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Post by JerriLeah7 on 7th January 2018, 11:03 pm

Dues ex Entente Registration
RPM: JerriLeah7
RPH: JulietHasAGun

Listed below are the rules of this role-play and the character layout.  In the next post following this one, there will be additional registration information and an actual, full length explanation of the character layout that is listed after the rules.  Please read all of this post and the one following it very carefully before registering for this role-play and, as always, follow the rules and have fun.


● Follow the GtR Rules & RP Guidelines, as always.  If you cannot respect the RPM or RPH, don't join this role-play.

● No more than two characters are allowed per member.  Do not create multiple characters if you cannot participate actively with both characters.  Only you will truly know how much free time you have, so keep to it and don't drag everyone else behind without communicating about your inactivity.

● Any and all magical gears, weapons, and other items must have the appropriate back story to follow with it.  Back stories such as "I just found this," or "I made this myself when I was ten" are unacceptable.  Most magical items take a very long time to create and are incredibly expensive--your stories should line up with this.

● Your character(s) can only be a member of the human race.

● Your character(s) cannot be younger than 30 years of age.  (This is the equivalent of late teenagers, but without sexual capabilities due to the fact that humans in this role-play do not sexually mature the same as we do.)

● Character Approval is a thing in this role-play.  You cannot post within the actual role-play thread, nor participate in any collaborative posts until your character is approved by a role-play maker or helper.  The less information that you give about your character's history, knowledge, and abilities, the longer this section of your character creation will take.

● Character(s) can be within a Covenant, a member of the purged, and so on--however, they cannot be a member of the official Purged that works for and is trusted by Ceallach.  This means that without a Covenant, you are without boons and blessings, regardless of your back story.

● Regardless of your character, their age, their upbringing, etc., you should be willing to have your back story (your character history) added to by an RPH or an RPM.  Every single character that is registered to this role-play will have a secret story added to their character, which will be given to them to either post up or not, whichever they choose.  This will involve them in a specific, special plot where the character will be able to move with direction and possibly take other characters with them.

Character Layout
[b]Color Code:[/b]

[b]Current Occupation:[/b]
[b]Past Occupations (If Any):[/b]
[b]Non-Combat Skills:[/b]

[b]Sigil Size & Location:[/b]
[b]Covenant Standing:[/b]
[b]Caster Level:[/b]

[b]Blessing Domain:[/b]

[b]Boon Domains:[/b]

[b]Notable Equipment:[/b]
[b]Physical Skills:[/b]
[b]Magical Abilities:[/b]

[b]Trial Story (If Any):[/b]
[b]Character History:[/b]

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 8th January 2018, 12:07 am

Character Layout Explanation

Name:  This is the name of your character.  Stupid names such as Bob, Legna, Bumwhistle McGee, and so on are not accepted and your character will be declined.
Color Code: This is the color code that you will use with your character or others will use for your character in collaborative posts.  Having it listed within registration makes this job easier.  Please try not to make any character's color too close or similar to another character's color that is already taken.
Age: This is your character's age.  Ages 30+ only are accepted.
Sex/Gender: This is your character's gender.  You may include gender identities and sexuality as well.
Appearance: Describe the appearance of your character with great detail.  This includes the required information:  Height, Weight, Build, Hair Color, Eye Color, General clothing preferences, and so on.  An Image is perfered on top of the information listed above.

Current Occupation: This is the current job/means of living that your character has.  How do they make money?  What is their wealth status?  Are they barely scraping by?  Etc.
Past Occupations (If Any): This is any jobs that you've held in your past.  Occupation examples will be listed below.
Non-Combat Skills: These are skills that will cost you ability points (ability points are discussed below).  Examples of non-combat skills are listed below.
Hobbies/Talents: These are minor talents and skills that do not fall under other categories and are taken less seriously and have less ability points placed into them (or cost no points at all).  What does your character do in their spare time?  Do they have spare time?  Examples of hobbies/talents will be listed below.

Covenant: List your covenant, if you have one.  If you don't, list which one you wish to be in, if you are going to apply.  If not, state that you are either Purged or non-magical.
Sigil Size & Location: Where is your sigil located on your body and what size is it?  If it is customize-able, please explain how it is custom for you.
Covenant Standing:  If you have a covenant, please list your covenant standing.  If you do not, please leave this blank.
Caster Level: Please list your caster level.  Make sure to select an appropriate one that matches your character history and one that is approved by an RPM or an RPH.

Blessing Domain: List the blessing that you select from your Progenitor if you are in a covenant.  (Ex. "Blessing of Order, Blessing of Death, etc."  You may only have one.
Boon Domains: List the boons that you select from your Progenitor if you are in a covenant.  (Ex. "Boon of Order, Boon of Death, etc."  You may only have two.

Stats: Please list your base stats after having used all of your ability points.  Stats are explained below.
Notable Equipment: Any and all magical gear and equipment should be listed here. Weapons, regardless of magical or not, should be listed, as well.
Physical Skills: List any physical skills that you have placed ability points into here.  Examples of physical skills are listed below.  There is not a limit to how many different skills you can have.
Magical Abilities: List any magical abilities that you have placed ability points into here.  Examples of magical abilities are listed below.  There is not a limit to how many different abilities you can have.

Trial Story (If Any): This is the detailed story of your trial and how you passed it if you are already within a covenant.  This story must be approved by an RPM or an RPH, regardless of the level of detail--however, greater details are preferred and if your story seems too vague or short, you will be asked to add more.
Character History: This is your character's back story.  What is their family life?  Their childhood story?  What's their level of wealth?  Where do they live?  What are their goals coming into the role-play?  Greater details are preferred and if your story seems too vague or short, or if it seems like it does not fit into the world, you will be asked to edit or add to your history.

Skill, Ability, & Hobby Examples

Physical Skills: (Costs Ability Points)  
Please list what rank you are in any of these skills in your character sheet.
Weapon Proficiency (Longsword fighting, Archery Proficiency, etc.)
Close Quarters Combat
Fighting Styles (Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Street Boxing, etc.)
Defensive Fighting

Occupations: (Costs No Ability Points)
Please list what rank you are in any of these skills in your character sheet.
Although these don't cost points, you must have non-combat skills or combat skills appropriate to that occupation. For example, an Enchanter would have the skills of "Weapon Imbuing" and/or "Armor Imbuing."

Bounty Hunter

Non-Combat Skills: (Costs Ability Points)
Please list what rank you are in any of these skills in your character sheet.

Hobbies/Talents: (Costs No Ability Points)

Stats: (Costs 2x AP as any skill or ability.)
The average state for an average human is zero.  To reach Rank V in any stat would place you high above the general human being and would require immense training and practice, as well as years of practice.

Ability Points System

Anything listed above may cost you ability points.  Depending on your character's age, you will only get so many ability points and you must spend them wisely.  

Things that cost you ability points are:
Magical Abilities
Physical Skills
Non-Combat Skills
Stats (2x as much)

The more points that you put into a singular skill, the higher rank it will be.  There are five ranks for each skill or ability.  Rank I signifies that you've just dabbled in that skill or ability whereas Rank V indicates that you have mastered it.  The only limitation on this is that you cannot have a higher magical ability rank than your caster level.  This is because Rank V in a particular magic ability is equal to Caster Level V levels of magic and capabilities.

The chart for how many points you can receive for your age, as well as how much it costs per rank is listed below.  If you have any inquiries regarding this chart or the ability point system, just ask an RPM.  If you are uncertain about what skill or ability fits into what slot or how much it should cost, feel free to ask us and we'll be happy to help.  

Ability Points System
Character AgeStarting Ability Points
030 - 050 Years020pts Total
051 - 070 Years030pts Total
071 - 100 Years045pts Total
101 - 135 Years065pts Total
136 - 170 Years095pts Total
171 - 220 Years130pts Total
220+ Years175pts Total

Ranking Costs
RankingAP Cost
Skill/Ability Rank I1 AP Total
Skill/Ability Rank II3 AP Total
Skill/Ability Rank III6 AP Total
Skill/Ability Rank IV10 AP Total
Skill/Ability Rank V15 AP Total
Stat Rank I2 AP Total
Stat Rank II6 AP Total
Stat Rank III12 AP Total
Stat Rank IV20 AP Total
Stat Rank V30 AP Total

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 8th January 2018, 9:26 am

Name: Fean (Fen) Thonav
Color Code: 0cafff
Age: 167 Years
Sex/Gender: Female; Heterosexual
Appearance: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, 125lbs., & 5ft, 6in.  Fean is generally seen in the clothing below.
Fean's General Appearance:
Deus ex Entente Registration Summoner_by_ardenrey-d9xa5oa

Current Occupation: Translator & Active Covenant Questor
Past Occupations (If Any): Animal Farmer Assistant
Non-Combat Skills:  (7 AP Total)
   ● [ I ] Animal Husbandry (1AP) ● [ III ] Speed-Reading (6AP)
Hobbies/Talents: Reading, Writing, Song Writing, & Drinking Socially

Covenant: Hollowstar Oathbound
Sigil Size & Location: She has two sigils on the back of each hand; just big enough to move from central knuckle to wrist.  However, one is darker hues of the Covenant's colors and the other is a brighter rendition of the colors.
Covenant Standing: Gamma
Caster Level: Master

Blessing Domain:
   ● Blessing of Binding: (1x/Day) - Upon activations, you are capable of summoning a willing creature that is stronger than you at random or one of your fellow covenant members at random. These summons may be strangers to you, but will be compliant and cooperative in most cases, so long as your commands do not violate their own ethos. The power level, cooperation, compatibility, and ability of what you summon will never be guaranteed to you, but when you summon, they will be compelled to answer the call. Any summoned covenant member will be teleported back to their original place after the duration or just before death so as to avoid loss of life.
Boon Domains:
   ● Boon of Charm: This passive boon allows your voice to naturally sway those that hear it, improving abilities in matters of persuasion as well as attempts to made to shift their attitude towards you. This includes both methods of intimidation and diplomacy and the effect is greater and improves with your caster level.
   ● Boon of Binding: (1x Caster Level/Day) Upon activation, you may summon a moderately poewrful creature as compared to your caster level that is friendly to you or that you own and compel it to do an action, such as fight for you. After an hour has passed, the creature will return to where it was located before it was summoned. This ability doesn't impart any tactics or intelligence into the creature and will act as it should per its species. However, the creature you summon can understand you, regardless of its language while it is summoned. You can also use this boon to summon a group or horde of weak creatures that are friendly to you and so on.

Stats: (60 AP Total)
   ● [ IV ] Pursuasion (20AP) ● [ III ] Endurance (12AP) ● [ IV ] Perception (20AP) ● [ II ] Agility (6AP) ● [ I ] Strength (2AP)
Notable Equipment: Two Contract Books, Breastplate, Defense Robes, No Weapons
Animal Ally: Fean is most frequently seen with an animal ally at her side, regardless of whether or not it has been magically summoned to her.  The creature most often viewed in her presence is her dear friend, ironically named "Anwar."  Anwar, however, is not an Anwar, but a tawny and vibrant High Pharaoh Aviahound:  An uncommon species, but a common breed within her own kind.

Anwar's Full Body:
Deus ex Entente Registration Son_of_a_deity_by_tatchit-d8d8hwr

Anwar Lounging:
Deus ex Entente Registration Midnight_sun_by_tatchit-d8h2vie

Physical Skills: (3 AP Total)
   ● [ II ] Judo Fighting Style (3AP)
Magical Abilities: (14 AP Total)
   ● [ IV ] Conjurer's Oblige (10AP): This ability allows Fean to summon creatures that she has made a contract with in the past to her side.  When it is summoned, it is there and does not go away. Due to her higher rank of four, she's now able to send them back to where they came from and she can share mana with her summons.  Both the summoning and dismissing processes are different rituals and also take different casting times.  The appearance of this magic varies on what is being summoned.  Compared to summons granted by Reinhold, these creatures can be permanently summoned.  

Whether it be multiple weaker creatures or a single, moderately powerful summons, Fean is a force on the battle field with this magic so long as one of her companions is by her side.  Unfortunately, summoning always takes time, so if she does not already have a protector with her, she is incredibly vulnerable due to how much she relies on this particular magical ability.  Fortunately, she does have minor armor by default to protect her from physical attacks in most cases.  You will always be able to tell if a creature is one of her summons by a circular, summoning glyph that will appear around hers and their wrists/similar appendages.  While a contract is in use and the symbols are visible, mana is depleted over time.
Additionally, she must always have the written contract on hand in order to summon any specific contract.  

Although the lighter side to her ability is summoning those that would will it, Fean is very capable of subjugating her summons, should she wish to do so.  As of this time, she has only ever subjugated weaker Inanis, but the process of subjugation is a lot of complex, drawn out work that can be a hassle.  As such, she has very few summons that are Inanis related, but she will not hesitate to use them when she feels they will become advantageous in battle, regardless of those that would judge her for doing so.

Fean always has two books with her, which are strapped to her sides that she reads and re-reads rather frequently.  She also has these books repaired and cared for magically, due to the fact that these books consist of her numerous contracts, bindings, and summoning terms.  She knows that if she is ever forgetful of her various summons and disrespects the terms of a summoning ritual, she may very well lose a summon and she does not ever wish for this to occur.
   ● [ II ] Cosmic Linguist (3AP): At rank two, this ability allows Fean to speak any language, whether it is spoken or written.  Additionally, it can be used to speak with creatures that do not have a language, though this is very exhausting for her mana and multiple targets for this magic depletes mana even further.  This allows her to understand the intent behind the words in writing, rather than just the literal translation, making translations more efficient in timing and accuracy.  This does not, however, work on magical runes, but it does work on magical words and it does not work on technical drawings such as blueprints, maps, etc.
   ● [ I ] Element Air - Levitation (1AP): At rank one, Fean uses this ability to levitate at approximately four feet above the ground.  She cannot levitate above water and she cannot fly or float for too long.  Levitation depletes mana over time and her air abilities are pretty much only capable of smaller gusts of wind.
   ● [ IV ] Conjurer's Shield & Thorn (10AP): With this magical ability, Fean can summon a creature's defenses and minor attacks with whom she has a willing contract that is willing to have their defenses bound to her on occasion.  Through their natural or unnatural armor and other defenses, she can create and summon her own set of armor and a single polearm that is generally quite decorative.  The armor and weapon almost always look like what is shown below, but it should be noted that she can only summon them for a short time before it disperses.  The creature's whose defense was borrowed from will become fatigued after.  

However, if the armor is stripped from a summons unwillingly, such as by a subjugated Inanis creature, the armor will be less complete and will appear far more similarly to the creature that it came from, rather than by Fean's own preferred design.  It will also formulate around her body within a slower casting time that will place her at greater risk during the summoning phase.  There is no connective glyph that signifies the summoning in this type of magic, but lights and wisps of magic do pour from this armor to further accentuate it's lack of longevity within its current form.
Defense Armor:
Deus ex Entente Registration Summoned_guardian_by_chaoyuanxu-d4qbtac

Trial Story (If Any): Fean fought within Reinhold's Gauntlet for not only three, but four waves of creatures and made it out alive.  Unfortunately, she was drenched in animal blood and a deep flood of sadness in her heart--although a few were very weak Inanis at the beginning, there were many creatures that were just simple animals that she wished did not have to die--even if some of them were monstrous and a threat to her life in that moment.  She almost lost an arm, as she was not allowed to bring any allies or friends with her and she was not used to fighting alone.  

The four rounds of battle to the death took Fean over four hours to complete, most of which was spent in a frenzy of dodging and running from the enemy so as to use her Judo to her full effect without becoming surrounded by most of her enemies.  It was clear upon the Trial success that Reinhold didn't approve of her methods, but that he was happy enough with her results.  He bound with her and marked her as requested, happy to sense the summoning spirit within the essence crystal that she had brought with her.  He wished her well with the hopes that she, too, would gain the abilities of her father--and luckily, that did come to pass.

As she was given a portion of Reinhold's soul, she thanked him for his gracious gift and placed it together with the crystal before Reinhold melded them with her very soul.  A fantastically bright light emanated from the center of the arena, making the bright red blood upon the ground even more vibrant within its contrast as the blood had faded from the skin of her hands more fully and she felt...complete for the first time.  Truly complete.  The new power was welling up within her and she could feel the mana coursing through her veins as the audience cheered her, congratulating her and also trying to urge her into yet another battle.  

Character History: For the first eighty years of her life, Fean had a lovely childhood with her parents, growing with them and eventually growing old enough to contribute to the family by assisting her parents on the family's farm.  She took care of many creatures there: oxen, chickens, and sheep, as well as a couple of goats.  Eventually, the young girl grew restless and traveled about the inner-Iodenian lands.  Her family was middle class, so she wasn't so wealthy as to really have fully visited or experienced Hathe City.  Upon her return from her journeys, however, Fean suffered the loss of her father.  This loss was more than just a loss to the family, but also to their hometown, as he was their primary protector and one of the few local magi.

It was then that Fean decided that it was time to step up, become stronger, and take up the responsibilities that her father had once held.  For whatever reason, no other magi desired her father's position within the town and and no one seemed to be against her taking his place.  Due to this, Fean returned to Hathe once more, only long enough to find and hire a Judo trainer that had once taught her aunt in her aunt's younger years.  She spent many years of training within the practices of Judo before she left home a third time to hunt for the right Covenant to suit her needs and to hopefully complete a trial so that she could gain the power needed to protect her home and its citizens.  

Now that she has gained that power and has been a member of the Hollowstar Oathbound for a decent time, she has barely been able to remain home to protect it for longer periods of time.  She can, however, keep her summons at home, within the town's limits for protective bodyguards.  This way, she is always keeping her home safe as she continues on with the Quests demanded of her by her Covenant so as to keep her farm going and her family fed.  Other than supporting her hometown and family, Fean's goals consist of gathering more summons (especially more powerful summons), and completing her summoning effigy.

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Post by Vye on 9th January 2018, 7:23 pm

Saif Taozi:

Name: Saif Taozi
Color Code: ff6699
Age: 171
Sex/Gender: Female, Lesbian
Deus ex Entente Registration Hong_m10
5ft 8in tall. Lean, muscular build. Scars are visible all over her arms, legs, and hands. Her face is hardened with marks of previous battles. Wears the clothing in the image when out and about, but when in combat, she dons leather/bone wrist + leg guards under a dark, heavy, hooded jacket, chainmail shirt, and black pants, as well as boots.  

Current Occupation: Game hunter, Inani removal
Past Occupations (If Any): Inani control and removal, Town vanguard
Non-Combat Skills: (40pts)
Hunting [III]
Inanis lore [IV]
Survival [III]
Weaponcrafting [II]
Trapmaking [II]
Playing card games

Sigil Size & Location:N/A
Covenant Standing:N/A
Caster Level:Intermediate
Blessing Domain:
●  N/A
Boon Domains:
● N/A
● N/A

Stats: (48pts)
Strength [III]
Agility [III]
Endurance [II]
Perception [III]
Persuasion [II]

Notable Equipment:
- Seperable halberd with axe head/spear on one end and a short spike on the other. The pole itself can separate into two halves; the top half attached to the axe/spear and the lower revealed to have a pike which is sheathed by the top half when the two halves are combined. The two halves lock together with a simple clip and the two can separate when the clip is pressed.
- Dagger sheathed in a leather scabbard

Physical Skills: (18pts)
Sword Proficiency [II]
Polearm Proficiency [III]
Knife Proficiency [III]
Grappling [II]

Magical Abilities: (24pts)
-Vulture Transmutation [III]: When this ability is activated, the user's body, including whatever clothing and personal items are on them, transform into a flock of somewhere between 10 to 15 small vultures, each one able to move independently from the others. The higher the rank, the greater the distance between any two vultures (1 Mile to 10 Miles). A higher rank also increases the amount of time one can spend in this form (5min to 25min). Either by will or when the ability expires, the vultures converge onto one vulture and the user turns back into their human form.
-Into the Traverse [III]: The user teleports to a different location by traversing through portals in solid or liquid objects. The portal itself isn't visible but feels like a cool liquid. With this ability, the user can open up a portal between two different objects of increasing distance based on rank (10 feet to 1000 feet). A user must spend mana to mark two or more locations as entry ways for portals. Marking requires physical contact with the object and a level of concentration; the higher the caster level, the less concentration required.

-Gravity Abnormality [III]: The user can temporarily strengthen or weaken the gravitational field in a given area. Efficacy and area size depends on rank (Small change over 1 foot radius - Brick crushing change over 50 foot radius)

-Infrared Vision [III]: User gains ability to see entirely in infrared at a max range half of their max range in normal vision. This causes their entire eyes to turn black. Duration depends on rank (1 minute to 30 minutes)

Trial Story (If Any): Saif performed well in her trial, using her trainee sword to make quick work of the monsters in the first and second wave. The third wave gave her a much harder time, causing some of the scars she currently wears. She drew Reinhold's ire be repeatedly going back on her promise not to go out hunting inanis with the other local covenant holders. Saif ended her covenant by promising her sister Sofia she wouldn't endanger herself while out in battle. Saif broke her promise by challenging a purebread inani while out on the hunt with her squad. Her decision led her to watching her squadmates get turned into human inanis while she narrowly escaped with her life.

Character History: The first born of the Taozi siblings, Saif grew up always getting herself in trouble. If she wasn't within sight she was probably poking something that was never meant to be poked. Because her father was a weaponsmith, she developed an interest in crafting and tinkering with weapons. Seeing an opportunity to have some help and maybe even a successor, Saif's father let her learn how to use the various tools in the shop, keeping a hawk's eye on her. However, once Saif grew too old for school, she chose neither to pursue academia or artisanship. Instead, she craved the excitement of battle. Tales of heroic progenitors and the local militia captivated her.

Saif's decision to enlist in the militia was a shock at first, but her parents eventually accepted it. There, she learned self defense, sword fighting, and received her first weapon, a basic sword for new recruits. Saif got a taste of the combat she craved, but she could see she was at a clear disadvantage compared to those with covenants. Therefore, she signed a pact with Reinhold to gain access to their fighting facility. She used the gauntlet to learn about creatures of all types, honing her combat skill while building her repertoire of all beasts and monsters. After 2 years into her being a covenant, she found herself in conversation at a bar with another member of the militia. The militia member attempted wooing Saif by revealing his Living Dead tattoo next to his covenant sigil.

The Living Dead is a division of covenant-holders in the militia that vowed to take the fight to the inanis and cull their numbers. As such, the group goes out once a week after sunset to hunt inanis and hang the corpses from the tree branches. Many of the townsfolk appreciate the militia's protection, but they also feel ambivalent towards the Living Dead division. Some find their mission to be a morale booster while others think of them as a group of crazy thrill-seekers with a death wish. And there's a lingering rumor that the group consists of spies under the influence of purebread inanis.
Living Dead emblem:
Deus ex Entente Registration Living10

The attempt to woo Saif was an utter failure, but the stories the member told her the night of the hunt piqued her interest. Despite her mother warning her not to go out hunting inanis, she couldn't help but get excited over the thought. What better prey to hunt than the root of humanity's decline? Saif hesitantly joined the group, going out on hunts without telling either of her parents. Because she and her sister Sofia had shared a close bond since childhood, Saif would tell Sofia tales about her hunts as a night time story before Sofia slept. Only they knew about the hunts, and they vowed not to tell anyone under any circumstances. At first, it was difficult going behind her mother's back, but the thrill of the hunt and the catharsis that followed downed prey, and the night of drinking after a successful hunt, it was too good to pass up.

Over about a decade, Saif learned all the tools of the trade from the more experienced hunters. She persuaded her parents into thinking her weekly outings were simply patrol duty, but she and her sister got used to keeping up the facade. Over the years, Saif got absorbed by the hobby. She tinkered with weapons, bought all sorts of equipment, and modified her trainee sword by cutting saw teeth into the edge and adding blades and spikes to the scabbard and the hilt. Her first time using the customized sword, several teeth broke off, so Saif saved her money for a year and a half, buying a new sword to re-customize and purchasing a magical enhancement of hardening. Out of all her weird customizations, the most successful were her serrated sword and her separable halberd she crafted with her father's help.

After a chain of near-death experiences, Saif's sister began to worry. She enjoyed the harrowing stories, but they were bittersweet, reminding Sofia that she could lose her sister at any point. Every now and then Sofia would deliberately stay awake in her bed until she heard Saif enter through the front door. However Saif never noticed, as she usually returned home in a drunken stupor. After one hunting night where Saif didn't return until the day afterwards, Sofia demanded a promise from her sister: do not endanger yourself or do anything stupid. Saif nonchalantly made that promise, although her tone of voice didn't make Sofia feel any better. During the next hunt, an inani purebread showed up; a rare sighting. Taking a chance of a lifetime, Saif's squad engaged the purebread without thought. Saif, herself followed along with the attack, praying she'd make it out alive. As it turned out, the purebread had set up an ambush of other inani wolves, which charged at the group from all sides. While Saif fended for herself, she saw her squadmates get bitten and torn asunder, followed by their pasty white bodies turning charcoal black. She fled from the scene, running aimlessly into the forest until she knew she lost the inani.

Tired and beaten, Saif's moment of reprieve was interrupted by Reinhold himself. He told her he'd been cross ever since she had gone hunting inani behind her mother's back, and now the decision to challenge a purebread so recklessly also broke her promise with her sister. With that, Saif was purged from her covenant. After several minutes of crying, Saif returned to town, but no longer to rest for the next day. She went straight to Sofia's room, surprised that the girl was still awake. Saif and Sofia spoke outside. There, Saif informed Sofia that she could no longer return to their home due to being purged. She begged with her life for her sister to not tell their parents. She pleaded Sofia to pretend that she disappeared that night. Sofia reluctantly agreed after a sobbing apology. Still, Saif made one promise she had every intention to keep; to come visit her, and the family, but only she would speak to Sofia. Her parents were to never know about the visits, lest they grieve more over their daughter being purged than her being gone. Saif left Sofia her serrated sword and a cloak with the Living Dead emblem painted on it. After that night, Sofia hadn't seen her sister for a whole year.

Sofia Taozi:

Name: Sofia Taozi, Pansexual
Color Code: ff9999
Age: 120
Deus ex Entente Registration Thisto10
5ft 3in tall. Often seen in formal clothing as she is in the picture. Almost never goes out in public without wearing gloves. Likes to wear a black cloak with the Living Dead emblem painted on the back in white.

Current Occupation: TBA
Past Occupations (If Any):Bookkeeper, Librarian
Non-Combat Skills:(22pts)
-Inani Lore[II]
-First Aid[II]
-World History[III]
-Psychological Deduction[IV]

-Collecting dolls
-Board games

Covenant:The House Of Repose
Sigil Size & Location:4in across on back of left hand
Covenant Standing:Epsilon
Caster Level:Master

Blessing Domain:
● Repose (x2 Caster lvl Per Day) This Blessing allows the user a Ward Against Death; making all in a 30 foot area immune to death effects. Such as energy drain and negative life effects. It does not negate or get rid of effects already in place, nor does it have any dispelling effects. The higher ones caster level, the longer this effect remains active.
Boon Domains:
● Death: This boone grants the magi the benefit of Deaths Embrace. The magi can heal instead of taking damage from channeled negative energy. The amount restored gets higher based on caster level.
● Healing: Magi with this boone gain the ability of Restorative Touch- Magi with this boone are granted minor healing capabilities. The magi's touch can remove minor physical wounds, fatigue, and some illnesses. Grandmasters possess the ability to remove more ailments, novice magi and limited to minor physical ails.

-Perception [II]

Notable Equipment: Two-handed straight sword with many small, pointed serrations cut into the blade's edge. The butt end of the pommel has a conical spike jutting out parallel and opposite to the direction of the blade. The word "Bloodletter" is engraved in angular, jagged letters on one side of the blade. The sword's leather scabbard is lined by an iron frame that fits over the scabbard. There's a solid iron cap with a sharp point which is fixed on the pointed end of the scabbard. The weapon is magically enhanced to be more durable than normal.    

Physical Skills:(3pts)
-Sword proficiency [II]

Magical Abilities:(34pts)
-Sofia's Dream [IV] Sofia and the target creature undergo a hypnotic state where both her and the creature enter the same dream. In the dream, Sofia has full control of the creature's senses, allowing her to have the creature experience anything she imagines. While the ability is active, both Sofia and the target are motionless in the real world, appearing as if they're in a haze. The ability only activates through eye contact at a range of 30ft or less. The duration and difficulty to break out of the dream increases with rank, up to a max duration of 30 minutes, requiring a rank similar the ability's rank in liberation magic to break the target out of the dream.

-Vertigo Shockwave [III] The user emits a powerful shockwave in a straight line that vibrates the ear canals of those in its path. Any creature hit by the shockwave is afflicted with temporary vertigo and nausea-the severity depending on rank. The speed and distance of the shockwave depends on rank as well.

-Inani Transformation [III]
The user takes on different characteristics of inanis, each rank granting a different quality, or an inani appendage that grows out of the user's body. This tranformation makes holy magic harmful to the user.

Sophia cannot express hate, dislike, or anger toward other INanis.  She is not capable of these emotions.  Even if she watched them murder a loved one before her very eyes, no emotions could grow from it toward the Inanis.  Additionally, she cannot fear Inanis.  All reflexive fear responses that normally result from fear would not occur for her when faced with Inanis foes.

  • Rank I: The user's skin turns all black with veins embedded within, granting greater endurance and the ability to melt away flesh after repeated scratching. Two small horns appear on the user's forehead while their hair turns white.
  • Rank II: The user's eyes turn red with black pupils, allowing soul sight. The horns on the user's head grow slightly longer.
  • Rank III: A beastial inani arm sprouts from the user's shoulder under their regular arm. The inani arm has strength similar to that of a human inani hybrid, and its claws can melt/infect flesh more easily than the user's own arms. The horns on the forehead grow even longer.
  • Rank IV: A second arm sprouts from the other shoulder, as the horns grow to their full length.
  • Rank V: A purebred inani eyeball emerges from the center of the forehead. With this comes the ability to release a burst of decay energy just like any other inani.

-Gallifrey: Memory Conduit [III] Sofia spends mana and touches the ground to summon her companion, Gallifrey, a 1592 year-old high tortoise that can magically inspect the memories of mortals. Sofia and Gallifrey have the agreement that when summoned, Gallifrey remains with Sofia until he is ready to go back to his home or he is in mortal danger. Gallifrey uses Sofia's mana to summon a levitating chained crucifix. One chain wraps around Sofia's bare neck and another chain seeks out a target to wrap around its neck. The target must be within 5ft in Gallifrey's field of view in order to be apprehended. When both Sofia and the target's necks are wrapped, Sofia is able to read the memories of the target. A stream of randomly selected memories and memorized information forcefully enters Sofia's mind.

The stream starts from the most recent and works back to the earliest pieces of memory in the target's brain. If Sofia takes in too many memories over a short period of time,she gets a migraine as she begins to lose her own memories as they are overwritten by the influx of information. This causes Sofia to gradually lose her personality, leading to split personality syndrome and in severe cases, complete amnesia. Sofia can tell Gallifrey to select memories that are more recent or more distant (eg. memories from the last 10 minutes - memories from the last year) and to select memories sparsely or closely related temporally (eg. memories that had been formed 5 seconds or 5 days apart). The stream breaks when the chain is broken or loses contact with Sofia or the target.          

-Ice Javelin [III] Summons Summons a magical spear made of ice that freezes around the point of contact with an organism. The freezing spreads throughout the body as the spear remains in contact. The user itself is immune to the spear's freezing effects. Durability and freezing speed increases with rank.

Trial Story (If Any): Castor's trial: Sofia was left in an empty field surrounded by Inanis. When her eyes connected with an Inanis deer, she immediately bolted for the trees. The deer followed right after her. She found the closest tree with low, climbable branches and scurried up the tree trunk, going as high as she could go. The deer, hot on her trail, circled around the tree for several minutes until it finally gave up on her. From Sofia's location, she could see multiple Inanis deeper in the forest, so she decided to wait until the area was clear. She waited so long, that she fell asleep after finding a more comfortable sitting position. When she woke up, the moon was still up in the sky, so Sofia spent the rest of the night studying the Inanis and their movements. Once the moon set and the sun began to rise, Castor came to collect Sofia.

Nyx's trial: Sofia was dropped off in a dead forest, left with only her sword and a couple food rations for a few days. Using her wit and everything she learned from her sister, she avoided any conflict, steering clear of any obvious signs of inani presence. After a day of walking, she stumbled upon a small town in the process of rebuilding after a horde of inani butterflies ransacked the town's food garden. Sofia offered to help the scavenging party find food, and so she followed a group of foragers into the wilderness, where Sofia soon realized how physically feeble she was for the job. Even so, she pushed herself to carry dozens of pounds of fish, boar, and vegetables back to town. The next part of her trial passed more smoothly due to the smaller physical requirements. At the medical center, she discovered the stories her sister used to tell her made for a good way to keep the kids entertained. Sofia is in the process of getting her sigil after her time at the medical center.  
Character History: Sofia was born to a humble family in the outskirts of Hathe. Sofia's parents, Descartes and Vincenza, raised her and her sister very liberally. Descartes, her father, allowed Sofia to try mead at the age of 10, although it required some sweet-talking to Vincenza as well as a few cups of hard liquor. Sofia and her sister grew up on bedtime stories of the heroic progenitors fending off the Inanis. And once a week, the slow, rhythmic droll of war drums drew Saif and Sofia to the front porch, where they saw the parade of Inanis hunters marching out into the forest. The two sisters watched the parade every week even though most civilians ignored the rowdy group of hunters.

Throughout Sofia's life, she and Saif shared a deep bond. Saif treated Sofia like a precious treasure, defending her from bugs, bullies, and stray animals. Whatever way Saif chose to defend her sister, she always did it in the most physical way possible. In School, it was a common occurrence that Saif was penalized for hurting the other students. Still, Sofia was extremely fond of Saif because she always took care of Sofia and embodied the heroic progenitors from their mom's bedtime stories. Sofia was proud her sister made a covenant, pledging she would find a covenant of her own when she was ready. While Saif was part of Reinhold's covenant, she told Sofia all about her adventures, embellishing stories of times she was summoned. She shared all her information about Inanis and armed combat, teaching Sofia how to use a sword to prepare her for her trial.

In between school and her first covenant, Sofia made some spending money by working at her favorite place: the library. Because she worked in a library, she spent many slow hours reading nonfiction and biographies of influential characters in history. After a year working as a librarian, the long, uneventful days drove Sofia to finally join a covenant. After getting help from her sister, Sofia set off to request a covenant with Castor, Sofia's favorite progenitor. Sofia's trial sharpened her hidden curiosity for Inanis, showing her that Inanis were more intelligent than she thought. When Sofia got her covenant, she soon realized that things would be difficult. Castor was Sofia's hero of all heroes, yet due to her Inanis ability, she always got a glare of disapproval from her progenitor. Sofia killed herself training her magical abilities to show she could control her Inanis transformation, but she never gained Castor's favor.

Sofia continued practicing her Inanis ability until her hands turned black with corruption. Before Sofia actually killed herself, Castor decided it was time for a different progenitor. He proposed to watch Sofia if she left his covenant and joined Nyx's. Sofia sadly agreed, but with Nyx's blessing, the corruption was halted passively as opposed to having to cast a blessing each time Sofia used her ability. Making life at home more complicated, Saif's involvement with Living Dead and her eventual disappearance caused Sofia's parents to be more direct with their guidance. With fear in their hearts and tears on their cheeks, Descartes and Vincenza pleaded Sofia to go into a safe, secure line of work, and to never be like her late sister. Saif, herself pleaded Sofia to keep her live status a secret. And because of her blackened hands, Sofia wore gloves 24/7.  

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Post by xenolion on 9th January 2018, 7:41 pm

Name: Marisol Yorina
Color Code: 009900
Age: 92
Sex/Gender: F
Deus ex Entente Registration Mariso10

She is about 5’6” tall with long chestnut hair.  Her eyes are a pale blue.  She is moderately built, not that one can see because she is covered usually.  She does have some scars on her body that are covered as well.

Outside of the pub she can be seen wearing colorful dresses (made by her mom)

Current Occupation: Pub worker, jewelry maker  
Past Occupations (If Any): Blacksmithing
Non-Combat Skills: (25 AP)
(lvl 1) Weapon smithing (1ap)
(Lvl 2) Gold smithing (3ap)
(Lvl 1) Copper smithing (1ap)
(Lvl 1) Silver smithing (1 ap)
(lvl 2) Jewelry making (3ap)
(lvl 3) Cooking (6ap)
(lvl 2) diplomacy (3ap)
(Lvl 2) Housekeeping (3ap)
(Lvl 2) Appraisal (3ap)
(lvl 1) Sewing (1ap)
Hobbies/Talents: Singing, Gardening, playing harpsichord, playing poker (she will only strip to her undies though.)

Covenant: None currently, but I will keep this here in case it changes.
Sigil Size & Location:
Covenant Standing:
Caster Level:

Blessing Domain:

Boon Domains:

Notable Equipment:  She keeps a scimitar on her when outside the pub and a dagger on her at all times.  She has leather armor.  She also has a diary and a writing utensil.

Physical Skills: (6 ap)
(lvl 2) scimitar proficiency (3 ap)
(Lvl 2) dagger proficiency (3 ap)

Magical Abilities: None
Trial Story (If Any):

Character History: Marisol is the oldest child in her family.  She was a *surprise* to her parent who had her when they were young.  She has 1 younger brother and twin siblings on the way.  Ever since she could walk she helped her father in the blacksmithing shop.  However once she started to become a teenager, she wanted to try something different.  So she started to work in her "Uncle’s" Pub. They are really friends of her parents. She has kept up her jewelry making though.  Her orders come primarily through her mom.

Her mother is a seamstress and a good one at that.  Marisol can do some sewing because of her, but she is not as good as a seamstress.  They also have a small plot where food is grown too.  She does help out with that, but is no gardener.

She is very extroverted and loves to be with the people.  She has retained some skills from her father, so she can fix weapons, but she is far from an expert.  She can be seen in the shop on occasion when working on her jewelry.
She also has learned to defend herself with a sword.  Ironically enough, her armor is leather.

Father – Valerian:  200 years old.  He is Marisol’s mentor.  He owns his own shop and handles more of the armor smithing and some weapon smithing.  He may look a bit rough around the edges, but is a big teddy bear.  He fully supports his daughter and son helping out others as long as it doesn’t take too much from the business.

Mother – Tommiah: 175 years old.  She is the one who tried to teach Marisol sewing.  Marisol learned some, but is not the expert her mom is.  All of the family’s clothes is made by Tommiah.   In addition to clothing, she makes quilts from the scrap pieces of fabric.  Some of the clothing she makes looks like an eclectic artistic patchwork design. She is pregnant with twins.

Brother – Quinlan: Age 25 years old  He loves his older sister, but does not want to follow in her or her father’s footsteps.  He turned to studies, and is now a very smart young man.  He loves to tinker with things and hopes someday to be a member of a covenant.  When he is old enough to.  He is altruistic like the other members of his family and can be found fixing things for the poor.

She does not know much about her parents' families. She knew they trouble from them because of the unexpected pregnancy. They fled to Capatan where they were welcomed with open arms. Valerian's work is well known in town and may have even reach outside.

All of Marisol's work her her unique stamp on them somewhere. It can be quite small depending on the jewelry. It looks like
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Post by JerriLeah7 on 9th January 2018, 7:43 pm

Name: Brooke Cascata
Color Code: a6151b
Age: 100 Years
Sex/Gender: Female; Bisexual
Appearance: Red Hair, Green Eyes, 115lbs., & 5ft, 8in.  Brooke is generally seen in the clothing below.
Deus ex Entente Registration Mage_by_itsprecioustime-d92tjfy

Current Occupation: Mercenary, Bodyguard
Past Occupations (If Any): None
Non-Combat Skills: None
Hobbies/Talents: Taekwondo Terrain Practice, Political Debating, Dancing, & Fashion Designing

Covenant: Aquarian Gloria
Sigil Size & Location: On her entire back
Covenant Standing: Delta
Caster Level: Intermediate

Blessing Domain:
   ● Blessing of Destruction: This blessing allows the magi the ability of a berserker like rage. Giving them partial resistance to physical attacks, and doubling their strength and speed. They cannot think clearly, their mentality lowering to that of a rabid animal, and the duration of this ability is determined by the users caster level; though it never breaches a span of ten minutes.
Boon Domains:
   ● Boon of Water: Magi with this boon gain the passive ability to breathe underwater. Its effectiveness has no limit, though it takes some practice to get used to. Initial recruits will find themselves only able to hold their breath for thirty minute intervals, due to the alien sensation.
   ● Boon of Protection: Magi with this boon gain a passive protection ability- they may enchant one item, and item they hold very dearly, and pass it onto another- granting them minor magical protections. They could just as well keep the item for themselves, but it is more often used as a protection between comrades.

Stats: (18 AP Total)
   ● [ III ] Agility (12AP) ● [ II ] Endurance (6AP)
Notable Equipment: Cascata, Water-Resistant Garb, Cascata Trident (Magically Altered to withstand Fire Torching Abilities)
Physical Skills: (18 AP Total)
   ● [ III ] Acrobatics (6AP) ● [ III ] Polearm Proficiency: Specialization - Trident (6AP) ● [ III ] Taekwondo (6AP)
Magical Abilities: (9 AP Total)
   ● [ III ] Element Fire - Blue Immolation (6AP): This elemental ability allows Brooke to light any object or person on fire by touch, including herself.  Covering herself or others in blue flames that are much more heat-intensive than that of original fire, this ability offers the perk of heat resistances against other fires that aren't her own, either.  Due to the fact that this ability has no projectile or range capabilities, she generally uses this power to light her weapon on fire and to battle in close combat.
   ● [ II ] Element Fire - Red Evocation (3AP): This elemental ability allows Brooke to shoot out cones or rays of fire from her hands and/or fingertips in any direction(s) needed to attackers within sixty feet of her.  Additionally, she can use this ability to throw up a flame shield before her body just as she is about to be attacked in defense, but the shield does not stay up for very long without intense concentration.

Trial Story (If Any): Due to her Brooke's entire family being a member of Aquarian Gloria, Brooke already had a rather large number of good deeds under her belt to give to the Covenant before being placed on a small boat and set out to sea.  She was there on the small floating mass for weeks, wishing for home even more as each day passed.  The ocean had already terrified her--she failed her swimming classes again and again, just like her twin.  Still, although she was terrified of drowning, it was more than that that scared was the life and power behind it.

Upon her returning to shore, being dragged back up into those sands of the beaches as she faced her new Progenitor for the first time, the girl looked down at her with kind, but playful eyes when she asked her what she had learned.  She spoke in a daze, her eyes open blankly as though she was looking into another world, "The Ocean lives."  This was all she could mutter before the sigil's cold sear was sharply formed into her back and was then carried off to be taken care of with the hopes that she could return to her normal self.

Character History: Brooke comes from the wealthy, well known Cascata family bloodline that is not only profitable in trades and goods regarding the latest fashions, but also in their luck on betting within the Hollowstar Arena.  Having grown up around the highest of standards, she was a spoiled child that was given everything she ever desired.  Her calm, blue hair and soft green eyes were dazzling to all and her hair, which was long and fell to the back of her knees in her later years, reminded those of the water that her family so represented.

That's right--the Cascata family was a water-magi family, well known to have beaten the odds over magical gifts for generations without the use of their ancestor's essence gems.  This was not only the start for their rise in popularity, but also what helped them gain respect among those that did their trades over the waters of the ocean with them.  After all, an advanced Cascata could almost guarantee your trading travel would be safe, on land and within any sailing ship.  Behind closed doors, however, it was no secret that every generation was frightened of the prospect of not becoming a water mage--Brooke's own mother married a water mage simply for his abilities and her aunt (and mother's sister) simply pretended to be a water mage when she wasn't a mage at all.

When Brooke and her twin sister, Eathelyn, turned fifty years old, their mother and father (Arulean and Enverus) took them to see a diviner after revealing to their daughters that this was a tradition for all Cascata children when they became of age.  After much time spent with this diviner, an upsetting truth was told that chilled the Cascata family to the bone:  Either Brooke or Eathelyn would not be of water, after all--but of fire, instead.  This angered Arulean very much, casting an expression of doubt and disappointment into both of her daughters as she had asked of any way to avoid what was to come.  The diviner's reply was given only with a sad smile, "When betrayed, can one forgive immediately after?"

Brooke and her family both took this answer for a no, leaving with a negative atmosphere about them both as the two parents went home and went to their chambers to discuss the matter in private.  Occasionally, voices would rise in heated discussion and the two twins realized that things...were not going to be okay.  This issue truly mattered to the Cascatas and their reputation seemed to rely on it more than the two girls had ever before realized.  It was then that Brooke and Eathelyn promised to love each other, no matter who got the ability that would make them an outcast.

Years had passed and the girls were trained with the usual Cascata garb that was uniquely made for them both:  The blue, water resistant tunic and pant set with a small over cloak for added warmth when out on the seas.  They each received a family trident--the entire family knew how to battle with these, combining Taekwondo and trident specialization against their foes.  The tridents were also magical in that one could use the weapon to funnel their magic through and it was a frequent thing for a Cascata to release a wave of water from their trident's tip as they battle.

The day came when the two girls were expected to face their trials after many acts of community service ordered by their parents.  They knew the drill--all of the Cascata family had been a member of the Aquarian Gloria.  Brooke did all that was expected of her, wishing and hoping that somehow, both she and her sister would be of the water gifted.  After her trial, she knew she was a magi, but she had been too weak from her ordeals to know just what kind of magi she had turned out to be.  After being nursed back to health, she went straight home to find out what she could do privately, so as not to embarrass her family's name in the worst case scenario.

It was then that Brooke learned the truth as she overheard Eathelyn's confession, asking their parents for forgiveness for taking her uncle's essence crystal to be used in the binding.  Eyes wide with surprise at this betrayal, Brooke knew then that her sister had taken matters into her own hands and forced Brooke to be the family's outcast with this decision and through her anger, she burst through the room with rage she had never known before as her entire body became lit with magical, blue flames to accentuate her fury.  Had her parents not been there, she may very well have set the entire house on fire, due to her lack of control and power.  They smothered her in their waters, and due to her inability to swim, she passed out from the cold and almost drowned.

When Brooke woke again, she had to make several adjustments all over again as her family revealed that her hair was now red, instead of teal and that they, too, had changed their minds on what they would do with her.  Originally, they had planned to keep their fire child and simply "send them away for schooling" to keep the abilities quiet while pretending that she is, in fact, a water child.  However, due to Brooke's obviously lethal intent towards her sister and her anger towards her entire family for how they were treating her, it was clear that Brooke could not be trusted to keep quiet about her abilities or her name.

Therefore, Brooke was disowned, but not before she left of her own accord with the clothes and trident gifted to her years ago by the very family that wants nothing to do with her.  As any typical, rebelling child, she cut off her hair and she had the trident's magical capabilities added to with some money that she stole from her father and eventually wandered from her own Covenant's hearth and Hathe City so as to avoid her family even further.  She left out towards the outer skirts of Iodenia so that she could learn her abilities, train harder to fight and improve herself, and to decide where she wanted to go with her life.  

Before, her goals were all about what the family wanted--fashion designing, sailing protective services...reputation.  Yet, this isn't in the cards for her anymore and she is lost.  Due to this loss of her previous lifestyle, Brooke has no current goals outside of some kind of revenge against her sister, some kind of self improvement to show that she's better than her, somehow...or something.  She just doesn't know.

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Post by MethosArchaic on 11th January 2018, 7:45 am

Character Registration Part 1

Name: Donnie "Half-Dozen" Haull
  Color Code: fbfc7e
  Sex/Gender: Male, Heterosexual
  Appearance: Half-Dozen though imposing and almost stoic appearing when fully bedecked in his armor regalia with his wide shoulders and stocky build, there is only one problem... he's short. At only 5ft 2in most everyone is taller than him, except for children in their earliest years before their first maturation (30 to 50's) into young adults. While he has taken the simple approach to his black hair by combing it back in most cases, he does give it a bit of a personal touch by applying a few grey streaks above his temples and to his beard near the corners of his mouth to match closely with his eyes. Despite his armor's more impressive appearance he tends to be much more drab when wearing normal clothing, hardly wearing any embellishment at all. The only exception is that he wears a necklace with his Progenitor's sigil on it, a restamped gold coin from among the first he earned in her employ officially. The necklace which he is rarely seen without, is viewed as parts symbolic of his covenant and part good luck charm.
Aging over the Years (Past to Present):
Deus ex Entente Registration Fe0b542e7440d52d0c8b64fe57fab42a-d958h6h

  Current Occupation: Bodyguard/Lacky; Sometimes Essence cutter and Wand/Rod maker.
  Past Occupations (If Any): Animal Trainer, Grave Digger, Sculptor, Janitor, Juggler, Jeweler
  Non-Combat Skills: (45 AP Total)

  • [ I ] Animal Husbandry (1AP)
  • [ II ] Animal Training (3AP)
  • [ I ] Cooking (1AP)
  • [ III ] Essence Crystal Cutting (6AP)
  • [ IV ] Essence Identifying (10AP)
  • [ I ] First Aid
  • [ I ] House Keeping (1AP)
  • [ II ] Hunting (3AP)
  • [ I ] Inanis Lore (1AP)
  • [ II ] Iodenian General Law (3AP)
  • [ II ] Iodenian Trade Law (3AP)
  • [ II ] Jewelry (3AP)
  • [ I ] Sculpting (1AP)
  • [ III ] Tracking (6AP)
  • [ I ] Veterinarian (1AP)

 Hobbies/Talents: Gardening, Juggling, Intimating Bird calls and Bird Watching, Visiting orphanages and Making Wind-Chimes

  Covenant: Cardinal Crowe Company
  Sigil Size & Location: 2-inch diameter circle on his lower back.
  Covenant Standing: Gamma, lacks desired traits for leadership and motivation for advancement.
  Caster Level: Intermediate

  Blessing Domain:
  ● Blessing of Travel: (Passive) - This blessing allows you to move through non-magical fog, rain, mist, snow, and other environmental effects without hampering.  You'll be able to see clearly, but you will still be effected be the temperatures.  This effect is passive and only works on you.
  Boon Domains:
  ● Boon of Luck:- (6/Day) - Upon activation, you can touch a target to lower or raise their luck significantly for a short time.  This cannot be used on the same target more than once within a day.
  ● Boon of Travel: - (Unlimited Use) - You can lay your hand upon any surface and see what is on the other side, as if using clairvoyance. Using this power takes 1 minute, during which time you must be touching the surface you want to see through. You can keep looking for as long as 10 minutes with each use of this power, but must touch the surface and take no other action the entire time.

  Stats: (22 AP Total)

  • [ I ] Strength (2AP)
  • [ II ] Endurance (6AP)
  • [ III ] Perception (12AP)
  • [ I ] Persuasion (2AP)

 Notable Equipment: Dual Cast Electrojolt (Rank 2) Combat Rod [2 Uses], Dual Cast Firebolt (Rank 2) Combat Rod [4 Uses], Self-Repairing Platemail, Wears dual row item belt with numerous pouches, pockets and loops to assist with his quick-drawing skill, carries a small case of chisels and knives, and a picture of his son. Light Wand Rank 1 (~11 uses), Minor Healing Wand Rank 1 (~4 charges), Area Alarm Wand Rank 2 [Wards up to 1000 Sqft] (~5 Charges), Blink Rank 2 [Short range sight based teleport 30ft] (~2 Charges), Donnie's Lucky Sigil Necklace, 2 switchblades, a swordbreaker dagger
  Physical Skills: (30 AP Total)

  • [ I ] Knife Fighting (1AP)
  • [ IV ] Catching (10AP): Good at catching items tossed, shot or thrown at or near him, often without getting hurt.
  • [ II ] Disarming (3AP)
  • [ I ] Dual Wielding (1 AP)
  • [ III ] Quick-drawing (6AP)
  • [ III ] Rod combat (6AP): think along the line of Batons or Maces,
  • [ II ] Porting (3AP): The art of carrying/moving shit more effectively

 Magical Abilities: (34 AP Total)
[ III ] Sensory Adaptation (6AP):
His original magic ability lets Half-Dozen lets magically change his senses but only those that he has learned by touching a creature that already possesses the sense(s) in question. It used to take several hours to learn abilities in this way but now he can learn new senses in a matter of minutes, though the subject must still be alive during the process. Changing an existing sense is easier than gaining a new one, meaning modifying his sight or hearing would be easier than picking up the ability to see heat. Through former contact with an Inanis, Half-Dozen has learned how to temporarily see essence though he can't maintain it for long. Most people assume that this power only works on himself as he hardly uses it on other creatures. Just like when he learns a creatures sensory abilities he too has to touch the creature he wishes to alter for a similar amount of time. The ability can last for hours but he must constantly supply it with mana to do so, on others however the mana consumption is much higher and seldom is worth the results.

[ II ] Element Earth 'Modification' (3AP):
With this ability Half-Dozen can temporarily soften earth and stone allowing it to be worked much easier as well as magically move or shape such materials. However he is not skilled enough yet to effect metals. Though he can move dirt or stone to create a hole or pit, it isn't fast enough to be used practically in combat. Mostly he uses it to dig graves, work fields, and sculpt. His control over it allows him to make some detail but it is far easier to soften the desired work area and do the shaping manually. It is considerably difficult to form moving parts, and sometimes they break or fail to work as intended.

[ II ] Element Fire 'Evocation' (3AP):
With this power Half-Dozen can summon fire. Be it it to tiny candle flames to light lanterns and torches or larger jets of fire to start fires or burn foliage evoking fire is a useful ability. Though he has practiced with it in a number of ways, he can only shoot small balls of fire as projectiles which are much weaker than the more famously know fireball spell which explodes in a large area when it impacts. He isn't skilled at using it defensively to create barriers or large walls of persistent flames like those that invest much larger training into it. As such most of the uses are short bursts or used to start normal fires. He learned this power to expand his abilities and prove more useful.

[ II ] Element Lightning 'Evocation' (3AP):
This power was learned at a similar time and for the exact same reason as Fire Evocation. Half-Dozen is able to create a simply annoying tingle at it's weakest, to being able to shoot out small arcs of electricity from his hand at the strongest. Though these Arcs are significantly weaker than the large scale lightning bolts more commonly lauded by lightning users, through training he has learned how to both be able to cloak himself in a shell of cackling energy and even paralyze creatures with a touch. The later proving invaluable in taking down creatures for study with his original magic or even in stopping simple ruffians and thugs.

[ II ] Necromancy (3AP):
Much less favorably looked upon as many other magics, none the less Half-Dozen learned a little of this magic as well. While not pretty he can use this ability to move bones and even dead bodies. Given a large enough supply he could form walls or shields from bones. He can crack bones and cause them to fly as dangerous projectiles. While actively using this he has caused skulls to chatter and jump about as well as whole skeletons to walk and crawl towards people, this isn't particularly dangerous but still terrifying. However there are two uses which are much, much more terrifying. The first is that he can cause a mostly intact body to animate as a zombie under his control. Though stronger than the original creature they are significantly stupider, they are still smart enough to poorly use weapons and perform crude tasks. While the skeletons are little more than puppets, a fresh zombie is just as durable and quick as they used to be while alive. In order to use this power the necromancer must supply an essence crystal or use the creature's if it still has it. The second equally as terrifying ability allows the necromancer to cause a corpse/zombie to explode, sending shrapnel and gore everywhere. Doing so destroys the corpses essence crystal, and can damage or ruin gear/equipment it was carrying or nearby. While he doesn't often use necromancy in general aside from deboning fish or food, it is however another tool that lies at his disposal no matter how unpleasant.

[ III ] Dual Casting (6AP):
This ability is something of a rather strange nature. Most mages would focus on improving the strength of prospective magic abilities, however Half-Dozen has practiced not for strength but for speed. This ability allows him to cast two copies of the same spell simultaneously however there is one catch: you can only use it on abilities of a lower level and while the spells can target different opponents they must be the same exact spell. This ability eats through the same amount of magic as casting two of the same spell, but cuts the time down to half. Other than that, it has no other interesting abilities. This ability can't be used to imbue or enchant multiple items at once. If used to add the dual cast effect (like dual fire bolt) to an item, it increases the required skill level by one as well as increasing the required time/materials needed.

[ II ] Wand Enchanting (3AP):
This ability allows the user to create a wand of a particular spell using an essence crystal of a suitable type and affinity. The ability must be the same level or lower than the skill level of the enchanter. While most people prefer more permanent enchantments, a wand can be used by anyone even ordinary people who aren't mages. This is because the wand casts using the stored energy within it's essence crystal rather than drawing on the magic inside the user. The most noticeable side effect is that once the crystal runs out the item becomes worthless. While a wand can often cast the same spell more than once the magic inside the crystal still slowly degrades with time reducing their desirability. None the less, due to their usefulness and added versatility they still can be worth the effort to make.

[ III ] Rod Enchanting (6AP):
Somewhere between wands and weapons, rods are able to cast particular spells a few limited number of times before they have to be recharged. While wands can be used by everyone, Rods can not. In order to use a Rod a small amount of mana must be supplied to trigger it, this means that only mages can use magic Rods. Some weapons can be enchanted to cast spells, a rod is more essence efficient cost wise and the energy doesn't degrade over time like with a wand allowing it to be stored in armories until it is needed. Just like with enchanting wands and weapons the essence crystal must be of a suitable type, size and affinity.

[ I ] Prestidigitation (1AP):
Once cast, Donnie can use Prestidigitation on any object(s) within 10ft of him, and any affected objects continue to be affected even if they get further than 10ft from him as described below. Donnie can slowly lift 1 pound of material. It can color, clean, or soil up to 5 cubic feet of items in a minute. It can chill, warm, or flavor 1 pound of nonliving material. Prestidigitation can also create small objects, but they look crude and artificial. The materials created by a prestidigitation spell are extremely fragile, and they cannot be used as tools or weapons. Any objects created or affected (beyond just moving, coloring, cleaning, or soiling it) persists for the spells duration which is up to an hour.  

  Trial Story (If Any): Donnie Haull is called Half-Dozen due to the sheer absurd number of trails he has failed (in one way or another) before eventually succeeding once again and managing to cease being among the excommunicated. There for there are a total of 7 trails in this character entry hence all the spoilers.

Vaelus - Burn it Once, Shame on me; Burn it twice...Should have stopped at One:
Coming from a family of wand makers whom cut their own essence crystals themselves, it only made sense that he would attempt to join The Artifice Precept and receive a sigil from Vaelus. While still young, dumb and not all that patient at the budding age of 43, Donnie started his path to success like any other applicant: by going to school. Having been raised at home with nary a teacher present, it was incredibly difficult being subjected to a formal education at first. For the first few years Donnie was barely able to scrap by. Learning the countless laws and rules often left him with sleepless nights where lines of text blended together into scrawls and scribbles in his head.
The first hint major hint that not all was right, came late one night when Donnie had to get in another all night cram session  right before test day. The libraries were especially careful about not letting open flames anywhere near the books and Donnie made sure to do so as well. It wasn't in the library that this mistake occurred. In a rush to get in even a single hour for sleep that night, he was in a bit of a exhausted haze when he put up his lantern. Sure he'd blown out the flame as he had countless times before, or at least he thought so. Except that come dawn the entire room was filled with smoke, the contents of the closet and some of the room had burnt up ruining both the boys things. After much reprimand and a utterly deserved number of extra safety lessons, he continued on till he had moved onto the last stage of his Trail.
Handed a set of plans he was tasked with the task of building a clockwork clock from scratch, all within a week. A clock was every bit the edifice of the embodiment of order and the laws of everything: Math. Unfortunately the blueprints were purposefully missing details and it took almost the entirety of three days out of his precious week to work through everything and complete them. Having practiced plenty with pour molding he started to cast and make the parts needed. However as the deadline approached Donnie started to have to rush and that rushing caused mistakes. All those extra lessons had given him enough practice recently that he had switched to simpler tasks to calm his nerves and relax when he kept messing up from mistakes.
It was once he'd gotten back on track that complacency that tragedy struck. As he was casting another set of bronze gears he accidentally dipped the edge of a sleeve into the crucible and it caught fire. The sudden flare up of his sleeve caused him to panic and drop the bucket of molten brass close to another student where it splashed over their boots and one of their legs. The burns were not as bad as they could have been but did cause them to damage their own project (some kind of music box). Donnie would have noticed the damage he had caused but he was busy peeling off his own burning clothes. Rather stupidly he flung them away in a panic, in a beautiful arc... right out the window and into a passing supplier whom just so happened to be outside.
Luckily the supplier turned out mostly unharmed, but suddenly getting caught in the face by a flaming coat would catch anyone by surprise and drop what ever they had been holding. The supplier had been busy showing of some essence crystals to a rather important client... Donnie had the unfortunate honor of having his first meeting with a Progenitor, Vaelus calm and collected with a cloth on his desk. On that cloth were numerous shards of broken essence crystals, just two. Donnie learned he had the secondary honor of Vaelus being personally privy to nearly the entire disaster as it unfolded.
He was promptly expelled for his lack of proper craft station safety that led to the injury of a student, destruction of property and injuries to a rather important supplier that Valus had been meeting at the time..personally. While it turned out that he didn't have to pay for the accident or the damages directly the incident did end up hurting his families reputation and that ended up doing it's own fair share of damage of it's own.

Shahaeyl - "A Rope, A Lock, A Clock, and a Riddle:
Having been expelled from TAP, Donnie returned home to his parents at the age of 76. The next several months were spent under the intense eye of his parents and extended family. The displeasure and disappointment made him feel like he was still a child when they should be starting to look at him as a man coming into adulthood. With growing concern over this becoming his life, as well as becoming more and more aware of his failure at TAP's effect on his family's bottom line, Donnie came to the decision that he had to try his hand again at another trail. The stress of picking which Progenitor and there by what sort of trail he should expect to plan for caused no end of additional stress on top his familial issues. Over the course of a few more months, Donnie started to frequent a couple bars... quickly becoming a regular for good and for ill. Even explaining his reasons to his family only helped marginally. His mother even going so far as to tell him he should give up on ever joining a covenant. Despite how they viewed his forays into bars, none of his family openly moved to stopped him.
It had been a little over a year and Donnie had all but ruled out any trail involving fighting. After all: he didn't know how; and having spent all those years at TAP, he figured that his strengths lay in more in the intellectual field than a physical one. Expressing this to one of his newer drinking buddies (whose name Donnie couldn't remember years down the road or even the weeks he spent tracking down the Hearth of Shahaeyl), he'd finally been given the nudge he needed to get going. As you can imagine, it was an eye opening sight to enter such a hearth for the first time for someone who hadn't really been outside of an academy for half their life, at least till recently at a few -fairly decent- dive bars. It was something a bit too overwhelming to Donnie at the time, causing him to stumbled over his words when asking people if they could point him in the right direction.
It was all but almost impossible to not recognize a Progenitor on sight, after all Donnie as well as countless other children all over Iodenia grew up being told about their exploits. Shahaeyl looked just like what Donnie had seen in pictures, except of course much more real given that Donnie was seeing him for the first time in person. Making his way towards the center of mirth, Donnie could remember sweating, ohh the sweating. He'd walked up while Shahaeyl was talking to someone(s), clenched his hands and eyes, and all but shouted in that awkward silence that ironically just happens sometimes at parties "I've come to try the Trails!"
Looking back, he probably should have just tapped him on the shoulder but that probably wouldn't have changed much in the end. It was common that Shahaeyl would turn over the first two tasks to those at his Hearth and he did. There was some debate as to which tasks they'd be giving Donnie, all within ear shot of said boy sweating buckets as he prayed to the Progenitors for luck. Was it blasphemous with him sitting next to Donnie? If Shahaeyl could hear him was Donnie just being plain rude?

"Oi! Bring me 'A Rope made of Ashes!'" A voice rose up over the clamor from somewhere up on the balcony. There was momentary clamor of approval while Shahaeyl called for the second task.

"Isn't that boy that Haull boy that flunked out of TAP?" Several people got to wondering about it, and Donnie heard several rumored versions of his deeds. Most of them were strangely accurate, but a few were a bit outlandish.

"Well?" Shahaeyl had asked when Donnie had nervously glanced his way after a minute of silence, "You've got them curious."
"Um, yes Sir." Donnie admitted.
"Give us a lock of your hair! Come on!" Then the crowd started chanting "A Lock." over and over again.
Donnie reached up and felt his hair, "My hair?" he said rather confused. This of course caused some laughter at his expense. The crowd didn't stop chanting just because of a little laughter however. Donnie did in fact have a knife on hand, his father had taught him to always carry a knife. 'A man should always carry a knife. There are a hundred things you could need it for.' his father had always said, this must have been one of those things. With a bit of hesitation, he grabbed a fist full of hair and started sawing through it. If this was one of the tasks maybe Shahaeyl had been listening and given him a break.

As he was cutting through a rather sizable chunk of his own hair, a voice called out as Donnie was still sawing away. "nah nah nah. that's a bit too much. However I do have an excellent idea about a clock-"
"A clock?" wondered someone as his question followed after that timely pause.
"Well it is his second trail after all."
"A clock?" Donnie's thoughts echoed the other man from before as he stopped sawing his hair at the sudden change in task.
"A Clock, but not just any clock. Oh no, a clock without springs, pulleys or gears."
His heart felt like it had sunk to the bottom of his stomach, this was obviously someone picking fun at him for his falled attempt at a clock at TAP. Donnie really wished that they'd just go back to the hair, but Shahaeyl and everyone else seemed intrigued by the idea. It quickly became set in stone as Shahaeyl moved onto the third task.

"Now Donnie Haull, a riddle:
'I am what men love more than life, fear more than death or moral strife.
I am what dead men have, but the rich require.
I am what a content man desires.'
Just complete the other two and bring me the answer to my riddle. Shouldn't be too hard, happy hunting."


The first thing he did after leaving Shahaeyl's hearth was get a haircut, lest he risk a verbal lashing from his mother. Despite getting a proper haircut, he still had a bit of that lashing for suddenly taking off and not letting anyone know where he had disappeared to. He'd been taken aback by the heat and anger his father had displayed when Donnie had explained that he had taken on the 3 Tasks of the Vox Libertalia Nyxeria,  plainly refusing to offer him assistance while demanding that this wild hair up his ass didn't interfere with his work at the family business. It turned out that his father was a very avid supporter of Vaelus, and this almost fanatic devotion trickled down into bare tolerance by much of his family.
Adequately devoted to helping pay off his debt to his family incurred from the fallout of his first trail, he wasn't able to truly devote himself to the task of completing the 3 Tasks. He often spent hours scribbling into notebooks while at the bar trying to wrap his mind around them. The first task he had tried to do everything he could think of to somehow turn ash into a rope. The closest he'd come was trying to turn it into a paste and bake it, which proved useless. Without an idea to progress he had moved onto the second task: making a clock. How exactly did one build a clock without moving parts? He'd thought about using the shadows and figuring that out, but there had been numerous reasons that didn't work. After all, he had to take it inside where it would be useless. Not to mention that they were pretty much useless unless stationary outside, and even then they didn't work during rainy or cloudy days, or at all during the night.
Donnie had eventually realized that he actually could have moving parts but that the three most integral ones had been banned from him. A pendulum didn't work, and trying to make a set of levers and counterweights was also useless. Eventually he'd been enlightened by a rather long and fierce storm that had damaged the roof allowing it to leak. It had taken a couple change outs of the pots his mother had been using to catch the rain till it at last dawned on him. He could make a water clock! While at first this seemed an easy idea, it took major work to figure out how to restrict the flow to the desired amount. He'd had some difficulty figuring out how to do it without gears or pulleys. Then he ran into a different problem, his logical mind. Months working on the water clock had to be completely reworked due to four simple traits of water: It evaporated, it froze, it scummed up and it wasn't much difference visually from the glass he was using as a time piece. Switching to oils proved equally as frustrating. They clotted or turned to gel, collected dirt and grim, and clung to the surface of the glass making it difficult to read when you poured it back into the reservoir.
There was no telling how many different beakers and spigots he had to changed or altered. Even the consistency of the oil was difficult to control. Even buying from the same supplier didn't guarantee the same quality, and it constantly threw off his measurements. Donnie struggled to make it work, as the mentality drilled into him at TAP made him a bit too much of a perfectionist. Eventually he'd presented his problems with oils and water to a couple alchemists, hoping that they could improve the quality issues. They'd recommended switching to alcohol, and while distilled spirits did improve the measurements, it was still far from perfect. Still bogged down by several but lesser issues as before they switched to quicksilver. It didn't stick to the glass and also was very visually striking. It took another two years to get the measurements down, constantly having to tweak one part and then another. Even settling with the relatively simple design he'd spent forever getting the time down for an entire day so he'd only have to refill the reservoir once and restart the clock over again each day. While it didn't have hands it still arguably could be called a clock.
For the riddle, he'd had a notebook full of scratched out words and ideas. Some were reasonable, others nonsensical, and a few quite lewd and vulgar. However he'd was pretty sure the answer was 'nothing' and he'd arrived at it before finishing the quicksilver clock. There was still a sense of doubt and he'd had to circle back around a number of times to this conclusion as Shahaeyl had specifically asked that Donnie give him the answer to the riddle and because of that he just didn't feel absolutely sure. Donnie however still had one major hang up. Even with nearly five years spent on the second two tasks combined had still left him without a sufficient answer to the first task. Luckily Shahaeyl's trail didn't have a time limit and Donnie had taken that into account when deciding but by the time the sixth year had fallen under his belt, Donnie had at last given up.
Wanting to take accountability for his failure, Donnie once again tracked down the home of the Vox Libertalia Nyxeria taking his clock and the notebook containing it's instructions as well as the one containing his final guess at Shahaeyl's riddle. Carrying in the clock and notebooks made it quite obvious why he was coming and Donnie didn't even have to announce himself. As a matter of fact, quite a few of Vox Libertalia Nyxeria did the announcing for him themselves.

"Hello Master Shahaeyl. This is my quicksilver clock, and I'd like to show you how it works." Donnie went on to demonstrate it to those who could see. It was rather simple inside, merely a reservoir with a cork to let the quick silver run out at a fixed rate into one of two graduated beakers beneath it. The extra beaker was to swap out when you refilled the reservoir. On the outside of the wooden clock there was even a face using rods and pins to hold it place so the base line for the time could be adjusted if the owner started it at anytime time other than noon. "Thank you for listening."
Donnie set down the notebook for the Quicksilver clock as well as the one for the riddle. "This book is the notes on the clock. And this one contains my answer to your riddle, as well as all the guesses I ruled out. I couldn't however figure out how to make a 'Rope made of Ashes.', and frankly I've tried countless times to wrap my head around the tasks you've asked of me. But in the end, I'm going to accept that I don't know and withdraw from the trail." At the last bit Donnie bowed to the Progenitor.
Raising back up he concluded his speech. "I know that I've disappointed you, but my father taught me that there comes a time for everything. That there is even a time to accept failure and move on. I've devoted six and a half years and I am barely closer to figuring out the lesson you were trying to teach me. Once again thank your for giving me a chance, but in the end I'll have to call it quits."
Looking back on that moment, Donnie would always find himself wondering if he'd at least gotten the answer right to Shahaeyl's riddle. Not even he would have had the stones to give a Progenitor what the last thing circled in that notebook was: Nothing.

Phaedira - Ring the Bell and Kick the Bucket:
Having failed two different tasks questioning his intelligence and wit, Donnie had gotten a pretty good idea that maybe he should invest in a different type of Trail. Knowing that he'd have to do some fighting, he managed to convince his parents to hire him an instructor despite their problems with money that could arguably be laid at his feet. Swearing that this time he would succeed he went about trying to learn the sword, because everyone knows: If your anybody, you've gotta have a sword. Despite hours of training, he proved poor with blade and barely scrapped by as proficient when they switched to knives.
Not wanting to let his parents precious money go to waste, Donnie attempted Phaedira's trail but not without thinking back over his first two failed attempts. Making a couple stops to prepare the day before, and a stop for a pint of liquid luck the day of, he attempted for lucky try number three. It quickly became apparent that Donnie was anything but skilled enough to even attempt the trail. His numerous attempts to score hits barely earned more than scratches to Gladus his Instructor, and were constantly returned in what would be lingering bruises that would last for days. Soon however a hint of something amiss started to be noticed. While Donnie continued to struggle to endure his beatings, many less able warriors at first thought the instructor was going easy on him or might possibly be throwing the match. To Phaedira and the wizened veterans however it became obvious, Donnie had likely poisoned Gladus. Though not unheard of, or particularly worthy of disqualification it came to a head when the poison finally had worked enough to allow the already weak Donnie to overpower the instructor. Not used to the throes of battle, it became apparent that Donnie was overcome with battle-lust. Phaedira held on to the faint hope until even that faint glimmer was snuffed out as the hands of her Covenant were ordered to seize him. It was then that Donnie received words from a Progenitor the Lady of Battle herself that he would never forget:

"Your battle capabilities are acceptable considering the bashing you have taken. The intelligence and knowledges you possess are worthy. Although I do not approve of your methods, a cunning and devious victory is still a victory in war. However, you are not worthy for MY Battalion. You chose in your anger to forgo mercy against a helpless foe that had no intentions of taking your life. This is dishonorable and it starts wars rather than finishing them."

Those words at first had filled Donnie with hope before burning away into despair as those whom he could have called his brothers and sisters threw him out.

Reinhold - The Beast Without:
Having spent over a decade out on the fringe as part of a local militia, Donnie turned in his resignation letter to give his Trail record of 0 and 3 another go. Without having contact with his family since the his last attempt, he had some hope that if successful he might be able to patch things up with his family. Right now he was as close as one could get to being considered Purged without having actually been stripped of a sigil.
The last ten years had given him what he sorely lacked when he had attempted to battle Gladus. He'd gained training, experience and lastly confidence in himself. This time he was going to attempt Reinhold's trial, a set of gladiatorial death matches against the beasts of Iodenia. Taking with him his weapons, armor and a pair of rather weak magic wands, Donnie made his way inland towards the Colosseum.
Following the day of his arrival so that he would be rested up, Donnie entered and made his request to undergo the Gauntlet to one of Reinhold's attendants. After submitting his name, he wasn't expecting that he wouldn't be able to undertake the Trail for nearly a month. Once he was called in by one of Reinhold's Ascendant and basically interviewed. The topic of his previous trails was brought up as well as about his activities for the last 11 years since his family had all but publicly disowned him. Once again he was asked to wait, but this time he was assured that it was quite likely that it wouldn't be much longer and he would be able to try the Gauntlet likely sooner than later.
His first round was against a dozen -
- they kind of looked a bit like a fishy goblin to Donnie. Not having been stationed near the ocean, Donnie had never fought them. It quickly turned into a nightmare when Donnie learned that their claws weren't their only means to attack. They seemed to be able to shoot out balls of water at him similar to spell "Auqa Bullet". Under the barrage, Donnie was forced to seek shelter among the staged 'sunken ruins' that the organizers had set up for their greater amusement. It became readily apparent that the stage was just as much for the Sahagin's benefit as his own. Eventually he was able to eliminate them one or two at a time by taking advantage of the more confined areas. Soaked through, and already exhausted from so much dodging and running, Donnie didn't exactly feel up to caring about how many of the little buggers he had brained.
He got a moment to catch his breath while waiting into the ruins for the second round. There was no doubt in his mind that the moment wasn't so much for his benefit as to give a quick minute for the bets to be placed. It wasn't as long as he would have liked but it was still exactly what his body needed for the next round.
Once again it was another beast he had never fought, and luckily there was only one this time. This time the fight quickly became more of a game of cat and mouse and not in Donnie's favor. The snowgator played with him more than the Sahagin had. Batting him into walls and even disarming him of both of his rods through the duration of the battle. Most of his weapons missing here and there in the ruins, Donnie was at last forced away from the ruins and backed up towards the wall of the Colosseum. The snowgator clearly growing bored decided to end it by leaping onto him claws extended. As it's teeth bit down and pierced through his armor Donnie used one of his trump cards jabbing one of his wands up into under it's jaw and activate it.
From under the snowgator a flash and crackle of lightning flooded out into the creatures body causing it spasm and twitch as it was knocked unconscious. The movement however didn't help Donnie and increased the damage the creature had already done to his shoulder. When the creature was retrieved from the arena, it allowed Donnie to use the moment to remove the ruined armor from around his shoulder and apply a healing salve before he bled out. Reinhold watched as the bets finished being placed and asked him if he wanted to proceed to the last round.
Now if Donnie had paused a moment to ponder why the snowgator and the sahagin had been removed from the area instead of Hurriedly adjusting the straps to support the loss of an entire shoulder and arms worth of armor, Donnie might have considered taking up such a fine offer. Instead he had nodded confidently with a "Of course."
The faint hum filled the air as a barrier momentarily shimmered in the air before disappearing. It was the barrier that caused the shiver of fear to settle into fear to settle into Donnie. For the briefest of moments before Reinhold snapped his fingers and summoned an Inanis, Donnie and his eyes had connected. In that moment Donnie knew that Reinhold had anticipated that even a disowned wand-maker's son would bring magic into his trail. Now Donnie just wished he had brought more.
Infected Inanis Stag:

The creature appeared instantly and Donnie knew this must be an Inanis, and it was both awe inspiring and terrifying. The I-Stag looked up and took stock of it's surroundings for a the brief few seconds after it's summoning and only because he had been frozen completely still did it glance past him on the first pass. That was only on the first pass, but the I-Stag quickly locked onto Donnie. In his weak hand Donnie was already holding a second wand, so when the I-Stag lowered it's head and prepared to charge Donnie was able to quickly use it.
"Fire-bolt." Donnie yelled triggering a ball of fire about the size of a baseball to streak towards the I-Stag and hit it in the face. The I-Stag now angered by getting hit with magic (even a weak magic) started gathering essence. With the color draining from his face, Donnie grabbed the nearest wall, threw himself over it and went for full on duck and cover. This likely saved his life as a wave of Black energy shot out all around the I-Stag, the shadow of the attack flashing overhead the edge of the wall. As the dark-light flickered out, Donnie sprung up and shot back with another "Fire-bolt".
The I-Stag lowered it's head and charged, Donnie barely dodging out of the way as it broke through the wall he had been hiding behind. The I-Stag shook it's antlered head, shaking loose debris and rubble from it's rack. Tiny rocks and rubble bounced from his armor as Donnie stabbed at the I-Stag. "Thunderjolt!" The flash and crackle once again of his trump card being played echoed through the arena. Even though it had some effect, the wand didn't drop the Inanis like it had the Snowgator. Twisting it's head and neck, the I-Stag raked it's antlers against Donnie and his armor. Forced to retreat again, Donnie turned and rushed around a corner as the Inanis fought against the tremors coursing through its body from the wand.
Donnie could already tell something was wrong aside from the couple cuts he'd gotten on his exposed arm. "Fire-bolt!" Using the wand once again while he had a chance before the creature recovered. "So this is corruption." Donnie noted while applying pressure to the open wound with his other hand. The area around the wound felt like it was on fire. Hearing the hooves approaching, Donnie fled as quickly as he could as the Inanis slowly followed. Maybe he had scared it with thunderjolting it, except he saw it lower it's head and charge as soon as it saw him again. Jumping up onto a couple rocks, Donnie thrust the wand into the water: "Thunderjolt!"
The wand once again discharged it's electricity except this time into the water where it caught the Inanis as it ran through it. The jewel in the wand crumbled into dust as the wand withered and came apart one charge too early. The I-Stag tumbled and crashed as it's body pulled with uncontrolled tremors. Donnie turned and ran, the spell this time didn't seem as strong as last time. It would recover faster, and once it did it would come after him again. There was a building, "There it is." he let out when he saw it. The only two story building in the arena, it looked unstable and Donnie had avoided it before in the other rounds just in case. Throwing himself to the side he narrowly avoided the Inanis as it plowed through another low wall as it attacked him. He could feel his one arm starting to go numb as the pain intensified.
Taking a quick glance at the wand he pointed it over his shoulder and hit the I-Stag with the last "Fire-bolt" left in the wand before it burning up as it fell to the ground. The spell did exactly what he was hoping for and angered the Inanis. Reaching into his pocket, he grabbed his last healing potion and squeezed out a hole on the other side as the Inais crashed into the first wall and into the room he had just gotten out. Crashing through the first wall slowed it enough that it was caught in the collapse of the second floor as it didn't have enough momentum to crash through the other side as well. Turning back around, he went to where the I-Stag was thrashing trying to get free from the rubbed than had it mostly trapped.
Not really wanting to give up his last potion he did so anyway, throwing it to smash it open on the I-Stag's face. "So it is true." Donnie said as the potion badly burned the I-Stag badly, it's blood hissing on cobbled stone beneath it. It still wasn't dead, even after all this. Drawing forth his last knife from his pocket he flicked it open with a click and went to finish things. Stepping on it's antler to pin it's head down, he drew back the knife and took aim. However the Inanis disappeared in a flash of a magic symbol.
Reinhold came down while Donnie was slumped against a larger piece of debris. It would always surprise him with how close Reinhold came to his own height, and when his new Progenitor asked Donnie where he wanted the sigil placed, Donnie ripped the remained of the torn fabric off his shoulder and asked for Reinhold to brand him where the Inanis had injured him.


Donnie had at last managed to succeed and join a covenant. Over the course of the next twenty five years, he started to rebuild his relationship with his family once again helping learn the family trade. He'd learned under recommendation to care and tend to creatures which helped him train the first magic to be kindled inside of him. Then learning the limits of that magic he dabbled in attack magic so he wouldn't be forced to always rely on others or wands to protect himself. As an experiment he found and learned necromancy in the hope that he could revive kills and learn their senses, which didn't pan out.
Thinking himself thoroughly prepared, he even approached one of the captured Inanis caged at the hearth of the Hollowstar Oathbound. However as if born under an unlucky star, Donnie's preparations didn't prove enough. The corruptive nature of the Human-Inanis Hybrid proving stronger than expected caused Donnie to pass out from corruption damage and it was able to make it's escape out into a populated area outside the Colosseum.
When he awoke, he learned the horrible truth. That nearly thirty people had been killed or permanently injured by the escaped Inanis before it had been killed. Because of that, Reinhold reluctantly excommunicated Donnie. Only because of his loyal service and by sharing the information he had gained from the experience with his Progenitor before being cast out, did he earn Reinhold's recommendation should he attempt another trail.
With another Covenant closed to him, he tried to return home only to be officially disowned by his family. Suffering already from the experience of losing his Sigil, as well as being cast out of his family who packed up and moved to get away from the stain he had left on them, caused Donnie to fall into drink for a time. Age at this point=120

Castor - The Road oft Forgotten:
Nearly a year after being expelled from Reinhold's covenant and some serious rehabilitation from a couple of friends, Donnie once again was on the road to join another Covenant. By this point there was some conjecture that he should maybe try for one of the easier covenants to join or give another go at one of the one's he had attempted before. Somehow Donnie got it in his head that he should attempt Castor's Trail. At this point he could fight and he still had command of his damaged abilities in magic, so he felt that he should be fairly able to join the crew under Caster. If he failed, then he only had two outcomes: Die, or come out ahead with whatever training he learned from the time leading up to the trail.
While he was fairly capable in battle from his prior time in a covenant, he wasn't all that skilled outdoors. Due to his recommendation from Reinhold, he was accepted to participate in missions alongside some rather reluctant teammates. At first the weight of excommunication was lightened by this, however it isn't something to take lightly and by the time he'd been whisked away for his trail it had started to creep back into Donnie's heart. When he awoke Donnie, he found himself dressed as he had been while out for drinks. He didn't have weapons, armor, wands, or gear. Matter of fact the only tool he had was pocket knife that his father had always insisted he carry in his pocket. Equipped with a knife unsuited for battle and a note explaining the rules of his trail, Donnie went out in search of Castor's Hearth.
It is said that given nothing, a skilled woodsman can survive just about anywhere. Even armed with a knife, Donnie was having a seriously hard time with it. While he also possessed magic, Donnie spent the better part of the first four months building a base camp and gathering supplies. Finally having gathered some food and the crudest of tools, Donnie set out in search of Caster's Hearth.
While those who undergo Caster's trail aren't allowed to speak of it, there is a general consensus: It should be done within a certain amount of time. Already four months in and showing poor results, Donnie didn't look like a promising candidate. Poor in survival skills, Donnie grew more and more a lost cause. He hardly ever had a proper shelter, often resorting to digging out a hole with magic to sleep in. He eventually had little choice but to resort to necromancy to kill food as well as fight off inanis. Most people don't really understand what it feels like to be excommunicated, and most feel that the Purged are still better off than normal Iodinians since they have magic. While on the surface is true, they can't really understand the feeling of losing the connection to a progenitor and the gaping tear left inside. This seriously made magic significantly harder, denying them the necessary energy to use some of their most powerful abilities. However the technique to raising zombies wasn't all that difficult as far as necromancy spells where concerned. Donnie figured it had to do with requiring essence crystals to power the dead.
Trying to maintain a hoard of zombie bodyguards is difficult, but Donnie continued to manage it and thus survive. It did become obvious to Donnie that he couldn't manage to raise everything he killed, likely due to being excommunicated. Twice he almost failed by coming dangerously close to a towns or villages, but he was lucky both times to notice and turn back into the wilderness. Donnie however ultimately failed his trail exceeding the time limit by getting lost over and over again. You can't help but be forced to admit defeat when eventually they have no choice but to send your observer out to collect you.

Nyx - Gone, but Never Forgotten:
While having another failure under your belt would deter most people, Donnie had failed three trails before he'd succeeded in joining the Hollowstar Oathbound. Perhaps lesser men would give up and call it quits but Donnie was anything if not determined. Having spent further time out in more distant villages among his fellow excommunicated trying his hand at honing his survival skills, as well as trying his hand at sculpting, he at last returned after once again the hollow feeling inside him grew too great to leave alone.

By this point Donnie had seen and watched none to few of his fellows die or commit suicide. There was a large divide between those that could survive among the purged and those that fell along the wayside. If not for an invaluable friend, he feared that he too would have died along the wayside. Already pretty built up a reputation as the King of Failure, Donnie listened to that afraid voice inside of him and set aside his pride to try to enter into what some would consider one of the Covenants with an easier trail than the others.

As customary Donnie was sent close to the borders of Iodenia and told to assist people there to the best of his ability. Taking up spade and magic, Donnie set about helping bury the dead as well as erecting crude shelters of dirt and stone for those whose homes had been destroyed. When needed he helped till and turn fields using the same earth magic he'd grown accustomed to using during Castor's trail. Knowing that the first part of Nyx's trail came down to assisting areas like this, he set himself of trying to shore up the defenses of the village when he could in the next few weeks.

Given that this was Donnie, things couldn't go smoothly forever. Eventually the village came under attack not by inanis but by their fellow humans. The fighting had broken out while Donnie was clear a new field by getting rid of stumps and smoothing the dirt when finished. This was cut short when one of the villagers stopped just long enough to fill Donnie in. Not sure if help would arrive in time, Donnie went to deal with the threat. Arriving near the Scene, Donnie could see that several homes had been bust into and likely looted.

Heightening his senses using his magic he sought the looters. Once he did, he engaged them in combat and he could easily tell that at least a few were fellow purged. It complicated matters greatly, and while fighting them he caught sight of a few more inside another building as they killed the parents of two children who weren't cooperating. Pretty sure that the children would be next, Donnie managed to separate long enough to pull out two essence crystals from his pouches. Using one and then the other, he turned both the parents into zombies, ordering them to attack the looters and save their children. It caught those two by surprise, and Donnie once again had to turn his attention to the person he was fighting. As soon as he was able to kill his opponent, he animated them too using their own essence crystal.

Still hearing the kids inside, Donnie rushed to help activating his Sensory Adaptation to temporarily gain his essence sight. However the looters had pulled apart and seemed to be getting the upper hand once again. Knowing that he might still not make it in time, he yelled at the children to escape before ordering the bodies of their parents to once again grab the looters. Badly damaged and one at least missing a leg by the time it grabbed the legs of it's foe, Donnie resorted to his last measure since he didn't have a clear line of sight to the looters to attack with other magic. "Detonate!" he intoned as he sent his magic into the corpses over charging their essence crystals and causing both corpses to explode in front of their children. Finally making it inside to find the place and everyone covered in gore, Donnie attacked the two remaining looters and killed them as well.

When at last he'd been brought to question about the night in question, he'd learned that there had been other looters who also had been dealt with. However when asked about his actions, he didn't display remorse for what he did, far too removed and heartless to be allowed to pass onto the second part of Nyx's Trail. His apparent lack of remorse, and hard handling of the crying children were all sources of concern by Nyx and the Grandmaster overseeing his trail. When posed with the question of "How would you handle this if you could go back and do something different?"
Donnie shook his head merely repeating that he would do the same thing again and again no matter how many times they asked him. To Donnie, the children retaining their lives was enough and everything else could be lived with or gotten over in time.

Nyhara - Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other:
There are many ways to try and enter into Nyhara's service, and in the end resorting to groveling is one way to go about it. "You really must want in, don't you Half-Dozen? Then you're 'all in' as the saying goes." When he had nodded silently, almost afraid to test his voice, she had taken his hand and removed the sigil of recommendation that Reinhold had placed on him. "I already know quite a bit about you Donnie,-" Her hand had glided across a stack of papers on the desk spreading out Donnie's portfolio in front of him as proof. "- and because of that I'm going to put you on a bit of a probationary period first." Donnie had been fooled by that charming smile had really been the sadistic grin of Nyhara's inner demonic enjoyment.

Most trails take a year or two at most normally, few take six years to complete. With numerous endeavors undertaken, each of Donnie's skills where put to the test. His first tasks had been to assist with accounting, double checking minor contracts with small time businesses and merchants. He'd had to help businesses launder money as well as learn to at times help defend clients from legal disputes (This was highly problematic given that he wasn't publicly known to be working under Nyhara as was still known as one of the Excommunicated).

As the years wore on he had the joys of juggling a number of jobs. The list includes but is not limited to: refining essence crystals, enchanting wands/rods, assassination, smuggling, framing people, bodyguard/guard duty, training guard 'dogs', and being a Cleaner.

So when his time for his review had come up, it had come as a surprise as Donnie had expected it to be just another routine meeting about a possible new job. Although he had done his research into Nyhara's Ascendant, this was the first time he had been face to face with any of them, and there where at least two that he had never learned anything about at all.

"Lock the Door behind you and please, do take a seat." Nyhara had commanded of him. In the next few hours, each of the Ascendant summarized the work that Donnie had unknowingly done for them. Most of his work had been satisfactory, but there was numerable enough critiques that he seriously was left in constant dread that it wasn't going to be enough. The strangest where Aleph and Null, the first who spoke in whispers and the later that had merely handed Nyhara a stack of papers. Nyhara had pulled out a pair of glasses and spent a silent moment reading them, before holding the stack back out to Null where they turned into dust and where sucked into the sleeve of Null's robe that covered the mysterious figure completely.

"I've come to my decision." Nyhara said raising from her chair and walking around her desk to stand in front of Donnie. "Do you remember what I demanded of you when you first begged me to join?"

"About being all in?"

"Yes" Nyhara said pulling her cigar from her lips and blowing a smoke ring into the air above Donnie's head. "I assume you've thought about it."

"Of course." Donnie admitted, and when Nyhara rose an eyebrow as if asking 'and?' Donnie added, "You've given me six years to understand what that means, my life has always been on the table."

"Good. You've served six year under your trail, one for each of the six other Progenitors you albeit limitedly served under. It's these six years that you've served adequately and not the others that you'll be known among us as Half-Dozen." With those words the people in the room grabbed him and forced him to the ground, ripping his shirt and stripping him to the waist. Instinctively he had tried to fight and resist, as they overpowered him and forced him still. Nyhara, grinned down at him as she drew one last hit from the cigar in her fingers. "I've heard that you're felt the corruptive touch of an Inanis before, so I'm going to give you an extra special treat just for you Half-Dozen. Open up your eyes, and watch." Donnie obeyed as they forced a bit into his mouth for him to bite down on as Nyhara branded him with her cigar and more importantly with her magic.

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Post by Luna on 13th January 2018, 11:52 pm

Name: Alwin Seal
Color Code: ff9900
Age: 95
Sex/Gender: Male/ Bisexual
Appearance: 6 foot even, Brown hair, Green eyes, Muscular build, Can be found wearing his armor all the time.
Deus ex Entente Registration Seasoned_warrior_by_peter_ortiz-d6ttoec

Current Occupation: Armorsmithing, Body guard
Past Occupations (If Any): Armorsmithing with his father at his shop
Non-Combat Skills:
Armorsmithing [III] 6
Cooking [I] 1
Smelting [II] 3
Hobbies/Talents: drinking with friends, flirting, reading.

Covenant: Air Jaunt Battalion
Sigil Size & Location: On the left side of his neck
Covenant Standing: Gamma
Caster Level: Intermediate

Blessing Domain: 
● Blessing - (3x Caster Level/Day) - Upon activation, an immobile, vertical curtain of whirling blades shaped of pure force springs into existence. Any creature passing through the wall if it is cast where they stand will take significant damage.
Boon Domains:
● (3x Caster Level/Day) - When you activate this ability, you can unleash a blast of air in a 30-foot line that knocks an enemy back from you by about ten feet out of reach from most weapon attacks.
● (4x Caster Level/Day) - You can touch any object and it will instantly glow with a bright light that will emit a 60ft glow.  This light lasts for up to one hour per caster level.

Strength  III 12
Agility I 2
Endurance II 6
Perception I 2
Persuasion I 1
Notable Equipment: Long sword, Shield
Physical Skills:
Long Sword Proficiency  II 3
Shield Proficiency II 3
Magical Abilities:
Diamond Dust: II 3: Covers the field with ice magic and freezes the enemies to their core. They take heavy damage from the freezing elements as the ice begins to break and rip them up. It slows enemies down; Goes 60 feet to the front and sides of her. It's a semi circle of ice that goes around her.
Heavenly Ice: II 3: Ice forms above the enemy and rains down on them from the skies above them. The ice is sharp and does damage as it attacks from above. Strikes down the foes within 60 feet in front of her vision. Only strikes in front of her and slows her enemies down.
Trial Story (If Any): Alwin was bought in through a crowed of people. Kadera was already waiting in the ring, smiling as Alwin approached. He had his sword by his side and his shield in his hand. There was chanting for Kadera as he entered the ring. Nobody knew him here except what few people he had met coming here. He stood in the corner as Kadera signaled for the crowed to quite down. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a guest among us who wishes to join our Covenant. This fight will progress until it has been decided that he has passed or failed.” She said. She then pulled her sword out and looked at him. “Ready?”

“I'm ready as I'll ever be, my fine looking friend.” Alwin said.

Alwin dodged as Kadera came striking down at him. She was fast as he almost didn't move in time. He turned and  brought his sword swinging up, clashing with hers. Metal clashed with metal as the fight went on. Alwin felt that he was barley hanging on and knew he needed to do better. He used his shield to keep from getting attacked with her sword. “Impressive, now why don't you come out and fight?” Kadera said as she tripped him.

There was laughter from the crowed as he fell. He tossed his shield to the side knowing it wouldn't do him any good if he wanted to make a show. She let him up so that they could continue. He parried his way against Kadera and held his own against her. His teeth were grinding as their swords came together and he managed to swing her sword away from her. He held his sword over her. “Now what do you think?” he asked as he grinned.
Character History: Alwin was the middle son of three boys. His father owned a  Armorsmithing shop in a town where they lived. When Alwin was young he showed interest in wanting to learn his father's trade so his father began to teach him. As time passed, Alwin learned how to work with the metals to create fine looking armor.

When he turned 90, his father created him some armor and told him it was time for him to go into the world. There was no place here for a wild green eyed boy who only had time for armorsmithing. He needed something more in his life, so Alwin left his home town on foot. He found himself on Air Jaunt Battalion doorsteps, where he decided to join the Covenant. He could work as a body guard when needed and do his armorsmithing as well.

While on his journey, Alwin met Brendan Settin. He was an accountant and good with diplomacy. That was good for business. Alwin had considered doing some more smithing work, but he was not good at running the business part of the shop. He was only good at the work. When they came to Air Jaunt Battalion, Brendan decided he would with Alwin in his business. The rest of the time he would work as an accountant like his mother before him.

On a side note. Alwin knew at an early age that he was different then others. He seemed to be attracted to both women and men. He did not hide this factor as he grew up and sometimes was in bar fights because he was hitting on the guys. He's had a few black eyes before, but he has to admit that it's been worth it.

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Post by Phirron on 17th January 2018, 10:27 pm

Name: Nikolaus Meinrad Engelherz
Color Code: b8f7ff
Age: 105
Sex/Gender: Male/Heterosexual
Nikolaus Engelherz:

Deus ex Entente Registration 5092-1571910729

He is 6'1" with pale, smooth skin; white wavy hair that is mostly shoulder length but has one braid in the back that reaches down to his midback in length and his eyes are piercingly blue. He weighs 175lbs and is quite lean and muscular. He is almost always in his armor, which is kept polishes to such a shine it appears to be made of silver, however, his clothing is all finely made with white silk and adorned with golden thread accents.

Current Occupation: Hathe City Guard
Past Occupations (If Any):
Non-Combat Skills: (21 AP Total)
[III] Iodenian General Law (6 AP)
[III] Iodenian Trade Law (6 AP)
[III] Investigation (6 AP)
[II] Appraisal (3 AP)


Covenant: None currently/Noblesse Oblige hopeful
Sigil Size & Location:N/A, plans to have it be over and on his right eye and eye lid.
Covenant Standing: N/A
Caster Level: N/A

Blessing Domain:
● N/A (plan to be Nobility)
Boon Domains:
● N/A (Plan to be Community)
● N/A (Plan to be Glory)

Stats: (26 AP Total)
[I] Strength (2 AP)
[II] Agility (6 AP)
[II] Endurance (6 AP)
[II] Perception (6 AP)
[II] Persuasion (6 AP)

Notable Equipment: Rapier and scabbard, buckler, armor, and a dagger

Physical Skills: (18 AP Total)
[III] Rapier Proficiency (6 AP)
[III] Buckler Proficiency (6 AP)
[II] Shortsword (3 AP)
[II] Dagger (3 AP)

Magical Abilities:N/A

Trial Story (If Any): N/A
Character History: He comes from the main branch of a large, usually at least 3-5 children per generation with the largest generation being 10 children strong which happened 3 generations ago (roughly 581 years ago), upper-middle-class merchant family whose wealth is a mix of business and dowries. Currently, among all the branches of the family, there are roughly 16 or so males to continue the family name into the next generation. Nik is the youngest in the current generation of the main branch and has 2 older sisters and an older brother, who is set to take over the family merchant business. Over the years many of the Engelherz family, those who aren't inheriting the merchant business, have also gone into law enforcement as well as joining covenants. The various side branches of the family are also often craftsmen and women who supply the main family with goods to sell as well as help run various aspects of the merchant business throughout Iodenia. The most common covenants the Engelherz family have joined are Noblesse Oblige, The Artifice Precept, Air Jaunt Battalion, and Hollowstar Oathbound, however, over the years members of the family have been in all of the covenants. Also to this day none of the Engelherz family have ever been excommunicated from a covenant.

It is into law enforcement that Nikolaus has thus far dedicated his life. For the past 55 years, he has been a Hathe city guard. In this time he has helped his community and had a sense of fulfillment. However, he now has been feeling like he could and should do something more with his life so that he can help individuals beyond the scope of his home city. This has led him to start looking at the covenants and the progenitors. He could see himself as a member of a few different covenants, but the one that speaks to him the most is Noblesse Oblige.

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Post by LightningFang on 24th January 2018, 11:49 pm

Name: Noire Lightsoul
Color Code: 4D4B4B
Age: 45
Sex/Gender: Female
Appearance: Dark brown hair, with one eye blue the other purple. Ratty clothing hair usually messed up and in a tangled mess. Her cloths have many patches in it and holes as well. She is 5’5” and weighs about 90lbs. Her brown hair goes to about the midpoint of her back, as she isn’t nor doesn’t cut her hair all that often.

Current Occupation: Thief
Past Occupations (If Any): WeaponSmith
Non-Combat Skills (8ap total):
● Pickpocket 2 (3ap),rooftop running 1 (1ap),lockpicking 1 (1ap), stealth 1 (1ap), Weaponsmithing 1 (1ap), trap disarming 1 (1ap)
Hobbies/Talents: Dancing, reading, singing

Covenant: Air Jaunt Battalion
Sigil Size & Location: Right side of the neck
Covenant Standing: Epsilon
Caster Level: Novice

Blessing Domain:
● Blessing of Knowledge -(1x Caster level/Day): You forge a temporary, hour long telepathic bond among yourself and up to one other willing creature per caster level, each of which must have sentience. The creatures can communicate telepathically through the bond regardless of language. No special power or influence is established as a result of the bond. Once the bond is formed, it works over any distance.
Boon Domains:
● Boon of War - This passive ability allows for allies within sight range of you to be significantly more agile and quick to react when engaged in battle. They will be more likely to get the first blows on most battles.
● Boon of Knowledge - (2x Caster Level/Day) - For a short time, you can understand the spoken words of creatures or read otherwise incomprehensible written messages. The ability to read does not necessarily impart insight into the material, merely its literal meaning. The blessing enables you to understand or read an unknown language, not speak or write it.

Stats (6ap total):
● Agility 2 (6ap)
Notable Equipment: Two daggers, tattered clothing
Physical Skills (4ap total):
Dual wielding 2 (3ap), Street fighting 1 (1ap),]
Magical Abilities (2ap total):
● Shadow Clone 1 (1ap): She is able to form a physical copy of herself from the shadows. When she uses this ability she must be covered in a shadow, thus she can’t use the shadow of a sword. While a tree would work just fine. The shadow clone has the same physical abilities as her, but none of the magical abilities. The clone also doesn’t have the blessing or boons that she does. The clone can’t speak as well. The shadow clone can only take a few hits before it’s destroyed. The shadow clone is as black as shadow, making it easy to tell the real from the fake. The casting time for this magic is a few seconds. It lasts either until destroyed or for 10 minutes.

●Element Fire - Flame Imbue 1 (1ap): With this magic Noire can imbue a weapon with fire magic. This allows the weapon to burn whoever is hit with the imbued weapon. The imbued weapon lights up with a red flame. Once it has been imbued with this flame it immediately activates, so she can’t stockpile up imbued weapons for later. She can enchant any weapon with this ability, so long as she can touch it. The enchant only lasts for about 1 minute. It takes about 7 seconds to enchant a weapon.

Trial Story (If Any): Not yet started
Character History: Noire grew up with her mom and step-dad in the middle tier of the city like most people. She has a younger sister who is about 5 years younger than her. She lived a normal life like everyone else. They owned a smith shop where Noire started learning how to smith. She mostly learned how to make weapons. On her days off she would learn and practice dual wielding daggers. This happened for the most of her life. About 15 years to be exact. Then one night her parents were killed. After that night she and her sister moved to live with their grandparents. Who she had never seen before the day her parents died. She had never known why however. Her younger sister got to, but she didn’t. Once she moved to live with them, she knew why. Her grandparents hated her, with such passion that they would torment her. They would gag her and then whip her back or even heat up a piece of metal to burn the skin on her back. They would do this at night and during the day she would work at their shop. Carrying all the heavy boxes alone with no help. After days, weeks, months of this torment, she had finally had it. She left her new ‘home’ to live on the streets. She has lived on the street for five years now.

During those five years she has learned how to fight without her daggers using dirty tactics and tricks about using your surroundings. She learned how to picklocks and pickpockets. She learned how to run along roofs as well. She learned all this in the lower city. Where she mostly stayed. She never really learned why her grandparents hated her so much. The only thing that keeps her going is her goal to protect her sister.

Noire believes that the reason her grandparents don’t like her has something to do with her parents. Which is technically the case. It’s more so to do with their religion, as they believe in a god that shuns others not of the same religion. So Noire’s mom married someone outside of the religion not caring about her parent’s beliefs. In doing this her parents never let her see her grandparents. The reason why Noire’s sister could was that she was born after their dad died and their mom remarried to someone in that religion. Although of the same religion Noire’s parent’s didn’t want her to treated bad by her grandparents which is why she never got to see them. Her grandparents did know of her. Despite what her parents did, Noire ended up with her grandparents in the end.
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Post by MethosArchaic on 24th February 2018, 1:14 pm

Donnie 'Half-Dozen' Haull Character Registration Part 2

 Character History:
'Not ridiculously long, but I already broke the character limit so yeah':
"My oldest memory is the salty scent of sea-foam and the damp of spray on my face. You see when I was very young, it's been so long that I can't remember my exact age but I couldn't have been more than fifteen when my parents brought me down the sea channels and up the rivers to reach Hathe. We weren't driven out by Inanis, nor were my parents cast out from their family. As I came to later understand, though the Haull's were know for Wandcraft and Essence Carving among the outer shoals, the family had grown too large over the last two generations to risk inter-competition with each other. So that's what brought me to Hathe, my parents trying to strike it rich. Hahaha boy would that backfire.

I can remember helping around the store, cleaning, learning to read and write ohh and arithmetic so I could one day learn the family business once I too joined a covenant and learned magic. Back then my life had been all drawn out, like fate had a road-map just for me. You'll have to pardon me if I am not amused by the fickle nature of fate by now.
Back to topic, I'd joined TAP, and I can tell you that I spent forever there. Because of certain events up to and after my expulsion, my parents reputation took a heavy toll. For a couple trying to start up a business, I can admit that it led to some problems. Looking back I can admit that it was good for me, but I'm glad that I didn't make it.

There are plenty of people who fail a trail, maybe even two before they give up. I keep a quicksilver clock above my mantel at home to remind me of my first two trails I failed, and when I look for the time I am constantly reminded that I could have stopped there. If I had, then maybe I could have saved myself a warehouse worth of troubles. At times I've been so close to being considered Purged that few outside of them and the excommunicated could understand, but somehow I managed to drag myself through it all back to try again..... and again.

I've had a number of jobs over the years, dabbling in this and that to fill the void that losing your sigil causes. I'd explain it to you, but you can't understand. Sure you can empathize, but there is no way to truly make you experience it and I would never wish it upon you. I'm not exactly young now, I've lived probably two thirds of my possible life away. At this point I'm pretty famous or infamous if we're being honest with ourselves which we are. I've earned a number of titles, many of them unkind to put it mildly. But I'll tell you what I've told my son, he's fifteen:
I have only three real lessons that I want you to hold to.
The first is 'There is a price for everything, and everything has a price, even Pride.'
The Second is 'no matter how hard you work there will still be times you will fail, but as long as you are alive there will be a chance to use what you have learned to succeed.'
And Third: 'Learn your strengths and your limits, there are very few things worth dying over so be extra careful when you chose to commit to something.' "

For a time while I was excommunicated I joined up with a traveling circus and that helped for a a year or two. It was fairly enjoyable now that I look back on it, but in the end it too wasn't for me. I've even made jewelry or stone carvings over the years but I can't say that I am particularly notable in either regard and I'm pretty sure no one is clamoring over my works even now but they still remain hobbies of mine and at times they help put food on the table.

My Son is known to run with the local orphans which are his friends and I visit the orphanage quite frequently. Occasionally I help teach them when I have spare time, and I often keep an eye out for essence crystals to match their natural dispositions so they can have them if they successfully pass their trails. I'll be honest, as an outcast myself I hold a sweet spot for them too, and do what I can. When it comes to failure, I can honestly say that I am something of an expert.

While my home is nothing grand I can honestly say that I drew up the stones and built it myself. I'll warn you now though: if you pass the stone fence that surrounds my property and you get shot, then it's your fault for not heeding the signs. I do what I can to raise my son right, and that includes teaching him how to fuck up trespassers and protect himself.

I don't have very many friends, even now. I'll work with just about anyone from any Covenant if they can handle it, I'm not incredibly picky. Though to be fair, my covenant's demands can hamper making plans. Being a jack of many trades is a gift and a curse at times if you know what I mean.

Well I guess that is about it, unless you have any other questions you want to ask? No? Well then that's it then. Ta-ta."

Notable Equipment Summaries and Explanations:

  • Combat Rods, both of them: While Donnie would like to take claim for creating the rods he uses in combat, he merely is the one who assisted in imbuing them with his magic. The actual creator of both rods is Hemilin Fractor, a longtime acquaintance, whom created them nearly twenty years ago. Donnie can craft rods himself, but Hemilin had numerous years experience over him until Hemilin's quiet passing eight years ago. While Donnie commissioned, paid for and assisted with implanting the spells, they were finished only two years before Hemilin's retirement and as far as Donnie knows they count among perhaps two of the last dozen or so of Hemilin's final works. Donnie normally tries to avoid using the magic aspects of the rods unless fighting particularly dangerous foes as it really is something of a hassle to recharge them.
  • Wands: Donnie likes to keep a number of diverse wands on hand to widen his options magically. While most of these wands are self-created most of the spells placed into them are not. Donnie is known to create numerous wands for people for money in past years, even at times being employed as a subcontractor for The Cardinal Crowe Company for larger orders. While permanent enchantments and items are fabulously expensive, wands with low charge counts are far more manageable monetarily to create personally.
  • Self-Repairing Platemail: This was granted to Donnie from Nyhara after over 50 years of loyal service to her and the Company. It has been the longest suit of armor that Donnie has owned and a noticeable statement in appearance, and Donnie is typically seen wearing it on missions and quests. The long standing joke is that Nyhara really had the armor made so that Donnie wouldn't get himself stabbed in back-alleys and leave his son fatherless. It has done a pretty good job at that though, so maybe that's the real reason after all. The enchantment isn't permanent, and while it normally lasts years at a time under fairly strenuous use to wear out its enchantment, it takes months to recharge when it does. Donnie has managed it twice, the most recent time being only about a year ago during a brief stint on the front lines.

Money/Economic Background: Donnie is known to pinch quite a number of pennies, just about anywhere he can. He gardens, hunts, and sells trinkets on the side all to keep his ledgers as far positive as possible. Most of his money that he makes however is made largely through work for the Cardinal Crowe Company rather than quests. Quests however provide an opportunity to procure new materials and essence crystals which he normally carves or stores for later. While Donnie sits fairly secure in the middle class, it did take a bit of a dive once his son was born and his priorities changed. By the large however Donnie lives for the most part closer to the higher end of the lower class lifestyle, constantly attempting to save money for his Son's future as well as trying to raise him and not turn him into a spoiled brat.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by JulietHasAGun on 6th March 2018, 8:17 pm

Name: 'Arabella Altissia Filomena Elise Vas Phillabarre' infinitely better known as 'Glory'

Color Code: cc9900

Age: 227

Sex/Gender: Female, Bisexual

Appearance: Glory casts an intimidating stature, her presence demanding to be noticed, looked at, exised, as befitting her name. Standing at an statueque 6'1, her height is further accentuated by her dedication to heels and armored boots. Her hair is golden, pale, casting down past her shoulders, tapering off at the small of her back; usually tied up in an intricate fashion, not a strand out of place. Glory's eyes are a stormy grey, flecked with blue, and usually cast in a disdainful or bemusedly curious gaze; her skin, pale, pristine, but at parts, flecked with scars of ages past. Her posture, gait, and poise are all what you would expect of someone of her age and stature, though there is a swagger to her movements that shows an unflappable sense of confidence and superiority. Her nails are always finely maintained, but never long or obtrusive, her clothing is always lavish, expensive and well fitted- though she's always able to fight in it. Her frame is muscular, yet graceful. All parts of Glory function together in one simbiotic entity that commands that you notice it. Though, one part in particular, perhaps, commands the most attention. Her left leg. Severed from her many years ago, she replaced it with magitech worked on and maintained by her sister. It possesses moving plates, and can change color and glow at Glory's whim. It is plated, and armored- but it still possesses the bizarre feel of flesh- if one is brave enough to reach out to try to touch it.

Glory looks uncharacteristically young for her age, whether it be by the grace of her genetics, magic, or some big-money treatment- she'll never tell.

Glory, Estimated Aged 100:
Deus ex Entente Registration Eve-ventrue-koenigin-wehmut

Current Occupation: Gladiator, Socialite, Ascendant

Past Occupations (If Any):

Non-Combat Skills:
  • Leadership [V] (15AP)
  • Diplomacy/Charm [IV] (10AP)

Hobbies/Talents: Wining, dining, social evenings, hosting and attending soirees and high class gatherings, sparring

Covenant: Hollowstar Oathbound

Sigil Size & Location:

Covenant Standing: Alpha

Caster Level: Ascendant

Blessing Domain:

● Life: Through the blessing of life, you will recieve an animal companion, a companion that must be first approved by an RPM or RPH. With this animal companion, you will have an empathic link and will be able to communicate via emotions. Various animal companions can be used for assistance in battle or other situations and are generally their own personality while also being bound to you and your goals. This does not mean, however, that they are subjagated--this ability is by a willing connection that is earned only.
(Glory's companion is an Altean Hawk- Regalia.)

Boon Domains:
● Death: When battling, this passive ability makes it more likely for an enemy or foe to bleed out and to take massive damage when a critical or majorly damaging blow is successfully made against an enemy.

● Charm: This passive boon allows your voice to naturally sway those that hear it, improving abilities in matters of persuasion as well as attempts to made to shift their attitude towards you. This includes both methods of intimidation and diplomacy and the effect is greater and improves with your caster level.

  • Strength [IV] (20AP)
  • Agility [IV] (20AP)
  • Endurance [IV] (20AP)
  • Persuasion [III] (12AP)

Notable Equipment: The Aeigis: A shield like relic thats drains the users mana, and later, life force.
Her gold plated armor and cloak.

Physical Skills:

  • Sword Proficiency [V] (15AP)
  • Spear Proficiency [V] (15AP)
  • Shield Proficiency [V] (15AP)
  • Unarmed Combat [IV] (10AP)
  • Horseback Riding [V] (15AP)
  • Dancing (1AP)

Magical Abilities:

  • Blooming Hands [V] (15AP): With this ability Glory can sprout hands from any visible surface or living creature. These hands require conscious thought to operate, like any living body part, so the more she sprouts, the less fine tuned her control his. These arms can also be maimed, injured, causing Glory herself to suffer through the pain. These hands possess the same strength and speed as Glory does, and are essentially replications of her own arms.

Trial Story (If Any): Glory, as befitting her name, is the record holder for most rounds fought within Reinhold's arena with her trial; lasting an awe inspiring 11 rounds within the gauntlet. 'Glory', who, before then, had been a dabbler in Reinhold's arena, wanted to make an impression- which she very much did. Using her wits, her physical prowess, and her training and cunning- she bested anyone who came to face her in the arena, man or beast. Growing high on the sound of the crowd screaming her name, basking in their adoration and awe- she gave them what she wanted. Carnage and bravado- by the time she was done the sand of the arena was smattered in blood, herself around with it. After the 11 rounds she held her arms up proudly, basking in the light, the atmosphere.

When Reinhold came down to greet her, congratulate her, give her her new mark- she knew very well where she wanted it. Undoing her armor, she bared her chest, not caring who saw, who was offended or flustered- and asked for her covenant mark to be placed large, sprawling from neck, to pelvis, across her collarbones. Reinhold, unfazed, obliged- and to this day she wears her mark with honor and distinction.

Character History: Born to a wealthy family; Glory was taught that she only needed to open her arms to be clothed, open her mouth to be fed. This life of lavish complacency seemed a prison, in Glory's eyes. Even before her life in the arena, she was a rather...rowdy child. Drinking, bedding whoever caught her fancy, going where she pleased. An 'incident' in her early childhood involving her sister made her into even more of a, what the other nobles deemed, [i]demon

She flashed through life with a sense of grace, keen danger, and flippant disregard for societal norms. She proved herself to be, in Reinhold's covenant, brash, yet dedicated, calm, yet fiery and determined- a being demanding and commanding respect- but she only enjoyed it if she earned it.

The only person Glory dotes on is her sister, a mistress of magitech in The Artifice Precept, and a bit of a shrinking violet.

Glory proves herself to be an enigma each day she's alive, and she's keen to keep it that way.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Post by MethosArchaic on 22nd March 2018, 6:40 pm

Name: Carla Vorken, Normally just Carla, Sometimes called Salt Lily affectionately by members of the Aquarian Gloria and other old sea dogs who know her Mother(s)
  Color Code: 7E3817
  Age: 112
  Sex/Gender: Female
  Appearance: Upon seeing Carla there are two things that will be almost impossible to miss, that she has vitiligo and also Orange/Gold (Right) and Blue (Left) heterochromatic eyes. She has long wavy brown hair that goes to just past her waist that she only ties back to swim or work on a patient. Tall at 5ft 11in and lithe, she does little to cover herself, and even her skirts tend to be split at the waist and able to be quickly removed at a moments notice, revealing usually the rest of her swimming attire. She like wearing earrings and jewelry often adding small accessories to her attire.

  Current Occupation:Active Covenant Questor, Prefers being active support roll; Medical Assistant/Healer.
  Past Occupations (If Any): Coral/Pearl Harvester, and Shipwright apprentice
  Non-Combat Skills: (19 Points Total)

  • [ I ] Astrology (1 AP)
  • [ I ] Diplomacy (1 AP)
  • [ II ] Empathy Training (3 AP)
  • [ III ] First Aid (6 AP)
  • [ II ] Inanis Lore (3 AP)
  • [ I ] Shipmaking (1 AP)
  • [ II ] Survival [Coastal/Aquatic] (3 AP)
  • [ I ] Whittling (1 AP)

  Hobbies/Talents: Candle-making, and Spearfishing

  Covenant: Aquarian Gloria
  Sigil Size & Location: Covers nearly the entirety of her Back
  Covenant Standing: Delta
  Caster Level: Intermediate

  Blessing Domain:
  ● Blessing of Protection: (3/day) This blessing allows a Carla to place a protective binding around a person or a group of people. It creates a seafoam colored 'barrier layer' which is resistant to magical effects and physical damage. The resilience of this barrier is determined by caster level
  Boon Domains:
  ● Boon of Darkness: With this passive boon, Carla's vision is not impaired by lighting conditions, and can see normally even in absolute darkness and magic darkness-- but only in black and white, rather than in color when doing so.
  ● -Boon of Protection: With this boon gain a passive protection ability- they may enchant one item, and item they hold very dearly, and pass it onto another- granting them minor magical protections. They could just as well keep the item for themselves, but it is more often used as a protection between comrades.

  Stats: (8 points Total)

  • [ II ] Agility (6 AP)
  • [ I ] Endurance (2 AP)

  Notable Equipment:
  Physical Skills: (22 Points total)

  • [ I ] Acrobatics (1 AP)
  • [ I ] Crossbow Proficiency (1 AP)
  • [ II ] Free-Diving (3 AP)
  • [ V ] Pain Tolerance (15 AP); Carla was unfortunately born with an intense inability to feel pain and extreme temperatures, even very severe wounds barely register at all.
  • [ I ] Sprinting (1 AP)
  • [ I ] Spear Proficiency (1 AP)

  Magical Abilities: (16 Points total)

  • [ III ] Rapid-healing [Vigor] (6 AP): Carla's ability known as Vigor, allows her to compress the natural healing of months into mere minutes at it's current level. It can not heal wounds that the creature couldn't recover from naturally, and wounds can heal incorrectly if not properly tended to first leading to possible complications sooner rather than later. As such Carla tends to first tend to a wound with her medical training, and applying a lighter touch of Vigor to hasten it for days or just weeks before double checking her work and going out further.

  • [ I ] Regeneration (1 AP): This ability is a improved but more advanced healing magic version of her Vigor. Once cast, Carla can touch a creature (including herself) and that creature can recover from wounds not normally recoverable from. It will pull together damaged organs or reattach severed limbs as long as it is applied within a short amount of time assuming it hasn't begun to atrophy. However it also can be used on a creature that isn't currently bleeding or dying, if used so it can slowly regrow lost pieces or correct more permanent injuries to their correct state. However the cost greatly strains the regenerating creature, drawing from it's essence to fuel the repairs. As such this can be incredibly risky on ordinary people, and still poses a risk for those with a sigil if they need to rely on their magic during the recovery process. Lost arms and legs recover over months, lesser injuries can takes weeks to recover. This power is far more taxing than Vigor, and using it to do anything but fix immediate damage or reattach limbs can only be done a single time a day as it severely drains her magic. Even using it for the earlier can only be done less than a handful of times at full capacity.

  • [ III ] Inanecho Nexus [passive] (6 AP): Ever since Carla gained her sigil, this magic has continued to grow naturally as her magic has improved without any additional training at all. This ability naturally draws the corruptive essence of the Inanis towards where ever she is, and drawing the Inanis themselves to her as well. To them it is as if she has the taste and smell of the perfect prey, and almost as if she is bewitchingly enticing. The effective range of her ability spans for nearly a mile, and Inanis in this range can effectively smell her at that range. While this ability is dangerous as it seems to make most of the weaker willed Inanis out for her blood, it also seems to greatly reduce the effects of corruption damage/infection. She isn't immune, but can recover from weaker corruption with medical treatment and not magic.

  • [ II ] Spacial Transpositioning (3 AP): Carla can switch the location of any two creatures as long as they are within 100ft of each other, she must be able to see at least one of the targets and know the current location of the other. The swapping is instant, and can easily disorient the creatures moved. This magic doesn't work on objects, or creatures that just died. She can double the distance if at least one of the creatures is herself, but she must see her target to do so.

  Trial Story (If Any): Having been tempered by her parents Carla approached the trail with a bit of fearful dread. After all, she was to be cast adrift at sea for a time. Growing up around and on the sea, this shouldn't have been a problem, she was after all the daughter of Brine and Inirma. However having spent a fair bit of her time among the sick and injured she knew going in what she was likely to expect. That knowledge did not quell the dread, in fact it exacerbated it.

Not to mention she wouldn't be able to take Jirago with her, he was much to large to stay swimming in the sea and the little dingy that Carla was going to be sent to sea with was much to small to carry his heavy frame. No Squeeze would be there to provide succor, only herself and the sea. It was true that those who called 'the pier' there home at land and sea, and while she had run among the legs and tables on the pier she wasn't yet one of them, and some of the stories... oh her naivety.

However she had a lot to live up to, and she truly did want to join so she could make the bunch of salty barnacles of the Pier her brother and sisters. So she pulled up her big girl panties and did her best to make her Mommy proud as took the ropes in her hands and lowered the dingy herself into the water. While she had spent the last few hours with Brine, mostly just talking about anything but the trail, she had tried to maintain a calm dignity at the last moments and thus hadn't looked for her then. However as she drifted away she did allow herself to look back and there she was watching, waiting, to let her daughter know she saw her one last time, before she smiled and walked out of sight.

That was that then. The ship hadn't left sight yet, but there couldn't be anymore finality than that. The clothes she wore weren't her own, they were an aspirants clothes. A simple sailor's outfit done in Polluexia's colors, only her boots and headscarf were her own. While this dingy wasn't made by Inirma or herself probably, it was pretty much the same basic kind you could find anywhere. Carefully over the course of the next few hours she went about working loose a few of the upper most board of the lip of her boat, it wasn't good on her knife but eventually she had gotten two of them free. By then it was nightfall and the dark made it harder to work. However by morning, she'd destroyed her boots, cut part of her hair and made a very crude rain catcher.

Over the course of the next few days, she had fashioned a make shift lure and tackle from a few nails, her hair, and scrap of wood. It wasn't that great but her couple dives into the water hadn't shown her anywhere near land to get some grub any other way. While she made progress in those first couple days, there hadn't been any rain, and she hadn't had any better luck catching anything. She was already growing persistently weaker and tired with each day, even starting to hallucinate. Fever was always the hardest for her to notice, but she new she had one from the other signs she had come to learn over the years. At sea however there wasn't anything to do, and she'd started having fever dreams long.

Having managed to endure the first week by drinking piss from a boot, she was way too over joyed when the rain came. She should have known worse was on its way, but she already was too delirious at this point to do much more than dance in joy. Falling overboard and loosing your boat, before the storm hit.... that would have been embarrassing if she could remember it. Carla had only managed to muster enough strength in the ensuing storm to endure for a short while before being plunged below the waves and passing out. So when she woke up to someone slapping her face gently she wasn't up to any words, she couldn't even understand the words being leveled her way. Carla managed a groan, a coughing painful groan, being turned over onto her stomach to cough up more sea water she wouldn't have drempt was hiding out in her fleshy windbags. In her delirium she thought the hand on her back was her Mother Brine, caressing her after pulling her up from a failed dive. Until it turned into the sensation of cuddling a gentle electric eel then followed quick as a flash by a cold wave of comfort and her hacking turned to tears of joy at being alive.

When she had finally awoke, sane, it came as something of a shocking surprise to find out her fever dreams of failing the trail and being captured by pirates had been the exact opposite, well the water works had started all over again.

  Character History: Before showing up at Nyx's Hearth Carla lived with her birth parents Jack and Willa Vorken, hopping from outskirt villages every few years. Jack had been purged for illegal Inanis experimentation and Willa had been excommunicated for failing to distance herself from her husband and possibly being an accomplice in his experiments long before Carla had been born. Eventually the two had conceived their daughter but their experiments didn't end with the new bundle of joy. In the end, their experiments came to light as they where found out when a person trying to undergo Nyx's trail came to their village. While the aspirant had went back to turn over his findings, Jack and Willa had tried to burn their bridges behind them only to accidentally run into misfortune with their experiment subjects that attacked and infected them both. Willa trying her best to seek redemption, killed her husband and put a stop to the whole nightmare he had started. Already succumbing to corruption herself, she removed her own essence crystal and sent her daughter along with her pet protector to seek her former Mistress along with the other refugees fleeing the escaped creatures.

Turning up on Nyx's doorstep weeks after Nyx's raid on her parents lab and waiting patiently with her High-Turtle companion, Carla made sure to come day after day to watch the people come and go. With only a sketch of Nyx as a guide, she pretty much loitered and avoided everyone else as best she could. When Nyx finally did find the girl, she surely had little idea that this was Jack and Willa Vorken's daughter, possibly even mistaking the little scratched up girl with her mismatched eyes as a possible bastard child of Reinhold. Asking questions, Carla explained that her mommy had killed her husband and ended his sick experiments, sending both her and his essence crystals in hopes of redeeming her daughter and providing proof. Carla was questioned but at only 15 years old she made a poor eye witness, she did however turn over her parents essence crystals insisting that she didn't want to owe the Nice Lady anything even with the knowledge that they were worth a good amount of money. Insisting as only an adamant child can, Carla had asked Nyx to adopt her, she could even keep them to pay for Carla and Squeeze her Jade High Turtle.

Nyx had taken the gems and then found Carla and Squeeze a new home who could understand what adopting a little girl who didn't feel pain and a magic intelligent high-turtle. Carla had been a bit heart broken over the whole thing, but eventually they'd been able to make her sort of understand, after all Progenetors didn't make a habit of having kids or adopting them. Her new mothers Brine and Inirma, both adopted the little girl and raised her up right. Adopted into the household of one of Polluexia's ascendant, she naturally was brought up learning about swiming, fishing, and all the joy of a life with the sea.

Since not feeling pain led to many injuries, and owing her happy life with her parents to Nyx, Carla sought work at various clinics along with helping mom Inirma with ship building. Over the years she devotion to the medical trade flourished and she studied avidly the medical arts. While capable enough to be a doctor in her own right, Carla hasn't ever settled down and opened her own practice due to her condition. Instead she continues to actively pursue quests and help as just about anyone she can.

Though many had assumed she would join Nyx, it didn't come as a surprise to either of her parents when she underwent the trail to join Polluexia. Carla didn't ask her parents to vouch for her, instead she wanted all her hard work helping people to stand on it's own. After all their head strong daughter didn't want to join the Sea Goddess just because she was Brine's daughter.

After passing her trail, she had set about her first few missions excited and then fearful as all but one of her first couple missions had inadvertently run afoul of Inanis. Her missions had been called to a temporary halt, when they had at last figured out that she herself was drawing the creatures. Fearing that she'd be the cause of her teammates death she dove herself into magical studies and also into trying to find as much as she could out about the Inanis. This of course sent up some Red flags and some of Nyx's Covenant had intervened under suspicion that she was pursuing the Vorken's work. This brought to Carla's attention her birth parents crimes, as she hadn't been aware of them. While she continued to pursue learning about the Inanis, it was purely in the pursuit of saving lives and she made sure to keep herself distanced from anything that could be incriminating. Even doubling down and seeking additional lessons in connecting with people, working diligently to stray as far from the darkness as possible.

Through out it all though, she had kept her lifelong friend and companion Jirago whom as a child she had mistakenly called Squeeze. He often accompanies her on missions but has long since become too heavy to swim and join her on the sea. While she continues to try and find a suitable magic to bring their relationship closer magically, she has yet to find one that she is suited to as well one that will also help Jirago. The pair has contemplated undergoing Crystal Coalescence but has so far refrained, as they view each other more as siblings than life partners.

Though she is always cautious to enter battle directly due to her lifetime of training to cope with her disorder to not feel pain, and while Jirago often fights hard enough for both of them, that doesn't mean that Brine didn't teach her daughter a few tricks just in case. Even with her medical training and focusing on her role on supporting her teammates as a healer and back line fighter, she often doubles down and goes to regular medical examinations (just in case she misses something herself). She has taken not to few missions with inanis hunting or trapping teams to assist them with finding the creatures, and keeping areas free of the creatures. She isn't above putting herself as bait, though she still is hesitant even as resistant as she is to their corruptive touch. While she was known as a fearless child, she tempers it with a wary caution but still at times that fearless nature can still seep its way to the surface.

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Post by Geotrix on 31st August 2018, 6:07 pm

Name: Jonah "Jynx" Cadwaller
Color Code:+++++++
Age: 72
Sex/Gender: Male
Current Occupation: Deckhand, training to undergo the trials. Below average wealth, well adjusted to his status.
Past Occupations (If Any): Waiter, Delivery Boy
Non-Combat Skills: Sailing II(3AP), Free Diving I(1AP), Swimming III(6AP)
Hobbies/Talents: Cooking

Covenant: Polluexia
Sigil Size & Location: Unmarked as of yet.
Covenant Standing: Prospect
Caster Level: N/A

Blessing Domain:

Boon Domains:

Stats: Endurance III(12), Agility I(2AP), Strength I(2AP)
Notable Equipment: Shield with a sharpened edge
Physical Skills: Defensive Fighting III(6AP)
Magical Abilities:

Trial Story (If Any):
Character History: Having spent most of his life living within his simple means, Jonah is dead set upon making a difference in the world, motivated by a need for purpose. He understands that there are others who see him as naive and unworthy, but this is the path he's chosen.

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