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Post by Guest on 22nd January 2013, 10:58 am

Pretty sure there are some things that need to be changed in this character's bio, but I am looking for confirmation, as well as what you think about it.

Name: Taeron Godricht
Alias: Glorious Strategist
Age: 230 years old. (Appearance early 20's)
Gender: Male
Class: Time and Astral Plane Traveler
Race: Unknown form of Deity
Alignment: Neutrual

~ Appearance ~
Height: 5'10''
Eyes: Sapphire
Hair Color: Onyx
Hair Style: Short and silky
Complexion: Fair
Build: Lean
Scars: None
~ Personal ~
Weapons: His fists.
Clothing: Black Trench coat. Tattered pants. Worn out hiking boots
Important Items: A silver neckless.
Magick: Astral. Time Travel.
Dialects Spoken: English. Hebrew. Latin

~ Self ~
Fear: Happiness. Content.
Dislike: Cute, fuzzy things. (Cats, dogs, bunnies, etc.)
Like: Chaos.
Quirks: Taeron tends to think 3 steps ahead of his opponents. Giving him the advantage in most situations.
Flaws: He is often times alone, which at times, makes him vulnerable to multiple attacks.
~ Family ~
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Brothers: Ariciane and Luminaer
Sisters: None
Soul Siblings: None
Life mates: Tori (Slave)

Character’s History: Taeron and his other brothers were hired hands by the Watchers. The Watchers were beings that considered themselves perfected in every way and had no need to do such dirty work. Hence why they sent Taeron to do there work for them. There work consisted of assassinations, kidnapping, and gathering information. There may be reasons to believe that the Watchers created them to do such tasks. Eventually, Taeron and his brothers, Luminaer and Ariciane, rebelled against them, seeking to do as they pleased. This did not sit well with the Watchers. They promptly exiled Luminaer and Ariciane, leaving Taeron alone. Now Taeron wanders to and fro fighting off whatever is thrown at him by the Watchers.

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Post by Holsety on 22nd January 2013, 1:14 pm

This thread belongs in the OC/World Roster, so I'll move it there for ya. ;3

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Post by Guest on 30th January 2013, 10:02 am

Thank you.

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