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Post by Red on 4th December 2014, 9:32 pm

Types of Witches:

Witches that were not born with any natural magical talent. They feel no connection to the Aura, and thus they use structured magic exclusively to force a connection to the Aura and cast spells. Some may eventually learn to develop a connection on their own. Learned often end up specializing in structured magic from a certain culture (Hebrew, English, Chinese) or from a certain discipline (divination, enchantments, etc).

Witches born with a natural ability to sense the Aura - the reason for this connection is not entirely known. Unlike the Learned, Naturals do not necessarily need to use structured magic - though structured magic is usually more reliable and more potent. Because of their natural connection and ability to 'feel' the Aura, Naturals can often manipulate magical energy to cast improvised spells on the fly with a simple command, without the incantations and rituals of structured magic.

Magic types:

Spell is the general term for any magic that does not fit into any specific subcategory. Most combat magic comes in the form of spells, and spells usually are the least complicated and have the shortest cast time as compared to other kinds of magic.

Magic that is placed on or woven into some object, granting it some properties it did not hold before. Charms are enchantments that are strictly positive, and also a term for an object that has been charmed.

Divination is the art of seeing the future or the past. It is one of the hardest disciplines to master, especially for the Learned, as it involves a close connection with the Aura to see the future. It is not uncommon for students learning divination to get 'lost' in their visions and never come out.

Curses are the class of spells that are hardest to define. This is because curses can come in the form of enchantments, combat spells, or any other kind of magic. A spell is usually a curse if;
1) It requires some sacrifice of life, either from the caster themselves (in blood or something of the sort) or some symbolic sacrifice.
2) It is malicious in nature.

There are other characteristics common to curses, but that do not necessarily define them. For example, curses may be especially volatile and difficult to cast, and may even turn on the caster if improperly done. More curses are also found in older languages, especially dead languages and non-human languages. The most powerful offensive spells are also generally curses. While curses themselves are not technically illegal, they certainly are not conducive to legal activities.

Not comprehensive, will add things as I know them.

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