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Post by JerriLeah7 on 10th May 2017, 7:30 pm

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A brief summary of current events, as well as the starting conditions for each character will be posted below when the role-play is ready to begin.  Please remember, when role-playing in Guild Ties, to use time, location, and attention stamps.  Although these stamps are not required, they will make the job for the RPM 100% easier to navigate through and to understand.  Thank you.

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Post by Luna on 2nd August 2017, 6:39 pm

ATTN: Closed Group B IE

Claire hadn't slept to well through the night. The aches that came over her body as she slept kept her from sleeping well. She woke up upon hearing Ham's voice. She sit's up in her tent with her blanket around her. She stretches and felt her clothes that were to the side. They were still a little damp. She stuck her head out of the entry of her tent.

"Can I get someone to hand me my clothes so I can change, please?" she asked.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 3rd August 2017, 8:15 pm

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Group B Campground; ~8:30 AM]
[Little bit of Collabing with Luna]

Xiax suddenly jolted awake instantly filled with fear as his brain tried to place the cause. His pack fell from his lap as the man sprung to his feet and drew out his knife. Panting breathes left his mouth as his eyes darted to find the source of the unfamiliar sound. It didn't take long for him to find Ham, but it did take his brain longer to actually process the wake up call. A shaking hand rose to his head as he straightened and sighed. "I-I...I'm up." Xiax's voice shook as he calmed his nerves.

"Can I get someone to hand me my clothes so I can change, please?"

"Sure." Xiax said grateful for anything that would help focus his mind away from his panic. Finding the clothesline he grabbed the clothes from it. Recognizing the clothes as the ones she wore yesterday he also noted that there was only her's on the line except for his towel. Turning back towards Claire he saw that she had pinched the door closed so that he could only really see her head peeking out of it.

He bunched the clothes together into a ball. "Here, catch." he said and tossed it to her so he wouldn't accidentally run the risk of touching her. He had thought she might catch it, but instead they bounced off the closed tent flap and fell to the ground.

Claire opened the tent curtain just enough to put her hand out. "Thank you Xiax. I really appreciate that." She said. She then took her clothes from the ground, thankful that he hadn't touched her. She closes the door and proceeds to get dressed.

"Sure, no problem?" he replied when she thanked him followed by a mental Ohhh as it dawned on him that she hadn't caught it for a reason. "Sorry." he said clearing his throat a bit as he turned away.

Huh, seems the rain has stopped. just now actually noticing that it was sunny and dry. It was one of those moment where you knew it hadn't been raining but you only just now actively noticed it. The fire was mostly extinguished at this point so Xiax was able to start the process of breaking down his part of the camp. After climbing up and down a couple of trees he was able to cut lose his poncho and wrap the cordage back up onto it's spool. Stowing the spool away, Xiax folded up his poncho, draping it over his pack before picking it up and strapping it onto his back. There was only one thing left to get and Ham had it, yippee.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 8th August 2017, 7:52 pm

(Infinity Edge Campsite; 8:30 AM)

Ham raised his eyebrows at Xiax's immediate, panicked jolt, blinking in surprise without actually moving. If he man had actually moved to stab him? Of course he would have reacted, but the panicked response made him feel more guilty than anything else. He looked over at the glowing bottle, expression flattening slightly.

'You're more trouble than you're world, you know that?' He communed silently to the glass bottle before lowering it to his side.

"Apologies, Xiax. I didn't intend to startle you." Ham made sure to not say it as loud; the group didn't need to hear it broadcasted, as Xiax seemed to be rather sheepish about his 'outburst'.

'Jokes aside, this might explain why him and July get along so swimmingly. Somewhat similar demons, I assume.' Speaking of his sister, Ham turned as Claire got dressed and Xiax took down his little makeshift camp; seeing his sister curled up and facing away from him. He took one step towards her before he heard her voice.

"Try to shake me awake, I dare you." She grumbled, causing Ham to smile.

"Come on, dear sister. We have four more days of this; don't tell me you're giving up on the first night?"

"I'm not giving uuuup. But my back friggin' hurts. And I slept like shiiiiit." Her grumbling was so low, Ham doubted anyone else could hear her complain.

A wicked smile came to Ham's face as he plotted his next course of action. "Well, sister; if you're not keen on moving I could always-" He raised the bottle over her head, moving as though he was going to open it. "Give you a nice whiskey shower- how different can it be from a ke-"

July immediately flung herself around on her back, her two hands holding the bottle and Ham's grip away from her. "No." She quickly responded, in a tone so grave, Ham couldn't help but laugh. She clicked her tongue with a slight groan. "Fine, I'm getting up. Just don't dump anything on me. Eugh." She slowly started to scrape herself off the floor, reluctantly pulling herself out from under the blanket.

Ham gave a satisfied little smile, setting down the glowing whiskey bottle down by July's things. She wanted to bring it, she could pack it.

He turned back to the group, fists on his hips as he stretched his back; listening to the pops of his sisters joints as she did the same, in turn, behind him.

"As some of you might know, I stowed-"


"-Some food into your packs yesterday, before we left. I thought maybe, since the rain is gone, and whatever curse was beset upon us has probably abated, we could enjoy breakfast before heading out? Hard to work on an empty stomach."

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Post by EphPhoenix on 10th August 2017, 11:06 am

[Attn: Ryla, Open]
Sheherezade Guild Hall2:30 PM
Lark watched the place from under a tree nearby, a hat in front of him as he played an old sea shanty. He'd been back only a few days, but he wasn't ready for her to know that. As such, it meant he'd become her stalker. Whatever. He could live with it.

He'd spent that war sticking by Ryla's side, doing his best to watch after her. But if that war had taught him anything, he was woefully lacking with his magic in terms of attack. Luckily, he'd been a quick study -- at least enough to defend himself. It would be a long time before he was taking on advanced fighters. If he even lived long enough to get that good.

After the war, though, he'd vanished. He'd played a tracking spell -- his version of one, anyway -- by attaching a note to a song he'd made up to her. He hadn't known he could do that, he'd improvised it. It wasn't perfect, but when the time came, it had allowed him to find her.

He'd spent the time since researching musical magic. In the library of the royal city had he found what he was looking for. An old dusty book detailing musical magicks. He'd read it over and over till he could see most of it in his head. Then it was time to put it to practice.

He had a working knowledge of his new skills, but true proficiency would come in time. He only hoped it would be enough and he could improve in time to get her to the door. For now, he'd be Ryla's shadow -- which was made difficult cause she was already being looked after -- until she could fulfill the purpose that would finally grant him peace.

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Post by Luna on 10th August 2017, 7:24 pm

ATTN: Group B IE Campsite eight thirty

Claire changed into her dry clothing. She was grateful that Xiax had thought of the idea to make the clothes line. She finishes up and then puts on her armor. Strapping on armor here, make sure it's on there. Yes, she was thankful it hadn't ruined from all the rain they had dealt with yesterday. She comes out of her tent and notices that it's not raining. "Thank heaven's it's no longer raining. I hope it stops for a while." She said as she began to take down her tent.

It doesn't take her long before she has her tent down and packed away with her things. She then has her bag and walks over to where the other's are standing. "Thank you Xiax for making the clothes line. It feels better having dried clothes today." She said to him.

She then gets into her bag and gets an apple out. "Thank you for the rations Ham. I packed a few items but I wasn't sure how long we would be out here. Is the curse over or is it me? I mean I'm still sore but it might be because I slept bad because the initial soreness." She asked looking at the others.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 10th August 2017, 10:37 pm

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Group B Campground; ~8:40 AM]

Ham seemed to be about done messing with July who just wanted to sleep when Xiax notices the approaching sound of armor coming his way before Claire steps into view beside him.

Claire thanked him for the clothesline.

"You're welcome." Xiax said sort of awkwardly while scratching his cheek. It was a pleasant change from yesterday. When Ham talked about breakfast and sneaking something into everyone's packs Xiax didn't really think much of it, after all he'd arrived late. This changed however  when Claire and the others started pulling out identical bags. One's that sparked the memory of an identical bag he had glimpsed in his pack but hadn't paid any mind to at the time.

Xiax shrugged off his pack, and rummaged through it. Then suddenly there it was, and he had no choice but to accept it as it stared him in the face. When did he get the chance to slip it in? It couldn't have happened yesterday, Xiax didn't remember a time he'd set it down.

I've had it with me this whole time. When could he have gotten the chance? I can't remember it leaving my sight. There couldn't have been an opportunity for Ham to do so. Xiax was sure he would have noticed Ham this morning if he'd come near the campfire. That could only mean that somehow Ham had magicked it. The pain and anger of Ham betraying him like that felt like a hot knife pushed into his heart.

He reflexively started to crush the bag and then stopped. Wasting food just wasn't in him, the food hadn't done him any wrong. Maybe Ham had magicked it into his bag some how, but so what? Xiax hadn't had the chance to pack any food so this was really a blessing despite how it might have ended up in his pack.

While he ate the most perishable bits for breakfast he felt torn between his emotions. Grateful for the food though he was Xiax just couldn't keep from trying to figure it out. Perhaps he just snuck it in sometime last night. Xiax said while trying to give Ham the benefit of the doubt. But if that's true then he must have been awake when I made my rounds. That was the only time Xiax hadn't been around his pack, and he doubted that Ham could have opened it while he'd been using it as a pillow. And if Ham was up sneaking around on my watch that means that he doesn't trust me.

That thought made a lot of sense, and even Xiax had to admit that Ham would have been right. After all if Ham had been up and managed to sneak it into his pack then Xiax had failed to keep a good enough lookout. If that was the case then someone else could have just as easily snuck into camp last night too. While he was still upset with Ham invading his things, he just couldn't blame his lack of attentiveness on something like the curse either because he'd been paying good attention last night... or that was what he wanted to tell himself. In the end he didn't have much of a choice and just bundled up all his feelings and just put them aside.

Xiax hadn't finished everything but he bundled up what remained and put it back away in his things. He didn't even remember what any of it had tasted like but he knew it had been good hadn't it? At least he wasn't hungry anymore, he'd pay more attention next time because good food deserved that. Getting back to his feet, he dusted off his pants before putting his pack back on and heading over to where July was.

He found her playing with her sword, somehow miraculously not cutting off her hand. It probably had to be from all the practice, though it still seemed crazy to flip something that might just snap open and snicker-snack your arm right off. It was sort of mesmerizing in its own way, but he'd come to check on her.

"Wait, is that thing still glowing?" Xiax said utterly flabbergasted and struck motionless by the audacity of the still glowing booze lantern.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 13th August 2017, 1:52 pm

ATTN: Infinity Edge Campsite, 8:40 AM

Ham, in the process of breaking out his own rations, looks back up when he hears Claire speaking to him, now fully dressed.

"Well," He furrows his brow, the rain had stopped, and he was feeling decidedly less sore than yesterday. "I'm assuming. The rain stopped, I was able to water the horses- and I sincerely doubt the man from yesterday would be able to sustain a curse longer than twenty four hours. I feel we might just be dealing with the tail end of it now. Which, thankfully, means we won't have to make a detour to White Cross...probably. I'd still keep an eye out for any other symptoms or strange errs from normal."

He pulled out the rations he'd packed for himself; identical to those the rest of the group had- he'd packed more for Ilyana's group before they'd left, and briefly wondered how they were faring. He doubted Sylmeria would feel entirely comfortable going out on a mission after the incident, but it was still good for her to get out and be part of a group. Then there was the newcomer- Ryuko, he'd seen her in the hall after leaving Ilyana's office, though he hadn't actually gotten a chance to speak with her. Whispers of her ability still permeated the hall though; and he'd been given no reason to distrust her. She seemed nice enough, polite, and from he heard, a foreigner like him. Then, his mind fell, and quickly removed itself from Nymeria. He'd rather not think of her at all. There was about her.

He shook it from his mind; Ilyana was leading the group and she was a vastly more capable leader than him- not to undercut his own abilities, but he was sure had she been in charge, Xiax wouldn't be crushing perfectly good food in his hands while he pretended not to notice and July would not be glaring at a glowing bottle of expensive, ruined whiskey. He ate his food in silence, observing as everyone took down their forest lodgings and readied their equipment. He knew he still needed to talk to Xiax- but he got the feeling that it might not be the best time just yet. At least him and July seemed to be getting along, and his eyes discreetly trailed him as the man made his way over to his sister. He took a swig of his drink, fond of the fruity, slightly bitter taste- tea, although unfortunately lukewarm after wallowing in a bottle the entirety of yesterday. He decided to not eavesdrop on his sister's conversation, and was content to make small talk with Claire.

July knew Ham was going to pull the same shit he always pulled. He might have been just as old as her- but he was such a dad sometimes. Always trying to make sure everyone was taking care of, making sure they had food, making sure they knew the plan, making sure they got enough sleep, played it safe, knew when to fall back to him-

If Ilyana was the strong mother of the guild, Ham was the doting dad. The whiplash difference between their styles of leadership made July almost prefer Ilyana. Almost. Ham was still her brother, after all, and they worked well together, even though Ham like sticking to plans and she preferred going with the flow.

She tried to sit as she ate; but she knew if she sat for too long she'd lose the motivation to get up. So; after shoving some food in her mouth she started to re-arm herself- making sure none of her equipment had been damaged by the rain. Luckily, they were all sturdily built, master craftsmanship- and her coat had managed to keep them mostly dry. First, her pistol, luckily one of the dryer pieces of her equipment, which she quickly tucked back into her belt. Then, her crossbow, folding its wings in and out with silent, barely audible 'clicks'; she let out a sigh of relief, it was what she was most worried about. She knew her weapons were made of sturdy stuff, but she liked to know her shit wasn't going to break when she needed it. She folded it back up, and tucked it back into its holster alongside her crossbow bolts and bullets.

Then came her sword; she knew this wasn't about to break because of some water. But still, she toyed with it in her hand, turning it over between her fingers, looping it across the top of her hand- closing it and opening it, the light 'shing' sounding almost musical to her.

She saw Xiax come up to her over her 'work'; mindless muscle memory though it was. He seemed slightly mesmerized by the initial sight of her twirling blade but quickly became vexed by something else.

The whiskey bottle. She halted her twirling, tucking her now collapsed blade back into its place on her belt. She scowled at him, raising an eyebrow as she plucked the bottle off the ground.

"Yeah, it is. Alongside still being black and gross and absolutely ruined. If you didn't want the damned whiskey I would have preferred you just say so rather than ruin it with...whatever the fuck was done with it. Wouldn't have had to waste a perfectly good bottle of very nice whiskey." She'd be lying if she said she wasn't somewhat hurt by her gift being used as a makeshift, ruined lantern; but like hell she was going to let him know that. "Now I doubt it'd do much outside of poison you."

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Post by MethosArchaic on 13th August 2017, 6:06 pm

[ATTN: Infinity Edge Group B Campground; ~8:40 AM]
[collabing with Juliet]

July reacted rather harshly and her tone made Xiax take a step back. "B-but -" Xiax wasn't able to get a defense in as it became obvious that this was his fault, which it was, but not in the way that July was thinking about it.

"N-no, wait! My power - it doesn't, it wasn't! " Xiax waved his hands defensively in front of him as he took another step back afraid she might smash the thing over his head. " - Infuse doesn't do that! I swear!"

July gave him the once over- he didn't seem to be lying, and July, generally, considered herself rather skilled at telling when someone was bullshitting her. He seemed to react as though he thought she'd break it over his head. Well, she had entertained that idea when she first saw the fate of her poor, gifted whiskey- but now it almost made her feel guilty.

Her expression was still the same as it was, as her gaze shifted between the man, and the bottle in her hand. She lowered it down to her side, at least trying to physically communicate she had no intention of braining him with it. "Let's say I believe that, or that it's actually the case- you seemingly decided to turn my gift into a night light?" She sloshed the bottle around in her still lowered arm, letting the now glowing substance speak for itself. She supposed the brackish part wasn't his fault, with the fate of the water their horses had been drinking earlier. But the glowing bit didn't make it sting any less.

Good she seems to have calmed down a little. Pointing towards the bottle cautiously, "It just turned that way when I pulled it out of my pack. Must have been the curse or something, but I'm surprised it's still glowing." Xiax looked at it questioningly as if it was a strange anomaly. "Infuse can make things glow if they are pretty see through, but its always temporary and I've never had any problem drinking anything I've... magicked?" He hadn't ever really had to explain that out loud before.  "I just figured that Claire and maybe Zero would appreciate a little light, you know to get their stuff ready." It was really weird to say out loud that he'd magicked something. He'd explained Infuse before, but it was always in some other way he guessed.

July was still upset, no doubt about that, but now she was mainly frusterated. No way she could fix it, no one she could blame it on- well, fairly, and who was within arms reach. She looked down at the bottle for a moment, scowl still on her face. "We had a campfire, you know. Usually we don't need much light outside of that." She gestured with her free arm to the smoldering embers of their fire pit.  "Not to mention using a power that makes you wig out, especially when you can't really control it yet, puts you at a bit more risk than its worth. Claire's a big girl, she can work in the dark, as, I'm sure, is Zero- if she's an A rank." Now she was sounding like fucking Ham. She was pissed and what? Lecturing him? Did a sentence count as a paraphrased lecture? Whatever. She reached out to give him the bottle, careful not to couch him, offering him a way to grab it that didn't put him at risk, the glass bottom bumping into his chest. "Whatever, I'm not Ham, I don't lecture, not in any position to."

Xiax took the bottle back. "You're probably right." He'd just figured that with how dark it was last night away from the fire that they'd appreciate being able to use it to see around in their tents or when they went out on rounds in the rain. "You know... I don't always wig out. That's more a people-E  thing, bottles and stuff aren't that bad." The only way he'd been able to train his powers initially was to use it on junk till he'd learned just enough. "It's kinda how I learned to sort of control it in the first place. Even Ilyana has had me practicing by infusing multiple objects at once. Sometimes they make me do it while sparring, it's supposed to strengthen the weapon and help me practice focusing on multiple things."

"It's just worse on me when I magick people. It's still weird to say that." Xiax said while looking contemplative. "But, now that I think about it.. Yeah, they did. I didn't notice it before but earlier, back in the hall, your eyes where glowing." All the times he'd practiced Infusing other people he couldn't recall their eyes glowing, but he was pretty sure July's had been. "I'm like 90% sure, no more like 100%. They were definitely glowing."

July was about to step away; but when he started talking about his Infuse, she stopped, crossing her arms. "Frankly I didn't even think you'd be able to do the magic superpower thing to objects. Way I heard it, it was just people. Then again playing telephone within Infinity Edge is kinda like trying to understand what someones saying with a mouth full of grapes." She shrugged, quirking an eyebrow at his mention of the incident in the hallway. "So I was a human glowstick? Not surprising. Magic generally makes people glow, Ilyana, Ham, Kennot, on occasion. Though that's weird, I didn't see anything from you; maybe because you're more of the generator, rather than the light bulb." She squinted at him, remembering the eerie glow of his eyes from last night. "Then again, your eyes do normally glow a bit; noticed that yesterday. More of a eerie glow though, thought it was just something with your eyes but it would make sense that it's magic."

She looked back down at the bottle critically before looking back up to him. "So are you supposed to be doing that, then? Training and the like? Cuz if so I could find better things for you to infuse than a bottle of expensive liquor." She briefly considered using it to pull a prank on Ham; might cheer Xiax up a bit- or not, hadn't really talked to each other since yesterday.

That did make a lot of sense. "So maybe it's like some sort of tell. I just never noticed." Maybe he could ask Kennet about it when they got back. His gaze shifted down to the bottle while July was talking about it. Was it dimmer than before? He couldn't really tell, it hadn't really been glowing very brightly yesterday due to how brackish the whiskey was. "Yeah, I'm supposed to training whenever I get the chance." Xiax admitted, "Without Cass around I'm not sure if I want to try it on you guys, but just about anything else should work just fine." This new bit of information just opened up more questions about Infuse.

"I mean, you can't really tell in the light. Could easily mistake it for something wrong with your eyes, it's not overly noticeable." She sure as shit didn't want a repeat of the hallway incident, but she assumed Xiax would be fine doing simple objects. "You'd have to talk to Ham about anything serious, like trying it on anyone else. But I'm sure you could keep doing your item...infuse...thing, as you seem to have no trouble with it. Well, limited trouble. Mission shouldn't take us too long. Then again we're supposed to go all the way to Sheherazade, which is....a ride; and that's assuming nothing goes wrong along the way." She looked at him flatly, raising a single eyebrow as if in question. "And I still don't even know what we're getting." She didn't mean to make it sound like she was putting him on the spot- but July liked knowing things. She kept them to herself, but not knowing something gave her an itch she couldn't scratch and it made her more than a little miffed.

"I know, I'm not exactly what anyone was expecting. I don't know how much I can help." Xiax said disheartened, while he kept shifting the whiskey back and forth between his hands to keep them busy. "Maybe it was a fluke, but you're the only person that I've been able to stop Infusing. I want to believe that I'm getting a hang on it, because it seems that its getting stronger." Looking down at the bottle he stopped figgiting with it. Shifting the bottle into his right hand and worked the sleeve up from his wrist with his left.

"If it comes down to it you guys can use me - it." He rotated his wrist so the bottle faced down and guild symbol came into view. With a melancholy smile he continued, "I'd much rather be a sword for you guys then a tool left aside on the ground. I sound kinda lame when I put it like this, right? It always sounds better in your head, know what I mean?"

She surveyed his guild tattoo, along with his melancholy. She knew how it felt to have an ability that you couldn't really control; it was..disheartening. But if she could find a way to train it, live with it, work with it- then so could he.

Part of her wanted to put some sort of comforting hand on his shoulder, but she knew that was a bad idea. "Xiax, I'm sure it wasn't a fluke. Give yourself some credit. You've only been at the edge for what? Two months? You've been making progress- and there's that progress." She shook her head. "Can't speak for everyone, but we're not keen on using you as a tool, cuz you're not one. Until we can be sure that you're not gonna go through another mental trauma conga line then I don't think we're going to be using your infuse unless it's life or death. I'm sure Ham agrees with me." She reaches down into her belt, pulling out a vacuous green bolt. "Though if you do decide you want to try something, however dumb I think it is, could always knock you out with this, things go south. Though jury's still out on if the post tranq headache will be worth it."

"Also, yeah, totally sounded lame, that bit." She cracked a smile. "Don't worry, the Infinity Edge Official Motivational Speech course doesn't kick in until you hit rank B. As you can tell, I'm a drop out."

Xiax chuckled as July ended it with a couple jokes. After taking off his pack he stowed the bottle. "Now that you mention it, I don't know what anyone's rank is, let alone their powers. I know yours a bit from using Infuse, but there's not like a rank badge that I don't know about is there?" When he was done he put his pack back on. "Then again, maybe I can find out later. I think we've kept Ham and them long enough.

"Or I could just, tell you." July shrugged. "Ham's an S, as you probably gathered, hence why he's in charge. As for his powers, he's pretty open about em- but you should ask him yourself. So he could give you the whole diatribe." She rolled her eyes as she spoke, as if she was envisioning his time travel lecture in her brain." Zero's an A, don't know much about her outside of some magic involving her weapons. I think someone said something about different personalities, but that could just be edgies talking out of their ass. Claire-Bear," She lowered her voice for a moment. "Don't ever tell her I called her that. But she can apparently turn into a bear, an armored bear. Dunno the exact semantics of it. Ham's worked with her before though. She's a B, though, know that much. As for me, I'm a B rank, you already saw my little void shot ability. Got another one- Mesmerize. But of a bitch to explain, if you want to know about it I could tell you later." She picked up the remainder of her stuff, pulling her coat over her shoulders after yanking it off the branch it was drying on.

"I won't, I promise." Xiax promised July about telling Claire. As July was gathering her stuff, Xiax ticked them off. Ham: S-rank but ask about his powers. Zero: A Rank: Weapons. Claire: B rank: turns into a metal bear. July: B Rank: and I already know her powers. Ohh and then there's Xiax: F rank: Magic Battery. Juliette finished picking up her things and looked about ready to go. "Thanks for telling me." Xiax said as they went to rejoin the group. "I'm sorry about the booze. Claire and Ham think the curse might be about over so maybe it'll turn back."

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Post by Luna on 14th August 2017, 5:21 pm

ATTN: IE Group B 8:40 Campsite

Claire nodded her head to Ham. "That's good. The thought that a man like that could make a curse that lasted longer then 24 hours sounds rather disheartening. I would think it would take someone who's had year's of practice to do something of that nature."

"Well, considering his age and how long he'd probably been there, I wouldn't doubt that he'd had more than a years training. But if his magic was powerful enough to plant a long term long distance curse on us I believe someone would have taken out a quest on him sooner, given his..." Ham searched for a polite way to word it. "...temperment."

"Surprisingly he didn't seem to be in a guild of any sort. Though of course given his temperament as you say, I wouldn't put it past him to be a bandit of some sort either. I have no time for people like that.

Ham shrugged. "It didn't surprise me much. There are plenty who use their magic abilities for more mundane tasks and personal ends rather than join a guild. Though I believe few would be so brash to lay a curse on those belonging to a Guild. He didn't strike me as a bandit, either. At worst, a simple conman with a rather fiery temper. If he doesn't show himself to us again, once we get back to the guild hall, I'll post a notice. I'd rather no one else land in our predicament." He scratched the back of his neck. "I'm just glad none of us were in any grave danger, it was a pain, yes- but we're all unharmed."

"That's true. It would have been different had one of us been hurt. I guess I should be thankful. I just don't take kindly to those who threaten those who mean them no harm. All we wanted was some water.
The well wasn't even his probably.

"Who knows, it might have been his only fair way of making a living. Though, I'm still upset the situation got so out of hand." He let out a slight sigh. "We have a mission to do, so unfortunately we can't waste time on a detour to bring him down. If he is prone to such outbursts I'm sure we're not the only ones with a bone to pick. But for now, we stay focused. When we get back, I'll post the notice, and hopefully we'll have been his last showing for this kind of display."

"That's fair enough. We need to do our mission as we have been told. I'm sorry things haven't gone as you have planned. Just know that sometimes it happens that way. You learn from your mistakes and you move on. I hope that Xiax..." Clair said in a whispered tone. "has learned his as well. Sometimes you have to think before you speak. All he had to do was wait. I'm not mad at him, but I do wish he had thought before he had done what he did."

Ham sighs inwardly at the mention of Xiax. His voice, already rather quiet, hushed even further. "We cannot lay the entire blame for the situation on Xiax. He's new, he has had none of the training we've had, he was not used to such situations. Put any civilian in such a situation, and there's a good chance they'd panic, as he did. I'm not saying this to condone his outburst, as he does need to learn how to deal with such things. However, I feel in the moment I could have attempted to be less harsh. I would be with you, or July. We can't expect him to just trust us, and know how to deal with situations like that right off the bat. I wish he would have trusted me, trusted us, to get him down, and help him- but in the end I cannot fault him for not trusting us, seeing as how he had just met many of us the morning of or the night before." He rubbed the bridge of his nose. He still had to talk to Xiax about that...incident, didn't he?

"What happened, happened and there isn't anything we can do about it now. What matters is that we all learn from it and move on. You were only trying to get him to understand what he could not see in his anger. Maybe now that he has calmed down you can talk to him and apologize for your outburst at him?" Claire said as she shrugged her shoulders. They made a light clanking noise. "Just remember not to lose your cool and to keep calm. You are a good team leader and I have faith in you."

"Oh, I do not doubt my leadership ability, nor do I doubt my team. I have experienced enough in my life to know that no one is above mistakes, or failure. What I said to Xiax needed to be said. Should I have waited? Yes. Could I have been less harsh? Also, yes. At the end of the day I realize I made a mistake, and am willing to own up to it, and sometimes, Claire, that's all we can do." Ham removed his hand from the bridge of his nose, and looked up to observe the speckled rays of morning sunlight; turning to Claire as he addressed her.

Claire nodded her head. "You're right Ham. After the aspects of yesterday, the morning light looks beautiful doesn't it? Thanks for the talk. It does make me feel better knowing that you do have faith in yourself." Claire said with a smile. She looked at the light that was just beginning to show. "Besides. that rain was pretty depressing. When will we be breaking camp?"

"Well, I figured as soon as everyone has finished eating and gets themselves together. Which seems to be soon," He saw Xiax and July, both seemingly done eating, chatting to each other a little ways off. July seemed...miffed, though her anger was quickly waning. He stood, stretching out his back, tucking the rest of his rations away in his pack. "I was going to go ready the horses, I checked on them during my watch, but one last once over couldn't hurt. And, there's nothing wrong with getting an early start, eh?" He smiled slightly, raising an eyebrow.

Claire smiled and winked at Ham. "An early start sounds like a good way to start the morning." She said. She put the rest of her rations in her bag and put her backpack on her back. She then stretched out to loosen the muscles in her body and clanked as she did so. That was one thing she wasn't all that great at and that was stealth. Armor was always so loud. She then walked over to her horse and began to saddle him up.  

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 14th August 2017, 7:57 pm


After days of traveling with little to note, the group finally made it to the outskirts of the fort. Ham, and especially July, remembered this place well. They knew its architecture, its isolation, its high walls. The underbrush, thankfully, covered them, and it was around dusk when they reached its outer reaches.

Ham instructed the group to move quietly; they were too far for anyone from the fort to notice them, yes- but he'd prefer to not take any risks. He didn't know exactly how many people were inside the fort, nor if they'd made any chances to the internal structure. Probably, it had been 'rebuilt', not replicated.

After tethering their horses a safe distance away, before addressing the group, Ham turned to his sister.

"July," He said, in full range of the group. "I need you to scout the place out. Do not engage, don't take risks. I need to know the general floorplan and roughly how many people they have manning this place. I know there will most likely be slaves in there, if you can find them, that's a plus- but if it's too heavily guarded I'd prefer to not have to rush in because one of them sounded the alarm. Understood?"

July had been glaring at the tall edges of the fort, malice seething into her gaze as she surveyed the bleached, lattice edges. It was all that was visible from over the treetops, Karnacan's had always had a thing for laterally inclined architecture. When Ham addressed her, she snapped her head to look at him. So she was gonna play scout, huh? He made sure to hammer home to her that she was 'not to take risks'. Pshh, she could handle her shit. Especially in this shit hole.

She gave a lazy salute. "Aye aye, cap'n."


"What?" July furrowed, having just begun to tie up her hair. Couldn't have it getting in the way.

He gestured for her to turn around, and she clicked her tongue; allowing him to braid her hair back into a plait. Why he felt the need how to braid hair she'd never know- and why he felt the need to make it so damnably tight she'd never know either.

"Happy?" She said finally, wrapping her cowl around her head, obscuring all except her eyes.

"Elated." Ham responded, allowing himself a brief smile to his glaring sister. "Now, no risks, no confrontations. This is just you scouting the place out. If I don't hear back from you within an hour we're charging in after you- clear?"

"Crystal." July sighed, shooting a friendly wink at Xiax- the only expression she could manage, before Void Reaching through the underbrush, and out of sight.

Ham turned to the rest of the group. "Now, I'm going to wait to plan anything concrete until July gets back. We'll be sneaking in after dark, so for now, ready your equipment, get in a nap if you need one- I'll need you on your toes for this. These are my people, Karnacan's, at their worst, are liars, conmen, and cutthroats. And the men behind these walls are the very worst. I expect they'll be slaves; one of our main prerogatives will be to set them free. No innocent will be left behind, none. If you get overwhelmed, do not hesitate to fall back to me, or call for backup. I want you wall alive when this is done. I've never lost a teammate under my command, and I'm not keen on losing one now." He surveyed the faces of his teammates, eventually falling to Xiax. "Good. Now,"

He was going to have to have this conversation now, for if he didn't, and Xiax died, he'd be wrestling with the guilt for the rest of his life.

"Break, and we'll speak when July returns."

He didn't want to drag the man to the front of the group, so instead; he walked up to him, privately.

"Xiax, do you have a moment?"

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Post by Luna on 14th August 2017, 8:13 pm


Claire listened to Ham as he had his pep talk with them. She nodded her head and said nothing. She had dealt with bandits before but nothing of this magnitude. She would trust Ham and know that he would lead them to victory. She walked away and pulled her long sword from it's sheath by her side. She sat down beneath a tree and then pulled a sharpener from her bag. She would need her sword, her mental state, and her bear form to take this place down.

She started to sharpen the edge of her blade quietly as the time slowly passed. She knew July would do the job that Ham had set before her regardless of her feelings. Claire focused her mind on her blade as she knew lives would be taken this day.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 14th August 2017, 11:45 pm

[Collab with Juliet]

The walls and fort were something to look at. There was no telling just how much money it would take to build something like this. He had no way to gauge the value of this. It was impressive, but it made him wonder on whose backs it had been built. The hedges though, those he could truly appreciate.

When Xiax watched July and Ham finish talking, she gave him a Wink. He smiled back, shrugged and nodded his head towards the fort. Then he watched her as she disappeared into the fort.

He could only worry that she'd be unable to follow her brother's wishes. Ham would always look at her with the eyes of a brother, hoping for the best of her. However Xiax remembered their talks about this place... Slavers and Rapists, these people did not deserve to be called simple bandits. The look in July's eyes wasn't one Xiax liked to recall. Her vehement hatred of the man inside; what Xiax would guess could be put as an archenemy or nemesis; that Xiax could understand. Even Xiax didn't want this place to be left standing at the end after the things she had told him.

Ham was going to wait till she got back to make a plan. Xiax just waited for it to fall apart. If it did, he wouldn't have much time to talk with Ham. There was a very good chance that of this lot, Xiax wouldn't make it back out. However it seemed that Ham had something he wanted to talk about, maybe he'd thought of something for him to do to contribute.

"Sure. Did you come up with something for me to do?"

Ham shook his head. "No, no. Nothing like that. I was hoping we could talk about what happened a few days ago. With the curse." He put his hands behind his back, straightening his posture. "That is, if you don't mind, of course."

His posture didn't look like he was about to give Xiax a lecture, at least that's what Xiax chose to perceive it as. Although July hadn't exactly nagged him into talking with Ham but she hadn't chose to let the topic rest either. "Yeah, it's probably the best time if there ever was a time for this kind of thing." Xiax had been a little let down that Ham hadn't come up with anything. They called him 'Ham the Plan', he'd kinda been hoping that July was right that he'd come up with something. "Do or Die right?" Xiax nodded towards the fort, "I've thought about it, and yeah you were right: I overreacted."

Ham blinked, obviously a tad surprised that Xiax had opened with an admittance of his own shortcoming. Not to say he didn't think Xiax the type to admit he was wrong; just that admittances of guilt generally came later in these conversations. Generally.

"While I appreciate you acknowledging that, truly, that's not the reason I wanted to talk. I realize I can't, and never did, lay the blame for the situation on you," Ham decided to take a seat, knowing his habit of nervous pacing could get people a bit on edge. He gestured for Xiax to join him, making sure they were facing the fort so if any smoke signals were sent, or corpses were flung over the wall, they'd see them. "I...admit my shortcomings; and I feel bad that our first mission together had to bring one to light. I was...harsh. Too harsh. I forget that you aren't July or Claire, that you haven't been trained for these situations. I didn't take into account that my stance towards you, my lecture was against someone who until a couple months ago never had to deal with being in a team, or a situation where they would have to rely on their team- and while I generally stand by what I said, I am sorry for how harsh I was, Xiax. I am sorry that made you feel like no one was there for you, I am sorry that I failed you in that way as your group leader, and as your fellow guild member." He reluctantly kept the word 'friend' off his lips. Xiax hadn't talked to him in days, and he was uncertain as to how his actions had affected their relationship.

Well if July hadn't passed the 'Infinity Edge Official Motivational Speech' class, Ham must have aced the damn thing. "Well aren't you a wordy bastard."Xiax said chuckling and shaking his head as he sat next to the said wordy bastard. "I've, more July really, has made me think about it. You've got great family. That's the thing though, I'm not used to it." Xiax tapped his guild tattoo. "I've lived longer alone, outcast... homeless than many of your, my new family. Time, that's what it'll take." He tipped his head towards the fort and shrugged. "Assuming I survive today, there will be more of it." That saying about time healing all wounds wasn't always true, but it wasn't a load of bullshit either. "I didn't like hearing it, but you were right. Holding it back? That's not what friends do, or teammates if you prefer." he glanced over at Ham at that last bit. In the end he'd let Ham choose, call it a perk of being in charge.

Ham perked up, a smile coming to his face at the word 'friend'; and maybe a bit because of the 'wordy bastard' jab that he couldn't deny. "Well, Xiax, I know your circumstances are different than many I've worked with before. I won't say I'll understand exactly what you've been through, or understand your actions, initially, all I want is for you to give me a chance to try. Take all the time you need, I'm not here to rush you, to judge you. Everyone in the edge has a past, what matters in the end is that they're our family now- and you're right, you're our family now. And though you're not used to working in a group, I'm asking you to trust me, or at least give me a chance to earn that trust." His face grew somber for a moment. "I know we didn't necessarily get off on the right foot the other day, I make no excuse for my harshness, as you make no excuse for your actions- My job here is to keep everyone alive, and I promise you Xiax, no matter what happens in that fort, I will not let you die in there. You will survive today." His expression went back to its more relaxed state after a moment as he paused, thinking of what to say next.

"I was raised in a mansion, in a far off country, your circumstances and mine are as different as they come- If you see me being too....'Ham', as my sister would call it, just tell me. If I do something that hurts you, tell me. If you feel the need to question a course of action I've taken, do so. I'm not perfect, none of us are. Beyond being your guild mate, Xiax, I am your friend; and friends can tell each other when their heads are planted a bit far up their asses." He smiled at that; might have brought a tear to July's eye if she hard him say that. Not like she ever would.

Xiax sighed and rolled his eyes as he conceded, "Alright alright."

"Couldn't you have just said ok?" He looked up at the fort while sitting in it's shadow like a man with one less weight on his shoulders. "We're too old for this shit." All this talk was probably just tempting fate, like somehow he'd handed the hammer and nails to his own coffin to Death. Though Ham promised that somehow Xiax would live, and like July kept telling him: Ham deserved the benefit of the doubt. Maybe everything would go alright, but July was in there alone, and she had a vendetta with Oizys Moirai. How long had it been since she went in?

Ham observed Xiax's survey of the fort, furrowing his eyebrows slightly at his words, a small smirk coming to his face. 'We're too old for this shit', well, he wasn't exactly wrong. "Ask my sister, 'okay' is never enough for me. I'm a wordy bastard, you said it yourself." A grin briefly flickered over his face, as he decided to take a note from July's book. What are friends if they don't fuck with each other? Shit friends, that's what. "Xiax, I actually have a confession to make to you, now that she's not here." He briefly considered thanking his time at court for his and his sisters flagrant talent for lying. "I'm old, as you've said. That fact eludes exactly no one. July she..." He paused for a moment, trying to add emphasis to his situation. "You can't tell her this, though, I suppose she might already know. She was always clever." He looked over to his companion, holding his words so they held maximum wait. "July is...not my sister. She's my daughter. Which, given the gap in our ages, should come as a surprise to exactly no one. But, it's something I've held fast to, even before we left our birth place."

'Nailed it, Ham.'

He looked away from the fort as Ham confided in him. Well he might be old enough to be her father, but it didn't seem like they had that sort of relationship. "It isn't exactly impossible. The only thing bugging me is: Why? What does that serve?" That didn't sound like any kind of thing that a Father would do.

Ham shrugged. "Figured she'd be better off living her life as a rebellious noblewoman than a bastard. I had her when I was rather young, stupid teenage noble ripping his way through life. When one of the women I'd slept with came to me with the child, I sobered up, realized I needed to be responsible for the first time in my stupid life. I didn't want to make her life with the realization that she came into the world a mistake, so I let her believe I was her brother and my parents were her parents. Of course, this wasn't always easy with the age gap and all that, but luckily in Karnaca it's a common thing for siblings to have rather large age gaps." He shook his head. "I'm sure you've noticed I'm a bit more....fatherly towards July than most siblings are, though I do try to play the part of her brother." He shifted awkwardly. "Part of the reason I'm such a by the book prick now."

Well part of that made sense, but Xiax was sure that July wouldn't enjoy the fact that Ham had been hiding this from her. "This is gonna bite you in the ass. That's all I'm gonna say. You think she's alright in there?" He still regretted not touching her with Infuse and temporarly removing her demons before she went in there. There was no way to know if that would have helped but Xiax having briefly tasted the backlash of July's power was more worried how bad her demons might get in a place like that. Then again touching her might have made him into a screaming idiot and that would have blown there cover. Maybe if I gagged myself before it.

To be continued... dun dun duh.

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 18th August 2017, 11:41 pm

(A Continuation Of The Collab Between Methos and I)

Ham shook his head, a small snort escaping his nose. "She's been in there for less than ten minutes. I'm sure she's fine- I know July. If anything had gone wrong, we'd have heard about it. Body parts would have been raining from the ramparts by now." Despite his words, he peered up, just in case he spotted blood smearing down the bleached walls.

Ham probably knew best when it came to his sister and on how long it might take. Sometimes Xiax had spent hours trying to figure out areas that would be favorable to beg. It took a considerable time to find a suitable place, people didn't tend to like giving away their money. At times it was almost crazy to watch people offer him what they considered change. Hard earned money had a high intrinsic value to people like Xiax, however people didn't always place the same value on things.

He didn't voice his thoughts regarding how easy it would be for something to go wrong and for them not to hear it. Past experiences put a lot of value to that negative thinking, but Xiax didn't know just how skilled July was. She had talked about it some, but with July it could be hard to know how much of it was talk, she did like to brag a bit. Rather than voice any of that he asked a different question, "So how exactly are we getting in? If I was thinking about it earlier I could have made rope."

"July's checking viable entrances and exit points as we speak. Usually sewage lines and refuse shafts are ideal points of entry, as they're not heavily guarded. If it were just me and July we could easily break in over the walls, but you, Claire and Zero don't have any mobility magic, and a tragic lack of yes, rope." Ham pointed at the wall. "The key is entering in a way that doesn't tip off the whole fort we're here, and allows us a safe extraction point for any slaves or hostages."

"But, depending on your familiarity with missions such as this- I might just be stating the obvious." He had no idea if they had trained Xiax for field work. He doubted it. But he wasn't keen on sounding like a pretentious ass.

"Have you ever had to beg covered in sewage? Its impossible." It wasn't exactly difficult to figure that one out. "Plus I've had too many friends drown when it floods to want to spend a night in one. Though I think the craziest thing I ever unblocked was when I pulled a cow out once." It was suprising how larger cities would hire in the homeless to go diving into sewers to keep them flowing. "Maybe she'll find some rope." Xiax wished hopefully.

Ham managed to restrain his face from shifting into mild horror, his expression remaining unchanged except for a slight quirk of the eyebrows to show he was listening. "I would offer my sympathies that you've had to undure such...hardships. Though I suspect you do not need or want them." Well, there goes his 'smuggle everyone in through the sewage system' plan. "Both July and I have mucked our way through many a sewage drain, provided it was large enough. July was the one who came up with the plan of entry, originally. She's found some...creative ways to enter buildings to get her mark." By creative I mean mainly horrifying and occasionally disgusting.

"She could always pull you up to the ramparts. I'm assuming with her grapple you'd be able to avoid the sewage drain should it become an option."

"Doesn't really bother me, but its not exactly something I spend much effort remembering. Though I think I speak for everyone when I say that they probably would thank you if they don't have to soaked to their shivies with shit and piss. Plus the smell, nuff said." Xiax was pretty sure everyone wanted to avoid that if possible.

"Now that you mention it, they could have a flood gate or something if there is a river near by." Xiax wasn't really familiar with this place or the geography around it. "Then again they might just have a couple wells." Struck by the sudden idea Xiax snapped his fingers, "July could always steal the rope if they have a well."

Ham nodded. "I'm sure July will look for all possibile entry points. Storm drains, rope, any windows or openings in the wall. She's very thorough." At least that's what she should be doing. Ham usually had confidence in his sisters focus- but he knew she was out for blood when it came to this fort.

There was a slight pause. Where was he supposed to go from- 'Oh I pulled my friends dead bodies out of the sewage system of the town in which you live- Which you've never had to think of. You rich bastard.'? "I notice you and July getting along rather well." 'Yes Ham, talk about living people. Excellent. July's not dead. Hopefully.. "I must say, I'm glad. She isn't the sort to...make friends..easily." 'Or at all.

Xiax looked over at Ham, "This isn't one of those concerned father questions is it? I can assure you she's too young for my tastes."

Ham couldn't supress the laugh that rose from his throat. "Oh, no," He responded as the laughter subsided. "No, no. Nothing like that. July's a big girl, she can take care of herself. If I spent my time worrying about who she slept with or who she was interested in, I'd have more grey hairs than I already do. Don't worry, it's a simple observation, nothing more."

Xiax shot a cautious glance up to the wall as Ham gave a short quiet laugh. "Ah, right then. I don't really see how she'd....." He was going to say that he couldn't see July having problems making friends but he had other thoughts. While it was true that she could easily be the life of the party it wasn't that people wouldn't try to become her friend it was July and her magic that darkened her world. "No you're right, I understand." Xiax's face darkened as he remembered his experience with July's inner demons when he'd uncontrolably Infused her. With his right hand he started to drum his fingers on his leg, the beat broken by the silence of a missing digit.

Ham noticed Xiax darken; remembering what July had told him about the incident at the guild hall, he decided to remain silent.

He realized he wasn't like July, he wasn't the best at keeping up conversations with those he didn't know. What was the best course of action he could take? They'd reconciled, talking should have been easy. But it seemed with every foray he made into conversation it was- 'dead friends in sewers' or 'yeah I know about your sisters deep and troubling history of mental trauma thanks to her magic, witnessed it first hand, how's that for a friendship kickstarter'? Still, he was grateful to the man. July was...friendly, but she generally kept people at an arms length. Even him, sometimes. Between her line of work, and the constant 'fingertips on her brain', as she'd called it, she never made it a point to try to befriend many people. The only other one he'd seen was Sylmeria, and she generally wasn't fond of July's 'work'.

Then again, Xiax was yet to witness July in action- it was easy to say you could stomach something if you didn't have to view it up close.

The lopsided thrum of Xiax's fingers was all to mask the silence for a few moments. Normally silence was...comfortable for him. Safe. Now? It was awkward. He found himself in Xiax's position, wondering when his sister would return from the forts high walls and free him from this fresh hell.

"So," He unfortunately decided to break the brief silence. "I know this mission will not involve much combat, yet, I still wish to know- are you capable of defending yourself if worse comes to worse. 'Worse' being, 'July decides to seek her bloody vindication against the people inside this fort and sets off ten different alarms and leaves us to the wolves'?"

Xiax's fingers stopped their lopsided drumming as Ham speaking next to him diverted his attention. Shaking lose the ghosts from his thoughts he looked over at Ham to respond. "Frankly? No." This was delivered while looking Ham straight in the eyes. "I used to think so, but no, not if what July said is true." In the two months before joining when he'd been taken in, the Edge had destroyed that illusion of strength that Xiax had built up over the years. "If I get lucky and they are idiots I might stand a chance, but I'd still have to touch them." That there was the problem, it was like tossing the dice and not knowing if the pips would end up on a roll that would kill you. "They'll be alert, ready to fight and I won't have anywhere to hide. Anyone I lay hands on could end up triggering my power. If they do, I've helped them and I'll be the first victim they go after."

Ham nodded. He was sure Xiax had at least known how to defend himself if what he'd heart about him was true- but there was a difference between defending yourself from pickpockets and then defending yourself against magic users and armed bandits. Either way, it wasn't a large concern. He was more than capable of being Xiax's bodyguard for the mission, though he wouldn't actually say that out loud.

"Xiax, don't get ahead of yourself." This guy really was a basket full of kittens, wasn't he? "Stick close to me, and you'll be fine. I'll have your back, and I've been doing this for much longer than they have, and I'm confident that I'm much better at it."

"I've put a lot o thought into this, I'm not belittling myself." Xiax said confidently. "Anyone we meet inside, anyone we help, if any one of them triggers my power and it turns me into a vegatable, then I'm useless to you. If you think you can prevent that from happening then you have far more confidence then healthy. I could kill someone if it came down to it, but can you honestly tell me that I'm better off not using my power on everyone in our group and staying hidden then going in and risk becoming extra baggage? Where there is a chance that they figure out what my power does and they take me and use me in the same way against you? If I could control my power then this wouldn't be a problem, but as a leader can you honestly risk it?"

"As have I, Xiax. The moment you were put into my group I took a measure of your abilities, your weaknesses, your strengths; just like with Claire, Zero- even July. Trust me, Xiax. You're less of a burden than you think. I do not put my group at risk, and I know what should worst come to worse, I can handle it- and rectify it. I earned the rank that I have, and while I am honored and humbled to have it, realize that I have it for very good reasons." He smiled reassuringly at his companion. "No one will get to you my friend; you'll make it out of this with your body and mind in one piece."

"If you honestly believe that, which I think you do, then I think you're crazier than July and that's saying something." Xiax sighed and glanced back towards the fort trying to make up his mind. "You're absolutely sure?"

Ham nodded. "Crazy can be genius, and I'm positive."

Xiax sighed, this was like the third time or more than Ham had said so. Ilyana had placed him in Ham's group for a reason, and even though Xiax had doubts he would conceed. "I'll place my trust in you, you wordy bastard. Would it have even hurt you to just say 'yes'? It would have been more convincing." His eyes shifted from Ham back to the fort. Please, just take a vacation today and forget about the crazy man tempting fate? Please Death? Xiax prayed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 JulietMotY
Set made by the lovely and talented JerriLeah7
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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 27th August 2017, 10:15 pm

After an hour had passed, and Xiax and Ham had looked up at the bleached walls of Ri Alteneas for what seemed to be at least double that, there was still no sign of July. Ham found himself growing a bit worried for his sister; knowing very well what revenge inside those walls meant to her. He was about to rise, get up, tell the group to assemble-

A coil of rope plopped in Xiax's lap, and July sauntered out, hand raised as if embellishing her entrance. "Aw, are you boys getting along? Warms my heart." Her body was angled away from them, looking at them with a wry smirk from under her cowl turned hood.

Xiax spared a few moments here and there to watch Claire and Zero with their preperations but largely spent most of it watching the walls to maybe catch sight of July. It was largely a wasted effort as much of the upper wall was distorted due to the dark and his poor distance vision. Ham was rising to his feet, probably to stretch---


Xiax immediately turned his head away from Ham and towards the hand that dropped the mass of rope into his lap. His gaze followed up the arm from the hand till he got to her face, recognizing her voice and the smirk of her mouth. "Rope, called it." Xiax said smarmly to Ham despite the disappointment and alarm he felt for being caught off guard. He too got to his feet and slung the coil over his shoulder as he eyed over July's outfit for any new cuts or tears.

Ham gave a slight shake of the head, smiling slightly standing to greet his sister. He eyed her cautiously, making sure she wasn't injured. Then again, she was moving normally, so that was a good sign.

"Speak of the devil, and she shall appear, huh." He gave her a pat on the shoulder. "Glad to see you safe. So what did you find?"

July grinned. "You were gossiping about me? Only bad things, I'm sure." She looked to Xiax, passing a smile to him before looking up at her brother. "For starters, yeah, changed a lot. Found a few entrances, but getting into a lot of them requires some significant lateral movement. Hence, the rope." She tilted her head towards the rope. "There's also a pretty open sewer system, but I didn't bring enough soap to cleanse myself of months worth of bandit shit."

"That she does." Xiax nodded in agreement with Ham at his remark about July appearing, he just chose to leave out his thought about the wait. When she smiled to him, Xiax smirked back with "Obviously."  before she started to talk to Ham about inside. He was listening but his mouth twisted as he smelled something off. Following his nose he took the rope off his shoulder and looked it over. At first he noted the length of it, enough to get up the wall without much trouble. What drew his attention was the slight discoloring, it was speckled here and there with blood. The rope wasn't dyed with the stuff, but it made Xiax look at July again.

He walked around behind her, glancing at her from the corner of his eye as he passed near her before looking up at the wall like he was gauging the distance with the rope, which he would in a minute. What he was paying attention for was anything amiss with her outfit or posture. Though he couldn't see any damage to her clothes or her trying to hide an injury he did pass close enough to catch a much stronger wiff of the faint smell of fresh blood off her. It seemed she wasn't hurt, probably she'd had to kill someone and had just gotten sprayed with some blood from the scuffle. Passing the rope through his hands he measured it off as he passed it out of one hand and made a new loop of it in the other. "Yep, long enough." Now they just needed an anchor to work as a makeshift grappling hook... or he could just ask July to tie it off somewhere. That might be significantly easier and much less noisy.

Ham watched Xiax examine the rope as his sister spoke, examing her a bit more keenly, discreetly so she wouldn't notice.

She looked away briefly, to see what Xiax was doing, and it allowed him to crane his neck to see a small, barely noticable, faint smear of blood. Her arms were crossed as well.


"So, July, do you happen to have enough soap-" His hand sprang out, and pulling out July's bloodied hand. "To wash the blood off?" His yank wasn't violent; deft, precise, like a mother pulling her child away from reaching for the cookie jar. "After I told you to not engage?" His tone was quiet, but the tinge of his voice made it seem louder to those near him.

July didn't fight her brothers grasp, sighing inwardly as he raised the bloody wraps of her hand into the cool night air. "Hey, I didn't engage anyone unless it was necessary. I needed to get rope. I got rope. And I got some blood on me. Big deal. Trust me, no one's finding the body where I hid him." She had killed more people than that. He knew it, she knew it- she just hoped he wouldnt make a big dea-

Ham reached down into the pouch where she kept her crossbow bolts, ignoring her short 'hey' of protest, pulling out eight of them. Eight. "Where are the other two, July?" He narrowed his eyes at her.

'There he goes.'

"An eye socket and a forehead respectively. Don't worry. Hid them too." She seemed unfazed by her brothers frusteration. What did he expect her to do? Let herself get caught? She thinned the herd. It'd be easier for them to sneak in now and he was complaining.

Xiax cringed as Ham caught his 'daughter' red handed... literally. It was partly Xiax's fault but Ham seemed to be getting a little bit overboard with his fatherly critism. Ham was pretty big on words and it seemed with being in charge and took being the Leader seriously. However this wasn't the time for this if Xiax was getting this straight. He walked over then held out the rope to interject before this got into some sort of tussle. "July, can you tie this off for me?" Xiax said turning at the waist to point up to a spot he thought might be good. It might also be wrong, but Xiax was willing to gamble that it wasn't.

"Time is important right?" After all she'd had to off at least three people while scoping the place out. It was probably part nessessity to keep from being discovered and part vengeance. Xiax looked at Claire and Zero before looking back to Ham, "Right?"

For a moment, Ham payed little attention to Xiax, focusing down on a singular, bloodied bolt.

"Why is this covered in blood July?" He released her hand, looking to Xiax as he spoke, still holding up his sisters bolts.

July plucked her bolts from her brothers hand, tucking them back in from whence they came. "Pulled it out of a guys mouth. Can't be wasteful, y'know?" She looked to Xiax. "I would, but I think Mr. Bossman would like a plan first." She could tell he was trying to dispell the tension between her and Ham. It was sweet- but Ham got over things quick, luckily. Though she expected she'd get a 'stern leaderly talking to' later.

Ham rubbed the bridge of his nose, closing his eyes. "Yes...yes, a plan. Group up." He said, gesturing for Xiax and July to follow him back to where Claire and Zero were. July looked back at Xiax, giving him a shrug, before gesturing for him to follow.

"Now that July's returned, we'll need to form a plan of attack. We have a sewage system, but that's a last resort- as well as several lateral access points. Now, I know Claire's not familiar with stealth, so we need to make sure to have an entry point, or at least exit point, close to the ground- Not only for Claire, but for any slaves or hostages inside."

Claire nodded her head. "I can make sure any slaves or hostages get out alright as long as there is a point of entry. My armor makes more noise when I start getting into action."

As the group gathered and Ham started to get to business, Xiax Leaned slightly over towards July and silently mouthed the words asking if she was ok. She nodded with a big smile, brought her hand up in a little victory gun pose and winked. Yep everything was perfectly normal, or everything was exploding baby levels of fucked up. The decidingly lack of horror in her visage pointed to it being a solid victory pose.

"They probably have been beaten, maybe even cuts or open wounds. It'd be best to avoid dragging them through the sewer." Unless it was absolutely nessisary of course they would. "That and we could get lost down there, but I could make light if we needed." It wasn't that he was afraid of going into the sewers, he just felt that they might not have thought of how dark it'd be down there or how easy it would be for someone to fall in and get hurt.

July couldn't help but smile at Xiax's question. He was sweet, but he hadn't really realized yet that it was kind of...the only way Ham could actually think to reel her in. She'd disobeyed a direct order, hidden in from him- she knew he was going to be pissed; and quickly get over it. But hey, he still had some time to spend with them.

"I could also clear the entryway. If you guys move out quick enough you could make an exit through the main gate, but you'd have to give me some time to clear the guards- and you'd have to make a speedy getaway. From the looks of it, that sucker is loud."

Ham nodded as each person spoke, paying keen attention to their words. "Infection is a concern if they're wounded, and July- I would be assisting you in clearing out the entryway. The plan would require us to split into two groups. One to save the hostages and free them, and prepare to extract them- the other to dismantle the fort. Claire, you already volunteered to save the hostages, so that's the group you'll be in. I'll be putting Zero with you, as you two are front line fighters." He looked to his sister. "Which leaves me, July, and Xiax to get in, kill their leader, and make sure there's nothing left of this hole." He could see her face brighten. He hid his amusement.

"They're keeping the slaves down in a dungeon, by the sewers. Slightly below 'ground' level. It's pretty dank down there so I'd recommend bringing a light. I can draw you a map before we enter so you know where you're headed." Her eyes shifted. "Is lighter you could go in with? Your armors clanking wouldn't exactly help the stealthy approach- and I don't want it turning you into the pied piper of bandits." Ham nodded, looking to claire.

"Oh and if you have anything small and clear to make into a light, that would be good too." Xiax said knowing he could still use the bottle of tainted whiskey but it would be kind of awkward to hold onto in a fight. Maybe I should have some glass coins or giant marbles made for next time.

"I can take my armor off if needed. That way I won't clank.A map would be of help as well."

Ham nodded gratefully to both Claire and Xiax, looking now to his sister. "July, were you able to tell how many slaves they had down there? Were any of them injured? And did you manage to catch wind of where their leader might be holed up?"

"Oh, yeah. I heard how many slaves they had, where their leader is, their names, home addresses, and where their diary keys are hidden." July could see her brothers eyes close in frusteration for a moment as he sighed, a slight, impish smirk twisting onto her face.

"Alright, alright calm down smartass." He sighed. "Claire, July will get you your map, just stash your armor by our mounts."

"And Xiax, pretty sure you still have that already sullied whiskey bottle. Think you're set." Not to mention, it could double as a weapon. Just bludgeon someone to death with it. Or, just shiv them with broken glass.

"Well yeah I do, but I was thinking I could make one for Claire and Zero to have just incase." Xiax was worriied that him, July and Ham where going into the thick of it. It made him check his pockets for what he was going to take with him. "I can stash my pack and poncho in the hedge if you think that would help."

Claire nodded her head. She walks over to the horses and began to take over to take off her armor. She puts it by her horse and gets ready for the dangerous mission ahead. She walks back over to the group and looks at Ham. "I'm ready for this."

"Whatever you prefer Xiax; you'll be sticking close to July and I, so we don't really need light as much as Claire and Zero. If we truly need light we could find something inside for you to 'Infuse'." He watches Claire take off her layers of rather loud armor with a sigh of relief.

July listened as she pulled a parchment pad from her saddle bag, using her knee to balance as she quickly sketched a map for Claire to follow. They'd be entering from the window she cleared earlier, so she had to make sure she gave her dedicated directions from there. "Yeah, Xiax. Bandits love the hooch- and hey, tainting it might actually make it fit for human consumption." She tore the paper off, offering it out to Claire once she was done.

Xiax weighed his options. In the end he was going to keep his things with him, if for nothing better than because it would be hard to take the hooch with him any other way. Not to mention that he also was apprehensive about leaving his things anywhere again, after all it really was everything he owned and the last time he'd left his things somewhere they had gotten lost in the confusion. "I'll take em with me, maybe we can grab something important like evidence or something. That and it'll leave space to keep our hands free." He finished trying to recover from sounding kind of sketchy like a thief in the night, that wasn't how he'd ment it but it didn't come out right even to his ears. Is July telling me to poison someone? Xiax wondered while trying to figure out if she was still upset over the loss of their friendship booze, probably.

Claire took the parchment from July. "Thank's July. This will be perfect." she said as she began to study the map. Her sword was still at her side but didn't make any noise. She would have to be carefull as she fought. Especially with no armor on. She continues to look over the map and smiles. "I think between Zero and I, we can handle it."

Ham quirked an eyebrow. Evidence? Why would they need evidence? The crimes of those inside were already abundantly clear- they were bandits, slavers- plain and simple. Cut and dry. But, he supposed, Xiax wouldn't be familiar with the 'due' process guilds generally followed.

He gave another nod to Claire, watching as his sister seperated from her to go hide their things so passerby wouldn't swipe them.

"Now, we'll be entering together, but when the time comes to split up, remember we'll be rendevouzing at the gate after July and I clear the guards out. No reason for civilians to have to trek through sewage unless absolutely necessary. July-" He looked to his sister. "I trust you'll be able to guide us to the access window you spoke of?"

July nodded. "Yepp. Xiax has the rope, and I should be able to anchor it so you all can climb up. We'll probably have to stash it afterwards, so people don't see it and raise the alarm." She pulled the cowl up around her face. "We ready to move, then?"

It seemeed that July was done hiding Claires things along with the horses. They where out of sight but close enough to be found when they escaped and came running in an emergency. It almost made Xiax want to stay and keep a eye on their fine equine friends. However Ham had reassured him that he wasn't going to be in any danger.... and then he let it slip that Xiax was going to be tagging along to off the Leader.

Xiax didn't have much option now but to tag along or be branded a yellow bellied coward. That left him armed with a knife, a strangling cord and a rope, ohh and best not to forget a poisonous liquor bottle. I'm shaping up to be a fine hero. he sarcasticly thought as he nodded and threw in with this lot. When they got a little closer to the wall where they were to go in, Xiax offered the rope to July when she seemed ready. Briefly he entertained infusing the rope but that would have been a waste, it was perfectly fine and good rope. Instead he made sure to not accidently touch July while she took the rope from him. That would have ruined everything.

Claire smirked as she looked at July. "Ready as I'll ever be. I'm glad I practiced climing then. Being part bear makes this so much easier." She said. She already had her mind set on getting the slaves out. "Should I have the slaves meet us at a point or should I just tell them to run for their lives?" She asked.

Ham pulled the hood of his overlay over his head, taking after his sister. "No, you stay with them, once you free them they are to stick by you. If they start running out immediatly after you free them, and are met by any guards, they'll be killed, or beaten within an inch of their lives and then tossed back in a cell. It is imperative that you two keep an eye on them to make sure they get out safe."

July let the group towards a darkened side of the fort. Making sure the lot of them were close to the ground, silent. She carefully took the rope from Xiax, signaling for the group to hold as she held up her hand in the same, claw like motion from the other day. She was quickly and silently yanked upwards, towards a dim window.

After a few moments, the length of rope trundled downward, hanging off the window sil. Ham gestured for the group to start climbing; indicating that he would go after all of them.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 JulietMotY
Set made by the lovely and talented JerriLeah7
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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 27th August 2017, 10:21 pm

Xiax watched as July shifted the coil of rope to her shoulder before making that claw like motion to user her magic: Void reach; to pull herself up to the window with a shadowlike arm. At least that one didn't seem to harm her like her other power at least not that Xiax had learned from Infuse. "It's been a while." Xiax muttered quietly remembering the days spent climbing the rigging on fishing boats. His hands and body however didn't forget it at all and he quickly pulled himself up the wall and climbed into the window. Once inside he scanned the room, first noticing the guard slumbed over a desk.... probably dead. Then he noticed that July had been holding the rope while he climbed up, pretty impressive, I'm not exactly light.

"Here, let me. You can pull them in and watch the door." Xiax said as he took the rope from July, quickly make a slip knot after looping the rope around his waist and arm for better purchase. "All set, signal who ever is next." Xiax braced himself and prepared to hold the rope for the rest of his team to climb up. In the dark his eyes briefly dimmed before glowing more intensely.

Claire took hold of the rope. She tugged on it to make sure it was set and then began to climb the outside walls of the fortress. She was no longer making any clanking noise as she didn't have her armor. This climbing didn't seem so bad. Finding places to hold onto on the ledges were pretty simple.  She  Finally entered the room. "Thanks guys for the help.

July handed Xiax the rope, hell, he offered- she was fine with him being the one to anchor Ham's heavy ass rather than her. She noted how...profficient he seemed to be with rope. She figured fishing- boats, probably learned how to tie a decent knot somewhere along the way.

She noted his eyes dimming, then glowing in a way that went above their usual zombie glow. She brushed it off- after all, he didn't seem to be screaming. Gestured for Claire to come up, then pulled her through the window; doing the same with Zero, and then gesturing for her brother- making sure none of them touched Xiax on an accidental stumble.

Ham made sure Zero went up before him, and quickly climbed the rope after his sister gestured him to follow. He entered the room in a crouch, his steps and landing silent. He glared briefly at what he could only assume was a dead body. His eyes flickered to his sister. "Thank you July, Xiax." His voice was hushed. "Now, we know the plan?" He glanced to his sister. "Take point. Xiax, stay by me."

Xiax nodded to acknowledge Claire when she had come up through the window, then held the rope till Ham brought up the rear. When Ham was up and in, Xiax started to quickly from years of practice coil pull the rope up and roll it into a neat coil around his hand and elbow before using the last bit to tie it closed in the middle so it wouldn't spill everywhere when he let go.

"Will do." Xiax said making sure Ham knew he had heard, while reaching behind his back to quickly stow the rope away in his pack. It's perfectly good rope. Xiax thought while looking at anyone who shot him a questioning glance. Now all I have to do is follow Ham, AND July, ohh AND not die.

Claire nodded her head. "Got it. anytime we are ready."  she said.   She is crouching down as to not be seen.

Ham briefly observed Xiax coiling up the rope. Practical; and considering he lacked the mobility magic of him and July, useful for the task at hand. He took a moment to survey the room they were currently in; it looked to be not a guard post, but an office. The desk the bandit was currently slumped over at was riddled with papers, reciepts. Some were written in the common tongue of the island, but the rest, Karnacan. Ham took a brief moment to stand, looking down at the all too familiar scrawls of his mother tongue.

'Female. Young. Long fingers. Strong shoulders. 1,000 gold pieces.'

'Male. Middle aged. Strong bodied. Hard of hearing. 600 gold pieces.'

People, that's what these reciepts were for. People. Ham glared down at the dead body slumped at the desk, wanting to spit on the sods corpse. However July had killed him, it had been too merciful a fate. He looked at the books lining the shelves in the room. Probably full of reciepts like these.

It made him sick.

'My sister should have burned you all when she had the chance.' Ham seldom condoned or enjoyed his sisters silent brand of 'justice'; but these scumbags deserved what they got. July was out for blood, and Ham wasn't keen to stop her. He glanced back at a tall, sturdily build closet- shut tightly. He was sure another of July's kills laid inside. But he wasn't going to pry. She was a professional; though the 'honor' of her profession was debatable.

The fine work and finishings of the room would have read 'elegant' in the right setting- but here, it seemed garish. Like people playing at wealth, scalping it, and wearing it like an ill fitting skin. Karnacan bandits, all right, keen to play criminal on the mainland. Yet they played the part a bit too well.

He crouched again, jerking his head for his sister to take point and lead them from the room. He took his position closer to Xiax; if anything was going to touch him, it would have to go through him first.

July already knew what the reciepts said; she'd read them herself. She knew who the hell these people were- all these pamphlets did for her and Ham were stoke the flames of an already burning resentment. Before she took point, she plucked out the same long knife she had kept under her pillow at camp; she didn't know if Xiax was armed or not- and hey, it was probably better than anything he might have armed himself with anyway. She offered out the handle to him, holding in carefully by the blade. Once he took it she took the lead, signaling for everyone to remain very, very quiet.

She led them in silent steps through the coridoor which seemed it might be more suited to be in a villa than a fort. The fine stonework and patterned tile lead through to metal latticework which would have given them a view of the courtyard. Shelves and scalped statues offered cover if anyone were to come by- but the styles seemed disjointed, mismatched- fitting of pirates, but doing no favors to the decor. July pulled out her collapsable blade, unfurling it within her hands with a hushed 'shing'. She didn't hold it like a sword, but a dagger, ready to lurch into action with a quick, well timed cut.

She led the group away from the balcony, down another, narrow coridoor. In the shadows they could see a lone figure surveying the balcony, talking down to another person out of sight in a foreign tongue. It was elegant, rolling off their lips- though the harshness of their tone added an uneccessary edge. The lone figure was dressed in a fine overcoat, velvety, but stained and ripped at the hems. They leaned on the metal railing, and barked out a laugh; paying no attention to the figures hidden out of sight.

Xiax was already ready and was keenly paying attention to Ham since he was the leader. That was why he could tell that something had upset and angered Ham. He too glanced from the table to the bookshelves questioning what it was that bothered Ham so much. However Xiax didn't have the time to inquire as July pulled out a knife and handed it to him hilt first. It was almost humorous in a ironic way seeing the knife's hilt pressed against the tattoo'd one in his hand. "Thanks." Xiax whispered as he took the knife offered to him.

Whatever those slips on the table were, Xiax didn't have the time to be reading them. July was alrready slipping out the door and he he had to follow. He crouched low, bending his body over so most of his mass was centered just a bit past his knees. Being tall  and weaing his pack, it was very important to keep himself low, so he made sure to let his fingertips brush the ground as his hand hovered over a tile incase he needed to lower himself further or catch his balance. Both July and Ham where just as freakishly tall so they too probably understood the pain of being giants trying to hide.

There was voices ahead. Xiax heard them much sooner than he could see them. July found a place to hide for cover and Xiax did his best to do the same, placing more of his weight on his hand on the floor as he hid beside/under a shelf. From where he was, he couldn't see them but he could see July and the others if he looked behind him. He reversed the knife in his hand so the blade was pressed against his forearm and he could use that hand too to hold a little of his weight and twist his body so his pack would be closer to the ground. What are they saying? Laughter was universal, but whatever language it was, Xiax couldn't make out a word of it.

Claire quietly followed behind July. She knew their party would be splitting up soon enough. She was much shorter then the others so creeping down was a little easier for her, however this was not her forte. She was used to her armor so a more silence approach made it easier to creep up on the enimes.  She saw the papers on the table, but had been unable to read them. She knew this place was bad news but wondered just how bad it really was.

Claire could hear the voices from up ahead. She couldn't understand them but wondered what they were saying. She would have to advance her language skills if she wanted to be able to listen in on others. She had plastered herself up against the wall, huddled down on her hands and knees in the darkness of the corner, not far from where Xiax was hiding. She wondered if Ham or July could understand what they were saying. She dared not say a word though in case she attracted their attention over to them.  

Zero was following everyone else hiding behind what ever she could fit behind or in the shadow of. She was trying to folllow the lead of everyone else. Trying to copy what they were doing. It seemed to be working, and was something she was kind of getting used to. In the end she was trying to stay close to Claire. Zero kinda wished that she could  understand what the people were saying, but she wasn't to sure if really wanted to know. In the end though she wanted to get this over with and done. She was tired of waiting and wanted to do something.

The man on the balcony was luckily to preoccupied with his 'friend' down below to notice as July led them out of sight and down another coridor. She made sure everyone was behind her as she snuck down the hall. Luckily, the hallways got bigger the further you got into the fort; offering more places to hide. She saw a tuft of smoke round the corner, and heard a man lightly exhale. She queued everyone behind cover, and shot a glance to her brother, raising an eyebrow.

'Do I have your permission to smoke this guy, oh wise and patient brother of mine?' She snarked him silently in her head. He nodded, and she quickly ducked out from behind cover. She could see a bit of his silken overcoat, stained with blood, as he leaned against the turn of the wall- facing away from them. She snuck up behind him, her steps hushed- and barely breathing. Her form extended from a crouch, going up, up, up; until her free hand clasped around his mouth, and her blade ran its bloody course across his neck. He didn't even have time to react; as quickly as July had come, he was now a corpse, hefted over her shoulder. She nodded for her brother to open one of the cabinets. Hopefully there was room for him in at least one of them.

The first he opened was full of stolen silks, furs, linen with lace edges; satin and materials usually reserved for the rich and famously wealthy. She shouldered him off, stuffing his body into the creases of fabric- the pastel satin absorbing the redness now dripping from his neck. As quietly as her brother had opened the doors- she now closed them, turning to see her brother peaking around the corner.

Ham watched as July dispatched the guard with practiced grace, stuffing him into a linen cabinet. As she hid the body, he peaked around the corner. There were a couple steps down; and a set of stairs across the way. The wall to the right was partially open to the courtyard, a set of 'windows' allowing moonlight to cascade in across the white floors. He saw his sister come ahead of him once more, ducking in close to the walls; looking back to make sure everyone was still there.

They'd most likely have to get rid of that guard, but July's far reach left her visible.

Xiax froze when July stopped as they came close to the corner. That's when he heard it, the sound of someone taking a drag off a smoke. There was a pause followed by a long exhale, yep someone smoking. While Xiax kept close to the wall realizing that he couldn't really hide at the moment with his stupidly oversized wicker backpack, July must have got some signal because she was offing the guy and trying to stuff his body into a cabinet.

After that Ham moved up there with July and was looking intently down the corridor. Ham checked on them again as did July before she moved up along the wall. Xiax crept closer to Ham, "Is everything ok?"  asking quietly. He didn't try to look around the corner, not unless Ham moved from his spot first.

Claire was as silent as she could be. The only sound that you could hear from her was her breathing, and even that she kept to a minimum. She asked no questions, trusting in her leaders as they heard noise from someone smoking. She knew they would take him out quietly. July and Ham were quite the team and she would not go against them now. She stayed hidden in the shadows of some statues as they took him out. She could see up ahead and wondered where they would be going next.

Ham nodded slightly, eyes still on the guard.  "We need to get rid of him," The sound barely left his lips. His gaze shifted to his sister. "You take the one in the courtyard, I'll take the one on the balcony." He saw his sister nod.

"Xiax, Claire, Zero. Wait here, when he give the signal, stay close to the wall, and move across as quickly and quietly as you can." He waited for their nods before turning back to the guard. He held his hand up, clenching it; and in the next moment had had vanished, like a whisp of smoke. He was now across the way, back pressed to the wall, next to one of the openings for the balcony. He waited for his sister to get into position. She'd have to be quick; he'd have to be quick. He waited until she was crouched behind one of the breaks in the openings of the wall before peaking out to see the guard angled away from him. He clenched his fist, and disappeared in a blink once more.

He was behind the man, and wasted no time reaching out, pulling him backwards into a choke hold, back, back away from the ledge. He heard the man in the courtyard speak beneath him.

"Where the hell is Vesemir with that rope?" He felt the man struggle, his feet not even touching the ground as he pulled him up, up; and felt him go limp in his grasp.

July only had a brief window to make sure there was no one else in the small courtyard. She looked down to see stones, bricks- they were renovating, refortifying. She saw no one else, just a bandit laying bricks- apparently they didn't trust their 'slaves' to fortify their hell hole. Smart. She quickly put one foot on the metal railing, hurtling herself over, making a claw like motion towards the ground the man now stood on. Void Reach allowed her to descend slowly, silently, breaking her fall as her knee made contact with the mans back. She clasped her hand over this ones mouth as well, her blade going in through the bottom of his head, out through the top. She quickly pulled her weapon out, grabbing onto his body and pulling the both of them up to the balcony where her brother was-

After a few moments of silence, of no sign from either of them, Ham appeared by the stars, peaking around the corner, urging the other three to hurry across.

Zero waited for the signal, once that was given she snuck over to the other side where Ham and July were at. She wasn't sure what to expect from them. Once she reached the other side she turned around to look back at the others, to see if they were coming. Zero thought for a moment about what the next move for her and Claire should be to free the slaves. At least once they found them.

Xiax nodded confirming that he had understood. Taking orders was weird to him, at least like this. Ham just straight up disappeared. He'd been there one second and gone the next. Xiax didn't see where he had gone or hear him run off like he had gone invisible. It was unnerving, it was magic afterall. July had also moved away, but Xiax at least could track her until she left his sight. With both of them gone Xiax scanned the area to find either of them or to keep watch in case someone appeared.

Both Claire and Zero could keep a low profile, but Xiax was starting to regret bringing his pack along for the ride. It stood out, it made him look like a hunchbacked gorilla. I really should have hid it in the hedges. he whined to himself mentally. Then poof there Ham was back again, and flagging them down to get their asses moving. Xiax was slower getting his move on then Zero apparently, but it was hard to get adjusted with people just popping in all over the place. Wait, couldn't he have just poofed himself into the room? Why did he just use the rope anyway? that questioning thought popping into Xiax's head as he briskly rushed down the hallway past the opening.

Claire did as she was told. She kept herself hidden as they waited for their return. She did not want to be the one that caused any comoution. She waited for Ham to return and once he did, she followed Xiax accross the hall quietly. Her feet barly making a sound. That was always a good thing when you wanted to be stealthy. Maybe she could learn some stealth moves from Ham and July after all this was over and she could learn to go without her armor for one or two quests.

Once the group had crossed the all, and they were all crouched by the stairs, Ham spoke to them in hushed tones; furling and unfurling his fingers. The burn beneath his skin prickling at the back of his hand- Blink didn't take nearly as much out of him as Bend Time did- but shit, did it still hurt. Like something something burning away at his skin.

"Alright, I believe we'll be divering here. Remember the plan, Claire, Zero? You have the map July drew you, go free the civilians; protect them. If anyone finds you, dispatch them as quickly and as quietly as possible. Try to avoid uneccessary scraps or tussles- but if you find yourself in one make sure to hide the bodies. One corpse could put this entire fort on lockdown." He looked between the two women. "Wait for my signal and then run like hell out of the gate; if you make a break for it beforehand one of the hostages might die- and they will give chase. Karnacans are famous for not making things easy. Clear?"

"Claire, just follow the map I gave you and stick close to the wall. Follow it all the way down. Half of the lower levels are storage rooms, the other half are cells. Most of the guards are set up in there but if you take them by surprise and use the darkness and terrain to your advantage you should be fine- and you'll have Zero with you." She shifted her gaze to Xiax, continuing in her hushed tone. "You'll be with me and Ham; killin' the big bad. Fun, right?"

As they regrouped again Xiax felt slightly dizzy for a second as he pressed his eyes shut to let it pass. Ham started explaining things, reminding them to be extra careful and things like that. He continued to listen, not hearing anything except Ham and then July talking. He opened his eyes in time to catch July look over to him. Even while being quiet she seemed to maybe be enjoying this a bit. "Fun." He replied not quite in agreement trying to fake her enthusiam. We're all gonna die, me twice, I just know it.

"Good luck." he said to Claire and Zero. You're gonna need it

[color:16ba=787776]Zero looked at Claire waiting for her to pull out the map. "What is the signal anyway?" Zero said in a similar hushed tone. She wanted to know what to expect before going in. Knowing anything would help. "Is there anything else we should know?"

Claire pulled the map out and shared it with Zero so that she would know where they were going. "Understood." She said looking at Ham. She gave a two finger saloot to Xiax and smiled. "Good luck to you as well Xiax." She said in a whisperered tone. She looked at Zero and waited for her questions to be answered before they headed off into the unknown. She had her sword. She would have to stick to her human form if she didn't want to be seen.

"Two gunshots. Rapid succession. If we don't have the ammo, we'll meet you by the main stairwell by the front. If you don't hear that and things turn sour, you'll have to take them out through the sewers."

"Which I penciled in on your map. Good luck you two." She nodded to Claire, motioning for Xiax to follow her. The two groups headed off in opposite directions, hers being blocked by a door. She listened to the other two trod off as she peeked through the keyhole. Seemed to be a vacant hallway, a long one, at that- but bigger than the ones they used to be in- but she could swear she could hear something on the other side. Not in the immediate area, luckily. She cautiously turned the doorknob, and whisked through the small opening, beconing the other two to follow.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 27th August 2017, 11:49 pm

(ATTN: INFINITY EDGE GROUP B members Ham, July and Xiax, Inside Fort, After 9:00)
(Collab with Juliet)

Xiax watched as Claire and Zero departed. Then he returned his attention to July crouched down and peeking through the keyhole. She'd look like a horny teenager spying on a raunchy love-fest if this wasn't so serious. A tingling in his arm grew as they waited in July to give the all clear. Xiax flexed his fingers as he clenched and reclenched his hand, trying to get the growing tremors in his right arm to pass. She grabbed the doorknob, turned it, and crept through the door beckoning him and Ham to follow. Xiax had to open the door slightly wider to get through since he couldn't turn sideways and slip in like July. He reached into his pocket and grabbed the balled up strangling cord inside. As he followed after July being quiet he wrapped the cord loosely around his wrist as the tremors faded. My nerves are going crazy.

Ham noted Xiax's nerves; chalking it up to anxiety, fear that this was going to go wrong. The 'rookie jitters' as many called it. He trailed after him and his sister; closing the door quietly behind them, leaving no trace. The walls were lined with more mismatched furniture, stolen, gaudy art, crammed together on the walls. Luckily, the only lighting came from the far end of the hall; and neither side of the room had any windows. He noted the cord around Xiax's wrist, not bothering to ask what it was for- that would disrupt their operation.

"Xiax?" He said in a hushed whisper as July signaled for them to hold and went on ahead. "You alright?"

July didn't notice Xiax's anxiety, with her back towards him- she held up her hand, signalling for them to hold position as she crept ahead in the hallway. There were no extra doors lining this one, a single, straight coridor- which meant there was nowhere for them to duck into if things went sour. She crept along the edge of the hall, peeking around the corner.

Great, another windowed opening- another fucking balcony. But hey, at least there were no guards. She gestured for Xiax and her brother to come to her, eyes still keen around the corner.

Xiax paused as July called for a halt again and went ahead to scout. Ham though got close enough to him to ask him if he was alright. Glancing from July to Ham, then back to July he nodded and answered dismissively with "Yeah, yeah. Good." It wasn't a problem and the tremor had stopped so he should be good for awhile. Noticing July beckoning them forward again he moved towards her with one last "I'm good."

Once her brother and Xiax had rejoined her, she started down the hall, peaking up over the balcony to see-


A lot, of guards. Two on the balcony above them; one walking the balcony below; it was a narrow galley, not the main courtyard. They had to go deeper inside for that. That's where she was sure that bastard would me; all holed up all comfy like. She heard a crash to her left, followed by a chorus of bawdy laughter. She looked to see a glass foor further down the hall; wood paneling taking the place of stone. She was sure plenty of guards were getting wasted when they were supposed to be on watch.

The door swung open; and out staggered one such perpatrator, bottle still in his hand. July held her breath; hoping he wouldn't see her- see them. She grabbed the crossbow folded up in her belt, ready to shoot the bastard if he turned-

But he didn't. He blinked furiously in the moonlight, staggering for a bit- before swaggering off in the opposite direction.

Ham sighed in relief alongside his sister as the drunk staggered away from them.

"I'm assumed we need to get to the other side?" He looked at the guards patrolling the balconies, still keeping a watchful eye on the drunk. His sister nodded. He pulled out his own crossbow, arming it with a bolt. "I hope your aim is still as good as mine." He ribbed her, smiling as she furiously and deftly pulled hers out from her belt- clicking the bloody bolt into place. They'd have to make sure they wouldn't go toppling over the railing- and that the drunk wouldn't see their dead bodies and freak out. Always a fun possibility.

Xiax grew increasingly worried about the dwindling number of places to hide. Ham and July seemed to be doing fine, but they didn't have a backpack the size of horse on their back! There was a lot of bawdy noise coming from a room just a ways away, it sounded like a drunk fest. Xiax couldn't make out the words but it sounded like they were cheering someone or something just before a man stumbled out leaving the party. Xiax wanted to move but if he went after the guy then they might see him nab the guy. Lucky for Xiax and everyone else, the dude was so plastered that he couldn't see anything straight in front of him. Gotta love beer goggles.

Just as Xiax was appreciating his luck Ham and July both pulled out and armed their crossbows getting ready to shoot a couple of guys up on a balcony. Weren't they just saying something about not leaving bodies behind to Claire and Zero?

"We shoot them, you go up, hide the bodies; and take out the other guards. Xiax and I will take care of our drunken friend- tuck him away- and meet you on the other side." Ham whispered to his sister; waiting for her to take aim. She shot first; he shot second; the hushed 'twing' of their crossbows luckily not attracting much attention.

Her shot hit her target squarely through the eye, causing him to stagger bac and flop over; dead. His skewered his target through the throat- causing him to go to his knees, and eventually keel over. The guard below had turned from his position, and was now looking down at the courtyard below.

"Go." Ham urged his sister; watching as she Void Reached up and across the expanse, up to the top balcony. He saw her pull the bolts from the two dead bodies, and begin to drag them out of sight. He looked back to Xiax. "Follow me." He crouched after the staggering drunk, ready to pull him into a chokehold once he was close enough.

"CHUG, CHUG, CHUG-" He heard the men shouting in Karnacan through the doorway, banging on whatever table they were sitting at. His gaze shifted to his left, down to the guard below- who was now gone.

Once July had tucked the bodies away- under one of the bunks inside the room behind them, she set her sights on the guard below. She dropped down from the balcony, making sure he was faced away. Just as he was about to turn she rushed him; blade through his throat before he could haven make a sound. She freed her weapon, dragging him back up to the top balcony, to hide him with his two bretherin.

Ohh, I guess I spoke to soon. Xiax realized when Ham give a little mid mission plan right then and there. Not having to wait long he followed after the Drunk with Ham. The party was in full swing, so much that it drew Ham's attention for a second. Xiax was still watching the drunk wander off when Ham looked off in another direction and suddenly looked back and forth scanning the area. Maybe they had missed a guard? Xiax kept following after the guy, the guy he and Ham were supposed to kill. Even knowing what these men where and had done didn't exactly elicit the overwhelming desire to kill this guy.

Poor drunk fool, sorry it has to be like this. Xiax apologized wordlessly as he crept closer the the guy. Where was it that I've heard to stab a guy? Ohh yeah in the kidneys. Xiax remembered overhearing on the streets. Following through with the advice Xiax slammed the knife July had giving him earlier in that spot while trying to grab the booze bottle with his other hand before it hit the ground.

Ham watched Xiax cut ahead of him and observed in vague shock as Xiax embedded a dagger in the mans kidneys. Shit, he had been planning on choking the guy out and dumping him somewhere- Maybe July had been rubbing off on him a bit too much. Ham dove to catch the bottle; springing up to clamp his hand over the mans mouth so he couldn't cry out, putting his arms around his neck to silence him. He was hoping to just choke him out; but at this point it would just let him bleed to death.

After she had finished hiding the other body; July awaited her brother and Xiax across the way, peering through another keyhole. The inside of this was more grandiose- with thought put into the decoration. She didn't see many guards; at least not from her vantage point.

Xiax's hand swung out and missed the bottle as it fell. Lucky for him, Ham appeared diving to catch the thing, rolling up to his feet and clamped a hand over the guy's mouth. Then he just sort of pulled the guy forward and got around behind him to choke him silent. Xiax stepped away, to keep from the risk that he might bump into Ham. Ohh that's right, that just leaves them gasping like a fish. It didn't outright kill them. Why didn't I remember that?

While Xiax watched Ham wait for the guy to go limp from passing out, he quietly muttered an apology. "Sorry about that." It didn't seem like he was cut out for this kind of stuff yet. Here I was trying to help, and Ham is cleaning up another mess I made. This was starting to become a pattern, not good. He was able to redeem himself by finding a place to hide the body, a small consolation.

Once Ham choked the poor man out, he removed the knife- July's, from the mans abdomen, offering it out to Xiax as he sank back down lower, almost into a crouch. He breathed out a light 'it's fine'; trying his best to restrain himself from looking at the man in chastizing horror. He continued down the hall with the bleeding man in one arm, and his have empty bottle in the other. Hopefully they'd find a place to stow him before July got impatient and ran off on her own.

And that they did; with Xiax pointing out a nice hiding spot to Ham- it was a consolation, at least. He still felt bad for the man, bleeding out was a terrible way to go. Ham paused a moment; before unfolding his collapsable sword, and putting it quickly, gracefully, through the mans throat. At least this way he didn't have to suffer. Poor sod.

"Come on, we should rejoin July." Ham said, not looking back at Xiax as he resumed his crouch, tracing the wall to cross the expanse, seeing the shadow of his sister peeking through a keyhole.

"See anything?" Ham whispered to his sister, who barely even moved.

"Nope. Clear." She softly clicked the door open, peaking through. Animal trophies hung along the walls. Some were a little worse for wear- but at least it was less gaudy than the entryway. She craned her neck to look around. No sight of anyone, but she did hear talking down in the courtyard. Down- She knew that voice. She knew that voice. She drew closer to the edge; peering over the railing. This courtyard was bigger; with beams hanging overhead, probably to provide shade or protection from rainfall.

There the bastard stood. Oizys. That fucker. Her eyes hardened with a singular, predatory purpose. She heard Ham come to her side.

"July," He whispered after a moment. He didn't think she was listening.

They entered into a trophy room with Xiax bringing up the rear. The room had a sort of staleness to it, and didn't smell of preservatives so the trophies must not have been fresh. There was more voices, somewhere down below but still in that language he couldn't understand. Xiax was looking at the interesting trophies until July rushed to the balcony railing seemingly possessed in rage or hate. He could see her knuckles turn white as she leaned over with a predatory gaze. If the railing had been wood Xiax probably would have heard it creaking from the strength she was holding it with her hands.

Ham came up beside her, close to snap her out of it. Xiax came close to the railing and looked down into the courtyard. There seemed to be nearly a dozen scattered about here and there. It seemed that the focus of July's attention was addressing a small group in the open. Noticing that there was a couple people on different balconies down below he really hated his power that kept him from touching people. "July, Ham. If we can see those guys -"Xiax whispered while pointing at the guys he could see on a couple balconies, "- then they could spot us if they looked up." He moved away from the railing while seeing if there was any other doors out of the room.

"Can't spot anyone if they're dead." The words barely left July's lips as she Void Reached over to the side balcony; hugging close to the wall as she quickly made her way over to descend upon the two guards.

"July-" Ham hissed, but it was too late; she was out of his reach. He turned to his one remaining groupmate. "Xiax we have to get down there before she gets herself killed." He pulled out his blade once again; decreasing his crouch into more of a slouch. From the corner of his eye; he could see the two guards now gone- knowing his sister would work his way down the latter until she got to Oizys- or set off the alarm.

Xiax twisted about and tried to reach out to grab July but she was long gone. "Shit." He should have realized that the guy she was staring at like a rabid dog was Oizys. "Well duh, but she's got a head-start and we don't know this place." That and July wasn't likely to be taking her sweet time. "Please tell me that you've got crazy amazing magic that can just flatten everyone like a pancake? Or shoot lightning? Cause all I've got is rope." Some people had multiple powers, and though he had a pretty good guess that Ham could teleport he wasn't exactly sure that was it. Up until now things had been doing alright, but now everything went 'Tits up' as July would put it and Xiax was even more acutely aware that he was shit out of luck.

Ham sighed inwardly, beconing for Xiax to follow him- he loads his crossbow, sword in his other hand, stopping before the door.

"You...could say that. I would rather not be forced to use it- but it looks like I'm going to have to." He looked back. "Stay behind me; don't touch anyone, and keep up. My sister isn't getting herself killed by bandits."

He opened the door to see four of them- three around a table, one standing. He blinked towards him, slamming him against a wall- he ran his sword along his neck and turned. Five- there were five of them, one was behind the door- moving for Xiax. He let loose his crossbow; and the arrow sank into his throat, and he slumped to the floor as he tried to move. The two other men lunged up at him; drawing their swords- one didn't get their chance. He moved upon him too quick; his sword ran through his chest too swiftly for him to pull out the dirtied blade at his hip. He looked up,  seeing the last man cutting his chances with Ham and instead moving for Xiax. At first, he thought it might be for a hostage but no- he raised his sword.

Ham blinked once more; the harsh sound of metal on metal was sure to attract attention, but his suprise parry made the man stagger backwards- enough to give Ham the opening to ram his sword through his ribs, pushing him backwards.

Maybe he wouldn't have to use it- maybe-

But there had just been five of them, and they hadn't noticed Xiax at first. He'd had the element of surprise. He motioned for Xiax to follow him through the room, putting his crossbow away, moving through the next door without even bothering to listen.

So it turned out that Ham did have a super power: being a fucking slaughternaut. Xiax had entertained the idea of just grabbing and infusing Ham in his sudden desperation at July going all bat shit crazy. Instead he had hesitated because it sounded like Ham might have some sort of hesitation himself to use it. Now he was hurrying to catch up to Ham after witnessing him kill half a dozen guys in no time, and Xiax had just had his life saved like two or three times in that short span.

Well Xiax couldn't fault the guy for believing he could keep anyone from touching him, he just had to look behind him at the room full of bodies for confirmation. If they where going to go through rooms like this, then there might be a slim hope to catch up to July. Compared to the skills of nearly everyone else in the group, Xiax felt a little out of his league with his rope and a knife.

Ham made sure Xiax was following him as he made his way quickly down the coridors. One bandit that spotted him and tried to stop him ended up with a hole in his chest before he could even make a move. Ham's entire hand felt like it was on fire- but he didn't care. The prickly pain was crawling up to his wrist now; making the joint feel like he'd just dipped it in boiling water. The drawback for his blink was easier to deal with than the alternative. He blinked into another cluster; moving like a dance- one, two, three, throat, chest, head- One moment they were talking, the next eviscerated. He clenched and unclenched his fist- trying not to notice the pain. They were winding down the path- down the stairs. He looked back over to make sure Xiax was still with him-

He felt an elbow collide with his face. Shit that hurt. He felt dazed for a minute; the glint of candle light on metal giving him a chance to raise his sword to block- the harsh 'clang' causing his ears to ring once more.

What would you do in a situation like this? Following after Ham was almost surreal. They where swiftly running from room to room, Xiax would blink and suddenly Ham would just be in the middle of a group of enemies slaughtering them like his sword darting about like a swarm of metallic piranha. There had been a moment when Ham had looked back to make sure Xiax was still keeping up that someone had gotten the jump on Ham, ohh wait that was this moment. Xiax was already way closer when reality came flooding back into the moment. Still running towards the guy, Xiax tossed the knife at the man. It tumbled end over end and slapped the guy with mostly hilt and cross-guard. That didn't really matter though since Xiax had grabbed a hold of one of the handles, pulled the cord free of his arm, formed a loop and slipped it over the guys wrist. Xiax pulled his hands apart tightening the loop and drug the guy off balance by throwing himself to the ground while keeping a hold of the cord.

(Collab to be continued tomorrow)

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 29th August 2017, 7:32 pm

(Continuing my collab with Methos)

Ham stood, dazed for a moment as he observed Xiax physically take the man down. Had he told him to stay back? He had- he was sure he had. But Ham supposed everyone was ignoring him today. But rather than the frusteration he felt towards his sister; he was hit with a wave of gratitude. He'd flung himself in harms way; unknowing if the man had magic or not, unknowing if his power would go haywire, to help him. That might have seemed foolish to some- but to Ham there was a rather crooked line between stupidity and bravery.

Ham flipped his sword in his hand as soon as he snapped out of his elbow enduced daze, dropped, knife first- skewering it through the mans throat as him and Xiax wrestled on the floor. He was careful not to touch the man, knowing if nothing else he would be sure to send him into the same screaming mess July had flung him into days prior.

Once the bandit stopped moving, he freed his sword from the mans neck.

"Thanks...thank you." He nodded appreciatively, moving to offer the man a hand up but pulling back when he realized that was definitely a bad idea.

The fall to the floor hasn't been intentinal, and his elbow slammed painfully into the tile. It hurt, it hurt so so much. He felt the guy tugging trying to get his arm free, and Xiax couldn't let go. He took a knee to the stomach, which hurt but he didn't feel himself jerked away because of infuse. Breathless from the knee in the stomach, he wrestled with the guy as he was forced to grab the guys wrist or risk getting skewered by the guys sword. He'd lost sight of Ham during the tussle, but after an eternity his blade flashed and it was over.

Xiax flopped over onto his back, and panted his nerves spent. He cracked an eye as Ham thanked him, and he went to respond but the words died as his hand stopped moments from from taking that hand up. He drug himself up to his feet then stretched and flexed his arm. "No, no, don't worry about it." Knowing that Ham would want to get going any second, Xiax picked up July's knife and grabbed the dead guys sword.

After the brief pause on his briskly paced hack n slash through the corridors of the fort; Ham awaited Xiax to get to his feet before continuing onward. They were getting lower, towards the courtyard. He hadn't heard anything, which was usually a good sign- but silence was golden to his sister and he knew that just because he couldn't hear anything didn't mean they were behind her. That asshole had set them back- taken away time they couldn't afford to lose.

One more staircase, one more and they'd be down at ground level; he heard a chorus of footsteps, coming in from the right. Either they'd found a body or they'd heard the tussle. Great. The prickly heat was crawling up his arm; and he flexed his fingers to make sure he could still move them, his fingertips starting to go numb.

"What the hell was that noi-" Karnacan. One of them rounded the corner, but Ham didn't give him time to finish that thought. They were losing the element of surprise, but he was going to make the most of it.

Blink. And his sword was running through the base of the mans neck. He saw movement to his right- another man, shock on his face, reaching down into his belt for a weapon, he was sure. He pried the blade out of the first man, pushing his body backwards so it tumbled to the ground. He didn't have room in the entryway to make a slash; he flipped the blade in his hand, going through a twisting motion to run the blade right through his eye. The mans face twitched; he tried to pull the sword out; but it was hard, stuck. He put his free, burning hand to the mans face and pulled, slowly pulling it from the mans bleeding eye socket.

He looked towards the area behind them, no stairs, a dead end.

He looked back to Xiax. "That way-" He pointed to the direction behind him, taking off in a quick, quiet run. Sure enough, there were the stairs. He was sure that once they got down there there'd be more- a lot, all at once. He was going to have to rush this- Bend Time was already an opion but-

Ham was hussling, quietly, he had some really nice boots. Xiax was trying to keep equally quiet but his boots were far too new and just made it even harder. He had to keep his new sword out to the side so he didn't accidently stab himself if he stumbled on the numerous stairs they kept running down. Even with his heart pounding in his chest he was able to make out someone else but suddenly Ham was gone and the voice died off. A body tumbled into view, it's head failing to roll away from the strip of flesh that held it on. It made Xiax pull up short, but he heard a grunt and he looked around the corner. It was just Ham trying to get his sword free, he seemed to have a little trouble. Was he running out of steam?

There he was flexing his hand again... Xiax turned around when Ham pointed back the way they had just come. Though he started heading in that direction first, Ham quickly caught up to him. "You ok?" Xiax asked concerned as Ham started to pull out ahead of him. "Your hand?"

Ham snapped out of his focused trance and looked to Xiax. Hand? Oh, his hand. He looked down, flexing his fingers.

"Yeah, yes- this...Blink, it..can hurt. Burn. If I use it rapidly. I'm fine, though. Thank you." He turned to face Xiax slightly. "Listen, once we get down there, there will be a lot of them- and I do mean a lot. I know I can take them. But we've been lucky, the two you've come in contact with weren't mages- but I can't guarantee that none of them below are going to be. If you want to stay out of sight, go back to Claire and Zero if things go bad- you can. I'm not going to force you down into the thick of it to fix July's mistake." He used 'fixing a mistake' rather than 'potentially rescue' to ease pressure off the man.

Blink? That must be his teleporting power, and using it caused burns. So what was all that back there? What had Ham been using to kill all those men like Sylmeria cutting loose? Then Ham came clean and leveled with Xiax, and it caused him to momentarly look back the way they'd come... There is no way I can find my way back.

"No, you're right." Xiax said looking back to Ham his expression dark and introspective. He seemed to come to a decision, sliding July's knife under his belt to keep it in place. Then he flipped the sword he had looted from the dead guy earlier and offered it to Ham. "Here. Take it, save July." When Ham hesitated to take it, Xiax insisted trying to reassure him. "Just incase you lose yours. I'll find somewhere to hole up."

"No," Ham let him keep the sword, after all, the man needed something to defend himself with. He raised his hand to nudge the handle gently away. "You keep it- I have m-" He stopped, footsteps- he heard footsteps. He lifted his gaze from Xiax just in time to see a very up close and personal view of a mahogany chair.

"Aha- I got him!" Was all he heard as he, and the remaining bits of the chair, tumbled down the stairs. "Heard you off Nev and Ray- been hiding out here waiting for you fucks."

The man had cracked Ham across the head with a stool; what the fuck was this? A bar fight? Ham groaned, starting to pull himself to his feet, fumbling for his crossbow. Xiax, Xiax was still up there. He saw the bandit at the top of the stairs look down at him triumphantly, too busy gloating over his victory to pay any more of a mind to the scruffy looking man next to him.

He felt something wet, sticky mat through his hair. Bleeding, great- he was bleeding. He looked to his left, out into the courtyard- he saw more bandits drawing their swords- Oizys was nowhere in sight. Fucking fantastic. Well, at least he knew for sure the element of surprise was gone then. He yanked out his pistol, aiming upwards at the man; best he good in his dazed vision, and fired; knicking the man right in his knee.

He struggled, for anything to hold onto as he fell forward- Unfortunately for Xiax, that 'anything' happened to be him.

Xiax had already made up his mind, and was about to insist again so he could reach out and grab him. for a second Ham seemed to have heard something and looked in that direction. It was Xiax's chance, and he was just about to do it when he reflexively pulled away just before a chair swung past his head. Ham however was not so lucky, and he took a bad fall down the stairs as Xiax shielded his face from broken bits of wood went everywhere.

There was a triumphant yell, next to him. Xiax kept his arms up as he moved to the side incase the chair came around for another shot at him. Risking taking his eyes off the man who might be gloating to find his friend and check if he was dead. That glance rewarded Xiax with the brief glance to see Ham getting up. Where is the sword?! Xiax said noticing both his hands were empty, and realizing that he must have dropped it dodging the chair. Without any options Xiax backed away down the steps. A resounding retort fillied the hall followed by a whizzing sound zipping past his ear. A red line blossomed on the assailant's knee causing the guy to collasp and reach out to the nearest thing to stop him.
Xiax reflexively caught the guy, stumbling backwards down the stairs from their combined weight. The bouncing during the fall his several spots, and his brain rattled around in his skull as they tumbled to the bottom. Everything was spinning, and Xiax couldn't put enough together to deal with the guy who might still be alive. All Xiax could manage was to push the guy off him and hold his own head in pain as he tried to roll onto his stomach slowly.

Ham took a leap back as Xiax and the man tumbled down the stairs. As Xiax pushed the man off of him, Ham yanked the assailant up by the back of his collar, putting his sword sluggishly through his neck as his brain slowed its roll around his skull.

Footsteps. He heard footsteps. A lot of footsteps- He looked up just in time to see the rusty glint of a short sword raised above his head- He blocked, he moved his sword to block. But the violent clash never came.

"Stop!" Karnacan- Karnacan and he knew that voice. He saw the men stop on a dime. Two looked behind them. "I can't see you, but I know who you are." The men looked at each other in confusion, one of them had their swords pointed down at Xiax, another had the point of his angled at Ham's throat.

"Bring them out here- I know there are two little rats running around my dungeon, trying to steal my merchandise. I want to know if it's the same prick as last time." Ham was yanked by his arm out towards the center of the courtyard. He tried to look back, see where Xiax was, but the shark point of a sword on his neck advised him against the motion. At least he could see Oizys, and knew that July hadn't gotten to him first. At least, he hoped not. The man was Karnacan, and Karnacan's loved to gloat.

Behind him Xiax was aggressively pulled to his feet; being dragged between two armed men if he refused to walk on his own. In the courtyard there hung a fishing net, rigged up with wire, painted red, above the large, very conspicuous door. Most of the bandits had fallen upon Ham, but two still remained on either side of what appeared to be the man in charge. They were surrounded; completely, utterly surrounded- pinned between bandits who smelled like the last time they were acquainted with soap was back in the motherland.

Ham's eyes fell upon Oizys himself. A tall man; not taller than him, but of average Karnacan height, six feet, if he had to wager a guess. The clothes he wore were fine, and not sullied like those of the bandits- his suit was Karnacan, tailored, albeit shodily, in three pieces. It looked old, it was old; as was he- or had a life of crime simply aged him quicker?

He didn't need to be helped violently to his feet, but he was. Even before his feet succeeded in finding some semblence of order again, he noticed the smell. His head drooped against his chest weakly where he could make out two men sandwiching him between them as they hauled his ass somewhere. Groggily groaning Xiax mouthed something derogitory about them and needing soap as he tried to Infuse himself in hopes that it would clear his head. For his flipancy, one of his escorts drove his fist into Xiax's soft stomach. He drew his fist back getting ready for a second shot but a voice called him to a stop and Xiax slumped against his other captor. Coughing a bit, Xiax kept his head slumped against his chest as he tried to take in his surroundings. He had to raise his head a bit to see Ham's back, and the guard shrugged trying to get Xiax's weight off him and onto his own two feet. The man didn't let go, damn. The world was starting to come back into focus, and Xiax almost wished it hadn't. We're fucked.

"Well, well; if it isn't Infinity Edge's most beloved foreigner." Oizys looked down at them from atop the doube sided staircase he stood on, before the door. He almost looked menacing; almost. He took a puff of his cigar before lowering himself into a courteous bar. "Lovely to see you again, Lord Hamlet Napolitano." He righted himself.

"Oizys." Ham said flatly, feeling a spike of anger and a pang of guilt rise in him as he could hear one of the guards behind him take a swing at Xiax. "Don't-" He started in Karnacan, one of the bandits pressed the point of his blade tightly against his throat, trying to 'encourage' him into silence. "Touch him." He finished resiliently.

"And you have?" Oizys shifted his gaze to Xiax. "A guest! Mainlander?" He switched from Karnacan to the common tongue. "Greetings, Stranger. I hope you have amused yourself, rifling through my fort, killing my men." He took another drag from his cigar. "Tell me, are those two rats scurrying around my basement yours? Getting their dirty little pawprints all over my merchandise?" Ham glared at him, and he gently tutted him. "Now, don't look at me like that, Hamlet! Surely you know business is business? At least I don't kill people for money like your sister does. Speaking of, where is she? Last time I say you two you were destroying my last abode."

Ham let out an inward sigh of relief. He hadn't seen her yet. Then again, he could be lying- but Oizys struck him as a braggart- he'd rub it in his face.

Ham was out of reach in front of him with several swords pointed at him, but that wasn't what was shocking. The guy who gave off a mob-boss kind of vibe looked at him specificantly and starting speaking in a language Xiax could understand. He seemed to be wanting answers, but Xiax kept his mouth shut long enough that a glaring Ham was able to take the pressure off of him. How did this guy know about Claire and Zero? No one had seemed to trip any alarm until everything hit the wall with him and Ham. All he could do was wait as he recovered, maybe he would get a chance to do something. Why didn't Ham blink? Was there some sort of hand gesture like Void Reach? Thinking about July, made Xiax remember to advert his eyes towards the ground to try and hide his zombie eyes.

Ham was grateful for Xiax's silence- kept the heat on Ham, right where the attention belonged. "My sister is none of your concern."

"Ooh, testy! Tell me, she still playing at being an assassin?" Oizys closed his eyes, as if fondly remembering something. "Ah, I remember her like it was yesterday. She'd make such a better dancer than an assassin. Legs for days, that curve of her back and oh those eyes." His eyes snapped open. "Don't get me wrong Ham, you've got them too. But hers, mm, nothing like the scathing gaze of a woman, right? Such a mouth on her too. Hmmm, but I suppose you don't want to hear that, do you."

"No," Ham said flatly. "I don't."

"And what about you, mainlander- got nothing to say? Look, he's looking at his feet. Is he shy? Dumb? Lame? There's no need to be nervous friend- I am, if nothing else, a forgiving man." He opened his arms wide, his gaze bearing down on him.

From the top vista of the fort, behind Oizys, July had perched herself above the action. She'd have to act- but if she acted too soon Xiax and Ham were liable to get hurt. She had to wait. She had to wait. She gripped the handle of her blade, leaning back over the ledge so they wouldn't see her perched above them.

The mob-boss... Oizys, Oizys was his name. Oizys was talking about July in a way that was creepy coming from a guy that might be twice her age while talking to her father. It seemed like he didn't know that, but still it was pretty Creep. Where was July anyway? He knew he wouldn't hear her, and definintely not smell her, ughhh. Xiax involuntarily made a ralphing sound as he swallowed back a bit of bile caused by the fumes wafting from his guard's armpit.

He knew he shouldn't rise to the occassion, but he couldn't stop himself. "I'm Deaf, Dumb, and Blind, but at least I bathe." He immediately regretted it, and refused to look up. If Xiax looked up, Oizys would see his eyes and it'd be all over. I should have just kept my mouth shut, like Ham'd want.

'Fuck,' Ham hissed to himself as Xiax opened his mouth. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck.' Why did he have to say that? Why did he have to say anything. Ham knew he was going to have to mood fast or-

The two guards on either side of Xiax tightened their grip on him, one winding up their fist to hit him again-

Before Oizys started laughing. A full, deep belly laugh, he put a hand to his stomach, leaning over slightly. "Oh, oh I like you already mainlander." He looked up, staring cooly at the wound up fist for a moment. "What are you doing, jackass- he's right. You smell like shit. Put your fist down while you still have one." The man sheepishly lowered his fist, keeping his grip firm on Xiax in embaressment. "But that still doesn't answer my question, Napolitano." He leaned his hands on the metal break between where he stood and his two 'prisoners'. "Where the fuck is your sister? Or perhaps the mainlander would like to tell me?" He quirked his head towards Xiax.

"Why do you want to know, bastard." He watched the mans face harden, hatred and contempt seeping into his face. For a moment, he reached down furiously as if to pull out a weapon. But he stopped himself, huffing for a moment. He inhaled slowly, and then exhaled.

"Because Napolitano," His open grin gave way to a mouth full of fake, golden teeth amidst some made of yellow and rot. "I like the shape of her ass." He offered one, vulgar pelvic thrust for emphasis.

Great; Xiax had opened his mouth- and Ham had called him a bastard. She had to step in- she had too, she saw Oizys reaching for his gun-

She lurched herself over the edge, descending horizontally, beginning to straighten herself when she felt something pull at her ankle. A chord? She couldn't even hear the 'twang' of it snapping before the fishing net- seemingly only for wall decoration, open beneath her, and catch her in its grasp before she could get to her target. She surpressed a cry, instead letting out a grunt as she realized she was- all puns aside dead in the fucking water.

"Well, looky looky boys- seems as if we've caught ourselves a river nymph!" Oizys looked up with a cackle as a round of laughter blanketed the courtyard. "Fashionably late, as women are want to be."

Xiax felt the grip of the two men tighten and he braced himself for the inevitable beating that was coming. Laughter was not what he was expecting, it stunned him, unnerved him. Though the two men had relented in their choice to beat him, they had tightened their grips on him and all hope of him breaking free looked bleak. Again he asked Ham after his sister and when Ham didn't look like he was going to respond, he tried to ask Xiax.... whom feared it was a vieled threat of harm. Funny or not, he hadn't earned any favors with that remark. Ham again came to the rescue, it was surely that and not him caving to the threat.

Oizys didn't like Ham insulting him, and Xiax feared that Ham was going to get hurt. However the man seemed to calm himself, and continue. Going so far as to taunt Ham and cause his men to join in with laughter. There was an odd sound, like unraveling thread only louder. It drew his attention up as Oiyzs commented on his catch. He should have recognized that the net had been a trap.

"No July, no." Xiax moaned defeatedly and his shoulders slumped as the hope that she wouldn't get caught dashed like breakwater on the shore in a storm.

July took her blade and started furiously trying to cut the ropes, trying to maintain a relative stillness- the more she moved, the more she'd get tangled- and the more they'd laugh. Those fucking bastards

"July-" Ham breathed, trying to move towards his sister on instinct, but was once again held back by the swords at his throat. Fuck, fuck this was all going to hell. He'd promised Xiax he'd keep him safe- he couldn't even keep his own sister safe.

Oizys stood on one of the stone collumns bracketing the fence, looking up at July smugly. "Well, well; if it isn't the lovely Juliette Napolitano- out of her depth once more. Tsk, don't look at me like that! Oh, but you are one of those types that looks so delicious when you're mad. Don't pay any mind to my comments my dear- just the things men like to say." Her glare did not subside.

"Don't worry, I know what goat fucking inbreds like you love to say when no one's able to stick up for you." She spat at him. "See all the little presents I left in your hall, fucker- Decided to give you a taste of what I'm going to do to you when I get my hands on you." She snarled at him; and he laughed- he fucking laughed! She was livid. "Guess I shouldn't expect any sense of self preservation from a whoreson like you, right? Tell me did Baron daddy ever actually name you an heir or is pirating the only way you can get a taste of the good life?" She sneered at him, watching his face turn red.

Oizys was struggling to keep his composure. "Let it loose." He said flatly.

"But O-"

He turned to the bandit beside him, leering until he was an inch from his face. "I said let it loose." He inhaled, calming himself once more as the bandit pulled down on a lever beside him. There was a click above July, and before she could even react the net she was in hurtled above Ham and Xiax, across the courtyard, slamming into a stone wall, and sending her trundling to the ground. Ham couldn't even look back- all he could hear was the harsh sound of rope falling behind him. For a moment there was no noise from July, no sound that she was even still alive. A fall like that couldn't kill her right? Right?

"Kill them," Oizys took a moment to enjoy the look of catatonic horror on Ham's face before waving his fingers at his guards. He turned, walking inside the large, ornate door. "Let the Edge know what we do to interlopers in Karnaca." The door gave a heavy creak as it closed behind the man.

July took it about as well as expected, she tounge lashed the shit out of Oizys. Now when Ham had insulted Oizys, the man had managed to hold back his temper, but the level of heat coming from July's wasn't a candle but a bonfire personally leveled to roast this bastard to the core. It worked, and Oizys flipped, forcing one of his men to flip a lever. It catapulted Jult over their heads and into a wall. The sicking crunch lingered in the air, demanding silence. It was like the world was standing still in some sick joke until the words "Kill them," came out of Oizys mouth.

It flipped a switch, called all the little hamster's in Xiax's mind to run themselves to death. Xiax dropped all his weight at once, grabbing the arm of his guard on the right holding him with his hand and flipping him headfirst into the ground empowered by Infuse. His hand now free Xiax reached into his pocket and retrieved his shiv as he pulled his other guard close and stabbed his a couple times in the chest with enough force that after the third attempt the shiv broke as it struck bone as Xiax screamed in rage.

Now unarmed, he did the only thing he could think of and dove into the back of one of Ham's guards thrusting out his hand to Ham. "Take it! Save her!" Xiax knew he didn't stand a chance fighting these guys, and maybe Ham the Slaughternaut could, but IF she wasn't dead, then this bastard father better save her life. July could forgive him if she lived, but Xiax couldn't abandon his best friend.

Ham was stunned; his sister wasn't dead. July. Wasn't. Dead. But she was quiet; quieter than she'd ever been known to be. She hadn't gotten killed by bandits, the plan hadn't gone this tits up. He felt sick; he remembered the sickening crack as July had hit the wall. He was in a daze. Think Ham; think, think. You're the plan- the brain. Think of something, thing of something.

He jolted when he heard Xiax scream behind him. He turned slightly, watching as he went what Ham could only describe as absolutely postal. For a brief moment Ham found himself thanking the fact that Xiax, in some ways, seemed to take after his sister. He watched as Xiax tackled one of the guards to the ground, the other two lifting their swords away from him to try to bare down on him. He froze. He'd promised the man- Promised him. Ham's word was his bond- and here Xiax was, hand out to him, begging him to save his sister.

He knew, they both knew what that would do to him. They knew- July had told him. July, July who might now be dead- or about to be dead, if he's unable to fix this.

He'd have to use it. He'd have to. He hated it- he hated it; but he had too. Xiax was counting on him, his sister was counting on him. And they were dead if he didn't pull out Ham's nuclear option.

He raised his hand, curling his fingertips into a claw. Light flickered at his fingertips; extending into whisps, a pulse of light echoed through his skeleton- cascading through, illuminating his skeleton starting at the tips of his fingers to his sternum.

The world stopped; on a dime. In that moment he saw the guards, frantic, blades raised- he saw the bandits on the outer stairs jumping in to combat- he saw the two guarding the door opping over the stone blockade to get in on murdering the three of them. He saw Xiax, hand still outstretched. He heard the words that time held no meaning for- he heard the whispers of silence, of the time out of time. He raised his sword; and he made the seconds count.

He pulled out his crossbow, quickly, deftly loading it- the arrow let loose from it, stopping a few inches from the small metallic crossbow, ready to resume their flow and embed themselves in the heads of the guards- so ignorant, so unfortunately unknowing of what was to come. No time to react, it was almost unfair. Ham almost felt sorry for them.


He embedded his sword in the throat of the guard Xiax was pinning, killing him first- just to be safe. And he danced, danced through the suspended motion of time, one two, three- like a dancer through a song. He shoved his sword through the ribs of the one who had prevented him from turning back to see his sister, he slit the throat of the one whose dagger he'd jabbed in his throat. He set his dagger upon onces eye, it was easier to pull out when you had nothing to drag you back- no bodily twitches. Just silence. It used to make him uncomfortable, being out of time. But now it felt almost like home- like a brief escape from the world. Even though he knew what it cost him. He pulled out his pistol, setting it upon the two guards trying to leap upon Xiax. Four bullets- two for each. Just to be safe.

He felt it- the twisting in his chest that let him know it was coming to an end. But it was done, the guards were dispatched; waiting for their bodies to catch up to their deaths as they sat, suspended in stasis. He looked back at his sister- as the colors returned, as time resumed.

As his own time was taken.

Ham was staring right in his eyes, surprise and confusion coloring his face. Xiax had his hand outstretched, and Ham seemed too shocked to grab the damn thing. Grab it! Grab it god damn you! Xiax's thoughts screamed through his eyes. Ham rose his hand to his face, the color drained from Xiax's face as it looked like Ham was broken, that his daughter's death was too much. He made that same claw motion that July always made with his palm facing his face almost like he was gouging out his eyes. Flickering wisps of light fluttered between his fingers, in a weird way it looked like Void Reach but flickering light instead of enveloping dark as it intensified and crawled down his arm.

Heavy thuds, tiny pops, cracking bone, and a shower of intermingling red blood and grey matter exploding outward. Xiax blinked as lifeless bodies fell down around him like someone had cut the strings to a bunch of puppets. Ham wasn't there, no wait there he was. Standing with his back mostly turned to Xiax, his face strained as he looked towards July. In the faint fleeting moment Ham appeared almost surrounded with a halo of light, and in that moment Xiax couldn't help but think he looked like an Archangel of Death and Grief.

Xiax lifted himself up from the dead body of the man he had tackled earlier, suddenly struck by a sense of vertigo that made him raise his hand to his head. He shook his head for a second to clear it, putting one foot in front of the other as he walked slowly unsteadily towards Ham and towards July. All he could smell was the wet scent of iron, Slaughternaut Indeed.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by MethosArchaic on 29th August 2017, 11:26 pm

(Continuation of collab with Juliet Part 3)

Ham knew Xiax was behind him- he knew, he could hear him, he could hear a pin drop as the echoes faded. He felt a weight sink into his chest as the hole where the time he spent now resided. It was a strange feeling- he could feel it, it was a noteworthy sensation, but none comparable existed. No one could really understand what it felt like, truly. They could draw likenesses- like forgetting a memory that was on the tip of your tongue, only it wasn't even there anymore.

It was just gone. He felt the burning beneath his skin, the twisting weight within his chest as he went for his sister. He felt exhausted, from stress, from using his magic so damn much- he wasn't about to keel over, thankfully- but he was going to take a good long rest and a good break from using his magic while a feeling that resembled something other than pain came back to his fingers.

"July," He started hoarsley, nigh running to the lump of rope and netting that his sister lay in. "July-" He started to cut at the rope, carefully pulling it apart. The paint made the rope harder to cut through than it already was, and he could barely make out the dark lump of his sister. Was she breathing? It looked like she was breathing.

He was on his knees, frantically cutting away at the rope when he heard a groan. A long, extended groan of pain.


His body was sore, and the vertigo hadn't left yet. Everystep was accompanied by a slight wobble. His arms, his back, his elbow, each and every part of him hurt but those most of all. Sometimes when he used infuse he felt weak afterwards, and it brought out littler pains that hedidn't normally notice. He thought he'd just about reached Ham, but he was wrong. Ham was already over cutting her free, checking on her. He didn't resume watching where his feet went, Xiax wanted to know if she was... not dead, anything but that.

When Xiax made it over to the two of them he let himself fall onto his butt and waved weakly. "You're supposed to stay on for the full eight seconds. Didn't somebody tell you that July?"

"Uuuuuuuugh-" July tried to sit herself up but stopped, wincing in pain. Letting herself be bogged down by the weight of the rope. "" Alright, so it hadn't been one of her brightest ideas- but hey, the only reason she'd done it was because Dumb and Dumber had gotten themselves caught. Not that Ham was going to hear any of that- but hey, she'd take whatever argument she could get. She heard Xiax crack a joke- and would have almost given a laugh if she didn't feel like a bull had just kicked her right in her chest.

"July!" Ham quickened his pace, paying little mind to Xiax's joke cutting her free, tossing chunks of rope to the side- piss to anything methodical. Piss to that. He finally got a clear view at the twisted dark clump that was his sister. He carefully reached his hands down; his sister offering a chorus of 'Ow, fuck, ow, ow' to accompany his 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry'. He scooped her out of the pile of rope and onto his crouched knees, checking to make sure she wasn't bleeding. She was injured, no doubt about that- but at least she wasn't leaking from any flesh splitting injuries. Part of him wanted to lecture her- but almost all of him was just grateful that she was okay.

Ham was busy digging out July, and July was clearly in pain. If either of them were just normal folks he could offer a hand to assist... but instead he got to watch depressed that he couldn't help. Since he hadn't gotten a quip or joke back, July was probably hurt pretty bad. A few aches and pains wouldn't have kept her down from a quip or a snarky come back. Xiax slipped off his pack and set it down in front of him to rummage through it. "You know, if you weren't so gosh darn special -" Xiax found his normal knife off to the side wrapped up in a pair of boxers, " I'd touch you to help. He unwrapped his knife and set it aside then went to find the bandages, she might need them. "Sometimes I can figure out whats wrong with someone, like if they have broken bones." Xiax paused to look up at July, "Do you?" maybe he could find something to make a split or something.

"Not much is broken," July groaned, pushing herself off from Ham's knees and onto her own as he detangled her from the net. "Outside of my pride..." That was a lie. That was such a damn lie. She felt like a pinata that had just barely survived an onslaught of seven year olds. She knew it was her damn ribs again. Why was it always the ribs? They hurt the worst. Maybe it was the world trying to teach her a lesson. Miraculously, she still had her blade, having clung onto it as Ham pulled her from her ropey prison. She scanned the courtyard, looking at all the dead bodies strewn across the grass and pavement. She narrowed her eyes.

"Where's Oizys?"

Oooooh no, not this shit again. Nope. Absolutely not. "Oh, no no no- No. He's in there- we'll get him July, but you're in no shape to fight anyone."

Xiax frowned noticing the catch in her voice and breath that she was trying to hide. "July, you know I can hear you right? Like breathing... with busted ribs." July was kneeling on the ground, yet she really wanted to go after this guy still. "You know thats bad, riiiiiight?", making sure to add emphasis to it so it came off less like a question but more like a fact. The fact was that Xiax was physically spent and he didn't think he could stop her if she took off right now, but maybe Ham would insist to check if Xiax was right. Xiax could explain how her breathing would stop at a certain point so she could avoid full breathes which caused pain, how her voice was slightly strained, or that she likely was using short sentences to avoid having too inhale deeply.

"July, just-" Ham reached his hands out to try to steady his sister, trying to reach out, check if she was okay. He was terrified, for a moment, that she wouldn't listen to him, like she always did. Like she had just done.

He should have listened to his fear and just grabbed hold of her then.

"Rrgh- He's getting away!" She didn't listen to the pain as her body cried out for mercy as she lifted up her arm, a long black tendril clinging on to the op of the wall to her right, slingshotting herself up to the roof. The pain almost took away her will to walk, her will to move- it felt like her ribs were being split open- they might very well have been. But she wasn't letting him get away again. She wasn't going to fail again. This ended now. He wasn't going to be throwing anyone else in a damn cage because she couldn't do her job.

Ham tried to lurch after her, flinging himself forward only to land, hands in the dirt where she once was. She was gone- his blink didn't reach that far. It didn't. By the time he got to her she'd already be in Oizys' inner office- surrounded by him and god knows who else. He didn't know what to do. He'd gotten them out of one mess, and here she was, running off again. He gritted his teeth together, wanting to scream.

"Are you FUCKING KIDDING ME!?" He looked up at the direction his sister had just disappeared to, knowing he couldn't follow.

"Aaannnnnd, there she goes...." Well she better NOT have broken ribs, because if she did all that jumping about was going to get her dead. It was pretty impressive to be able to fight through that kinda pain, in a stupidly idiotic kind of way. Xiax knew he wouldn't be able to catch her, he hadn't reached out to touch her when she'd been kneeling for just this reason. Infuse could hype people up enough to ignore pain and injuries, but it couldn't actually heal them. He turned his head to Ham now that July was out of sight. "I don't think I've heard you swear before."

Between the two of them, Ham was still in better shape then Xiax. Even if he wasn't, Ham could probably fight better on a bad day than Xiax could on a good day. "Sooo?" Xiax extended his hand, "Will you take it now? 'Cause I can't keep racking my nerves if you're just going to shoot me down each time." In the end it was pretty simple, "Take the hand: Save the Girl."

Maybe I should ask Ham to knock him out before he goes if I started screaming.

Ham looked to Xiax with a blank gaze, moving down to his hand.

"July told me what it did last time..are you sure?" A pang of guilt rippled through his chest that he was even considering it. But it was his sister. The only family he actually had- and she would end up dead if he didn't take it. At this point it was more of a formality.

Ham was stubborn and a good guy, but damn, this? Xiax smirked weakly and beckoned with his fingers to take it already. "She's getting away." he added for emphasis.

Ham tentatively reached out out, hesitating for a moment. "Xiax?" He looked from his hand to the man himself. "Thank you." There was a genuine tinge to his voice. He took the mans hand with the same nervousness of a child ripping off a band-aid.

Ham reached out and hesitated, Xiax was going to say something about him being a chickenwuss. Instead after hearing his name he went with "Yeah?", and Ham answered by thanking him. "Same." Xiax responded. If he keeps this up, I'll blush.

Xiax's hand reflexively tightens it's grip on Ham's as Infuse triggers and pulls forth the strength from within Xiax. From point of contact, tiny fingers of flame crept under his skin, then turned into a rushing waves driving itself through him like thunder. The man's face turned heavenward and his mouth opened to scream. The pain rushed ever faster seeping into every fiber of his being. Everything was slowing, he could see the inside of his eyelid slowly recede then stay stuck open. The secondhand of the world seemingly freezing between ticking it's next toc, and Xiax was stuck in that state of screaming pain as time fell silent.

Upon touching Xiax, Ham realized that July had not been exaggerating about the sensation, by any means. He felt a wave of bliss; his hand stung less, his body ached less, his head felt clear, almost at peace. He let out a sigh, pulling his grasp away from Xiax who looked to be...


She, unfortunately, wasn't exaggerating about that either. He looked to be in a state of catatonic, doped up horror. At least he wasn't...screaming...he supposed. He tried to keep a reign on his own impossible magic high to think of what to do with the poor man. He reached down into his belt- his fingers found a lone, thin sleep dart. Leaving him unconcious had to be better than leaving him like this. Not like he could very well defend himself in this state, could he. And the way Xiax made it sound in the guild hall, him being unconcious would be a benefit to him.

There was no point in sticking it in his crossbow, and with the newfound surgical stillness in his hands, he could just jab him with it like a needle.

This felt...wrong. Letting himself ride the highs of another mans suffering. But it was to save July, wasn't it?

"Xiax, Xiax, I'm going to stick you with something, it's going to render you unconscious, alright?" He wasn't even sure if the man could hear him- but it felt wrong to just...stab him.

What is an eternity? It was pain, always pain, ever increasing slow unyielding pain. After forever Xiax was able to tell that this eternity was still slowly moving forward, only because things changed ever so slightly. It was hard to tell since it took??? days? weeks? What did these mean in eternity? Could it be eternity if it changed? Had he stopped breathing? Had his heart stopped beating? It was almost impossible to tell. There was no sound, the world was silent, completly silent as if sound was a concept so alien to the universe that it couldn't be conceived.

Xiax continued to stare upward, silently, unable to scream while Ham told him what he was about to do. Quick and precise as a striking snake Ham stuck Xiax with the dart and pulled it out. Quickly Xiaxes eyes dimmed and went dark as his body went limp, slumped and fell over.

Suddenly there was  a teeny prick, the most underwhelming pain. It was different and new but hard to notice compared to the pain he knew so well. However there started to comb a numbness, that started at that place and was worming its way through the pain, killing it. It was unnerving, unwanted and terrifying. But the was nothing to do, nothing that could be done as the numbness steadily advanced  like an unstoppable legion of apathy killed his only comfort, his only companion inside eternity. It came after him, eating him up, killing little bits off to never be felt again. In the end, at eternity, there can be no room for anything.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by Luna on 1st September 2017, 7:08 pm

Claire nodded as she put the map up, having retained enough of the information to get her through the first twist and turns to get to the cells. She motioned for Zero to follow her. They then quietly took off through the shadows down the stairs.

Claire stayed low as they began to go down the stairs. She didn't want to be seen. She thought she heard something so she stopped. When she felt that everything was clear, she slowly started down the stairs again. It would have been nice to have a dagger or a knife in case they needed it but she would do fine with her sword. She could at least kill with it. They made it down the stairs in one piece. Claire listening to make sure that no one was around. She knew there would be guards down here guarding the slaves in cells. They would have to take them out quietly. She wondered if Zero could help with that. “Zero, when we get to the holding cells, I'm sure there will be guards. Do you think you can help me take them out quietly? We then need to dispose of the bodies as quickly and quietly as possible.” She said in a whisper.

Zero followed Claire letting her take the lead since she had the map and knew where to go. She stopped and waited for Claire to go when they were on the stairs. "Well, that depends. Do you want me to use magic or not? Cause I can use my magic and kill them." Zero hoped this meant no more sneaking, she was ready to do something more than crouch around a fort.

"Depends on how loud your magic is. We need to keep quiet still so that we go undetected. We don't want to draw attention to ourselves and be caught down here without help." Claire said. She looked around the corner and saw no one there. She sighed inwardly thanking herself that no one was there. She motioned for Zero to continue following her.

"I don't think it's loud, summoning my weapons hasn't been loud," Zero said. She continued to follow Claire down the hallway towards their destination. She sighed a little wishing they wouldn't have to crouch much more.

"That might come in handy." Claire said in a whispered tone. She came to a room where the ceiling was low. She stood up but kept silent. The room seemed to be a storage room with crates piled around. She looked inside one and noticed some clothes and fabric. She shook her head. They had probably been stolen from people. There were art work that was leaned up against the wall. She wondered who had died for that art piece. She then walks over to the door and looks around. Still no one there. They walked down the hall quietly, the darkness giving them cover. Once she heard voices she stopped and put her finger up to her mouth to let Zero know to keep quiet as well.

She crouched forward to see what she could see. There were at least four guards up ahead sitting at a table playing what looked to be a poker game. They were talking in that strange language that they heard earlier from the others. She looks at Zero. “Have an idea how we can take them out quietly?”  

Zero looked around the first room with the low ceiling. She was tempted to open a box to see what was inside of it. She decided against it as it would make noise. Zero was about to ask if she should use her magic to summon a weapon now. Before she did though she turned her head to Claire to see that she wanted her to be quite. She silently moved over to where Claire was. "We could be sexy strippers, or open a box, or throw a stone to get their attention somewhere else. Or we could do something to snuff out the torches on the wall. I would rather throw something, but that's just me," Zero said quietly. Finally we might get some action.

Claire shook her head. "I don't think being a sexy stripper would work right now." She said. She looked back over at the men. "Summon a weapon for yourself. I don't want them to raise an alarm so if I can get one of them to come over here, you can kill him with your weapon. We can then take their garbs and use them as cover to get around down here. I would like to kill them one by one if possible." she said.

She then takes a pebble and tosses it out onto the floor. She hears the men go quiet and then footsteps head their way. She waits for the man to get close. They are still in the storing room. The man comes in and begins to look around. He's just a little taller then Claire is, but nothing she can't handle. She puts her hand up to his mouth to keep him quiet and aims his back to Zero so that she can kill him.  

Zero used her magic, which luckily enough summoned one of the swords she likes to use. It's edge was curved and was smaller at the handle and larger and thicker in the middle. While this was a sword shes used often, it wasn't one she was perfect with. Zero quickly did a stab for the mans heart hoping to get a quick a silent death. Once that was done she looked for a box, or a very dark place in the room to hide the body.

Claire followed Zero where she found a crate that was empty. perfect. They could hide the bodies there. Between the two of them they lifted the man's body into the crate and went back to the door that led to the room where the other three men were at. One down, three to go. She knew at least one of the men would come if their friend didn't rejoin them soon.

Sure enough she was right. One of the other men called out in that unknown tongue. Soon enough all three were standing up. She looked over at Zero. “All three are coming this way. If you can take out at least one of them. I can get the other two.” She whispered.

"I should be able to take out one of the guards. If you want I can take out the second one too. Doesn't matter to me who does though," Zero said trying to be just loud enough that only Claire could hear her. In any case Zero got prepared for what was to come and got her sword at the ready.

Claire nodded her head at Zero. "Whoever get's to him first then. As long as he doesn't leave here to sound the alarm." She warned in a hushed tone. She pulled her sword from her side and waited for the men to come. They didn't have long to wait as the first one walked closer to the door. It appeared that the three of them had split up to check the area. Hopefully they would stay that way for a moment. Claire was unable to reach the man's mouth. He was to tall for her to put her hand over his mouth. As soon as he came into the room. She didn't give him a chance to do anything as he entered the room. She raised her sword and aimed for his heart. He fell over onto her shoulder and made a slight noise as his weapon his the ground.  It caught the other two men's attention and they hurriedly came their way.

Zero seeing that one both of the men had turned their to her quickly went in for the kill. She went to get the closest person to her. Zero moved her hand around his mouth and went to stab him with her sword. It was an awkward position to put her arm in. She quickly thrust her arm into his heart again going for the quick death. The third guy must have heard the guy she was attacking do a have grunt of pain. For the third guy turned around to see the what the noise behind him was. Turning to face someone else was going to be a mistake for him, if Claire had enough time to go in for the kill.

Claire put the body down just in time to see the third guy stairing at Zero with his weapon drawn. He was paying her no mind so she quickly and quietly came up behind him with her sword drawn. She slices through his stomach and twists her sword on it's way out to make sure he would die. Good, he died on his way down to the floor. "Quick Zero, help me put these bodies in with the other one in that crate." She whispered. "Then we can take another look at the map right quick and see where we need to go."

Zero helped Claire with hiding the bodies in the box that they had hidden the first one. Now that the adrenaline of the fight was starting to wear off she was able to focus on the new personality, the feeling of changing into something new. It would be interesting to see how the others react, if they notice at all. You never really know with some people. Once that was done she crouched so that Claire could put the map on the floor so they could both see it.

Claire pulled the map from her pocket. She opened it up and put it on the floor so that the two of them could see it. "It looks like the room holding the cells are right ahead.  Hopefully there won't be as many guards in that room.  We should keep low and find out where the keys to the cells are as well. I didn't see keys on these men at all so they are either in this next room or on one of the guards in the holding room." She said. She looked over the map one more time and waited for Zero to finish before putting it up.

Zero looked the map intently trying to remember the details of it, where things were. It would make it easier if they had to separate for whatever reason. It would be better to prepared for what could happen. "I'm done looking at the map now," Zero said while going to stand up. She silently headed for the door, going to one side of it to peek around the corner and see if there were any more guards.

Claire put's the map up and then stands up. She stands on the other side of the door and does the same as Zero. She doesn't want any unwanted guests. She then motions for Zero to follow her and they enter the room the guards had just been in. "Look for the keys." She whispered. She began searching what little was in the room, but she could find nothing where she was looking at. "I didn't find any keys over here, what about you?" she asked.

Zero follows Claire inside and starts looking on her side. She doesn't have much luck. Zero looks around the room for some place that would hold a key on the wall. Maybe it was in a desk or drawer somewhere else in the room. Zero expanded her search to places that were more suitable to hold keys. "Any luck on that side?" Zero asked trying to get this search done as fast as possible. They didn't want to miss the signal to get going.

Claire shakes her head. "There must be a guard in there with the keys on him. Come on, we need need to be as quiet as possible." She whispered. She walks over to the door and crouches down. She didn't want to be seen. She makes her way into the next room and sees a guard teasing a group of slaves with bread. This time he's speaking in their language.

“Are you hungry? You want this little bit of bread? Beg for it like the little shits you are.” The guard said. She could see the keys hanging off of his side.

She looks back in at Zero. “He has the keys.” she whispered. There were slaves in the cells and they looked down right pitiful. They barely had anything on for clothing and looked as if they were starving. Claire shook her head as she put her finger up to her mouth so that the slaves would keep  quiet. She looks at Zero. “Kill him and get the keys. I will explain to these people what is going on. We can then get out of here.” she whispered.  

Zero Silently walked behind the guard and checked her surroundings. Making sure that no one else was in the room. Once that was done she headed forwards towards the guard. She used her sword and quickly went for a slash across the back, this was quickly followed up by a angled slash across the side. Just to make sure he was dead and going to die. She then bent down to pick up the keys that the guard had on him. Zero turned back around to look towards Claire "It's safe to come in now," Zero said turning back around to let the slaves out.

Claire stood up and walked into the room. She gathered the slaves to her and raised her arms up. "Quiet everybody. I need everyone to be quiet. We are here to save you from this hellhole.  All I need you to do is to keep quiet and to do as your told. As long as you do as you're asked, we should make it out of here with no problems.” She said.

Everyone seemed to be nervous about the escape. “Are you sure you're not here to kill us? Please just end it all.” Someone said.

“We are not here to hurt you. I promise you. We were sent here to take out this place and to save you. Both Zero and I are part of the rescue party. Now I need for everyone to keep quiet. We don't want to attract anyone down here or anyone while we are on the move.” Claire said. She looked at Zero. “Take the end and follow behind. Make sure no one is left behind.” She instructed.

Zero looked to Claire and nodded her head. "I can take up the rear." Zero said as she unlocked the door to the cells that the slaves were in. She went from cell to cell, unlocking each door and letting the slaves know that they would soon be free from this place. They seemed to be quite cautious of them. Who could blame them for it though? Some random people coming from who knows where to save them, it seemed like a miracle. It could very well be a miracle for them.

Claire waits for Zero to finish letting all the slaves out. She then puts her finger to her mouth. “I need everyone to be quiet as we leave the building. We have to go back up the stair case and then meet the rest of our crew at the front gates with all of you.” She said. She then began to lead them out of the cells and back towards the room where she and Zero had just come from.

The people were nervous but did as they were told. They were afraid of what could happen but were more afraid of what would happen to them if they didn't go with these people. Claire was glad that the room was quiet again. There were no soldiers there looking around. Good, no one had heard them. The pitter patter of the people's feet could be heard on the stone floors. They weren't even wearing shoes. None of them had on real clothes and all of them looked terrified. Claire only wanted to make things better for them and if getting them out of slavery was it, then so be it.

They made it to the stairway with no problems. Claire led them up the stairs before taking out her map to check for  the gate. She needed to know which way to go to meet up with Ham and the others. She didn't want to miss the signal either. She looks around the opening of the door and makes sure all is safe before leading the people out into the shadows of the halls.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 4th September 2017, 9:00 pm

Ham waited until he was sure the tranquilizer had taken effect, gathering Xiax's belongings and slinging them over his shoulder in his rather large and now, thanks to his tumble down the stairs, slightly crushed wicker bag. He couldn't just leave the poor man here; 'hey thank you for enabling me to go after my homicidal sister let me just leave you on a bandits lawn amidst over ten of his dead friends'? That would be a dick move, to say the least.

Once he was sure the man was unconscious he carefully flung him over his shoulder. Few people were heavy to Ham, but Xiax was definitely pushing the weight limit.

'Has be been snorting protein since he joined the Edge?' Ham thought to himself as he looked up to where his sister had disappeared to. He raised his free hand, clenching it into a fist. Blink- and him and Xiax were further into the air than he anticipated. Blink- and they were on the roof. Well, balcony of the roof. He plopped Xiax's belongings down first before carefully laying the man down. He'd been using his bag as a pillow before- so he briefly pondered if he should set it beneath the mans head.

Ah, it was too big, better not. He carefully laid the man down, tucking his bag against his side.

'If I get killed and don't come back, he's going to have much bigger problems than a crick in the neck.' Ham thought grimly to himself. Normally, he'd trust his sister- he knew, he knew she was good at her job, that she could handle herself. But when ones judgement is clouded with hatred and revenge, they become a wildcard.

Once he was sure Xiax was safe and would not be found, he once again set off after his sister. The back of the fort was wall, but luckily there were windows he could scale. He got a running start to the stark, bleached exterior of the building-

And jumped.

He blinked from window to window, fingers gripping the stoney sills for mere seconds before blinking to the next. Heavy curtains were drawn over them, so he couldn't see inside. He looked to the side to find place of lateral place to move. His blink didn't break falls like July's void reach did- and with everything going on a leg injury on his part would be...less than ideal. He blinked to a lateral window-

He felt it.

He felt it. That deep, sinking feeling, that sickening crackle. He felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up straight.

'Look at me, look at me,' It teased him, coaxed him, making him want to see it, urging him to look at it. He stared owl eyed at the wall- his fingers trembling slightly. He knew this feeling, he knew what it was.

'Lookatme, lookatmelookatme, loooooook at meeee-' He felt the fingertips on his brain, the hollowness in his chest. He knew what it was, he knew what July was doing.

He swallowed hard, resolve trying to pour into the sunken place in his chest, bathed in horror and apathy.

He had to hurry.

It felt like her body was being ripped apart; her fractured, broken, whatever ribs bursting at the seams in pain.

She did not cry out, she did not weep- She did not flinch. This had to be done and it had to be done now. She couldn't let this bastard get away. She slingshotted herself upwards once again; landing painfully on the hard stone roof. She was the glass, atrium like ceiling. Ah, Karnacan's always did love their natural sunlight. The words danced through her mind spitefully. She took brisk, agonizing steps, crouching to peer down through the slanted glass. Five, five people. Five targets. She recognized Oiyaz by the smoke of his cigar.

She'd have to let herself fall aways, Void Reach to the ground to break her fall and then-

Shit, she'd need to break the glass, it would cause too much noise- and she was in no shape to take on five men, she wasn't that stupid. She white knuckled the handle of her blade; the white accents of bone slick with wicks of blood.

She knew it, she knew what she had to do. And she was damn well willing to do it to get this stain off this earth once and for all.

She took one last breath, kicked her foot through the glass- and took her leap of faith.

She pulled down her cowl to protect her eyes from the fragmented glass- falling feet first as she heard the exclamations of confusion below her.

She squinted her eyes; holding out her free hand- the black tendril like claw shooting out of her hand and to the ground, easing her impact on the ground to a feather fall. She was kneeling, looking up at the five men as they drew their weapons. They were around a table, large, wooden- sprawling a better part of the room. She held up her free hand again- the inky blackness of her pupils dripping from her skin, out from her eyes, secreting from her pours. The crackling noise crawling up through the room like a snake.

"Mesmerize-" The word came whispered from beyond the veil. The bristly, black apparition taking form at the tables dead center.

'Hello friend, hello friend-' The greeting echoed through her brain, pulsing and undulating, rippling through her skull like a wave. She felt it- the noise, not of this world, not like anything of this world. Echoed behind splintering wood.

The men dropped their weapons as their eyes were drawn to it- their eyes becoming dead, apathetic, empty- as if their souls were being concentrated into the prickly, floating blackness.

"'s...looking at me...Ashamed..." One of them, to the right of Oiyaz muttered. "Ashamed...I feel....ashamed." His voice crackled, barely audible, and then he was silent, anothers mouth opened, and closed, like a fish gasping for air.

This wouldn't last forever, she needed to get to work- despite the blackness crawling up her spine.

She lunged for the first man, her blade going for his throat with surgical precision. Only in that moment; he was silver, silver hair, silver eyes, skin smooth, lovely, lovely, lovely-

In her arms it was Ilyana, falling back into death's final dance as July's blade penetrated her throat. Her eyes- her eyes, she was ashamed. 'How could you do this July?' No, no not that. The song was the same, the words were different. Her eyes were knowing. Accepting. She knew, as July's sword entered her throat, that it was coming.

'You are not the first assassin to come for me, July' Her eyes spoke. 'And yet I always knew you would.' Her eyes flickered, and her hair fell around her- breezing without touch against July's cheek.

She pulled her blade free- and it was once more a man tumbling to the floor.

A ballroom floor, polished in black and silver. Ornate, beautiful.

Stained with blood.

She turned to the next man- sword digging through his throat now.

And it was Sylmeria; sweet, little Sylmeria. With her blonde hair, and her big, doe eyes- Her frame fell, her eyes accusatory. 'They branded me a killer, but it's you, July. You, you, you. Killing your guildmates? For coin, for coin.' Her hands reached out to her, to her throat, but July pushed her away. Her form once more fell into that of a bloody, broken dead man- in a bloody, sullied overcoat- on a bloody, bloody ballroom floor.

She shifted once more, lunging for the next person- she wanted this over. Over, over, over, over, over and done. Done, done, done. He brain wracked in circles and she was trying her best to slow the speed, but it was not her who set the tempo of the dance.

Again, same move, blade, throat, simple. Simple, simple, simple. But no, this time it was Xiax- Xiax Xiax Xiax. Sad Xiax, tragic Xiax. With his glowing eyes looking at her like eerie, moonlit saucers. Accusing, accusing- no, it wasn't accusing- it was the same terror as before. His hands reached up to her.

'Turnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoffturnitoff-' The words screamed in her brain like an alarm, grating grating grating. Clawing through the outer layers of her brain and screaming into her ear. Make it stop, make it stop.

It wasn't Xiax, it wasn't it wasn't- It wasn't Ilyana, it wasn't Sylmeria, it wasn't Xiax. She was gripped with a terror in her chest; she felt a seizing around her throat- choking, was he choking her? The terror in his eyes contradicted his statement as she pushed his body backwards. Away- away, falling to the ground a different man.

Silver tiles stained with blood, blood- was the floor even silver anymore? She turned, the fourth man- Not Oiyaz, not yet. Not quite. She had one more partner, it would be rude of her to skip the line. Rude, rude, rude, rude. Rude little girl. No manners. She'd be scolded. The silver handle of her fathers cane- the ornate bird-

No, she wasn't a girl anymore. Anymore? When hadn't she been?

Her bodies movements didn't betray the violent wracking of her mind.

Was that music she heard? Sweet music, terrible music. Did it sound like a swan song, or the grating of fingernails on the chalkboard? She couldn't hear it. Couldn't hear it, couldn't hear it.

Again, her blade found anothers neck. Eskel, noble Eskel- body guard. To protect her- protect her from what? Herself? Her own hands? Others hands? Whose? They were out to get her, kill her, all of them. All of them. Blood on the dance floor and bodies from the chandeliers. Who was the savior? The villain was her.

She saw him; his soft sharp eyes, looking at her lazily as they always did- staring right through her as she quickly did her dirty, wicked work.

"Little Lady-" The voice sounded wrong, wrong, not a humans voice. His lazy smile was not a smile- the flesh didn't fit right. Wrong, wrong- something wearing a mask- a suit stitched from skin. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

She calmly let the body fall- visions of the bodies of the bandits, bodies of her friends- flickering, flickering like sunlight through twisting leaves.

Oiyaz, her final target- the final dance, the swan song. She moved to him quickly, like a breeze- soft footsteps, through blood, too much blood? Or not enough? Had she missed someone? No, she didn't miss. She never missed.

She plunged her sword through this ones heart- not the throat, he deserved it, deserved it-

And in that moment, it was not Oiyaz. No.

Her brother, sweet, sweet Ham. Sweet Ham who had grown too soon. Her sweet brother missing his front teeth, her sweet brother comforting her every time father set upon her, her sweet brother, staring vacantly at the black apparition she summoned, her sweet brother, traumatized on a roof, on the floor of her bedroom, not responding to anything- sweet, sweet Ham- a man out of time. Time. Time.

He started young, a gap toothed mouth, wild tousled hair that mother complained about, then he grew, a young man, with tailored suits he traded for cowls when they ran the rooftops, laughing, laughing, falling, falling- he grew to a teenager, handsome, picture of a lord, black hair without a spot of grey, wicked eyes of their family softened to kindness- sweet, sweet Ham. What a sweet, sweet brother she had.

And he withered, he withered- rotted, age overtaking him, grey hairs overtaking his head, going to his knees- age spots dotting his hand, reaching up, reaching up to her with his withered, withered hands.

"July..." He begged, not his voice. Not anyones voice; he was dragging, dragging her down. Not him, not him, not her brother. Not her brother.

She kicked him away, freeing her blade.

She heard it, the music.

'It's not real, July, it's not. None of this is real.' She heard the laughing of the house guests, the clinking of champaign glasses. She saw the shadows of footsteps dance across the tole.

She heard the noise of her friend leaving as she waved her fingers at it, dispelling it. It gave, disappearing into nothing- with a final, choked shriek.

"July-" She looked up. Him, him, himhimhimhim. Run, go away. No don't run, you'll get in trouble. Naughty, naughty. Naughty girl. The voices echoed, spitting in her head. No escape, no escape. They were her head.

Don't scream, keep calm- she had been calm. Calm- Quiet Like A Sunset, Hidden Like A Secret. Quiet Like A Sunset, Hidden Like A Secret.

The phrase rang in her head as she stared- in the pale moonlight, in the balcony, at her father. He stood now, tall and proud. With-

The cane. The cane the cane thecanethecanethecane. No. It's not real.

She turned, looking away, despite the chill of her spine, the soldier straight stance of the hairs on the back of her neck.

He wasn't real. He'd go away. He'd go away.

She soothed herself, taking a step away, leaving as the floor melded back into wood from tile and the music stopped, away from the apparition, away from her work-

And then it touched her.

The speed at which his sister turned, palm striking him in throat was almost blinding. He gagged.

"July-" He croaked, grabbing both of her hands as she struggled. "July, calm down, shhh, shhhh! It's me, it's Ham. It's okay, it's okay." He voice was gentle, waiting for his sister to stop fighting his grasp as she looked at him with wide, hunted eyes.

"Ham..." She exhaled, taking a few breaths. "Ham." She stopped tussling, stopped fighting. He felt her slump against him, taking a deep breath; inhaling and exhaling, the shallow breaths a reminder of her injury. He held his sister to him, gently rubbing circles on her back, careful to not upset her injury.

"I'm here,'s okay, it's okay." Ham whispered comfortingly to his sister. She didn't sob, she rarely sobbed- but Mesmerize took a toll. A large toll, as bend time did- only her payment was not so easily seen.

His eyes scanned the room and he saw...Posters? Posters of them. Well what they might have looked like. He paused, looking at his inky younger self, on parchment wet with booze. He felt a brief pang of....something. Something tight within him. He buried it, buried it to observe later.

"Come on, July," Ham said softly, after a few more moments. "Let's go."

Ham took her up to the balcony for....Xiax, yes, Xiax. Why was he on the balcony? How had he gotten up there? Did he climb? No, no.

Something felt wrong, it felt wrong- Wrong, wrong.

Wrong, as her eyes fell upon the unconscious body of her friend- and her twisted blackened brain put the pieces together.

"Xiax-" The name left her body like air, a wheezing breath as she pushed off from her brother and landed beside her friend. Again- her hands had turned into birds, not deciding where to land, not touching, not touching. Was it bad again? Did it plague his mind and make him collapse in terror? What did Ham's feel like to him- Ham? Ham. Ham.

Her head whipped up to look at her brother.

"Why?" She hissed. "I told you what it does! I told you! And you did it anyway!?"

"July," Ham said, guilt panging in his eyes. "I thought you were- We thought you'd-"

"You let him suffer because you didn't fucking trust me!?" Her voice lowered to a growl, looking back at Xiax. "Whatever, I don't fucking care what reasons you give- I'm carrying him out of here." Her hands flinched at first as she went to grab him, to hoist him over her shoulders.

"No you most certainly will not." Ham's voice hardened, and she looked back up at him with a glare, opening her mouth to argue. "July, your injured. Your ribs are broken. I'll carry him." She closed her mouth, reluctantly scooting to the side, standing so her brother could carry her friend. Her friend. Her heart broke for the man again- remembering his eyes, his terror as she followed her brother down the stairs.

She could swear, she could still hear the music.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by Luna on 5th September 2017, 6:38 pm

Above their heads, the group could hear the heavy yet hushed plodding of boots; and the hushed echoes of the same, strange language that all bandits had been speaking in. What was it, what was it? A voice called out, heavily accented, but in the common tongue. "We know you're down there, rats- Come out nice and slow." The voice spoke in a sneer. "We've got your exits surrounded, so don't try anything- and we've got enough blades and bullets to put you and those dregs in body bags." There was a cackle above them, not the same voice, but a chorus of different ones. It sounded like a crowd; a tragically large once.

Claire froze. She listened to the men that surrounded them. She could see a few but not to many of them. She was hunched over, trying to keep from their view. How did they know they were down there? They had been as quiet as a mouse. They had also let no one escape from the room below so no one had been able to sound the alarm that she knew of. She sighed inwardly. She really needed Ham and July right now but they could do this. She had the people move back and beaconed for Zero to join her at the front. “They know we are here, Zero. I don't know how but there sounds like there are a lot of men here all of a sudden. They are threatening us, telling us to come out slow and not to try anything. What do you say? I want to hear your opinion before I make a decision.” Claire said.

Zero continued what she was doing for a few seconds. She moved forward towards Claire and in a gruff voice trying to sound more like a man says "We could try and stop them at the stairs just so long as their is no either no other wa down or one more set of stairs. Any more than one set of stairs will lead to problems with protecting everyone." Zero decided to move towards some boxes. "The names Theo not Zero by the way. Another option we have is moving boxes to block the exits or maybe we could try boarding it up, but I doubt that will work. I would say our best option is to defend at the stairs and kill them as they come down.

The voice waited. "Clocks tickin'. Tick Tock, Tick Tock." He was impatient. "Try to come up around the stairs and we'll just jump down on your heads, and run out the sewers and we'll smoke you out like the rats you are." Another chorus of laughter. "Also- we've got the high ground, unless you're too stupid to understand that that's a tactical advantage."

Claire nodded her head. That's not a bad idea. Here block these up. I am going to go out and talk with them. If I die, let Ham know I tried.” She said. Claire shuttered as they began to move some of the crates around to block the entrance. She didn't know what kind of powers these men had and coming from above wouldn't help them. She could at least offer the man in charge a fight to the death. The winner getting the slaves back to keep. Now she could use her armor. This no armor thing wasn't going to be easy. She steps out from behind the crates. “Who's in charge?” She looked around the room. There were quite a few men here. Stepping out was probably the wrong thing to do, but she knew it was better then doing nothing.

Zero helped move some of the boxes, trying to make room to quickly move the boxes to make space for Claire if things go south. Which seemed like it would happen. Hearing what Claire said she looked around in the boxes for weapons, she knew the likely hood of finding some was slim to none. Any weapons would help, not a good chance of finding any down here though. Zero didn't find any weapons in the boxes, like she had expected. Her only option if things went down hill was to try and defend the stairs, they seemed like only one person could fit going down them. That would make it easier to defend. Sure they had the high ground, but they couldn't get them down here fast enough to surround her. The best case scenario was that there was only about 10 men upstairs, worst case was the world exploded or there were more than 10. Though Claire could handle 10 men if it was one on one or even two on one. Zero just wasn't sure how Claire would handle the situation. Either they could get out of this or they couldn't it would all depend on the next few moments.

"Ahhh, there one of 'em is!" The man had tanned skin, ruddy, red- with hair yellow and light as lemons. He wore a luxurious green overcoat, under which as a leather belt, laden with pouches, a dagger, and a sword. "I want all of you out here. And I do mean all of you. Gotta check to see if all of the merchandise is still in one piece." He gave a wolfish grin, leaning over the banister, flanked by two bandits. "As for who's in charge here, that'd be me little miss. Names Ifrah, Oiyaz sent me after one of our little guard detail failed to report in. You hero types just never learn."

Zero didn't know what to do. She could go up with the slaves they were trying to rescue, or wait and try to ambush them. That would be if they came down to see if they had all their slaves up there. The point was, could she get away with being down here or not? If she could then sneaking behind them would be easy. It not then things could go south real quick. This would be the "what if" game, not many people can win that game. Zero had to decide quickly before things get out of hand. Zero looked the group of slaves and quietly said in her gruff somewhat male voice, "I'm going to let you guys up there. I will follow behind you guys when they start to leave with you. Once that happens, I'm going to try and kill the guards one by one without them knowing. Don't let them know I'm down here. If they do head down here to check to see if everyone did go, don't let them know I'm here. The goal will be to kill them before things get out of hand. When I give the signal, which will be me yelling run, run down the hallway and try to find something to hide behind. I will try to get them from there with Claire." I hope they the guards do check down here, it will make it easier to kill them in the end/[i]

Claire raised an eyebrow. "I don't know if I can allow you to take these people back. They are not slaves but humans just like you and me." She said. Though it didn't matter, the slaves were coming up and standing behind her as if giving up. "Are these people what you're after? I won't let you have them without a fight." She didn't know what Zero had up her sleeve.

The man gave an unamused, breathy 'huh', peering down at Claire. "Horseshit. That's what that is. It's the way of the world sweetheart, they're mud slinging peasants- the only thing they'd ever do is eat, shit, fuck and die. At least this way their existence benefits someone. [i]Us
." He held his arms up as two bandits jumped over the railing, landing feet first in the courtyard, swords drawn. "Now, Oiyaz is an....understandin' man. You fork over the slaves, nice and easy, we won't put a collar on you too. Besides, doubt anyone would pay much for one of that Justice bitches pets. That'd be a damn death wish in these parts. Dunno why they're so afraid of a hag like that anyway- last lackeys she sent to wipe us out weren't even able to finish the job." He waved his hand dismissively. "I'm gonna give you one last chance little lady, as my pa raised me better than to hit a lady unprovoked. Give 'em up."

Claire sucked in her breath as a few of the slaves walked in front of her. "I won't let you win. " She said as she drew her sword. "These people deserve a life of freedom. Also I won't have you talking about my friends like that. " She said as she pointed her sword at the man. .

Zero could hear what was going on up the stairs. Was it the right moment to go up though? Probably not, the best moment would be once the fighting started. She could go up in the confusion and start killing them. The problem though, would the fight start with the slaves in the middle or not? Me and Claire won't hurt the slaves, but they might. They can always get more, but it would hurt their profits if the slaves got hurt or anything bad happened to them. Zero decided to hide in the shadows of the boxes, maybe one or two of them will come down here and she could lower their numbers a little. If not she was at least close enough to go up the stairs when or if the fighting started.

The man sighed, making a gesture with two fingers. "Suit yourself, then." The two bandits on the ground were joined by two more. "Kill them." The first two lunged at Claire, as the other two held back, pacing in a semi circle around her.

Claire stood in a defensive stance. "Get back everyone. No one needs to get hurt in this fight that belongs to us." She said. Four against one didn't seem fair enough to her but if she needed to turn into her bear form, she would do it with no second though. At least it would give her a fighting chance. She swung her sword at the first man and tried to keep her back back covered so that she would be kept half way safe at least.

Zero peered around the boxes to look up the stairs. She was secretly hoping that none of them were looking down here, to which it didn't seem like they were. Just wait to hear the clash of swords. Once that happens they will more than likely not be paying any attention to the stairs.

The sword clipped the man as he danced away, spitting out a foreign word that sounded rather insulting. The other lunged for Claire's less guarded side as her swing reached its end; his strike was shallow, quick, not strong like hers- his combat style seemed focused on being nimble rather than heavy,

Claire jumped back to keep from being hit. She didn't have her armor to defend her. This was going to be hard. She bought her sword up to defend herself against the man that had swung to strike her to defend against him, leaving her front side open again. She would have to do something fast if she wanted this to end between them.

Looking up the stairs Zero could see a guy moving in a crescent shape. He seemed to be moving around someone. This might be that chance that I need. Zero slowly crept up the stairs trying to be silent, she held her sword at the ready in front of her. The only option she had was to stay and wait for something to happen. Who knows what would happen if she didn't go know. This was a risk, but at the moment all the options were risks. She continued up the stairs, waiting for the guy at the top of them to stop moving. He seemed to stop and lunged forward for an attack.

This was going to be as good of an opening as any. She crept up the stairs going a faster than before. Once she got near the top she peered over the banister and looked through to see what was going on. Trying to not be spotted. She hadn't seen going down what the stairs had looked like, now that she could see it was more open than she had originally thought. It was going to be a better idea to wait in the shadows further down the stairs.

The assailant danced backwards, spinning their sword over the back of their hand. A freed young woman, with messy, curly brown hair crawled up beside Zero. "Lemme see!" She whispered harshly, peeking up over the edge. A soft gasp escaped her lips as she watched one of her rescuers become encircled by bandits. Two of them shot a glance to each other and lunged at Claire, swords at the ready.

Claire dropped down and spun her sword around. She was in danger as they both attacked her. She needed a moment to get into her bear form. At least then she would have armor and would have the strength to go against two of these men at once. She would at least fight until the very end to free these people. She looked around her and saw them coming again. One on each side of her. She swong her sword in an ark to at least stop one of them as she dipped down to keep the damage from the other blow to a minimum.

Zero looked to her left to see one of the people they were trying to free next to her, also peeking over the edge. "If you are going to peek over the edge you should try not have your head to far above the edge." Zero whispered in her gruff voice trying to give this woman advice on being sneaky. "By the way, who are you? Not many people would want to see people fight. Especially after going what you people must have gone through. Though guess I can't blame you for wanting to either. It would be exciting to see people try to save you." Zero also whispered to this woman beside her. Hmmmm. "Can you fight or use magic at all?" Zero whispered hoping that they would have another person to fight by their side.

The two men danced back, with one getting receiving a gash across his stomach which caused him to flop backwards in pain. A string of foreign words escaping his mouth The young woman looked at Zero, gazing at her incredulously, eyebrow raised. Were they really trying to strike up a conversation as their friend was being attacked? "Well I obviously have a very vested interest in this situation," She whispered back, returning her gaze to Claire. "Seeing as how if you fail I and all my companions will get crammed back into cages." She furrowed her brow. They were mages, right? Had to be! "No," She almost scoffed at the question. "If I was do you think I would have been taken in by these...bootlickers...scumbags.." She grumbled. "We're all just regular people, none of us can really fight, and none of us are mages."

Claire had managed to hit one of the men. She stands up and steps forward as she brings her sword down towards the man in front of her. She had received a wound on her side from the blade before. It wasn't as bad though and she would fight through it. She would get him off of her and then switch into her bear form.

"Dang, I was hoping that you could fight. Having a distraction so I can get around to where their leader is would be good. I can't get to him from here without them noticing me. I could try and change weapons, but I'm the best we have at fighting out of the five of us... Zero won't be back for about a day anyway. So I can fight my way to him, or sneak around. Sneaking won't work, but fighting might... It'll be now or never." Zero whispers to no one in particular.

The two men circling who, those who hadn't attacked yet, shouted something at the downed man; who then tried to struggled to his feet, to little avail. But, still, he was persistent. If Claire wanted to get a break from their attacks, she'd have to finish the other one soon. The girls expression twisted even further as the girl started babbling nonsense. Zero? And who was she suggesting be distraction? Was she mental? Talking to herself? Whatever, at least the other woman seemed in a right sort, but she was currently under attack. The girl looked antsy...there were more of them then there were of the bandits...but still....

Claire rushed forward with her sword at the man. She couldn't understand what they were saying since they were speaking in the different language. She slashed with her sword and continued pushing forward, hoping that she could take him down with strength. She wondered what Zero was doing or if she had a plan.

Zero peeked over the edge again, to see that the only person close enough to her was Claire. Zero knew that if she didn't so something soon bad things would happen. She could always charge into the fray, but how well would that work to get them out of this? She could throw a stone and hope that people turn their heads so she sneak by them. The only other option would be trying on one of the guard outfits and seeing if they fit. Not that it would work now. "Stay here, I might have an idea." Zero wispered to the woman next to her. Zero went back down the stairs to find a stone that she could throw. She then went back up the stairs to where she was orginally, and checked to see if anyone was focused on the stairs. It didn't seem like anyone was though. Zero went down the stairs again and tried to throw the stone about 45 degrees away from the wall on her left turning to her right to do so. She couldn't see where it landed, but she went back up the steps to take a look and see what was going on.

The blade caught the mans arm and he reached up to grasp the wound on instinct. The two others rushed Claire, as the fourth struggled to his feet. Things were looking rather grim for her, two on one, soon to be three on one, soon to be FOUR on one.

'A rock?' The girl thought. 'That's her plan? Seriously?' She wasn't going to let herself, nor anyone else, be thrown back into a cage because this scrawny whoeverthefuck thought a rock was a valid strategy. She gripped her severed chain in her hand, looking back at her fellow almost freedmen. 'On my signal' she mouthed, and most of them looked confused. But still, they readied themselves, gripping chains and whatever else they could get their hands on.

She saw the two men falling upon her savior like hawks, and sprang to her feet at the top of the stairs, pushing her chain wielding fist into the air.

"THEY CAN'T KILL ALL OF US!" She bellowed, ferocity and rage spitting from her mouth like fire; wrath in her eyes. "CHARGE!"

And just like that, the swarm of newly freed slaves rushed into the courtyard, armed with chains, and broken planks of wood.

"Shit, SHIT! Don't shiv the slaves! They're valuable merchandise!" He hissed as more bandits flung themselves over the fence only to be swarmed, beated and choked by their former 'property'. Two ragged looking women pulled one man away from Claire, an older man armed with a chain put the other in a choke hold. A young woman set to beating the man on the ground into submission, and the girl leader set her chain around the neck of the one with the arm wound. It was a madhouse, but at least Claire had a moment to breathe.

Claire had gone down under the pressure of so many people on her. Two was enough, but the there was now a fourth man there. She could hear voices coming from the stairwell. Were the people coming to save her? She stood up as they pulled the men from around her. “Thank you! It gives me a chance to use my magical ability!” Claire said. She dropped her sword and raised her arms up into the air. She roared out and began to turn into an armored grizzly bear. She had her eyes set on the men in front of her. If the people could take care of the men they had now, she could take care of the rest. She took the two nearest men and bashed their heads in together and then threw their bodies away. She roared in the melee of people as she rushed into the crowed of men before her.

Well there goes stealth. Zero charged up the stairs and ran trying to get a head of the people and to the leader of this group. If she could do that, she could get them out, well maybe. That would depend on how things went from here. She charged around the mob trying to find a good way to get to him. There didn't seem to be one. In the end, Zero decided to charge straight forward slashing at anyone that was a guard or wasn't in ragged clothing.

Ifrah growled as he saw Claire turn into a fucking bear, as his men got pummeled by fucking slaves let by some trollop common bitch. He pulled out his sword, pointing it at Claire.

"You're mine he hissed." Jumping down and watching as the crowd parted like the red sea to make a path to Claire. They knew him- and if they weren't afraid of his lackeys, they were afraid of him.

As they damn well should have been.

"I'm going to make a pelt out of you."

Claire roared at the man. She landed on all four paws and rushed at him as fast as she could. She was a little slower in this form, but she could still do the damage of a bear. She jumped when she got close to him and used her paw to swipe at his sword. She wanted to knock it out of his hands. A sword would be a dangerous weapon, but if she could get in close she could make this a one man fight.

Ifrah danced back, letting her claw catch the blade of his sword as she knocked it from his hand.

The girl, staring in awe at the woman warriors ursine form saw him reach back, to pull something from his belt.

She saw a metallic glint-

"Look out!" She cried, lunging through the crowd, for the mans arm. She managed to pull it high in the air, years of physical toil making her strong enough to wrestle with him.

"You- let me go, slave! You bitch, you-" He reared his fist back, punching her in the side of the face, the abdomen, trying to pull her grip off his gun.

"Get him! Get him!" She shouted at Claire, absorbing the punches, squinting her eyes under the force of his blows.

Claire watched as the metallic object fell to the ground, a gun. If a bear could look look angry, her looks would kill. The woman was being beaten by the man and Claire gave it no second thought as she charged in and grabbed him by the head. She lifted him up and watched as the woman fell to the ground. She pulled him close to her mouth and growled at him before roaring. She was angry and she was letting him know it. She threw him to the ground and began to maul him to death with her fangs.

The man screamed, a horrible terrible scream, that caused everyone around to stop and stare. The girl had landed on her behind, and scrambled away as she saw the man being mauled, mauled like he deserved. Her breathing was shallow, her heart beating out of her chest. Ifra scrambled, kicking and trying to get the bear off him. His strangled cries became muted as blood filled his lungs- his kicks grew weaker, his blows less fierce- until his blood, his life, had completely drained out of him. When the screaming stopped, all that was left was silence.

Claire roared out with red rimmed eyes. The throws of battle raging in her eyes. She looked around but there were only four men left. They were being beaten on by slaves. She raised her paws into the air and roared and slowly turned back into a human. She was huffing for breath and covered in blood. She walked over and picked her sword up and walked over to the first man that was choking for breath. She nodded for the man to remove his bonds from around his neck. Before he could even attack. She swung her sword and cut his head off.

Zero twisted and pulled her sword out that was one of the few remaining people. She looked around. Seemed like everyone they came for was ok. It turned out better than she had expected. They did have numbers on their side, but that can beat skill. If you have enough people. She walked up to Claire. "Where to now?" Zero said, it would be hard to go unnoticed with all the racket they just caused and with all the people they now had.

The girl stood as the last few bandits were killed, looking around. She heard murmurs.

"How are we going to get back?" One man said. "We're starving, weak, we can't possibly make it on foot."

She piped up. "There are carts towards the back? By Oiyaz's office! I heard Ifra talk about storing them there. I'm sure we can find horses!" She stood, looking at Claire as if for encouragement.

Claire nodded her head. “That is probably a good idea, however first we have to wait for our friends. After that I'm sure we can get some carts and horses for you. I don't think you could travel far in your condition either.” She said. She turned to look for Zero. “Zero, we should head for the gate and wait there for the others as planned. We don't know what Ham has up his sleeve.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Empty Re: Guild Ties Role-Play

Post by JulietHasAGun on 5th September 2017, 8:06 pm

"Incoming!" A freed man shouted, him and a few others staring pensively at the opening gate, coming to his feet as the rest of the group looked for food, supplies and carts. "And that-" He squinted his eyes. "Doesn't look like a bandit.

This wasn't exactly what Ham had meant by waiting but there were at least less guards to deal with, now. There had been a stable in the courtyard, and he had heard the commotion from the fight as they set the unconscious companion in one.

"What happened here?" Ham looked down from his position behind the reigns at the gape jawed villagers staring at him in a mixture of shock, awe and bewilderment. He saw a girl push her way to the front- Was she the leader?

She pointed her finger resolutely back towards where Claire was, taking a big inhale before-

"Those two freed us and killed the bandits in the dungeon and we all got out but then we got ambushed and the Claire lady went out to confront them but the blonde lady stayed behind and didn't do anything even when four whole bandits went to attack her friend and we were all scared and if we didn't do anything she would have died and blonde lady was throwing rocks and talking to herself and acting all weird and we beat up all the bandits and they're dead now and-" She took a good, hard look at his face, the way he was dressed- the younger woman hunched over behind him looking back at her from beneath her cowl. "AnywayI'mSifaandIknowwhoyouare." Her face went a deep burgundy under her tousled mane of brown hair.

This was Hamlet Napolitano! These- these were Infinity Edge people! And she was being rescued by Hamlet Napolitano!

Ah, so she was the leader. He smiled down at her. "It seems you all put on quite the fight. A valiant act, indeed. I'm sure Claire is indebted to you and your bravery."

Her blush deepened and she stammered. "I-Uh- I- we owe her! She turned into a bear. Big and fuzzy and covered in armor and it was so cool and she mauled Ifra! And-" She was staring up at him in impish awe. "I ha- My sister has a poster of you in her room."

Ham refrained from raising an eyebrow and instead nodded down at her. "Tell your sister I'm flattered. There are carts back through the courtyard. Hopefully enough to carry most of you; is anyone here familiar on how to drive one?" Ham saw several hands shoot up, as he expected.



Once all the villagers had been safely evacuate, far away from the confines of the fort, Ham looked between his sister and Claire.

"Now, make sure none of them wander off, stay as a group- I'm going in to demolish this place. I shouldn't be long." He saw the spite on July's face- he knew she wanted to do it, but she was currently being tended to by one of the few folk here who had medical training- and refused to leave the cart in which he'd set Xiax. She was like some pissed off, territorial mammal. With some very nasty injuries.

Like hell he was letting her go back in there. She didn't even argue as he turned to leave; he doubted she had it in her.


Luckily for Ham, and unluckily for the bandits- they had a rather fine stockpile of very explosive munitions. Gunpowder and cheap moonshine were all he needed to turn this place into a powder keg. He searched for all the liquor he could fine- charting liquid trails back to their powdery reserves, alongside conveniently placed wicks. He was sure these bandits had no idea what half the things they had stolen were for- they stole just to steal- just for the excess.

During his sneak around- he found a box, a very familiar box. He debated whether he should take it- not like he much wanted it anyway- and what good would it do anyone blown up.

But stolen goods left a bad taste in the mouth.

Ham turned to leave, but swiveled around at the last second, snatching it and tucking it in his vest.

July had better appreciate this damned thing.


July jolted at the thunderous sound of the explosion. She'd been- for lack of a better word- pouting on the seat of the cart, observing the hustle and excited bustle of the freed slaves, keeping a watchful eye on Xiax and his now crushed trash bin backpack. She even saw a few of them shirk away from her sharpened gaze- she wasn't pissed at them she was pissed at....Fuck, a lot of things.

But now all eyes turned to see the fireball that was formerly Ri Alteneas. She stood, the wood of the cart creaking beneath her feet.

She knew her brother was okay- that he'd never let himself be caught in something he himself caused. But madness bred paranoia and Mesmerize's effects were still crawling back away from her brain.

It was why she felt so glad when she saw her brothers silhouette approaching them through the underbrush. He raised his hands to his shoulders- as if in a small gesture of victory.

This was apparently enough to hype the crowd- with a small number starting a round of applause as Ham shook his head, rejoining them. Basking in shakes, friendly jostles and pats on the back.

That was Ham. The hero.

She didn't want to be spiteful about it- but she was. She could have fucking handled it- but now here was Ham, taking all the credit for fixing her mistakes.


Just as she sat down once more in the cart, she felt something hard gently wap against her arm.

"Here-" Ham was right next to her, looking at her with a smile- full of what, pity? Regret? "I hate the damn things but I know you had a weakness. Enjoy."

He gently patted her shoulder- Walking off to go be Hammy doing Ham things. She furrowed her brows at him as he walked away before looking at what she'd been given. Her eyes grew wide. These were Venitian Cigars! Rare as tits with half the bad smell. Smelled like home- the good bit of home. Eskel had loved the damn things, as had the women in The Golden Cat. The airy rose like smoke that had wafted through the ornate rafters the background scenery of some of the best times of her childhood.

Her furrowed brow turned into a reluctant, subtle grin as she looked up at her brother as he mounted his horse.

Ham figured with these villagers needing an escort and July and Claire needing medical attention; he'd have to make a detour. "Saddle up, and keep pace! We ride for Aer Town!"

'For White Cross.'

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Juliet10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 JulietMotY
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Post by HikariKuragari on 10th September 2017, 7:45 pm

Digging Site 3h~8h30PM

**This is a collab between me and Leah7**

(ATTN : Opened ish to Lark if he's somehow stalking =p, closed otherwise)

Ryla moved over to the ruins she found a little earlier once again, but this time with her new guildmaster and Rodimus. As they approach the hole she did a little earlier, Ryla smiles to the supervisor who was keeping watch with two of his men. ''Heyyy I'm back !''

''Glad to see you back !  I had words of the new guildmaster arriving today, you seem to match the description given to me. Nice to meet you, I'm Peter, supervisor of the digging site here. '' He said toward Iasrite. He then looked toward Rodimus and smiled. ''Good to see you again pal.''

Rodimus and Iasrite both nod and politely give greetings as Rodimus nudges Iasrite a little to edge him a little closer to the site manager.  He can tell the guy is social awkard, a bit, so he is trying to help.  Iasrite smiles, "Hello, Peter.  I am Iasrite.   How are the ruins progressing?"

''Very well sir. Although there is still a lot more to cover. However regarding the current ruin found we were waiting on someone of higher rank before touching anything. Ryla asked me to secure this part of the site and so I did. The honor to go inside is yours, we'll keep watch here. Right boys ?'' Both of his men nod.

Ryla already stepped toward the hole. ''This might be a bit tight for you guys, but it should still work.'' She said with a wink as she gets inside. ''Man I feel at home here.'' Ryla said from inside the ruins.

Iasrite gesutres for Rodimus to enter first and then follows, careful wait until the man is all the way through before starting his own descent through the hole.
Rodimus is quick to go through, well--quick for being squished, that is.  However, he coughs a bit when he gets some dirt in his throat.  After he takes some swigs from his water canteen from around his neck, he coughs a bit more and shakes his head as Iasrite looks at him with amusement.  They must think him such the amateur.

''Oh no ! You okay Roddy ?''  She asked a little bit worried.

Rodimus waves his hand dismissively as he tags another drink as Iasrite chuckles a bit, but he glares at the man, just ever so briefly before he replies, "Yeah.  Where next?"

''We're pretty much inside already, but the next room is more like it. '' She said as she started to walk toward the other room  that seemed one of the many small room there was. ''Tada !''

Rodimus looks around, but Iasrite is already mumbling under his breath and moving about with great speed, analyzing this and that.  He's using all these weird terms as he shifts throughout the place and it's all completely over Rodimus' head.  He's a bit confused by it all, but he doesn't really care.  He is here to be the muscle, so he can do that much.

Ryla chuckles at the sight of her guildmaster behavior. ''Having fun ?!'' And then she turned toward Rodimus who looked a bit bored. ''Sorry didn't mean to bore ya with those ruins, but yeah it's still pretty cool to see ruins from old generations and stuff. We can sometimes depending on what was left behind find pretty amazing information about previous lives who used to live here. ''

"Oh, no," Rodimus says, "I think it's cool.  I just don't know what I'm doing, so I'm being careful not to mess up the uh...scene of the uh...ancient crime--not crime.  Stuff."

Ryla let go of a small laugh. ''I'm sorry your explanation was funny, but I understand completely. You can walk around really there's no problem in that, just don't touch things that may seem to have weird glyphs. We never know if something would still hold magic. But aside from that you can look around ! '' She then approached her guildmaster again. ''Iasrite to earth ?! I am requesting an audience to communicate something of great importance.... ! ''

Iasrite looks up immediately, but he sounds lost as he says, "...yeah?"

''So......What do you think so far ?! '' She said in excitement.

"It's fantastic," Iasrite says quickly, his eyes darting everywhere, "There are three new glyphs here, two new religious-styled symbols.  And this is just one of the smaller rooms.  Can you imagine what the rulership guidance room looks like?  With the council thrones?"

''Yes ! It must be quite impressive to see !! '' Ryla said looking enthusiastic. She looked at the symbols he pointed out more carefully although she did notice a few things earlier, she was too busy trying to start up a reaction. She focused to try and understand those glyphs before her. ''Mmm....''

Ryla mumbles a bit while focusing and then whisper three words very quietly to herself. ''....mind......spirit....body....?.....Mmmm....''

"I am surprised at how much is still intact.  How did you find this place, Ryla?"  Iasrite asks.

Ryla came out of her focus and said ''OH ... I pretty dig through and found it really. When I went through the wall slightly I recognized the style right away so I made a hole big enough to pass without damaging too much. ''

"Excellent work," he says, looking at another doorway before viewing more of the glyphs.  He points to the one glyph on one of the pillars, "We believe this one means, soul.  Why would they put that in their entries?  Was this some kind of meditation room?"

''You can read those ? '' Ryla said looking surprised as she was reading it too, but she wasn't sure if she should mention she could or not. ''Maybe it is ? '' Although she was also wondering if it had something to do with how some of them became the keys.

Iasrite looks over at Ryla, "Well...I have studied the glyphs extensively.  I would hope I can read some of them."

''Oooh well that's pretty cool ! '' She couldn't help, but wonder what kind of reaction the guy would have if ninth suddenly started to talk to him. He'd probably be going fanboy for sure. Ooooor freak out. ''Soo... you've been studying shazeer stuff for how long ? I don't know necessarily a whole lot, but I saw enough to recognize when it's shazeer related ish. ''

"Too long," Iasrite says vaguely, pointing to the columns, "You notice this room, for instance?  It's like...a gazebo...inside of a room.  The columns aren't necessary.  The ceiling here has plenty of support, but there they are, anyway.  With glyphs.  So they must have served a purpose."

''Yeah I see what you mean, I saw similar things in the other ruins I saw before, except those were just a giant room basically. But it had pillars too with glyphs and some kind of circle thing, was weird, but fun to see.... well except for the part where a murderer tried to kill me and ... well my friend. '' Her look get sad for a few seconds while thinking back on Sheridan, but she shake the thought away or tries to anyways.

''Well I say this like that cause he broke in the ruin killing some guild members and exploded the entrance to it cause he was insane, buuuut I smacked him good enough that we managed to get him into custody.... but thinking back... I have no clue what happened to the freak after since erm.... chain of events made so we never returned to the guild till recently. Although in the case of my friend.... he died in the storm event... '' She said looking sad again before returning to the main story.''But yeah I dunno what was up with that guy, but it looked like he was looking for something in the ruins we found. '' Though Ryla wasn't sure it was a good idea to bring back the shazeer link thing on the table although she had tried to explain that slightly when she first met Rodimus.

"Oh!"  Iasrite says, "I recall Miriam mentioning this to me.  I am very sorry this happened to you, Ryla.  At least now, we can be sure it will not happen again.  I am thinking we should have larger dig teams to prevent it from happening again.  Safety procedures."

''Mmm, yeah that could be something. But that guy attacked the wrong gurl teehee.'' Ryla said proudly. ''Though yeah it was slightly scary, especially that my friend at the time was uncuncious for a while too. It was hardcore. But yeah safety procedure to avoid freaks like him could be nice indeed. Although I do tend to get carried away in digging and often end up a bit further then the teams. '' She said with a sigh. ''But yeah long story short, the other room had pillars like this, but on a bigger scale.''

"Yes, a ritual room," Iasrite nods, "We have never documented an intact one.  Though, Miriam said this was the first one discovered, I have yet to be able ti view it myself.  I look forward to that adventure."

''Oh it was pretty impressive, there was even a shazeer mummy ! Though I dunno if they kept it there after or if they moved it to check more details and stuff. '' She said with a smile.

"Miriam has the place closed for now," Iasrite says, "Upon my request.  I'd like to make sure there will be no further intrusions before sending out our architects.  I intend to go myself."

''Sounds good, I don't know when I'll come back, but if I do before you head out I wouldn't mind to accompany you there.'' She said with a smile. ''If not, I hope you'll have a nice trip there and that everything will go smoothly.''

Iasrite returns the topic to the ruins they are currently in, "Have you done a room count?"

''Not yet... but I know there's quite a few. I did a quick look around earlier, but I thought I'd notify people before doing anything more. So no I didn't count at the time sadly.'' She said poking her index fingers together.

He nods, "You count, I'll do a quick recovery scan.  After that, we can decide where we want to start."

''Okies... and recovery scan ?'' She wondered what he was talking about and she tilt her head slightly to the side as she said that.

"Search for artifacts."  Iasrite says.

''Oh right !'' She hit herself on the head slightly as if saying silly. ''I'll get to it then !'' She then went around and started counting the rooms one by one, taking notes as she went on a notepad she brought in her bag.

Rodimus follows Ryla at a distance as Iasrite begins to search for artifacts, magical objects of any kind, written scriptures, etc. and slowly starts to mark them with a numbered flag as he slowly makes his way about to find anything that would be considered culturally relevant and recoverable by the Guild.

After some time passed, Ryla came back to him and said ''I counted 18 rooms !'' She said happy toward her guild master.

"Oh, a small one," He replies softly as he contemplates one of the new glyphs, "Interesting.  No ritual room, to be sure.  A shame, that.  Did you see a rulership chamber?  I doubt it, but I figure I'd ask."

Ryla shake her head. ''Nope sadly. Otherwise you most likely would have heard me squeal. How about you ? Did you find anything interesting ?''

"Nothing, just the new glyphs.   I wonder what this place was for..."  Iasrite tells himself.

''Mmmmm... It's hard to tell. '' She replied.

Iasrite nods, "Then I will study the writings.  I will try to find more of their meanings."

They continued their for some time, until they decided to call it a day and go outside of the ruins. As they walk a bit further outside of the dig site, Ryla turns to Iasrite and says ''Well, that's where I'm capturing Rodimus ! '' With a wink and smile, she then turned to Rodimus and said ''Right ?! ''

"Yeah," Rodimus says with a small laugh, "Iasrite, will you be cataloguing the place?"

"Yes," Iasrite says simply, "I thank you both for introducing me to this find.  It has been a fine day."

''You're welcome ! Also as I said earlier, I'll be leaving tomorrow. I won't be back for a bit, but I'm sure you'll manage and be fine ! Give the guild some time, they'll like you I promise !'' She said to Iasrite with a big smile.

Iasrite nods, "Of course, miss.  I shall.  Do send my regards to White Cross.   I'll...have much to discuss with you on your return."

Rodimus shakes his head, "Man, you're so stiff.  Relax."

''Okay sounds good, although that return could be in like.... I really don't know how much time. '' She said scratching her head. ''But yeah no probs ! I'll see ya ! '' She grabs Rodimus hand and start dragging him with her ''Let's goooo !!!! ''

Rodimus follows after a quick wave goodby to his fellow Guild Master, shaking his head with a grin as he is amused at her behavior.  This girl is a handful.  Still, he's got to help with this.  It's a big deal.  Char can keep things running in his absence and he's made sure of that.  He's already got a travel pack, so it all works out.   "I'm comin', I'm comin'."

Ryla's home - 9h

''Yeaaah ! '' She exclaimed happily. ''To home it is !'' They walked to her place and it seemed that her uncle was already asleep for his own trip on the next day. At least his room was upstairs. ''This way !'' She asked Rodimus to follow her to her lab and closed the door behind her.  The curtains on the window were already covering them by default so she didn't need to do that. ''So um..... I got a bit more taboo information.... '' She said with a sigh. ''I kind of feel bad keeping this from him though, but I'm not sure how much I can share with him toward that topic. Can I talk to you about it ?.....'' She asked looking a bit serious once again.

Rodimus blinks, "Um, sure.  You're not a serial killer, are you?"

Ryla chuckles and said ''No don't worry... it's just .... it's about the keys and shazeer.... well ... hold on. '' She turns around and slip her hand inside her suit to eventually find the bad key she found in the ruins and take it out. ''So..... that thing here gave me a vision. I know this used to be a key, but is nomore... and I also know.... that a soul was sacrificed to make this.... Only.... since it used to be a key I don't know how dangerous it may or may not be... but I was thinking on burying it for the soul of of this key to rest in peace.... I kept it from Iasrite, because I know he knows a lot, but I'm not sure how much he knows on that side... nor if it's okay to talk to him about me knowing some things I shouldn't.... '' Ryla sighs, not sure what to do.

"Iasrite is aware," Rodimus says, nodding his head, "But I understand your hesitance.  I must say, I've never seen an inactive key before.  However, Iasrite claimed to have seen one, once.  When the council asked for it, he refused to show it, so many doubted his words.  Now, I do not...

''I see... '' Ryla sighs and hesitate. ''I'm not fully sure of what I should do to be honest. Since he's aware and stuff I could ask him to do it, but I'm not exactly sure how I would bring it up.''

"Hmm..."  Rodimus wonders, "How were the 'new keys' made?  Is someone...killed to make these?"<

''I'm not sure, but from what I saw with this felt like someone sacrificed themselves for the better good..... It could be the same with the recent ones, but I'm not sure.....'' Ryla knew it was the case and that they were shazeer, but she didn't want to give away too much either to not get questioned on some info.

Rodimus scowls, "I see.  Hmm.  Well, I think you can trust Iasrite with this, but that's just me.  He's Ilyana's bro and well....let's just say he's considered taboo by most of the Unfortunate Thirteen--the way he uses his abilities and everything.  If you think you're on the top of their shit list, you're really not.  He's up there, himself."

''Alright... then perharps tomorrow before leaving we could go see him and stuff. It's a little late tonight to do this, plus I need to get my stuff ready. Thank you for listening and the advise on stuff. It's really helpful to have someone with little more knowledge on who is safe and who is not with that kind of information. I'll take some time to give him the key and request if he could make so it has a burial after observation. '' She said taking it back and hiding it at the same spot.

Rodimus sits down on the girl's bed, not really thinking about the 'inappropriateness' of it.  He ponders for a bit, wondering what's to be ahead of them.  The visit to White Cross will be some time from now.  It'll take a lot of time just to keep things going, but what happens when they get there?  There are still a lot of unanswered questions.  "Got it.  I'll head back to the Guild Hall and make sure to pack enough food and all that.  I am a little scared to learn about the old keys...I hope no one was murdered for these things."

Ryla nods and then she suddenly say ''OH ! ... with all this I completelly forgot to tell you why I'm going there. But yeah.... long story short I heard of someone with a similar power to mine. I was hoping I could get some help controlling mine through that guy. Soooo... I decided to go there as it is kinda something important to do. Sorry for the sudden change of topic, but I just remembered that I never said why. '' She then goes back to a serious mood. ''But yeah I am too, a little bit. But I think in a way we must be learning about it for a reason... perhaps to overcome some of our problems who knows. Either way if you want to come back here to crash you're welcome to. Unless you're crashing at the guild then.... I'll just come to you tomorrow morning. '' She said with a soft smile.

"Oh, sweet.  I'd love to crash here," Rodimus says, immediately moving off of her bed, "Just tell me where to park."

''You could use the bed in this lab if you'd like or the couch in the living room. Whichever is fine. I have my own room upstairs, I just happen to have another bed here.... cause I go overboard when doing lab stuff. ''

"Awesome, thanks.  I appreciate it, girl."  Rodimus replies, "Just wake me up when you're ready to go."

''Sounds good, have a good night, I'll go upstairs to get my stuff ready and go to bed myself.''

Next Day - 8AM~10AM / Ryla's home - Sherehazade Guild

Ryla wakes up at the sound of an agressive alarm and almost fall from her bed. ''WOAH !! ..... That was close...'' She exclaimed, carefully stretching to the alarm button. She then gets up and get dressed, making sure the keys are well hidden on her and okay.  She then brush her hairs and tie them up in her usual twin ponytails style. Taking her stuff, she walks downstairs and place her stuff near the door for better convenience when she'll go out.

She goes in the direction of her lab and finds out Rodimus sleeping and smiles. Trying to come up with a way to wake him, she decides to simply poke his cheek. ''Roddy ! Wakey wakey'' She continues poking his cheek while saying this.

Rodimus frowns in his sleep, rolling over away from the poking as he mumbles, "Go away, mom.  No more practice today."

Ryla pouts when Rodimus rolls over, but then makes a sheepish face and start trying to tickle him here and there. ''HOW'S THIS ?!'' She exclaims loudly as she attack the poor guy.

Roddimus growns, starting awake and sitting up as he grasps at the girls wrists in defense with wide eyes.   As he sees the wrongdoer, he does not threaten her with many deaths, but instead sighs.  She's lucky she's cute.  "Mornin'."

Ryla jumps as Rodimus grab her wrists ''EEeek !!!'' Ryla smiles slightly. ''Sorry.... tried poking you gently, but you wouldn't wake up. '' Ryla said while sticking her tongue out slightly.

Rodimus shakes his head, "Rude.  Alright, alright.  I'm getting up.  I'm...I hate mornings.  I really hate mornings."

''Aww sorry ! Well I'll make it up to you by getting your breakfast at the guild its on me ! Then we could go see Iasrite when we're done eating. But before that I'll let you get ready and stuff. '' She said with a smile.

Rodimus nods silently, but eventually drags himself from his bed, packing up his bag after freshening up and pulling out his flask to wash off his face just a little.   After that, he  changed his clothes and headed out so that they could head to the Guild.  Sheherazade always has great meals, but he's never been here for breakfast before.  After they head out to the Guild, he's quick to make his way to the main Hall with only a little chatter before he finds his way to order some good food before beginning to wolf that down.  He gets interrupted a lot, but he's used to it.  Guild Masters always get a lot of attention at Guild Halls.

Upon arrival, Ryla follow Rodimus to the food counter and cover fees for both of them. They then eat, with a lot of interuptions from others who wanted to speak to him, but she didn't really care and would let them chat while eating in her most .... unique of ways. When they were done, they moved upstairs and Ryla knocked at Iasrite's office door.

After eating and handing in his dishes, he walks with Ryla to the office of Iasrite, simply walking in without walking.  As expected, the man is leaning over his desk with a magnifying glass, peering down at some kind of runic layout that he has.  Unsurprised , he just says a simple "hey" to the man as he plops down into one of the chairs and Iasrite waves without looking up.

Ryla waves as she enters, but then close the door behind her gently. ''I hope you don't mind me closing the door.... but I need to talk about something rather serious. '' She said as she went ahead and grabbed a seat.

"Okay," Iasrite says, still looking at his papers.

''Well... truth is, I may not have been fully honest yesterday... but I had my reasons. I found something in the ruins and had a vision with it.... It's not the first time I get visions that give me a bit of insight about those either. I'm just weary of who I can speak about those to, Rodimus so far was the only one I spoke to about these.... but here...'' Ryla takes out the old rusted key that barely look like one anymore on Iasrite's desk.

Iasrite looks up, sees the key, and drops the magnifying glass.   He takes the key and smiles with a sense of familiarity as he looks back up to Ryla and then back down at the key.  "Another derelict key.  It needs to be buried.  This is good.  The souls will get rest when they are properly laid to rest.  Thank you for bringing this to me.   What did you see from it?"

Ryla couldn't help but be surprised by his full knowledge of it. She started speaking yet rather hesitant about it.''Well..... pretty much that it has a soul. Though I know in fact from the vision that it seems like good people sacrificed themselves for the better good. And I know of.... the keys existence in general because of earlier visions I got sometimes. I also saw that.... well erm.... gate again. Gives goosebumps...OH.... Also my vision did tell me about the name of this one. Avra of Light, a shazeer soul. My initial intention with it was also to bury it hoping to help the soul... although to be honest I'm not sure how to do it properly... so I was hoping you would. I'm sorry again I kept it hidden from you yesterday.... I just know keys are a dangerous topic as well...'' Ryla sighs and look at him a bit unsure of what his reply will be.

"That's okay," Iasrite says after contemplative hesitation, "I...used to talk about these things.  People called me crazy.  Weird.  Strange.  I learned not to talk about it at all, after a while.  Except to my sister.  Avra of Light....Avra of Light.  The Shazeer were a people of traditions and rituals.  Everyone had titles, rather than, last names.  I wonder what it meant to be of the Light."

''I'm not sure either... but yeah other reason I didn't want to talk about it is because I know its dangerous and did not want to bring it up if you might not have known about them. I know our guildmaster died because of one..... '' Ryla said with a sour face. ''It's nice to know I have another key buddy I can talk to though if I can put it this way. '' She said with a small smile. ''Oh yeah.... you like wanted to talk to me about something yesterday ?.... I have some time before I leave if you need to talk about it before I'm off to white cross. ''

Iasrite says, "Indeed.  He deserved a better death."

Rodimus cuts in, "He deserved no death at all.  I never should have made any of the other keys."

Iasrite looks at him with a raised eyebrow, "Of course you should have.  Rex chose his path.  As did you.  These protections are here for a reason.  The Gate must never be opened."

''Yeah.... I saw it more than once in visions and it's..... something. I don't want that thing to open ever.''

Iasrite makes a sound of agreement, "I did wish to discuss the Guild finds and...some of my own.  I have my own museum, of sorts, and I decided I should combine it into the one here.  I was told you're the best person to go to with assistance regarding the changes.  It is nothing that cannot wait until you return."

''Alright then, I'll look into those when I get back. Also I'm going to White Cross because I found out someone there have a similar power to mine. Not the vision one, the other thunderstorm crack one. I thought it'd be a good idea to head over in person and possibly get some tips from the person. Thought I would inform you as well about it since I completely forgot yesterday.'' She said with a small chuckle.

"Excellent, ability growth is always a great endeavor," Iasrite replies with a smile, nodding his approval.

''Yeah for sure, though I'm also worried about my lack of control over it. It's rather powerful and scary. The last thing I'd want is hurt innocent people soooo better go learn about it. But yeah.... also forgot to ask in advance, but I guess its okay if we borrow two horseys from the guild ? Would be a bit hard to travel without them teehee.'' Ryla asked scratching the side of her head.

"Of course, go ahead.  We have plenty remaining."  Iasrite says, "Do take care.  I am happy Rodimus will be with you."

''Thank you ! And I am too !! Roddy is awesome ! So yeah, let's go toward adventures !!!!!!!'' She said pointing toward the door with a big smile. ''Horseys here we come !'' she exclaimed walking out of the office.

As the girl rushes out of the room with joy, Iasrite blinks, looking over at Rodimus as he stands and raising an eyebrow yet again as he quietly inquires, "Roddy?"

Rodimus's face hardens, his eyes glaring as he leans in onto the desk and says, "You heard nothing.  You say nothing."

He makes his exit as Iasrite gives out a short "heh" in amusement, returning to his seat with an expression of disbelief.  That's new.  He doesn't usually let anyone give him nicknames, let alone something like 'Roddy.'   Wow.

Ryla moved downstairs with haste and looking just as happy as a kid would be when getting their birthday gifts. She stopped  downstairs and turned around to wave at Rodimus who was slowly coming. ''C'mon let's goooo !!!! ''

Rodimus, with his bag slung over one shoulder and a shake of his head, he smirks with amusement as he simply continues on and follows the overly-enthusiastic girl once more.  More and more as he spends time with Ryla, he feels older and older.  It is as if this woman has an unending pit of energy welled up somwhere in another dimension.    Ah, the joys of being younthful and having a whole life ahead of you...

They move out to the stables and it is there that he picks one of the fine horses--it isn't hard to do, because there's a Ferrum horse here--the very one he used to travel here.  They've taken good care of him while he stayed feels as though he's been at Sheherazade for a long time, even though it's only been a short while in reality.   Funny how these things turn out.

After getting the horse ready, he looks over at the horse that Ryla has chosen.  His horse is black, which matches the Ferrum Guild symbol rather well upon the creature's beautiful sides.  He's curious as to what she has selected to ride and looks her and her horse over as he finished saddling up.

As Ryla arrive at the stables with Rodimus she look at the horses and seems to be looking for a specific one. ''MIMMiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!'' She said with joy as she hugged the female horse with a big smile. The horse was white with brown spots here and there. Mimi looked happy to see her and tried to get her head closer to Ryla. ''GOOD HORSEY !! We'll go on an adventuuuuuuuure today !!! '' She said happily while petting her. ''Rodimus meet Mimi ! She cute, strong and has a lot of stamina. And she gives hugs ! '' She started preparing her and placing her stuff on the back of the saddle.

"Hello, Mimi," Rodimus says happily, "An excellent choice, she's very beautiful.  This is Forge.  He's good, but sometimes overly protective.  However, he's very obedient."

''Teehee ! He's a really cute horsey too !'' Although Mimi wasn't too tall for a horse, Ryla was still struggling a bit to strap some of the middle straps of the bag. ''C'monnnn'' She said stretching to reach the strap. She then look toward Rodimus and said ''May I borrow your extra inches of tallness ?! '' Ryla asked with a serious face.

Rodimus is already heading over there, as Forge is already ready to go.  He helps to close up the straps for Ryla as well as offers to assist her with getting on top in the saddle by providing a knee for her to step up on.  He's had to do that a lot, especially for Viki--she's a really short girl in his Guild.  Tiny as hell, but deadly as sin.

''Weeee thank you !! You're so sweet'' she said gladly accepting the help to get on Mimi. Otherwise she would have been stuck for a few minutes trying. As she was on, she gave more love to her horse petting her on the neck. She waited for Rodimus to get on his before she started to advance. As he was she started to go with a tiny  jog. ''ONWARD !!!'' She said with a big smile.

Rodimus rides after her, feeling the wind of the movement rush through his core as they jog horseback away from Sheherazade and towards the future.   This is going to be a long ride, but a fun one, to be sure.  He has a lot to look forward to, to be sure.  Whatever happens, he's glad to be in good company.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 10th September 2017, 7:50 pm

White Cross Guild - 4PM~5h30PM

**This is a collab between me, Goetia and Leah7**

(ATTN : closed)

Nadleeh nods appreciatively, forcing herself to sit before she takes a drink from the bottle and attempts to focus on her breathing in order to steady it.  It's been a long day. It will be a long night.

Catherine nodded accordingly, playfully saluting toward Ryushi before walking off to meet Chiron

Ryushi turned to Nadleeh and said gently ''Are you feeling a little better ? Need anything else before we go downstairs ? I'm pretty much ready to go, but I want to make sure you're good before.''

Nadleh says, "Um," but she stops speaking.  She looks down at the book in her hand, ruffling its pages at the corner.  Then, she pats at her waist, feeling for her dagger.   She had both, so she had all she needed to fight them again.  However, she's still a bit shaky.

Finally, she shakily says, "Yeah.  Yeah, I'm good."

''Alright good to hear, let's go downstairs and see how many mobilized already.'' Ryushi said letting her pass before him and closing the door behind.

Eaden stayed on Ryushi's shoulder and observed as they came downstairs to see already a pretty big crowd gathered in the guild hall.

Moving on to the front, Ryushi waited for people to stop talking and then he started to speak up. ''Alright, I'm pretty sure some of you may have seen the quest poster I put up earlier, well priorities have changed. Seems like if we don't mobilize to protect the village before nightfall, it will be gone overnight. We need to use every manpower available for this quest as human lives are in danger. It was also reported that the main demon seen was one with asian clothing similar to the kind of clothing I have and have interest in woman. A few woman dissapeared from the village and it will be the priority of the front line group to try and save them as well as shut down the source. ''

He took a pause and then continued. ''We believe that the demon might have other weaker demons or spirit under his command as it seem like working alone would have been difficult. Be careful and opened but anything that could happen out there. So yes now that you know the detail of the request. We will have Three groups :

The offence and rescue group

The village defense group

And finally the group who will be looking after the guild. Chirron will be in charge of the village group as a doctor to also help with any villagers that might be hurt if it happens. Catherine will be in charge of the offence group as far as support goes. Each doctor will have at least 2 assists and 2 bodyguards.  

Amelia I'm entrusting the guild to you as always, Valentino you will be part of the defense group, no flirting allowed. Also Amelia I'll let you chose the few you think would be best fitting to stay with you at the guild. And I will lead the offence group along with Nadleeh.''

Amelia nods and start looking around the crowd and making a list.

Valentino shook his head and said ''Aye aye cap''

''So ! Since we are short in time I want everyone to prepare emergency supplies for the village, we'll resupply the guild tomorrow. Chirron and Catherine prepare your medical equipment, if you need help don't be shy to ask someone to help you. I'll also need some people to prepare the horses prompto. I want everything ready within 45 minutes top. GO !'' He ordered the guild and so everyone started to move very quickly everywhere.

Amelia approached him and said. ''I more or less made a list of everyone that was present while you gave your speech and made my choice on who stay and remove the names, I already notified them by whispering to them. You may feel free to use this list on the way to have an idea of how you'll split the group out there.

''Wow thank you so much, this is saving me a lot of trouble. ''

You're welcome ! Amelia said with a smile.

Nadleeh sighs, but she nods her head in compliance upon his orders.  Ryushi always knows what to do and he's never steered them wrong with any of his plans, yet.  She doubts that he's about to start, now.  She heads out of the main hall and up to her room, changing out her under clothing for new, fresh ones.

Her outer cloak is bloodstained, but that'll have to be cleaned later.  It'll just get nasty again tonight.  She feels less sweaty, at least.  Placing the cloak back on, she raises up the collar so that it covers the lower half of her face, like it always does.  Makes it hard to read her expressions, just how she likes it.  Gotta be mysterious, because that's half the class.

Finally, she moves back down to the Guild Hall, equipment in hand once more.  This time, she's confident, rather than shaky.  Her hair is freshly fiddled with, her intense eyes looking about to see everyone moving here and there with rushed preparation.  This is going to be a mess, but at least it'll save a town.

Catherine cackled under her breath once Ryushi announced she would lead the advancing support team. She could already sense the other nurses eyeing her with apprehension, wondering if they would be allowed the pleasure of staying at the guild or being commanded to follow her. Catherine turned to face the group of medics and healers who'd attended Ryushi's announcement. She called out 3 members who had magical healing abilities as well as excellent cardio. The 3 healers each sighed while reacting in their own way. One of them stormed up to Chiron visibly flustered.

"Chiron! She can't just order us like dogs! There's no way I'm walking into a battlefield with her!"

Chiron shook his head with a tired sigh. "I'm sorry, but as head nurse, she does have seniority. Also, I believe her decision is sound. You guys are capable healers as well as fighters. Even though Ryushi's team is meant to defend you, you can handle yourselves when things go bad."

"Uuuughhh!" The medic bellowed, walking off to pack his gear. The others followed suit, dragging their feet. Catherine grinned, happy Chiron was on her side.

"And as for you Catherine," Chiron put a firm hand on her shoulder. "Don't treat them like you treat your tools. They're human beings, not servants."

Catherine nodded, her glowing smile faded. She followed Chiron to the ward to prepare their items, returning to the lobby in a short span of time.

Ryushi also took the time to prepare his stuff as well as put on more fitting clothes for combat. He wore a top that closed like a kimono but had regular long sleeve and comfy pants that stopped slightly after his knees for better movement. They were a bit puffy and looked comfortable. He then attached his obi and put his bag with his exorcist tools on his back. He came back downstairs and went to to see how everything was progressing, helping where he could.

Before long, the 45 minutes passed quickly and they were ready to move on. Some carriages  had been loaded in supplies, some others were transporting people to use less horses.

Ryushi did a sign to Eaden that he was ready and this one transformed into its bigger bestial form. He got on his back and then told everyone ''Alright ! Everyone ! Follow me and Eaden !!!'' He said with determination as Eaden started to run ahead with the horses following suit behind him.

Nadleeh heads out with the party, horses already prepped, happily.  It won't take them long to get there--just a few minutes, really.  They placed the Guild Hall specifically to protect this tiny town, so that's exactly what they are going to do.  They ride full speed, taking no time to talk things out, but as they get closer, Nadleeh takes the lead, pointing off to one side of the town away from its main entrance.

Village near of White Cross - 6PM until dawn of the next morning

As they finally come to a stop, she is quick to drop from her horse, pointing out at two places with two index fingers, her arms out stretched in opposing directions before her.  One is to the town, the other to a large cavern next to it within a cliffside.

"The man with the kimono...he's in the town, but...I am pretty confident that the girls are in the cavern.  And I think they are possessed.  I was able to purify one girl, but there are several girls that are possessed by high-level entities.  I haven't even tried to enter the town.  That cavern alone is terrifying, it's filled with hordes of smaller demon spirits and it's going to take over this place really quick if we don't move fast."

Ryushi listens to Nadleeh and then look over his list. ''Alright then we'll need a solid group of offence on both sides, but a more solid one for the cavern. Me, Nadleeh and Eaden will lead for the cavern along with a few more support offense exorcist. '' He pointed out the people who would follow him and gave them the order to come with him and then he turned to the rest and said ''The rest will aid the villagers and confine the danger within the place. I leave the decisions to Valentino and Chirron. '' He knew Valentino could be serious when things were really bad and he trusted him regardless of his bad habits.

He turned to Catherine and asked ''Is your support group good to go ? ''

Catherine turned her head to eye the other members behind her. She could see the displeasure in their faces, yet they all seemed motivated. Catherine looked back to Ryushi. "We're good to go."

Chiron pulled his horse closer to Valentino's. "We should get to the villagers as quickly as possible. My group can get them patched up in a jiff."

Ryushi nods toward Catherine and then turn to Nadleeh. ''Ready as well ?''

Valentino nods and start leading the rest. ''Alright Lady and Gentlemen this way !'' He said starting the advance toward the village but he was doing so very carefully ready to use his exorcist tools at any time.[/color]

Nadleeh leads her group to the cavern entrance, moving silently as she opens up her book before her and glances down at the page number briefly, turning pages as they walk.  She's not a stealthy person, but she is doing her best to be quiet, regardless.  When the get closer, she sighs, moving to the entrance and placing the book in the satchel after closing it.  She has her first verse in mind, her dagger pulled as they enter the cavern cautiously.

Deep within the dark and dank area, small shadows can be seen with glowing eyes.  There are other sounds, hissing sounds, which echo upon the cavern walls.  As the darkness of the night envelopes the night sky, it become harder to see within the cave.  If they use a torch, the enemy will see them--but it's not as if they can see in the dark.  She awaits Ryushi's command.

Ryushi walks carefully right behind Nadleeh followed by eden, some other exorcist, the support team and other exorcists behind them. They all move carefully and can still see very slightly in the darkness of the cave. But it'll soon be impossible to see in the cavern. Shadows were approaching and their glowing eyes were giving away their positions in a way. He took out some of his exorcist talisman out and threw some toward the glowing eyes. It created sparks as it reacted with the shadows and made light for a slight moment. ''Stay together and exorcise everything coming ! Protect the supports !'' He said throwing more talisman to help keep them away. ''If you see one of the girl do your best to purify her !''

Catherine held tightly onto her sketchbook as she tip toed behind Nadleeh and Ryushi. She wanted to summon a weapon for herself, but the darkness made it difficult to see her drawings. Not to mention the limited time she could have something summoned. She drew one of her scalpels and held it like a pitiful dagger. One of the healers wanted to facepalm after seeing how defenceless Catherine looked.

Pushing her dagger into her palm, she drew the protective seal upon it as a small barrier appears with a rectangle shape just to Catherine's left side--just in time as a rush of shadows pushed and rushed into it, causing it to shatter as they attempt to rush into her body.  Nadleeh jumps from the jolt of surprise, as it was pure luck that she managed to put it up in time.

"We're surrounded," Nadleeh says nervously, scrunching in closer to Ryushi as the spirits move to attack once more.

Ryushi sighs. ''Everyone close to me ! '' He says as he does his best to concentrate to make his barrier around the group.''

Eaden caught the signal and launched out a growl to scare the shadow for a bit or attempt to. He was after all a higher spirit class. ''Move out of our way or meet my fangs.'' Eaden said attempting to intimidate lower spirit then him while growling.

Catherine's eyes darted all over the cave walls, searching for any threats. Nadleeh's barrier caused Catherine to jump, but what followed scared her out of her skin. Her breathing hastened as she froze, stunned that the barrier appeared at just the right time. Ryushi's order snapped her back to reality. She scurried to Ryushi's side, unsure what she could possibly do with a book and a tiny blade.

Nadleeh watched as the shadows shrank from them, Eaden's threat clearly effective.  She's relieved, her non-wounded hand falling over her heart as her nerves slightly calm.  Still, she is anxious, her eyes darting this way and that as she tries to find any semblance of movement outside of the glowing eyes.  She can't see anything.

With nervousness, she steps forward, hoping that the threat will keep the shadows at bay.  Luckily, this works, and as they move forward more, they find a shrine.  A cave-like shrine, but clearly a shrine of maidens if Nadleeh's ever seen one.  They are all zombie-like in appearance, their eyes glazed over , gazing to flickering blue light as they sit around a fire that did not flicker with light until the group was almost upon it.

The shadows have shrunken away and the Nadleeh looks to the one woman who doesn't look like a zombie at all--she's very clear minded, her eyes cold as her cheeks are streaked with red of bloody tears.  This is the one that Nadleeh could not purify--not while the lower possessive ones protected her.    She just can't handle them all at once.

The powerful woman speaks, sighing with impatience, "You're back.  And you brought friends.  I'm disappointed.  I thought we were going to have a fair fight, human."

Nadleeh scowls, but she says nothing.  If she attacks her, the weaker ones will horde to them--and if they attack any of them physically, they kill the women in which they reside.  These women can be saved, but Nadleeh cannot purify them all at once, for sure.  Will the group be able to keep them at bay?

Ryushi thanks Eaden as this one managed to get rid of the threat. Ryushi still casted his barrier to help threaten the weaker spirits to come further even more. He focused greatly to keep it around the group as they proceeded through and gave a smile to Eaden who walked behind him. As they get to a shrine, they could see the women they wanted to help. They were all pocessed though,just great. ''If they come close do your best to immobilize them without killing them or wounding them too bad. I'll take care of the support. He said focusing his barrier around the support squad which was far less demanding in focus since it was smaller. He knew they were capable.

Eaden growls at the demon and says ''Funny how your pathetic self proclaim wanting a fair fight when you were fighting this human with more numbers and while pocessing human women. Do not call for respect when you can't even respect the other yourself. '' Eaden seamed pissed at this spirit, but he was ready to just simply immobilize anything that would get close without killing. [/color]

Catherine made sure to stay inside the barrier at all times. She couldn't imagine what the big spirit causing all this could be like. Her answer was given unexpectantly soon, however, as the group made their way into a chamber with several grisly looking bodies strewn about the room. "So is this the thing we came to eradicate? Seems a bit relaxed, a little too relaxed for my liking."

"Mmmm," Nadleeh replies to Catherine, but her gaze has not left the speaking demon.  Horns have begun to sproud from her head, cracking through the woman's flesh.  If she gets rid of this....the man in the town will have less energy here.  She can sense that he is borrowing from its power.  Well, isn't a sense.  It's an educated guess.  She could be wrong.

Nadleeh pulls out her book, opening it up to a marked page that she had prepped as she speaks the line she had prepared before entering the cavern.  She speaks as loudly as she can, so as to take advantage of the acoustics of the cavern walls and their echoes.

"Though the flesh may bind, the flesh decays.  Any mortal taken will remember its livings and fight from within."  Nadleeh declares, "Though the flesh may bind, the flesh decays.  These are the words of Vioria."

The demon spits blood at the ground before them, blood splattering upon the dirty ground as the girls around it begin to screech, now moving to attack the barrier with panic and blind rage.  The bloody woman puts her hands over her ears as her eyes glow red, intent not to listen.

"Though the flesh may bind, the flesh decays," Nadleeh repeats angrily, "You will leave this form or we will force you out!"

"Uh, anybody got a plan?" Catering muttered as she opened her sketch book. She flipped through the pages until she found a sketch of a marble statue. The book began to glow as a stone figure materialized in front of Catherine. It took on the figure of an armored warrior donned with a shield and spear. It was slightly taller than the average human with a muscular frame, but the whole thing appeared to be made out of marble stone. "Don't mind the walking statue, just another bodyguard."

Ryushi nods and then he adds ''Protect Nadleeh while she cast, and immobilize anything that comes close Eaden ! Try to immobilize the girl. Have two good support exorcist help her !'' He said while doing his best to keep his focus on the barrier at the same time.

Everyone stood in defense position for the other girls if they were to attack.

Eaden shook the woman a bit so she would lose composure and stop covering her ears and then slammed her against a wall, not hard enough to badly hurt her but just enough to get her stuck there. Out of desperation of being trapped the woman tries to bite Eaden, but this one does not budge at all. He's not impressed.

The demon screamed profanities, but Nadleeh continued as the creature fought back against her magic.  SLowly, it began to fail as the horde of women began to attack the group, but Nadleeh was kept safe.  A good day to have friends.

Looking down at the new page, she tries for a stronger phrase, "With the light of Vioria, I condemn you; Un prava oes treyah!  Un prava oes treyah!"

The demon is clearly in pain, the horns now disappearing, but her body is now growing hot to the touch.  Unfortunately this might burn Eaden, but demons are typical in their attempts to defend themselves, so hopefully, he will not be surprised as the demon is slowly forced from its body while the others try to wail on the group.

Ryushi is slightly worried for Eaden, but he knew he couldn't afford to think about right now. He continued hard to focus on the barrier as others were dealing with the other women who charged.

Eaden was growling slightly in annoyance, but he didn't let go regardless of the burn. He would not let that demon escape no matter what. Eaden was in a way waiting for the demon to be completely out to snap it in half if small enough for that.

As the humanoid snake demon comes out of the woman it is at first slightly transparent, but the moment it gets out completely and becomes a physical form, he snap the demon in two with his powerful teeth and then let go of the lifeless demon like it was the worst thing he ever tasted in his life. He then let go of the woman who falls slowly on her knees with his help. And then he turns toward the other women who had weaker spirits inside of them and let go once again of a powerful growl. ''Let go of these women or face the same fate pitiful demons.'' he threatens them.

Ryushi nods with a smile. ''We got the most powerful one, who else want a taste of us ?'' He said with confidence toward the women.

Nadleeh smiles in relief as the creatures vanish into mist, exiting the bodies of the innocent women and forcing their bodies to collapse into the ground.  She closes the book, her body shaking weakly as she, too, moves to her knees.  One situation down.  One to go.   At least this mess is almost over.

Ryushi let go of the barrier for now and check on Nadleeh. He was slightly exausted to, but he started to direct the others. ''Alright I want the support group to check quickly on the woman to make sure their state are stable as well as our own troups, as soon as this is confirmed we will start carrying the women outside. Eaden I'll count on you to scare off minions again, it really helped. Are you okay ?'' He said as he approached him.

Eaden shook it off and said ''It's just a scratch, nothing to be worried about. ''

''Want me to bandage it at lesat so the sensitive part doesn't rub badly on the ground ?'' He asked wondering.

Eaden shook his head. ''Let's not waste any time, these fragile humans need more assistance then I.

''Alright tough guy.'' He said as he moved this time toward Nadleeh. ''How is it going stamina wise ? Will you be okay ?''

"I'll be okay," Nadleeh says, "That took about....a third of my mana."

''Happy to hear, take a breather we'll go as soon as the support team is done checking.

After the monsters were banished, Catherine took a sigh of relief. As soon as the barrier dropped she walked over to the nearest body, feeling reinvigorated. "Alright, people. You know what to do." She ordered as if she held some semblance of command. The nurses looked to each other with side glances, checking each woman was alive and stable. After that, they merely asked members of Ryushi's group if they were okay. Didn't seem anyone had sustained any injuries.

''So ? Are they all okay ?.'' He asked Catherine as he got closer to her.

"They're fine. Just unconscious. A shame I haven't gotten to display my craft." She responded with a witty smirk

Ryushi chuckles and says ''Well, it's not over yet.'' He move toward the others and said. ''Alright guys we're moving out of this cave with the women. Time to see where the other group is at with their own mission!'' He said loudly enough for everyone to hear.

After some time they managed to get out of the cave with all the women safe and Ryushi looked in the direction of the village to try and see where the others were. Looked like there was a fire in the village, but he coulde see where people were being evacuated. ''All right, just a little more guys, let's bring those women at the evacuation spot. Then we'll move out to battle again after hearing from the others. '' They all move to the evacuation point and he looks around to try and find Chirron or Valentino to have a report.

People seemed to start to notice the other group returning and seemed quite happy to see them safe and well as well as the women. Some of the villagers reconized some of them and were crying in joy to see their loved ones alive.

Ryushi moved over toward Chirron when he spotted him carrying a baby and said. ''Hey, we're back, I see a fire in the village, what's the status of the spirit and the evacuation ?''

Chiron, holding a baby for some inexplicable reason, saw Ryushi and his gang with several bodies they recovered. "Oh no, don't tell me we've already got casualties." He handed the baby to its owner and met Ryushi halfway. "The evacuation is well under way. Most of the injuries have been minor, so everyone has been able to get up and leave. Wait, did you say a fire?"

Nadleeh struggles to stand, but she's assisted by leaning over on a friend.  Her mana is still there, but her body is weak.   Such joy.  With a bit of a limp, she is appreciative of Catherine's bandages and wonders what else they will do, and how they will put out the fire.

"Maybe we should split," Nadleeh suggests, "Half attack that fire and half attack that asshole that started this shit.  He's just a man and he'll be weaker without that demon, I bet."

''Sounds good, so I think that now that we know everyone is safe here, we'll take back a few of our offence members from the other team and attack full force, the offensive support squad will follow us in case and I'll be again their defense. Also Chirron don't worry, everyone is safe, the women have simply lost consciousness after being pocessed. Anyone who is offence and can assist with the exorcist, come with me ! Everyone else, stay safe and protect the villagers.''

He then gets closer to Nadleeh for a moment and ask ''Are you gonna be okay ? If anything you can stay behind some other offence rank, we'll protect you. ''

Eaden was already ready to move out, but waited on them.

Valentino arrived and gathered a few of the best offence exorcist and said ''Ready anytime !'' as he punched into his palm with a smirk.

Catherine turned to her little assistants "You three can do whatever the hell you want, but I'm going with Ryushi. Way too boring babysitting around here."

After drinking a bit of water, Nadleeh waits, rather than adding assistance to those fleeing the town.  Seeing several of the Guild Members carry out children and women away from danger was a sight, and the second group had done an excellent job in evacuating everyone safely.  With relief, she manages to stand upright by herself when her suggestion is heard and she's ready to go.

She won't be able to help as much here, but she'll be able to do some.  As they enter the town, it's obvious which building has the man in it--it's the only one not damaged or burned in some way.  In fact, the building is pristine, untouched.  With a scowl, she marches to the door, but waits for Ryushi.

Ryushi is right behind Nadleeh and nod at her as he come close. ''I'll cast my barrier first to be safe. Everyone stand close, if you need to move out of the barrier, be extremelly careful. ''

He then turned to Eaden and said. ''Be careful as well, I don't know what this one is capable of doing, but I'll let you work with your instincts.'' He told him with a smile. ''I want a portion to protect the support squad if needed.''

''I'll be assisting the exorcism, my tools are all ready.'' Valentino said while holding some kind of paper.

''I'm ready to go as always Ryushi.'' Eaden replied back.

He nods and cast his Barrier around the group and then give a short nods to Nadleeh to say he was ready to head in. ''Let's go.''

Nadleeh enterse the building with a swift kick, rushing in to find...nothing.  The one-room council hall building, small and simple, is completely empty.

"What the...?"  Nadleeh says.

As they saw nothing Ryushi looked around quickly and he pointed up. ''ABOVE there's a spirit attack !'' It was a man in a kimono that seemed about ready to jump in their direction. People threw talismans to try and weaken it.

Valentino prepared his band of paper that had a spell on it already. He was ready to launch it at the spirit once it would get closer to trap it like a snake would trap its prey.

Eaden was ready to attack if it got a little too lcose in personal space, but also stayed a bit behind to avoid friendly fire.

Nadleeh ducks, but a thick, black ooze has fallen upon her--and although she can't see it, she can certainly feel it as the others tear the spirit apart.  She has no idea what's going on--she can't see anything of the enemy and she can hear only chaos.  Her eyes have become blinded and her mind numb as she collapses to the ground.

Catherine followed behind the group, excited to see what was causing all this comotion. When they discovered the man guised in a frilly getup, Catherine was almost disappointed. Some old chump summoned all these spirits? Catherine put a hand on her hips and looked around for something more interesting. Nadleeh, however went out to face the guy, promptly getting her ass handed to her. Catherine's eyes opened with surprise, but she couldn't do much inside the barrier.

''Nadleeh !'' Ryushi expressed. She had gotten out of the barrier when they entered and the talisman had missed.

Valentino didn't wait long to launch his trap on the spirit now that it was close, he could see where it was, but he couldn't see as clearly as Ryushi. He sent his paper spell that was acting like a scarf wrapping all around the body of the spirit and he pulled it away from Nadleeh and slammed it into the barrier to shock him since Ryushi's barrier had pretty good effect on evil spirits. ''NOW !!''

The guild sent out more talisman trapping the spirit there. This man in a kimono was yelling from the pain of being trapped. Ryushi then stepped out of the barrier and got closer, the barrier stopped, but he was chanting something that seemed to be of another language. He then placed a hand on the spirit's forehead and this one immediatly calmed down. The spirit could feel as if he was loved and happy. Some kind of bad energy left the spirit's body and dissapeared.[/color]

The spirit simply smiled and dissapeared into a mist of light.

Valentino immediatly rushed to Nadleeh. ''Nadleeh ! Nadleeh !!'' He took her in his arm to check on her.

Ryushi came back slowly toward the other and he was breathing a bit heavily. To be honest he was feeling rather dizzy at this point, but he had to keep going to direct everyone. ''Catherine. Check on Nadleeh please ?'' He asked looking worried.

Catherine walked up to Nadleeh's motionless body. She kneeled down and raised the woman's hand. It felt warm, but limp, so she then checked her eyes, followed by feeling for her pulse around her neck. Her pulse was there, but it was very fast. Given the situation Catherine wasn't sure if it was a bad sign, but Nadleeh's purple lips and pronounced veins were a problem. "She's alive, but she needs a thorough examination quickly. We gotta get her to the camp outside."

''Nadleeh !'' Ryushi expressed. She had gotten out of the barrier when they entered and the talisman had missed.

Valentino didn't wait long to launch his trap on the spirit now that it was close, he could see where it was, but he couldn't see as clearly as Ryushi. He sent his paper spell that was acting like a scarf wrapping all around the body of the spirit and he pulled it away from Nadleeh and slammed it into the barrier to shock him since Ryushi's barrier had pretty good effect on evil spirits. ''NOW !!''

The guild sent out more talisman trapping the spirit there. This man in a kimono was yelling from the pain of being trapped. Ryushi then stepped out of the barrier and got closer, the barrier stopped, but he was chanting something that seemed to be of another language. He then placed a hand on the spirit's forehead and this one immediatly calmed down. The spirit could feel as if he was loved and happy. Some kind of bad energy left the spirit's body and dissapeared.[/color]

The spirit simply smiled and dissapeared into a mist of light.

Valentino immediatly rushed to Nadleeh. ''Nadleeh ! Nadleeh !!'' He took her in his arm to check on her.

Ryushi came back slowly toward the other and he was breathing a bit heavily. To be honest he was feeling rather dizzy at this point, but he had to keep going to direct everyone. ''Catherine. Check on Nadleeh please ?'' He asked looking worried.

Eaden could sense that Ryushi was growing weak and he came behind him to become his support to stand.

Catherine walked up to Nadleeh's motionless body. She kneeled down and raised the woman's hand. It felt warm, but limp, so she then checked her eyes, followed by feeling for her pulse around her neck. Her pulse was there, but it was very fast. Given the situation Catherine wasn't sure if it was a bad sign, but Nadleeh's purple lips and pronounced veins were a problem. "She's alive, but she needs a thorough examination quickly. We gotta get her to the camp outside."

Ryushi nods and says ''Alright everyone we'll all move to camp and regroup once more. Valentino could you bring Nadleeh with you ? ''

Valentino nods and take her in his arms.

Eaden steps down to let Ryushi come up on his back.

Ryushi gets on Eaden and they all start heading out to the camp, as they get there he seeks out Chirron right away. ''Chirron ! We have an emergency we need you !''

Valentino placed Nadleeh down for Chirron to examine her with his power.

Chiron took a look at Nadleeh, stroking his chin. "Very interesting, looks like asphyxiation, but she appears to be breathing." With that, he placed his hand on Nadleeh's forehead, using his ability. "Poisoned." He instantly began digging through his medic kit, taking out a small vial with a clear liquid. "This antidote should fix her up in a few hours. She'll need rest until the poison is gone. Chiron took out an empty syringe and put the needle into the liquid, drawing it inside. He then pulled down Nadleeh's sleeve to expose her shoulder, cleaned it with solvent, and injected the syringe.

Ryushi nods with a soft smile. ''Good to hear she will be okay. I'll proceed with helping put out the fire with the others, or rather directing them. I leave her in your hands for now.'' Ryushi was still on Eaden and he yelled toward the other. ''The spirit is gone ! Now we'll need to put out the fire and take into account the material casualities. Any villagers that are still healthy enough that wish to help are welcome. We'll use the water of the river to do it, we'll need to do a chain, let's go. '' With this several of his guildmates and villagers that were okay went to put out the fire and after quite some time they finally managed to do so.

Ryushi was getting really tired at this point as he tried to help himself regardless of starting to be at his limit, but he did his best to stay up with some help of Eaden. Then they calculated casualities and he found the mayor of the village and started to elaborate the help they would send from the town in the next couple of days. His guild also placed multiple protection talisman around the village to help protect it from evil.  They left the food and water supplies they packed for them as well as blankets, mat and ect and made sure everyone was okay. At dawn they finally left the village saying they would most likely come back later after some rest.

Nadleeh was brough on a carriage sleeping on a mat with Chirron close to her to be safe as per Ryushi's request. Ryushi was pretty much KO on Eaden's back sleeping like a baby. He fell face first into his fur as soon as they left. Arriving at the guild they were helped by other members there to unpack everything and place everything where it had to go. Someone took Ryushi to his room as there was no waking him and Valentino brought Nadleeh to the nurse office so they could keep tab on her recovery. When everyone was done, they all went to bed to rest.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by HikariKuragari on 11th September 2017, 10:11 pm

White Cross ~ During the 8 days


**Posting this before hers since it'll have a continuation within her next post and mine that will be the situation people who arrive there will see a bit. The timeskip is coming just wait a lil tiny more, thank you for your patience =)**

After the village incident being cleared, a lot of people talked well of the guild and how they saved an entire village from demons. Also how the guild had been helping the village rebuild part that were damaged or destroyed with the help of Aer Town in general. Ryushi had been going left and right meeting with people to get more people involved into rebuilding and helping with supplies. It was impressive how fast it was rebuilding. Although if it wasn't enough.... another problem was going to arise about 5 days after in the evening. A mysterious symbol had suddenly appeared under the guild hall and it was a complete circle around the entire guild. Ryushi would have to look into this and try to know if it was a danger to his guild or not. Either way it was not something to take lightly.

It took Nadleeh two full days of bed rest to fully recover.  It was horrible.  Not being able to get up, being told to lay back down repeatedly.   They even took all of her main travelling clothes to prevent her from sneaking out.  It would seem that past exploits have now prevented her from obtaining any semblence of a break from....this break.  The first day was hell.  The second, significantly better.  Her body was weak and eating was something that didn't sound appealing for a while, but she ate, anyway.  Light soups and things.

By then, the small town neary White Cross was well under repair.  Surprising.  Not at all what she was expecting, to be honest.  Things usually start slow and then pick up, but...this was just incredible for starts.  It truly was.  Revisiting the town (when they finally let her out of her cage) was a wonder, seeing the improvements and in fact, much of the buildings were in better condition than they had been before the attack.  Someone was able to scrounge out some fantastic building materials.
A lot of the villagers were much friendlier--even to her.  Nadleeh had always had a tough time here, even more than her Guildmates.  Whitecker was a town that was squite unsettled at the new Guild that had been built so nearby.  Of course it was protection, but it was also more unfamiliarity.  Strangers with magic, more traveling nearby...the small town had a hard time adjusting, at first.  Still, after the Guild had made a good name with the place, Nadleeh still struggled, personally.

It was her religion.  With religion came the assumption of her zealotry.  Her fanaticism.  The fact that she carred around the holy scripture of Vioria certainly did not help.  Still, she found, after her soft return to the village, all of those judgemental glares and commentary had been finally laid to rest.  It was...nice.   Everyone was in good spirits and were smiling.  Nadleeh even took part in helping out with a few minor things around the town, herself.  It was a while before she was able considered "fighting fit."
It had been Zeddicus that had woken her from her sleep, mumbling incoherently.  He kept calling her Ryushi and speaking of the spirit plane alignment.  That and a magic spell.  It was weird, nonsensical.   His phrasing was out of whack, his motions fidgety and not all there.  His speech went in and out and his mannerisms were sluggish.  WHen Zedd gets like this...the only person that can calm him, fix him, or whatever is Ryushi.  She had to try to drag the suit of armor to the Guild Master's room, because clearly he had been lost.

It was painful to see him like this, emotionally.  It was devestating and worrying.   And it was the first time Nadleeh had seen him like this, personally.  She'd heard about it, sure, but never seen it.  It's not the same and it's not forgettable.  After Ryushi calmed the spirit, Zedd had informed them both that there was a magical symbol under the Guild.  As in, under the building.  Nadleeh was skeptical, at first, when she stepped out of the hall, there it was, burned--scorched into the earth beneath them.  The perfect circle spread out farther than the building itself, expanding with such great detail that it frightened Nadleeh when she looked at it.
The pieces of the symbol that are visible are not something Nadleeh has ever seen before.  Nor does any of it seem remotely familiar.  She can do ritual blood magic, which takes magic symbols, but not symbols like this.  It looks strange, alien.  And of course, none of the other Guild members can recognize the pieces that they can see, either.  Of course, having pieces of the symbol missing due to the location of the building sitting upon its center, that definitely complicated things, but Zedd was able to draw up a vague picture of it for them.  He told Ryushi that he could see it from the spirit transfer.  Whatever the hell that means.  Nadleeh really doesn't know what any of that means.

After the research in the libraries had begun, Nadleeh volunteered to search the Viorian Church Library.  Many were going to the small town library, the guild library, and a couple of other small ones nearby...because one thing was clear:  The cause and purpose of the symbol needs to be discvoered quickly.  Nadleeh's hair has stood up at the back of her neck ever since the first time she laid eyes on it.  She gets goosbumps every single time she steps back onto it after leaving the outer limits of the symbol's edge.  Others described much the same effects, as well...but is it because they are creeped out or instinct?  Or is it something more?

Ever since Ryushi heard from Zedd told him more about the symbol, he just couldn't believe it. A magic capable of activating in all three realms, physical spirit and the realm of transfer between the two. Was is something dangerous ? Was it something else ? What was it ?! Thing for sure the guild had become quite the uncomfortable whenever within that circle and even when going out. But at least the symbol was dormant, but he couldn't help but be worried of the what it would do if it suddenly activated. And so he continued to provide help to the nearby village, but had a good portion of the guild do research in libraries. He searched himself all night the first night and most of the day after. He tried to think of who he could ask for help for such magic. He had no idea if someone would know of this magic even it was a first even for him.

It was late evening, the day after the symbol appeared and Ryushi was fighting to stay awake and research more. ''So Eaden you said even to you this is something you never saw ?''

''Indeed, I do not think it's a good sight.'' Eaden Replied shaking his head.

''Me neither.... I'm starting to wonder if I should not evacuate the guild for safety measures.'' He said with a sigh. Ryushi also wondered if Nadleeh found anything on her side, but he knew he still had a good twenty books to look through, but all the letters were starting to read the same after that much searching.

Two days recovering, two days rebuilding, and then...this nonsense.  It was all just chaos and confusion after that and it didn't take long for Nadleeh to volunteer to leave for research of her own.  She was happy to be able to travel back to her home, as well as have access to a much larger library.  Her church has the largest library in the local area for many miles, which is not only one of their best points to gain visitors, but also another way she can prove to the Guild that her religion is not a hindrance.

She has read books all day every day.  For two and a half days.  Two and a half days...and yet, she and the other priests have found very little.  Nadleeh was surprised, at first, at the number of books that entailed the "spirit transfer" term, since it's apparently a very ancient term for the gateway between.  Still, knowing how little she did, these books explain a lot to her.  A lot.  In fact, just from this one research alone, Nadleeh feels as though she understand Zedd better than she ever had before...

It's on the third day that she finds it:  A book on transfer magic.  It's apparently rare.  And dangerous.  She doesn't even take the time to read the entire book through before snagging it, checking it out, and thanking the other priests for helping her search.  And of course, she thanked Mythra, the girl who found the book.  This book had to be the answer.  It had to be!  But in case it isn't...she'll have the priests keep looking as she delivers this one to Ryushi...

To Be Continued after leah's post ;D

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Moty_u12
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Hikari10
Guild Ties Role-Play - Page 4 Joseph10
Set made by me ;D
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