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Post by Ink on 4th March 2015, 8:52 pm

General Information
Full Name: Piper Dugan

Codename or Alias: Jumper, Vanish, Kid Wizard, Little Brainiac, Hyper, Hyper Piper

Gender: F

Age: 27

Birthdate: February 2

Place Of Birth: Manchester, England

Occupation/Status: "Intergalactic Problem Solver", Con, Mercenary, Freedom Fighter, and whatever else tickles her fancy that day

Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral

Skills & Abilities
Enhanced Intellect – Piper has been imbued with alien knowledge on a wide array of subjects, including numerous alien methods of FTL Travel, a handful of alien languages and dialects, the inner workings of numerous alien weapons and ships, and the biology of every alien species catalogued in the archives of the aliens that granted her this knowledge.  She even knows the history of a number of alien races up to the point of her kidnapping.

Eidetic Memory – Piper can retain memory of virtually any information of practice she has seen.  She can instantly recall anything she needs to and can imitate any action within her physical capabilities.

Overload – Piper is capable of telepathically bridging people to her mind.  And since there’s so much information swirling around in her head and her mind has been altered to handle it, this has an effect similar to psionic inundation.  It causes such a mass overload of little more than incomprehensible noise that it can lead to brain damage, memory loss, unconsciousness, vegetative states, and even death if enduring for long enough.

FTL Gear – Piper’s harness uses alien FTL technology which allows her to “Hyper Jump” short distances.  It also allows her to accelerate her movements in short bursts.  She is protected during both by an energy field.  She can use this device to change direction in the air, mid-fall, and to create "Zero Zones," which are small pockets of space in which gravity is enhanced sometimes a hundred fold.  While the Gear can theoretically be used for flight or long periods of accelerated motion, it isn't advised for the personal modules as the protective fields aren't meant to withstand the prolonged strain.  This is a feature best used on a full ship with more resources put into the barrier.  That said, Piper has been ironing out the kinks in a rendition of her gear that won't have that pesky limitation.

Particle Hand Cannons - They're particle weapons and are exactly what they sound like.

HUD Goggles - Heads-Up-Display


Likes: Cute animals, getting into trouble, pushing boundaries and making new discoveries, adrenalin, machines and the sound of engines whirring, space, goofing around and slacking off, doing normal people stuff in between escapades

Dislikes: Overly serious people, tyrants and warlords, politics, penny pinchers

Fears: Clowns, bugs (particularly of the giant variety), that no one will remember her

Bad Habits: Piper is many things.  But one thing everyone can agree on?  She is one COCKY little lady.

Siblings: Blake Dugan (Brother), Patty Dugan-Price (Sister), William Price (Brother-in-Law)

Mother: Maggie Dugan (Deceased)

Father: Matthew Dugan

History: As one of a large number of people discreetly abducted by aliens (at the age of 10, no less), Piper was subjected to a handful of tests.  Her (remarkably high functioning) eidetic memory allowed her to absorb vast amounts of information.  The aliens used her as a subject of their knowledge sharing tests and she was imbued, by the age of 12, with advanced knowledge on their race and a great deal of the galaxy's secrets.  Meanwhile, other people were experimented on in other ways.  Piper joined a rebellion at 18 that eventually overthrew their captors and get the abductees back to Earth.  She and her compatriots, however, returned to the stars to seek adventure where they eventually parted ways.  Piper's continued her own personal adventures alone ever since, solving problems for credits and going wherever the... solar wing takes her.  She acts almost entirely on whim and gets into some crazy things.  She's been everything in the past 9 years from a war hero to a space pirate to a cosmic treasure hunter.  Predicting Piper is virtually impossible because of all the ancient knowledge swirling around in her head.
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Post by EphPhoenix on 15th April 2015, 2:19 am

General Information
Full Name: Sigrid Fuchs

Codename or Alias: Umbra, Spacefarer, SnS (put out by her)

Gender: F

Age: 22

Birthdate: April 7

Place Of Birth: County Cork, Ireland

Occupation/Status: Reclamations, Wanderer, occasional do-gooder, incurable prankster

Alignment: Chaotic/Neutral

Skills & Abilities
Enhanced Physical & Mental capacities - touched by cosmic power, her physical and mental capacities are in the superhuman range.

Cosmically Touched - trace amounts of cosmic power run through her body, expanding her senses to sense currents of energy and fluctuations in solar systems. She also does not require food, rest, or even to breathe, but may do either if she so chooses. She is not bothered by the vacuum of space.

Energy/Matter Manipulation - the trace amounts of cosmic power coursing through her veins allows her to tap into powerful amounts of energy that she can tap into at will and manipulate as she needs.

Teleportation/Warp travel - she can fold space time, connecting two points and allowing her to instantly appear there within certain distances. She can also extend this ability, allowing herself space travel over great distances.

Her imagination - anything she can conceive of she can manipulate matter to create. However, her power isn't limitless. The larger the construct, the longer it takes to make and the more power it drains her of.


Likes: Travel, flowers, new sights and sensations, exploring new worlds

Dislikes: Pushy people, assholes, being interrupted

Fears: Emptiness, never being able to connect with anyone

Bad Habits: Leaping before looking, not taking other people into account, getting bored too easily, messing with people just for the fun of it

Siblings: None

Mother: Bree Fuchs (unknown if alive or deceased)

Father: Matthew Fuchs

History: Sigrid was a fairly down to earth girl. Athletic, smart, she did well in school and was generally liked. Her mother was a mathematician and her father a physicist. She lived a normal life up until her 13th year.

Her father's work caught the eye of Torellio Bartuce, a billionaire obsessed with power and prestige. In one of his papers, her father had mentioned the possibility of harnessing into limitless energy citing Tesla's beliefs. This energy, he theorized, could power the entire world forever. Free energy. But the same formulas he'd used to calculate tapping into this energy also got popular ideas citing it could potentially alter physical matter. As one budding scientist put it, "Ye be gods."

To Bartuce's utter frustration, Fuchs refused to work for him. Not a man to be denied, he hired armed men to take Fuchs and his family, holding the latter hostage. Overworked, tired, and desperate, Fuchs worked day and night to develop what the man wanted: a device to tap into the fabric of the universe. Though warned, Bartuce's avarice got the better of him and he threw on the device before any true testing could be done. The device opened a wormhole to what looked like the Aurora Borealis shaped into a celestial gate. He activated the siphon to tap into the energy, but the smallest trickle was nth levels higher than anything they could've imagined. There was a massive explosion and Sigrid felt energy course threw her as she was blown away into what she presumed to be nothing. Such was not the case.

When she awoke, she was drifting aimlessly through the reaches of space. A patrol ship in the area found her and brought her in, amazed she wasn't frozen and/or asphyxiated. She was studied by the doctor, but he couldn't find any explanation as to her miraculous survival, other than a trace amount of energy that he couldn't identify as it defied his means to examine it.

Taken to the M'hel homeworld, the scientists there had better luck, finding her body had been infused with pure cosmic energy. A small amount, but enough to grant her amazing abilities. With her permission, they studied and tried to help her figure out her powers, until the N'Cromm came and wiped out the M'hel. The last thing she saw was her friend N'ah'oney blasting her with a teleportation ray that launched her light years away.

She has since traveled throughout the galaxy, wandering aimlessly and keeping an eye open for any sign of what happened to the M'hel.

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Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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