Guild Ties Role-Play

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Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 10th May 2017, 7:30 pm

First topic message reminder :

Guild Ties Starter

A brief summary of current events, as well as the starting conditions for each character will be posted below when the role-play is ready to begin.  Please remember, when role-playing in Guild Ties, to use time, location, and attention stamps.  Although these stamps are not required, they will make the job for the RPM 100% easier to navigate through and to understand.  Thank you.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by MethosArchaic on 7th November 2017, 5:05 pm

[Attn: Ausra, Connor "Shield", Rhodes Guild hall, Open]

"Here's your order!" Dopple beamed cheerfully as she placed several mugs of beer in front of several members of Rhodes. "Drink up, and don't forget to tip <3" She said with a bit of a twirl and giggle while balancing the rest of the mugs still on the tray.

With a bit of a pep in her step she went about her work, "You big guys are next!" she let out with mirth and enthusiasm. This outfit is super cute. Dopple thought happily as she tried to pay attention to the four dueling areas, I just wish the pay was better. Obram and Amara had stuck with her through out everything, but this job wasn't going to be enough.

At this rate I'll never get to afford to buy the old guild hall. Dopple kept her cheery face on as she took money from a leaving customer. " <3 Kick some butt and come visit us again! <3 " Dopple said with a little bow as the man left, he'd had a quest he and his friends had to do tomorrow. It seemed like he was the responsible sort since it was still early, just mid-afternoon.

Shield was sitting up on his throne looking imperious as he watched over three of the four matches going on. He was the final arbitrator of the battle board, and Dopple thought that she might borrow the idea for Shining Eclipse when they built their Guild hall. She'd been here two weeks and she had figured out how the system worked.

"Soooo hot." Dopple said with a bit of distaste, pinching her bodice and flapping it a bit to air out her chest. It had started out such a nice day, and many of the windows had been thrown open to let in fresh air for just that reason. She caught Shield motioning to stop the fight, but Dopple noticed that this sudden heat wasn't natural. She was soaking through her outfit, and the cause of it was walking purposefully through the room like she owned the place.

In your faces! Dopple screamed mentally in smug joy against her neigh saying Guildmates. Cha-ching! her inner thoughts caressing the sudden appearance of Ausra like a hungry cougar looking at a nice young stud that had just walked in. "Break!" She said lifting off her apron and putting it behind the counter as she made a quick break to the storeroom where her stuff was.

She shifted the key to the locker out into her hand from where she had hidden it and quickly turned the lock. "If I don't hurry, I'll lose my chance." Yanking open the door, she sent one of her arms into the rucksack forcing open the top and started to suck up her weapons and toys. Kunai and bottles flowed through her arm then into her stomach as her slime shifted them out of sight. From her back a tentacle stretched out of her waist, slithered over to a water barrel and drank hungrily.

She was worried since Ausra was like the worst person ever to fight. This outfit was already ruined thanks to her heat and she hadn't even started fighting. She had started to sweat through it, but now with the extra water she was soaking up to replenish herself the poor thing was starting to get strained a bit as she thiccened up.

Slamming her locker closed she ran and threw open the door to the storeroom and was suddenly assaulted with an ungodly heat. Shield and Ausra where already fighting. Obram and Amara would eat there words when she swooped in and claimed the bounty on their former guildmate. The idea to hang out at this guild hall had been Dopple's idea, after all Obram had gotten word that several Guildmaster's were being targeted by DA. Connor had been putting up a good fight, but Dopple still thought it likely he was going to get overpowered by Ausra. If nothing else Ausra could play out this as an endurance match, a few of the closest members would likely pass out from dehydration if it went on for too much longer.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by MethosArchaic on 7th November 2017, 7:17 pm

[Attn: Ausra, Dopple, Rhodes Guild hall, Open; Collab with Leah]

Ausra has said nothing as she is slammed into the bar, looking at him angrily.  However, multiple walls have appeared around her, one on each side and even one above as he has risen the ability to shift her position.  The walls press inwards against her, dragging her across the floor and out of the building.  Her hands move out, pressing into those barriers and she burns them with intense heat so as to escape.  Connor clearly didn't want her within the Guild Hall, but that was just fine by her.

As he steps out into the open area before the Guild, Ausra has burned through the barrier directly between them and a spout of lava has headed towards his head.  With his arms crossed before his neck and chest, his hands tighten into fists before him and a shield pops up and takes the blast just as it begins to melt.  Lava falls onto the ground before him and Connor looks down for just a moment, realizing that he will surely need to watch his step.

She came out of the storeroom and immediately took inventory of the situation at hand. Shield was purposefully walking out in full command of the situation after he'd used his shields to scoop Ausra up like a kid throwing out a bug from the sandbox. "Welllllll it is his sandbox." Dopple said as she watched Shield throw up a barrier to block Ausra's lava, it did make a cool fiery silhouette around Connor. Noticing the wrecked bar she cringed a bit realizing she was likely out of a job either way. "Why can't god's play nice?" The Guildless Master herself sighed.

Many of the guild members were slumping against walls and didn't yet show a startling desire to push past their Guildmaster and into the line of fire. Dopple ran forward as she pointed her outstretched hand towards the nearest barrel, the slime literally stretching out to envelope it and carry it with her as she ran towards the largest window she could find . Looking back towards her hand, she gauged the size of it and double checked the size of the window. "Excuse me! Cutie coming through!" Dopple said as she ran and jumped through the window, narrowly missing clubbing someone in the head with the barrel as it followed after her.

Dopple saw several members of Rhodes climbing through windows too to catch a good seat of the fight, likely following my example. Now outside, she didn't have to worry about a building falling down over her head. Thankfully it was also cooler out here thanks to the open air, but it had also reduced her options to ambush Ausra. Puu~~~

Ausra's face lit up, the veins within her looking bright orange, as though her fiery hot fury were personified through her flesh.  Her eyes burned with the embers as steam began to rise off of her body.  More heat emanated from her and Connor's wall was already rising again before her.  He had no intention of letting her get close--smart.  They've fought before; they know each other's weaknesses.  She holds out her hand, melting this wall, too.  It takes almost no time, just like the others.

Ausra says, "You'll lose this if this keeps going.  I'm just too hot for you and way out of your league.  Give me the key and I can just leave this be."

Connor's walls are now standing--all of them the same thickness, height, and length.  There are around ten of them lifted from the ground, all risen as Ausra just stands there and talks.  Her vision of him is mildly blocked, because the walls between them are jagged, placed at odd angles and locations with no clear path.  If she is uncertain of his plan, she shows no concern of it.

Connor replies, "If I recall correctly, I dumped you, so let's jot that down.  If you were so certain of your league, you wouldn't be trying to talk me out of a fight."

Ausra was talking a mad game, and how easily her hand melted that shield like butter made it Damn convincing. Shield was just throwing up barriers every which way and it blocked her line of attack, but Dopple realized that if Ausra threw lava all the shields would send it every which way, hitting more and more shields and fucking up any attempt to aim correctly. Apparently Shield wasn't paying her any dam...... "B-b-boyfriend?!" Dopple stuttered, as she realized this was like one of those drama novella brought to life.

Ausra had been calm--irritated, but calm. Now, however, she isn't. She roars, her arms outstretched and her knees bent as she began to blast her way forward towards Connor as quickly as she can. His walls are only half melted from the tunnel that she makes to get to him and she just pulls out her own shield, the metal already red hot as she charges with the rage of a wild beast.

Connor's own shield rose up before him and he charges back towards her, as well. Now, the two were charging at each other, shields before them for a matching shield bash that either look prepared for--but her shield is scorching and his is a magical shell. The two shields meet and steam rises up as Connor's kit, crystalline shield cracks. Clearly, more mana had gone into the creation of this one as he pushes her backwards, their forces pushing against each other, remaining stalwart against her attempt to knock him away or prone. Having pressed her back two, no three steps, a wall met Ausra's back and she was pinned.

Unfortunately the drama rich dialogue didn't continue and they went right at it, certainly hot but not in the sexy fantasy way that daydreams were made of. Disappointed at the wasted moments, Dopple started to spin around and around in a crazy pirouette over and over to gather momentum like a green hyper active top. Having gathered enough speed, she shifted the direction and threw the barrel into the air above both Ausra and Shield, letting her arms stretch and then yank her into the air towards the barrel as her arms acted like giant green rubber-bands. As her arms returned to normal and she rose towards the peak of the arc, Dopple gritted her teeth and performed a flip in the air straining her body to sling the barrel in a circle around her and down towards the ground.

Her slime evaporating from the leading edge from the intense heat emanating by Aursa. "Slime Moe Hammer!" Dopple screamed as she brought it down like a sledgehammer at a fiery red cockroach.

Both Ausra and Connor look up as they hear screaming, both confused. A barrel is coming down and Ausra still hasn't burned through the shield or wall through completely. Connor teleports away from Ausra to avoid the attack as the barrel lands upon Ausra and explodes, a cloud of steam and smoke rising around her with a loud hissing sound.

Connor looks over at the strange girl with confusion as his shield vanishes and he magics up another one, "What the hell are you doing? I told everyone to stay out of this!"

Dopple feels the barrel hit and then feels her hands blow apart from the steam explosion. She can feel part of her body evaporating as she passes through the intense steam and heat still around Ausra. Lucky for Dopple her slimebody absorbs the impact with the ground and she uses some of it to bounce away at an angle back into the air. "Kicking Ausra's cherry red ass!" She answered as she landed a few feet away reforming her arms and hands by rearranging the extra slime she had from earlier. "And sorry but I don't answer to you, no offense."

Dopple shifted the items inside her body to get what she needed. The fog hadn't completely dissipated but it wouldn't last long. In one hand Dopple struck the tiny torch into life producing a tiny intense flame that she used to light the rocket in her other hand. It soared into the air, whistling loudly before exploding in a loud roar of color and light that fizzled away. "Get ready." Dopple warned as she jumped away from where she had been to avoid a face full of lava that probably would come her way. "Give me an opening. Pretty please <3 Shield <3"

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 8th November 2017, 3:53 pm



Ham and his sister approached the...'figure', the crowd parting like the red sea around them the moment they recognized their guild colors; the moment they saw Ham's size. His intimidating stature was far from what he had been aiming for with his physical image, but it was a pleasing side benefit.

"It seems we missed quite a show," Ham smiled at them, quirking an eyebrow. "Though I suppose this does give us a chance for introductions."

He stopped before them reaching out his hand for them to shake. They were tall- not as tall as him, few people were, but a bit taller than his sister- who had managed to calm herself and regain her cool, catlike demeanor.

"I am Hamlet Napolitano, of Infinity Edge. Though most call me Ham.  And this is-" He was cut off.

July whisked around her brothers side, her long, deft fingers outstretching out alongside his.

"July." She purred, her voice a pleasent rumble, a smile dancing across her face like a knife as she took a moment to admire all of this persons features. Their hair, their eyes, their cheeks. They were tall, that was good. Taller than her? Even better.

Nadleeh takes July's hand and then Ham's, her cloak hiding her smile as she politely greets them, "A pleasure. I am Priest Thessalonica of the Viorian Church and White Cross and this is Father Raist of Whitaker. We apologize for any hostility you may have received from the citizens."

Father Raist also offers his hand to both, "Welcome. Infinity Edge! I even heard one from Rhodes was here. We've never had so many magi here at once."

Ham shakes both their hands, smiling politely. "Don't worry, thus far, we have met no hostility. At least, none overt. The rest of my group is off helping around town, hopefully they haven't met any trouble." His gaze shifts to Father Raist. "Yes, we do. We have six of ours and one from Rhodes with us. Quite the merry little group-"

July managed to keep herself from quivering at the sound of that voice. Mmmm, she wanted to lick that voice. Sadly it left her with no better idea of the person before her's gender- but the huskiness of it left her with goosebumps. And god their hands were soft. Softness was good, at least far what their hands would hopefully be getting up to.

"Hmmm, don't worry about it. At least they haven't broken out any pitchforks. But, as my brother said, we must have missed quite the show." She took another sauntering step towards 'Priest Thessalonica', not quite in their personal space, but closer than Ham had ventured. "Tell me, Priest Thessalonica-" The name ran off her tongue, cradled in the slight tinge of an accent that lingered in July's voice. "Are those in your fold prevented from....external fraternization?" Her eyed dragged up the figure before her, taking all of it in. "Out of idle curiosity, of course." Her smile finally flashed her teeth as she gazed at the holy man-maybe-woman with the same intensity of a cat looking at a very colorful bird.

Ham looked back to Father Raise apologetically. A dejected shrug removed him from being able to do anything about his sisters....interests.

Father Raist blinks and Nadleeh blushes, her speech softening as she stutters, "Uh-uh, we, as in, the um, the Viorian Church does not hold regulations regarding fra-well, anything of such natures."

Father Raist cuts in to assist her, "Sex is a natural thing."

Nadleeh's voice rises suddenly, "I think we should start letting people pick their beds. You two may wish to get your choices in while you can."

July tilted her chin up flirtaciously, looking at the priest through lidded eyes; her tone encouraged by the two's words.

"Mmm," She notes Raist and Thessalonica's voice with a noise of acknowledgement before fixating her words back on the taller one. "I assume yours is off the table? Or am I going to have to....climb my way up to that." Her wicked, flirtacious smile  and closeness to the other persons body built to fluster as she shifted ever so closer- not close enough to violate personal space quite yet. But close enough to smell the peppery fragrance of the womans hair.

"July-" Ham interjected lowly, his voice not overly loud but rather a verbal attempt to pull his sister away from trying to seduce a Preist. He looked to Father Raise apologetically. "I'll work on getting my people set up. Thank you, Father. And you, Priest Thessalonica." He nodded to both of them before looking to his sister. "Behave." He said flatly, quietly, so only she could hear him as he brushed past her. She gave him no response, but he knew she heard him.

The freedmen begin filtering in, Sifa plopping happily on a bed off to the corner, the older woman sticking close to her. One by one they picked their beds, careful to try to leave some for their 'saviors'.

Nadleeh speaks awkwardly before rushing off, "I am currently unattached, Miss July. Well, I - I need to get to work. I have a book delivery. If you'll excuse me."

July opened her mouth to respond only to be cut off by the target of her attraction briskly rushing off. She blinked, feeling briefly dejected before brushing it off as jitters.
"Was it something I said?"July called after her, watching her leave before looking back to Father Raist, and giving him a shrug.

Father Raist holds in his laughter, "Priests, especially those like her whom are exorcists, aren't used to... Advances. She'll adjust, Miss."

July raises her eyebrows. A woman? That was a woman? The most attractive woman she'd ever laid eyes on? July rarely met a woman taller than her...she couldn't say she didn't like it. By 'like it' she meant find it insanely attractive but she didn't wish to be vulgar. Well, just yet.

"Priestess Thessalonica, huh." She looked in the direction the woman had disappeared to. Perhaps White Cross wasn't going to be so bad...

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 10th November 2017, 7:57 pm

Whitecker Town/Church - 3h~3h30 PM

**This is a collab between me, Leah and Juliet !**

Ryushi helped mostly outside to lead the people and had missed Nadleeh teleporting in. He also mobilized his medics close in case people would need medical attention as he had no idea what to expect from the group. But he was sure maybe some could perhaps be sick or else. When he came back closer to the church, he notice the people of the IE group that seemed to be helping out with some of the setup as well as their own cargo. Smiling at the sight, that smile quickly changed to a face of discouragement as one of his guild member informed him  of a bit of a commotion that happened not long ago within the church, but then heard that Nadleeh was back. He was curious on how she was and so he headed there as soon as he could. Somehow he couldn't see neither Ham nor July.... well at least until he went inside the place and noticed that July seemed to be hitting on Nadleeh.

Ryushi was a bit lost at word, wasn't sure what to say, but he just stood there by the entrance and waited for them to be finish in silence to not interupt.... although it was really because he was shocked from seeing July hit on Nadleeh. Did July have a side like Valentino or was it different and just sometimes. He hoped it was just sometimes, it looked like it anyways.

Eaden seemed to be mostly amused and curious on how the situation was going and was just chilling on Ryushi's shoulder enjoying the show.

It seemed July didn't give up even when Nadleeh left embarrassed and turned her down. Although he felt a bit bad for July from the turn down, he gave a soft smile to Nadleeh who was coming his way. ''I'm glad you're back and your trip went smoothly. Welcome home Nadleeh. You mentioned books, I assume you found something ?'' He asked curious at the end.

Nadleeh nods, "I had eight. Have. Um, have eight books. They are at the altar."

She whispers, "I think we need to decide now if we're letting other guilds in on this.  Our research, I mean."

Ryushi smiles widely. ''That is good to hear, we found some books that were close, but still too far from what we're looking for. If those are even closer to what we need then this is a relief.  '' He did a face of don't worry about it. ''July and Ham knows, but I'm not sure if the rest of their comrades do. They already offered to help, but they are not fully familiar with the magic we're looking for. '' He did a sign toward Ham and July to invite them over, giving a little apologic face to Nadleeh since he knew the flirting might go on, well possibly.

Ham saw Ryushi walk in as he was aiding the older woman get situated, trying to procure her extra pillows for her bad....leg? She was gesturing to her leg. He smiled at her, quickly explaining to another White Cross magi what she needed as Ryushi beckoned for him, thanking them profusely. He joined up with the two of them, nodding at them with a smile.

"I caught only the tail end of what you said- I explained the situation to my guild mates as best I could; none of them seem to know about it either. I sent them off to help the rest of your guild where hands or magic are needed. I hope that is acceptable." He gives an additional, friendly smile to Priest Thessalonica; hoping his sisters flirtations didn't scare them off of Infinity Edge forever.

"Welp," July saw Ryushi gesture for her, looking back at Father Raist. "Guess that's my cue to be a menace again. Take it sleazy, pops." She gave him a two fingered salute, she couldn't resist being playfully bad with the 'Father', clicking her tongue as a sound effect as she sauntered off and over to the group. If this Velori-whats-it religion was as relaxed as they seemed, she'd be sure to test it. She swung into the fold, leaning on her brothers shoulder once she was in close.

"So what can we do you for, boss man?" She looks over to Thessalonica, giving her a wink when she knew she was in her vision.

Ryushi smiled to Ham and replied ''It is no issue at all, I appreciate the help. But yes Nadleeh here....'' He said as he gestured toward her, nothing the fact that July just gave a wink toward Nadleeh. However he continued.  ''Found some books that may be giving us answers. I we do get them we might move later on tonight, I wanted to give a a heads up in case we do figure out something. I might need extra help when I do, but I'll let you know. For now try to rest a little bit when you can. ''

Nadleeh says, "I have to study the symbols. I found books with similar symbols to the one under the Guild. So, I think if we study that and the subject around them, we'll figure out, somewhat, what's going on."

Ham tapped his chin. "I've heard of wards being placed over buildings, but wards are usually at least known. Not to mention due to its size even when we figure out what's going on, the question then is do we even have the ability to do anything about it."

"Ye of little faith brother." July slapped his shoulder. "We have a cursebreaker and a fuckton of White Cross magi. We'll make it work. Or I could try to hunt down whoever or whatever did this and drag them back by their hair. Cause or symptom. We'll find a way."

"I think whoever or whatever did this is a bit beyond a power level that would make that remotely safe for you." He looked at his sister, who scoffed. "But please, Priest Thessalonica, if you require any assistance in your research, consider my sister and I at your disposal." He didn't have to avert his gaze from the priest to his sister to know she was giving them that 'look'.

''Yes I fear as much that the person who did this may be very powerful, this is also why if I were to do an operation I would be careful on the planning. I will assist Nadleeh for now and bring her to the small place I was at earlier for more tranquility. If you need us, we'll be over there. But I thank you for wanting to help again, it is really appreciated. We'll let you know if we need more help with the search, but I think you should both take some time to rest perharps. '' He said with a smile a bit of concern for the two. ''You both have been travelling a long way. Please make yourself at home.''

Nadleeh nods, "Let's hit the books, then. If we require assistance, we'll keep you two in mind, thank you.  Master Ryushi, I'll grab the books if you'll point me where to go."

Nadleeh then moves to thr altar, picking up the books in her arms with her arms, prepared to begin a lot of reading.

Ham nods appreciatively. "If you require my assistance I'll be about town, helping your Mages."

"And if you need me," As July spoke her eyes leveled solely on Priest Thessalonica, her voice still holding a flirtatious tinge. "I'll be  around." She shifted back onto one foot, bending a pleasing curve around her hip as she appreciatively watched her 'priest' leave with her guild master.

''Sounds good, thank you guys.'' Ryushi said toward them before turning back to Nadleeh. ''Follow me.'' He started walking toward the small place he was installed in.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by MethosArchaic on 11th November 2017, 5:28 pm

[Attn: Open; Whitecker Town]

Xiax was busy helping pass things down from the cart when Ham had found them. It appeared that they would be staying at the towns church and bedding down there. After letting them all know that they would be helping get the recently emancipated settled, and then they were free to aid the citizens with relief efforts. Xiax was about to get into the cart and help unload the meager supplies they had left but Ham had pulled him aside.

Ham had given him a pass to do as he wanted, understanding of Xiax's unique problems. Of course Xiax had managed to thank Ham before the man had to leave to supervise everything. The cart had already been unloaded of what meager things that the group had managed to bring with them, and the others had helped whomever seemed to need aid getting inside. All that left was Xiax, outside and alone to look up at the church with mixed feelings. Sleeping inside a church was a welcome and seldom patronizing place for those like him. However inside the place was going to be packed, and that posed a number of additional problems.

He stepped out of the way of people coming and going while resolving himself to having to find somewhere else to bed down. Casually walking into the town, Xiax was able to observe more closely the level of damage the town had sustained. There was many people coming and going, and any of them might be mages. WhiteCross had a large presence in Whitecker and due to the damages plenty of people were displaced into tents and temporary shelters. Xiax kept walking towards the river, going here and there towards any trees that weren't deep in peoples yards to grab loose twigs and sticks that laid on the ground. Slowly, the bundle in his arm began to grow as he made it towards the river. Here close to the river, tons of tents had been erected. It made sense, even animals were drawn to water.

Looking into the river, Xiax watched it for sometime without moving. He didn't see anything to catch, likely all the people had driven away any fish. He would even have settled for a frog or turtle, but they couldn't be found either. In the end he set his wickerpack down and dug into it to retrieve small pot. The surface was so new that he could easily see his reflection looking back at him, and it made Xiax drift into retrospective thought. Occasionally he would move his thumb over the smooth surface as it laid cupped in his hands, hands decidedly scared compared to it.

Still lost in retrospection, Xiax walked down to the river's edge. Leaning down, he filled it with water. "It feels like a lifetime." he said conveying his thoughts about the last two to three months. In many ways he was still the same resourceful person he had always been, but he wasn't exactly sure in what ways he had changed. There was the obvious ones like all the physical training back at the Guildhall, or going on a crazily dangerous missions where they saved people. Then again Ilyana would point out that he had been heroic the first time he had ever came to her attention. Even Ham would likely agree, pointing to the time Xiax had rushed in when the bandits had gotten the jump on him.

July.... July would understand what he was feeling, she seemed like the sort of person that would. Then again, July would probably do something to just cheer him up and make him stop all this reflection garbage. He couldn't stay here by the river, but wandering of outside of town didn't sound like a good idea either. On his way back to the church, Xiax found the town cemetery. Until yesterday he would have been fine going inside and bedding down somewhere, but now he knew that ghosts were a very real and visceral thing. So in the end he gave the place a wide berth, eventually finding himself back where he had started. The carts had been pulled around the back of the church and that was were Xiax decided he should head. The horses had been stabled somewhere else, otherwise he would have wanted to spend a few minutes petting them.

Instead he grabbed the rail and pulled himself up to sit on the back of the cart. He set his pack down, and moved the pot a safe distance away so he wouldn't bump it along with his faggot of tinder. Looking up at the sky, Xiax reasoned that there was still a few hours before sunset. Digging around his pack, he retrieved his poncho, his sewing kit and some scrap bits of clothing. The work of making new eyelets to add to the poncho was comforting and familiar. Grommets would be better, but he could reinforce the holes by stitching around the edges. It wasn't the fastest work, but that was the difference between rigging something and doing it right. If anyone came looking for him before nightfall, that's were they would find him. Working on modifying his god-awful poncho to make it even easier to use as a tent in the future.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 13th November 2017, 3:10 pm

{ATTN: Elizabeth, Reiza, Open }
Tavran Ruins Unknown

Reiza leans back on her right leg, her arms crossing before her as she looks from one indentation to the the next and wondering what they mean.  She doesn't know which one unlocks what, which is what makes things worse.  If they use the wrong lock, they could do something turn off all the power or something.  Is that possible?

She says, "Okay, well.  You guys do your thing.  I'll be down here.  Just let me know what you find out."

"Yeah, I can bring people with me." Elizabeth says turning her heads towards Reiza. "It might be a good idea if we borrow that torch to see better while we are up there." Getting ready to open up her portal, Elizabeth heads over to Reiza waiting to get the torch.

“Go ahead and go topside.  I am going to stay down here and figure out this lock.”  Daisan tells Elizabeth.  His attention once again goes to the three locks.  “Red is usually a color of danger, but it is the only one that is showing any color at this time.”  He scratches his head.  He slowly places his key in the center indentation.

Reiza hands the torch over as she watches Daisan look at the lock with curiosity.  She waits for Elizabeth to vanish on top of the box and then Daisan presses his key into the central indentation--one of the two that were not lit up.  Just as he does so, the symbol beneath that indentation lights up, shining a bright green.

The room's metallic walls then light up--a bright, vertical line of neon white forming along the walls every now and again to give the room full view to each of them.  With a gasp, Reiza squints her eyes, shocked by the sudden brightness as it blazes against them.  She blinks, adjusting as best she can to the view.

The room is massive--it must be around forty feet in length and height.  Reiza circles the room, as there is a pathway around the mysterious, half-glass-like box at the room's center.  She circles the box entirely, ending back up before the three indentations where she had started.  There's nothing else here.  Just the box.  From what she could see, there was nothing in it.  Just emptiness.  Yet...there were the scratch marks.

Scratch marks...and the screeches that had come from here before.  As Elizabeth walked atop the box, Reiza noticed that it carried her weight well--it did not bend, it barely clattered or clicked from her footsteps.  In fact, her footsteps sounded surprisingly dull on its surface, hinting that perhaps, the material is not glass, afterall.

Elizabeth walks around on top of the container. Looking down into the container she finds nothing, the container looking empty and dead inside. She walks around up there for quite some time. Looking down to see if she could possible find something. She had a feeling that she wouldn't find anything from how long it was taking her to look. In the end she went back through her portal. "I couldn't see anything in the container. Though it might have been due to how tall the container is. Maybe whatever was in there died from not having any food."

“Assuming it was at one time alive.  We don’t even know how long this has even been here.  The ruins above were considered ancient, and this was under that.  The technology though surpasses even ours.  Which makes me wonder what happened to the people.”  Daisan takes his pendant out of the keyhole.  He then places it in the other unlit one.

Reiza has nothing to say upon Elizabeth's observations, unsurprised by them.  She waits for Daisan's input, listening to his words, nodding her agreement.  His words only echo her thoughts from earlier.  True things for sure--the age of this place will remain an unknown for some time, to be sure.  Especially with all of these materials that she has never before seen in her life.  They look....almost alien.  Just like the symbols.

She watches as Daisan moves the pendant from one to the next--another of the unlit.  She jumps back as the symbol beneath it begins to flash on and off--it's a brilliant red and yellow, moving from one to the next.  A small sound is heard--a brief swoosh as the box at the center of the room is opened, the top sheet of glass-like material sliding to the side and lowering to the box's side.

Reiza blinks, surprised at the sound and wondering what is going on--but the screeching sound as the new scratches are formed against the glass towards that exit brings chills down Reiza's spine.  "Shit," she utters as the scratches are now being dug into the glass.  On the outside.  Whatever invisible thing that is within the box is now outside of it and they can't see it.

Reiza instantly calls out as her hands raise up to use her magic, "Pull in to me!  Now!"

As Elizabeth and Daisan move closer to Reiza, which wasn't too hard, since they were already pretty close, Reiza's magic activates as she says, "Regis Defense!"

The red glow in her eyes and the symbol at her feet shines brilliantly as a shell begins to form around them--a small, runic box that slowly builds downwards from their heads towards their feet.  Before the magical box closes, Reiza calls out in pain as she feels the immense pain of the claws that dig in to her right calf, tearing away her flesh.  She watches in horror, trying her most to keep building the box as the next claw digs at Elizabeth's thigh, ripping into her flesh, as well.

Finally, the box is closed and Reiza falls to her feet, wanting to cry.  Instead, she grits her teeth, glaring at the outside, looking for the demonic creatures that are somehow invisible.  Fucking animals!  She curses them under her breath, clearly infuriated.

Elizabeth feels tears welling up in her eyes. Pain coursing through her leg and thigh. Blood flowing down her leg. Nothing. There was nothing she could do. Unless she wanted to let the... the creatures in. Creatures being the only word she can think of to call whatever was on the outside of the barrier. She goes to sit down hissing as she moves her thigh that got slashed. Elizabeth sits their trying to come up with some kind of plan as well as a way to stop the blood from flowing down her leg.

Daisan watches the light changes to blinking red.  “Oh shit, this is not…”  was all he got out before he heard the swish.  It is followed by the screeching against the glass.  Reiza commands to come to her.  She activates her magic.  He watches a box shaped shield form in front of them.  He only hopes that it can form in time.  They cannot see the creature, but it can still do damage as both Reiza and Elizabeth are injured.

He takes out the bandages from his bag.  “We need to take care of the injuries.  This is not a good situation?  How can we fight something we cannot see?”  He moves Reiza’s pants leg up to check on her leg since she was closer to him. "I will get to you next Elizabeth."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 13th November 2017, 10:00 pm


Ilyana finally packs up after having her small lunch, putting her things back into her bag and taking her time as she watches the others to be sure that they each look well rested.  She smiles with encouragement at each one, making sure that they understand that there is no rush.  They've been climbing for hours--the last thing any of them needed to do was rush.

Still, the shade from the crevasse was a welcoming relief, and of course, there was more to it than that.  As the others were headed to the cliff's edge again, all of their lunches now packed, Ilyana shook her head as she tied her sword back to her waist once more.

"Oh, no.  We're going into this cave."  Ilyana clarifies, "Do any of you have claustrophobia?"

Sylmeria had been famished, allowing herself a couple of extra sandwiches like a glutton. She felt an ache all over her body, most pronounced in her hands and forearms. This was beyond anything she'd done in years. She felt a small smile for the briefest of instances. The ache felt good. She missed the days of active play in her younger days.

As the others ate, she remained silent, having nothing to say, really, and just waited for Ilyana to call the break done. It wasn't long until Ilyana did just that, and as she prepared herself for another ascent, the guildmaster informed them that they'd be going into a cave she hadn't noticed. Oh, how observant she was. At Ilyana's query about claustrophobia, she shook her head, standing nearby as she prepared to follow the others into the cave.

With no resistance from any of her team, Ilyana turns back towards the shadows, unsheathing her sword to reveal the blade's glowing light.  The brilliance of the blade lit the way as she stepped forward into the crevasse and into its shadows.  Soon, only her sword gave way to their surroundings and the path became narrower and narrower.

As an hour passed, their traveling slowed, the small gaps shrinking until Ilyana had to struggle to squeeze through.  Her wings had been put away, her armor was non-existent, but her frame struggled against the small spaces as her sword barely made it easier to see where she had to fit through.  When making it on the other side of the overly-long gap, she reaches back behind her to assist the others, holding out her hands to pull them through.

When she has tugged the group through with less struggle, Ilyana picks her sword up from the floor where she had placed it and holds it up to reveal the deep cave that they now stood, the sound of her sword scraping against the rock beneath it echoing throughout.  The bats above did not move.

She looks back at the others and speaks very softly, quietly, pulling them in close so that each could hear her, "Do not speak unless spoken to.  Do not touch anything.  Do not do or say anything that could be perceived as rude.  And most importantly, do not ask a bunch of questions."

Then, Ilyana turns back around, facing the dark cave before her and holding out her hand with the palm facing up as her fingers are outstretched.  "For Rowenark."

She speaks the name of her long-lost hometown with sadness, remembering the loss of her childhood and mourning it in her heart for a few moments more.  It has been a very long time since she had last spoken its name and even longer still since she had last been here.

As the name was uttered, Ilyana's hand seem to be touching something that rippled in the air before them--the air itself moving like water as the cave trickled away like a rain and light shed through.  The light was blinding, at first, but when their eyes adjusted, the daylight of the blue sky before them revealed the oasis upon which they now stood.

Here, there were weeping willows, a small pond with a flowing river that runs off into the distance, orchards and a garden fenced to the side with a barn far off the ways to the left.  And here, near the pond, a beautiful stone house was in the shade, kept covered by multiple sakura trees as their blossoms contrasted against all of the other green around them.

They now stood before this view in the grass, the pathway before them formed from large, smooth stepping stones carefully and decoratively placed for the ease of walking around the tall grass and the waving wind that softly greets them is cool, welcoming.

With a smile, Ilyana looks up at the sky to find soft clouds here and there, the blues shifting into purples on the horizon.  She steps forward onto the path, moving from stone to stone towards the quaint little house with smoke coming from its chimney.  The flowers on either side of the path look beautiful and the easle upon which art should rest is empty.  It hasn't been used in a long time.

Maetra stills herself, feeling the pang of people entering her zone. Footsteps on a surface that belonged to her beyond the physical realm. She stands, pulling herself up, up, up; towering over lush greens and vibrant hues. Only one knew the password to this place, only one knew of the entrance. But it was not one who entered. The walls of her house sifled the noise, but not entirely. She knew when someone entered her zone. Her eyes do not guide her, her senses do, she feels them, walking, walking- one set of feet, two, three? Four and then five- She's closer now. She opens the door of her house, feeling her 'guests' before her.

"Ilyana," She starts, trying to ignore the following of lost dogs after her. "You've brought guests." While her tone is even, the way she says her last is spiteful, dripping with disdain. She does not know these people, nor does she want these people within her zone, her home. She does not want people here to begin with. Ilyana, Ilyana can stay. And Ilyana alone. But, if they are Ilyana's associates, she can suffer, for a short while.

Ryuko was among the first to the top, having acrobatically leapt the majority of the way, using Ryujin as an occasional grip, conjuring and dispelling him. Upon reaching the top, she stretches, feeling refreshed.

You seem more energetic than usual.

Ryuko laughs with a nod. “It’s been too long since I’ve been climbing. With the spirit of a dragon, you must enjoy mountains yourself, Ryujin.”

Indeed. Though I’m not overly thrilled to be used as a pick axe.

“G-gomen’nasai,” Ryuko says, a bead of sweat upon her brow.

Ryuko eats from her bento at lunch, sitting off to the side, not particularly at a distance from the others, so much as simply out of their way. Her aim being to avoid encroaching upon their space when she needed so little, herself. Upon finishing her rice balls, she packs her food and follows suit, covering the rear as the party follows Ilyana into a difficult-to-spot cave. Upon witnessing the reveal of this secret place, she comes alight with awe. “Sugoi!” she says to herself.

Along the way, she takes notice of the sakura blossoms that bring a warm smile to her face. “Ryujin. Do you remember sitting under the sakura trees on warm days in Nihon? Picinics with Junbei and Ryouma amidst an ocean of pink petals?”

Hai. Those... are good memories.

“Hai,” Ryuko nods.

Upon their encounter with this ‘Maetra’ woman, Ryuko bows her head respectfully out of instinct. She remember Ilyana’s warning, not speaking a word. Her hands remain folded at her lap and she follows quietly. She remains ever alert, and well aware of the aura of disdain pouring from their host, but keeps to herself.

The whole trip from the train was a descent into madness Nymeria had never experienced before in her long time spent on Earth. The climb up the mountain forced her to separate herself longer than she was used to. Every time she extended her hand to reach the next grip, she contentrated to not let her other self let go of the rockface and plumit to an untimely end. The same applied for when Edel reached for something to hold on to. The ascent was met with several near-misses and close calls. She was so embarassed in how incompetent she appeared to the others.

The break at the summit was welcomed, but it preceeded another trial of endurance. Nymeria took the chance to meditate and rejoin under one body, letting the other lie on the ground as if it were sleeping. The group still had a ways to go, and so Nymeria split her concsience once more. The two bodies walked into the cave only inches apart from each other. When Ilyana opened the portal to a tranquil landscape, Nymeria finally felt like they reached their destination. Although she had to admit she wished to let herself fall into the grass and rest for a while.

She held both her and Edel's mouth still when they met the very tall Maetra and her unwelcoming attitude. Nymeria eyed the woman with a weary gaze, yet her view remained fixed on the woman. Both she and Edel looked over the woman in an almost unnaturally synchronized fashion. Nymeria felt her mind slipping every second she remained separated but she fought to keep it together.

Sylmeria followed the others in silence, wondering what their final destination would be. She felt the magic before she could see the faint hint of it she was now able to see, nodding at Ilyana's admonishment for silence. The woman had little to worry about from her.

She watched with detached interest as Ilyana opened the entryway and led them all in. Her breath caught at the sight. It was beautiful.

She saw her awe reflected in the others, which made her feel a little mollified as it made her feel less uncultured. The woman was about as welcoming as Rook when it was the day to work on the books. Sylmeria stayed to the rear, watching but saying nothing.

Ilyana speaks softly, "I brought friends. Everyone, this is Maetra. Maetra, this is everyone. Now that we're all acquainted, why don't you invite us in for tea?"

Maetra stills. Ilyana may have brought these....outsiders into her domain. But she was still Ily. Her Ily. Her expression of composed disdain does not waver.

"Pleasure." Maetra manages with a dull, dead tone, listening to the stilled breaths and nervous heart beats of the group. But she zeroed in on one in particular. As the almost unbelievably tall woman approaches the group, her long, slender arms coiled around her much shorter friends frame- her back stooping, her unskilled, unseeing eyes closing as a pleasant hum rumbled in her chest.

"It's good to see you, Ily." 'Even though you brought guests..' She swallows her pride and her hatred, her eyes opening again but looking at nothing. "But....of course. Inside. The lot of you."

Ilyana smiles with satisfaction, following Maetra and leading her group into the small, quaint home of Maetra's comfort--the place they had imagined together.  It brought back memories...this entire place did.  This was the dream, the home that the two girls had wished for when their hometown was taken from them.

When they each took a seat at the table, Ilyana began to make tea.  She already knew how, she knew where everything was.  It was a simple task and Maetra was quick to grab a snack of some kind--something she had baked?--to place on the table.  There was so much warmth and calm here.  Everything was clean and undamaged.

"Hm," Ilyana says as she puts the last cup of tea on the table and hands another to Maetra, "I love what you've added to the place.  This really is nice, Maetra.  I mean it."

Nymeria and Edel both followed Ilyana without saying a word. They walked in synch, facing forward with glazed eyes. Inside the quaint cabbin, Nymeria couldn't help but feel comfortable. The simple styling took her back to her younger days, before the incident. Her stiff shoulders fell as she took a seat at the table. As Nymeria took in her surroundings, she imagined herself out in the country with her lover. She wanted to concur with Ilyana's compliment, but she held her tounge a second before opening her mouth.

Maetra's fingers glazed over the objects in her house as she want to grab 'snacks' for her 'guests'. There must have been a very, very good reason for Ilyana to bring so many people to her home.  She placed the apple confections on the table. All the time she had spent looking for the perfect fruit, baking it and crisping it to perfection...and now these greedy little outsiders were going to tear through them as though they were nothing.


She appreciated Ilyana there, at least. Making tea, her baking Ilyana's favorite treats, it was a dream- or at least it would have been, had Maetra not heard the four additional beady little heartbeats thrumming in her ears. Two seemed to be exactly in synch with each other. Curious.

She slid down into her chair after placing a plate of apple tart in front of Ilyana, her fingers finding the warm cup placed before her. "Thank you, Ily. I thought you might like it." A smile traced her lips as she tilted her head to 'address' the woman, it served her no purpose, but it was a habit, at least for her. "But what brings you here? Quite the arduous journey just to pop in for a visit." The warm liquid touched her lips and she drank, her blank eyes unblinking.

Ilyana smiles to her, taking her hand to show her the nervousness that has brought her here--after all, Ilyana's hands are still trembling and have been ever since her near death experience.  Her boy is still fully healing, her connection to the Archon weakened.

"I almost died, Mae," Ilyana says softly, "And if I don't get that key, you will, too.   I can't let that happen."

Maetra's face contorts; in anger, indignance. Both her hands clasp over her friends, her poor, poor Ily's. Ily was always brave, strong, resolute, but she was still a human, a person, a wounded woman like her beneath it all. And though it took much to shake her, Maetra would have dont anything to put her friend more at ease.

"Who," The words hissed from her teeth. Why, why was she asking? She would have been able to do nothing about it. She scooched her chair closer, pulling herself closer to her friend. How dare this...heathen, this...scum threaten her friend. She cringes, gaining herself back from her anger. "So you're content to throw yourself back into danger? You know I refuse to stand for that, Ily."

Ilyana shakes her head, "No.  I'm just hiding it elsewhere.  That is all.  It's too dangerous and way too obvious to have any keys remain in the hands of Guild Master.  We've already lost one because of it."

Maetra was never a woman to care about the common world of men or their earthly affairs, but whatever had been happening seemed to have Ilyana shaken; very shaken. Obviously or she wouldn't have made the journey here. It was a shame that the only time she really got to see her friend was in times of crisis.

"What place is safer than what I have created? If the person who, need I remind you, apparently almost killed you wants it so badly, the moment you leave the place I have created you will be in danger." She clasps her hands tightly. "Ily, I know you love your guild, you love your world of men and you love your people- and while I know what your answer will be, you could stay here with me. These people who want this...key, they would have no further reason to look for you, and they'd never find mine, they don't even have a reason to suspect where it's hidden."

Sylmeria listened, hanging back by the door. The woman reminded her of her Aunt Persephone. Her aunt had been one of the most ornery people she'd ever met. Even if she liked you, the most you got was...a less sharp tongue.

The woman looked like sharing her food was pulling teeth, so Sylmeria abstained from grabbing anything, taking care to listen. She didn't understand this key business, but she was sure it was important.

Ryuko listens intently, being sure never to look at either woman directly. She remains unmoving, her head slightly bowed, her eyes shut, and her hands folded as if meditating.



Is it not rude to leave the food your host has prepared untouched?

Ryuko shakes her head. ‘Īe. I’m well acquainted with Maetra-san’s expression. My master’s wife wore it proudly in my presence. She doesn’t wish us to have it. She’s only offering it to be accommodating.’ Ryuko opens her eyes for a moment, looking at nothing in particular. ‘Although I’m uncertain I could eat at the moment, regardless.’

What do you mean?

‘Even as a guest, I feel an intruder. It’s been some time since I’ve experienced that. Except we don’t intend to stay because we need Ilyana-san. She obviously means a great deal to Maetra-san. I’m imagining strangers suddenly appearing to take away all those you care for.’

A subject on which you can speak from experience.


Ilyana shakes he read again, "I am sorry, Mae. I have too many promises to keep. Too many responsibilities. And I cannot leave you as the key holder when you aren't. So, all I need is thr zone location and the entrance pass key. After that, I'll be out of your hair."

Maetra's grip on her friends hand tightened as she looked at her pleadingly with dead eyes.

"Ily, you don't need to keep throwing yourselves to the wolves for this. These promises can't be fulfilled if you're dead." The word briefly caught in her throat as her expressioned tried to harden itself to stoicism again. Her voice grew quiet for a moment. "I will give you a map and the key but I just....beg you to reconsider."

Ilyana sighs, "As you love me, I love you--but I also love the people that you so despise.  Duty calls.  I will come back, after this is settled.  You and I, we'll...we'll visit for a while.  Deal?"

Maetra grumbled slightly, the picture of a curmudgeony hermit. She strokes the back of Ilyana's hand one last time before standing to retrieve the map to the zone Ilyana was asking after. "Yes, yes; duty always calls. I'll hold you to that. And if you bring any more of your..." Her eyes narrowed as her voice dripped with disgust. "guild mates; there better be a very good reason and either way I shall be very cross." Ilyana's stutter worried her; but so did everything the woman did. She was a regular force of nature, that one. It was almost tiring to keep up with. But she could hardly complain.

She briefly disappeared behind a fold out screen; reappearing holding an immaculate looking scroll. She handed it out, using both hands, to Ilyana.

"The password is-" She caught herself, hearing the thrumming heartbeats of the little vermin that had followed her in. She bent over, her voice a whisper only Ilyana could hear. "'Build me a better dream'."

She straightened herself, her lips pressing into a fine, unhappy line.

"Thanks, Mae," Ily says with a smile, "I'm taking these treats with me.  We'll get out of here right away."

Maetra managed a small, sad little wave to her friend as she gathered her belongings, and pets.

"Anytime." Her expression tried to remain hard, stoic, but it flickered as she heard the distinct noise of Ilyana's steps. "Come back safe, Ily. The world would be a terribly pointless place without you."[/i]

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 14th November 2017, 9:19 pm

Whitecker Town/Church - 3h45~5h30

(ATTN : Ryushi's quarters)

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

''Ryushi moved over to the tiny appartment place he was at earlier. ''We can take a seat at the table to relax. Want me to prepare some tea ?'' He asked Nadleeh with a smile.

"Yeah," Nadleeh says tiredly, "We have a lot of reading to do.  I've got so much to cover, still.  This is going to take hours."

Ryushi nods and start preparing tea, he was a little tired himself still. ''Thank you so much Nadleeh for looking into your church. ''  He came to take a seat while he was waiting on the water.

Eaden went on the table and sat down looking at Nadleeh and then going to give her a little headbutt of affection on her arm.

''Sometimes I wonder if you're a cat rather then a fox.'' Ryushi said thinking it was adorable.

''I am a majestic beast, I am not a cat !'' Eaden expressed to then be distracted by a feather Ryushi was holding and swinging around. He finally gave in, grabbed it and started to play with it.

Ryushi chuckled and started to take a book from Nadleehs pile to start checking.

Nadleeh shakes her head, pulling out the book she had already started on.  The initial book that had attracted her attention.  This one had a list of primary "transfer symbols" on it.  She had been trying to disect them and find a possible meaning behind the one under the Guild Hall.  She started turning the pages almost immediately after taking a seat, looking intently into the symbols with focus.

Ryushi let her get focused and only got up to go prepare the tea. He served her a tea cup and one for himself too and he started focusing into the book he had as well, although slightly curious of the one Nadleeh had picked up.

It was almost an hour before Nadleeh turned the book around to face Ryushi, an index finger pointing between different symbols as she spoke, "I can see parts of the words 'Stalwart' and 'Shift' in the symbol....I just wish I could see the symbol's center so we could find any other meanings within it."

Ryushi took his head out of his book and looked where Nadleeh was pointing out. ''You mean what is basically hidden by the building ? But yes this is looking a lot like what we have under there.... mmm... stalwart and shift uh ? Given the fact that it's transfer magic maybe that symbol part is talking of how it transfer, but you're right depending on the middle it could mean many things.  Depends on the context as well.'' Ryushi was thinking some more on what the missing words and symbols could be.

Nadleeh nods, "I'm just glad I'm not seeing anything similar to 'destroy' or 'immolate,' to be honest.  I expected that more than anything else, yet it would appear that nothing seems malicious, here.  I'm relieved, but I also think maybe it's too early to be relieved."

''For sure, it's too soon to be relieved. Especially the way it's connected to all realms. But at least we're starting to find a bit of clues now. Though that said, shift could stand for shifting between realms maybe ? Although that is just an hypothesis, but maybe that would be one of the fonction. '' Ryushi said a bit before drinkin some tea from the second batch he had made not long ago.

Nadleeh frowns, "There's just not enough information, here.  I'm just...gonna keep reading.  Anything good on your end?"

''Getting more information on how transfer magic is used and it has a few example of different types that are used by magi. ''  He says showing his book for a bit.

"Woah," Nadleeh says, "Blood magic?  BLOOD magic?  Just the thought of that kind of magic creeps me out.  How is that even transfer magic?  What does that have to do with the spirit realm?  I can't wait to read that one..."

''Yeah I was a little surprised too when I saw that part..... '' Ryushi said shaking his head as he stood up to go grab cookies he was hiding in a pot on the counter. Thankfully Eaden had fallen asleep, so he wouldn't bother him about the cookies for now. Plus the little guy already had some earlier. ''Want some Nadleeh ?'' They seemed to  be nature tea cookies, Ryushi took one and left the pot on the table for her to take some if she needed a snack. .

Nadleeh takes some cookies and another a drink of tea, "Goddess, I am so tired.  Vioria gives me strength, but I don't know about stamina.  I saw some of those other Guild members and that girl....she's insane.  I mean, are you sure about pulling other people into this?  What if messing with this symbol business gets someone killed?"

''I'm concerned too, but I feel like we'll need all the help we can get and honestly I would let them help more so with headbashing if need be then symbol traps. Still they offered to help and at this point I most certainly won't turn down someone who wants to help. We're pretty overwhelmed by this and a lot of us are lacking proper sleep trying to quickly resolve the issue. In fact I myself got scold by a few guildmates yesterday. I almost passed out from exaustion and they rushed me over to bed.'' Ryushi said with a sigh. ''I don't want to overstep our welcome here as well, lots of people seems a bit weary of us magi being gathered here. '' He said looking worried.

Nadleeh half-frowns, "You're taking too much on your shoulders, Master."

Ryushi nods and says ''I know I do, but I feel that I must in this situation. Everyone is working hard, I should too. Tired or not. '' He drinks more tea and tries to see what else he could be finding inside the book he was holding.

Nadleeh leans over in her chair, placing her hand on her Master's hand, "No matter the situation, you must be at your best for those that you are leading--and you must be well rested to be at your best.   As Vioria would say, 'Intelligence is in knowing our limitations as One, Wisdom is expanding those limitations as Many.'  We mustn't forget that we are a family.  Perhaps we should stop and take a break."

Nadleeh stands, her decision already made, "Actually.  I'll take off my armor.  My uniform.  We a game, you and I.  With anyone you want.  We're going to relax."

Ryushi was surprised when Nadleeh placed her hand on his own and started to say this. He looks down for a few seconds and then back to her. ''I guess you're right, I'll just take quick notes of what we had going so far .... but yes it probably would be best for everyone to take a break and relax ... I might have myself pushed the guild a little too far with this. '' He said with a sigh. ''I'll call it a break for everyone in a few minutes.... as for who to play with.... that is a good question. Depends what game we're going for he said with a small smile. ''

Nadleeh smiles, "Great!  Um....well, there's dodgeball.  Rassuk.  And we could play card games, too.  We could have groups of people playing different card games--I know Valentino always has cards on him and we could collect different sets from the town."

''I wouldn't mind watching members play dodgeball, but I think I'll stick with cards.'' Ryushi said with a small chuckle. ''If I played dodgeball I'd probably break something as fragile as I can be physically.''

Nadleeh laughs, "We'll set up different games, then.  It'll be fun to watch while we use the cards.  I'll go on out and get some preparations started."

Ryushi smiled to her and said ''Nadleeh ?..... thanks. Would you be so kind to ask a few people to give the words of the break ? I think I'll go take a 30 minutes nap while preparations are made, if it's okay.''

"Yep," Nadleeh says, grinning widely from under her cloak, "Consider it handled.  I'll wake you when things are ready to get started."

''Ryushi smiles and nods. ''I'll go lay down in the bed further back then. Thank you. '' He grabbed Eaden gently to bring him in the bed as well, being careful not to wake him. He lay down and cover himself with the blankets, falling asleep almost instantly.


Aer town/White Cross Guildhall/On the way to Whitecker - 4PM~5PM

(ATTN : Open, Lark ?)

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

Ryla and Rodimus traveled from Sherehazade for eight long days. These days however weren't without events, but it was often mostly caused by Ryla being overly excited. It was always her being ''RODDY LOOOOK ISN'T THAT AMAZING ?!'' pointing out to stuff on the way. Thankfully they didn't come across anything dangerous like bandits or else. Their trip had been long, but went smoothly.  And here they were eight days later, passing the entrance of Aer town that was pretty close to White Cross.

Rodimus did thoroughly enjoy their travels, but the lack of welcome from Aer Town was unexpected and unpleasant.  As they walked through, most kept their distance, refused to talk or answer questions, and glared.  At first, he thought it was a mage thing, but when he saw how most were still within their homes, windows locked and doors shut tight, he realized that it was probably much more.  How could such a place be so....cold?

During their eight days, they had stumbled across so many people--most those that were kind.  Due to his status, as well as Ryla's kindness, they had been offered tents for the night, as well as offers to share a meal around the campfire.  Traveling took its toll and Rodimus had been luck, considering how limited his food was.  The long walk was not as bad as he expected, thanks to those kindnesses and Ryla was always good company.  He has learned a lot about her during their travels, an easy task for him, it would seem.  And, as it turns out, Ryla has a lot of knowledge regarding merchant travel pathways, which helped them a lot.

Now, he had his share of unpleasant encounters like the next person, but it rarely occured in an entire freaking town.  The fact that these folks didn't want anything to do with outsiders meant that something....was off.  Even their tavern was shut down--which meant that they were welcoming, once upon a time.  So what changed?

As they started to go further in town, Ryla wondered why the people were soooo distant. ''OH MY GOSH.... do you think there's a mystery murder thing going on ?'' She gasped and then continued ''OR MAYBE GHOSTS ?!'' She seemed a little overly excited about the way things were, but her mood when quickly shifted to a dissapointed onet as she said the rest. ''The atmosphere is so weiiiiiiiiiiiird  and heavy !!! I wanted to geek out and shop a bit before heading to the guild. '' Ryla pouts, a little unhappy now. Even the tavern was closed and she would die for a steak right about now.

"Whatever it is," Rodimus says, "We will do best to avoid getting ourselves into it.  Looks like trouble."

''BUT Rodddiiiii, what about the steaaaaaaaaaaaaak ..... I wanted a steaaak so baaaad....'' Ryla said still mourning her steak craving that was going byebye.

Rodimus pats Ryla on the head, "I'll make you a steak back at the Guild."

''YESSSSSSS RODDI YOU'RE THA BEST !!!'' She said with stars in her eyes. ''So like I guess we'll go straight to the guild for now ? Doesn't look like we have much of a choice in the matter.'' Ryla said with a sigh.

"Yep," Rodimus replies, placing his arm around her shoulders, "Let's get outta here."

Ryla nods and then turn slightly toward the horsies. ''C'mon you two, just a little bit longer !!''

About 30 minutes later, they were finally in front of the guild hall they travelled long to get to. Only to find out there was caution signs and tapes here and there all around the guild hall. There seemed to be some kind of mark or symbols on the ground around the guild and..... a ghost at the entrance ?! '' OH MY GOSH ?! WHAT HAPPENED HERE ?! And .... She got closer a bit to the circle, but stayed outside for now, but looking straight at the ghost. ''CAN I PLEASE SHAKE YOUR HAND ?! The idea of shaking hands with a ghost just seems fantastic !!!''

Zeddicus floated there with simplicity, pleasantly asleep.  When Ryla spoke with excitement, his blue light jerked up from surprise into the air and then back down as he spoke with his hauntingly soft and slow voice, "Many apologies.  I did not see you........I am Zeddicus and..... I will happily take...your hand of friendship, young....lady."

Rodimus looks at the spirit with an incredulous look, scratching the back of his neck as Ryla jumps up to shake the thing's hand.  He doesn't understand her sudden familiarity with such a strange, unknown creature, but he accepts it.  It is unsurprising for one so odd to be so abrasive to even a ghost.  It is a ghost, right?

"I'm Rodimus Penn of Ferrum and this is Ryla Tarslen of Sheherazade.  By the signs, I guess we're going to Whitecker?"  Rodmis says as the two shake hands.

"Yes," Zedd replies simply.

Has Ryla shook hand with the ghosty form, a vision came to her. She saw a girl with a pink and black pixie haircut working on the armor he is currently wearing. It looked like the girl was enchanting it for him to be able to be present in the real realm. It was pretty interesting. When the vision stopped, she let go of the ghost's hand and says ''THAT WAS AWESOME OH MY GOSH, I shook hands with a ghost !! The contact is cold, but so interesting and thanks for the info Zeddy ! '' Although her excitement was once again dying down by a little bit when she learned they had to move AGAIN. When could she have her beloved steak ?!

Rodimus nods his head, "Thanks, Zeddicus.  Much appreciated.  We'll be on our way."

Zeddicus floated closer to the ground with calm, "Thank you...for visiting...."

And so the company moved toward Whitecker using their horses to go a little faster. On the way there, Ryla express her concern to Rodimus. ''That was ...... weeeeeiiiird. I don't think I ever saw a mark like that before. ''

"Mark?"  Rodimus asks, his mind still on the ghost.  Then it clicks.  The symbol burned into the ground.  "Oh.  Right.  I've seen one.  Once.  Burned like that--but the symbol didn't look the same or anything.  If magic is burned into the earth, it means that it will effect an area, so I'm sure it is an area of effect spell.  I wonder if one of the White Cross had it placed?"

''Mmmm..... I dunno maybe ? Still it's weird none of them are home either. Guess we'll find out when we get there. '' Ryla says looking exausted from all those problems.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by Goetia on 15th November 2017, 1:03 am

ATTN: Ilyana's group
Maetra's dimension

When it was finally time to depart, Nymeria and Edel both snatched their own tarts and headed straight for the door in single file. Even though the pastries were made by a bitter old spinster, Nymeria couldn't let good food go to waste. She took a bite as the group put distance between them and Maetra's house. The tarts were so good that she ended up wolfing them down in only a few bites. Well, that was quite unladylike of me. She thought to herself as she licked the crumbs off her fingers. If I were Ilyana, I would stay here just for the food. Peculiar friend she's got, but I can't say I'm not jealous. When the group were about to leave the parallel dimension, she leaned in to whisper to the rest of the group.

"Is it just me, or did that woman seem a little...perturbed at our presence?"

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 18th November 2017, 3:53 pm

{ATTN: Elizabeth, Reiza, Open }
Tavran Ruins Unknown

Reiza was down on the ground, sliding down as soon as Daisan lifted up her pants.  Had the injury not been there, she would have kicked the man in the throat for lifting her clothing or touching her without prior permission.  However, in this situation, she understood the hurry and she let it go, this time.  After he dressed the wound, she thanked him, hissing inwards against the pain.  Daisan had to remind her to breathe when he tended to it.

She can feel the scratching against her walls, the scratch marks being left upon them grating at her ears.  It's not painful to her mana...yet.  However, she can tell that it won't take them long to eat through it.  She looks back towards the door they had entered from.  If she gets them through there...the things could escape into the main room and even follow them up the platform.  If she doesn't, they are trapped in here with them.

Maybe the third button would...harm them?  But what if it hurt them, too?  What if the third button is just to turn off the lights or something else that's entirely useless?  What are her options?  She looks around the room, searching.  There aren't many, that's for damn sure.  She can't fight what she can't see...

"Ideas?"  Reiza asks as Daisan moves to give aid to Elizabeth.

“Is your shield stationary or can you move it with you?  If you want I can try the third indentation?”  Daisan proposed.  He hates the idea of just leaving with more questions than answers. “Can it be used with Elizabeth’s teleportation magic?  Too bad we had nothing for a smoke screen so we can at least detect the creature.”

Reiza hesitates, "I can move myself with a singular, smaller barrier."

Normally Elizabeth wouldn't let anyone touch her. Knowing why Daisan is touching her doesn't make it much better. Daisan dresses her wound, she hisses at the pain. "I can change the size of the portal, but I can't make it too small. Otherwise you won't be able to go through it. So if you don't go all the way through it, you won't go anywhere. I know it's not much use right now."

Daisan scratches his chin.  “I don’t want you to risk yourself ladies.  Reiza if I step out of the barrier, can I come back in?  Elizabeth do you have to be the one teleporting, or can you teleport others?”  He turns and looks at the keyholes.  He does not want to leave empty handed.  He does not need all the information, but a clue as to how he got this pendant.

Reiza nods, "She can teleport others.  You do what you have to do--but be quick."

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”  Daisan chuckles nervously.  “I want to activate the third lock.  If you have any issues with that let me know now.”  He sets up the key in his hand.  “Whenever you are ready I am Elizabeth.”

"Ok. Where do you want me to place them?. One in here obviously, but what about the other one?" Elizabeth went to stand up getting ready to open a portal wherever it needed to be. She tried to be careful not to reopen the wound.

“One inside here and the other right outside the key place.  That way I can get in and out.” Daisan instructs her.  He waits until the portals are set up then goes through them.  He places his key in the last slot.

Reiza watches as Elizabeth opens up her portals and Daisan steps through alone.  He places the key into the indentation and she watches in horror as a deep gash forms along his back from his right shoulder down to his lower spine.  She doesn't get much time to see what happens to him, unfortunately.  The purpose of the third indentation, as its color shifts from a flashing red to a solid purple becomes clear.

The white lights along the walls shift colors from a bright white into a purple light--yet, everything looks strange, causing certain colors upon her clothing to glow brilliantly like one has never seen before.  Reiza doesn't have much time to see how she looks or how anything looks--what she does see are the monsters.

These creatures, too, glow like one has never seen before.  The lights now seem to accentuate the patterns painted upon their bodies, the strange lines and dots around them moving along every curve and every muscle of them.  And there isn't just one--there's a dozen of these fuckers!  With a shriek, Reiza is forced to deal with the matter at hand--one has gone through the portal and into her box.

She drops the box immediately--it is pointless now.  Several sheets of red energy--though she can't see those sheets in this light-- are formed around her body, forming a second, blocky, shield-like skin that is almost against her.  Unfortunately, it is a few inches away and each plate of red has gaps aroudn the edges, leaving plenty of room for weaknesses and openings.  She's always known this, but if she's quick, she can get through this.

The room is dark again, somehow--it's hard to see, but the creatures aren't hard to see at all.   Reiza forms another, individual box around both Elizabeth and Diasan--two boxes that are somewhat small and very cramped around their bodies.  They are both severely hurt, but she doesn't have time to deal with that.  She doesn't have time to pay attention to their conditions.

She looks around the room, gathering her surroundings as she takes in her new battlefield:  Two are still climbing out of the case.  Five are scratching at the boxes that she has now safeguarded her allies within.   One had lost an arm as she put the boxes down--the severed arm now keeping Daisan company.  Yum.  Their blood is a glowing, brilliant, neon green within the darkness, as well.  Gross.

Three are on their way, crawling towards her on the floor and two are up on the ceiling, moving about in ways that make her not only incredibly panicked, but uncertain.  They will flank her, surround her when given the opportunity.  That much is certain.  These strange, spiny, dog-like creatures were arched on all fours, with incredibly long limbs with spiked backs and threateningly long claws.  Reiza had to decide her next move.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by Luna on 19th November 2017, 1:39 pm

Attn: Open, Gale, Zero; Whitecker Town]

Claire gave a two finger salute to Ham as he left to talk with the one's who were in charge. She looked to Gale and Zero and smiled. "Well you guys are stuck with me so let's do some work. We should probably see if we can make ourselves useful and get to helping with the Whitecross group here. They could use some help it seems."
She said.

The three of them walked around to see what they could do to help out. There are people setting up tents, passing out food, setting up places to rest and places to get help if they were hurt. Claire stops someone and asks them where they could be of use at. A woman pointed over to a tent where they were dishing out food. "They needed some help over there earlier. They were just getting started.
I'm sure you could be of use there." She said before walking away.

Claire looked at Zero and Gale. "Well, it looks like we might be helping at the food stand. Come on, we need to see if they need us before moving on." She said.

They make their way over to the food stand where they ask for the one in charge. Quintin is running around trying to get things set up,
short of help. He stops when someone brings them to him and lifts their eyebrow. "Can I help you?

"Yes, we were wondering if you needed any help. We are from Infinity Edge and were wondering if we could give you any help while we were here." Claire said.

Quintin sighed. "Thenk the heavens. I could use the help. Here,
You get in line and start serving the meat, you serve drinks, and you set up supplies with me." He said.

The three of them hurry and get ready and get in line where they need to be.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 29th November 2017, 10:37 pm

Whitecker - 5PM~5h45PM

(ATTN : Around entrance/Church after ~ Open)

**This is a collab between me, leah and juliet**

As they approached the town, Ryla saw the setting and said ''WOAH..... it's like a caaaaaamp partyyyy !!! Except with more ruins, and less festive or is it ?'' She was wondering what was going on as they got even closer and most peep at the entrance had started to play cards or else. Except maybe for some girl who stood immediatly up as she saw them arrive. ''Looks like she's coming to say hiiii'' Ryla whispered toward Rodimus.

''Oh my ! More visitors from different guilds, we sure are popular today !'' Amelia exclaimed, surprised. ''Don't mind the games and such, order of the guildmaster to take a break. '' She said with a smile. ''Oh my name is Amelia, I'm one of the guild trustee.''

Rodimus holds out a hand to Amelia, greeting her politely with a smile as he looks about the place.  Looks like there's going to be some fun here.  More Guilds, she said?  What would that mean?  "Hello, Amelia, nice to meet you.  We're here on personal business, but I am curious--what do you mean by 'more visitors from different Guilds?'  There are other Guilds here?"

Ryla watched and let Roddy do the talk for now, being a lil curious herself of the reply.

''Yes, actually a few members of Infinity edge along with I believe one member of Rhodes came in earlier with a bunch of refugees. Sadly only thing we could offer for now is for them to settle inside and around the church. However if you need to speak with Ryushi, I heard that he was taking a small nap of maybe half an hour or so the time preparations were getting done. I could guide you to the church and see if there's space left in the meantime ?'' She waited on his reply again.

Rodimus contemplates for a moment before saying, "Actually, we do owe Ryushi our respects, but he is not the primary focus of our visit.  We heard that there is an electric user in your Guild.  Is that rumor true?"

Ham, dragging along his sister, had decided they best check on the rest of their group. Claire, Gale and Zero were in a pod, he knew that much, having told Claire- responsible, reliable Claire- to not let Zero out of her sight. Ronaldi he had given suggestions, which he seemed to have taken, and Xiax was probably off....being Xiax. He might send July to check on him later.

"July, I understand you're a hedonist. A wild child. You enjoy fully relishing in 'lifes pleasures' and all those taglines you give me in your spiels whenever you want to...get acquainted...with someone and think I have a judgemental eye." Ham looked ahead of him, keeping his voice low, between him and his sister. "But seriously July? A priest?"

July rolled her eyes at her brother. "She was totally into me, and like the lovely Priest Thessalonica and Father whatshisface said, no rules in the Veorian church saying priests can't get as busy as they like." She shrugged, grinning wickedly. "Fair game. Besides, you can't deny that's the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. Oooooor do you only have eyes for Iiiiiillllllyyyyy-"

"Drop it."

July laughed, looking away from her brother, scanning the courtyard to see-

"Hey that's Rodimus!" A smile cracked across her face, gesturing towards him and his companion.

Ham furrowed his brow, but was otherwise pleased to see the man.

"Curious. What's he doing here? A long way from Ferrum."

"Dunno, but I'm gonna go say hi, you're welcome to join me." The two of them walked in step, approaching to greet the guild master and his charge.

Ryla nods as Rodimus mentions the user. ''YESS ! I wanna see RAFA !! At least I heard rumors about him and stuff ! '' She said cheerfully.

''Oh ! Yes in fact he's present yes. I could bring you to him most certainly. '' Amelia said politelly with a little giggle seeing how the girl was enthousiastic.

It's then that two peeps came closer to them. ''Roddy roddy ! More peeps are coming this waaaaay !'' She said cheerfully as two figures approached.

''Hey again you two.'' Amelia friendly said toward the brother and sister.

Rodmius greets them with a nod, "Napolitanos."

"Roddy, baby, you're breakin' my heart here," July opened her arms, as if to embrace the man. "Is that any way to greet your favorite person on the whole continent?" She grinned impishly, snaking her arm around Rodimus' shoulder as their groups finally came together. She cast her gaze over to Ryla, giving her a friendly wink and a grin.

Ham, on approach, offers his hand out to Rodimus. "A pleasure to see you again, Rodimus. You're a long way from Ferrum, though, I suppose we are also a long way from the Edge." He smiled amiably, his gaze flickering over to Ryla, his amiable smile touching her as well. "With a protege?"

''I'm Ryla from sherehazade !! Roddy is my friend !! It was on his way so he decided to accompany me here. Nice to meet ya ! '' Ryla said happily and then returned the wink toward July.

Amelia smiled at the reunion. ''You guys all know each other, nice ! I'll have your horses placed in the stable near the church while you guys catch up a little. '' She asked two of the guys that were on break if they could do this real quick and sent someone to go get Rafa.

''Awww see you laterz horsies !! I'll come and feed you apples in secret !!!'' She said loudly, not subtle at all. Amelia was already walking away and then it stroke Ryla, she forgot to ask about steak. She almost tear up and turn to Rodimus. ''RODDY ! I FORGOT..... I forgot to ask about STEAK !....I want one so bad !!'' She said at the same time as her stomach started grumbling.

Rodmius shrugs, "Girl, I'll get ya a steak.  And no, Hamlet, I'm just her babysitter.  Literally.  Look, you know where I can get a steak to cook this woman?  She's a black hole of death and if we don't feed her, she gets hangry."

Ham smiles at the girl. "A pleasure to meet you, Ryla." He doesn't flinch at her excitability, it was rather amusing. "Rodimus unfortunately I do not know where you would be able to find any steak in town, we seem to be short on quite a few-"

"Most of the town has been living off what they've got, and I've only seen a couple cows. I'm sure our friend Claire could wrestle you up some meat, I'm sure. Albeit probably deer." She tapped a finger against Rodimus' shoulder in thought, looking over at Ryla with a squint. "You like deer? Ah- I'm July, by the by. The fun one." Ryla's wink caused her lips to pull upward into a smile of amusement.

"If you're really determined for some steak, I'm sure that woman you were just speaking to earlier, Amelia, would be able to help you. I'd say Ryushi, but last I checked he was preindisposed."

Ryla seemed a little sad when Ham mentioned being short on steak and then she exclaimed ''Blasphemy ! One can never be short on steak ! .... '' She exclaimed, but quickly changed to a big smile and said ''YES, deer would be good ! And HI JUJU ! Can I call you juju ?! '' Ryla said cheerfully until she finally realized something and she completelly spaced out for a sec. ''OH ..... riiiiight there's someone else I needed to possibly meet around the area !! '' She completelly filtered out what July told her about Amelia or Ryushi at this point.

''You know a certain.... Xiax dude ?! Is he in town too ?!'' She asked, looking like she was just as much in a hurry to find him as she was to eat her steak.

Rodimus raises an eyebrow, looking at Ryla with intrigue, "Old friend of yours?"

Both of the twins eyebrows shot up, July's, perhaps, moreso.

Her sudden distrust might have been paranoid- but she hadn't truly come back from Xiax's brief stint as a comatose vegetable in the back of a wagon. She knew Xiax's power made him easy to take advantage of- and while this girl didn't seem to be the type for evil schemes or taking advantage of unsuspecting mages, when it came to her friend, she thought she should at least err on the side of caution. Not to mention- how would she know Xiax? He'd been at the Edge almost exclusively for the past few months, and if she was from Sherazhade then either Xiax had been laying low in a tomb or there was something about this situation that escaped her. For now.

"And what is it you want with Xiax? Need a basket woven?" She tried to keep her question as light as possible, her words showing nothing but a sense of jovial, flippant sarcasm. Words that belied none of her initial distrust.

"Ah, I didn't realize Xiax knew any mages outside of Infinity Edge." The words came as a surprise to Ham as well. Xiax wasn't, per se. He was quiet, kept to himself, acted like a cat in a room full of rocking chairs- this girl seemed to be loud, outgoing, and a regular bull in a china shop, if he were to wager a guess. Complete opposites.

Ryla pouts and says ''I just want to see him and talk with him like normal people would do ? Haven't seen him in a while .... Look since you seem to know him, just tell him I'm around okay ? '' She seemed to have calmed down, but she really wanted to see him bad. Still though maybe it was best to not rush things too much, she might have brought a little awkward moment upon herself and although she usually doesn't mind... This was a little more delicate since she knew him mostly through the shazeer link.

July took this girl apart as she spoke. Was she Xiax's sister? No, they looked nothing alike. Daughter? No, again, looked nothing alike. Girlfriend? Ha. Aside from being way too young, the idea of Xiax having a girlfriend, let alone one that damn perky, was hilarious to her. She could just be a friend- but he hadn't really been out of the guild hall.  She cocked an eyebrow.

"Xiax ain't exactly 'normal people' but I'll pass the message along."If I can even find him. She was good at finding people, but Xiax did an awful good job blending in with those 'salt of the earth' types this town seemed to be full of.

Ham looks at Rodimus, who still has his sisters arm around his shoulder, even as she speaks to Ryla. "Xiax is a friend of ours, and a member of our guild. He and July are...good friends." 'I think that would be a good term for it. 'Comiserators' seems a bit too grim a title, and it almost sounds mean.'"My sister might just be a tad surprised as Xiax is a bit....different. He is not known to be overly outgoing so seeing him have a friend from a different guild is rather surprising."

"Ha!"  Rodimus says, amused, "Ryla befriends everyone and everything.  If it exists, Ryla is its friend.  Give it time, Napolitanos, and you will befriend her, too.  I mean, think about it--who else besides your sister had you ever heard get away with calling me Roddy before?"

''He's my super friend !!!'' Ryla said with determination. ''Though yeah.... I can understand it being erm odd. '' She continued with a little pout. Toward Roddy's word she tilt her head to the side and say ''Are we really the only ones ? Woohoo !!! That means I'm special yeaaaah !!!'' Her hyperactivity was back in two seconds. ''So like tell him when you see him, I'll go see this Rafa PEW PEW dude. '' Ryla does guns with her hands on the pew pew to make a gesture with the sound.

Rodimus cracks his knuckles, "Welp, yeah, Amelia said she was bringin' him.  Where should we go in the meantime?  Oh, right--the Church.  She said that's where we'd stay.  We should probably set up and say hi."

A frown cemented itself cooly on July's face for a fraction of a second before regaining a composure of unreadable ...disdain? Bemusement? It was hard to tell.

"You go do that." July didn't know why she felt a pang of....hurt? Why'd she feel hurt? She met the guy what? Two weeks ago? Hardly enough time for her to be considered his best mate or anything like that. But still, she thought she'd found someone that was as much of a lone nutjob as she was and.....Eh, whatever. It didn't matter. It wasn't even his fault. But the disappointment was still palpable in her chest. Her eyes flickered to her brother, who must have noted something was amiss because now his eyes focused on her rather than Rodimus. She opened her mouth to start, but her brother quickly cut her off.

"Would you stand for some company? It seems like we only get to speak once in a blue moon, and I'm curious as to how Ferrum is handling this recent mess with DA." His gaze flickered back to Rodimus with a smile.

July restrained the displeased noise that threatened to rise from her throat. She just wanted to find Xiax and get out of these peoples hair. She felt some burning in her gut and wanted to drown it in some whiskey. It would either quell it, or she'd start burping fire. Both positives. She patted her free hand on Rodimus' chest. "Looks like we're your tour guides eh, Roddy? Never thought we'd see the day. Don't worry, ain't enough bars here for a pub crawl."

''Oh right good idea Roddy !!'' She said happily and then turned to Ham. ''Ohhhh  good idea!!! Yeah we got tour guides ! Say.... the steak stuff still holds right ?!'' Ryla asked with excitement.

Ham smiles bemusedly, nodding at Ryla. "I shall see if we can't wrestle something up for you, but, for now, follow us. We just left there not too long ago." He tilted his head in a gesture to follow him.

July wanted to kick her brother in his ass the moment he turned his back, but she knew that wouldn't do her any damn good. Not to mention he would probably see it coming...the prick. She walked alongside Rodimus for a moment, tugging him slightly after Ham as she slid her arm off his shoulders, tutting her finger on his chin in a playfully flirtacious flick.

"Come along kids, it's time for a field trip." She hummed idly, sauntering after her brother, alongside the other two.

''Thank you HAMHAM'' It was then that July mentioned going on a field trip and Ryla was excited. ''Niceee ! Field trips are AWESOME... especially the kind where you go dig out treasures!!!'' She said with sparkly eyes, sadly this was just going to  be more walking.

Rodimus patiently followed the Napolitanos to the Church where beds were selected, blankets taken and prepared, and then food was sought out.  They were having some nice steaks when games had started outside--card games of various sorts as tables had been set out and a sports fieled prepared.  It seems today was meant to be filled with events.

"I'm sorry,"  Rodimus says, "I hate to be nosy, but why is everything here so...calm?  I see the Priests here running around, the guild members all starting games...but the symbol at the Guild?"

July squinted, having followed the group, albeit reluctantly, about as Ham showed them around and helped them get set up.

"Dunno, might be a priesty thing. Some tranquin inner spirit dragon zen or something like that. Or they just figured there's no good to be made in being stressed and high strung while they're trying to sort this all out." Her eyes squinted amongst the crowd as she searched for Priest Thessalonica in the festivities. Maybe a bit of flirtation would cheer her up- or, at least a chance to check out the the deliciously attractive priest as she engaged in any sort of physical diversion.

Though if she was looking for a 'physical diversion' herself she supposed Ron seemed to appreciate her flirtations...She idly saw if he was in the crowd as well, alongside any of her guild mates. Though none were as keen in her eye as the Priest from earlier.

Ham smiles, glad that everyone was at least making time to enjoy themselves. "As my sister said, there's nothing to be gained from being pent up and stressed. The best thoughts and strategies are thought of by a calm head. Not to mention, with everything thats been going on, they could use a stress relieving diversion." He observed his sister intently scanning the crowd. For Xiax, Ronaldi, or Priest Thessalonica he couldn't tell. "I spoke to Ryushi about the symbol earlier, one of his guild members found some books they said might have answers about it. So, until then, I suppose they await their word."

Ryla wondered the same thing when Rodimus mentioned it, but then after hearing Juju and Hamham replies, she replies ''I think it's good they're taking a bit of time to relax if things have been this bad.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 29th November 2017, 11:12 pm

Amelia was a little further with a tall dark skinned man with fancy robes. ''Hey Rafa, finally found you ! '' The man seemed absorbed in the books. ''You're not taking a break like the others are ?'' She asked with curiosity.

''Oh ! It's Ame !'' Ryla exclaimed, pointing in the direction of the girl.

Rafa had fought Amelia tooth and nail before separating from the Viorian books. She had compared him to a stubborn troll her in her mind, he imagined, but he didn't dare to care. He was rather bothered, but as they walked towards groups of strangers and made their way through tables of foods and games, Amelia inquired after his lack of a break from his duties.

One of the strangers were pointing at them in the distance--it looked like some silly, overly-energetic girl. His icy blue eyes looked over at his walking companion with disdain, "It's logical. Some of us work while others play. That's how you keep efficiency where it should be."

Amelia sighs and says ''Still even hard workers need a break sometimes, beside it was the guildmaster order to take a break. Either way... someone came all this way to mee- '' She turned her head to see the group had already migrated over here and that Ryla was already pointing at them. ''Well I guess they found us.... '' She added with a small chuckle directing him closer to the group.

Rafa approached the group with his hands clasped below him with polite class and dignity, his robes trailing behind him and his eyes gazing upon each of the newcomers with neutrality. "Hello. I am Calder Rafa. Please, call me Calder. And you all are?"

"Rodimus Penn," Rodimus answers immediately, "Won't you sit with us? Have you eaten yet?"

Calder looks upon the table with disinterest, but he hesitates. Then, he takes another empty chair from another table, "Very well."

Ham offered out his hand to the...gentleman. He seemed a bit distant for Ham's tastes. But magi were known to be an eclectic bunch, so he cut the man some slack. "Hamlet Napolitano, my sister and I are from Infinity Edge. A pleasure to meet you"

July was unfortunately diverted from her scan for Priest Thessalonica by this...'Rafa'. The first thing July thought upon seeing him was; 'wow, what crawled up this guys ass and forgot to die?'. He looked on with no tinge of interest at Rodimus' kind invitation. He wasn't too hard on the eyes, but if this guys nuetrality was leashed by the pretentiousness that his prom dress seemed to imply, they wouldn't get along. She looks up to him, quirking an eyebrow.

"Name's July." She gave him the once over as she introduced herself, her gaze eventually meeting his.

Ryla was expecting somehow.... someone a bit different, but the priest looked pretty cool regardless. ''Yeaah he's joining us!! Awesome !! And omg I can have steak weeehee !! '' She said happily before turning to the priest again. ''Oh ! And my name is Ryla ! I'm actually the one who wanted to see you and stuff ! Heard you had lightning esque powers and I thought maybe .... just maybe you could help me out a lil bit. '' She placed her hands together and said ''Will you please hear me out ?''

Amelia chuckled as the priest finally sat down with the group and she said ''Well I'll go back to the entrance, the horses are safe within the stables we set up. Have a good meal !''

Ryla waved to Amelia who left the group. ''See ya later !'' She exclaimed with a smile before returning her attention to the priest, almost doing puppy eyes.

Rafa looked at each of them, giving a polite nod as they introduced themselves. The girl doesn't make much sense, with the way that she speaks. Her words are...garbled, spewing out like one vomits. They are brash and she is just...strange. However, her request is simple and he is not bothered by any of it.

"You're requesting a tutor," He states to clarify, "I see. Well, I suppose if you stick around, I could teach you a thing or two. If you have potential, I'll work you into the work I aleady have. I must inquire as to whom recommended me to you."

Ryla nods in excitement when he mentions that she was requesting a tutor and her face becomes only brighter when he mentions he could help her out if she have potential. However when he mentions the reference, her face goes blank for a few seconds and she replies after regaining composure ''Oh I don't really have a name, just heard rumors of your name and thought I would make the journey to seek you out. '' Ryla explained before quickly switching to ''Does creating a full scale thunderstorm from just my emotions enough potential ?..... That's mostly the issue I don't control it at all and learned I had that new power recently. ''

July and Ham's eyebrows both quirked upward in synch, their eyes shifting to each other. So she was storm-girl. She knew the name had sounded familiar.

"Most powers start on emotions. Anger, fear, that good stuff. You shouldn't have a problem learning it like any other magic ability. Though maybe steer clear of lowlands and tall buildings. Flooding, electroshocks and all that." She took a sip of her drink, her eyes shifting back towards the newcomer. She was tempted to ask him where he got the dress- but she knew she couldnt outrun an elecrtic current, or lightning for that matter.

"So you simply heard about him through the grape vine? How curious, usually only guildmasters hold such a level of infamy- or very renouned S ranks." He tilted his head towards the latter with a friendly smile. "You must be quite the mage."

Rafa blinks, "Yes. I have multiple abilities, but in regards to electricity, I am an S Rank. This, however, is irrelevant. Very well, Ryla. Sounds promising, so I'll take you out to the forest behind the town after you've had enough rest. Then we can find out just what you can do."

Ryla smiled toward July's comment and replied to her ''Yes ! I'll be careful of where I use it ... well if I control it and stuff.'' And then Ham seemed to wonder how she would have that information and she did her best to keep her information the same, it was kind of true after all.... except she couldn't really mention the part where a magical dude talking to her through some other dimention was the one who gave her the info. Noooope baaad idea. It seemed the topic had already shifted back toward Rafa and so she avoided the doubts seems like for this time. When Rafa told her he would bring her in the forest behind the village when she get enough rest she beamed in happyness. ''Sweeeeet !!! Thanks a million !''

It was then that some food was brought over to them and Ryla could FINALLY have that juicy steak she dreamed about. ''OH MY GOD !!!!! YOU'RE AMAZING !!!'' She exclaimed loudly toward the girl who brought them all their share.

The girl seemed a little shy and blushed saying ''You're welcome'' before leaving.

''Steaaaaaak'' Ryla quickly started to cut her steak, ignoring other things that were in the plate for now. She was holding her ustencil kind of weird and was not graceful at all at the task. Once she finished cutting it all she started eating it with the worse manners of the planet getting gravy in the corner of her mouth. ''S..shooo ghewwd '' She exclaimed while chewing in happiness, almost crying from it.

July quirked an eyebrow and gave a wry smile as Ryla brutalized the steak with her mouth, turning to look at Rafa. "Y'know, when a strange man tells a girl 'I'll take you out to the forest behind town to see what you can do' it usually means something completely different. Just a note. Wordage and all that jazz." She calmly takes a bite out of her food, her gaze never leaving Rafa as she waits for his response with a slightly...impish smile innocently tracing her lips.

Ham, far too used to those with Ryla's...unique table manners, pays her little mind. Though he remains rather amused at the girls enthusiasm. He digs into his own meal, rather hungry himself- Until July starts to be- Well, July. He chokes slightly, clasping a polite fist in front of his mouth as he forces himself to swallow his food. He coughs, and keeps coughing, albeit quietly, hoping his choking would desist so he could tell the man how sorry he was for his sisters comment.

Rafa looks at her, his serious facade fading away but a moment as he smirks and winks at her, happy for the distraction from Ryla's horrid eating habits. He'd seen as much bad manners of both of their like before on many occasions, though it usually wasn't so close to him or directed at him.

"My," He replies to her as he gazes at her with his electric-colored eyes, "You certainly have quite the fantasies, don't you?"

July's eyebrows both raise, surprised by his response. Usually the stuffy types turned their nose up at her little 'comments'; which, y'know, was usually what she intended. Seemed Mr.Fancy-Pants wasn't as holier than thou as he seemed. She swallowed her food before cracking a grin.

"Friend, I could write a book," She leaned her chin atop her resting hand, a light sense of husky flirtation to her voice. She looked him dead in the eyes; they were weird, freaky, even- she liked that. The rest of him wasn't that bad either. "Though most of my fantasies are based off of fine tuned practice."

Actually, if the steak wanted to choke him and kill him- he'd be fine with that right about now. He looked across the table at Rodimus, his gaze falling; trying to communicate to the man, with only his eyes.

'If you could, by any chance, whack me upside the head with a large, heavy piece of metal and render me unconcious for a few hours, I would greatly appreciate it.' Sadly, he was sure his form of nonverbal communication would be lost in translation. And took another drink, trying to focus on Ryla's terrible table maners, rather than his sister flirting with yet another newcomer.

Rodimus clears his throat rather loudly, setting down his seating utensils and allowing them to clatter about upon the empty plate with a somewhat loud clanging noise. His words come out fast, "I hear games will start, soon, though--will we do that, first? Before you guys get to your little teaching lessons that will involve absolutely nothing sexual and will entirely and solely be about tutoring Ryla magic?"

"Apologies," Rafa says to him softly, "Why, yes. We can wait. After all, Ryla should meet the people and join in on the...festivities."

She was still eating that steak, although almost done and mixing in her bites the side potatoes and veggies. When Roddy mentions her name followed by Rafa, she stops chewing for a second and have this interogation face. She chew a little bit more and swallow. ''Did I .... miss something ??.... Also riiight!! People were about to like have fun and stuff.... only after my food though ! '' Ryla took another bite.

In that moment, no creators existed, no dieties, no kings, no gods, only one- Rodimus Penn. A man who had saved him from yet another awkward banter than generally culminated by the idea of his sister being rolled by some stranger in the woods. He understood, his sister was a flirt- he accepted that. But three times? In one day? After having to drag himself through what was probably one of the worst ops he'd ever been on largely due to his own failures?

He owed Rodimus a drink; or, if he didn't drink food. Good food. A three course meal. With all the dressings. He took a sip of his drink, quietly savoring the fact that that conversation was not one he would have to listen to.

Ham smiled at the girl. "It seems to me you're already quite a ways through it already. You must have worked up quite an appatite! I'm sure the journey was tiresome."

Seems as though Rodimus didn't appreciate the slightly...inapporopriate direction the conversation was heading. Her eyes flickered over to him as he spoke a mile a minute. Aww, was he awkward? Or angry? She'd never known Rodimus to be an angry guy, and there'd been no chunks of metal flung at her yet. But she couldn't really envision him as he awkward type.

"Sorry, as Roddy said, absolutely nonsexual lessons about magic. With Ryla. And festivities and all that. I'm sure there is all sorts of merriment to be had here. People really cut lose when they've been all tense and pent up working all the time." She shot a wink at Rafa, before turning back to her food; it'd been a while since she'd actually been able to sit down to eat- and damn if she didn't appreciate it.

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 30th November 2017, 9:37 pm

{ATTN: Elizabeth, Reiza, Open }
Tavran Ruins Unknown

Daisan was just able to put the key in before he was attacked. He cries out in pain lying down. He looks around and the lights changed. It was an odd color he has not seen before, but now at least the creatures are visible. It seems that light colors glow under the strange light.

He swings his bags to cover his front. Suddenly he feels confined. One of the arms is severed from the wailing creature. He wishes he could help more, but right now he needs to help himself. He can see and hear the creatures clawing against the glass. However it is the smell of the blood that nauseates him. It does not have a coppery smell like human blood.

Elizabeth watches as Daisan steps through her portal and out onto the other side. She watches as he puts his key into the indentation. Strange lights come up and light the room. Making the monsters appear from hiding, glowing weirdly. She saw the one that attacked Daisan, blood dripping from it's claws.

Trying to assess what was around her, she closed her portal. One of the creatures made it through though. Five seemed to still be clawing at the box. While another two where climbing out of the case that had been put around her. She looks back to Daisan, seeing one of the creatures with it's arm severed. Hearing a sound from above she looks up to see three creatures climbing on the ceiling, while another two are on the ground.

She goes to move to help Reiza. Seeing that she put a box around her barely enough room for her. She looks at Reiza seeing that she plans to take on the creatures alone. "Reiza you are going to need help to take these things down. Put the shield down." Getting ready to at least place portals need be.

Reiza gives only a short "no" before a red energy encases her entire arms, looking like massive blades. They still gap around the elbow, allowing her to bend them with ease. There's also an extended blade at the base of her forearm, curving beyond the elbow for piercing with that very joint from the appropriate angle. Additionally, she bends her covered elbows and activates her secondary magic.

"With the grace of wind," Reiza says as a glowing magical symbol appears at her feet. This one is illuminated further by the lights upon the walls, just like the monsters she is about to slaughter. It's been a long time since Reiza has needed to use this magic in a's going to be fun. Small, green glyphs appear at each major joint: Her elbows, wrists, kneess, ankles, hips, neck, and beneath her feet.

As she moves, streaks of green can be seen behind those neon glyphs--her speed now drastically increased beyond what any human normally ever could. More red energy appears upon the plated magic aroudn her body--crstyaline spikes to defend her against all of the attacks about to be headed her way. And she strikes.

With the speed of the wind, Reiza rushes forward, slashing through shoulders and watching the neon blood spurt against her with its stink. She feels claws dig into her skin at her lower back, beneath the plated armor about her body. She grunts, turning and twisting, digging the elbow blades deep into the flesh and decapitating the thing that thought to land down upon her.

After a few more quick spins and twists, ducks and weaves, she slashes through the enemy as the blood goes everywhere--it's an absolute mess and Reiza is glowing with spatters all about her as she becomes covered in their fluids, outlining the plates of her blades and armor as they cover her body and levitate an inche away. Some of the blood even gets through the cracks, revealing the two layers clear as day, showing the weaknesses and making them easier to find.

Thirty seconds have passed. Five are dead, two more about to attack, and Reiza's torso and back are badly bleeding, as well as her neck, the right side of her face, and her right calf. She looks to the boxes. They are both badly damaged. There's a hole in both--a bigger one in Elizabeth's.

Elizabeth's entire arm looks bad--probably broken. She can't see into the boxes very well, but from what she can see, the girl is stabbing at them through that hole desperately. Her torso and both thighs are all bleeding. Diasan's back is awful--his left hand looks bent very...wrongly. His entire left side of his neck, shoulder, and both knees are covered in blood--both his and the blood of their enemy.

"Fuck," Reiza says. Maintaining both the barriers around the other two while keeping up her own is hazardous for their health. However, it won't take long to kill the rest--if these two can last. She expels the last of her mana by patching up the boxes one last time. Now, both boxes have disgusting body parts within them. Poor Elizabeth and Daisan. I hope their fluids don't have diseases in them or we are all fucked.

Daisan knows when it is time to retreat. He only wishes he had realized that earlier. He still knows nothing about this ruin or how he ended up with the key. He won’t find out this trip either. His chances of getting out of here look bleak as well.

He concentrates on his breathing. His back and hand hurts immensely. He is unable to get anything from his bag. He can hear Reiza doing battle, but cannot focus on her. He looks over at Elizabeth. “You…need to get…us out of here… Are you…able to…teleport still?”

Elizabeth looks to Daisan. "I can, but there is no point. I can only make portals a certain distance and within where I can see. So basically only within the room we are currently in." She looks to her arm, looking broken and bleeding badly. She slows her breathing trying to calm down. The only hope is that Reiza can take the rest of these guys down. Hopefully this is the only room with creatures in it. That is, if they decide to go deeper into this place.

Reiza looks to where Daisan's key is--it's still hanging from the indentation where he'd left it, having fallen from the pain of the attack before being able to pull it out. She backs away against the door, displeased when it doesn't open as the creatures getting close to box her in. She puts up a defensive posture as she says, "Elizabeth, I need to get the key."

If there's an indentation to the door in the other room, there's probably one in this room. Just as the creatures leap to attack her once more, a portal appears next to her and she steps in. The portal takes her to the key and she snags it up in her grasp as she dispels one of the blades around her right arm--one less weapon to use, now.

Now dispelling her armor entirely, she sets up another box around the door as the creatures leap to her again--this time, she is defenseless. She tosses the key into the box that's around the door as she screams, "Elizabeth! Teleport to the door, now! You and Diasan!"

Daisan didn’t realize that he left his pendant up there until Reiza grabs it. He felt a little possessive of it when she does. He will be sure to get it back from her. He looks at his hand. Now how is he going to use his crossbow or carry his pack for that matter? He will have to somehow get healed at the closest town along with getting the crap off of him. He holds his pack with his good hand. “Go ahead and do your magic.”

Elizabeth looks to Reiza and teleports Daisan using her portal putting one in the box Reiza made just above the ground, and one underneath Daisan. Giving him enough space to land without being hurt from the fall. While doing this "What's your plan? Dying alone? I can't just leave you here." She then teleports herself to Daisan. placing hers so she can walk through her portal. She makes sure not to step on the key and goes to pick it up putting the dagger away.

Reiza's down on one knee, her blade impaling one of the three enemies that had pounced upon her as she takes damage in her thigh. She calls out in pain, too preoccupied to be annoyed at Elizabeth's words, "You get me next, obviously!"

She jumps into the air, backing out of the way and dodging a second attack from the monsters with her speed magic, she waits for the portal to pop up before she steps inside with the grace of the fucked over wind and finds herself in the box with her allies in front of the door. She drops to both of her knees, the green speed glyphs vanishing as her own blood pools at the floor. "Let me out of this room, please."

She forces herself to stand back up and steps through the door when it is unlocked, not even hesitating to step through the glowing doorframe and looking around at the room with its glowing trees with disinterest, but with relief. She couldn't be happier to be back in this mysterious room with all of its various indentations and strange, alien objects or artifacts.

Reiza wipes away at some of her blood, "Fuck this shit."

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by LightningFang on 30th November 2017, 9:55 pm

{ATTN: Daisan, Reiza, Open }
Tavran Ruins Unknown

After being teleported to the ‘safe’ room, Daisan slowly gets up. “Thank you so much Elizabeth and Reiza.  Now I know why Isarite told me to bring someone with me.”  He kneels down to buckle his crossbow to his bag.  It is of no use to him now as injured as he is.  He slowly stands back up putting his bag gently on his uninjured shoulder.  He cringes slightly as part of it is on his open wounds.

He goes over to Reiza.  “We should get out of here, may I have my pendant back please.”  He holds his hand out expectantly.  “I want you two to agree that you will not report anything you saw here until I can get a team down here.”    

Reiza laughs, now, bloodied and beaten, her mood broken and her temper short.  Yet, still, she simply laughs after hearing just what Daisan has to say.  Not only is she really amused, she's too hurt and too tired to be pissed off at the damn iron balls that this asshole had to be sporting between those legs of his.  This is just gold.

"Oh, no,"  Reiza says, "I don't have your key.  She does.  And don't even think you can make us keep this shit a secret.  We are here for Shroud and it's our job to complete our Quest here and to report back with the full story.  It's quite clear that the oddities of the ruins have been coming from here--just because you discovered it to doesn't automatically make it Sheherazade's territory.  This is the claim of both Sheherazade and the Darkness Shrouds, so you'd better damn well remember that, Daisan."

Elizabeth looks to Daisan shaking her head no. Reiza was right, it was their job to inform the guild master of their guild of what happened. If anyone where to take the glory, well, it would have to be both guilds or neither. In the end it doesn't matter too much to her. Elizabeth holds the pendant moving it closer so she can look at it better. "We can't keep this a secret, we have to let both our guild masters from both our guilds know."

She lowers the pendent and extends her arm waiting for Daisan to move so she can give it to him. "Besides, it's better off this way. Sheherazade and Darkness Shrouds can work together on this so if there are more monsters there will be a less chance of people getting hurt."

Daisan shakes his head and takes his pendant from Elizabeth.  He shakes his head at the ladies.  “Did I say anything about Sheherazade?  This is not a pissing contest between guilds.  This is a new civilization that needs to be explored and cataloged.  We need a team in here that can explore this place properly.  This technology is beyond anything ever seen before.  Do you even know what that all entails?  Hell we are still uncovering new items in the Shazeer ruins.  Do you think anyone in your guild will have the patience for that?

Fine, tell your guildmaster, but no one else.  At least this dig is somewhat protected, the last thing we need is scavengers or bumbling idiots destroying things.  I will be in charge of this dig, so I will be coordinating everything.  I suggest we get healed up and then head back to our guilds.  Tell your guildmaster to contact me.”      

"Really, man?" Reiza says, standing up, "We all know Shez has way less offensive members than everyone else except for Quin. This isn't about cataloging and patience, this is about killing those things, which you would have been slaughtered by without us.  So why don't you let me decide who needs telling and who doesn't, since you clearly can't be bothered to bring back up with you when you go exploring on your own, genius. You aren't the one in charge here and you certainly can't tell me what secrets to keep. People deserve to be warned to stay away from here and that's what I'm going to do, because I put people's lives over some damn ruins, you shitlord. Now get out if you're going."

Reiza moves over to Elizabeth with her tone shifting to concern, "Can you walk?"(edited)

Daisan is seeing red after Reiza’s outburst, not waiting to Elizabeth to answer.  “You don’t seem to understand.  The reason why I want this to remain quiet is so people don’t learn about.  This ruin been here untouched for a long time already.  My intention is for it to stay like that a little longer.  You start telling people that danger lurks, it will attract people, the wrong people.  What we need are the right people here.  Plus no one can get down to this level without my pendant.

I honestly don’t blame those creature for attacking us.  Think about it, they have not seen another creature for countless years.  They survived without food or water.  I think we should capture at least one of them.  Maybe we can learn something from them.”

He too looks at Elizabeth.  “What she said, are both of you ready to get out of here.  I will not leave without both of you.  My pendant operates the lift thing and will seal this place again.”      

Elizabeth looks between the two of them, deciding whether she should give her input or not. In the end it wasn't really up to her. For anger took over. Wrath was in control. "Look, it doesn't matter who is told. All that matters is keeping people safe. I would rather warn people about this place. Cause like you said Daisan, only you can enter this place. Only you can decide on who goes with you here. Therefore why would it matter if we tell people since you are the only person with access to this place?"

She tried to walk away signaling that she could move and that the conversation was over. When she tried however, she ended up falling. She used her arms to brace the impact. Rolling over she moved her leg closer to her.

She did this to get a better look at her thigh, where the creature had stabbed her. She could barely move her leg from the pain that was coursing through her thigh. She slammed her fist into the ground, cursing out the creatures with creative names. If they hadn't been freed this wouldn't have happened. Some amount of logic kept her from cursing out Daisan for having let them out. He didn't know what each of the three indentations did. So it wasn't his fault. She still glared daggers at where the creatures where behind the door. Clearly not in the best of moods at the moment.
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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by Goetia on 2nd December 2017, 9:39 pm

Whitecker Town
[Attn: Ryushi, Open]
It was a long day of tending to the sick and the injured. Chiron had already diagnosed an alarming amount of food poisoning cases. And still, there were those recouping from the attack not so long ago. If it wasn't checking up on injured patients, it was hearing about stomach pains and frequent vomiting. Chiron sat exhausted in a small kitchen where meals for the patients were prepared. "What could be getting all these villagers sick? They shouldn't be consuming food from the kitchen; they weren't patients before. And even if they were, the food in here was already thoroughly checked. Must be the food stores in the village's pantry, but they're should last a lot longer than this. Either way, I should notify Ryushi about this."

As Chiron got up his chair, Catherine came bursting through the door. Despite her energetic entrance, her face showed no signs of urgency.

"Is there something you need, Catherine?"

"People going around talking about setting up games and activities. Raise morale, I guess. But I actually wanted to talk to you about this."

Catherine held up a small glass vial. Inside it was a tiny black larval creature.

"What in heavens is that?" Chiron peered his eyes as he stepped closer. He gestured to receive the vial from Catherine, after which he held it up to his eyes to get a closer look.

"Where did you find this? Don't tell me this was in someone's body."

"Yep. Adult male with a broken leg, but that came out of his ass while we operated on him."

"Must be some sort of parasitic larva. Did he say anything about what he ate? Drank? Was he even aware he had this inside of him?" Chiron spat out the words in a rush. His eyes had concern written all over them.

"Never mentioned it before the operation, so I'd say he was unaware of it before the operation. He's been placed under quarantine in a different room. Currently resting....You look like your heart stopped. Is something going on?"

"Several patients have come in complaining of abdominal pains, diarrhea, vomiting, exhaustion. I thought it was just food poisoning, at least that's what the symptoms told me. Had I used my ability, maybe I would have known more. I need you to tell Ryushi to have someone recheck the food supplies and the water. Very. Thoroughly. A lot of people are getting sick and there may be parasites involved. Quickly!"

Catherine jumped at the sudden burst from Chiron's voice. Without a second thought, she turned and bolted out into the lobby. One female villager stood up from his seat, raising his hand for the woman's attention. Catherine stormed pass the villager without batting an eye. "I can't talk right now! Could someone talk to this lady, please!?" She screamed as she flew by. She hammered the front entrance door open, paying little mind to the couple on the other side that were about to reach for the handle.

"Sorry!" She yelled as she passed by them. Her tone came off more aggressive than apologetic. She noticed two guild members chatting among themselves about nothing important. "Hey! Any of you seen the guildmaster?"

Both guildmates shrugged. "Have you tried checking the guildmaster's quarters?" One of them begrudgingly asked.

"I was going to do that first, but thank you for your help." Catherine grumbled. She continued on to the guildmaster's quarters. Since the entrance to the apartment was closed, Catherine screamed into the thin door while pounding on it with her fists. "RYUSHI! YOU IN THERE?! IT'S AN EMERGENCY!"

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 3rd December 2017, 1:54 pm


{ATTN: Elizabeth, Reiza, Open }
Tavran Ruins Unknown

Daisan watches Elizabeth try to stand. He sets his bag in the threshold of the lift, and then returns to her. He stoops down on his knees to wrap his good arm around her. “If you put your arm around my shoulder, it will minimize the pain for me. I will help get you back up to the surface.” He tells her. It is going to hurt a lot, but he cannot leave her.

{ATTN: Open }
Star Sound guild hall Time skip

It must be odd for her fellow guildmates to see how different Kaimele is from Clementina. Kaimele is happy to just watch the lively Jacobi dominate the conversation with his stories. Whether they are all true or not is up to the individual to ascertain. “I cannot wait until we are in our new guild hall. Maybe we should tour the city in advance as a good will trip?” She suggests when the conversation lulls.

Jacobi is loving his time with this new guild. They are not as snooty as Quin, and they may be formidable in the Guild games. “That sounds like fun.” He looks at Lord Crye. “I will have to pay Lady Aurelia a visit for my quest aren’t I?” He sighs. “So where will you guys be located?”[color]

“It is Caeroot Village. I have never been there, but from what I heard they are looking forward to having us there.” Kaimele answers.

“I can’t see any village turning down a guild. They are good protectors and bring some fame and income. Especially this one. Crye, my man, you established a good group here. I hope to see you in the Guild Games.” He chuckles.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 6th December 2017, 10:27 pm

Whitecker Town/Ryushi's quarter~Food Supplies~Infirmary

(ATTN : Closed/Opened at the end)

(This is a collab between me Leah and Goetia)

Nadleeh had completed the preparations of the games, heading to the place where Ryushi rested. She was heading there at a normal pace, but was surprised to see Catherine already there, banging upon the door and calling out. She shakes her head, knowing that this will not stir the man from his rest.

"He's napping," Nadleeh says, coming up next to her, "We will need to shake him to wake him."

With that, she simply opens the door and steps in, moving to the resting man to shaking him gently in order to bring him back into the realm of consciousness. She says his name a few times, telling him that it is time to wake.

"Oh boy, what a time to be napping." Catherine followed behind Nadleeh, restlessly tracing her footsteps. "That's not how you wake a guy up!" She clamored. She marched up to Ryushi's bed and repeatedly tapped him on the cheek, as if the guildmaster had been knocked out. "Wake up, sleeping prince. Your presence is needed."

Ryushi started to moan when Nadleeh shook him and had started to slowly wake up when suddenly Catherine started to tap him on the cheek multiple times making him jump a bit from his sleep. ''Uh ?!... wha- ?'' He sat down slowly looking slightly confused.

Eden had woken up a little bit before Ryushi, but did as if he wasn't just because he wanted to sleep more. When the man sat up, Eden did an effort to stretch and sit down as well. Although Eden probably would be even more confused due to the fact that he had been asleep for way longer. He tilts his head on the side with curiosity and observes.

Nadleeh smiles, "The games are ready, Master."

''Oh ! .... Right !'' Ryushi said with a smile as well. ''I'll be there soonish then.... but wait, Catherine ? You seem a little agitated, did something happen ?'' He asked curious of the woman's behavior.

"Chiron's been treating a lot of sick people lately, more than usual. And I found a parasite crawling out of some guy's ass while fixing his leg. Chiron thinks something's wrong with the food or the water. He wants someone to tripple check the food stores and water supplies with upmost meticulousness."

''Uuuughh... '' Ryushi exclaims in annoyance. Something he expressed rarely. ''I'll go take care of it asap, don't let people know. I don't want panic. ''

Eden shook his head and said ''That is most regretable, here I thought we would go and have fun.''

''You can go if you wish to Eden. I'll go check stuff in person. Nadleeh I'm sorry to ask this of you, but would you like to help me get a few people with you to check on the supplies without getting any rumor out ? We could proceed to the games after if it doesn't take too long.''

Eden jumped on Ryushi's shoulder and said ''I'll come with you as usual, the games can wait. Beside I'm curious to see what this parasyte may be.''

''Alright, thanks Eden.'' He simply replies.

Nadleeh frowns, "Guess I'll start the games to keep people distracted. Good luck with this."

She takes her leave, heading out to start the games with hopes that somehow, thinks will be reseolved quickly. Lately, it feels as though all of the problems and bad things just keep stacking up on top of each other and she can't afford to lose focus from the symbol underneath the guild. The games were supposed to help people relax--especially the Master, but it seems that it was all for naught.

Catherine gestures for Ryushi to get up on his two feet. "Come come, now. We haven't got all day to rub the sleep out of our eyes."

''Right Nadleeh... Should probably be for the best I'll go and get other people with me real quick. I'll be back hopefully. '' He listens to Catherine and withs sigh he gets up. ''Let's go see the food supplies together, I'll get the people who are already in charge of the food to look with us. ''

Catherine tapped her foot as Ryushi rose from his bed. "Wait till you see the little fu-er, bugger. Thing was as big as a horsefly larva, looked like it came straight out of one too. Probably spent a week to a few months incubating inside the host. Can't imagine just how many are probably still inside him..."

''Well first thing first. We gotta go check the food and water quickly. I don't want extra people to get sick if that is the cause. Or at least make the group in charge of food supplies get started on this. We could help them get started and then go see Chirron ?'' He said with a smile as he started walking. ''C'mon let's go. ''

They moved toward the food supplies and Ryushi right away took the supervisor of the food on the side. He mentioned the situation and the group started to look into the food supplies for anything suspicious. Ryushi turned toward Catherine and said ''Well shall we put ourselves at work too ?'' They both started to help the food supply group look into the stocks and some contaminated food had been found maybe ten minutes later, thanks to Eden who helped by smelling the food they could find it more easily.

He turned toward the superviser and said ''Well I'll leave Eden with you to continue looking. Quarantine anything that seems contaminated and don't forget to check the quality of the water as well.''

Eden nods and continue working along with them.

''I'm sorry for the delay on going to see patients, I'll let you guide me to Chirron so I can see the situation with my eyes.''

Catherine followed behind Ryushi as they made their way to the food stores. At first, Catherine was hesistant to go digging for contaminated foodstuffs, but she held her tongue and helped out anyway. For what felt like half an hour, she didn't find anything, but Ryushi's pet Eaden located the spoiled food. Little thing is worth more than it looks. She thought to herself. When it came time to see Chiron, Catherine made a bee-line for the infirmary. She blasted through the doors, making a war path for the hidden rooms in the back. Some of the nurses were surprised that she came back with Ryushi of all people. Needless to say, a lot of them were curious.

"Follow me." She exhaled softly as she took Ryushi's hand and led him through a door and down a thin hallway. "Come on, come on, move it, people! Guildmaster needs to talk to his pal Chiron." She hustled past several healing magi and other staff as she went to the quarantined room. At the door, she paused to make sure nobody was following them. She then opened the door and pulled Ryushi inside. In the room, Chiron was using his magical ability on a patient's stomach. He was so focused that he only managed to shift his eyes away from his work up to Catherine and Ryushi.

Ryushi was suprised when Catherine started to hold him by the hand and rushing him through the temporary infirmary set up they had. The town's mayor let them use a floor of a building for that. But a bit of their department was also under tents due to the lack of space. When they entered the quarantined area, he let Chirron do his thing and when it seemed like he was done he started to say ''So... how bad is it ? I know we have found there was some spoiled food and the food supply team is proactive with Eden on finding whatever is contaminated. General public is not aware at the moment. ''

After another minute of checking the man's intestines, Chiron took a long sigh. He was thankful the patient was in stable condition, and there weren't as many parasites as he feared. Still, the symptoms were sign of some sort of infection. "You'll be okay," Chiron informed the patient. "But you still need to be under supervision until we remove those bugs and the symptoms clear up. He turned to Ryushi and Catherine, the long hours of working visible in the creases on his face.

"It's not life-threatening, as far as I know, but the parasites gotta go. Seems a pathogen was also introduced along with the parasites, which would explain the vomiting and the diahrrea. I doubt whatever these people are catching is contagious, but it would be a good idea to keep a close eye on them."

Chiron crossed his arms across his chest as he shifted his weight onto one leg. "I swear, I checked the food twice over now and couldn't find a darn thing. Good thing we have Eaden around to help us out. I think it would be good to get anyone effected stationed here until this whole thing blows over. Catherine, and I and the other doctors can remove the parasites while the healers can do something about the other symptoms. Such a shame we can't join everyone for the fun and games."

"Aha, Speak for yourself. This is my fun."

"But you still need to get out there and socialize with the other guildmembers." Chiron grinned knowingly, following a grumble from Catherine.

Ryushi listens to Chirron's explanation and nods ''Sounds good, well not so good, but at least it's not life-treatening so as long it's well checked. And Chirron you have a few other people who could look after those patients for the time being. As for Catherine if she wish to stay she can, but I think you need a break just like I do old friend. Games shouldn't last long enough and food supplies are being searched. Why don't you come on over with me and relax your mind a bit ? ''

Chiron burst out a polite old smile, showing his slightly crooked teeth. "Oh, I shouldn't. My place is here with here, with the sick and the hurt. It's my job to take care of everyone."

"Go ahead, Chiron. If anyone knows how ragged you work yourself, it's me. I can hold down the fort while you relax." Catherine walked around to Chiron's back and shoved him towards the door. "If the patients are stable, then there's no need for emergency. So go head, get a little R'n'R. I can pull bugs outta people's asses all day....u-uh...out of their posteriors...all day."

"Fine, if you both insist. But I'll come check up on things later tonight. Um, let me lead you out, Ryushi. It can be quite easy to get lost back here."

Ryushi chuckle when Catherine join forces with him to insist on Chirron taking a break and then he replies to the old man. ''I'd be grateful of you leading the way, I didn't get to see the path on the way in so well. '' With this both of them join into the games where Nadleeh and the others were.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by LightningFang on 6th December 2017, 10:39 pm

{ATTN: Group B, Whitecker Town}

Being silent as usual, Zero waited in the cart on their way to Whitecker town. Wondering what they would run into while they were there. She held the sword and dagger that she got from those bandits close. Wanting something to hold in her hands, something that she felt would protect her. Even though it was more something that she would use. Still it calmed her, made her feel safe after what had happened.

Once they reached Whitecker, she saw them rebuilding. People everywhere, she had thought. She didn't think there would be as many people as their are. She waited in the cart doing what she can to help others out. She stayed in the cart though. Searching, searching for somewhere without many people. She wanted somewhere that people wouldn't disturb her. She wanted to help, but she wasn't sure what she could do. Thus she decided to leave it to people more capable than her.

Finally finding a spot with in reach that was shaded and didn't have many people walking next to it. She grabbed her stuff and quickly went for that spot. She went around the tree a few times making sure to find a place that would be comfortable. Once finding that spot opposite of where she had once seen the spot. She sat down and went to work. She worked on different drawings. She wanted to make another sword when she got back. Doing so would require much time and effort, yet she knew it would be worth it. Having another weapon she could summon would help her out a lot.

She was very focused on making her new weapon pouring heart and soul into designing it. The dagger she was planning on making was called a bone handled dagger. Picking out metals that would suit it. She could change the blade of it once she made it. She decided to go with steel. Something that would be good for stealth. Now what for the handle? That was the real question. That would be answered at another time. For her name was being called.

She barely recognized her name being called with how focused she was. She headed over from where she was behind the tree. Reaching where her group was. She was going to be going with Claire and Gale to help out around the town. They went over to a tent and a guy by the name of Quintin set up food for people to eat and supplies. Zero was setting up supplies, which was fortunate for her. As she wouldn't have to talk to people much until they got fully setup.
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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 12th December 2017, 5:03 pm

Whitecker Town/5h45~8h PM ish

The games and sports of Whitacker lasted for at least an hour and a half, carrying on with various sounds of laughter, chatter, and snacks after the main meals were made and eaten. There was much fun to be had, much to be learned, and so many new friends to be made. A lot of the members of the town came out, eager to learn of the new Guild members--especially those of White Cross, their neighbors. If there is anyone they should familiarize themselves with the most, it would be those that would preside over protecting them. It was well into sunset as the games dispersed, magical light motes covering the skies above the town to provide excellent light between each of the town's structures.

The research of the text books over transfer magics had continued, though Nadleeh was sad to see that Calder was no longer with them to assist. He was highly intelligent and although his knowledge was vastly more consistent in matters of the stars and skies, she valued his in put in many things. Still, the studying continued as Calder excused himself to find his newfound possible student. Even after the games had died down, the streets were still busy--busy with people still chattering, still moving from building to building and finding their different places to stay, depending on whether they were hostage survivors of another place, a member of a distant guild, or a member of the town.

Calder doesn't take too long to find Ryla after the festivities offering to demonstrate his abilities, as well as acquaint himself with hers. His intentions are not quiet and as he asks around for her, the news of her possible training becomes openly known. Many become curious, others excited. He politely gestures to Ryla, asking that she follow him for her training and Rodimus curiously follows suit. He is not surprised to see he's not the only one to follow. Many, in fact, added to a short crowd as Calder lead Ryla to the edge of the forest, standing out in the opening of the clearing between the town and the nearby forest behind it.

Ryla followed Calder a little nervously when she saw how many curious folks followed suit. She wasn't sure if she would be able to focus with all those people. As they got on the edge of the town in an area that had an opening, Ryla looked around and said ''wooooaah.... so like...... we gonna train here with people ? Ain't it dangerous for them a lil ?'' She asked a little worried, well mostly about her control.

Calder smiles, "Whitacker has a protective barrier around it. Our audienc eare within its boundaries. We are not. Now, you did say that anger is what triggered your abilities, yes?"

Ryla nods and says ''So far .... yes it has, at least the thunder parts. I think possibly when too sad it rained more, but it's a little less.... bang bang so it's hard to know if that was me or the weather.'' She explained looking serious.

Calder nods his head with understand, "Strong emotions are typically the ultimate activation to one's abilities--and although they can assist us in tapping into our potential, they also keep us from mastering that potential. I want you to close your eyes and to think on a moment--on a moment that angers you or hurts you. Keep it into your mind's focus, no matter what happens externally."

Ryla thought for a moment of what angered her the most and it took her a few seconds, but then it clicked in her head..... that vision.... HORRIBLE vision she got a few years back. Rex's death from the murderer's perspective. Well .... though getting into the mood of that force was a little harder then she thought. She closed her eyes and tried her best to remind herself of the entire scene with every details as she saw them back in the vision. ''

Ryla stands there, her eyes closed for several minutes. Time passes and Calder sits, waiting patiently. It is only a matter of time before Rodimus approaches, his gaze moving from one to the other. He had been back far enough that he didn't know what was going on, but when Calder explained, he scowled. An unpleasant experience. He has no idea what Ryla could be thinking of, but he has an idea what he would be thinking of--a lost one.

"They're dead and they're never coming back," Rodimus says, "You'll never see them again. You'll never hear their voice again. You'll never, ever get to to touch them, hold them--"

This was enough. Lightning stung through the sky, arching downwards and striking the ground before Ryla's body and branching out with the thread of the Gods as thunder ripped through the sky. Many of the onlookeres gasped, cried out in fear. It was clear that Ryla, herself was surprised, her own eyes opening and backing away from the very destruction she had almost wrought. Rodimus whispers to himself, "Woah." He suddenly feels bad for the words he used to spark her ability, shame rolling onto his face.

Rafa, however, is clapping his hands, now standing with a smile on his face. He is very clearly pleased with Ryla's potential, as well as with her display. He moves closer to Ryla for a moment so that she would better hear him as he spoke, "Very well done. You were not lying--you have incredible potential and you are exceedingly powerful. I do believe that this level of man should not go without control or it will be a hazard to both yourself and to those around you. I will teach you."

Ryla felt frustrated and in pain from thinking over and over again about her guild master's death and the killer she couldn't see the face of. It was then that she heard Rodimus's words and she just exploded in rage, not wanting to accept it. However she got surprised by the loud noise before her and stepped back shaken up by both what she was seeing and this. She just started to cry thinking of Rex again and the thunder calmed down..... however rain started to pour in moderatly. She just nods toward Rafa and says ''Gimme a moment.... I just..... '' Ryla felt pretty depressed rather than mad afterwards. She wanted to see Rex again so badly, he always was nice to her and helped her out.

Rodimus moves up, hugging her. He feels terrible. Calder simply observes the weather with a pleased, quiet smile. He knows the girl is emotional, so he keeps his distance and says nothing out of respect. He makes sure not to cause her too much trouble as she and Rodimus hold each other and instead, makes the rain less heavy with his own magic. He cannot stop the rain--it isn't within his own capabilities--but he can certainly make it more gentle and forgiving. He will wait until Ryla says she is willing to continue before demonstrating to her what she can look forward to.

Ryla gladly took the hug from Rodimus and cried for a a few minutes. She then let go and says ''I think I'm .....okay now anyways. '' She took a few deep breaths to try and calm down more. Rain seemed to have ceased, but the clouds remained. She tried her best to remain calm, but she still looked a bit sad.

"I apologize for the emotional side to this," Rafa says formally, "Now I will continue. I'm going to show you...what I do. I'm going to show you what my ability looks like. And then, I'm going to explain how I will be able to help you to control yours. Yes?"

With that, Calder turns away, moving to distance himself from Ryla and Rodimus, so as to give plenty of space for them to both see it clearly while also not being in the blinding vicinity within it. He's not at all worried of harming them, but when you are too close to his magic, you tend ot have a hard time seeing what's going on around you.

Ryla nods and says nothing, still trying her best to control her feelings while staying focused on this. She was a little curious as well however.

Rafa stands back, his hands held out to either side, his palms facing outwards and his fingers spread. His eyes, which already glowed in the dark naturally, began to shine more than ever before--the icy blue brilliance of the light beckoning to the dark, daring it to overridie them as a massive, gleeful grin rose upon his countenance. He lit up the skies, this time, the entirety of it--lightning everywhere, crackled upon the world as far as the eye could see all at once--except that no thunder followed. No rain. Just silence. The white flashes of brilliance finally struck down upon the ground at his feet--just as Ryla's had. Excpet here, there was no burn mark--no scorching to give evidence to the massive levles of mana being spent.

Calder leans back, looking up into the sky that he has lit up, laughing and laughing as a manaical man would. The lighting strikes upon the ground--striking within the trees, lighting up every horizon in every direction with beams that looked as deadly as can be. And yet, nothing burned. Nothing lit ablaze, nothing felt the touch of these hot beams of ultimate power. All that could be heard was Calder's laughter and he clearly did not care that he looked like a madman with a children's toy gained at a colossal size.

When the light show was finished, he walked towards Ryla again, but now, his demeanor had returned--stoic, respectable, refined. He is calm, quiet, and well mannered as he approaches her, though is mood does seem quite improved. "And that is the power of Astral Lightning--the weather of the spiritual realm."

Ryla was just .... speechless of the power, but even more so of him laughing like that of all the things. She was so much in shock by this that she completelly forgot about sadness there. Just blankly looking at this saying ''Whaaaaaaaaaaaat ?! '' Her eyes opened wide and then when he came back with his usual expression she stared at him like she saw a ghost. She snapped out of it after a few seconds and said ''I........ did not expect that level of laughter there.... I erm WOW I mean.... that was something.'' Taking a big breath she continue. ''But wooow.... that control, so like .... it doesn't burn the earth cause of the spiritual realm I imagine ? ......'' Ryla asked to confirm, curious.

Rodimus is taken aback. So are many of the onlookers, he can tell. He can see them all gasping, chatting in the distance. He can only imagine what they think--what their impressions of the man are, now. He doubts that Rafa will care. Is he mad? Is his magic mad? Does he truly burn through spirits with this kind of power? He said nothing, as he had nothing...polite to say. Ryla said enough for them both.

Calder nods, "Yes. This is spirit magic, only. My abilities cannot harm the realm of the living or those that have physical form. My lightning can, however...possess yours, should it become chaotic and out of control. For now, that is how I can keep your ability at bay. When you gain power and experience through your gift, however, I will be unable to do so."

Ryla just let out a ''Ooooooooh..... That is interesting.... but yeah..... I need to control it defenetly. Last thing I want is to actually hurt someone. And it's reassuring to know that..... for now at least you'll be able to help me keep it out of danger for people.'' She sigh and adds ''Thank you for hearing me out and accepting to teach me about it.'' Ryla said looking truly grateful toward the man, but then did a wicked smile and said ''You know..... you should show that laugh more often, it was suprising, but amaziiiing !! ''

Calder raises an eyebrow, "Better to be thought sane, I think. Shall we retire for the eve?"

Ryla pouts and says ''Laaaaaameee, I wanted to be insane with ya. But sure, let's go back.''

Rafa grins, "Insanity is best when shared only among friends, then. Perhaps another time...with less of an audience."

Ryla grins widely ''Will be looking forward to it !!! ''

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

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[Attn: Whitetaker, Open; 6:30pm-8pm; Collab between Juliet and I]

His fingers had started to bother him from the combination of applying oil to the thread he was using to modify his poncho. The extra step made it harder to work the thread but would help keep the joints sealed. Deciding it was time to take a break, he slipped off the cart bed onto his feet. Taking down the bundle of sticks he spent the next twenty minutes or so preparing and lighting a small campfire.

After that he had kept adding to it, while using the longer sticks to make a tripod that he tied together and then placed it so it stood over the fire. Then he used a chain to hang his small pot down over the fire so it would heat the water. Once the water was hot he took it off the fire and set it down on the ground to cool slightly from boiling. Shaving off a few slivers of soap he slipped them into the pocket of his washcloth, then went about the process of wiping himself down and giving himself a sponge-bath without stripping completely naked by undoing and washing underneath his clothes one section at a time. Used to such a tedious activity it was not difficult, public indecency was something that he wanted to avoid but it'd been a few days since he'd been able to clean up. By the time he was done with his body he leaned over the now tepid soapy water and washed his hair and beard. He shook his his head shaking water from his hair like a dog would, then pat dried it with the towel to take out the excess water.

He reached up and grabbed his poncho and tools then went back to work now that his hands weren't cramping. The night air was cool and he could still hear the noises of people having fun playing games that had started at some point when he had started bathing. Not wanting to go an investigate, he tuned it back out and enjoyed going back to the familiar task that needed doing. "Really?" Xiax sighed as he poked a finger through a tear he hadn't noticed earlier. Content to avoid the crowds of revelry and anxiety he got back to work. Even if they don't notice, I will. Xiax thought glad at the thought of being able to contribute to his group in this small trivial way. It's all I can do anyway...

July, alongside her brother, had happily participated in the games. Shedding her outer coat and shirt, she'd enjoyed trying to hurtle the ball at her brother and tag him out. Dodging, weaving and moving out of the way, all while making thinly veiled innuendos about 'reach' and 'flexibility'- particularly while Priest Thessalonica was believed to be in earshot. But, within her revelry, she realized a key missing person. Xiax. She'd made note of almost everyone- but he had not joined them. Unsurprising, but she'd be damned if she let him hide off on his own.
So she made her exit, plucking herself out of the throng of magi, grabbing her outer shirt, vest and coat and going off on her way. It didn't take long to find him; he'd stayed near to the carts- from here one could hear the games, so he was very clearly ignoring the goings on, and with him working on that horrendous poncho, she doubted he'd look up.

She crept closer, and closer, sliding in right behind him, lowering her head so it was right next to his.

"What'cha doiiiiiiiiiin?"

An impish smile crossed her face. With all this noise it'd be impossible to hear her if she was quiet enough.

"!!!!" Startled, Xiax's hands jerked, plunging the needle through his poncho and into his leg up high on his thigh. The sudden pain coupled with alarm caused him to jolt upright as he tried to turn enough to see who was talking to him. July on the other hand had expected Xiax's reaction and just casually leaned back out of his way with an impish smile. As the poncho fell do to his change of position, it pulled on the attached needle & thread forcing Xiax to look right back away from July to grab it quickly and yank it out of his leg more out of panic than anything else. "Ffffffuuck." Xiax swore gritting his teeth, "mmmrmm." Xiax plopped himself back down and applied pressure to where the needle had stabbed him.

July jerked back in surprise as Xiax stabbed himself. In hindsight, maybe she shouldn't have got the jump on the anxious hobo with a sharp object in his hand.

"Shiiiiit, you good bud? You catch anything vital?" She walked around to his front, assessing the damage, her over clothes under her arm. "You really should know this is a common thing with me by now. Save yourself some impalements."

"Fuck July, I don't know?!" Xiax said snappishly as he felt around near his feet for his knife. "Scared the shit out of me, Ah! Found it." pulled his hand away and lifted his pant leg enough and cut a slot to take a look. It didn't appear like he'd hit a vein or anything, sure it was bleeding but not that badly. It also was a relief that July's face didn't blanch with horror while she took was also looking at the wound. "A hand away and I'd be a choir boy." His voice had lowered down to relief, "Fish around in my pack for some bandages, I should have some."

July chuckled lightly. "Hey, you might have at worst just deflated one. People have worked with less." She dropped her bundle beside him as she went off to rummage through his now repaired bag. "So what are you doin' all the way out here? I'm sure you must've heard the games. Ah, got 'em." She plucked the bandages out of the bag, wagging them triumphantly in the air, popping back up to her feet, offering them out to him.

"Ughh, don't wanna think about being 'The One Balling Hobo'." Xiax groaned at the mental image when he looked over towards his friend who was rummaging in his pack. Looking away and back to were he stabbed himself, he answered her questions, "Working on my things, until -" Xiax took the roll away from her, "- someone snuck up on me." He started wrapping it around the area working inside his torn pant leg. "And like I'd be caught dead out there. Come on, you know me better than that."

"Yeah, yeah. Doesn't mean I'm okay with you missing out on the fun. At least observe. Plus if you train your shoddy powers of observation maybe I won't be able to sneak up on you so easily." She grinned down at him, hands on her hips. "Also repairing that poncho is considered a disservice to society."

Xiax looked up at his smiling friend, frowning slightly while choosing not to respond to her comment on his observational skills. "What have you got against my poncho anyway? It's super useful." Xiax said finishing his bandage and picking up said offensive garment. Moving it around he found the spot he had been working on and quickly stitched in a few quick stitches so he could get back his needle. Biting the thread free he picked up a color closer to that of his grey brown pants, bent the needle into a crescent and then went about fixing them while NOT stabbing himself.

"Useful and atrocious." She observed his work for a moment. "Also someone came around looking for you. From Sheherazade. I think I managed to get the name 'Ryla' out of her." Her tone was casual, and, deciding this might take a while, hunkered down next to him.

"Well, yeah." He couldn't disagree on it's appearance. I really should dye it all one color.
"Wait.... Really?" Clearly confused at the idea of someone coming to find him especially from Sheherazade they were a group of mages. When she mentioned Ryla's name it clicked that it was her Guild. He tried to jump up but the sharp pain in his thigh made him sit right back down with a groan. "Ughhh, damn I got myself good."

After a moment when the throbbing stopped he asked, "You sure it's actually Ryla and not someone else? Like a DA imposter?" However it took only a moment for him to know otherwise, his gaze shifting to look in the direction that he sensed Ryla in. "No, you're right. She's here." Xiax said with confidence as he could feel how much stronger his sense of her seemed to be. He could even feel her moving away from town, but not where to exactly.

July quirked an eyebrow at Xiax's rapid rise and descent. "So you two have a blood pact or something? She seems a bit perky for your tastes otherwise. Or do you have some weird sniffer sense?"

She did hit it pretty close to on the nose, but all Xiax said was a rather lame "Its...Complicated." He looked over to July, taking note of her, or rather what was different. "I'm not going to dodge it, but I do have to ask: this is the first time I think I've seen you with out your arms covered. They're nice. Are they black so they don't confuse people?"

A hard frown cut across July's face. "And I'm pretty smart so spill it." He was trying to deflect; she looked down at her tattoos as he spoke of them. "Eh, yeah. First came to the mainland on a sailing ship, guys on there gave me a few. I've amassed a collection over the years." She furrowed her eyebrows. "Why would they confuse people if- oh, are you talking about guilt marks? Yeah, no. Black ink is just the norm for shit like this."

"Ok where to start?" Xiax wondered how exactly he was going to explain everything, and was staring at the fire as he tried to gather his thoughts. "Do you remember the storm? The big one back two months ago?"

"Nevermind that's a stupid question, of course you do. People said it spanned everywhere." Xiax started back up not really giving July much of a chance to respond, while also avoiding looking at her and seeing her give him a look like he was stupid. "So I hadn't joined the guild yet, but this big super storm was coming in. Was in, and I got to thinking about how lucky I was and I got to feeling guilty and ashamed that I lucked out. That there was plenty of people out there just like me who didn't and that I should help them. So I tried to go outside into the storm, and everyone thought I was crazy... but I knew where they would be, where they might try and hide and get caught, you know? Stupid right?"

July was silent, listening with an unreadable expression, nodding occasionally. "So you were basically saving people. Which isn't stupid. But how does this relate to your weird blood pact?"

"It's not a weird blood pact. That makes it sound even worse!" Xiax says defensively as he let his face fall into his hands, "It's fucking creepy as shit enough already, ok?"

July leaned forward with him in her seat next to him. "Hey, hey. I'm not trying to make it sound creepy. And I'm sure it's not as bad as you're acting."

"You might be right, I don't know." Xiax said relenting and sitting back up so July wouldn't have to keep leaning down like that to comfort him. Not being able to have contact just made interactions more awkward at times. "Ok, so there I was wanting to go out into the storm like a crazy person. I mean people like me often get forgotten about or over looked, and we kind of pull away ourselves so I figured I could go help. Everyone else though thought I was crazy when I threw open the doors to go out, they tried not to touch me but I figured that they would have if it had gone on much longer. I can't really blame them, I would have too if I was them."

"But they stopped, and I thought that maybe the barrier was breaking or something I was trying to get them to let me go and wasn't looking outside. It was something in their eyes though, I thought it was fear but maybe it was awe or something. It made me turn around and that's when I got hit by some weird magic wave and passed out.

That's my side of it. Now you mentioned this Ryla girl right?"

"Hold on hold on hold on. RYLA touched you? With her storm magic? I think this isn't so much complicated as you leavin out some important bits."

"See, that's the other side though. Turns out that Ryla is the one who stopped the storm. Only she didn't do it by herself, she had some help. This weird creepy Super S-rank mage gave her a hand well more like he's got this weird power even more messed up and powerful then mine."

"That's saying alot, but this guy made a deal with Ryla and her buddy Sheridian. That he'd help wake up her storm magic, or hell he'd give her it, I don't know. In exchange though, Sheridian had to give up his life, which he did. After that BOOM!" Xiax jumped as the sky crackled with lightning, thunder rumbling darkly after it. "Holy hell that scared me.!"

July had been intently listening to Xiax when thunder cracked through the air, her gaze flickering back and-

She relaxed. "Rafa and Ryla. He must be teaching her. But so an S rank did this whole....spirity connection thing? Because this sounds like some elder God shit to me."

"Rafa? I don't know them, but yeah it feels like she's out towards the source of all that." Xiax sighed and patted his chest hoping that his heart would calm down. "So like, basically yeah. Cause of said Creepy Elder God Rank mage, it created some sort of resonance with my magic and knocked my ass out. I woke up with some weird ass tattoo on my chest as some sort of messed up consolation prize and I've been able to tell where she is." Xiax unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his shirt enough to pull it down and open to let July see it. "This thing."

July leaned in slightly to observe. "Wow nice boob flash Xiax. You usually charge for that kinda thing? Cuz I left my wallet back at the guild hall." She was trying to add a dash of humor to the situation; maybe failing. But it was worth a shot. "That's not creepy man. Kinda weird as to why and how it could exist. But not creepy. Anyone else know about this? Or do you keep it close to the chest?" She couldn't fight back her cheesy pun, and started making little finger guns for a moment.

"That's terrible." Xiax said watching July make light of the situation, "Funny, but terrible. ANYWAY! Back to what I was talking about." This time a second set of lightning appeared in the sky but without the thunder when it disappeared. "Ignoring the crazy storm magic, we fast forward to when DA came knocking on our Guild's door picking a fight. I was in Ilyana's office at the time, and well I sort of panicked while holding this thing she was showing me. Then this messed up symbol sputters up, I think about Ryla and all the crazy storm shit and POOF!" Xiax exaggerates with his hands. "It's gone and she has it. So I get tasked with tracking her down and retrieving it since it lets me find her. Then she's just here, and I'm wondering if she can fly or some shit too cause I have no idea how she made it here so fast."

"My hilariously terrible comments should no longer surprise you. But so Ily knows? Of course she knows. Ily knows the color of my socks on most days. Ily knows everything. Almost scary, that. But okay- what's this thing anyway? We all got sent out to get this 'thing' that's important to Ily back. Shit- she sent Ham. Any mission involving an S-rank is usually something serious."

"As for Ryla if her legs work nearly as fast as her mouth I'm pretty sure she sprinted the whole way here. I mean damn. She can talk. Wonder if she even needs to breathe."

Xiax sighed tore up enough already, he was trying to do some fancy dance while walking a tightrope trying not to lie to his friend. "I can't. I want to, but.... I just can't... not without betraying Ilyana's trust." Raising to his feet Xiax looked out into the forest where Ryla was training with Rafa. "I just want to get the damn thing and get this done with. I hate secrets... So lets go get the thing from this person I've never actually met in person shall we? Then we can get drunk, really-really drunk."

July's expression flattened. "Ham and I are gonna find out anyway soon enough bu- Ugh. I'm just gonna have Ryla tell me what it is. She looooves to tell people things. And she gave me a nickname already. Where's my nickname Xiax? Nowhere. That's where." She sighed, throwing on her shirt, buttoning it up, and sloughing on her vest and coat. "Finally, man. You're speaking my language. Let's roll."

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