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Post by JerriLeah7 on 10th May 2017, 7:30 pm

First topic message reminder :

Guild Ties Starter

A brief summary of current events, as well as the starting conditions for each character will be posted below when the role-play is ready to begin.  Please remember, when role-playing in Guild Ties, to use time, location, and attention stamps.  Although these stamps are not required, they will make the job for the RPM 100% easier to navigate through and to understand.  Thank you.

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Character Color Codes
cc3300Yuzu, the Gunpowder Witch@Ink
0066ffRyūko, the Swordeater@Ink
cc99ccSilk, the Child of Arachne@Ink
cc9999Kaimele Manistique@xenolion
cc6600Jacobi Rovengo@xenolion
6633ffDaisan Zeruko@xenolion
ff9900Claire Alexandra Lokhorst@Luna
ff3366Rocket Cerabella Linelliese@RadioTanuki
cc0033Juliette Napolitano@JulietHasAGun
cc9900Hamlet Napolitano@JulietHasAGun
ff3333Nymeria Sonata@Goetia
9933ffEdel Sonata@Goetia
00CC66Ryla Tarslen@HikariKuragari
9999ffRyushi Hirose@HikariKuragari
3788ecNadleeh Thessalonica@JerriLeah7
ff0a02Elizabeth Scarlet@LightningFang

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Infinity Edge
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Post by HikariKuragari on 26th June 2017, 10:11 pm

White Cross Guild/Ryushi's Office/12h45~1h15 PM

**This is a collab between me and Goetia**

(ATTN : Closed)

Chirron, carrying a couple supplies from the storage room to the infirmary caught Ryushi putting up a post on the bulletin board. Has he finally figured out what he wanted to do? He took a look at the post, surprised to see a high level exorcism. He thought back to last high level exorcism, and how ugly that turned out. "He's definitely going to need my help for this one." After Chirron put away the supplies in the infirmary, he made his way up to Ryushi's office. He knocked on the door before letting himself in.

"Hey there, Ryushi. I saw that post about the high level spirits on the board. I figured you'd need my help on this one. I can always let my assisstant Catherine take over the infirmary while I'm gone."

Ryushi smiled at him. ''I'm glad you're applying, I was hoping you would, but didn't know how busy you were. I'll defenetly need your help on the field especially if we find those victims who dissapeared. Nadleeh spoke to me about it and she was asked by the church to deal with it, but there's no way I'll let her go in there alone.''

"Clearly, the church doesn't realize how large of an undertaking that is by one's self. They're always asking us to handle dangerous spirits like it's just busywork. If only they knew how devastating these spirits are, they might rethink their actions."

''Sounds good, we'll see till tonight how many are available, maybe you could help by spreading the word as well ? Could help on getting more people on this. I have a feeling it'll be pretty dangerous if we have too little troops. I prefer planning bigger to be safe. If Catherine is coming as well, she could help at the village while we will be closer to the danger. I'm thinking on having teams protect the village as well if we have to move out to follow spirits and fight them.'' He explained looking serious.

Eaden was listening in quietly, but was fighting the sleep after eating as much as he did. He was rolled up on the corner of the desk resting on a small bed Ryushi had offered him. It was just big enough for him.[/color]

Chirron smiled a bit uncomfortably, trying to hide his uneasiness. "Ah, Ryushi...If Catherine does come along, could she...not stay with the villagers? She's not very...sociable. She's a great doctor, but not quite a people person...Her frank demeanor might damage morale or at the very worst...send the villagers into a panic. If anything, I can stay at the village while she stays on the front lines."

''True, however I'm not sure how strong the enemy is and would hate if she got hurt. However if you think it is better this way I will trust your judgement and let you take care of the villagers while we sort things with the enemy. I might still need your help with the victims after if there are too many however. I'll do the best I can to protect her. Is that okay with you ?'' He asked confirming with him.

Chirron's face settled into a warm smile. "That's fine with me. You'll find that she's very capable in a pinch. I wouldn't let anyone else be my assistant. Now, about getting the word you think it would be fit to make an announcement to the whole guild in person? You'll be sure to get more responses that way."

''Yes we could do one later in the afternoon to get more people. I'll leave the medical and supply preperation to you. Pick some help if you need. Is that okay ?''

"Sounds good, sir. I'll let Catherine know if we need her. Is there anything else you need?"

''No that'll be all, thank you Chirron.'' He replied with a smile.

With that, Chirron gave a subtle bow and went to close the door after he left. Before the door was completely closed, he turned back to Ryushi. "Oh, one more thing. I'll be sure to bring some tea with me." With a wink and a smile, Chirron clsoed the door behind him and went to make preparations.


Ryla's place/8h30~9h45

(ATTN : Closed)

Ryla had been training for the past thirty minutes. Until her uncle cracked open a window to call her in. Although at that point he probably wouldn't even have needed to call her as the smell was enough to make her bolt inside the house at the speed of light.

''PANCAKES !!! AND BACON !!'' She screamed of excitement.

''Indeed ! I knew you would want bacon, who doesn't ?!'' Her uncle answered with a smile.

''MM-mmmm'' Ryla was gone in the world of food heavens. Yep completely gone.

Her uncle laughed a bit. ''Well try not to choke now. ''

Ryla shook her head to say don't worry and swallowed. ''So.... when is your next trip ? ''

''Tomorrow, I'm leaving early morning. I'll be back most likely in two days though, so don't worry too much. '' He told her with a reassuring tone.

''Oh okay ! Don't worry I'll manage ! I'll probably be digging treasures all day again though so I don't know if I'll see you before you go to bed. '' She said before attacking her breakfast again.

''Sounds good, I hope you'll have good digging today.'' He told her.

''MmMmm'' She replied with a nod as she finished her last bite and then drank her milk one shot. ''Well I'll go now ! Have a good day uncle !'' She said as she left the kitchen to go grab her equipment and left to the digging site.

Digging Site/11h AM~ 2h PM

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

(ATTN : Closed)

Ryla walked toward where she last  wise which was pretty far and started digging once again. This time for a good 2 hours, taking small breaks to drink some water and such. Until her pickaxe did a hole, opening a tiny gap. Ryla looked through with her lamp and then started to work the hole for it to be just big enough for her to go through with her equipment. Seemed that she had found some kind of ruins. ''WOaaaah... nice ! Lucky~ '' she said happily as she started looking around scratching the place where her Shazeer mark was as it felt itchy.

As she went through the catacombs, she recognized the Shazeer architecture style and started to poke things around. Most of them did nothing however at some point she got to an object reacting. A flash came to her mind as she saw that forsaken door again as well as the fact that this used to be one of the key, but it was no longer good. It was eroded by magic and didn't look so much like a key anymore. She gasp and couldn't believe she found something like this here. ''Hey umm... Ninth ?...Vince-buddy ?! Can I talk to you for a sec ?''  It was the first time she tried to talk to them on her own or at least she thought so. She wasn't sure what to expect.

The Nine speak to her, all of those voices dominating her mind, "You have seen the door again."

Ryla jumps from the intrusion a bit and then she says ''Yeaaah I did... Say ... this thing I just touched used ot be a key of this thing. Did you guys make it back then ? I'm just curious of how it was hidden into this place that I just found that happens to also be a catacomb similar to the last one we found.''

"We did,"  The reply simply without explanation.

''Ooooh Okay. So you guys were guarding the keys before.... I know maybe it's not my place to ask and if you don't feel like talking I won't force you, but... did something bad happen to the tribe because of those keys ?'' She asked wondering.

"The keys were created before their end," The Shazeer voices reply within her head, "But after the sickness had taken hold of the lands.  The keys were created too late.  The Nine hold themselves responsible."

This last is spoken with a tone of sadness--and shame.  The very first time that emotion could be read within those cold, emotionless voices, it was obvious that this emotion was felt with depth and regret.

''You mean.... the sickness as in .... did the door open then ? '' She asked worried about them and what they were saying.

The Shazeer replies almost immediately, "Yes.  The miasma of that realm spreads that plague, which took from us all of our hosts."

''What ?.... How did the door close back though ? Who managed to approach it to close it ?....'' she asked, unsure on how the world got out of that dire situation before.

"We created the keys from our own souls,"  The Nine says, "Shifting from the twelve to the ten.  Then, we gave one more soul so that we could shut the portal, giving it physical frame and substance, closing it with barrier born of love and protection.  Now, only the two of us can beckon for the third to open itself and free the miasma."

''So.... you're saying that my being and yours as well as xiax are the only ones keeping the dor at bay along with the keys ?... I am not sure I fully understand how this work. But I do know that I'll do everything that I can to keep this door shut.'' She said with determination.

"The souls we lost keep them intact," The Nine says sadly, "Disconnected from us for all of time.  Part of them are within your key and it is what connects you to us so strongly."

''Oh I see... but yeah I'm sorry to hear that the tribe had to die this way. But I think I should thank you for your protection over this beautiful world. I'm glad to be a part of you guys. Although... just one more thing, y'know this power that activated before ? Seems like I kind of kept a part of it, but I have no clue how it works. It just activates whenever I have strong emotions seems like.'' She explained looking worried.

"Your powers have grown," The Nine says, "The gift of storms has rested within you, always dormant.  Our efforts to end a storm tapped into that dormant power, activating it.   We apologize for that inconvenience, but this is why Sheridan had to die, instead of you.  It was your power that was used and then amplified."

''Wh-Whaaat ?! You mean... it was my power all along ? '' She said with a bit surprise, but also seemed sad when Sheridan came into the topic. ''I kind of thought it was yours all along. Althought it's not that it's inconvenient, it's more that I have no clue how to use it or stop it other then try to control my emotions. I'm afraid people will think of me as a danger because I can't control it. Although technically it's already happening. '' She said with a sigh. ''Do you perharps know someone with a similar power that could help me ? '' She asked a bit unsure.

"Seek out Rafa of White Cross," The Nine says, "Their electric spark is ignited against spirits alone, but their power works quite similarly to yours.  Only the targets differ from yours."

''Ooooooh That sounds interesting ! Well I guess I'll be going on a trip soon... um some peeps might come to explore with respect these catacombs... but about this old key... it used to have a soul within it didn't it ? Should I ... y'know bury it in a way of respect ? ... I mean it used to be a person like you did. I'm not sure how you guys did your goodbyes to your people though.''

"Burial is an acceptable offering," The Nine say, pleased, "Thank you.  Please note that Xiax seeks you out. You are both nearing White Cross in your adventures, but expect him to greet you in the coming days."

''Alright, I'll bury this friend of yours with all the respect I can give. And... he is ?!....mmmm.... I gotta say I didn't really focus on it before... but true he is ish coming this way.  Thank you for telling me ! Oh and... did your friend had a name, if it's not too rude of me asking ?....'' She asked looking slightly sad, but she didn't want to call the person it the whole time.

"This one was....Avra of Light," The Nine says sadly.

''All right... thank you and again sorry for your losses, I'll make sure this one gets a proper burial before I leave toward White Cross. Thank you for your help today. '' She said with a a soft smile that showed a bit of sadness as well. Ninth had stopped answering her at this point and she hid preciously the eroded key along with the two others she was holding at the moment. ''Don't worry Avra, I'll take good care of you.'' She said with a soft smile before she leaves the shazeer catacombs.

As she arrives outside, she gets a digging site supervisor and tells them about her finds and to establish a perimeter near the entrance she did so that nobody touch it till someone higher decides how to proceed and that she would herself deliver the message. With this she leaves in the direction of the guild full speed.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 28th June 2017, 9:38 pm

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Second Group, OPEN]
Road Between Infinity Edge and White Cross6:00 AM - 12:00 PM

In the Guild stables, Ham helped saddle the group, his own horse ready and waiting for him outside the stables. Large and speckled grey, it looked a smidge larger than the other horses, befitting of its owner. Making sure all the groups saddles were properly fitted and secured, he walked out, into the early morning sun, awaiting everyones presence outside.

July, already mounted on her own horse, speckled black and grey, sat casually in her saddle; impatiently waiting for everyone else to ready themselves. She supposed it wasn't that big of a hurry; she doubted the fortress would pick up its skirts and go anywhere. She released a breath she didn't realize she had been holding, waking up from her lack of sleep. She looked over at everyone readying their horses. She knew Claire had ridden before, she was unsure about Zero and Xiax.

Claire mounted her horse. Black with a white star on it's forehead. She rides outside the barn and waits for everyone else to get their mounts. She had used the guild horses before to do missions of her own before. Renting them to do as she needed. She finds herself thinking about their current mission and wonders what the future would bring them.

Zero heads over to the person that loans the horses to the guild members. She then asks to loan a horse from them. She seemed very giddy about getting a horse. Zero had riden a horse before, she did know how to ride one, she just never really got the chance too. She got a horse that was white mottled with marron spots. She had the feeling they would enjoy each others company. She got her horse saddled up and mounted them, gettting ready for what lay ahead of them.

Xiax reluctantly followed everyone to the stables. Since he was last into the stables he had no problem seeing Ham, Juliette and some of the others grab gear to saddle up the horses and then trying to follow suit. This looks right. Xiax thought as he kept working on it and stealing glances at the others to make sure he was.
The main problem was that he pretty much had to do it himself, that was until Ham came over and pretty much took over and showed him how to do it right. Xiax was just happy that these weren't some sort of magic horse. These just seemed to be horses, probably really really nice horses, but it's not like he really knew anything about breeds or anything. He tried to climb into the saddle and didn't make it, spooking the horse. "Whoa whoa, nice horse. Shhhh calm down." It took him a minute to calm down the creature, then he was able to saddle up. He didn't even know how to ride a horse, but it seemed to pretty much follow the others out. Maybe he wouldn't have to worry about it.

Seeing everyone coming out, saddled and mounted, Ham finally mounted his own horse, pointing them in the direction of Ri Altenas; slightly more south than White Cross. He saw his sister behind him to his right, riding came naturally to both of them- they'd done it all their life. It had been expected of them.

July noticed Xiax having trouble with his horse as Ham was giving the group their bearings, her eyes narrowed; had he ever ridden a horse before? Zero seemed fine, but him?

"You alright, over there?" She called out to him, squinting. If it wasn't for his whole touch based ability, she would have offered him a spot on the back of her or Ham's horses, but that would do more harm than good.

"Alright," Ham addressed the group, leaving July to help with Ham. "We'll be making a straight shot for Ri Altenas; luckily most of you should already have an idea of where it is, as it is only aways south from White Cross. We're on horseback, so I'll doubt we'll be stopping- or have the need to stop, if all goes according to plan. Any questions, comments, concerns before we head out?"

"Yeah, are we going in to Ri Altenas stealthily or loud and proud?" Zero wanted to know, that way she knew how to go about with her fighting style. She could do stealthy, she could do loud and proud. She didn't care which way they went.

Claire watched July and Xiax. It was like this was new to him. Hopefully there wouldn't be any problems while they were on their way. Maybe Zero had ridden before as well. She has her horse positioned beside July and looks at Ham. Everything was pretty clear that Ham was telling them. She nodded her head. “I think everything is clear. Quiet's the word once we get there I assume.” She said. She smiled through her visor. “I'm ready when everyone else is.”

"Huh? Ohh! You mean me." Xiax said when he noticed that July was talking to him, he'd ben watching his horse trying not to fuck up.... "I think so?" His horse started to side step, and he wasn't exactly sure how to stop it, so he fiddled with the reigns till it did. He let out a thankful breath that it hadn't bumped into people. Ohh Gods, that's terrifying.he was going to be on pins and needles this entire trip. Ham asked if they had any questions, but how hard was riding a horse really? I'll totally be fine, maybe, surely, ok maybe not. Well everyone seemed to be doing just fine, so maybe it wouldn't be that bad.
"It's like a ways away, isn't it?" Xiax responded to Zero while asking unsure. "It's not like just down the street right?" Wouldn't they just walk otherwise?

July quirked an eyebrow, watching as Xiax fretted with his horse. "Really? Because, just so you know, Ri Altenas is a ways away. And from the looks of it, you look like you've never ridden before in your life."

Ham looked to Zero, nodding at Claire. "As before, we're going in quiet. No sense in rushing a fortress where the forces outnumber us." He shifted his gaze to Xiax. "If you require any assistance before you leave, either me or July could offer you some advice- assuming you haven't ridden before. It's not terribly difficult, once you feel comfortable in the saddle.

"Um, no. No I haven't ridden before." Until just recently he'd been living on the streets, so he hadn't been interested in them except to avoid the rich snoody-types that rode them or people using them to pull stuff.

"Ok, that makes sense to me," Zero said looking towards Ham with her response. She would have to adjust how she fought a little, bit it wouldn't be too hard for her to do. "Once we start attacking it, will we be going in as one big group, or a few smaller ones?"

Ham nodded for July to help Xiax with his horse, and she quickly dismounted and went over, calming the horse as she tried to give him the basics, without getting into too much detail. He didn't need to do tricks, he just needed to ride. She was mindful to show him the necessary motions without touching him.

"Well, again, this mission will hopefully be moreso reliant on sabotage and assassination, rather than out and out assault. July and I will help you all sneak in, but outside of that, I'd have to assess the situation and scout out the fort before making any more concrete plans." Ham waited for July to finish helping Xiax before leading them all out.

Claire listened to the others. Personally she was ready to go but she knew the other two needed to be prepped for this attack. As long as they didn't go in and get their selves killed they would be good. Sadly it only took one wrong move and Zero with her giddyness here could do that to them. She wouldn't say anything though. It was Ham's right to correct her. "Stealth will do us good in this attack. We can't just go in and blindingly attack. doing so will get us killed." she said.

"Thanks July." She seemed still a bit stiff, but that was probably because of yesterday. July sort of went over it a bit, and it didn't seem all that complicated.... Hopefully he'd remember everything, it shouldn't be too hard right? Because he was listening to Juliette, he didn't exactly catch what Ham was saying. Then again Ham would probably just go over it again later when they got closer, he seemed like the sort. Ham really had it all together. Oh, stealth. Yeah, that made sense. Claire seemed to be agreeing with Ham.

"Alright, just so long as I know what we plan on doing," Zero had felt like they were going in stealthy and it made sense why. People have different plans and different ways of doing this. She didn't mind going in stealthy she could be quiet, when she wanted to be. It wasn't always fun to do that though.

July nodded. "No problem, it's either I help you learn to keep your seat on a horse or we'd just have to roll you up in a carpet and fling you over that back of mine. I'm assuming you have a preference for the former." She smirked up at him, the sarcastic tone in her voice giving him enough of a hint that it was, indeed, a joke. She stroked the neck of his horse idly as she spoke to him. "You good, now?"

Ham watched, waiting for July's signal that Xiax was ready to head out. "In the end, just wait for my signal. I'll debrief you all on our plan of attack once we've scouted the place out.

"Umm yeah." That would just be fun f--king-tastic if he'd have to be thrown over a horse. First day as a new Edgie, and it'd be just his luck if he drew the short straw with his D-luck. "I, I think I'll be fine." he said still a bit unsure. There wasn't any option but to try, and pray like he'd never prayed before.

July nodded, stepping away to remount her own horse.

Once Ham saw everyone saddled and ready, he set off, leading them all the the direction of Ri Altenas. From there, they could set off towards Sheherazade; Ri Altenas seemed to be slightly higher on the sliding scale on importance, and it was closer.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see his sister gaining on him, riding up alongside him. He pretended not to see her, focusing on the way in front of him.

"Feels good to be riding again; though it isn't necessarily what I'd prefer to be riding at seven AM, I suppose it'll do." She gave her brother a wicked smile. His silence enough of a response to continue. "I'm guessing Ilyana did quite enough rid-"

"Shouldn't you be making sure Xiax doesn't fall of his horse?" Ham cut her off before she had anymore of a chance to try to make her brother blush. It wouldn't work, of course, he was used to her teasing- he'd just prefer none of the rest of the group to hear it.

"Oooh, someone's a bit touchy, aren't they?" She lifted her chin up slightly. "I'm just trying to have a friendly discussion with my dearest, dearest brother."

"July-" Ham started, sighing when he realized any rise would just give her the satisfaction she was looking for. She always ribbed him like this. "Just- Go to the back to make sure Xiax doesn't get bucked off."

July raised a very unamused eyebrow, raising one hand placatingly. "Okay, okay, bo-ssy." She slowed, falling back to the tail end of the group to make sure Xiax didn't fall off his horse and get left in the dust.

Claire looked at everyone as they began to take off. She looks at Zero and then at Ham. "Zero, you're not used to being in stealth mode are you? It will be a new experience to go in quietly for a change if you're not." She said. They were going at a gallop now. She looked back to see how Xiax was doing. She knew he was going to be sore for the next few days if he had never ridden a horse before.

Xiax's position in the group varied her and there, until he eventually managed to just pull up the rear and he stopped fighting with the reigns. When they picked up speed, Xiax pretty much bounced up and down in the saddle. He hoped that this wasn't going to be like this all the way, because he wasn't going to feel his ass after awhile. If he had any guess, tonight when they stopped for a break his ass was going to look like a smashed blackberry muffin. At least on the bright side he hadn't fallen off yet, that was a victory. As far as a day of firsts went, he gave himself 2 stars. Outta how many though? that was the question. He settled on five because 10 was raelly bleak and Juliette would give him hell if he kept up the self pity shit as she would say.

Zero looks towards Claire "I think I have gone stealthy once... wait, no, this will be my first time doing it. So yeah, it will be a new experience for me."

Ham kept his eyes on the road; comforted that his sister was bringing up the rear. He knew she was keeping an eye out; namely for any Dark Ascension lackeys that might try to get the jump on them. He liked having her on missions; one could trust July to watch their back, even though her job description might make one think otherwise.

That and it's always good to have back up with a built in grappling hook.

That was a definite plus.

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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 JulietMotY
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Post by JerriLeah7 on 1st July 2017, 1:20 pm

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Post_s11

There is a long, dimly lit corridor made fully of stone, complete with arrow slits and torches.  Specifically, this narrow walkway is a bridge that serves to connect two castle towers, resting above the gateway entrance to a rather grand castle.    Within this thin, but strongly built structure, the slow tap-tapping can be heard as a man walks within this place, echoing throughout the stone and reverberating quite loudly to indicate further that he is quite alone.

The sun has filled the sky with its light, casting rays of narrow shine within, upwards towards the ceiling.  As he walks through, spot after spot of light splashes upon his cheek, warming it and temporarily reflecting into his teal eyes and lighting up his blonde hair again and again.  He pays it no mind, his right arm lifted up and elbow bent as his fingers reach out to run along each stone and through each arrow loop as he passes it.  The soft sound of his skin running along the stone cannot be heard over those crisp footfalls.

Finally, he reaches the corridor's end.  Opening the door before him, he steps through and into the tower, circular stone steps greeting him on either side of the flat platform where the door meets the side of the tall tower.  He turns right, going upwards, leaning into the railway on his left as he trails up the steps, the torches along the walls lighting his way alone, now that the arrow slits are gone.  The man takes his time, his white and gold-trimmed cloak just short enough that it will not impede his travels.  

As he reaches the top of the tower, another man is looking out of a merlon at the front of the tower's top, facing away from him.  He knows he has come up, the opening from the stairs now loudly agape behind him.  Rather, this man is standing upon the merlon as he looks out, wind brushing his robes behind him along with his medium-length, pale-blue hair.  The shadows cast from the sun that he gazes into make him appear so dark and mysterious.  

The wind is fierce up here, thrashing against robes and cloak alike with the ferocity similar to a nearby storm.  However, clouds are thin and sparse, arguing against such weather.  The man waits, at first, for the gazer to finish what he's doing.  However, the gazer never turns to greet him, nor acknowledge his presence.  The time for waiting soon passes and finally, the cloaked, blond figure speaks, approaching the edge of the structure and the figure with a slow pace before resting one hand upon a nearby battlement.  
"I have given you three weeks," He says, "A gift for all you have given me.  To my chagrin, I have grown impatient."
The man turns, using the battlements at either side as he bends down to grip against and come down into the tower's central ceiling, his floor.  His white eyes make him appear blind, but he is anything but.  He looks tired--no, exhausted.  The dark rings around his eyes and the cracks appearing upon his face both hint at the amount of mana he has been using, pushing his body to its limit again and again.  Still, regardless the damage taken, he's still somehow managing to look classy in his rich robes, with the his sword of honour resting with promise upon his back.

"I have found two upon one person--two of genuine make.  You must make haste, however, for soon she will have only one."  The Gazer says tiredly.

The cloaked figure smiles, his hands clasping behind his back as his posture straightens and his eyes light up with a new fire, a new excitement.  His short, blonde hair is softened from the sun's gaze, giving way to hints of a red hue buried within his genetics.  The Gazer has never before seen him looks so positively malicious and it sends a shiver down his spine as he is promptly soaked with unease.
With a little laughter, the cloaked man says, "Name her."
The Gazer says, "Ryla Tarslen of Sheherazade."

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Post by Phirron on 2nd July 2017, 8:43 pm

Sonja was enjoying the company of Silk, even if the woman looked rather strange, their conversation was quite nice and Sonja was happy that she could get some new beautiful close hand made by a member of her guild too. More importantly it was a pleasant distraction to her training workout, which would soon enough be over with for the day. Towards the end of the conversation Silk started making comments along the lines of what Corona had already done, which naturally did wonders towards Corona warming up to Silk, and even helped keep her from being to annoyed with the leave from the work out too, however one statement stood out in the young princess's mind.

“That is rather unfortunate. But I have a feeling you’ll soon have your chance to see more of the world, as you wish. I am a fortune teller, after all.”

This statement filled Sonja up with a brimming hope and desire that she never even thought to consider that it could have possibly been a lie. After all Silk was virtually a strange still and fortune telling is as much a real magical gift as a charlatan mockery of magic. As it would turn out though the prediction was quite true and immediately fulfilled. As they arrived at the mission board Sonja, despite herself, scanned to see if her name was on it and to her shock it was. In fact she was so shocked from seeing her name that she dropped her fusion form after only being in it for a couple minutes, much to Corona's chagrin, though the fairy let it slide with out saying anything as she didn't want to spoil Sonja's moment of joy.

In her shocked state Sonja completely failed to notice that Silk would be on the mission with her too, at first. After resisting the urge to jump up and down and dance Sonja read the whole notice, as she originally had only been looking for her name, before turning to her new found travel companion.

"Looks like my training is over and that we will have plenty of time to get to know each other better on our mission. In the meantime I must part ways with you to go get ready, though before I go can you perhaps look into my future and tell me when my governess will next surprise me with a test?"

Immediately after asking the question Sonja gave a soft giggle making it quite clear she wasn't being serious with the question. She then gives Silk a quick hug, forgetting that she was still quite damp, before curtseying and heading off towards her room for a new outfit to take with her to the bathing room.

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Post by Geotrix on 3rd July 2017, 8:59 am


  Gale flew across the guild hall barely catching himself with his nimbus, his hands and face were covered in soot.
  "Damn it! That's the third time today," He cursed.
  True to their word, Rhodes had allowed him to train and learn his father's magic. Many of the guild members were even glad to see him again. Every time he began training in the guild hall, people would stop by and watch. It was quite unnerving to say the least, considering he was having difficulty.
  "Alright. Again," Gale spurred himself.
  Reentering the vacant ring, Gale focused on the task at hand, concentrating  his raw energy into a space between his hands. Supposedly lightning magic was stronger with anger, and Gale was pretty livid with this technique.
  Sparks began to snap in the air between his hands, slowly they grew forming a ball of flashing light, it took a minute then finally it stabilized.
  "Finally," Gale breathed.
  Gale got up from the floor.
  "Damn it. Here we go again."

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Post by Ink on 3rd July 2017, 1:06 pm

[ATTN: Yuzu, Attica, Zarkas]
Walsh Guild Mess Hall7am

"Obviously." Yuzu soon joins Attica and Zarkas, dropping a tray in front of her with food stacked to the point of eclipsing the view of her face when she actually takes her seat. This is rectified soon enough as the food disappears into the seemingly bottomless pit that is the small woman's stomach. With just a small mound of food left, Yuzu wipes her mouth and drinks down some water. "Morning," she says. She crosses her arms on the table and glances over at Zarkas. "So you're comin' with, huh?"

She turns around at the table, leaning back against. "You're that ice guy. Zarkas, right? All right. Long as you watch the kid's back."

With that, Yuzu looks over her shoulder at Attica. "As for you, some more info would be nice. Where the hell're we goin', and who the hell am I blowing up, this time?"

[ATTN: Silk, Sonja, Rockett, Ruoh]
Quinsenterra Guild Hall8am - 10am

One of Silk's fangs pokes from the corner of her mouth as she reads the notice on the board. She steps aside, her hands behind her back as the girl reads it, herself. "See? A fortune teller knows," she giggles. With Sonja practically bouncing with glee, Silk tips the brim of her hat back down over her eyes. "I suppose we will be seeing more of each other. I'm sure the experience will be most enjoyable."

Silk suddenly has the wind knocked out of her as the girl hugs her. "Oof!" she huffs. Looking down at the small creature coiled around her, Silk blinks. She hesitantly reaches out and pats the child on the head. "Y-yes, well if you truly wish a fortune, you need only ask, milady." She uncomfortably laughs to herself before Sonja releases her and skips off. Left standing there, seeing the girl away, Silk relaxes herself. Finally she sighs and looks down at her newly dampened ensemble. "Oh. Delightful. I suppose I'll have to return home and change, myself." She shrugs as she departs. "Oh well. This outfit isn't suited for travel, anyhow. This should at least prove to be an interesting diversion."


Later, Silk returns to the Guild Hall, reporting to the entry early and taking a seat with a book in hand. She flips through the pages rather briskly. A benefit of the extra eyes, no doubt. There she waits, perhaps an hour ahead of schedule. Her new ensemble is every bit as beautiful as her casual wear, but sturdy and meant for travel. It's a royal violet color, with lilac trim. She still sports her sun hat, though at least as she reads, it sits with the brim tipped back, away from her eyes. Without seeming to look up, she smiles at Ruoh's entrance. "Salutations, Sir Ruoh," she says. She snaps the book shut and rises from her seat, bowing politely before tipping her hat back down. "I trust you're having a splendid morning?"

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Post by LightningFang on 3rd July 2017, 11:13 pm

(Collab between me and Jerri)

Darkness Shrouds Guild HallAfternoon

Elizabeth finishes packing her bags and heads to the guild hall, where she assumes Reiza will be. She starts to ask around for her, as well as looks. The only problem is that she has never really seen nor meet Reiza, so she didn't know what the person she was looking for looked like. The only thing that was making hard to find Reiza was mostly that she didn't know if she packed a bag yet or anything. She probably did, but the other problem was that their were other people who had packed stuff for trips and were getting ready to head out. Some of them were  by themselves waiting for another member, or were in a team of two and just hadn't headout yet. She knew Reiza would be by herself, but where? In the corner of the guild hall? Maybe in the middle, or at a table. She was probably over thinking it,  but you never know.

Reiza was out of her room and ready to head out at dawn.  She waited outside for Scarlet to come out, but it seemed that she was slo moving.  When the girl finally came outside, looking for her, she waved.  "Here, Scarlet.  Ready to go?"

Elizabeth heads over to where Reiza is. "Ready as ever." Elizabeth was already regretting her decision, then again, it was only thirty some minutes since she had been told she was allowed to go on one. Yet it was only a couple of minutes since she knew what mission it was, maybe more then a couple of minutes. Still it left something to. be desired to be going with someone she didn't know that well.

Reiza nodded her head, moving out to the stables to pick out one of the Guild Horses.  Due to the guild's small size, they only have a few, but she doesn't really have the cash to buy her own.  Besides, the Guild HOrses came with official sigils and showed she meant business--it deterred vagabonds on the road.  She saddles the horse up, places her bedroll in the hatch, and readies tthe reins.  After a short time, she's mounted and heading out.

They have to head northeast, to the Tavran Ruins, which isn't too far--just a few days travel.  She doubts they will have much issue, and luckily, there is a small village that they can stop at to rest once, which will be one less night spent sleeping outside on the cold ground.

Heading out Reiza to the stables Elizabeth gets a horse. She was familiar enough with them to know where to put stuff and how to ride them. Just not much more than that. She was going to follow Reiza most of the way. She had a map for if they got lost, but it wouldn't help her much. She decided to look at it to see what was on the way. It seemed to be a village, but she wasn't to sure on it. She put it back and got on her horse.

Reiza heads out into the wilds, hours passing by as they travel in silence.  She finds no need to speak to Scarlet, speaking only when spoken to and relaxing on the horse, despite how sore it makes her to ride for so long.  She's used to riding horses for such long time frames, so it's not even a thing, at this point.

Barely speaking Elizabeth looks around at the wilderness as she follows Reiza. She starts wishing that she could read while riding on her horse, but she isn't that skilled at riding a horse. This will probably be one of the longest if not the longest she will have ever ridden a horse. She will be sore after this, she wasn't quite sure how sore yet though.

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Post by RadioTanuki on 4th July 2017, 1:55 am

Quinsenterra Guild Hall6:00 AM
Things were so soft... like nothing ever felt before... a bed of clouds.... the feeling of weightlessness... even the dream, which she now couldn't even recall was good this time... or was this the dream? Where was she, even?

*bap* Rockett felt soft fluff punch to the dead center of her forehead.

At which, she flinched, eyes still closed, but then was at ease once again as this time the paw rested on her forehead.

"Reow Meow Meow Meow Meow!!" Coaltar rattled off in a mocking tone, sitting upon his back legs on top of the bed while softly boxing her in the forehead now.

Her eyes finally fluttered open to the room around her... and Coaltar in front of her now watching as she awoke. She beamed at him. "Ahhh, It wasn't a dream... yeeeeesssssss...!" She popped up now, raising her arms in a stretch as she squinted hard, still looking at her fuzzy buddy. "Morniiiiing! Sir Coaltar! Did you sleep well? Oh my goshness.... I don't if I've EVER slept that well! And for the first time in a long time... I feel clean! So much cleaner than I ever have.... It's amazing.... I forgot how amazing it felt... I could soooo get used to this!!" Very Happy

She hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom. "Umm.... hmmm, well I haven't done this in a while... Looks like I have a toothbrush now... and some... other stuff? I dunno what all this stuff is... but hey! I have a hairbrush now! Woohoo!" She grabbed for the toothbrush and started using it brushing her teeth as best she could and then smiling... she looked down to the sink... "Wow... I forgot how this stuff did.... kinda burns a bit... hmm.. I should probably wash all this blood down so my person who I share this thing with doesn't freak out, I guess..." she said thoughtfully, turning the water on and trying to rinse it out... luckily in her state, she didn't bleed all the time. Sometimes she would cut easily, and some didn't necessarily heal back completely, but it was enough to keep her from bleeding out a lot.

She then grabbed for the brush and started brushing through her hair... she had put a lot of time into cleaning it the night before and wanted it too look nice now that she could... surprisingly fewer knots were in it than one would have thought, and they came out with relative ease... although she did accidentally pull out a few hairs too. Actually of all the parts of her body, her hair always seemed by far the healthiest. she raised her right forearm for a moment to the mirror as she was brushing. The glow had caught her eye again.

She let out a small excited gasp looking at it in the mirror. Her glowing new guild tattoo. Even the skin around it seemed to look immaculate now. She skipped back into the bedroom now, plopping back on the bed.

"Now! What to wear?!?" she exclaimed, throwing the dresser doors in front of her open. "So... MANY.... OPTIONS!!" She squealed muffled behind her hands that she now held against her mouth as she said it. She wasn't wrong there.. There could be so much in store today and she hadn't worn stuff like this since she was little... she didn't want anything too fancy. Not like a full on ball gown or something... but something more functional... She would rather not overdo it and she didn't know how she would look in these kind of clothes anymore. All she had worn for years now were the tunics she made herself. But the craftsmanship on every single article of clothing here was a sight to behold! She couldn't believe how much there was... she wasn't sure what to pick.

She finally settled on a small white sleeveless blouse with a short pleated skirt... it kind of reminded her of the tunics she made herself anyway except for far prettier, plus it allowed for enough maneuverability, unlike some of the other crazy looking big dresses and stuff in here... and it looked so clean too... it kinda looked cool against her red hair, she thought... With that decided and changed into she helped Coaltar put on his snazzy new top hat someone had found for him, and they went downstairs to the main hall where the other guild members were eating some really tasty smelling breakfast... a real breakfast was another thing she hadn't had in years...

She ran up to get a plate and get in the line, anxiously looking ahead at what was there. "Oh WOOW! Admiration  It all looks SO GOOD!! EGGS AND BACON.... I've longed for this daaayy!" she squealed to Coaltar, holding the plate in front her mouth with both hands now as if hiding behind it.
Coaltar just cocked his head to the side at her.

She finally went over to a table to sit and eat, quietly on her own with Coaltar beside her, whom she had also grabbed a bit extra for and put it on a little plate she had grabbed him. Coaltar did like his eggs. She ate her food mostly quietly, save for that she was humming a light tune as she chewed, bobbing about happily... things hadn't tasted this good.... probably just about ever... It made her so happy with each bite she was almost kicking her legs in a little happy dance. Grin

"Ohhh!!" she looked up now to see the quest board that a few of the other guild members were now at. "The board! Let's go see what's on the board!"

She got up and carried her dishes around.... looking for the place they were supposed to go.... she paced around for a bit, having trouble locating it. "Oh! There... I think!" seeing a small window near the kitchen area wall. After dropping them there, she skipped over to the board with Coaltar in tow.

"Ooooh... Lotsa quests Coaltar... I wonder if I can choose nowwwww...woooah!! A big one! With a STAR?? And OUR NAMES ON IT?? Oh yeeeeaaaahh! Oh it's with Miss Silk! And someone named Sonja? OH! *gasp* we get to meet with MR. RUOH!! *yaaaaay!* Huh, wait.... where's your name? aww, I hope they let you come with us, whatever it is.... I need your help sometimes... Meh  hmm, uh NO WORRIES! Very Happy I'll make sure you get to come, just leave it to me!... Then again... I don't want to hold you back either if you have a special important missioooon, either, yo! Well, I don't see one on here for you... We'll just ask Mr. Ruoh, I guess!"

She looked up at the time on the Guild Hall's clock. Still a bit of time left to go, but not too much... Ruoh would be at the entrance soon. "I'm so EXCITED for my first mission in the Guild! Yessss! I guess we'll just have to watch the Guild entrance for now, though!" She sat at a nearby table watching with Coaltar now sitting on her lap, and petted him as she sat, humming to herself... She hadn't thought about it as much before, but now it seemed this place was looking busier and busier. Most people in the hall were going about their business, ignoring her, but watching them, she noticed every now and then someone would look her way and jump a bit. Most of them just quickly looked away when she looked back, and some even stared at her.

"Hm! I guess guild people are pretty normal too sometimes." Hmmm  she said to Coaltar, shrugging, as he looked her way, then out at the people again and brushed his chin lightly with his paw, then stuck out his tongue briefly. "Heeeeyy Coaltar, don't be mean! They're are new guild friends! They'll get used to us!"

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 4th July 2017, 1:33 pm

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Quinse10
[ATTN: Silk, Sonja, Rocket] --Quinsenterra Guild Hall; 10AM

As Ruoh moves to the Guild's entrance, it is not long before he sees Silk waiting, a book in hand with her proper pose and her spider-like gaze.  He smiles at her, looking her over with analysis as he tries to adjust to her strange appearance.  It won't take too long, but luckily, time will allow him to look at her and see only the beauty of her, rather than the difference and strangeness.  He looks forward to the day that he can, because strangeness can distract and deceive, confuse and misrepresent.  

She bows to him, tipping her hat and greeting him respectfully.  His golden gaze meets her gaze after he bows in response, his own hat in hand.  As he stands properly again, he returns her greeting, "I am quite well--I slept rather splendidly, Lady Silk.  Thank you for asking!  How are you today?"

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Post_s10
[ATTN: Yuzu] --Walsh Guild Hall; 7AM

Zarkas nods, "Yep, I'll be there--and I'll have both of your backs.  No worries, there.  And yeah...I think I'd like to know what we are doing, too."

Attica nods, "I am going after a Dark Ascension member...he's known as Ravage.  Have you heard of him?"

Zarkas almost chokes on his green tea, but he stops himself just before, eyes wide and glass slapping down onto the table as he shakes his head, his hand on his chest from the shock of almost choking to death on his drink.  When he swallows, he shakes his head again with disbelief, "You're kidding?  Please tell me you're kidding."

Attica frowned, "I'm sorry, but I'm not.  Lady Aurella approved this.  I'm taking down Ravage--with or without your help."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Tether10
[ATTN:  Gale] --Rhodes Guild Hall; 11AM

Connor is in his seat when the letter arrives--his big chair that is placed within the training hall.  He watches others train, but mostly to make them nervous.  He'll make occasional expressions and sounds--some of approval and some of disapproval.  A lot of it is genuine feedback, but the purpose behind it is mostly to get into their heads.  They mustn't be distracted when they battle--and a Guild Master is a huge distraction.

Sealed with the wax symbol of Infinite Edge, he opens it without hesitation.  It can only be from Ilyana or Kennot and Kennot is quite unlikely.  Reading it, he finds a comforting familiarity from the woman's handwriting.  It's strange--he's had little contact with her in most cases.  Still, she was always a sort of beacon of hope for him.  With a smile, he looks over at Gale and speaks his name, beckoning him over with a wave of his fingers.

"Your Guild Master has instructions for you," Connor says, "Well, for the both of us.  Are you ready to go on a trip?"

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Vine10
[ATTN: Xiax, Hamlet, Zero, Juliette, Claire] --Southern Wilderness; 4PM

The day carries on, the sun shines brightly down upon five horses that carry a group of members upon their backs with a steady, but fast pace.  The insignias upon the horses scream of the Infinity Edge Guild--members and magi out upon a mission of their own.  It will be a long day's journey to be sure.  However, just as time passes, casual conversation drops amidst the sounds of hooves as they make their way as quick as they can upon the grassy fields and upon a thin, dirt road that lightly guides them.

Here and there, houses are seen, most in the distance, but a few nearby.  Farms and orchards, lands of all kinds, it is never too far gone before another sign of life pops up into view.  A few people wave at the travelers as they go by, smiles on their faces as they recognize the Gulid Symbols that glow upon the horses.  When hours have been stripped away from a group, a small hut can be found for the first time in quite a while, as forests have now been passing, but outside of the hut that sat within the forest's opening, a well with water aplenty to give to the horses that must be rather thirsty by now.  As the group halts, an old man is already outside of this hut, a bucket of water in hand, gesturing to halt them so that he may do this service for them.

Although the old man is cloaked and hooded, his age is apparent in his hands and in his hunched, bony posture as he sets a bucket down in front of Hamlet's horse--he was the one in front, after all.  The Horse greedily begins to drink and the old man chuckles a little as he says, "I've got more buckets for the lot, I'll go to fetch them."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Post_s10
[ATTN: Chirron, Ryushi] --White Cross Guild Hall; 4PM

Nadleeh rushes into the Guild Hall, throwing open the front doors and scrambling upon the floor with her book crooked into one arm and her other hand upon her large collar, pulling it down beneath her chin as she breathes arduously from the run.  She feels choked by her clothing of choice, the armor also wearing her down, but she doesn't have time to listen to her body.  Her countenance is covered in panic, her posture in fear as she sprints across the hall and ignores all of those speaking to her with alarm.

She makes it to Ryushi's office, banging upon the door heavily with frantic and then thrusting the door open without waiting for a response.  She deeply hopes that he's okay for her entrance, but she doesn't have time to wait for his permission, as disrespectful as it may be.  With heavy breathing she just barely utters Ryushi's name before dropping her holy scripture upon his desk and then dry heaving as she bends over, her hands clasping to her knees as she struggles to breathe and think clearly from all that running.

When the dry heaving stops, she stands up straighter, tears in her eyes as she speaks with a rushed whisper, "We can't wait.  The nightfall will bring the entire end of that village, Ryushi--I guarantee it.  We have to do something and we have to do it, now.  I'm not strong enough to deal with this on my own."

More to Come

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Post by xenolion on 4th July 2017, 1:54 pm

{ATTN: Open to guild members
Sheherazade Guild Hall 07:00

Daisan waits for Isarite’s response and is happy when he is going to let him go.  “Hopefully, I will be back shortly.  Unless it is a major find, I will let you know.  Thank you for trusting me.”  He shoulders his bag and leaves the guild building.

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Sigsep10
{ATTN: Open }
Star Sound guild hall 06:00 – 08:00

"She's right,"  Reese says, can't get too close to the Hallows--especially not with our size.  If we go southwest, instead, we can get under that and near the ocean."

With this last, he winks at her as Lord Crye's hand rests under his chin, propped up on his other hand that is folded under it with contemplation.  His gaze is still upon the map as he hesitates and then nods his head with approval.

"Good idea.  Under the hallows it is.  Near the border."  He points at a spot on the map, "This place is pretty empty, the King would let me stay here near Orea...they've been begging the King for protection, as it is.  It's only ten days from here, too.  We could start construction damn quick if the King approves."

"I'll send the necessary letters,"  Reese says with a smile, "I know Orea will be happy if this goes well."

"Thank you, dear," Lord Crye says to Kaimele, "I must say it's not really too bad to go that far west.  I was avoiding it for the distance, but it's a great compromise."

“Ten days is a long way, but Orea sounds nice.  I hope we get the approval.”  Kaimele looks at the map.  It is a bit far, but could be a lot worse.  They are in the same nation at least.  “I cannot wait, I don’t think Clementina has danced there before.”    

"They have an intriguing culture there," Lord Crye says, "It's a beautiful place.  So yes!  Your grading.  First, let's talk about physical battle skills.  What all are you capable of?"

“Well, I have these fans.”  Kamiele sets them on the table with a smirk.  “They aren’t just for show.  I was trained by my brothers when I was younger, three of them which currently belong to other guilds.  While I have not fought for a while, I still have the agility of a dancer.  The fighting will come back with practice too.  I know it sounds odd for a healer to be in close combat, but it worked.”

"Excellent.  You can fight Reese, then."  Lord Crye says happily, pointing out to the open ballroom floor.

Reese looks up at the Guild Master with surprise, then to the Kaimele with reluctance, but then he shrugs before setting down his quill and paper that he had in his hands for barely a few moments.  Those letters would just have to wait.  He steps out onto the floor, walking for a bit before turning around to face Kaimele so that she is now in the center of the room.  He notices that the two girls have now halted their swordplay--they are off to the side, now watching.

Kaimele is surprised that Lord Crye wants her to fight Reese.  She picks up her fans and walks over to Reese.  “I wish I had my other fans.  These are magical.  I will be able to heal you if I hit you.”  She unfolds the fans and goes into a defensive stance.  “What are the rules?  Is this just physical?”

"Everything goes," Reese says with a smile, without waiting for the Guild Master.  "It'll be more fun that way, don't you think?  However...can you heal yourself?  I think that's something I should consider before I get into this."

“It is harder for me to heal myself than others, but I can do it.”  Kaimele offers.  She is still in her defensive stance.  She learned from her brothers not to be the first one to attack.  Especially when you don’t know their abilities.  She has to wait for her opening.

Reese looks her over, watching her stance.  She's not making a move.  Humming a small tune to himself quietly as three musical notes of different colors appear into the air before him.  He holds out his hand, his index and middle fingers out and together, pointing upwards and then at Kaimele as they flew forward into the air and towards her with an amazing speed.

Kaimele remembers what Reese’s magic is so when she sees the notes appear, she is ready to dodge if necessary.  She watches his hand and moves from in front of it.  The first note misses her, the second whizzed right by her ear.  She spins around, the third one grazes her.  She swallows the pain though and goes on the attack with her fans.  She is a bit hesitant about hitting him with the new fans.

More notes appear, this time forming a circle instantly before him--a musical shield that takes the blow with grace before shattering away into nothingness.  He thrusts forward with an attack--another musical note between his fingers as his fists moves to meet Kaimele's face.

Kaimele grunts her displeasure at the music shield.  She is not in top fighting form.  She leans away from his fist and spins around again.  She swings her fans purposely at him again.

With a hand behind his back, he watches Kaimele side-step and forms a rather large, cane-sized rest symbol within music--the art of silence.  With the rest-cane, he slips it around and curves it into the girl's side-step, scooping up at her legs to trip her.

Kaimele does not see the cane and lands on the floor.  She rolls over immediately, the worst damage is to her pride.  “I see I am more out of practice than I thought.”  Her eyes never leave Reese though as she rises to her quickly rises to her feet.  She searches for an opening.

With a smirk, his other hand has already formed musical notes that attach together--forming a fan.  By the time Kaimele has stood, Reese is matching her stance, his own fan at the ready, preparing to strike as he, too, searches for an opening with a mocking copy of her own search.

Kaimele sees him forming a fan with his notes.  Unlike hers, his fans are only temporary.  She may have a chance if she does a quick attack.  She moves slightly watching him before she charges again.  She makes appear that she is striking him first, but she hits one of the fans and then goes after the arm holding it.

Reese thought she was coming for him--but as he blocks his body with his left hand, the fan is shattered in his right.  She strikes his arm and Reese takes the hit, backing away in surprise with a small sound of pain.  With a smile, he's ready to attack again, but Lord Crye has risen a hand, motioning him to stop.  As the halt has been given, Reese bows respectfully to Kaimele.

She actually hit him.  Oh no she actually hit him.  She watches him ready another attack and takes a defensive stand.  Out of the corner of her eye, she sees Lord Crye stop the battle.  She nods and approaches Reese.  “Here let me take care of that.  My fans are magical and will either drain your fatigue or health.  Good thing it was not that bad of an injury.”  She touches Reese’s arm and heals the wound and restores his fatigue.  Then she turns to Lord Crye.  “So what is the verdict?”

As she heals Reese's arm, he smiles at her, looking into her eyes and simply shrugs off her apology, "You have nothing to apologize for.  I did strike at you, as well, after all."

When the injury vanishes, he winks at her, "My, you have quite the touch, don't you?"

Lord Crye clears his throat, "Yes.  The Verdict is C.  You're a C, now, fully registered to Star Sound.  Welcome, once more, Kaimele.  We can't wait to help you grow to be stronger--as we grow stronger, too."

Kaimele blushes at Reese’s compliment.  “Thank you Lord Crye, and you too Reese.  It was a nice exercise and a good starting point for my training.  I am going to sit down for a bit.  If you need some help with the paper work, I am available.”  At least the backlash from this will be unnoticeable.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by JerriLeah7 on 4th July 2017, 2:59 pm

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Break10
[ATTN: Ryla] Sheherazade Guild Hall; 2PM

Iasrite is awake, speaking with Miriam and Rodimus over all of the various tasks that have been unloaded upon him.  Of course, it didn't take long for the conversation to devolve into distaste regarding the Unfortunate Thirteen--controlling assholes, if there's ever been any.  At least, that's as far as Iasrite is concerned.  Rodimus seems like a good lad, too.  It's a shame that he'll only be here for a while longer.  The man has his own guild to look after, so it is inevitable.  He's got a lot of good tips, which Iasrite is quick to write down.  Miriam hasn't been too helpful on a lot of areas, but she's certainly kind and most relieved that he's here.

As the afternoon makes its way upon the day, Iasrite begins to discuss other things with Rodimus over lunch, though Miriam is now long gone with other duties upon her mind and focus.  The discussion moves to his office after they've eaten and Rodimus mentions the keys...something he knows very vaguely about.  "The keys were vessels of the Shazeer," Iasrite says finally and Rodimus look at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing has ever linked them before--how do you know that?"  Rodimus asks him.

Iasrite says, "I have seen a key in Shazeer ruins before...well, a picture of one.  It was very old and mostly damaged, but the overall shape and design of them remained.  It is clear that the Shazeer people knew of and possibly even created them."

Rodimus leans back in his chair, his hands crossed over his lap, "I see.  Interesting.  When I copied them, I felt strange.  It was the weirdest job experience I've ever had, to this day."

"By what means?"  Iasrite asks curiously.

"By every means," Rodims replies darkly, "I felt like I was being watched.  Everything that could go wrong in my forge did.  It took a hell of a lot longer to make them than it should have.  It was if I was being sabotaged and yet, I never left the place.  I never saw a soul, I never felt magic.  It was all superstitious, I suppose."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Sigsep10
[ATTN:  Kaimele] --Star Sound Guild Hall; 8AM - 12PM

Several hours are spent with a good friend of the Cryes--a visitor of sorts.  He had instant messaging abilities that went across an impressive range, which made it possible for Lord Crye to get all of the permissions that he needed within the span of a few mere hours.  He has Kaimele organizing her own room, for the time being--customizing it, as it were, with the assistance of Lady Crye.  The twins are out and about, within Terrenia city.  They are using their charm to get what is needed whilst the discussions with the council and Orea continue on.  

At first, there was much displeasure, distrust, and distaste--from all sides, save for Reese, but somehow, the man sweetened their tones with his own charm, bringing to light all of the mutual benefits with guarantees of specific compromises, offers of protection, and more.  Like any diplomat, he seals the deal--but of course, it does take such a long time and it was quite dreary to him, even with Lord Crye to help him out.  When the decision is made and all is final, Lord Crye begins to send out orders to workers--dozens of them now meant to travel and assist Orea with building the new, nearby structure that the Guild would soon call home.

When the orders are sent, both for workers and resource deliveries alike, champagne is poured and Kaimele is summoned back down for a celebratory toast and a few snacks are handed out as the twins finally arrive with new clothes for themselves and Kaimele--both traveling and non-traveling, it would seem.  When they drinks are passed and they make their toast to victory, Reese finally says, "I think it is time for us to do our first Guild Quest.  What do you guys say?  We could do it together."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Tether10
[ATTN: Daisan] --Wilderness Near Sheherazade; 7AM - 12PM

Daisan has headed out upon the road, the wilderness greeting him as he rides along upon a Guild Horse with great speed, rushing his morning away into the past as he gets ever closer to his goal.  Although only a few hours have passed, it almost feels like it has been days.  No visitors pass by--but there is very little life around Sheherazade, save for the very city that it resides over and protects.  The ruins are sacred and must be kept, so the Guild lets only those who obtain a permit obtain a home in this section of the continent.

Although it seems rather rude and elitist, the only intention behind the permits is for the preservation and protection of Shazeer ruiins and artifacts.  Those who obtain permits give their written word that they will leave these places and spaces untouched and that no home or landowner will dig down into the ground, to prevent any such damage to tunnels and other shazeer passageways.  

When noon takes hold of the day, Daisan is stopped by a young lady, waving her hand into the air upon the road with a basket crooked over one arm and a small child's hand in the other.  They appear to be riding a single horse together--but it has stopped to drink at a very small pond.  With a smile, the woman waits for Diasan to stop before speaking to him wit a small and polite curtsy.

"Hello, traveler," She says, "I see you are of Sheherazade and I hoped you'd be willing to dine with us for lunch--my little boy here is very hungry, but I won't feel safe stopping for a meal by the road by ourselves."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Post_s10
[ATTN: Jacobi] --Chanda Lake, Aboard The Fetarrus; 8AM - 4PM

The Fetarrus is a large ship--speedy and efficient with a bit of steam-powered assistance to help it along.  It's a very new ship, sent straight from Intercon Industries--a "beta ship," as some have called it.  Jacobi was able to catch a ride due to his reputation alone, though the Captain was happy to have him aboard, rather than scared.  Primarily, if there's a fierce warrior like him on board, it'll be far less likely to be looted or raided by Pirates and that's good news for him.  The Captain has been smiling all morning over it.

When noon approaches, the outer crew can see travelers off in the distance--so far out, in fact, that only a telescope can reveal the figures to their vaguest of detail.  A group of people on their horses, the number unknown.  They were obviously traveling north, just along the shores of the lake's eastern edge.  The captain pays them no mind--they are far too off and many, many hours away.  They wouldn't reach them until nighttime, if they both kept their current course.  When afternoon brings shadows from the day, the sun's reflection upon the water's surface is somewhat blinding but it's not until late afternoon that the light dims enough to reveal the travelers with slight more clarity.

A group of five on horses, surely--Guild Horses.  By the colors and the direction from which they are traveling, it is most likely that they are Infinity Edge.  My, there's quite a few Guild members out upon their quests on this day.  As the Captain comes back out upon the deck once more, looking through his telescope to get a good look, he is relieved to see that no troubles seem to be nearby.  Jacobi looks restless.

The Captain approaches him, placing his hands upon the railing of the boat's outer rim, "You seem quite ready to be done with this lake..."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Vine10
[ATTN: Nymeria, Sylmeria, Ryuko] --Chanda Lake Shore; 12PM - 4PM

The small group that follows Ilyana travels with her for much of the afternoon after a short lunch break, which consisted of lunch bags that had been snuck into their packs and made by Hamlet.  Ilyana's eyebrow lifted with speculation at that, clearly not used to such odd expressions of fondness, but she didn't complain.  They stopped to eat and drink upon blankets, a short picnic along the shore, if you will,  Then, they continued on, marching along the shore and watching as the speck in the water became larger and larger--if only slightly so.  A boat or ship, to be sure, but it's too far out to clearly discern.

Ilyana silently wishes that she had a magnifying ability, so as to see further out to greater distances with better detail.  It would certainly have made all the travels in her life far simpler, but alas, her only gift was that bond with the Archon--one she'd gladly trade with just about anyone, sometimes...

As the afternoon grows nearer, she tires of the silence, looking to Ryuko and speaking softly to her as her horse slows down to move to Ryuko's pace, "Tell me about your home."

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Post_s10
[ATTN: Elizabeth] --Wilderness Near Darkness Shrouds; 7AM - 12PM

Reiza travels on for several hours until lunch arrives--a good time to stop.  She halts her horse, taking a seat upon a rather large rock next to the road so as to pull out her lunch bag from her backpack and begin to eat a pre-made ration sandwich.  It doesn't take long for her to get comfortable, taking a swig from her canteen before finally looking around to see if Scarlet has stopped, too.  Looks like she's eating, too.  Good.

She had barely paid any attention to the girl during the whole trip, only occasionally looking back to make sure that Scarlet is still following and that's it. She wasn't overly concerned for her--Scarlet could take care of herself. However, Reiza's mind tends to ramble when she travels, moving off to day dreams, soul wishes, and ponders over the possibilities of the future. Of course, this also sadly meant that she rarely paid much attention to her surroundings, but it's whatever.

After a few bites, she finally speaks for the first time during their trip, "I need a lot of sleep.  So after it hits dark, I'll be sleeping early.  I hope that won't be a big issue for you.  If it is,'ll just have to deal with it.  I can't use my magic if I don't sleep enough.  So yeah."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by xenolion on 4th July 2017, 6:28 pm

{ATTN: Open, lady and son.
Wilderness near Sheherazade 07:00 – 12:00

Daisan gallops with great speed toward his goal.  He is happy not to be riding with anyone at this point.  It has been to long since he has been alone with just his thoughts.  Although now his thoughts were darker.  He is worried about the guild.  He has lost two good friends, one a father figure.  And now they have a new guy.  One who does not even want to be there.  If he didn’t enjoy the field work, he may train to be a level S.  Then again he lacks the charisma to be a leader.

He does not realize how long he is riding for until he feels his stomach rumble.  He slows the horse down to see where he is at.  He is surprised to see a mother and child at a pond.  He is happy to be making such good time.  It is the perfect spot to rest the horse.  He leads his horse to the water before nodding politely at the woman.  “Good afternoon milady, it is a perfect day for a ride.  I am indeed from Sheherazade.  My name is Daisan.  You don’t have to worry about much, but I will be happy to break bread with you.  My horse will appreciate the break.”  He takes a small bag off the back of the horse.  It has some carrots for the horse.  He also has some rations of his own.  He does not assume the woman has enough for an extra person.

He looks at the young woman.  “Is it alright if the boy feeds my horse?  He is quite gentle I assure you.  I remember loving to feed the horses when I was his age.  I was not expecting to meet up with anyone.  Do you live in the area?

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Sigsep10
{ATTN: Open }
Star Sound guild hall 06:00 – 08:00

Kaimele is amazed by the people that the Crye’s know.  She was helping at first, but then was dragged to a room they set aside for her in the Crye house.  She wanted to tell them it was unnecessary, seeing that she is still living with her grandmother.  It would be rude to decline the offer.  So she finds herself with Lady Crye decorating her room.

She finds that she really enjoys the Lady’s company.  Although more than once she found herself telling Lady Crye not to go overboard.  It is not worth moving it all later on.  It was then Kaimele discovered her tastes really are very simple.  

Soon the word is spread about the acceptance of the deal.  A new guildhall is to be built.  They are called downstairs to celebrate.  The twins arrive during the celebration loaded down with new clothes, some for Kaimele even.  She never did tell them her size or anything.  She is not used to any of this.  Both Lady Crye and the twins lavishing over her.  She loves it and is very appreciative of it.  

Reese brings up a proposition for their first guild quest.  Kaimele nods, “yes, I think it is perfect timing.  Clementina doesn’t have any performance.  I will have to check in with Grandmother before leaving.  Just what were you thinking of?”


{ATTN: Open }
Chanda Lake, Aboard The Fetarrus 08:00 – 16:00

The best thing about this trip is that the boat is big and newer.  There was a lot of places that he was able to roam.  Even moreso than regular passengers.  The captain seemed to take a shining to him.  Probably because with him they are more protected.

He even knows of the people on horseback.  The captain kept him informed.  He was hoping for some action.  It wasn’t until later that he was told it was Infinity Edge.  There goes his chances, he wonders what they are up to or even if they know about his quest.  Nah Mia is not the kind to send reinforcements.  If they need him, let them ask.  He will not offer his assistance, he has DA freaks to catch.

There is only so much walking a person can take.  So by the end of the day Jacobi is almost pacing the bow of the boat.  The boat captain is the only one with enough balls to approach him.  “Nothing to worry about, just feeling cooped up.  I never liked being confined.  It did take me longer on this boat though.  So are the Edge people still on course?”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Post by Geotrix on 4th July 2017, 8:29 pm

[ATTN: OPEN] --Rhodes Guild Hall; 11AM

Gale glumly walked up to Connor. Soot now blackened his hands and face. Each step made his skin burn. He felt like a child walking up to the guildmaster in such a state. When he arrived, he took a breath of resignation and focused, a thin film of water began to pool on his hands. He took the time to wash himself before addressing Connor.

"Glad to hear it, I'm ready," Gale bluffed. He was getting nowhere in that ring, and there's still work to be done.... Whether or not he could fight like the others."What are my orders?"

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Post by Vye on 5th July 2017, 6:36 pm

[Attn: Nadleeh, Ryushi] White Cross Guild Hall: 4PM

After Chiron finished packing supplies for the mission, he decided to inform his assistant. In the infirmary, he was greeted by nurse and guild patient alike as he passed through the waiting area and walked into the nurse's office. Catherine, however, was nowhere to be seen. After asking for Catherine, one of the healing mages flatly told Chiron that she was looking after a guild member with a headache. Chiron gave his thanks, and walked to the patient's room.

"You say you have a headache?" Catherine sat in her chair, head facing down and eyes scanning the report given to her by one of the other nurses.

"Yes. It's been bothering me all day." The patient responded.

"How bad?" Her eyes never left the report.

"Uh, pretty bad. I can't think about anything else."

"Did you hit your head on something? Fall down some stairs? Took a beer glass to the head?"

"No, nothing of the sort."

Catherine sneered. First at the report, then at the patient. "What were you doing before the headache?"

"I was just out guarding some guy while he was giving a speech. Nothing even remotely dangerous. Just stood outside."

"Uh-huh." Catherine sat back, laying the report on her lap. "Well, mister, a headache as painful as yours is a serious issue that usually comes with a few other symptoms of the root cause. Do you feel tired, weak, dizzy, have a dry throat, or any other anomalies you forgot to mention?" Catherine listed off the symptoms without pause or any natural human inflection. She stared down the patient as if she were conducting an interrogation. The patient mere sat there silently, trying to recall what he was just asked.  

" I mean, my mouth was pretty dry earlier, but I took a swig of beer at the brewery before I came here."

Catherine immediately stood and set the report aside. She retrieved a small cup from the cabinet and handed it to the patient. "Urinate in the container."


Catherine had her back turned to the patient while she put on gloves. "Do you not know what 'urinate' means? Take a piss. Spring a leak. Break the dam. Whatever you call it."

"I fucking know what 'urinate' means...Oh god, do you mean do it here?"

"Doesn't matter as long as you don't make a mess. Do it over the sink if you're doing it here, though."

"No way! I'll just go to the bathroom, for fucks sake." The man hopped off the bed and reached for the door, but the handle already started turning. Chiron opened the door with a smile only someone in his situation would wear.

"Please excuse the intrusion." He saw the cup. "Urine sample, Catherine?"

Like night turning to day, Catherine's eyes popped with vigor as her mouth opened. "Chiron! Oh yes, I just asked the patient for a urine sample. I believe he may be dehydrated. But I needed confirmation. Did you need me, Chiron?"

Before Chiron could respond, the patient confronted the doctor with sample cup raised. "I heard your nurse was crazy, but she just asked me to piss right in front of her. What kind of hospital are you running, man??"

"My apologies, sir. Miss Catherine can be quite, eh, abrasive. But she does mean well. She's still working on her interpersonal skills." Chiron turned his eyes from the man to the nurse. "Catherine, you do know collecting urine samples in person isn't the way to go. Not only is it unsanitary, but it also makes the patient very nervous. Here, let me just diagnose him so we can talk." Chiron removed one of his gloves and laid his hand on the patient's forehead. "Ah, so you are dehydrated. Quite seriously, too. You need water, immediately. I'll call for an IV and you should be good after a couple minutes. Make sure to drink more water, okay?"

"Yeah, sure." The man responded. "As long as it's not her that's giving the IV"

"I assure you, somebody else will come. Just wait here. Now, Catherine?" Chiron nudged his head toward the door and exited the room. Catherine followed soon after.

"I'm sorry." Catherine looked to her mentor with eyes of guilt.

"It's okay, just remember what I said next time." Chiron walked to the front desk. "There's a patient in room 2B who's gravely dehydrated and needs a saline injection ASAP." He then gestured Catherine to follow him further and walked out of the infirmary into a low populated area. "There's a big mission that I'll be on, and it may require some extra medics on hand. I've already told Ryushi about you, but you'll want to go talk to him, yourself. Let him know what you can do and see what he needs. Is that okay?"

Catherine's eyes gleamed with a youthfulness not seen by many. "Of course! As long as you're there, I'm completely fine. Of course, I doubt Ryushi even needs me if you're coming."

"Don't sell yourself short. It looks like this mission will be a dangerous one, and Ryushi will need all the help he can get. You may even get ranked up if you impress him during the mission. Now imagine that, a doctor and his pupil on the same rank! Now go talk to Ryushi. He should be in his office at this hour."

Catherine chuckled along with Chiron's jest, although she truly believed her abilities paled in comparison to Chiron's. Still, she smiled to the doctor before hastily walking to Ryushi's office. On her way there, she saw Nadleeh heading the same direction. The woman busted through the door, leaving Catherine to peek through the doorway while she waited for her turn.

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Post by Ink on 8th July 2017, 3:54 pm

[ATTN: Yuzu, Attica, Zarkas]
Walsh Guild Mess Hall7am

Yuzu calmly sips her coffee as Zarkas proceeds to freak out over the reveal of Attica's mission. Following his outburst, she quietly places her mug down and leans forward, crossing her arms on the table in front of her. "Just so we're all clear, that's the name of the guy that beat the crap out of a Edge's Guild Master," she says. She peers across the table, looking Attica dead in the eye. What she gets in return from Attica's large, optimistic eyes is a fiery determination. "Hmph." Yuzu sighs and sits upright, folding her hands behind her head. "Fine. Zarkas, I guess you better get ready. There's no arguing with the kid. I've tried."

With that, Yuzu stabs the last bite on her plate with a fork. "So. Where do you think he is?" Bringing the fork up, she stares at the cold meat upon it, scowling. With a flick of her finger, the smallest bursts of heat scorch the meat, and she pops it into her mouth. "Doubt he could run again if we just drop a building on his head like the last one."

[ATTN: Ryuko, Ilyana, IE Group]
Chanda Lake12pm - 4pm

As the party stops for lunch, Ryūko stops and removes her bento from her bag. She sits on a blanket as she eats, keeping to herself as do the others. At one point she stands and feeds her horse one of her carrots, petting the steed gently. "Arigato," she says as the horse eats.

Soon they're on their way again. A quiet, peaceful journey affords Ryūko the time to think until her train of thought is cut short by a firm voice to her side. She abruptly returns to reality to find Ilyana riding alongside her. "Tsunder-san?" She pauses for a moment, until the question registers. "My... home? Ā! O-of course! Gomen'nasai. Eh... my apologies. I was lost in thought." She laughs a bit uneasily before returning her gaze straight ahead and collecting herself. "Hm. My home. It's very far from here, but the islands of Nihon are breathtaking, with wide open fields of green, and snow-topped mountains that reach up to greet the sun every morning. The water is the clearest I've seen, and the nothing truly compares to the sight of the cherry blossoms in bloom. Ā, but I could go on forever about how beautiful it is. Perhaps there is something specific that you would wish to know of it?" She turns to Ilyana with a friendly smile.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 8th July 2017, 5:44 pm

Southern Wilderness

Ham smiles gratefully down at the man as he stops his horse, he, himself, in need of a break. Horse riding came naturally to him and his sister, but doing anything for hours held the potential to exhaust you. He lets the others fall in behind him, probably just as grateful as him for the chance at a break.

He quickly, deftly dismounts his horse, offering his hand out to the stranger. "Please, allow me to assist. I am Ham, from Infinity Edge- as I believe you might have guessed. My friends and I are thankful for your hospitality."

July follows her brothers suit, bringing up the rear of the group, making her way to the front, grateful for the chance to stretch out her legs. As she stretches in place, twisting her back and pulling at her arms, she hears several gratifying 'pops'.

"Like he said, thanks for the help, aaand consider me an extra set of hands." She pointed back at the rest of the group with her thumb. "Though by any chance do you have any ice? It's my friends first time riding a horse and I think he needs it for his a-" She quickly took note of the mans age, from his hand. "Behind." She quickly corrected herself.

They had been ridding for, well frankly, forever. Well past forever as far as Xiax was concerned. Poor people have poor ways, and I like it that way. he complained in his head. He had little choice but to endure it, and not happily. The only saving grace was that Xiax was just to stubborn and afraid to draw any further attention to himself. His jaw hurt from clenching his teeth together too hard while trying to put up with his saddle sores. Somewhere there was a cruel God laughing at him and all his aches and pains: his thighs where rubbed raw; his legs where sore from trying to keep his ass from bouncing in the saddle to keep his it from being turned into mush, and he likely had an ass the color of a baddly beaten hippopotomas.

So when Ham finally decided to stop it couldn't have been too soon. He was so weary that he didn't have time to notice the old man who might have been a hobo-entrepreneur with his water well. The horse probably slowed and stopped because of it's impecible training, because Xiax couldn't remember doing anything to do that. "Haha" Xiax said sarcastically while July was being funny, or she thought she was. Trying to dismount like a Pro proved impossible, as his body pretty much refused to obey and he just tumbled off the side of his horse spooking it.

"PFFT! Owwww!"

The world hurt alot more than he wanted to admit right now, and nothing short of him being dead would destroy the shame of falling off his horse onto the dirt. "Uhhhhhnnnnnng." He hurt, he hurt alot but right now he didn't want to move. Kill me now. was quickly followed by the thought Maybe they can plant flowers, or a nice honey locast tree. Then again, he might as well clench his butt and just go with it.

"Landing: ...Nailed it." Xiax groaned while looking over at Juliette, his arm rising so he could give a thumbs up to the group before he just gave up and layed still for a bit to recover.

After a quick dismount from her horse, Zero starts to pet it's head. She was glad for a break and took the time to stretch her bones, once she was done petting the horse. She was a little sore from riding, but she tried to not let it discourage her. She heard a few 'pops' from her bones when stretching. After all that was through she went over to Xiax. "You ok? I heard the thud when you hit the ground."

She was about to offer a hand, but she remembered what he said earlier that day and decided against doing that. She would have lied down next to him, just so people would think that they were chilling, but she felt it might be too awkward for him. Instead she sat next to him, and tried to come up with something to say to start off a conversation. Nothing really came to her, not even looking around at the scenery around her helped. So she sat in silence for a bit, then she came up with something to ask Xiax. “Do you want to play a card game while we wait? I have a deck of cards that we could use.”

Claire dismounts off her horse and stretches her limbs. She is thankful for the stop. She takes her canteen and takes a sip of water from it before putting the lid back on. She then takes the horses reins and and holds them. She sees that Zero is looking after Xiax at the moment. As long as she didn't touch him she would be fine. She shakes her head. “Xiax, that was a tough fall that you took. You are going to be black and blue all over by the time this trip is over. I hope you are prepared for that.” she said.

She looks over to see that Ham and July are talking to an older man. Her interest peaks and she wonders who he is. He just seemed to be a hobo out in the middle of no where. She raises an eyebrow and looks at the others. “I wonder who this gentleman is.”

When Zero had come over to check on him, Xiax had his eyes closed and was trying to make the best of it. Cracking his eye open he peeked at Zero, who was holding out her hand. "I'm good." he stammered becoming more alert from the spike of fear. Lucky of unlucky for him, Zero chose to stick around and sat down next to him.

The aches and pains spiked aggressively as the awkward silence stretched onward. Just as he was about to get back to relaxing, she asked if he wanted to play cards. He was about to snap back at her but Zero was saved by Claire. Sweet almost motherly Claire, who saved him from saying something he might not have meant and regretted later.

Xiax arched his neck slightly so he could see Claire. Sticking his right arm up, he shook it slightly to let the sleeve fall down part way to reveal more of the Guild Tattoo. "I just got my colors, Claire please don't tell me they fucked up." he fake whined. Jokes weren't really his style, but when you where in for a penny might as well be in for a pound. Letting his arm rest again, he looked over towards where Claire was looking and where Ham was with the old man. "Zero, I think I'll pass. Know who that is?"

July turned as Xiax groaned in pain, falling from his horse. She offered a small, sympathetic smile, turning from Ham and the older gentleman.

"Aaaand he sticks the landing!" She squatted down next to his currently crumpled form with a slight laugh. "I'd offer to help you but physical contact with you seems to be a biiiig no no. Need some ice? Bucket a cold water? A witty one liner? I'd offer an inspirational quote, but those are too corny for my tastes."

The old man grabs a few more buckets near the edge of the base of the well, gesturing for Ham to begin lowering them down on the pulley system. He looks the group over, nodding his agreement with July's words. "I can help him. I'll do that, now."

The old man moved over near Xiax, his sleeves being pulled up as he then points at the man, whispers under his breath, and then Xiax suddenly begins to glow without the old stranger even needing to touch him.

At first, it was just a warm glow, warm and fuzzy comfort all over, buzzing across his skin. Then, Xiax began to float - - levitate, if you will.

The old man chuckles, "There. Now the horse can just drag him along. That'll last you a good twelve hours... You'll have to sleep like that, though."

First there was plenty of panic, then his feet couldn't touch the ground and he was floating. Xiax glared at everyone, "I just want to say: I hate you guys right now."

Ham does as he's gestured to do, efficiently pulling the buckets up from the well, setting the full ones aside for July to pass out, lowering more into the well. He occasionally peers over his shoulder; stopping on a time to raise his eyebrows as Xiax is...floating, for lack of a better term.

"Well, that's ...interesting." He realizes if the man meant them harm, he would have pounced already, so he's perfectly content to let Xiax float along. Mainly due to his sadly undertrained riding skills.

July barks out a laugh as Xiax wafts through the air, offering a small set of applause for the older gentleman. "Now that, that is some ingenuity, right there. Practical magic if I ever saw it." She makes eye contact with Xiax, grin plastered across her face. "Awww, come on, Xiax, it's either this or four more days on horseback. You oughta appreciate the break this nice man's given you." She shakes her head, letting him waft through the air as she takes the buckets ham has filled and places them in front of the horses, stroking their necks. "What he means to say is 'thank you', I'm sure. Saves his butt from taking another multi hour long beating."

Xiax scowls slightly not really feeling particularly grateful as he sort of turns around slowly while floating. "Thanks....." he said sourly, "Now can you put me down? I need to take care of a few things. Unless you want to see me take a shit like this? "

The old man chuckles, "Sorry, no dismissals. Costs too much mana, unless you pay."

"Think of it as aim practice. Or, strengthening of your core muscles. Either, or." July finished setting down the last of the buckets, opting now to lean against her horse as it drank.

The old man is grinning, but he goes a little serious, "Apologies for the inconvenience, Sire. I make a killing, charing for my Well service, but I don't charge guild members. Unfortunately, I'd have to charge for this. Less mana, less self defense."

"Extortionist." Xiax grumbled, contemplating trying to find a way to seriously hurt this guy. This was seriously humiliating, that and he really did need to use the bathroom. "This isn't funny July. "

"Put me down Conartist." he snapped at the old man. This was one of the reasons he had hated magic users so much. They loved to abuse their powers like this.

"If you don't put me down soon, I'll find you, when your sleeping, tie you down, and pour boiling soap down your throat till your asshole is so clean you'll squeek out bubbles!"

"Hey, hey, hey-" Ham quickly stepped in, hearing the comotion. He reached into the pouch attached to his belt, pulling out a decent enough sum of coin and handing it to the man. "There's no need to get excited. We're all fine, no one's pointing anything at anyone, just a simple misunderstanding." He'd rather not get into a fight with the old man, especially not after he just let them use his well, as much as he frowned upon the mans 'extortion' techniques, he didn't want Infinity Edge to move from their reputation of 'peacekeepers' to 'the beaters oft he elderly'. That would be a rather shitty moniker.

July blinked; she didn't know Xiax had the capacity for threats, lame as that one may be. Beating on the elderly left a shifty taste in her mouth unless it was a more serious offense. She saw Ham hand the man some coin, crossing her arms. He was still an asshole, but he'd watered their horses, so it felt like a rather uneven balance. "Relax, Ham's getting you down."

"That SHIT LORD -" Xiax thrust a finger at the Old man, " - can damn well fix this his damn self! This has gone too far for a smart ass joke." This damn old codger wasn't gonna get that damn money if Xiax had a say about it.

As Ham dropped the coin to the old man's hand, he closes his hands into fists and moves them away, letting the gold pieces drop to the ground. Now, the old man is shaking, shaking in rage.

"My... My gift...." He says, clearly enraged as his eyes turn red, "My gift, tossed aside and you, ungrateful to the point of insult!"

The old man backs away from the group, now pointing at the water that the horses were drinking as his eyes and the water both turn black.

"Poison to your allies," The old man whispers, his voice turning deep, "Curses to your travels. May each night promise your torment."

With that, the old man brushed back his hood to wipe away a tear just before he vanishes into smoke.

Ham closed his eyes, furrowing his brows, rubbing the bridge of his nose in frusteration as his sister quickly kicks the water buckers away from the horses so they don't drink whatever taint the man dropped in them.

"Was that spectacle really necessary?" He let out a sigh, shaking his head. "No' matter. Now we need to figure out how to get you down, I suppose." His hands shifted to resting in fists on his hips as his sister kicked over the last of the buckets with a curse.

"Well, I think the both of you were a bit overdramatic, don't ya think?" She huffed, watching the inky black water disippate into the dirt. Her eyes narrowed at Xiax. "I was gonna get him back, you egg. You really think Ham and I woulda just rolled over and let him take out money? Now look where we are. Voodoo-hexed, out of water, with a floating teammate." She groaned, running a hand down her face. "Fantastic."

"You want to turn THIS back around on ME?!" Xiax yelled at Ham. "I wasn't in the wrong here! If anyone it was that jackass who blantantly was trying to rip us off!" He was turning red with idignation and rage, he couldn't help curling his hands into fists.


"Where is the justic in that?! Isn't that what you all are suppossed to be about?! Instead you just let him float me up, HAHA watch Xiax float in the air, what a great FUCKING laugh it'll be!"

Ham merely blinks as Xiax has his little 'episode'. He slowly crosses his arms, letting the man rant and rave all he wants until his tyrade draws to a close. His face is placid, holding nothing, revealing nothing, he merely watches, not even raising an eyebrow. When Xiax stops his ranting, Ham offers one sentence.

"Are you done?" His tone is frosted over, belying no emotion. July knew what was coming next, taking a step back as Ham let himself remain silent for a moment. "Xiax. You are my teammate, my fellow guild member, and I while I will always value your feelings and opinion, at the end of the day, there are 'right' and 'wrong' ways to handle a situation. The 'right' way to handle this would have been to let me diffuse the situation, and allow me to handle the man later. Rather than throwing a
veritable tantrum while I tried to get you down without bloodshed. Infinity Edge represents justice, but justice is more than smashing faces in when someone does you wrong. Justice is wise, justice is patient. Now, I understand this is your first guilt outing, I respect that, so I will leave you with this. Within a guild, you will respect your team leaders decisions, you will learn when and when not to lose your temper and you will not bring further, unneccesary conflict upon the group because of personal pride and indignation. He levitated you, yes, trying to help you, after watering our horses and showing us kindness. Was him demanding payment to let you down immediatly wrong? Yes, of course it was. And I would have handled the situation if you had been anymore patient. But now we have to contend with whatever he brought down upon us. I sympathise with your personal feelings, I do, which is why I will let this slide. However, have an episode like this again and there will be consequences. Have I made myself clear?"

'Oh here he goes,' July awkwardly crossed her arms, taking a few steps away as Ham 'lectured' Xiax. She didn't want to think about whatever bizarre curse the man had beset upon them thanks to Xiax. She couldn't blame him- well, much. She had a penchant for being hot headed as well but this- this was a damn midair tantrum. She shook her head, looking down at the inky black water. Hopefully he'd handle Ham's lecture better than he handled being levetated.

The whole time Xiax went off, Ham just put on that fucking blank face like an adult listening to a child throw a fit. " ----" Xiax wanted to interject except Ham went and turned it around to make him look at fault and then slap him in the face with it. "Clear? Sure. But in what world is what he did consided helping us? Would a good, kind person have done what he did and then extort us? No. and while you can try and doctor this up and make me look like I fucked up, the truth is you fucked up. I had every right to be angry, and demand down. But you let this happen, and as far as I am concerned this is your fault. Not mine. So you can tell me to be behaved in the future and I will, but next time you try and give me a lecture, look in the mirror kettle and shut the hell up.
But yes, I'll obey. You've made that clear." Xiax looked at this man, whom he had respected until just a few minutes ago and wondered just how much further he could fall in his eyes. So much for rolemodels.

Claire was petting her horse as he drank from the bucket that July had put in front of him. She thanked her and listened to the three of them talk, keeping quiet as to not get in the way. You never knew about these strange people.
Though Claire was right. A few minutes later and Xiax was floating in the air. Of course to the man it was a joke but to Xiax this was nothing but. He was angry and she coughed from the side of her mouth his name. "Coughxiaxcough." Of course it fell on deaf ears as he was to angry to hear her.

She stood there and listened as the man poisoned their water and casted a curse upon them. Great. July kicked over the water buckets so the horses wouldn't drink anymore. Xiax would have to learn their ways if he was going to stay at Infinity Edge.

Ham was lecturing Xiax as he floated in the air. She had almost had enough of Xiax at this point but could understand why he was angry. Yet he was still in the wrong. She looked at Ham. "Please stop, both of you. Ham, make him, my responsibility. I will watch out for him and begin to instruct him on things about our guild. Your right he needs to know so that our guild isn't frowned upon. I can teach him and show him our ways while we are on this trip."

Zero was shocked at all this, having a flurry of emotions inside and unsure of what to do with them. Being quiet was all she could think of to do with what she felt. She wanted to leave Xiax her and let him float or do whatever he would want when he got down. Her kindness of trying to make him feel better, although in her own weird way, didn't seem to go over well either. She wanted to strangle him, without touching which would be hard. She also felt betrayed she wanted to try to be friends with him, but now couldn't feel anything further than that. If this was Xiax's intent it worked Zero thought. She also knew that it wasn't what he was going for and that he didn't exactly like being extorted and floating in the air.

In the end what Ham was talking about was right though and she wouldn’t be able to stop himi, not that she wanted to or knew how to. She just wanted to doing things that seemed like fun, and this was definitely not fun. Zero really just wanted to get this over with at this point. Whatever the plan was, it might not work with Xiax being as upset as his is now. Zero just hoped that whatever the old man did would be over soon. It probably wasn’t going to, but you never know. All Zero did know at this point was that she really didn’t want to play that card game with Xiax now, and that she really wanted to fight someone to get rid of these feelings.

Ham didn't respond to Xiax's tirade. He was angry, he could respect that, what he couldn't respect was him putting himself and the group at risk because of that anger. He heard Claire attempting to deffuse the situation, not realizing there wasn't much to diffuse. He knew any response he could offer Xiax would serve to make the situation worse.

"July, get Xiax ready to move out. You'll be keeping an eye on him for the remainder of this mission." He knew his sister already had a better report with Xiax than the rest of them; maybe she'd be able to calm him down better than he could. "The rest of you, prep your horses, hopefully we can make it to another rest stop soon. We move as soon as everyone's ready."

He reached down, pulling the fallen coins off the ground, turning back to his horse as he clenched them in his fist, letting the dirt collected slip through his fingers. He thought of all the ways he could have prevented this; he shouldn't have taken his eyes off the old man, shouldn't have taken his eyes off Xiax, he should have moved sooner, known something was wrong. It wasn't even five hours into the mission, and it was already a mess. What if the old man had actually cursed them? They'd have to take a detour to White Cross, or hope another magic user came along who could remove it for them. Ham sighed to himself as he checked his horse, making sure it wasn't about to drop dead.

July nodded as Ham put Xiax in her charge. She wasn't so confident in his decision but hey, at least she couldn't kick any more sand in the guys ever growing wound.

She pulled a short tether of rope from her saddle bag, uncoiling it as she handed one end to Xiax, careful not to touch him.

"There you go, big guy, just tie that around your ankle...or whatever part of you you want tethered to the horse." She set about securing him to the mount, not going out of her way to make eye contact, but not exactly avoiding it either. "We'll figure out a way to get you down, don't worry. Any way you'd prefer to do this? Otherwise I'm assuming this'll be a equine tugboat sorta deal."

Just great, I'm being passed around like a dirty diaper. Xiax didn't really say anything because anything he might say would likely just make him look petulent in their eyes, he was already picking up the negative atmosphere they where kinda putting off. Besides just how much more sway was he going to have when he had a hard enough time staying mostly still thanks to the Shit-Lord's levitation spell.

July came over with some rope and dangled one end out so he could grab it. He wanted to be mad, but it was pretty hard to remain mad when you could remember just yesterday and how terrified she had been. That memory was pretty hard to let go. "Thanks" he said softly almost like the anger had faded from him as he grabbed the rope.

"I'm not so sure that's -- yeah let me think about that." he said when she mentioned tying his ankle to the horse, then stopped when she switched to something else. Not exactly thrilled with the whole situation his anger started to simmer back up when he thought just how screwed this old man had left him. "Hey, think you can drag me over there behind those trees? I need to take care of a few things."

I'd shit on your roof old man, but I'm not even sure at this point it's yours. A few other dark thoughts went through his head, but they didn't exactly have a whole lot of time and it wasn't worth it.

July was surprised that he somehow seemed less pissed off at her than Ham; hell she'd hammered out a couple jokes before she knew the floating thing pissed him off- but she wasn't going to bring it up. She didn't bat an eye when he asked to 'take care of some business' behind the trees; she'd been on the road before, she'd used natures toilet enough. The only thing that concerned her was how good his aim was, pissing in a bush could be awkward enough when you weren't floating through the air. She quickly loosened her knot connecting him to the horse, pulling him like a balloon over to the area he'd specified.
'This feels like I'm walking a dog,' July thought to herself, leaning back against a tree, facing away from Xiax, allowing him as much privacy as she could offer. 'But piss if I'm gonna tell him that.'

Ham allowed himself a small smile as he faced away from the group, stroking the neck of his horse while he listened to Xiax's anger subside for a moment. At least he was right, this time. For now, he waited for the others, enjoying his time out of the saddle, however tense it might be.

Claire watched and went back to her horse. Apparently she wasn't needed to watch Xiax. At least she had defused the situation at hand. She pet her horse and sighed. What were they going to do about the curse? They couldn't leave it untreated if they were really cursed. It could get really bad for them. Would they have to detour their trip to get someone to help them? She looked over at Ham. “Ham, what are we going to do about this curse? None of us here are equipped to handle that. Hell for that matter, we don't even know if we are truly cursed or not.” She said.

It was frankly embarrissing to be pulled around like a human balloon. Thankfully July brought him over to a tree with little commentary, he was still pretty upset with Ham and the Oldman. Seeing the Old Man's house (well presumed house) had rekindled his anger at earlier. Being close to the tree allowed him to grab a branch and then loop his leg around another to lock himself in place. This action caused alot of pain, but he was steady again.

Now having an opportunity Xiax slipped his pack off, undid the straps on the back and tied it to another branch in reach. Only once it was secure did he open it and then remove a couple things: ointment, bandages and fresh pants. Just how am I suppossed to go about this? he wondered as he looked at the items and down at where he was holding around the branch with his leg.

Hesitant, Xiax let out a long breath before letting go and floating in place. Unbuckling his belt he used it to secure it above his knee so they wouldn't fall off. The nessisary evil of cleaning the sores was the first task. He set about it, then felt his body drop a bit, then drop further and further. Hiking up his pants he grabbed the nearest branch until he felt like he had stopped dropping, then he let go and dropped to the ground. "Well seems that that is over. July can you get my pack outta the tree? I'd get it, but um yeah." He was holding his pants up and closed with one hand while picking up the dropped roll of bandages and the jar of ointment which thankfully hadn't broken in the fall.

Zero seeing that most people in the group were getting back on there horses decided to get back on her's. She did look a little sad, she did think they were really cursed. Plus no one to fight, well that wasn't in the party, or that Ham would be ok with her fighting. She really wanted to do something, but couldn't decide what she it was. Other than playing a game, and fighting of course. She was kinda acting like a kid, but she is one. At least in her mind she was.

July heard a 'thud' behind her and resisted her immediate instinct to turn around. Before she could ask Xiax if he was alright she heard him ask for her help getting his bag down. She turned, fixing her eyes upwards, trying to see what he meant.

"Ah, yeah. I got it." Her eyes settled on the pack which was currently tied to a tree.

'So no void reaching it down.' She was gonna have to climb that damn tree. But her legs were tired, and she hadn't gotten any chance to rest, and if it was a pressing matter she'd totally do it but- 'Fuck it.' She thought to herself, opting for the easy way out. She lifted up her right hand in a vaguely claw like shape, feeling the blackness rush to her fingertips. She saw the rushing black tendril snap out, yanking her quickly to the branch. In less than a second, it was over, and she was perched up in the tree, working on untying the pack.

Once she had unfastened it, she slung it over her shoulder; she would have thrown it down, but that would have been a waste of a perfectly good bottle of whiskey. She hopped off the branch, her hands catching and quickly releasing the branch on the comedown to break her fall. The soft, dull 'thud' of her boots signifying she had landed.

"Now aren't we glad that's over?" She said, setting down Xiax's bag, not looking in his direction, allowing him to preserve whatever modesty she assumed he had.

Ham inhaled, already coming up with options.

"Well, if we can muddle through whatever 'curse' he put upon us for the next four days, we could always stop at White Cross; from my understanding they're experts in dealing with demons, and I assume this includes curses." He mounted his horse as he spoke. "Or, we can try our luck and see if anyone on the way there can help us. If we are cursed, then we have no idea what the curse is." A wry smile crossed his face. "I only hope the curse doesn't cause symptoms such as 'spontaneous combustion' or turns us all into walking lightning rods. If the curse, if we're even cursed, is that bad, I'll figure out a way to deal with it, I assure you. If not, we'll persevere until White Cross. Fair?"

"I'd encourage you not to worry about it, but I doubt that would have any effect, here. We're all 'cursed', after all."

Xiax watched as July's shadow reached out and pulled her into the tree. That was the bests way he could describe it, and honestly she could probably use itin combat too. Maybe that explained part of the terrors with shadows during last night... While he was contemplating July's powers and everything, she had already untied his pack and started her discent. He watched impressed. However much he wanted to applaud her landing but one hand was busy keeping his pants up. "Thanks, and nice landing btw." Xiax said as he stored the things he picked up under his armpit so he could take the bag from her.

"I should be alright now I think. I'll catch up in a minute." He just had to finish tending to the burst blisters, change pants and actually go to the bathroom, that part hadn't been a lie. Thankfully he wouldn't have to worry about flipping over and accidently shitting on himself. That Cursed Old Man really did seem like a Con-man, would have lasted long enough for them to ride off before going away. I've got more important things. Xiax realized he was keeping everyone long enough. Hurring up he finished his business and rejoined the group.

Although getting back into the saddle hurt like a mother, he really didn't have an alternative since no one could help him. His whole body felt heavy and he was sore from all the riding, all normal given his day. Luckily the bandages helped, and he was ready to go when they where.

Claire nodded her head to Ham as she mounted her horse. "That is fair enough. I can't say this curse won't cross my mind at all but I can certainly try to think of other things while we are on the go. Well whenever you are ready to lead us to the next stop, I'm ready. Nothing like getting back on the road." She said. She looked over and saw that Xiax was walking again. Maybe he could keep hisself calm now that he was down.

July gave a mock finger salute as she walked away, letting Xiax tend to his business now that he wasn't at risk of floating off.

"I aim to impress," She commented, disappearing back in the direction of their horses. Her and Ham exchanged a look. His single eyebrow quirk said 'so how is he?' while her lowered eyelids responded 'how the hell do you think?'. She remounted her horse, and once they were all saddled, Ham gave the word to take off.

Ham, once again, brought up the front, with his sister bringing up the rear, keeping an eye on Xiax.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 JulietMotY
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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 9th July 2017, 10:30 pm

Sherehazade Guild Hall/Guild master office/2h30PM

(ATTN : Open in guildhall, closed in office)

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

Everything seemed to be peaceful and normal within the guild. People were going around normally doing their usual activities, until a big slam happened at the door and Ryla just hold one of the doors for a few seconds to take back her breathing and then she runs to the guildmaster office. ''MAKE WAY ITS IMPORTANT !!! '' She slam Iasrite door open, too much in a hurry to knock, walks up to his desk and slam her hands on it. ''I FOUND CATACOMBS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'' She said looking excited, but mostly extremely out of breath and very VERY DIRTY all over from the excavation.

Rodimus hears the wreckage, the noise of a small rush coming towards their general direction.  As the girl bursts through the room, Rodimus is hastily backing away to the small spot behind the door as it opens, narrowly missing the stampede of possible death by the most adorable girl ever. Frightening. She screams at Iasrite, who looks completely calm, at first, but then stands with a look of excitement.

Rodimus has a hand over his heart as he tries to recover and watches as Iasrite excitedly walks through his own desk, phasing through it and moving close to the girl as he speaks quickly, barraging her with questions.

He says, "Where? Shazeer? Did you see anything new? Is it intact?"

''MMmmmm.... yesss shazeer ! And... ummm its in pretty good shape except for the hole I entered from I guess ? '' Ryla said scratching her head in embarrassment. ''Still did my best to not make it to big when I entered. I told the supervisor of the site to look after the place until further decision about it is made and stuff !! And sooo.... I like thought I'd come to see you directly ! As far as anything new, well the overall structure seems a bit different but made from the same base as the previous ones we found. '' She then see Rodimus standing in the corner. ''AH! ... '' She said pointing at him. ''YOU'RE HERE !!!! I like totally wanted to see you and stuff as well, good timing !''

Iasrite nod his head, smiling with glee, "Then you and I shall explore it--I want to experience this for the first time with you.   It will be an excellent time to see what you can do on a site."

Rodimus is still just standing there, jaw dropped as the two converse.  He's still...recovering and taking the situation in.  He's not fully caught up when she's pointed at him and exclaimed that she's glad he's there.  He just gives her a silent thumbs up with a look of a puzzled, lost child.

Ryla smiles at Rodmus but then freeze when Iasrite mention her going with him, now she kind of really wants to, but she also need to get ready to leave for White Cross. She felt like she couldn't say no. ''Well I'll stay for a few hours, but then I'll prepare some stuff for tomorrow. I need to do a trip to White Cross for something important...annnd..... '' She turns back to Rodimus and says ''I was wondering if you wanted to escort this fine lady here since it's like on your way ish. I'm just not sure if your companion was still picking you up here or if maybe they'd prefer to wait at White Cross for ya. '' And of course she hid the fact that she found a remain of a an old key for now. Maybe she could get to talk to Rodimus about it later.

Iasrite nods, as does Rodimus. They then both said "Yes" at the same time and then looked at each other, froze, and then laughed at the coincidence.

''YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH'' She screamed hapily at Rodimus's answer with her hands in the air. ''So erm yeah, for the ruins I can be free till like... 9ish max to you know have the time to get ready and I'll need 2 horsey tomorrow for the trip. Oh and Rodimus, you can crash at my place tonight if you need, or we can meet tomorrow morning at the guild. Also you're free to come with us at the shazeer place, total VIP treatment and stuff riiiight ?! Doesn't it sound amazzziiiing ?!'' She said, moving her hands in a way it made a rainbow. ''Well if you don't have any other plans today that is !'' She said giggling.

Rodimus face-palms, but Iasrite laughs and answers for him, "Of course he is coming."

Ryla exclaims a big ''YEAH !'' again and then start walking out of the office. ''So what are you guys waiting for ?! LET'S GOOOO !!''


White Cross Guild/Guild Master Office/4PM

(ATTN : Nadleeh&Catherine, All when in guildhall)

yushi was starting to elaborate the plan at hand and had gotten a couple of applications already. He was getting ready for an urgent meeting to try and get more people when sudendly Nadleeh came in with a look of fear on her face, something he almost never see from her. He let her take her breath and explain and then his eyes open wide and he stands. ''What ?! Alright I was more or less ready for an urgent meeting to get more people in, but this time I'll try and get everyone who is within the guild involved with the mission aside from a few to look after the base. ''

Eaden wakes up and sits to listen to what was going on and then said ''I will follow you and stay close unless you instruct me otherwise.''

''Right.'' He replied back to Eaden. Ryushi notice the other girl standing in the hallway and waiting and says ''Catherine ? I'm sorry to ask you so suddenly, but could you help on spreading the word to get everyone within the main hall prompto ? I'll come down in a minute with my information. After the meeting, I'll need both of you and Chirron to prepare medical supplies for immediate departure.'' He looks back at Nadleeh and takes out a new water bottle he had and gave it to her. ''Here drink a bit, thanks for checking on the situation, I'll do everything that I can.''

Eaden jumped to get on Ryushi's shoulders as this one started to gather some papers he had been filling up after Nadleed took the bottle.

(Waiting on answers and then I'll more downstairs =3)

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 18th July 2017, 1:14 am

Woods Between White Cross And Infinity Edge8PM
As the group carried on they noticed aches, pains. A fatigue that wasn't there before, that sank deep into their muscles. At first, Ham assumed it was merely regular fatigue, but the back pains, the drowiness spiked to an almost abnormal degree.

He was beginning to think they were actually cursed.

The rain cloud that began to follow them gave him a very clear answer.

After it had followed them for a solid hour, Ham decided to put it to the test; asking his sister to run a fair distance away from the group.

Sure enough, a small, black cloud followed her; and Ham's expression hardened as he side, all while his sister cut a rather amusing jig beneath the raincloud- evidently trying to make light of the situation.

Ham managed a snort, but not much else. The first day out, and his group was hexed. Great.

As the sun waned on the horizon, Ham decided to have them make camp in the woods, under canopies of leaves, hoping it would abate the rain at least slightly.

He made sure everyone was taken care of, that the horses had pants to graze on, that the group had secure places to sleep. Only after settling a watch rotation with the group did he go off on his own, setting down his packs, checking his equipment; and waiting for his sister who would inevitably try to scare the lights out of him.

"Y'know, the rain cloud makes this picture almost comical." July sauntered up, silent as the breeze whistling through the underbrush. She plopped down next to him, leaning back against the tree behind him.

Ham sighed, not even in the mood to respond to his sisters sarcastic jab. He leaned his head down, hands holding either side of his face. "Can I just do today over again?"

July laughed, slapping her hand against her brothers back, roughly rubbing circles on his back. "Aw, don't worry brother. Us normies are used to fucking up. The only reason it stings so much now is that when you feel like you're at the top of your game- you gotta looooong way to fall."

Ham groaned. "This isn't funny July. The guy is in my group one day, and I manage to complete destroy any friendship between us; and I allowed my entire group to become cursed. Yes he needed to hear what I had to say, I know that but..." He looked up at his sister. "I-"

"You were kind of a dick about it, yeah. I saw." She shrugged. "He wanted you to be on his side, you wanted him to listen to you. Neither of you handed the situation well. You were a dick, he was reckless- now he hates your guts." She saw the mortified look on her brothers face backpeddaled. "Well, kind of. Maybe not. Who knows."

"I...I don't think it'd be smart for me to talk to him. Right now, at least.

July snorted. "Well at least you're smart enough to know that."

Ham couldn't even find it within himself to glare at her, settling for a dejected sigh.

July, hating to see her brother in such a sorry state, rolled her eyes and stood. "Tell ya what, I'll talk to him. See what's up. Unlike with you, I haven't shot my friendship with him to hell-" She remembered the incident from yesterday night, the terror in his eyes. "Well, I don't think so, anyway." She turned, starting off to find the other man.

"July," His sister halted in her tracks, swiveling around to face him, looking at him intently. A small smile crossed his face. "Thank you." She grinned, giving a two fingered salute, before going off to find Xiax.

They'd been riding for some time, and even though he had wrapped his saddle sores that didn't stop the aches and pains from growing. Having never ridden so long, it was difficult to say if he was in fact further cursed or not. That was until he hear a faint rumble that drew his attention out of his brooding. He could already see tiny dark clouds forming over them, threatening rain. While he carefully tried to maintain his balance he took off his wickerpack and sat it on the saddle in front of him. The horse continued to follow the rest of the horses and gave Xiax no trouble as he opened up the pack and removed his old poncho. After putting his pack back on, he then followed suit with his waterproof poncho. Due to all his work over the years, he had made it plenty big enough to cover his pack, most of his legs and even had a hood. It looked like what it was: a cobbled together work of a hobo. Most of it's colors had fadded but it couldn't have been made from less than ten or twenty different ones given the stark differences in designs on many of the patches.

It was funny to see July take the rain in a cheery stride, but he worried over the health of everyone else in the party. Hopefully they had tents or something when they broke for camp. That thought made him starkly away that he didn't. A sigh escaped his mouth as he remembered that he'd lost all of his old belongings when he'd saved that boy.

When they broke for camp, they had done it in the woods. Maybe they could make a fire. "I'll stand watch." Xiax rushed responding to Ham when he asked about it, which drew attention to him. "It's only fair." Xiax replied meekly, this was after all his fault. Not able to take the looks from everyone Xiax nervously jumped to do something. "I'll get some firewood and see about starting a fire." With that he wandered off a bit and started to gather dry firewood. He had to hold it bundled under his poncho in one arm, but at least it was dry.

Due to his size, and admittedly kind of garish poncho, Xiax wasn't terribly hard to find. He'd sent himself off to gather fireword; don't know what kind of fire one could start with a raincloud constantly dousing them, but hey, he wanted to be away from the group- she got that part.

She watched him, for a moment, a silent observer after she found him,, stuffing firewood under his almost hilariously cobbled together poncho, a far cry from the floating ball of rage and indignance he was earlier.

She straightened herself up, loudening her steps as to not frighten him on the apprach.

"Dunno how you plan to start a fire in murky underbrush, but I assume you running off to gather wood isn't just about a cozy lil bonfire now is it?" There was no accusation in her tone, but rather, amusement. "Mind some company? Extra set of hands?"

Even distracted and in the rain, Xiax heard July approaching. It was funny that she started stomping a bit to be loud on purpose, it made him smile in amusement when he realized it was her. He turned around as she was talking, his reaction hidden by his hood and the poor lighting due to the rain. She was right: he wasn't just doing this to try and help everyone. He felt guilty, and he couldn't handle the stares. It didn't feel right being the only one dry in all this.

"Yeah." he said with his feelings mixing all together so it wasn't clear which he was answering, probably all three.

"I was thinking maybe..." Xiax turned his head this way then that way as he looked around, "...maybe we can find some rocks, or maybe build a dirt mound and just put some drier sticks on top and build up from that."

July nodded, she could feel the guilt seeping off this guy, words, body language, didn't matter that his face was generally hidden behind 500 scraps of cloth held together by yarn and hope.

"Whatever you say, you're probably better at building campfires than I am. " Her gaze fell downward, hands outreached as she tried to look for any remotely dry rocks; basically, rocks they hadn't skulked their way over to yet. This rain was their fault, after all. "Big rocks, little rocks? Does it matter if they're smooth or not?" She usually just holed up when it came to these things. Whenever she was outside, it was usually on a stakeout, and fires draw attention- and drawing attention to yourself on a stakeout would make you the worse, worst master of stealth out there.

Her eyes panned upward; she'd taken her cowl off a long while back, it got soaked through rather quick. Felt weird to be the one with her face uncovered. "So am I gonna have to start asking obvious questions or are we gonna forrage and talk at the same time?"

Xiax was glad that she was going to find rocks, he was sore but she was soaked and he was the only one able to keep the wood dry.  "Big flat rocks, but it doesn't really matter. We really just want them to keep the fire up out of the water." He really did have experience with this sort of thing, but he refrained from saying this wasn't his first rodeo.

"What questions?" Xiax was confused as he continued to look for mostly dry sticks. "Ohhh, you must mean about earlier." The wheels had started turning. "I'm sorry and I'm not. Mostly I just feel guilty." He didn't feel he was really in the wrong, but he couldn't exactly say that Ham didn't have his points. "Did you want a sack? I think I've got one in my pack if you want to get it."

July waved her hand. "Don't worry about it. I've been drenched in worse than rain. If I couldn't handle a little water I'd have no business leaving the guild hall." She picked out a flat, jagged rock, tucking it under her coat, careful not to jab herself with it.

"Questions; as in what happened back with grandpa bilgewater back there. You got pretty heated, not to say I blame you, I have my moments, too, but still." She shrugged. "Not to mention I now feel there's some...resentment building towards my brother. Not to say I fault you, he coulda handled that better, had a seven foot stick up his ass, give you that; but-" She raised her eyebrows. "So could you."

She scanned the ground for another rock. "I'm the impartial third party in this affair. I don't take sides in grey situations, just because Ham's my blood doesn't mean I gotta agree with him on everything."

Xiax chose to wait and see what all she wanted to ask him. He couldn't keep getting angry again when she said he was the same as Ham. "Don't e---" Xiax was cut off by Juliette as she made sure to stay ~impartial~.

"I'm not really sure what you're getting at. You saying that I shouldn't have gotten angry at some con-artist trying to rip us off and just casting magic on me?" Heat was starting to enter back into his voice again. "With all the DA shit going down, that's just the sort of shit they'd do. I dropped the ball, but what could I have done really stop him?"

"I'm powerless.

It's infuriating.

I'll always be at the mercy of guys like those, but you guys have been doing this for like awhile right? How come you didn't notice anything? Zero was right next to me and nothin. I'm one of you guys now, but colors or no, I feel more outcast than ever before. No one stood up for me, instead I get to listen to Ham tear me a new asshole and Claire basically patronize me. I want to keep viewing you as a friend but I can't help but shake the dread that Ham sent you over here just to make sure I'm not gonna be more of a liability."

She quirked an eyebrow. "No, I did not say that. I understood your anger, I respect it. We're human, we get pissed when people dick us around. That bit's normal. I'm not gonna blame you for what went down, what happened wasn't your fault; him floating you, not your fault. Guy being an asshole? Not your fault. I'm not here to point a finger and say 'pox upon your house'. " As he tried to shift the blame onto them she sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose, standing up straight.

"Let's get one thing straight, Ham wouldn't be able to make me do shit I didn't wanna do, I ain't his errand girl; I'm here, and talking to you, because I want to be. I don't want you to feel like everyone in this group now hates you, because we don't. Do some of us think your wig out was a tad unneccesary? Yeah. But you're new, we all understand that. I wanna help you Xiax, Ham wants to help you; he just...didn't word what he was trying to get across all that well." She scratched the back of her neck. "I understand where both of you were coming from, I understand shit between the both of you got misconstrued and misunderstood and twisted; because shit, you two are so far opposite from each other its almost funny. Well, it would be, if it weren't for our current circumstances." She felt a pang of tension shift up her spine, the soreness in her body motivating her to take a seat on a nearby overgrown root. She scooted over slightly, inviting Xiax to sit with her, if he wanted to.

"Well that just takes the wind out of my sails." Xiax sighed as he gave in and sat next to her. He knew it was the wrong choice once he sat, it was going to be a pain to get moving again. The problems of getting old.

"I'm sorry, I didn't really mean to make it sound like I don't trust you. It's just..." Xiax sighed, "I don't know, ya know?"

"No worries, " She waved her hand dismissively. "I'm used to people not trusting me, I know what that looks like. Your mistrust is a learned defense, am I right? Too much time on your own, uncertain future, all that. Plus with the nature of your ability, it's easy to assume people are just out to use you- I remember your comment from our first conversation," She tapped the side of her head with her finger. "'The Hobo Battery', yeah? You're a guy that's not used to trusting and learned not to, because your ability means it's easy for you to be used, one touch and zap, suddenly you drop like a traumatized sack of potatoes and the other guy can bench a cart." Her expressioned stiffened, trying not to remember last nights freak out. "Not even getting into all the other business you've probably gotten up to, being homeless and all; well, I'm assuming, from what you've revealed talking to me."

"Which leads up to my main point; you don't trust, because, wild guess, again, you're scared of getting taken advantage of, you've learned not to; not abnormal. Ham? Ham's all about trust. He's used to his teammates trusting him, almost unconditionally, because he's used to being the guy people go to. He's used to eeeeveryone trusting him to help them. He expected you to trust him to get you down and handle the situation, you expected him to....have your back? Yeah, take your side, at least." She raised her index finger. "At which point, you took him giving the old man the money and getting frusterated at your outburst as not taking your side, and he took your freakout and you not trusting him. Which, is why we're out here gathering sticks and rocks and you have a problem looking me in the eyes." She leaned back, her back giving a sickening 'pop' as she gave a muffled noise of discomfort. "You felt, well, feel, betrayed, like Ham's blaming you for this shit. Downpour and all. Well, like everyone's blaming you for this. Maybe even myself included."

"For a girl maybe young enough to be my daughter you sure like to over think things." Xiax knew she was right, if she hadn't said it then he would have had to explain it himself. "You're not wrong though, at least probably not. Saved me the trouble of having to explain myself again. Now that I think about it, that's probably how you deal with your power. I had a hard time trying to fight it down myself, even when I knew it wasn't real. Is it always like that for you?"

"If we're playing the age card, unless you're older than you already look, you would have had to have been fairly young to have a kid my age. Sixteen, maybe?" July stretched her fingers, a tic. "I don't overthink, I analyze, it's why I'm good at my job. Ham plans, I analyze, I work around, Ham works through. I see a guy who's more skittish than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs and I think about what made him that way. Not that hard to figure out, in your case."

She exhaled, of course; of course they were gonna get into this. "My power is...difficult to explain. As is yours, I guess." She looked at him with a quirked eyebrow. "Wait, your...uh...'freakouts', aren't always that bad, then? That was you getting the backlash of my shit?" No wonder her brain felt damn clear last night. "Well; kind of. More I use my ability the more I 'see' things. Hear things. Hallucinate, would be the 'correct' term. 'Lose my fucking mind' is the term I prefer to use."

Xiax chuckled as he entertained the idea of her as his kid then tossed it out. "My powers started getting worse around that time, so I guess you're safe."
He looked at her quizically, "Well no, not always. Sometimes they are less, sometimes more. Sometimes I have problems without touching anyone. but I can say they are always worse when I touch people with magic. I forget things, have headaches, sometimes I cough up blood or any number of things. Sometimes my power just activates for no reason, happened at the guildhall at dinner a while back. Just locked up while pouring myself water and emptied a whole pitcher of glowing water on the floor." Xiax chuckled with actual amusement.

"Infuse isn't without it's perks small though they are. When I don't forget.. I remember things, like how things work. Like your power or Ilyana's, sometimes more than others." Xiax pointed up to his eyes with a finger. "It's what makes my eyes glow. Kennett says it's some sort of indicator or something, well Kennet said a lot of things."

Groaning Xiax rose to his feet, his bones creaking a bit. "We should get back soon. I'll just say this though: A lot of what Ham said is right. I don't like it, no more than I like you hitting so close to port but I've had to adapt to a lot of things. It might take a little while, but I'll work through it. Want to help me build a fire? I've got some cord. We can use that and my poncho to make enough of a shelter to get that fire going." His finger came up like an unexaggerated eureka pose. "That reminds me, you're pretty good at climging trees. I hope you don't mind."

July gave a low whistle as she rattled off his side effects. "Shit. Makes mine look like a cake walk. I'd say Ham's too but, what Ham's got, I doubt you'd survive long with it, old as you are now." She paused. "Look, I'm sorry about last night, and whatever you saw. I deal with it, I get used to it. And what causes it, I don't use that often. For good reason, as you can probably tell. That little shadow grapple I use ain't it; though that has its own set of drawbacks." She stood up, far easier than he did. "Yeah, didn't wanna be rude, but if I was some random guy walkin' around in the woods, I'd either run screaming or punch your lights out. Couple of glowing eyes in the dark makes me think 'zombie' not 'friendly neighbhorhood old guy with terrible fashion sense'."

She sighed. "Just- I just recommend you at least talk to Ham. He feels bad, has been kicking himself since it happened. He wants to help you, and wants you to trust him. He knows he should have approached it better than he did. He's willing to acknowledge when he fucked up, just give him a chance to make it right- or don't, it's your call." She brushed her wet, sagging hair from her face after several attempts to blow it out of her eyes failed miserably, observing his strange post with amusement."Yeah, sure. I'm good at making makeshift shelter, at least. Fire, that'll be on you, though. I'll observe, try not to catch anything on fire."

"Yeah, yeah." Xiax said responding good naturedly. "I'll give it some thought, that's all I'll promise." He held up a hand to forstall any more talk on the matter. "You can tell him that if you like later, but first we have a fire to build. That's what we all need."

Xiax walked back to the camp, letting out a "Not a Zombie, Juliette will back me up." to make sure he wasn't about to get killed. Once they where let into camp again, he took off his pack and set it on the ground not at all concerned about water get in. He took out several spools of cord he had made from vines he had found wandering outside the town on his breaks from training. "Ok, here we go." Settling his pack on top of the firewood, he took off his poncho and handed it to July along with a spool of cord. With his knife he poked a couple holes into the edges of his poncho and tied the cord through the holes. "Just anchor this between a couple of the trees, you can make a few more holes if you want don't worry about it."

He held onto one edge of the poncho so it kept the firewood covered as July climbed up the tree a bit and started securing it. He offered some advice but she had apparently done this before and didn't need him to instruct her much at all. Once she had anchored the poncho high enough that he couldn't reach it anymore, he set about building his fire base. He took the rocks that she had gathered, gathered up some dirt/mud and(edited)
made a pile to place them on. With a more suitable base, he laid sticks across the rocks and started to make a cone of sticks. "Ohh, there is a towel in my pack if anyone wants to dry off."

Pulling out his knife, he started shaving tiny bits of bark off until he got to the dry center. Continuing he started to make two nests of shavings. One he placed inside the cone of firewood, the other he placed on another rock. With a stick he started rubbing it with his hands, after several minutes it started to smolder. Blowing on it time to time, he repeated this until it started to burn. Then placing it onto the other nest he blew on it until his fire started to actually take. It took him roughly an hour to get the fire really going, but it was something. Now all he had to do was keep watch for a couple hours.

July was grateful Xiax had volunteered for first watch; but like hell she was staying close to that fire. Close proximity to him after what happened yesterday ranked high on her list of 'no no's'. So, she managed to tether her blanket up across a couple branches to keep her dry, slightly away from the fire, and leaned back against the underbrush.

"I am a damn genius," She muttered to herself, refusing to acknowledge the cold. Until she felt the weight of a blanket on her; she knew damn well who it was. She opened her eyes to see Ham, placing his own blanket over her, tucking her in as he started to walk away- Until she threw a small rock at him. She heard him give a small grunt of alarm as he turned back to her. She pointed to her feet, and he groaned. Oh, how horrible of her, refusing to let her brother sleep in the cold.

Ham sat, sticking his feet under the blanket, opposite direction as her, leaning against one of the two trees they were between. She listened to him struggle to find a comfortable position to lay his head-

She reached into her bag, chucking a spare shirt at him.

"Sleep. Now. Night." She lunked her head back down, eager to follow her own advice.


At first, she was alone, in a dark, mahogany hallway, adorned with paintings and smooth light fixtures, she could see, but none of them were lit- there were no windows. The room was dim, clean, radiating at the edges with a dull, red, light. It was an office, crisp, well decorated- expensive. The soft noises of her feet on the marble flooring the only sound she could hear; but was it soft? Every step she took was like a pang in her skull- it was too loud, too loud. She was silent, silent; her movements made no noise, they shouldn't make noise- so why is their so much noise, noise, noise.

Why didn't the paintings have faces?

She hit the end of the hallway; finally, inside of the office.

She wanted to say it; that thing all people said in empty rooms, 'hello?'. But no, what was in this room, she did not want to greet. She did not want it knowing she was here. The chair, a large, plush, red leather chair, sat with its back facing her, looking out at a large, large aquarium; it framed the desk, so large. Too large. What was in the tank? She saw a clock, on the wall; but the numbers were wrong, she didn't recognize them, wrong shapes, wrong curves. Wrong wrong wrong. It wasn't ticking. Something else was ticking, where was it?

She looked at the desk, there were pens, nice pens, and an inkwell. There was a place, an outline to where a paper, a document, should have been- but there were scorch marks around the place where it was meant to be, like it had burned away.

Who was watching her? She felt it on her neck?

She wanted to turn, to see who it was; she didn't hear anything but something- something was watching her.

She think it followed her here.

She walked around the desk, reaching out her hand to spin around the chair, gently, gently, slowly-

There was no one. An empty chair, an empty desk- a room with things she couldn't see. She walked around, her back facing the aquarium, making the chair face its old direction as she looked up, looked up at the not empty room, with its red, red glow. Where had the hallway gone? There was no door, not anymore. No way to exit. But there was, there was. If only she were to turn around.

She slowly shifted her body, not wanted to crane her neck, she couldn't look away, she couldn't.

In the aquarium, there was a whale. It spanned the entire wall now, dwarfing her with its presence. She fell back, into the chair, feeling it tighten around her, feeling her fingertips grip the arms.

She saw the leviathans black, black eyes stare at her, as she stared back at it. It did not move, it didn't even bob; it sat there, as she did, tied to one place.

She saw its lips move, twitch, smoothly, unnaturally. And it smiled; a smile full of human teeth. It smiled at her, and did not look away. She felt something seizing in her chest, she felt her body lock itself back into the chair. It's voice vibrated into her, like its gaze, its smile, its presence-

"You should wake up, Juliette Napolitano, before you forget how."

She jolted upright with a gasp.

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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 3 JulietMotY
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Post by Ink on 18th July 2017, 7:23 pm

Rockett had been watching the door for some time now and the whereabouts of the room in general. The entrance to the guild hall had been a bustling place this morning. Seeing all the different people here, young and old, was fascinating and their clothing alone was amazing to look at. She thought her wardrobe here looked nice... ONE LADY HAD LIKE A HAT THAT WAS LIKE A GIANT GOOSE ON HER HEAD OR SOMETHING... The feathers draped down around her. The whole hat was floofy and wonderful and she thought "Maybe it was a feather helmet? It did cover the sides of her head well and it even had a veil... If it weren't for the feathered dress, she could be like a.... GOOSE SAMURAI! WOOOAH!" Yep, the lady's outfit was very distracting, but she was just one of the standouts. Rockett eventually didn't realize how distracted her people watching had gotten until Coaltar tapped her in the nose with his tail.

"Huh? What is it?" she asked as the cat motioned towards the door where Ruoh and Silk already were.


As Coaltar jumped off her lap ready to go, she got up and made a dash for where the two were standing.
"pheeeew" she said as she arrived, only a little out of breath, "I'm sorry Mister Ruoh and Miss Silk, I meant to be here early... Actually I was sitting over there waiting, but I erm... got a bit distracted by.... all the pretty people.... hehe." she looked up smiling and scratched the back of her head. Then noticing that everyone else here had their hair all fixed up in very extravagant fasion, while hers was.... well it was brushed... the thought made her a bit nervous again... maybe someone here would teach her how to 'do' her hair? She pushed the thought aside for now. The mission was more important, whatever it was.

"How are you two this lovely morning?" she asked as she straightened up, lightly dusting off her little shirt and doing two quick little hops of excitement.... She couldn't help that, it was just something she often did when excited.

Sonja quickly made it back to her bed chamber and went straight for her wardrobe. Rifling through it she pulls out a vibrant blue and green dress that was beautiful, sturdy, and lightweight. She then grabs a light weight travel cloak, that is a beautiful shade of sky blue, and a pair of well made traveling shoes before heading off to the the baths. After a nice long soak Sonja dried off and got dressed before deciding to give herself an inverted fishtail braid. Ideally she would have loved a fancy hair do for going out in public, but there wasn’t time or help to do so and an inverted fishtail looked fancier and herder to do than it really was. Fully dressed she heads to the dining hall and quickly gets a breakfast of an omelette with herbed chicken, cheese and mushrooms and a nice cup of black tea sweetened with honey and cooled with a splash of milk.

Once she was done eating she went back to her chambers to retrieve her almost left behind coin purse, not wanting to miss out on getting a souvenir from the mission if possible, not to mention food. She then headed out to the guild entrance where she sees three people and assumes that she was the last one to arrive. Quickening her pace she quickly joins up with them all not wanting to be any later than she already was.

As Sonja got closer and she noticed Rockett’s appearence in greater detail she just barely held back from gaging, but the look of repulsion and disgust could not be held back. Luckily the look didn’t last long as it was quite rude and she quickly hid it behind a mask of politeness, which to the skilled eye was easy to tell was fake. Smoothing out her dress and cloak Sonja finished up her approach of the group hoping no one had seen her face mere moments ago, especially the girl for whom had caused it.

With a small cough to announce her arrival, incase they hadn’t noticed her coming, Sonja gave them all a small curtsy. "Good morning Rouh, hello again Silk, and if I am correct as to your identity it is nice to meet you Rockett. I am Princess Sonja Kristine Rosenburg of Holstein, but feel free to call me Sonja unless a mission takes us to the royal courts of Holstein or Sarrice.”

As she gave Rockett a polite introduction and greeting Sonja steeled herself and held out her hand in greeting meaning to shake Rockett’s should she offer her own, rotting, hand in turn, and hoping inwardly that the girl wouldn’t.

”I apologize for being a tad late. I accidentally took a longer bath than I should have after my training this morning and quickly had to get something to eat. I can’t wait to see what adventure we all are going to go on, though I hope we are taking the scenic route instead of teleporting. I love to see the world go by on a carriage ride.“

Before Silk can speak another word to Ruoh, they’re joined by the hyper young Rockett. Silk giggles at the girl’s energy, and bows her head slightly. “I am quite well, thank you,” she says to the both of them. “Rockett, you really must let me tailor something for you, my dear. Certainly what you have on at the very least comes with a dreadful itch. The material is so rough. Though I suppose that may not bother you, given your condition.” Silk sighs. “Perhaps I really am looking for excuses to indulge in my hobby. Oh, but your hair is looking rather nice. It’s quite clean and healthy, considering…”

Soon the last of their party arrives. The corners of Silk’s mouth curl into a faint smirk at the notice of her reaction to Rockett, though she says nothing of it. She only bows politely at Sonja’s entrance. “Lady Sonja,” she says. “You look to be in high spirits.” She bashfully pulls her hat down over her upper eyes once more. “You’ll forgive me if I stare. I do rather envy your fashion sense, my dear. Though no more than your ability to wear such a look. Unfortunately my skin tone makes color coordination… challenging. In any event, I’m reading good fortune for the adventure ahead. Let’s see if I’m right again, shall we?”

Silk’s attention returns to Ruoh. “Though speaking of our o’ so grand adventure, Sir Ruoh, it now occurs to me that the mission board was rather vague. What would the Guild need of us? If it isn’t horribly impolite of me to ask, of course.”

"Ohhhh! Well yes! That would be REALLY AWESOME, actually! Thank you Miss Silk! I found a lot of stuff in the closet, but I think I kinda would like a bit... well different stuff. Not that I don't like the fancier long dresses and such, but like this one! It's shorter, I can still move around in it really well and stuff. Plus I like how this shirt does this zig-zaggy thingy! Ooooh, I think it would look cool if I had maybe a black one.... and a yellow one or blue or green... UGH! So hard to decide! Maybe I should just look at material with you sometime... And thanks, I just wish I knew how to make my hair do stuff like eveeryone else... oops! Sorry, I should stop!" she finished, noticing the other young girl walking up now, and introduce her self.

"Wooow," she said, in wide-eyed agreement with Silk, "Yeeah! That really is pretty! I can definitely believe you're a princess!" she said noticing her curtsy, and then curtsying back herself. "Umm, if you're a princess.... am I really allowed to shake your hand?" O_O She had never been this close to actual royalty and really wondered on this one, but gently kind of did a half shake awkwardly.... Noticing Sonja's face turn a bit, she jumped a bit. "Oh, sorry? Is that not right? I never have done this, but WAIT, I know! You're royalty so I'm like.... suppose to kiss your hand, aren't I? I apologize for my disrespectfulness!" she said, bowing down to kiss her hand.

She then noticing Miss Silk asking Ruoh what they were going to do next, which takes her attention away. She watches now, inquisitively.

Ruoh smiles, greeting each lady as she arrives with a polite bow.  He's quite happy when they have all arrived and when Silk inquires about where they are going, his smile falls.  With a bit of a frown, he looks about the room, knowing that there is no one around them.  Still, other precautions must be made.

Ruoh says, "I will tell you of our task, but first, I must use my magic on you so that what I say will be guaranteed to be unheard by others.  You're either going to be okay with what you're about to experience or you won't at all.  If you don't like the way my abilities affect you, I'd like to take the time beforehand to sincerely apologize.  I'm terribly sorry."

Just like that, Ruoh's eyes light up even brighter, his golden eyes now golden lights for just a moment as each of the ladies with him are thrust into slow-motion, the world stopping around them as their movement becomes sluggish and jagged, both light and heavy all at once.  A slight buzzing, a subtle vibration covers their bodies as the slow-motion effect finally fades away and Ruoh is standing there as he always was, his eyes still bright.

"There.  Now, time outside of this small zone with us is frozen, so no one else will hear what I have to say.  What I'm about to tell you...the knowledge I'm about to give you is very dangerous.  Just knowing about the artifacts I will discuss here will put your lives in danger.  It's not too late to back out of this Guild Quest...if you would like.  What do you say, my ladies?  Are you in?" Ruoh asks.

Silk stifles a giggle at Rockett’s enthusiasm, particularly when the girl’s attention falls on Sonja. But when Ruoh addressed her question, all eyes are on him… all five of them. He takes on a noticeably more dire persona, but she maintains her cordial nature, smiling at his polite apology. “My, but you seem rather serious, all of a sudden, Sir Ruoh. What ever could be so grim?” Suddenly Silk’s entire body jolts internally. The sensation of everything around them just… stopping. As if someone had reached out and yanked on the web of time’s strings. W-what is… time magic? I see. So that is what I’ve been sensing. Naughty thing.

Silk fashions her face into a cordial grin. “That was… quite the riveting experience. Do you treat every lady to such a sensation?” Silk snickers at her own rib, politely covering her mouth.

When Ruoh’s manner remains grim, Silk sighs inwardly and folds her hands in front of her. Despite his method of delivery, it’s still a song she’s heard before. She’s told her own clients these very words, more often than not. Dangerous knowledge, with potentially life-threatening consequences. Silk smiles as he finishes, stepping forward. “Sir Ruoh, you spoil us with your candor. But I should ask that you not worry so. At least not over me. It would seem that my life is perpetually at risk. The world is a dangerous place, after all. Your information would endanger me no further than I already am. So I would take no issue with hearing what you have to say. Though I would sooner ask the younger members of this detail. They have far more to lose than myself. Youth included. Madam Rockett? Lady Sonja?”

Rockett dances with excitement as Ruoh gets further into his speech reguarding the mission. When he puts the weird time barrier thing around them, she feels every bit of herself tingle and sees Coaltar's fur stand up in all directions for a bit. She watches in awe around her as the world seems to freeze outside of the circle.

Ruoh asks if they're commited to join the mission enough to put their life on the line and Rockett dances just at hearing these words as if she's about to burst like a supernova. As her invisible fuse is eaten away by the world's fastest invisible spark, she quietly.... somewhat quietly, for she is giggling to herself under her breath the whole time.... listens to Silk respond, then upon Silk asking, finally bursts.



"I will do EVERYTHING I can to make sure we can succeed on this important mission! I still have to prove myself an asset to the guild, after all!" she squats down to Coaltar as he smiles and sort of seems to nod, slowly wagging his tail. "I can't believe it!! First day here, and we get like.... this SUPER IMPORTANT of a mission ALREADY???? Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee! Yeeeeaaaahhh!.... weeeew... sorry... Go ahead, Lady Sonja!" She says, standing back up and finally recovering from the gatling gun rate of fire she had just spit words out at.

Pretty quickly Sonja finds out that Rockett did indeed notice her look of disgust ad regrets the slip of manner’s even more, though luckily Rockett managed to misinterpret the look, however slightly. Before that though Sonja is greeted first by Silk and receives a complement on her attire which makes her beam with joy and pride. Unable to resist she does a little swivel twirl in place causing both her dress and travel cloak to fan out like an opening flower bud just as Rockett chimes in too.

“Thank you Silk and Rockett. This is a new outfit I got for an occassion like this and I’m super happy to get to use it, and of course I am in good spirit we are going on a mission. I can’t wait to see and experience more of the world. That is at the whole reason I left home for the guild, well that and also because I have a fairy stuck in my head who says she is my soul. Not exactly the easiest thing to come understand outside of a guild as it is clearly magic.”

What next ensued had Sonja both blushing and giggling despite herself as Rockett awkwardly shakes and then kisses her hand after missiterpretting her sour look as disproval at the hand shaking. Sonja could quickly tell that Rockett was just so…very different to her social norm, and honestly other than in appearence, Sonja found Rockett’s oddity rather refreshing. The tentative hand shake followed by the unexpected kissing of her hand was both awkward and amusing.

Taking back her hand Sonja subconsciously rubs her hand on the outside of her travel cloak. “I apologize if my demeanor made you feel like you had done anything wrong, Rockett. for you didn’t, well nothing majorly so. There simply is no reason to be so delicate with me. We are guild mates after all, and besides if I offer my hand to someone it means I am ok with them shaking or taking it firmly. I’m not so fragile anymore as I used to be so there is no need to fear touching me, though I would, like most anyone else I would expect, prefer to be touched with permission or absolute need. That said other royalty, especially that of the direct royal line have quite a different view on these kind of things. I’m actually a bit of an odd case all the way around really. I’m the unexpected youngest cousin to the Queen and even my own siblings are twenty or more years older than me. We can get into the social etiquette of royalty another time though when it is more appropriate.

As for the disapproval you may have noticed on my part Rockett had nothing to do with your manners and more to do with myself noticing that you could use a better outfit than what you currently have on. That said it was completely rude of me to show such disdain upon first meeting you. I hope you will forgive me of my faux pas as I am sincerely sorry for it. Though on a brighter note perhaps we could go shopping for better clothes sometime, I have recently come to enjoy the experience quite a lot. For now lets focus on the mission at  hand as I must say I am as interested in what it is as Silk appears to be.”

What followed next was a brief warning and apology from Ruoh before Sonja suddenly had to fight hard to keep her recently eaten breakfast within her stomach. The sensation of time slowing down around her had her stomach churning horribly, and unnervingly slowly and sluggishly for a moment. Sonja’s immediate reaction was to hunch over and lower herself to sit on the ground as her face went pale. Luckily the sensation past family quickly and she was able to recover from it in short order.

“Thanks for the warning and apology Ruoh, just remind me to not eat so recently when you next are going to do this, at least when it is possible to do so that is.”

Standing back up Sonja dusts herself off and smoothes out her dress and travel robe while listening to what Ruoh has to say, and then to the responses of Silk and Rockett before she herself had to give a response. “I concur whole heartedly with both Silk and Rockett in this matter, and though I’m sure the reasons are vastly different, I myself like Silk am undoubtedly in danger with or without this knowledge. Even one of lower ranking royalty like myself would be an ideal pawn in the political world, or worse. Besides if this knowledge was going to put me in to much of danger I doubt you would be telling it to me in the first place. Clearly you trust that I can handle this knowledge with the due diligence and respect it deserve and I have no current reason to mistrust your judgment and wisdom in this decision or any other for that matter. Please do go on knowing I go forward fully aware of the danger involved and that I am willing to guard and protect it with my life just as I would the entirety of my nations people.”

Immediately after giving her answer Corona chimes up inside Sonja’s head. “Well said Sonja. I am glad to see that at least Miss Stidolph’s lessons are sticking with you so well.”

Inwardly groaning at the well deserved jab Sonja smile and responds with a quick and simple, “Thank you Corona.”

After the chatter between the ladies is complete, which he awaits for patiently, he explains himself, uses his magic, and is pleasantly surprised to receive all three of their permissions to continue with the quest.  He didn't expect all of them to so readily put their lives on the line--Quinsenterra isn't that kind of Guild.  However, it just seems like today would certainly be one of those days.  Of course, two were new and in-training...they had much to prove and perhaps that is just what this was--the eagerness to provide that proof.

Regardless of their reasonings, it would seem that Ruoh would have a full traveling party.  "Excellent," he replies with a smile, "I'm happy to have you all here.  Very well.  There is a certain, limited number of a rare artifact--the Shazeer Keys.  I have it in good faith that there are rumors of one of these Keys and I intend to discover if they are merely rumors or if there is any truth behind them.  It could be a trap, of course, but we'll simply sneak our way out of that, if that is the case.  The carriage is ready, so let us be on our way."

With that, Ruoh's ability usheres them forward, as if granting them speed they never before had.  He opens the doors of the Guild Hall for them, as well as the doors of the carriage.  He makes sure that each of the ladies is comfortable inside with much to eat and drink before taking his own place up front to guide the horses.

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Post by Luna on 24th July 2017, 8:11 pm

Woods Between White Cross And Infinity Edge 8PM

Claire had begun to ache during the ride, more so then normal. She stretched her muscles but it only made it worse. She couldn't figure out why until the rain began to fall upon them. She sighed heavily as the rain fell on her armor.
She knew the rain wasn't good for it.

They came to a stop finally and Claire dismounts off her horse. She looked out but the rain was falling bitterly around her. It made it hard to see from inside her helmet. At least with the visor lid up she could see somewhat without the rain getting into her eyes. She looked at everyone through dreary eyes as some of her muscle begun to hurt. She didn't say a word as she didn't want to upset anyone. "I'll take the second watch." She said looking at Ham. She then went to put up her small tent. The one she took with her on trips like this for when she was out on the road overnight. Maybe it would help keep the rain off of her during the night. She could only hope right?
She picks a place and slowly constructs her tent. It doesn't take her long to get it together. Once put up, she goes inside and takes off her armor and begins to dry it off. At least she was catching a small break from the rain. She puts on some pants and a T shirt that she had in her bag and then likes her armor off to the side. She would put her armor back on in the morning.

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Post by LightningFang on 26th July 2017, 2:21 am

The woods between the guilds White Cross and Infinity Edge 8PM

Zero had begun aching during the ride, her muscles hurting from what she thought was just the horse back ride, as well as the curse. She really wanted to complain about the aches, but she felt it was best to leave it unsaid. She did believe the curse and that was the reason her muscles were hurting. She knew that the were cursed once the rain started.

Once they came to a stop Zero dismounted her horse and starts to open her bag, being careful to let the water go into her bag. She decided it was good to have the rain, getting the soot of off her skin. She looked through her bag trying to find her cards. She wanted to have something to do before going to sleep. Once she found it she took them out closed her bag and set them to she side. She had trouble getting up from her sitting position, but once she did she went to her horse and grabbed her sleeping roll. She took one of the blankets and found a tree a few feet away from everyone else, she then tied one part of her blanket to a branch then tied the opposite side to different branch withing reach doing the same for the other side. Once that was done she then put the rest of her sleeping roll underneath it. She now had a tent of sorts, well more of a blanket roof. It still had the intended result of blocking the rain.

Zero put the rest of stuff underneath as well, making a small place to set up. Again she went through her bag, looking for some cloths. She did bring some, and once found put them aside. She crawled out from underneath her little set up and walked away from the group. Once she was  a good distance away she looked back to see if she was visible. She made sure that she could be seen clearly and took of her cloths, and stood on her shoes and cleaned the rest of the soot off. She used her shirt to clean the soot off and just left her other cloths on a nearby branch to hang so she could grab them once she was done. There wasn't much to clean from it having rained for awhile. When she was done with that she put her cloths back on and headed back towards the group. She felt better about things, now that she was cleaned up more. She crawled back into her little shelter and tried to decide if it was worth it to change cloths. Deciding it would probably be for the best to do so, she changed cloths underneath her blanket. She had changed into her shorts and a t-shirt that she had brought. After doing all this, she got her deck of cards and started to play a game by herself. She tried to be quite which wasn't hard with what she was doing and the fact that she wasn't close to the rest of the group.
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Post by JerriLeah7 on 26th July 2017, 6:08 pm

[ATTN: OPEN, Gale] --Rhodes Guild Hall; 11AM - 12PM

The Guild Master folds up his letter and  leans looks Gale in the eyes, "You are to report to White Cross and wait for a Hamlet Napolitano and follow his instructions from there.  This comes directly from Justice."

Gale forces a smile. "Ilyana is well?"

With a nod of his head, he smirks reassuringly, "Of course.  She's recovering well.  I think she'll be kicking ass and taking names in no time."

"Alright, Let's do it, then," Gale Grinned punching his open hand."Let's make it speedy, I want to get some in before she has all the fun."

Connor nods his head, "Yeah.  She asked I send someone with you.  Did you have someone specific to recommend?"

"Ronald, Sir. I need his expertise."

"Ron it is," The Guild Master replies shortly, "No problems there.  I'll have him ready to go within the hour.  He'll be waiting at the front.  Best of luck to you both; safe travels."

An hour later, Gale stood there waiting at the carriage. He'd heard Ronald was an accomplished curse breaker and if Gale came across his quarry, the Veteran's expertise would be necessary. Gale practiced his smile. His first impressions had grown more forced since Ilyana's defeat. He'd been devastated by it....and that means he cared.

Ronaldi was fast to get out the door when he was summoned, happy to get high pay--any request that was a favor to a guild master was usually a good pay, especially if it came with provisions and was an escort mission.  Ronaldi liked free food.  When he saw Gale there at the front, he waved from the distance, but no smile or general happy expression came.  Ronaldi didn't smile--it wasn't a thing for him.  He just didn't, unless he really felt a need to.

"White Cross, I heard--that's mostly a train ride."  Ron said when he got up to him, without even a greeting, "Shouldn't take us but a few days.  Week or so.  Ready?"

Gale holds his smile..."Oh, yes hopefully less, I am eager to be underway. The name's Gale. Tempest Mage. Yours?" Gale hated himself for resorting to small talk, but first impressions are everything... or so he heard.

"Ronaldi--sorry, thought you knew.  Said I was requested.  You can call me Ron, Ronald, Ro, or Breaker---just whatever."  The man shrugs as he throws his bags into the carriage and hops in, "Ready when you are, Gale."

.... Gale drops the grin. "I am not smart. Truth is I requested you because I have a problem and with luck today will be the beginning to changing that." Gale loaded his sack aboard the carriage. "Oh and I'm an asshole, just warning you."

Ronaldi just shrugs again, "Okay.  What's your rank, man?  I need to know who's in charge here."

Gale...."I... am....D rank."

Ronaldi just nods, "Got it.  I'm an B, but don't worry--I don't intend on calling rank unless you try to get yourself killed.  Speaking of...don't do it."

"Nooooo promises. I don't feel fear, or happiness... and I'm an angry person because  of it."

Ronaldi shakes his head disapprovingly, "Typical."  However, he slides over to his side of the carriage and opens up the window on his side so that he can see out of the window.  This is going to be a long ride.  Fun times.

"Let's go. I'll try to exercise caution, and when the time comes, please have my back."

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Post by MethosArchaic on 26th July 2017, 10:23 pm

Woods Between White Cross And Infinity Edge9-11PM

Coming back in from the rain, Xiax set down another bundle of firewood. Pulling the towel off a clothes line he'd set up before heading out, Xiax dried off. Surely they all knew how bad it was to sleep in wet clothes, hopefully they wouldn't catch a cold and get sick. Even though Ham and Juliette where the last of everyone that he'd seen go to sleep, only Claire wasn't going to get soaked tonight. She had a tent, everyone else had just made due with using a blanket or sheet to try and keep the rain out. That's where the clothes line had come in, they'd need to someplace to dry there clothes. Moving closer to the fire, put on his dry shirt, and warmed his bones for a minute. He could tell that this pain wasn't normal. It got worse even when he was doing light work like gathering firewood. Resting didn't make any real difference.

"Time to get back to work."

Moving further from the fire, Xiax sat down on a mostly dry dirt mound he'd taken to being a seat. Leaning down to his right, he flipped open the wicker-pack that he'd set there. He shuffled around, was frustrated a bit when he couldn't find what he was looking for and dug around deeper until he found his whittling knife. The fire was still fine and didn't need much tending, he'd have to add wood before Claire's shift in a couple hours. Setting into the practiced motions, Xiax started to peel the bark from the branches and sticks he'd gathered. Even with the rain, the wood hadn't been exposed long enough to really get it soaked through. The outer layers, peeled off in long strips which Xiax let pile up on his lap as he listened for anyone approaching. When he finished peeling the bark from one piece he set it down on a dry spot and went on to the next. Not all the bark wanted to become cordage, and it too was cast aside to be added to the fire later.

Every once in a while, someone would shift and Xiax would pause to listen for anything weird. What that was could vary greatly, but most of the sounds that would raise the hairs on the back of his neck couldn't be heard. None the less he still looked in their directions to check on them. Checking on them also helped calm the paranoia that years of being alone had instilled in him. A couple people had changed clothes, and while Xiax contemplated gathering them up and drying them he ultimately chose not to. Even if it was to do a kindness there was no doubt that it would instead make him appear like a creep. In the end it all came down to one thing: trust. It was that one thing that he didn't have yet, and thinking about it only made him realize that he hadn't earned it either.

He'd stripped most of what he was likely to get from this batch. Looking around again Xiax knew it was about time to make another round and check on everyone. After this round he should probably wake up Claire. Once again setting his shirt on the hanging clothesline, he sighed knowing he was gonna get wet. Tired as he was he would turn in after this. No matter how much practice one had at staying awake night after night that didn't make them need it any less. Given that Xiax knew he was nearsighted, this wasn't the first time he had had to make rounds to check on everyone. That coupled with the trees, rain and clouds blocking the moon and stars, visibility was pretty limited.

The blanket canopies had soaked through, but they still sheltered those under them enough that they could nap a little sleep here and there. Passing by each in turn, he could make out enough of there bodies to know they hadn't disappeared in the night. Without a light, Xiax had to resort mostly to stopping near each of them and listening over the rain for the sounds of sleep. He didn't have to get close to Ham and July since the blanket they where cuddled under didn't hide them as much as Zero or Claire and her tent. Thinking about that, he finally arrived at her tent.

Just how am I supposed to wake her up? If he shook her there was a pretty good chance that he'd get a black eye or wake everyone up if she yelled from the sudden jolt of his power coursing through her. Now that he thought about it, he hasn't practiced at all tonight. Ilyana was going to kill him for shirking his training. Well I've got to get a stick to prob her anyway. Xiax made his way back to the fire, looked around for anything that would work good but came up short. I wish I had some gl-- ohhh wait I do. I think its in my pack.

Opening up the pack again, he rummaged till he pulled out that bottle. It caught the light from the fire and he could see the amber color of the whiskey within. Or rather he caught the last hints of amber as it turned a dangerous brackish color. From within it started to glow weakly in a color he couldn't really describe as he used his magic on it. "It should glow more than that, and what is that color?" It was something darker than amber like if he started to burn caramel. Xiax chose to keep infusing the bottle, but he learned nothing further. It probably wasn't safe to drink judging by the color. July was probably going to kill him for ruining it, but he wasn't sure what had caused it.

As he leaned down to pick up a switch from among the pile he felt dizzy. It was so bad that he almost fell to the ground. Cradling his head he waited for everything to return to normal. The aches and pains rushed in and all Xiax could do was feel worn out and tired. Thankfully the dizziness had passed and Xiax was able to walk without difficulty as he took his feeble booze-lantern over to Claire's tent with him. "Hey Claire." Xiax poked her foot with the switch, "Hey, wake up. It's your turn." When Claire was successfully roused Xiax hadn't been killed. Thankfully I went with the stick.

"I'm not sure what time it is, but it should be your turn." Xiax said as he stopped leaning down low enough to peer into the tent anymore. "You should bring your wet clothes, I've set up a clothes line so you can dry them. I'll leave this here so you can see." Xiax set down the bottle of Whiskey at the entrance to her tent where it glowed feebly. "See you in a minute."

Leaving Claire's tent, Xiax returned to his chair at the fire. He added some of the firewood as he waited for her to come out and take over. When she had joined him near the fire, had already put his shirt back on and was closing up his pack. "I hope you don't mind me trying to catch a few wink by the fire, there isn't really anywhere else to sleep." Picking up his pack, he set it in his lap and settled his head on it as his arms wrapped around it as he settled in to sleep.

When his eyes finally do close, he somehow manages to catch some sleep while somehow not falling over or letting go of his Pack-pillow. His towel still hangs from the clothesline, free to be used by anyone who needs it.

(OOC: Now the Fantastical Bottle of Karnacan Whiskey should continue to glow until mid morning.)

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Post by Luna on 28th July 2017, 9:11 am

Attn: closed Group B IE

Claire rubbed her eyes. She gathered her underclothes and asked Xiax where the line was at. She thanked him and then hung her things over the line. She then moved away and went closer to the fire.

The fire had already been banked up and Claire smiled in Xiax's direction. He meant well but he had a long way to go from where he came. She began walking around the perimeter of the camp to make sure everyone was alright. The more she walked the more sore she became. Stretching didn't even help. In fact it only made it worse. They could not fight a battle line this in their current condition. She only hoped that Ham would indeed take them to White Cross where someone could help them.

She held the light up that Xiax had given her to use. It was a nifty thing. She wondered how he had made it. She would have to ask him come morning. Everything was quite except the rain that was over her head. She wouldn't mind a drink of it if it wasn't black and dirtyish. She sighed and shrugged her shoulders. All she could do was keep moving for the next two hours.

Claire banks the fire up as best she can without putting it out by the rain. She is soaked after making another full round. As far as she could tell everyone was asleep. She walks over to Zero's outfit and gently nudges her shoulder.

"Zero, it's your turn. For watch. Here's a light that Xiax made for us and there is a fire in the center of camp. Xiax is also sleeping there. I just banked it up so you should be fine until later. I'll be in my tent if you need me." Claire said.

She then walked over to her tent a d entered. She took off her wet clothes and laid down in her blankets. She then went back to sleep.

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July had slept in brief, feverish stints up until Zero had woken her for her shift. The effects of- well, whatever had happened with Xiax, faded into nothing; and left her with her usual restless slumber. Luckily for her, Ham was at least nearby, which enabled her to sleep, however brief her bouts of slumber were. Whenever she awoke with a jolt, she'd look over to her brother, realize that he was there, and try to sink back into whatever bizarre nightmare she had just arisen from.

Wash, rinse, and repeat.

Until Zero woke her up. With a fairly dull lantern, it held a braquish, black liquid, made of the whiskey she had given Xiax,

The very expensive whiskey.

She stared at it for a moment, pulling herself out slowly from under the large blanket. She blinked.




And resisted the urge to break the damn bottle over the mans head. And to think; they had just shared a nice, quiet conversation about trust and teamwork.

Well, that trust was shattered, ruined, sullied, just like this fine bottle of whiskey. She scowled; everyone else in the camp now asleep, looking over at Xiax, sleeping in a position that hardly looked comfortable- and at Claire's tent- damn that woman always came prepared.

All seemed quiet; and after a few deep breaths, and deciding mental notes that whacking the new recruit upside the head with a bottle of glowing whiskey would not be worth it, if only for the hellish punishment Ilyana would exact upon her if any severe damage was done- July decided to let it stay that way. She had taken her overcoat off, tucking her weapons away to let them remain dry, though still close by; settling for a singular, sharp knife to be tucked under the bundle of cloth she had been using for a pillow. Though it was still raining, July resolved to change out her clothing; while she could sleep in wet clothes, adventuring in damp clothing provided too much noise. She removed her boots, setting them by the fire which had been kept going from the care of the group. She decided not to touch it; dawn was soon approaching and tossing more kindling on would probably rouse someone. She nestled the dimly glowing bottle of whiskey in the crook of a tree, using it as lighting as she got changed. She used her cloak as cover, were anyone to wake up, they wouldn't be greeted with her fully naked body flashing the lot of them. Her head was still visible, however, so she could keep a lookout while she changed. She set her leathery vest across a tree branch; she'd replace it soon enough, more worried about the sopping cloth which have sickening sqealches whenever she moved. She removed her undershirt, long sleeved, white- miraculously, and underclothes. She quickly redressed, in similar clothing, swapping out her pants last, opting to save her socks for when her boots had at least somewhat dried.

As she pulled her shirt back over her head she saw it; at the edge of the campfire. A shadow dancing in the dim light.

"Juliette-" She felt a chill race up her spine, but she did not move, only hesitating slightly in her current task.

She saw him, at the edge of the light; a man with half a face.

"Juliette.." He called her name, in the same somber tone that a parent uses with a child due for a scolding. Half his face was collapsed, a bloody smear; his entire body was bent, crooked, like he couldn't stand right. She knew him; he'd haunted her waking life enough. She didn't take her eyes off him; even when she finished changing, and the image of him flickered in and out of her minds eye. He danced among the shadows, a vision trying to unnerve her- her own brain trying to spook her into a frenzy. It had stopped working years ago.

God she wished this whiskey wasn't tainted, she could use a drink.

'I am too sober to deal with you right now,' She thought, glaring at the apparition as it flickered from her vision again. Now, she was redressed, sitting cross legged beneath her and her brothers makeshift canopy, hunting the ghost down with her eyes. A shadow could move fast; but July's eyes could keep up- fueled by a cultivated paranoia and an accute sense of the winding pathways of her own fear. The bottle was tucked in the middle of her crossed legs, its eerie light doing nothing to abate the shadows that crawled up her spine. She heard them whisper her name, she knew they were not real.

She felt the hour of morning coming, resolving to wake up her brother. The bastard loved mornings. She quietly shuffled her way over to him, gently shaking his shoulder, watching his eyes slowly flicker open.

"Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey. Time for your watch, brother dear." A wry smile crossed her face as he squinted up at her, a similar smirk twisting across his face as he took a moment to stretch.

Ham rose, grateful for his sisters gentle wake up call. He rubbed his eyes; he knew she was talking to him, and he was saying something back- but it was his body, his tongue, going through the motions.

He wasn't fully awake yet, hadn't slept well. Well; when he had slept, he'd slept fine. But thoughts of the incident with the old man plagued his sleep; and he hadn't gone to bed until Xiax's shift had ended, afraid the newer man might fall asleep on accident. As he got to his feet, and his sister handed him a glowing bot- Wait, was this their only bottle of Snapper's Venom? A particularly expensive bottle of Karnacan whiskey now reduced to a glowing bottle of black liquid!?- He heard his sister chuckle at the expression of shock and confusion he was sure was written all over his face- but offered no further explanation than a pat on the shoulder. She told him if he wanted to change, he could do so behind her hanging cloak; and without another word, she had curled up into his previous sleeping spot, warm and dug in thanks to his propensity to not toss and turn, like her. He sighed, offering a soft smile as his sister curled up like a nice, dry, cat in his comfortable forest nook.

He followed his sisters suggestion to change, moving his boots, which had been 'drying' under the large roots of a tree close to him, and placed them beside July's. But first-

He removed his overlay, his shirt, and his socks; leaving him in his unfortunately wet trousers. He'd change after he had done his morning yoga; a series of stretches which he considered vital to his morning routing. They were, luckily, silent, so he could contort all he wanted without risking waking the group. He kept his eyes keen on his surroundings as he stretched his body, twisting, turning, balancing; fluidly moving from one position to the next.

Ham's body was a weapon, and he was the only one capable of wielding and maintaining it- and he took that responsibility rather seriously. The damp ground provided a pliable, forgiving surface on his joints, on the occasions that he found himself on the floor. He heard several weak 'pops' from his back and joints; signs of a body aging before its time.

He decided not to think about it; the dawn was not a time for sorrowful thoughts. Such unnecessarily somber ideas tainted the day.

Once he saw the first shining cracks of sunlight on the horizon, the sky painting itself a coral, fiery red; he finally decided to change. Swapping out his underclothing, but keeping in line with his overlay. A finely tailored soft moving armor with many, many pockets.

Freshly changed, he looked about the group, running a hand through his damp hair. They looked so peaceful, he almost didn't want to wake them; he couldn't help but smile to himself.

But, alas, there was work to be done. And he dully clicked one of his crossbow bolts against the glowing bottle.

"Wake up call, ladies and gentlemen. Time to rise and shine." The sun, now peaking its eyes over the world, basking it in sunlight, would wake them from the underbrush, if Ham and his bottle didn't do the job.

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