Ender's War Registration

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Ender's War Registration

Post by Guest on 12th June 2011, 2:19 am

The end is nigh! Doomsday is at hand!

All ye souls who wish to be saved, fight, fight the chaos within and without. Around you are the corrupted, the polluted, the refuted from heaven and earth. They hungry for your flesh, your soul, your very essence!

There is no sanctum from this death, for even in death the body lingers. In doing so it seeks to corrupt those around it, those whom it once did love. The festering hate of the unholy bursts forth! The end is nigh! All ye who do not heed my warning, fear, fear for your eternal soul! Amen.


Welcome, dear sirs and madams, to the kingdom of Val'sharak. This quaint medieval kingdom is full of glory and wondrous beauty. It has good relations with the surrounded kingdoms of Dar'shun and Sal'rynn, however recently all communication from Dar'shun has been cut off. Merchants heading that way do not come back.

Seven imperial messengers have been sent to stem past this lack of communication, but of all that went only one has returned, raving about "The darkness..."

While we have not yet determined the details of what this messenger meant or has seen, we must prepare. We fear a war may soon break out. We have sent word to pull the farmers and population of the outlying villages on the borders to begin traveling to our fair city, we should be able to provide accommodation to all as we have in the dark times of olde. Once the peasants have entered the city gates, we shall organize our legion and prepare for what may come. So please, all ye farmers and peasants begin to pilgrimage here, for our sakes, as well as your own.


This is a survival/horror role-play, to an extent. It is set in a medieval time period, so expect sword and board to be common. Technology is limited to basic agricultural necessities in the outlying villages and sewage systems within the major cities.

Expect there to be "roads" and "paths." Roads are mostly consistent around the cities, which lead in the general direction of another city, but they do not extend a vast amount of area, only a few miles out of the cities. Paths mostly consist of small trails that people use to get through woodlands or plains on the way to the cities or other villages.

I expect that as the characters in the role-play get more organized, this role-play will turn more into an action/adventure role-play with elements of survival/horror. However, I will let you know now that there is a very high chance that characters will die off in the beginning stages, especially since many of the characters will NOT be informed of what is going on.

It is solely up to you to keep your characters alive for as long as possible, so play smart, do NOT be afraid to run away! That said mostly everyone will be scattered through the kingdom, some on the borderlands of the kingdom, some not. I will pick this randomly.

Also, there are "many" small villages throughout the county side. I am allowing you all the convenience of naming your home village. This will help in reducing the starting time of the role-play.

Multiple characters can be from the same village, but PLEASE limit this to three characters to a village. If potential role-players wish to start in the same village, converse with each other about it and please inform me via private message.

I am limiting Legion characters to 5. Only 5 characters may be in the Legion, total. Limit 1 per person. Legion personal may start off IN the main city if they wish, or in home towns since they are "technically" not on active duty yet. If you wish to have a Legion character, please private message me. This is first come, first serve only, so do not beg if you miss out because you waited till the last minute!

For the sake of the guidelines on this forum, expect to be using paragraph format and be at least semi-literate.

Your character layout should be as follows:



Legion Only: Age character joined

Home Village: Your Hometown will be randomized area-wise, some will be close to the border, some will be closer to the city. I will do this via even/odd dice rolling after we have at least a few participants.

Status: These are examples, but you do not have to use them: Farmer, Lay-about, Drunkard, Legion, Merchant, Vagabond, etc.

Description: Please provide a basic description so people know what you look like, it does not have to be in-depth

Background History: Family History, any information you wish to add in. (Optional, but REQUIRED for any Legion member)

Legion Spots Left: 4

Legion Member List:
Leah7 - Jazen Farefield: Lance Corporal in the 57th

Notice: Registration for the RP is still open. However, I only need two more village names. If you volunteer a name you with be in the southern most region of the kingdom on what is likely a farming based village. I will provide a list of the current village names and allow you to choose from the list.


Araneth- 3 slots.
Ar'lys - 2 remaining slots for characters.
Bali - 3 slots.
Basicul - 3 slots.
Corinth - 1 remaining slot for a character.
Faranci - 3 slots.
Horance's Hovel -3 slots.
Kavarin -3 slots.
Las Tres Brujas - 2 slots.
Saris - 2 slots.
Vakos - 3 slots.

RPH: Leah7

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on 12th June 2011, 9:40 pm

Name: Jazen Farefield

Age: 31

Home Village: Corinth

Status: Legion

Description: Red, long hair, green eyes, 5'7, scar under left eye

Weapon(s): Dual Sword

Background History: Joining at the age of 15, Jazen worked his way up to the rank of Lance Corporal (Footman).

At the age of 17 Jazen was sent to the front-lines during the War of Kallum. This bloody war started five years before Jazen joined the military and lasted for five years afterward.

Jazen participated in several of the most bloody battles against the southern kingdoms of Kalvis, Mitacul, and Garrish. This includes the March of Reich, Javick's Throw, and Kal'vashik's Decent.

Jazen also participated in an attempt to assassinate Emperor Merick of Kalvis. Though his unit did not succeed it did breach the walls of the fortified city, which later allowed for the overtaking of the city from within. After Kalvis fell, Jazen was put on border patrol at the age of 19. He was expected to return to the fields of battle, however the war ended as the new Legion captain, Salverik lead successful assaults on Mitacul and Garrish. Since then, Jazen has kept up his daily training routine as he patrols the borderlands.

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by EphPhoenix on 13th June 2011, 12:02 am

Name: Sparrow Farshaw

Age: 17

Home Village: Saris

Status: Forest guide

Description: Sandy hair, freckles, gray eyes, wears a ruby in his left ear. Thin, but well muscled.

Weapons: Short sword, Short bow, 30 arrows, 3 daggers and 7 throwing knives

Background History: The child of an unlikely union between a forest hunter and an acrobat. In love, and fairly well to do as a famous acrobat, Lydia Farris married Richard Farshaw, a local hunter, and retired from her troupe. As such, he's both an excellent hunter with acrobatic skills in tumbling, falling, balancing, and knife throwing. On his father's side, he's an excellent tracker and knows the forests like the back of his hand, not to mention is an excellent marksman with a bow. A free spirit, he spends most of his time in the forests and mountain ranges, where he's able to ply his acrobatic skills freely. Recently, he's been learning the sword from one of his fellow forest guides.

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by xenolion on 13th June 2011, 12:23 am

Name: Evelyn Goldwyn

Age: 25

Home Village: Corinth

Status: She is a merchant, a seamstress by trade.

Description: She is 5'6 with long brown hair. Her doe like brown eyes dominate her face. Her other features do not stand out, and she is rather plan looking.

Background History: She grew up in Corinth. She is very good at what she does, and her business is very successful. She does not have much weapons training, but as a merchant knows her way to other trade cities. She often hires others within the villages to be her escort.

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by Holsety on 13th June 2011, 3:36 pm

Name: Lucy Runia

Age: 19

Home Village: Ar'lys

Status: Hunter

Weapons: Short sword, longbow, 2 quivers of 30 arrows, one dagger, and 5 throwing knives.

Description: 5'3", long blond hair that reaches the middle of her back, deep blue eyes. She is lightly tanned and slightly muscular.

Background History: Her parents both died of an illness at a young age, so she was raised in a small orphanage in Ar'lys. Wanting to give back to the orphanage when she got older, she decided to become a hunter so she could provide food for them. She's lighthearted and cheerful, but also responsible and protective of those she loves. She is very accurate with throwing knives and can use pretty much any weapon she can get her hands on.

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by Goetia on 14th June 2011, 11:51 pm

Name: Afilado Batista

Age: 27

Home Village: Las Tres Brujas

Status: Fencing Teacher

Weapons: Rapier, Short sword

Description: Short, smooth, black hair. Brown eyes. Moderately tall with a standard build. Fair skinned

Background History: Afilado took to fencing and other styles of sword fighting since he was a child. He grew up in a well off family and participated in many fencing tournaments, placing in each one and winning 1st place for the past 2 years. He then decided to teach any interested villagers about the art of fencing and swordsmanship.

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Re: Ender's War Registration

Post by Guest on 12th July 2011, 11:19 pm

Name: Margaret Goldwyn


Joined the Legion: 15

Home Village: Corinth

Status: Legion

Weapon(s): Long Sword, Spear, Lance, Sheild, Axe

Description: Wavy, aubern hair that goes a little below her shoulders. She has bangs that go to the top of her eyes. She's tall, thin and pale, but her appearance is fooling. Her eyes are cyan (Cat's eye yellow).

Background History: Older sister of Evelyn, Margaret shared very few qualities with her sister. Her parents tried to marry her off when she was younger, to a man she detested. So, a few days later, she snuck out and left to join the Legion, craving a life without boundaries. She keeps a small picture of her sister around, always, as well as a red sachel her sister gave her before she left. A short while after Margaret joined the Legion, her parents told Evelyn she was dead. Margaret did write Evelyn, but but her parents hid, and later burned all the letters.

Battle History: She underwent two years of training.

Age 17
Fields of Gre-gory
Skirmish at Maxis Gorge
Invasion at Kelvarick's Fields

Age 18
Seige of Kalvis
March on Mitacul
Battle at Manti Bridge

The war ended when she was 18.

Hope I did this right. *takes a step back*

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