The UNRIVALED Tournament

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The UNRIVALED Tournament Empty The UNRIVALED Tournament

Post by Ink on 6th May 2017, 9:42 pm

Role-Play Maker: Ink

Role-Play Helper: N/A

Genre: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Fighting, Superpower, Comedy/Parody

Original or Fandom: Original

The Unrivaled Tournament Registration
The Unrivaled Tournament Discussion

Base Plot/Info: Set over 200 years in the future, UNRIVALED features a world of wide ranging possibilities, lovingly poking fun at nearly everything involving superpowers - from the Western Superhero genre, to the Eastern Shounen craze. And what better for the first major story arc in such a supercharged universe than a tournament to determine the best fighters on Earth? Be you alien or human, trained or imbued, wielding superpowers or supernatural knowledge, now's the time to stake your claim to the title of UNRIVALED. But in a world of such powerful individuals, it's only natural that not everyone would want to prove their might the 'fair' way. What darkness doth swirl around this widely celebrated competition?

Level of Foul Language: Preferably PG, please and thanks

Registration Status: Always Open

Comment(s): The UNRIVALED Tournament is merely the first arc in the much greater UNRIVALED RP. This particular arc is designed to directly poke fun at the sillier aspects, and praise the most impressive aspects of popular Shounen anime, in particular. Things like Dragon Ball(Z/Super), One Piece, etc. But where things wind up going will be up to the players. Expect anything from alien invasions and giant robots, to dragons, living planets, and more.
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