Veniciare, A World of Chaos

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Veniciare, A World of Chaos

Post by JerriLeah7 on 18th November 2010, 11:53 am

World Name: Veniciare

Original Character's Name(s): Mia Aurel Jennsor

Solar View: This universe has two suns with ten planets in between. Due to the gravity of both suns, the planets do not turn-the are held in a straight line between both sun's pull. Veniciare is the fourth planet from one sun and has three moons. Is there life on the other planets? Maybe.....

Similarities/Differences to Earth:
There are still trees, animals, and humans. However, there are no 'continents.' All land is together, not split up, and there is only one ocean around the one vast land area. Due to the fact that there is no rotation around a sun and that there are two suns on both sides, the seasons do not change. On the hemisphere with the closest sun, it is always summer. On the hemisphere farthest from a sun, it is always fall. There is no president or King/Queen! Everything is ruled by a selected council. The people write the laws. There are still 'races' or different skin colored people, but they are not 'white, black, or Asian' like on Earth. They are pink, (pale pink like white people are) green, or brown. (Brown being black people on earth.)

Background/Species Overview: There are still humans, so there is still a 'mankind.' No one knows much history of this world, because all evidence of history that was once claimed by historians and scholars have been recently destroyed and the historians themselves have been found dead or are missing. This entire situation is a deep mystery and has yet to be solved.

Additional Information:
Everyone on this planet has the same eye color. Blue. People still dress differently and have different hairstyles and so on, but for some reason, all eyes are blue. Reason unknown. They sky is red, clouds are black. The grass is yellow/gold, the ocean is purple.

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