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Post by Dr.Kran on 24th February 2018, 1:42 pm

You can find the game here, registry's on this page though.
Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Skill210
Right now the available resources are wood, stone, iron and gold, you can use from those resources to make whatever you need with the following starter packages, you will have the opportunity to use cards later on in the game.
Shuffling is all decided by you, except you must send to me the order that you have and the result is winning/losing vs your enemy.

Name the cards that you have and the series that they're from along in the order of your choice, in name format however you like I will approve of their existences regardless on how rigged they are, I the host Distorter, Conjurer and Nemesis will take full responsibility for all that happens here, if you get in trouble I will simply apologize for you as it was my fault in the game for any misfortune events.

The cards you choose can be from yu-gi-oh original/custom, duel masters original/custom, pokemon, dagonball z, naruto etc, simply enter the type of deck you have and that's what type of duel you can have or vs another type of card.

Silver can be earned through defeating an opponent, completing quests, or defeating monsters/bosses with your deck vs theirs. A duelist are also entitled to your own events and tournaments.

Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Passiv11
The value of the coins
Material is worth 1 gold piece
10 Copper is worth 1 gold piece
10 Silver is worth 1 gold piece
2 Electrum is worth 1 gold piece
1 Gold is worth 1 gold piece
10 Platinum is worth 1 gold piece
20 Adamantite is worth 1 gold piece
50 Orichlem is worth 1 gold piece
100 Mithril is worth 1 gold piece

One Pound Value
Material of the value (1 lb)
Copper is worth 5 gold piece
Silver is worth 5 gold piece
Electrum is worth 25 gold piece
Gold is worth 50 gold piece
Platinum is worth 500 gold piece
Adamantite is worth 1,000 gold piece
Orichlem is worth 2,500 gold piece
Mithril is worth 5,000 gold piece

Bar Value
Full material values
Copper is worth 50 gold piece
Silver is worth 500 gold piece
Electrum is worth 5,000 gold piece
Gold is worth 10,000 gold piece
Platinum is worth 50,000 gold piece
Adamantite is worth 100,000 gold piece
Orichlem is worth 200,000 gold piece
Mithril is worth 500,000 gold piece

Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Auto_a10
Duelist OC
Some duels may have a certain change of course due to stats which aren't specified or specified.
Duelist that define and specify their character with abilities and effects are weaker than players that leveled up without specifications which results winning as a default if their lvl is higher but has no stats hence this can also result a tiebreaker if on with a exact ability.

The same type of duelist results a tie. Uneven differences could result a tie or lost but if certain results are met to the requirements then there results a tiebreaker.

You can't have stats that surpass existing physics which results being labeled as mythical challenger, but if with certain reasons are met then they're approved.

Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Skill214
Items can help you during duels which make it harder for your opponents and doesn't decrease your winning chance unless that was the item's weakness effect.
You can forge items but they're not successfully as planned unless your attempt was an success.

Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Skill213
The better cards in your deck the harder you are to defeat in stealthy or revealed duels.
You can have decks archived for seeing or send them to me and they'll be stealthed in my own archives.
The more your deck gets a thumbs up the more your ratings increase and the more silver you receive.

Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) F10
Elemental, Ice, Water, Wind, Air, Fire, Earth, Electric, Poison
Physical, Impact, Slash, Pierce
Dark, Light, Chi, Energy, Plasma, Explosive
Strength : Increases damage
Damage : Reduces health
Aptitude : Increases dodge
Constitution : Increases life points and recovery
Life Points : If this drops below 1 then this results defeat
Recovery : Restores health per your move
Heal : Restores your health or target's health
Luck : Increases how much you can loot
Weapon : Increases and weapon damage
Defense : Increases block against type
Chance : Increases success chance
Armor : Reduces damage
Speed : Decreases or increases distances
Range : Increase reach to target


Defiant Magic TCG RPG (Registry) Dr.Kran_Portrait_Factor_II
- Name: Dr.Kran
- Age: Not yet revealed
- Race: Super Human (super strength & intelligent)
- Faction: Ecticon
- Social Status: Categories are fact/balance and science and humor/common.
- Occupation: A scientist that specializes in strength, agility, intellect in science, selling products of chemistry and mechanics.

- Bio: Dr.Kran has a very abnormal draconic growth cell that's impossible to find in any human which means he's very muscular and strong without exercise, and his memory and highly intellectual in common comparisons to the average human for unknown reasons.

And he's naturally lucky with an equivalent of 17 four lucky leaf clovers. Which exceedingly increases his success rate and chances.
There are no requirements for your characters to have strong stats, but you must though define and specify what triggers the unique stats to take effect.

Approval is all decided by me, feel free to enter today.
Registray Format:
The format is in any way that you choose.
Here's the default format for you to register.

- Games: which are you currently playing now?
- Name:
- Age:
- Gen:
- Race:
- Faction/Nation:
- Region/Country: If it exist use an image to define your map or in text format in addition to the registray.
- Social Status:
- Occupation: (Assuming you have one)
- Bio:
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