OC: Lia Amden, the Forgetful

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OC: Lia Amden, the Forgetful

Post by JerriLeah7 on 23rd November 2010, 1:11 am

Name: Lia Amden

Sex: Female

Age: 21

Appearance: Dark brown hair, gray eyes, 5'4 in height, wearing slacks and baggy, anime t-shirt

Random, weird, agreeable, open, social, and kind, but not easily walked on.

Abilities: Singer, Athletic, Knife Throwing, and has self defense.

Backstory: Lia was found in the road with concussion and was taken to the hospital. Apparently, she was covered in bruises and it was obvious that she had a victim of a hit and run. However, Lia has no memory of her past and she is determined to find out who she is. Ever since recovering, she has trained herself in self defense in hopes that she'll never be hurt again.

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