Children of the Moon Role-Play

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Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 27th October 2016, 3:02 pm

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With an ache of yearning, moon-mother reached out with her light
So that her children may never feel alone, nor abandoned.

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Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent; Season: Spring

It is early evening and the sun is beginning to set after a long and humid day.  Though the clouds above were thick and threatened to rain for many days, no rain ever came and now, they being to clear the sky so that the stars may finally shine through for the first time in around a week.  The sun has been merciless with its heat, but not nearly as brutal as it can be in the summer, for those in the lands of the Sol.  Thankfully for the Noe, the cool winds of the ocean most often keep the air cooler with its touch.

It's been a windy day, for certain, and as the night sky lights up the sky with the moon's embrace, lamps will light up within the towns and faeries will light up the sky with lanterns along their favorite roads where they love to travel, providing a sea of lights within the air of their own.  The ocean tides shake Dragaultia from side to side, the city-structures on the ocean's surface rather accustomed to such abuse.  The underwater and over-water homes are quite resilient with the help of some of Sol's finest engineers, so the Dragaultia region itself is the product of two people's hard work and intuition.  

Along the Nova homes, many fishermen turn in, their jobs complete.  The naval officers have completed their militaristic tasks, the crab hunters and gatherers, and other local sea-faring workers have done their day's fill of living upon the land and the oceans that provide for them.  All is calm in the world of Venfere, though mostly within the lands of Noe alone, as there is much excitement and merry celebration within the lands of Sol.

Tonight is the night, the day of days for the people of Sol!  A celebration of the Sun's strength and valor, given freely to the people from its rays of warmth since birth and for all of times.  Sol would never allow his people to become ill or weakened; the people have chosen this great day to give thanks to Him, offering nothing but peace and a day of rest from work during the day of Sol's hours.  A full day of complete rest for all, spent with games, family events, and relaxation!  And at night, of course, as the sun sets for his rest, the people of Sol come together for a great feast, giving thanks for each other and for all that they have.  

There is music, dancing, the finest of meals, laughing, more games...and of course, the people of Noe have never been...banned from the events, so to speak.  However, it is always quite ironic for a moon child to be there.  After all, this is a celebration of the gifts given by the Sun...something that he has neglected to do for any's an awkward time to be a Noe during these times if they are within the land of Sol, so the lands of the Sol are most commonly avoided on this day.  If there were any a day when a person of Noe received more pity and looks of sadness than any other day, it would be this day...

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 30th April 2017, 11:16 pm

Nova II/Lighthouse Temple/Sunset ?

(ATTN : Closed to those present ;D)

**This is a collab between me, xeno and leah**

Elemiah look as someone of younger age comes within the room depressed and as he look as the sun was setting out as well. Her gaze is then turned toward the priestess who entered the place and she smiles toward her. That smile is quickly interupted when the other guy start laughing since he didn't fade, which was kind of nice for him, but kind of rude to them. When the guy walks out, the priestess approach Elemiah and Rhia and gives them both a hug.

To the priestess words she smiles and say ''Yes, your order is ready.''

She then lets both of them talk and as they needed to go in the office she wave toward Rhia and starts to play the waiting game again. Not that she did mind, the night was coming and the tree was beautiful.

Rhiannon goes pale, "Just Elemiah and another friend of mine.  Those are the only two besides you."

Priestess Rynara rips the door open with haste, "Elemiah, get in here, please!"

Elemiah almost jumps when the priestess calls her out so suddenly and not exactly in the most calm manner either. She stands and come over quickly to see what it was about. She was also worried for Rhia.

As she comes in she ask calmly ''What is it ?''

Closing the door behind her, she doesn;t explain a thing.  Rather, she intensely takes Rhiannon by the shoulders and pulls him to her with frantic eyes as she says, "Who's this other friend that knows?  Who is he?"

Rhiannon stutters, "She-she's a girl, she just faded.  She rode with me down here--"

The Priestess interrupts him rudely, "Tell me where she lives.  No.  We're all going on a trip right now.  I expect both of you to stay wit--"

The Priestess freezes up, now with her hands on either side of her forehead.  Rhiannon is speechless, having never seen the Priestess act like this before.  She's always been polite, reserved...what's happening?!  

"No.  I can't draw too much attention to you..."  The Priestess says, trying to calm herself, "I need you both to hide in here while I find this girl--tell me where she is and I'll find her myself.  I'll bring her here and then we are all going to have a nice talk about this mark and you aren't going to leave this room until I get back, do you understand me?"

Elemiah watch as the priestess is panicked and acts as if all of this is a bit mess and she replies ''Um.... sure ? '' She wasn't sure what was going on, but she was staying calm regardless and wondered why was this symbol such a bad thing. Guess she would find out when she would get back with the other person who saw this. She wasn't making much sense at the moment. Rhia seemed quite panicked as well, that she could try to deal with once the priestess is away finding the other girl.

Rhia, a nervous wreck and near tears, explains everything about how to find his newest friend while the Priestess begins to take notes.  He tries hard to keep from crying as she exits the room, but nods his head as the priestess tells them both to remain quiet as possible before taking her leave.

Elemiah sees how emotional Rhia is and she wasn't too sure what to do, however she placed a hand on his shoulder and said. ''Don't worry it'll be okay. We'll work this out together okay ?''

Rhia sniffles, "What did I do?  What did I do wrong?"

Elemiah shakes her head. ''You did nothing wrong, don't you worry on that side. That thing appeared out of the blue and is causing a bit of a stir, but it doesn't mean we can't solve the mystery. We'll see when she comes back, until then try to calm down all right ? Panicking when we don't even know what is going on is just gonna eat all the energy in us. Let's wait and see what happens.''

"Elemiah,"  Rhiannon says, just above a whisper, "If something happens to me...will you find my family and tell them I'm okay?  Please, tell them...tell them that I was happy as a child of Noe."

''I will, if it does come to that, however it's still a bit early to speak of last wishes. Calm down. You'll be okay alright ? I'll make sure that you are.'' Elemiah said, not wanting him to give up so soon and making sure he knew that she'll do everything she can to help.

Rhiannon looks up with watery eyes, his hand taking hers and clasping it tightly.  He whispers a deep and sincere thank you and as he does, a sudden heat between their palms almost seems to light up their hands with an invisible fire before suddenly vanishing.  The heat is gone, and now, his hand feels incredibly cold.

From the shock of the sudden heat, which was so hot it was painful, he jerks his hand away from hers with a gasp, looking at his hand and finding nothing there.  He turns his hand this way and that, finding nothing and then looks at Elemiah as he rubs his now cold hand, "What was that?"

Elemiah is surprised to see the fire around their hands and is also surprised to feel the heat of it too. Somehow though the moment he steps away, it stops. ''Wow... That was .... weird ? But interesting at the same time.'' To his question she shakes her head and say ''I don't know, but it was pretty hot. How are you feeling ?'' She ask calmly like it was no big deal.

Rhiannon flexes his fingers, "Well, it seems okay, the pain is gone and the heat vanished, but....woah.  Is this because of my back?  Maybe I'm cursed..."

''It could be something different then a curse though, let's wait for her to come back and see. '' She answered back again in a completely calm mood.

Rhiannon knows he's forcing Elemiah to repeat herself.  She's calmed him a lot, but the not knowing is driving him crazy.  He waits with silence, checking his hands again before reaching out to touch her.  He pokes her shoulder, but the heat doesn't come.  He pokes her again.  No result.


She watch Rhia poke her and then hears him say weird and she nods in agreement. ''Indeed.''


At the docks

Most of the people didn’t know who Priya, but one gentleman finally tells the priestess.  “Do you mean the new girl.  You will find her at the docks.  She just moved in today with Rhiannon.  She saw my nets when I came ashore and offered to fix them for me.  She isn’t in trouble is she?”

Priya looks up from her work when she hears footfalls on the dock.  She sees a woman dressed in the robes of the Noe.  Her heart skips for a moment.  Why was she here?  Was there something wrong?

The priestess looks at Priya and clasps her hands tightly before her with a sense of reserved professionalism.  "Are you Priya, Rhiannon's friend?  He's in need of his friend Priya, right now."

Priya is relieved.  She thought the Priestess would yell at her for humming a sol song.  She finishes her current knot.  “Rhiannon came to see you?”  She pauses for a moment.  He said he was going to ask about the mark.  She bites her lip.  “Did he find out anything about his back?  I knew it was bothering him earlier during the carriage ride.”

The Priestess puts her finger to her lips, gesturing for Priya to quieten her voice.  She bends down before the girl, now whispering as her eyes dart here and there, "Shhhhh, listen.  I need you to come with me.  It is about his back, but we can't discuss that here.  Please, will you come to the temple with me?"

Priya looks down at the net she was working on.  Then back at the priestess.  She promised the work will be done before going out tomorrow.  However, the priestess did seem distressed, and she is concerned about Rhiannon.  “Let me put away my stuff and I will go.  I only hope it doesn’t take too long.  I did promise the fisherman I would be done before he goes out tomorrow.”  She stands and gathers her items.  “My place is right there.”  She points at the boathouse a bit further down the dock.  She walks quickly and simply sets her kit inside door before locking it.  “There now please tell me about Rhiannon.  I have only known him for a short time, but he has been a lifesaver when I needed it the most.”

The Priestess nods her head with understanding, "No worries, miss.   I will be taking up your time for a half hour, at most.  It won't take long and then you can return home, I promise."

When Priya asks about him, she shakes her head with distress, her hands shaking as she fiddles with her fingers nervously, "I'm afraid I cannot discuss it here.  We must go to meet with him and then I will explain.   Let us hurry there as soon as you are ready."

Priya nods.  “Please take me too him.  I was planning to introduce myself tomorrow anyway.  I just faded and I have lots of questions.”  She follows the Priestess since she does not know her away around yet.


Back to the temple

Rhia sits in awkward silence, the lights having been dimmed by the priestess before she left.  He's bored, but quiet, as expected.  They wait for what seems like forever before the Priestess's voice can be heard in the temple's main room.  

"....what?  No.  I have a meeting with this girl in my office, right now.  I will go out into the fading room after, if I'm needed.  No.  No, what I mean is I cannot help at this very moment.  My business with Priya is important.  Yes.  Have Priest Ramon speak with her, for now.  He is well versed in this issue, as well, so he can get it started.  Thank you."

He hears footsteps as they get closer and Rhiannon stands nervously, looking over to Elemiah for comfort before he looks at the door expetantly.  When it opens, the Priestess rushes Priya inside before closing the door and then locking it.  She keeps the lights dim, but sits in her chair and ushers the three guests so sit back down unto the pillowed seats before her desk on the other side.

Priya is not used to being almost manhandled by anyone much less a Priestess.  This matter must be very important.  She tries look around the temple.  A tree catches her eye for a brief moment before she is pulled into an office.  The Priestess even pushes off her duties.  

She looks around and is thankful to see Rhiannon alive and well along with another girl.  Ignoring the insisting of the priestess she goes to the girl.  “Hello, my name is Priya, it is nice to meet you. Rhiannon, it is a pleasure to see you again too.  Are you doing alright, the priestess rushed me here?  I was concerned about you.”

Elemiah see Rhia panics a bit as the priestess was coming back. ''Don't worry, it'll be okay alright ?'' This one then arrives with the ''friend'' and then motion them to all sit down on a chair before her. Priya first introduce herself though and she simply nods and say ''Elemiah is the name.'' Before sitting down and turning toward the priestess to ask ''So..... we're listening. What is that thing ?'' She ask with a calm tone. She didn't want people to overpanic.  

The priestess sighs loudly, "Listen.  First thing is first.  All three of you must swear upon the moon that keeps you that you will never speak of Rhiannon's mark to anyone.  Ever."

Priya sits down.  Her eyebrow raises.  “I will not speak of it to no one.”  She is intrigued and a little angry that she was pulled away from her duties for this.  Unless there is more.  “I am curious, is there more to say about the mark though?”

''I won't say anything. I just want to know if he's okay and what it is to help him better.'' Elemiah replied.

The Priestess Rynara clears her throat, "That is the mark of one of the Four Horsemen.  The four warriors of the goddess, Lunaria."

Rhiannon just stares blankly at her.  He knew of the stories, that Lunaria and her lover had grown apart.  The stories told of an ancient war, where the two constantly fought over the fate of the world.  And so, it was told that when Firretheus chose a warrior to burn out the core of the planet, Lunaria chose four champions, her four horsemen that would not only prevent the end of the world, but also send the champion of the sun back into the stars.  Still, these are just stories.  Fairy tales.

Elemiah acted surprised herself. ''Soooo..... basically he was chosen like in those stories ? Does that give some kind of special power too or ? Cause there was a little reaction between us earlier... and it was um... weird ?''

Priya looks at Elemiah.  She must be a friend of Rhiannon.  Priya is not surprised, he is a very personable young man.  She seems very concerned for him.

Priya searches her brain.  She feels stupid not knowing about Sol history.  She cannot let them know that.  “What does that mean?  Is Rhiannon safe?  I know I don’t bare any marks, so why am I here?”  She pauses listening to Elemiah.  “Why is he bearing the mark now?”

The Priestess narrows her eyes, looking at Elemiah suspiciously, "Did you feel a heat, a white fire upon your contact?"

Rhiannon nods his head.  She sighs again, cursing something under her breath, muttering miserably as she looks at the door nervously to make sure it is still locked.  "You will be a fourth horsemen, soon.  Rhiannon has considered you a dear friend, a trustworthy friend.  So, will have your own mark, soon."

She looks over at Priya, seeing that she is confused, "Dear child, do you not know of your history?  Do you know of Lunaria and Firretheus?"

Rhiannon says with frustration, "Those are fairy tales."

The Priestess doesn't hesitate in her reply, "With truth in them."

She nods her head to at the mention of heat. ''Oooh ? That stuff sure is weird, but okay. '' She then sees the priestess speak to Priya. ''I don't think she heard of those story, you can explain them to her, I'll wait before I ask more questions.''

Priya sighs.  “I was hoping I could hide my confusion.  I do not know anything about Noes or their history.  My mother would not allow it.  She is the one that avoids Noe.  I am the first member of my family in recorded history to fade.  I do know about Firretheus, but only from his perspective.”  She hangs her head hoping that the other don’t judge her.

Rhiannon speaks, this time, but his voice is skeptical, "The story is that there were two gods--Lunaria and Firretheus who were lovers.  Eventually, they tired of  mankind and how they were treated by them, so they left the planet and became the Sun and Moon.  Then, the sun, although he watched over mankind from afar, came to hate us.  So, he chose to be picky about who he the people of the Noe are the people that he did not consider worthy of his gift of warmth."

"Yes," Rynara says, "and then there was a time when they say that Firretheus had decided to destroy us all in his anger.  As such, he sent one of their children to burn the core of the world.  However, Lunaria did not like this decision, so she gave her power to four horsemen so that they could protect the world and banish their son back into the stars."

"Uh-huh,"  Rhia says, "Just stories."

Rynara clears her throat, "Many priests--sun and moon alike--have another hypothesis, however.  We don't believe that Firretheus is taking his power from us like many others do.  Rather, we believe that Lunaria is choosing us and giving us her power, instead, because we are considered worth to be a horsemen, should one of her children arrive to burn the world's core."

Priya touches her hair.  What has she done to piss off Firretheus?  No, it was just a story right?  “This is all story right?  Legends of long ago?  That does not explain why Rhiannon had the mark on him now.  And if I recall it was a recent occurrence.  Rhiannon does not seem like one to tell lies.  He was pretty distressed about it in the carriage.  And what is going to happen to Elemiah?  Is she going to get a mark too?”

''And.... moving on with more questions, assuming that's really us what are we supposed to do ? How are we supposed to know what we can do in the crisis ? Will Lunaria herself talk to us ? How do we find this timed bomb that wants to end the world as well ? '' Elemiah was asking specific questions to know more about it since if it was true, it was going to be pretty serious.

''Don't worry too much about me Priya, whatever happens happens. Beside I would have followed him anyways, so it suits me if I'm to be in the same boat as him. Though I need to know what we're expected to do.'' She said with calm, but looking serious.

The Priestess listens to each question, surprisingly now more patient than she was all during this mess, "Miss Priya, if Firretheus sent one of his children before, why would he not send another later in time?  It's all the more possible that history can repeat itself."

Her gaze shifts to Elemiah, "Yes, Elemiah will also obtain a mark, probably within the night....I cannot say what you should do, but I can give you a name of someone who will have more information on these things."

Rhiannon scoffs, "It's just a story!  I'm not a horseman, I can't even ride a horse."

Rynara crosses her arms, "Whether you believe me or not, you must not tell any others of the mark.  You will be killed over it, should it go to the wrong ears.  Do you understand me, Rhiannon?  There are both Sun and Moon priests that would side with Firretheus on this one."

Priya turns to Rhiannon and places her hand on his shoulder.  “I promise my lips are sealed about this and if you ever need help in any manner, come to me.  Remember I have a houseboat that can go practically anywhere on the water.”

She looks over at Elemiah.  “The same goes for you too.  I know it is odd since this is our first meeting, but Rhiannon trusts you enough to tell his secret.  Plus we Noes need to stick together right?”

Elemiah looks toward Rhia and says ''Rhia calm down. It may be hard to believe, but the mark and the weird reaction of earlier may be enough proof that it may be true. How about we go to my place after this, we'll be at peace. And if I truly will get a mark, the way you described the proccess earlier.... I should probably be at home where nobody can see what happens.''

She then turn to Priya and reply ''Sure thing, thanks.''

"Okay,"  Rynara says, "You do what you must.  I will write down two names.  You must find these people as soon as possible.  That is the only thing that I can advise at this time."

With that, she writes down two names on the paper:  Kaell Galakhan and Raziel Benesra.

Rynara stands, but she says more, "Um.  And come back tomorrow.  We'll discuss this further.  I'll answer any questions you have."

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 16th May 2017, 9:04 pm

Nova temple
{Attn: Open}

Priya leaves the room, knowing that Rhiannon and Elemiah would want some privacy.  She is happy that he knows what the mark is for, but at the same time she is worried about him.  

Her though process is immediately halted when she sees the lunar tree though.  It is so beautiful.  She goes up to it.  There are some of the leaves on the floor.  She goes to her knees and pick of one of them.  She holds it in her hand and tries to picture different ways to incorporate it in her jewelry making.  She will need to do items not only to barter with, but to keep busy.  She is used to being around her family.  Now that she in on her own, it is far too quiet for her taste.  She sighs and lies the leaf back on the ground.  Later she will ask if she can take some.  For now she has to get back to her job.  She is full of nervous energy, and cannot sleep just yet.

The Priestess follows Priya out rather quickly, moving to the tree for her own comfort. She isn't surprised to see Priya there, though. It is, in fact, a very comforting tree. "So you're new..." Rynara says softly, "To the Noe. I-I'm so sorry that this had to be your first contact with me. I promise, I'm not normally so...rude. Or impatient. If you have any questions...I'm here."

Priya smiles at the Priestess.  “I understand the urgency.  I have more questions than you can answer in a single night.  My mother was one who completely ignored the Noes.  My Uncle is the Sol priest in Pyrra.  I will take you up on your offer.  Do these leaves stay like this even after they fall from the tree?”

'Yes," Rynara says with a smile, "They certainly do. Isn't it beautiful? A lot of people love to take them to're welcome to have any fallen leaves."

“Thank you so much.  I am a jewelry maker and seamstress.  I think they will be beautiful to create something with.”  Priya picks up a few of the fallen leaves.  “I am glad I met Rhiannon when I did.  He was so patient with me.  He told me I have a water affinity.  Maybe he is right, I feel more relaxed when by water.”

"Absolutely,"  Rynara replies, "It certainly does sound like it.  All Noe have affinities--I, myself, have a water affinity.  It's nice to see a fellow water Noe.  We also have baskets near the entrance where we collect the leaves.  You'll always be welcome to take some when you see 'em around."

“I will do that.  If you ever need to get away from the temple and want to be by the water, you are welcome at my house.”  Priya touches a leaf on the tree.  “I will be up here too, I want to learn how to write some runes.  I probably won’t be as good as Rhiannon, but it will look pretty on bracelets.”

"Lovely!  I am sure you will get along here just fine.  You'll love people.  You'll love everything about being a Noe."  Rynara says.

Priya touches her scarf.  “Thank you I know I have a lifetime to learn everything and I have a lot to learn.”

Priestess Rynara nods, "Yes.  And this is good.  I meant what I said in my office.  I don't believe that you were abandoned.  I simply believe that Lunaria claimed you for her own.  Doesn't sound so bad, now does it?

“It makes sense here.”  Priya points her head.  “It may take a bit to process here.”  She points to her chest.  “I must get back.  I still have a net to fix.”

She will wait until later to speak with the priestess more.  Besides, she has a lifetime to learn the Noe life.  She looks back at the door.  “Stay safe Rhiannon and Elemia.”  She whispers before making her way out of the temple.

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by RadioTanuki on 3rd June 2017, 3:14 am

[Attn: Open]

Crimson Plateau ~ Dusk

Kaell opened his eyes to the dirt and leaves... what? He had been asleep? And the back of his head hurt a bit now.... at least, he noticed a lasting ache... What was he doing last? He swore he was getting off this plateau, or at least headed off, but here he was....

He tried to move and get up, but noticed he was somehow 'caught' in something.... no, that wasn't right. Far less movement. He was bound. Tied up. The ropes felt old and kind of weak, but there were enough there to insure he wouldn't be tugging his way out. He wanted to groan and fight them, but quickly started thinking, instead. He couldn't see what was on the other side of him from here. 'What if some one was keeping watch nearby?' It would be wise to play unconscious a bit if he could, but it would be nice to see. He could turn his head slowly, maybe? Or better yet, act like he was rolling in his sleep? Yes. That sounded like an appropriate option. He wasn't sure who would even have a reason, for capturing him, much less be able to find him HERE of all places, unless he had just happened upon some weird tribe's home land? That was seeming.... most likely right now, anyway.... This could be sacred land or something to whoever captured him.

He decided to go with fake sleep roll... it seemed easy enough to still do.

Upon trying, at first he just sort of wobbled, but still managed to keep his eyes closed and even sniffled a bit to keep the sleep act up... he had hope they hadn't already noticed from his initial waking. He stopped instead of continuing on right away, to listen to his surroundings... it was quiet, but a gentle breeze was blowing the leaves, and he opened his eyes a bit again, this time to get a better idea of where he was in the forest.

From the bits of soot floating gently around him, he could tell he was right near the solar tree again. There were still leaves around, so he wasn't right under it, but he was definitely close to it.

He listened intently for a bit longer.... still nothing. He decided to try flipping over again.

This time, he did manage. He even kept his eyes closed, at least until he bumped his head on a conveniently place rock.

"Errk!" he tried to keep quiet. He could see the sky now, though. And despite his better judgement, his curiosity go the better of him, and he looked around.

Near him, leaning against a tree right by him, was.... someone. He couldn't tell who. They were fully cloaked and their face was mostly concealed under a thick hood. They looked like some kind of druid or something. It's robe-like garment was the strangest color for a garment he had seen, too. It seemed to somehow have a fading color... a gradient... it reminded him of a certain almost twilight color that the sky turns very rarely. It also had a white sash-like part with a neck hole that was draped across the front and back. It looked like it was wearing a flag or something, almost. On it was a symbol that looked like a sun and moon crossing, with some runes in a text unfamiliar to him written in a circle around it. It was all in simple black and white. He almost felt like the garments had been purposely faded to look this way.

Whatever this person was, it was clear that they had at least dozed off... they were only moving slightly, enough to show that they were still breathing.

That was a relief.... didn't seem to be anyone else around as far as he could see either... but he would keep up his guard.... just.... how to find a way out?

He still knew he had to be quiet... couldn't underestimate this.... whoever this was.

He started once again rolling, in the opposite direction of the figure, of course, who was luckily not actually right by the solar tree, because he had a plan,.... sort of, anyway...

He now kept his eyes open, but did as best he could not to make too much noise in his rolling, which luckily wasn't too much trouble in these crappy ropes..

Helped that the ground was so soft here and the leaves weren't crunchy though, too.

He finally made it to the solar tree, and not any movement from the hooded figure. He wasn't really sweating it though, even if he had woken up. It was clear they wanted him alive for whatever reason. Plus this guy actually looked a bit... small. Who fights well in a hood anyway? That would be stupid. Meh, he wasn't gonna test it though, but best to stay calm in this situation. The self-ego boost kept his nerves calm.

He proceeded to rub the ropes tying his hands against the bark of the tree. The tree put off only a bit of warmth, and was brittle. He actually hated using the tree this way, but with enough speed and friction, it wouldn't be hard to burn through the ropes with it.

And surprisingly, it came loose much faster than he imagined... whoever this guy was, he wasn't too well equipped... and why was he alone? This was obviously some kind of group, with the clothing... waiting for back up? At this point, he was pretty sure this couldn't just be some nearby tribe. There would be more than just this guy here by now. He had been out for at least the day. There should be more here to move him if they were nearby, or at least more in the vicinity, but Kaell didn't sense anyone nearby... if they were, they were really good at hiding.

He put his thoughts aside for a moment. His hands were free now, so the rest shouldn't be as hard. Actually he was able to wriggle his arms in front in more comfortable position, at least. Wow.... these ropes are THAT LOOSE here? He pulled at the ones at his legs and managed to get where he could actually sit up. He turned, and placing his feet on the ground in front of him, back to the tree, pushed himself up into the tree.


He quickly looked at the hooded figure, but luckily, the sound hadn't seemed to have awoken him. He continued to push himself up against the tree now, until he was at a full stand, and pushed off a bit, trying to see if he could shake out of the ropes, to little avail. Instead he started rubbing his back against the tree again, but on on concentrated part of the rope, and before long, had torn it... and well that was it... he had actually freed all but his ankles now without waking up the.... guy?

He bent back down to the ropes at his feet, but lost his balance at this and fell.

Suddenly the robed figure snapped awake and quickly got up without a word. OF COURSE THAT WOULD HAPPEN NOW.

So Kaell, on the ground did the first thing he could think to do.... ROLL.

He started rolling away, not sure if the hooded figure was- yep he caught me....

He kicked with both feet though knocking him away a bit, then went into as much of a crawl as he could do before getting himself up finally again and started hopping away. He wasn't sure where he was going, but he hopped as fast as he could... his pursuer seemed slower than expected, then again, Kaell could hop pretty fast, he guessed. This only really would work until he got to the cliff face from here, as far as he could tell though. He didn't actually get that far before he tripped again and the figure caught him.

He fought to escape, and the figure tried to hit him again in the back of the head, but now being aware and having free arms, it wasn't hard to catch him and pull him down to the ground with him, where he rolled on top of him. Whoever this was, he must have been used to stealth tactics more so.... he had some fight, but Kaell had him locked down now...

"Who are you??" he demanded.

The figure said nothing...

"I'll just find out myself then!" he said, going for the hood...

"Kaell Galakahn, please drop your guard and come with us."

"What?!?" he looked over to see an entire group of many more figures of different sizes in the same garments as the one he currently had pinned.

"Please, Kaell, let the little one go and come with us peacefully, we are sorry that things were handled this way, but we mean you no harm. It was not our intention to have you captured. Our member who found you simply made a mistake."

"Little one?..." Kaell said aloud... he knew this one was small and far weaker than he had expected, but he didn't want to hurt a child... What kind of cult was this?

"Who are you people, and why should I go with you? How did you even find me, and how do you know who I am?" he asked, almost demanded.

"It seems you are not even aware then, but if you come with us, we can explain everything to you, we will not use force." The seemingly lead figure said again.

"I need to know, at least, who you are before I agree to anything," Kaell said, angrily still. He let the young hooded figure go, who then ran to the group and sort of... hid.

Something was telling Kaell not to trust them, aside from the obvious.... He sensed no good intent could come from this group... even if they now worshiped him for some reason or something stupid like that... no, that would actually be worse.

"Very well," the leader finally said, "but we are a secret society, and I am certain you have never heard of us. We call ourselves, 'The Eclipsian Order'"

Kaell made a face at this... "Huuh? Yeaah... well you're right about that part... okay then." Kaell said, getting up, and while doing so sneakily cutting the ropes at his feet with a blade he had concealed in his sleeve during his scuffle. "Lead on then. I'll follow, there's only one way off this hill anyway, so it's not like I can take another direction. Besides, as you said, this isn't supposed to be a capture, and I don't need to be hand-escorted."

"That's fine," the lead figure said, "but it is dangerous to leave you on your own now, two of my men will stand guard at each side of you on the way."

At this, Kaell said nothing and started to move with them, when suddenly, clear as day, a voice popped into his head that he felt he had only dreamed of before. It was inhuman, not in sound, but in it's very nature.

"ESCAPE!" it sounded as if it were whispering a shout. At that same time, he felt a burning sensation course though his body starting from his center, and like a jolt of pain and energy had startled him, he knew exactly what to do.

He turned and ran, faster than the group could notice.

The group turned, and the leader figure simply motioned his men after Kaell.

They were fast, but Kaell moved faster. They expected they could cut him off at the cliff, at which Kaell got to only to turn and run along side of it. Kaell really wasn't sure where he was going now. His body was going itself almost. It was as if he had the strongest hunch that it was the right way. He finally got to a corner that jutted out a bit from the rest of the plateau, which seemingly had no where to go any more than any other part had.

Expecting him to stop there the men chasing stopped, just in time....

...To see Kaell dive off the cliff, directly to the forest below....

The men looked around the ledge, but could see no sign of him anywhere by the time they did so.

"That's enough, we cannot follow that way. Even if he made it out alive, we must go around the other way. Besides, if he did somehow survive that jump, we know where he's headed..."

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 18th November 2017, 10:11 pm

Elemiah's House/Evening 8h30~9h30 ish ?

**This is a collab between me and Leah7 !**

Elemiah walked Rhiannon to her place and tried her best to reassure him without exposing anything that needed to be kept under the cover. When they finally arrived to her place, she smiled and said ''Finally home. '' Looking at the simple structure of the wooden house surrounded by trees, just looking at it always made her feel at peace. ''Well let's go in, are you hungry ?'' She opened the door to let him go in first.

Rhiannon looked around the forest, happy to see the nature that he is so familiar with.  He did not expect to see such a small little cabin out here, and when he looked upon the quaint abode, he decided that it suited Elemiah very much.  She was a simple girl with simple needs.  This was just not her focus--to have "just the right home."  Elemiah lived where she went, in her own way.  Of course, that didn't mean that this place was any less valuable to her, he was certain.

"I'm famished," Rhia said.

After he went inside, she closed the door behind her and started to look through her food supplies. ''Is fish and rice okay with you ?'' Elemiah asked politely to make sure he was in the mood for it she didn't mind eating something else if he wished for something else.

Rhia nods, "Oh, yeah.  I love fish.  Say, Elemiah....can I ask you something...personal?"

Hearing his response, she started to take out some fresh salmon to prepare it as well as regular rice. While setting up she replied ''Yes, go ahead.''

Rhia hesitates. What he's about to ask is considered to be incredibly rude for any Noe to ask. Ever. It's almost as bad as asking about one's Fade experience. If someone of the Noe offered this information to you on their own, it was a sign of great trust. However, they were about to embark on a journey together--Rhiannon already knows this. She's here to help him with this strange mark, so. Trust is something that he wants to earn and sometimes, that means taking a risk and being a little rude.

"Before I..." Rhiannon starts, "Before I hair was strawberry blonde. A soft pink, I guess. What was yours?"

Elemiah paused for a moment looking like she was surprised by the question, but mostly almost looking as if she had a blank. ''Oh.... '' She acted like she finally remembered. ''It was dark brown. Sorry it's been a while, to think I barely remembered my own hair color tone after seven years. '' She said shaking her head in amusement. ''So yours was strawberry blonde, I could picture it. And don't worry too much about it... lots of Noe would get offended over it and I can understand why, but I don't mind it. I just hope it wasn't too difficult for your to bring up since... '' She gets a little more serious about the matter. ''You turned slightly more recently then I. '' She continued preparing the food with care while waiting for a reply.

Rhiannon nodded at her reply, his eyes shifting to the side as if he were looking back into his memories.  His mind went the moment when he had Faded, but all he could honestly, fully remember was the sudden cold.  He'll never forget how cold he was.  Of course, he's technically still that cold, now, he's just....used to it, now.   Rhia didn't miss how cold it felt back then.  It seemed to take for ever to adjust to just that.

"I barely remember the Fade," Rhia admits, "I got so focused on moon runes...I guess, maybe, I just wanted to fit in so badly that when I discovered my natural talent for the writing, I stuck to it like glue.  I don't regret my decision, but I do miss my family.  They all support me, but they don't get me."  

Elemiah nods and says ''I understand. I was lucky I had a bit of knowledge using my hands in handywork and craft already. It's what helped me survive for most of the time.  That and the fact before I faded I also did learn how to hunt, just I was still a bit at the basics of it. Had to learn the rest on my own and quick. My father never accepted it, my mother and brother didn't mind it though we mostly communicate through anonymous letters. But not so often sadly. '' She explained openly and in a calm matter. The rice was starting to boil and she set up a timer while it was cooking with the steam and placed the salmon in the oven at the same time.

Rhia scowls, "I just wish I didn't have so much to do all of the time.  I got so good at it that I....I just get requests all over the place.  Of course, I'm blessed--I'll never want for anything for a long time, I'm sure.  I make enough to get by.  And all of the travels!  Especially along the Dragaultia, it is beautiful there!"

Since she was now simply waiting on stuff to cook, she turned back toward him and replied ''Oh yes, I went there before when I was travelling too. It is indeed pretty impressive. I wouldn't want to live there though, seems a little overwhelming. And yes having too many request at times must be overwhelming. I just hope you're getting enough rest however. Rest is important.''

Rhiannon shrugs, "It's hit and miss.  Sometimes, I sleep too much and sometimes, not enough.  Ha!  I'm so random and completely out of sync.  I can't really keep at a regular schedule...I'm not good at that.  Say, do you know where I can get a good bow?  I want to be able to defend myself if I'm gonna be heading out of my normal trade routes.  I hear travels away from the roads can be scary."

''Yes, I know of a place in town where someone have good quality ones. We could go there tomorrow before leaving and I could show you how to use one if you do not know. '' She replied to the question at hand before commenting on the previous statement. ''As for the sleep schedule at the same time it's difficult to keep it healthy on travels sometimes. ''

Rhia grins, "I know how to use a bow.  I'm pretty good--I'm not the best, but I can shoot a target mostly.  What weapons can you use?"

''I see. That is good then. '' She said with a smile. ''I can use a bow pretty well as well as swords. My brother showed me the bow, but I learned the rest later. As for swords I've received teachings in my travels, but also improvised a lot. I'd say my style of swordplay is probably weird and messy while being organized all the same ?'' Elemiah explained, not fully sure of her own explanation herself.  Although she wasn't sure how to describe her sword play.

Rhiannon laughs, "I see.  Well, I just shoot stuff.  Can't really say I have a fighting style.  I haven't had to do much.  Thankfully.  Then again, that may prove to be bad for us in the future if we get mugged...."

''Probably, but we could elaborate plans and practice combos between us if it was to happen. Although my swordplay is weird, it being unique, usually throw people off. We could use it to our advantage. We'll see along the way how we may be able to use both of our knowledge and abilities at their best.'' She thinks for a moment and then adds ''Thinking about this, did you find out what special ability you may pocess yet ? Mine is something to do with wind gliding, but I shrink in size when I do.... ''

Rhiannon frowns, sitting down and looking downwards in shame, "Yeah.  I did it once.  When I was real mad, you know?  I made it eclipse for a bit.  Freaked the hell out of everyone.   A few Sol called me a witch.  Real nice--and let me just say, they did not want me in that place ever since.  I have to avoid that city every year, now."

''I'm sorry it went so badly. '' She said placing a hand on his shoulder and then got interupted by the timer. ''Gimme a sec.'' Elemiah removed the lid from the rice and moved the pot away from the heat and with a glove, she opened the over and grabbed the salmon to place it aside. She then prepared two plates and brough Rhia his own. ''Here, sorry for the wait. ''

"Thanks!  I really appreciate this!"  Rhiannon says cheerily, happily drooling over the plate before him with starry eyes, "You know--the way to anyone's heart is through their stomach."

''You're welcome. '' She said starting to dig into her own plate. ''Honestly though, the one thing I'm the most sad about tonight is that I probably won't be able to go swim.'' She expressed her sadness with a sigh.

"Why not?"  Rhia asks.

''I shouldn't take the risk to go if that symbol may be appearing tonight. ''  Elemiah said looking serious. ''Although I don't mind getting it as well as I said earlier, but.... whenever I skip nights swimming I feel like something is a miss. Swimming under the moon always makes me feel so good.'' Elemiah ate some more of her plate, salmon was always amazing.

Rhiannon raises an eyebrow, still eating, "What makes you think you'll get one?"

''I'd rather be careful about the situation given the reaction we had earlier and of what the priestess told us. It may or may not happen, but I'd rather treat it as it might and stay home then risk being exposed when it does happen. Although not many people go swim where I do, there's still a few who does around there. I could be seen basically. '' Elemiah explained looking slightly concerned, but calm.

"Um, okay," Rhiannon says, surprised.  He hadn't thought of that.  She could get it, too?  Why?  Because he touched her?  Is that what it meant?  If so, he hsould be careful not to touch anyone else.  "Thank you for the meal.  It's delicious."

Elemiah nods with a smile and take both empty plates away and place them in the sink. She didn't feel like washing those right away. Coming back to Rhia just stayed there next to him silently as she looked through the window. The moon light felt pretty good.

"Want to go out?"  Rhia asks, "We could lay under the stars."

''I guess if we don't go too far, we should be okay. '' She said with a soft smile.

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 25th November 2017, 11:42 am

They went behind the house and Elemiah sat down between the trees. There was a spot that was opened enough for the light of the moon to come through a little better while still being hidden. She said nothing and closed her eyes to enjoy the feeling.

Rhiannon lays out his traveling blanket before he takes his rest upon the ground, looking up at the stars. It is so much easier to see them from here than from in the City. He's afraid of what is to come--the Priestess was so convinced that they'd die if they told anyone about what has happened to him. He sighs, trying to relax his muscles consciously. When he gains a little less self dread, he looks up at the moon--it's a clear night and the clouds are not in the way. It's half hidden, have lit--the right half greeting him with a comfort he's known for the better part of his life as a Noe.

"She never gets less beautiful to me," Rhia says.

''Agreed.'' Elemiah said, opening her eyes to look at the moon directly. It was so very beautiful as always. ''So.... I guess we'll go back to see the priestess about directions tomorrow ? She kind of gave us the references quickly without really telling us where they were. Either way she told us to go see her again.'' She said, wondering who those references were.

Rhia nods, "Yeah, I figured she'd give us details later. I assume talking too long about the subject made her uncomfortable. She looked awfully scared the whole time, as it was."

Elemiah nods toward Rhia in approval, but then as she was about to respond, she shake her head as a feeling of weakness strikes her. She grunts as she feel a burning pain in her back. Sweat starts showing on the surface of her skin and her breathing is starting to be uneaven. The moon somehow had no effect in the comforting at the moment and she layed down on the ground holding her chest in pain.

Rhia heard what sounded like discomfort from his companion and he looked over, concerned, "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

She was having a hard time trying to think to reply, yet try to form words even. Taking a deep breath she said with a lot of difficulty '''' Elemiah tried to endure the pain at the best of her capabilities, but it was driving her mad.

Rhia rolled over and tried to help her, taking her arms in his hands, "What is it, where do you hurt, what is it?"

'''' She wanted to try and add to go inside, but another wave of intense pain came through her, making her shiver and grunt. She then just.... passed out on the spot.

Rhiannon paled, his concern rising as he moved over her, turning her onto her side and carefully lifting up your shirt to get a good look. He scowled, realizing that she had a mark, too. However, this one is...very different. With a groan, he was forced to accept the girl's prediction. She knew what was going to happen to her before he ever could have. Did the moon tell her? The Priestess will not be happy about this...

He chose to leave her on her side, so as to grant her back some peace from being smashed into the ground. He ran inside, grabbed a bucket and took it to get some cool water to make a cool, wet rag to place on her back. As she rests, he will be sure to at least do what he can to help the pain.

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 25th November 2017, 10:46 pm

Priya returns to the docks. She goes into her house first and lays the leaves on her desk. She goes back out to the docks. She looks out on the water and sees the moon shining on it. She pulls her wrap close and smiles. The Priestesses word echo in her head. Maybe her family is wrong. Maybe she isn’t abandoned, but selected by the Moon Goddess.

She looks over at the net. She better get back to work, the fisherman will be expecting it to be done come morning. She loves working on the dock. The lapping of the water is soothing to her.

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Re: Children of the Moon Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 22nd December 2017, 3:50 pm

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