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Burning Sky Registration

Name: Alain Beaumont
Age: 21
Gender: M
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Mother: Celine Beaumont
Father: Lucien Beaumont
Siblings: Claudia Beaumont
Non-Immediate Family: Unmentioned
Friends: Alain is a very popular young man for whom "friends" are in no short supply. His family's wealth has yielded him many who simply want to benefit from his "charity." And his talents and looks have netted him many male and female admirers alike. That said, being such a social butterfly and center of attention, he has few actual friends. But by far his closest companions are Vidal and Pascal Leblanc, a brother-sister pair that he grew up with.

Alignment: Type-3 L/N. Alain is a man of principles. He has his own codes of morals and ethics and chooses to stick to them. He doesn't much care what other people believe, so long as they have some manner of conviction in those beliefs. That they genuinely believe in what they're doing and saying. And that they aren't hypocrites who go against everything they preach or spineless, overly fickle people.
Occupation: Heir - Alain belongs to a family of fairly successful aristocrats who made their fortune in the arts and are greatly credited with expanding the culture of the Creed through their interest in history. They're particularly known for procuring Akuma remnants from the lakes and placing them on display. However, as they've studied these old scraps, they've discovered the superior technology in many of them and built a very secretive business empire around the exchange of Akuma secrets and reverse-engineered technology, including repurposed Akuma weapons. Alain has been groomed to take over the reins of the family business from childhood and has proven himself charismatic enough to operate in the aristocratic world, as well as shrewd enough to run such a sophisticated outfit.
Home Continent: Wudreaux, Croix
Creed: Alain is a firm believer in the Creed of Cariti and a strong proponent of charitable deeds. He's seen as something of a golden boy by some of the higherups in the Creed's structure for his advocacy. And is known to condemn those who claim to follow the Creed's message of love but, in reality, only go through the motions.
Starting Location: Wudreaux, Croix
Non-Combat Skills/Talents: Alain is known to have very keen business sense, being perfectly capable of discerning what's necessary for success. He's an expert at twisting things into his favor by arranging unwinnable situations for "opponents," proving to be absolutely ruthless when necessary. He's likewise a very cultured young man, having been taught the arts from the time he was small. He can paint, play a handful of instruments (most notably piano and violin), dance, play strategy games at a high level, and cook. But perhaps his most noteworthy trait is his sheer intellect. Years of studying have contributed to his genius, giving him not only a firm grasp on arithmetic, language, and history, but also the inner-workings of various Akuma remnants, thanks to the research done by his family's people. As such, he's very scientifically proficient, able to easily pick up and understand more advanced technology.
Combat Prowess: Alain has been instructed in the art of self-defense for many years by the captain of his family's personal guard detail. Furthermore, he's honed his own talents over the years, applying his skills whenever he ran across... "complications" during his travels on family business. That said, he's still no expert and isn't entirely used to fighting. But he's no pushover.
Weapon(s): Alain is versed in standard swordplay. However, his weapon of choice goes quite a bit beyond this. The "Rail Sword" is a long, greatsword-like weapon, created by restoring an Akuma remnant and refining its design into something practical. The blade has a narrow slit running down its center, in which it builds some kind of energy, eventually massing into some sort of aura around the blade that can be used in a number of different ways. To compensate for the Rail Sword's immense size and weight, Alain actually ingests Luminite Potions to increase his physical abilities, letting him handle the oversized weapon with the same ease he would a rapier.

Djinn/Gracer/Channeler: N/A

Blaze: N/A
Grace: N/A
Book(s): N/A

  • App 1: Overslash - The aura that surrounds the Rail Sword can be contained within the blade. When this is done, it increases the sword's effective cutting range and power. The aura infused into the blade can also trail off, creating somewhat ranged energy emission slashes to cut at a distance, which Alain has learned to make use of in various attack combinations.
  • App 2: Energy Dome - The aura of the Rail Sword can also be focused outward and used to create a protective bubble that can sponge up a good deal of damage for a brief time before the energy is used up and must take a bit to recharge.
  • App 3: Discharge - The Rail Sword can discharge all of its stored energy into a scalable beam whose power can range from cute to devastating, depending on how long Alain holds the button to build the charge up.

Likes: Alain rather enjoys his lavish lifestyle. However, he does fancy a bit of excitement from time to time, liking to get out, stretch, maybe get the chance to work out his sword arm. He's also known to like reading and studying, particularly where it pertains to the Akuma. He finds the devils to be rather fascinating and is one of few people who doesn't actually fear them. Though that isn't to say he would like their company. They're still dangerous and he will cut them down in an instant.
Dislikes: Alain is very unfond of fickle people and those who lack conviction, of course. But he's perhaps the most irritated by two-faced people and those who wear metaphorical masks, hiding their true colors. He finds it to be cowardly, among other things. Furthermore, he's not overly fond of unnecessary violence. He doesn't consider sparring or self-defense to be in this category, so much as petty squabbles, particularly over conflicting ideologies. He's abhorrently opposed to chaos, believing in systems and preferring the beauty of order. It's because of all of this that he's known to have a particular contempt built up for Nazir, making a note to avoid doing business with anyone from that continent.
Fears: Contrary to his demeanor, Alain is exceptionally nervous about his fast-approaching takeover of the family business and his ability to keep things going for another generation.
Values: Structure, Conviction, Charity, Enterprise
Weaknesses: Alain still isn't the most skilled fighter, despite his ability to hold his own. While he's admired for his vocality regarding his principals, his tendency to speechify can cause trouble. He can be a bit overly confident at times, causing him to drop his guard at very inopportune moments.
Temperament: As a general rule, Alain is a calm, refined young man. His mannerisms combine with his vaguely feminine appearance to the point of making him seem very much androgynous. Though he is male and identifies as such. He simply doesn't act in a stereotypically masculine manner. He has a cool temper and tends to be very measured, even when annoyed or worse, seldom (if ever) losing his composure. That said, he's not above expressing emotion. He simply believes there to be a time and place and it would be improper not to adhere to it. Ordinarily, however, he is the perfect gentleman - chivalrous, charming, everything.
Outlook: Alain sees the world as a place defined by the individual. One's beliefs and perceptions shape their reality. This is largely why he so strongly clings to the notion of having a personal code and a strong conviction to it. The fickle make the world dull by virtue of not truly having their own beliefs. The chaotic make the world too messy for its beauty to be seen. And so Alain is a critic of both. As to his personal code of beliefs, Alain largely falls in with the core teachings of the Creed of Cariti, highly valuing generosity and committing himself to giving back for the sake of making the lives of others easier.

Background: The Beaumont family is well known within the Creed of Cariti, particularly throughout Wudreaux. Their cultural and historical knowledge contributions have been revolutionary, to say the least. When he was a child, Alain knew he was destined to take over for his parents. He was constantly being groomed for the position, tutored regularly, trained in the ways of business, and then some. Of course, it was all terribly boring. So he eventually found himself sneaking off with his friends to go on adventures. When he was caught, rather than simply getting into trouble, it was decided he'd learn to defend himself. That way he could at least fend for himself if things ever got dicey.

Alain matured into the young man he is today, drawing the eye of many young ladies and men alike. His family often brought him around to show off his successes. However, the truth of the matter was that he'd eventually be made aware of the Akuma side of their business and became fascinated with it. He would ask to go along, refusing to take no for an answer. In time, it became apparent that he was one of their foremost experts on the devils. So they began to bring him on their Akuma business dealings. This ultimately led to the discovery of many Akuma remnants, including a weapon that Alain took a shine to. Through some study, he was able to figure out how it worked, salvaging the weapon into its new form, the Rail Sword.

These days Alain is that much closer to running the family business. His parents continue their work, but there's been talk of his father retiring, and his mother following him to retirement. With all that said, Alain is still fairly young, and has become much more nervous with the prospect than he had been in his childhood years.

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