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Post by Vye on 9th February 2011, 7:45 pm

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[Attn: Emory, Mina]

Akagi picked up a plate and used a fork to pick up a good amount of food and place it on his plate. "Morning." He said to Mina. He then took a bite and chewed slowly, savoring the delicious flavors. Akagi thought about what to say. He didn't want to expose anything that would give away who he was. After Akagi swallowed, he looked down to his plate. "Well, I grew up where the Staccato academy is, but I was never an academy student back then." As he spoke, he thought about anything he could say. Maybe Emory wouldn't notice if he made a little lie here and there.

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Post by HikariKuragari on 15th March 2011, 5:29 pm

(ATTN : Conlaodh)

Kitaka turned to Conlaodh and listened to what he said being still surprised and even more when he said her attack had been of a level 3 . However she continued to listen to the end and when he said it was time to learn how to fight she nods with a small smile, although a bit nervous.

As he turned to Shin'Sai she nods about the more then one type of fighter thing and says ''I'll gladly help on this!'' She finish with a smirk.

Kitaka then nods and says ''Alright...I think it's one of the thing I lack the most after all....'' She sigh being a bit nervous on this one.

Conlaodh then mention they have an hour. Shin'Sai replied to him ''Alright, well an hour should be enough to teach her a few things hahaha''

Kitaka takes a fine breath and says ''I'm ready.''

They then both started to show her a few types of kicks and punches they made her repeat over and over everysingle one of them. When she didn't have it right they didn't count it so she had to do one more everytime she didn't do it well enough.

After the hour had passed and Conlaodh told it was time. Kitaka let herself fall on her knees for a bit to relax. She was taking back her breath and listened to Conlaodh then her eyes went wide. ''W-wait ....200 of every moves ?!...'' Before she could protest on it because of the little time she would have with the mission Conlaodh face went evil has he continued talking about tomorrow. If told her she would regret it in ways not possible if she did any slobby punch.

''....glup..'' Was all that could be heard and then his face brightened and he went up saying his byebye.

When he mentioned good luck to Shin'Sai she replied '' Hehe thanks, but like you said I doubt I'll need it haha ! The bad guys will need more luck then I Hehehe !'' She said with a big smile.

With that he was quickly off.

Kitaka got up after taking back her breath.

''Well...'' Shin'Sai start making a earth platform that wasn't too big. ''Wanna try my earthcoaster ?!'' She said with a smirk.

''What's....that ?'' Kitaka asked getting up.

''Just get on the platform you'll see !''


Kitaka get on the platform and Shin'Sai suddenly make earth hold Kitaka's legs and make a move to create a launcher.

Kitaka eyes went wide ''Whaaat...!? ....We're gonna launch on that ?! That's totally crazy !''

''Yep like totally ! Did that with Conlaodh in the last mission hahaha ! Mind to use your wind to make it advance once we're high ?!'' She said to the other girl who noded, but wasn't to sure about this.

''Well...Sure ....However if we were to be about to crash you can use your earth to catch us right ?.....'' She asked the older girl.

''Well duh ! Of course I can no worries !'' She answered Kitaka with a large grin, Without further notice she launch them fast into the air and as they went really high, Kitaka started to use her wind to make the platform advance. It was hard to maintain due to the weight, but they were going fast enough and quickly got to the city. As they approached she started to make it go down and Shin'Sai took over to land it with a pillar that went up to fuse with the thing and made them go down.

''Hahaha that was fun !'' Kitaka exclaimed as she went down of the platform when Shin'Sai had freed her.

''Yep, anyway this is where we tell each other farewell, we'll meet again after the mission I believe !....I'm not to worried with your team considering you're getting quite good and that Conlaodh is in it haha. The bad guys should be scared !'' She finished with a smirk.

''Yes haha !...Although on your side they should be scared of you as well ! Haha ! '' Kitaka exclaimed with a smile.

''Yup !'' Shin'sai exclaimed as she started to run in the city ''See ya Missy !''

''Byeee !!'' Kitaka exclaimed waving.

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