Shattered Realms Registration Thread

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Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 20th February 2013, 8:14 pm

-Shattered Realms- 

-Character/World Creation-

In this Role play, all players will be creating not only their character, but also the world the character lives in, be as creative as you want. 

-Characters cannot know that there are other existing worlds.

-Characters do not have to be human, again be creative. (example: you can be an under civilized nomad to a high tech cyborg to a crazed Mage or a flipping ninja) 

-Characters will be balanced if considered over powered.

-If two players want to start in one world created by both, please notify me or FairyXxGothXxMother. 


At the beginning of this role play, characters will be starting in their own regular worlds, attending to their regular occupations, living their everyday lives. 

After a certain time, something will disturb that peace in each and every one of those worlds. Not only will it disturb it, but all the affected worlds will become shattered, never to be the same again, and the reason will be unknown. 

At this moment each character will have the same choice to make, a tough one at that. Going back to the ignorance or going to venture into the unknown, leaving every thing behind to save their now dying world. 

Who will be the chosen? Who will risk their lives for the lives of their worlds? 

World Name:
Geographical Information:
Noteable Inhabitants:

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 21st February 2013, 9:50 am

Name: Roger Timber-Axe

Age: Looks fifteen. (Has been awakened for twelve years.)

Weapons: Over sized Axe which he drags around and cannot completely wield properly. And a Slingshot with various projectiles. He can also set good traps, normally used for hunting but you never know.

Abilities: Roger has three different animal aspects he can take on to increase one of his attributes. In every aspect he also has a special attack that he chose a name for. During these special attacks, a ghost like version of the creature will appear around Roger.

Aspect of the Elticor (Elephant): Roger gains strength in general allowing him for example to actually use his axe correctly, more so even, he can wave it around as if it were nothing.

Special Ability: STAMPEDE!!: This is the ability he created for when he was in his Elticor Aspect. He basically jumps up and down, advancing in any direction, crushing anything under him as he lands. This attack lasts for about ten jumps (Depending on if he can keep his balance or not).

Aspect of the Guavern: Roger gains massive speed allowing him to run dash or even walk a lot fast than he normally could. His jumps will also be far longer due to the speed he was running at in the first place.

Special Ability: WIND SPLITTER!!: Roger "lock's on" to his target and then starts charging at an even more incredible speed until, either the foe dodge's out of the way or Roger slams right into them at full force. This why he calls It wins splitter, rushing straight the the wind, seemingly splitting it In half.

Aspect of the Caritor: Roger gains incredible defense rending his skin as hard as a tortoise's shell, a stab attack or a bullet or magic will still hurt him. (depending on the magic of course).

Special Ability: SHELLSHUCKER!!: Roger grabs his hands in both hands and begins to spin repeatedly at a very fast speeds, creating an impenetrable defense while still being an incredible offense with his rotating axe. He will not only keep his axe in a horizontal position, he will move it up and down while rotating to give an even larger range of hits.

Roger can only have one aspect active at a time, but he can alternate between them as often as he pleases. He also has a downtime on his abilities, aproximately five minutes on each one of them.


Occupations: Hunting, leader of the TimberMaw Tribe, raiding other tribes, battle for territories, against other tribes.

Personality: Roger is a little cocky and overconfident. He will be a little brat to any one, until they have proven themselves strong, and usefull. After that, he gives them his respect. He may have a hyper active issue. And he is somewhat clumsy, especially with his big axe.

Backstory: Roger doesn't have much of a back story, like any other of the kids in Valhalla.. Being awakened in the middle of a jungle with nothing but himself to rely on, not remembering anything about his past, at the age of approximately fifteen. That's how most kids came into the world of Valhalla, the weaker ones didn't even make it past the first day.

After meeting up with a bunch of other people that were in the same boat as him, wondering why they were there and how they got there, qand even who they were. Roger decided to not fret upon it and started working on survival.

Since Roger always responded "roger that" when people told him something, they started calling him Roger and he eventually came up with the name Timber-Axe for his last name.

At the beginning they all worked together to create their community in which they all contributed to. Eventually though Roger and some of the other main "top ranking" people were having disagreements. And thus the Tribes were born.

Roger and a set of followers went with him and her Created the TimberMaw Tribe. The same thing happened with multiple other groups creating multiple other tribes scattered about the lands of Valhalla. And of course there were conflicts that developed over territories and recourses, creating tribe wars and the fights for territories.

Roger is always on top of the game, the TimberMaw tribe is on the the biggest, along with SilverPaw and BlackFang. The three tribes are in a constant war with each other always seizing or losing territories to each other.

When a Tribe looses its main Keep, the two leaders face off in a duel. If the attacking tribe's leader win's, they seize control of the keep and its tribe member, but, one cannot attack a tribe's keep if this tribe detains any other territories. These are the only rules of the Tribe Wars.

World name: Valhalla

Geographical information: Valhalla is basically a bunch of islands linked to each other by bridges with water as clear as the sky. It looks like a paradise, beaches, palm trees, jungles, clear skies, turquoise water and very nice rock formations scattered about.

Climate: the temperature is always nice, not to hot and not to cold, just right. It rains from time to time, but the odd thing is, it does not originate from clouds, so every time it rains there are rainbows.

Lore: (Already specified a good amount in backstory)
The origins of Valhalla are unknown to all the Valian's, as well as their own origins. The inhabitants of this world simply awaken in the wild, where no eyes are there to see, at the immediate age of fifteen years old.

The Valian's do not age either, the first awoken of Valhalla, Roger being Amongst them, are approximately twelve years in actual years since they have been awakened. A lot of Valian's are weary of what their actual goal is, being in this paradise, not aging.. What was it they were created for? No one really knew. But Roger never asked himself too many questions, he lived in the present, not thinking about the future.

New Valiens continuously awaken, still in the wild, still unseen. The various tribes always scout the wilds to recruit any newly awoken Valian's. And they even have a school in each keep, to teach the newly awakened the history of the last twelve years.

Creatures: There are an incredible amount of different species so I will give three examples, the ones of Roger's Aspects.

The Elticor: An elephant based creature who is somewhat bigger than a regular elephant, and that has six limbs. These are quite hard to hunt, but give quite good resources.

The Guavern: and incredibly fast creature that can also glide, it looks somewhat like a Raptor but is not really anything like it. It often jolts onto a prey at incredible speed and the glides away with it. this creature is not that hard to hunt but often runs away before being able to kill it.

The Caritor: A turtle like creature that is a carnivore and that is bigger than an average human. It often goes into its shell and spins relentlessly, using its spiked shell to damage threats or preys. This creature is very hard to hunt.

Inhabitants: The Valian's are the only humanoids living in Valhalla, the ageless child like humans are awakened in this world confused and fifteen years old in appearance. They already know how to speak and they already know how to live in general.

Each Valien is awakened with aspects of diverse creatures, some more aspects then others, some stronger and some usefull in different ways. For example the Aspect of an intelligent animal may grant wits instead of physical attributes.

Each Valian also has a special ability for each one of their Aspects, the knowledge of these aspects and abilities are already known to them at their awakening. They often pick out names for their abilities, mostly for the show, or war cry type of thing , than anything else.

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 22nd February 2013, 7:29 pm

Name: Rak'Tol Mkralca

Age: 10(size of a 30 years old )

Weapons: Fist, kicks, and brain

Abilities:To be discovered

Appearance: (with a rag shirt)

Occupation(s): Trying to survive in the depth of the mothership

Personality: Rak'Tol is a very curious, with a lot of perseverence.

Backstory: Rak'tol was born as a genderless and grew up like any other genderless kid, but when he reached the age of 6, a male came up to him and told him to get prepared, he was going to be eaten during the following week. Of course he had been informed that his life would be very short and that he didn't have to worry , as he was much likely be reborned as a male, but he wasnt religious at all, so for him, his life was worth way more then something he wasn't even sure to be true. So instead, he searched for a place to hide. After two days of intense searching, he found a maintenance trap to go under the city, where the reactors are. It was a dangerous place infested with experiments that the archanïte were releasing after testing them. He lived like that for 4 years, without any social interaction, hunting overgrown rats and other animals to get some food.
Here is the link to all the world infos, pm me if you have any other questions
Species Name: Archanïte

Gender Count: (how many genders does your species have?) 3 genders, one being male, the other one female and a last having no gender. That last gender are the most common

Food/Prey/Eating Habits: In the Archanïte hierarchy, the gender that you are born with determine your fate. If you are born without any gender, which is the most probable thing to happen, you are bound to become food for the male and female. So the genderless population is the "food basket" , they know their fate and only a few tries to escape from it. The Archanïte males and females dont eat anything else but them, and the average consumption is between 2 and 4 genderless per day. As for the genderless, since they have to be at least 2 years old to be edible, they eat a special plant that contains a lot of hormones, accelerating their natural growth, so a one years old would be the same size as a 5-6 years old human. That plant, the Emonera, grows in huge biofactories.

Breeding/Reproduction: The Archanïte uses the same reproduction method as humans, but they have nearly no link between their child if hes a genderless, since they know that hes gonna get eaten. If its a male or a female though, they will protect it with their lives, especially if its a female. Giving life to a female is nearly seen as a blessing, the mother was good so she gave birth to another female

Intelligence Level:The Archanïte are an really intelligent race. Their intelligence comes from the fact that everyone accept their own fate and that any Archanïte supports other member of their civilization. The genderless know that they are needed to keep the gender population alive. The male know that the female are the most important being in the species, since they basicly give birth to the ‘food’. They are approximativly as advanced as humans right now, but they are a fairly young species advancing fast toward technology, due to the nutriment they get from their unusual food

Appearance/Description: The genderless would look like this at 6 years old, but shorter and looking younger.

For the male and female, they would look something close to this(the one to the right would be the females and the ghosty one would be the males)

Physical Features/Oddities: The male and female are very tall, around 8 foot tall

Skills/Abilities:They have special abilities.

Sleep Pattern/Activity Pattern:Since they eat very nourishing food, their metabolism takes longer to digest it and gives more energy to their system, allowing them to sleep only for a short time and still be well rested

Religion/Culture: (if intelligent) The Archanïte’s religion is based on life and death. Their population is very used to death and actually lives through it everyday. The whole species is following that religion. This religion prones the reincarnation, when they die, they would have a chance to reincarnate into something greater( male or female). It is the only religion present in the civilization and everybody is a worshiper of it. This religion is very important since its maintaining the whole integrity of the species, preventing any revolution from the genderless, since they are sure that someday, after a certain number of death, that they will born as a male or even a female

Social Structure: As mentionned above, the genders have a lot of influence about where you are in the hierarchy. The fondations of the hierarchical pyramid are the genderless. They live to be eaten by the male and female. They are approximatively ten times more then the males and have no specific task other then eat Emonera until they get eaten. The second class is the males. They are the workers, they are the veins of the city, but they enjoy doing all the job since they learned to enjoy being alive, no matter what they do. The last and highest class is the female one. They are the less numerous class but also the most important one. Without them, the whole race would disapear very quickly

Tech Level: (if intelligent) The Archanïte are very advanced technology wise, especially in biotechnologies and in astronautics. They are always researching to discover new technologies and they are working very fast since they have no militairy needs, they can concentrate all their efforts in researching.

Predators/Enemies: The Archanïte don’t have a lot of enemies, they just fly around with they’re mothership, avoiding any planets that they come across. Maybe one day they will land on one and expand their empire, but for now they are prettymuch passive

Living Environment: They live on a giant mothership drifting through space, which hold about 10 millions Archanïte, 7 of them being genderless. Its more a flying city then a spaceship though. There's building, roads and giant biofactories where the Emonera grows

Species History: A long time ago, the Archanïte were living on a planet where wars were raging. The planet's ecosystem was destroyed and only a few cities were left. A group of female and male decided to lauch their ship that had been secretly built in case of emergency. They altered their DNA to be able to breed another type of Archanïte, the genderless, who would become the main food of the male and female population. They are still roaming in the space, developping technologies and increasing their population. A problem that will soon appear though is the lacking of space to live. Maybe this will be the moment where the Archanïte will land and create an empire

Noteable Inhabitants: Alariar Urtal, the current Queen leading the Archanïte


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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Red on 23rd February 2013, 12:04 pm

Name: Trick

Age: Unknown, appears late twenties

Weapons: Two boot knives and a semi-automatic pistol. He carries with him other equipment however, most notably duct tape, a lighter, a deck of cards, rope, and a Swiss Army Knife.

Abilities: Good at tracking and at shooting. He’s skilled in close combat and a dirty fighter. Accustomed to travel and skilled in disguises and stealth.

Appearance: He stands just under six feet tall, with hair so dark brown it looks close to black. He is lithe and toned, with long fingers covered in small, tiny burn scars. He wears jeans and a long sleeve shirt with combat boots, and a black coat reaching to mid-thigh. He has an inch-long scar on the left side of his chest.

Occupation(s): Man for hire, though whether he’ll actually do the job you pay him for is another story entirely.

Personality: Suspicious and highly aggressive, he can tend to be very sarcastic and mocking. Doesn’t like authority figures or being controlled. Cares little for others.


Trick's name has disappeared from all records, but what is known is that he was born in rural Canada, and lived a relatively ordinary, rural life with his parents and four siblings. The first signs that something was wrong appeared when he was roughly seven, when his older brother found him playing in the field with a knife and a cat. While his brother stopped him then, the boy continued his new ‘hobby’ later, whenever he got bored – in other words, most of the time.

He was fifteen when he finally got fed up. He left the house, but not before burning it to the ground. Two of his siblings barely survived, and hehasn’t bothered to look for them since. The police never found out what caused the fire, and he walked off, free to continue his mischief elsewhere.

He started attracting attention more once he was about nineteen. Previously, the boy had been a wanderer, killing, stealing, and burning whatever he felt like, but a week after turning nineteen he was taken in by a drug lord in Maine named Markus Salander. Trick became well known in the underworld then, happily doing Salander's dirty work for him. It was while working for him that he was given the nickname ‘Trick.’ A year passed, and Trick eventually realized that Salander had no intention letting him go now that he had found him – Salander’s body was found a week later, covered in burns.

Since then Trick has been working as a hired man. He does anything that you can pay him to do, and with interesting assignments, he might not even accept pay. He was most recently sighted in the middle of Egypt, but has been missing for roughly three months since.

World Name: Earth

Geographical Information: Geographically, the same as our Earth.

Climate: Same as Earth.


The history of this world is exactly the same as earth, up until October of 1962, during the Cuban missile crisis. The nukes were launched and Russia and the United States bombed each other’s infrastructure and governments into oblivion, leaving a massive power vacuum in the world entire and anarchy in the States and Russia.

The world power vacuum left Great Britain, China, and Japan to fill it, and while the rest of the world moved on, anarchy remained in the States and Russia for a long time. Gangs and organized crime came to rule in the remains of these irradiated countries, and even when governments were finally successfully set up they have yet to be able to fully eradicate their presence, as they quickly found their way into the government infrastructure as well.

Creatures: Human

Noteable Inhabitants: The crime lord in charge of most the States is a man named Oliver Banner, and he has a great deal of influence in that area. There are three competing factions in Russia, let by Mishe Borzakov, Matvey Yuran, and the femme fatale Anisiya Motova.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 23rd February 2013, 8:19 pm

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 19
Weapons: Dual pistols, a scythe and a large knife/sword.
-Can disapperate into a swarm of blue butterflies for short distances, reapperating a few feet away.
- Can summon her arsenal from said butterflies
- Agile and skilled with a wide variety of weapons, also capable of using minor magic
- Able to float on her butterflies for limited amounts of time
Occupation(s): Witch hunter
Personality: A sharp tongued young woman with a knack for sarcasm, she is somewhat of a basketcase with a tendency to assume others are the enemy. She has a habit of turning her madness into utter brilliance and hatching plans others could only describe as 'suicidal'. She does not firmly grasp the idea of an 'insult' leading her to be unknowingly rude to others. She does not wish to offend others, however, and will do her best to earn their forgiveness. She takes her job extremely seriously and does her best to defend her world and its inhabitants and would die for them if need be.
Backstory: Long ago there existed tall towers, iron palaces and private forests for all. Human's riddled the land, happy and prosperous in the existence- until one day the witches came, eradicating their happy existence and extinguishing all of the humans. With their only foe gone, they possessed the lands, ruling over land, sea and sky; dancing in the blood of their now long gone foes. It is said they can only be killed with a person possessing a pure heart, yet a twisted mind and a strong will.
The once mainly ignored inhabitants of this world; were now subjected to the oppression of the witches and forced to do their bidding- until one day, a child was discovered.
A human child.
The remaining inhabitants and creatures quickly took her in- raising her and hiding her from the witches.
One day they discovered her, the last human. They attempted to kill the child; only to find that in trying to harm her they had incited the rage of the residents of Londerland. They retreated to the farthest corners and crevices of the realm, waiting for a chance to reclaim their power.
Elizabeth herself was raised in large part by Hatter and the Cat. Hatter providing her with lessons in mathematics, English, history and the like; and teaching her basic things such as how to walk, talk, and feed herself. Cheshire on the other hand was left to teach her the more practical skills for surviving in their world; shooting, climbing, jumping, fighting with a sword and how to use magic. She grew up to be the most lethal warrior in Londerland as well as its guardian.
World Name: Londerland
Geographical Information: Two large masses of land seperated by a vast ocean; with a few small islands peppered close to the larger land-masses.
Climate: Varied; in some places it's a frosty tundra whilst in others it's a lush, warm forest.
Lore: Each resident of Londerland has specific lore to them.
The Hatter has a clockwork empire; a land of tea and time. He rarely leaves his domain, and lives happily holed up in his mechanical palace. If you are ever in need of sanctuary or safe haven, Hatters is most likely your best choice.
The Walrus and The Carpenter have built an underwater kingdom from coral reefs and shipwrecks; where all fishy inhabitants and aquatic creatures live in relative peace. But beware, for behind the Walrus' initially jovial demeanor disguises a bloodthirsty beast with a taste for seafood. The both of them are rather clownish, and are not the most popular residents of Londerland.
The Caterpillar lives atop a mountain in his reclusive mushroom grove, far from all civilization and almost impossible to reach. He offers advice to those who need it, but is extremely cryptic in his manner of speech.
The Mock-Turtle and The Griffon run passage around wonderland, trains, ships and hot air balloons all fall under their control. They are kindly creatures, who will offer a helping hand to all. But, the Mock-Turtle is rather cowardly as opposed to the Griffons noble courage; the two manage to balance each other out.
The Red Queen, a terrible yet much needed source of power. Cruel and strict, she imposes her preffered form of punishment, beheading, on any whom dare trespass against her. Not to say she doesn't care for her 'subjects', as she protects them against the various dangerous creatures plaguing her realm to the best of her ability- but cruelty is just in her nature.
The Cheshire Cat has found himself to be Elizabeth's most loyal companion, albeit also the most annoying. He is there when not wanted yet there when most needed. He has a knack for riddles and doubles as one of the most lethal residents of wonderland; the top two spots being awarded to Elizabeth and Hatter. He has been described as a 'twat' yet doesn't seem to disagree with the title.
Creatures: A variety of odd creatures, flying lizards decorated with all shades of the rainbow, laughing birds and man eating rabbits. Other than the wildlife, witches reside in forests, oceans, castles and the deep crevices of the earth; as unique as the land that surrounds them- yet almost all dangerous and cruel.
Notable Inhabitants:
The Mock-Turtle
The Griffon
The Hatter
The Walrus
The Carpenter
The Caterpillar
The Red Queen
The Cheshire Cat

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by xenolion on 23rd February 2013, 8:58 pm

here is try #2 Jack if I need to add anything let me know in either IM or PM
Name: Amy Latana
Age: 18
Weapons: Dagger and bow and arrow. She is not proficient on the bow and arrow.
Abilities: Earring that allows her to breath under the water and talk with the animals under there
Tamer-This class tames their very own beast and commands it. The tamer can ride the beast (considering what beast is tamed) he gets the beast to fight for him. Good Tamers can tame a dinosaur and excellent ones even tame the least dangerous mythical beasts (humanoids of any type cannot be tamed) They usually equip their animal with armor since they are the ones doing the fighting.
Appearance: 5''2

Occupation(s): None
Personality: Amy is a very curious person. She is a bit naive about human nuances, but has learned quite a bit from Ryan. She is generally happy, but protective of her people and Denver.
Backstory: Amy, At the age of 1, was lost in the wilderness when her and her two parents were moving to another city. The caravan they were traveling in got attacked by raptors on the way there, the parents managed to get away, but Amy had Fallen off the Caravan and was alone in the middle of the jungle. A raptor had given up on the caravan and was approaching Amy menacingly when oddly enough, a T-Rex came to save the poor child, with her little Baby dino by her side. The mother T-Rex decided to raise the child the best way she could, so Amy and the Baby Dino became very close and Amy would always ride on him. But at the age of 6 (she hadn't learned how to talk due to being raised by Dino's) Hunters crossed their way and saw Amy with the dino's, naturally they thought the child was in danger so they killed the mother and were going to do the same with the child dino but Amy put herself in their way, crying her eyes out. One of the hunters, Ryan, decided to bring the two inseparables back with him and taught Amy the ways of humans while taking care of Denver (Amy had named her dinosaur) at the same time. Amy is now 18 and she still lives with Ryan although she's always out in the wild with her, now huge friend Denver. Although She never tamed Denver in the traditional way but she was considered quite a good tamer because they understood each other without even needing to talk, but they had not really trained for combat.

Other info: Amy gained a lot of knowledge on plants Of any sort in the wilderness due to her 4 years living there and she continued learning on her own as she grew.
World Name: Arcosius
Geographical Information:
Climate: This world is mostly covered in thick jungles with a very humid climate; there are a good number of deserts, rivers and lakes, even with the heat. Despite this harsh climate, most of the habitants of these lands have gotten used to it and have adapted there life to it.
Lore: The big cities are established in the Jungle. These cities are trees connected to each other with complex platform, every tree being a structure of some sort. There are 4 of these: Volasaia, Terrandya, Sibuarias and Ceynelon and then there is the capital of this world, Salanthias, mostly used for meetings between the 4 clans. This City is placed atop a huge mountain which is in the middle of the Jungle where the 4 others reside (they surround the mountain). Not all humanoids live these cities, there are some nomads that take risks and travel around the dangerous world of Arcosius. In the deserts there are ancient Pyramids which are used as cities for the old forsaken civilization. According to the legends, they are not human… they are monsters. Every brave soul to have attempted getting information about those forsaken never came back. Each city has their specialties and trades their goods with each other but it can happen that they battle between themselves but it’s very rare…. Members of every clan are normally aloud to visit every other clan.

Volasaia (Volas Clan): This is the hunting city, they focus on hunting beasts to get their meat and skins.

Sibuarias (Sibar Clan): This is the fishing and port city, they supply food and boats.

Terrandya (Terra Clan): This city is known for its wears and armor

Ceynelon (Ceyn Clan): Their weaponry is quite amazing, and they supply any type of materials needed for construction.

These four cities trade with one another to fill in the needs of every one. The clans of each city are its sworn protectors, they are each a group of individuals that protect their city from the predators and beast lurking in the jungle. The clan members are trained well enough to push the creatures away from attacking the city. There are 3 different specs available for these people to train: Morph Mage, Weapons master (any weapon is aloud but keep in mind, this is prehistoric, so metal is not usable) and beast tamers. People practicing any of these usually master one but some cases try learning two (if you are a beast tamer and something else, you will not be able to have an as big or powerful pet as a full fledged beast tamer but you will have diversity) They learn the ways of their choice by either following a mentors training or by themselves.
There is a way to travel faster between every city, Some tamers have tamed Pterodactyls so people could ride them between the 5 cities.
Creatures: In Arcosius reside great predators like dinosaurs and mythical beasts as well as more humanoid races. The Predators and animals live where they please when they please, but the humanoids have established a different way of thinking in order to be able to defend themselves against these beasts.
Noteable Inhabitants:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you leah
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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 24th February 2013, 10:26 am

Name: Aurora Maplewind

Age: 20 (actually 130)

Weapons: An ornate katana

Abilities: Aurora was trained by her companion in kenjutsu, learning how to wield the katana as part of her own body. But her best feature lie in her origins. Being a Vocaloid, she can utilize her voice as power. Transcribing spoken or sung codes into certain phenomenon using the Symphonic Power from one of the three Great Towers and her very own emotions and memories, she is capable of executing what can be called as magic. If ever she is away from the Towers themselves, she can still to draw power from a special implant within her that acts as a secondary reservoir of Symphonic Power. When near the Towers, she can sustain her songs for a longer period of time, with wider range and stronger effects

Here are the initial songs (codes) that she can use in battle:
1) METHOD_HYMME SOL=KAGAMI/. = Summons three mirrors behind her that would act as shields and weapons, shooting lasers when prompted. Can only be used three times every two days, and only lasts for five minutes.
2) EXEC_HYMME EQUILIBRIUM/. = For as long as its being sung, this reverts something to its original state, no matter how many alterations have been done to it. Combat-wise, health and mana levels would return to their original values and all buffs and debuffs will be canceled. During this song, anything done to the target will only take effect after the song has finished (i.e. A slashed B. B will not take damage during the song, but he will get a slash wound right when it ends). Can only be used once every five days, and only for three minutes at a time.
3) EXEC_ISOLATION/. = Creates an field around a target that isolates it from the current dimensional plane. The field cannot be affected or destroyed by any means except for dimensional powers. Can only be used once every ten days, and only for one minute at a time.

The first song can be sung while she is engaged in combat, kind of like a battle hymn. For the other two, however, she requires the utmost concentration in order to execute, so she cannot move while she is singing those two songs. When she gets disturbed while singing those two (by damage), the song will get interrupted. Also no matter what, when she is silenced or she cannot sing properly due to sickness or other causes, her songs will not take effect.


Occupation(s): Singer, Gardener, Cook (a very horrible one), Bodyguard

Personality: Aurora is the calm, soft-spoken type. When she speaks, one will be reminded of the polite Yamato Nadeshiko of the Far Eastern Lands. She is a bit naive to the ways of the world, particularly with socialization. She still doesn't realize that being painfully blunt can lead to very volatile situations. In combat, she represents a steady yet willowy bamboo in the face of a storm. She is yielding yet calm, flexible yet composed. But do not be fooled; underneath her gentleness lies a fiery spirit and a burning thirst for knowledge. Having been cooped up in her chambers for so long she yearns to know more about the world around her. She highly values friendship and camaraderie, and would go out of her way to protect a companion even at the point of drawing her sword at the offender. Of course, being a Vocaloid – an artificial being – she sometimes remembers her past, her origins, and there are times when she goes into a melancholic state that’s totally uncharacteristic of her.

Backstory: Aurora was one of the rare Vocaloids of her homeworld of Ar Tonelico. A combination of circuitry and technology from the Great Tower itself, complex algorithms and codes that makes her self-aware, and a Hymn Crystal that allows for the conversion of codes to magic, Aurora was the perfection of what her creator thought were severely flawed beings. He viewed emotions and dreams as flimsy, unnecessary, and weak. So in order to make Aurora perfect, he removed such things in her design. And there she was, a beautiful doll made only to sing for her master and the world. To use her voice for nothing but the benefit of the people of her world, she wasn’t allowed to think, she wasn’t allowed to feel, she wasn’t allowed to dream.

She even had no name for herself. She was merely known as the “Singing Princess that Maintains Peace.”

For one hundred years she stayed inside her chambers, connected to the mainframe of the Great Tower, singing the song that would ensure that the people would remain happy and protected for the rest of their lives. She continued to sing, even long after her maker had passed. That was all she knew to do, what she was programmed to do, and until her body rusts away and she loses all function she will continue to sing. But it’s not as if she’s entirely ignorant of the world. She knew of the Knight’s exploits to prevent the first tower from crashing down to the Sea of Death. She heard of the Song of Metafalica being sung from the second tower, ushering in the rebirth of the world itself. Her place in the third tower, in a level quite near the deadly clouds, she continued to sing, knowing that soon she would have to stop when the world no longer needed her. And only then would she reconsider her purpose.

But she never quite got that far. One day, she was inexplicably cut off from the Tower’s main channels. For the first time in one hundred years, her song was interrupted, completely halted. The cables that all connected her to the mainframe detached from her body one by one as she experienced a slight discomfort from this sudden change in routine. Then, all was silent. Alone in a dark room, with nothing to do, no one beside her, and no purpose, she sat down and waited for the next command to be inputted. Another ten years passed, before the second thing that caused her discomfort occurred.

Light. It was pouring in from the door on the far side of the room. Its brilliance was blinding, burning her eyes that were used to pitch-black darkness. With a hand she tried to block the light, but it was overwhelming. It felt as if she would be swallowed whole by the endless white. When she dropped the cover, she saw a black shape standing in front of her. Blank eyes betrayed nothing as she stared at the form of the strange man who had come inside of her chambers; another man, different from her master, but it didn’t matter to her. All she did was await another order from this man.

“Would you like to come with me?”

It wasn’t an order. It wasn’t even a request. The doll was never asked, only commanded. This time, she was given a choice. For the first time in her life, she had the power to make her own decision. From this, the first error message appeared in her programming. Irrationality begun to take root within her perfectly structured mind. There was an… unexplained urge within her. As this grew more errors appeared inside of her, destroying every wall and every block her creator had put up in order to preserve her perfection. It got to a point where she couldn’t bear with the overwhelming desires flaring up within her… and she nodded at the man.

This man would soon become her greatest friend and mentor, who would teach her the ways of the sword, of the warrior code. He would be the one to show her the wonders of having emotions, of connecting with other people, of the heart’s warmth being used to sing songs for others. She’ll experience first-hand the joys of gardening and caring for another’s life, and the horrors of her own culinary creations. Most importantly, she would come to realize that even a doll such as herself can make decisions on her own. No, the most important thing beyond that was accepting that she wasn’t a doll, but a fully living individual.

For now, she would allow the man to take her hand and pull her out into the light, where a brand new world awaited her.

World Name: Ar Tonelico

Geographical Information: There was a time when the entire Earth-like planet was nearly uninhabitable due to the mistakes and carelessness of humanity. Fatal fumes and deadly poison clouds covered the whole surface of the planet. Vegetation died, the land became barren, and the waters all dried up. And what was left standing, quite literally, were three strong, tall metallic towers that rose up above the ground and through the atmosphere, their tips reaching outer space; around the middle levels of the tower were floating continents that supported life, with lakes and forests and villages dotting them. After Metafalica was sung, vitality was returned once again to the land, turning it into a fertile, life-supporting planet very similar to Earth, with all the landmass concentrated around the three towers in the form of continents, archipelagos and islands (situated in a triangular pattern about 8,000 nautical miles from each other, all towers positioned along the planet’s equator). The floating continents are still present, and the tower’s mechanisms are still functional.

Climate: Climate is very similar to Earth, with the areas closest to the tower experiencing tropical weather. For the floating continents, which were above the stratosphere, the temperatures were maintained solely by each tower’s Musical Corridor, giving them all a temperate climate.

Lore: The three Great Towers are three superstructures that helped return life to the once-barren Ar Tonelico. It was said that these towers – Sol Ciel, Sol Marta, and Sol Cluster - were created by the Three Goddesses, often called the Trio of Elemia. The descendants of these Goddesses were known as Reyvateils, and they are both feared and revered for their ability to access most of the Towers’ functions and mechanisms, prominent among all of these being the use of Song Magic. There is a strong belief within the people of Ar Tonelico that songs can bring about wondrous phenomena, and even miracles. That was what happened when a party of fighters at the first tower stopped the uprising of the Mother Virus with a song, and when a pair of Reyvateil sisters from the second tower sung the song that gave life once more to the planet. Through Songs, the Reyvateils can uplift the spirits of people, and even heal. These traits make them perfect candidates for healers, more specifically priestesses of the Church of Elemia.

The Church of Elemia is the religion founded on the Trio of Elemia. Their main duties are to provide guidance and healing to the people, act as ambassadors between the three towers and their territories, and as warriors who fight alongside their partners in order to drive back the monsters and viruses that still plague their land. This is where the third use of Song Magic is important; combat. A Reyvateil can cause destructive phenomena to occur the same way she can cure wounds and create defences. This is what makes them feared in battle, and the residents of the world sometimes label them as Battle Maidens.

Each of the three towers is maintained by a trio of powerful Reyvateils who are said to be the direct descendants of the three goddesses. They are called the Administrators, and they can sing some of the most powerful songs known to the entire world. It is rumoured that they can turn the power of the towers into raw destructive energy that can wreak more devastation than a nuclear warhead. On the other hand, they can usher in an era of peace once they all sing together the song Harmonius. There are many rumors circling the Administrators, some of them truly fascinating. But most of them end up being jokes, like the one where Shurelia, the Administrator of Sol Ciel, wanted to marry the Knight who helped saved the tower during a crisis.

Technology in Ar Tonelico is pretty advanced, thanks to the Administrators and their extensive knowledge of the towers. Airships are the main and preferred method of travel by the citizens. There are also hoverbikes, hoverboards and hovercars for those who want to travel quickly across land. Communication is facilitated mainly by the three towers, acting as gigantic cell sites with worldwide coverage, servicing the phones that people use in their homes. For all their advanced technology, they don’t have things like smartphones. But they do have super-fast Internet (thanks to the towers), holographic computers (again, thanks to the towers), and their own version of alchemy (Grathmelding). Soldiers and fighters each have their hi-tech weapons and armors made from metals found only within the planet, like swords that can cause explosions, and jet-powered spears. Strangely enough, only a small percentage of the population use guns.

- Humans: Pretty much what you would expect a human would be.
- Reyvateils: Exclusively female, people who can harness the power of the Towers and use Song Magic.
- Monsters: Generic monsters.
- Tower Guardians: Droids that defend the Towers from hostile elements.
- Viruses: Rare and powerful entities that can threaten the integrity of the towers.

Noteable Inhabitants:
- Shurelia: Administrator of the First Tower
- Frelia: Administrator of the Second Tower, also the only living Goddess from the Trio of Elemia
- Mir: The Mother Virus, who used to be a powerful Reyvateil herself.

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by EphPhoenix on 24th February 2013, 11:08 pm

Name: Danielle Bancroft

Age: 27

Weapons: Sword, knives, silver gun

Abilities: Legionator--able to use lost souls to summon Legion, powerful beings of Chaos. Grant her additional abilities.

Guilt: The sword wielding Legion.

Rising Phoenix--the ability to imbue her blade with flames
Improved perception

Malice: The Archer Legion. They attack with crossbows.

The ability to launch a small ball of lightning that electrifies and forcibly launches an enemy toward her.
Enhanced Sight.

Hatred: The Power Legion.

Increased strength
The power to do a flaming charging tackle that burns any enemy in contact.

Arrogance: The shield legion.

Increased durability
Improved reaction time

Blasphemy: The bomb Legion.

Able to stab into the ground for a concussive effect to knock back nearby enemies.

Flawed: the Claw Legion

Able to jump great heights
Ability to create a burst of electric power that effectively allows her a second jump while in the air, can use burst of electric energy as an attack.

Thanatos: The Ultimate Legion that rules over all.

Increased speed
Healing Factor: She heals and recovers faster than a normal human.

Legion, while powerful, are not invincible. They take damage and that uses up their allotted energy. Too much energy loss and they will disappear back from this realm until Danielle has enough soul energy to summon them again. She can also temporarily invoke them, which still uses power, but markedly less, for a quick attack. Finally, fully summoning reduces her might, reducing her strength by a quarter, as long as the Legion is summoned. She can only summon up to two of the different Legions at any one time. Legion get stronger the more their power is invoked and the more souls they accumulate, this makes the link with the Legionator stronger and grants them more of their power. Enough time, and she forms a permanent bond. She carries the crests on her at all times. If they were to be taken from her more than thirty feet, she would immediately lose whatever benefit whichever crest is taken or lost--unless she has a permanent bond, in which case, she has that power permanently, regardless.

Permanent bond: Flawed, Arrogance, Guilt

Appearance: The image, but with sandy hair and a trench coat and leather clothing. Her right hand, however, IS gauntleted all the way up to her upper arm. The Glyphs of her Legion lie here.

Occupation(s): Fallen knight of the Order of Osteria

Personality: Quiet, composed to the point of seeming stoic

Backstory: The Order of Osteria, a holy order composed of priests and knights that guard the sacred books and maintain order in the world. One of their most decorated knights, Danielle Bancroft served the order flawlessly. Until she learned the truth and was betrayed. The Order kept the sacred books, not for the sake of peace and order, but to monopolize power.

She became a fugitive, hunted by the very people she used to fight for and alongside, taking refuge with the Maidens of the Silver, who granted her sanctuary. Undaunted, she sought the means to take down the the leaders that had corrupted their order. She sought out the Dark Glyphs.

"'Tis the darkest Glyph thou barest. It sacrifices stray souls to summon unearthly force. Unearthly force shall obey and serve thee. 'Tis named "Chaos Legion"

She obtained the 6 Glyphs: Guilt, Malice, Arrogance, Hatred, Blasphemy, and Flawed. With them, she gained unearthly might and power that allowed her to take on the forces against her. Except one. Issachar, the holiest priest in the Order, who held the Sacred Glyphs of power. Her rebellion playing into his hands, he stole into the crypts and broke the seals, releasing ancient abominations unto the world. She brought down the corrupt Order members, but the damage was irreparable. The Order was no more.

World Name: Earth (Reality 5,000)

Geographical Information: Earth of the Gothic era, only it didn't end.



Creatures: Balors, Ogmas, Badbhs, Zeodagdas, undead Zombies, Jenons, Seedlings, Galarges, Rudo Gariae, Danu, Golems, Floating Mines, Gunners, Archanus, Cannons, and silver Zombies.

Noteable Inhabitants:

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

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This post is sort of WIP, im gonan add backstory, lore and notable inhabitants real soon.. will probably work on the personality aswell

Name:Cabhan Levine
Weapons: his voice
Abilities: sound magic he uses on his voice. Experiments made on him to develop his sound magic ruined it and his voice in the process.

He's basically just screaming, but after using this magic for sometime and growing a bit saner he has learned to scram on different frequencies and in different tones so that he can induce different feelings. Though, since he's screaming the effect work on anyone around him, be they for or ally.
The feelings he most often spread with his scream is pain, sadness , hope, and fear.


Occupation(s): wandering around the country side.

Personality: sadistic, mad, he has a hard time dealing with other people since it takes alot of his concentraition just to be able to have normal conversation with others, which by itself is something he rarely does. most other intelligent creatures he meets are usually other magicians who he tortures with his voice before killing 'em.

World Name: Elisium

Geographical Information: small flying islands loom over the once so beutiful world. The beutiful forests and thriving cities have been replaced with scroched battlefields and city streets where none walks safe unless they are powerful.

Climate: the southernest part of elisium is a very green area. Unlike the other green areas on elisisum, it's not green because of poisonus gas. No the southern part of elisium is green because it still has a forest, and grassy fields.

Lore: Elisium was found by a scout ship that had been sent out by a group of scholars who had detected a strange pulse of magic radiating from a rock floating around in space. When the scholars themselves had set foot on elisium, it is said they got tears in their eyes.

Creatures: Magic specters, timber-wolfs, flying eels, shimmering nomads.

Noteable Inhabitants:

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Ink on 14th March 2013, 8:55 pm

Name: Capri & Indigo
Age: 100+ (Technically) & 17
Weapons: Twin Rings of Spirit and Soul, Indigo still carries around her old shackles with iron weights on the end as weaponry in case she is ever without her ring.
Rings - Individually the rings are entirely useless. However, together they link whoever wears them on a practically symbiotic level, allowing each wearer to draw power from the other. The Rings are enchanted and bound, through time, to individuals of two specific bloodlines. The Ring of Spirit binds itself to anyone of the champion bloodline succeeding the earliest knight in the land. The Ring of Soul is bound to the finger of any descendants of the royal bloodline.

Ring of Spirit - This Ring gives the knight who bears it the ability to will weapons into existence using the harnessed power of their and their significant other's Spirits. As the spirit burns hotter, the weapons shine brighter and appear sharper, to the point where they become a tremendous golden blade that can reeve apart castle walls.

Ring of Soul - This Ring gives the heir or heiress the ability to transfer the power from their and their significant other's souls into raw energy that they can use to heal themselves and others and also energized themselves. This also returns the hidden power in the ancient and long thought dead "Voice of the Monarch" which can be used to influence the wills of others, including animals, calling them to aid, forcing them to retreat, or calming them down.

Symbiosis "Crown Knight"- When the rings are in close enough proximity (essentially Capri & Sapphire holding hands) they can perform what is called "Crown Knight" which is the formation of a powerful aura blade or arrow so bright that they appear to simply be solid light. These are significantly more powerful that the other abilities of the rings but there is a catch. Unlike the other abilities, this can only be used once before the rings lose their power.

Symbiosis "Overflash"- Another ability of the rings when the girls are close enough is the ability to heal themselves and those of pure heart all around them. However, the same consequence applies. This and Crown Knight cannot be achieved if there is less than an hour of time left in the rings to be used up.

Recharge - The rings generally have enough charge for continuous use for up to 7 hours. After that period they generally stop functioning. They recharge by being exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.

Abilities: Capri hasn't exactly been trained in anything. However, the connection her ring gives her to her ancestors binds her to their experience in horseback riding, swordsmanship, and marksmanship whenever the ring is active. Indigo is incredibly strong, given her background. That aside, she is an able brawler, and has a very forceful manner of speech when angered.

Occupation(s): Last Knight & Heir to a Dead Empire, Ex-Slave
Personality: The two are almost complete polar opposites. Where Capri is polite, outgoing, a bit naive, and very sweet but lacking in overall confidence, Indigo is quiet, a bit abrasive, and willful, with a bit of a temper and when that temper reaches its limit she becomes a forced to be reckoned with. However, she isn't without her good side as she is generally very generous and though she'd never openly say so, she's quite frightened of the situation.
Backstory: Capri is the daughter of the knight who fought alongside the king in the storybook of the "Three Great Nations". Following her being frozen in time from within a crystal prison, she was freed when the Crystal King and his underlings' powers begin to waver. Upon being freed, she finds the world around her to be drastically different with large black crystal towers and buildings lining the landscape and a raging thunderstorm spanning the entire continent. She knew not what had happened in the time she was gone but she knew what she had to do now and that was find the heir to the counterpart ring. The ring guides her across the seas to the ravaged Badlands where people had been reduced to slaves, mining resources that no one knew the Badlands even had. It was here that she met the willful slave, Indigo who she witnessed standing up for another slave to a diamond centurion. After a fiasco that involved the freeing of the slaves in that particular camp (by accident), Capri finds Indigo stowed away on a boat and the two talk. Over time the two have become partners alongside their swordsman friend, Bass. During their first adventure, they actually came close to defeating the Crystal King but as history began to repeat itself, Bass intervened and bought the girls time to escape, losing his life to the tyrant in return but not before actually managing to scar him with his swords.

World Name: Irthe - Elsewhere Universe
Geographical Information: There are 5 continents on this small world, each one massive and drastically different. Three of these continents were once claimed by beautiful nations, each with its own cosmopolitan Capital and ruler. The first of three was the Sapphire Dominion, taking the northernmost region which stood tall with great mountain ranges and canyons for miles. The next was called the Golden Empire, occupying the far eastern continent with great plains and deserts as well as bustling sand cities. The last of the three was the Diamond Court, occupying the southernmost continent, covered in lush green forests and jungles, filled with all manner of unique animals, the likes of which could not be found anywhere else. The remaining two continents were but wastelands. One was said to have long ago been the home of a civilization that predates mankind though no evidence has been found. The other is the most dangerous with raging rivers, nosebleed height cliffs, and jagged rocks cluttering the landscape. There are a number of other lesser nations but none of them are crucial and most of them are significantly smaller (As in comparing Rhode Island to Texas, smaller)

Climate: Generally, each of the main continents has (or had) very different general climates. The Diamond Continent was generally very warm and humid. The Gold Continent was an oddity, with blistering heat throughout half the year and frigid cold during the other half and dry air year round. The Sapphire continent is the most versatile with Moderately sunny weather in the for two seasons then a sudden change becoming very humid and rainy for one season, and finally incredibly cold but livable during the last.

Lore: "Once upon a time there were three great and powerful nations. The nation of Gold stood out among the others as that which produced the most resources and soldiers. The nation of Sapphire was the highest authority of education and culture. The smaller nations around the world praised these giants...but no praise fell upon the Diamond Nation which hid away in its great forests, shunning the outside world. Peace was had in the world and there was very little worry.

Then, without warning, smaller nations began to go dark, failing to communicate with the outside world at all. The kings and queens of the two great nations sent their fastest ships, all packed with their best scouts. Each nation was found empty, as if left vacant for decades. But on one search, a young man found a single shard of clear crystal and returned it to his king in the Gold Nation. It was then that the nations knew what may very well befall them.

They called on the Sapphire nation and prepared for the inevitable war. It was unfortunate for them that they knew not what they would face. They expected mere soldiers, armed with swords and shields. What they found were tall, autonymous machine, forged with metal and diamond. These monstrosities could eliminate entire armies alone. The kings and queens could only imagine was an army of THEM could do. They turned to Sapphire nation's greatest knight, bearer of a magic ring, and his counterpart, the king of the Gold nation. The two battled alongside one another for years as the nations bade their time against this onslaught. But very soon all was lost. The knight was slain in battle and the new bearer, his daughter, was but seven years of age.

This war endured for just under a decade in time. It was finally determined that she was ready. Thus she was flung into battle alongside the king. Then came the day of reckoning. The battle lightened as a force arrived from the Diamond nation. This was the Crystal King, or so he called himself. He was firmly stoic and completely without mercy. But the battle endured still. The King of the Gold nation and the knight's daughter, the new knight challenged the tyrant and before his power they seemed to be at a loss. As he drove his crystal blade through the king's golden heart, the king threw his ring to the knight and told her to run. But she was too late. As she fled she was captured by the Crystal King's daughter who, in a sadistic gesture, gave form to a crystal prison around her, capturing her in time forevermore.

Years passed...and the Diamond Nation won. Soon they had the rest of the world. And the two once great nations? They were nothing more than long forgotten memory."
Creatures: N/A
Noteable Inhabitants: The Diamond Court is a noteworthy figure at this point, having overthrown virtually all of Irthe.

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Re: Shattered Realms Registration Thread

Post by Guest on 14th March 2013, 9:47 pm


Name: Correia/Sierra Villanueva
Age: 28
Weapons: Twin claymores (Light/Dark Charged)
Abilities: Transformations (Several elements and types, this Canon will involve Camille as an eighth transformation)


With sunkissed skin and long, hazel hair, she would be any trinket for a husband. Her eyes are a dim green, and her lips are inordinately large for the size of her face (which is not that large). Sierra is also plentiful where most women would like to be plentiful... On the topic of that face, it never lacks energy, and that's seen in her jittery movements, never waiting to move or even hesitate. Her height is above-average, standing at 5' 10", but what's interesting is her coat.

This signature coat is dark-blue in colour, not unlike an admiral's coat, with golden sequins and rather ornate linings. The back is emblazoned with her coat-of-arms, which depicts a gryphon and a dragon on a crest of purple and black. Guns line her hips, ready for usage when necessary, and inside this coat is every magician's worst nightmare. Weapons aplenty in the coat mean that she is almost never out of offensive capability.


Correia has a far more subdued look. She's got large, childish, wondering eyes and a messy bunch of long hazel hair. Correia could be described as cute, from the way she blushes, to the way she dresses, to the way she acts, but the most important thing about her is that she is, without a doubt, a captain. The insignia on her armour depicts so.

Correia is one of the few sword players left in the world, with a beautifully crafted heirloom silver broadsword at her side. Her armour is of a strong steel alloy, which protects her from ray-type weapons because of reflection. For a magician of her stature, she is well-versed in many scientific endeavours, believing that knowing the enemy is half the battle, and as such, carries a book with her at all times, updating it when she gets wind of new technology from her spies in the Science half of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Occupation(s): Captains of the Army
Personality: Sierra is the "big sister", she likes to protect Correia from her mistakes and keep her in check, mostly because she likes to eat sweets. Lots of sweets. She's very demanding of others, and even more so of herself.

Correia, meanwhile, is shy and unsure about herself, especially when Sierra came into the picture. Doubts about her knightly stature only worsened when it was discovered that Sierra has her abilities to aurify herself as well, making her obsolete. She loves her sister, but... she feels a little inferior. That's fine by her.


All she remembers was that she was orphaned early on in life, separated from a family she would never get to know. However, all the propaganda against magic on the science side of St. Pierre and Miquelon got to her early, and she REALLY wanted to beat up the bad guys. She quickly joined the army to appease herself and her orphanage, where she was privileged because of her intellect.

Her first years were rough. She was treated differently because she was a female in a male-dominated profession. Sierra squashed those sentiments of "superiority of the male gender" by busting the balls of every single male she was a peer of. Trust the files when we say that she busted the balls of literally every male of most squadrons she was a part of. Continued bravery and skill in the battlefield rose her to the rank of Captain of one of the four squads of the Department of Scientific Defenses.


She remembers little from her childhood, but she remembered a really cute girl she would ALWAYS play with. They were inseparable, apparently, from each other's side. Correia was a shy girl; being an only child sort of made that worse. She wanted to go out and have fun with the other kids, but NOOOO, they're RIFF RAFF, they can't use magic. Pah, that didn't matter to her. When she heard about science, she scoffed, though. How could science be better than magic?

At the behest of her family, Correia joined the army, where she excelled at what they called "the art of the Glass Cannon". She was a special-ops officer at first, dominating the opposition scientist fools with her transformation powers. Before long, they asked her to head a special-ops operation, and while she felt like she couldn't do it, she accepted and led the operation force to a complete success. This sort of leadership gave Correia the opportunity to head an entire squadron.

World Name: Alternate Earth
Geographical Information: Basically, Earth.
Climate: Not as hot, possibly because the industrial revolution didn't occur as early.

Imagine if magic had been discovered during the Renaissance period. How would that change the course of history and time? How would it have changed the world of science, seeing as it had been nipped in the bud by the sorcerers who had all the power, political and military? How would the people in power have changed, now that they could easily crush those without their powers? Most importantly, how would it have changed the lives of the people TODAY?

Fast forward to today. Magic powers all the fun devices we use today, not science. Instead of microchips and satellites, magic has given the privileged telepathy, the ability to escape to virtual realities, the quickest of remedies for ailments, and knowledge at the tip of a finger. This leaves the untalented out of the loop, still in the dark ages of gunpowder and candles. These people, known as the untalented, toil for the privileged. Sickle, pickaxe, and axe are all used to benefit the few who use them to erect massive living spaces for themselves, leaving the rest to live in overcrowded apartments, like livestock.

Few dare to challenge magicians. It was true, the old-age methods of rifles and swords paled deeply in comparison to magic's might to bend all the laws of science. All who had challenged them had fallen to complete ashes It seemed that their powers were unstoppable, and they were to normal humans. Mages had become an entirely new species, the new apex predator, so to speak.

They were wrong.

In a small corner of the world, Science had hidden. Science was nurturing itself on a secluded island, unknown to ANYONE. Technology was growing and it had taken on a more... militaristic tone. Science had become a mission to save the world from Magic. Developing quickly now, in only a few short decades, Science had caught up with Magic. Now, Science would have its revenge.

In a swift motion, the magicians were surprised and devastated quickly, with many centers of their world devastated by plasma-rays, electrically-powered swords, and so much more. Science had to be stopped in the eyes of the magi, and their research had finally come to fruition. Too little, too late.

Now, the world is split in two. In the Americas and Africa, the Magicians live in the way they always have. Use the Humans as pawns and use the resources to power their lavish lifestyles. It is estimated that only one million magi are alive for every thirty million humans. In Europe, Asia, and the Oceanias, the Scientists do the same, though they protest it's for "the good of Humanity". It's true, the pawns in Science territory are better off, but only marginally. The world has been torn in two, with Science ignoring Magic and vice-versa... save in one place.

Saint Pierre and Miquelon, a little city off the coast of Canada, is in a peculiar spot. While it is closest to CANADA and by proximity, part of Magician territory, it is actually FRENCH territory, and therefore, science and magic happen to meet in that little part of the world. It is there that the two sides even acknowledge each other, and even then, they don't like each other. These two factions have divided the already small island off into two parts, and even then, it is impossible to ignore the two. Special task forces have been developed on each side in case the other decides to start something.

It is here that this tale begins.

As the tale progressed, it was clear that the two twins were destined to meet. After being traded off to release her very powerful, yet new-to-her-powers housekeeper, Correia was sent to the underground Magi-Hunters' base to experiment with. Sierra found her and from there, they led the charged for a unified Earth, something they call Terra Nova.

Creatures: Regular earth creatures, plus "Auras".
Noteable Inhabitants:

-Correia/Sierra, captains of the Unified Technomancer movement.
-Acht von Holt, optical illusioneer and new leader of the Scientist Army.
-Rhea Acron, Chief in Command of the Magician's Army.
-Rolo Katsopolis, Deity of Nature

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