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Post by Guest on 15th June 2011, 10:55 pm

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The calendar marks it as the year 128 F.D (Feudal Divide). The Great War of Kallum is in the past, but now the neighboring kingdom of Dar'shun has gone silent. Dar'shun, a kingdom of mountains and of great strategic value, had been allied with the Kingdom Val'sarak for over forty years. Its sudden silence was staggering, how could the two kingdoms, on such a united front, be torn asunder with such little cause? What had happened to their peace meetings, their promises of marriage for the next generation, how had their relations suddenly ended like this?

The only news available from Dar'shun was a scrabble-minded messenger. The messenger, Tod Kalrum had served for twenty-three years in the Legion, how anything could crack him was beyond the physicians and medicines were not helping either. He had been confined to a cell after being treated for a wound on his shoulder. All day he rocked back and forth on, whispering, and sometimes shouting, "The darkness..."

"Ten years, it has been ten years since the last war. I had hoped to see at least another twenty years of peace before the next, hoping my son would be able to lead the kingdom through the next challenge," stated king Talos Vas Valgraf as he slowly paced back and forth across the War Council room in the Upper Keep of Castle Val.

Legionnaire Commander, Salverik Kon Vallos watches the king patiently for a few moments and then speaks up, "Sire, we cannot wait to act any longer. We must evacuate the residents closest to us to the city and begin to prepare for what is to come. We do not have any time to spare, we must protect the people."

King Talos turns abruptly, looking directly at Salverik, "Do you think I do not know what is best for my people Commander? I know this, I just wish it did not have to come down to this. Send the fastest guardsmen you can. How fast can they reach Ar'lys and the outlying villages?"

Salverik, startled by his King's reaction is taken aback for a moment, but answers firmly, "It will take 6 to 7 days to get to Ar'lys in this rainy season. The roads will be thick with mud and any messenger knows that a horse with a broken leg is useless. In fact, it will take roughly 11 days to get to Corinth in the downpour outside. The closest villages, such as Saris and Faranci and the cities on the main trade routes, can be reached within 2-3 days, and can begin to be evacuated, but cannot be expected to arrive until at least 5 days after they are given the signal to evacuate."

King Talos, stares at his Commanding Officer defiantly, "You will have those citizens here within one week. That is ALL we can afford. The citizens to the north are going to bear the brunt of this invasion, if invasion it is, they cannot stand on their own. Send the 37th division up there, on the double."

Salverik stares blankly at his King, "The Calvary, sire? You know as well as I that if their horses are lost and we do lose the entire division that when the Dar'shun army gets here we will be at a disadvantage. We already know that their army rivals ours, losing a division could mean life or death to the entire city."

King Talos shakes his head slightly, "If it comes down to that, I am willing to step down. I do not want to see anymore unnecessary bloodshed if possible. If we can save the villages to the north from being completely overrun, it will be worth it. At the very least send out half of the 37th mixed with the 32nd. If we cannot send the full company, we should at least give them some ground support."

Salverik nods, as if in approval, "Very well Sire, I understand your sentiments greatly. We shall send the entirety of the 32nd and the 37th and have them split at the fork so as to make it to both Ar'lys and Corinth on time. We shall pull through this sire, I know we shall."

2 days later in Ar'lys

A man wrapped in clothing from head to toe, his face covered, his cloak black and covered with grim and mud steps into the village, his weight heavily on his cane. Several of the guards train arrows on him from the treetop guard posts. In fact, most of Ar'lys is built into the very forest around it, houses in the treetops and in the hollowed out holes around the base of the roots.

The man slowly unwraps his face, looking around at the startled peasants, who had seen no one come from the north in nearly 5 months. The man stares, his left eye a dull grey, but his right a vibrant searing orange. He opens his mouth slowly, as if to say something, and then collapses onto the ground.

A guard jumps out of his tree-top post and rushes to the man.

"He's just dehydrated, quick someone bring some water."

A peasant fetches a pitcher, quickly rushing the the strange man's side. The guard manages to pour the water into the strange wanderer's dry mouth, dumping the rest on his face. Shaking awake, the wanderer looks up at the guard, his orange eye searching the pale blue's of the guards and then he whispers.

"The darkness... it.. comes."

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 19th September 2011, 2:58 am

Jazen sighs, "I do not believe so. I truly think there is some reality behind what we are experiencing.

I need to think these things through. We need rest, both of us. So exhausted."

Jazen calls to a Legion member, who accepts the task of taking their reigns as Evelyn and Jazen rest on their horse after tying themselves to each other and to the horse.

"Don' worry, mate, you guys'll sleep grea'!" The man says with a wink, "I won' let ya fall off yer horse on my watch."

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Post by xenolion on 19th September 2011, 7:26 pm

Evelyn didn't even notice she was being tied to both Jazen and the horse. She was too busy thinking about the dream and what Jazen said. She then hears the Legion member comment about them sleeping. She looks up at him. "I am fine...I already slept." She hopes her voice was strong and does not reflect the fear she was feeling. The truth is she did not want to sleep, afraid of what her dreams may hold.

It does not take long for Jazen to fall asleep. She can feel his steady breathe on her shoulder. It is very quiet the only sounds she hears is soft conversations, an occasional laugh or yell, and the sound of the horse hooves on the ground. She can feel her own eyes closing. She snaps them open and shakes her head slightly to wake herself up. She smiles at the Legion guard. She can feel her head falling again...her eyes close one last time as she finally falls to sleep.

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Thank you leah
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