The Exemplar: World Class

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The Exemplar: World Class

Post by Ink on 30th November 2013, 9:56 pm

Superheroes.  We've known about them for ages.  During the era of the Great Depression and World War II, they were everywhere.  They did something for us as they thundered around in brightly colored costumes and masks.  They guided us.  They showed us the way.  Then, when it seemed like the toughest times were over and evil was taking a holiday, they started showing up less.  There wasn't as much need for them.  So, one by one, big heroes began to vanish.  Soon it got to a point where heroes were so uncommon that people thought they'd just all gone and left with no one new to take over.  And without them, the world started going into very dark places.  But it wasn't their fault.  They shouldn't have needed to stick around and hold our hands that we might not forget what they taught us.  The simple that we lost our way.  For decades the world sank into a bitter darkness of cynicism and ugly hatefulness. And it's only gotten us to where we are now.  I don't expect the ramblings of some old man to bring the heroes back.  But if we had them back...if we could once again see those larger than life icons and symbols of hope flying around in this world, well, maybe they could show us a thing or two.  Sadly, I'm afraid It'll take nothing short of a new Golden Age to wake us poor fools up.  I can only hope...
-Robert M. Stein, Superhero Historian

The time for that return is now.  The Exemplar is pulling together for the first time to usher in a new Heroic Era.


Real Name:
Identity Status:
Place of Birth:
Occupational Status:
[u]Powers & Abilities[/u]

[u]Weapons & Items[/u]

Bad Habits:
Other Family:

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Re: The Exemplar: World Class

Post by EphPhoenix on 27th December 2013, 1:52 pm

Real Name: Melody Halliwell
Alias(es): Reepicheep
Identity Status: Secret
Gender: Female
Age: 24
Birth-Date: March 17
Place of Birth: Plainsfield, Iowa
Occupational Status: Medical doctor, surgeon
Nationality/Ethnicity: Greek/Irish descent
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Affiliation(s): None
Powers & Abilities Enhanced physical attributes, reflexes, and perception, eidetic memory

Weapons & Items Can use many diff weapons. Mainly uses an energy sword and throwing knives. Energy ropes, nets, etc.

Likes: Adventure, excitement, trouble
Dislikes: being bored
Values: Mostly traditional
Fears: Dying on sickness or old age
Desires/Ambitions: To die a glorious death
Bad Habits: Seeking suicide missions
Personality: Jovial, whimsical, caring
Siblings: Ginny, Lance (deceased)
Mother: Riley (deceased)
Father: Nathaniel (deceased)
Other Family: None
History She lived a simple life as a farmer's daughter, gifted in academics and sports. However, she didn't really stand out as she was very quiet and soft-spoken. Her and her father would while away what little free time they had reading books about knights and adventurers. One of her particularly favorite characters was a little mouse named Reepicheep from the Narnia book series.

When she was ten, her father took ill and that's when she learned the truth: She had been adopted by her parents when she was little, a favor to her birth parents who had died fleeing secret corporate experiments designed to create superhumans. It explained why she was a little smarter and faster than everyone around her. She spent the remaining weeks of her father's life tending him before he died, keeping what she'd learned to herself.

A change came over her after that, though nobody was truly aware of how deep it ran. She became more social and outspoken and threw herself into her studies as well as into martial arts and the like. By the time she was eighteen, she'd gotten multiple degrees in engineering, computer science, and pre-med. By the time she was 22, she'd finished medical school. She was quick to open a small free clinic in the worst parts of town. And it's there she's been ever since, working and getting her masters in engineering and computer science.

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