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Post by GeotrixOld on 2nd April 2017, 7:59 pm

Hiya, Pal. If you're reading this, you may be considering joining this RP. If you need world info click -->
Ok, now that you've done that let's set some ground rules.
Do not God Mod, it is ok to have a powerful character, but Mary Sue's will not be tolerated. It ruins the experience of RPing for everyone, so please, don't.
*If you DO want to have a particularly powerful character, please, return to the link and reread the entry on the Desolation Patrol.
Please post at least once every two weeks. If this cannot be done, message me, I will understand.
While I do not forbid PvP, it must be coordinated and as a whole enjoyable. If you believe your character and another players character may resort to PvP, message each other and THEN MESSAGE ME. I will try to moderate fairly.
Explitives must be kept to PG minimum. This isn't Deadpool.You only get one warning.

Now that we've had this talk. Here's the Character template.

Real Name:
Identity Status:
Occupational Status:

Preferred​ Organization*:

Powers & Abilities*:

Weapons & Items

Weaknesses & Disadvantages

General Personality:

Basic Origin:

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Post by Tom Foolery on 9th April 2017, 8:30 pm

Real Name:  Maximilian Edwards
Alias: "Victor" (or, when he rides with the rest of his team, "Conquest")
Identity Status: Secret
Gender: Male
Age: 32 (looks 25)
Occupational Status: Unemployed (veteran, ex-convict)

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Preferred​ Organization*: Desolation Patrol

Powers & Abilities*: Victor appears as any other man on the surface, and his abilities are no different.  With every foe he defeats in battle, he gains one of the vanquished foe's mundane skills/attributes.  Their strength, their reflexes, or even their knowledge--anything that could be considered better than Victor's current capabilities are potential spoils. These rewards are exponentially increased if/when an enemy is slain, and even in defeat, his body adapts to defend against that which brought him down.  Exhaustion is responded to with an improvement to his cardiovascular/respiratory health, electrocution met with redundant synapse relays, bleeding with toughened bio-mesh surrounding/defending arteries and vital organs, and many other such adaptations.  All of these gains are permanent and, though relatively minor individually, never fade and compound upon one another over time.  If left to his own devices, The White Rider will eventually reach the very pinnacle of of human perfection--and perhaps even beyond.

Weapons & Items:  Victor's armament is as mundane as it comes--he has access to nothing more.  A reinforced leather jacket, a bulletproof vest (under the jacket), armored bracers/shin-guards, strike plates on the elbows and knees, well-worn combat boots, studded leather gloves, and a Bowie knife as long as a man's forearm are his standard equipment, with more specialized tools (rope, lock-picks, crowbars, etc.) being brought along as required. His mask is silver with blue accents, and incorporates a crown.Generation Meta: Superhero RP ( Character/Player Registry) Crownm10

Weaknesses & Disadvantages:  For all his power and potential, Victor is still but a man.  He is just as mortal as the rest of us schmucks, if a good deal more durable.

General Personality:  Calm and rational, but still capable of warmth.  His love of humor has been noted as "disconcerting," especially given the grim nature of his powers.

Basic Origin: Science/Skill
History:  Maximilian Edwards is a man of honor.  Serving his country in the United States Marine Corps had been his dream ever since he first heard his grandfather's stories of Vietnam.  Of course, those stories never mentioned the horrible reality of actual warfare and life "beyond the wire"--constant vigilance bordering on paranoia, never knowing who was friend or foe, always wondering if this step or another would be your last.  Max came home from his third tour of duty a changed man--he bore no visible scars, but his wounds were buried deep.  Even in civilian life he would find himself scanning crowds for threats that would never come, being informed by his wife that he needed to tone down his hostility towards strangers, or waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night as the memories of what he'd been through tore even his dreams from him.  Eventually this all came to a head at what should have been a simple stop for milk at the gas station:

Max was in line, waiting patiently like any other day, when the masked men entered the store.  They began shouting, one discharging his weapon into the air to emphasize the point that they were not here to negotiate, but Max couldn't hear them.  The moment the gun was raised, Max's world went white, and the very next thing he was conscious of was the horrified wailing of innocent bystanders and the sensation of blood on his hands.  Looking down, Max was shocked to see that he was straddling the eyeless corpse of a young man wearing a mask not five feet away from his still-spasming accomplice, the child's throat cleanly slit by a blade currently resting in the former assailant's left eye socket--a blade that Max recognized as his own.  Most troubling, though, was the fact that none of this seemed to affect him in the least--murdering two teenagers in cold blood felt like just another Tuesday morning.  Seeing this, Max checked himself into a psych ward as soon as the cops arrived and heard what had happened.

That should have been the end of it, but three years and a divorce later it became apparent that fate had other plans.  The mysterious phone call had promised a revolutionary treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and Max leapt at the opportunity.  What he couldn't have possibly known, however, was that this was a front for the beginnings of America's first Super Soldier Program.  After nearly a decade of research, the team of government-sanctioned scientists overseeing the project were ecstatic at the prospect of finally having divined the fundamental source of superpowers themselves.  After testing the experimental procedure on their dupe/"volunteer" Max and observing no difference in his capabilities, they decided to set him free to test whether or not any powers would develop later.

The first sign of trouble came when Max (Subject A-00001) was accosted by a mugger in an alley.  Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to occur at first, but after defeating his assailant, it was observed that the subject displayed a 2 inch increase in height.  Max seemed to notice this at around the same time, and decided to avail himself upon the "hospitality" of a local group of known meth dealers.  Surveillance was unable to discern the specifics of the proceeding massacre, but it ended with five dead, two hospitalized, and the subject leaving with a 15% increase in muscle mass, similarly increased speed/reflexes, intimate knowledge of chemistry, and fluency in Portuguese.  When containment teams attempted to apprehend him, Max proceeded to destroy the facility with a number of small explosives he had constructed out of household cleaning supplies.  It is not known just what he gained from vanquishing the team sent to capture him, but it was clear that Max, now referring to himself as "Victor" due to the nature of his power, was now a rogue asset.

Victor proceeded to wage a one-man war on crime, travelling across the world to take on sex-trafficking rings, drug cartels, and corrupt corporations.  His exploits were eventually noticed by the infamous vigilante group known as "the Horsemen," and soon enough they had inducted him as the latest incarnation of Conquest.  Their collective rampage reigned for another two years before Smackdown (along with other representatives of the Desolation Patrol's governing body) managed to apprehend them and force/convince this band of anti-heroes to cooperate.

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Post by xenolion on 12th April 2017, 1:27 pm

Real Name: Dr. Xylina Metairie
Alias: None
Identity Status: Unkown
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Occupational Status: Private Practice Doctor
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Preferred Organization: None
Powers & Abilities: Xylina is able to detect a person’s physical wellbeing by being in their presence. She is able to heal injuries, but unable to revive from death. She also has an innate healing and high pain tolerance herself.
Weapons and Items: She is former military. So she has firearm knowledge. She is also physically fit. She still has her service weapon. She can defend herself as well.
Weaknesses and Disadvantages: She is human and thus can be killed. She cannot bring people back from death. It takes her longer to heal large or complex illnesses. The more she heals at one time, the more tired she gets. However she has practiced a lot and can heal a lot of physical injuries in one or two visits.
General personality: She is professional with her patients, but also compassionate. She is not quite jaded yet. She is very hard working and came from humble backgrounds.
Basic Origin: Mutation.
History: As far as Xylina could remember, she was able to heal herself. She grew up with her mom, who had her at a young age. She’s never known her father and her mother never spoke about it. She joined the military when she was out of high school to earn money for college. She was on the medic team since she wanted to be a doctor. She did just that after her required time. She worked hard and now has her own private practice, taking it over from a retired doctor. She does help out at the local hospital from time to time.

She is not married and has a cat for a pet. She is not the kind to go out clubbing. She still works out to relieve the stress after work. She is still very close with her mom. Her powers are not known to anyone as far as she knows. She is not a member of any faction.

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Thank you leah
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Post by JerriLeah7 on 12th April 2017, 8:43 pm

Real Name:  Aeirrya (Aye-eer-yuh) Crysthmatnos
Alias(es):  None, at this time.
Identity Status:  Known
Gender:  Female
Age:  75 Human Years, 9 Esserian Years
Birth-Date:  Unknown
Place of Birth:  Esserian Planet, Esseria
Occupational Status:  None, at this time.
Nationality/Ethnicity:  Esserian
Alignment:  Chaotic Neutral
Affiliation(s):  None, as of yet.

Powers & Abilities
Levitation --  She can levitate up to five feet above the ground, but generally remains about one to two feet in order to have greater speed while levitating for a time.  She can move about five miles per hour when levitating and has no flight abilities whatsoever.
Light Barriers & Shields --  These are generally small and cast to protect herself, but she can cast larger barriers around a group of people.  Unfortunately, any barrier drains her magic for as long as it is active, so she is weakened extremely from larger barriers.  These protect primarily against physical, non-magical attacks and dark magic and nothing else.
Magic Spells --  (She cannot cast on herself, but can cast on others.)  They can increase speed, the five senses, strength, accuracy, evasion, and other such abilities and skills.  However, if she is buffing multiple targets, she can only buff one thing at a time.  If she is buffing only one target, she can buff up to two or three abilities, depending on the intensity of the buff.

Weapons & Items
Mueria, the Staff --  It's a good defensive weapon staff that was a gift from her mother before she died. Mueria has a hook on it for lock and throw manipulations and it extends and detracts length at her will.

Likes:  Esserian Mage Duels, Rain, Earth's Sun, Human Sweetmeats
Dislikes:  Dishonourable Warriors, Meaningless Death, Oxygen
Values:  Honour, Individualism, Honesty
Fears:  Never being able to return to Esseria; Becoming the last of her kind.
Desires/Ambitions:  To make human friends; to be accepted by human society in some way.
Bad Habits:  Mispronouncing Human Names, Asking for explanations of jokes and of why they are humorous.  
Personality:  Logical, Curious, Respectful, Graceful, and Gentle; She is always trying to learn, improve, and grow.
Siblings:  Gyntriska, Faramourt, Sanzacourteon, Lillllinworia
Mother:  Riliandraska, Deceased
Father:  Katarsvar
Other Family:  None

Aeirrya is the youngest in her family and has just recently become "of age" to become a true mage dueler.  However, as each Esserian becomes of age, they are required to venture onto another planet and return with the "Truth Sage Story" of a great adventure, so as to teach the children of their schools of their feats and so as to become of higher rank.  

She as chosen Earth as her quest, quick to choose the planet on its solar system's sun, which she finds to be quite beautiful and fascinating.  She is unsure how the Earthlings will take her, or if they will even accept her at all, but she does hope that they will have an adventure to share with her so that she may grow before she turns ten.  As she launched away in her pod, watching as she grew ever closer to her destination, she only wondered what the future will give her in this journey.

Unfortunately, the pod crashes rather unpleasantly onto Earth's surface, and upon finally waking up and being acquainted with Earth's atmosphere, she is introduced to the planet's oxygen, which is rather heavy.  She doesn't breath in oxygen, but rather needs carbon dioxide in order to live and to keep her Esserian heart pumping.  Her first 12 hours will be spent resting in her pod, albeit with it opened, so that she may adapt to the heavier atmosphere and gravity, which will doubtlessly increase her magic cost when levitating and make travel far less efficient.

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Post by Phirron on 12th April 2017, 8:48 pm

Real Name: Dr. Alexandra “Alexa” Gwenevere Summerfield

Alias: Psion

Identity Status: Secret

Gender: Female

Age: 28


Generation Meta: Superhero RP ( Character/Player Registry) 5688-596684921

Occupational Status: Independent Geneticist

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Preferred​ Organization*: Gaia

Powers & Abilities*: Telepathy, Telekinesis, Force Field Generation

Weapons & Items: A simple pistol as a last defense and lots of scientific tools and books.

Weaknesses & Disadvantages: Weak mental fortitude. Using her powers heavily strains her mind to the point of causing pain when over used. As such she reserves the use of her powers to times of absolute need and only uses them for the least amount of time needed. Overuse can cause her to develop migraines and even fall unconscious for hours at its worse. At the bare minimum simple uses of her powers leave her tired for the next couple hours afterwards.

General Personality: Psion is a warm hearted, kind, caring, and very open minded individual.

Basic Origin: Mutation

History: Psion is a psionic mutant of lack luster strength despite coming from a family whose oral history boosts many powerful mutants. In truth the majority of these "histories" are more like fisherman tales, though a few do have roots to truth. One thing is certain though, fewer and fewer from each generation boasts abilities of any kind and those that do are generally no more powerful than Psion is herself. In short for whatever reason the perchance for mutations to occur seems to be slowly fading from the Summerfield line.

This fact has been a core factor in shaping Psion's life. Perplexed in how her family could constantly produce mutants over the generations, and more so in how such a legacy could be coming to an end. Psion has spent her life since she was around 10 years old studying genetics in an effort to gain insight into these mysteries, not only for her own sake but for the sake of other mutants and science in general. This studying and dedication has lead to her earning a, nonmedical, doctorate in the field opening doors leading to various research opportunities.

So far she has only come up with a handful of theories, but fearing attracting attention of the wrong sort she hasn't published them. On top of that she doesn't have the funds or equipment needed to fully test her theories, yet, though what she does have is a desire to help others. As such she has found a home within Gaia.

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Post by EphPhoenix on 18th April 2017, 2:01 pm

   Real Name: Tyre Jones

   Alias(es): Twista

   Identity Status: Secret

   Gender: Male

   Age: 17

   Birth-Date: September 9

   Place of Birth: Shawnee, Oklahoma

   Occupational Status: Computer Technician

   Nationality/Ethnicity: African American

   Alignment: CG

   Affiliation(s): Formerly of the Tech 9, currently none

   Powers & Abilities:


Wind power - able to generate winds from a gentle breeze to gale force. Can use these in a variety of ways, including manipulating currents around him to fly.

Enhanced physical and mental attributes owing to techno-organic implants and manipulation including superhuman levels of strength, speed, agility, durability, and low level regeneration; enhanced visual and auditory capacities; an eidetic memory, enhanced intelligence, able to scan, communicate, and understand any machine he comes in contact with;

With armor:

Wind powers and physical attributes significantly increased. Sustained flight and capacity for space travel. Quantum energy weapons.

   Weapons & Items Technoid armor, battle staff, energy weapons, explosive charges

   Likes: Women, Food, video games, computers

   Dislikes: Haters

   Values: Loose

   Fears: Letting down his friends

   Desires/Ambitions: Takes it one day at a time,

   Bad Habits: Came from the streets and still has a few "ghetto" habits he'd like to be rid of.

   Personality: Smooth talking and fun-loving

   Siblings: None

   Mother: Nancy Jamika Jones

   Father: Oliver Lawrence Jones

   Other Family: Considers the members of the Tech 9 family--those still alive have all gone their separate ways.

   History: Born in Oklahoma, but grew up in the mean streets of Detroit. He had latent meta power that he wasn't aware of, but that got him targeted by the Technoids--a superior technological race that fused organic with machine. Chosen to be one of their elite vassals, he and eight others were kidnapped from Earth and put through the process that created their most powerful Technoid elite. However, before the programming could completely overwrite them, the one they had chosen to be the leader had broken free and rampaged, attacking and dismantling the Technoid vessel holding them captive. The others escaped and joined up. Soon, they came across the leader, and battled him as they didn't acknowledge his leadership. He bested the lot of them. Afterward, they joined forces and became the Tech-9, a group of intergalactic heroes for hire. They had many adventures until they got on the wrong end of a powerful nation and several lost their lives. The group disbanded shortly after they buried their dead.

Tyre surfed the galaxies for a while, doing it freelance before finally coming back to Earth where he's currently working as a technician for Omens, a subsidiary of the Elfshima Corporation.

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Post by Ink on 18th April 2017, 4:04 pm

Real Name: Maxine "Maxie" Flynn
Alias: Spry
Identity Status: Secret
Gender: F
Age: 22
Occupational Status: She actually performs for parties and events in her superhero ID. Has a website for it and everything. Outside of that, she's independently wealthy, and has no job in her civilian identity. She is technically a socialite, however, and it is expected that she'll wind up inheriting her father's company.

Generation Meta: Superhero RP ( Character/Player Registry) Untitled_by_c_voyage-db69a71

Alignment: Up for debate. Her actions would seem to skew C/G. However, she does tend to behave in a manner more akin to C/N, and her outlook tends to be more aligned with True Neutral. It's simply a matter of what one believes defines a person - What they do, what they say, or what they think.
Preferred​ Organization*: I really don't see her fitting with any other New Olympus, so there ya go. Even so, I don't imagine she'd start out working with them, seeing as she's otherwise a solo, street-level "hero"

Powers & Abilities*

Momentum Charge - Put plainly, Spry is able to build up momentum with movement and store it, then use that charged momentum to enhance physical attacks by releasing the buildup with them. The more momentum is gained, the more powerful the strike. This isn't to be mistaken for superhuman strength, however. It has no effect on her ability to support tremendous weights, and only affects striking power. Initially she has to release all of the charged momentum at once, but will eventually learn to only release portions of it to allow her multiple uses in quick succession. A trick she eventually learns to use in order to also achieve feats of superhuman speed.

Momentum Absorption - Even without moving, Spry seems to possess the traits of someone invulnerable. Not the case. Spry is simply able to absorb the momentum of whatever she touches, effectively rendering them inert upon making contact with her. She's brought getaway cars to a dead stop by simply standing in the way and placing her hand on the hood, bullets bounce off of her, and falls from great heights are harmless.

Physique - Spry is a world class acrobat, having trained from an incredibly young age to be a physical marvel. She has Peak Human Agility, as well as a rare condition that affects her joints, allowing her to contort herself in ways that the average person cannot (this is not a power, it actually exists).

Intellect - Despite having a demeanor that many would describe as "flighty," Spry is actually quite intelligent, and even insightful. She's proven capable of using her abilities in numerous clever ways, and will only expand their uses over time. Her rapid understanding of her abilities implies at least a marginal knowledge of Physics, and she can be quite the detective when necessary. Spending a fair amount of time around her hacker cousin (who set up her website and accounts as to not be traceable back to Maxine) has led to her developing considerable knowledge when it comes to computers, as well.

Acro-Arts - By combining acrobatics with traditional fighting styles, Spry has created and mastered her own special brand of highly acrobatic martial arts, specializing in fighting while constantly moving, emphasizing evasion, redirection, and precise, powerful single-strikes.

Weapons & Items
N/A (for the time being)

Weaknesses & Disadvantages

Momentum Absorption - If you've seen My Hero Academia, particularly the final fight against Noumu, you know what this power ultimately is. And with that in mind, you'll understand that this power has a limit to what she can take all at once. Spry's body can only absorb so much momentum at once before it begins to buckle like any normal person's (and no, her limit is nowhere near as high as Noumu's, at least not at present). There's an unseen cool down in effect whenever she takes in an impact. If not given enough time for that cool down to complete before another impact, this the level will continue to rise. Furthermore, this isn't a passive ability. She has to turn it on and off. In other words, if she doesn't know she's about to be hit, she's likely to get hit, and subsequently injured. Without this turned on, she's as vulnerable as anyone.

General Personality: Spry is energetic, cocky, flirty, and eccentric in too many ways to count. She's a bit of a braggart and is childish by nature, choosing to do whatever she does, simply because she can. While she doesn't steal or murder or brutalize people, she often finds herself causing mischief for the sake of amusement. In fact, she seems to prefer disabling and humiliating her enemies over beating them, outright, in the spirit of showmanship, that her crowd might have a good lark when she's out saving the day. Generally her actions are heroic, but she insists it's not out of any misplaced sense of nobility or justice. It's just because it's fun. Being the bad guy is way too easy and way too boring. As a result, many seem to gather that she's a better person than even she believes herself to be. This is only further supported by her friendly nature. Spry is one of few heroes who'll stop and chat casually with everyday citizens whilst in full superhero garb, even getting to know them on a first-name basis, if given the time. She even treats her enemies this way at times. Amidst her bantering about with them (or at them, in many cases), she'll show a genuine curiosity over their obviously poor life choices, try to learn more about them and even get them help. She typically spares them her embarrassing antics when first meeting them unless they just exhaust her options. Even then, she'll often visit her "arrests" in prison just to get to be friendly and the like, considering how boring prison must be. And yes, she's actually on first-name basis with a number of convicts that she, herself, put away.

That said, one should never believe they have a handle on Spry when working with her, and should constantly be on their toes around her. Her lack of self control can and often does lead her to do things entirely because it looks fun, or "why the hell not?" The only things that ever seem to truly impede action on her part are certain death, and boredom. In other words, if she is absolutely positive she or someone else will die as a result of her actions, she'll avoid it. She's otherwise known to take risks that most others would be entirely uncomfortable with. Spry isn't fond of authority or being told what to do. She's perfectly content working with people, but never under them.

Basic Origin: A combination os Science! & Bat Traini- Skill...

History: Maxine Flynn has always stood out among her family. She was the class clown, and seemed completely uninterested in academic pursuits of any kind. Her father a successful businessman, and her mother the head of a successful law firm, Maxine was expected to be another in a long line of high class citizens. However, she developed a fondness for acrobats after a trip to the circus, declaring that she wanted to be like that when she grew up. Her parents, wanting to support their daughter but also find something more secure for her than being a circus performer, instead opted to start her training to be an olympic competitor. Having always been limber, and possessed a knack for the physical, she was a born athlete, really. From childhood and on through adolescence, Maxine proved to be an incredibly capable acrobat, dancer, and all around marvel. But everything changed when the Fire Na- wait... no. Wrong backstory.

Actually, everything was going fine until Maxine began feeling... off. She couldn't seem to get in the zone, and it was stressing her out. She began to grow weary of the training, and the competition was starting to affect her behavior in negative ways. Eventually things reached a boiling point and she had a falling out with her best friend, something of a science head with a knack for computers. Soon everything compounded into a bad situation, causing her to crash, but good during an event in high school. Following this, she decided to take a break from it all, realizing that what she'd been doing, she was doing for the wrong reasons. She'd stopped enjoying it. Having decided to leave competition behind, she attempted to rekindle her old friendship by volunteering to help out at the lab where her friend interned. Things were going well, if too mundane for her tastes. But upon arriving, one night, she discovered that something had gone awry by the time she got there and a new apparatus had malfunctioned, trapping her friend, his mentor, and a number of other scientists with it. Using acrobatic talents, she was able to reach the machine and turn it off manually, but a feedback loop sent her careening across the room for her trouble. Miraculously, she was fine. The only effect seemed to be a mild concussion, as opposed to what could have happened, had she not shut the machine down. The machine had been intended to act as a momentum dampener. Something intended to revolutionize vehicular safety by great lessening crash damage by nullifying vehicles faster than brakes alone could manage. The project was eventually scrapped, but this is where things got interesting for Maxine, as she later discovered strange new abilities. She also found something else. Despite the danger of the situation, she had quite a bit of fun, doing it. And with her new abilities, she was more than equipped to do it again. Her friend came up with the idea of concealing her identity after she came to him with this revelation.

Unfortunately, her own town was too... safe. Some of the biggest heroes were lurking about, keeping things in line. So, in an act of spontaneity, she decided to move out from under her parents... kind of, and live in another city not terribly far. Although her parents insisted on footing the bill until she gets a job to support herself. She eventually took up the monicker of the masked marvel, Spry, acting as a part-time superhero, part-time nuisance, full-time fun seeker.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 20th April 2017, 11:32 am

Real Name: Astrid Bellato

Alias: The Seance

Identity Status: Secret

Gender: F

Age: 16

Birth-Date: October 4th

Place Of Birth: Cicero, Illinois

Occupational Status: High School Drop Out

Nationality/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Affiliation: None

Alignment: CG

Powers & Abilities*: A powerful user of dark magic, her skills and abilities have been honed not through training, but through a constant and ever-present fight for survival. A great destructive force, her magic draws on forces not of this world, but something beyond, a topic she seldom speaks of. Most of her more destructive abilities are linked to her staff, though she has been shown to exhibit self defense capabilities without it. Using spells from her book requires utmost concentration to tame the volatile, unmastered magic within it. Capable of flight via her staff, she hits quick and hard, without being able to take much damage. She compensates for this by making her hits count, though she is still prone to flying into danger on a whim. She is capable of levitating and floating about with minimal effort without it, though her speed is greatly reduced and is similar to that of one walking. She is capable of summoning dark, solidified matter, to coordinate attacks and make barriers.

Outside of her magical abilities, she is an adept scrapper and a street smart brawler, traits she's fostered from the time she's spent out on her own.

Weapons & Items: A magic staff accessible by summoning it, a spell book, a pocket knife, and a medium sized duffel bag containing all of her worldly possessions such as clothes, sanitary items, etc.

Likes: Animals, rock music, playing guitar, those illusive cheesy puffs you occasionally find at truck stops, horror movies, leather, food in general, her dog, Sparky, plush animals.

Dislikes: People who bite the hand that feeds, children under the age of five, that feeling when rocks get stuck in your shoe, people who whine about something but do nothing to change it, spicy foods, truck stop bathrooms, math.

Values: Loose; 'If someone needs help, I'll help 'em; if someone needs hurting, I'll hurt 'em. I'm a simple woman with a simple doctrine.'

Fears: Running out of time, the fate of her brother, her own failure.

Desires/Ambitions: None that she's willing to disclose to anyone.

Bad Habits: Swearing, using her magic on vending machines when her food gets stuck, and feeding her dog people food.

Siblings: An older brother by the name of Brett, ran away from home when he turned seventeen. Three years older than her.

Mother: Lisa Bellato

Father: Absent

Other Family: None

Weaknesses & Disadvantages: A penchant for getting involved in other peoples business, a weakness for underdogs and a fondness for talking back to authority. She is unskilled in healing arts, more suited as a destructive force, though if the situation calls for it she can congeal some superficial wounds, at the cost of great pain on her 'patient's' part.

General Personality: Astrid is, to some, a dashing rogue, blistering into town on a whim, doing what she pleases and seeing who she wants. While not an entirely uncontrollable force, you would he hard pressed to stop her from going after something she really wants. Generally easy to talk to and quick to grow fond of people, Astrid wastes no time letting people she likes know she likes them, whether they be friends or lovers. The same can be said for her enemies.

At her most basic, she is a foul mouthed and fiery teenager, and a two-time high-school dropout. Any and all attempts to integrate her in the public school system have failed, miserably at that. Social conventions are lost on her and she usually speaks her mind with little to no thought before or after. Highly hot-headed, if one wishes to pick a fight with her, chances are they'll get one. Astrid grew up in a world where everyone was the enemy until proven otherwise, as such she believes everyone is out to get her- and trusts no one at face value. She can be somewhat abrasive at times, to those she has no reason to trust- but all the above mask a rather jovial, if not snarky, and highly loyal personality.

Basic Origin: Conscripted from an early age to join a cosmic chessgame of young magic users, each selected by the twisted inhabitants of a world beyond the mortal coil, Astrid learned very early that there are two kinds of people in the world- Pawns, and the people who move them. Starting out, she was a pawn. Fighting along side a number of other youths, one of which was her own brother, against another gaggle of school aged children.

They fought together, laughed together, told stories together, and, as time went on, died and mourned together. Her friends died as pawns in a game they never asked to join, and her brother was lost to forces she could barely manage to scratch the surface of. The lone survivor of her team, Astrid ran, taking everything she needed and disappearing into the night without a word. She now wanders the world, in part to run away from the inevitability of what will one day catch up to her, but also to serve as a protector of people and children like her, who could not defend themselves.

History: Astrid grew up in the shady underside of Cicero. Her family being universally poor and famous for being smooth talkers who lived in cars and scammed people out of their money, only to blast it on the nearest substance they could get their hands on- she wasn't universally liked from the get-go. Her family moved around quite a bit, whenever they came across a problem they couldn't weasel out of, they turned tail and ran. Astrid did, however, have one true companion. Her dog, Sparky. Found as a stray, the young Astrid begged and pleaded to keep him. She was allowed this on two conditions, she feeds it, and if it craps in the car it's out. When Astrid was thirteen, a gang of local bullies decided to torment her. They snatched her dog, put in on a choke collar, and threatened to kill it if she didn't do exactly as they asked. Everything her family had ever taught her told her to run, but she was in a rage. It was on that day she first discovered her abilities, using it to torment the boys and leave them all, unconscious, in the alleyway where they had lured her. She took her dog and ran, 'quitting' school', at least until her brother made her go.

And then they moved again. After her brother ran away from home, her mother became a complete wreck, a basket case. She had to once again, drop out to take care of her. When it seemed her mother was fine, after a year or so- she tried going again on her mothers insistence. When she entered highschool again, she found herself bullied and harassed. The constant verbal and mental abuse from her 'family'- as well as her mothers inability to care for and feed her- prompted Astrid to once again drop-out, and in the steps of her brother, run away from home. She took her dog and took to the road, roaming the country and acting as a vigilante hero for anyone she felt needed assistance.

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