Meet The Parents OC's: Helena Porter

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Meet The Parents OC's: Helena Porter

Post by Guest on 20th November 2011, 8:22 am

Name: Helena Porter

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Hair: Blond, straight down the sides with a small fringe

Eye Colour: Blue

Shirt: Long Sleeve Shirt

Skirt: Neutral Check A-Line Skirt

Tights: Mink Rib Tights

Shoes: Dark Leather Boots

Shoe Size: 8

Profession: Chief Executive Officer

Background: She's the equivalent of the devil wears Prada, she's cold and she's deadly. But ont he other hand, she's a beautiful character who's worked her way to the top and now that she's in charge, she makes sure everything is perfect and most of the time, it usually is because no one wants to face her in a bad mood. She hasn't got much of a love life since she's married to her work and can't seem to deal with a relationship when a financial crisis at her company comes around. She doesn't have any family and sees family as a distraction from her work.

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