Future Force Registration

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Future Force Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on Wed Mar 27, 2013 5:49 pm

RPM:  Leah7, MethosArchaic; RPH:  xenolion

Role-Play Rules:

1.  You may only have one character.
2.  You cannot make a character for this RP until this thread is unlocked--if posted before, it will be denied and deleted.
3.  Follow the RP Guidelines.
4.  This role-play will have moderate language and possible moderate gore.  Please keep this in mind.
5.  If a large amount of people join this role-play, it will be separated into groups and threads.
6.  Please respect any requested changes in character or post by the RPM or an RPH.
7.  Be active.  If you do not post for over three days without prior notification, your character will be quarantined within the role-play.
8.  You must edit your equipment post as you buy, lose, or acquire equipment and/or weapons and keep it up-to-date as possible.
9.  You cannot post in the role-play until you character has an approval stamp.
10. Your submitted character cannot be similar to past characters that you have played on GtR.
11. Do not ask for a flight ability; you cannot have it.
12. Do not make a character that is too similar to a cannon character from any fandom.
13.  Characters can and WILL die in this role-play if not used wisely.  If you don't like this, don't join the role-play.  If you lose a character, you can make a new character to replace them.  (Players cannot kill other players.)
14. You cannot start off as a UU1 character, nor can you be "near" it.  Please refrain from making UU2's without proper backstory and RPM/RPH prior approval.
15.  You are required to have a post color for this role-play and your character at all times.
16. You must use the exact character layout that is listed below or your character will be void.

Character Layout: **Don't forget to scroll down!**
[b]Name:[/b]  **First and last name, please.**
[b]Color Code:[/b]  **Please include the HTML Hex Color Code that you will be posting with. (http://html-color-codes.info/)**
[b]Age:[/b]  **Minimum of 14 years of age; Maximum of 100 years of age.**
[b]Gender:[/b]  **Your Choice**
[b]Appearance:[/b]  **Image Here**
[b]Religion:[/b]  **Please see the religion post in the discussions thread.**
[b]User Unit :[/b]   **1-6, 1 being mastery and 6 being new.**
[b]Registry Code:[/b]  **Code must have seven digits and consist of both numbers and letters**
[b]User Abilities:[/b]  *Force names and descriptions—at least five to six sentences on each description.  You can have only up to two force abilities.**
[b]Hometown/City/Reservation:[/b]  **Please see the role-play map.**
[b]Occupation (if any):[/b]  **Do you work for a company or are you self employed?  Etc.**
[b]Skills/Hobbies (if any):[/b]  **This includes both combat and non-combative skills.**
[b]Financial/Societal Caste:[/b]  **Are you wealthy, poor, etc?**
[b]Weapons (if any):[/b]  **Please list both your proficiencies and what you have equipped.**
[b]Equipment (if any):[/b]  **Please note any and all belongings on your character.**
[b]Back Story:[/b]  **Character History, please.**

Characters Approved & Balanced:

Teague Flanagan --  MethosArchaic
Michelle Hansley --  Leah7
Lewyn Forseti  --  LadyTwi
Phaedra Valincourt  --  xenolion
Abri Jamison  --  lilygirl
Zoey Markovich  --  Vye_Avis
Covina Maresca  --  Nikkitty
Leon Nesbit  --  EphPhoenix
Sakura Alavance --  Luna
Cecily Rhoda --  Red
Kashel Aalders --  sagiri
Kiran Holloway --  Kiseki
Nicholas "Nick" DeRamsey --  Axom
Arvaneh Nasreen Airleas --  HikariKuragari
Ace Alavance --  Jack-o-Panda
Quinn  Arcanine --  Pachirisu71

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:21 am


Message from MethosArchaic:
Please spoiler the following information: Back Story, Excessive Equipment, Appearance Images, and Excessive Force Ability Specifics, but not names. You must list the User Unit of each Force separately.

You are required to write a brief description of your ability and then a spoilered, in-depth breakdown of your ability. Note that when Methos is balancing your characters, you will be asked several questions via PM by him and you are required to answer those questions. Any approved characters will have an approval stamp at the end of your post, added by Leah7.

Please Be Advised:
1) The registration is now open. You may post your character.
2) New rules have been added to the role-play.
3) Any and all questions must still be asked in the discussions thread.
4) The character layout has been updated.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by MethosArchaic on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:23 am

Name:  Teague Flanagan

Color Code: #4A966F

Age:  26
Gender: Male
Appearance:  Teague is a 5ft 3in white haired young man that can be mistaken at times for a late teen do to his size and youthful appearance. He sports brown eyes and a fairly long scar angling down past his left eye starting above it. He often sports a necklace with an identification tag(like dog tags) which include his name and registry number.

User Unit :  Wormhole UU-3, Gravity UU-4
Registry Code:  A3g7TI5
User Ability - Wormhole:  The ability to create a number of linked portals (always even maximum of four pairs), with one being the 'IN' portal and the other being the 'OUT'. The portals pull in an object and pushes it out of the other side at a very small amount of force. Meaning that it is best used against objects/projectiles already in motion to redirect the object/attack to another location or direction. Portals function in one direction, and objects shot into an 'OUT' portal do not come out the 'IN' portal. It is possible to stick your arm through the 'IN' portal and pull and object through an 'OUT' portal, as long as it will fit of course.
A pair of portals will always be the same size, at no more than 50 meters away from the character, to a maximum diameter of 10ft, and can be maintained for up to 20 minutes under considerable strain/ether usage depending on size. Portals can not be created to cut or destroy solid materials. A swung object that isn't within portal will just go through it as if it wasn't there and remain unharmed, though the material on either side of the portal may limit mobility of an object/person that is through it (like if I put my arm through the portal you can't just swing it out but would have to pull it out to use it. But swinging a bar from the side of the portal would pass through it and continue on it's way.) this makes it very awkward for close combat. A portal can not be disabled if a solid object is within it and being restrained, though it can be closed in the cases of liquids and gases. Objects inside the wormhole can be pulled out if they can not go through completely or if they have not passed completly through (Like if an arm goes through a small portal but the body can't fit, they can pull their arm out, but can't swing it out to the side.) Portals can be created inside objects (if hollow) and out of sight if the target knows the area well enough to envision it reliably. An object that doesn't fit inside the portal does not go through it, but will be stopped by what ever is outside the portal if there is anything. A portal doesn't work as a lifting force, unless the substance is very light and fine (like sand/air).
User Ability - Gravity Manipulation: The ability to increase or decrease the ambient gravity of an area or point. It works best to increase the existing gravity, and requires more effort to reduce the gravity than increase.
The effect can be selected at a point, if that is a case it pulls towards that point from all directions. If used to manipulate an existing area it either increases or decreases that pulls existing effect. A point effect functions for no more than two to three seconds and can not be maintained. While the other can be maintained for up to five minutes. Under no circumstance can this be used to fly or completely overcome and reverse existing gravity. An object could be held suspended if dropped into it, but wouldn't levitate up. A person could jump up though the area until they exited the area of effect. The total volume that may be affected for area effects is a 8000 cubic feet, which is about a 22ft radius circle x 5ft high... and can be smaller or shaped accordingly. Larger areas use up much larger volumes of ether. Areas can not be moved but remain in place when made, unless centered on himself, also the user is equally affected when within the area.

Hometown/City/Reservation:  ICM -  Main City of Mittgar
Registered Residence: Grolwar Apartments, 643 Maccenon Street second floor - Apt #12. Rent due the 1st of ever month.
Occupation (if any):  Part-time City Municipality worker, Part-time Foundry worker.
Occupations Companies names: City of Mittgar - Utility/Municipal Department, and McCorbins Industrial Metal Works
Typical Income (if any):

            Municipality work - Makes 5000 creds a week (Works morning to Lunch, Monday through Friday, 7am to 12pm), paid on Fridays.
            McCorbins - Makes 8000 creds bi-weekly (Afternoon and Evenings, Thursday through Sunday, working from 2pm to 7pm). Paid, every other Monday.

Skills Occupational: Excavation, Pipe Fitting, Welding/Soldering, Minor Industrial Electrical repair, Pour Forging/Casting, Lifting/Porting, Working an assembly line, Driving heavy Equipment.
Skills Non-occupational/Hobbies (if any): He enjoys cycling and jogging (alternating between the two on a day to day basis). He also tends to frequent both shooting/archery ranges.
Skill Combative: Former Amateur Boxer, plus Archery/shooting from his hobbies, also Intensive Gravity fighting
Financial/Societal Caste: Formerly middle class, but now is in the lower caste due to being on his own. He lives as frugally as possible, even living in a tiny apartment (basically a bedroom, the bathroom is shared and down the hall). This all to allow him to save as much money as possible, so he can purchase Ether (when the price is down) to save for training/hobbies when prices are high. He'd go crazy if it wasn't for his hobbies and exercising.
Weapons:  Proficient with Compound crossbows, and rifle type firearms. Favors boxing and archery over shooting (after all bullets are more expensive)
Equipment (if any):  Compound Crossbow (lever action reload), Single shot bolt action long rifle, Maintenance tools for both weapons. Boxing gloves/punching bag, Mountain Bicycle, Ether Meter, Negative Pressure Ether Respirator, Ether Respirator Canister Belt/metering device, 20 half-liter respirator canisters of Condensed Natural Ether,  Normal household items.
Ether Meter/Ether Attachments: Dulled Heavy Duty Steel Ether meter with ports for respirator receiver attachment.
Ether Respirator/attachments:
Half-mask Respirator unattached to backpack (worn/unworn):   http://i44.tinypic.com/5k3llz.jpg  ,   http://i40.tinypic.com/317i7ww.jpg
        Respirator Canister Belt/Metering Device: http://i43.tinypic.com/351fm84.jpg
        Respirator hook to Canister Belt with hoses, that twine around to the back of the neck combine at a junction then runs down the back to the belt hook up.
        Ether Respirator Receiver gauge that locks with Ether Meter to send auxiliary ether usage: http://i43.tinypic.com/96volg.jpg

Back Story:  
Teague was born to Bernadette Malone Flanagan and Dermot Flanagan, two fairly well off yet average parents. Bernadette is your typical housewife for Dermot whom worked as a ether refinery foreman, specialized in ether engine restoration/maintenance. His father had a rotating schedule working for 3-4 days at a time then coming home for the rest of the week. During the off time Dermot spent quite a lot of time with his son, doing outside activities and teaching him manly things like hunting and camping. However Mittgar is not the idea place for hunting due to the large volcanic activity and lack of hunting grounds.  

Though his family isn't known for force users, it is believed that his powers might be a side effect of his fathers exposure to ether in the workplace and the occasional ether leak at refineries.

Teague's powers manifested in elementary school, since he was often bullied until he got strong enough to hold his own. The wormhole force first activated during a very hopeless game of dodge-ball, and unfortunately its sudden appearance didn't help him win in the least. The portal did protected him from the initial barrage of dodge-balls, but not the rebound off the wall behind him that the wormhole ejected them at. After this point, his parents enjoyed the uncomfortable stresses of raising a force user; placing him in a force school to gain some control over his power so as to reduce uncontrolled activation of his power. During training, and aura examination his second power was identified and trained as well. To help prevent continued bullying and accidentally using his force powers in such occasions his father felt that he should take up boxing, which seemed to do pretty good until Teague's parents had to deal with their son's visits to the principles office for 'bullying' the other kids.

Though he now is on his own, it isn't because he was disowned or being on unfriendly terms with his family. Rather it is because of his sense of responsibility and self-respect. He stumbled pretty hard during the first few years, and through several part-time jobs. Luckily for him, his father and mother helped support him, and he learned an even greater sense of family and control. Though he tried to take up boxing professionally, it never panned out in anything more than a hobby. Though he enjoyed it, the damage to his body would just be to great, and it was an utter waste of his force powers. As such he gave up boxing and now works two jobs, while remaining fairly active and exercising regularly. It works as a way to relax, and also kills time in a healthy manner and with his other hobbies tends to keep him out of more self destructive activities.

So in general Teague had lead a fairly comfortable and untroubled life, though also not terribly adventurous life either. He has gotten into several scraps and fights, but has never had to take the life of anyone or commit any major crimes. His record does house a few minor infractions and misdemeanors for fighting and ether usage against non-force users here and there but he hasn't had to serve any major sentences or been in jail for more than a week or two.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:32 am

Name: Michelle Hansley, Nicknamed “Mickey”

Color Code: #E54100

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Appearance: White Hair, Red-Orange Eyes, 5'10 Height

Religion: Makarist

User Unit : UU3, UU1

Registry Code: 7341Nx5

User Abilities: Force Ether Lock (UU3) -- The ability to lock specific concentrations of Ether from being used and converted into Force. This ability works on anything within her sight range and it is an area affect. Hiding behind barrels and other obstructions will not help her target(s), because she needs line of affect, not line of sight. This ability focuses out in a cone, staring from her and heading into whatever direction she is looking. She can maintain this ability for up to two minutes, depending on how distracted she is.

Force Arcane Mark (UU1) -- The ability to place an invisible Ether signature or an object or person via contact, to which she will be able to magically locate, regardless of distance. Mickey can have up to an unlimited number of arcane marks active at one time and they are permanent unless a duration is set before hand. Typical durations include months or years. No one else will be aware of the mark unless told, but the Ether use can be detected when marking a target. The further the distance of the target, the harder it is to detect and locate.

Hometown/City/Reservation: Vrin’daa, the “Skytown.”

Occupation (if any): Ether Hound Security Officer

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Tracking, Perception, Psychology, Evasion, CQC (Close-Quarters Combat) Training, and Figure Skating

Financial/Societal Caste: Soldier

Weapons (if any):
Proficiencies-- Small firearms, sniper rifles, explosives, grenade weapons, tasers, small blades, and Claymore.
Equipped-- Taser and Chordium Claymore

Equipment (if any):
Ether Meter
Ether Scanner
Ether Tracker
Gas Grenades
Chordium Grenades

Back Story:
Mickey was there when the little boy in her middle school class had his Force Ability activate for the first time in front of everyone. Oh, how the children hated him within seconds, changing from being polite and respectful to words of hate and shunning him instantly. He had been well loved and respected, an average student that was very bright and assisted everyone to pass the class when they needed it.

The day that he had accidently sent all of the desks flying out of the window…the children grew quiet. Then, they began to call him names, telling him to go to the Force Academy and leave them be. They insulted him, picking up markers from the arts and crafts box and throwing them all at him, one by one.

Mickey was amazed at how quickly each of their opinions changed of him. Within that instant, he became less than he had been just previously been—his worth and value as a human being decreased exponentially. He no longer belonged. He no longer deserved their friendship or respect. So he sat on the floor, bowing his head in tears, taking each marker as it struck him until the teacher returned to the chaos and noise.

What amazes Mickey now is that she was one of them. She called him “Force Freak” and threw markers and told him to ‘get out forever.’ She said all of those things and more, yet…only a few days prior to his becoming a Force User, she had told that same boy that he was her best friend in the whole world. She never saw that boy again.

She was raised by her father, who was a member of the Ether Hounds, and at the age of seventeen, he insisted that she be added to the ranks of his Unit due to the old-fashioned, yet compatible training that he had given her. She worked hard as a member of his unit until she turned twenty-three, when she earned a Unit of her own.

At this point, she lead her hometown’s security, and was regularly requested for temporary patrols by other city and town guards for specific Force User bounties when they were suspected to be in their homes, as her skills and equipment grew to be quite helpful and accurate in such duties.

Things were looking up for Mickey as she grew more experienced, more trained, and more confident in different town and city layouts, as well as of their security methods and of other such things. Things turned sour, though, when her own Force ability made itself known to her.

Mickey is unsure which is worse—that it happened in front of her Unit while on the job, losing the target because of the Force activation, or being disowned by her father after it happened. It hit her hard and it forced her to think seriously about her opinions and beliefs about Force Users as a whole. She took a leave from her job, traveling as a citizen and finding some more private training for her Force while trying to decide what to feel and how to process the new version of who she was.

Luckily, when Mickey came around and decided that rogue Force Users still need to be stopped, she was able to return to her job under another Unit with a fierce, but accepting leader in order to keep doing what she always had been—stopping law breakers from breaking the law and bringing them to justice. Her father tried to get her fired, and revealed her Force to thousands of Ether Hounds—but for some reason, her unit stuck with her and stood up for her, allowing her to keep her job.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Holsety on Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:51 pm

Name: Lewyn Forseti

Color Code: #666666

Age:  20

Gender: Male

Appearance: He is 5'7" with a slight build. He rarely smiles and is generally seen wearing dark clothes. He has very dark hair and light blue eyes.

Religion: None (so he says, but deep down he still holds Filial Piety)

User Unit : 4 (for both Forces)

Registry Code: AX53I29

User Abilities: Force Shadow => He can meld with shadows for a maximum of 30 seconds, at which point he fazes back to being visible. He can also control shadows and use them as weapons or as a shield.

When he is using the shadow, it still behaves a normal shadow; if a light is shone on it while he has melded with it, it will disappear and he'll be pushed out. As a weapon, the shadow is launched toward the opponent and is sharp - it can cut and slice - but is not solid and fizzles out after striking the opponent. The shadow shield can either be held up for one full minute or can block one strong attack or several smaller attacks, after which it fizzles out. It stays attached to the object that is casting it no matter what he does with it and when he's done with it it goes back to its normal shape and he can use it again after a cooldown period of several minutes. For attacking and shields, at the moment he can use about 40 square feet of shadow. It also works at night, as long as there is a light source. The deeper the shadow, the stronger his force is.

Force Nightvision => He can see twice as far as a regular human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He can distinguish a fair bit of detail but he has poor ability to distinguish colour.

He can maintain it for approximately an hour easily, after which he develops a headache. He cannot cast this ability on anyone else. When he's using it his pupils will appear a bit dilated and his eyes will have a strange quality, one that you can't quite put your finger on, but only if you're standing near him. From a distance you probably wouldn't notice anything unusual. After using this ability colours appear faded, and if a bright light suddenly lights up the area he is temporarily blinded.

Hometown/City/Reservation: Originally from Cor'Thian, now lives in Xan'Tartica.

Occupation (if any): Works on a flying ship for an Ether corporation in Xan'Tartica during the day, is a tainted Ether seller at night.

Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Reading, tinkering with ether, decent at hand-to-hand combat and knife fighting, good with his Force.

Financial/Societal Caste: On the poorish side (paid mainly in Ether from his job), social outcast.

Weapons (if any):  Two concealed knives, no formal training but not bad with them.

Equipment (if any):  Cloak, old rusty breastplate he wears under the cloak during drug deals, Ether meter. His EM is a dull silver with the default voice and messages, and it makes no sounds or lights when Ether is being used.

Back Story:
Lewyn was born in Cor'Thian and lived a completely normal life until the day he proved to be a Force User. One day, when he was about 13, he accidentally melded into some shadows inside his family's home and his parents were appalled. There hadn't been a Force User in the family that anyone could remember and since they were staunch opposers of Force Users, they abandoned him, calling him a demon child. With nowhere to go, he left Cor'Thian and wandered aimlessly, not caring what would happen to him. He went for days with little to eat or drink, and eventually passed out in the middle of nowhere, where he was found by Kiran.

Kiran showed sympathy for Lewyn's situation and offered him a room in his apartment in Xan'Tartica. With nowhere else to go, Lewyn took up the offer. Kiran had a job with the Ether Efficiency Enterprise (EEE, or more generally referred to as Triple E) which was based in Xan'Tartica and he was able to help Lewyn get a job with it. It didn't pay much, mainly in Ether with some cash, but at least it was something. Lewyn noticed Kiran's fascination with tinkering with the Ether and they discovered that it could be used to make recreational drugs, and thus their second job was started.

It was around this time that Kiran brought in another stray, this one by the name of Kashel. Lewyn didn't care for him so much, but he was willing to test out their tainted Ether creations, so he tolerated him. As time went on, Lewyn warmed up to Kashel (though they still bicker), and the three became like brothers.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by EphPhoenix on Fri Apr 26, 2013 1:55 pm

Name:  Leon Nesbit

Age:  19

Gender:  Male


User Unit :  Force Vector 3

Registry Code:  TB14712

User Abilities: Force Vector- Capable of altering the physical laws within a 5 ft radius or anything he is in physical contact with.

This allows him to do things like alter gravity acting upon him to render himself weightless and/or propel himself with greater force and speed. Or redirect gravity so that he adheres to walls or ceilings. Or should someone physically assault him, it would allow him to redirect the force of the assault back upon them or in a different direction.

He can only change vectors he’s aware of unless he sets up a constant field—the bigger the field, the more energy it consumes. If, for example, someone snuck up on him and beaned him in the head, he would receive some of the force, but not necessarily all because he could react and divert the rest of it. The more momentum/power the object has, the harder it is to divert or more costly. Punches would be easier to stop than a sword, a sword easier than a gun, and finally, a gun easier than a cannon. At Level 3, he would be unable to stop the force of a cannon shot completely, so his best bet would be to redirect it in a different direction rather than try to outright stop it—cause he’d still be hit and that would use up a lot of power.

Also, at his current level, he could stop the sword’s damage, but not keep himself from being cut. It’s too fine at his current level. Maybe level 1 if he gets there.

He could put up a field to stop or redirect objects, but if it’s constantly being bombarded, it would drain him very rapidly. A great analogy presented is to look at it like an EKG. The baseline is the field, when a bullet hit it, it would spike. So a constant barrage would look like he was going into shock.

His current limit in size is limited to small tubes or fine glass shards, anything smaller and he effectively can’t stop them all that well outside of a generic field. Beyond that, he could only stop something smaller if he put up a generic field. His upper size limit would be a small car—he could stop it, but it’d be a one-shot—he wouldn’t have much Force left after, if any. He could slow down a truck, but not stop it to the same effect.

One weakness is that he can do nothing but stop a constantly applied force. For example, gravity is constantly applied, so he could not redirect it to speed himself upward. The most he could do is just stop its effect and float. There’s another, but I’m not sure how to explain it, but it would only be able to be done by someone who understood the physics behind how his power works, anyway.

Hometown/City/Reservation:  One of the many islands of Genevsa

Occupation (if any):  Sailor(Pirate)/Courier/Performer

Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Is familiar with all aspects of a ship and navigation, proficient mechanic skills (can fix stuff and knows what's wrong, hotwire a car, not a genius), Acrobat, Expert swordsman, decent marksman, skilled knife thrower

Financial/Societal Caste:  Middle class before he had to separate with his family, poor since then.

Weapons (if any):  Cutlass--very proficient, can dual wield; 4 knives--decent knife fighter and skilled knife thrower, pistol (eight shots) decent

Equipment (if any):  Mini-telescope, tool set, climbing kit, whetstone, three energy drinks, compass, navigation tools

Back Story:
A happy kid with a good attitude and a good head on his shoulders, he was born to the leader of the Blue Rogues, Mycroft Nesbit. They hid themselves as a traveling circus act--and were quite good--Mycroft himself was more of the manager, but his wife Maireed was a star aerialist, trapeze, and tightrope walker. Leon took after his mother. But a favorite of the crew, they all gave him a little bit of their skill. By ten, he was staging daring sword duels on high wires and aiding his mother on the trapeze, while in the late night, sailing the seas or riding the lands. A bit of the benevolent rogues, they helped those in need of it. True to being pirates, they did business with just about anyone as long as it wasn't too unsavory. It was the life of a pirate for Leon.

It all came to an abrupt end when, at fourteen, a man tried extorting from the family and was denied. He cut the lines on the trapeze and in front of thousands, Leon fell to what should have been his death. Except, instead, he hit the ground no worse for wear. Quickly playing it off as a very good stunt to lofty applause. They were packed up and gone the same night before the Ether Police could come snooping into the unauthorized Ether consumption. They avoided the big cities for a while until one night Leon snuck away. He wouldn't be a burden to his family any longer, so he struck out on his own. He stuck to small towns, doing small performances to earn a buck until he ran afoul of some unsavories at one of the more criminal towns. It was there he met the pirate captain Airleas where she promptly saved his life and made him a part of the crew. He's been working on her ship ever since.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by xenolion on Fri Apr 26, 2013 3:00 pm

Name:  Phaedra Valincourt
Color Code: #AA2ABB
Age:  23
Gender:  Female
User Unit :  N/A
Registry Code:  N/A
User Abilities:  N/A
Hometown/City/Reservation:  Coldrion
Occupation (if any):  Pharmaceutical Rep for a major company
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  She is a history buff, she plays the piano, and lives on her own.  She also cooks very well too.  She could have worked in restaurants, but doesn't like the stress.
Financial/Societal Caste:  Upper Middle
Weapons (if any):  None
Equipment (if any):  She carries a purse which has normal stuff like keys, wallet, personal protection device.  She also has a briefcase that has her typical paper work.
Back Story: 
Phaedra was adopted by a couple who could not have children.  She was only an infant when she was adopted, and does not remember her birth parents/family at all.  She grew up with an older and younger brother, and a younger sister, all adopted.  She loved them all as if they were really family though.  Their names are Carter(25), Valrico(20), and Nitalia (16).

Her father works as a physician in the Aria Healthcare Services, and her mother is a nurse.  Her older brother was going to be a doctor too, until his force was discovered.  He did not want to bring shame to the family, so he left.  Phaedra was devastated.  That is when Phaedra started to turn her studies to history.  She wanted to know everything about Force Users.  However that did not pay the bills.  Her parents pulled some strings and got her a job in the pharmaceutical division of Aria Healthcare Services.  Her personality and research skills along with her non bias of Force Users made her one of the more respected reps.  She recently got promoted to a regional sales and now gets to visit other cities.  

She also loves to cook, it is a passion of hers, but she does not like the high stress of the restaurants.   She is a very personable, but not overwhelming woman.  At the end of the day one may find her in the kitchen with a glass of wine listening to classical music.  She also plays the piano.  When she is visiting other cities she goes into piano bars and plays for others.

Some of the people she visits on her trips are Force Healers.  Through them she has learned how bad it is for Force Users to receive proper medical care.  She hates that they are treated like trash.  She believes there has to be a way to balance out Ether consumption and not treat Force Users as second class citizens.  Right now it is small, but she is working with some Force Healers to smuggle medical supplies.  She hopes that her brother is doing alright.

As a child she was very sick.  It took a while and she was in and out of the hospital.  However her father was able to find a 'cure' for her illness.  Because of this, she has to take medication for the rest of her life.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by sagiri on Fri Apr 26, 2013 4:37 pm

Name:  Kashel Aalders

Color Code:  #A9E2F3

Age:  19

Gender:  Male

Appearance: Kashel is 5'8" with a petite build. His fashion sense can be summed up as 'whatever fits somewhat decently and is comfortable' and he looks young for his age.

Religion: None

User Unit : Frenzy: 5, Illusion: 4

Registry Code: N5L3SI0

User Abilities:  Force Frenzy: Kashel is usually quite weak physically and his Force greatly amplifies his strength, dexterity and senses for up to ten minutes at a time. However, he gradually loses control over himself as time passes and after six minutes, it becomes impossible for him to rein it in until it's run its course. It's not advisable to use it for the full duration as it's quite physically draining and as he loses control, the risk of him being unable to distinguish between enemy and ally increases. He is also only able to use it after dark.

Force Illusion: Kashel can create a visual distraction that lasts for a minute. The size and realism of the image determine how long it takes him to conjure it. The more he uses this ability, the weaker the visuals become until it stops working altogether. At that point, he can't use it again until he's slept. There's also no guarantee that the target will be affected; it depends entirely on their natural level of concentration and so on.

Hometown/City/Reservation: Currently resides in Xan'Tartica, but is originally from the Force User Reservation nearby.

Occupation (if any):  He works on the lower deck of a flying ship for an Ether corporation by day and supplements his income by drawing scathing political cartoons for newspapers on a freelance basis. He also voluntarily samples new combinations of tainted ether before his roommate sells them, but that doesn't pay.

Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Drawing, writing, crossdressing. He's also unusually flexible.

Financial/Societal Caste: Quite poor, social outcast.

Weapons (if any):  His umbrella hides a blade (like so!) and his proficiency with it is generally mediocre. It's largely for self defense and he has no combat training of which to speak, so he can pretty much just thrust/stab and block with it.

Equipment (if any):  Umbrella, thick jacket, Ether meter (turquoise, default sounds). He has a messenger bag which contains: pencils, a sketchbook, a notebook, a medicine bottle, assorted gummis, his wallet and a bottle of ginger ale.

Back Story:  
Kashel was born on a reservation near Xan'Tartica to an extremely poor couple. His mother died in childbirth, leaving his father to raise him alone on a single, meagre income. His father suffered from mental illness, was crushed by debt and had a short fuse. When Kashel was young, he developed an intolerance to sunlight which caused him to experience symptoms such as discomfort, irritability, nausea, itchiness,and even migraines if it was particularly bright outside. His father was unable to afford treatment. Frustrated with his lot in life and all the problems he couldn't afford to solve, he often took those frustrations out on Kashel.

When Kashel was thirteen, one of those violent confrontations escalated to the point that he was afraid for his life. He fled from his father's home and didn't stop until he'd made it to Xan'Tartica. By the time he arrived, he was suffering a severe migraine on top of his injuries, so he staggered to the nearest building for some rest and, more importantly, shade. It was then that Kiran found him and took him in. Kiran was already sharing his home with Lewyn at this point and Kashel could tell that the guy wasn't fond of him. However, Kashel's willingness to be a guinea pig for their tainted ether creations made keeping him around worthwhile and all three of them became very close as they spent time together. Kashel also found employment with the company they worked for and earns extra income by drawing political cartoons on a freelance basis.

Over time, Kashel also developed a female persona, whom he calls Kasia. Kasia is an energetic young woman without a single care in the world. Kashel likes to dress up in women's clothing sometimes and let 'Kasia' have some fun. She's not actually a split personality, however; she's simply a character.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 27, 2013 1:14 pm

Name: Xerxes Manna Cotta
Age: 24
Gender: M
Color Code: white
Appearance: http://safebooru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=698010
User Unit : 3 (Telekinesis), 2 (Concealer)
Registry Code: 2J46v01
User Abilities:
This Force is basically telekinesis. He has the ability to flip desks and other fun things over, based on what he is simply looking at and where he would be looking. The larger the object and the farther it has to travel, the more Ether is consumed. Base limitations include being able to lift up to a small building, and firing small things at a high velocity. 50 meters is its' effective range.


This force allows him to (temporarily) conceal his Aura's signature, simple as that. It basically means he has the ability to mask his signature and become invisible to higher-grade Force User Detection technology. He can choose to mask someone else, and can choose to mask it for a long time.

Swapping between the two takes half a minute.

Hometown/City/Reservation: Vrin'daa, the Sky Town, Challiswor.
Occupation (if any): Pro Card Player
Skills/Hobbies (if any): Gunslinger (fast and precise shots at the expense of defense), Card Thrower, Gambler (willing to take risks most people wouldn't take)
Financial/Societal Caste: Sufficiently Wealthy (+ for winning at gambling, + for competitive shooting, + for Aura Smuggling, - for Ether Addiction)
Weapons (if any): Twin pistols (Expertise), Steel Deck of Cards (Expertise+)
Equipment (if any): At least five doses of CE in injection form, different types of IDs and cards to be able to use his money freely.

Back Story: God damn it, she was his friend. His best friend. Nay, his only friend. After all, as a child, he was more geeky and mathematically inclined than the other kids and his parents? They didn't much care! As the black sheep of the family, he wasn't too much cared about and he wasn't cared about at school, save for her... Before, he was just the nerdy math geek who had an affinity for card games. After that fateful day, he lost it all. He lost Michelle, he lost his family, he lost his chance at a high education... All because of a push of a chair. But who needs all that? He decided, instead, to use his talents for more than just math.

He was registered the moment after he was shunned by his best friend by that teacher. For years, the bracelet that he was assigned continued to torment him as he used his Force to help others, in a bid that they would like him. Especially Michelle, but after a year, he just decided to up and leave. The system didn't work for him. The bracelet on his arm continued to bleep and bloop annoyingly with a high nasally voice as he did his travels, doing some time here and there and having to pay off most of his gambling winnings. By the time he was 17, he decided that it was the only way to survive. At night, he placed his bracelet on a random person from the skeevy hotel he was staying at and made off in the night. It was almost foolproof. ALMOST. He faced the city walls, remembering that they could detect auras. Fuck.

It was then that he calmed down and focused, walking past the city borders with not so much as a blip, if even for a moment. The fact that he got away was a huge blow to the Ether Hounds, and Xerxes has been on the run ever since, gambling and being the cool cat that he learned he had to be. Not just for himself, but on the off-chance that he could meet her one last time... and then punch her in the jaw when she least suspected. She would pay. They all would.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Wed May 01, 2013 11:27 pm

Name: Lorelei Abendroth

Color Code: #B24343

Age: 18

Gender: Female


User Unit : UU4

Registry Code: XPRS772

User Abilities: Bio force - the ability to affect the biochemistry of other living beings. Mostly themselves, however with great concentration they are able to affect others as well.

Through touch, the ability to alter or affect the biochemistry of other living beings is applicable on animals, people, and plants. It can range from a simple changing the hair and eye color of someone to making a person chemically imbalanced, and even death. They can speed up the healing process of someone, and at the same time slow it down. It can be used to deadened the nerves for use against pain. Anything in the human body triggered by chemicals can be affected. For example: putting someone to sleep, causing a person to lust after something, etc.

Hometown/City/Reservation: Vrin’daa, the “Skytown.”

Occupation (if any): None (Unless thieving counts?)

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Good with hand to hand combat. Lock picking, sneaking, pick pocketing, and stealing.

Financial/Societal Caste: Poor growing up, now wealthy after mother re-married.

Weapons (if any): Her hands, occasionally small weapons like knives and daggers if she can get her hands on them.

Equipment (if any): Besides the clothes on her back, she has gloves she wears to keep any skin on skin contact at the barest minimal. Lock picks in a small pack she keeps on her. Ether Meter.

Back Story: Lorelei had always grew up fighting for what she had earned. Her family had been poor--mainly due to her fathers inability to not use his force(he was a force heal)--and so she made due by taking from others. She always tried to take from people who could afford it. He father died--when she was 12--one day while trying to help save a boys life. It was also around then that she found out that she too had a force;only her's first manifested in a not so nice way, in her grief she killed the stray cat she had adopted when her force spiked out of control. Once they had realized what had happened, she tried her hardest not to repeat the incident.

At the age of 14 her mother remarried to a wealthy man that had taken pity on the woman attempting to raise a teenager on her own. While her mother and step-father seem happy together, she trusts him about as far as she can throw him. Even with the sudden increase of money, she continued to steal. It had become a sort of hobby for her. She also didn't like accepting things from her step-father, it made her feel as if she owed him. Her step-father and her don't really get along, mostly because of her distrust for him, and the fact that he continues to have to get her out of trouble for her crimes. The only thing stopping her from really being in trouble is she never uses her Force during her crime sprees.

She wants to leave Vrin'daa. She even has the means to do so. There is only one single thing stopping her. She is afraid of heights. The fear that if she gets on an air ship to leave, she will fall to her death is so bad that she can't even get close to the base. She has tried many times, but her fear as always stopped her.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Vye on Wed May 01, 2013 11:42 pm

Name: Zoey(Zabaniya/Zabanya) Markovich
Color Code: #B40431
Age:  28
Gender:  Female

User Unit :  Non-Force User
Registry Code:  Non-Force User
User Abilities:  Non-Force User

Religion: Filial Piety
Hometown/City/Reservation:  Elven Hinterland
Occupation (if any):  President of a small Elf Refinery in the northern outskirts of the Hinterland Citadel
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Management/Clerical competence. Proficient in martial arts(Mixed style of Taekwondo and Choy Li Fut), able to deliver heavy kicks and punches, quite nimble. Practices meditation through tai-chi. Also a good strategist and enjoys puzzle games.
Financial/Societal Caste:  Wealthy. Every so often, Zoey sneaks to her mother's house to give her enough money to buy food and other necessities
Weapons (if any):  Skilled with, and carries two hook swords both strapped on one side. Enjoys holding one sword back-handed and the other normally. Doesn't handle her swords this way often.

Back Story:
Zoey was born to a small family within the Elven Hinterland. They didn't have much money due to
the poor exchange rates, but Zoey's father did his best to take care of his family. The father, being a force user who became
Addicted to Ether, married the mother, a non force user who tried making a living off serving the workers in the ether
facilities. The pay was barely enough to feed Zoey and her younger sister while their father usually found underhanded schemes to get his own food, often spending his work money on capsules of smoking ether.

Zoey inherited more of her mother's traits, but being the oldest, she was taught to take care of her family in case something happened to her dad. Zoey's sister inherited her dad's force ability quickly gained the attention of both parents. Zoey's mom wanted to prevent her sister from becoming an ether-addicted wreck while her father wanted to turn her into an impressive force user just like he used to be. Whenever Zoey's dad wasn't working or buzzed out on ether, he would teach his daughter martial arts techniques and even gave her his customized hook swords. Zoey's mom pleaded that the man spend some time with her, and he thought the martial arts would be a good source of protection. Zoey trained hard to please her parents, and prove she was still useful, compared to her younger sister.

As the two siblings grew older, they eventually began working for the  Elves together. They started out as simple assistants in the Elven Ether Facility, relaying messages and following the orders of their superiors. One night, Zoey's father went out in town intoxicated by ether. He eventually came back home with a couple angry men on his tracks. The elves threw rocks and bottles at the house, instigating Zoey's mom to come out, pleading for peace. The men grabbed the woman's arm, one exclaiming "You take my woman, so I'll take yours!". Zoey and her sister instinctively burst out of the house, their blood come to a boil. Because Zoey killed a level 3 fire force user to defend her family, she was given the name Zabaniya/Zabanya by the other miscreants and the name quickly spread. Zoey and her sister rose the ranks in the Elven Ether facility to become its president and leader to get out of impoverishment and support their family.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Thu May 02, 2013 3:21 pm

Name:  Ace Alavance

Color Code:  #01DFA5

Age:  25

Gender:  Male

5 foot 10

User Unit :  UU3

Registry Code:  X7Y11V7

User Abilities:  Force Chaos: Chaos is the anti-element (negative element) upon coming in contact with any element (or basically anything that came from nature, that does no have an aura), it will change its characteristics to something random and unpredictable. Ace may also use up more ether and energy to obliterate instead of randomly altering.

Force chaos can also be used like a normal element, as an offensive or defensive ability, it's appearance is black with a hue of purple, it is also very confusing and weird to look at due to it being the very essence of chaos, it constantly changes form, shape, and appearance. (Can make one feel as if they were on an acid trip xD Leah's words!) To look at it for extended periods of time can actually become a source of mental torture.

All abilities used with force chaos emit from the force user himself, and he cannot create more than one attack at once but can maintain multiple different, already executed spells, at a time. Up to three full barriers are his current limit.

Taking damage from chaos will directly damage your aura causing pain and gradual exhaustion the more the person gets hit. This will also effect force users effectiveness with their force since it is damaging their aura, the source of their force.

Hometown/City/Reservation:   Elvan Hinterlands, The Citadel.

Occupation (if any):  Ace works with the Elves and has become quite respected amongst their ranks and is quite valued. He has been put on the front line in many battles fought alongside his "Elf" comrades, his force being to rare but noticeable for him to be in any stealth operations. Sword fighting/Hand to hand combat teacher.

Skills/Hobbies (if any):   Very skilled in hand to hand combat and sword fighting. He loves sparring, Training both in physical and in technique, climbing buildings and jumping roof to roof (is quite skilled and agile in that department.) and finally he likes going for walks. Oh and he likes sports.

He is decent at throwing projectiles (throwing knives) and has a pretty good aim, but his technique when it comes to throwing knives could still use a little work.

He also knows how to use first aid.

Financial/Societal Caste: Comfortable, he makes a living working with the Elves.

Weapons (if any):  One long sword an one short sword, he uses them most of the time in dual wield. But, these two swords can be merged together into a two handed sword. Expert, but still room for improvement since self taught.

15 Throwing knives (On his "chest" belt.) He is decent with these, does not always hit his target, but often does, although sometimes the hilt hits instead of the blade.

Equipment (if any):  -Sharpening stone
-A small throwing ball
-Leather gloves
-Lighter (Zippo)
-First aid kit
-Money pouch
-Agenda and Pen

Back Story:  Ace was a chaotic kid who always caused trouble, and did not accept punishment for his actions very well either. Because of this his relationship with his parents was always iffy, according to him anyway.

He didn't dislike them really, they were still his parents and he loved them, but he disliked not being able to feed his chaotic desires, with mischief and partial "destruction" (vandalism, etc.)

One day however, when he had done something that had upset the whole town he lived in, his punishment was a huge one. There was no way he was going through with it, Ace threw his biggest tantrum yet, and with it, came his destructive force Chaos.

Both his parents, who were scolding him when it happened, died at the awakening of his force. This was at the age of ten. From that point on, something about Ace changed, his chaotic nature died down even though he was marked with his force. The death of his parents was to him, a lesson, something that made him take a different path.

After an additional five months of staying at his home town, without his parents, only trying to care for his sister, who now hated him along with the whole town, he had enough of the bullying and the hate that he had been enduring in those previous months. So he left. He left to join a place he knew they would accept his destructive and chaotic force, the Elves.

Despite his force being the cause of death of his parents, he decided to improve in its use, to learn how to control it, and put it to a good use instead of letting it sleep from within him, useless.

Ace also picked up sword fighting, and developed his own techniques with his very own weapon style. One the involved three different kinds of swords while only actually possessing two blades. He was also taught how to fare well in hand to hand combat, which simply got better in better over the years and field experience when working for the Elves, until he was considered a master in both sword and hand to hand mastery.

He now teaches new recruits in those arts along with a few others, he is known to be strict, while being oddly playful, making him a very liked teacher.

Finally, despite all those years passed since the accident that caused the death of his parents, he would rather incapacitate his opponents then killing them, but will not hesitate to kill if absolutely needed, while feeling disgusted for doing so.

In his 15 years of service for the Elves, he became quite notorious amongst them and highly valued. His word or opinion is sought by his comrades.   Especially due to the fact that he has been in the front line of many battles and has come out alive.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Thu May 02, 2013 9:35 pm

Name:  Abri Jamison

Color Code:  #00FF40

Age:  29

Gender:  Female


User Unit :  UU4

Registry Code:  AKJ2434

User Abilities: Force Persuasion: the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of the people around her through her voice.  The influence lasts until the person is released by vocal cue or she is out of sight.  Eye contact is not needed to begin or prolong the influence.  All user statements used in post that will have the force persuasion behind it will be underlined so they are easily distinguishable.

Right now, she only has success at this when lying and is really only successful on the weak minded.  She uses the ability to get past police blocks and into restricted areas when smuggling.  The force is used by voice and she can turn this on and off at will.  Think of it somewhat like the Jedi Mind Trick, but not quite as powerful.  It is something she works on and trains with regularly to improve.  Abri can only influence within 5 foot radius around her and only 5-6 people at a time.  If it is a small group, she can influence them all, but must speak what she wants them to think or do.  If there is a group of more than 6 people, Abri's force will only influence those closest to her and since she has to speak what she wants, she usually chooses not to use her force in this situation.  In a crowd, Abri can only effect those closest to her or whisper in one person's ear.  She trains on focusing her power on one person in a large group and also works on telepathically influencing.  She can influence feelings, for example someone's attraction, but this is weak and cannot hold long.  It is stronger if there are already similar feelings there, in this case she can make those feelings stronger.  The influence lasts until either Abri releases the person with a vocal cue or they lose sight of her.  Eye contact does not need to be made to begin or end the influence.  When the person or people can no longer see Abri in the vicinity (she walks over a hill, or turns a corner) then they are released from the power. In all cases, the person will not remember seeing or encountering Abri after they are released.  They will not remember what they said or did or that she influenced them.  The most strong minded might feel something off or even start to remember, kind of like remembering bits and pieces of a dream.  Abri never uses this power at work and makes co-workers and employers believe through her behavior and attitude she wants nothing to do with her power.  While smuggling, she will only use her power when absolutely necessary as the use is still read on her ether meter.  Abri doesn't like using her power on people she knows or likes, but will if absolutely necessary.  If Abri uses the same force persuasion on the same person regularly over a long period of time, the person will start to be influenced by it all the time, even when Abri is not around.  An example would be Abri saying you love me to someone almost daily for several months.  That person will start to believe they love Abri all of the time, not just when she is around.  Like a learned behavior.

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Industrial Commonwealth of Mittgar; lives in the city in a middle class neighborhood, her parents' home.

Occupation (if any):   Works at Holistan's Ether Refinement and Pharmaceutical Industries as a tester in the Ether Testing and Purification division; self-employed as ether smuggler

Skills/Hobbies (if any):   Highly skilled in ether testing/purification, ether medication production, math, chemistry.  She’s a skilled liar and easily deceptive.  Her hobbies are smuggling, playing piano, and singing.  She is also skilled in hand to hand combat and shooting small handguns

Financial/Societal Caste:  Abri outwardly appears middle class, having a blue collar job at the refinery.  In actuality, she is reasonably wealthy, with her money from smuggling going to family, charity, and hiding places around her home.  Makes 7,000 virtual credits per week at the refinery, makes about 10,000 paper credits per month with smuggling.

Weapons (if any):   Proficient with daggers and handguns (non-ether); also trained in hand to hand

Equipment (if any):  Daggers and handgun, backpack, light but insulated long leather coat, Palamino mare named Buttercup

Carries dagger in her knee high boot and another in a special holder that attaches to her belt in the back and underneath her long coat.  Small revolver in a holster behind her back, under her coat, next to the dagger, backpack with enough food for two days, water, ether pills hidden in different containers (all of this is only when she is smuggling; usually seed packages or canned food containers).  At work at the refinery, she wears the standard lab coat and safety equipment.  She also always wears a green ether meter that emits a very quiet, low buzz when she enters or leaves an ether area or city.  It also vibrates when she uses ether.  She has a horse, a large, gently Palamino mare named Buttercup.  Abri rides Buttercup often while in the city so she does not bring suspicion down on herself, though she got the horse mainly for her smuggling trips.

Back Story:
  Abri was raised in a middle class family with a loving housewife mother and a serious  father that was a Special Ops soldier in the military.  She has a sister and though they were close when they were young, they’ve drifted apart.  Her sister married into one of the prominent families in the city and they look down on her associating with a mere refinery worker.  

Abri’s father was non-user and her mother was a UU6 force empath.  Her father taught both her and her sister to fight and hold their own in hand to hand combat.  Abri also expressed an interest in weapons, so her father also taught her how to use them safely.  All these elements are things Abri has trained with regularly and has become quite good.  

When Abri was 20, her father was killed on a mission and in her grief, her mother started using ether drugs, quickly becoming addicted.  Abri hated to see her mother like that and tried to wean her off of the drugs.  One night, while Abri was working in the refinery, her mother jumped to her death from the roof of their home while suffering withdrawals from the drugs.  This was the event that started Abri smuggling.  She determined that using drugs was better than killing yourself over not having them and she started a mission to ensure that the poor and illegal always had access for affordable drugs.

Abri’s talent is somewhat like an actresses might be.  She excels at pretending to be an average, blue collar worker.  She appears innocent and sincere and honest…and legal.  She is a registered Force influence user, wears her ether meter all of the time.  She rarely uses her force unless necessary, though she can afford to use it.  Her goal is to appear to be the last person in the world that smuggles ether.  With her work schedule, she works 3 or 4 long night shifts at the refinery in a row and then has 3 days off.  She uses those three days to do her smuggling, on Buttercup, where she meets her contact.  She goes out once or twice per month.  During her work days, she smuggles out small amounts of ether pills and stores them up until she has a large enough shipment to make the trip worth it.  When on her smuggling trips, she tells the authorities that she is going to visit her ailing grandmother in another city.  If they looked it up, they would find record of her grandmother and that Abri enters and leaves the city when she says she is going to.  She meets her contact on the way to visit her "grandmother."  The woman portraying her grandmother is actually an older homeless woman without any Force powers that Abri hired.  Their deal is for the woman to pretend to be senile (which isn't too far off the mark) and in exchange Abri keeps a roof over her head and food in her belly.


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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by HikariKuragari on Thu May 02, 2013 11:31 pm

Name:  Arvaneh Nasreen Airleas

Color Code:  #00CC66

Age: 30

Gender:  Female


User Unit : UU2

Registry Code: D8921K5

User Abilities: Metal Make - Creates Steel or Artificial Chordium to shape in armors/projectiles weapons & others(Please see details in spoilers). Anything that she make out of steel is permanant until she decide to change it or that it get destroyed/heavily damaged. Anything made out of Chordium have a certain time limit before it shatters and she would be immune to its effect, but other force users around her could have difficulties. See spoiler for details.

Check details on the ability in the spoilers ;
Steel(Main Use) : Can make permanant armor or sharp projectile object such as knives. She is also capable to make sword out of it, although she would rather rely on her real one rather then the ones made with her ability. If needed, she could use her ability to patch a hole in the ship. If wanted she could make more artistic forms like flowers made of steel, but these would only last for some months before they would desintegrate and she can't make perfect forms out of these. The best artistic thing she was able to make were masks for her pirate raids. Steel armor can block a few bullets if thick enough, if not it will only slow those down, but it will go through.

Chordium(Second Use) : This metal is quite tricky to use considering it have a wide range of effects. Although she is immuned by it, her crew isn't and there's quite a few force users among her crew. Which is why she use it only in more dangerous matters and when a plan has been made for her to be at a safe distance from other force users. She'll use this metal mostly to make armor when she need to protect herself of higher threat, although considering it is highly affected by ether around her... the armor would last only for an hour at top. It have high defense against other force users ability however as well as being strong enough to stop most bullets. She would at time make a knife out of it in the middle of a fight when the ennemy isn't looking to strike a ennemy force user with it.

Chordium stats comparaison :
Real Chordium --  20 DEF, 18 ETHER STOP, 30ft RANGE
Arvaneh's CHordium --  14 DEF, 10 ETHER STOP, 10-15ft RANGE
Art. Chordium (at the best grade) --  12 DEF, 5 ETHER STOP, 1-5 feet RANGE

(Tell me if anything needs to be added)

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Vrin’daa, the “Skytown” is where she is from. Now however she travel the world for merchant trades on her ship.

Occupation (if any):  Self-employed. Captain of an airship working with ether as source of energy. Goes from place to place to deliver merchandise, sometimes transport people who wish for a lift for a reasonable price. (Under the clean surface however hide the Captain of a pirate ship. She sometimes launch attacks on other ships and steal all their goods, reselling those after and taking more money for her ultimate goal.)

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Subject to have info added if I forgot stuff :
Skills : Great dealer, great leader, strategist, good liar when she need it, great navigator skills, great knowledge of the world she live in,  sailor, survival skills, good to draw maps of her surroundings, very agile, precise with throwing sharp objects, very good with sword and daggers also, good observer, smart.  If needed to use it, she also knows well how to use a pistol. Lockpick

Fighting style :  Use her agility and precision to her advantage to dodge hits and counter.  On close combat, she would use her real sword and dagger mostly.

Hobbies : Reading, Drawing, taking care of her armor set that is real and sleeping into her cabin as decoration, sharpening her real knives, knife throwing game that is in her quarters, also love to write stories for the fun of it as she always had a lot of imagination. Love to play around with her pistol, twisting it around just for the fun of it.

Financial/Societal Caste: Wealthy. Her business is working well and she was already comfortable in money before this.
Weapons (if any): Small projectiles weapons produced by her force in advance looking like small shuriken and/or knives. Also have a light sword and a dagger equipped at all time that are real in case she would need to go on close combat. Extra set of small knives other than the ones she make with her force. She however always use her projectiles made by her force in advance first. Have a pistol which she barely ever use, some think it is for decoration. It is truly a real one however... she doesn't enjoy the use of fire weapon other than playing around with it or bluffing to obtain something.

**Check character picture for sword and dagger appearance ! As for the pistol... *

Equipment (if any): Armor produced by her force, may change depending to where she is going. It is always made of metal, most of the time one of steel, however and she always at least have a layer of metal over her skin and under her clothes or a chest plate for more dangerous jobs. The size and appearance of the chest plate and other possible armor varies from time to time. Most of the time she have armor that is not too heavy as her fighting style is more an agile style than anything else. Always have something in case she would have to undo a lock. Arvaneh also always have a water skin on her.

Ether Meter : Is always hidden under her boot, around her ankle. It is of brown color with a few black lines, almost look like leather to match the boot's color.

Back Story:
Arvaneh Nasreen Airleas, the name of a woman known for her good deals and fast trades across the land. Of course this one lady have a story that goes a way back. One of her first fateful encounter was probably with Mickey, of course at the time they were children going to the same school.  They were really close friends at the time in fact and supported each other. Trained from a young age in acrobatics and sword play, Arvaneh was excelling in both art, making some physical school programs quite easy for her. This had brought her some friends who thought she was cool, but the question was were they just there for lessons ? Or to be truly her friend ?  Around her eight years old, she discovered a power of metal.... in fact it had protected her from a heavy furniture that could have easily crushed her at the time. It was amazing, but quite frightening at the same time... the moment the kids knew about it however, her coolness had dropped to zero. It was like everyone had been brainwashed, questions came to her as in why were they acting this way ? Why couldn't they accept it as just a part of her, the way she was ?  Even Mickey had rejected her, she couldn't understand why. Seeing how serious the matter had become, her parents decided to transfer her to an academy for her own good. What was a good surprise to her however was that... three of her friends continued to visit her, those same three who were always asking for advice.  Those three are today part of her crew as well, but to continue in the past...

As she joined the academy of her town, she was more motivated than ever to be free and make a world where some would accept force users. But to reach that goal, a role that people would trust was necessary, one where you would be free like the wind. One of great power. Arvaneh already knew at this point that she wanted to be a merchant with a ship working out with ether. Little would other knows however is that she had far greater plans then just a merchant. Quickly making her way up to the academy, her abilities had been notified and in fact in fact, when she reached the age of fifteen, she was approached by someone. From there her academy expense were and force usage expense were all paid by this company who had higher her as a bodyguard. She was quite suiting to the job considering her ability. There she met with Norven and they quickly became friends, becoming quite the perfect combo in fact. This one had a force of power and she had a force of mainly defense. Only to learn quickly enough that this young man was going to the same academy as her. When she trusted him enough, she mentioned her projects or at least the clean surface of it and he states that he would follow her in it.  In this academy she had met several other people that were fantastic. Learning about many things, she set her feet into the world.

On her eighteen, she finally graduated from the academy along with her comrades who decided to follow her into the trading. Arvaneh looked into the matter of getting a flying ship, but her parents quickly made her understand that they continued to put money aside for her future. Which was just what she needed along with her savings to get one. The project was possible and after exploring the world a bit with it and gathering more people, she finally register as a merchant at the age of nineteen and she was ready to start her adventures.

The Pegason Corp quickly became well known, in fact her ship on the clean side had the name of Pegasus and thus why the company name. Safe deliveries and trades were what made them famous. They were known to always deliver the merchandise safely and knew how to defend themselves should someone attempt to raid them. They had strong defense and offense after all, both with the ship and with the crew. What some people did not know however is that they also had a famous reputation along pirates, one of being flawless at raiding and stealing goods from other ships in some places where they would not be seen.  The more Arvaneh learned about the world and the corrupted governments who were just stealing from people themselves, she just wanted to crush them. Slowly building her contacts list around the world, she had more and more ears and eyes everywhere. She also was considered as an ally of many pirates that had similar politics to hers. In fact most of them also supported her and they would offer a hand when the time would be right. As she was almost reaching her 25, she come on a unexpected encounter as she see Mickey for the first time in many years and her unit ? It seem the lady was a leader of a ether hound troop. The encounter was quite something, but they could somehow find peace in their friendship so to say. Funny how her friend had become one of the thing her crew should fear the most, but it only thrilled her to be closer to danger.

Around her twenty-six years old of living, she encounter a boy who once was traveling with a family of Pirates she knew well. In fact this one was the Captain's son. Seeing how he was in a fix, she used her diplomatic skills and Norven's intimidation skills to get away with the young man.  She knew of his true position and occupations in the world as well as his ability and name. As his father had asked to look after him, she fulfilled that request by taking him onboard. He became the able bodied sailor of her ship.  The expression on his face when he knew of where he was standing was priceless, in fact Arvaneh will always remember it. Though the one problem was the fact that he wasn't registered and so every time they would approach a city or a military vessel , he would have to hide in the secret room made of lead. Perfect to keep scanner from seeing any ether or aura behind its wall. Leon understood in the end that it was probably better to be registered in order to truly be free.  Arvaneh promised she would cover his fee as well, but she was glad he accepted after some time. She didn't like to keep him from his own freedom every time like this.  After registering him, they resumed their normal routine, Arvaneh wondering where this Mickey had ran to. Maybe she was busy with work as well or something ?

(See Spoiler for encounter with Leon : )

- Outside near docks -

It had been months since he'd snuck out from home that first night. He had talked his way aboard a few ships, performed in a few of the smaller towns, and avoided the bigger ones.

All in all, he wasn't doing too bad for himself. At least until the port town of Roanapura.

A seedy town where mostly criminals and the like gathered, Leon had hoped to make a few quick dollars and be on his way. It had started innocently enough; a highwire act to the delight of the crowd, but then he'd had the misfortune to leap onto the masts of The Scorcher, owned by the vicious pirate Rennoth. He didn't like people casually on his ship.

"Ya little bastard! Come down here!" he roared.

"Keep your panties on, Cap'n!" Leon had called down good-naturedly. "I'm merely passing through!"

"I have something that'll pass through ya, boy!"

It almost didn't process when the first bullet had almost grazed him. "Looks like it's time to exit, stage left!"

He pulled out a knife and threw at the captain's hand, diverting the next shot he took and making the captain curse something fierce. "Hope you don't kiss your mother with that mouth!"

He leapt to another ship, swung down, and landed onto port, quickly making away from the area with Rennoth and his men in hot pursuit.

- Inside a Merchant shop -

Arvaneh had come on this town with only a few members of her crew on a smaller ship for business affairs. Of course this business went well as always, she would make great profit
of this merchandise. Before finishing the business however, one of her man comes in to interrupt.

''Excuse me... Cap'n.''

''I hope you have a good reason for interrupting this meeting Charles.''

This one only look at the other man with an apology look and approach his Captain to whisper something in her ear. ''There's some action outside ma'am, it's Nesbit's son it seems.''

Arvaneh smile and says loudly ''I see, well I'll be right there, you go on ahead. I'll join you after this deal is made. ''

With this, her crew member leaves and the business man look a bit worried. ''Is something the matter M'lady ?''

''No need to worry good friend. Simply that another deal is on the way. '' The lady says even though it wasn't exactly a deal, more likely a possible new crew member.

''I see.... quite the busy Lady are you ? Here I won't hold you any longer, you offered me a good price for such high quality material after all. '' With this they complete the
transaction and after a polite farewell, Arvaneh goes outside. She casually walk toward her ship to not make anything suspicious.


- Back outside near docks -

Charles follow the trace of the kid, taking a few shortcut to try and get some advance, when he does, he wait for him to come by the backalley he was at and he suddenly catch the boy when he expect it the less. His first move was to place his finger on his mouth to try and not make the men come. ''Follow me.'' He whispered before going forward in the back alley.

Leon stopped abruptly as a man appeared in one of the alleyways ahead of him abruptly. He made a silencing gesture and told him to follow him. Leon shrugged; the man seemed more promising than the gun-toters behind him.

Charles and Leon took a long run into the back alley to finally get close enough to Arvaneh's small ship. He made Leon rush toward this one, but the other pirates had caught on. It mattered not however as Arvaneh was already there with her right arm trusted man who had been guarding the ship, Norven Jamros. This one had a Ether bracelet around his wrist.

''About time you show up Charles. '' Arvaneh said with a smile.

''Sorry we got a bit delayed Ma'am.''

''Hop in and prepare the engine Charles, we won't be long. ''

The other pirates comes by looking rather unfriendly. ''I'd suggest you get inside as well boy.'' Arvaneh says before turning toward the others with her right arm.

''What's all that ruckus on this fine evening gentlemen ? ''

The man by her side remained silent, but looked rather anxious, not out of fear, but rather to not bash their heads.

The woman looked familiar, but he couldn't place her off the top of his head. He dipped his head in thanks. "Looks like I owe you one," he said.

Once inside, he listened as she dealt with the men. Whoever she was, she was sure of herself.

''Who the hell are you ?! '' The pirate boss said.

''Funny way to ask a lady a name. Either way I don't feel like telling you, but I am only a merchant in business. ''

''You... give us the boy or els-''

''Or what ?...'' The man beside the lady said looking like he was about to explode from the way his Captain was spoken to.
The pirate was about to shoot him from up close, but before he could, Norven grab the gun and bend it in two like it was nothing.

''Nu-uh Not the way to discuss business boys, violence is very unhealthy. '' The woman said teasing them.

The pirate man seemed quite terrified and backed up a bit after seeing the eyes of the man next to the woman. It was obvious that if this one could kill them on the spot he probably would have.
Most of the men ran away and so did the Captain ''I'll get you next time !'' He yelled before going.

''Well, looks like that's done, let's go. Before they get the time to have their ship to follow us.'' The captain said before going inside the ship with Norven. ''I'm sorry, but if you don't mind boy, let's push the business talk and proper introduction when we'll reach my main ship. Charles, launch the ship.... Now !''

''Yes ma'am !'' He said staring the small ship.

"Hey, hey," Leon said, holding his hands up placatingly. "Not that I'm ungrateful or anything. But I just left several days worth of money back on those docks. I kinda need that. So, if you'll excuse me..."

The lady stop the boy ''You'll make a lot more with me boy and I believe your life is worth more than this money. Money can be replaced, a life cannot. You'll understand once we get to my main ship boy, you won't regret the trip.'' The small ship launch from the docks as she said her words.

Leon made a face. "You can quit with the 'boy,' if you please," he said as respectfully as a teenager could when his ego was getting bruised. "The name's Leon."

Leon looked askance at the guy. Yeesh. He didn't know how to deal with those types.

- Main boat Tarnikos -

Before long they made it to the main ship that was in the area and it was quite a sight. This flying ship had a more traditional look, yet seemed to be very rough and quite capable
to take hit and defend itself. It seemed to be used as a merchant ship however given the cargos on the deck.

They come down the small ship to go in this big one and Charles leave with the small one of to somewhere else. ''He'll get their attention away from us, so we can sail in peace. '' Everyone greeted the Captain and Norven who were back to the ship and she did a sign to Leon for him to follow her. She guide him into her Captain quarters that looked more like some kind of lounge to be honest.

Norven stayed outside to keep watch so they would not be bothered by anyone. ''Well well let's get down to business... Leon Nesbit, son of Mycroft Nesbit. I would like you to join forces with me and be one of my trusted sailors. Of course you can feel free to gain little extra by performing in places we stop to. Of course I will pay you for your services, what do you say ?'' The woman said with a sincere smile.

''Oh where are my manners, I should have introduced myself at this point. Arvaneh Nasreen Airleas is the full name of mine, Captain of this beauty known by the pirates as the Tarmikos... known by merchants as the Pegason. Welcome aboard.'' She adds with a wink.

He blinked in surprise when she used his full name, then mentioned his father. Then she gave her name and his jaw dropped. He'd heard of her. A really good pirate.
He forced himself to calm down. "Well, you have me dead to rights," he said. "But I'm afraid that's not a good idea. I'm a man of fortune, y'see. I go where the wind blows and live a carefree life of adventure." It would do them no good to carry a Force user on their ship, but he couldn't tell them that--he didn't know which way they swung on the scale, after all.

''Well I'm a woman of fortune and travel the whole world in search for new deals and things to sell. Along with... some treasures along the way if you know what I mean.'' She then get closer to him and with a smile she says ''About your force powers, don't worry about it. I know of the little accident that happened a few months ago and honestly I don't care about that. Just try and be careful with it that is all I'm asking. There is some places however where you'll be able to use it however you want. '' She said with a shrug.

''And honestly boy, you're not the only force user around.'' She said while removing her boot to show a ether meter that was a bit higher than her ankle. ''See ? ... We also keep away from cities

with aura detection, so you will be safe.'' She said, her smile turning to a grin. ''So ? Still have some worries ? Because I'm ready to hire you now. Do we have a deal ? ''

Leon gaped in open-mouthed astonishment. Well. There was nothing for it. He held out his hand. "Just don't call me 'boy.'" He said with a flirty wink.

Arvaneh bursted in a laugh. ''Alright Leon. Welcome to the Tarmikos. A pleasure to have you aboard.'' She said returning the wink.

About two years later she finally see Mickey again, but ... it was rather a strange meeting. The woman did not have her own unit anymore nor did she seem high rank. It's then that Arvaneh learned that her friend too had discovered a force power.  It did not surprise her of how much others around her must have acted toward her. Especially they are all ether hound. The unit she was with though seemed to respect her at least, but still.  People fear what is different and act with terrible manners toward others of their own specie. From there, Arvaneh sometime give a lift to her good friend when she need to, even if her crew doesn't exactly like having an ether hound on board, they don't show it and give Mickey a warm welcome every time.

Today, her business is going very well and she dream of the day where the world will be free of those greedy bastards that think they can lead the world with pretty words about saving the planet when they are the first to eat all of the planet ether for normal things. She is certain that another type of energy could be found that would be far greater and wouldn't take the ether away. Force users aren't taking this much compared to those machines in her opinion. They should be free to use it for the good.

The Tarnakos would lead them and a whole fleet to victory for freedom one day and nothing would stop her from doing so. Just you wait governments !

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Sat May 04, 2013 4:12 am

Name:  Emily Grantchester
Color Code:  #A4A4A4
Age:  25 years old
Gender:  Female
User Unit :  UU-4, UU-3
Registry Code:  BLD1356
User Abilities:  
1) Conquest (UU-4) – The ability to create a field (up to 100 meter radius sphere) that individuals identified as ‘hostile’ will not be able to enter. Those ‘hostile’ force-users caught within the field will be physically weakened and have their ether efficiency drastically reduced (down to 5% normal levels or by 2 user units at the very least) until they leave the field, to which they won’t be able to enter again.
Emily must clearly indicate which are to be considered ‘hostile’ and not. Failure to do so might result in unpleasant consequences. Projectile and physical attacks can pass through the field, though their physical force will be reduced by three-fourth, and ether-based attacks would quickly fizzle out in as quickly as three seconds. ‘Hostile’ individuals can challenge Emily to a duel in order to gain access. Only one at a time can do so, and even then his/her ether efficiency will be affected once inside the field. To be fair, both Emily and the hostile can set the terms of the duel. If the individual wins the duel, the field will dissipate completely and instantly. If he/she doesn’t, then he/she gets forcefully ejected out of the field, temporarily robbed of his/her ability to convert and use ether for 18 hours. In the case of non-Force users, they will be rendered unconscious for the same amount of time. Conquest only lasts for up to two hours, and needs a two-day cooldown before it can be used again.

2) Freedom of Speech (UU-3) – The ability to create up to ten orbs that can float and fly, and can also facilitate mental communication; basically, a limited yet simple and powerful network that cannot be tapped by any means except mind reading.
One orb must remain with Emily, while the others attach themselves to five other people, their foreheads to be more precise. Anyone can relay messages throughout the network just by thinking about it, making it a truly effective method of communication. Emily primarily uses it in coordinating the efforts of her Task Force. Ether consumption is practically low, so Emily can use this force however she likes. The orbs are more like clear beads that glisten when shined on by light. This gives the wearer the illusion that he/she has a holy mark or something… more demonic. This is why the Anti-ELF Task Force is known as the ‘Marked Hunters.’

Hometown/City/Reservation: Born in Challiswor, moved to Cor'Thian for Task Force Operations
Registered Residence: Grantchester Estate, located near the outskirts of the city; a simple, unassuming house in Cor'Thian
Occupation (if any): Lieutenant of the Anti-ELF Task Force
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  
- Military Strategy and Tactics
- Dual Swordfighting – Katana
- Archery

- Diplomacy
- Basic First-Aid
- Coercion/Intimidation
- Risk Analysis
- Forecasting

- Writing ecchi stories
- Listening to classical music
- Dreaming of world conquest
- Trying (and failing) to make origami
- Advocating equality between Force Users and Non-Users

Financial/Societal Caste:  Wealthy
Weapons (if any):
- Katana - Expert
- Archery - Veteran

- Roukanken and Hakurouken
- Competition Bow

Equipment (if any):  
- Ether Meter

  • Color: Pink
  • Lines: Default configuration, but will modify later
  • Voice: Korean Female
- Ether Tracker
- Ether Scanner
- First Aid Pouch
- Silver Necklace (memento from her deceased mentor and father)
- Lieutenant Badge

Back Story:  
The name Grantchester speaks of a history, one that is full of glory, riches, and blood; for to be named a Grantchester is to be labelled a conqueror, a great individual who desires nothing but to rule over all. They are warriors, diplomats, assassins, but first and foremost they are conquerors. Through the era of the Force Users they thrived, being naturally blessed with the blood of the adepts. Most offspring can wield otherworldly powers even at a tender age, and all of them rise up to be high-ranking soldiers in the military or powerful businessmen and court officials. And even during the time when Ether levels are running dangerously low and Force Users became near-outcasts of society, the Grantchester family has maintained their high standing through a complex network of connections with businesses and the military.

Of course, they always give back to the people by serving them through whatever means, using their powers for the good of all, and vowing to eradicate the heathen elves for their crimes against the people. It is into this family that Emily was born into, and she has thrived despite all the discriminatory accusations against her and her bloodline.

Emily manifested her powers when she was ten years old, a fresh young girl in elementary. Before she enrolled, the rest of the kids were expecting her to be a prim, proper, and slightly snobbish princess. They didn’t expect her to be prim, proper, and downright rowdy. She wasn’t afraid to tumble down with the large boys in her class, because she always manages to come out on top each and every time. Actually, she gained reputation as the Girl Hero, because she personally made sure that no one was bullied in the class. It was obvious though that she was much harsher on boys than on girls.

Then her powers manifested. Once when a group of big fat meanies tried to harass a group of helpless girls, Emily stood in front of them and instinctively commanded them to go no further. The boys followed her orders, but not by choice; there seemed to be an invisible barrier that was centered on Emily. Weirder still was that all the boys could not pass through that barrier and the boys stuck on the other side suddenly felt weak all of a sudden. In contrast, the girls had no problem whatsoever.

That manifestation quickly turned the entire class against her. For three minutes they did nothing but make fun of Emily, throwing jeers and insults at her for being a Force User. The boys were even saying that she was just a pussy who couldn’t do anything without her powers. At this point, she surprised everyone by lowering her barrier and making quick work of the boys who suddenly rushed her; all of them, down on the ground because of a girl wielding a meterstick.

“Let this be a lesson to you, gentlemen. Do not judge a book by its cover… or a person by his status. I am a noble, and a Force User, but I can still apply painful force to your posteriors. That translates to kick all your asses,” then, according to one kid, her expression suddenly softened and the she said, “A Grantchester is sworn to the service of the people under him, proud Force Users utilizing their powers for good! This is why I implore you, friends. Reconsider the next time you insult a Force User, for he might end up saving your life one day.”

The next day she was transferred to the Force Academy, and from then on it was smooth sailing to a position in the Military as a high-ranking officer. She would oversee operations against the illegal trades of tainted Ether and the criminal activities of Elves. Her prowess with the rapier along with a great mind for tactics and unique powers made her a valued asset in armed operations. She was almost considered for the position of General, before that incident happened.

There was a bombing at an orphanage funded by the Grantchester family. It was home to one of her younger sisters, who didn’t pursue a life in business, politics or military but instead used her modest powers to bring happiness to those that need it. There wasn’t even time for warnings; the explosions just came out of nowhere, right when the orphanage was having their annual Food Fair. Her sister was head chef at the time, and there was nothing left of her when Emily arrived at the scene. Emily used to view elves as unfortunate individuals who needed guidance and a bit of support in order to get back again on the right track. But it all changed that day; it became personal.

Emily was an advocate of equality between Force Users and Non-Users. And she truly believed with all her heart that elves were the biggest obstacle in the fulfilment of this equality. Therefore she will do anything in her power to eradicate them and their homelands in the pursuit of her ideals. To this end, she formed the Anti-ELF Task Force, and created a base of operations in the town of Cor'Thian, the settlement closest to the Elven Hinterlands. Their mission is to eradicate the presence of elves from the continent, and it is Emily's personal vendetta to see this mission through... thoroughly.


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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Sun May 05, 2013 12:10 pm

Name: Covina Maresca

Color Code: #FB74CC

Age: 24

Gender: Female


User Unit : N/A (Non force user)

Registry Code: N/A (Non force user)

User Abilities: N/A (Non force user)

Hometown/City/Reservation: Dedonia

Occupation (if any): Freelance Journalist

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Being a journalist writes, reads and can be nosy with the best of them.
She is also semi skilled in martial arts. Enough to protect her self.

Financial/Societal Caste: The family is well off and her parents are kind enough to give her anything she needs.

Weapons (if any): None

Equipment (if any): When she leaves the confines of her comfy home town she will travel by motorbike which runs on gas and have a backpack which contains a few days worth of clothing another pair of comfy shoes. At least 5 writing pads. What feels like endless amounts of pencils , among other writing equipment. Her diary and a wallet, within her wallet there is the usual credits and cash credits and a family card which she can use in emergencies. On her person she carries a refillable bottle of water.

Back Story:
Being an only child Covina grew up not wanting or needing anything having lived in a well off family after her father worked many years at the top in the oil trade and they paid him fairly well for it. Her mother was a simple house wife but she did it so well. Always helping with homework and cooking such delicious meals. She did sometimes wish she had a brother or sister to share it with but that was soon forgotten when she started school and had plenty of friends there.

However after living in Dedonia all her life where force user immigration and tourists were not accepted She has been told.. drummed into her head that force users were bad and to stay away from them. No exact reason as to why. Just.. to stay away from them. She's finished her schooling and has decided it's time to move on and make bigger things of her self and explore the world outside of her home and find out just what's so terrible about Force users. After all she never did listen to her teachers or parents warnings. Once she's travelling she'll be a freelance Journalist writing articles for her income.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Luna on Sun May 05, 2013 4:32 pm

Name:  Sakura Alavance
Age:  24
Gender:  Female
Appearance: http://kir-tat.deviantart.com/art/guns-138840796?q=favby%3Ajackskillet%2F45341571&qo=72
User Unit :  NA
Registry Code:  NA
User Abilities:  NA
Hometown/City/Reservation:  Ilkairteon
Occupation (if any): Bounty hunter
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Is a master marks man with her gun, Is also a master at throwing knives. She loves to read poetry and write poetry when she has the time. She is skilled in stealth and being unseen when needed.
Financial/Societal Caste:  Upper middle
Weapons (if any):  proficiencies: Guns, throwing knives, grenades and daggers. Equipped: one Guns, two throwing knives and currently one grenades. Has ten rounds of ammo for her gun, 15 darts only four has Chordium inside and ready to use. Has no extra chordium currently on her.
Equipment (if any): Weapons that are currently equipped, a bag that contains some clothes, food, contact information for clients, information on current bounties, rope, pencils, notebook and a knife sharpener.  Have ten rounds of ammo for her gun, 15 darts only four has Chordium inside and ready to use. Has no extra chordium currently on her. She is wearing a bullet proof vest and arm guards on.
Back Story:  When Sakura was younger, she watched as her brother Vincent killed her parents from trying to hone his Force skills. She turned her back on him and vowed that one day she would be strong enough to kill him and take revenge on all force users. It was their fault that innocent people died because they wanted their ether. If they would just keep their mouths closed and stayed on their reservations like they were supposed to then this would not have happened. Including her brother. Once he knew he had a force he should have went. How dare he not think of the other people living on this planet? As time went on she discovered she hated men. The way they approached her sometimes was just disgusting, thus she figured she was a lesbian as she did seem attracted to women. An older gentleman by the name of Navi Akayo, whom is in his fifties now, but when he was in his thirties he found the little girl running around solo announcing all her hate for force users. He took her in. He was a bounty hunter up until a freak accident made it too hard for him to travel and now he is retired. She began picking up bits of information from him and when she finally told him she was interested in his profession of bounty hunting he trained her on how to use the gun and any other information she would need to be able to do her job. For three years they were partners until his accident. So between 10-18 she was an apprentice then at 18 she became his partner and then at 21 she was on her own. She has decided she would rather have speed versus more armor so she only wears minimum armor.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Kiseki on Mon May 06, 2013 1:36 pm

Name: Kiran Holloway

Color Code: #E8FF72

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Appearance: His height is 5'11". Picture!

Religion: None

User Unit : 4

Registry Code: 81P9E25

User Abilities: Force Light: Kiran can light up any object he touches, and the light lasts for up to 5 minutes. It can be bright enough to temporarily blind someone who looks directly at it. He can affect existing light sources (not including the sun) by amplifying, diminishing, or changing the light's colour, which also lasts for up to 5 minutes. He is also capable of perceiving infrared light for up to 3 minutes. Kiran can use his force offensively by focusing light into a concentrated beam, which burns what it touches.  

Hometown/City/Reservation: Lives in Xan'Tartica, originally from Ilkairteon.

Occupation (if any): Has a day job working on an airship for the Ether Efficiency Enterprise. Also chemically refines Ether to be sold as drugs.

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Chemistry, refining Ether, cleaning, guns

Financial/Societal Caste: Fairly poor, social outcast.

Weapons (if any): Two handguns, skilled but not an expert.

Equipment (if any): The two guns, a pouch with extra bullets (he owns many bullets including 15 made of Chordium alloy, though he never carries all of them at one time), Ether meter (default settings, orange in colour)

Back Story:
Back Story:
Kiran was raised by his father in Ilkairteon, an Ether engineer who worked for the Ether Efficiency Enterprise in Xan'Tartica. The man was often engrossed in his work and although he tried to spend time with his son, Kiran was frequently neglected. Acting on a need to be closer to his father, he took an interest in working with Ether at a young age and tried to get involved with the man's work at home. He did this until he was 16, when one day, his father didn't return from work. The EEE informed him that there had been an accident at work in which the man had died. Kiran was not satisfied with the vague explanation, but the company never sent him more details.

Devastated and unsure of what to do on his own, Kiran ended up dropping out of high school to go to Xan'Tartica, the last known location of his father. Upon arriving at EEE, he found no new information. However, to his surprise, the company was willing to hire him. Kiran accepted, hoping to find out something about his father, and also in dire need of money. He got an apartment in the city where he lived alone for two years, which was difficult for him. To cope with the feeling of being very vulnerable, Kiran took an interest in guns.

When he was 18, Kiran found a homeless boy named Lewyn and decided to take him in, as he happened to have a spare room in his apartment. The two soon began their business of selling tainted Ether, which utilized Kiran's knowledge of Ether from his father's work. A year later, he discovered another stray named Kashel, who he also decided to take home despite not having another bed for him. Kiran cares very much for his two roommates and friends, and often worries about their wellbeing.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Tokahia on Wed May 08, 2013 6:35 pm

Name:  Katey "Kate" Valendorf

Color Code:  #F00000

Age: 23

Gender:  Female

Appearance: Her height is 5' 8", she has black hair, green eyes

http://remingtons.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/lizzy-caplan-as-juliette-flowers-1.jpg <-Minus the Shotgun and add a Trench coat, a pouch for throwing knives and some Revolver holsters.

User Unit :  N/A

Registry Code:  N/A

User Abilities:  N/A

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Kate lives in a house outside the city limits of Verdania. On the other side of the river south east of Verdania near the mountain.

Occupation (if any):  Unemployed

Skills/Hobbies (if any): Skills - Sewing, Cooking, minor first aid, Reading books

Financial/Societal Caste:  Rich

Weapons (if any):  
Proficiencies - Handguns, Polearms, Throwing Knives, Hand to Hand
Equipped - Two Six shot Revolvers, 20 Throwing Knives, Custom Polearm - At one end is a large sphere the other end has three curved edges that resmble talons on a bird

Equipment (if any):  Two Revolvers, 120 extra rounds, 20 Throwing Knives, Custom Polearm, 5000 Credits in mixed bills.

Back Story:
Kate was born in Verdania, to Johnathan and Maria Valendorf. At the young age of Ten, Kate saw her mother killed by the hands of force users. Johnathan didn't want to ever teach his daughter how to use a gun, but when she turned Twelve, she was given her first lesson on using a revolver. Kate wanted to drive out the Force user scum, but her father taught her about the history of the Valendorf name.

Upon hearing that her great ancestor Hiyori Valendorf was one of three sisters that had force powers, she was in shock. Kate didn't want to be one of the force scum she hated so much, but there was no denying her past. Her father then went on to tell her about all the wonders that Hiyori had done. As a Blind Earth User she had been the one to set up a city in the desert for harmony. Force Users and Non-Users could live there in peace. He told her about all the adventures that Hiyori had in Aelmoore.

In between his stories he would teach Kate how to use weapons for self-defense. He eventually went on to tell her about another Force user in their family history. Claudia Valendorf was the first Metal User in the Valendorf history. She had become sheriff to a town that no longer liked Force Users. Kate wondered how that was even possible, though by the time she even heard of Claudia Valendorf she was 17. Her Father had now moved from Revolvers to teaching her how to use a Polearm.

With each passing story and each lesson Kate hated Users less. Her father had told her how though they were rich that they lived in the small ranch house that they did to honor Claudia Valendorf. He told her that she single handily fought outlaws to protect a town that didn't even love her. When she turned 20 her pole arm training was done, her father presented her with the outfit and weapon that Claudia had used to save her town.

Two years later Johnathan Valendorf had died from a heart attack. Kate was now on her own in the ranch house. She had come a long way from the angry child she was. No longer having her dad to feed her, she had to learn how to cook and sew. After a while she had tried to join the Authorities. When she heard about the laws against Force Users she left without ever setting foot back into that office.

After leaving her job, that she never joined in the first place, she added onto her skills. She started learning throwing knives. She wasn't very good, but she was still learning. Kate didn't have to work seeing as how the Valendorf family had always been rich, but she wasn't one of the rich snobs that wouldn't go out looking for work. In time she eventually upgraded Claudia's outfit. She had given it two revolver holsters, to hold the revolvers that she and her dad used to train her with.

Kate had also given the outfit a pouch for her throwing knives and another one for spare ammo. Her trench coat that she had bought now had magnets sewn into the back. They were strong magnets to hold her polearm without it moving around or having to wear some ridiculous holster for it. Only two months after her fathers death, Kate hired a house keeper. That person was Jenny DeLeon, a Water Force user. When she had first met Jenny, who had been begging for spare credits just to eat, Kate felt sorry for her. Having hired her, Kate felt something more between them. It wasn't until Kate's 23rd birthday that Jenny had told Kate how she felt.

Kate felt that if they were to be together, then Jenny could no longer work for her. Jenny knew this as well, but she didn't mind being fired if it meant being with Kate. The two had a few rough spots with people attacking the house over their relationship. Kate wasn't going to let user haters separate her from Jenny though. Every time one would show up all Kate had to do was shoot near them and it would spook their attackers.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:37 pm

Name: Nicholas "Nick" DeRamsey

Color Code: #1953ff

Age:   33

Gender:   Male

Appearance:   6'2", Green eyes, messy dark brown hair.


User Unit : N/A
Registry Code: N/A
User Abilities:  N/A

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Ilkairteon

Occupation:   Etherologist

Skills/Hobbies:   Research, the general sciences, Ph. D (or equivalent) in Ether Theory, good with paperwork and navigating bureaucracy, engineer by hobby, & violinist

Financial/Societal Caste:   Bottom of the upper class. Respectable but not noteworthy to the movers and shakers. Has a small research grant, and petty cash account through the university (receipts exist right?  :shock: ). He has a small but comfortably furnished apartment.

Proficient with & has:
- Medium caliber revolver (6 round load, 4 reloads)
- Lever action rifle (8 round magazine, 40 extra shells)
- Pair of kukris

- Field research kits
- Navigation tools (maps, compass, spyglass)
- Two extra pairs of glasses
- A small yarn charm bracelet
- A tool kit
- Weapon maintenance kits
- Small first aid pack
- A backpack to hold it all
- A leather satchel
- Lots of notebooks and pens
- A wooden violin, case, and extra bows/string.

Back Story:
Nick never knew his parents. They had been killed in an airship crash when he was very young. He was adopted by his father's older brother; an educated and modestly wealthy man. An inventor by trade, he passed down a love of science and humanity to Nick.

He was raised on books, experiments, and high society. At the age of seventeen he entered University, earning several degrees in a variety of subjects. However the looming Ether depletion crisis weighed ever on his mind, and it became the focus of his education. Eventually, he accepted a research position with a group studying the newly discovered ley-line wells. These vast sources of power had been lauded as a quick solution to the problem (and in all rights advanced modern Ether knowledge considerably), but in the end proved unfruitful.

Frustrated with the lack of progress in a laboratory environment, Nick turned back to history and lore, steadily becoming convinced that an answer could only be found by observing and exploring interaction with the Ether in the natural environment. Many questioned his motives and the source of his arguments, brushing his theories off as comical. Finally after much campaigning he was awarded an exploratory grant to find evidence to support his ideas (also because the grant board was tired of hearing about them).

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Ink on Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:36 am

Name:  Ratchet Hearken
Color Code:  #990000
Age:  25
Gender:  F
User Unit : N/A
Registry Code:  N/A
User Abilities:

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Verdania
Occupation (if any):  Ratchet is self-employed and operates as and a bounty collector, spending most of her time traveling and hunting anyone they're offering a reward to catch.  She also hunts animals to sell their hides and meat.  She sells her inventions every once in a while as well, but usually "Garage Sale" style and not as a business.
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  Ratchet is surprisingly brilliant and is a remarkably talented inventor in many respects.  She is also a talented kick-boxer and a noticeably avid marksman.  Her mastery of firearms and second only to her overall genius mind as she is intelligent in far more than simply the field of invention.  She is incredibly agile and has a quick wit about her.  In fact, many have called her insane.  She has stated before that if she wasn't, she probably wouldn't be alive.
Financial/Societal Caste:  Ratchet's wanderer lifestyle makes classification of her financial situation difficult.  She is often seen as lower class or the bottom of the middle class.  Because of her lifestyle, however, she's decently well off to fend for herself in uncivilized territory.
Weapons (if any):
Proficiencies - Virtually any form of firearm, especially rifles and revolvers.
Equipped - Ratchet always has two revolvers on her person, tucked into the holsters around her waist, she carries a Rifle, resting in the harness on her back and wears a double-barrel shotgun in that same harness.  She also has a hunting knife and three sticks of TNT.

Equipment (if any):
Ammunition Belt - On Ratchet's belt is a pouch with 12 bullets for her revolvers, 30 shells for her rifle and shotgun, and 5 net capsules of her own design, also fired from the shotgun.
Water Canteen - Ratchet constantly travels and therefor must keep up her supply of water.
Matches - Aside from lighting the TNT, Ratchet needs a way to keep herself warm and cook her food.
Tools - Ratchet has a wide array of tools with which she can forge some of her greatest inventions.
Compass - Ratchet has a rather bad sense of direction so she relies pretty heavily on her compass and map.
First Aid Kit - Ratchet gets into trouble...a lot.
Bag - Ratchet has a large bag filled with her tools and necessities.
Skeets - Skeets is an invention of Ratchet's.  He's a little bug-like gizmo that can climb, fly with flapping wings beneath a shell, provide light with his eyes, and act on a sentient level.
Horse - Ratchet has a horse which she caught and tamed on her travels and is surprisingly still alive, considering the death wish that Ratchet seems to have.

Back Story:

Ratchet had been raised on three ideals; Success, Power, and Hatred of all things E.L.F.  What of these did she take to heart?  None of it.  In fact, Ratchet is far from "successful", has no desire to be in any position of influence, and admires the "Elves" to some degree, if only because, in her mind, they "Know how to throw a party".  Ratchet has always been the outsider, never staying in one place for long or taking anything seriously.  She rides on the wind and drifts from city-to-city.

When she was a little girl, her genius was already largely recognized.  She was only twelve when she made Skeets.  Her offbeat and often morbid sense of humor, combined with her tendency to get into dangerous situations made the question of her sanity arise.  It's gotten to a point where her treating everything as a joke or game, no matter how dark the situation, has granted her a reputation of being insane.  She goes out after some dangerous bounties and has cleared all of them.  Usually she enjoys taunting and mocking her targets.  Her animated personality, combined with her deadly efficiency has given her another standing reputation as being the "Bonkers Bounty Hunter" among a number of other titles that she finds amusing.

Having an innate love of chaos and wild things, she has a habit of seeking trouble to get into that won't end in boring old incarceration.  However, she's lately been spending more time in cities, searching for parts around factories that she can use for her inventions.

((For the Insanity bit, think Captain Jack Sparrow-isms with Deadpool-isms.))

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Red on Fri Jun 14, 2013 10:17 pm

Name: Cecily Rhoda 
Color Code: #31C3C6, possibly up to change what with the new post box and such

Age: 15 
Gender: Female 

Appearance: http://browse.deviantart.com/art/Commission-Lien-le-Storm-305537103
Religion: She practices both some spiritualist and filial piety customs

User Unit : UU4 

Registry Code: N/A 

User Abilities: Force Spell - Unlike most forces, this force does not grant control of a specific effect. Rather, it allows the user to create 'spells' through focused meditation and store them in a mental 'spellbook.' Once stored, the user is able to call on these spells much like any other user uses their force, but the effects of each spell are specific and limited. While this force allows greater variety of abilities, each spell can take days if not weeks to create and solidify, and then days of practice afterwards in order to be able to effectively call a spell. As level increases, the amount of spells the user is able to store without pain or other such effect also expands. 
((A spell list has been provided to Leah and been approved)) 
Hometown/City/Reservation: Genevsa islands 
Occupation (if any): Hermit 
Skills/Hobbies (if any):  
Trapping of small game 
Some Building 
First Aid/some medicines, including knowledge of herbal remedies 
Some sewing

Some hand to hand combat, largely simple joint locks 
Combat with bo staff, sling, and boomerang 
Studying history 

Financial/Societal Caste: Poor – outside society 

Weapons (if any): 
Bo staff – proficient 
Sling – proficient 
Boomerang – somewhat proficient 
Siegfried’s sword – untrained, never used. 
Equipment (if any):  
Water skin 
Maps and mapmaking tools 
Small utility knife 
Rope and trapping equipment 
Small statue of the God of the Lost (spiritualist)
Siegfried's Note
Siegfried's Photo
Sewing needle and some thread
Mortar and pestle


Back Story:  
Cecily was born in a small village on one of the smaller the islands of Genevsa. She was cherished by her family and her small settlement, and she lived a happy life as a child; but she was lonely. There were few kids her age, most of them much older than her, and while her parents and the others of the village did care for her they were far too serious and worried for the bouncy little girl.  

When she was still very young, her parents would take her into the larger town nearby where they could trade for supplies their small village. She was captivated by the place and by the people, and drawn by curiosity she looked eagerly forward to these visits. 

She continued to go into the town with her family, until one day when she was eight she heard tell of a man (http://mckadesinsanity.deviantart.com/art/No-Mercy-Left-292147994) who had just come into town. Rumors abounded – that the man was from the city, a soldier, or ex-soldier, that he came into town armed, bought supplies, and then went into the forest and disappeared.  

Curiosity drove Cecily, and when she went into the forest around the village to play, she drifted farther and farther from the settlement in search of this mysterious man. In the town, they began to refer to him as the hermit, and once a week he’d come into town, buy two beers at the bar, buy supplies at the general store and leave with hardly a word. 

Finally, she found him, in the woods apart from her settlement and the human village, building a house in the woods. Cecily watched him in silence, too afraid to approach him, but too curious to leave. What could drive a man to want to be lonely, when the town was so lively? 

She barely got the chance to go out into the woods again after her parents caught her wandering too far, and she stayed back in the village. It wasn’t until she was ten that she saw the man again, this time while she was in the human town, and her curiosity was renewed.  
She found excuses to go out into the woods, and found him again. When she got up the courage to approach, the man seemed uninterested in speaking to her, but she was persistent with her questions, and he eventually softened.  

His name was Siegfried, an ex-soldier from Dedonia. He had served all his life until the force user riots in Dedonia, and then left. He refused to speak to her about the riots, and when it was clear she wasn’t leaving him alone no matter how hard he tried, he opened up to her, occasionally bringing her with on his visits to the town and teaching her what he knew - largely defensive combat. The odd man became more of a father to her than her actual parents. Her parents, when they found out where she spent her days, were instantly suspicious - but the man seemed to mean no harm to their daughter, and was actually rather fond of her. 
She ran away from the village officially when she was thirteen, too enchanted by the hermit and his odd lifestyle. She showed up on his doorstep with what few personal items she had, and for weeks he consistently tried to turn her away as her parents tried to lure her back. Cecily was adamant - and finally both parties yielded to her stubborn determination.  For years she stayed in the woods with Siegfried, absorbing what he had to teach her. It was there that her force revealed itself, but hidden in the woods far from civilization she was able to monitor its use carefully enough that she went unnoticed. 
It was when she came down deathly ill two and a half years later that this fantasy came to an end; and in the process of treating her, Siegfried came down with the disease himself, and he pulled her from the brink of death even as he was dying himself. When her fever broke, he was already dead at her side, holding a short, confused note as his last words to her, with a photo of an unknown woman lying nearby.  

Now she was faced with a new decision – where was she go now? She could go back home, but her parents had never gotten over their daughters rejection of them in favor for the old soldier, and she couldn't stand to leave his soul alone in the woods. And so she stayed in the hut he’d built, burying him outside and standing watch over his grave, keeping up the lifestyle she’d learned to love from him. 

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by JerriLeah7 on Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:27 am

If you have received balancing inquiries from either myself or MethosArchaic, please get back to us to let us know you are still working on it, please!!!

If you have not received balancing information from us, you will either be getting one soon or your character is incomplete and we will not be doing anything until your character is completed.  

We are almost ready to begin.  Thanks!

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by Guest on Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:19 pm

Name: Zayin Galverdine

Age: looks early 20s

Gender: Male

Appearance: About 5’ 10” in height and 160lbs in weight. Seems a bit thin, but has surprisingly resilient muscles. His hair is mid-length, very dark brown, and kind of curly. He wears glasses when reading, but otherwise has unobscured deep blue eyes. He wears a simple cream-colored business suit and a soft blue tie to complement his eyes. He has a very proper, no-nonsense look about him while at work; kind and polite, but not very personable. Outside of work he is much more personable, but finds he has trouble talking to people much or relating well… still he is very nice and tries to be sociable.

User Unit: UU2

Registry Code: 0W77E1

User Abilities: Ether sensor: Can sense Ether, and feel its flows allowing him to know how a machine draws in Ether and how much it uses let alone how much a Force user utilizes.

City: Lives in Mc'Terra in a nice apartment supplied by his employers.

Occupation: Ether sensor. He can naturally predict Ether flows. He works for a large company which he does Ether forecasts for so they can maximize their Ether usage and production output depending on which plant they have active based on his advice. He also advises on how machines can use less Ether more efficiently.
He has a secondary ability involving crystals, but he is very secretive about it and almost no one knows of it because he does not use it unless alone and outside of the city.

Skills/Hobbies: Meditation, writing, exercising in movement forms similar to martial arts, dancing, crafting, glassblowing when he actually has a good chunk of time to himself, crystal collecting. He has been trying to make friends to develop more social hobbies, but he is still a bit awkward.

Financial/Societal Caste: Wealthy. Since he only uses his power for feeling Ether flows, the company spends little money on his Ether usage so his pay is more significant proportionally factoring that in with how useful his skill is for them.

Weapons: A wound up 2-foot long rod that looks like a scroll. Responds to aura channeling and has resilient cords that move at the will of the wielder. It is hard to control though and must retract back to the rod to assume different forms. Mostly used to spread out as a shield or form a woven whip. It relies on Aura for use and a tiny bit of Ether to activate. How it was made, and how Zayin attained such an item is unknown. It is disguised by its own appearance, and just looks like a decorative item to the untrained eye.

Equipment: When outside the city, he carries a thick, inner-padded leather pack which can carry something heavy across his back. Normally he has a smaller, more nondescript messenger bag that he carries a collection of hand sized crystals and his rod in regularly. He just wears a formal outfit and the tote to work.

Back Story: Zayin came to Mc'Terra from the north. He even lived in Xan'Tartica for a little while, but was not able to find work for his particular skill so he was transferred to Mc'Terra when a member of Alkyon, the company he works for now, heard of his ability. Zayin was a foreigner to be sure, not quite understanding some cultures and customs of such a technological centric city, but slowly he has adapted to his new home. His motivations for working for an Ether company like Alkyon are unclear. If asked, he says his parents advised him to get in good with people of wealth and power using his Ether sensing ability, and live a productive life. He seems to just live from day to day staying at his apartment when he has free time, dancing now and again but not mingling with the crowd, and taking more classes in glass blowing. Otherwise he keeps up a clean cut, nondescript demeanor and appearance at work... making him appreciated, but unremarkable and barely noticed.

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Re: Future Force Registration

Post by pichuspark on Wed Sep 25, 2013 7:01 pm

Name:  Quinn  Arcanine
Color Code: color=white
Gender:  female
Appearance:  white hair, red eyes, 5’ 3’’ 107lb

Religion:  Filial Piety, Keltan
User Unit :   4
Registry Code:  QNN16F4

User Abilities:  Flame force
Quinn is currently able to create fire so long as she has enough stored ether. She can command the fire to take any form she’d like. Also, move in any direction. It is her choice whether the fire burns or not. Her wolf tail, ears, and fangs are disguisable, with only a few exceptions. They are side affects of my force ability. And, Quinn can absorb other fires. Though it will still take ether to do so, and also takes both concentration and will power. Quinn is immune to fire, which means she can't be burned. This doesn't require any ether or a response.
As she improves her power, she’ll be able manipulate fire more freely with less effort. Her fire will be hotter, burn faster, and glow brighter. She could use it to rocket herself for a limited amount of time, create larger amounts of it at once, more concentrated and smaller amounts, or even blue and white fire. When she is rocketing herself she has a 300ft range. To rocket any distance she needs to create a lot of fire, so it is harder for her to control what she does and doesn't burn. She may be able to absorb more concentrated amounts of ether while maintaining her composure. Because she's keltan, the possibilities for her are greater than most people with flame force ability.

Hometown/City/Reservation:  Dara'theon (Home Town) Challiswor (Current Town) Quinn lives in a ether reservation near-by but is rarely found there.

Occupation (if any):  Apprentice weapon/ cold blacksmith
Skills:  Quick, agile, flexible, spirited,
Hobbies: Enjoys force training, enjoys watching fire burn
Financial/Societal Caste: Dependent
Weapons: Handgun, lightweight sword
Equipment (if any):  amulet, grappling hook, money pouch, hammer

Back Story:  Quinn was born into a family of 4; her earth force mother, Bonnibel, her keltan father, Drengos, and her older, half sister earth and air force user, Rose. Rose thinks that she shares a father with Quinn, and are full siblings. Quinn is very opinionated and chose her own path. She is close to her sister Rose, and often train together to improve their skills. Quinn and Rose left Dara’theon for Challiswor for the preferable, livelier scene. In the reservation where Quinn and Rose live, a keltan friend of Drengos teaches Quinn about her descent. Also, he is her mentor to become a blacksmith while looking after her. Bonnibel and Drengos remained in Dara'theon, living a secluded life, they send a decent sum of money to us monthly. Quinn is aware of her power capacity and desires to reach it. Bonnibel gave her this information and teaches her as best she can. She is not a force flame user so Quinn is limited in what she can learn. Regardless, because of this knowledge Quinn has a bit of an ego. However, she does not see herself as being superior to any other force user; she thinks lowly of elves because they mistreat force users. She generally travels around the reservation as she pleases, and likes to keep a low profile to hide her wolf-like attributes as to not be further discriminated against.

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