Holsety, Administrator

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Holsety, Administrator

Post by Holsety on 23rd June 2012, 10:44 pm

Well, I made an intro post back when I first joined, but a lot has changed since then. XD At first I came merely to check the place out. And now here I am, like a year and a half later, an admin of this place.

A lot has changed in my life over the past one and a half years, but GtR has always been the constant in it. No matter what's happening, I can always come here and enjoy the company of my friends and escape to other worlds. It's for this reason that I applied to be moderator, then to be admin. GtR and the people here are very dear to me, and I want to do whatever I can for them.

A little about me... I'm a twenty-one (twenty-two now!) year old university student majoring in math (finished that, now I'm in meteorology). I've been playing video games for a very long time, and I also love anime, manga, writing, drawing, learning languages, and various random things. I'm pretty socially awkward, so you'll have to excuse that, but I do try. ^^;

I look forward to watching and helping GtR grow in the future. It is already such a wonderful site, but there is always room for improvement. I'm glad to be a part of it, and I hope to be the best admin I possibly can be in the time to come.

Dang, this is a lot shorter than Leah's, however I'm sure you get the gist. Enjoy our wonderful home, everyone. :3

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Re: Holsety, Administrator

Post by HikariKuragari on 24th June 2012, 7:54 pm

Haha xD ! Twi no worries, it may be shorter then leah but it's still good.

You've done a great job as a mod and always been quite fast on things. So it doesn't surprise me you made it to admin today and I do think you're an awesome one at that. I'm glad you enjoy gateway too, on a way to escape from possible life problems. Those can sometime be annoying and it's always so much better to escape into fiction storys or hobbies.

And I too am looking forward for gateway to grow more ! I somehow wished I could invite more people, but none of my friends really have time or interest for forum and so I pretty much failed on that part ! But I hope to be able to help and do my part as it grows, because it deserve to since it's an awesome website.

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