, looking back to my case request. "But be careful. Keltans are crazy strong, so don't be afraid to call for backup if things get hairy."

"Yep." Kris replies.

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Post by xenolion on 19th January 2016, 9:27 pm

{Attn: Closed, open towards the end}
~~~Coldrion 6:30-8:30 PM~~~~~

Sophie is surfing Facebook after calming down. She is looking at the posts from her sister and comes across a disturbing video. Elliana put together the pictures from the damage at Delacroix University into a video. She was reading the text Elliana put on it. It appears she is setting up a candlelight vigil tonight. Maybe she will make an appearance. It will be a chance to get some good candids.

Zorlias looks down at his phone. Rae texted him him a video link that's on facebook. With a heavy sigh, he looks it over, but realizes that it's something for Jenia. A vigil. Wow, that's awfully kind of the students to put that together. Looks like someone recorded the wreckage, too. People. He forwards the message to the rest of the family and friends and then readies to go for drinks with Sophie. The lady is definitely a mystery, but if he gets off a good vibe from her, he might just be able to let his worries subside.

Sophie hear a notification from her phone. It was a message from Raelyn. She needs to change the drop off to tonight at 7:30 at Escapes. She looks at her clock and sees that she will have to hurry if she wants to make it on time. She runs to her closet and picks out a nice peasant style blouse with a long skirt. On her feet she is wearing decorative boots. On her hands are a nice pair of lace gloves with a beige lining. She will need to pick up the pictures at the studio. Thank the Maker she worked on them earlier. While it won’t be the final product, Zorlias will be able to see what they look like.

Soon she finds herself outside of Escapes. She is carrying her backpack and that contains the pictures. She has not been to this place, but heard it is really nice. She walks up to the host station and gives her name. She cannot help to be nervous.

Zorlias waits at the table, a drink in hand. He's already requested some peanuts to bide his time. He's usually quite early, so he expects she will probably be just on time. Most people are either that or late. Sophie doesn't seem like a late kind of gal.
When she finally is escorted to the table, he stands, pulling up a chair for her and then taking his own seat. The lady is quick to show up and ask Sophie what she would like to drink, so Zorlias doesn't use any words to greet her.

Sophie sees him at the table. Oh he is a very handsome man, it is a surprise he is not married yet. He pulls out her chair like a gentleman. She is quick to dig out her wallet and the folder from her backpack. She orders her drink, her typical glass of white zinfandel, with ID in hand. The lady scrutinizes it for a brief moment before walking away. “I am sorry if I am late, it has been a busy day. Oh and I heard about your sister, I hope she gets better soon. Elliana, my sister, is coordinating a candlelight vigil at the school tonight.”

"You look lovely," Zorlias says after she has ordered her drink. He listens to her well wishes on his sister and his hand moves over his heart. "Oh, thank you. Your sister is very kind. I know it will mean very much to Jenia. Have you met my sister?"

“Not personally, but Ellie talk about her all the time. She is a student at the University. It is her second year, but she has already made a name for herself. I usually don’t go there unless I am rooting her on in Etherball. She is a wind Etherist.” She slides the presentation folder to him. “Before I forget here are the proofs. The professional prints will use a different paper, but everything else is the same. Just let Torrino know if you want anything changed. I don’t like to do a lot of photoshopping to bring out a person’s true beauty.” She makes her that her hand does not touch his. Her drink is dropped off and she is thankful for the diversion.

Zorlias thanks her and slides the papers to the side, "Much appreciated. So tell me, what else do you do besides photography?"

”You mean in the studio right? Well, I also take candid pictures of people as well. If you have seen the People of Coldrion picture books, they have a lot of my stuff in there. If I feel like getting dirty, I play gopher for my dad in his shop. He has an untrained metal ether ability, but I don’t know exactly what. He does some contracting work with your company. I do love to cheer Ellie on from the side lines as well.” She smirks at him taking a drink from her glass. “Why are you interested in me anyway? You mentioned something earlier about having Zorlias Industries in my future.”

Zorlias smiles, "Firstly, you're the first girl that didn't swoon at the sight of me. That sounds arrogant, I know, but it's quite refreshing for me. I'm just a person, like everyone else. Secondly, you seem like a good employee--I'd certainly like to offer you a position there, if you'd ever be interested. We're working on some new photography ether tech that I'm sure you'd enjoy." He takes a drink, "However, I'm sure you're quite happy where you are and would likely not wish to spend your days off on another job, so I expect you'll reject the offer."

Sophie sighs in relief. “Well you are handsome man, so I can see why people swoon. In a way I should thank you, I did get a raise out of it. I wish you all the luck in your ether tech, and if you ever want someone to test your techs count me in. However, Torrino is one of the few who don’t mind my quirks. So yes, I will have to decline.” She takes a long drink from her glass. “There is something else I want to ask, and if I am too personal just let me know. During the photoshoot when I handed you the journal, something happened. I noticed your demeanor change. What did you see?”

Zorlias hesitates. Does she really not know? "I saw your power. That is all. I was not intentional."

Sophie almost drops her glass. Her eyes widen and while her face has a look of shock her eyes don’t. “So you are the one who had me followed earlier. I don’t know exactly what you saw, but I can tell you that I am not a ‘death mage’. I am not even an etherist.” Technically that is true she does not use her ability it is just there.

Zorlias looks at her, confused, "I beg your pardon? You were followed?"

”Please be honest, I was doing my candid shots downtown and one of my subject found the stalker. Actually his panther did, but that is not the point. He said that someone hired him because that person suspected that I was a death mage. It was very frightening to say the least. I wracked my brain to figure out who it was. It was either you or Raelyn.” Sophie explains. “Anyway, I dropped off the proofs. Mr. Delacroix, it was a pleasure meeting you.” She reaches for her bag to retrieve her wallet again.

"That's quite rude." Zorlias says, his voice coming up short. "To not only accuse myself, but my secretary? I'll have you know, she is a wonderful person. An upstanding woman with high morals." Zorlias stands, gesturing to the waitress with one hand while sliding the proofs across the table with the other. "Good day to you, Ms. Sophie. I wish you the best with your non-Etheriest future."

Zorlias turns and walks away quickly, paying for the check promptly and then exiting the building as quickly as he can. He gives her no chance to respond, instead choosing anger as his composure for his leave. He honestly is surprised at her brazen confrontation, but it will seem that he will need to get his photos for their advertisements elsewhere.

Well that didn’t turn out exactly as she planned. She looks down at the envelope. She places it in her backpack. Torrino will be unpleased, but it will not harm him. He really was unhappy that Mr. Delacroix offered her a job right in front of him. She throws the backpack over her shoulder and leaves Escapes. She only hopes that it stops her stalkers.

She decides to walk home, seeing that it is a warm night. She does not think she would be welcome at the vigil now. Especially since she does not know Jenia. She picks a dandelion from the side walk. She looks around, not seeing anyone watching her. She removes her glove and touches the flower. She walks along as the flower begins to slowly wither. Mr. Delacroix showed exactly why she cannot tell anyone about this ability. She is not a death mage…She is not.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by xenolion on 24th January 2016, 1:10 pm

{Attn: Open}
Sophie was still walking home when her phone goes off. She pulls it out and looks at the text. It is Elliana.

Hey where are you? You need to grab your camera and come to the University. I cannot believe all the people here. It will be perfect for your candids.

I don’t know if I will be there, I already had a rough day.

You HAVE to come. I promise, I won’t even try to show you off or anything. Please, please, please Sophie. Oh and don’t forget you are helping me move in tomorrow, Mom and Dad can’t.

Sophie stares at her phone. She cannot hide, not from him or anyone else. She already has her backpack. With the amount of people there, chances are she can blend into the crowd. ‘Fine I will be there, but I will be in the back. As far as helping you move in, I will be ready at noon.’

Ohhhh thank you, thank you Sophie, you are the best sister. At least say hi to me when you are there. I cannot wait to see the pictures.

There is a sea of lighted candles by the building as Sophie approaches. Wow Ellie was not lying it looks like a large amount of people. She takes out her camera and puts it on a night mode. This is a candid gold mine.

Elliana is standing at the front of the crowd. Even she is impressed about how many people showed up. She swears she sees a news van as well. She is approached by two fellow athletes, one of them a sound etherist. They hoist her up on their shoulders and everyone is staring at her. She winks at the sound etherist and knows he will amplify her voice. She takes a deep breath. “It is amazing to see all of you here. What happened here earlier is a tragedy and our thoughts are with the whole Delacroix family. As well as the CETE personal who are investigating this. We will stand behind our Headmaster and we will show them not only that we are strong, but we are Delacroix University strong.”

The crowd begins to cheer. Someone started to sing the school song, and others joined in. Sophie is proud of her sister. She is taking plenty of picture of her and the others around.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by HikariKuragari on 26th January 2016, 8:02 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/6h30~6h45PM

(ATTN : Open/Zorlias(Through texting))

Kyo felt his phone vibrate in his pocket as he drank some water. He stopped drinking and checked who it was... it was a message that had been forwarded to him about the students doing a vigil for Jenia. That made him happy, but kinda sad at the same time that he probably couldn't go there. That would mean leaving the hospital and he didn't want to leave while she was still here. He hopes someone would be gentle enough to record the whole thing so Jenia could see later.

A second video was also part of the deal.... a video of the wreckage... not that he was really fond of that one. It had a lot of views too. That video was making him a bit anxious to say the least. But he pushed that thought away thinking it wasn't the best moment to go paranoid. He went back toward Jenia's room and sits next to the other guy.

He wrote on his phone ''Hey... I thought I'd come back for some time, it's pretty lonely in front of that door and I kinda prefer being closer as much as I can.''

''Hey, glad to see you back, are you sure though ? You should probably go back and take some rest. '' The man said a bit worried about Kyo.

He wrote in response ''I'll be fine till 10pm at least... after that I might turn into a zombie.''

''If you do please don't eat my brain !'' The man said laughing slightly.

Kyo had not seen that one coming, at least not in his set of mind and started to laugh a bit himself. He wrote back ''Don't worry I won't ! What's your name btw ?''

''It's Karl. And phew, glad to hear that !'' Karl said with a big sigh of relief.

Kyo smiled and proposed a handshake as a sort of nice to meet you manner, the guy was somewhat quite hilarious in his own way. It was somehow making time run smoother... ish.

''Nice to meet you too Kyo !'' Karl answered back.

Kyo nods and then quickly answers his brother through text. ''Thanks for the forwarding ! I can't believe the wreckage one though. But ... I guess that's how people are. I just hope someone will record the vigil or something so Jenia can see later... I'm sure she'd be moved and stuff. Anyhow good luck with your date. Smile''

Kyo then answered the guy with a nod and a small smile.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 31st January 2016, 1:31 am

(Double Posting, but I have clearance =3)

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/6h45~9h50

(ATTN : Open to surroundings, closed for the texting part)

**This is a collab between me and Leah7 !**

After staying with the guy for quite some time, for about two hours and half to be precise, Kyo went to the break room again to go chill at the table and drink more water. He looked at his cell phone and wondered if his brother was done with his date or not. He sent a quick text to see ''I was wondering if you were done with your 'date' and how it went. Just checking to see if it went okay.'' Of course he would hide the fact that he was completely bored and really needed to talk to someone.

"Not well," Zorlias replied, "Cancelled the order. She accused myself and Rae of having her stalked of all things."

''What ?!.... that's pretty far-stretched.... did she had any kind of proof to back up those accusations ?....''


''Uh... okay ? I hope she won't try to give you any additional trouble though, but that sure is weird. Sorry to hear business wise it didn't go too well because of that though. Are you back home now or ?'' Kyo was hoping he wasn't disturbing him into any other work his brother could be doing at the moment.

"I sent a cross email to her boss. She'll not hear the end of it from me..." Zorlias says, "I'm home. Actually, I'm rather bored. We should hang out."

''Well I guess it's the best way to go with since it wasn't really professional of her....'' Kyo then reads the next line and have a sort of internal struggle now... though some fresh air could be nice. Well guess he could leave for just a bit and come back. ''I'd be stubborn and stay here... but in all honesty... I'm super duper bored. I think some fresh air could be nice for my sanity.''

"Okay, we could go for a walk and then I can sit at the hospital for a while with you." Zorlias says.

''Sounds like a great idea ! Tell me when you're close I'll go downstairs to join you. ''

Zorlias is quick to get ready, since he was already dressed relatively nice, anyway. After packing up a few more additional snacks that he knows Kyo will like (that also happen to be homemade from Rae), he heads out.

He texts Kyo to let him know when he's nearby and stops at the hospital. He parks, and gets out to walk, carrying the small bag of snacks with him. It'll be a nice walk, even if it is a bit late.

Kyo receive a text of Zorlias and gets downstairs right away and then just outside the door of the hospital. He looks around to see if he's there yet and seems like his brother was just now getting out of his car in the distance. He walks toward him right away doing a little wave with his hand to say hello as he get closer.

"Hey." Zorlias says, smiling a little, "Get got a pretty fountain near the front block. We'll head there."

He holds out the bag of snacks.

Kyo nods and smile happy to see his brother and was cool with the idea. He then notice a bag that Zorlias brought over with him and he was holding it out toward him. Curious as always Kyo takes it and check it out... though just the smell at this point gave it out. It was obviously food ! He wrote quickly on his cell with his free hand. ''Food !!! You're the best brother ! Thanks a lot !! I'll wait till we're near the fountain to eat it.''

As they walk towards the fountain, Zorlias sighs, "I have to admit, I'm fairly certain that Jenia will be perky when she wakes. She'll act like it's nothing. But she'll be sad."

Kyo writes on his phone while walking like it was nothing and then show it to his brother. ''Yeah... to be honest I'm pretty worried about it too... school is reopening like super soon as well. I do plan on helping her as much as I can though... '' He really wished he could split himself in four sometimes.

"You're always helping her," Zorlias says with a small laugh, "She never helps herself enough, so it balances out."

Kyo blush a bit and look away for a few seconds and then smile slightly at the second sentence while looking at his phone to answer back. ''Well.... yeah, but I kinda want to help even more now. She won't be able to move as freely for some time so I wouldn't mind doing more errands and stuff. Also I'm worried about the other chick to. She'd better not be around when I'm there or rather she should so I can protect Sis. '' He finished with a small pouts.

"Agreed. I've already started getting as much information as I can about the woman...can you believe she wants to be our president?!" Zorlias says, shaking his head, "She's got good grades and scores in just about ever competition she's ever been in, but...I highly suspect she's got help on the inside for just about everything she does. Nothing seems...real."

He listen the information Zorlias mentions and then write some more. ''I can't believe she wants to be either.... I sure hope she doesn't get it... would be horrible. And... that sure is suspicious in a way. ''

Zorlias points to the Fountain as it comes into view, "Now isn't that beautiful?"

Kyo smiles at the sight of the fountain.''It sure is !!!'' He wrote back to his brother with a smile. He then looked through the bag to see the food. He found out some homemade snacks made by Rae, he could tell. One of them was a banana cake bread and some others sweet things. He obviously attacked the cake bread first though ! ''Mmm.....'' He let out a sound of satisfaction of the taste. It was so delicious ![/i]

"I could really go for a private eye, right now." Zorlias says, "Get more tabs on this woman. That's okay. We'll get her. CETE will get her."

Kyo nods at his word while chewing happily. That cake was so amazing !! He then writes ''Yeah we'll get her ! ''

Zorlias sits in silence for a bit, uncertain of what else to say. Partly due to his soured mood. He can't believe that woman had the nerve to insult Raelyn. "I can't believe that woman had the nerve to insult Raelyn. Raelyn is a good woman. She'd never....she'd never do the things that I do."

Zorlias sit next to his brother and Kyo types on his phone, looking a bit more serious. ''Hey.... you're a super good guy too, don't sell yourself short. You might have a few more rougher measures sometimes, but it's never on a wimp or anything like that... it's usually because you know a danger or something bad is coming. As for Raelyn... yeah I get you. I'd be pretty upset too, in fact I'm a bit shock that anyone would dare to insult that lady. ''

"She's the finest secretary I've had." Zorlias says, nodding in agreement, "Don't think I could ever replace her, even if I wanted to."

Kyo nods and then answer with his phone. ''Yeah she's really nice. I talk with her a lot whenever I see her too and we both have some time to chat. And you shouldn't she's really awesome. ''

"You spending the night here?"

Kyo writes quickly and says ''Yeah I am... Or at least it's the plan. I'll have to check how many chairs I can steal to make a 'chairbed' so to speak.'' Then again thinking back there wasn't too many in the room, he'll want to leave some for the other guys coming in too.

"Okay..." Zorlias says, "How about in the morning, I come pick you up and take you to my place for a quick shower? After that, I'll take ya back after a quick breakfast."

Kyo smiles and write back.''Oh... sure ! That'd be great !! I should probably grab some fresh clothes though... but sounds great ! I'd love it.''

"Sounds good." Zorlias says, "I'll come and get you, then. Afterwards, I have to go back to work, but I'll be back around 1, when they said we'd be able to see her."

Kyo smiles and nod and he then write ''Sounds good ! Looking forward to it. ''

"I feel better knowing you're there to keep her safe. I wish I had power like you." Zor says.

Kyo nods, though in his head he thought that this power was both a gift and a curse... ''Yeah... I'm glad I have those abilities to protect her right now... just hope if something do happen I'll be close enough to jump in. Although... your ability ... I can only imagine how hard it is to deal with...I'm sure can also be useful to save people depending on what you get. Though don't be too hard on yourself when you didn't see something on time or whatever.'' He said with a bit of a sad expression. He knew that ability was hard on his brother and how it didn't always show stuff in time ... and how also he would usually blame himself for not seeing it..

Zor's expression darkens, but he says nothing for a bit longer. He stays silent a little longer, moping. His power sucks.

"Anyway. We should probably get back. Keep watch."

Kyo sees Zorlias expression darken and he feels a bit bad he brought that subject up. He writes up looking sad still, he tried to think of a way to cheer him up....He writes ''Yeah we should.... but before that....'' He opened his arms and had a look of I want a hug first ! It was the only thing he came up with to help the mood.

Zorlias smiles, going in for a hug. He's kind of awkward about it...he's out of practice when it comes to hugs. Or contact in general, really.

"Okay, let's do this." Zor says, feeling better.

Kyo gives a nice and strong hug to his brother, but not enough to choke him obviously. And when he sees that it help as they let go, he smiles, proud of himself. ''Yeah ! Let's.'' He wrote toward him as they started to walk back to the hospital.

They head back and Zorlias wonders how many CETE officers have on there. They should have at least two...he hopes. Still, it's not like Kyo will be going anywhere. Nothing to worry about.

"Do you think she'll go back for her?" Zor asks.

Kyo shake his shoulder as a don't know sign. He then writes ''Um... I really don't know... but she doesn't strike me as the kind who'd do her business herself if she did. Also doubt she'll blow up her presidential course by coming head on to an hospital to make it crumble. I sure hope not though, but I'll stay around, I just wish I could be inside the room closer to her. Stupid hospital laws....'' He looked a bit frustrated at the end.

"Alright, well, let's get to her." Zor says as he opens the door for his brother, "Something tells me that she'll somehow know that we aren't there."

Kyo nods and pass first in the door leading to the section where Jenia is and then as they approach the room there was another guy that had arrived and was with Karl the guy from earlier. Kyo waves to them as they approach. He was glad they were two now.

''Hey Kyo ! This guy just arrived to help some too, he doesn't really work in the same shift as you usually though, so I dunno if you saw him before. Oh and you're probably... '' He turns toward Zorlias with a smile. ''Zorlias I think it was ? Nice to see you here too.'' Karl says and then introduce the other guy. ''This is Jim. ''

Jim raise his hand and smile while saying in a more calm and shy voice then Karl. ''It's nice to meet you both.''

"Pleasure," Zorlias says with a nod, "Thanks for being here."

''We're more than happy to help ! '' Karl says with a smile.

Jim simply nods.

Kyo smiles and then write to his brother. ''We could sit here with them or we could go in the break room right next door. I don't mind either of them. ''

"Whatever you'd like, bro." Zor says with a shrug.

Kyo thinks and then look around. ''Then again the hallway here isn't too big wouldn't want to be in the doctors way let's go in the room for now, I'll keep attentive to the surroundings still.'' He started walking toward the room letting his brother in and leaving the door slightly open to be able to hear outside better. He then sat down.


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