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Post by EphPhoenix on 14th May 2017, 1:57 pm

The large town of Emberville has been host to a series of strange happenings lately. Crime has risen and people speak of strange occurrences; strange voices, mysterious disappearances, screams in the night. What could be the cause?

Name: Joseph Emerald

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Alignment: CG

Race/Species/Ethnicity/Culture: Human. African-American. Southern.

Weapons: A Scythe, mist,

Back Story/History/World Information: He was a smart kid from a lower middle class black family. He had an older brother who was a gang banger and as a pre-teen, he was close to following in his brother's footsteps. However, a gang fight resulted in his brother getting killed. His brother's final words were to live his life right and not to be like him. Thus, Joseph focused on his studies and eschewed fighting--which in turn got him picked on quite viciously. He had a close friend in Serena Gold, who was there for him and stuck up for him now that he no longer would defend himself.

One night, however, her boyfriend tried to take things too far and was humiliated for his trouble. In retaliation--and thinking under drunk logic--he tried to hit her with his car. Joseph, having heard the idiot's plan in the diner when they had been discussing it, pushed her out of the way and was hit by the car instead. He died that very night.

However, his deed granted him a second chance at life--but he'd have to work for it. He was to work as an angel of death, helping to guide the souls of the dead to their final resting place, as well as keep down evil spirits. As such, his work led him back home and having to watch and guard his best friend, unable to reveal to her who he was.

It turned out that Serena's ex had also died in the crash that night and evil spirits offered him power in return for his service to them. In a showdown with fallen angels of death and him, he managed to sway victory in his favor at the cost of his very soul. Or so he thought.

The powers that be couldn't allow his sacrifice to be in vain--plus, the Grim Reaper vouched for him--so he was granted his life back, with a twist. Too good to simply let go, he now worked "part-time" as an Angel of Death.

A violent uprising, however, has led to a disbandment of the Death Angels, but he has somehow retained his powers and continues to use them to help the dead find their way home, as well as take down the occasional criminal. He is the Airtasm.

Additional Information (if any): Granted the power of a Death Angel, he can see and hear the souls of the dead and the supernatural. He is also granted supernatural enhancements--a portion making it to his physical body. He can travel to other Realms, as well.

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Otherworldy Adventures. Empty Re: Otherworldy Adventures.

Post by Ink on 14th May 2017, 9:36 pm

Full Name: Unpronounceable, Referred to as "Ako"
Age: Wouldn't you like to know. Let's just say "17"
Race: Hellion
Homeworld: Hellzone-Earth
Occupation: Full-Time Badass Super Chick

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Ako's true appearance is an unknown. However, to project an image comprehensible to mortal eyes, she takes the form of a vaguely humanoid girl, but with a hellish bend. She's a bit on the tall side, with short, cotton-candy blue hair, and blue eyes with black sclera. Her skin is "hellfire red" and she has a pair of small horns atop her head. Her mouth is full of razor-sharp teeth, and she has pointed ears, and black nails. Her most noteworthy feature, however, is her long, slender, arrow-tipped tail. Ironically, she has a halo hovering over her head at all times.

Ako wears a sleeveless, deep blue bodysuit, and thick wrist shackles. Around her ankles, however, are a pair of red ankle bands.


Pranks - Ako, being a hellion, is a natural born trickster.

Martial Arts - Ako has always had a fondness for combat of any form. In her quest to become a great hero, she's picked up a few fighting tricks, and can keep up with some of the most skilled warriors in the galaxy. She's particularly adept at mixing ordinary fighting styles with a style that makes use of her tail for additional attacks.

Powers & Abilities

Angelic Demon - Ako is, by all technical accounts, a hellion. Essentially a middle-tier demon with a host of interesting abilities at their disposal. However, she is unique in that she has been given a Halo by an Angel seeking to quit (only after a lot of begging, mind you). As such, she's become partially holy, and therefore boasts the perks of angel and hellion alike.

•  Supernatural Condition: Individually, angels and demons boast physical capabilities far beyond those of mortals, resulting in astronomical levels of strength, resilience, and speed. Ako, however, has the combined might of a mid-tier demon, and an angel, making her significantly stronger than her kin, and among the stronger entities in the galaxy. She's likewise nigh invulnerable. It would take nothing short of an equally powerful entity to subdue her. She's also incredibly fast, being able to move at speeds untraceable by the naked eye. Even recordings have difficulty keeping up, as she's able to vanish instantaneously and suddenly be in a new place, as if having teleported.

•  God's Tail: Ako's tail is not only prehensile, but often depicted as being the conduit through which she uses her  more eccentric power. Aside from being able to lengthen and shorten it at will, even retract it entirely, she can alter its shape at will. What's more, the point seems to act something like a computer mouse for life. Anything she 'clicks on' with her tail, she seems to be capable of telekinetically manipulating, including technology, the weather, even people. She can use it to rend open holes in space, even alter an object's properties. All of this only works on those she's able to "Select" however.

•  Flight: Ako is capable of propelling herself through the air at will, attaining unfathomable speeds, or simply hovering in one spot.

•  Yoki: As a Hellion, Ako naturally generates Yoki, or Demonic Energy, in the form of a malefic aura. She's able to harness and manipulate this aura at will, letting her project it in numerous forms, allowing her to slay her enemies with all manner of attacks, ranging from powerful concussive blasts and heat beams of pure demonic energy, to streams of hellfire, and more. Ako tends to get creative with this ability, having come up with a wide array of uses and techniques, all with flashy names, inspired by her favorite Shounen anime. She can also infuse objects and physical attacks with this very energy.

•  Aura Sense: Ako can easily read the auras of those around her, or detect the auras of those in her vicinity who are otherwise unobservable.

•  Awareness: As a hellion, Ako is aware of the existence of other dimensions. And seems to have a particular affinity for one world beyond the others. (in other words, she's vaguely aware of the 4th wall, though isn't as overt about it as, say, Deadpool).

Personality: Ako is... well, she's eccentric. A hellion who grew tired of her station, and came to desire nothing more than becoming a legendary hero. She's a fierce determinator, and while she can seem flighty, she's surprisingly clever. Still, she's very... single-minded, and doesn't tend to think her decisions through. But her highly inventive nature more than makes up for many of her issues with foresight. She's quite the righteous person, ever determined to do the heroic thing. That said, she's still a hellion, and that aspect of her nature can be difficult to shake. She tends to be on the vengeful side, and still has quite the mischievous streak.

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