A Girl and Her Cat: Character Profiles

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A Girl and Her Cat: Character Profiles

Post by Guest on 7th March 2013, 10:31 pm

This is just a reference for the characters in this RP. Registration is closed.

Only for Arista and Sammy23 (may add more depending on circumstances)

The RP is set in a fantasy/medieval/feudal Japan world where magic is prevalent and useful much like the technology of the modern world. More specifically, there will only be one small island with one small kingdom in the center surrounded by forests and mountains, with a direct path towards the beach. Only humans populate the island, and all manner of beasts and plant life.

But enough about that. The plot of this RP revolves around a girl and her pet cat (who's actually a magical sprite in disguise) and their misadventures together. Which is to say, there is no real plot. This RP is generally for fun.

Participants should use the following format for making characters (main, or any other side characters they want to add).





[b]Magic Type:[/b] (Can be anything; subject to evaluation)



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Re: A Girl and Her Cat: Character Profiles

Post by JerriLeah7 on 7th March 2013, 10:37 pm

I need you to list who is in this role-play, since it is private. Thank you!

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Re: A Girl and Her Cat: Character Profiles

Post by Arista on 15th March 2013, 7:17 pm

Name: Shannon "Shay" Ikeda-Harrison

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Shannon has black hair and hazel eyes, her skin is fairly tan from spending hours in the sunlight looking for adventure, she has a few, barely noticeable freckles scattered along her face. She is usually found wearing her school uniform, the skirt rides 2 inches above her knee and her top button is always undone, her black socks lead up to an inch below her knee and her shoes are roughly and rarely polished. Shannon has four cotton string bracelets on her left wrist, each a different set of 6 colours and two cotton string anklets on her right ankle braided with 4 different colours.

Magic Type: Shannon has the ability to heal most simple injuries, she cannot bring people or animals back to life. Her powers require a resting period after she has healed a wound, the resting period can range from 3 to 9 hours depending on the seriousness of the wound.

Personality: Shannon is a pacifistic, well rounded girl, she spends a lot of time running off on adventures to try and discover new things that the world has never seen. She has a bad habit of slacking off on chores and doing the odd jobs around the place due to disinterest, unless given the right amount of motivation. Shannon has a big heart for animals and seldom turns down a pet in need. She also happens to enjoy making cotton string bracelets/anklets in her spare time.

Backstory: Shannon “Shay” Ikeda-Harrison was born on the 7th of August, on the island of Tenmou. Her father was a military officer sent from American to protect the American Embassy on the island, her mother was a translator sent in to help aid the Americans in their plan to make peace between the two countries. Due to Shannon’s father being an American, she was always being sent back to America to visit the various family members on her father’s side, this meant that she’d become fluent in both English and Japanese. Shannon had always been close to her mother because of her inability to bond with the kids her age whilst visiting family, this meant she stuck close to her mother and didn't try to make new friends while in America. Shannon’s father only had enough time to spend with her when on holiday or vacation, this meant that she was not as close but she craved his attention more than anything.

Shannon was home schooled from the ages of 4 till 9 and after she was sent to the local public school where she was able to start living out a somewhat normal life. Shannon, having spent the first few years of her life behind the gates of the military compound, rarely had a chance to make new friends other than the few kids that were living in the military base. Shannon’s school life was average, she had 2 friends she conversed with everyday, her grades were neither great nor terrible, and she spent more time exploring the world outside the military base than studying. Because she hadn’t really developed normal social skills at an early age, Shannon struggled getting along with other kids and was more likely to be found playing with the various animals on the island. She found that it was easier to get along with animals because they were good listeners and rarely mocked her. Shannon was most fond the birds and admired their free spirits, she would watch them everyday as they soared through the sky or sat on power lines and tree branches, chirping to each other.

At the age of 14 Shannon’s father decided it was better to cut down on visiting family overseas or travelling for a vacation every year, this was to help Shannon become more accustomed to life on the island, she’d now spend her holidays with school friends or out and about in public places, this was an attempt to make her more sociable. Shannon, although didn't like travelling to visit family very much, found this a problem because she would no longer be able to explore new places overseas, it also meant her parents would expect her to bring friends over from time to time, just to show them that she was getting along well and making friends. The upside she found to this new arrangement meant that she could explore the island even more and she’d most likely be able to discover something meaningful and valuable to her, it may even give her the chance to bond with animals much like the bedtime stories her father used to tell her whenever he managed to get the night off from work.

Shannon, now 16, spent a lot of her time in the forests; she had once found an injured bird. After nursing it back to health, the bird would fly back to her every once and a while, hoping for a chance to get food, Shannon being a generous and kind girl, was always happy to feed the bird and felt she had made a special connection with it. Shannon was content with her life on the island and no longer craved to go on vacation, she felt as though finding a new place to explore on the island was her vacation. One day, she comes across a black cat, wanting a new friend to accompany her on journeys, she tries to befriend it.
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