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Post by JerriLeah7 on 21st November 2015, 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Post by Luna on 31st January 2016, 2:07 pm

Open to anyone in the area Sophie

Jim had given up on work for the rest of the day sense everyone was so imminent on seeing what was going on around them. He left the professor and made his way to a little diner so that he could get something to eat. He walks in to the front and gives his order. He waits and then gets it. He gets a drink and then makes his way to a table. He takes his phone out and begins to look though his facebook. One of his classmates had tagged him to a link to youtube. He clicked on it and watched the video.

Who would have used his pictures to make a nice video for the dean of the school? It didn't have his name around the video anywhere and he sighed. The person could have used his name in reference to the pictures at least. Though with other people putting up pictures as well, who to say they didn't for that reason?

Jim finishes his dinner and slurped the last of his drink down. He sees they are having a candle light vigil at the school. Well it's not like he had anything else to do. Maybe someone would be able to tell him how she was doing at least. He gets up and throws his things away before going to the bathroom. He finishes up and then makes his way to the university.

It doesn't take long before Jim makes it to the university. There is already a crowd of people making their way into the school grounds. He looks around and sees a woman who is taking pictures. He doesn't know who she is and wonders if she is the one who made the video. Though she is taking pictures, could she be an artist? It tore his nerves up to be around so many people and hated it. He nervously made his way over and looked at her.

"Excuse me, Miss, I was wondering if you were a photographer?"

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Post by RadioTanuki on 5th February 2016, 2:50 am

[ATTN: Closed unless you can come up with a good reason to interfere]

Kilder's Apartment - Some time later that evening. *Kilder lost track.*

'Meow, meow, meow, meow-' *fwip*

"Oh sorry, were you watching that?"


"Yeah, Tell me about it...."

'Every day's great at your Jun-' *fwip*

"Stupid jingle always gets stuck in my head!"

'Looks like dad just spotted dinner... He lays low in the grass until the gazelle come closer... One mighty pounce and a short chase later, dinner is served to the hungry cubs-' *fwip*


"HEY! HEY! Hold on a second! Soooooooorrry! I just didn't feel comfortable watching that right now, okay??...Woah, hey, down... please? *sigh* Ok, I can flip it back, but it's not gonna solve anything! We wouldn't be going through this if you had just eaten the peanut butter and jelly sandwich I made you for dinner!"

Errette glared and rolled her eyes.

"W-did you jus-really? Did you just ROLL your eyes at me? How am I supposed to know what you can eat that's available right now? It's not like they make panther food to sell at the store and I am NOT EVEN going to get what Google suggested! And even if I did, there is no way in hell they're letting me bring a giant carnivorous cat into the pet store! Look, here's that cat food I got you. That is all I can do. I know you turned your nose up at it the first time but it has all kinds of little meaty animal bits in there! It's like cat cereal! I'll even sprinkle in some marshmallows!.."

Errette was still not amused.

"How come this cat acts like it understands me? I mean, I've heard of animals being able to detect people's moods pretty well but this is seriously freaking me out a little... Probably just my nerves. Who am I kidding this cat totally wants to kill me right now...

Errette jumped onto the couch beside Kilder, as if leaping onto a tree branch, slowly approached him as if on the prowl, and.... licked him on the face.

"WOAH, WOAH!! WAIT! WHAT ARE YA DOING? I AM NOT YOUR DINNER!! ...Get back!" Kilder exclaimed, raising his hands into kung fu formation as Errette sat calmly, unphased, "I know kung fu and I've wrestled bigger cats than you before buddy-"

"KILDER! Would you shut up over here?!?" Piper said as she burst through the door, "I have an early day tomorrow, dude!" Mad ]

"B-But Sis,... she wants to eat me and she isn't gracious of my cooking!!"

"That is a freaking PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY SANDWICH, KILDER!!" she said looking at the untouched sandwich on the coffee table, "I told you, give her the rotisserie chicken in the fridge! You only ever eat half of them anyway!"

"I was SAVING that for this weekend! I did plan to eat it! But I guess I CAN'T now seeing as the cat is LITERALLY out of the bag!!"

"Kilder, I have had a VERY LONG DAY." Piper said through gritted teeth. "I have YET ANOTHER tomorrow. Now how about you FEED THE CAT, or DIE. Your choice, I'm going TO BED. SHUT... UP..."

She walked out and shut the front door.

*sigh* "I hope you're happy cat... That was my FAVORITE rotisserie chicken... Now I have to buy a whole other one and cook it AGAIN. This is the most expensive cat food EVER!... ugh."

Kilder plopped down on the couch again as Errette devoured his beloved chicken. He flipped the TV to some old cartooons and started eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

*It's around 7 P.M. if you MUST know.

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Post by xenolion on 5th February 2016, 6:38 pm

{Attn: Open, Jim}
Sophie is busy taking pictures. She knows that Ellie wants to put together another video together. She jumps slightly when she hears the male voice next to her. She lowers her camera and smiles at the young man, thankful that he didn’t try touching her. “Yes I am, but I am not ‘on the job’ now per se. I am here because my sister request. Are you a student?” She has to be careful now she already found one person stalking her. It is a little fast to have him replaced, even for Mr. Delacroix.

Jim cleared his voice and looked a little nervous. "Yes, I am a student here. You will have to forgive me...large crowds make me rather...nervous." he explained. "I have anxiety problems. I was just wondering if you were the one who made the video I saw on youtube."

“Big crowds are not that bad, as long as they are not focused on you. Although I don’t like them either. It is more of a claustrophic thing with me. Which is why I am back here.” Sophie answers. “That would have been my sister. Since you are a student you may know her, Elliana Chiodo.” Sophie looks around the crowd. “I don’t see her right now, but she is pretty popular.” She looks back at the man. “I am Sophie, did you want me to take a picture? I know they are handing out candles somewhere around here if you want one.”

"No, you don't have to take my picture. I am probably just going to hang out in the back here anyways. I'm sure just being here will be enough." Jim explained. "I have heard of your sister, but I don't know her personally. I was in a class one time with her. She is a good student. No I was just asking because the pictures used were the ones I took earlier this afternoon when the incident happened."

“Wow so you were here when it happened? The rescue must have been amazing to watch. I am surprised CETE allowed you to take pictures though.” Sophie raises her camera as her sister get hoisted up. She stands up on the bench to get the best angle. She really hates being short. “Well don’t be surprised to see your picture in her video later. My sister is so crazy. She is going to get herself killed one of these days.” She switches her camera to video mode as Elliana begins her speech.

Jim was watching Elliana as she was hoisted up on two big guys’ shoulders. He was watching as he talked with Sophie still. "Her work is good. I was amazed at what she did with my pictures. I don't think the CETE realized I was taking the pictures. If they had, I'm certain they would have taken my phone from me. What is done now is done though." Jim explained. "My name is James Weston Smith, but please call me Jim."

Sophie waits until Elliana is done speaking. She pans the crowd as they all join in singing the school song. After they are done, she jumps down. “You are lucky. Just be careful, you never know when you will take a picture of the wrong person or thing. It was nice meeting you Jim. I have to get back to work though.” She backs up a little and raises the camera quickly snapping a couple shots of him.

Jim tried to cover his face but wasn't fast enough against Sophie. He sighed gently. "Thanks, I hope you have a nice evening. It was a pleasure to meet you. Oh just let your sister know I would like to be credited for the pictures she used. Have a good night." He said as he began to turn around to leave.

Sophie laughs as Jim tries to cover himself. She wished she got pictures of that. “I will relay the message.” She was going to say more, but he walks away. The last thing she would do is claim the pictures are his. She shrugs and walks in the opposite direction snapping pictures. She knows going into the crowd now will be horrible. She will wait until Elliana comes to her.

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Thank you leah
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Post by HikariKuragari on 9th February 2016, 7:23 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital 9h50~10h50 PM

- This is a collab between me and Leah7 ! -

(ATTN : closed)

Zorlias, cold as ever, looks about the hospital room. It's quiet and empty and bland. Is this what Jenia's room looks like? Is this what she will have to wake up to?

He eats a little food next to Kyo, nibbling a bit, but not much. His appetite is never much in such horrid environs. He doesn't have much to say, but it's okay. Zorlias likes the quiet with Kyo. He sits and he enjoys his company, happy that his kid brother is strong and can keep their sister near.

His head snaps up, however, when he hears clattering out in the hallway. Beeping--a long, steady beeping sound goes off and suddenly, Zorlias is moving up to the door without even realizing it.

How long had they been sitting? An hour? A few minutes? Time is suddenly faded as everything seems to move in slow motion for him. The doctors are rushing in, every single one, pushing the CETE Officers from the room and closing the door behind them.

Nurses are clamoring about within the room and Braedon tries to get back in, asking questions with alarm in his voice, but he is pushed away, told that he cannot enter. Zorlias can hear so much noise. What's the noise coming from?

He can't focus. Not on the long tone from the machines, not from the nurses or the doctors and their talking. The shaking--was something shaking in there? He just can't focus and he inhales deeply as he freezes up outside of the door, staring at the closed door with emptiness as the Officer known as Braedon starts barking orders at his men, looking urgently at the door and moving over to Kyo to tell him that everything is going to be okay.

He says it to Zorlias, too, but Zorlias doesn't realize. He doesn't look away from the door. Just a small, simple barrier, waiting to open to tell him of his sister's fate. He almost forgets to breathe. To focus.

Kyo stayed with Zorlias for quite some time in the room keeping an ear open for outside and they had been snacking a little bit on Rae's food. However at some point... Some movement is happening and Kyo move outside immediately with haste, his brother in tow behind. Doctors and nurses rushed into the room and it seemed none of the CETE members were able to get in. Not even Breadon himself. He was worried, really worried, but tried to stay calm and strong. His heart started to beat at a fast pace, however from the looks of thing... didn't look like an attack.. but more like.... something to do with her current condition... but that was somehow almost even more frightening.

Braedon came to them to say everything would be okay, but from the look on his face, Kyo was just more worried sorta. He nods toward Braedon slightly and look at his brother shortly after to see how he was taking it. Obviously Zorlias was in shock, Kyo placed an arm around his brother and squeezed him out of reflex to try and making him feel a bit better... but he knew nothing much would make them feel better until they knew she would be safe.

It seemed like forever before the doctor and nurses finally came out...and at first, Zorlias was just unmoving--even while Kyo had embraced him, it was as if he was unable to respond.

Still, the doctor lowered his mask, looking from the brothers to Braedon and then smiling at them with reassurance. Tired reassurance, but reassurance, nonetheless. Zorlias' heart lifts into his ribcage with the urge to fly from his chest, fluttering with relief.

"She's gonna be fine," The doctor says, "She was having a mild seizure, but we have stabilized her and are going to be keeping a close eye on her. Don't you worry about a thing."

"Can I go back in, now?" Brae asks tightly. "Can these two see her?"

The doctor freezes for a second, looking from them to Braedon. "Well...she really shouldn't have anyone in there...but I'll give you two minutes. Two minutes, you hear? And it never happened!"

The doctor clears out the nurses and chatters on about giving the CETE privacy and room to work and Zorlias just looks at Braedon with a quiet look of appreciation. He likes this guy.

He wants to rush into see her so badly, but...he just clings to Kyo, instead. His legs are still..wobbly.

As the doctor come back out with a reassuring look, Kyo lets out a sigh of relief. And when Braedon asked if they could see her he looks at him surprised, but also showed great appreciation. He was about to walk fast, but noticed that Zorlias wasn't holding on his two feet so well at the moment, so he gave him support and helped him inside slowly.

Jenia's there on the bed, machines beeping around her and needles through her arm. She's pale, weak looking. It's so strange to see her like this. Zorlias smiles, though, placing his hand onto one of hers. She's so warm.

"I know she's gonna be just fine," Braedon says, sitting down in a chair near her, "I'll be keeping an eye on her."

As they entered, he looked over Jenia and it looked like Zorlias was okay now so he let him be and went on the other side to place his hand on the other available hand smiling and rubbing it gently. He looked toward Braedon and nods with a weak smile. He was so thankful he could see her just a little bit and mostly surprised by Braedon's behavior too. He was glad he asked the doctors for them. Two minutes felt too short though, if he could he could sleep on a chair right next to her. Still, they could see her with their own eyes... she was weak ... but okay so it was okay... or felt better to see her in flesh rather than let his imagination do the work.

It wasn't long before they were ushered out the door and he received a text from Raelyn reminding him about the vigil. He looks up at Kyo and says, "We should go to the vigil."

It wasn't long before they were ushered out the door and he received a text from Raelyn reminding him about the vigil. He looks up at Kyo and says, "We should go to the vigil."

They were ushered outside and Kyo shrugs as the timeout was called.... He wanted to stay longer. As they get outside the room, Zorlias receives a text. Kyo writes on his phone to reply ''Oh yeah that... think it's still ongoing though ? ... I'll come back here after though. Maybe I could pick up some stuff for tomorrow on the way back at my place since it's just next to school.''

"Well, let's go and find out." Zorlias says lightly.

Kyo nods and they start walking toward the exit.

As they head out, Zorlias nods his thanks to the CETE officers as they pass by. He really should have put money into t he CETE program all these years.

Kyo follows behind and nods too as he thank them and quickly type to one of them to say he'll be back later. They quickly reach outside of the hospital and he was happy to get more fresh air. He didn't really like hospital smell and had a keen nose too so it didn't help. They walked toward where the car was and as they reached it, he waited for Zorlias to unlock the doors.

-- On the way to the vigil/At the vigil/Delacroix University --

(ATTN : Open)

Zorlias unlocked the doors and they hopped in. They took a short stop for Zorlias to get some water and then headed towards the vigil. He didn't have to drive far to get there and was almost surprised at how many people had shown up.

Many people love Jenia...she's so kind and caring. How could there be less? Of course, the media is there...great. It's still going, it would seem.

Kyo was surprised at all the people that were there, but happy. Though he could have passed on the media part. As they come to a stop, Kyo comes out first and wait for his brother.

Zorlias steps out and isn't surprised to see many people flock to him and Kyo almost instantly with well wishes. Most of them are holding candles.

Kyo smiles and nod to them to show his appreciation, although it was a bit overwhelming to see this many people around them suddenly.

They are handed candles and Zorlias smiles, keeping Kyo close. He begins to talk politically, thanking others for coming and for supporting their sister.

When asked, which he is asked repeatedly, he is quick to let everyone know that Jenia is recovering well and that everything is going to be okay.

Kyo smiles as a candle is handled over to him and he let Zorlias do the talking, happy he was there since he often felt overwhelmed by big crowds. Well then again it was mostly because it was overwhelming to answer them with a single tiny screen, but if he had to talk in front of a crowd of stranger he still would probably block. He stayed really close to his brother to make sure he wouldn't lose him and be swarmed alone by that mob of people. He was glad to see their concern though.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 22nd February 2016, 11:03 pm

Delacroix University/Vigil - 10h50~11h10

**Doublepost again,but have green light~**

**This is a collab between me leah and xeno !**

Elliana flutters around the crowd. Even she is surprised to see so many people. Jenia is definitely a well-liked woman. She sees the media crowding around a group. She slowly makes her way over not to interrupt. Holy Maker, it is Zorlias Delacroix. Even though he is older, he is still gorgeous. She cannot believe he is here. She looks around for Sophie, she would love to have her picture taken with him and to see how Jenia is doing.

Zorlias is pleasantly roaming about, looking for Sophie's sister. The girl would be easily recognizable, since he had just recently been looking over her pictures. When he sees her in the distance, he smiles and waves at her, moving through the crowds so as to reach her. Several others start slowing his progress almost immediately, however, as they pass along their best wishes to him for his sister. Kyo is also bombarded with several well wishes and hugs from strangers as they make their way over.

Kyo tries his best to follow his brother as he went toward someone, but he was swarmed with hugs and well wishes and sometimes had a bit of distance with his brow and felt nervous for two seconds... but then would catch up. He was happy... but not really used to that much attention and love, he didn't really know how to react to it other than looking kinda shy with a small smile.

Elliana sees Zorlias wave in her direction and looks over her shoulder. She cannot believe that he recognizes her. She heads in their direction as they make their way through the crowd. She recognizes Kyo from seeing him occasionally on campus, but does not know him personally.

“Mr. Delacroix, it is a pleasure to meet you. It is an honor to see you here. Please tell me how is Jenia, and for that matter how are you doing?” She holds out her hand to Zorlias first and smiles brightly at Kyo as he slowly catches up.

"Ms. Chiodo, the pleasure is mine," Zorlias says, shaking her hand happily, "I cannot say what it means to me that you would start this event for Jenia and the Delacroix family. You are a sweet creature, truly. Thank you so much. Might I introduce my brother, Kyo?"

Kyo finally makes it out of the wave of people to join Zorlias and see the lady as well. It felt a bit embarrassing that he saw her so many times on campus, but didn't remember her name. As Zorlias says his last sentence, Kyo waves lightly with his right hand as a way to say hi.

“Oh the pleasure is all mine. When I saw what happened, I was so shocked. I knew we had to get together to show our support and to be able to talk about it.” Elliana answers. “I never did expect it to be so big. I guess it goes to show how fast word spreads.” She holds her hand out to Kyo as well. “I have seen you around campus, but I don’t believe we have ever met before.” She pulls her hand back as he waves. “You remind me of my sister, she is not a hand shaker either. So please tell me if you know anything about Jenia. My sister is around taking pictures of the vigil, I hope to have a video up tomorrow. If that is alright with the both of you.

Kyo quickly writes on his phone and shows her ''Oh no ! I totally don't mind handshakes... was my way to say hi ! I usually communicate with my phone like this. Sorry for the confusion ! And it's nice to meet you too !'' He was holding his phone with his left hand and placed his right for the handshake.... Oh man this was already awkward.

As she starts to talk to Kyo, he instantly moves to his phone. Zorlias smiles and explains "he talks via text, just give him a second." He then thanked another person on his left for her well wishes as she came in, hugged him, and then kissed him on the cheek. She moved to do the same for Kyo.

"Jenia is doing just fine...and so are we." Zorlias says just as Kyo shows her his phone.

“Well there I go again inserting my foot into my mouth. If you want, we can have you address the crowd. I have a friend who is a sound etheriest. I can only imagine how swamped both of you are. Jenia is such a wonderful woman, I know she has helped me a lot. Obviously I am not the only one.” Elliana smiles at the people who approach Zorlias and Kyo.

The girl that had just hugged Zorlias went to hug Kyo and give well wishes at the same time and then kissed him on the cheek as well which made him go slightly red. He saw it coming, but it was still making him even more shy. And here he thought he wasn't as shy anymore... Then again whenever he's the center of attention in a big crowd it makes him nervous. He still smiled back at the girl and she left a bit further to give him space. He then turned to Ms.Chiodo was it ? ''Yeah... she's amazing alright... as for the speech...erm I'll let my bro do that if he wish. I'll just chill next to him.'' He wrote to her and showed his brother too after so he could see.

Zorlias laughs a little, "Oh, dear. No, I couldn't possibly give words worthy of my sister. However, I would love to spend the vigil with you, if you don't mind. I think there is no better expression of respect than to get to know all of her lovely students that have come to adore her these past years."

“That sounds perfect, I can introduce you to other students I know. Oh and if we happen to run into my sister, she can take a picture of us. She is a really good photographer. She works as an assistant for a famous one, but I think she is just as good as he is.” Elliana waves to a group and they come over. They greet the brothers and ask about Jenia as well. Elliana is slightly surprised that they want to stay with her, but she did coordinate this. That has to be the reason why.

Kyo waves to them, but kinda wait for Zorlias to speak and ... wait wasn't this girl sister ... the one Zorlias mentioned earlier ? ... He hope it would be okay if it was .... he was getting tired and getting info mixed up a bit and wasn't sure, but he thought his bro told him at some point the sister of that girl was holding the vigil which is Ms.Chiodo here. Then again his brother knew how to be diplomatic....still he was a bit worried for him.

"Actually, I'd love to have a moment alone with you to discuss some private business." Zorlias says finally, "But afterwards...I think we should spread the word of Jenia's health. After all, that's what the people here would love to know about, yes?"

Kyo quickly wrote on his phone quickly and showed to his bro only. ''Am I.... included in this alone time or... ? ...'' His face obviously showed a sort of please don't leave me alone in this tidal wave of attention and affection expression. Not that he was anti-social, but he could use a few minutes away from the said crowd.

"Oh, yes, Kyo, you are free to join us. It may bore you, but it's nothing top secret." Zorlias says with a playful nudge at his brother's shoulder.

Elliana wonders what this private business is. Could she be in trouble for posting the original video? She will not give up the source of the pictures. “I guess that will be alright. I know it is a bit loud and crowded here to have a real conversation.” She studies them both. If they think they can harm her, they have another thing coming.

Kyo answers quickly after the nudge on his shoulder ''I don't mind, I'll just be my silent self and relax a bit.'' He showed that one to both.

As they are led away slowly from the crowd, Zorlias makes his way through the crowd. It does take him quite some time to get through, but when they finally reach a good distance at the vigil's edge, Zorlias speaks frankly, but sincerely.

"I am pulling you aside out of concern for your sister, whom I have had a previous business interaction with. She is a lovely woman, but I wish to make sure that she is going to be okay...I have a power, an Ether Ability that allows me to see certain things. I know of your sister's gift and she mentioned to me that she was previously stalked because of it...and called a "death mage." This terrifies me and I fear for her life. Were you aware of these facts?"

Kyo follows slowly, but surely... finally manage to get out of the crowd and phew some air feels good. He sits down, placing the candle in a safe spot and relax, listening to the conversation. He tilt his head on the side as a manner of what ? To sort of do as he didn't know all the details then again maybe he did or didn't... honestly so much happened today that his brain was getting fuzzy.

Elliana pales and shakes her head. “You know of her ability? That is impossible, she is so careful.” She is quiet for a few moments as she thinks. Maybe they can help her. Maybe…if she isn’t so afraid of it, she can learn to control it. She takes a deep breath and bites her lip. “We aren’t allowed to talk about it. Is she really being stalked?” She runs her fingers through her hair and continues in a softer voice. “You have to trust me when I tell you she would never hurt a fly. I have been trying to get her into the academy for a while. But she is scared, and I don’t blame her. What I am about to tell you does not go beyond the three of us.” She looks in between Zorlias and Kyo as if debating if she is going to continue. She takes a deep breath. “Her ability is a touch ability it withers away living objects. It is why she wears the gloves and avoids touching others even with them on. It not only affects humans, but animal and plants as well. Maybe, just maybe you can help me. I don’t want her to be scared of her ability. Delacroix University has helped me so much. Maybe it can help her too.”

Kyo listened and nods as if to say it'll stay secret. When he hears though he showed sign of surprise, but also a part of him felt compassion for the girl now even after the way she acted earlier. After all he too was afraid of parts of his power... but she had a power that was pretty scary... that he had to admit. He'd probably feel terrible in her shoes, not being able to hug or anything else... funny how he just wanted to escape a swarm of that yet he misses it. Still not being able to feel the warmth of people just because of a power felt sad.

Zorlias frowns, "I know. My ability allows me to see things...and I saw her power at its fullest potential. It was rather terrifying. However, I know she is a good girl. She'd never do anything to hurt anyone. I believe that. So when she accused me of having her stalked....I-I was worried."

“I don’t know who would be stalking her though. Like I said she is so careful, and all of us have been sworn to secrecy. My parents are convinced it is almost like a curse.” Elliana’s eyes widen. “I still cannot believe I told you guys. I just need to protect her the best way I know how. I wanted to tell Jenia, but I was scared. Do you think the University can help her?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by RadioTanuki on 5th March 2016, 1:40 pm

Kilder's Apartment - ~11:00PM

[ATTN: Closed]




ZZZzz-- *slurp*


Kilder adjusts his glasses and looks down to Errette. Errette looks back at him expectantly.

"Well someone's really forward..." Kilder said, smirking a bit. "Is it feeding time again already?"

He walked to the kitchen and turned the light on. Then he stopped a moment, listening. The TV was off now, and clearly there was something going on outside... He could hear noises faintly. He looked over to the clock on the wall. 11:00 PM... Hmmm.... Wait, that's.....

"Oh shit! Good thing you woke me up, kitty! The candlelight vigil for Jenia!! Hopefully I haven't missed too much!! I owe ya one, kit!" he said, giving Errette a pointing motion.
Errette cut her eyes and walked towards the door, unphased. Kilder straightened his uniform a bit and ran to the door ahead, opening it for her. "Ladies first!" he said, bowing. Errette waited as he walked out and closed the door. "My word, Errette! You look stunning this evening!" He put his hands up over his mouth cutting his eyes to the side >_> and acted as if he were blushing. "I can't believe I'm going to have the prettiest date there!" Kilder said in his best fake little boy voice. "Oh wait a second! I'm sorry Errette. I know it was supposed to be just us this evening, in that giant crowd of people, no doubt, but I think we should see if my sister Piper wants to go. She always did kinda look up to Jenia, and she probably didn't realize they were having the vigil as fast as it all came together."

"Oh thank Maker...." Errette thought. >.>

Piper's Apartment - ~11:05 PM, Approximately 6 ft (2m) from Kilder's current position


*knock knock*

*knock knock knock*

*knock knock*--

"Kilder! I'm here! What is it?"

Piper clearly had been busy with some of her 'home work' again. Kilder didn't understand why anyone would want to have to do work when they were supposed to be off work but he guessed she must have enjoyed it or something. It was odd. At least she was awake though.

"Jenia's got a candle-light vigil thing going on in honor of her at the school right now, in case you didn't know. We thought you might like to come with and see it. So what's up? I think Kyo and Zor are supposed to be there..."

It was pretty obvious when he asked her she hadn't a clue about the vigil. She's not the best when it comes to keeping up with news anyway.

"Um... yeah. sure. Just give me a second." She said. She ran to bathroom to straighten up a bit and came back out only a minute later. "I guess I'm ready!"

"Niiice. Justice Twins...... AWAAAAAYY!" Kilder shouted, with a finger raised.

"Don't do that in public...." Piper said, facepalming, although laughing a bit.

And with that the three walked to the vigil.

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 19th March 2016, 9:15 pm

[ATTN: CLOSED] 10:30pm

Light flickers and dances off of the television's screen, reflecting Rochelle's sour and silent rage as she gazes at the coverage of the Delacroix Dean's candlelit vigil of well wishes with discontent. Her legs crossed and her tight fists resting in her lap, she steels against her own fury, prepared to stop herself from doing something drastic.

Alana is by her side with fresh clothes that aren't singed, but warm nonetheless, due to their proximity. The woman doesn't bother to hand her the second set of clothes yet, as she knows it is too soon. The useful girl has gotten much more useful at predicting her needs. She's also smart and knows just when to be quiet. That's why Rochelle still has yet to crisp her...even though, right now, that feels so damn tempting...

"Smash it." Rochelle finally says, bursting with bitter words, "I want you to send some thugs to that damn party and smash everything."

"You don't want that," Alana replies softly, "It'll draw more CETE your way, no matter who does it. We can't risk attracting more attention."

With a cold gaze, she looks up at Alana, but she days nothing, does nothing. She wants to, but the stupid woman is right...CETE will be on to her until her name is cleared. That bitch lives and drags her name in the mud and she's going to have a lot more than a broken body to worry about.

"You want to get even," Alana says, slowly. She hesitates at first, but when Rochelle looks up at her with intrigue, she continues, "I can help you. I can help you do more than that."

Finally, Rochelle's fiery hair simmers away and the air cools. Her eyes are still lit up with a small excitement, however. As she reaches for the fresh clothing, she nods her head with permission to speak. "I'm listenin'."

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Post by Elementar on 25th March 2016, 5:57 pm

[Attn: Closed] 4:00pm (My next post will be tomorrow in terms of the role play, not real life.)

[color=#ffff00]Corrin[/color] | [color=#00ffff]Skylar[/color] | [color=#cccccc]Kellam[/color]

The tattered punching bag slowly swung to a halt, its kinetic motion ceasing. The crackling electric bolts surrounding my hand slowly sunk into my skin, the glow slowly fading as they travelled back to my storage location. My chest heaved slowly, but violently, and I seated myself down on one of the broken chairs in the corner. I crashed down upon the ripped leather seat, a small ‘hiss’ escaping the foam filling. My head still hung low, unaware of the presence of Skylar.

“Feel better?” These short words were enough to snap Corrin back to reality.

“I though I told you to stay out while I was in here.” He glanced up as though he wasn’t startled, carefully staring Skylar down with a strict glare.

“You’re finished aren’t you?” Corrin, glanced back down and motioned with his hand to the equally broken chair beside him. She sat down and glanced at the floor as well. It took a few moments for her to raise her head again and start to speak. “Kellam rang before. Said he had some news. He sounded pretty excited to me.” She paused, and when Corrin didn’t look up, she continued. “Anyway, he’ll be home in a few minutes anyway, so why don’t you go wash up?” He sat there silently for a brief period, before lifting his head and looking her into the eyes. “How are you doing Corrin?”

I’m currently suspended from work and everyone scatters when they see me. I’m doing as well as expected.”

“You’re still working at the uni, so it’s fine…”

”It’s not fine!” His interruption was enough to startle her. “Sorry, I must not have had a big enough session.” My voice trailed off and his head hung low again.

“I’m okay. You’re actually handling this pretty well.” He lifted his eyebrows and sat up straighter, staring at the grey wall. “I hate seeing you like this Corrin, I really do. But don’t neglect yourself. You still have people here for you and that won’t change. You’ll eventually go back to CETE, and show them how much you can do. Prove everyone wrong, I’m sure they all want you to."

“Sorry, I don’t mean to take it out on you two. That’s why I’m down here, to control all the anger I’ve built up over the years.” I chuckled for the first time in a while. “Thanks Sky.” She smiled at me, before twisting her head to the stairs. Kellam had come home, and his immaturity would get the better of him if he came down here.

I shut the door and sauntered into the living room. Kellam sat their holding a large yellow envelope, with the words “File: The Wisp” located on the side. I crashed down onto the sofa, sinking into the cushion. “What’s that?”

Kellam tried to keep his poker face. Any suspicion would let Corrin know that he was related to the case. Hopefully he wouldn’t find out just how related he was. “Our new assignment. You’re back in. We’re partners now.” He knew Corrin had previously been the leader, but it was obvious why he wasn’t now.

I smiled, surprised on the new revelation. “That’s terrific! When did we get it? Give me the details.”

Kellam gulped, sweat dripping down the side of his head. It was only the start of the situation, and yet he was already struggling to keep the secret. He regained some composure and relaxed before starting to speak again. “There’s someone who some people call a hero, and who others call a vigilante. He calls himself ‘The Wisp.’ He uses a bow and arrow as a weapon. He has yet shown any Etheriest capabilities, but we presume he does have some as he has incredible accuracy.”

“What’s he done so far?”

He had to now sell it to him but not sound overly enthusiastic. “Well, he’s pretty much done some good work and helped out the civilians, but officials don’t like it. He also claims to know some secret info in CETE.”

“So an insider?”

“Not necessarily, but it’s worth a start. We begin the case tomorrow. I have already read the files, and there's some suspects in there. I suggest we start looking for any claims on social media about their next act.”

“Okay. I’ll go read them now.” I picked up the files and headed for my office. Kellam briefly smiled at me before he grabbed the T.V. remote. I paused briefly while I read the first few lines.
"Kellam, should we start looking for possible Etheriest abilities?"

"Yeah, but we should probably do that after having a look at what is their next act."

“Fair enough. But I wonder if there's something deeper going on. I mean, he seems to be helping out a bit. I guess that this is just how it works..."

"Yeah, I guess..." By now, Skylar had walked out, and had looked at Kellam sternly. Kellam’s eyes motioned Skylar towards Corrin’s office, where she would obviously be told the ‘news.’ Once again, Kellam was isolated in the room. He stared at the door where both his friends had entered and muttered hopelessly to himself, “How do I hunt myself down?”

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Post by xenolion on 26th March 2016, 6:39 pm

Vigil, 11:10pm-11:20ish

Collab time =)

Kyo approached the sister and started to type on his phone altogether. ''I think it could help her... but she has to accept the power she has first before going to the next step of trying to control it... I mean if she continues to just straight deny it ... I think it could be hard for anyone to try and help her... Dunno if it makes sense? So the first step would be for herself to accept the fact and face it ... Just not sure how to do that however... I don't know her much either to give proper erm.. statement and stuff.'' He made sure that both would see the text and then waited for their reply.

Zorlias shrugs, "Frankly, that depends on your sister. There are so many varied ways and places to teach her of her Etheriest ability. All of the Delacroix establishments teach in different methods with different recourses at their disposal. The best way for your sister to come to terms with her ability fully, as well as to learn it with her preferred learning style, is to speak with each establishment leader individually and discuss each program so that she can decide for herself."

He gestures to himself by placing a hand on his chest, "My program is top notch and has by far the best equipment to provide safety and individual focus in training. I can give her details on that. Yet, my father offers the best teamwork training and is more like...a family when they are teaching each other. And of course, my sister can offer a degree and other academic goals. We all have something we can offer."

“That won’t be easy, but she is helping me move in to my room tomorrow. Maybe I can talk to her more then.” Elliana answers after reading Kyo’s text and Zorlias’ reply. She sighs knowing it will be a major undertaking. These guys don’t know what Sophie has dealt with for her whole life. “I will be sure to tell her that as well, Mr. Delacroix. I will let her know there are other sources than the university. But you guys cannot tell anyone else about Sophie. Not even my parents.” She looks at Zorlias after that last statement. “My father does some work for your company.”

"Her secret is safe with me," Zorlias says calmly, "Tell me, Miss, have you heard of a Trigger before?"

Elliana rubs her head. “I know what the word means, but I think you are meaning something different.”

Kyo was kinda surprised to know that her dad did some work for Zorlias, but at the same time he wasn't. He simply smiled and started to text ''My lips are sealed.'' And then Zorlias mentioned a Trigger and Kyo tilt his head on the side slightly wondering if his bro spoke to him about it before.

Zorlias looks at her with a half frown, "It's new tech...just freshly patented two weeks ago. It crossed my desk recently as a request to be tested by my testing apartment. It crossed my desk by request from the government."

Zorlias leans in slightly, whispering, now, "Ma'am, Triggers can trigger an Etheriest's ability to activation on contact. Without the Etheriest's consent. I haven't even begun the testing on this thing--I am barely just beginning to consider the implications of why it was made. I'm telling you something that is...confidential. I'm sure you can understand why this is so important."

Kyo listened to the convo and thought it was a pretty scary concept... Having the experience of his power not only being activated without his consent, but his entire body moving on his own just made him a bit uneasy thinking back. He did his best to not show any sign of discomfort in his face however... He didn't want his brother to ask him if he was worried or anything like that.

Elliana pales, if the someone would do that to Sophie it would be horrible. Not only for her, but for the fool who tried it. “But Sophie’s ability is a touch one. Unless the ‘Trigger’ as you call it can draw it from her, then she should be safe.”

"IT does more than draws it from people, if my hypothesis is correct," Zorlias says, shaking his head, "It forces it."

Kyo had a bit of a heartbeat skip when he heard that. That was pretty scary. In the wrong hands it could be pretty bad. He continued to listen to the conversation for now.

Elliana shakes her head slowly. “And you have the technology with you now? Oh Maker, maybe I did the wrong thing. Don’t you see the wrongness of that machine? Can’t you just kill it, or prove that it does not work?”

Kyo quickly types something ''Yeah.... it sounds like something a tiny bit scary. '' He looked kinda glad at Zorlias last statement.

Elliana reads Kyo’s response quickly before looking back at Zorlias. “Well I am not going to push her towards your company until I know it is officially killed. If your vision is as bad as you said it was, then you know why. Why even test it? Just pretend that it does not work. Sophie is not the only one on Aria with a destructive ability.”

Zorlias shakes his head, "Ma'am, you clearly don't understand how this works. The government owns a huge portion of my company and they will get it tested, regardless of who does it. If I don't test it, someone else will. And how can I trust them to make the right decision? I can't. And frankly, I don't want you to push her towards any company or direction. I want you to keep her safe from a stalker. That is all."

He crosses his arms, clearly displeased, now, "God day to you."

With that, he turns away and walks out of the vigil with the full intention of leaving.

Kyo could see his brother clearly unpleased as he spoke and when he suddenly start to leave, Kyo suddenly look Zorlias way surprised and then back toward Eliana to nod as a sign of goodbye and ...ran after his brother. ''So erm... we're leaving ?...''

"We're done here." Zorlias says, his mood now incredibly neutral and stoic.

Elliana makes no attempt to follow them. Her head is reeling. She cannot believe she opened up to them. So now what does she warn Sophie, or not? She wishes her parents were home. Dad would know what to do. She walks back to the vigil. She will think about it later.

''Okay...erm... want to accompany me as I walk to my place to grab some stuff ?... ''
He offered hoping he'd be willing to go inside and stuff giving the fact he looked a bit tense on the inside maybe ?...

Zorlias nods his head, but says nothing.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 27th March 2016, 4:33 am

Close to vigil&University/11h20~11h40PM ish ?

[ATTN: Open, anyone walking down the street at this time of night]

*Collab between Leah7, me and radio*

Kilder, Errette, and Piper walked down the street at a lackadaisical pace, despite being a bit late for the event. Even as late as it was, considering the proximity to the university it was well lit to the school from here, and it really wasn't too out of the ordinary to see students walking through the streets this time of night. Most classes didn't run super late, but the study halls and library stayed open into the night. Kilder actually didn't say much, for once, which was totally fine with Piper. She heard him far too often anyway, as far as she was concerned, even with the day job separation. Not that Kilder was in a bad mood... Rather that he just seemed to be enjoying the walk.

Finally, they noticed a few people coming down the road towards them. Kilder squinted a bit, cocking his head to the side slightly.

"Heeeeeyy.... Isn't thaaaat...

ZOR!! KYO!!"

Kilder ran ahead to meet them. "What's up, guuuuyyyyys?? Oh crap, what about the vigil? You guys were just there right?? Don't tell me I totally missed it! I totally didn't realize!! And I'm supposed to be a teacher here! Aaaaggghh, this will look terrible!!"

"Kilder... bro... chill out!!" Piper replied, clearly annoyed. "You were totally fine a minute ago. We weren't even rushing to get over there! Will you quit being such a spaz? There's really nothing to freak out about, even if you missed it! It's a student ran event anyway!"

"Rrrmmmmmmmrrr" Errette replied. She also sounded snarky and annoyed.

Kyo looked surprised to suddenly see Kilder coming up to them, but wasn't so surprise to see him suddenly freak out. He typed quickly on his phone with a smile on his face. ''Don't worry, they're still doing it... we just finished looking around is all, I was heading home to get a few things.''

Suddenly after showing the text to both him and Zorlias so they could see he wave at Piper, but then see the ...erm cat... His eyes were suddenly all sparkly while he thought really hard that he wanted to pet it.

Kilder stopped freaking for a moment. "Oh yeah... This is a student ran thing, so I guess I can always act like I didn't get the memo or something anyway.. It's not like it wasn't last minute or anything anyway. Sucks I didn't get there in time to chill with you guys though. What do you mean by that Kyo? Looked around? So it wassn't just a bunch of people up on a stage saying nice stuff about Jenia while people waved their candles around and such then? Or you guys just decided it wasn't a great scene or something? I bet you guys got hounded by plenty of people anyway, hehe. Don't blame ya for getting tired of that, I guess..."

Piper waved back to Kyo as Errette purred at him a bit. "Hey Zorlias, you're awfully quiet... Something on your mind? You look kind of... troubled...."

Zorlias sighs, "I'm sick of stupid people. There are so many stupid people in the world. I think I'm ready to initiate Project Mia and obliterate the world after I take it over. You in?"

Although the question was more directed at Piper, Kilder couldn't help but chime in, as always. "Oh YEEEAaaaahhh man, PROJECT MIA is GO!! Wait.... that was the name for our greatest prank ever we never finished, right? I don't even remember anymore.... So.... why are we going to take over just to obliterate the world now? We wouldn't have any people to rule over then! Did something happen?"

Kyo scratched his head and then wrote on his phone. ''Don't blow up the world just cause of some people now bro. '' He said with a small smile and showing his text.

"So someone at the vigil obviously got on your bad side Zor... Who was it? What's the deal??" Piper asked.

Zorlias shakes his head dismissively, "It doesn't matter. I'm just letting too much get to me because of Jenia's state. It's making me emotional and I seriously do. Not. Like. It."

Kyo placed a hand gently on Zorlias shoulder and wrote. ''It's okay to be emotional in times like this... and I'm here to help as well if you need or give hugs whenever you need too... well... erm... only when you feel like it.'' He showed that one only to Zor.

"So! Zor!Listen, maaan, is this thingy even worth showing up at? I could totally just say I was there and not go. I mean... it's totally no fun without you guys!! So...errm.... where ya guys headed-"

"Kilder. *sigh... The last thing we need to do is go on some big, late night hangout. You're already loopy from lack of sleep and we both have to work in the morning, so you should just drop that thought now. We're not teenagers or twenty-somethings anymore even, and I remember all too well what happened the last time you dragged us all out to 'party' this late at night!"

"Sis, you obviously don't remember just how much fun we all had that night! Remember that super awesome dance contest we had?? I was totally gonna win for dancing in the most epic place!"

"Oh, you mean the one where you almost fell off that water fountain statue and IMPALED YOURSELF??"

"Well... HEY.... I wouldn't have been impaled.... At worst I would have won for best shallow dive!" Kilder said, giggling a bit. "Anyway.... Is it worth even going to now?? Really?"

Zorlias listens to the two argue and comment on his issues, as well as his brother's comforting words, but he says nothing. Rather, he just continues to walk outwards to the car, listening to the cicadas in the night as the stars overhead shine down brightly. It's a beautiful night, but it would be way more beautiful if there weren't so many city lights around to interfere.

He smiles a bit as the siblings' argument, though, mildly distracted by their environment despite his amusement towards their words. He just keeps walking, silent and peaceful.

Kyo couldn't help, but giggle as he heard the siblings argue, but that was shortly interupted as he saw that Zorlias just continued walking instead of replying to anything. ''Ah ! '' He exclaimed with his actual voice as he walked himself a bit faster to try to catch up to Zor.

"Hmm.... Aww man.... Zor... well... um. guess we'll see you later... then... You too Kyo!" Kilder said a bit defeated. "I don't know if I feel up to even going anymore anyway, sis...."

"Kilder, we might as well just go there. We're almost there anyway and it's not like there's much left of it now anyway. If it's totally boring we can go right back" Piper sighed again and looked down at Errette, who was now sitting down staring off into space... It appeared almost as if she were meditating to the sounds of the night. Piper smiled slightly and grabbed her bro's arm... he was obviously still sleepy and just running on some weird nap high or something... "C'mon bro... it's been a long day, I know, let's just go real quick and we'll head back asap if it sucks. Deal?"

"I want a cookie...."

"Errmm.... yeah... We'll just call that deal, then...."

Zorlias nods his head, feeling a little guilty for having not answered. However, he doesn't have the chance to say anything...though, it's not like he would have said something, anyway. His eyes dart over to the animal as the giant cat suddenly arches her back and her hair stands up and a low, menacing growl comes from it's mouth. She's looking out into the blackness beyond them and Zorlias looks off, trying to see what she's looking at, but he can't see anything.

With alertness, he speaks to the cat, silently wishing to himself that the cat could understand and talk back to make this situation less tense and foreboding. "What's wrong, Erie...? Do you see something you don't like?"

As if answering his answer, she bares her teeth with a dark, threatening grin and Zorlias decides that he is incredibly glad that he's not this creature's enemy. Battling her would probably be a death wish, unless he somehow figured out how to magically vision her to death.

Kyo looked at the cat and then toward where it was looking. Although he wasn't really sure what he was looking for, but he focused on his senses at that moment in case something would happen or show up. He looked really serious while starring in that direction.Maybe he was just being paranoid and tense from the day however ?

Piper turned around with Kilder, but didn't say anything... She knew that Errette was upset at something, but she wasn't going to be able to see what might be coming without... well actually being able to actually see it...

"Oh MAKER!!" Kilder shouted out of nowhere. "What the hell is that?? I CAN'T SEE IT BUT SHE'S GROWLING AT IT SO IT'S BAD RIGHT??"

With a discontented sigh, he swats Kilder's arm with a silent pleading for silence. They certainly can't see anything and now, they won't hear anything coming towards them, either. Talk about failing a stealth check.

Kilder hesitates and then says loudly out into the dark, "Someone there?"

His answer is silence. The big cat lowers to the ground, as if ready to pounce. Her graceful steps move to the side as she carefully steps between where her gaze is and the group of friends and family. She seems protective in this stance and Zorlias is surprised by the unusual behavior.

"Owwww!!" Kilder said.. "Sorry...."

Kyo was really on his guard and stood close to the others, ready to strike or attack anything that came close himself. If anything or anyone dare to approach to attack that is.

Kilder straightened up a bit then and tried to see what exactly was going on. He wasn't feeling all that awake right now. He knew he was a bit delirious, but now was no time for that. Something weird could totally come out and eat his face any minute now... He wasn't ready to let that happen...

Zorlias takes a step back, but he doesn't really realize that he's doing it. His eyes are darting everywhere, wishing that the street lamps would reach farther. Or maybe even the stars. Anything, really. Yet, the lights are flickering and it's then that he realizes that it's darker than it should be. The lights are still there, but...they are dimmed. The lights don't reach out as much as they should, after all. And the air feels...heavier. Thicker. It's as if everything is pushing in on him and for some reason, Zorlias feels smaller.

Well, I've never been afraid of the dark before, Zorlias thinks to himself bitterly. Reaching out with his hands, he feels for someone, anyone, so as to be able to locate them if it should get even darker. Why couldn't I have had a cool power, like fire powers?

Piper noticed the lights too. It was definitely getting darker out here by the second and she started getting a bit nervous. They were about to be attacked... Enveloped in the darkness... Thinking quickly she pulled Kilder over to grab Zorlias and Kyo.. They needed to stay together and try to figure out a way to escape if need be...

"Stay close! We can't lose each other in the darkness!!" Piper shouted... She could feel as though even sounds were starting to be swallowed up by the dark

Kyo had a really bad feeling as the air started to get heavier and thicker. It was also dark and although he didn't like it, he had been trained before to fight in the dark, he'd just have to use his hearing... Somehow he still felt a bit... afraid ?... Remembering where Zor last stood not too far from him he stepped back a bit and got ready to attack something with his right hand using his left to open up his cellphone to do some light and quickly activate the Light option of it.

''Everyone.... stay close to me...'' He said with his actual voice, although it was shaking a bit, he always felt nervous when he spoke. Even the sound of the vigil was gone.... were they being isolated from some kind of weird power ?....

Kilder alerted even more now.... This was seriously starting to be a totally hard situation to stay sleepy in,.....other than the dark part of it... it was scary... and then startled even more, but not by Piper's voice... he was used to hearing that... it was a far less familiar voice... one he knew he had heard before.... but.... holy shit..... it was Kyo....

Zorlias is surprised to hear his brother's voice. It almost sounds new, strange. Alien. He doesn't have much time to ponder it, unfortunately. A voice is laughing. It's a man and it sounds almost insane as it seems to echo into the darkness. Suddenly, as the voice begins to speak playfully, the chuckling coming to an end, Zorlias recognizes the voice and his eyes widen with unpleasant surprise. His face pales and he is immediately glad for the surrounding darkness.

The man's voice says, "Why, Zorlias. It's been a long time. Four years, or so?"

The voice seems so...nonchalant. Relaxed. Uncaring. The big cat growls again and the voice just laughs again in response. Zorlias wants to say something, but his voice is caught in his throat. His hands clench up into fists as he tries to push down his irritation and discomfort.

"So sorry, kitty. No worries, just going to talk with my friends, here...why don't you go chew on a ball of yarn or something?" The voice says. It sounds...mocking.

"Ok.... Kilder.... Let's review.... get those investigative brain muscles pumping..... nonchalant voice.... do I recognize this? No.... well maybe it was that one..... guy with the hot dog stand?... no definitely not him...thought the voice does have a similarly sinister tone, and that guy is totally up to something... his hot dogs are the cheapest excuse for meat I've ever seen... self-slap! FOCUS MAN! This is definitely NOT a voice I know, and it's also the only MAN's voice that has ever made my skin tingle like this for that matter.... maybe something he said... four years.... what happened four years ag- gasp! that's how long it's been since my cat Foggy died! I bet this weirdo had something to do with it!... and the worst part was, Zorlias was too busy to even comfort me during that loss... In fact... that was about the time Zorlias kinda stopped talking to me much... Yeah times were kinda rough... he just... got so distant.... I wonder.... NO..... Could this voice have something to do with that?? So many questions!... Could whoever this guy was, have done something to Zorlias that changed him?? It's as if the pieces are slowly coming together...." Kilder looked around for someone... anyone in the darkness.... but by now it was hard to see anything... He could feel Piper though... she was shaking--likey from fear.... and that wasn't something that happened often anymore... Piper didn't get flustered easily... Kilder's heart sank... he felt doomed...

Looked like the light didn't work, he turned it off and placed his celphone away, he sure was on his guard now that he heard a voice speaks and the guy was obviously after Zorlias. He couldn't pinpoint where the guy was at all, but everytime he spoke, Kyo could feel a vibration on his skin and it felt so irritating. He stepped back a bit further and focused on everyone's sound, but he tried to get closer to Zorlias specifically. As he heard him, he got closer and touched him. Looked like it was the shoulder. ''It's me...'' Kyo said as he moved to transform into third form right away and he took his brother closer to his chest with his left arm. With his right he started to shoot his energy bullets in directions he knew no was at and more toward upward in case it breaks through to not hurt any civilians that could be outside that thing. He was trying to see if it would do something.

Zorlias' tension winds up tighter, as if all of the muscles in his body are being stressed. He knows why he's here...but how did he know? Zorlias hadn't voiced his intentions to anyone. Not a single soul knows of his did he figure him out? He can't have read his mind...

"Okay, don't say hi. I understand," The voice says, sounding unbothered, "I get it. Really, I do. I wouldn't be happy to see me either. Well...hear me. You know why I'm here, don't you?"

No response. The voice speaks again, "C'mon, Zor. I told you what would happen if you did it again. Are you going to? Are you going to do it?"

"No." Zorlias lies.

Laughter bursts out immediately as the words slips from his lips, "Oh, my. You really are a good liar. I mean, I could really be convinced if I didn't already know better."

Zorlias angrily says, "You don't know me! Get the hell away from us!"

He looks around, trying to see into the darkness, trying to see the man's face. He hates him. He hates him so much. All the tread and memories flood through and for the first time in a long time, so does guilt. Heavy, thick, and bitter guilt bites at his tongue and Zorlias hates the world all over again. He had thought that he was still the same man he had become four years ago...but he was wrong.

He has slowly been becoming soft again. Because of Kilder and Kyo and the rest. The price he should be paying for his sin has been wearing off. With a deep shame, he says again, "Go away."

"Mmm." The voice sounds dissatisfied, "Very well. This is your only warning, Zorlias. If you go against your promise to me, you will suffer. You will lose so much and gain only fleeting relief from the curses that you have placed on yourself."

"Shut up." Zorlias wants to scream, but he doesn't. Instead, the usual cool and calm Zorlias returns, his stoic features setting into stone. His eyes become cold, as cold as they had become so long ago. All of the unwinding he had managed to obtain these past four years suddenly starts to pour off of him and he is glad for it. It's for the best.

As quickly as it had came, the darkness is gone as light slowly becomes brighter about them. The sound of cicadas return, as well as the sounds of the vigil. THings are....relatively normal. Zorlias is looking off into the distance, as if he is looking into another world or realm. He says nothing.

Kyo was still on his guard, still hugging Zorlias close... even though he was surprised at the same time to hear him crack... and hear the conversation. Who was this guy ? Was Zorlias in danger too ? .... Man now he wished he could split himself in two. Even after the darkness left he still held Zorlias close with a paced up breathing. His eyes were glowing with light due to his transformation, but also of anger toward however just attacked them. His uniform was also ripped in quite a few places due to transforming.... but he didn't really notice that or the damage he caused just yet. He just didn't want to let go of Zorlias.

"Ok... What the hell was that?? Can you please explain this to us Zorlias? Seriously dude.... You have to tell us something! I get it, man, you've had some rough things going on these last few years... We can all see that... We just..... want to help you.... Whoever this weird dude is... whatever he's trying to do to you.. We really just want to know so we can help you... Is it so much to ask? For your own sake?" Kilder was more tense than anyone had seen in while.. Piper said nothing. She pretty much felt the same way.

Zorlias pulls away from Kyo, his gaze somehow...empty. He looks to the cat, which has now calmed down, and thanks her in his mind. For just a split second, he freezes as she appears to nod her head in response. As if she was saying "you're welcome." Then, he switches his attention to Kilder as he keeps talking, but he's only hearing a few of his words here and there.

Finally, he forces his words out, "I have to go. It's an emergency. Please--take Kyo home so he can get some things. I have to go."

Zorlias turns and begins to walk away as quickly as he can. His face is still empty, his voice quiet and his mannerisms now returning back into what they once were. Closed off and almost robotic. It is time for him to decide what he's going to do, now that his inner feelings have been revealed to him. And then...then, he'll deal with that annoying prick. He is his responsibility...

Kyo's anger look turn to one of deep worry as Zorlias pushes him away and then take an escape route with a look he knew far too well. Those empty eyes, he knew them... He couldn't help it, he had to run after him or so he thought, but he was somehow frozen... it felt as if his brother was going far away or something... First his sister is at the hospital with uncertain safety and now his brother have a creep after him that made him go as far as go back to a sort of empty self... He transformed back to normal, clenching his fist to the point of his fingernails cause him to bleed..... His eyes let out tears...tears of frustration of being so powerless in a time like this.

Kilder watched in disbelief for a bit as Zorlias ran off.... He couldn't believe he was going do this to them again. And just as he thought he was getting Zorlias back into their lives again.. Things were supossed to go back to the way they were... it wasn't fair.... Zorlias was leaving him, and everyone else close to him,behind once again. Was it something he had to do on his own so badly that they couldn't help? It didn't matter... Kilder didn't care... He wanted more than anything to help Zor, but he didn't know what to do again... He started after Zorlias. If Zorlias wouldn't accept his help, he would do it forcefully... He wasn't going to let Zorlias face such a dangerous threat on his own. It was reckless and stupid.

But as Kilder started to follow, Piper held to his arm, which he had almost forgotten she was holding. "No, Kilder... don't..." she said, seemingly on the verge of tears, "Just let it go this time. I understand but we have to keep it together right now... Let's just focus on getting Kyo home and we can figure out what to do from there..."

Kilder released a seething breath slowly. He was tired, frustrated, and noticeably angry, which wasn't something he showed often. He didn't say anything but started to resist her grab,knowing he could be free of it instantly, if he wished it. But he begrudgingly decided she was right, and he was totally exhausted... He stopped, and watched as Zorlias ran away again. He clenched his hands together and grated into his palms a bit. It was hard to feel pain over the sickening feeling happening inside his body. Finally he turned back to face Piper, Kyo, and Errette."C'mon....Let's... go home..."

''...'' He took out his celphone staining it with blood slightly from his hands, but he didn't care at the moment. He wrote ''I'll go home alone, I don't need the escort.... you guys go home. I'll go grab what I need and head back to the hospital. As for the blood, don't mind it it's nothing, I'll treat it.''With that he started walking toward his place, giving a small nod to the cat as he left.


Kyo's place/11h40PM

(ATTN : Closed)

He moved quickly to the bathroom to take care of these fresh wounds he just inflicted himself with, good game big guy... He cleaned them up and stopped the bleeding after a few minutes and then bandaged them one at a time. It's then he also noticed he had just ... ruined yet another uniform... oups. Oh yeah his phone... Kyo took it out and started to clean it right away, the blood wasn't dry so it was leaving it okay ish.He wished they could develop something that could fit him and his power... so annoying. He changed into a t-shirt and some comfy pants. Ah... he left his current backpack in Zor's car... oh well... he'd just have to take a backup backpack.

He packed some bathroom things he needed as well as a hoodie and some fresh clothes for tomorrow. The hoodie was more in case he'd be cold or something. He felt terrible to not be able to do anything about his brother tonight... but at least he could still stand watch for his sister... With everything good he left out and started to run to get to the hospital more quickly.

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/12h30 AM

(ATTN : Open)

He got inside, still catching his breath and started to walk up toward Jenia's room, buying a water bottle on the way and drinking most of it by the time he got there. The two guys from earlier were still there and gave him a stare.

''What happened man ? .... You look like ... not so well ?''

He wrote quickly on his phone which he was thankful bloodstain left when he washed it. ''Nothing... I'll be next door...'' He didn't wait for them to answer and then went into the break room and aligned a few chairs together, lying down on them like a bed or something... man sure wasn't comfy with those cheap plastic chairs... He placed back the chairs and decided to just sit on the floor and lie his back against the wall. Kyo was pretty much in the corner of the room that was opposite side of the door, to be able to see the hallway sorta. Except everything was going blurry .... he was so tired... and felt so... lonely right now...

Kyo fell asleep not too long after, being exausted from his long and emotional day.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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{Attn: Open}

Vigil 11:30pm

Sophie finishes taking the pictures. She is surprised that Elliana has not run into her. She feels her phone vibrate and looks down at it. It is a text from Torrin. She reads it. He wants her to come on tomorrow at 8am. That is odd. He knows that tomorrow is her day off. Not only that, but he is never at the studio that early unless there is an important shoot. She stares at the phone for a brief moment. Something is not right, but she will be there.
She packs up the rest of her items then heads out. Ellie will have to wait to do her video tomorrow. Besides the girl is in her element, a social butterfly in a field of flowers. She throws her back pack on her back and heads home.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Etheriest Role-Play - Page 3 New_da10


Braedon is sitting in the living room of Rochelle D'grennar, a twenty-four year old Presidential candidate with absolutely no sense of professionalism or decorum when it comes to greeting her guests.

The woman is throwing a temper tantrum that could rival the most spoiled of children throughout all of Aria, yelling at her assistant over the phone about his presence in her home. The black lady is pacing about her kitchen, wearing a robe haphazardly with her hair sticking up in odd directions like a frizzed cat nest.

Apparently, this woman expects her assistant to not only be able to somehow psychically know when CETE is going to show up at her home, but also to be there with her when it happens with coffee and enough pre-notification so that she can at least be somewhat presentable. Additionally, there are many slurs towards the sun, sunrise in general, mornings, and something about hiring a maid. Which, in Braedon's point of view, is a great idea...this whole living room looks like a tornado swept through.

Braedon has already found his place on her couch, leaning back into the cushion with one ankle on the other knee while he yawns with an intentional expression of boredom while the mad woman continues to rant and scream over the phone. His hand pats at his mouth at the hint, but it is all entirely ignored. Somewhat. She rolls her eyes after a glance at him, so he's gotten the response he desired and it wasn't all for naught.

Finally, Ms. D'grennar puts her phone away and stares at Braedon with a look of pure hatred and silent rage. She clearly wants to murder his entire next generation with that glare, and if she could, he has no doubt that she would. This is just the reaction that he was hoping for. Good start.

"I've been instructed, Officer," Ms. D'rennar says unhappily, "Not to talk to you until my assistant and lawyer are both present. So, you're just gonna have to wait. I'm going to my room to get dressed, so you just stay here. And don't touch anything."

"Of course, Ms. D'grennar," Braedon replies with an obviously fake and sarcastic sweetness, "I'll be right here. Let me know if you need any help and don't fall in."

The woman scoffs, throwing her hand up in the air against him with dismissive disgust as she stalks off and Braedon smirks, pleased with himself. Phase one has begun. Now to begin with phase two....

Braedon jumps up the moment she's been gone down the hall and he begins searching through her things. He finds nothing of any particular interest, of course, mostly just girly personal items and odd home decorations. Lots of lion statues and references throughout the room. Guess she really likes lions for whatever reason.

However, he does find something looks like there are a couple of scorch marks on pieces of the floor, most of which are hidden by furniture placings. And the carpet still looks mostly new. Something she frequently has to replace, perhaps? Definitely a good clue as to the power that Zorlias Delacroix described, to be sure. After a few more minutes of hunting about, he intentionally knocks a lamp off of a table and into the floor, breaking it and letting it shatter about the room loudly.

"Oops," Braedon says, sitting back down. He can already hear the woman's steps coming down the hall once more, her voice getting louder as she comes closer.

Rochelle says, "Just what are you doing in here, Officer?! What did you do?!"

"OH, I am so sorry, Ms. D'grennar! It was an accident! I didn't mean to--I'll reimburse you for this lamp, I--"

"You couldn't replace that lamp with your entire year's salary." Rochelle says coldly, narrowing her eyes at him with her now, fully dressed form. Her hair is still a mess, but she's actually somewhat presentable, now.

Braedon hesitates, grinning sheepishly, "Well, I do apologize, ma'am. I'm sure there is another lamp I could get you that is somewhat affordable and well...I'll certainly do what I can--"

"Are you trying to piss me off?!" Rochelle asks heatedly, her hands balled into fists.

Braedon thinks, "Yes."

"You can't just show up at six in the morning, demanding to ask me questions about something so fucking irrelevant--treat it like it's the most important conversation--"

"If it's so irrelevant, then why are you so unhappy to see me? Why the lawyer? I mean, it's not like you have anything to hide, am I not correct?" Braedon asks cooly.

"It's six in the morning, you twit!" Rochelle almost screams, "Who in the world is up this early?! No one wants to be interrogated at--"

"Woah, woah, Ms. D'grennar," Braedon interrupts, "Interrogation? I just have a few questions, this isn't an 'interrogation.' Calm down, why are you so defensive? I merely--"

"Oh, by the Maker!" Rochelle shouts, "If you interrupt me one. more. time!"

Braedon hops up from the couch in an instant, moving fast. His face is now before hers, albeit quite a bit higher due to his superior height. He towers over her heat--and he can feel the heat--as he calmly and cautiously asks, "What? You'll what?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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{Attn: Open, 6:00 am}

Sophie groans when her hears the alarm clock blaring. Not only was it a late night, but her sleep was not a good one. She sits up and stares at her phone. The message from Torrin was still on it. This is very unusual behavior for him. He knows it is her day off. He is respectful of days off. Plus, he is never in the studio that early, and not in the “office”. He hardly ever uses that, so they use it primarily as a storage room. Yes, his desk is still there and functional, but there are other boxes in there.

She gets out of bed and looks outside at the sun rising. It is another beautiful morning. She puts on her jogging outfit and her backpack. She never goes out without her camera. Then begins her daily jog.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Coldrion Mercy Hospital / 5h30 AM new day

(ATTN : Closed/Open to Zor~ Open to others after he wakes)

**This is a collab between me and leah7**

**Note : In this nightmare, Kyo is as his younger self, back in the lab. He from time to time have nightmares of this.**

Darkness was all he could see at the moment. ''I can't move ?'' He thought to himself... as a perturbing sound came to his hearing. It became louder and louder, almost to a unbearable point... It then clicked... it was again one of those painful experiment that required surgery. Pain came to him, so great he wanted to scream, but he could not... something was in his mouth. Even with drugs to appease slightly the pain it was still there... to some unbearable levels and he somewhat was awake ?.... Light suddenly came to, as if someone had removed a blindfold. Tears came down his eyes as he looked in the direction of the surgeons who were carefully doing this operation. His eyes then turned toward someone he knew far too well, the man behind his curse and everything he lived in the past..

The voice sounded as an echoes ''Awake already ? Glad you managed to get to the main part. It'll be quite an orchestra. ''

The man's face was blurry, but he could see that smile, the one he hated so much and yet was so afraid of. Several other kids were having the same surgeons in the same room, only separated by sections. They were about to insert something.... he wasn't sure what.... but it was scary.

''This is where the orchestra begins... '' The man whisper as he remove what was in his mouth. ''Will you stay till the end... or will you sing your last note ?...''

Kyo screamed his loudest, until he barely had any voice or tears left. He was barely hanging on in fact, his heartbeat had been quite slow. He was twitching every now and then, the look in his eyes was empty. A small laugh could be heard in the distance as he felt as if he was getting further as if he watched the scene in third person and then everything stopped and a door closed. He was back into the darkness, chained and freshly wounded from whip slash. He shook from his entire small body, taking form of a foetus position and holding his head with both his hands as flash of the whip session he had came to mind. He then screamed again as loud as he could.

**End of Nightmare**

Zorlias walks into the hospital room where Kyo should be sleeping, wishing he were still asleep, himself. It's far too early for his tastes, but there's not much to be done about that. Unfortunately, time is still going so slowly, mostly due to his impatience to see his sister. Sadly, they won't let them in the room until after noon, go figure.

He sees his brother sleeping in the floor and he raises an eyebrow. He doesn't look comfortable at all and as he moves about in his rest, it is clear that his dreams aren't pleasant, either. He's pondering on how the boy got there whenever Kyo shouts, waking from his rest rather abruptly and unhappily. Must have had a nightmare of some kind...he looks afraid. Zorlias bends down to him, placing a hand on his shoulder, "Kyo...are you okay?"

Kyo woke up suddenly before his brother made it completely to him and he let out a small scream. Looking afraid and rather lost as well as trying to catch his breath, he feels his brother's hand on his shoulder a few seconds later then he should have to then realize it was the real world ... he was back over there. He takes a deep breath to calm down wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead. He then nods as a way to say yes, now looking pretty normal. He took his cell phone from his pocket. ''Sorry about that. I'm okay now ... thanks.''

Zorlias stands and then helps Kyo to stand. It's already so early, and he really wishes he could skip that morning meeting, now. He's about to say something else when a CETE officer walks in--the one in charge of Jenia's case. What was his name? He can't recall.

"Well, hello." Zorlias says, "Good morning."

"Morning," Braedon says, "Thought I heard a scream. Everything all right?"

"Yes, I--" Zorlias says, "Everything is good. How's my sister?"

"She's well, resting as usual...she woke up for just a few seconds ago and asked for Kyo." Brae says, "I uh...I have to go follow a lead, so I wanted to let Kyo know that I'd be back."

Kyo got up with the help of Zorlias and as he was about to say something, Braedon comes inside the room and ask if everything is alright which Zorlias replied to. He let them interact for a few seconds and rubbed his eyes a bit, still not fully awake. In fact with this nightmare he didn't really feel like he had good rest, but oh well. However what Braedon answered brought light to his eyes. He quickly wrote on his phone. ''Is she still awake ?!.... And was there still some of the other guys looking after the room as well ? I sorta need to go stock on food... but if she's still awake, I'd love to see her for a bit with my brother if we could of course.''

"She's already passed back out," Brae said, "She was only up for a couple of seconds, really. Mumbled a bit and then was out again. I let her know that you guys were just in the next room and that you'd be around in a bit, so, don't worry about a thing."

"Thanks." Zorlias says. Brae stands there and stares awkwardly for a sec, then he turns to leave.

Kyo looks at Braedon that is leaving and then looks toward his brother. ''So do we still hop quickly at your place to eat and stuff ? I'll make sure to update you on regular basis when I come back here, well if there is any news on something that is... '' Kyo looked pretty neutral emotion wise even though on the inside he was still rather worried about his brother... and about the whole mess that happened yesterday. He tried to shake the thought for now however.

"Yeah," Zorlias says, "I already good food made up. The kind you like."

Kyo's face lights up. ''Sweet !'' He writes with a smile. How food could just make him forget bad stuff in matter of seconds sometimes, even he was surprised at how he could get. He took his bag, ready to go.

Zorlias's Appartment/5h45 AM

(ATTN : Zorlias/Closed)

They then left the hospital went into Zor's car and headed to his apartment. The road was done in silence mostly and Kyo was poking around on a small casual game. As they got to Zorlias Corp, they went to a secret floor where his brother's apartment was and arrived to a small bland hall leading to a door. His brother unlocked the place and Kyo went inside with him. The place was a 5 1/2 and looked very simple, clean and tan. But the fact that it was a place away from everything else always kinda made it special to Kyo anyway. It had a small living room area with one couch and a tv in the front. Though that was usually more used for his rare guests like himself or Kilder. In the same room, but past the couch, there was a small dining table with four chairs and the kitchen was just next door. A pretty compact and practical one, but pretty normal too.
Then there was his office with a family picture on the desk and his really huge collection of books. But even there, everything was neatly organized and clean. Then there was his room and some other extra guest room again mostly for when Kyo or Kilder stayed over in some rare occasions. And of course the bathroom. There was no decorating and the colors were very tan with not much design on anything really.

Kyo removed his shoes as a reflex to not dirty the floor and wrote to his brother ''Mmm.. I think I already smell it...''. And obviously his stomach let out a small growl at the same time.

As they get home from a short elevator ride and Kyo's stomach expresses its hunger, Zorlias smiles and nods his head with understanding. He moves to the kitchen quickly and begins to prep the food. He gestures to the small bar so that Kyo knows to have a seat. It doesn't take him long to pull out the small platter of foods and set out the plates.

He already knows what Kyo will want to drink, so he is careful to get that out and put it on the small bar, as well, He's got drinks for everyone in his fridge, always. He makes sure of it. After he is finished prepping the food and stands at the opposite side of the bar with his own food, he nibbles a bit of food on his own.

"I got to ask you for a favor." Zorlias says quietly between bites, "You can't tell anyone about it. It's's one of the most important favors I could ever ask. And you can't ask any questions about it."

He followed after his brother to the kitchen and sat down at the small bar he had in there. The whole time Zorlias was preparing the food, Kyo was almost drooling while sitting at the small bar. His brother gives him the food and some orange juice, something he really liked on mornings. He waited for Zorlias to join him and then started to eat. However the mood sounded pretty heavy and as his brother started with the asking for a favor, Kyo's face became serious. Was it about what happened yesterday ? ... Kyo quietly type on his phone and show him. ''You can ask me anything, I'll help you anyway I can. And understood, as for the questions, I won't ask any, promise.'' He waited for his brother to answer as to what the favor was... it seemed pretty serious...

"Yes." Zorlias answers, "If something happens to me, you are inheritor of Zorlias Corporation. If something happens to me...I need you to activate the Zerrot Initiative. It's a top secret program--but it's government approved, I assure you."

Kyo's face turned into one of surprise... but he was also really worried now. Was the guy from yesterday after his life ?.... And what was this program thing ? Would it save his brother ? ... He took a big breath to try to calm his inner thoughts and then wrote carefully. ''I won't ask any question as to what is fully happening, but... if your life came to be in danger, you can count on me anytime alright ?... '' He paused left that one at that even though he on the inside wanted to add more.

After a few seconds though... he did come back with a sentence. ''Well I kinda do have to ask one question do I activate that thing ? Do I just poke someone who knows about it ?....''

"You'll get a packet from my lawyer. It'll give you all the information that you need to run the company. The Initiative will be included."

''Alright... well... I'll do everything I can do to help.'' He tried to make his answers short and simple as he agreed to help, but his mind was racing. He continued eating though at a bit slower than earlier... this was way too much to take in. Would he lose his brother so some kind of criminal like the guy of yesterday and stand still ? Powerless even though he has a freaking power that can protect his siblings yet he fails to ? ... Was this all just a way too serious strategy to fool the enemy ? Oh and ... how was he supposed to run a company when he doesn't even speak to people. Or have meeting with big groups and stuff. His brain was pretty much overheating at this point and his face which he couldn't hide fully did show worries. He wanted to trust his brother fully, but with that kind of talk it's pretty much like saying he'll be dead soon and he doesn't like it one bit.

"Well, Kilder, Piper, dad, and Jen will have the company, too..." Zorlias adds later after a few bites, "but you're the only one that will have access to certain sections of it."

Kyo simply nods as he eats a bit more, trying to do as if it was nothing, like his brother isn't really planning to go away like this or anything. Like... he didn't want to scream his feelings out about the fact that he can't just put his life in danger alone like this.... Although who was Kyo to speak ? ... He himself kept secret so many things from them for so long.... Though the thought of other owners kinda made him slightly more at ease with that matter... but still...

"You look worried," Zorlias says, "And due to the topic, I understand. But...I promise, I don't expect to die or anything. I just want to be certain, since last night happened..."

[color=#00CC66]Kyo type on his phone feeling slightly relieved, but still couldn't help, but worry on the inside. ''You better not... or I'll come kick your butt for dying on me. '' He first wrote with a pouts in his face before coming back serious. ''Though whoever may try to harm you in any way.... if you have a way to let me know before the worst case scenario happens, all I need is a location and I'll be there top speed. I don't need reason, explanation or whatever I'll just come without questioning. ''

Zorlias smiles as he reads the text, "I know, brother. You've got my back. You always have. Did you want to shower here? You already have some clothes here in my dresser you could wear."

His brother's smile made him calm down a bit and more at ease. And he continued to eat a bit more now. To his brother's question Kyo nods and smiles slightly as he writes. ''I brought some spare clothes so I'll be good... though while I'm thinking about it I left my other bag in your car yesterday, I might come back later to pick it up, don't really want to carry two bags all day.

With a nod, Zorlias finishes his meal in silence and gives his brother all the freedom he needs to get clean and comfortable once more. Pulling out his iPad, he looks over the schedule for the day. As promised, Rae left all of the afternoon free. Just the morning meeting at eight was all that she had listed. Excellent.

Kyo finish eating and then take his bag. ''Well I'll go shower real quick I'll be back and stuff. '' He showed his brother his celphone before leaving it on the counter since he doesn't want to bring it in the bathroom. Once in there, he takes out the stuff he needs, and before washing himself, he remove the slight bandages he had due to how he dig his nails in his skin the day before. Didn't look like it would bleed again so he just left them as is and trew the bandages in the trash. After doing so, he does his morning routine like brushing teeths ect. He knew where his brother would hide his hair dryer, so he just takes it out since they don't have that much time to wait for his hairs to dry. He takes the time to dry them with the dryer and then come out, about 25 minutes after he went in. He goes back to the kitchen to pick up his celphone on the counter and see if his brother was still sitting at the same spot.

After his brother has left and his iPad is closed again, Zorlias moves to the couch and sits. He pulls out a book that he's been reading and reads for a while until his brother comes back out of the bathroom. He notices that the bandages are gone. He had seen them before, but didn't comment. After all, if the wound had been severe, Kyo probably would have told him. He's curious to see what the wound is, but he doesn't look or ask, since he'd consider such a question to be nosy and rude.

"Welcome back," Kyo says as he pulls away from his book, "Feel better? Oh--Rae made some blueberry pie for me yesterday. I have it in the fridge, if you're interested."

Kyo notice Zorlias on the couch as he pass toward the kitchen, leaving his bag near the entrance on the way. He grabs his phone and goes to join him. He sits next to him and listen to his brother. ''Yeah... showers are always relaxing.... makes me think I should back to a spa at some point. Would feel so gooood... and .... blueberry pie ?'' He smiled a bit at first nodding before he wrote this and he look like he was almost drooling when his brother mentioned the pie.

With a smile and a nod, Zorlias gets up to prep a piece of pie for the both of them. He shortly returns with two paper plates topped with pie and plastic forks. He hands one to his brother and sits down on the couch and begins to eat after he turns on the TV. He's munching down on a third bite when the news lady comes on with a "special morning report."

--thank you, Eric, good morning. Today we have happy and yet terrible news as we announce that there was an explosion late last night at Delacroix University, resulting in no deaths or injuries. Although no one was present during the building's explosion, there was extensive damages to the property and a small fire, but the fire was quickly extinguished due to the Coldrion Fire Department's quick response. The cause of the small explosion is currently being investigated by--"

Zorlias has shot up in his couch, sitting up straight and wondering if his father has heard the news, yet. Probably not, considering how early it is. The man isn't usually awake until seven-thirty, but he's going to be pissed that the press knows before he does. However, he'd have been more pissed if someone woke him to tell him, too. Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

Zorlias came back with pie and Kyo couldn't be more happy, only the pie was his life right now. So much that when Zorlias was at his third bite, he already had half of the pie gone. Although when the tv broadcast came about the school, Kyo almost choked on a bite from surprise. Kyo looks at the news and writes to his brother. ''... Should we head there and see the damage and see if you would have a vision again ? Just to verify if it was the annoying darkness thingy power dude from yesterday or our already undergo suspect ?... I should probably let Braedon know of this too... the broadcast I mean.''

Zorlias considers Kyo's words. He's been asked to visit on site before, often titled a consult for CETE. However, his "evidence" is never good evidence, so they only generally ask for him when their stuck. He should probably wait. Then again, what if it was to target someone?

"I could do that after my appointment, if CETE will let me in." Zorlias says, "Still, I have to have the lead investigator's permission, regardless."

Kyo nods and then writes. ''If anything I'll go see what I can do, I'm part of CETE as well, I could go there and see who's in charge and stuff. See if I can get an authorization in advance. If I have to wake up dad for it, I will regardless of him being pissed at me or not for it.'' His face was serious as he showed that to his brother.

"Sounds like a plan," Zorlias says, finishing his pie and turning off the TV. "Did you want me to drop you off at the hospital after this, or did you want to go to the University?"

Kyo scratched his head pondering. ''Well, originally it was the hospital, but being almost next to the university, might as well drop by and poke around. I'll rush to the hospital after to go check on things there too... I'll let you know where I am at when your meeting finish... till what time is it supposed to last ?... '' He asked at the end, waiting for his brother's answer.

Zorlias says, "An hour at most. Could be as short as five minutes...just depends on the department that I'm meeting with. I'll text ya."

Kyo nods and answer with his phone ''Kay, I'll let you know where I'm at once you text me then.''

Zorlias gets up and gets ready to head out once more. He's already showered this morning, thankfully, so he just has to grab his wallet and he's good to go. They head out and he drops Kyo off at the University and waits for him for a bit before he takes him to the hospital after. That way, he won't have to walk. The car is be okay with an extra stop, anyway.

Delacroix university/6h45AM ~ Coldrion Mercy Hospital/6h58~7h10 AM

Kyo finished his pie quickly and followed after Zorlias taking his bag on the way out. His brother decides to drop him off at the university and waits for him. As he come back, he tell his brother about the fact that nobody seems assigned to the job yet, but there was still people investigating and that he's probably gonna wake up their dad about it. As they reach the hospital Kyo smile slightly to Zorlias and writes ''Thanks for the lift, see you a bit later. '' He then head out to the hospital and text their dad on the way. It was almost 7h, he shouldn't be too mad.

To Cynric : ''Dad, I'll call you soon to wake you up, something urgent, sorry in advance.''

He then heads upstairs to go see how it was going on the side of Jenia first.

He took news of Jenia and everything was still fine, he nods in satisfaction and goes downstairs quickly and calls his dad, letting the ringtone ring until he heard an answer. If it would go to the limit he would call again.

Kyo looks at his cellphone after a good.... fifteen tries in defeat... He decides to write a text. ''Well... looks like you're either sleeping like a brick or somewhere else then your phone.... Did you see the news about last night ? Something happened at the university again, doesn't looked in charge yet when I went to poke around... so I thought I would tell you. Also wanted to ask if brother could get permission to pass and check if he gets any vision about the incident. I'll wait for your answer...

Also on another note.... I erm... killed another uniform... so I'll need a new one again....I'm sorry. ''


Elysium HQ/6h30 AM

(ATTN : Closed)

**Will pick a color for the villain at a later time xD**

Arriving at Elysium HQ right at the time he specified through his private jet that was equipped with camouflage and sound blockers, it landed onto a private lane that could hide underground and have a trap of grass cover the thing like it never was there.

''Welcome back sir.'' Said a woman who gladly welcomes her boss, Tang Sung Jin. She had a very elegant, yet simple looking dress that looked like it came from a ball for the riches. She had long dark brown hairs and grey eyes.

The man greets her with a smile that most likely make the woman melts. ''Thank you, dear Lady. Anything new to report in my absence ?''

Lady, or rather Anika Ruiz, was the secretary of the man, but she would often look over things at Elysium HQ when he had to go elsewhere. ''Nothing more then the usual... although I do have to show you something that will most likely please you sir. ''

''Oh ?... You may have picked my interest Lady, do show me then. '' Jin answered with smile once again.

Anika bows slightly and invites him to follow her to his office and then go look for the video which she saved that came from the internet. She clicked on it and let it play as she watched the features of her boss change to one of surprise as he saw the video of those people trying to get someone out of rubbles and seeing this monster like shape he remembered far too well he smiles widely. She smiled in satisfaction of making him happy.

''My boy have grown into a fine man I can see.... Let's see.... taken at delacroix university in coldrion ? What a coincidence.... '' He started to laugh at the fact that he had set something in motion already that he could switch around main objective to search for information about Kyo's current life. Jin laughed slightly and kissed Anika on the cheek. ''Good work... I've been looking to get him back for a while now and it seems the pieces are coming together... Let's intensify the training regimen of them in preparation. Make sure they are healthy.'' He said pointing out a list of their most sucessful subject.

''Will do sir. '' With this, Anika leaves the room and head to deliver those orders to the people in charge of the said department.

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[ATTN: Unless you're breaking into Kilder's place, Closed. (It's not worth your time, thieves!)]

Kilder's Apartment - 7:00 AM

Kilder looked around the room, rubbing his eyes a bit. He had just hit the alarm, but it hadn't actually woke him up this time, unfortunately... Sleep hadn't really done a lot to help him at all really. He didn't feel great today. He had slept well for a while, just out of pure exhaustion, but something managed to wake him up... Kilder didn't stress very often, but in the last day he had been more stressed than ever. He wasn't sure about what the situation at work might be today, but with the current state of the school and the absence of Jenia, it was safe to say it probably wasn't happening. Well... at least he hoped not... At this point it would be up to the board to decide what happened for now. If they thought they needed him to be a part of it they would call him in. But Maker.... He didn't want to.. All he wanted was to see her. Nothing else. As if it weren't hard enough to keep her off his mind at times.... Now he had come so close to losing her for good, he couldn't bear it.

This feeling had eaten at him all day yesterday. He tried to still keep a nonchalant sense about it, and continue doing his best to lighten the mood... but let's face it... He was surprised he was fooling anyone... the jokes had fell flat. Kilder felt complete pathetic. All he had ever wanted was to be close, and protect his friends and family.... and here he was, completely helpless to them instead.

Right down the hall, and he never saw it coming... he couldn't even protect the woman he loved... not that he ever thought she couldn't handle herself, as she was one of the strongest people he knew, but she needed his help then, and he had failed to deliver on that.

These thoughts just went through his head on repeat as he sat there upright in his bed. He shook his head and put his forehead down into his hands. "Shut up, shut up, shut up! I can't keep having these thoughts!! Stupid brain! Why couldn't you just shut off for a while. At LEAST you, emotion processing region!!..... *siiiiiighhhh* This is just how it's gonna be today, huh?" Down

He got up finally, just to peek through the blinds of his window for a moment... a bit cloudy and foggy this morning... not sure if there was going to be any rain though. How he wished it would though... it was times like these he could use a bit of atmosphere for his miserable state. At least that would be nice and calming to help him sleep. Rain was always that different sort of comforting he needed in times of stress like this.. Who knows if it would even help this time.

On top of all this, his stomach was killing him. It was like a burning poison pit in there. Seriously, stress? Wtf?

He tried walking around the room for a bit. "Maybe I should try eating?..." he thought. "I don't feel much like it, but I need something..."

Normally it would be a waffle or cereal or something. Omelettes on some days when he was really up for making them... But today... "hmmmm.... BANANA!! Perfect!!"

After taking a few bites, and then forcing down the rest, he still felt like garbage... He walked pst the TV with no urge to turn it on... not feeling the morning cartoons thing today.. that was rare for him... Instead, he walked into the bedroom and fell, face first, into the bed, and whined to himself. "JUST GO AWAY... STOMACH,... FEELS,..... EVERYTHING!!" TearFull

"I have to go to that damn hospital...." he thought to himself. "...sometime...."

He heard the phone ring in the next room...

"Come on LIFE!! Give me a BREAK!!"

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Coldrion Mercy Hospital/7h10~7h40

(ATTN : Virsago, closed, Open after of course ;D... and for text)

**This is a collab between me and Vye =)**

Looked like Kyo's dad wasn't answering yet, he decided to try and see if his friend, Virsago. In a text to him he wrote ''Hey, I know it's early, but I was wondering if you were free. I'm still at the hospital though, but a lot is going on and having you here would be cool. Also would make time seem less long sorta. Tell me if you can, if not it's fine don't feel bad about it.''

Virsago awoke to the sound of his phone receiving a message. Kyo needed company at the hospital, the guy must've stayed there through the night. Virsago groaned as he squinted at the blinding screen. "Will be there in a bit." With that, he quickly freshened up and threw on some casual-fitting clothes. Virsago was wrought with grogginess as he made his way to the hospital.

Kyo smiled slightly seeing the message and then wrote back. ''All right, the hospital is the Coldrion Mercy Hospital, I'll be in front of the main entrance.''

Another text from Kyo. He'd be waiting at the front entrance. On the way to the hospital, Virsago skipped his usual breakfast, picking up a small sandwich from a convenience store instead. He eventually got to the hospital, still munching on his sandwich without a care in the world. Once he found Kyo, Virsago strolled over silently. It was too early in the morning to bother with an enthusiastic greeting.

Kyo smiled as his friend approached him and he waved slightly at him... however Virsago seemed rather zombified while he was eating his sandwich. ''I'm sorry I know it's early and stuff.... but thank you so much for coming. I still can't see my sis, however, there's been another case at school too. The media already know and it kinda suck but there was an explosion last night. I'm probably gonna go check the scene again a bit later once I know who's gonna be leading the investigation. But yeah... I might need backup if any of the possible suspect were to attack. Pretend you also didn't hear what I'm about to tell you next, but my bro, me, kilder and his sis were attacked last night. ''

''Although the responsible didn't do anything to harm it was pretty scary. He had an ability that kinda covered an area with darkness I think ? ... no lights were working in this and everything was echo, couldn't hear the sound from outside of it. But yeah in short my Bro is in possible danger that I dunno much about and someone is after my sister and the university it seems.... ''
He had a serious face as he showed his friend what he wrote on his phone. Kyo was hoping Virsago would accept to help him. Although he kinda was against putting his friend in danger or mix him to this mess... he felt like he was the only one that was pretty neutral party that could help in a subtle manner possibly.

Listening to his friend explain his situation caused Virsago's expression to soften. He couldn't be so grumpy when Kyo needed help. Things were going ten times as worse for Kyo than for Virsago. Hearing that Kyo was assaulted certainly woke Virsago up. He beamed Kyo's face with a glare of concern. "Did you catch the attacker's face? Did you get any personal data on him? Maybe his voice? A DNA sample? Fingerprints? Is he still out there?"

Kyo shake his head and start writting. ''All I know is that he's after my brother and I heard his voice, but it was like an echoe and stuff... but because of his power I didn't see anything at all. ''

Virsago sighed. Whoever went after Kyo must be more skilled than the average etheriest. One would think CETE operatives would be able to handle any etheriests that started trouble. Who knew what they taught investigators like Kyo? Virsago dug his hands in his pockets already fearing for the worst. "If one etheriest managed to escape a whole lot of you guys, I'd hate to think what happens if your brother is alone. I'm guessing you need my help with something?"

Kyo nods and writes ''Well he didn't quite attacked fully, he stood in our way and then left after my bro yelled at him to leave us alone or something. However my brother currently is having a meeting at his job he'll come back toward here after. As for what to do, well for now I was thinking of staying here till we get a few more answers on some stuff and then I'll see. But for now just being here with me and support me if an attack was to come to will be more than enough... Though I'm still sorry as this could put you in possible danger as well... But it starting to be a bit too much to handle alone. '' His face was still serious, but it also showed signs of worries.

Virsago tried to make a supportive smile but it looked more like a half smirk. He wouldn't let the mysterious stranger rear his head scott-free. "Don't worry about me. Once the attacker sees my powers he'll scurry back to whatever hole he crawled out of." Even though Virsago's friend just needed a helping hand, Virsago took a little pleasure in the fantasy forming in his mind.

Kyo laughs a bit to what he said, picturing it. ''Alright then, how about we go inside now ? I'll go check if there's any new on Jenia, although I doubt there is, but yeah... if anything we could go to the break room of cete and chill.''

"Maybe we should let the others in your group know I'm tagging along, just to avoid getting interrogated every time a cete operative sees me. But wherever you wanna go, I'll follow."

Kyo wrote in reply ''Don't worry they won't. I'll just say you're with me.''

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[Attn: Open, Cynric]

Training is the life blood of any Keltan. It is how we pay homage to the Fire Spirit to whom we owe our gifts and talents, as well as how we honor ourselves. The only limit to have is one that should be surpassed--each at their own pace of course.
--Conlaodh O'Faolain, Conlaodh's Journal

I leaned over and gripped my knees, sucking in breath. It was an exhilarating feeling and a great way to start the morning. I had kept a light jog at a four minute mile for the first ten miles, and finished with a sprint for the last three miles. I checked the time. I had averaged around a two minute mile. I felt familiar pride well up in me. I had earned that speed through many years. My sister got there quicker, of course, but I was never in competition. I could never tell if she was.

My daily cardio done, it was time to hit the showers and grab a quick bite. I quickly jogged back to my apartment, hopped a quick shower, then had a nice protein shake and smoothie for breakfast, then went to the rooftop to meditate. Sadly, it went as well as last night's had.

My mind was awash with questions that my encounter with the young lad Virsago had raised. The Amdens were a very noteworthy family, of course, dating back to even before Conlaodh's time--he mentioned being friends with the infamous Emory Amden, though--so them having a Spirit Beast was par for the course. But they were also very wise and in tune with the true cycles of the world. What in the hell had it meant when it told Virsago I was the "One True Keltan." I hoped my sister never heard that or I could expect her kicking down my door frothing at the mouth. An unbidden smile passed my lips at that.

What did it all mean...? I shrugged. Who knew? Hopefully, I might. When my timer freed me from my turmoil, I jumped up frustrated and got dressed, heading for work. I felt...restless, a burning longing rising up in me. If the boy's words had any ring of truth to them...meeting a Spirit! But...was I truly worthy of such an honor? It was...disconcerting to say the least. My questions would have to wait in any case; there was work to do.

Once in the office, I went to the old fart's door to wait and--what? He was already in. I looked at my watch. It was ten till eight. He was never early. I shrugged and knocked.

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[ATTN: Closed]

Zorlias Corp, 8:00 AM

This morning, Imani was sure to set five alarms to be sure she got up in time to get ready. This wasn't a regular work day. Today there was a meeting with the big boss himself - and Imani couldn't afford to look as disheveled as she usually did when doing lab work.

She gave herself extra time that morning to do her makeup, and made it to work with a good five minutes to spare. She took in a deep breath. Just enough time to drop her stuff in the lab and pull her notes together for her meeting with Zorlias.

She arrived at Zorlias' office and was shown in by Raelyn. She was calm, awake, and put together. What a miracle. "Zorlias, sir," she said in greeting as she entered. She still wasn't fully comfortable calling him by his first name, but it was something he asked his employees to do.

Zorlias looks up from his computer screen, the light of it reflecting on his glasses for a brief moment before he closes the the laptop softly with a click. Leaning back in his chair, he smiles at her with his usual charm and welcomes her in with a wave of his arm.

"Welcome, Imani!" Zorlias says kindly, "Wow, it's already been another three months. My, how time does fly."

"That it has," she said, as she stepped fully inside, shutting the door behind her. Imani sat down in the chair across from his desk, her notes in her lap. Any anxiety she'd had about sharing her labs progress with him evaporated. Zorlias had a certain way about him... "How have you been?" she asked genially.

"Oh, fabulous!" Zorlias says, "Thank you for asking! A little worried about my sister--I'm sure you've heard about that by now. She's getting better, though, so I am, too. And yourself?"

"I'm doing just fine," she said. "Not much different than I was doing three months ago, but that's fine by me. Should we get to business?"

"Of course," Zorlias says with a respectful nod, "Straight to the point, as usual. What progress have we made on your project?"

"Right," she said, flipping open her folder to get at her notes. "Here's the data we have now on the material we've developed," she said, handing him a small stack of papers. "In short, we have a prototype, but it has a number of problems. While it is resistant to ether abilities, it's not resistant to much else. The material is about as fragile as paper. We can't make an armor out of it alone at this stage, and adding it to existing body armor doesn't seem any more promising. We've tried reinforcing regular body armor with it, but the force of impact is enough to damage the material and reduce its effect."

"We could make a lot of it and stack layers to make it sturdier, but that's expensive. As it stands, I don't recommend we start using it. We'll need at least another three months to figure out a way to make it durable enough for serious testing."

Leaning forward over his desk, Zorlias props his head upon the backs of his clasped hands as his elbows rest upon the desk around his laptop. He listens with a contemplative expression, and then nods his head at the last of her words briefly.

"So you need more time..." Zorlias says, "Do you think this is still a viable product for the future?"

Imani nodded. "I do feel like we can fix it," she said. "I have more than a few ideas in my head I'd like to try before we give up on it completely. And a product like this could frankly be revolutionary. It'd save a lot of lives at least."

Zorlias smiles pleasantly, "And that's why I hired you, Imani. You're such a dreamer. I admire that. We'll keep it going, then--I trust your judgment and we'll schedule another check in three months...and that other, private favor I asked? Have you hit the protoype stage yet?"

"Yes, I have," she said, flipping through her folder for notes on the other project. "I do have a prototype in the lab ready and waiting. I made it according to the measurements you sent me, but he'll have to try it on himself to make sure it'll fit."

"Excellent," Zorlias says, a bit of excitement in his eyes, "I'm so glad to hear it! I'll send you Kyo's contact information--Rae can hand it to you as you leave. I'm sure he'll be happy to do a few test runs for you.

Thanks again, Imani. You really do work fast--I wouldn't be surprised, considering how much you love a challenge...thank you."

She smiled, straightening up at his words. "Thank you, sir," she said. "It's been a fun project. I'll make sure you know the results of my tests as soon as possible."

She stood up, pushing the chair back in after her and nodding at Zorlias as she let herself out.

"Oh, Imani..." Zorlias says as she is about to take her leave, "You complete this for Kyo--I mean, a completed, personal product for him that works well...I'll give you any promotion you want. I mean that. You've done well by me and mine."

She stopped, taken aback. "I... Thank you, sir. I'll get straight back to work." She stepped out quickly as she felt her face start to flush, embarrassed and excited. Any one she wanted? What did that even mean, an offer without limits?

She couldn't dwell on that. That wasn't a problem she had to face until she was done with this one. Kyo's suit. Right. She needed Raelyn to get his contact info...

Raelyn smiles as Imani steps out. She looks a bit flustered, but most women do when they come out of his office. Bit surprise. Everyone loves the looks, unfortunately. With an inner frown she widens her smile, "Already out, I see. I assume I'll be seeing you in another three months, Ms. Imani?""

"Yeah, you will," she said. "Mr. Delacroix also said you could get me Kyo Delacroix's contact info?"

Raelyn freezes for a second, hesitating with a moment's confusion. However, it's also not her business, so..."Very well, Ms. Imani, I'll have his number and email printed for you in just a moment. You shouldn't call, though. Kyo doesn't talk, he only texts."

Rae is already typing on her computer and working on getting something printed before she finishes talking. After a few seconds more, the sheet is already printing out on the other side of her desk, just next to where Imani stands, waiting.

"Is there anything else I can get for you today?" Rae asks politely.

"No, that's it," she said, picking up the sheet. "Thanks so much."

Without another word she was out the door, already lost in her thoughts, thinking about the next thing she'd be trying for the body armor.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 19th May 2016, 2:40 pm

{Attn: Open, 8:00 am}

After she returns from her jog, Sophie takes a shower.  Then she goes to her closet.  Damn that meeting, she could probably get away with wearing grungy clothes if it wasn’t for that.  Instead she finds a nice blouse and a pair of light pants.  She brushes her hair and throws on her backpack.  

She walks to the studio and finds the door locked.  It is not unusual this early in the morning.  She unlocks the door and looks around.  She is about 5 minutes early.  She sees the office light on and walks in.    

“Good you are on time.  I am glad you were able to come.  So tell me how did it go last night?”  Torrino asks.

“Not so good.  Mr. Delacroix decided to go with someone else.”   She digs the envelope out of her backpack and puts it on the table.  “I don’t think he liked me declining his job offer again.  He mentioned that they were working on some new photography ether.”

“Then maybe you can explain this.”  Torrino puts a printed copy of the email he received from Zorlias.  Sophie picks up the paper and begins to read.

Mr. Caprio,

I regret to inform you that the photoshoot business deal between Torrino Studios and the Zorlias Corporation must now come to an early close. Before any unrest be caused, please be assured that all photography sent will be returned via the mail as soon as possible with no public or private use. Additionally, no refunds are requested and the prices already paid belong to your company without any dispute.

After having dinner with the lovely assistant of yours, Ms. Chiodo, I was but mildly disappointed at her unprofessional behavior as she accused myself of having her followed and/or stalked at the suspicion of her having an Etheriest ability.

Although this would have been but a mild issue that I could have overlooked, she also mentioned the name of my assistant, Raelyn and accused her of having done the same. Although insults towards myself is acceptable and easily forgotten, slander towards a wonderful woman such as Raelyn is simply unacceptable and will harm her chances towards business promotions and diversifying throughout her career.

As such, I must regretfully decline any further business with your company while you are employing Ms. Chiodo. If this is how you conduct your business, I can certainly find services elsewhere and trouble you no further.

Good day to you,
Z. Delacroix

He watches her reactions as she reads it.  “That deal was supposed to be a major money maker for me and will propel me to do more business type of photoshoots.  I am sorry Sophie, but I am going to have to let you go.”

Sophie sucks in a deep breath.  She cannot believe he would ruin her life like this.  “So that is it?  After all the years we have worked together, you are going to let me go because of one person?”  She takes the key off her keyring and sets it on the table.

“Sophie, I have been quiet about your quirks because you are a damn good photographer.  This is the last straw though.  If I keep you, it would cost me millions, and sorry not one person is worth that.  I am going to give you a good severance for your years of service.  If you need a reference, you can use me as well.  You can also keep anything I have given to you, however why you like that camera is beyond me.”  Torrino explains.  “I need you to sign this and I will have Leslie pack up your personal items for you.”

Sophie stands up and signs the paper.  “Thank you for your employment Mr. Caprio.  I won’t make this any harder for you.  I am sorry that you feel like you have to let me go.  But I understand it is business.”  She turns around and walks from the room.  Only when she out does she allow the shock to set in.  This is all Zorlias’ fault.  She will never trust him ever again.

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 5th June 2016, 2:33 pm

[ATTN: CLOSED] (7am)

Cynric has finished his shower well before the time that any man should ever be conscious. Looking through the sweating mirror before him, he combs through his gorgeous, silver locks with care. Silver, of course, not grey--so many people confused the two, which is just ridiculous. Can so many people be that color blind?

White, silver, grey--confusing white and grey, he could see, but silver? C'mon. His hair looks nothing like those other two. His hair shines. After a dash of cologne, he exits the bathroom and throws on his jacket. Today is not going to be a good day.

Cynric picks up his phone to send an apology text to his secretary and discovers that he has a text from his son. Kyo wants to reach him and of course, it's clearly about the matter that his secretary had already woken him for. With a groan of obvious distaste and the complaint that he would expect from a much younger man, he dims the bedside lamp a little more and then moves around to the other side of the large bed.

There's a lump there where a small woman lies sleeping softly and delicately. Her hair is thrown about from the sleep, her mouth wide open with a bit of drool on his pillow and a slight snore. With a thin smile to himself, he just looks at her for a few moments.

Women sure are beautiful. Especially this one, right now. They always pride themselves in their dresses and make-up, but this sight always pleased him the morning after. This simplistic, grungy bliss. Leaning over her, he kisses her forehead and lifts up the blanket to get a peek at all of her while she sleeps.

She snorts in her sleep, turning away from him and from the rush of cold air, her bare ass pushing against him to resist the onslaught of discomfort that would interrupt her restful dreams. He chuckles a little and walks away quietly. Now, a naked woman...that's real beauty. He'd be a happy man if all women could just be naked.

The sudden thought of big ol' Kita popped into his head--luckily, still dressed, but he cringed, nonetheless. That fat old lady should be clothed for all eternity, as far as he is concerned. Perhaps Ricky is happy about clothing on women, after all...a little more mystery to the world, he supposes.

He looks down at his phone as he walks out of the house, barely watching where he is going. He sends the sweet, sexy minx a short text to let her know where he went, along with a few other "sweet" words and then takes his leave. He needs to get back to Kyo...but first, the office.

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Post by Elementar on 8th June 2016, 7:45 pm

CETE Headquarters

[Attn: Closed] 5:30am

Collected dots of people were situated throughout the hall as I arrived at its entrance. Upon my entry, most dialogue ceased, making way for my leather shoes to create a subtle echo upon every footstep. I kept my head down, whilst most others turned towards my direction. If the silence wasn’t already bad enough, I now had multiple death stares of intrigue that pierced my skull. Kellam, being the defensive person he is, shouted out to an un-expecting group near the door. I didn’t need him to bring my reputation any lower, so I forcefully nudged him in his gut. He shut up. Eventually, we made the elevator, with eyes and now small murmurs still following us whilst we rose. Thankfully, it was still early, so the amount of eyes and murmurs hadn’t reached its full capacity.

“You shouldn’t have done that. Yelling at people isn’t going to attract good attention.” My monotone gave him enough hints at my anger directed at him.

“It doesn’t matter. They’ll forget.”

“If they were going to forget, they would have forgotten… other stuff by now. It’s obviously not going to happen, so I’ll deal with it on my own way thankyou.”

A momentary pause occurred afterwards, but was interrupted by a completely unrelated subject almost as quickly, insinuating that he hadn’t listened to a word I said.

“You know something that’s pretty cool about you, Corrin?” His voice was as bubbly as ever, again, providing more evidence that supported my previous suggestion.


“You somehow manage to keep using courtesy even when telling someone off. You’re polite in the most contradictory circumstances.”

At least he listened to that bit. “Thanks.” The elevator reached our destination, and thankfully, this area was empty. I followed Kellam through the hall, where he showed me to my awaiting desk. I could tell no one else had used it recently, evident from the thick layer of dust occupied on the exposed wood. I brushed it lightly, injecting a small amount of professionalism back into the room.

“Like home, isn’t it?” he said warmly.

I chuckled. “I guess it is. It's one of my many homes. I enjoy my time at home, teaching at the uni… and I enjoy searching for justice here…” There was a large descendo in my voice as I fell into my thoughts. Kellam noticed this, leaving my file for the case on my newly polished desk and silently sweeping out of the room.

I continued to admire the office for a moment, but my rare moment of peace was violently disturbed by an intruding flashback. I fell to the ground, gasping in short bursts of air. Visions of the explosion flooded my memory like an ambush, attacking it left, right and centre. I felt a hand on my shoulder, bringing slightly back into reality. Kellam was standing over me, comforting me as best he could. Slowly, but surely, I snapped back into the surrounding world. I sat back up against the desk, breathing heavily through exhaustion.

“Are you alright?” he asked, this time, Kellam providing the serious monotone.

“…Yeah… How did you know to wait?”

“Skylar. She told me to wait in case your PTSD hit again.”

“I haven’t had an attack in months… But why–“

“Exposure to the area of the event in a completely new step in getting over it,” he interjected.

“Well, thankyou,” I replied, providing a weak, but meaningful smile that was short-lived.

“Are you alright now?” he asked as he supported me back to a standing position.

“Yeah… I’ll be fine.”

“I’ll work in your office today with you.”

“No, I’m fine, Kellam. Really…”

“I insist Corrin.”

These last words silenced mine as he smiled and made his way to his office to grab his stuff. I just sighed, and looked out the clear window. At least that glass was pure and clean, unlike the event that I caused.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 10th June 2016, 5:56 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/8h45 ish to 9h05

(ATTN : CETE breakroom & elevator)

**Collab between me, leah and vye**

Kyo and Virsago had been chilling, talking in their own way well when they weren't completely silent that is. Then as Kyo checked inside his bag, he found out a pack of cards inside. He wondered what it was doing there as he did not remember packing it. Must have been there since the last time he used that bag woups. He usually use more the other one, which he left at his bro's place for now. He takes it out and points it in a manner to say ''Wanna play a bit ?...''

Virsago nods in reply. "Sure." He mutters nonchalantly.

Kyo nods and start to set up for a game that they both knew. And they started to play like this. Totally chill, barely talking and just chilling well till it got a bit more intense. Their looks were just serious as they focused.

Virsago narrowed his eyes on his hand, thinking of what Kyo's next move would be every time his turn came. With every move Virsago acted deliberately, even though he wasn't too familiar with the game's rules.

Zorlias has had a long morning and it's only just begun. Raelyn is in the backseat of the big, fancy car with him as she scrolls through the itinerary with a quick finger over the touch screen tablet with grace. She looks at Zorlias with confusion as she asks, "Where are the photos from the shoot?"

"I returned them. Our transaction has been cancelled. I'll need you to find me a different company to do that with." Zorlias replies with boredom in his tone. He follows with a yawn and a hand moving up to cover his mouth with the accentuated expression.

She says, "Why?"

Zorlias brushes hair out of his eyes as he looks out the window. The light shining through makes it difficult to see everything, but he looks out there, nonetheless, averting the gaze of his secretary with a silent hardness that strongly suggests that her inquiry will go unanswered.

"Well, okay, then..." Raelyn replies unhappily.

She'll understand someday. Or she won't. It doesn't matter. The rest of the fifteen minute car ride continues in silence until they reach the hospital and Zorlias is quick to be out of the vehicle with a casual stride and a gaze up to the building with a look of bored speculation, as though analyzing the building for the first time with disinterest.

Rae leans forward in the car, so as to see him better through the open doorway. She opens her mouth to say something, a look of worry on her face. She doesn't get a chance to speak, however, as Zorlias shuts the door behind him promptly and moves forward and into the building. She'll be mad about that for a while, but Zorlias is sure that she'll get over it. The woman usually does. He thinks.

Entering the elevator, a young nurse follows him with a clipboard of paperwork under the crook of her arm and a pen behind an ear. Her blond hair is tangled up into a bun on her head and the scent of fresh make-up fills the elevator's small space and mixes with the scent of perfume that soon overpowers it. She must have freshened up recently. What a lovely coincidence.

She smiles at him pleasantly and he smiles back politely. With a small chuckle she presses a button nervously and then stands next to him awfully close. They always have boundary issues. Either that, or he has serious people issues. Or both. Whatever. She's too close; that's that. After about ten seconds of silence the woman speaks and his stomach sinks with dread.

"Hi," She holds out her hand, "I'm Kyrie."

Kyrie, the nurse. How original, Zorlias bitterly thinks to himself as he falsely smiles at her more widely and takes her hand. That's of the most common and popular names, these days. It really hurts, what parents will name their kids, these days. Does no one know how to think outside of the box?

"Pleasure, Kyrie," Zorlias says, "Hi."

She pauses, obviously waiting for him to say something. She probably expects him to introduce himself, but he knows that she already knows who she is, so what's the point? Sure, it's polite, but he's tired of this same game, over and over. People can be so annoying. Finally, with an inward sigh, he says a little more, noticing her disapproving and expectant expression as the tension in the small space adds up. This elevator needs to go faster.

"I'm Zorlias..."

The girl squeals, her hands in the air a little as she reaches into the pocket of her nurse's uniform. He knows where this is going and he resists the urge to groan. A selfie. A freaking selfie. This is just...can he go anywhere without being recognized? This is Raelyn's fault. She wouldn't let him remain faceless in the magazines for more than a freaking month.

"Oh, by the Maker! I had no idea that you were the Zorlias Delacroix--"

Sure you didn't, Zorlias thinks to himself, already tuning out the fangirl's rambling immediately. With a nod of his head and a big smile, he just continues to nod as if he is listening to whatever drivel is coming out of the woman's mouth. She's got the phone primed, so he places his arm around her shoulder as she holds the device out and snaps a picture and starts rambling about Instagram and thanking him for his time.

He's pretty sure she's going on about a date as the door opens and reveals to him his freedom. With wings on his feet, he's out the door with a hastened farewell. Rushing down the hallway with an increased stride, he looks urgently for the door with the hopes of not being recognized again. The room that is next to Jenia's is open and he knows that Kyo must be there.

With a quick run, he can hear the damn woman's voice behind him, calling out his name--she wants an autograph. Of course she does. He mumbles something behind him about not having time and heads into the room--practically diving into the space and slamming the door behind him as he heaves for air from the hurried movement. He looks to find two people playing cards and he slumps his shoulders with relief as he realizes that now, he is safe. He thinks.

Kyo hears some quick footstep that seemed like some footsteps he knew along with a very erm... high pitched voice. uh-oh. Was his brother pursued by some kind of fangirl ? He stays surprised though when this one suddenly gets in and slam the door shut. He take a pause from his card game to write ''Hey Bro ! Glad to see you back, also this is Virsago, a friend of mine, don't think you've met.'' He then turns the phone toward Virsago. ''And Virsago this is my brother, Zorlias.''

A tall figure burst into the room, interrupting their card game. Virsago was a little shocked that Zorlias appeared so soon, but he kept his feelings hidden. Sitting before an icon, Virsago could help feeling a wave of pressure weigh his heart down. Still, he responded with a limp wave and a polite "Hello." He immediately stood to shake Zorlias' hand, as all the proper business people did.

Zorlias, after gaining his breath, stops and leans down over the table to read his brother's phone. Of course Kyo is completely nonchalant about his entrance--the kid is used to it. The new guy just seemed like he didn't care. Virsago, eh? At least this guy's parents knew how to name a kid. With a genuine smile, he shakes Virsago's hand, glad that it's not a fan.

"A pleasure, Virsago, nice to meet you." Zorlias says before looking back at the door nervously for a second, "Man, am I glad to see you guys. I need a bre--oh! Kyo! One of my employees will be contacting you soon via text or email. Her name is Imani--she's one of my best, so be nice to her."

Not that you're never not nice to anyone, Zorlias thinks as he takes a seat, "So, Virsago, here to keep Kyo company? I must say, I'm really glad that Kyo had someone to spend time with. I was worried about him spending so many hours alone in here. I hear the hospital jello is deadly."

Kyo was glad his brother had been able to do a safe escape from the fangirl though what he mentioned next picked his curiosity. ''Someone will contact me ?.....'' He tilt his head slightly on the side to try to think and know what this was about. He was about to ask about it, but then Zorlias said something about the jello being deadly and it just straight out made him laugh. Must be because he was slightly tired.

Virsago put on his friendly smile to keep the ambient mood pleasant. He laughed along with Kyo, albeit halfheartedly. "Yes, he just needed someone to talk to while waiting here. Who knows what would happen if he had to entertain himself for the whole night? And if the jello is that bad, it's no wonder doctors here get paid so well."

Kyo tried to stop laughing to answer his friend, but he just could not and was crying from it.

Zorlias leans back in his chair, casually placing an ankle over the opposing knee while he enjoys the moment. He decides to go ahead and answer Kyo's question, but he doesn't want to just give it all away. It's too fun to be a little mysterious, sometimes.

"Yes, my employee is working on a secret commission for me." Zorlias says with satisfaction, "You'll be the Guinea pig. Don't worry, it's nothing too dangerous."

This last part is hardly said with a serious tone, but his face shifts to a serious expression immediately after to ask: "So...have we heard anything? Is she still in steady condition?"

Kyo catches his breath and writes. ''Uh ?! I'm really curious now, but I dunno if I should be worried ! '' He writes it with a little emoticon that shows he's not being serious either. He then shows his phone to Virsago ''Actually I did stay all night yesterday and most of the day. '' He then focus on his bro again. ''Last I heard she was still doing okay, not worries on that side. She still has not woken up, though.

Zorlias nods his head with a small relief, "Excellent. Ssoo...I happen to know that a practice Etherball session is going down at the IES next week...the Riven Wings play themselves. Either of you interested in accompanying me?"

To Zorlias' proposal, he gladly accepts by nodding his head in a manner that it meant yes. He remembers slightly a long time ago watching a match of that with the family, he just can't remember too well who was playing exactly. Still that team is renown and ... wait wasn't that the one Braedon also played in ? ''I would be glad to come watch it with you, I think it's been like forever since I last saw a match. And.... Braedon is playing with that team too, I just don't know if he'll play in this match though, but probably. Maybe ?... ''

The mention of Etherball sours Virsago's demeanor. He wanted to scoff at the trite little game that makes more money than it's worth. Still, manners were manners. Wouldn't want to disrespect the face of the head of the Zorlias Corporation. "Sorry, but I have no interest in the sport, or any sport for that matter...but because I promised to help Kyo with his current situation, I'll hold my tongue and bare the match as long as possible."

"Well, to decline isn't rude at all, especially if the sport doesn't interest you," Zorlias replies lightly, "Perhaps if you let me in on your interests a bit, I can get you somewhere that you do want to be. Maybe next time."

After that, Zorlias rubs his stomach and tries to ignore his mild hunger as he looks about the room with boredom. This room is so bland, yet again. For some reason, Zorlias had hoped that there would magically be at least some new decoration that magically appeared from the architecture faery. After a while, he looks at Kyo yet again. The silence with him is comfortable, but with this other dude, it's almost awkward.

"I don't suppose you know a photographer?" Zorlias asks Kyo, "Raelyn is up my pants about getting another photoshoot done and the company that I usually go through...well, we had a falling out."

He knows that Kyo already knows about this, since he had ranted to him about the specifics before. However, Virsago wouldn't understand if he didn't at least put a little info in there. He's about to say more, but he freezes up, his entire body tensing, rigid and tight as his eyes shift from their usual honey brown into a bright, vivid green.

Visions flood into his mind and for a moment, he almost passes out. The headache splits his head open and he almost forgets to breathe as the onslaught of sights and sounds and smells hurl forward into his senses. The room now falling behind him, nausea builds up in his stomach as he forces his lungs to operate as they should, trying to focus on it and the vision at the same time.

Kyo tried to think about the question his brother asked for the photographer. He thought of one finally, but at that precise moment where he was about to reply, but then saw that his brother was having a vision. The toll this one had on him was immense, Kyo stepped up and approached his brother, being careful not to touch him right away in case. He tried to do sorta a breathing rythm in front of him as to show to breath carefully. Although his brother probably didn't see him at the moment, he would probably catch on soon. He waited patiently for his brother to come back to his senses, ready to help if it became worse. He also did a sign of hand toward Virsago in a manner to say that he got this and smiled slightly toward him in a manner to say don't worry.

Zorlias took Virsago's response a lot better than he had expected. He might prove himself to be a decent person yet, but before Virsago raised his voice, Kyo's brother stood like a rock, as if he was having a seizure. Virsago looked to Kyo for some kind of assurance as to what was happening. He looked like he's been through it before, so Virsago let Kyo do his thing.

Finally. The vision ended and Zorlias' face turns pale. Moving his hand to his chest, he looks up at Virsago with new eyes and a new expression as the green slowly fades from his eyes. His intense gaze hardens as he sits down, struggling to understand what he just saw. What in the world is going on with the world?

"Kyo. There's a nurse named Kyrie that was heading to the fifth floor a bit ago. She's about to be killed in an elevator. Will you...?" Zorlias doesn't finish his question. His breathing is still so difficult to force from him, as if he's trying to force himself to live and force himself to remember that he isn't her.

Kyo nods. ''Virsago, take care of him for a bit I'll be back.'' With this Kyo rushes without question toward the said elevator trying to see if that nurse is around or see if the said elevator is going some direction at the moment.

After Kyo leaves, Virsago simply stares confusedly at Zorlias. The man's gaze at Virsago leaves him feeling disarmed and vulnerable, but Virsago was more baffled than scared. It looked like Zorlias got green eyes whenever he saw visions. Whether the visions were real or not didn't matter for the moment. Virsago was left to care for a sickly-looking CEO, and he didn't know the first thing to do. "Anything I can get you...? Maybe some water? A nurse? A bed?"

"No, but thank you," Zorlias says slowly, " day, a small girl is going to approach you. Tiny little thing with red hair and freckles and beautiful eyes. Stunning kid. Somehow, she's going to charm you when you aren't usually easily persuaded....if you see her, get away from her. She's bad news."

''Kyo waited at the elevator and the first one was empty, second had two people inside of it. He was hoping he was at the good spot, he really would hate to miss her. And it's then that the third one had a nurse inside of it and .... YES it was her. Kyo gets in the elevator quickly and writes on his phone. ''Someone is about to attack you, stay calm and close to me, I have no time to explain, but I'll protect you.''He just hoped he didn't sound like some kind of weirdo and he was ready to transform anytime now even if it might cost him some clothes again.

Virsago wasn't sure the man was speaking from his rear end or from the astral plane. He was never fond of fortune tellers-the scam artists. He pondered a bit for any red-haired girls he recently met. "Do you know her name? And what's so dangerous about her?"

Zorlias says, "She'll try to drain your power for some reason. There's something about your ability, whatever it is, that is different and she wants it because of that."


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Post by xenolion on 10th June 2016, 8:34 pm

{Attn: Open, 8:30 am – seriously anyone can approach her LOL}

Once outside the building Sophie lets it sink in. Now what she is going to do? She does have a nice cushion with the trust fund from grandma. She wipes her face and begins to walk. It is too early to help Ellie, she is not looking forward to helping her.

Sophie is not watching where she is going. Soon she realizes that she is sitting on a bench in the park. She automatically opens up her backpack and takes out the camera. It is only sitting in her lap though. She stares at it as her mind races.

*What am I going to do now? Photography is a very competitive business and people don’t trust a person who looks 12. I was lucky to get my foot in the door with Torrino. She has met other photographers at shows and knows it is a closed knit business.*

She picks up the camera and looks through the eyepiece. She sighs. The picture does not come. Usually taking pictures comes easily for her. It is her life. Now though she just can’t do it. The camera lowers to her lap again.

*I wonder if I have enough to start my own studio? Taking pictures will be easy, obtaining the equipment a piece of cake too. The business part of it is a little out of her league. It is not like I know a lot of business people. It is not like I can ask dad for help. * Sophie cringes at the idea of telling her dad why she got fired. *No, I cannot tell them that my ability has been discovered. They would be so disappointed. *

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by HikariKuragari on 14th June 2016, 9:41 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/9h05~9h25

(ATTN : Hospital folks, Cynric by text)

**This is a collab between me, Leah and Vye ;D**

(Sidenote, zorlias and virsago are for the most part in the cete room and kyo is talking with a nurse in the elevator that he is trying to save from being killed, just so nobody gets confused.)

The woman leans over causally with a look of confusion and intrigue so that she can read the text. After she reads the message on Kyo's phone, her face takes a look like that of panic.

Backing away from him, she rears back to punch him in the face.
"Ass!" She screams.

Virsago leaned on his chair as he mulled over the validity of Zorlias' warning. Red hair is a pretty uncommon trait, so someone with such characteristics would be easy to spot. Still, the fact that Zorlias knew about Virsago's power made him uneasy. The man must be some kind of seer. "What's your ability?" He asked

''Uh ?!...'' Kyo was sort of surprised by the reaction of the woman. He manage to stop her punch by grabing her gently and letting it go and say with his voice ''W-wait... !'' He then reach with his left hand in his pocket and take out his CETE badge. He's glad he brought it with him. He was hoping she would calm down enough so he could write to her again. Kyo showed it to her looking worried as the attacker could come out at any time.

"My ability...I get visions," Zorlias says, somewhat uncomfortably, "I just see things at random."

Due to the headache, Zorlias rests his elbow upon the table before him and then cradles his forehead in his hand on the side.

Pressing the button for the door to open repeatedly and frantically, she looks at the badge with suspicion. She doesn't trust it.

"You probably got that off of some sex site! That's why you're pretending to be mute, huh?? Think I'd feel sorry for you!" She looks appalled.

"Hmm, alright. You need some painkillers? You still don't look well."

Sex site ? What ? The girl was just panicking more, he wasn't sure what to do anymore. He shook his head to say no. ''Look....I'm sorry it sounds weird... but I'm really a CETE assistant, named Kyo I'm the son of Cynric who leads it, my brother Zorlias had a vision and asked me to come help you.... I'm honest, please believe me ! '' He look at the door of the elevator slightly worried of who might come in next. Hoping she have time to read this text.

She's about to lean and read the text when the door opens--and a man comes through with a hankerchief that he just finished tying over his face. He moves to step into the elevator, seeing Kyo there, and then stops.

Suddenly, he sharply turns away from the elevator, rather than entering it and the nurse follows suit, choosing to flee from Kyo without reading his second text.

Kyo sees the man enter the elevator well aware that this man was about to do his thing, he looked suspicious alright. His sharp turn also didn't help his cause. Both him and the girl left the elevator and he followed behind, but went after the man instead of the girl for now. He took note toward where she was going. He quickly wrote a text to Zorlias while following the man. ''I'm going after the man that was after her, I might need help for the girl, she thinks I'm a freak and it's kinda difficult while not talking, wished I had my darn uniform. Think you could have someone to back me up for her ? Like another cete officer so that what I say becomes believable ?'' He asked adding the location toward where she went to.

He had almost caught up with the guy, but kept a certain distance, he made sure not to lose him.

Zorlias explains, "Gives me headaches and migraines. I'll be alright."

He rubs his temples for a few seconds before he straightens up again, leaning back in the chair and looking at the friend of his brother's with a new interest. He wonders what his ability is...

"Well, you know my ability...." Zorlias tries, "Would you be willing to tell me yours?"

Virsago pauses, remembering what he was told earlier. "It's just fire. Plain and simple. If I showed you I might burn the hospital down...haha..." He crossed his arms and took his seat, thinking of what he could say about his ability without egging on more questions.

Zorlias nods his head with understanding, "Nice, I wish I had your ability, instead."

He's about to say more, but his phone dings and he looks down to see a text from Kyo. He's asking for backup, preferably CETE...yet, if he sends one of Jenia's guards, that's one less man to protect her from whoever attacked her. He frowns. Well, Kyo knows what's best.

He says, "Just a sec."

Then, standing up, he moves to the door and shows the text to a CETE officer that he doesn't know. The man mumbles something to the other officer, who assures Zorlias that he'll be replaced before all is said and done. Well, at least we have a fire user here to help protect her, if it is needed, Zorlias thinks.

After sitting back down, he says, "Kyo is gonna catch a bad man because of my vision today, I guess it's not all bad."

"I suppose not." Virsago replied. "Maybe it's the same man that attacked you earlier. Kyo told me a bit about what happened after the school incident. He said he could use my help, despite me being a common civilian."

Zorlias looks displeased about this, but he just shakes his head. He's about to say something, but is interrupted by a doctor coming into the room. He recognizes the doctor immediately and stands, looking at him with a bit of concern, but the doctor smiles and his tension fades.

"Mr. Delacroix, she's awake. Due to her state of being, I think it's quite alright for you to see her--but only one person in there at a time, other than Officer [Braedon's last name], of course."

All forgotten, he jumps to his feet with excitement, "Yes, please," Looking back at Kyo's friend, he adds, "If he returns, please let Kyo know where I've gone."

With that, he exits the room rather hastily, all manners forgotten.

Kyo followed the man, trying to be subtle, but as this one went inside a car and was about to leave, he let him leave as he didn't have much proofs for now, but took note of the car plate number for later. He would speak of this case with his dad and see that this guy would be found. He also noted the features on his phone quickly.

Then he returned inside with a sigh texting his dad. ''I'll talk to you later probably anyway, but someone was just about to commit a murder here at the hospital, I stopped it before it truly happened, thanks to Zorlias's vision. However I did track him and wrote his car licence. Would be great to check out who that was.''

He then moved back toward the room he was previously.

Spotting Kyo, Virsago waved before approaching him. "Hey, Zorlias just left. A doctor just told him his sister is awake. Only one person may visit her at a time, though, so it might be best to wait outside the patient's room."

''uh ?! '' He looked completely surprised, but was also happy she was awake, but frustrated it was only one at a time... kinda wanted to go in at the same time as his brother. ''Thanks for the info..... Glad to know my sister is awake at least.... also wasn't able to catch the guy, but he left by car and I took the info and stuff. I'll be right back I'll just poke a CETE member real quick. ''

Kyo went to poke one of the CETE member and started to type ''So erm... did my brother sent that backup earlier to go after the nurse and stuff to get her to erm believe me and stuff ?...

The CETE officer nods his head politely and says, "Yeah. He's gone off for just a bit, like you asked."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 15th June 2016, 10:09 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital -- 9:30am


Jenia looks up at Zorlias enters the room, their eyes meeting for a brief, few seconds before he looks down towards the floor and approaches her bed. The last time she had spoken with hadn't ended well. Zorlias was practically the same person with most of the people that loved him, but he's drastically different around her and he didn't like being confronted about it. Is this what it took for him to visit her or acknowledge her existence? A hospital visit?

Zorlias came in without hesitation, eager to see that she's okay, but as soon as he entered, he regretted his decision. He had almost forgotten how distant they had become in his nervousness and concern, but the way she looked at him brought all the memories of their arguments back, flooding into his mind.

The tension is almost unbearable and as he approaches her bed, he can hear her breathing, see her body functioning as it should. Her legs are in a cast. Great. She won't be able to walk for some time. Just what Jenia be crippled when school starts in a week. She already had enough on her plate.

The silence is there for a short while until Jenia just smiles at him, holding out her hand and placing it on his nearby shoulder to rub it comfortingly. "I'm fine, no worries. You should be working."

Pushing back his anger, his neutral gaze meets her comforting one. She's hurt...really badly. And no one was there for her when it happened. He wasn't there. And she's crippled. And she's comforting him. Why does she always do that? He's a grown man, he doesn't need her comfort. She's the one that should be getting comfort and assurances that the bitch that did this to her would pay.

"We're gonna get her," Zorlias says softly, "She'll pay for this."

Jenia smiles more widely, "I'm sure. Daddy will take care of it and so will Kyo."

Why are you still here? You did your duty, you came in like you were obligated to; you can leave now. I know you love me, but there's nothing else we can say to each other. Not anymore.

"You should get to work," Jenia adds.

Zorlias nods his head, "I'll go to the waiting room. Kyo will knock me out fast if I keep him from seeing you for too long. Doc said only one at a time, so...anyway, I'll be back later."

Zorlias turns to leave, but suddenly, he stops. He looks back at his sister, lying there looking frail and damaged. Her skin is still pale and her hair's all a mess. Everything is just...crazy. Seeing her like this makes him even more angry as he stares at her again, this time their gaze meeting with a different kind of tension.

"I'm going to get that bitch for this," Zorlias says darkly, "I'm going to--"

Jenia clears her throat, "I'm fine, Zor. I promise."

She watches Zorlias as he nods his head, turns around, and leaves the room. Her concern grows. That dark look in his eyes--the last time she saw that was when he left her and daddy at the University. He's not looked that seriously pissed off since then. Is he going to try something? Would Zorlias hurt someone? Or is that just his anger talking?

Does she even really know who he is anymore? Can she ever really answer that question? They haven't even had a conversation in so long. He feels like a stranger to her, now. He feels like an angry, empty stranger. Jenia brushes back the tears from her cheeks. He does love her, though. She knows that.

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