Allas Ruoh [COMPLETED]

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Allas Ruoh [COMPLETED]

Post by JerriLeah7 on 1st May 2015, 8:04 pm

Name:  Ruoh, Allas

Role-Play:  Guilds Role-Play
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Personality:  With the heart of a gentleman and a reputation to hold for his Guild, Ruoh always holds himself with confidence and kindness.  Despite his mysteriousness and overall wealthy appearance and manner, he never boasts and gives to many.  His patience is that of a saint.  He speaks with a soft tone and with moves with grace.  Ruoh is a man of his own form of honor.

Detailed Description:  Long, Straight, & White Hair, Gold Eyes, 5'8 Tall, Pale skin, stoic facial expression, and usually seen in fine, rich clothing of blacks, whites, greys, and always with a touch of vibrant color here or there.  His always stand out due to their bright coloration in comparison to all of the other shades of grey.

Request Type: Full Body, Full Color

Background Type: No BG

Pose Description (if desired): Artist's Choice

Additional Information:  This request has already been paid for (by myself.)  A few posts of Ruoh will be provided below, to help you get a sense of who he is:
Sample One:
She tromps along, almost tripping at least four or five times. There appears to be a hole in one of her sandals, and there is blood at the base of her foot. She apologizes as she almost walks into a tall, dark figure. It's clearly a man, with a broad-shouldered, wide build and wearing a black, silk suit that any rich gentleman would wear. He also leans on a cane with a decorative silver handle and his face is covered with a black gentleman's cap. The long, white hair trails down his front over both shoulders.

The girl rushes on, and as she does so, her hand slips from Kaimele's as the man lifts his chin and reveals his eyes just as Kaimele comes to pass him by--bright golden eyes that instantly meet her gaze as she hears a high pitched tone ringing in her ears.

It is as if time slows, her movements so sluggish as she continues to pass the man. Her form moves on by, but their gaze remains as his head turns ever so slowly as she is captivated by his glance. His face is pale, nonchalant.

Movement has stopped all around her. Everyone, everything. Kaimele can feel her movement slowed as if by a spell or enchantment. Or by a dream. All sound is cut off and her body feels weightless, as if gravity had forgotten its purpose.

And in another instant, time returns as the city is bustling on the street again and Kaimele's concentration returns to find the man with golden eyes is no longer there. Instead, the girl is tugging at her skirt again, confusion and concern in her eyes and tone.

"....miss? I thought you said you would help me? What about mommy? Can you hear me? Are you alive?" Her voice comes into focus as all sound returns and the ringing sound fades into nothing, as gravity and movement all find their way back into Kaimele's senses.

Sample Two:
He stares down at her as she looks up with confusion and curiosity. Her anger and frustration from just a moment before had faded in almost an instant as she turned to find him. He watched the fire die in her eyes.

“Who are you? How did you do that earlier? What…what do you want from me?” She questions curiously more than anything else.

"I am a flaw. A hindrance." He answers, "I want nothing from you. I merely borrowed some of your time. Your beauty is quite alluring, Lady. I was simply entranced; That is all."

The man listens as she speaks further, though his eyes seem to shift to something behind her. Nothing is there, of course, but it is as if he is looking into some other world or perhaps remembering some other moment from his past.

“What was that magic you used on me? I don’t think I have ever seen you in Essentia, I am Kaimele.” She smiles politely at the man. “I am sure you have seen women more beautiful than I. I am a simple farmhand.” Kaimele knows she is beautiful, but always downplays it. “I am sorry if I disturbed you, I just never felt that magic on me before. It was captivating.”

He smiles back, bowing his head in a deep, gentlemanly fashion. This man is quite graceful with the movement, making it quite obvious that he knows well of refinement and decorum. Afterwards, he reaches forward to take her hand and kisses the back of it with his pale lips gently. Then, he backs away to allow her space.

"It is a pleasure, Kaimele. Such a lovely name." He replies softly, "A simple farmhand, you say? It is interesting that a farmhand would have such inner fire. Nonetheless, any farmhand, commoner, or waif can have the allure, grace, beauty, and respect of Queen or a King. Listing one's station is hardly an excuse for one's level of attractiveness or charm. Besides, I don't believe in social classes. Surely, you do not place the value of life of a rich merchant over that of a middle classed inn keeper?"

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Allas Ruoh Commission

Post by Ackeren on 31st October 2017, 6:48 pm

Here's the final result for the drawing of Allas Ruoh!

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