Meralia of Sorrows

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Meralia of Sorrows

Post by Tanuki of Sweets on 17th March 2014, 2:44 pm

"It's been about a month since these strange creatures appear, here let me start from the top.... We are a island continent that is very disconnected from the rest of the world we have smaller islands near us but their just part of our continent.
The continent is call Meralia (Pronounces Meh-rare-leia) it's has a about sever different biomes near each other but geologically their far apart. On this continent are four kingdoms.

The main kingdom is known as the Royal kingdom which is where Magic, Economics and Combat is practice, within this kingdom it harbors one city called Embaria(pronounced Em-ber-iah) where the king of all the royals live his name is Ferik(pronounced Fair-ick) within the royal kingdom are four smaller towns; Flaima(Pronounced Flah-e-ma),Hearita(Pronounced Hē-re-ta),Scorin(Pronounced skôr-en),Flaimaria(Pronounced Fle-e-mah-re-ah).

Next is the High Class kingdom Where melee combat is studied, this kingdom is home of all the rich nobles, their king name is Gali, The large city in the middle of the High Class kingdom is called Shinria(Pronounces SHīn-re-ah) there are only two small towns; Glamrin(Pronounced Glam-er-en) and Sparklen(Pronounced Sparkl-en).

Then there's the Middle class kingdom which is where Hunting Skills are taught, this kingdom is home of all the commeners they don't have a city but the kingdom mainly consisted of a one town known as Ivornani(pronounced ˈīv(ə)r-nah-ne) their "Queen" is just the mayor of the whole town her name is Lady Ebory (pronounces Eb-or-e).

Of course the low class kingdom where magic and alchemy is practice, this kingdom is what seems like ruins of a city which is now known as Hali(pronounced Hal-e) the towns leader or the liberator name is Lady Ceilia(pronounced Seal-e-ah).

That's all for each kingdom next I should explain the Strange creatures that has appeared their appearance varies depending which kingdom they were spawned in would be better terms, people in each call them something different but over all their names are Familiars as a prefix their different, in the royal kingdom their just known as familiars they appear like Animal humanoids, in the high class kingdom their known as servant familiars they appear like bipedal animal humanoids , in the middle class their called pet familiars they appear like Common pets, and in the low class kingdom their known as Apprentice Familiar, along with the apprentice familiars are half-breed familiars they appear like a human with tails and ears or horns.

Each familiar has some kind of collar its black but has a blue gem, seems like if a familiar dies the gem teleports the collar to the nearest safe zone and respawns the familiar, three other notable things are Familiars have pure black eyes and half -breed have black iris making it hard to find the pupil, every familiar has , markings on them that have a very very dim glow to it the color is different between each familiar. I presume that's all I can say other then this land is infested with hostile creatures well I guess I should end this codex message." - Codex message from Lucas the Third

Joinable Kingdoms:
  • High Class
    Starter money 3000Gal
    Classes available in this kingdom:
    • Swordsmen:
      (at level 20)Warrior
      (high attack[requires 20])Knight
      (high strength[requires 20])berserker
      (Attack & strength[requires 120 both])Guard
      (knight tree[level 50])Dire Knight
      (berserker Tree[level 50])Bloody Knight
      (Guard Tree[Level 50])Lieutenant
      (Knight Tree MAX[Level 100])Paladin
      (Berserker Tree MAX [Level 100] Dragoon
      (Guard Tree MAX[Level 100]) Capitan

    • ShadowHunters:
      (at level 20)Swashbuckler
      (high attack[requires 120])Bandit
      (high Strength[requires 120]) Samurai
      (Attack & strength[requires 120 both])Assassin
      (Bandit Tree [level 50])Mercenary
      (Samurai Tree[Level 50]) Ninja
      (Assassin Tree [level 50] Shade
      (Bandit Tree MAX[lv. 100])Mercenary Lt.
      (Samurai tree MAX[lv.100]) Shogun
      (Assassin tree MAX[lv.100])Shadow

    • Fisticups:
      (starter)Trainee >Apprentice >(Balanced Attack and strength[requires 120 both]) Monk > (lv.50) Master > (lv.100 MAX) Guru

  • Middle Class
    Starter money 300Gal
    Classes available in kingdom:
    • Bowmen:
      (at level 20)Hunter
      (High dexterity[requires 20])Trapper
      (High precision[requires 20])scout
      (High agility[requires 20]) TwinBlades
      (Trapper tree [lv.50)Engineer
      (Scout tree[lv.50]) Sniper
      (TwinBlade Tree[lv.50])ShadowBlade
      (Trapper Tree MAX [lv.100]) Gunslinger
      (Scout Tree[lv.100])Mystic Ranger
      (TwinBlade Tree MAX[lv.100])BladeMaster

    • musicians:
      (at level 20)Trickster
      (High dexterity[requires 20])Gambler
      (High precision[requires 20])Dancer
      (High agility[requires 20])Acrobat
      (Gambler Tree [lv.50])Haggler
      (Dancer tree [lv.50]) flamingo
      (Acrobat Tree [lv.50]) Juggler
      (Gambler tree MAX [lv.100]) merchant
      (Dancer tree MAX [lv.100])gypsy
      (Acrobat Tree[lv.100]) Clown

    • Monster tamer:
      (starter)Whisperer > Caller > (Balanced Dexterity, Precision, agility[requires 20]) BeastTrainee >(Beasttrainee tree [lv.50]) BeastMaster > (Beasttrainee tree MAX [lv.100]) Shapesifter

  • Low Class
    Starter money 30Gal
    Classes available in kingdom:
    • Magic User:
      (at level 20)Mage
      (High Fire Magi[requires 20])Pyro
      (High Water magi[Requires 20])Bender
      (High aero magi[Requires 20])Yamasomi
      (Pyro tree [lv.50 & 20 water magi])Magician
      (bender Tree[lv.50 & 20 aero magi])illusionist
      (Yamasomi tree [lv.50 & 10 Fire & Water magi]) Vancian
      (Pyro tree MAX [lv.100 & 20 aero magi]) Effigy
      (Bender tree MAX[lv. 100 & 20 fire magi]) elementalist
      (Yamasomi tree MAX [lv. 100 & 30 Fire & Water magi]) Esper

    • Light Warrior:
      (at level 20)Cleric
      (High Holy magi [requires 20]) Templar
      (High heal Magi[requires 20] Healer
      (High Nature magi[requires 20] Druid
      (Templar tree [lv.50 & 20 heal magi]) Magic Knight
      (Healer tree [lv.50 & nature magi 20]) Psychic
      (Druid Tree [lv.50 & 10 holy & Heal]) Summoner
      (Templar tree MAX [lv.100 & nature magi]) honored Templar
      (Healer tree MAX[lv.100 & 20 holy magi]) Angel
      (Druid tree [lv.50 & 30 holy & heal magi]) Hikari Kami ひかり神

    • Dark user:
      (Starter)Cultist > Alchemist > (high death magi[requires 20])Necromancer > (necromancer tree [lv.50 requires 20 dark magi])Sorcerer >(necromancer tree MAX[lv.100 requires 20 blood magi]) Yami kami 闇神

Playable Races
  • servant familiar - bipedal in and out of combat
    Servant familiar perks:
    Faster learner - Doubles EXP Gain in battle
    discipline - +30 to Defense and Vitality
    Low eater - Being a servant means not a lot of meals +50 to hunger
    Reloca - Familiars have a collar that allows them to respawn in the nearest safe zone
  • Pet familiar - all four our of combat/bipedal in combat
    pet familiar perks:
    Spoiled - Halves EXP Gain in battle
    Tamed - +30 to intelligence and Vitality
    Heavy eater - Being a pet means a lot of meals -10 to hunger
    Reloca - Familiars have a collar that allows them to respawn in the nearest safe zone
  • Apprentice familiar - bipedal in and out of combat
    Apprentice familiar perks:
    Trained - EXP Gain in battle is based on intelligence
    Educated - +40 to intelligence and +30 Vitality
    decent eater - Being a Apprentice means three meals a day +10 to hunger
    Reloca - Familiars have a collar that allows them to respawn in the nearest safe zone
  • Half breed familiar - two legged
    Half breed familiar perks:
    Mix Blood- EXP is Shared among party members
    Mix breed - Intelligence, Vitality, Defense get a +5
    Steel belly - Being a half breed means your hunger decreases slower then any other race +70 to hunger
    Reloca - Familiars have a collar that allows them to respawn in the nearest safe zone
  • human - two legged
    Human perks:
    kindred - EXP is Doubled defense gets temp bust of 30 last for 2 days
    Pure Blood - Prevents you from dying instead you'll faint will wake up in the nearest safe Zone
    Native - +40 to intelligence, +30 Vitality, and +40 Defense
    elegant eater - Being a human means you get food before familiars +40 to hunger

Background story in simple terms:
After the appearance of familiars the Royal kingdom wager war among the other kingdoms for one purpose and that's to own all the familiars. each kingdom has their own mind set on the familiars and refuse to work with each other. High class has a neutral alliance with the middle class and a hostile relation ship with the low class. middle class also has a hostile relation ship with the low class as the low class is neutral to all kingdoms but the royal kingdom. with in 9 months all out war will break out. (all npcs will be created by the player special events and battles will be discussed in the discussion section).

Character creation requirement


[b](if human)eye color:[/b]
[b](if familiar)Glow Color:[/b]
[b]Class:(pick the starter class)[/b]

[b]Stats:(use dice roll[d6 per stat] to determine the base stat)[/b]
[i]Vitality(this is your hp):100 + (your roll)[/i]
[i]Critical strike(turn the number to a precent)[/i]
[i]luck(use d4)[/i]
[i]intelligence (plays a big role use 2 D20)[/i]
[b][u]Other stats:[/u][/b]
[i]haggle (hagglers get a + 10 to this stat)[/i]
[i]bargain(merchants get a +20 to this stat)[/i]
[i]heal magi[/i]
[i]fire magi[/i]
[i]water magi[/i]
[i]aero magi[/i]
[i]holy magi[/i]
[i]nature magi[/i]
[i]Death magi[/i]
[i]dark magi[/i]
[i]Blood magi[/i]
[i]thirst(determines how quick or slowly you get dehydrated)[/i]
[i]hunger( same as thirst but with food)[/i]

[i]Image: (humans only)[/i]
[i]height(pet familiars can't be no taller than a fully grown husky):[/i]
[i]additional features:[/i]

[b][u]Background history:[/u][/b]

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