The OC Tournament of Heroes

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The OC Tournament of Heroes

Post by Guest on 4th January 2013, 5:41 pm

Simple enough. Your hero/heroine/villain/villainess has heard of a competition where riches and glory await the winner.

Post your OC's profile from wherever, and then you have to add statistics:

(You have 95 points, and you must allocate at least one point in all the categories [AT LEAST 8 IN WISDOM]. The maximum is 20.)

STR (Physical Damage Rolls and Health are impacted by this stat):
DEX (Ranged Damage Rolls and Dodge are impacted by this stat):
INT (Magic Damage Rolls and Trap-Setting are impacted by this stat):
CHA (Diplomacy is impacted by this stat):
LCK (Everything is somewhat impacted by this stat, and will impact mechanics somewhat):
WIS (# of skills are impacted by this stat, 1 skill for every 4 points):

Skills can be created, but I will be the determiner of what TRAITS are given and such. For example,

CORREIA's skill set primarily focuses on magician-killing VIA absorption and retribution of magic, and as described, she would be able to fight magicians very efficiently, (Which will be reflected in a +damage/hit boost). This trait would be known as MAGE KILLER. However, another character with MAGE KILLER would have it for different reasons.

For the purpose of the game, you are to post all the skills you have, and will be assigned a trait for each skill you provide. You get one skill for every four points of Wisdom, and in the case of numbers in between, the number will be rounded DOWN. Each skill only needs a short description and then a trait will be assigned VIA PM, so that the traits remain hidden from combat until they are required.

WEAPON PROFICIENCY COUNT AS A SKILL. YOU DO NOT JUST "USE A WEAPON", IT IS CONSIDERED A SKILL. Any "masteries" or skill levels above simply proficient will result in increased damage and other perks, but is considered a SECOND SKILL.


Correia's Skill Set:

Absorb Magic: She can use incoming magic and absorb it. [TRAIT: Magic Tank (Decreases Magic Damage done by 20%)]
Enchant: She can use what is absorbed by Absorb Magic and enhance her skill against magic users. [TRAIT: Mage Slayer (Increases Damage done to mages by 15%)]
Sword User: She uses swords in combat. [TRAIT: SWORD WIELDER (Does Physical Damage, Medium)]

You will NOT KNOW which traits you get until assigned traits. They are negotiable, but you will NOT GET MORE THAN THE NUMBER OF SKILLS YOU HAVE.

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