The aucain RPG Registray (developing)

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The aucain RPG Registray (developing) Empty The aucain RPG Registray (developing)

Post by Dr.Kran on 5th March 2018, 3:15 pm

Defiant & Domain
The aucain RPG Registray (developing) Physic12
This chart reveals where you are weakest and strongest, simply compare the may factors that you already have and estimate the differences between yourself and your competitors with improvements and break the ties and chains with counters that make sense and shows both ability and physic tiebreakers.
Defiance & Dominance:


One's focus in a single task can be limited only to that one task, doing anything else that gets in the way could a penalty reduction to the semi task's success rate & chance which means nothing else could have taken place during that task and when completed the result is unknown defiance which could estimate a countering solution to premade/retailed or unexpected outcome. Focus Task = Success if broken = Dominance which is the one weakness to defiance, cut off all tasks and your target whether semi or multi will deplete to nothing making you victorious and all possible threats eliminated.
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