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Post by JerriLeah7 on 10th May 2017, 7:30 pm

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Guild Ties Starter

A brief summary of current events, as well as the starting conditions for each character will be posted below when the role-play is ready to begin.  Please remember, when role-playing in Guild Ties, to use time, location, and attention stamps.  Although these stamps are not required, they will make the job for the RPM 100% easier to navigate through and to understand.  Thank you.

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cc6600Jacobi Rovengo@xenolion
6633ffDaisan Zeruko@xenolion
ff9900Claire Alexandra Lokhorst@Luna
ff3366Rocket Cerabella Linelliese@RadioTanuki
cc0033Juliette Napolitano@JulietHasAGun
cc9900Hamlet Napolitano@JulietHasAGun
ff3333Nymeria Sonata@Goetia
9933ffEdel Sonata@Goetia
00CC66Ryla Tarslen@HikariKuragari
9999ffRyushi Hirose@HikariKuragari
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Post by RadioTanuki on 5th June 2017, 3:53 am

(Collab between, Leah, Ink, and myself :D)

Quinsenterra Guild Hall~6:10 PM
Rockett was sitting in the large main room now, waiting.... Talking to Coaltar a bit... waiting.... patiently..... she was so EXCITED..... When would Lady Aurella be here? Oh my goshness..... She couldn't even believe she had actually gotten to spend THE NIGHT HERE.... It was nuts.... She was now in the BIG MAIN GUILD DINING HALL.... "Pinch me Sir Coaltar..... I think I'm dreaming...." This whole place was so amazing..... it was like the very definition of elegance or... something.... probably words she just couldn't even think of at the moment.... YES..... this place was like.... BEYOND DESCRIPTION.... the windows were big..... the drapes were long and in beautiful shade of pink that faded slowly to blue, as the front windows of the guild hall were quite large and not only stretched to the very high ceiling, but also seemed to almost wrap around the building because of their proximity.... it was now around dusk and the dwindling sky hues shot through the giant windows at great length through the entirity of the hall... Rockett felt she had never seen a building built to redirect light so beautifully....

It wasn't long, sitting there, just watching the butler go around about his business, until a woman walked in... Rockett wasn't one to judge, but Coaltar meowed to her, to which she shushed him... "That's not nice, Sir Coaltar! She isn't creepy! Woaaahhh, though..." she lowers her voice to a hushed tone, even though she is across the building at the moment, sound seemed to carry in here a bit.... "She DOES sort of resemble a spider.... but like... it's not like we look any LESS creepy  to people at times... Okay... Fine, you're really cute.... but if you're gonna be rude, that's just.... NOT NICE...."

Coaltar just cocked his head to her at this. Giving a bit of an almost annoyed look at first, but then looked away nonchalantly.

Rockett could have sworn she heard the spider lady say "Good Morning," to the butler, which really confused her... "Wait? How long DID I SLEEP?" She thought to herself.... I was pretty tired, so I thought it was longer, but I haven't been in here but a few minutes... it looks like it's getting darker anyway...." she thought to herself. "Coaltar... is it .... dusk? or dawn? I know they look kind of similar but one's in reverese to the other...."

Coaltar answered by licking his paw and paying what the others were saying attention.... oh well... Rockett looked and listened..

And next thing she knew the butler had thrown a sheet over her head....

After he moved on without a word back to her, she looked over in Coaltar's general direction... "Well, it seems like the butler here at least likes to have fun, but... we should really teach him the rules to this game sometime... I wonder who will come to find us? He already knows where I am, and I highly doubt you're hiding.... you're being lazy Coaltar! Find a place, quick! Come on! It's fun!"

The Butler sighs, looking at Silk, "Yes, ma'am--the testing has already begun and they are seeing someone now.  If you'll wait here with this uh....lady, you'll be after her."

Silk glances over her shoulder at the ragged child, sitting quietly under the drape that’d been thrown over her. She turns back to butler, her eyes still obscured by her hat as she flashes a pleasant smile, with an endearing little fang poking out from the corner of her mouth. “Certainly,” she says with a curtsey. “My thanks.”

With that, Silk meanders over to the bench where the rotting girl resides. “Pardon me,” she says, slightly lifting the sheet.

Rockett jumps slightly as the sheet is lifted. It was the spider ish lady... Woah, she actually had mulitple eyes and everything... Rockett was actually taken aback for a short moment at the sight of someone so... different... she looked so cool! She finally decided she should probably speak. "Oh, Hiiii! I didn't know you were playing.... but uh, I think it's kinda cheating since you very likely saw me hide.... umm, sorry, I guess you wanted something else, didn't you? Oh yes, my name is Rockett, by the way? You? I like your skin. It's a really pretty color! I guess that's a magic thing I don't know about!"

Silk giggles at the girl’s energy. “How positively charming. Thank you. I go to great pains to get my complexion just perfect. Might I take a seat next to- goodness!” Silk doubles back, fully removing the sheet.  Her face is wrought with utter shock at the appalling sight before her. “Gods… you’re quite difficult to behold at the moment.”

There’s brief beat of silence before Silk withdraws, bringing her hand to her chin and sizing the girl up. “I mean… these rags. They’ll never do! Something will have to be done about this.” Each one of her many eyes takes to scanning every inch of the girl's dingy, tattered clothing. She sighs and brings her hands to her hips. “Hm... making something to suit your condition might be a challenge.” At the thought, Silk grins. “Oh, but I do love a good project. My name is Madelyn Challant. But please. Do call me Silk. May I sit? I'd rather love to pick your brain for your favorite colors. Patterns, perhaps.”

Allas Ruoh stepped into the entry and smiled at the butler.  When he steps through, the butler promptly introduces Ruoh to the two guests in the waiting room by all of their names.  When the introductions are finished and Ruoh has bowed his greeting to them both, he politely says, "We have two, now?  Why don't you both come with me then?  I never liked waiting rooms, myself."

Rockett chuckles a bit at spider lady's initial response to her appearance. "Hee hee, yeah, my clothes really are pretty ugly, aren't they? I didn't have a lot of material to use, and they get dirty when you live a life of adventure like mine!" She giggles with excitement as Silk tells her she might try to make her some new clothes. "Oh woow! You make clothes?? If it's like what you're wearing.... oh my goshness..... I would be so exciiited!! Thank you! And you're name is so amazing sounding too! Of course you may sit here!" Rocket bows slightly and takes on a faux serious tone, "I would be quite honored, madame! Kinda sound like the butler, don't I? Tee hee..."

She then notices another voice asking them to come with him. Rockett then quickly jumps out of her chair, throwing the sheet aside. "Okay!" she shouts with much enthusiasm. "But, this is a considerably nice waiting room, I think! Anyway, yessss! Nice to meet you sir!" She curtsies to him and follows.

Just as Silk takes her seat, a tall, unusual but alluring man enters the room, addressing the two of them. She immediately rises from her seat and curtsies. “Charmed, milord,” she says. Upon her ushering them from the room, she follows quietly, taking up her bag and tilting her head down again, that her hat once more obscures the upper half of her face from passersby. “I rather agree with her. For a waiting room, it was rather luxurious and radiant. Is there a room in this hall that doesn’t exude refinement and beauty.”

Ruoh smiles as he walks them into the main hall.  The primary hall of Quinsenterra is a wide, hard-floored room that could easily be used for dancing.  It's refelctive and clean with statues and abstract art sitting here and there that add to the effect.  The central stairs lead upwards on both sides, leading to a balcony walkway that wraps around the whole of the room above the door where they just entered.   The balcony leads to various doors and a
couple of hallways in opposing directions.

The banister all around the entire platform and stairs is decorated and carved with intricate designs and patterns that add to the rather large chandelier in the room's center.  It's well lit, but the columns beneath the balcony's circular direction are lit underneath with decorative tea candles.  The doors underneath the balcony are simple to see and find because of this.

Ruoh says, "If you'll follow me."

He walks through the door on the immediate right and down into a hallway.  This hallways opens out into a large library on the left, but the walls along the right side of the hallway are also shelved with books.  When they pass the library, they are led out into a rather expansive room--a sitting room with tables and comfortable chairs.  There is a girl here, singing as Lady Aurella de Gant is seated, watching intently and politely.  The girl is singing beautifully.
She is tall, thin, and pale with white hair and red eyes.  Her clothing is rich, her kimono a pale pink with silver and gold trimmings.  As they enter, Ruoh gestures quietly to a couple of seats as the girl smiles in their direction and finishes her lovely performance.  When it is complete, they clap their hands lightly before the girl nervously bows.

Lady Aurella stands and says, "Welcome to Quinsenterra, my dear.  Ruoh will mark you and you'll be given a wonderful tour of your new work station."

The girl squeals, happily jumping a little, but she stops immediately upon the Lady's expression.  She bows again and thanks her in a more calm tone before being lead away by another girl from the direction of Lady Aurella, after giving her a small command to give the girl a tour and direction to her own private room.

After they have exited, she asks, "Who's next, Ruoh?"

Ruoh looks at the ladies politely, "Which of you would like to hop in onto the stage?"

There she was. Lady Aurella, herself... Rockett couldn't believe she was right in front of her... and this girl on stage.... she was beautiful, and her singing was soooo great! Rockett covered her mouth with her hands. She was even excited for the other young girl as Aurella welcomed her to Quinsenterra. "I could be NEXT!" she thought, her eyes widening.

As nervous as she now felt, she had to get up on the stage and make a good impression first when Lady Aurella asked. "It's now or never!"

"I will!" she chimed in quickly, and ran over to the stage, leaping onto it.

"Okay! I'm on the stage.... umm, what is it you would like me to do, exactly?" she asked, her face going from chipper to confused to determined, all in the span of the sentence. (Not that it was that easy to tell with the state of her broken looking face.) She put up her fists directly under her chin, shaking a bit with... both excitement and anxiety, really...

As they pass through various rooms in the Guild Hall, Silk observes her surroundings. She appears especially drawn to the library as they tread through it. With its high ceiling, and monstrously tall shelves, it’s a wonder there were fall trampolines at every corner. “My goodness. I’ve never seen so many books. I might get lost in here,” she says. “Assuming I’m allowed to join, of course.” She smiles rather bashfully at Allas, regarding her presumptuous statement, before entering their final stop.

The girl upon the stage sounds not unlike an angel. Silk listens politely until the performance comes to its end, lightly clapping in the background. When asked who should be next, and the ragged girl jumps to action, Silk concedes with a smile. “It’s only fair, no? She was here before myself. Break a leg, my dear," she says. "Oh, but do try not to take that literally. Given your… state, odds are high it’d actually snap off,” she adds.

Ruoh beckons Silk to a chair before he introduces Lady Aurella to the girl on the stage.  Lady Aurella's expression is entirely blank, entirely stoic--devoid of emotion or of opinion.  She nods her head and greets her politely before Ruoh sits, himself.  Ruoh, though, is smiling at her with encouragement as he says, "Tell us why you wish to be here and what it is that you can do, please."

This was it... the moment of truth... "Think, Rockett, THINK! Why do you wish to be here... What can you do... You practiced this so many times in your head, remember? So why can't you say anything now?" She realized.... she had never felt this nervous before... it wa okay though... she took a deep breath and looked Lady Aurella and Ruoh diresctly in the eyes. "~Hhaa-- ~ HELLO MY NAME IS ROCKETT CERABELLA LINELLIESE AND I HAVE WANTED TO BE A MEMBER OF THIS GUILD EVER SINCE I WAS VERY YOUNG BECAUSE A LONG TIME AGO I LOST MY FAMILY AND I WANTED TO BE A PART OF SOMETHING AGAIN! NOT JUST A FAMILY, BUT A PLACE THAT I COULD PUT MY SKILLS TO USE AND HELP PEOPLE AND I ALSO WANT TO LEARN TO BE A PROPER LADY! ~ pheeeeww" she shouted out as if replying to a drill sargent. She really was nervous but she needed this... she took a breath and went on, noticing she may have shouted a bit too much. "MY ABILITIES ARE!-- umm, sorry, my abilities are that I can draw some, I know how to sneak and fit in small places, I have practiced a bit of sparring with a stick before, and I did learn how to fight and take care of myself, thanks to my friend here," she points to the cat now suddenly next to her upon the stage as if it had been there from the start, "and I also learned som ettiquette and how to dance from before I lost my old family!" she stopped, suddenly, trembling a bit, still staring into their eyes with as determined a look as she could muster... She was so afraid of what they would say....

"I see," Ruoh says politely, "And tell me, Ms. Rocket, what magical capabilties do you have?"

"Well... um, heh heh... actually..." Rockett started sweating a little, which looked incredibly bizzare on her corpse-like body. "My magic is... I guess you could say, like a defense mechanism... it keeps me from dying. My old family... they were... very bad people..." she choked up a bit. "Someone came one night and tried.... well succeeded I think in killing us all, except me, I remember the kn- the knife going at my neck and next thing I remember, my big house was gone.... and so was everyone else... so... I just ran away... far away before anyone really got there... the house... it was kind of off on it's own, like... not very close to the city or anything... we had the place to ourselves... but I was afraid to stay so I escaped. Someone eventually noticed I was out on my own in the streets and put me in an orphanage, where I met Sir Coaltar. But he convinced me to escape and go find my own way, so... I have been now... that's part of why I'm here. But yes.. I guess the best way to say my power works as far as I can tell, is that it keeps me from dying. It's only triggered a few times, but every time it happens, I feel more alive each time, than I ever have.... it feels amazing, actually!" she said, perking up again. Having to talk about her loss for the first time in so long was tougher than she remembered, if she could call it that. It wasn't as much losing her horrible family as it was remembering how scared she was when it was all happening. She felt better off without them as family...

Ruoh's eyebrows scrunch up, and he's about to say something with his confusion and tilted head, but it is Lady Aurealla that speaks, this time.  Her voice is firm, "So you're saying that you resurrect yourself.

"I guess so, yeah... I mean, yeah, that's what it has to be... I vaguely remember, but it feels like I actually die before it happens. It's gotten easier to deal with the pain each time, and coming back feels like I just woke up from the best sleep ever, but it hasn't happened very often so far, which I guess is good.."

Aurella says noting, but Ruoh instantly leans in, speaking softly so that most could barely hear, "I know what you're thinking, my lady, but let me take her to Kennot.  We cannot verify her abiltity through practice, so this is how it should be done, in all fairness."

Lady Aurella looks at him for a moment, her eyes travelling to him and then to the little girl and then back again for a few seconds before she finally says, "Fine.  You can return with a report of what he says, Ruoh, before the day's end."

"Of course," Ruoh says happily as he gestures her off of the stage, "Next we have the Lady Silk.  Silk, would you step up onto the stage, please?"

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Post by LightningFang on 5th June 2017, 11:02 am

[ATTN: Open]
Darkneess Shrouds Guild Hall; Sarrice Kingdom6PM

Elizabeth looks up from her reading "Dad, you know I hate it when people call me that," Elizabeth says with anger in her voice. "Sorry Elizabeth. You know that I forget these things sometimes," Nekron replies. She had been paying attention to what Christy and Xander were doing, Elizabeth just didn't know what game they were playing or the rules of it really. She then places her book down and walks over to where Xander and Christy are. They look up and see her walking over to them, both Xander and Christy shift in there seats. "So, who wants to go where?" Elizabeth asks with anger as, she was just about to get to what, she thought, was the good part of the book.

Christy looks at Elizabeth and shakes her head no, as she remembers what happened the last time. That was not a fun and happy time. As for Xander, he also shakes his head no. He didn't have it as bad, but knows that it could have been worse for him. As he heard what Christy went through.

Once Elizabeth has made sure that both Xander and Christy stop and won't be doing that again, she heads back over to her corner of the room and picks up her book to go back to reading. Once she's back to reading, she notices that Christy and Xander are back to playing their card game, but this time they are fighting more quietly. The only reason Elizabeth can tell that they are fighting again is the fact that Christy got up and started walking away. Elizabeth rolls her eyes at this, knowing where this was going to head. Xander then got up, picked up the cards and started walking towards Elizabeth.

Xander also knew what game Christy was playing and he knew just what to do. Christy thought that Xander didn't like her and Miguel being together. That fact was wrong he actually didn't mind them being together. In fact he thought that they were good together. He also knew that Christy didn't completely like the fact that Xander liked Elizabeth. He just wasn't sure how to tell her, nor how to let her know in someway. When he reached the table where Elizabeth was at he lowered his head to get a better look at the cover of the book Elizabeth was reading. "So, your reading The Ranger's Apprentice. How is it?"

"It's good, I guess," replies Elizabeth with her answer. She knew what the next question would be, she wanted the conversation with Xander to last for a little while longer though. That's why she didn't answer immediately when she knew what the question was going to be. She knew why he was talking to her. The reason was to get back at Christy for that card game they were playing. If only she knew how to tell him. He was so close to her, she just didn't know how to tell him. It was in these small moments that she felt like the world was standing still.

"What's it about? You haven't stopped reading it since when you first got it," Xander says with wonder in his tone. If only I knew how to ask her. Xander thought to himself, trying to figure out the best way to ask if Elizabeth was interested in him. I mean how do you ask a goth chick that you like out on a date? Xander thinks to himself as he waits for a response from Elizabeth. He knows that she likes to finish a paragraph before looking away, it makes it a lot easier to remember where you are at.

Elizabeth explains to Xander what the book is about so far. About how it's a fantasy novel written, about how a young boy becomes a ranger in world similar to theirs. "Is there anything else you would like to know?" Elizabeth asks him. Hoping that this will lead to something more in future questions. She also hopes that he will take the bait to ask her more questions, like about how her day was. Things like that, like if they were actually dating. Elizabeth thinks to herself, knowing that they will more than likely be nothing more than just friends.

Xander thinks for a second before he asks, "How is it? Would it be something that I should read sometime?" Xander wanted the conversation to continue, he wanted it to last longer. He just wasn't sure where to take it. He knew the basic things to ask someone when they are reading a book, he just wanted to know what to say after that. Xander then started to think about what to say to lead into asking her out.

"It's good, I would say you should read it." Elizabeth says looking up at him. She looks at him with her, cold, emotionless gaze. How could someone like me? What would it take for me to get him to like me? Elizabeth thinks to herself, trying to come up with an answer. Little did she know that he actually did like her she just couldn't see it, for it wasn't obvious. They didn't really show that they liked each other at all.

"Will you lend me the book when your done?" Xander asked inquisitively trying to keep the conversation going. He was going to run out of things to say soon. He knew he would, it didn't help that it was coming closer by the minute. If only moments like this would last forever, he thought to himself. He enjoyed moments like this, he wanted them to last forever.

Elizabeth thinks for a moment deciding whether or not she should. "Sure, I will let you borrow it. Just so long as I get it back when you're done," Elizabeth says in a neutral tone. This would give her a reason to see him again. It would also give her a reason to talk with him more. They could talk about the book and stuff in the book.

"Thank you, It will be good to read something," Xander says with a small amount of excitement in his voice. This will be good, Xander thinks to himself. I will be able to talk to her more about the book, this will also be a good way to make Christy mad. Only when they fight during a card game.

"Your welcome," Elizabeth responds. She tries to come up with an idea of what to say to him. Trying to come up with a something to keep the conversation going. She knew it would end, but would it end now or just a little bit later?

Xander stays sitting for a while, sitting at Elizabeth's table, and looks around. He notices that Christy is sitting and talking to Miguel. He debates in his head whether or not to get up and go listen and see what they are doing. Yet he never really sits with Elizabeth all that often, and when he does it's usually in silence like it is now. Which is fine, sometimes, but he would like to talk with her more. It's just that with someone as quiet as Elizabeth, who has other things she would rather do, it's hard to find things to talk about.

Elizabeth looks up from her book and sees Xander looking at Christy and Miguel talking. "Go, see what they are doing. It'll be more fun over there, than here at least," Elizabeth says, knowing it would happen anyway. She wasn't the best at talking with people nor was she attractive in the slightest. At least in her opinion she was, then again she never really did much to look attractive. She doesn't wear makeup, or jewelry, she doesn't even walk like a normal women. More so meaning she walks more like a male.

Xander turns back around to look at Elizabeth and says "It's fine, I don't mind sitting with you. It's nice to sit in comfortable silence with you." Xander sits back in his chair, leaning it back on two legs. Xander stays like this for a while, after about ten minutes, he gets up and walks over to where Christy and Miguel are. He then sits down, and starts talking with them and seeing what they are up to.

I knew he would go sit with them, it wouldn't last forever. It was nice while it lasted though, but she knew he wouldn't want to be in silence with her. At least not for very long. She wasn't as people say, very ladylike, she never really was. But in the end it wouldn't matter, she will probably end up alone. Which didn't matter too much to her. This was all that Elizabeth thought about while reading her book. If she did end up with him, it would be nice. If not, she wouldn't care too much. Besides she almost finished the book, it would be nice to finish it. Just so she could go on to the next book. There were a few books she had in mind.
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Post by Luna on 5th June 2017, 3:31 pm

Attention Open
IE Guild Hall 6:00

Claire had went on about her business and went back to training after finishing up with Ilyana and Ryuko. It's been a long day and she is tired and hungry. She heads into the guild to clean up and get ready for dinner. By this time, several others have also joined her and come in to cool of and get ready for the late dinner.

She pours the water into the basin. She then takes her helmet off and sits it on the bed. She would need a shower tonight. This would only be a temporary clean up for dinner. She walks back over to the basin and leans over to splash her face with the water. She sighed as the sweat and dirt left her face. She continued to splash her face until she took the bar of soap and washed her face and hands. She rinsed them off in the basin before taking a towel and patting her face dry. She takes the basin and the towel and disposed of the water and put the towel with the dirty items. She took the basin back to her room and then went down stairs to have dinner.

She passes by the board and her name catches her eye. She stops and reads the notice. So she was going on a journey with Ilyana, Ham, July, and a few others. She wondered what kind of mission it was. She would have to check her armor tonight and and her sword to make sure everything was tip top shape. She knew her bear form would be good. She smiled as she walked to get in line to get her food. She gets her a plate and makes her way to eat by herself.

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Post by Vye on 6th June 2017, 8:46 pm

[Attn:White Cross Guild]
With the guild master out of the house for the day, Chiron had used the small vacation to catch up on an adventure novel he had taken a fancy in during his last mission before Dark Ascension attacked. There hadn't been much time off, healing combatants and following Ryushi through his daily tasks. The tranquil peace was interrupted when Eadel appeared in Chiron's office, telling him Ryushi had returned in a sickly state. "Teleportation sickness...just as I thought."

Chiron rose out of his chair and hustled to the kitchen to prepare some ginger tea. While the kettle heated up, Chiron brought a cup of cold water to Ryushi. "I told you teleportation was risky, with your constitution, sir." Chiron joked as he approached Ryushi, handing him the water. "I've got water boiling for some ginger tea. It will be ready in a few minutes." With the water out of his hands and removed one of his gloves. Placing his bare hand on Ryushi's shoulder near his neck, Chiron checked to see the exact state of his guildmaster's body.  

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Post by Ink on 6th June 2017, 11:55 pm

(Collab w/ Leah)

[ATTN: Lady Aurella, Allas Ruoh, Open]
Quinsenterra Guild Hall~6:20 PM

Though amused during Rockett’s spirited declaration pertaining to her interest in joining the guild, Silk’s face drops the instant the girl decides to regale them of her history. Her expression, though half obscured by her hat, is rather grim. Her mind drifts into a dark corner of history. She’s pulled out only by mention of her name as Allas and Aurella finish with Rockett. “Certainly,” Silk says with a polite bow. She stands and swiftly makes her way to the stage, hands folded in front of her as she turns to face her audience, the brim of her hat still casting a shadow over her eyes. “Lady Madelyn Challant, mistress.” She curtsies to the stoic Guild Master, once more assuming her impish grin with the small fang at the corner of her mouth. “But yes. I am also known as Lady Silk. How do you do?”

"I'm quite well, thank you, Lady Silk."  Lady Aurella immediately replies, "Faring well, I do hope?"

Silk nods. “I am, thank you,” she says. “I had quite the lovely carriage ride into town. The weather is rather pleasant, today, and the view of the cotton fields and silk farms along the road is quite serene. I can see why the esteemed guild raised its walls, here. Even the town is absolutely bewitching. Or perhaps that is the influence of the guild, and not the other way around.”

Lady Aurella nods at the compliment and motions with her hand for Silk to continue, "Yes, dear.  The fields are lovely this time of year.  A wonderful display of ettiquette, Lady Silk.  So tell me, why do you wish to join Quinseneterra and what skillsets do you have to offer our establishment?"

Silk tilts her head to one side with a faint grin of personal satisfaction before giggling at the opening questions. “I wish to join for people like that young lady,” she says, nodding towards Rockett. “The world is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful people. Of course no guild would understand this like the one whose halls we occupy at this very moment. But there are those whose appearances are… not conventionally seen this way. They are different – strange even. But still beautiful. And unfortunately many of them don’t believe they are. I’m simply trying to represent them. Show them that they can be comfortable I their own skin. That they, too, are as beautiful as any other. And who better to represent them than someone like myself?” Silk tilts her head upright, that the brim of her sun hat no longer obscures her face.

Not seeming rattled or even mildly deterred, Silk stands rather confidently for a beat before continuing. “As to my talents, I’ve made a living for myself as a seamstress and tailor,” she says, twirling to give them a full view of her handmade ensemble. “Many have also taken to calling on my gift as a fortune-teller. And yet many more would consider me a conversationalist. Indeed I’ve been paid for my skills in Speechcraft a fair few times.”

Ruoh smiles, "An impressive set of skills, I admire your handiwork.  What magical abilities to you have, if you dont' mind my asking?"

Silk bows politely. "Not at all. I merely didn't wish to insult anyone's intelligence, in the event that my appearance gave it away," she says. She holds her head up, looking out over the audience. "I, of course, possess some of the attributes of a spider. Above average strength and agility, adhesion to surfaces usually made impossible due to gravity, and the ability to spin my own supernatural webbing."

"What training have you undergone?"  Ruoh asks.

The corners of Silk's mouth curl up slightly and one of her fangs pokes out. "Nothing so formal," she muses. "I call it 'training of the world.' I don't wish to bore or depress you with the details, but suffice it to say my life hasn't been an easy one. As I'm certain you can imagine. I have had to fend for myself a great deal. And by now I'd like to think I'm quite capable at it."

Ruoh wasn't surprised by the non-answer, as they get those sorts of replies all of the time.  However, he simply waits for Lady Aurella's response.   When Lady Aurella replies, she says, "Welcome to Quinsenterra, Lady Silk.  You'll be welcome here as a member until you prove yourself to be an asset to our establishment--as your membership is now a trial membership since youa re a vague non-entity and you have no one to vouch for your character.  Should time prove that your character is upstanding and that your placement here will be valueable, that trial can become permanent--unless you can supply a writ of merit today."

Her hands folded in front of her, Silk bows politely with a faint smile and a small giggle. As she stands upright, she cocks her head to the side endearingly. "My undying thanks to you, mistress," she says. "I assure you the opportunity won't be wasted. Of that you have my word."

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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by RadioTanuki on 9th June 2017, 2:16 am

(Collab between Leah and I :D)

[ATTN: Open]
Quinsenterra Guild Hall7:00 PM
Ruoh soon exits the room after Silk's presentation, disappointed but hopeful.  He moves into the room where they had asked the young, zombified girl to wait and smiles at her reassuringly with a sweetness as he waves, crouching down to see her better as he holds out a a shining, golden rose that matches his eyes.  After giving it to her, Ruoh holds out his hand,  "My lady, a small journey awaits.  Shall we?"

Rockett sits in her chair, waiting in the next room over, almost violently kicking her legs back and forth as Coaltar sits on her lap. It's the only comfort she ahs at the moment. She knows she tried her best to make a good impression, but she was so much more nervous than she thought.... Lady Aurella.... She couldn't believe she had just went up and spoke in front of her... she was like... her hero... and it sucked.... she just knew she had goofed up... she could tell... she wasn't stupid... she saw how she looked at her... Even Mister Ruoh looked nervous for her.... she already liked him, she could tell he seemed to really have a good heart.... It was at that moment that he walked into the room with a rose... she didn't even notice until he waves at her and smiles, and she jumped a bit, startled. But at his smile and the rose, she smiled back and gasped quietly... she was lost for words at even this small gesture of such kindness towards her... he looked so cool and nice... and THE ROSE! She felt like... crying almost she was so happy to see him. "T-thank you!" she managed to get out before he spoke, to which she replied, " Gasp* Oh! umm, Right! Yes, of course!" she squeaked... He was offering her his hand! Oh my goshness.... his hand! She didn't know where they were going, but just that it was somewhere... especially with this man... was something better than she had imagined. There was hope. And she got to hold a really pretty man's hand and get a rose from him! She was already liking this day better!

As they walked out of the room, though, curiosity struck her. "Oh, how did Miss Silk do? Can I know? Did she make it?"

"Lady Silk is a trial member, my lady.  She will prove to be an asset, I am sure."  Ruoh says gently, "Now, a good friend of mine is going to teleport us to Infinity Edge--have you ever been through a teleportation process before?"

"Ohhh, ...okay! And umm, well... no... I have seen people vanish and everything when they do that kind of thingy before, but uh, I haven't ever done that myself really before. Although the people who I saw did it didn't seem to be in pain but it was fast and I don't know how it feels coming out the other end and stuff... It... doesn't hurt, does it? Well, like, I know it probably wouldn't but it's okay anyway. I get hurt a lot. I'm clumsy sometimes so I'm used to it." Rockett replied. She actually would not have been that clumsy, but when your body is falling apart at times, it's easy to slip up due to it.

"Oh, it's no trouble," Ruoh says happily, "Our particular teleporter can get us through without any side effects--however, she does have to kiss our cheeks.  I hope you won't mind that."

"Oh, okay then! Hee hee!" she giggled. "How could that sound bad? That actually sounds really sweet!" she added beaming.

[ATTN: Closed]
Infinity Edge Guild Hall7:20 PM
After they are teleported to Infinity Edge, they are greeted by an empty room, small with bedding and light furniture.  Ruoh instructed the teleporter to wait there before he exits the room and escorts the young girl with him in a gentlemanly fashion.  As he is stepping out of the room, they are in a long hallway and it isn't long before they run into...Ilyana.  Of course.  Of course she'd happen to be walking along in the hallways this late at night for some weird reason.

"Ruoh."  Ilyana says in surprise, "I didn't expect you."

Ruoh bows, "Lady Ilyana Tsundre, this is my guest, Rockett.  Rockett, meet the Guild Master of Infinity Edge."

Ilyana looks down at the decayed child with a raised eyebrow, but it is not the girl's appearance that throws her off guard.  Rather, it's the incredible contrast between her and her company.  Ruoh's crisp, gentlemanly appearance almost glows in comparison, yet he somehow seems to take no notice.  Of course, Ruoh's always been kind for someone of Aurella's Guild, but this is still quite unexpected.

"A pleasure to meet you," Ilyana says, bending down to shake the girl's hand, "Welcome to the Edge."

"Ohhh.... Hello Lady Tsundre, it's nice to meet yoouu! These hallways are really big and majestic! Thank you!" Rockett said, in the most sincere way. It was pretty clear she was actually in awe, not only of the teleport, but the place she was in, the man standing next to her, and the woman in front of her... These were people that she had only heard tell of before, for the most part... Heard rumors and such. Although she had seen Lady Tsundre once before in town. From a distance... it was a big spectacle then. This was somewhere she never thought she would be, through a method she never thought she would travel... it was amazing... she couldn't believe it was happening, really... "Wooow... I don't think I've even been close to this guild hall!"

Ilyana laughs a little, completely caught into the adorable of that which is Rocket's sweet words and kind tone.  She stands and she says, "Happy to have you here, young lady."

Ruoh beams at her, "I do apologize for using Lady Aurella's teleportation space so suddenly in the evening.  We simply wished to borrow services of Kennot to analyze Lady Rocket's abilities."

Ilyana nods her head with understanding and then gestures for them to follow before she turns around and leads them down the hallway, through the main Guild Hall lobby where everyone is laughing and eating late into this night.  They all pay no mind to the visitors, for the most part, but there are a few that glance their way with curiosity.  When they exit the dining hall, they move to the back of the building where open training rooms are.

There, a black man sits alone, munching on his own form of sandwich as he watches two Infinity Edge guild members train and battle  each other.  His eyes are glowing a brilliant green as he watches them fight, but his gaze shifts over as they walk in.  He looks at them, nodding with familiarity to the two adults before noticing the decayed girl behind them.  His eyes widen in surprise as he stares at her just a little bit in silence as Ilyana introduces them.

Rather than acknowledging the introductions or even saying hello, he simply says, "Woah.  We got ourselves some res magic.  Now that is cool.  Regeneration magic.  Fascinting."

As they walk through the dining hall, Rockett notices how much fun everyone here seems to be having. This place gets cooler and cooler by the second! A few people look up from eating towards them, some giving her sort of a funny look. She's used to that by now, so she just smiles and waves back as she normally does, although that typically has little effect on most people. At least she isn't greeted by screams here though! Coaltar follows directly behind her as Ruoh and Lady Tsundre lead the way.
When they finally get to the training rooms, she sees the dude with the brightest green eyes she has seen watching some guys fight... He must be the Kennot dude... Why else would he be the only one in here watching and not having fun in the dining hall like the others? Before she can ask, he turns their direction and responds immediately... " gasp * WOOAAAAAHHH!! How do you do that? AMAAAZING!" Rockett says, eyes wide. "You can tell that quickly... like it's nothing! I wasn't sure until now what kinda magic you called it, but that sounds a lot better than can't die magic, for sure! Oooh! You should do Sir Coaltar's after me! Is that all their is too it, though? Or should I do something else?"

Kennot chuckles, nodding his head, "That's right, kiddo.  It looks're pouring out mana--like a water fountain.  For now, that'll be a huge drain on your powers, but later on, I think it'll...form into something else.  I'm not sure, entirely, but it looks like you have some kind of area ability of force--maybe something that could push people away from you..."

Ruoh nods his head, smiling and listening carefully as Kennot continued, "She'll definitely get regeneration abilities later on--you know, self healing?  I am not sure about any limitations, yet, as usual--but yeah.  She's got some serious potential.  I've never seen someone that can't die before...."

"Wooooaaaahh! Really? No one else that can't die? I wasn't sure, but I'm sure happy to be alive!" She said cheerily. "Otherwise I would never get to join a guild and help people! And I dunno about the mana leak... thing? Not sure what that is at all.... I feel like I have no control over this when it happens, but last time I did get kind of a glimpse as I was coming back to... it's kinda blinding when it happens... at least to me, I dunno. But the but the force thing must happen, seems like every time I come back I'm in a pile of garbage or something... well the first time was when my house was destroyed, but I didn't think that was me... not sure.... More recently I was out in the open, but there were like... some weird marks on the ground anyway..... heehee... yeah... maybe that was me..." She looked around until she found Coaltar at her feet. "Ohhh! Coaltar! Wanna see if you have untapped magical potential?? This is Coaltar, by the way, he is my teacher! He taught me a lot about surviving on my own, actually.... I dunno if he's got magic, but he seems really good at stuff, for sure... and pretty lucky... well, he says it's skill... I dunno... he's more about demonstrating stuff, yep!"

"Meow...." Coaltar says in an almost smarmy tone...

"Yeah, already seen him," Kennot says with a smirk, "Like this cat.  he's intelligent as any human and he's got luck magic--I gotta say, for the second intelligent animal I've ever seen, he's not half bad.  I think you're ranks will both be C and A."

"Oh wow.... yeah, I didn't even think about ranks, but that sounds really good to me! I didn't even know I could be that good with barely any practice... umm, dying isn't something I usually try to make a practice of... ya know... I guess I gotta get better some how though... You Coaltar?"


"Ha ha ha! He's silly... he wants higher than that... but Sir Coaltar, I know you're like an expert but rank S? You probably have some room to grow, at least! Come on! Think of the extra potential to learn from the guild!" she says to him, petting his head and beaming at him. Coaltar's stone expression doesn't budge... until he looks away and licks his paw, ignoring them, as if on purpose. "He'll go with it. He does that when he doesn't agree but doesn't care that much either. I think we're good then! Soooo, what's  next, then?" she asks peppily, looking up to Ruoh and Illyana.

Ilyana smiles widely, shaking her head with surprise, but she looks at Ruoh over the girl's head, "Are  you going to take her?"

"Mmm," Ruoh says lightly, "Not my decision.  We'll head on back, then--thank you so much, both of you.  I do hope we can get together, sometime, go to a party or create art as a group, sometime."

Kennot smirks, "Sure--if that art is me beating people up over their heads.  Speaking of which, Ruoh--did you get some physical battle skills, like I asked?  Your powers won't help you at all in that area, your magic is completely defensive only, really."

Ruoh shakes his head, "A shame, I simply havent' had the time.  I do try to avoid violence, however.  You know this.  At any rate, farewell, my friends.  Until next time."


Ruoh turns to walk away, but Ilyana says his name.  He turns back to see her and she look sat him very seriously, her hand over her injured torso instinctively.
"Thank you.  And...tell her I said thank you.  So much."  Ilyana says.  She's already told her this, but...she has to say it again.  She has to.  Ruoh bows his acceptance of her message and then offers a hand to the little corpse girl.  He's such a kind man, it would seem, but she still is very wary of him.  He's too mysterious for her tastes, still.  She watches the two leave with a cat in tow and Kennot looks at her with a look of surprise.

"Damn.  It's been quite a day for me.  First a badass dragon sword girl and now a self res-er.  This is my day."  Kennot says.

[ATTN: Open]
Quinsenterra Guild Hall (Again)7:50 PM - 9:00 PM
Rockett didn't mind the whole teleporting thing... at first, she was a little nervous, but now, she had to admit, it was actually kind of fun. It oddly enough didn't seem to harm her frail little body. But maybe then that was the regenerative power that Kennot had talked about at work a bit... or maybe soemthing to do with her being... well, not so well to begin with. She guessed she was probably used to the typical pain of the human body, for the most part. Years of growing up as a decayed husk most of the time made the pain easier to tolerate for her in general.... possibly nerve endings decaying had to do with it... That stuff was kinda beyond her to think much about. She wasn't like a doctor or something. But it was really exciting being there, and better yet, finding out what was going on with her. And everything was looking very promising! As they got back she said, "Oh WOW Mr. Ruoh.. I just... have so much to take in! That was so exciting! I've never been in a place like that and Lady Tsundre was so coool and nice too! And so was Kennot! I can't believe that Coaltar and I have such high ranks and amazing powers!" she beams at Sir Coaltar. "I told you I knew it all along, silly! You thought you had me fooled with your 'skills' all this time, but your 'SKILL' is actually LUCK! HA!"

Ruoh laughs a bit, "A lucky creature, indeed.  I must apologize, Coaltar.  I did not realize your sentience, or I would have greeted you properly when we met.  I do hope that you will forgive the lapse of manners."

They continue through the Quinsenterra Guild Hall after they have returned and he moves towards the woman's office when they walk by the intro room and discover that she is no longer in there.  Recruitment for the Guild must be closed for the day.  Excellent.  The last thing that Ruoh ever likes to do is interrupt.  When they reach some rather large doors, he stops and looks at Rocket sweetly before saying, "Just wait here.  I'll be out momentarily."

He's gone for a short while after entering through those doors, but he soon returns and opens the door for her and gesturing for her to enter.  When she enters, she finds herself within a lavish and large office with a white, wooden desk and a lot of maroons, reds, and pinks.  Lady Aurella is waiting behind her desk, quietly staring at the girl with a stern gaze.  "Lady Rocket again, My Lady."

Lady Aurella nods her head in greeting, "Hello, Ruoh.  Lady Rocket.  I'd like to welcome you to Quinsenterra on  a trial basis.  Should you prove useful to our Guild with dedication and proper ettiquette, you'll be welcome to continue here as a permanent member.  I do ask, however, that you wear a veil and proper clothing to assist with your odd appearance."

"gasp Oh.... WOW! REALLY? I'M.... I'M IN THE GUILD?? FOR NOW? Yes! YES! YEEESSS! I'll wear whatever I need to Lady Aurella, oh my goshness, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I WON'T LET YOU DOWN AND I PROMISE I'LL ALWAYS TRY MY HARDEST!... eeeehhhhh...." she shivers a bit and is in tears of joy. "I can't believe it, Coaltar! We did it! Somehow we did it!" Coaltar looks away at this, aaand.... licks his paw.

"Oh come on, lighten up! You don't have to play it cool all the time. Hee hee!"she turns back to Lady Aurella with a serious look on her face now, "Oh, so whatever you need me to do, I'm on it right away! Just say the word!"

"Umm, also, I don't have other clothes..." she adds.

"That's good," Lady Aurella says softly, "I already have a Quest for you.  Ruoh will be taking you and whomever else he chooses with him on his next Guild Quest.  He'll be assessing your assistance during the Quest, so keep that in mind.

As far as your clothing, equipment, accessories, and other things, our Guild will assist in providing it for you.  We do have an acqusitions department that will be more than happy to get you what you need and we will offer you the finest clothes.  Ruoh here will provide you with an escort from our guild that will show you to your room, your code of conduct booklets, and assist you with acquisitions.  Have a good evening, my dears."

Ruoh nods his head and bows respectfully, "Of course, my lady.  Thank you very much."

Hearing how softly Lady Aurella speaks by comparison, Rockett realises how loud she must be... How improper of her, in the presence of a lady such as this, but she couldn't help it... she was just overwhelmed. She perks up at the sound of a quest already but does nothing more that let out a small gasp when Ruoh replies, snapping back to from her thoughts, "Oh! Yes," she quickly replies, also bowing to her. "T-thank you very much!" She then follows Ruoh out of the room.

She was then taken through the guild and shown everything she would need. She already had seen the dining hall, but was amazed at all the other facilities... Especially the bath! She hadn't had a real bath that wasn't every few days in a river in so long, she could barely remember....
So that was the first thing she did. "Yay Coaltar! they have bubble bath! I haven't had one since I was little! This is gonna be awesome! And it's right next to our room, aaaand! It's freeee right nooow!! Weeee! Hee hee hee!" She went into a squeal. Baths were so nice.

After finishing, she found a night gown that fit just for her. It was prettier than anything she had worn during the day in a long time, much less to bed. She looked through some of the other clothes.. all so pretty... and so many colors. She felt of the stitching on them, examining it closer. It was way better than she felt she could ever do.

"yaaawwwn... Well Sir Coaltar, let's call it a night! I'm tired already and it sounds like we got a big day ahead of us tomorrow! Whoop!" she flopped onto the bed. "Ahhhh, SO COMFYYYY!! Softest thing I've ever layed onnnnn!!!!... zzzzzzz"

Coaltar jumped on the end of the bed, looked around, and licked his foot.

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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by MethosArchaic on 10th June 2017, 1:20 am

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Open]
Infinity Edge Guild Hall7:30PM

((Collab with JulietHasAGun)
Xiax had cleared through a pretty hardy chunk of his tray of food. Chatting with July and Ham was pretty pleasant, and it took quite some effort to remember to not talk with his mouthful. It was considered rude, but if July kept making him laugh he was bound to try and laugh chicken up into his nose again. Suddenly Xiax's eyes went out of focus, his hands stopped their eating motions and he stared ahead unresponsive.
July and Ham stopped amidst their humorous bickering, with July leaving off on a playful shove delivered to Ham's shoulder. They quieted, July attempting to trace what Xiax was looking at only to find him staring off into space.

"Hey, you alright bud? Xiax?" July waved her hand in front of his face slowly, seeing if his eyes traced the motion.

Ham watched his sister try to snap the man out of it.

"Maybe it's a side effect?" He set down his fork. "Perhaps you should bring him down to Iris?"

After a couple minutes, Xiax's eyes finally locked onto Juliet's attempt snap her fingers in front of his face. It took another space of a few seconds to recognize the two of them. The looks on their faces caused him to feel crestfallen and it showed on his face as his shoulders slumped. "I - I didn't pour water on anyone's lap did I?"

July leaned back into her seat, relieved, as Xiax finally came to.

"No, but you gave us little bit of a fright, there. Though I was going to have to carry you down to Iris. And she is not in a good mood today." She noted the sadness on his face, and opted to try to make him feel a bit less guilty about his space out. "Hey, happens to the best of us. Nothing to worry about, friend."

Ham watched as July attempted to alleviate the slump of the mans shoulders, waiting a couple moments before timing his question.

"Is...that...a drawback of yours?" A small, wiry smile came to his face. "Because if spacing out is one of the worst things you do, might I offer a trade? I do that on the daily, anyway."

"I'm sorry." Xiax said trying to apologize for frightening them. Juliette tried to brush it under the rug, it was awfully nice gesture. Drawing a steadying breath he tried to resume a more normal frame of mind. He accidentally moved around a bit of chicken on his plate giving away that everything wasn't alright. "Thanks. I'm fine now." He was losing his appetite. "Yeah. it could have been worse though. At least I don't think I've forgotten anything this time."
This was followed by a forced fake chuckle while he responded, "But then again I wouldn't would I?"

July waved her hand dismissively. "There's nothing to apologize for. We're all fine, nothing to worry yourself about." She looked at him, leaning her elbow on the table. "I'll believe that 'I'm fine' malarkey when rats grow wings. 'Could have been worse' shouldn't be the benchmark for 'I'm okay now'."

She knew his attempt at composure was faked, but she didn't want to pry in spite of it. "Would you like me to take you down to see Iris? She might have something to help you with out...thing."

Ham furrowed his brow. "'Forget anything', you suffer from memory loss?" If so, that was...quite the serious drawback. How much had he already forgotten to his ability if this was such a regular occurrence?

Xiax shook his head, "No, I'd best not bother her for something like this.". It would be really rude to bother Iris with something like this, he bothered her enough with his other medical problems. "And yeah, I forget stuff sometimes." Another sigh happened as Xiax set down his fork and took a drink of water instead. "It could have been worse. Judging by everything around, I guess I wan't out for long this time. Most of the people are still in the places I remember." That, and he wasn't in a completely different place than he remembered. Small comfort there.

"Frankly, if she finds out about this later and finds out you didn't tell her she'll probably break your ribs. Speaking from experience, she's scary as hell when she's mad." July let ham take her now empty place out from between her elbows as he piled it on top of his. "But yeah, no, this sounds serious. Memory loss? Blacking out for extended periods of time? Waking up in completely different places?" July let out a small 'hoo'. "That's some shit."

"I wouldn't worry about moving to a different place with July around, though. She tackles like a battering ram. That'd wake you up."

"Iris is scary, but she's pretty much admitted there isn't much she can do..." Xiax warred with trying to explain what else could happen. "Kennot says the stranger side effects from touching people have something to do with how Infuse works. Though both Iris and Kennot agree that I need to train my power, and maybe they won't be so bad once I get the hang of it." He shrugged, "Infuse, that's what I call my power. Or rather it calls itself that, it's rather hard to explain it really."

July nodded in agreement. "She threatened to break my other rib-cage today. I know she was lying, as I'm totally her favorite," Her words dripped with sarcasm. "But yeah, scary as hell. I heard about the ins and outs of your power through the grape vine. Sounds like some shit." She leaned back in her seat. "Any way we can help?"

His thumb found it's way to his mouth and he chewed on his thumbnail as he pondered it, "Hmm." Taking notice of it, he stopped biting his nail. "Unless you plan to knock me out all the time. Though that does give me an idea." Xiax stood up and grabbed his tray. "Thanks July, I think you've solved one of my problems for today. I'd better go talk to Iris, rather not, but -" the man shrugged his shoulders, "- what else is a man supposed to do?"

"Well," Ham stood, collecting his and his sisters plates, offering the pile out to Xiax in case he wanted him to take his away as well. "July, if you'd like to take him down to see Iris, I'll be here." He knew he didn't have to remind her about their agreement from earlier.

July once again nodded at him. "Well, if you need knocking out, I'm more than happy to help. Knocking people out is something me and Ham are very good at." She pushed herself up from the table, stretching herself out. "Well, if you want me to take you down to Iris, in case you blank out again, I'd be more than happy to."
When Ham held out the trays Xiax went to take them, but realized that Ham was offering to take his. So a little awkward shuffling around Xiax managed to get all the silverware onto his tray and placed it on top of Ham's stack. "Thanks."
Xiax didn't know know what rank Juliette or Ham where but being in IE made him pretty sure that she was being honest. After all, Edgies were sort of known as Peacekeepers, and not the sit down and talk about your problems kind. "I don't really think that'll happen, but if you want to stretch you legs a bit then who am I to argue?"

July and Ham exchanged nods as July gestured for Xiax to follow her, Ham disappearing in the thinning crowd with his stack full of trays.

"You sure about that? Can never be too careful, you know; and I could always carry you, worst comes to worse." She playfully flexed, her overcoat generally hiding whatever muscle movement her arm pumping would have accomplished.

A laugh escaped Xiax's lips as he followed beside July, "I don't doubt that, at least not if your bother's any indicator of your family." Xiax's eyes shifted constantly, watching out for anything that might cause an accident. "Not that I probably won't be finding out how far you guys can toss me tomorrow. Dreading that, but Ilyana will probably have Carissa there to help."

July scoffed. "My brother was trained pretty much since birth to kick ass. Sure he was dedicated; but his strive for 'peak physical form' was hammered into him. My talents are a bit more....understated. But I can still throw down with the best." She grinned. "You don't have anything to worry about from us, we're friendly; promise. We'll keep an eye out for you." She paused."What about you? You got any combat mettle or are you more of a sidelines kind of guy?"

Xiax cringed when she asked about his combat skills. "With how often I'm getting my ass kicked in training, I think the 'instructors' have made it pretty clear I suck. I've got plenty of new bruises from their affections."

July smirked, raising an eyebrow. "Well, if you want I'm sure Ham could assist you if you wanted to be better with swords- you're a bit bulky for an assassin, otherwise I'd show you some tricks of the trade." She rubbed her hands together. "But if you were still interested, I'd still be more than happy to teach you. I leave bruises though, sorry to say. Ham doesn' much."

"That's.... good to know." Tomorrow was going to be brutal. "I can't say I'll every really be great at fighting, but I do a great impression of a sponge."
He tried delivering the lame punchline."I try to soak up just about everything."
"Honestly though, I'm trying my best. I'd like to think I'm getting better at defending but it's hard to tell. The only thing I have confidence in is that I seem to be pretty physically fit. It's about the only real compliment I've overheard anyone say." Mostly he could tell by how they watched him, not everyone said anything but Xiax could pick up on their body language.

July snickered, shaking her head at his joke. "A sponge is good and all, least it means you're soaking up what they teach you. Though if you ever want to be a sword swinging badass, Ham's always eager to train new comers; though he's a bit insufferable when he's trying to teach you something." She shrugged, noticing they were coming up on the infirmary. She lightly nudged him in the ribs. "But yeah, you're well fit; there's a lot of potential in that. At least you're not starting from nothing."

The infirmary was just up ahead, and he'd be able to see if Iris could give him some drugs to knock him out. Even though he'd been paying attention to keep from bumping into anyone else, he'd let his guard down while talking to Juliette. His body froze up, as his power triggered and Infuse activated.

His body trembled, was the hallway always this dark?. His shiver ran down his spine, and the hairs on the back of his neck rose as something breathed on them. Snapping back around, he wasn't prepared for what he saw. Jumping back he drew his knife, he had to defend himself. Ravage looked out at him from behind Juliette, his fingers reaching around to curl around her neck.
From beyond the door he could hear the sounds of battle, and blood spilled out from under the doors.
The nightmares returned, and Xiax curled up on the floor his hands grasping at his head as lost himself in the nightmare of eight weeks ago. Unable to stop himself he started crying as he rocked himself trying to tell himself it wasn't real. It wasn't real, it couldn't be real, but it was. Phantom pain filled his body as the ghost of that night possessed him. This time the Demon would slay the Angel, the Valkyrie was opening the veins of those in the halls. The blood pooled at his knees, and Xiax kept repeating the mantra to himself
"It's not real, it's not real. It can't be real, it can't."

((OOC: Collab continues with JulietHasAGun posting the next part))

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 10th June 2017, 3:31 am

((Continuing the Collab with MethosArchiac))

Infinity Edge Guild Hall7:50 PM
July stopped on a dime; it was like an electric snap of....The best fucking feeling she'd ever had. It felt like something been pulled out of her; a toxic, black growth that had been living in her guts. Gone. She had to take a moment to steady herself on her back foot, not even moving for a moment. She flexed her fingers. The talking, the noise, that gnawing blackness at the back of her head, crawling up her spine; it wasn't there, it wasn't breathing into her head. The flashes of confusion and dark, of terror and panic; none of it could touch her. Cobwebs had been pulled from her insides and she felt like she was born again. She For the first time since she got her powers; she didn't feel like something was holding her down, dragging her to the sunken place in the back of her chest.

But something was wrong; she never felt this good. Never. Not the best high in the world could ever make her feel like this. Something was wrong; but she didn't want it to be wrong. Because it felt so damned right.

No, no this is bad. Something happened? What happened before this? The place where panic should have been was filled with sweet, blissful nothing. She felt power on her fingertips, coiling them and uncoiling them; like she should have been doing something with them. Should have been-

Her eyes fell to her left, where Xiax had been. But he wasn't there? Her eyes crawled one foot, two feet, three-
"Shit," She breathed, dragging herself back down from her impossibly large high. "Shit-" She went down to one knee, hands hovering over him; like birds trying to decide on a place to land. 'Don't touch him, touching him is how you fucked this up. Get Iris. Get someone else.' He was curled into a ball; she had done this, she did this to him. What was he seeing? She'd heard about it. Apparently not enough though, as her stupid ass had touched him and fucked this whole thing up.

"Xiax! Xiax? Shit, shit Xiax I'm so sorry. I'm so, so sorry." Something in her wanted to cry; but she wasn't even on the comedown yet; the guilt was there, in her voice, in her chest; but it was like her brain hadn't even realized it yet. She hadn't felt this clear in years. She looked up; the medbay was close enough, maybe Iris would hear her- she didn't just want to leave him like this.

"Iris! Iris, please! I fucked up! Xiax is down!" She shouted, trying to get someone to hear her, beginning that someone in there would hear her and she wouldn't have to leave him alone.

A voice called, inside It knew the voice. It called, and when he looked up he saw the face of Ravage his smile splitting impossibly wide. It breathed triumph, it gloated it's victory at him.
Xiax shook his head, "No! No-no-no. I saved her!"  he cried as Xiax looked into Juliet's eyes but only saw the Assassin Ravage.
Inside a voice muttered on, it whispered words of a girls power into the heart of the former hobo. Xiax's face twisted as his mind warred with one impossible reality. Juliet's voice screamed out for Iris, as the Valkyrie kicked open the door to the infirmary and stroad inside to continue the slaughter.
The faintest detail didn't line up, for a second Ravage's face shifted into the features of someone he hadn't met yet, not here, not now.
With startling speed, Xiax reached out and locked his hands to both sides of Juliet's face. His power triggered again, sending more of himself into her. "It's not real ??? It's not, it's not." The pain was there, fueled by his nightmares, it infused him like a phantom. He needed to remember who this was, so he tried to keep his hands locked on her.
"July." That was her name, and it helped stablize him.  "Turn it off, July, turn it off."
Xiax continued to cry, it was hard not to fall back into the nightmare.

"Shit," July hissed to herself. He was freaking the fuck out; and she'd freaked out, yeah, came with the territory- but she didn't think she'd ever had anything this bad. "Shit, shit, shit."

She didn't know if it was better for him to hold onto her or worse, she didn't know what to do.

'Think dumbass, think think think-' She remembered Ham, remembered what he used to calm her down. She wasn't Ham, and she'd never been nearly as bad as Xiax; but it was worth doing something.

"Xiax? Xiax, I need you to listen to me, alright? Just listen to my voice. I'm right here, it's July and I'm right here. You're right- whatever you're seeing, it's not real, it's not real. Look at me, listen to me; it's going to be fine, I'm going to fix this." She felt another wave of that damn fan-fucking-tastic feeling, and she knew him holding onto her was doing him no favors. She could either eliminate the cause or the symptom, not both. "Keep looking at me, okay? Don't take your eyes off me, just focus on my voice and you'll be fine-" She didn't know who she was bullshitting more, him or herself. "To-" She stopped, trying to rationlize with him. "To turn it off you're going to have to
let go of me, alright? I'll help you but you have to move your hands. Can you do that for me?"

'Stop touching me, you nutjob' is what she felt like she was saying to him; even though that couldn't be further from what she meant. She'd have let him put her in a damned headlock if it would have helped him at this point, but she knew whatever energy he was tranferring to her was directly related to whatever the hell was wrong with him.

She moved her hands up to his wrists and gently tried to remove his hands from her face. She wondered if she could Void Reach the both of them through the door to the infirmary without fucking him up even more.

"IRIS!" She shouted again, then, in a significantly more desperate tone she yelled once more; her eyes only flickering from him for the briefest of moments. "Anyone!"

The noise of doors opening, made Xiax's eyes want to wander. Instead July was there, and his power demanded to know about her as she talked at him. The shadows intensified, but Juliet kept his attention locked on her, and not to the people coming to help her but to him they came to take him away.
He didn't want to let go, the shadows would get them if he let go. If he let go the shadows would get her too. "I can't leave you. I can't,
I won't." She was the only thing anchoring him right now, he felt her grab his wrists. She wanted to save him by throwing herself into the abyss, he couldn't let her do that.  "No, please don't!" His fingers locked into her hair, "Save you! I, I-"
Xiax's power intensified, and his hands held tight to Juliet.
Inside he forced it to twist. His entire body was hyper tense but the magic inside it wrestled from him. Mental hands reached inside,  and Xiax strangled it, as hard as he could,
and it stopped. His magic shut off, the nightmares remained.
His hands shook, cramped fingers where forced to release, and Juliet was free. "I'm sorry." Xiax Appologized. He felt so tired, his arms felt dead.

July felt his hands righten, saw the people coming to bring him into the infirmary. "It's alright, it's alright!" She felt his grip tighten in her hair; feeling more sadness for him that any noticable sense of pain. "It's going to be fine," After a brief moment of siezing, she was free, she felt the grip loosen, she saw them pull him away. What had she done to him? It was like a shock of electricity before it all went to hell. Like that brief moment of hyperawareness before someone going off the edge of a building; that strange, surreal lucidity. "It's fine..." She breathed, looking him in the eyes as they took him away. "It's fine..." She didn't know if he could hear her. She still felt clear; clearer than she had in years. But a with a clear head came a murky conscience.

What had he seen? What did she make him see? Who did he think she was? Obviously not her. She fell back on her hands. He was gone now, disappeared and carted off to be among people that wouldn't cause his power to go hell in a handbasket. She stared at the doorway in which he had vanished into; she cool feel the icy feeling of guilt tracing down her spine.


She had to do something for Ham. Ham needed her. She shakily stood, her eyes not leaving the doorway, backing away for a few feet before turning herself around to go find her brother. She didn't even realize she was running.

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Main Hall8:15 PM
Ham sat in the now empty guild hall, sipping a small night cap mixture one of the kitchen staff had brought him. Odd, she should have been back by now. Images of her pestering the new guy danced through his head; he almost felt bad for Xiax. Then again, some friendly socialization might do him good.

He heard the faintest sound of boots whisking across the floor, shifting his eyes upward. He saw July, running towards him; a thousand yard stare etched across her face.

He stood; immediately setting his drink down, walking towards her, opening his arms- half expecting her to crash into them.

"July, July- what's the matter, what happened?

To her brothers surprise, she stopped on a dime; not wanting to touch him, not wanting to touch anyone. That sickening pop of physical electricity still deeply embedded in her mind.

"Spotter. You needed me. Alarm system." The words tumbled out, her gaze now leaving him. "Let's go. Set it up." She briskly moved around him, ready to keep an eye on the entrances of the now empty hall.

"Woah, woah!" He gently grabbed her arm, not pulling her back to him, but not letting her move, either. "What happened?"

July froze at the touch, inhaling a deep, shuddering breath. "We'll talk about it later." She responded calmly.

"July-" Ham persisted, his voice going lower, more serious. "What happened with Xiax?"

"I said-" July's voice dropped to a low, dangerous growl that made her brother recoil. "We'll talk about it later." Her brothers grip weakened, and she pulled away from his grasp. "I'll monitor the perimeter."

Ham nodded, surprised, and somewhat chilled by his sisters tone. He watched her scan the perimeter, making sure everyone was gone, and that no one was coming.

He stood in the center of the room, pulling out the sigil Ilyana had given him. He unfolded it, positioning it just like she had told him; mimicking her movements exactly.

He held his palms out, away from his chest, fingers spread, at the glyphs center; focusing and taking a deep breath. He focuses, mind keen on the task at hand. He waits for a moment before finally exhaling the words. "Archon's Watch."

Ham felt a pop, deep inside him, like a balloon full of too much air. It felt good, comforting. And then, he felt safe. Like a warm feeling washing over him as the barrier expanded around the guild hall. He felt the heavy drain on his mana, steadying himself.

So that was what Ilyana's magic felt like.

He rolled his shoulders, relaxing himself; sensing that the barrier was placed, his job as done; and one look around the room let him know no one had bore witness to it.

He exited the room, meeting July out in the hallway. She barely acknowledged him, her posture tight.

"You done?" She asked, her voice calm, almost normal compared to what it was before.

Ham nodded, his voice softening. "Yeah..let's go back."

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Private Rooms9:00 PM
July quickly retreated to her room; and Ham, rather than pry any further, decided to get ready for his 'tryst' with Ilyana. Would that even be the correct word for it?

He looked at himself in the mirror; his heavy vest overlay hanging on the coatrack behind him.

'Relax, Ham; this isn't a date. I doubt clothes will matter much anyway.' Despite that, he fidgeted with his appearance, running his fingers back through his hair. On his desk he had a bottle of Karnacan red; the finest- something he'd been saving for a special occasion, and he figured this was as special as it was going to get for him. As well as a single, slightly aged, Karnacan rose.

He thought the rose might be too much; but Ilyana was a lady, and a lovely, terrifying one at that. So he figured the worse she'd do is laugh at him; and hopefully keep the rose.

He heard the door adjoining to July's room click open, and turned to see her shuffle in, eating a bowl of...something? Cereal, perhaps?

"Hey," He said softly, stopping his hands from fidgeting with his collar. He let her approach him, watching as she took a seat on the couch of the study.

She chewed on her cereal for a moment, staring down at his feet, her fading thousand yard stare drifting up to meet his gaze. "You wanna know what happened?"

Ham nodded slowly, leaning back on his desk, watching her attentively.

There was a brief period of silence. "I broke him, Ham. Not....permanently." She exhaled shakily, letting her spoon rest in her bowl, tilting her head back. "I thought...I thought that if I didn't make skin to skin contact, it'd be fine. We were just laughing and joking and..." Her face cringed at the memory. "And then I elbowed him, lightly, barely even a nudge. And I felt this...explosion. This feeling of pure, utter bliss. It was the best damn thing I've felt in my life, Ham. Nothing even comes close." She looked down at him, not bothering to tilt her head back. "The voices...stopped. The terror stopped too. I felt...clear, like I was born again, baptized in sunlight and something pure and good and-" She stopped, taking a deep breath, and letting it out before continuing. "And then I looked at Xiax. And he was on the ground, curled up into a ball. He was crying, shaking, talking to himself- Think about the worst you've ever seen me Ham, and think even worse than that. I tried to kneel down to help him; I didn't want to touch him because me touching him is what fucked him up in the first place. I tried to reach him talk to him; he noticed." She pressed her lips together for a moment, pulling her head forward. "He reached out to me, held my face in his hands and just...cried. Begging me to turn it off, begging me not to leave. You see desperation in someone's eyes that deep it's..." Ham slowly took the seat next to her, making no move to comfort her yet. "I tried to get him to let go of me, touching me was only making it worse; but he freaked out, I felt his hands in my hair and the desperation in his voice; and people from the infirmary coming out to help. Then, it was like he turned something off, on the inside. He let go...He went limp. Last I saw of him he was telling me he was sorry and being dragged of to the infirmary." She started shaking, and Ham carefully, gently, took the bowl from her hands; then taking her into his arms.

"If you want to stay, tonight, I can stay." He was sure Ilyana would understand; she knew about July's unfortunate side effect, after all.

She buried her face in his shoulder, letting herself be engulfed in the hug for a few, quiet moments. "Stay?" She finally asked, pulling her face away with a sniff, her eyes red. "Where the hell else would you go?" She looked at him incredulously.

Ham's face paled; and he forgot that he hasn't told her. "Er...well, you see."

She looked him up and down; her gaze flickering over to the wine bottle, the rose, his bashfulness about his discussion with Ilyana, the time...A wicked grin spread across her face and her eyes came back to life as Ham watched. "Ham, you dog!" She bounced up and down on the couch, much to her brothers amusement. "I didn't know you had it in you."

He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as she playfully bunched his shoulder.

"Don't even think about missing this; your ass is being hailed, admiral! The captain is thirsty for that booty!" She stood, pulling him to his feet with the impish excitement of a child on Christmas morning.

Ham groaned at her pun, rolling his eyes as he grabbed the bottle of wine and the rose from the desk as his sister ushered him towards the door. "Do I look alright, navigator?"

July rolled her eyes. "You look fine, first mate. Besides, I doubt clothes will be a big concern anyways." She waggled her eyebrows as she ushered him out into the hall.

Ham stuck his hand out, stopping her from closing the door. "Are you sure you're alright? I could stay, Ily would understand."

July rolled her eyes once more, clicking her tongue. "Yes, paranoid. Now go. Have fun. Don't knock up our boss, though."

Ham opened his mouth to protest, but the door was quickly shut in his face, and he shook his head with an amused grimace.

"Make good choices!" Was the last thing Ham heard her say before turning off towards his destination. She smiled at the closed doorway, barely able to hear his silent footsteps as he walked off. It'd been years since Ham had been with a woman; maybe this would do him some good.

Once she could tell he was out of earshot, her face slowly fell. Her guilt grew with every moment of clearheaded bliss she experienced. She turned, retreating back to her room, plucking her bowl of cereal from Ham's desk and closing the door behind her. On her easel, there sat her next project.

'Xiax, And The Affix Of His Skin.'

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Private Rooms9:10 PM
Ham crept through the halls of the guild hall, silent as a ghost, carefully, inconspicuously making his way up to Ilyana's room. He stopped, ducking behind cover too quick for them to have seen him. Two people stood in his way; and just at the turn behind them was the way to Ilyana's room. He knew; he could easily blink past them. Easily. But that would be a flagrant and inappropriate use of his powers.

He peaked back around the bookshelf. Waiting for a moment before sighing to himself.

'Never tell anyone about this, Ham.'

He raised his hand, carefully aiming his blink; quickly teleporting past them and around the corner. He made sure the rest of his walk to Ilyana's room was swift; she never did this, ever, and he didn't want any unsavory rumors to come as a result of this- particularly about her. Him? He was used to it.

He gave a gentle knock at her door, flower and wine bottle delicately in hand.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 10th June 2017, 6:24 pm

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Closed]
Infinity Edge Guild Hall8:15PM
(Collab with Leah)

As the nightmare continued, the shadows came and carried him away. He tried to fight back, to little effect, he was too weak. Except he wasn't seeing things wrong again, he just panicked for a bit as he was overwhelmed. Juliette was gone, he had hurt her. This might have been one of the worst backlashes he had experienced.
The shadows moved, the little lamp next to his bed might keep them at bay. Xiax shook his head and tried to clear his head, They aren't real, they aren't. he continued to tell himself. Focusing on the fact that no one was dead in here helped keep him grounded. He could see Iris coming close, and even though her face momentary contorted towards something otherworldly. Her clothes didn't appear in the best of states and Xiax could tell that he'd probably taken her away from something else possibly more important.
"Hello Iris." he managed to get out weakly as she managed to get closer.

Little Iris glares at Xiax, her countenance expressing something that looks like hatred, disdain, distaste, or maybe even a little of all of them muddled together.  She snaps her fingers, pointing at a dude with lavender colored hair in the distance and he cringes.  Moving over to the bed, he says nothing but looks down at Xiax with an expression of pity.

"How long am I turning this off for you?"  He asks him.

He looks up at the dude with purplish hair, paying very very close attention to what he said. Off for you was not turn you off, but right now that's what Xiax felt like needed to be done. "Not yet, please not yet." his voice said leaking out. His hands rose to his head, "I had..." there was something he had meant to come here for.
His hands rose to his head, "Remember, I need to remember.
remember.." Xiax's hands left his head, curled before they futilely hit against the side of his head trying to jog his mind.
July!" His eyes snapped open and he looked at Iris. "IS She Ok?" the shadows swam at the edges of the lamps light, and Xiax feared that he might have hurt her. The poor man's eyes closed as he rocked slightly, No, no, No. She's ok! I didn't. Ravage - No it wasn't real.

Iris sighs, "All is well.  Ravage didn't hurt anyone, he's gone."

With eyes full of fear, Xiax's head snapped up to look at Iris' face. "Oh. No, no I'm fine." it dawned on him quickly that he must be mumbling out loud. "She's good. Good, good, that's good." A noise nearby caused him to snap his head in that direction, but it just turned out to be someone moving around in their bed. Trying to steady his nerves, he tried to force his heart to slow down. "It's hard to remember, but I wanted to ask you - what was it? Where am I again?"
His eyes looked around taking in the details again, "Oh right, the Infirmary. Iris, I wanted ??"
Once again his hands found his head and he tried hard to force his thoughts into order. "I came with July, July and Ham." He started to rock as he tried to sort through what he remembered. "She said it, she'd had an idea. No not really, but maybe she had it. My power, -"
his body rocked ** "Needed it off.
Drugs!" Xiax shouted as he finally got to it. "I came to ask for drugs. It works when I am awake, and I can't be touched. But if I was asleep, they won't work! No wait, I stopped. I know I did! July! Is she ok?" He asked once again, concerned for her.

Iris is confused, "Yeah.  She's fine. What the hell do you want?"

Iris was clearly getting tired with putting up with him. "I wanted..." Xiax closes his eyes and thought. "Kennot. Needed to see if you had something to - " Xiax's eyes dark off to the side again as the door opens, but it's no one he recognizes. Did the room get smaller? What is that smell? Iris snaps her fingers growing more annoyed, she was looking over towards Raja. What was his power? "No! Wait! Wait! I want to join!" That's what it was. No Raja didn't do that, that was what Kennot was in charge of. "I wanted to get something to sleep so I could Join." Xiax sounded relieved as he fully remembered why he came down here.

Iris didn't understand.  Join what?  She's confused.  So confused.  This dude is just weird.  "Raja go get Kennot.  And uh...I guess just go get Kennot. "
She goes to a cabinet and pulls out some clear liquid, pouring it out into a tiny cup and handing it to him, "You can drink that...if it's sleep you want?  I will only give you so much in a day, though--it's harmful to get addicted to.  You know."

Xiax's hands paused as flashbacks from just a short while ago about Juliet caused him to panic. Carefully he wrapped his fingers around the rim to avoid touching Iris as he took the cup. "Thank you Iris."
While he looked at the tiny cup in his hands, he thought he caught a smirk twist up at the corner of her mouth. It didn't but he suddenly was staring at the cup worried that he might never wake up. Little shapes danced in the shadows cast by the lamp. He took several long calming breathes, It's not real, July said so.. Xiax kept at it telling himself this, as he wondered if she felt like this all the time or if it was just Infuse going crazy.
Brooding over his thoughts was stopped short as the door slapped shut behind Kennot as the man entered the room.

Kennot steps in with a tired expression of his own--training didn't go well.  "Sup?"

Xiax looked up at Iris seeing if she was going to explain, but she looked from Kennot back towards Xiax. "Uh um well."
Now that the opportunity presented itself, Xiax was having cold feet. Where had his courage gone? He couldn't see Ham or Ilyana acting like this. With his fingers tightened on the cup, he gathered up his courage. "I want to join!" Xiax said with a clear voice and conviction. "I thought it over and everything, and Ilyana said I could join when I decided."

Kennot was lost at first, but finally he says, "Uh, the Guild?  You're in?  Fo' real?"

Not expecting that Kennot would question him, it caused his determination to waver. He nodded his head, while worrying if this was the right choice. There were plenty of reasons, after all they had helped him out more than he'd ever hoped. "Please", he pleaded faintly as he became overwhelmed by current and old feelings he'd been warring with for months. Tears threatened to leak out, so he lowered his face to hide them. "You've all been so nice to me." his body started to shake as he broke down.
"I'm tired of being afraid." the confession rolled out
"I can't go back to that. I can't."
Here he had found so many people willing to help him, so many people like Ilyana, Juliette and Ham who were so strong and courageous.
"I want to help them." He didn't have anyone particular in mind, he just wanted to help people, and help himself.
Even though he sucked at fighting, all his skills were useless, and he was weak, "Please, let me." he pleaded.

"Nice, man!"  Kennot says with a big grin, "Happy to have ya, my dude.  Where do you want it, how do you want it?"

Xiax asked a few questions, and Kennot was infectious with his enthusiasm. Eventually Xiax settled on what he wanted, hopefully it wouldn't look bad when he woke up. Kennot assured him that it would be totally 'Dope'. Xiax had thought the guy said rope, which led to Kennot explaining that Dope meant cool.
"Ok. I'm ready." Xiax said picking up the cup and looking at the liquid languidly rocking back and forth inside. Kicking back the cup Xiax, drank the mixture. It tasted like something between sweet milk and butterscotch if it was spicy like peppers. Rather than look stupid and ask Iris about how long it would take, he just waited till he felt his eyes start to droop. Just as sleep took him, the dread returned.

What if I don't wake up?
or worse,
I don't remember?

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 12th June 2017, 2:31 am

Infinity Edge Infirmary9:40

'I should sleep.' The words of wisdom drifted through July's mind, but no heed was paid to them. She continued her silent, stony painting, smearing the vibrant colors across the canvas.

She hadn't tore through a painting this quickly in ages; her head was clear, she wasn't distracted by the gnawing, whispering dread that frequently held congress in the back of her head. The guilt from that pushed her forward. She tried to exorcise it from her brush; the shame, the guilt, the clearness that might as well have been hollowness in the face of the price that had to be paid for her to enjoy mental silence.

The painting was colored in shades of vibrant, peculiar greens; a misty, inky aura filtering in from the edges of the painting. On organza of emerald; of misty silver hues.

In the center; Xiax, framed by shadow, the edges of a vast void beyond understanding of any mortal coil. His skin; she decided, was a metallic hue, a reflection of the eerie light that encompassed the artwork.

The lines were harsh, strong, showing presence, movement, drama despite depicting a perfectly still figure.

His elbows were bent, hands holding together with the reluctance of someone standing at the precipice of the unknown; the finger, she had remembered the finger- or, lack thereof.

His eyes, a mixture of silverite paint and her own personal touches, shining out through the grim visage of the canvas- portraying the same panic she had seen in him earlier, looking straight out at the viewer. But now, it almost seemed to be in control of itself.

'Do not come here,' The painting said. 'This is a place no one should venture.'

Was she talking about her own mind, or his?

Had she made him see that which was so terrible it sent him into a panic? She knew, she knew the side effects of his ability- then again, she had also said this about what triggered it. Maybe she was wrong, now, too.

She set her paintbrush down, looking up at the clock that sat on her nightstand. Over half past nine.

She looked at her hands; dirty, covered in paint.

She should sleep.

Her eyes drifted up to her painting, realizing the odd lucidity of her cleared head, the rush of energy, was making her think in circles. The voice in her mind was posh enough to sound like her damned brother. She hated that.

She pushed herself up from her seat, leaving her jacket behind as she ventured into the study. A fading candle was the only source of light inside, seeing as how Ham wasn't there. She crouched before the liquor cabinet Ham kept by his desk; he wasn't much of a drinker, only enjoying the occasional glass of wine, or a nightcap- but their mother sent him so much liquor from banquets or other nobles, they were always fully stocked. She shuffled the bottles around, trying to find something suitable for-

"Ah-ha," July muttered, the words barely leaving her lips. She pulled out a bottle of whiskey, Karnacan whiskey. One of the only things she enjoyed from her home country. Smooth as silk and went down like a dream; she remembered the raunchy comment she'd made to Ham about it, once- she remembered his unamused groan. She smiled to herself.

July stood, tucking the bottle under her arm, snatching a piece of parchment from Ham's desk, and sneaking out into the hall.

'Quiet as the sunset, hidden like a secret.' That was what Eskel had always told her, teaching her how to sneak out, beneath the noses of her parents. He had been a terrible bodyguard, but an excellent mentor.

She crept quietly, quietly down to the kitchen, her boots barely making a sound. The floors of the kitchen, usually a dead giveaway for footsteps, hushed beneath her stride. Most of the kitchen staff was asleep, and July already saw what she was looking for.

Two, pristine cupcakes, iced, sitting amongst a bundle. July reached into her pocket, carefully pulling out a few gold pieces to leave in their place- she felt guilty just taking them, but she didn't have the mind for baking, right now, and she had to make sure Xiax was asleep.

She didn't feel like facing him when she was still riding the high paid for in his suffering.

She carefully balanced the cupcakes in her arms, starting to sneak away when-

She stopped, slinking back over, and shoved another cupcake in her mouth, adding to the gold pile she left behind.


It was dark by the time she got to the Infirmary; of course, most people would be asleep. She knew Iris would probably still be working, so she had to make this quick.

Her hushed footsteps quickened in the darkness, eyes quickly and keenly scanning the room to find- Xiax, yes, there her was. She felt a hitch in her footsteps; at least he was sleeping. At least he'd managed to sleep.

She wondered if now, as she stood there, he was having nightmares, the same way she did.

She wanted to scrub the idea out of her mind the moment she thought of it.

She carefully and quietly set down her 'gifts'; the bottle of whiskey, two cupcakes, and a note were all that would have let anyone know she was there.

'Sorry - J', hastily scrawled in large, thin letters.

She then left, as quietly, and quickly, as she had came.

Back to her room; to try to sleep, with what little time she had to do so.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 JulietMotY
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((Collab w/ Leah))

[ATTN: Attica, Grey]
Walsh Guild Hall6PM - 7PM

Attica immediately straightened her posture nervously before she clears her throat.  Her eyes dart every which way into the Guild Hall--it's bright in there and it's a break from the darkening skies outside.  When Yuzu finally notices her and approaches she shrugs.

"Old habits, I guess," Attica says softly, "I'm used to having to wait to be invited in.  My bad.  Um...Tower Tyke.  That's kind of an interesting title.  Never got that one before...  Anyway, I came here on a mission to speak with Grey, so I followed you so that I knew I'd make it safely.  Since you're scary and stuff.  You scare people way."

Yuzu stares flatly at the child. “Scary, huh?” she says. “Hmph. Guess that’s fair. I’d be wary around walking bomb, too.” She turns and nods to invite the girl inside, walking in with her hands in her pockets. “That stoic bastard is probably in his office, coming up with something else to make me do. Let’s go pay him a visit, huh? I’d like a word with him, myself.”

On the way, they pass a few of Yuzu’s guildmates, covered in dust from the town’s mines. Yuzu glances back at the kid, likewise a mess with damaged clothes, and covered in dirt. She looks ahead again. “Y’know, you almost fit right in, here.”

The large halls are decidedly emptier than those of Quinsenterra, selective and pomp as the glitter brigade was. Yuzu folds her hands behind her head as they near Grey’s office. “So why didn’t you just tell me you wanted to follow? Scare you too?”

Attica's eyes widen in surprise when Yuzu tells her that she'd fit in at Walsh.  The place seems a little less crowded, but she likes it.  A lot less fancy, too.  That's how a guild hall should be, in her opinion.  "I wish I could go here...I uh, I followed you because you strike me as the loner type.  Ya know, the 'don't get in my way or inconvenience me' stuff.  My big sister is like that, so if I travel with her, I gotta stay at least a few hundred feet back away from her if I'm allowed to tag along."

Yuzu glances back at the kid’s mention of the similarity to her sister, but she looks ahead again, not saying a word. Finally she sighs. “Yeah, well… ya still should’ve at least told me. What if I got real pissed again? You saw what I did to that guild hall. And since I didn’t know you were around I could’ve… ya could’ve been…” Yuzu stops herself for a moment. She comes to a pause in the hallway as well, and crosses her arms. “Just be careful around me, all right, kid?”

Without another word, she reaches up and knocks on the large iron door to her right. “Oi,” she says. Before there’s a response, she opens the door, walking in with the kid in tow. “Comin’ in. This one was sent to speak to you. And after that I’d like a word.”

"Sorry," Attica says, nodding her head, "You're right.  I'll be more careful next time."

Grey looks up at the two with irritation, but he says nothing.  He looks from one girl to the other, feeling suddenly as though he's a little suffocated.  It's no wonder he has claustrophobia in this tiny little office of his.  He looks at Attica as she waves sweetly at him with a smile and his stomach sinks.  Aurella.  Another favor, perhaps?

"Sup, Attica," Grey says with familiarity, "You've really grown.  The Guild is doing good for you, it seems."

Attica grins, "Yeah, I guess a little.  I'm still alive, at least.  Say, Lady Aurella wanted another favor--I gotta go do a quest for her, but she doesn't want me to go alone.  So she asked if you or someone else would go with me."

Grey raises an eyebrow, "What quest?"

Attica crosses her arms and whispers loudly and dramatically, "It's....classsifiiiieeeeed."

“Well aren’t you popular,” Yuzu says to Grey, crossing her arms. Yuzu turns to the door, giving a faux salute on her way towards it. “That means too secret for Yuzu to hear. I got it. I’ll be waiting outside.”

"Nooooooo!"  Attica says, clinging to Yuzu's arm, "Don't leave me alone!  It's not that, I was just jooookingggg."

Yuzu winces, looking straight ahead. “Did I say touching was okay? I don’t remember saying touching was okay,” she says. She glances down at the girl and her irritation dissipates. She grumbles under a sigh and goes to stand in the corner, leaning against the wall. “Fine.”

Quickly letting go, Attica looks apologetically at Yuzu before backing away quickly as she chastises herself in her mind.  Stupid.  She looks back at Grey, still sitting there looking curious, but also a little bored.

"Lady Aurella wants me to go after a specific person from Dark Ascension.  Since I have a past with him, I'm the best candidate.  However, since I'm young, she insists I don't do it by myself and Quin is low on offensive people at the moment.  Joy."  Attica says sourly.

“You know, I’m not even gonna pretend that surprises me,” Yuzu says. “So queenie wants to assign a babysitter to one of the only people in her guild who can take care of themselves. Sounds about right.”

Grey sighs, "Well, whatever she needs.  She's been there for me, so, I'll play.  Yuzu, congrats.  You're now the babysitter."

Attica beams.

"Also won't pretend I didn't see that coming," Yuzu says, glancing to the side.

Grey smirks, "Oh, look.  I'm getting predictable. Good. Anyone else you're gonna need specifically, kid?"

Attica shakes her head, "Nope. If Yuzu can't back me up, no one can, so I'm sure we'll be good. I already know where to find him, so it's no trouble."

Grey squints his eyes suspiciously, "So just you two, seriously?  You sure you don't want any additional back up?"

Attica shrugs, "Only if Yuzu wants some more."

Yuzu stares at the floor, her mind clearly elsewhere as she remembers back to that last mission. The mocking echoes back in her skull. The taste of her own blood leaves her mouth bitter still. In places she’s still sore. But most prominent is the potent odor of gun smoke and brimstone, lingering in her nostrils after… whatever happened back there. Her eyes fall on the kid again, as she seems to snap back to reality. A bomb is indiscriminate, her mind says, paroting the words of one of the people who’d goaded her in that instance.

She looks back to Grey, standing upright and running a hand through her hair. “You know me. I work best solo,” she says. Then she shoves one hand into her pocket and makes a small spark with the other. “But lately…” After putting out the mini firework, she shoves her other hand into her pocket as well. “I’ll think about it.”

Grey nods,  "Alright.  Just decide who ya want and report to me before you leave.  Just get this kid a place to stay overnight, will ya? "

"Sure," Yuzu says, leaning back against the wall. "But I still have my own words for you, in case ya forgot." She looks to Attica, then nods toward the door. "Kid. Do me a favor and wait outside? I'll be right there."

Attica nods respectfully, "Got it."

She takes her leave, leaning up against the door with an ear pressed to it as Grey just looks at Yuzu with a blank expression.  He says nothing and instead waits for Yuzu to say whatever it is that she needs to say.

Once Attica's outside, Yuzu moves herself to lean against the metal door, raising her body temperature to heat it up. Soon it's not unlike touching a clothing iron to anyone else pressed against it.

Yuzu can hear a soft "ow, ow, ow!" as a scrambling movtion is heard moving away from the door quickly.

Yuzu sighs and stands upright, hands still in her pockets. "What's this about a promotion, Grey?" she says.

Grey looks at her and blinks, "Didn't you see the boards?  You're up a rank.  That is what a promotion obviously, that means you're doing better in the Guild."

Yuzu holds the bridge of her nose. "Better? Did you even- no. Y'know what? I'm not gonna ask if you read the report. Of course you read the report. So you know what almost happened out there. How could you think I was doing better? You don't have a problem trusting someone that might literally blow everything to hell?"

Grey shrugs, "You haven't blown me up--yet.  Got no problems from me.  Besides, it was Aurella who asked to promote you.  So if you got a problem with it, take it up with her."

Yuzu's eyes narrow. "Don't tempt me. I've thought about it," she says, perhaps half jokingly. "Besides. You... weren't there. You didn't see it." Her attention drifts off to space as she leans against Grey's desk. Soon after, her eyes immediately spring wide open. "Aurel- what? The Ice Queen. Why the hell would she want me promoted? The chick hates my guts." She stops for a moment, casting a suspicious glare at no one in particular. "Oh. That's it. She's doing that game thing again. Hm. Fine." She stand and approaches the door. "Y'know, with all that gambling, chick better be careful. No one wants to end up with a dead man's hand." She stops at the door, just before opening it. "That'll be all...'boss'. I'll talk to you about the kid in the morning." With that, she exits.

Attica is waiting outside the door sourly, rubbing her ear.  She doesn't look up at Yuzu when she exits, but she waits patiently and quietly for the girl to walk again so that she can follow.

"C'mon, super sleuth. I'll show ya to a room you can stay in," Yuzu says, guiding the girl through the hall. They eventually reach the far wing, where the living quarters are located. The atmosphere is very... relaxed. Members are just hanging around, speaking casually, some talking about their latest missions or more impressive achievements in jovial fashion. There's a sense of camaraderie all around. Some stand around and enjoy mugs of the finest brew, laughing heartily at one another's stories. Yuzu stops by a room at the end of the hall.

Inside it's fairly plain. Nothing to write home about. Especially coming from Quinsenterra. Its walls are grey, and its furnishings are far from the luxurious makings one would expect from the more posh establishments, with their smoothest materials and comfiest dressings. Yuzu leans in the doorway. "Here ya go."

Attica sighs, "Ugh.  Welp, I guess this will do.  Thanks and stuff, Yuzu."

She plops down upon the bed and scowls, realizing how uncomfortable it is.  Damn, she hates a lot of her rich life, but the luxurious surroundings is something she definitely took for granted.  How doe Yuzu live like this?

"Don't mention it," Yuzu says. She glances at a small lantern across the room. With a flick of her finger, the candle inside ignites with a uniquely pink-colored blaze. Then she makes off for her own room.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Post by HikariKuragari on 12th June 2017, 9:31 pm

White Cross Guild Hall/6h15~7h PM

(This is a collab between me and Goetia/Vye)

(ATTN : White Cross Guild Hall/Open)

Chirron came to Ryushi quickly enough after Eaden left to get help. In fact he came back with water before Valentino did, which didn't surprise him. ''Thank you...'' He said taking deep breaths. As Chirron check him, he'll notice the symtoms as being mostly heavy neausea and dizziness.

Amelia nods and said ''I'll go take care of other matters while you take care of him Chirron, that'll remove some weight from his shoulders while he's feeling unwell.''

Valentino came back with the glass of water and looked shocked that his guildmaster already had one.

''You're too slow Valentino.'' Amelia said looking unhappy with him.

''I'm sorry... I was looking for the nausea meds, but someone misplaced them.'' Valentino placed the second glass of water near with the meds. ''Well brought this in case, I'll be off and leave him to you now Chirron.

Both of them gave them some space and told other members of the guild to keep their distance slightly for now.

Chiron detected the nausea and dizziness that he'd predicted. "Just as I thought." He muttered as he placed the glove back on his hand. "You're going to need some water, medicine, and plenty of rest." At that point, Valentino came in with more water and the nausea medicine. "Right on time, Valentino." Chiron smirked. "I'll watch over him for the time being. He should be feeling better after a few hours." He said to young guildmate.

Chiron handed Ryushi the glass of water and the medication. "Take only one pill, it should be enough to get you back on your feet. I'll return with the ginger tea." With that, Chiron quickly returned to the kitchen to pour out the boiling water into a tea cup. He added some ginger powder, honey, and squeezed out some juice from a lemon wedge. He then returned while still mixing the ingredients with a small spoon. "It's still hot, so be careful." He said softly.

''Right... '' Ryushi took the pill and drank some water. The feeling of drinking something though made him feel worse for a moment, but it passed shortly after. Chirron went to get the tea and as he came back with it, Ryushi thanked him again. ''Thank you, I'll wait for a few minutes for it to cool down a bit.'' He took a deep breath again and continued ''I hope I'll manage to get use to teleporting... Might need to teleport more often soon, all depending. ''

''Or I could fly you where you wish to go.'' Eaden said to both of them, his voice being heard in their heads rather than vocally with his mouth.

''Yeah could be a good idea... though it depends on each situation and the time I have to get to places.'' Ryushi replyed before taking another deep breath.

"Some people never get used to telepoting. Their body never acclimates to the reassembling. But I don't know about you. Still, better safe than vomitting on your feet." Chiron looked over Ryushi's weakened body. He had his doubts Ryushi would get used to teleporting any time soon, but he'd been wrong before. He placed the tea cup on a nearby table and leaned against the wall.

"So how was the meeting? Or is that confidential?"

''Part of it is confidential, though other part was about that quest we initially had. I'll be responsible to gather a group to reinitiate that quest again. The one of the forest. So I'll need to visit other guilds soon.''

"I'll start making preparations for us to leave within a few days. Just give us the word on when you would like to depart...That blasted Dark Ascension...interrupted all our plans. Those fellows really know how to make enemies. I don't believe a single guild invited them in the last 5 years."

Ryushi nods and start drinking a bit of tea, although it was just a small sip. ''Thank you. I'm not sure yet where I'll go first. I'll have to review the map and see. As for Dark ascension, yeah... they did a lot of mess. I just hope inifity edge are doing a little better now. ''

"Infinity Edge is quite a large guild, they should be able to recover in time. And with Illyana at the helm, I suspect their recovery will be swift." Chiron stroked his chin, thinking back to when he visited in the past. "I believe Blazing Swords is a fine place to look for some muscle and combat-ready allies. They always seemed like the brutish type, though...But for now, you need to rest and rehydrate."

''You're right, she's pretty strong, although also currently wounded. As for which guilds we'll go see first, I'll check the list tomorrow and see based on relation with others who I could more easily approach with diplomacy first. Although all guildmasters saw me at this point so regardless who I pick... I should receive a okay welcome.

Eaden was observing the conversation about humans politics and decided to not take part in it, humans didn't make sense to him sometimes. But he knew he would follow Ryushi anywhere.

''I'll finish my tea and go rest I guess.'' He said with a small sigh as he continued to sip the tea slowly.

"If you need any more, just have Eaden tell me, and I'll try not to serve so hot next time." Chiron chuckled. "I'm here if you need me for anything else. And I'm sure Nadleeh would like to see you tomorrow. She's probably in her room now doing her usual prayer." Walking up to Ryushi, he offered a helpful hand. "Would you like me to help you to your room?"

''I wouldn't say no for a bit of help... I still feel pretty dizzy and wouldn't want to fall down the stairs.'' He said with a small chuckle as he tried to position himself better for Chirron to help him up.

"Alright, up and at'em." Chiron grunted as he lifted Ryushi out of the chair. He placed Ryushi's free arm around his shoulder while making sure Ryushi was comfortable on his feet. "Nice and easy now." He proceeded to support some of Ryushi's weight and keep him balanced as the two made their way to the guildmaster's room.

''Yeah, nice and easy.'' He repeats back going slowly with Chirron's help. As they reach for his room he asked ''I think I should be okay from there. There's no stairs in my room so I should be okay to get in bed. Thank you again.'' He told his guildmember removing his arm from the support and walking toward his door... well it was a bit some kind of ankward walk, but he made it inside and all the way to his bed dumping his hat on the floor for now. ''Ugh... He removed the first kimono and just let it fall on the floor too for now, not really caring. He then just laid down carefully and tried to shift in a comfy position. ''Oh yeah Chirron ?....I forgot the door... think you could close it ?'' He asked while turning himself slightly to look at his guildmate who didn't seemed convinced of the walk he just did.

With Ryushi in his room, Chiron felt it was a good opportunity to get back to his adventure book. Before he was far from the guildmaster's room, he heard Ryushi ask to close the door. "As you wish, sir. Have a pleasant evening." He then closed the room door, being careful not to shut it loudly.

As he's about to finish the door Eaden slides in quickly and go snuggle Ryushi who was slowly falling asleep. He then roll on himself and lay down close to Ryushi's stomach.


Sherehazade Guild Hall/8PM

(This is a collab between me and Leah7)

(ATTN : Sherehazade Guild Hall/Closed to interactions/Open to noticing)

Ryla left the dig site without too much stuff aside from a bit of good quality steel and regular precious stones. Nothing out of the ordination which made her feel a bit sad. Though she did want to ask if it was okay to give that good steel to Rodimus once he would get back, mostly to thank him for helping her so much. Although she wouldn't mention the help part if she speak to them, she'll just say he happened to need some and she thought of maybe giving it to him. She hoped they would say yes.

But first thing first, she needed FOOD... and she was way too tired and lazy to go cook her own so guild cafeteria time ! She headed inside like everything was normal, not really giving attention to people gossiping about the new guildmaster or anything. She went to order her food, but had a bit of a look from the woman behind the counter, must have been becasue of how filthy Ryla was at the moment. She was covered in dirt up to her face and was still wearing the same suit she worked with, didn't even bother to change. After getting her giant steak with veggies on the side she sat down somewhere and started to murder that thing. ''MMmmm.... MMM...MMMMMMmmmmm'' She kep making loud noise of pleasure while eating the thing.

Rodimus is chatting away with the awkward Iasrite when he notices that Ryla has come in and is eating some of her food within the main hall.  He smiles and waves at her in the distance as Iasrite politely inquires about who she is.  When he mentions her name, a familiairity pops into Iasrite's eyes as he glances at the girl and looks her over analytically.  Rodimus isn't surprised that the man would recognize her name.

"Yeah," Rodimus confirms, "That's the girl you gotta keep an eye on.  You'll be relieving me."

Iasrite is glad for the confirmation, "I see.  Thank you, Sir Penn.  You will be parting, soon, then?"

"Eh," Rodimus says, "I'm in no hurry.  I'm waiting for Char to show up, since he was supposed to be heading this way.  Whenever he makes it, he and I will go about doing our own thing, but until then, you guys'll sitll have to put up with me, anyway.  Should I introduce you two, then?"

Iasrite nods, "I do suppose.  She wasn't here before, since she just recently walked in...I don't believe she got to be here for my introduction.  I appreciate it."

Rodimus nods, "No problem, man.  As soon as she's finished eating, I'll go snag her and we can talk."

Ryla smiled ear to ear when Rodimus waved at her and she waved back toward him while having a piece of steak coming out of her mouth. She had no eating manners at the moment, but she didn't care it was STEAK. After she finished the whole plate she looked left and right and then quickly lifted the plate to lick all the gravy in it and then she placed it back down. ''Best steak eveeeerr'' She said out loud looking happy.

When Ryla is finally finished eating, Rodimus looks over at the girl again, meeting her gaze after a few moments and waving her over.  he waits patiently as she moves to put away her dishes, he makes a little more small talk with Iasrite about their guild differences before he Ryla is able to greet them.

Ryla noticed Rodimus seemed to be calling her over and she put away the dishes and stuff and then came over. ''Heyyy !!! Good to see you again. Phew today was HARDCORE.... not that I did find anything cool though.'' She said with a pouting face.

"Digging around is cool on its own," Rodimus protests, "but that's just my opinion.  Anyway, this is Iasrite--he's Ilyana's bro."

Iasrite nods his head to her respctfully, "Greetings, Tarslen.  Rodimus spoke fondly of you."

''OOOH you mean like the baddass gurl ?! Nice to meet yo-'' She was about to show her filthy hands she didn't even bother cleaning before eating and then said ''Ahh maybe we'll keep the handshake for some other time. '' Ryla smiled. ''So erm... what are you coming to do here anyways ?.... Coming for a quest or something ?''

Iasrite clasps his hands before him as Rodimus grins, "He's the new Guild Master for Shez--he's only temporary though, if people don't take to him well.  He's afraid no one will like him, here."

Ryla jumps in surprise ''OH MY GOD !'' she exclaim loudly before adjusting her voice as some people stared. ''I erm, dunno what to say, but um welcome ! Though peeps are pretty y'know on edge at the moment, but they're all good people sooo.... I don't think you have to worry about a thing. If some peeps give you trouble, tell me I'll go spank them with the staff of justice for ya ! '' She said laughing it off.   Although she was mostly afraid that guy would pester her about becoming an S class, didn't look like it for now though. Ryla somehow wished she could speak with Rodimus in private afterwards to know if like that guy was really gonna be okay with her or if he was more on the council side. She just wasn't sure.

Iasrite sighs, "Thank you, kindly.  I do hope that you are right with this factor."

Rodimus rolls his eyes, "Dude, relax.  No need to be so tense.  I swear, Ryla's coo', so just relax."

Iasrite laughs a little, "Oh, of course.  My apologies, Ryla.  I do hope we can get to know each other a little better.  I should probably go do some paperwork, though.  I do hope you can assist with familiarizing me with the artifacts that you have all collected so far, at some point. And it would be nice to have help."

I warn you though, if I start talking about my babies you might hear about it till the next day.'' Ryla said with a small laugh at the end. ''So erm also guess if you're the new guildmaster I should ask you instead of Miriam. I found something earlier that I think Rodimus could use, I was wondering if it was okay to like just give it to him as a gift  !'' She start going through her super heavy bag that was full of precious stones and stuff but she took out a large piece of steel and showed it looking excited. ''TADA!! Super prenium quality steel !!''

"Ha," Iasrite says with approval, "Yes.  Of course.  You certainly should.  And I will ask Miriam, thank you.  It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you, Rodimus, for your company."

"See ya, Iasrite."  Rodimus says as the man quickly walks away, "DUDE.  Thanks.  I can't even thank you enough for this.  This is quality shit."

Ryla nods and let Iasrite leave and then when Rodimus turns to her she smiles ''Happy to be of service ! Take good care of it !'' She said handing it over to him. ''Also.. erm.. think we could speak in private real quick ?...''

Rodimus nods.

Ryla direct him to a calm corner where no one was. ''So erm... '' She started whispering. ''I feel like he's really chill, but should I worry on like you know my case ?'' She asked straight to the point.

"Oh, no," Rodimus says, shaking his head with amusement, "Iasrite hates the council.  HE doesn't do anything they ask him to and he never has.  It's a good thing that they didni't decide who the new guild master was."

Ryla swiped her forehead with the back of her hand. ''Phew... then I guess I'm still safe ish for now. '' She relaxed and then asked something else. ''Still no leads though ?.... On y'know who ?'' This one was also asked in a whisper.

Rodimus shakes his head, "Not just yet.  Don't worry, girl, I'm on top of it."

Ryla nods. ''Alright then, well I guess I'll go home and wash up and stuff. Are you gonna still stick around for some time or ?''

"Yes, I'll be here."  Rodimus says, "Waiting on my mate to show up--I told him to head this way some time ago with a messenger, so...yeah.  Anyway, I'll be staying at the guild, so when you need more help, let me know."

Ryla thumbs up and smile. ''Gotcha ! I'll come say hi tomorrow then teehee. Have a good night !'' She said leaving toward her home.


Ryla's Home/9h30~11h45 PM

(ATTN : Closed)

Ryla made it back home and it seemed like her uncle was already asleep. She went to take a shower and then brought her finding into her last to look at them and clean them as well as evaluate their value. She organized them in a way it would be easy to bring to the guild tomorrow and report in. ''Phew, talk about a lot of work. '' She looked at the time and did a face. ''Aww.. I wanted to get some pratice done with my staff, but I guess it ain't happening. '' She sigh and head to her room to get some sleep making sure to untie her hairs before and making sure both keys were still well hidden under her clothes. She huggued a pillow and tucked herself under her blankets setting an alarm to make sure she didn't over sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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{ATTN: Open to guild members, Iasrite Tsundre }
Sheherazade Guild Hall 18:30-19:00

Iasrite notices that Miriam is blushing when he speaks with her.  He is amused by this, as he's not used to it.  Ilyana is never so effected by words, but she's bold and Miriam is soft.  Perhaps that is why she felt unable to take the position that he must now live with.  He takes the drink offered to him buy the Guild Member--Zeruko.  Interesting.  The name flickers in his mind with familiarity, but he can't quite place it.

"Pleasure to meet you," Iasrite says in response, "Thank you.  I will also be at many sites, so I can relate.  As much paperwork that will be required, now, I will still be focusing on my work.  There is much out there that must be found."

“I know it may take some time to get in the swing of things.  Miriam here will be a godsend at times.  I will help while I am here too.”  Daisan rubs the back of his head with his hand.  “I personally love getting my hands on the artifacts.  It is like stepping into another world.”

"Diasan," Iasrite says calmly, "I must tell you something.  However, I fear it will make you uncomfortable, so I want to apologize beforehand.  I am very sorry."

Just before he said this, it almost looked as though his violet eyes had switched to orange--just very briefly.  After his apology, he pauses and then says, "Your necklace.  You should visit the Tavran Ruins to understand its relevance to you."

“What do you mean my necklace?”  Daisan raises his eyebrow.  He notices Iasrite’s eyes change color.  It must be some kind of magic he has.  “I have no problems visiting the Tayran Ruins.  I’ve been wanting to visit there.  When did you want me to leave?”

"Oh," Iasrite says, "You don't see it.  I can see it.  If you go to the Tavran will reveal itself to you.  Have you been there before?  If not, you'll need to take someone who has.  It is treacherous to those who are unfamiliar with its ways."

“Must be a pretty interesting ability you have there.  I work better alone, but if you think I should bring someone, I will.”  Daisan really doesn’t like working closely with others.  “Do you know who is available, or do I have to ask Miriam?  I intend to leave tomorrow if that is possible?”

Iasrite sighs, "I only know myself--I do not know anyone in this Guild.  Perhaps you should ask around?"

“I guess I will check with Miriam and see who is available first.  It is nice to meet you Isarite, and thank you for the new task.  It is good to have something to do.”  Daisan smiles awkwardly.  “I will be sure to keep you updated on the assignment.”

"Thank you," Iasrite says, "May fortune find you with favor."

Daisan walks away as if on a mission.  He needs to get packed for a new mission.  He will ask Miriam later if someone is available to join him.  He secretly hopes not, but knows that she will assign someone to him.  It is just the way she is and he doesn’t blame her.  He only hopes she doesn’t hear about this before he leaves tomorrow.  

He orders some food before heading to his room.  It has been a long day emotionally and he doesn’t feel up to talking with anyone.


{ATTN: Open }
Terrenia City, Shell 19:00+

After her dance she retreats to the back stage again.  Clementina peeks out into the crowd.  It is hard to see anyone, but she notices Reese.  It brings a smile to her face.  She didn’t tell the guild about this performance.  She is only slightly surprised to see him there.  She cannot see if Lord or Lady Crye, or any other guild members are there.

After the final performance, they bring everyone back out onto the stage for a final bow.  The crowd roars for everyone.  Clementina takes the time to greet fans while waiting for the back rooms to clear out.  She is surprised by the amount of people wanting to greet her.  She catches Reese out of the corner of her eye.  He is standing in the back of the crowd.  

She is careful to greet as many fans as she could before going to the back rooms.  It takes some time before the crowd clears, and thankfully the only people left backstage are the staff.  She changes out of her costume and into a nice dress.  She brushes out her hair and activates the tattoo.  She steps out and goes back to the stage area, but Reese not there.  It is pretty late, and she will see him tomorrow.

Kaimele finally returns home late.  Olivia was already asleep.  She goes up to her room and falls to sleep almost as soon as her head hits the pillow.    


{ATTN: Open }
Valoria Guild hall 18:00

Jacobi had most of the guild members who attended dinner in stitches.  He even thinks that Mia cracked a smile too.  He loves telling stories and most people believe him even when he is lying.  Finally he heads upstairs with Marcand on his shoulder.  He tucks the young kid into his bed and explains to him that he will be gone for a little while.  The kid promises to work out until he returns.

He heads to his room and falls asleep.  He has a long trip in front of him.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by EphPhoenix on 17th June 2017, 8:44 pm

Infinity Edge Guild Hall6:10 PM
Sylmeria looked uncertainly to Ilyana, then turned to leave, heading out of the office and to the front of the Guild. She didn't know what to expect. They seemed to have a flair for the dramatic today.

As Sylmeria went to the main hall of the Guild, a visitor sat at a table, waiting. Izshin, with his finely dressed suit and a boquet of flowers in one hand as he sat nervously. As she came into view, Izshin stood up quickly--unsurprising from someone from Quinsenterra, considering the lessons in ettiquette pressed into their brains. Despite just how much Izshin looked like his brother--and in fact, he was a softer, younger duplicate of Gren--they couldn't be further apart in personality.

As Sylmeria approaches, he hands her the flowers and smiles, "Hellow, again, Sylmeria. I apologize for coming on such short notice and so late in the game. I didn't realize that you'd be leaving tomorrow until Sir Kennot informed me."

Sylmeria raised an eyebrow. "Izshin?" she inquired. She had seen Gren's son at the Guild from time to time. He was a Quinsenterran -- a far cry from his father. She bowed politely, jumping slightly as she was offered the flowers. "Um, thank you," she answered, reddening slightly in her cheeks. "What brings you here?"

Izshin smiles, "Other than your beautiful countenance, I do have a delivery for you from my father."

He then steps back from her a bit, drawing a square in the air. A small, thin line of light that trailed after and soon a black void seemed to appear within it. Another dimension now visible, he reaches an arm in and pulls out a few items to give to Sylmeria. Pulling out thin bars that look plain and mysterious and then a nordic set of armor and a nordic necklace that seems qauite lovely in appearance. The armor seems light, easy to move in while also quite protective. By the design of the, they appear to be typically magical in some way, all of them.

Sylmeria reddened again. She could never get used to his flattery. "Your father? What would he...?

He opened a portal to another dimension and pulled out...thin bars, a necklace...and armor. She flinched at the last one, almost taking a step back before catching herself. I must relax, she chided herself, it's not a weapon. However, she felt dread at seeing it, all the same. She schooled her features from showing disapproval. The man meant well, after all.

"I thank you for your trouble," she said, bowing slightly. "May I ask if he passed on what these are for...?"

Izshin nods, "Since you avoid battling--he chose the armor so as to better defend yourself...just in case. The armor is enchanted to be able to be durable enough to block steel. Gren wants you safe. As for the other two...I'm not sure. He did give me a letter for Ilyana regarding them, so I assume she will know their purpose. If that is, indeed, the case, I'm sure you cold find out about the bars and necklace from her. I have not seen them before."

"I see..." she replied. "Again, I thank you for your trouble. May I offer you refreshment or mulled wine?"

Izshin grins, "I do love your company, please. Can we walk for a while, talk for a while? It has been so long since we last were able to visit. I feel as though it has been ages and I've been worried."

"Um..." she said, considering, "that would be acceptable? It is the least I can do for all your trouble. I cannot promise to be the best of company, however. Much has occurred and...I'm still trying to process it all."

"Oh, I see...." Izshin says, a little sadly, "Do you need to talk about it? Are you okay?"

She felt consternation at seeing his discomfort. She willed herself to give her best smile. "Do not be troubled, good sir. I am as fine as one can be given the current circumstances." She ushered for him to begin walking. "Let's speak of better things. Have your travels fared well?"

They spoke for a couple of hours, and for a little while, her troubles left her as they spoke in familiar tracks. They laughed on how different Ishzin was from his father. Ishzin, for the millionth time, pointed out Quinsenterra would be more suited to a "lady of her stature." She stumbled at one point as they almost touched on recent days, but the man was always good at circumventing social road bumps, and they were on better topics with seemingly no effort.

Finally, it was time for him to depart. She flinched when he took her hand, but he affected not to notice,
bidding her a fond farewell. She was grateful for his kindness. He had given her one of the few genuine smiles she's had in months.

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Post by Luna on 18th June 2017, 2:11 pm

Attn: Open
Infinity Edge Guild Hall/Claire's room
Time: 9:00 P.M

Claire had finished her dinner quietly in the guild hall. She had made her way back to her room and decided to get her things ready for tomorrow. She needed to be down stairs by five and that came mighty early. She shines her armor in the early evening hours. Afterwards she packs her bag and sits it by the door. Goodness knows when they would be back. She looks around her room and smiles. It would be good to get out and go on a mission. She hadn't been on a mission for the guild for quite some time. Not since the war at least. She puts her money pouch on her table and takes her clothes off. She then lies down on the bed. Four would be mighty early and she knew it. She closes her eyes and slowly falls asleep.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 18th June 2017, 6:49 pm

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Entryway5:00 AM

Ilyana is in her office, having left her bed rather early to prepare the last of her glyphs.  The sun hasn't risen yet, but the main hall is clattering with the noise of dishes and chatter.  An early breakfast, but she isn't surprised.  The chef would have seen the quest board and then prepared an early breakfast for the occasion.  He has her meal brought to her, so she eats within the office as she folds up the glyphs as they are created--just the three that she can manage before they entirely deplete her mana.

If there is any fighting today, they will just have to manage without her.  She reads the letter from Gren again with a scowl.  That man is too prepared for everything, eerily so.  With a sigh, she puts it away and begins to pack her bag after finishing her meal.  It doesn't take too long before she's ready to go and by then, the sun has risen.  They should be out there in front of the Guild, by now, as requested.  If not, they are late...and if they are...they will have to face her ire.

Ilyana heads out of her office towards the front doors of the Guild to see who is all waiting for her there on time with their bags packed for a journey, as they should be.

Claire is up before dawn. She puts on her underclothes and then dresses in her armor. Her things are already packed so she should have breakfast before heading out to meet the others. She heads down and sees that the guild is already functioning. She smiles and sees that no one is in line for breakfast. She sits down and sees a few others already eating. Probably up for an early morning routine she thought. She then eats. She eats her breakfast and smiles. it was so good. Hopefully it won't be so long before she has a nice cooked meal like this again. She disposes her plates where she is supposed to and then takes her things with her out to the front where she is supposed to meet the others. She sees Ham and the other's standing there and heads out to them. Ilyana is also there. "Good morning, I hope everyone is well this morning."

She stood a little away from the others, her bags packed. She wore her riding skirts, just in case, dark brown with a cream colored blouse and a tan vest. She has a matching tan headband with white gold filigree in her hair, as well as tan leggings with dark brown boots. Currently, she was distracted trying to figure out how to put on this armor. It was never a thing she'd had to do before.

"Okay," she said, turning in circles as she reached around, "I loops...through here...drat it!" The strap fell out. Again. She started trying again.

July sauntered out, to the front of the guild hall; showered, armed and ready for...whatever it was they were being sent out to do. She saw Ham, first person there, probably, prompt, ready to begin the day. She wondered if he'd even taken his morning run, or if his little 'tryst' with Ilyana had been exercise enough.  Her long coat flowed silently behind her, her cowl resting, wrapped around her shoulders. The sound of her equipment stifled beneath the thick cloth.

"Morning, brother," She gave him a wicked grin. "Sleep well?" She sauntered up to him, resting her arm on his shoulder, looking at him with a gaze that read 'I know what you did, and damn if you think you're going to live it down.'

Ham groaned internally at the sight of his sister. She looked like she hadn't slept well, which would be concerning enough for him; but outside of that, he knew exactly what she was going to want to talk about this morning.

"Very well, sister, thank you for asking. You look like hell, to put it mildly." He tried to divert her attention elsewhere.

She noticed Ham's hair was still lightly pushed back from his fussing the night before, it was a bit wild; bed head, or close to it- though, still, he was her brother, and the Napolitano's could make a burlap sack look like a fashion statement.

"Thanks, I just got back." She quipped back. "But don't play coy with me, brother dear. You known damn well what I mean." She waggled her eyebrows with him. "Bet you slept worse than I did. Or did it have you out like a light?"

Ham sighed, closing his eyes. "We're not discussing this." But judging from his sisters smile, they most definitely were; albeit later. He fidgeted with his equipment, his folding blade tucked discreetly away onto the leather belt which held his equipment, a matching set with July's. Sword, crossbow, pistol; which never saw the light of day.  Mainly because it was too damnably slow for his tastes.

July shrugged, continuing to lean on him. A silent, nonverbal 'Whatever you say. Not.'.

When Ilyana approaches, July gives a light handed, lazy two fingered salute, smirk on her face. Ham smiles, giving a nod of greeting.

July's head shifts around, looking for Xiax in the group. He wasn't there; she didn't want to say anything about it- maybe he decided to ditch. Not go on a mission with the batshit sibling that triggered a full scale breakdown.

Zero, looks at Ilyana. Zero is covered in soot from her store having gone to bed late and getting up early. She knows that it's not the best for the journey, but it was going to have to do. She is currently in a comfortable outfit, she didn't really like armor so she wore her normal cloths that she would wear on her days off or when she was out on a job for be guild. Zero really didn't want to make Ilyana mad not which is why she got there early and was so dirty. She looks to her bags one last time checking to see if she had a change of clothes and to make sure she has enough food for herself. She then makes sure she has a bedroll and a deck of cards. Once her final checks are done she looks back up at Ilyana and smiles warmly waiting for the fun to begin. If it could be called fun.

Standing at her bedroom door, Nymeria gazed at Edel, and Edel, under Nymeria's control, gazed back. "Going to bed early was such a good idea. I'm beginning to wonder why I brought you along in the first place." Nymeria sighed before exiting her room with all her equipment fitted and her supplies packed in a bag strapped on Edel's shoulder. By the time she arrived at the rendezvous point, she'd already be half an hour early. She had a light breakfast followed by a final check on her items. Once other members had arrived, she gave a friendly wave without paying them much mind.

Xiax would normally be up this early in the morning since he always woke up near dawn. However he was out like a light, because of Iris' heavenly drug cocktail he'd taken after his episode with July and before getting his guild tattoo. Not being aware that he had a mission to be ready for he didn't have any preparations to make sure he was up and ready for it.

Having not brought much, Ryūko is packed only minutes after waking, well ahead of most others. Her routine finished, and with hours to spare, she makes her way outside. The sun’s not yet risen, but perhaps even more beautiful than the sun setting over the horizon from this perch, the previous day, is the moonlight reflecting from the ripples in the lake, with the town sleeping just below, interrupted by only the sounds of crickets.

Later, closer to the meeting time, Ryūko is still outside, kneeling there with her eyes shut and hands in her lap. The air around her as as serene as she. Behind her, others begin to arrive and she brings herself to her feet, lifting her bag over her shoulder.

Ilyana steps out, greeting all with a nod as she notices that someone is missing.  Xiax.  Kennot had told her that he's officially a member--but also that he's had some drugs from the doc to sleep.  So...he's going to get off lucky this one.  Damned.  Time.  Or will he?  With a small grin, she looks at July.

"Go wake up Xiax, July, and drag his ass out here."  Ilyana says.

She notices Sylmeria's struggles with her armor and points to Claire and then to Sylmeria, silently ordering the girl to assit the poor girl with her lack of progress.  If anyone knew how to put on armor, it was Claire.

Claire walked over to Sylmeria to help her with her armor. "Here , let me assist you. I have been putting armor on for years now." She said.

She show's Sylmeria how to lace up her armor as she does it for her so that they would not lose any time. Personally she did not want to be on the bad end of Ilyana's attitude. She knew how she could be. Xiax was getting lucky to be dragged out of bed at this point. “There, do you have any questions on how to lace it up? If you need help again, I can show you how to do it.”

"Wait," she had protested, "I don't want to be a bother--" She may have well have said nothing. The young woman she knew was named Claire began showing her how to lace the armor. Sylmeria sighed and watched quietly. "Um. Thank you," she said quietly. "And no, having seen it done, now, I'm certain I can do it. It's very similar to a corset." She was grateful her parents hadn't been insistent on her wearing those often. She gave the girl a modest bow. "Thank you for your assistance."

'Of course she picks me.' July nods to Ilyana, groaning internally as she briskly walks off to the infirmary.

'Why, hello, Xiax! Good morning! Remember me? I'm the girl that elbowed you in the ribs and fried your brain because I'm a fucking moron. Ugh.' She makes it to the medbay quickly enough, her long strides and brisk pacing; and a desire to keep up with Ilyana's already screwed up schedule, making her jaunt a speedy one.

When she entered the room, her eyes fell on Xiax; still out like a light. The gift she had left on his sidetable still untouched. At least he got more sleep than she did. She carefully walked over to his bedside, trying to figure out a way to wake him up; since shaking him wasn't exactly an option.

Her usual strategies for waking Ham up- tipping his bed over, yelling in his ear, jumping up and down on the bed, pouring cold water on him. They all seemed a bit too malicious, especially after what she already put the guy through. She supposed she could always poke him with something- but if his power worked through clothing, it might be able to carry through objects as well- and piss, after last night she was paranoid.

"Xiaaax. Wakey wakey eggs and bakey buddy." She snapped her fingers a couple times for emphasis, crouching down so she was talking more or less directly to his face. 'Knowing my luck Iris probably tranqed his ass.'

"!!!" Even with drugs making him sleep more soundly Xiax couldn't help his eyes snapping open with a voice so close. "Ummmm. July?" Xiax said rather uncomfortably, as he looked at her. With her face this close, he was hoping that there was a reason why and not that in some weird world where she had fallen madly in love with him and went in for a creeper kiss. "Can I help you?"

Well, that worked better than she expected. She stood up straight, now looking down at him. "'Ummmm, Xiax'," She mimicked his confused tone. "We have a mission today. You were supposed to be out front with the rest of us oooohhh," She paused her sentence to check her imaginary watch. "About an hour ago?"

His confusion was plainly evident on his face as he sat up. "But, that can't be..." his voice trailed off, he could never be sure if he wasn't forgetting something. "Are you sure? We had training this morning, we talked about it right?" Looking around he spotted the card, whiskey, really really fancy whiskey, and a lone cupcake, someone unknown (Iris)  had run off with the other one.

July furrowed her eyebrows. "Uh, no. It's mission time. You might be talking about yesterday. You were out for a while, I'm assuming."

'Is he just confused or did he forget the entirety of last night? Maybe Iris just drugged it out of him.'

Well they must have talked about it. Taking in a long breath he scratched the back of his ear. "Well I guess I need to hurry." He turned and slung his feet off the bed and stood up.  "Where are we meeting?" He looked at the card, as he stuffed his face with cupcake, heavenly. "Faaanks, uly" His hand shook as he picked up the bottle but it steadied after a second. "Twice." Having had bad experiences with alcohol and having watched worse, he didn't know if he'd drink it. Maybe at some point.

July nodded. "Out front. Ilyana sent me to get you. So I recommend you get your equipment together, she doesn't like waiting." She noticed his reaction to the bottle of whiskey. "You don't have to drink it if you don't want it. Nabbed it from Ham and I's liquor cabinet. Figured you'd need it after-" 'Oh hell no I'm not discussing this shit now.' "Anyway, get your shit, I'll tag along. Don't need Ilyana giving me an earful about why I didn't actually get you."

Trepidation made Xiax avoided talking about it, like a minefield neither of them were ready to go skipping into. "Well, rush? Rush." Xiax said then confirmed while watching her face. Wanting to ask her to clear the way for him, but he wasn't really sure she knew which room was his. "Follow me." With that, Xiax took off out of the infirmary shouting at people "Outta way! Move, Move." even having a few more rude words making his appearance.
When he made it into his room, all he had to do was grab a wicker backpack, throw it open and toss in a spare change of clothes. He felt loads of guilt as he wrapped the whiskey bottle in his shirt to keep it safe. On back of his hand and palm he could see the IE sword hilt, it added to the guilt for toying with disappearing in the night over the last few weeks. Wanting to explain to July, he put it off till later. "Ok, lead the way." They where bound to talk sooner or later about things anyway, she didn't look as good for ware as she had before... well yesterday.

July followed after him; wondering if he wanted her to clear the way as he...wasn't very good at this. She remained silent, merely following him; leaning on the doorframe as Xiax flung all of his shit in the wicker backpack. She observed the tattoo on his arm, finally able to look at it now that his back was to her and he wouldn't get the impression she was gawking.

"Nice ink." She said simply, righting herself. "Glad to see you decided to join our merry little band." She smiled, trying to aggressively brush the clusterfuck that was yesterday evening under the rug. "Come on, follow me."

She turned around; leading him back down the hall, parting the crowd like the red sea as she passed.

She arrived back at the main group, spreading her arms and greeting. "Aaaand I'm back. And I found him. Do I get a cookie? A round of applause?...Nothing?" She could see her brother roll his eyes at her saracastic quip.

"Sorry." That seemed about the best Xiax was likely to come up with  for being late.

Sylmeria stiffened at seeing Xiax. It hadn't been until after he'd done...whatever he'd done...that her powers had changed with the weird knowledge of first aid. She felt bad, but made a mental note to put at least ten feet between them.

Ilyana gestures for the two to join the large group that is standing around before the Guild Hall, ignoring July's words entirely as she leans up against the wall and waits for the group to quiet down before she speaks again.  She's glaring at July a little sternly, at first.

"We're splitting into two groups," Ilyana says, getting straight to the point, "Nymeria, Sylmeria, Edel, Ryuko.  You're with me.  The rest of you are group two, congratulations.  My group, you'll be briefed about what we're doing later.  Until then, just do as your told.  As for the other group--July."

Ilyana stops, looking directly at July as she repeats her name, "July.  Ham's in charge.  Do you understand me?  Ham is in charge of this group that you are in and you are his suboordinate.  Ham.  Is in charge of you.  Ham's the boss of July."

Ilyana shifts the weight onto her other foot, not certain how she could make that any clearer to the smartass girl, "Anyway.  Group two, Xiax here lost something that belongs to me.  He's going to go get it back for me and you're going to escort him there.  He will know where he's going, so just follow his ass and make sure he doesn't take too long, becaue it's very sentimental."

The groups were being divided, and it seemed fine. He was likely with Ham and July, so that was perfect for him. When Ilyana told him his role, he stood up under the uncomfortable scrutiny of everyone. What was he suppossed to do? Wh-- oh the key. Thinking of Ryla he looked off into the distance in her direction. At least he was pretty sure he wasn't going to be lost. Am I suppossed to say something? he tried to stand and be comfident like Ham, maybe that would work. Xiax uncomfortably rolled down his sleeve to straighten his appearance, Relax, I can totally do this. Ilyana is counting on me.

July quirked an eyebrow, not understanding why Ilyana was being so- for lack of a better word- anal about her following orders. She knew damn well Ham was the one in charge; and knew damn well how to do her job. She was a smartass, sure, but she never did anything stupid.

Not to mention Ham was one of the only beacons of authority she actually trusted to give her instructions.

"Aye, aye." She said, giving another mock salute. She thought getting laid was supposed to make a person less tense. Then again, Ilyana was weird like that.

Ham was somewhat suprised by how firmly Ilyana hammered his leadership into July's head. Still, he nodded understandingly as Ilyana named him the defacto leader of the group. His group would be July, Xiax, Claire and Zero, then. He looked over at Xiax. He'd ask him the specifics once they started out, letting Ilyana get her own group together before he started drilling the man with questions.

Claire listened to Ilyana. She shivered knowing that Xiax had gotten off easy just now. However It seems July was being told to stand down. She raised her eyebrow not knowing what to think of this. However being under Ham would not be bad at all. He was generally a good guy. She had never been on a mission with him but it seemed that this one should be an easy one. They were just going for an item. Why so many people to look for it though? Oh because it was sentimental. Hopefully they could find it soon and return it to Ilyana as soon as possible. Maybe this was the reason for her ill mood this morning. Who knew. She was a woman that was different in all aspects and her attitude was one of them. She made sure she was standing over with Ham and the others that were her group. knowing she didn't want to displease Ilyana. She would do as Ham said hoping that he wouldn't be as hard on them as Ilyana could be at times.

Nymeria and Edel grinned at the way the group was split up. Turns out Sylmeria and I are inseperable. This Ryuko, though. She must be part of Infinity Edge. Nymeria glanced at who she assumed to be Ryuko without making it obvious she was staring. And what a sight to behold. She's definitely not from here. Looks to be a swordswoman. Not quite like the others. Perhaps a little old-fashioned, but who am I to say?

Ryūko observes as the others all make their way outside. Quite the size able group, really. When Iliana arrives, she grants the guild master her undivided attention. So two smaller parties, then. Not at all unfamiliar, in retrospect. Ryūko nods respectfully. “Hai,” she says. When Iliana finishes addressing their group, and turns her attention to a handful of others that Ryūko had only seen briefly in the mess hall the prior night, she watches without a peep.

Ilyana seemed to be… rather firm with this ‘July’ woman. Best not to pry. But something else sticks out in her mind. Their team had been tasked with retrieving something. Yet her own would be in the dark, save for Ilyana. Her pondering is interrupted when she gets the sense of eyes on her and glances to the side, her gaze finding Nymeria. She realizes she had been looking rather serious, and politely smiles to the woman before returning her attention to Ilyana. Though something nagged at her about that Nymeria woman.

Ilyana clears her throat, "So for the second group..."  Her eyes are on July again, "You're going to make a stop while you're following Xiax, it'll be along the way."

Infinity Edge has been little known to start fights--in fact, they predominantly do the rescuing, the defending of others, or defending themselves.  There is, however, one fight that Infinity did start--and they have never hidden this fact.  A little south of the White Cross guild, a rather large Fortress can now be found--a once Karnacan fortress that twisted in values before it was once destroyed by Infinity Edge for their really fucked up cultural practices that invovled murder, pillaging, rape.  This particular fortress was known as "Ri Altenas," which was a rather dark stain on July's (as well as many others') memory.

"Ri Altenas is back--it's been fully recovered.  I'm going to need that put down--again.  I want it wiped of the map for good, this time."  Ilyana says coldly.

Xiax looked back and forth between his new friends and Ilyana. Hopefully Claire was secretly a bad ass because Xiax had a sinking feeling of his own self worth. Aside from recovering the key, making a basket or fishing, he was going to fuck up this whole little side stop Ilyana had planned. Maybe he should give her the present he had made a few weeks ago.
Unslinging his pack from his back he set it on the ground, where it sat nicely due to it's flat bottom. Untying the lid he started rummaging down around till he found the belt he'd made, it was rolled up but it the interwoven leather cordage was interlocking emerald and gold. Closing the lid he circled the ties around their pegs till they were tight and secure, then put the pack back on his back. Maybe he'd get the chance to ask a few questions and give Ilyana her gift before they split up. He really needed to get that Gate key back, and if he was super duper lucky: not die. The not dying part was super important.

Ham saw July's face harden; and now he understood why Ilyana had been so painfully clear about his leadership. Ri Altenas was a bit of a sore spot for July; a big, black mark on her ledger. 'The Mark That Got Away'. As an assassin, July prided herself on being thorough, precise; on being the last thing her marks never saw coming. But this one was the sole stain on her record; and now she had a chance to make it right.

"I understand. It will be done." He nodded at Ilyana.

July's muscles tensed, her eyes narrowing. Ri fucking Altenas. Karnacans who were barely Karnacans. Killers- not that she had much room to talk- and rapists. It was a stain on her rather immaculate history; a botched job. She'd gone in, cut through a fair amount of guards too. Ham had watched the ramparts, her spotter; Ilyana had 'suggested' she bring him along, as a sidekick.

And now she didn't fucking trust her to finish her job. This was why she'd been so firm about Ham's leadership- Ilyana damn well knew July had a score to settle with the bastard behind those walls. He was her damn mark, and she'd drive her sword through his heart one way or another.

And this time he'd never see her coming.

"That place will be blood and ashes by the time I- we're through." Her gaze was focused, a million miles away. "You can count on that." Unlike last time.

As it turned out, Ryuko caught Nymeria's glare, despite her efforts. Perceptive girl. She thought to herself giddily. She should make it easier for Ilyana and I to protect Sylmeria. Still, it would be really nice to know what the hell we're doing. When Ilyana mentioned Ri Altenas, Nymeria's eyes popped. She remembers reading about that location a long time ago. An ability as neferious and taboo as hers could only come from some place as trecherous as Ri Altenas. But the fortress is back? Nymeria would have to investigate the area for information about her powers, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Ilyana sighs, "Sure, you'll do that--Ham's way."

She stands up straight, "You're all dismissed.  Get to it.  Any personal inquiries can come up to me, any group inquries go to group leaders.  Bye, now."

Ham finally turned to Xiax, letting his sister stew in her own bitterness.

"So, this 'item'; I'm assuming you know its location?"

Xiax was startled by July's sudden transformation, he'd almost thought it was still him hallucinating. With the feeling of bloodlust she was throwing off, if it was any thicker then he'd have sword she was taking lessons from Nymeria. With the look in July's eyes, he was pretty sure that she might disregard Ham's command if it came down to it. So his first mission was going to be super dangerous, and his luck was the whole place was chuck full of magic users.
Lucky for him Ham took him away from his worries of his own magic problems by asking him a question. He wasn't exactly sure how much he was suppossed to let Ham know, Ilyana had asked him to be pretty closed mouth about it. "I should be able to lead us right to it, she right that way." Xiax said pointing towards where Ryla was, then realized his slip and his face went white. "Yeah, no problem Ham. Just let me talk to Ilyana a sec before we go and I should be alright. I kinda need to check with her on a few things."

Sylmeria felt relief at hearing that Xiax wouldn't be with her. She smiled slightly at Ilyana's...pointed...addressing of Juliette. She was, indeed, passionate and reckless. However, descriptions placed her as pretty good at her job. Well, she'd luckily never get to see that, it seemed. They were in different groups.

She frowned as she heard Nymeria was going to be in the same group as her. If the worst came to worst and they were attacked again, she'd run far and wide of the woman. Ilyana didn't trust her, but neither did Sylmeria, if for different reasons. She wouldn't be made into a tool for murder. Ever again.

She became especially glad that she wasn't with Juliette as Ilyana revealed they had a mission involving a pretty bad group. She felt sympathy for her...was she allowed to call the woman a friend? She didn't really feel she was allowed to call anyone a friend. She couldn't afford them with what she was. But she felt sympathy for Juliette, all the same.

As they discussed that matter, Sylmeria wondered what her diplomatic skills would be needed for. I guess I'll know before long...

Zero raised her right hand to signal that she wanted to say or at least ask a question. She had been silent, unsually so, for the personality that was out at the moment. Normally she would have done something fun, like take out her deck of cards and start shuffling them. She liked playing games, as long as they weren't deadly. Still she was going to wait, she didn't want to be rude and interupt anyone.

"What?"  Ilyana asks.

Zero lowers hand. "If I may ask, what is this item we are going to go find? Also how did Xiax lose this item and why is it sentimental to you?" Zero was quite curious about this item and what it meant to Ilyana.

Ilyana crosses her arms over her chest, "It's a secret, he's an idiot, and because I said it is."

Xiax hunched over trying to make himself smaller at Ilyana's tone. He'd hide if he could but everyone was looking between him and Ilyana and it was impossible even if somehow he managed to suddenly discover he could turn invisible. It was his fault and he diserved that tone. Looking down at the belt he had made, he was almost surprised that it hadn't burst on fire or turned to ash, but he hadn't given it to her yet... sooo.... there was still a chance.

That was an interesting response. I hope I didn't do anything to make her upset, if she did it wouldn't be good. Zero tilted her head thinking about what it could possible be, and why it was so important. Either way it didn't really matter too much, having more information would be nice. Yet not entirely needed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by MethosArchaic on 18th June 2017, 7:55 pm

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Entryway5:30am

"Umm give me just a second." Xiax said to his new group leader. "I'll be right back... maybe." If he survived that was. He wasn't looking forward to this talk, it wasn't what he ha hoped for. Maybe he'd made it worse last night with his freak out. "I'll be right back." he said reassuringly.


Having successfully extracted himself from his group he walked up towards Ilyana. He waited just a second or two to make sure no one else was going to talk to her before he approached. They didn't seem in any more of a rush to bother her, so he didn't have much choice but to man-up. "Ilyana, I needed to check with you on a few things." His voice wanted to sound stronger but it came out a bit meek.

"Go ahead," Ilyana says with a smile, "I'm just glad that shit is over.  I hate speeches, even if it is just giving instructions."

She smiled....That's a good thing right? Xiax certainly hoped that it was. It didn't seem like a 'let me tear your head off kinda smile' but a tiny gremlin of doubt still hung on from last night and made him worried. "I'll get back the... thing I lost." choosing to carefully avoid saying anything about the key. "I'm sorry, just wanted to say that again, you know: just in case."

"I know," Ilyana says, "Sorry for the insult.  I am grumpy in the mornings--I didn't mean long as you get it back, that is."

"Well it is my fault." there wasn't any point in denying it, accidentally or not. He fidgeted with the rolled up belt in his hands. "I kinda knew I'd have to go get it, and I will, for sure." Xiax eyes went a little wide with panic that he might anger her mentioning it. "I just don't know how I can help them with the ..." he drew his thumb across his throat, "I don't think I'm ready yet."

Ilyana nods, "That's fine.  You let Ham know and I'm sure he'll be sure to put you in a safe place while they deal with the fort.  He's pretty understanding, you'll find."

"I don't want to fail them either though." Xiax had made up his mind when he'd joined last night. "I want to live up to the guild's expectations." Maybe he could continue practicing and figure out how to handle turning his power off. "Its not an apology, it's just a gift." He held out the rolled up belt holding it between his thumb and finger near the edge to keep it from unrolling. "I was going to give it to you last night, but I didn't want to get cold feet. Then a bunch of things happened, and well I'm sorry I was late."
"I had someone dye the parts but I made it myself, I just kinda wanted to make sure you got it. It's thanks for like everything, you know." Xiax couldn't look her in the eye and adverted his eyes just like he couldn't tell her the real reason. "I hope you like it."

Ilyana unwraps the gift to reveal a belt--a rather pretty one, at that, matching the Guild's colors.  She smiles very big as she takes her bag off of her back and begins to switch her current belt with this one.  She thanks him happily, apologizing for the inability to hug him for the gift as she places it on.

"It's lovely," Ilyana says.

Xiax's blush was mostly covered up since he was looking down, he was glad she liked it. "Did you want me to keep trying to practice my magic training? I mean it could be a bit dangerous but if you think I should I will."

Ilyana ponders for a moment, "I think you should, but just a little.  Learn your limits, Xiax.  It's important that you do."

The fact that she agreed with him continuing with the training despite not have Carissa there spoke volumes about the importance of it. "I'll do that. Last night I think I might have shut it off, maybe I can do it again." It hurt like hell, but maybe he was getting closer to mastering Infuse. He really should consult with The Nine, it'd been sometime since he'd had any lengthy conversation with It. "Well I guess I should get back to the the others. Stay safe, till I see you again Ilyana."

Ilyana nods, "Come back to us safely, Xiax.  We only just got you."

Xiax laughed, "Yeah. Guess I'd better."  as he pulled the sleeve down from his wrist and showed off the hilts on both side of his hand. "Can't disobey a direct order, right?" he joked before he returned back to Ham, July and the two other's that had the unfortunate luck to have him in their party. At least he was with his Guild-mates though, think positive Xiax, you could be stuck with Nymeria. He shook off the lingering mental image of the creepy chick and her blood magic.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 18th June 2017, 10:01 pm

Infinity Edge Guild Hall, Entryway5:30AM

"So, did I miss anything?" Xiax said looking at July then at Ham as he returned to the group from his conversation with Ilyana.

Ham smiles and nods at Xiax as he returns. "Nothing of importance. Now, care to inform me of where we're supposed to be fetching this item? I'd like to make up a plan of action before we leave."

"Ohh right that.. Um this might sound really bad but I only sort of know the direction of it, and it's pretty far away. When we get closer I might be able to pin point it." Looking at horizon at the rising sun, he gets his mental compass straight. "It's that way, kind of East south East." He points explaining. "I don't really know if that helps or anything, does it?"

Ham inhales lightly, not letting Xiax know that inside he was rubbing his forehead. Ham liked having plans; in some circles that was what he was known by- 'Ham The Plan', even though the name was as stupid as the people who usually used it.

"Is it close to anything? A town, a tavern? A landmark of sorts?"

Claire sighed as she listened to Xiax. He didn't know where the item was, just the direction it was in. This was not going to be fun for them. She listened carefully to the conversation that Ham was having with Xiax, knowing that the questions he had were vitally important. Hopefully Xiax could at least remember a landmark of sorts that was around where the item was lost. knowing what was lost was not of real importance to her, however it would be nice to know. The best thing to know would be to know where they were going at least. Xiax better remember something.

Zero wonders if they ever are going to get on the road. With the current personality she wasn't exactly one for standing still for too long, then again none of them were really. She shifts slightly moving her weight from one foot to the other. Then back again. "Can we get going at some point today?" As much as she wanted to go she knew they couldn't leave without knowing something as of where they were going. She also really wanted to see what was lost and why it was important to Ilyana. Zero couldn't stop thinking trying to figure out what the lost item was.

Xiax really didn't know what to tell Ham, and he really wanted to. He closed his eyes and tried to remember what he could about the person he'd accidently zapped the key to. "give me a second, let me think." His left hand rose um and Xiax started chewing on the nail of his thumb as he racked his brain for the conversation he'd had months ago. He couldn't mention her name, because that might put her in trouble.
Ryla was in what guild again? What was it? "It was near a place that had this weird symbol. I think I can draw it." Xiax crouched down and didn't find anything suitable to draw with. "Does anyone have a stick?"

Ham ignored Zero's outburst, listening intently to Xiax. Before he could react July had pulled out her collapsable blade, unfolding it in one fluid motion, and offering it out, handle first to Xiax.

"Be gentle with it, not that you could really fuck it up if you tried."

"I might have a-" Zero goes to find something, but notices that July gave Xiax her sword. Zero marvels at how the sword collpases. "Can I have a look at that sword? When you're done of course." She really wanted to see how it worked, she started thinking on how it could work. It seemed like something out of this world. The logic behind it and the  blacksmithing that went into must be top notch. She went through her backpack trying to find a piece of paper and something to write with, so she could try to come up with how it would work.

When he watched her sort of cartwheel the thing against her hand as it folded out into a kind of large knife or small sword. The thing scared the shit out of him, and so he very carefully took it from her. He turn it over and started to carefully drag it in the dirt hoping the thing didn't suddenly take his arm or hand off if it folded back up. It was really cool though, if he had one of these he'd be like a king back in his old life, but if he had something like this he probably be too rich to be a hobo in the first place.
"Well it sort of looke a bit like, this Lion. I'm not really doing a great job drawing it." he'd never drawn in the dirt with a sword either. A day of firsts really. "But the lion parts like black, but the part around its neck, that's gold." Xiax had tried to draw a lion's face but it looked more like a fanged crecent moon or something. "I think it's like a guild symbol or something."

"Sheherazade." Ham and July said in unison. Ham looked at him. "So what Ilyana wants you to find, it's by the Sheherazade guild hall? Because this symbol, the black lion with the gold mane, it's theirs."

July looks up at Zero, raising an eyebrow. She had no idea who she was; some sort of weapon smith. "Don't usually like people playing around with my weapons; especially my sword, considering that, that is my baby." She crosses her arms, looking her up and down. "Besides, in guild etiquette you want to ask a girl to poke around her weapons, you buy her a drink first."

She pauses a moment.

"Tell you what, after this mission, I'll consider it. Provided it doesn't go tits up."

"Yeah that sounds about right. If nothing else we'll be able to find clues when we get closer." Sheherazade, yeah that was the name of her Guild. she said that was where she was. "I just want to make sure, this Sheherazade is in that direction right?" Xiax once again pointed to where he had before, towards where Ryla was at her Guild.

Zero looks at July "Sorry? I'm not in the guild too often. Even when I am, I usually am alone or outside... training I guess you could call it." Zero never really was at the guild she was a somewhat busy person. With her shop and all, though how a sword can be someone's baby, she didn't know. She liked weapons and all, but she never thought of them in that manner really. I guess it's not obvious what trade she's in, I mean she is covered in soot and grime from her shop. "I could buy you a drink after, if you want." Zero really hoped that this mission didn't go bottoms up like July said, she really wanted a look at that sword.

Claire recognized the Sheherazade symbol that Xiax had drawn. "It shouldn't be to hard to retrieve if we are going to Sheherazade, should it?  Though truth be told, you never know what to look for. " She looked down the newly brightened horizon and then back to Xiax. "You seem afraid. Don't be. It's not like we are going to attack you for not knowing anything more. As long as you can help us find the item that is all that matters. You do remember what the item lost was, don't you?"

Ham nods. "Direction or no, I know the way to Sheherazade's guild hall. We're fine." He pauses, listening to claire. "Yes, Xiax- I don't mean to pry, but I feel it'd be a lot easier for us to find the item if we know what we're looking for. If you only wish to tell me, that's fine; but I'd like to remain informed."

July shrugs. "I've never turned down a drink; but buttering me up won't help. Proving yourself here will. Not to mention I like to maintain an aura of mystery about my weapons, and my skills." She looks down at Xiax. "Speaking of- you done with it?"

"Who says I'm trying to 'butter you up'?" Zero ask making air quotes around butter you up. "I thought that's what people do at the guild when trying to be nice. If it's not then so be it, I can take it back." Zero states, she thought she was being friendly, but if not then why would she offer the drink? She did enjoy drinking herself, when she found the time to. From trying to make weapons to actually making them and testing them, and working at the guild it was kinda hard to find the time. Zero goes about putting her stuff away and putting her pack on.

"Ohh sorry July, yeah I'm done with it." Xiax said turning it back around to offer her the hilt. "I know July and Ham but I don't think I've met either of you. Xiax, I'd shake hands but that'd be bad." How was he suppossed to explain that he wasn't actually afraid, but that he didn't actually know where that was? Best not to mention that, they'd think he was crazy. Looking between Zero and July, "Are you two flirting?"

Claire put her hand out and her armor made a slight rattle noise. "The pleasure is mine. I am Claire. I think you are one of the new people I haven't met yet. I know most of everyone at the guild. It's good to see new faces every now and again." She said trying to make him feel safe.

Zero once she's done putting her stuff and getting her pack on stands up and looks at Xiax "I'm Zero. I currently like games and having one, not sure if that will change. I mean when we get into a fight. I also make weapons, and run a shop. Which would explain a lot about why I'm really dirty. I also I don't think I'm really flirting with July, I might be though. It does seem like fun." Zero wasn't sure how to explain herself any more than that. She didn't completely know if she had multiply personalities she was told that she did though. Which is why she said currently, you can be too safe, but not in this case.

July shrugs, not seeing why the girl got so...snippy. "I've been told I have a...natural appeal. Though don't worry about any fraternization on the job; not exactly my type." She takes her blade back from Xiax, collapsing it with a twirl around her hand, tucking it back into her belt.

"Yeah, forewarning, Xiax ain't a touchy guy. For good reason. I recommend distance."

Figuring Xiax would tell him later, Ham cleared his throat, diverting everyones attention to himself.

"Well; ladies and gentleman, all of us will be headed to the Sheherezade Guild Hall to retrieve Ilyana's lost possession. On the way we will stop at Ri Altenas, which we will need to destroy. Both July and I have history with this place so if you have any questions, ask us. It has most likely changed over the years, but hopefully we can give you a warning on what to expect." Ham's voice was clear, like one that was raised giving speeches and addresses, his hands folded behind his back, shoulders squared. "Now, if any of you get into trouble- get in over your heads, need to regroup- there is no shame in it. Fall back to me, and I'll bail you out. I do not like being strict, I don't like cracking any sort of a whip. We're all teammates, with a common goal. Do your jobs, don't take unneccesary risks, keep your heads- and we'll all get along just fine." He smiled at the group, looking each of them in the eye. "However- jeapordize the group, run out on your job, or put yourself or others in unneccesary danger, and you will answer to me. And, if the offense is severe enough, Ilyana. And I assure you, if it gets to that point you did something to warrant it. Any questions?"

Ham was good at speeches, but Xiax wasn't sure what to ask. Or just ask the sterotypical one about how he might be useful, but maybe he could just wait and ask about it later. If they could just take care of this Ri Altena problem then they could find and recover the Gate key. Maybe they wouldn't run into Dark Ascension on this trip. I wonder who is worse, This Ri Altena person or DA?

Zero looks towards Ham, trying to think of a question to ask. Nothing was coming to mind though, she knew she would have something to ask once they started walking or when they reached the place. Zero did have a strange mind when it came to questions. "About how many guards are going to be there?" She did just think of that. "Also are we going in stealthy or not?" Important questions to ask. She could be the distraction if they wanted stealth.

Claire shook her head. "I think you made it pretty simple. So now we just need to make it to Ri Altena and take it down. I think between us we can handle that. I have missed a good battle. This will show how all that hard training Ilyana puts us though has paid off." She said. She checked her sword to make sure it was on right and then picked up her back. "Ready to do any time you guys are."

"It's a bandit fort," July piped up. "So expect plenty of armed resistance. Last time I went in, I went stealthy. I suggest a similar approach but," She shrugged, bitterness tinging her tongue when she thought about Ri Altena. "Ham's the boss."

Ham nodded at his sister. "We'll figure out a plan of attack when we survey the situation at the fort; however we need to exercise caution. They are dangerous, cold blooded killers- and if they remember July from last time, they want nothing more than our heads on spikes." He looked around the group. "Anything else?"

The group was silent. Ham grinned. "Excellent."

"Saddle up, we'll move when everyone has a mount. We've got a lot of ground to cover."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 19th June 2017, 3:49 pm

{ATTN: Open to guild members
Sheherazade Guild Hall 07:00

Daisan wakes up early to get ready for this trip.  He looks at his maps so he knows how to get to the ruins.  He remembers Isarite’s warning about bringing someone, but knows that everyone is busy.  He doesn’t mind though, doing this will get his mind off of losing another Rex.  He packs his bag and goes down to the main hall.  He wonders what Iasrite meant about a necklace.  

He is lucky, the guild hall is almost empty except for a few people.  He ignores them and heads quickly to the door.  He is certain that Iasrite will tell Miriam what is up.


{ATTN: Open }
Manistique home and Star Sound guild hall 06:00 – 08:00

Kaimele wakes up and helps Olivia with the farm.  She loves gathering the eggs.  She will be sure to stop at the Crye’s house later on to get graded for the guild.  She is curious how that is done.  Getting the tattoo was easy.  The first mission was very interesting.  It actually felt good to be making a difference.  She didn’t necessarily like hurting other people, however it was good to know she still had it.  She just cannot wait to use her new fans.

She gathers all the things to bring to the city.  Olivia and Elliot came with her.  She knows that Elliot will be able to take her home.  Almost as soon as they get to the city, Olivia waves her off and she heads to Star Sound Guildhall.    


{ATTN: Open }
Valoria Guild hall, Boat Dock. 07:00 – 08:00

Jacobi wakes up and gathers his items.  He has a quick meal in the guild hall before heading to the boat dock.  He hoped to cross Lake Chandra by tomorrow. He hates traveling on the water. It makes him feel claustrophobic to have no place to go.  He buys his tickets avoiding others as usual, not that it is hard.  Eventually the boat arrives, on time surprisingly, he hopes this trip is uneventful.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 19th June 2017, 8:44 pm

White Cross Guild/Ryushi's Room/7AM~10h50

(ATTN : closed)

Ryushi woke up  early thanks to the fact that he went to bed so early the last night. He felt really good however and as he woke up he started to put on comfortable clothes. It was a kimono like top with short sleeve along with pants that were letting him move as he pleased. He goes to the floor bathroom to go do his morning routine and also start placing his hairs.  Being as early as 7am, there wasn't too many people yet. He then headed back to his room to see Eaden was awake as well.


''Looks like the color of your skin came back to a healthy one. That is good young one.''

''Yeah I'm glad I feel a lot better too. '' He said with a smile as he took out some paper, ink and a brush.

''Will you attempt to draw something ?'' Eaden asked out of curiosity.

''Yep. Might be horrible at first though.'' He replied with a giggle.

''It is said that it is better to practice with live model. You could try to draw me if you'd like.''

''Sure that sound like fun.'' He said with a smile.


White Cross Guild Cafeteria/11AM~11h45AM

(Closed for interaction, open for listening)

''Well it looks decent, but it has room for improvement.'' Ryushi said.

''Indeed, my face is a lot more magnificent then this.'' Eaden said with a sound of shock after seeing the result.

Ryushi start laughing slightly. ''I'm sorry I'll try and get it right next time. Anyways we should go eat.''

Eaden pouts but goes on Ryushi's shoulders anyway.

Ryushi goes downstairs and order his food and Eaden's food, however when he finally gets it, he sees a lot of the places are taken. But there was a space free right in front of Nadleeh. He decides to go see her. ''Hey, mind if I sit here ?'' He asked politely while holding the food.

Nadleeh smiles as Ryushi comes near, gesturing for him to sit with a welcoming gaze.  She moves her food tray over slightly so that he would have room for his and as he takes his place near her, she asks, "To what do I owe the honour, boss?  Besides, ya know, gracing you with my awesome presence."

Ryushi smile and sits down placing his tray on the table and setting the plate of Eaden next to the tray for him to go and eat as well. ''Well, I saw there was a free spot and thought it would be nice to eat along with you. Also, I'm sorry if I missed you yesterday, I was a bit sick and went to bed early.'' He said as he took his first bite. While Eaden was already at 1/4 of his plate done.''Magnificient uh ?'' Ryushi said teasing him.

''Messy food time can also be magnificent.'' Eaden replied in defense before he continued.

Ryushi laughed a bit. ''I'm sorry Nadleeh, I just had to tease him about something from earlier.

Nadleeh shrugs, "So, yeah.  I got some demons to vanquish tomorrow.  It's going to be great.  So great.  The best part is--I'm the only one from the Church that has the time to do it.  Talk about a great message to get in the morning."

''Oh man that sucks, maybe I could try to see who is free and I could accompany you as well.  Demons can be pretty fierce. It's better to go as a group.'' He continued eating some more and looked toward Eaden who was now done. ''You eat like a pork.''

''Correction, I eat like a magnificent pork. Also I will also accompany you to this quest. There is no way your frail like body would be able to attack these things. Although I'm not too worried about Nadleeh I will also offer my protection to her as well.'' Eaden said while sitting proudly on the table.

''Ryushi shakes his head, trying his best to not laugh at the first sentence and says ''sounds good. ''

Nadleeh shrugs, "They are spirit demons.  No problem for most of us.  OH.  And Ryushi...Zedd was singing in the showers again.  Like...creepily.  Can you ask him to not do that?"

''Oooh he did ? I'll try to talk to him about it next time I see him.''

Nadleeh clears her throat after gesturing a sweet 'thank you' to Eaden for his offer, "So uh...I had to sound rude, here, but uh...the reason I'm bringing this up is because...well, the spirits were described to me and well.  They are wearing the same kind of clothes that you do, boss.  You know, like, culturally.  I dunno if there's anything special I should know about spirits from your culture or not."

''Um... well it depends. Like any other spirits they come in different variety. Though having been born and raised on the mainland I didn't cross too many of them in comparison to others regular ones from here. But I know most of the time they were a little more scary and aggressive. Though there are sometimes that I crossed some who were actually just lost as well. It depends entirely. Did you have any additional info about them ?'' Ryushi asked being curious, but also wanting to better prepare for the mission.

Eaden looked at both of them and was simply listening to the conversation for now. Also curious to know more about these demons.

Nadleeh says, "I know that they prey on women--that the girls in this little village are vanishing because of it or them.  They say they've seen one spirit but suspect that there could be more than one.  No real way to be sure until we get there for that one, I guess."

''I see, I only hope that these women are still alive. I'll try to see who can come by posting up a quest after breakfast. Human lives are in danger and so it should be a top priority.'' Ryushi said with a tone of seriousness.

''Cowards who feed on women and children should be burned. I'm in.'' Eaden said sounding pissed.

"Agreed," Nadleeh says, "Cowards.  I appreciate it, Eaden."

Eaden nods and then says ''I'm still hungry, could I have a second when you're done Ryushi ?''

Ryushi sigh and says ''Sure, but I'll finish my own first. You sure eat a lot.''

''Well I am a pretty big creature, I just don't seem to be at the moment. And so yes I do eat a lot.''

''Well you can count on us Nadleeh.'' He said with a smile.

Nadleeh looks relieved, "Thanks, boss.  I'm about finished, so I'm gonna go get my second prayer in.  I'll be in my room if you need me."

''Sounds good.'' Ryushi said with a smile. ''See ya later maybe.''


White Cross Guild Hall/12h30PM

(ATTN : Open)

Ryushi had taken a bit of time to go write a quick official quest paper for the mission with Nadleeh.

Attention Guild Members

This is a request for anyone who may be available for high level exorcism and rescue operation for tomorrow. The treat is high level evil demon spirits. The people we need to rescue are most likely women and children if still alive. Anyone who can be present please come and confirm your presence with me in my office.

Treat Level : A

Current member on mission : Ryushi, Nadleeh & Eaden.

He then goes ahead and post it in the main hall and goes back to his office to do some paperwork as well as trying to make a list of supplies they will most likely need on this urgent mission. He hoped Chirrion would also be free as he may need his doctor skills with the victims they will find.


Ryla's home/8h AM~8h30 AM

(ATTN : closed while inside, opened while outside)

Ryla slowly woke up and started to go down the stairs to go in the kitchen like a zombie. Only to find out that her uncle was there. ''Hey !'' She said with half a wave from being too sleepy.

''Hello Ryla, good timing I was just about to go see if you were up to ask if you wanted breakfast. '' He said smiling to her.

''Oh ! FOOD ! '' She said suddenly sounding awake. ''I sure won't say no to that ! ''

''Someone is suddenly energic. '' Her uncle said with a chuckle. ''It might take me some time to prepare however, so you can go prepare what you need to prepare for the day. ''

''You sure you don't need any help ? '' Ryla said looking a bit worried.

''Nah your old uncle will be fine ! '' He said chuckling.

Alright then I'll go change to train outside. You can call me by the window when you're done.

''Sounds good.'' He replied as he started up.

Ryla quickly when to change into somehting comfortable that would still hide the keys well. She went outside with her staff and started to pratice her forms with it.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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(Collab between, Leah, and me)

[ATTN: Open]
Darkness Shrouds Guild Hall; Sarrice Kingdom10AM

Elizabeth gets up from her bed. She goes to her closet to change from her pjamas to her day cloths. She picks out a blue shirt with a black skull on the front, and white shorts. After that she heads out towards the guild hall to see what is happening.

The main hall of the guild is rather empty, but there are two people standing before the quest board while Nekron pins up new quests.  They seem to be discussing, slightly over his shoulder, which of the new ones they would like to take.  Nekron completely ignore the girls--twins that really don't seem at all interested at his slight annoyance by their closeness to him.  Still, they continue to point and discuss, moving from quest to quest as they search for one to their liking.

Heading down the stairs she notices the twins at the quest board. She walks over to them, but no before she looks around the guild hall to see if anyone is there. Once she reaches them she stands behind them with just eniough distance to give her time to move out of there way once they have gotten one. Looking at the quest board she decides which of the jobs to take. She doesn't normaly pick any where you have to fight a monster. Fighting isn't really her thing, she had been meaning to learn how to use a sword at least...  but reading takes so much time to do. Not that reading actually does, but it was a good enough excuse to not train really. Thus she looks for jobs of finding something that has been lost, or jobs that aren't fighting related. At least not from what the descrition is.

"No," Nekron says, crossing his arms, "You're not taking a quest, kid.  Unless you get a babysitter to go with you."

The two girls giggle.

"And why not? You let everyone else go on them. It's only fair that I get to go on one," Elizabeth says while turning her head to glare at the giggling twins. She was trying to get them to stop giggling she wasn't one to let that slide when she's around to notice it. "You let them go on quests and there only fourteen. Seriously I don't get how that makes any sense," Elizabeth says with huff afterwards. "I should be able to go on one if I want to," Elizabeth adds. She was quite stuborn when it came to an argument that she wanted to win. Her father could be too, if he didn't want her doing something. Elizabeth could always sneak to get a quest though, it wouldn't be that hard. She would often do it. Sometimes doing it herself, or getting someone else to do it for her.

Nekron glares at her stoically, "I mean it, this time.  With Ascension rogue, it'll be much easier for them to get to you to get to me.  I can't afford to lose you and I can't afford to work--I can't afford for you to be used against me to force me to do anything untoward.  Guild tensions are high enough as it is, kid, and you can't make it worse.  Do you hear me?"

Once the twins have stopped giggling she turns her head back towards Nekron. "Of course I hear you, that's what ears are for," Elizabeth says with a neutral tone. "Besides why would they want me to get to you? It's not like you would have done anything for them in the past. Not only that, but I can protect myself thank you very much," she was trying to get her way, but it would be a long and tedius conversation to make that happen. Not that it would help much, the only thing she really used the money she got from quests for was books. Her father and mom paid for stuff. Her mom would use the money her dad made, while her dad made the money. If she wanted something they would get it for her, not that she wanted all that much. She could see if Xander would go on a mission with her, but she didn't want to bother him from what ever he was doing at the moment. Miguel could also go with her, they would often go on quests together. They did work well together. She would get him close to the enemy, and she would get him from one to the other, unless they were close to each other. But that was enough of that, the main thing was getting a quest.

"My word is final," He says, "Guild Policy, No one goes it alone.  You know this."

"I still want to go, telling me won't work," Elizabeth says. If only talking would work on people to get them to stop. It works sometimes,  but not all the time. When you get right down to it one of them would give up at some point, when that point is... well you can't always tell. She knew the guild policy, she still prefered to go it alone. She didn't like going with people, but of course there was an exception to it. Like Xander, she would go with him, or Miguel. Christy though, not so much. One way or another, she would get a quest.

Nekron gets close to his daughter, his face mere inches from hers as his expression hardens, "Listen very carefully.  You'll accept a quest with guild mates...or you won't do a quest at all.  Go against my wishes on this again and you'll be guildless."

Elizabeth looks back at him. "You would kick your own daughter out of the guild you made for? I thought this place was meant for me to take up after when you were you got old. A place for me to meet people and become a better person. Isn't that what you had wanted?" Elizabeth hoped she was falling for a verbal trap. This was going to be tough, but she knew that's what he wanted how bad he wanted it though? Only he knew. She knew she couldn't go guildless though, there wasn't that many places that could she could go that would fit what she does and she does it. Hopefully he wouldn't kick her right then and there.

Nekron scowls, "It would be that if you followed the damn rules, but you don't.  It isn't a safe place for you at all when you act like a spoiled, self absorbed brat."

"I'm not self abosrbed, nor a brat. I would prefer to be alone is all. I don't want to bother people about going on a quest with me that isn't really about fighting. How about this then, you give me a quest and a person or people to go with, and I'll go with them. I think that's fair," Elizabeth said, hoping to get someone that she knew to go with her. If it was someone she knew, they could do get to the quest giver in comfortable silence. The quest wouldn't, but that didn't completely matter.

Nekron sighs, "Okay.  Come back in thirty and I'll have a quest for you."

"Alright," Elizabeth says. Starting to walk away, she heads for the door. She stops just before it thinking on where to go. Deciding that the book store might have something she would want, she heads towards it.

After abou thalf an hour, Nekron posts up the quest for Elizabeth, including information on a trip to some kind of "ruins" as well as a guildmate to go with--Reiza Fennelly.  There have been reports of strange happenings there, so it is their job to go there, investigate the cause, and if possible, eradicate the threat if there is one.  Then, he leaves back to his office and shuts the door with a slam.

Elizabeth heads back to the guild hall, with a new book in hand. She heads to the quest board to look at the quest that was posted for her to do. She looks at the description, after reading it through she looks at the person she will be going with. To Elizabeth's dismay it's someone at the guild she wasn't to familiar with. She's heard the name, but hasn't seen the person. At least that's what she thinks, she wasn't too sure if she has even heard her name at the guild. She looks around seeing if their is someone waiting for her, they might have seen the request already. Elizabeth didn't want to go, but, a quest is a quest. She was going to do what she said she would, whether or not Reiza was with her. That would depend on how annoying she found them to be.

Reiza was quick to pack her bags when Nekron informed her of what was to come.  She's gotten the entire trip ready rather prompty, but she always has a bag pre-made in her room.  She rolled her eyes when she found out who she was going with, though.  This was not going to be a fun trip--but it is what it is.  If Nekron says to be a babysitter, she'll play babysitter.   She heads out to the main hall, bag on her back and weapons sheathed.  It's going to be a long day.

Elizabeth looks around, till she realizes that she had forgotten to pack a bag of stuff to bring with her. She asks one of the other guild members to tell Reiza that she would be back soon. Eliazbeth then heads out the door in a rush, heading for home. Once she reaches it she packs some food, a canten, her newly bought book with a few others, cloths and a bedroll. She wasn't sure how far out they would be going, nor how long they would be out. So it would be good to grab the bedroll and cloths for just incase. Maybe a tent, but that might be too heavy. Not being the most physically capable person was a problem sometimes, but she put it in anyways. It never hurt to be prepared, even if it was something you didn't want to do.
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((Collab w/ Phirron))

[ATTN: Silk, Sonja/Corona, Open]
Quinsenterra Guild Hall8am

Despite not being an early morning person Sonja was just now reaching the halfway point of her workout this morning, which had started an hour and a half earlier at 6:30am much to Sonja’s displeasure. Had her life and powers been different, she might have managed to sleep in later. But her internal guardian - and eternal nanny - also made for quite an effective alarm clock when the need arose. And with the morning training being Corona’s idea in the first place, she felt it necessary.

The first half of the training was a mix-up stretches, running, muscle resistance training, and even a little bit of weight training, all aimed at waking Sonja up, improving her endurance, and growing her overall strength. Each time Sonja would crumble, whether verbally or mentally, Corona would make grueling demands to Sonja, which quickly got her to stop complaining. Now that Sonja was fully awake, Corona was permitting a quick five minute break to let Sonja cool off before the training moved onto the use of magic.

Heading over to the side of the training hall, Sonja got some water from one of the guild’s servants. She was quite glad that it was always cold and on-hand in the training hall. The first glass was dumped, rather unladylike, onto of her head. But the next three glasses were happily gulped down, albeit quickly. All too quickly, in Sonja’s opinion. The break was up, and Corona was mentally prodding her into action.

”Alright Sonja lets get on with the main event. Head over to the pond in the outdoor portion of the training hall, and enter your partial fusion form so we can get you a bit closer to mastering my powers.”

With a sigh, Sonja gets up and heads to where she was instructed to go. ”Is it really too much to ask for a longer break than five minutes, Corona? You already got be out of bed way too early. Can’t you cut me some slack?”

”Sorry Princess, but you have already had way to much time in beds in your short life. Besides, you need to dedicate more time than you have been to strengthening both your body and your magic.”

”I don’t see why, especially given that my magic mere lets me borrow yours. And when would a Princess like me have need of the combative abilities of your magic? My future is in that of the court, not the battlefield."

Despite her words, once Sonja was at the pond, she waded into the center of it. It was only deep enough to reach up to her waist, at its deepest. She'd discovered, a month back, that standing in the water made the transition into her fusion form much easier given its affinity to water. Closing her eyes and centering herself, Sonja reached out with her mind and willed it to merge with the mind of her soul - Corona. Connecting after a few moments Sonja felt a rush of overwhelming magic as she always did, and pushed back to keep it from overwhelming her both physically and mentally so as to avoid a relapse into mana sickness.

This went on for a few minutes while the outward effects of the fusion manifested with her skin turning a lovely shade of pale blue while two toned blue butterfly wings sprouted from her back. At last she opens her eyes revealing bright neon green irises.

”Well done, Sonja. That was the quickest fusion yet. Though I really wish you would practice fusing outside of water more. Yes the water makes it easier, but realistically speaking, you won’t always have enough water at hand to help you fuse.”

”Realistically speaking, I won’t have much cause to fuse outside of this training. After all, I have bodyguards for a reason, and this guild isn’t focused on combat anyways. I really should be practicing diplomacy and reasoning with Ms. Stidolph, right now.” Taking a deep breath Sonja begins to will the water of the pond to lift up into an orb and slowly form an orb of water about the size of an orange, her eyes ever-fixed on it as her hands tremble.

Silk resides in a small residence at the far end of town, hidden by the eclipsing shadows of larger buildings. Yet inside is a weaver’s paradise, with a wall lined with spools of fabrics and cloths of all kinds, in a myriad of colors. She stands behind the counter, a handful of garments handing behind her as she checks through a list before her. “Already quite the list of assignments. I suppose they mean to keep me busy,” she says. “Well, I’d best deliver them.”

Taking the outfits down, Silk makes her way out with them, grabbing her sun hat on the way out the door. Eventually she arrives at the honored Guild Hall. Once inside, she quickly goes about her business, delivering the finished ensembles and patch jobs to her customers. Unsurprisingly, not a one really dares speak a word to her, at length. The observation curls the corner of her mouth that one of her fangs pokes out a bit.

“Well, with that taken care of, perhaps I should go and check the boards. A guild like this is certain to have-… hm?” On the way to the quest board, Silk passes through the training area. There stands a peculiar entity, alone in the pond. “Oh my. And what is this?” She fixes her then-curious face into a friendly smile. “Please do excuse my intrusion. I was unaware anyone was here.”

As Silk speaks to her, Sonja loses her focus and drops both the orb of water, and the fusion form all together. Quickly regaining her composure, Sonja takes notice of Silk as Corona begins to lecture her on the importance of being able to keep the fusion form active despite whatever surprises she might incur.

”… If this was a battle, you would be dead or at least injured right now Sonja! …”

”Yeah, but its not now, is it, Corona? Now, if you could save the lecture for later, so I can put my full attention onto the interaction at hand, that would be much appreciated.”

“Hello, and welcome to Quinsenterra. I don’t believe we have had the pleasure of meeting you before. I am Princess Sonja Kristine Rosenburg of Holstein. Though you can just call me Sonja, since we are outside of court. My living soul’s name is Corona. We are both quite pleased to meet you, but unfortunately Corona is unable to do so directly. For her leave my body would cause me great harm. What brings you to the guild, and is there anything I can do for you at the moment?”

Silk curiously cocks her head to the side as the girl before her changes form altogether. Gone were the colorful butterfly wings and pale blue skin. Silk’s main two eyes widen as Sonja introduces herself. “Ah! Princess,” she says. She slightly bows her head. “A pleasure to make your acquaintance.” She brings her head back up. “I am Lady Madelyn Challant. However, please do call me Silk.”

Silk takes a seat on a bench, just behind her. Interesting that the girl hadn’t seemed to stare at all. Usually is the extra eyes didn’t draw attention, the lavender skin would. Then again, this girl had just held a rather buggy appearance, herself. Silk grins as she sits upright with the most ladylike posture. She looks the girl over. “I must say your attire is to die for! But what else would one expect from royalty, yes?”

Silk removes her hat, placing it in her lap. “But I’m getting ahead of myself. I am a seamstress by trade, among other things. I joined this esteemed guild only yesterday, and already I had a number of orders to fill for members of this fine establishment. I’d only just finished delivering them. While here I decided I might take a look at the guild mission board. And what might a darling such as yourself be doing out here, of all places?”

Sonja ponders Silk's words and takes a new look at her most humble of clothing. It was true that it was well made, but she hadn't really thought much of it because it was made more for durability then for fashion. The skirt was a simple white skirt that went to knee length and had splits on both sides that started just below her hip. Likewise her top was also a plain light blue loose fitting top with sleeves that went only so far as her elbows. The outfit beyond just being durable was made to allow for ease of movement, and the only real aspect of fashion it had was a stylized butterfly embroidered onto the top left of her shirt, whose wings matched her own - poking through slits in the back of the shirt so that they wouldn't get trapped uncomfortably beneath the fabric.

”I suppose my outfit really is quite eloquently made, given its purpose. I just never really thought about them that way. Also, no need to apologize. The training hall and courtyard really do receive very little use. Not many here have need of it, and honestly I don’t either. I seriously doubt I will ever have to defend myself. But since Corona’s magic is combative in nature, and part of my ability is to fuse with her to gain access to the magic, here I am, slaving away to learn how to use it. Doesn’t help anything that my body isn’t mature enough to fully fuse with her, causing my use of her powers to be limited and hard to use on top of everything. Honestly, I don’t really mind the training, other than Corona yelling at me inside my head at 6am to get me out of bed. Anyway, this way to the mission board Silk.

I haven’t really been on many missions since I got here, half a year ago. But I’m young, royalty, and weak, so thats not too surprising. Hopefully you will get to see more of the world than I have. Even before I came here, I was mostly bed ridden from mana sickness. And when I finally started getting over that i was stuck inside with books most of the time unless I was working on strengthening my muscles to be able to walk and lift stuff. Luckily the way my magic took shape led me to come here, and I even managed to make the trip from Holstein without teleportation. I had to stay in the carriage, surrounded by guards, but the views outside the window were amazing!”

Silk folds her hands in front of her as the girl speaks. When she returns to the subject of the mission board, Silk shakes her head. “Thank you, but no need to worry. I know where to go,” she says. She proceeds to walk with the girl regardless. her hands now behind her back rather innocently. A giggle sneaks out and she looks over her shoulder to the child just behind her. “Well, as long as you don’t mind the training, I think you ought keep it up. You never know what may happen.” Her cheerful and friendly nature seems to darken, if only for a mere instant. She turns to face forward again, not showing Sonja her hardened expression, and muttering to herself. “The world can be quite the despicable place, after all…” She turns back to Sonja, her smile and pleasant demeanor restored. “Knowing how to defend yourself can go a long way. And one can even make quite the beautiful art of it.”

Upon hearing more of Sonja’s story, Silk’s smirk returns. “Indeed. The view was quite wonderful.” Silk turns on her heels in girlish fashion, fully facing Sonja as the reach the mission board, and leaning toward her with her hands still behind her back. “That is rather unfortunate. But I have a feeling you’ll soon have your chance to see more of the world, as you wish. I am a fortune teller, after all.” With that, she turns back around and approaches the mission board, looking it over with all of her eyes. “Let’s see if I’m right.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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[Attn: Ilyana, Open]
UMS, Chanda Lake, north of Infinity Edge Guild Hall12:00 PM

Ilyana starts to walk away from the Guild Hall, her bags and new belt now packed. Although the day has only begun and the sun has only just risen, the lands aren't too cold from the night that has just passed. She turns to face the North, heading up over the border of the UMS along the shores of the Chanda Lake. Saying nothing to those traveling with her, she simply continues along the shore on one of the Guild Horses that she selected from the stables with a steady stride.

Nymeria and Edel sat atop the same horse, though Edel seemed to put most of his weight on Nymeria's back. Still, Nymeria managed to ride the horse somewhat naturally. She rode up to Ilyana's pace gesturing for the guild leader's attention. "Nice to see you've made a full recovery. So...can you tell us what our mission is?"

Ilyana looks from Nymeria to Edel and then smiles, "The same thing they are. We're fetching something that's sentimental to me. Except, of course, that Xiax didn't lose this one. I know exactly where it is."

"So where is this object that you're looking for? I'm quite traveled for my age. I can always help with navigation, among the usual bodyguard duties."

Sylmeria loaded her pack onto the horse and got up flawlessly. She smiled at that. It had been a long time since she'd ridden a horse. It had been one of the things she'd loved to do. Her smile became sad. There were so many simple pleasures of her old life that she missed, she realized. Never again... She listened to the conversation between the others, saying nothing. Ilyana was nobody's fool; she'd make sure they knew what they needed to when the time came.

Ilyana's smile lowers, but she asks Nymeria a very important question with a serious expression on her face, "And exactly how old are you, Nymeria?"

Nymeria maintained her positive demeanor, despite feeling an abrupt shift in the conversation she wanted to avoid. "I'm 21, of course. I used to travel as a mercenary and assassin before I joined Blazing Swords. Sometimes you have go to the ends of the earth to find work."

Ilyana's gaze freezes onto Nymeria, her expression stoic and then displeased. She says, "I see," before turning her gaze away from the girl and riding forward. Time will come before that ship sails, it would seem. She looks to her left, instead. The lake was passing and they were riding along its shore--it's a beautiful lake, one of the clearest of waters known to the entire island where they lived. She wishes Mia hadn't planted her Guild on top of the other side of it--she can see the edges of the magical, protective barrier in the distance that surrounds their guild and part of the lake.

Ryūko holds the reins on her horse, petting it as she feeds it an apple with a warm smile. Hers is a mite smaller than the others, perhaps younger. “Ohayo,” she says as she continues to pet it. “Ā. You’re strong, I can tell. And fast.” She mounts gracefully and follows Ilyana and the other, taking up the rear at a steady pace. “All right, then. Take us to our destination safely, Onegaishimasu.” She runs her hand through her steed’s mane before making off. As they go on their way, trotting along the shore, Ryūko sets her gaze out over the water as the rays of twilight meet the morning tide. The rising sun floods her mind with nostalgia for her home - the honored ‘Land of the Sun’s Embrace’. She’d known it to have the most beautiful daybreaks, as the sun shone over the snow-topped mountains. Sublime though this may be, nothing could yet compare to how breathtaking that view had been. Of course, she was biased. The conversation of those ahead of her doesn’t fall on deaf ears. She listens, if only passively. This Nymeria woman was as curious as herself. But still Ryūko says nothing. She just focuses on being the rear guard, ever alert as is her duty.

Sylmeria pulled away a little. There's...something tense in this conversation. She remembered her discussion with Ilyana and this must be the continuation of that. She surveyed the area, her breath catching at the sight of the lake. It was beautiful. Crystal clear, reflecting the sunrise. It was beauty in its purest essence. "Oh my," she said in a low voice, "they must love it for the view alo--" She paused as she saw it. The aura of magic. The sheer size of it marked it as probably a protective barrier. Ever since...the incident...she could see magical auras. She knew it came from her thrice-cursed power. Her grip tightened on her reins as a tumult of emotions ran through her. Shame, grief...and the anger that was now always there. A tidal flood threatening to blow her away. Where had it all come from? Even though she wanted to blame it on Valkyrie, it didn't seem right. She inhaled through her nostrils and out of her mouth. Over and over. Again. Again. She opened her eyes, her emotions in check once more, the aristocratic mask she'd been taught from a young age in place.

Nymeria gazed back at Ilyana with an unsure smile. The woman knew something. Nymeria looked down at her horse with half closed eyes. Can't let them see me affected like this. She thought to herself. She raised her head to look at the road before her, her face just as stoic's as Ilyana's. What could she possibly know? Does she know about the secrets of my powers? I haven't seen another blood mage in decades, let alone one that knows about body swapping. And asking about my age...Oh, she most certainly knows something.

Ilyana's group rode silently for several hours before they came across anyone else along the lake's shore--this would be someone from Valoria, obvious by the fact that their guild mark was openly large upon their right cheek. Patrol, most likely. It was an incredibly tall man--probably almost seven feet in height.

green skin is almost unsettling, but his venomous, purple eyes were bright and seemed to creep into Ilyana's soul, so they were far more unsettling. He must be using magic. As they approach to pass him by, she waves and smiles. He returns the wave and smile, but the revealed sharp teeth remind her of a shark. As they get close, Ilyana stops, to be polite. "The patrol goes well?" Ilyana asks. "Yes, my lady," He says with a swift bow to each of them, "Though there are rumors of bandits up north--water magi. I suggest you be alert and I wish you safe travels." "Thank you," Ilyana replies, "I wish you safety, as well." "I--I had to be nosy, or rude," The man says, his eyes darting to Sylmeria, "but is this...Lady Groff, relative to the King of Holstein?" Ilyana's gaze shifts to Sylmeria, saying nothing. She knew it would be up to the girl if she confirmed or denied the man's inquiry of he identity. However, the man looks....fanboyish. Perhaps she would choose to avoid a fan at this time. A smirk rises on her face, though, obviously amused.

Sylmeria had been lost in her head, listening with only half a mind--until she'd heard her name mentioned. Foolish girl, you're likely to get an assassin's arrow through your neck. She started. Where in the hell had that thought come from?! Leave me alone[/i] you abomination![/i] She remained composed. "You...know of House Groff...?" Sylmeria asked cautiously. He bore the aura of magic. He had a wild look to him, and sturdy. He was definitely a warrior of some sort. Though...there was something familiar about him...

The man smiles, "I am Benfa, son of Soerin. We served your house."

Sylmeria became aware of her mouth gaping open in an unbefitting manner and closed it. "Benfa?! Master Soerin's son?!" she said in shock. Her face broke into a warm smile. "I'm glad to see you've fared well. I've missed your family since your father's untimely passing. We all have." Her face became commiserate. "My mother, especially, would wonder how you all were often. How is your mother? How have you been?"

"We are well, my lady," Benfa says happiliy, "Seeing you here feels like a good Omen. I feel maybe it is a sign that I have grown strong enough to return to your family House again. I know that my mother certainly misses your parents most of all."

Sylmeria smiled in relief. "I am so glad to hear that," she said, wiping a tear away. Her parents would understand--as would her aunt and uncle--but in the court, this display of emotion would have made her House lose face amongst the others. Her face soured for a moment. What was that phrase that Rook used? They could...shove it? She nodded to herself, sure that was close. That life was behind her. "My family would happily receive yours," she said. "If you require it, I can script a letter of recognition to help speed things along?"

"I would appreciate that!" Benfa says, nodding, "Though, I don't wish to slow your travelling companions..." "It is fine," Ilyana says, "I assume you have a royal stamp with you? If so, it wouldn't take long to write it up and make it official. We can stop the horses here to get water--I'm sure they are thirsty, even though we haven't pressed them." "Thank you, thank you so much," Benfa says gratefully. His eyes are smoky, now, the green smoke just fading away into nothingness from his joy.

After hours of quiet riding, the group encountered an unsightly servant to Sylmeria's family. Small world we live in. Nymeria grinned sweetly. She gladly took the break from riding and led her horse towards the water. First Edel dismounted, then Nymeria. Nymeria let the horse drink from the lake, taking a moment to relax her body and mind. While she stood next to her horse, Edel sat against a nearby tree, eyes tranquilly closed, as if he had already fallen asleep.

Sylmeria nodded gratefully to Ilyana. "As it happens...I do," she answered. "I...never thought I'd have need to use it, but..." But her mother and aunt had insisted that a noble never be out without them. She thought she understood why, now. She bit back tears. How she missed them so. Hopping from her horse, she pulled out and reached in her pack and pulled out a plain looking wooden box. Inside were several rolls of parchment, wax, a sparker, a candle, a quill, a bag of sand, and some ink. She quickly pulled out a small roll of parchment and wrote a small letter of introduction for Master Benfa, finishing by signing her name, folding the missive, using the sparker to light the candle, then the candle flame to get a few drops of wax on it. She reached behind her neck and pulled off a necklace bearing her signet ring, and pressed it into the hot wax, pulling it back and nodding satisfactory. "Here you are, Master Benfa," she said with a smile. "Godspeed to you and your family."

As Sylmeria wrote up the letter, Ilyana lead hers and Syl's horse to the water to let them drink. She watches the water in peace until Sylmeria says her goodbyes in the distance. She watches as the green man Benfa hugs Sylmeria with his thanks--and she notices that the man takes his weapons off before doing so. How considerate--it would seem he knows something of her condition.

She moves closer, returning to the group with the horses as she hears Benfa's final words, "I look forward to our next visit, Lady Groff."

She'd nearly leapt a foot in terror when he suddenly reached for his weapons, then suddenly dropped them and grabbed her up in a hug. She stood there stunned for a moment before returning it. A pang hit her heart as she realized that he knew. How much had word of her gotten around? "And I," she said with a smile. "Safe travels, friend, and may we meet again in pleasant circumstances."

Ryūko dismounts after encountering the servant of Sylmeria’s family, leading her horse to the water to drink. As it lowers itself, she takes a seat on her knees at its side. Glancing over her shoulder, a smile upon her face. A pleasant encounter. The first time she’d seen Sylmeria genuinely happy, even if only a bit. Her own smile skews closer to longing, though, as the green man hugs the girl. Her mind wanders back to her days training to be the warrior she is now. The servants around the clan’s estate were always so friendly. That seemed to make Groff-san happy. Good. She must miss her former life. These small moments help. And good for him as well. She turns back to look over the water, at the rising sun. The few clan servants who escaped, back then, seemed well off when we crossed paths before I left. Hopefully they are doing as well.

As the meeting closes and the man walks away, Ilyana returns Sylmeria's horse to her before mounting her own horse again. She gazes at the man and waves a pleasant farewell in the distance before returning to her travels--continuing north along the lake's shores towards their secretive destination.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Venom10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Pbucket
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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Sigsep10
[ATTN:  Kaimele]  --Terrenia City; Star Sound Guild Hall (8am)

As Kaimele returns to the Guild Hall, she finds Reese and Lord Crye leaning over the table, looking over maps.  They are discussing things rather loudly, so the discussion is obviously no secret.  The two twin girls, clearly uninterested in the topic at hand, are just practicing battle--using their wooden swords to improve their skills on the other side of the entry hall.  This room, not too long ago, was a ballroom.  It was filled with dancing before, and now it's empty, filled with nothing but a table and two sisters battling with each other.

When moving closer to the round table that is scattered in maps, she'll hear Lord Cry and Reese's discussion as Reese points at the map and says, "We can't build it here.  Still too close to Terrenia and Rook will have our hides.  I'm thinking we should go further west.  It's our best chance, because you and I both know that going into the UMS would be a bad idea."

"Yes,"  Lord Crye says, scowling, "I suppose we should.  More Northwest, then."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Break10
[ATTN:  Daisan]  --Sheherazade Guild Hall  (7am)

Iasrite is already up, out in the Guild Hall and eating breakfast.  He is quite surprised to see Daisan up--and about to leave, as it would seem.  Alone.  With an expression of displeasure, he gestures to the man, beckoning him closer as he continues to munch on his food.  Finally, when Daisan is closer, he looks him square in the eyes, saying: "You were told that you should take a companion.  Why would you risk going there alone?  Do you know nothing of the ruins?  It is deadly there."

He stands, moving to put away his dishes and expecting Daisan to follow.  Additionally, he continues to speak before Daisan can even answer the first question that he gave him, "Look.  I know that I am new to you, but I meant it when I said it was dangerous.  What are your battle capabilities?  There will be much fighting where you are headed."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Tether10
[ATTN:  Yuzu]  --Walsh Guild Hall  (7am)

Morning came and Attica woke in one of the shabbiest of beds that she's ever slept in before.  Her back aches, her neck is sore...she did not sleep well at all.  With a groan, she sits up stiffly and eventually makes her way out into the main hall of the Guild.  She notices that everyone is just taking they want from the food tray, so...she does it, too.   She feels dirty for doing it, but hey, if that's how it is here, it's not actually wrong, is it?  It makes her feel  It's nice.

WIth a silent smile to herself, she victoriously sits and begins to eat her meal as a tall, scrawny man in a pin-striped kimono sits before her, his smile friendly as he sets his own tray down on his side of the table and leans towards her.  "You're Attica, yes?"

Attica nods, "Yep."

"Good,"  He replies, "I'm Zarkas.  I have been assigned to help you and Yuzu with your mission--whatever it is.  I was never told, actually.  Perhaps you could enlighten me?"

"Seek and destroy,"  Attica says with a sweet smile.

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 2 Vine10
[ATTN:  Sonja, Silk, Rocket]  --Quinsenterra Guild Hall  (10am)

Within the early morning, a small notice was posted up onto the Quest Board--a small sheet of paper written intricately upon decorative paper is starred up with priority notification.  A small, golden star is at the top, meaning that this particular quest comes by either Ruoh, himself, or Lady Aurella.  

The notice clearly and neatly states: Rocket, Silk, & Sonja are wanted to meet within the Guild Hall's entry at 10am this morning, packed and ready for a rather fun journey.  Please do meet with Sir Allas Ruoh and come on time so that the quest can begin immediately.  Thank you.

Now that the time has arrived, Ruoh exits his own private quarters, packed and ready to go in his fine, grey suit and hat with a small bag hanging from one shoulder casually as he steps out of his room and heads towards the entry.  Before entering the front of the guild, he says his goodbye to Lady Aurella before making his way towards those he hopes are where they should be.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 25th June 2017, 7:05 pm

{ATTN: Open to guild members
Sheherazade Guild Hall 07:00

Daisan is surprised to see Iasrite up so early.  He walks over to him and listens to him talk about a companion.  He is about to speak when Iasrite stands up to put away his dishes.  “This does not have anything to do with you.  I do respect you as our guild leader.  I checked to see if there was anyone else available, and there is no one capable at least.  I am not going to ask you.  You are needed here, not at another dig.  I am perfectly fine at a dig site.  This is not my first one you know.  I am knowledgeable of traps and can use my crossbow if necessary.”  He takes a step back.  “Now will you let me leave?”


{ATTN: Open }
Star Sound guild hall 06:00 – 08:00

Kaimele is shown to the ballroom.  She looks around remembering the party that happened just briefly.  Now the twin sisters are sparring in one area.  Reese and Lord Cyre are at a table in another area.  She watches the girls briefly and walks over to them.  As she approaches, she hears their conversation.  It is not like they are being quiet about it.  She gets close enough to see the map.  “You can’t go too far west before you hit the forest.  It would be nice to see the ocean though.  Sorry I could not help but overhear.  Good morning, I hope I am not late.  I know you wanted to grade me.  I must confess, I don’t know what to expect.”    

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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