Etheriest Role-Play

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Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Zenyatta on Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by spectral on Fri Jul 14, 2017 3:03 pm

Ellie watches Darion.  He is long winded as usual, but is a little confused when he shows his abilities.  Where is the unconfidence coming from?  He is never this way around others.  She hasn’t had him in class before.  She hides her chuckling when he hits Professor with water.  

She wavers her hand.  “I will go next.  Elliana stands and goes to the front.  “For those of you who don’t know me, I am Elliana Chiodo.  You can call me Ellie.  I am a wind user.  I came here to help increase my powers.  I really would love to fly someday.  I am interested in CETE because I want to help people and want to show them that having abilities is not bad at all.  Now for a demonstration of my power.  Professor, be sure to stand still.”  She makes her wind wall and modifies it slightly.  She blows the water off of Kilder.  “You may need a brush through your hair, but at least you are dry now.”

Kilder is pleasantly surprised when Elliana volunteers right away. "Oh cool! Go for it then Elliana!" he says perking up. It was always good to see a well-behaved student who was excited for the course, and Elliana seemed quite confident in her ability.
Kilder listened to her small speech and watched as she carefully raised her wind wall. Wind etheriests were usually pretty easy to work with, even fun, and it looked like Elliana had practiced this a bit. Kilder could see she still had a lot of room to grow to reach her full potential, but her control was quite good for a beginner. It always helped to have people who practiced more than just by using their ability for convenience every now and then, like Darion. There was really no surprise that he had overdone it when in front of the rest of the class, anyone can get stage fright like that anyway.

"Wow, the wind drying was nice, thank you Elliana! And meh, not as worried this close to the end of the day anyway, easily pushed back for the most part... Although I do look like a rock star now, right? hehehe.." he said air guitaring for a moment now that his hair was spiked and blown upwards in the front. He got a slight chuckle there. He then pushed his hair back into place as best he could with his fingers as he said, "Okay then.... any volunteers for the next one? You ready Erizia?"

Erizia walked on stage, looking bored at first, but then surprisingly introduced herself and gave a pretty decent speech.... and kept going for a bit longer than Kilder expected... huh? Was there a bug in here or something? He kept feeling something on his back during her speech and.... WAIT A MINUTE.... Her hands are behind her back.... no wonder... He upped the friction on himself, which caught her next poke just long enough that he could turn and catch her hand. "That's enough..." he said smirking at her. The class snickered. "Gotta give you props there, that was a nice play Erizia. Would you like to demonstrate further today? Besides poking me?"

"ehh... think I'm good if you'll let go of my hand now," she snickered.

"Righto!" he said, letting her go. "You're up, Terena!"

Terena was an odd duck. She acted like she was well, high... most of the time, but she was actually a fairly decent student... Just seemed like she practiced her ether ability.... a lot.... in her free time.... that would be great if maybe she wasn't... uhhh... using it on HERSELF...

As she finished her very short speech, she started slowly at first, producing multicolored bubbles... they were beautiful... Kilder could just.... like... look at 'em all daaaayy maaaaaan... They were like.... EVERYWHERE now..... "Waaait..." Kilder said out loud, reaching into his pocket and hitting a switch on a small remote from it, to which the platform below Terena flashed a wave of light over itself quickly. All of a sudden, all the bubbles popped, all at once. Kilder snapped out of it, looking at his phone time.... "pheeeew Okay, luckily we only lost... 10 minutes... Uhhh sorry, class might run over just a bit today. We'll try and run through the rest quick though!

The class watched as Jeff stunned their teacher for a bit until he was able to jerkily get his remote button pressed, shutting his power off. "Sometimes you gotta take a good punch to the gut to learn something, class... ugh... neeeext!"
Aldon was hard to get to speak at first, but Kilder urged him to demonstrate his power by asking him a few questions, then telling Kilder if his answers were true or not. He was able to determine all but once when Kilder lied at this. "Hmm, good job Aldon, you missed one, but to be fair, I didn't think about my answer on that one, was a test on purpose. We got some training that will help you perfect that here, but you have a lot of potential!" Kilder said smiling.

Kilder watched as a vicuous purple liquid came seeped from Zaranitar's skin slowly. He was happy this guy had decent control over-- spoke too soon.... It started rushing out... of him faster and Kilder quickly hit his button. Suddenly he stopped, and the poison dissipated. "Zara-.... Can I call you Zaran, for short? Sorry... okay, so, that is a pretty difficult one to control, from the looks of it. Things get difficult when a power is exerted from all parts of the body so don't... sweat it.... hehe... sweat... SORRY... anyway! We'll help you get the hang of that... SO!" he said clapping his hands. "LAST BUT NOT LEAAAAST!! Yoooooooooouuuu're up, Visargooooo! My little cheat sheet here tells me you're a fire etheriest, wooooooh... That can be scary and hard to control for some people, but don't worry, just do your best. Heh, sorry, for all I know you could have amazing control, just going by what I normally hear from fire users, not that I've met a lot... Show me ya moves, dude."

Virsago watched the other students show off their powers. He was half impressed for the most part. Some abilities were fairly generic, and others made for decent party tricks. A few looked to be more detrimental than helpful in any capacity. Virsago made sure to stay away from purple ooze boy at all times. What was that liquid, even? Some kind of lubricant? Whatever it was, Virsago imagined it probably stains clothes. The water user could use some target practice, and the wind user....interestingly competent. But joining CETE as a friendly little role model for non-Ether users? Virsago discretely shifted his eyes at that remark.

Then it was his turn. Kilder's little quips didn't really help much with his nerves. Still, Virsago walked up to the platform. If things got out of hand, his ability would get shut off one way or another. He took a deep breath, looking coldly at all his classmates and professor. "Well, I suppose you already know my name and ability. I intend to better understand my powers, where it comes from, how it works. I also want to learn how to defend myself and anything I deem important."

Memories of the robbery attempt flashed in his mind, but he pushed those away with quick meditation. He closed his eyes, thought of nothing but his abhor for humanity, and held out his hand, open palm facing the ceiling. A small red flame appeared in his palm, which grew to the size of a softball and took on a purple hue. Feeling the steady warmth of the flame, Virsago opened his eyes. He kept the flame lit for only about 5 seconds before carefully extinguishing it, drawing a sigh of relief.

Ellie watches the other students.  She is amazed by their abilities, especially Zaranitar's.  She will have to talk to him about his poison ability.  Maybe it will help her talk to Sophie.  The last guy is up.  He is a new student, she has not seen him before.  She will have to introduce herself personally.  At first his ability is the normal pyro, but his fire turns purple, freaking purple.  She has never seen purple fire before.  It is amazing!  Now she will have to talk to him.

"Hmmm," Kilder says upon seeing Visargo's performance, "That was good, Visargo, but I feel like you have a lot more in you. I think I get what you're thinking though. Some flame users are often pretty cautious because they're powerful, and afraid of collateral damage. I get it, man. But don't worry, we'll help you with control on that here. This place is meant to withstand damage anyway. Fire is often a tricky one, much like poison," he says looking over towards Zaranitar. But we'll get you confident with it as best we can here. Looks like you already have some control, which is good, but I know there's far more to it than that, every user manifests their power differently. That said, Terena, your's could also use some control, mainly so that you aren't always hindering yourself out there. Everyone here is fully capable of becoming an officer, or even just being able to defend themself. Don't worry. Anyway, I'm gonna wrap up class for today! That was a good showing though! No homework, but if you get the opportunity, this room is always open to you after school here for practice until 9. We have a guy who watches the place. Just use your student card and sign in, but be courteous to others in the room, please... Anyway! Class dismissed!"

Ellie waits until Professor Arturas dismisses the class before going up to Virsago.  “Hello, your fire is amazing.  I have never seen purple flame before.  I have never seen you here before.  You must be a new student.  Well if you need any help around here, I will love to help you.  We have plenty of stuff to do here at Delacroix University.”  She holds out her hand to him to shake.

Virsago tried not to scoff at Kilder's complement. It wasn't just flame that he weilded. It was something more destructive than any fire he'd seen before. Flashes of the purple wildfire popped in his mind. If only they knew. But he made a promise not to tell anyone the source of his powers. And if he was nothing else, he was a man of his word. Ignoring the gawking looks from the students, he stepped down and turned to head out the door, but the girl who moved wind stood before him. He wore his more polite face to avoid commotion. Still, the offer to help was odd.

" really shouldn't hang around me. This fire can easily spread if I'm not careful. Thanks for the offer, though."

“You aren’t the first pyro here.  I was not only talking about our abilities though.  I mean other things, like clubs, groups, or sports.  But if you want, I will love just to practice with you.  My wind wall will protect me.”  Elliana lowers her hand, and quickly scribbles on a piece of paper.  “Here is my info, texting me is the best way to get me.”

Virsago accepted the paper, albeit a little flabbergasted. When was the last time a girl gave him her number? When was the last time anyone gave him their number? He couldn't help but feel some regret in taking the paper. Now he'd have to...stay in contact, and...say hi whenever he sees her. It was something he hadn't done with anyone except Kyo. The girl was odd for being so open, that's for sure.

"I don't really go to any clubs...and I don't like sports either. Um..." Virsago's eyes wandered as some force inside of him forced him to say something. "But if you want to study for an exam, that's fine. No practice. Not unless you're wearing fireproof clothing."

“Well you have my number, and I will be up to study sessions.  I bet by the end of the semester I won’t need any fireproof clothing.”  Elliana winks.  “I have to get going, I have a dinner date with my sister.  Good bye Virsago, it was nice meeting you.”

Virsago gazed at Ellie, unsure of the what was going on. "Nice meeting you too." He said faintly, but still loud enough to hear. As Ellie walked off, Virsago continued watching the girl, thinking about what she meant with that comment about the fireproofing. He then blinked a few times and put his hand on his head, bringing himself back to reality. Get a hold of yourself. You can't go crazy over a girl you just met. He slapped his cheeks a few times before leaving the room, thinking about how little homework he had to do.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Eliza on Fri Jul 21, 2017 2:46 pm

[Attn: Open] CETE Headquarters: 2pm-6pm

Banjee's day started off slow, without any real goal or purpose. She couldn't even find Kris to ask what to do next. The only people to ask were those at CETE themselves. She re wrapped her limbs in new bandages and set off to find CETE soon as she remembered where it was located. Once she found the building, she transferred from person to person, asking about how to start her acrobatics class. Each person asked her to fill out one form or another, followed by endless instructions and information, and one guy even took a picture for her ID card. After signing the last form of the day, she had done more writing past couple of hours than in the past month. Bixxa never noticed how sloppy her penmanship was until 20th sheet of paper she filled out. Still, the staff at CETE accepted what she wrote, and as the sun began its descent below the horizon, she was finally free.  

Standing in the front lobby, Bixxa stretched her torso after spending so much time sitting. It feel good to finally be on her feet. Her lessons wouldn't start today, but she still had a chance to meet some of the kids that were in the gymnasium. Stepping into the gym, she walked past two hulking guards clad in some strange, padded armor. When she actually saw the people inside the gym, Bixxa could see why such personnel were needed. CETE members and guests alike were using ether powers while performing athletic activities; some were pushing the wind behind them to increase their run speed, others were hovering above the court tossing balls into hoops. And yet, the gym was large and sophisticated enough to accommodate all of its members without much trouble. Bixxa was awestruck as she paced across a set of bleachers, and then she came across a group of kids under supervision. They were playing tag whilst using ether. The control some kids had over their powers was shocking, intimidating even. Bixxa wasn't even sure she had complete control over Perdix, and one kid could avoid getting tagged as if he had eyes everywhere. And the kids trying to tag him were moving as fast as Olympic runners thanks to their own abilities.

Bixxa helplessly sank into the bleachers, staring at the gifted children. I'm gonna be teachin them? They never said they'd have ether powers! Oh man... She looked down at her own hands and started rubbing them together. I'm not sure I can do this, Perry. Those kids can run circles around me. What can I teach 'em? Bixxa's eyes wandered to a set of large shapes designed for gymnastics. She made a little freerunning course for herself made mostly of vaults and precision jumps. Determined, she ran the course as quickly as she could. The vaults were incredibly easy, so she decided to work in a couple flips. The whole course felt way too easy. Bixxa thought the kids would have it done in no time. So she extended the vaults, increased the distance of the jumps, added more flips and a few cartwheels, and kept dialing up the intensity until she mistimed a jump and fell flat on the hard floor. Paralyzed in shock and pain, she lied on her back for several seconds before turning onto her stomach and staying there to think.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by spectral on Mon Aug 21, 2017 9:38 pm

{Attn:  Delilah, Sophie, Open,  17:00ish- 20:00 ish}

Ellie looks at her phone after class.  It’s been a long day, but she is looking forward to dinner with Sophie and Delilah.  She quickly texts Sophie.  *Done with class, I will pick you up.*

She then dials the number Braedon gave her for Delilah.  Hopefully she knows to pick up the phone.  

Sophie looks at her phone and reads Elliana’s message.  *Sounds good I will be downstairs waiting for you. *  She sends the message and finishes up with Chief Delacroix’s picture.  She will print them out in the morning.  He will choose which one will go to Coldrion Times.

Delilah has not moved since Agent Reid dropped her off; a thousand thoughts wracking through her overstimulated brain as she eats the sandwich Reid had trusted her to order of herself.

It's terrible. But she's hungry. Which means no matter how awful 'mayonnaise' tastes in combination with tomatos and the three other sauces she mixed onto her sandwich, she'll eat it.

Albeit slowly.

She's in the middle of another slow, spaced out chew when a shrill ringing jolts her back to reality. Her teeth clamp down on her tongue and she barely suppresses a yelp. She hops up from her seat, dropping her sandwich onto the thin paper wrapping it had come in. She crouches down slightly, eyes widened in surprise, the sudden jolt back to the real world leaving her on edge.

There the ringing was again!

She tried to follow it with her ears, cautiously hunched over. Was that the doorbell? No, doorbells sounded different. She followed it still, keeping her eyes peeled. She craned her neck around the corner and saw....something..flashing? It looked to be a phone. A shinier one than the ones she had seen, sitting on the table in a small console. She slowly approached it. It trilled again. She jolted back.

She reached her hand out, recoiling slightly. Would it be rude of her to answer Pierce's phone? She's already overstepped enough boundaries; that wasn't true. Pierce would have let her know. She hunched over the table, peering at the phone's screen. First, it flashed a number; symbols that were meaningless to her. But then, on it, flashed a name.


She knew Ellie! She was supposed to be having dinner with Ellie! She swiped up the phone, holding it in both hands. Staring down; debating whether or not the dinner plans were still on on account of....everything.

With what limited knowledge she had of modern technology, she quickly saw the small 'pick up' letters on the green button and pushed it; nervously bringing the phone up to her ear.

"He-hello?" Delilah adjusted her volume quickly, not knowing if she had to speak louder or softer.

Ellie listens and hears Delilah’s voice.   “Hi Delilah, this is Ellie, I am so glad you picked up.  I am leaving the school and driving to Braedon’s to pick you up.  I will see you shortly.”  She is so excited to take her and Sophie out.

Delilah smiles slightly. "Yes! I am- I will be ready. Should I meet you downstairs?" She ponders if she should take Pierce's spare key with her in case he's not home. She would usually say she could just climb up through the window. But Pierce's apartment was a bit....high.

Even though Delilah can’t see it Ellie shakes her head.  “Yes, that would be helpful, and don’t forget a key.  Sometimes Braedon works weird hours.”

It does not take her long to reach the building.  She steps out of the car and walks up to the building.  She has her usual smile on her face and a bounce to her step.

Once Ellie hangs up, Delilah tucks the spare key nervously into her pocket, wrapping up the remains of her sandwich tightly and stowing it away. Terrible or not, it was food; and she couldn't just let it go to waste.

Delilah made sure to lock the door, securing the house before carefully making her way downstairs; staff in hand. She sees Ellie, waiting at the entrance; and gives a little wave, almost whacking herself with the door as she exits. She offers a sheepish smile in greeting.

"Hello. Were you waiting long? This place has many stairs. And locks."

Ellie shakes her head and returns her wave.  “It is so nice to see you.  I just got here myself.  Come on let’s go.”  She takes Delilah’s hand and practically pulls her to the car.  She is telling Delilah all about her day.  “Here she is…”  She pushes the button on the key fob.  “I know it is not as nice as Braedon’s car, but my dad and brother worked on it for me, so it is better.”  She waits for Delilah to sit down before starting it up.  

“Now to pick up Sophie.  I know you will like her.  There is one thing I have to warn you about though.  She does not like to be touched, like at all.  Her skin is very sensitive and she keeps it covered just in case.  Other than that, I am sure you guys are going to get along.”  She pulls up to Sophie’s apartment building.

Sophie waves at Ellie when the car pulls up.  She automatically begins to walk over to the passenger side before noticing a person sitting there.  She walks to the back door and opens it.  “You didn’t tell me you had a guest.  Hello I am Sophie, if she didn’t mention is already.  It is nice to meet you.  So Ellie where are we heading?”

It looks fine from Delilah's perspective, and she is careful to mind her staff as she gets out of Ellie's car. She looks to Sophie, quirking her head as the young girl asks her if she works with Pierce. Her smile turns almost apologetic. "Er, no. Though, I suppose you could say we did meet through work. His work. I asked this 'CETE' for help finding my father, and Pierce was kind enough to take me in while they searched. He's very compassionate, I doubt there are many others who would take a stranger, especially one as peculiar as I, into their home." Her heart sank a bit remembering a potential outcome to her situation. "But, photography, you say? Like for magazine's?" The woman's smile brightens once more as she follows the two girls into the resturant.

Ellie holds the door open for the other ladies.  “She only worked for the Torrino up until a few weeks ago before the jerk fired her.  He is an elite photographer.  Sophie has her own pictures in the People Of Coldrion book series.”

Sophie blushes slightly.  “Leave it to Ellie to brag.”  She goes over to the hostess to get a table.  “I do have some pictures if you want to see.  I have to show Ellie the ones I took of the game anway.

“I may brag, but I don’t exaggerate.  You never give yourself enough credit Sophie.”  Elianna huffs as they are shown the table.  “Now order anything you want Delilah.  Just wait until you see the pictures.”

The waitress asks for their drink order.  Sophie digs out her ID and orders a glass of wine.  Elianna raises her eyebrow.

“Don’t give me that look.  It’s been a long weird day…”  Her phone vibrates.  “…And I deserve it.”

She looks down at her phone. It's important.  –Z  Sophie sighs and rolls her eyes.  She begins to type while muttering ‘asshole’ under her breath.  *LEAVE ME ALONE.* She replies.  She brings out her laptop and sets the drive on the table.  “Go ahead and show her the pictures.”

“Is everything ok Sophie, you seem perturbed.”  Ellie opens takes the computer and opens it up.  She sticks the usb stick in the slot.  “You are going to love this Delilah.”

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by MayorHancock on Tue Aug 22, 2017 11:36 pm

(A Continuation Of My Collab With Xenolion)

Delilah quirks her head at Sophie's suddenly strange demeanor. Was that a phone? She seemed bothered by whatever news it brought. She eyes the computer curiously, knowing what it is, but never having had a chance to view one up close. It seemed so small, so compact!

"It seems it has been a weird day for us all, Sophie." She tried to make light of it, wiggling nervously in her chair.

“Oh did they find your father?”  Ellie asks as she waits for the pictures to load.  “I bet he is a wonderful man.  Oh Sophie these pictures are perfect.”  She nudges Delilah and begins to show the pictures to her.  “I am going to show these to everyone.  You will have people lining up for your services.”

“That was just an idiot I am avoiding. So you want to trade stories.”  Sophie raises her eyebrow.  “Well that may have to wait Ellie.  You are looking at CETE’s new crime scene photographer.”  

Ellie coughs.  “What you must be kidding…How did that happen?”

Sophie shrugs and briefly explains her interaction with Chief Delacroix.  “It is not the perfect job, but it will keep me from having to move back home.”  She does not say anything about the classes she has to take, not wanting Ellie to know she will be on campus.  “I can still take pictures on the side.  In fact, I will be at the convention this weekend.  Maybe I can do a book of the costumes.”

"Yes," Delilah nervously wrings her hands around her staff despite her happy expression. "His name is Ames he-" She stops as the conversation derails into Sophie's new job.
"A 'crime scene photographer'? That sounds..rather gruesome. But it sounds like a good job, if you're working with 'CETE'."

Ellie looks between Delilah and Sophie.  Her head stops at Delilah.  “You first…you must tell me everything that happened.  Is he a nice man?  Will you be moving in with him?  I am happy you found him.  But you can still stay with Braedon as long as you need too.  I am not a jealous girlfriend.”  Her head goes to Sophie. “I know it is not a dream job, but you can add it to your resume at least.”  

Sophie is used to Ellie’s ‘interrogation’ methods.  “Wait, you live with Braedon?”  She looks at Delilah.  “And you are ok with it?”  She looks back at Ellie.  “Wow I have been out of the loop.”  The server drops off their drinks.  Sophie takes a drink from hers and waits for Delilah to answer Ellie’s questions.

"Well," Delilah tried to keep her nervous hand wringing to a minimum. "He lives in a..a hospital you could say. He suffers from mild Alziemers. I don't know the exact extent. But he seemed fine when he spoke to me." She took a sip of her water- well, 'a chug' might have been a better descriptor. It was a rather large swig, polite, but still, a swig. "As for..staying with Pierce. It is entirely up to him. Ried told me Pierce asked him to drop him off at his place. But I don't want to impose."

“Well at least you had a good visit.  He doesn’t hate you or anything.  I cannot speak for Braedon, but I will be happy with you staying there.”  Elliana tells Delilah.

The server delivers their drinks and takes their orders.

“That reminds me, mom and dad still need to meet the mysterious Braedon.  I haven’t told him anything but good things.”  Sophie smirks at Elliana after ordering her food.  “They are curious about him.”

Delilah looks at the women curiously over her beverage. "No, no. He was very happy to meet me, thankfully. Told me about my mother.."
'And my run away sister who may or may not be Pierce's absent mother.'  Her eyes shifted downward as they abysmal thought flickered in and out of her head.
She quirked an eyebrow as the sisters talked about 'meeting parents'. She thought meeting parents was supposed to happen initially? Not that Delilah had much experience in such matters.

“That is great.  I won’t pry more, but if you want to tell us more you can.  As far as Braedon meeting the parents, I will bring him over when our schedules allow it.”  Ellie sighs.  “Both of us are so busy now with school and that case he is working on.  I wish I could help him more.”

“That is what I told them too.”  Sophie smiles.  “I like him, he is a good guy.  The age difference may freak out mom and dad at first.  Just a warning.”

'The age difference weirds the forest lady out slightly and she's not acclimated to your strange society, so listen to your sister, Ellie.' Delilah kept her words to herself. She didn't wish to impose on personal matters- besides, it was not her business to impose on anyones personal matters. If they were happy, she wasn't here to harp on their happiness.
"I doubt Pierce would accept the help, any way. It seems rather...delicate, from my observations. Seemed rather grim about it." She notices her drink running towards empty and sets it down. "I'm sure 'CETE' is giving him all the help he needs; and he seems very capable. I doubt you need to fret over it." She gives a comforting smile, opting to not reach across the table to comfort her, afraid she might knock something over.

“I know, I know, but I just hate seeing him like this.  It affects Jenia too.”  Ellie returns Delilah’s smile.  “I guess I can help by making him forget work for a little while at least.”

The food arrives.  It looks and smells delicious.

“Thank you Ellie for suggesting this, I really needed it.  I got to meet a new person.”  She turns to Delilah.  “If you ever need pictures taken, let me know.  Maybe with your father?  Something tells me I will relish taking pictures of live people soon.”  Sophie adds.

Delilah smiles, nodding to Sophie. "Of course; perhaps- perhaps you wouldn't mind teaching me how? It might be nice to have a hobby? My mother had a bunch of old 'National Geographic' magazines, a lot of them weren't in color, but I loved looking at the nature pictures. I always wanted to take some of my own. Perhaps if you teach me how to shoot, I could take you hiking? I know many beautiful places in the wilderness."

“That sounds like something I can do.  I will be happy to teach you the basics.  I don’t mind hiking a little either.  Just be sure to slow your normal pace.  I have little legs here.”  Sophie winks.

Ellie bursts out laughing.  “She must really like you, she is teasing about her height.  Although she is an excellent cross country runner.  So did you guys want dessert at all?”

Sophie digs in her backpack for her hard.  “Here is my card, you can call me anytime.  No I don’t want any dessert, I am full.”

Delilah happily takes the card, tucking it into her pocket. She beams. "Thank you, Sophie. I'll be sure to call you, once I get myself sorted."
She looks at Ellie with stars shining in her eyes. "Dessert? cream?" She quickly took control of herself, trying to hide her almost child like reaction to the mention of 'dessert'. "I am content without it, if you ladies are."

“What do you think Sophie, should I introduce her to cheesecake?  She has already tried ice cream and loved it.”  She smiles brightly.

“If I was not so full, I would have some myself.  Delilah, I recommend the cheesecake with caramel on top.”  Sophie packs up her laptop.  “I am going to walk home if you don’t mind.  Take some pictures along the way.  Who knows I may run into someone famous again.”

"I will only have some if you do. I feel...odd, eating when others are not. Otherwise I would be happy to wait and build up suspense for this...'cheese cake'." She knew what cheesecake was, but this place had been so odd she had doubts whether or not it was made of actual cheese.

She perked up as Sophie packed up to leave. "Ah, well, it was nice meeting you Sophie! Best of luck with your new job."

“Thank you Delilah, it was nice to meet you.  Please don’t be a stranger.  I will see you later.”  Sophie sets down more than enough money to pay her meal before leaving.

“Boy she really had a bad day.  I will have to talk to her later.”  Elliana orders cheesecake for both of them.  “I am so glad you found your father.  I am sorry he is in a home though.  I really do hope you stay in town.  If you need help with anything, please let me know.”

Delilah waves slightly as Sophie leavs, smiling as she goes. She perks at Ellie's works. "Bad day? Did something happen?"

She smiles softly at her offer. "You are very kind. I am happy enough that he is alive. He is a kind man, who remembers my mother, and has accepted me. That is more than I could have ever dreamed. But I will remember your offer Ellie, I might need you to explain some of the stranger technology in the city. I am a quick learner but some of it just seems so...bizarre."

“I don’t know, I will call her later to find out.”  Ellie looks up as their cheesecake was dropped off.  “If you need help with anything technology wise let me know.  You can always go to Delacroix University too.  You can learn a lot there.  Maybe they will let you teach a class on survival too.  Oh go ahead and take a bite.  Trust me, you will love it.”

"Yes, yes. Pierce told me about that. I fear I might be a enroll." Weren't Universities typically for young adults? She wasn't young, by any stretch of the word. She also sincerely doubted they'd let her teach a class, no matter how happy she'd be to teach survival techniques to city goers. She carefully cut off a piece of cheesecake , looking at it for a moment. It looked rather good. She popped into her mouth and-

Her eyes lit up. This was delicious! It was so sweet! And she doubted it would give her brain freeze like ice cream! She tried to maintain her table manners as she went to down on the confection before her, shifting her eyes occasionally upwards towards Ellie, awaiting her response.

Ellie waits for Delilah to take her first bite.  She smiles watching her eyes light up.  It is so adorable and innocent.  “We have plenty of older students.  Is one truly too old to learn?  And your situation is unique too.  Delacroix teaches Etherists and Non Etherist alike.  And if anyone says anything different, just let me know.”

"I mean, one is never too old to learn- I just....I always thought Universities were for the younger generation. But I may look into it. It seems I have a lot to catch up on." Delilah smiled, enjoying the last few morsels of her cheesecake.

“Whatever you choose, you will have my support.”  Ellie smiles.  She takes the bill and places enough money to cover it.  “Now are you tired, or is there somewhere else you want to go?”

Delilah shakes her head, hit with a pang of guilt that Ellie was spending money on her. "No, I think...I think I've had my fill of excitement. And cheesecake!" She smiled at that last bit.

“Anytime you need to hang out, or just get away from Braedon, I am a phone call away.  Although the second part I will take Braedon.”  She winks at Delilah.  “I will take you home and let you relax.”  Ellie stands up and waits for Delilah.  “Next time I will take you to my parents.  Mom makes the best cheesecake.”

Delilah nods. "It would be lovely to meet your mother. Thank you." She follows Ellie as the younger woman stands to leave.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JosephJoestar on Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:09 pm

Delacroix University - 3h30 ~ 7h30

(ATTN : Keltan girl/Reela(thx xeno for reminding me =3)

Kyo left from his brother office, feeling a little bit preassure from all the current events going on. He went toward the university however as he had a late afternoon class. Hopefully the Keltan girl would be available to meet him tonight, but it sounded like they were at all time.

His class was about control of energy around you, a practice one that would make them try to charge their power, but it was measured by instruments that could tell if you were unstable into the amount of energy you were using to perform an action. Kyo was always a mess at this, he often end up using too much and as much as he have good control over his ability, he had yet to come up with a good way to minimize needed energy. This practice class was always hard for this very reason, he just hoped he wouldn't burn himself out too much.

Thankfully the teachers stopped poking at him before it got to the point where he would be exausted on the ground. He was still tired, but at least it wasn't about to faint tired. He thanked them and went to the bathroom to wash his face and put back his clothes as ... he had been transforming to practice, thus removing his clothes.

When he was done he went to get his stuff and sat in the stairs outside the school for a bit as he sent the message to the Keltan girl. ''If you're free, I can come to you guys now.'' He started to eat a bit of leftovers he had in his bag while he waited for a reply.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JosephJoestar on Sat Sep 23, 2017 10:59 pm

Delacroix University/Ryla and Deego's temporary place / 7h45~11PM

(ATTN: Closed)

**This is a collab with Leah7**

Kyo waited for a few minutes before he got the message "We'll be free in 20min!  Come on by!" from Reela, the Keltan girl.  He replied to her saying ''Alright, I'll be on my way to you guys then.'' He put his leftover food away in his bag and got back up. On his way there, he bought a small meal to eat over to their place if he was to get more hungry. Kyo thought this was probably for the best given his black hole of a stomach and the fact he transformed a few time. He arrived thirty minutes later at the place they were renting and knocked at the door.

The man came to answer the door, he looked pretty stoic at a first look, but as Kyo looked over his expression with more focus, he noticed a bit of sadness coming from his eyes. Looking over his shoulder, he could see the girl sitting in the chair crying as she was holding her phone. He toook out his phone and wrote. ''What happened ? Is there anything I can do to help ?....'' He asked looking worried as he was invited inside.

Deego scowls, pointing to yet another chair before he says apologetically, "Sorry.  We just got some bad news.  Just give us a moment."

He moves over to the girl, holding the tiny thing in his arms as she leans into him and cries.  He strokes her soft hair, his overly large figure acceuntated by her overly small size in contrast.  He sits down and pulls the girl onto his lap and lets her cry on his chest as he finally looks over at the silent boy that visited them with a sigh.

"We have been stripped of our titles.  We are no longer Keltan and should we ever return to the island...we will be treated as tourists."  Deego explains.  Just the statement of this explanation sends the young Reela into another bout of heavy tears.

Kyo went to sit down as directed and took a seat as he was directed. Deego took Reela into his arms to confort her from the pain she was feeling, when he told Kyo what was up though.... Kyo shook his head and he could feel frustration and pain for them. He got a little bit closer and wrote ''I'm so sorry to hear this.... This is so unfair, you guys did nothing wrong either.... Well .... the best I could do would be use my contacts to find you cheaper accomodation for now, will try to see if I could get something for free for you guys. Even though.... I wish I could do a lot more to try and change their minds about this.... I'm really sorry.''

Deego nods, "It's fine.  We'll be fine."

These words are to Kyo, but you can tell those defiant words are being spoken to Reela, as well.  He looked down at her as she wiped her tears and slowly stood up with a weak smile and waved at Kyo.  Her sleeves dried her cheeks well, but her galaxy-colored eyes were wet and irritated.  With a sigh, she tries to catch her breath back and recover, "I'm so sorry, Kyo.  I'm a mess."

Kyo shook his head and wrote. ''It's okay, I completelly understand. I'm really sorry this is happening, and although Deego said it was fine, it's still in a way our fault if it happened, so I'll do everything I can to help you guys. First of, did you eat yet ? I could go out to get a few ingredients to make you guys something. I'm a pretty good cook. Anything you feel like eating right now that would make you feel a little better ?... ''

Deego says, "She likes sweets.  I can go buy cookies or something, if that's easier."

Reela shakes her head, "No, I want to do the interview, first.  Let's....let's do our business, first."

''Are you sure  it's okay to ? I don't want to force it if you feel it's too heavy to talk about this. As for the sweet alright, but I could also make her something a bit bigger tomorrow and bring it. '' He showed the text to them with a soft smile even though he still felt sad for them and it would show behind the said smile.

"Yes, I'll take some sweets tomorrow," Reela says sadly, "I just...I lost my home because I chose to do the right thing.  So I'm going to keep doing the right thing.  THat's all that I can do."

Deego looks at her with concern, "This has just been too much stress for you, Reela.  First the travels, the interviews, and the distortion--and that man spying on us, I mean, you can't do this, too.  You need to stopp overworking yourself--"

Reelay punches the big man lightly, "THis is an interview, Deego.  With a nice man.  That's all it is, nothing big.  I can handle this, today.  I can handle...just this."

Kyo wondered what that man spying on them was about. ''Man spying on you guys ?....  I just hope it's nothing dangerous. If you feel like you need assistane into something feel free to ask me anytime. But yes I will proceed then, if you need breaks here and there just let me know. Don't push yourself too hard alright ?.'' He waited for her to reply before he would continue with the questions.

"We'll talk about it later," Deego says, his gaze shifting to the girl with caution, "For now, let's just do as she asks.  Let's hear your first question."

Kyo nods and started writting ''Well as we mentioned before we will work out the location to communicate with the wolf when we are ready. However I'd like to understand better the roots of this fire spirit and how it is connected to this problem and the Keltans. It seems to be a good place to start to understand where everything started. So my first question will be.... When did the fire spirit first started to be with the Keltans ? What did it first see in them to start being with them so to speak ?''

Reela says, "Hundreds of years ago, our ancestors made a pact with the fire spirit.  He gave us a great gift--the gift of its fire, pure and borne from its soul.  Ever since, all those born from the Keltans were Flame Etheriests--Flame, not Fire.  There's a difference between the two.  The Keltans are....way more powerful than most Fire and other Ethereists.  It is a cultural fact that these things occurred, but now, there's a divide.  Many think these things were just...stories.  Legends.  Others follow these as facts, but keep it all pretty hidden and secretive.  Many things came with this pact that the Kelts do not wish the rest of the world to know about."

Kyo thought for a bit and then wrote ''I see, then ... did the fire spirit abandon them because of the people who did not believe, or did something else happen that made so it decided to turn its bad on the Keltans ? And how long ago did it abandon the Keltans ?''

Reela replies, "We do not think it has abandoned us...but we have lost our connection, a bit.  It is...less than it was."

Deego says, "I personally think it is because of this whole....superiority complex thing they have going on.  Do you know how much it took for Reela to become an honorary Keltan?  To be able to come live with us?  They wanted to remove her title just for not being a Flame user after her power manifest, but I think that...I believe that the fire spirit is with her, in her blood."

Reela sighs, "You're getting off topic.  We aren't sure that the Fire Spirit left us.  That's what I'm saying...Maybe....maybe it sleeps."

Kyo sighs and writes. [i]''I'm sorry you had to go through all that, I wish they'd be more accepting of some changes or differences in a way. And I don't mean to be rude by saying that, but it's just sad that they would leave behind their own kind for this. Still this is strange, that the spirit would be less there and stuff. I just hope nothing happened that could make it grow weaker or something, is there any ways for you guys to check if the fire spirit is still around somewhere ? To check if it is still healthy so to speak or perharps even communicate with it if it's even possible ? If we could talk with it, we could know its reason right off, then again you guys probably would have already tried if.... it was possible.''

"Only the flame wolves knew of its location, once," Deego says, "Either the current generation of them won't say or they don't know."

''I see, I wonder if we would be able to talk about this topic as well with the wolf we are researching, it is a problem affecting all. But then again with her current mood she might not be willing to speak of it at first. We should probably stick with making her come out of her dire situation first and see after if more can be done toward the fire spirit as a whole. So I guess for now the fire spirit problem cannot be really solved or pushed further. I'll move to the wolves now. Were they normal wolves who got blessed at first or did they appear around the same time as the fire spirit to follow the Keltans ?''

"The wolves were a gift of the Fire Spirit," Reela says, "They were bonded to each of us, I heard--in the past.  Now, they are a pack that lives separately from us, but do occasionally communicate with us in their own way.  Yet, they are the creatures chosen by the Fire Spirit, just as we were.  I don't know if their connection to the Fire Spirit has weakened, as ours, clarification has been given, regarding that."

''Mmm.... So they now live seperatly from you guys, that is sad considering keltans were always with them in the past. Did they seperate from the Keltans a long time ago ? Do you know about how many years it's been since they separated ?''

Deego answsers this one, "Actually, the pack leader of theirs--she visits us and stuff.  She's cool.  I like her.  But uh....her pack stops in from time to time, they just don't get too cozy, if you know what I mean.  Mostly it's just her--she's called Strykerra.  I can't say exactly when they stopped living with us."

Kyo nods and continues. ''I see, that's a pretty name by the way.  But the follow up of event sure seem weird in its own way, it makes it difficult to perharps see clearly at the roots to resolve the problem there. Also gonna take a bit of a extreme turn in the topic, but I was wondering also about the overall regular culture of the keltans as well. How do they live on there, what do they do usually of their days. I've heard their way of living their everyday life was very different in term of how they did things and went through their days. But I didn't hear much of the specific and I must admit I'm also slightly to learn about that aspect as well to better understand the keltans. ''

Deego grimaced, "Not sure you really wanna know.  They suck."

Reela reprimanded him with another light punch, "Deego.  We can go over the culture, sure, but I mean...have we helped your case?  With the murder?  I really hope you'll be able to fix what's going on here and prevent any further death from happening."

Kyo shook his head and replied. ''I promise I'll do everything that I can in this matter, I don't want any other death and the reason why I'm asking all of this is that if it comes down to negociation if I can try and help, I think every details count. Plus ... everything from that problem is connected to the culture at its source. With a better understanding I may be able to come out with better ideas and thus better results. To be honest if I can help you guys find even further information to help out with the issues of the fire spirit I'll do what I can too. Both problems are related either way. I may be an outsider, but if there are things I can do to help as one, I will. ''

Reela nods, "I'd honestly like to find the Fire Spirit, too....I'd like to know why it didn't bless me.  Maybe I wasn't good enough."

Deego punches her, this time, just as lightly while his eyes roll.  "Uh-huh.  Yeah, no.  Let's not start talking nonsense, now."

''I don't think it's nonsense though, if we were to find the fire spirit we could be able to understand the exact why things are as they are. I think we should keep it into a possibility to look into after the case with the wolf is resolved. It may be able to help with some of your problems and I think it's something worth searching into. However whatever your power is I'm sure you are still a worthy Keltan, no matter what others says and it may be that the fire spirit have difficulties blessing a whole lot of people too if it is weakened who knows. But yes let's move with the culture for now if its okay with you.''

Reela nods and both she and Deego try to discuss the variations of their current, modern culture with Kyo as best they can.  Of course, some of the history has gaps and most of that is explained by Deego, rather than Reela--it's clearly not her strongest suit of knowledge, but she still does as best she can.  Just talking aabout the various cultural subtleties takes quite some time and it isn't but an hour later that Reela is much more of herself again, all sadness pushed away.

After all this talking, Kyo barely see time fly, but then he nods in acknowledgement. ''Thank you for all those details, I think I have enough details to understand the culture a lot better as well as the issues at hand. Now all that is needed is me planning out the location with my partner, I'll come back to you guys to elaborate the plan once I feel we are ready on our side. That okay ? ''

"Yes," Reela says, "You must be careful.  Not many will like what we have to say.   Your partner won't.  I don't think she believes us."

''I will, however I do trust my partner a lot.... I think it's more of a she doesn't want to fully believe things she never saw, but she's a good person and she wouldn't do anything to hurt the process of this. I'll do my best to take care of her part, don't worry. '' He said with a smile. ''Coming back into something more serious though... you mentioned a man spying on you earlier, that does worry me a bit, if I can help with this as well I wouldn't mind giving assistance.''

"Oh," Deego says, sounding displeased, "There's someone spying on us--with their ability.  Reela keeps seeing them looking at us--her ability lets her see things, sometimes....the reality of things.   And well, she said she can see someone watching us, listening.  We don't know who they are or why.  It's just a man who just lays there and listens to us."

Kyo tilt his head on the side thinking and wondering if it could be his brother possibly. ''If you saw him... do you perharps have a description ?'' He asked to try and confirm what he knew.

"Yeah," Deego says, "Some asian dude, right?"

"Yes," Reela replies, "Always well dressed, sometimes shirtless--but then, I think he's sleeping...but still, somehow listening.  I'm not sure how it works."

''What about the hair color and stuff like that ? Did you get to see his eyes at some point as well?'' Kyo asked trying to further confirm this, but so far it seemed to be matching.

Reela hesitates, "Dark brown hair.  Brown eyes.   I think he's white and asian, honestly.  Like,  a mix."

Kyo sighs and type something. ''Well I don't want you to be too much in shock, but I'm pretty sure it's my brother so I can definitely help clearing out some stuff on that matter. I'll just show a picture to be fully sure its him before I elaborate. '' He looked through his phone and checked out his gallery until he came to one of the only picture he took of him at some point when he wasn't expecting it to use as his contact picture. It was a picture of him at his desk taken on the natural. He showed it and waited to get a confirmation.

"Wha..?"  Deego said after reading the text.  The two looked at each other with confusion and curiosity as Kyo looked through his phone for a picture of his brother.  They both looked wide-eyed with shock as Reela nods her head in confirmation upon seeing the image of Zorlias, the very man that she has seen several times.

Kyo scratches his head and start typing. ''Well... first I can tell you that giving how my brother's ability work, he most likely doesn't control the fact that he sees you. He have random visions often horrible ones of situation that are happening somewhere or sometimes that will soon happen. He sees a lot of gruesome things usually and even make a lot of nightmares as he also get visions in his dream. It can also randomly activate when he touch someone or a place as well. He doesn't really control it that much. It just kinda happens and often makes him weak when it gets too much. So I can at least confirm that whatever he listened to he prob was sent there without really planning on it. And since you can see things that's probably how you see him too......

I'll be honest, he did mention seeing a girl with weird hair a few times but I didn't quite click on it right away, but I did have a conversation today that kinda got there because of one of my co worker that described you in front of him and my brother pretty got up his seat and stuff. I did try to get more info from him, but he wouldn't tell me... He did tell me that he would like to meet you if it was even possible, when he ask its usually that he saw something that he needs to warn the person about. But I think in your case it may be because of the weird phenomenon both of your abilities are doing. But yeah in short I highly doubt he wants you any harm. He may look a bit cold and stuff, but he's someone sweet inside I promise. Does that help a bit ? Also if you wish on meeting with him I could be there too if you're uncomfortable. If you wish not to, it's your choice as well.''
He waited for an answer with a comforting smile hoping he managed to remove probably one stress out of their shoulders.

Deego laughs a little, " you're telling me, this was an accident.  Her stalker is an accidental stalker."

Kyo chuckles a bit. ''Glad I could remove at least one stress out of you guys shoulders and help out. But yes it most likely is, but I don't think it's something he's experienced with his ability before, at least with the tiny stuff he told me. But yeah let me know if you're interested on meeting him. I could set up something easily. I think maybe that stuff is happening since your ability are so similar but I don't know.''

Kyo's appartment 11h35PM

Kyo finally got home after a long day and he didn't really care about eating at this point he just wanted to sleep. He did his usual routine and then removed his shirt and pants to crash into his bed. He almost forgot to set up the alarm and suddenly woke up after a ten minutes of dozing off to set it. There he could sleep at peace now. He would have to try and see his brother about Reela and Deego, but.... tonight he was just burned and was going to sleep.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Zenyatta on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:11 pm

Time Skip: August 13th, Thursday - August 19th, Wednesday

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 8:00am

Braedon had spent the entire week trailing after a woman with serious vanity issues.  She was constantly expecting compliments while dishing out exactly none, too.  This would have to be one of the most annoying people Brae's ever known.  Unfortunately, the week lead to nothing--no evidence.  Not a clue as to any evidence to indicate that she guilty for her crimes against Ms. Delacroix.

He spent most of his days out in a car, following her around or just watching.  Having a lackey on the case turned out to be pretty amazing, too.  Someone to fetch all the coffees and snacks necessary while he waited was just great.  Of course, the dude was a new guy and this was his first freaking mission with an Agent.  He thought he would be finished with this kid after he passed his physical exam, but at least he was the least annoying of the latest testing bunch.

The Lioness takes a lot of press and publication interviews.  She's getting her name out, but she's really good at appearing so different in public than she is in private.  In front of the mics and cameras, the woman is a damned queen.  A public servant that cares for the people and actually abhors politics, doing so only to help those that need it most--the People of Vaan.

If Braedon hadn't experienced her true nature, he might not have known better--she's damned good, that's for sure.  Still, he'd like to think that he would have seen her advertisements and interviews and thought that she was just too good to be true.  Overall, the press haven't presented any dirt on her--but is that because of bribery or something else?  There's no sure way to know, at this point.    

The weirdest part of his boring week hasn't been all about the Lioness, though.  No, the weirdest part has been his new housemate--Delilah.  Between teaching her some of the weirdest things that he'd never thought he'd have to teach anyone, he's caught her staring at him.  Repeatedly.  For no reason.  

At first, he thought it was a crush--after all, he's had older chicks after him several times--but, no.  Delilah was just too....motherly for that.  Even when he was the one showing her things, she still found small ways to mother him.  It was uh...strange.  Still, he didn't know if it was because she though he looked weird or what.  

When he was out on watch, he didn't want to leave Delilah alone, so he would send over a new, but good friend:  Jenia Delacroix.  He worried about that woman, considering her condition.  She's getting the best care, he could tell, and her recovery was going steady with both magic and medical science, but he also knew she lived alone.  It was in her file.

Due to the case, Braedon had taken the time to learn all he could about both the victim and the perpetrator.  And well...Jenia is sweet, but she's also quite vulnerable.  She had plenty to support her and visit her, but Braedon knew that Delilah needed...a woman's touch.  Someone to show her the ropes.  

Unfortunately, the entire week of the watches got Braedon up early and home late--so he barely saw either of them.  However, he always felt a wash of relief when he came home to see Jenia's driver leaving, knowing that she was getting around safely each time.  Of course--the texts did reveal little about their time spent together.  In fact, Jenia was very mysterious about it.

That drove Braedon nuts, but he respected it.  He could tell enough from both of their vague commentary that they enjoyed each others' company and that was enough for him.  Now, it had initially taken some convincing, but when he brought Delilah with him to talk her into it, that brought Ms. Delacroix around.  She insisted on being called Jenia by Tuesday and on Wednesday, Braedon had bought a cellphone for Delilah with the help of her father--because, yes, he had to meet Mr. Devereaux.

The man insisted on meeting him when he learned that Delilah would be staying with him for a while.  A reasonable request, to be certain, and Brae didn't mind.  The visit went nicely and the man thanked him profusely for helping him to find his daughter.  It was just another day, but it made him feel good to be able to help someone, like the job always did, but he had always had a soft spot for anyone who was homeless or in the system.  This was no exception.  That was the single good day all week that wasn't filled with only "lion stalking," as his CETE buddies had come to call it.

But, now, Thursday has come and Braedon is just ready for the weekend.  He's entered the CETE building to put in some paperwork regarding the hours he's worked so far, as well as find that damned lackey--what was his name?  Joey?  Jordan?  Jack?  He pulled up his phone and texted Ellie on his phone:  "Girl, I miss your face.  I hope your week is going good.  Work, work, work.  Haven't forgotten about you."

After he finishes his text, he walks up the steps to the Chief's office, taking it slow and taking a good swig of his coffee-rum mixture before he knocks on the man's door.  The chief is either going to be entirely pissed off about what he has to say or he's going to be patient and tell him to keep doing what he's doing.  For all of the right reasons, he's sure it won't be the latter.  There's no happy ending to this mess, no matter what he does and that much he is certain of.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Zenyatta on Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:36 pm

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 8:00am

Kris had barely made it through a day of making no progress on the case when the information regarding the scene of the crime was somehow leaked to the press.  Oh, yeah, that's been fantastic.  She had Kyo head off the assistance for their informants while tried to do public relations clean up, but that took days to squish out of the news.  Days.  

Of course, the Chief was pissed.  He raged to the whole damned department, trying to figure out who the hell leaked the case.  He was not only going to keep searching for the leak, he also established new protocols involving individual cases for the agents.  Now, they each had their own locked safe at their desks within their small cubicle spaces.  Just...fantastic.

Between wrestling over the press and delegating with Kyo for the Keltans, she was in up to her head in stress, not to mention the fact that the case was cold.  Even if someone had killed this guy was stupid enough to stay in town, it was unlikely that they'd stay in town with their artwork all over the damn news.  It's a possibility they are still local, sure, but it's really a hit or miss game that Kris doesn't like to try to guesstimate over.

It was yesterday that Kris decided to shelve it today if nothing new came up--the Keltans were so busy moving at the moment, there was no way to make any headway and that was fine.  They'd done all that they could and frankly, so had she.  For now.  It was time to work on other cases and see where the other workload for the department could take her.  Of course, the Chief wasn't happy about that, but he made it clear to her that the case wasn't closed.  

Of course it isn't, Kris had thought, I'd never give up--that Keltan deserves justice.  

This morning, she's drinking coffee when she sees Braedon stop in.  She looks up, surprised, giving him a short wave.  He doesn't notice, simply going up the stairs to see the Chief.  He hadn't been in but twice the entire week--but they all knew what he had been doing.  Heavy surveillance.  She didn't envy his case whatsoever.  Sure, hers sucked, but not that much.  She silently wonders what he's doing back towards the Chief as she moves to the open case cabinet.  

This, too, had a new lock system and the Chief assigned whatever he wanted, now--no one got a choice, anymore.  "Thanks, stupid asshole leak dickbag.  When I find you..." Kris mutters her thoughts under her breath as she unlocks the file drawer that has "Nguyen" engraved upon it.  There, three new files sit.  She pulls them out, leafing through them all carefully before she puts two back in and closes it up to lock it.  Then, she heads back to her desk so she can get back to work--a new kind of work.

Current Day: August 20th, Thursday l 8:00am

Zorlias had spent the last week setting up several interviews for new project pitches by his lead scientists while he nagged a certain woman with text messages--harassment by anyone's terms, but he didn't care.  This was something that was not only important, it was for the sake of the girl's life.  If he had to nag someone to save them, he'd do just that.  His visions wouldn't lie to him about these sorts of things--they had never steered him wrong before and he doubt that they'd start now.

The week was busy--between checking up on Jenia and being ignored by her, ignoring texts from his father, sending text messages to the girl, dealing with his new, temporary roommate Ember, and work, he had little time for himself.  Imani had told him she was doing some testing with his brother.  Finally.  Kyo needed the new suit she was working on.  He was excited to see the final results, but the woman refused to give her any in-depth demonstrations with the prototype and would only go straight to Kyo for testing.   Reasonable, but frustrating nonetheless.  

Ember had proven to be quite the asset at work--unfortunately, she knew his little secret.  He didn't know how and she wouldn't say and he didn't like that.  Zorlias really didn't like it and trusted her as much as he would any other stranger.  She knew so much about him that she shouldn't, but as the week came to its end, Ember finally told him about herself last night--not enough to explain everything, but enough to bring his heart to a stop.  If there's anything that Zorlias knows, it's that he's got to do something about what his visions show him and more, now than ever, he is convinced that Ember has come to assist him with doing just that.

As Thursday begins and Zorlias wakes to his alarm, Ember is already in the kitchen with breakfast.  He has bought for her what she requested--the woman insisted on never leaving the apartment and he could tell that she was avoiding talking about anything that was personal to herself.  She especially avoiding meeting anyone--anyone.  He thought he was a hermit, but this woman was putting a new definition behind the word.  He couldn't even convince her to go out for tea or a movie on occasion, for the sake of her health.  She needed to get some sun, he had told her, but the woman was stubborn.  Reminded him of Piper, sometimes, which nagged on him in more ways than he could understand.

"I'll have what you're having," Zorlias says as he sees her sitting at the table with her small meal--small because what was left of it was still on the stove.  He helped himself.  He was used to this routine.  She always said little to him in the mornings, if anything at all.  She was not a morning person and she was not punctual.  That reminded him of Kilder way to much, too.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by EphPhoenix on Mon Sep 25, 2017 3:30 pm

[Attn: Open]

Past week

I'd hidden from the guy in the alley, waiting for him to open the door before accosting him. I recognized him in the shadows. Butch McMiller. One of the local PD that had gotten in my face. Oh, I was gonna enjoy this. As he unlocked the door, I began moving stealthily, getting up from behind him. I wanted to see what was going on behind door number 1. I believe that was how that was said.

He hit a light and...I'll be damned. Drugs. Of course it was drugs. I rolled my eyes, but then looked again. There was packaging. An insignia I'd never seen before. And whatever it was, it wasn't the regular kinds. I knew the scent of the regulars and this wasn't it. Time for answers. I moved, but I'd gotten only two steps before he suddenly called out. "She's here. Get her."

Men and women in black fatigues had swooped down. Five by my immediate count. One landed right behind me and I stomped his foot and greeted his short ribs with my elbows before leaning into him, grabbing his arm and flipping him hard onto the ground and following it up with a swift kick to the temple. He was out.

"She's trained, but she's just an Assistant, no real threat," Butch told the others. "Get her!"

I felt heat rise from my face at the multiple insults to my pride -- both as a warrior and as CETE officer. It was almost over, but I'd lived the better part of a year with those men and women and I'd be damned if he was gonna insult them!

I sidestepped the next one's punch and brought my knee into the side of his thigh, hitting the nerve there and causing his leg to buckle. I went down with him and rammed my elbow into his throat. He began choking and flailing and I rolled to my feet in anticipation of the next attacker. I'd need to end this quickly and get back to him if I didn't want him dying from that.

After two of their number went down, they got smarter. They moved as a unit, now, none going faster than the other. Nice. I grinned; oh how I loved a--no. Kicking their asses would only earn a temporary victory. These guys were arrogant and selfsure. I was in their territory and they knew it. I needed to use that.

I took cautious steps back, feigning fear. The message: I was good, but maybe not so good at groups and knew it. I smiled inwardly as I saw a couple of them smile. Predators moving in for the kill.

In a seeming act of desperation, I elbowed one of the men in the face, then kicked the woman hard in the stomach that made a satisfying "Woof" sound. She felt me.

The other two--I'd missed one, apparently--took advantage of their comrades being taken down. I rolled with a sucker punch across my jaw, stumbling, and the other grabbed me from behind. I struggled and the other gave me a hard blow across the face to take the fight out of me. I let him think it had.

"Let me go!" I growled angrily. "Do you know who you're dealing with?!"

" Brannagh Jones," Butch said. "Assistant CETE officer and cocky bitch. Yeah, not so full of yourself, now are you?"

"Big talk while I'm held down, axe spray," I snapped back. "Your mommy tell you you shouldn't bathe in it?"

He reacted as I thought he would and backhanded me across the face. The woman had snickered. I felt blood in my mouth and spit it at his feet. His eyes glittered. "Alpha" types like him were all the same.

"Shut up, bitch," he said to me. "You've been causing a real stir and that's about to end. We've been monitoring your every move."

"In the shower, too?" I quipped. "Huh. Must've been the most action you've seen--" Smack!

"I talk, you listen," he said coldly. I wanted to rip his throat out, but instead played cowed. He smiled, satisfied. "That's better, bitch. Here's how this works, you leave this town and you never come back. You don't mention this place, you don't even think about this place. You go back to your little hidey hole in the big city and tell your bosses that the case is closed and ya didn't find shit."

"And if I don't...?"

"Then you disappear," he said with a grin that made it all too clear which option he'd prefer I take. "You wouldn't be the first, you won't be the last. Oh, and if you think your body cam is picking up all this shit, it ain't. We got a special jamming device. Nice try, though. And I got witnesses that can place me at the lake, so you ain't got shit and the boys back at the PD'll back up one of their own any day of the week than some freelance group of wannabes. But, please, by all means, be stupid. Just one more dead bitch no one'll miss."

"That's just hurtful, Butch," I said. "I mean, sure I spend my time with a tub of ice cream at night--" that was the single city-dweller female pastime, right? "--but to suggest I don't have anyone that cares is just hurtful. I'm crying." I looked left and right. "On the inside. Promise." I heard another snicker. One of the guys this time.

I saw color flash in Butch's cheeks and smelled the stink of his adrenaline. He came in for another swipe and I leapt up, wrapping my legs around his thick neck and twisting, letting my ankle bone dig satisfyingly into his throat and pulling him into me. Closer, it was now my thighs around his neck. I squeezed.

"Lemme go, assholes," I told them calmly, "or you're gonna get to explain to your bosses why marbles here got choked to death. They hesitated. "You might be able to subdue me, but not before his carotids cease giving blood to his brain too long for him to avoid brain damage." I tightened.

"Do it!" Butch managed to choke out.

They let go and I used the sudden momentum to flip him down to the ground, still keeping my legs around him. I reached forward and pulled out a small pistol, keeping it pointed at his head. A little rolling and I was up to my feet, gun to the back of his head. They had their weapons trained on me.

"Put them down, you fools!" he growled. "A firefight will bring attention!"

"You should do as he says," I said, still using my calm voice. "I have no grievance with what passes for his brain all over the place." Calm got to people more than cold or angry ever could. I could smell their unease. They complied and put their guns away.

"Now," I said, "speak, marbles, and if I don't like what I hear, that's what I'm shooting off. Do we understand each other." He was slow to comprehend my insult, but it finally clicked and he nodded. "Good boy. Is this entire affair really over drugs? That seems so terribly cliche."

"N-not just any drug," he stammered out. "New. Top of the line. Like nothing the market has ever seen or ever will. After this, the common shit won't be able to satisfy."

I rolled my eyes. "What? Does it sing and dance for you, too?"

"N-no," he said. "It--"

I suddenly heard a click and recognized it immediately as a taser. Something hit my right side and I seized up, falling to the ground. He immediately ran forward.

"What the fuck did you do?!" he asked.

"Tased her," said the woman.

"Are you insane?!" Butch thundered. "What if she'd have seized and pulled the fucking trigger?!"

She shrugged. "But she didn't."

He was glaring daggers at her, but he apparently let it slide. "Get her put up. This bitch disappears. I'll call the boss and let them know that we can move the Sway." The way he said it made it sound like a name. The name of this new drug perhaps? Kind of...lame.

They moved over to grab me--and my sucker punch took the man on my left off guard. I rolled and spun, kicking the other across the face and rolling to my feet. I had all the information I needed. These assholes were going down.

Fun fact. My jacket is lined with an insulating material. Not standard, but hopefully after this it'll make for a good argument why it should be.

They tried to play it smart, again, but it was time for a little surprise. I picked up the guy I'd knocked out earlier and slung him at them. They weren't expecting the display of strength and two of them ate it as he flew into them. The other I brought my fist into his solar plexus and followed by spinning around him and ramming my elbow into the base of his neck. He went down.

I turned to Butch and made for him. He recoiled--but I suddenly stumbled as my body was suddenly way heavier than I remembered.

"Butch, Butch..." came a familiar voice. "Some enforcer, can't even handle a little lady--is what I'd like to say, but I'm glad I trusted my instincts and followed up."

I looked up with slowly blurring vision to see...Zack Saffron! "You...!"

He gave me a friendly wave as if we were meeting at a mall and not a dark back alley. "Me," he said simply. "There seems to be a solidity to you, something uncommon. So I decided I'd make sure you were properly looked after."


"How indeed," he said.

There hadn't been anything that hit me. "Force...user..."

His eyebrows rose up. "Wow. Got it in one," he said, impressed. "And archaic way of putting it, to be sure, but well done." He held up a small vial. "Now, go to sleep." The liquid in the vial suddenly disappeared, my eyes grew heavy, and I knew no more.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by MayorHancock on Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:11 pm

In the week that past, Delilah made it her focus to acclimate herself to the strange new world before her. She had hoped Pierce would be able to help her, but his work kept him out of the house from early in the morning to late at night, and she barely got to see him. Though, even when she did, she stared at him whenever he wasn't looking. Scouring his face for any family resemblance. Did he have her fathers nose? Her mothers eyes? The crinkle of her nose? He caught her a couple times, but Delilah liked to think she was sneaky. She had even found it within herself to call him 'Braedon' a couple times- a lack of formality he didn't seem to mind.

The only day in which they spent any time together was the day he had met her father. Ames had wanted to meet him, and Pierce had happily obliged- citing to her that 'parents are important' and how he had every right to meet the man his daughter was going to be staying with. It was almost funny, how formal Pierce was. Introducing himself as 'Officer Pierce', with a professional tinge to his voice; assuring her father that nothing bad would happen to her, that he'd take care of her. It was sweet, if Delilah was being honest. Pierce was the 'picture of a gentleman', as her mother might have put it- but his discussion with her father did little to put her wracking mind at ease. She was grateful he didn't say his first name, 'Braedon'- it would have been a dead giveaway- and their entire meeting left Delilah's heart hammering in her chest.

Both Pierce and her father had pitched in to buy her a 'cell phone'. A rather nice one at that; and though she was generally unable to use it, she still appreciated it, hunching over it in the middle of the night trying to figure out how to press buttons behind a glass pane.

Almost every day, Delilah left notes for her housemate. 'Have a good day at work!' accompanied by a little smiley face, or 'Be safe! Have a great day!'; he responded in typical Pierce fashion.

'Will do, ya old hag.' Delilah had to smile at that. She quickly scribbled in beneath it, 'That's Ms. Old Hag to you, baldy.'. Still, she missed him, though she knew he was adult with work to do.

Though, Pierce hadn't left her all by herself the past week. Jenia Delacroix had been her companion, teaching her about technology with an almost saintly degree of patience. She liked the woman, she was kind, friendly, patient. They spoke of their families, of the world at hand; any questions Delilah had, Jenia was happy to answer- and any questions Jenia had, Delilah tried to answer to the best of her ability.

Delilah was always...careful, when it came to Jenia's injuries, asking if she was alright, if she needed anything, how her injuries were healing. She never pried, never asked for details, she merely wanted to make sure the woman was alright. Delilah was also rather...curious, about the womans wheelchair, noting that she'd never seen one and wishes she could have gotten one for her mother when she fell ill.

They spoke of each others families, as well, with Jenia showing her pictures of her family, telling her what they did, what their Ether abilities were. Even showing her pictures of her late mother. They found a kinship in that, Delilah offering an ear and a shoulder should Jenia ever wish to speak of her loss. She noted that she wishes she could show Jenia a picture of her mother, but, tragically, she had none. She did, however, show Jenia the yellowing picture of her father, the image that started it all. They shared a lot with each other, answering questions, back and forth, back and forth-

Even when it came to her 'Special Gift'. Jenia had asked her if she'd told Pierce about it, her 'ether ability'. Delilah sputtered; she'd lived her entire life not telling anyone, not wanting to tell anyone. But...Jenia was a teacher, and she was so kind a nice and taught people like her and- She explained herself to the woman. How her mother had made her promise to never tell anyone, or else they'd take her away; how it had been just the two of them, honing her abilities. Jenia alleviated her fears, telling her unless she was a danger to others, the authorities wouldn't have bothered her. But...Delilah's power was dangerous, wasn't it? Jenia explained how 'Ether' and 'Aura' worked, as well as her ability, she explained how 'EC' classes worked and told Delilah she was an 'EC3'. She asked, nervously, if that was good, to which Jenia had responded yes, it was good.

Delilah even showed her ability to Jenia, despite her nervousness, trembling hands. She lifted things throughout the room, setting them back down carefully as she could. The woman voiced a sense of...envy, for what Delilah could do. Noting that her and her family were given the short draw. For a while, they had discussed the unfairness of it- how some people were given dangerous, powerful abilities while others were given things they couldn't even use to defend themselves, with Jenia noting her own injuries as an example.

Delilah then had many questions. About CETE, about the college, even about Pierce, learning about his ability, and rather violent line of work- the latter of which concerned her greatly. Jenia briefly offered to send her to her father- but quickly dismissed the idea, noting that he'd only try to rope Delilah into joining, especially considering her ability.

Jenia tried, briefly, to talk her into attending classes at the university. Speaking of taking care of yourself, Aura, Ether, Body and Spirit. She spoke of all parts working together in harmony, improving ones health- She explained to Delilah that even if she didn't want anyone to know, it would still be good for her to go somewhere abandoned and just throw things around.

'Clear up all of that old, dusty ether.'

'There can get old?' Delilah had asked. 'It could get moldy?'

'Oh yeah,' Jenia had replied. 'And yours is super moldy.'

Delilah was disgusted.

Jenia promised to keep her secret, and didn't pressure her too much into taking classes, she even offered to take Delilah to see her father, noting that she had a chauffeur- though she had to explain to Delilah what that meant. Delilah later took her up on that, introducing Jenia as her 'kind, patient' friend. Singing the womans praises. Her father was...surprised, to say the least, to see her in the womans presence. Noting that his daughter was 'rubbing elbows with billionaires' with a rather excited tinge in his voice. Delilah had to ask what a billionaire was, to which Jenia clarify that her family was 'millionaires'- writing out the numbers to clarify the difference to Delilah.

'That's a lot of zeroes..' She had muttered to herself.

Her father berated Jenia with questions, if her father had a secret mansion in the alps, if they had gold toilets, if they had a secret reserve of diamonds- To which Jenia generally, and politely, answered with 'No'.

'Gold toilets would be impractical.' Jenia had laughed.

'Why would anyone want a gold toilet?' Delilah asked them both.

'Because it's shiny!' Her father had, unfortunately answered.

'Wouldn't it stop being shiny after you used it?' Delilah couldn't tell why they were laughing.

The week had been full of progress, and new friends. But no matter what she did, or what Jenia taught her, she couldn't shake the anxiety, the unease of the pending test results from Reid. Had her sister truly abandoned Pierce? Every time her eyes laid upon him, a new pang of guilt hit her like a hammer. Every time she thought of what he would think of her if it were true, she felt ashamed. Maybe it would be best to not tell him? Be better to let him continue to not worry about the family that had forsaken him. The mother that had forsaken him. Delilah couldn't help but be filled with malice for her sister- why have a child if you want to leave him on someones doorstep? Why have a child if you're going to make it live a life wondering why it was abandoned? But still, she couldn't feel too angry- after all, if her hunch was correct, then at the very least, she had given a man like Braedon to the world. At the very least, despite all her mistakes and despicable behavior, she had allowed her to meet him, allowed someone like him to touch the world, and make it better.


But now, it was a new day, and Delilah awoke to an empty apartment, as she'd been doing for the past week. She yawned, mussing her fingers through her hair, stretching out in a comfortable bed she had been growing quite used to- in pajamas made of fabric that didn't itch or pull. She looked at her mothers walking staff leaning on the wall, and felt at home, at peace, letting herself 'fwump' back into the bed after a brief stretch. She reached out to her nightstand, taking her phone carefully in her hand- checking to see if she had any texts from Jenia-

But no, no it was not from her friend. The name on her screen made her stomach tie itself into anxious knots.

Reid, Agent Reid. She swiped her phone quickly, hammering her thumb delicately but erratically onto the screen to check the text message.

'Hey Delilah!! This is agnt Reid! Ur test results just came in. U ready for me to come pick u up? Smile'

The smiley face, unsurprisingly, did little to alleviate her anxiety. But, after pacing the hosue twenty times; having a slight anxiety cry, and mussing up her hair to all hell, Delilah responded.

'Yes. Let me know when you are here. I will be ready.' Much more...formal. But she was a sucker for grammar. She dressed herself quickly enough, snatching whatever she could that looked decent. She already had favorites- favorite jeans, a favorite shirt, and a favorite jacket. They were comfortable, movable, and if she was going to be gripped by enough anxiety to tuck and roll out of Reid's car, she'd need all the maneuverability she could get.

She anxiously waited, house key and cell phone in her pocket, outside Pierce's apartment, eyes scanning for Reid's car, white knuckling her staff, as a security blanket, of sorts.

What answer did she want? What answer would be best? She did not know, and she was nervous to find out.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by spectral on Mon Sep 25, 2017 10:23 pm

{Attn: Open, Time skip up to Thursday 8:00 AM}

Ellie is settling into her classes her week has been busy.  The Etherball team is gearing up for the Staccato game and Coach Steele has been driving them hard.  She has barely seen Braedon at all, but she has been texting him conversationally.

Her favorite class is with Professor Arturas aka the nutty professor.  Whether he know some students call him that she does not know.  He may have his quirks, but she loves his class.

She wakes up in the morning to her alarm blaring.  She glares at it a ball of wind forming in her hand.  No, she need to get up and go for her jog.  The game again Staccato is tomorrow and she needs to work out her kinks.

She picks up her phone and goes to the messenger.  She sees Braedon’s name and smiles.

I don’t know how people can be up this early in the morning.  I just wanted to remind you of the Etherball game tomorrow against Staccato.  I cannot wait to see you, but will understand if you cannot come.  Promise me that we can go out this weekend sometime…I may need someone to work out my sore muscles =)


To say that Sophie has been busy is an understatement.  The convention was a total success.  The cosplayers she did the photos for loved the idea of her book, most of them not only allowed her to use the picture, but wrote a paragraph or two for the book as well.  All she has to do is get the content ready for the publisher.

She also met with the Admissions Dean at Delacroix University.  She was more than happy to assist Sophie with enrollment and selecting classes. She is taking 12 credits this semester.  She is making sure to avoid Ellie at all cost; thankful no classes are shared.  She is only on campus for classes, and really does not talk to anyone outside of class.

She is also checking in at CETE.  They made a uniform for her in her size too.  It fits perfectly, not that she had to use it yet.  She overheard some talk about a leak and new regulations about cases.  Nothing she has to worry about yet.  She has been given a mentor at CETE.  He is their current photographer.  She does recognize the name.  She was surprised that he worked for CETE.  She thought he worked for one of the local magazines.  

Turns out he does, and only works for CETE part time.  He is happy to see her because he does not like the job.  Sophie has a feeling that she is going to be given all the shit jobs because of it.  Not that she minds, she needs the job.

She is still getting occasional texts from Zorlias as well.  Why is he so interested in her?  She swears the next time he texts her, she will call him and verbally tell him to back off.  They have no reason to communicate and she will never forgive him for what he did.  Maybe it is time to get the police involved.  They must have some people who can protect her from Zorlias.

Sophie walks into her classroom and sees the bleary eyed students.  She chuckles to herself quietly.  This is why she loves morning classes, they are the least crowded.  She hopes after class to head over to CETE for a few hours and maybe have a workout there.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JosephJoestar on Tue Sep 26, 2017 9:42 pm

Timeskip Events

**Just wanted to say, xeno I did not forget you, its just I didn't think our characters would get the chance to see each other much in the chaos, but I promise to react to sophie being in CETE as soon as opportunity arise !!**

The day after, Kyo went to visit his brother after his long day of classes to talk about Keela and Deego and how they would also want to meet with him. Zorlias seemed thrilled and curious to meet them, however Kyo also explained that they would be moving out soon and so they would be able to see them only after.  He stayed over a bit later with his brother that day and ended up staying over for the night. Only to discover in the morning that pranks had been something that continued for the Lioness. But there was no lead to the suspects yet. Although Kyo worried for Zorlias's sleeping schedule, he was happy that this was most likely going to reduce her speed into doing more shit.

He took some info from Brae as soon as he could to make sure everything was going okay and apparently had found someone to stay with him which was good. It meant he would most likely be able to work safe.... however that was the least of his troubles as soon enough there had been a leak about the information regarding the case him and Kris had worked on. His dad was pissed about it and they had to lock all their files now, it was pretty discouraging to know they probably had a traitor among themselves or someone that managed to come in unseen. It took days to try and clear that stuff from the media and in between that he had been trying that suit prototype a couple of times. Though he felt pretty bad since he destroyed it every time so far. But Inami did not get discouraged, she would always call him back pretty fast.

Either way once the case was cleared from the media, it seemed they were putting it on hold at the moment as finding the wolf would be impossible, plus their Keltan friends were in the process of moving. In fact when Kyo had holes he would go visit them to bring them food. Another thing he would do within the week whenever he could was to go see Jenia, she was recovering well thanks to the special therapy and healing magic his dad paid for her. She would most likely be patched in no time which was amazing.

Current day/Zorlias Corp./6 AM

This morning he had another test with Inami before school and work after school.  He prepared his stuff for the day and quickly went to meet with the girl in one of the etheriest/equipment testing room.

(Will continue in a collab later this week)

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JosephJoestar on Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:55 pm

Zorlias Corp./6AM ~ 8h40

Imani was there, waiting already, arguing with someone else in a similar lab coat as her own.  It didn't take too long before Kyo showed up, though she wasn't surprsied.  Zorlias was always punctual, so why would Kyo be any different?

"Hey," Imani says, "You ready to get started?"

Kyo nods with a smile, looking excited to see the new version of the suit and see if this one would hold to his transformation at least. He was always shy to remove his clothes though, but he did for most of them except for the boxers. He waited for the new suit to be handed over to him to try on.

Imani handed the suit over, glaring at the man she had just been arguing with as if daring him to say something further.  The man wisely chooses to say nothing further.  Then she says, "Alrighty, let's go.  Success, this time.  I'm sure of it."

Kyo gladly took the suit and started to put it on. Fibers felt slightly different from the last trial to touch. It was actually pretty comfortable and soft somehow. He was surprised. Taking a few step back he focus and start transforming into his third full form.

His transformation starts and his biologic armor starts to form all over his body as well as the long looking boots for the rider. However, everything that was armor seemed to have passed over the suit and his glyphs were still showing all over. The suit did not get ripped appart, no it was as if his armor went through it. How ?! Kyo started to get curious and started to test movement of articulations first where his armor wasn't really existent to give him room for movements. He could see the suit in those parts, but not much elsewhere. He looked happy and excited, he took a run to go get his celphone and came back as he forgot it in the locker room. Although it was a bit of a challenge to type in this but he managed barelly. ''This is amaziiiiiing !!!! So like should I try more action ish stuff to stress test it ?'' He asked looking like he was ready to jump all over like a kid.

Imani nods, "As usual.  We have the test dummies set up over there.  Have at it."

Kyo left his phone in Inami's care and then approached the dummies as he transformed his arm into a blade and as he got in range he stretched it to launch a slashing hit on the first dummy. He then brought it back and it felt like the suit was holding on perfectly. He then tried the same with his other arm and as he was done with a few test to make sure it seemed okay he decided to go for the fast run with his armor boots. He went full speed starting to appear as if he was roller skating against the walls and eventually came back down right in front of Inami. He seemed slightly out of breath, but not too badly so. He took back his celphone and wrote ''It wooooorks  !! Should I untransform now or would you like me to make more test ?''

Imani writes notes down as he is using his abilities against the dummies, paying close attention to the prototype as it moves and flexes with its wearer.  She looks down at her paperwork with approval as Kyo stops, typing on his phone screen.  After reading his text, she nods, "Yes.  I want you to continue using it for the next four or five hours.  After that, you can turn it in Jarvis.  I'll make you some copies and we'll ship them your way to make sure that you'll have plenty.  I expect reports on how they handle in the field."

''I won't be able to handle a transformation for that long with my ether, this form is still unstable in term of ether use, but I could do a couple more test with my first two  forms. However I also have classes around 9 until 12.  So I could do a few more test here for a bit more and then I could wear it under my clothes while I'm at school if you'd want me to try it longer on its passive form and bring it back after school. Is that okay ?'' He asked waiting for a reply.

"Very well," Imani says, "Just be sure to record your findings."

Kyo nods and as agreed, he continued to make more tests using his first two forms mostly. He left in a hurry around 8h40 to get to school on time. He still had the suit under his normal clothes and the longsleeves of it were going further then his short sleeves he had today. Oh well, he didn't really care for now.

Delacroix University/8h55AM~12PM

Kyo arrived barely on time in class and had a few stares at first since he's usually always there early. He simply smiled ignoring all those stares as today was an amazing day so far ! Or so he thought after getting dizzy for two seconds there before getting to his desk. He might have over did it in the testing session this morning. He still managed to get at his desk and sat down as everything was normal. Someone asked him if he was okay and he just smiled and gave a thumb up to say yes.

Class started, thankfully it wasn't a ether practice, because he most likely would not have enough energy for that. It was discussion on the ether history today. After a fairly long class and some exercises given by the teacher, he was finally free. He was surprised on how although it was pretty warm in the class, he was just fine. Was this another fonction of the suit ? Making so he's neither too cold or warm ? He would have to ask Inami about it later. For now though he planned on going to see Jenia and see if he could perhaps eat with her.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Squirtle on Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:28 am

-Around 6AM (shit this is early for Kilder)-

[Attn: Closed]

The blades of the ceiling fan weren't particularly any more interesting than they were any other morning, and yet, fo rsome odd reason, Kilder found himself staring at them, in the dim light of his bedroom this morning... This was definitely not a normal day... Why was he even awake at this hour? What trail of events had led up to this? Not that he didn't ever have mornings that he woke up so early and couldn't sleep, but they were both A) infrequent, and B) usually didn't leave him feeling... oddly energized... OH! AND C) He didn't have this weird feeling usually, which he could only make sense to himself as a weird sort of anxiety.... or excitement? He couldn't even figure it out completely other than it was probably both... but he didn't know why.... just like he couldn't remember what on earth possessed him to actually go to bed EARLY last night, or how he had gotten surprisingly good at cooking for ...seemingly now.... his cat.... He hadn't even heard from Mayor Amden in... well, at all.... and the weirdest part was that he felt like he had formed some kind of odd link with Errette.... almost like she was communicating to him, and yeah, she was an expressive cat and it had sort of felt this way for a while... but at this point he almost swore he was hearing her ACTUALLY speak at times... That was something that made him think he was losing his mind more everyday.. If it weren't for the small bits of time that he had made to go to visit Jenia and being in school teaching, he probably would have gone crazy...

Classes lately just seemed more and more like a slog this pst week... this early in, and things were already this rough.... mostly that it didn't feel like he was moving things along very fast in his training classes, where being his favorite, were surprisingly difficult this year. The students that were trying weren't the most competent right now or just had a power that was difficult to utilize correctly, and the ones that did seem to know their power better were either overcompetent or holding back way to much.... he wondered if some of them even wanted to learn it, or weren't AFRAID to, at least.... it sucked... One of his standouts was Visargo, but while Visargo seemed to have great powerr and a lot of potential and may have even been good at controlling it, Kilder couldn't tell because he seemed afraid to show it.... and Kilder could tell... he had told him the room was built to allow him to test it without bringing harm to others, but so far it just felt like he didn't trust that... *sigh* That got to Kilder a bit, really... But there was still a lot of the semester left, at least.

At least his visits to Jenia had been nice, and she was really recovering quite well, but he wished he had gotten to see her a bit more recently still... she had been busy a lot... and so had he really with the state of the school and the investigation still going on around it had been even worse.... Jenia had been a bit more distant in ways lately, but Kilder knew that she was just stressed... he kinda wished she would vent about it a bit more though.

On top of all this, Kilder and Zorlias had been staying out a lot at night lately... it had been almost like a second, more fun job, and Kilder took a lot of pride in their work. He was happy they were back together but wow...staying out so late was harder than it used to be for sure, although it was actually funny how easy it had been avoiding getting caught now. Were they just that good at this or did CETE and the police have too much else on their hands to care? Not that they couldn't get out of it if so, and Kilder suspected that it was more than just Kyo who would cover for tehm as far as THAT was concerned anyway.... Everyone there already HATED the Lioness as it was....

Just thinking of that, Kilder couldn't help but smile to himself... still looking up at his ceiling... with all these thoughts rushing through his head... everything seemed like it wasw going so fast, and yet... what was even happening? This had all just became normal for him again in a way... but there was something that he kept wondering to himself.... how was he doing all this in the first place and not laying here at the crack of dawn, completely awake and not exhausted? It really didn't make sense... he had only been as organized as the bare minimum for being considered organized in his entire life, but suddenly he was juggling more than ever and..... it was working?

His entire train of thought had shifted at this point from "wow, life is rough lately," to "wow, life is rough lately but... I'm getting by... just... fine?" What the fuck? That can't be right... I'm never this organized! he thought.

He popped up from bed at this realization.. "holy shit... that's gotta be it.... I HAVE MY SHIT TOGETHER! Despite the small mishaps, and the lack of social time... I am taking care of shit! HOLY SHIT! ERRETTE, I don't know what's going on, but I kinda feel like a responsable ADULT! DESPITE THE FACT THAT I TALK TO A CAT AND DEFILE PRIVATE PROPERTY AT NIGHT! THIS IS REALLY WEIRD!"

Errette looked up at this sudden outburst, somewhat sleepily but with as much grace as ever, giving Kilder one of her eye-roll like expressions (he had gotten used to this one) and then laying right back down.

"Okay, I know, I know, calm down, as usual, sorry... I just feel so weird today... not sure if this all it is either.. although this would definitely be a weird thing... it's even WEIRDER because Piper has been kept so busy lately that even she isn't nagging me about ACTING LIKE AN ADULT lately and NOW, I actually feel like I'm DOING JUST THAT."

Piper really had been staying late at work a lot lately too, which made him wonder what Zor had her working on, but he was also pretty sure Zor was doing this on purpose to cover up their prank work from her somewhat.... Seemed about right. And although Zorlias still didn't say much, the hangout time was super refreshing. Kilder still wondered though... there were definitely some things that Zorlias was hiding, and even THIS.. This prank thing they were doing. It was the most they had done together in YEARS, and Kilder could tell there had to be more to this than just 'revenge for his sister.' As always, Zor was good at covering his emotions, but there were glimpses. He knew there was a bigger endgame in all this somehow, he was just trying to work his way to the point where Zorlias would actually spill what it was to him again. Kilder wanted his best friend back, and he felt like he was starting to get him back, although very slowly.

Maybe that was this part of this feeling this morning too... Like... one of those almost future-predicting feelings that SOMETHING... BIG was about to happen... Did those really exist? Kilder wasn't sure, but he felt like they did. "Maybe today is the day Zorlias opens up and begins to tell me what has been going on with him all these years, or maybe Jenia will open up more to me and tell me if she feels anything for me, hehe, because I mean, why not?" he thought, "Or maybe ERRETTE WILL START EXPLAINING HOW IT SEEMS LIKE SHE'S TALKING TO ME! ERRETTE, AM I MAD??" He said this out loud, causing Errette to pop up again.

"You aren't mad, but you are annoying...." Kilder thought? to himself as he looked at Errette who looked kinda pissed now, really.

"Maker it's been a weird last few weeks... and I've been inner monologuing for like.... an hour now.... somewhat incoherently.... I think I should make breakfast and get ready for work now...."

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by EphPhoenix on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:22 pm

[Attn: Closed]

[The Past Week]

I woke a cage. Really? What kind of cliche bullshit...

I took inventory of my surroundings. I was in a warehouse of some kind. And mine wasn't the only cage. None were currently occupied, however. It was sectioned off and looked fairly high tech. I recognized an area with a medical setup, and another area that looked like...chemical production. I'd give them credit, it was drug lab, but it was a state-of-the-art, high end drug lab.

"I may have to rescind my opinion of CETE. The certainly train their operatives well."

Saffron. I resisted the urge to growl. It rankled my pride that he'd managed to fool me so well. At least I'd been right that he'd been lying about something!

He was analyzing me. For a city-dweller, I had to give him credit. "Not a trace of fear," he went on, "woke up quietly, analyzed the area. Your first instincts." He tapped his finger to his chin in thought. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you had special forces training."

"CETE are special forces," I growled with heat.

He raised his eyebrows and lifted his hands in a placating gesture. "My, my, I meant no offense," he said respectfully. "I'm just surprised they were this thorough training their wannabes."

I stared at him blankly. "Wannabes...?"

He nodded matter-of-factly. "Quite. 'Assistants,' I believe you're called. I've seen some of the rabble that applies. Some of these despondent...fools...go, hoping they might somehow contract powers if they're around us long enough. Like greatness were some communicable disease." He laughed uproariously. Something about it made my hackles rise. Anger flashed in those eyes behind that fox grin. "Ohhh, how useful they can be, the little pawns..."

A flash of understanding hit me. "Mary Ann," I said.

His eyebrows rose again. "My, you are a sharp one," he said, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose. "It'll be a shame to lose one of such intelligence, but I'm afraid it's the only way."

This time I did growl. "You raped an innocent girl because she was beneath you?!" I said in a low voice. "Oh, that sounds like every stereotypical male logic I've--"

I was cut off by his sudden laughter. Not mocking, just pure mirth. "Oh, no no no," he said doubling over. "She was raped cause she had to be discredited." He composed himself and that fox smile returned. "Much like you're going to have to be."

I looked at him flatly. "If you're waiting for me to cower and wail, you'll be there a while." There were chemicals I knew the smells of around, but nothing consistent with the normal kind of drugs city-dwellers pushed. That likely gave credence to this "Sway" being a new kind of drug. It was interfering with my attempts to identify people -- and most importantly gun oil.

He inclined his head, analyzing me. It was getting on my nerves.

"So, you gonna kill me yourself or you gonna have that shithead disgrace to the force do it?"

Comprehension dawned on his features. "My sincerest apologies," he said. The weirdest thing was that by all accounts, he was being genuine! "What you must think of me. This isn't some gangster story. Killing you would leave a trail -- no matter how well I covered our tracks. Especially with the likes of 'Kris.'"

"That's Ms. Nguyen to you," I corrected him coldly.

He gave a smile of surprise. "My, my, the loyalty you display. I must offer my apologies, once again. You're no groupie--as if your file didn't give away that much." He suddenly held up my phone. "But if you're waiting for her to come help you, afraid you'll be disappointed. Very smart to try and send a message before you went to see McMiller. But ultimately futile. A little hacking and it was easy as pie to send a message sounding like you."

I gave him a blank look that he took for shock. Worked for me. He most certainly was underestimating Kris, though.

"She started prattling about laundry, of all things," he prattled with amusement. Joke was on him. That was one of our safe word conversations. Hopefully, she'd have activated the security equipment on the phone. As high tech as this place was, a nice little trojan would be just what the doctor ordered to get some much needed dirt. I needed to get out of here. "Anyway," he continued, "killing you would serve no purpose but to bring much unneeded attention our way."

"So what's the plan?" I said. "Rape me like Mary Ann?" I smiled sweetly at him. "You're welcome to come try."

He rolled his eyes. "Oh, please," he said. "If I was going to be so vulgar as that, it'd be easy enough to just slip you some rohypnol. You'd be pliable enough, after that." He raised an eyebrow. "Maybe a stronger dose, however. The amount of sedative I gave you earlier should've had you out for much longer."

Not gonna lie. I actually felt a stab of fear at that one.

"Why discredit Mary Ann, though?" I asked suddenly. I blinked. "What did she discover?"

He grinned. "My, my, it's gonna be a loss to law enforcement," he muttered under his breath almost ruefully. "Not bad," he said louder, thinking I hadn't heard the first part. "Little Mary worshiped the ground Etheriests walked on, and when she learned I was one, why, she was beside herself with happiness for me." His eyes grew cold.

"Except she wasn't supposed to know," I said, understanding.

"Exactly. She was always too nosy for her own good. Couple that with a good mind, and well...she was a problem."

Suddenly, the pieces all came together. "You've been doing drug dealing since you were a teenager," I said. "She found out." I grinned with satisfaction. "Bet she didn't approve of that, now did she?" Good girl, Mary.

His smile vanished. "Not one bit," he said coldly. "Said I was disgracing Etheriests everywhere. Self-righteous bitch..." Seemed I'd struck a nerve.

"Can't handle the power and responsibility talk, huh?" I said dismissively. "Poor privileged asshole."

Anger flashed in his eyes white and hot, then immediately smoldered. "Ah. Well played," he said. "Get me angry, get me to make a mistake." He shook his head. "I'm not that basic, I'm afraid. Gg." He pushed his glasses up again--I was starting to wonder if that was some weird move. "It was simply good business. It started small, of course. Swapping out urine tests for drug testing. But the real money came when I saw the other end of the spectrum. Picture it, being able to get your fix without the problem of telling needle marks. I became a sensation overnight. Hobnobbing with famous actors, musicians, politicians. For a 16 year old boy in the sticks, it was life."

He smiled. "But we all have to grow up sometime. Granted, seeking out like-minded individuals and creating a profitable business was amazing, but still. It's chump change. I wanted to carve my name into the real power. Meth, marijuana, cocaine, heroine...they're all old hat. Worse, most of them ruin their clientele. It's bad business if you can't keep them." He held up a vial. "And that's when I came up with Sway. The idea, at least. Took many long nights of research and study for that."

I looked at him flatly. "Am I supposed to be impressed?"

"Yes, actually," he said. "Cause this? This is a masterpiece. This is the answer to all you wannabes out there. A drug that gives you Etheriest powers!"

I blinked at him in honest astonishment. "What...?" I said...rather dumbly, I admit. But shit, cut me some slack, that was some far out there shit he'd just hit me with.

"Now, I've got your attention," he said with a grin. "Imagine it. A hit of this and your wildest dreams come true!"

I felt insulted by that. My wildest dreams involved hot sex with a guy after we'd spent all day beating each other to a standstill. Hey, a girl could dream.

"Dude! You're monologuing!"

The voice revealed itself to be Chet Graham. He was walking up with none other than Dave Buffet--and fucking McMiller. He looked was that saying? Like the horse that swallowed the canary? That seemed off somehow (horses aren't meat eaters).

"Can you blame him?" Dave chimed in. "She's hot." He looked me up and down approvingly.

"You're not my type," I said bluntly.

"We hop you up with enough of this shit, you'll be whatever the fuck I want you to be," he said cockily.

"Thanks, but no," I answered. "We had DARE at my school, too. Just say no to dumbfucks."

"'Fraid you don't get a choice in the matter," Chet informed me. "Zack's right. Killing you would be sloppy. There are better ways."

I rolled my eyes. "Well, if you're going for 'boring me to death,' you're on the right track."

"Mmmm, feisty. I like it." Dave Buffet was proof enough I was about to get a reprimand for excessive force.

I looked at them and it clicked. "You're gonna drug me."

"You're right, Zack," Dave said. "She is a smart one. I'm sure she can go the Mary route once she's properly...influenced."

"No," Zack answered with distaste. "We're not doing that again."

"Why rape her?" I asked, heat in my voice. "Why not just drug her like you did me?"

It was Dave who answered. "The fuck you think? You see it in court cases and the news all the time. Rape victims get shat on and the perpetrators get off scott free. Like we did. Nobody was willing to believe it."

"Except that asshat Virsago," Zack corrected.

"Fuck that guy," Dave said. "Rattin' us out like that. Thought he was a weirdo, didn't think he was a g*ddamn snitch."

I blinked. This piece of shit raped a girl--with a very disturbing amount of forethought and clarity--and he found Virsago distasteful. City-dwellers were always going to be a mystery.

"Enough talking," Chet said. "Let's get on with it."

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Zoroark on Fri Oct 13, 2017 11:40 pm

{Attn: Open, Time skip to Thursday Afternoon}

It was an interesting six days for Alyssa. She had to run to the store to buy some groceries for home to be able to cook. She also bought some snacks as well. Not only that but the time she spent putting in the paper and online that she wanted a roommate had finally paid off. Someone had finally after who knows how long wanted or needed a place to stay. Someone that need a place to stay. Alyssa was willing to provide just that, a place to stay.

Alyssa, still being a college teacher, had classes to teach during the week. She had a self defense class and an ether defense class. Her classes, most of them just starting, had to go through the bore of syllabuses. Handing them out explaining how classes go. It was all something that she didn't enjoy. Then again who does? Once that was out of the way they could actually begin with the training. She did have some classes multiple times during the week. Her gym class she had twice and her self defense class was twice. Her ether defense class was once a week.

The best of the week that Alyssa had was learning about her new roommate. So far she learned that her roommate works as a doctor at a hospital in the city. This doctor didn't have much renown for herself. In fact she wasn't really known at all. She had few patients, despite her skill. This was due to how new she was with work. She was 27 with a full medical degree for general practice doctor. Alyssa had offered to help her new roommate who went by the name of Rikka Bookhart. The only issue being that Rikka didn't want help to get the stuff from where she used to live. Getting the stuff up to the room in their apartment was fine though.

If there was one thing that Alyssa was excited for it was the etherball game. She couldn't wait to see how the game would end up. Would they win or lose? She knew she was going to have a little trouble sleeping tonight. All the energy she had would be used to kill the fallen in Destiny 2. In the end the result of the game would be left up to fate.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by EphPhoenix on Sun Oct 15, 2017 10:59 pm

[Attn: Closed]

[The past]

I looked at my would-be drug dealers, sizing them up and plotting the best way to incapacitate them. Zack held up a finger and waggled it at me. "Don't be cute," he chided. "Or did you forget?"

He held up a packet with that stupid logo. Cripes. I had forgotten. Teleporter. He smiled. "Don't worry," he said. "Like any good dealer, the first hit's the good shit. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

The packet suddenly crinkled in on itself and I knew he'd just moved his shit into my veins. Zack looked to McMiller and handed him a packet. "There's a good boy," he said. "We don't know what powers she'll manifest. Just in case."

Fear coursed through my veins. I didn't know what the fuck I'd just been given. I didn't care how smart this pretentious shit was, I wasn't putting my body in anyone's hands. My hands trembled and I broke into a cold sweat as I could suddenly feel...something. And it wasn't a good something. Whatever it was, it was wrong.

My blood had been replaced with fire white hot and I could've sworn I was roasting alive from the inside. To my chagrin, I let out a groan and felt my body collapse underneath me as agony was the only sensation I knew. I suddenly felt my voice was raw and heard the dying scream of what had to be my voice. What in the actual fuck had this asshole done to me...?

Through the haze of nausea and pain, I could see Zack's self-sure smile fading. "She's faking it," he said. "Oh, very well played. I'll just give her another..."

"What have you done to meeeeeeee?!?" I roared, writhing in agony. He'd put something unnatural in my body, and I don't mean that high and mighty crap (Keltans use peyote for vision quests, after all). Whatever this was, it was a violation to my body on a fundamental level, and I literally felt like I was coming apart at the seams. Oh, Mennah, grant me release!

I collapsed in a shivering puddle on the floor of the cage as I began retching. It felt like I was vomiting everything I'd ever eaten.

"Fuck! What the fuck, man!"

"I thought you said we weren't killing her?!"

"We aren't! I don't know what the fuck this is?!"

"Maybe she's hyped up on some other shit!"

"We've tested how it works against other things. It can't be!"

They the young men they were as opposed to the criminal masterminds they wanted to be. I was dry heaving, now, and was pretty sure I'd torn my ab muscles.

Finally, blessedly, I collapsed on the ground, my body spent. Gotta say, lying in your own vomit was something I never thought I'd experience. If this was the what the party going city-dwellers strove for, they could have it.

My body shivered and I felt myself wishing for death or unconsciousness, whichever came first. I could hear them out there, but was only listening with half a mind.

"Get her out of there! She dies like this, we're fucked!"

I heard footsteps coming toward me and the latch of the cage door. My mind went hazy and I felt like I wasn't in my body. I heard a groan of disgust as someone tried to pick up my body. As he touched me, however, the fire in my veins decided to dial it up to 10, as that city-dweller phrase went. The wrongness, the affront...through the haze I could feel something that matched the fire: rage.

A roar escaped my lips and I suddenly tore into my jailer with a fury I hadn't seen since my matches with Ealga. I threw them against the wall and hit them in all the places, feeling bones give way as I ruined them. Two more people grabbed me, but I wasn't having it. I slung one off and crashed the other's skull hard into the bars, hearing a crunch. The other I turned to and kicked him across the floor by slamming my foot into his chest. I felt his xyphoid give way.

He had had something in his hand. A blunt weapon of some kind. I grabbed it and brought it down on his face, letting out feral growls that I could've sworn came from some rabid beast and not my mouth.

"Fuck! It gave her super strength! Zack! Do something!"

"I can't! She's moving around too erraticall--ahh!"

There was a long clang as the weapon I'd been beating on whoever with clocked that asshole in the forehead and brought him down. I was already almost to them.

"McMiller! Where'd you!"

Something big moved and my body rolled out of the way of its own accord. A hulking beast lie before me. I howled fury at it and it howled back. It swung at me and I dodged, tearing into it, but though I connected solidly, it was barely having any effect. It swung and swung with a wildness all its own, managing to connect and send me hitting the floor.

I was rolling and then I was on my feet. I howled fury and charged at it. Its blows were powerful, but so were the bison's and the wolf took him down. He swung and missed, swung and missed, and every time I made him pay for it, hitting him in his joints, hitting his pressure points, whittling him down. His power was ferocious, but it was still a flesh and blood body and down it came.

I snarled as something hit me in the shoulder. I instinctively rolled and leapt toward the direction I'd been hit and my fist connected hard with someone. I took whatever he had had and began shooting it at my attackers, who scattered.

I moved to Zack and grabbed the weapon--then threw it in the direction of the chemicals that were cooking on the table. The resulting explosion sent us all flying and fire began spreading. The fire suppressing system couldn't handle it.

Everything was a blur. I sped for an exit, lashing out and taking down whoever got in my way. A large door stood in my way and I took someone down and used them as a battering ram. The door led to some river. I leapt in. As I hit the water, I felt the shockwave of a louder explosion. I fell unconscious.

I coughed and spluttered as I was thrown onto the shore somewhere. It was daytime. My head hurt and felt hazy still and every nerve in my body was raw. There were voices, but they sounded like the adults from that one kids show, just a muddle of noises. My brain must've processed something. I remembered grabbing a phone from one of them, making a call, then running. I ran for a long time, instinct driving me.

I awoke in a hotel room, my sheets soaked, shivering. There was someone there. A young woman. I couldn't remember her words, but it didn't matter at this point if she was friend or foe. My body was spent. I had nothing left to fight with or run. I let myself drift into unconsciousness and let come what may.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JosephJoestar on Thu Oct 19, 2017 6:54 pm

Delacroix University/12h~1h PM

**This is a collab between me, Leah7 and RadioTanuki**

(ATTN : Closed/Jenia's office)

As he started to walk Jenia's way he saw that he actually got a message from her saying she wanted to see him and so he moved over there with his lunch in hand. He arrived in front of her office and knocked as usual before he entered. He waved at her and got closer, sititng down in one of the chair in front of her and typed ''I was just about to come and ask if I could eat with you and then I saw your text so either way I was coming here haha. How are you doing sis ?''

Kilder looked up at the clock... it was already noon, thank god... the early morning lectures had been dragging ass today.... The subject matter used to be at least a bit more fun than this, but the deeper into the law terminology they got, it got to be a slog at times, and this unit was... ugh... he pitied the students on this one, but they had to learn it... He was just ready  for some lunch at this point but discovered he had a message from Jenia. "Oh... Jenia wants to see me? Okay... wow I think it's been a bit since she called me to the office at lunch.... of course I don't miiind.... hehe..." he smiled. "Should I maybe bring some candles??.... Okay, Kilder, too much man, stop that!" he shook his head and put on a straight face. "I'm sure it's just business is all. Definitely nothing like that.." He was about to open the office door but notice the door just closing behind Kyo. "Hmm... Okay... this may be more important than I thought then..." He walked into the office and did a small salute-wave, " 'ello gov'na, how may I help you? And 'ello to you too, Kyo! How's it going?" He smiled to them.

Jenia is sitting at her desk when Kyo comes in and she smiles and waves at him upon his entry.  She waits patiently as he writes up his text and is handed his cellphone just as Kilder walks in.  She gives him a quick "hi" and smile before looking down at the phone and reading the text.  Then, she hands the phone back to her brother.

"I'm doing well.  I've made a good friend, Delilah.  I've been spending a lot of time with her and I think you'd like her.  Anyway, yeah.  I'm good.  Just restless, to be honest.  I'm ready to be out running."  Jenia speaks softly, rolling back from her desk slightly and turning her chair around to mess with the blinds in the room.

The entire back wall behind her desk is a glass window, but the blinds there are massively thick and useful for blocking out too much light--or prying eyes.  Or anything else that could be annoying, really.  She turns back around after closing them, tapping the lamp on her desk to provide more light into the now dimmed room.

"I'm glad to hear you're at least out getting some social interaction, Jenia, and I'm sure. I think I would be going crazy in your position, personally. If you ever need anything, of course, I'm here, you know. So anyway... this place just got spookier," he said as she drew the blinds. "How can we help you, Jenia?" he said, placing his hands behind him as if a fancy waiter.

Kyo does a quick wave of hi toward Kilder while Jenia was reading the text on his phone. He then wrote ''I'm glad you're better and nice about your new friend, I'm glad. And be patient it's coming, when you're ready I could come and jog with you if you'd like ! '' He then noticed how Jenia closed the blinds behind her so that no one would spy through the window. He knew this was getting serious. ''Seems like you called us for a serious issue. I'm listening.'' Kyo added to his previous text.

Jenia frowns, "Yeah.  We can still have lunch....but there is an issue I need you guys for, so I want to get it out of the way.  How familiar are you guys with Ken Li?"

"Hmmm.... I can't say I know of him? Is he an extra from kung fu movies or something? He's famous, I guess,  right?"

Kyo thinks for a second there and start writing ''I've heard of him a bit about him from news I read online sometimes I guess... but I can't really say I know of him much other than that.''

Kilder at this point pulled a sandwich from his pocket and began eating as he waited for Kyo's response

Jenia scowls, "I've now had the displeasure of meeting him.  That's right--he came all the way to Kyrie Vaan to tell me that he wishes his son to be an exchange student here.  He's sort of....put me into a corner and unless I want the University to look bad, I've got to do it.  The kid is going to be here in an hour and I'm selecting you two to be his....'guides,' so to speak."

She pulls out a file, one that Kyo will probably find familiar.  She slides it along the desk for Kilder to see as she looks down at it with a look of displeasure, "And by his guides, I expect you to keep an eye on him--I want you two to watch him as CETE agents would.  I want a full investigation into this boy.  The information I have on him is....unsatisfactory and I don't trust the Dictator's motivations."

Kilder almost chokes on his sandwich, but then gets it down finally... looking at her with a blank stare now. "Well, it's a good thing I didn't still have coffee I guess... AN HOUR??? WHAT? Okay.... so.. the son of a PRESUMABLY EVIL DICTATOR, because like... when DON'T those two words go together... is gonna be here in AN HOUR... and we have to babysit? Sorry... Okay... that's.. that's kinda big? I mean, I can do it... I WILL do it... but why such short notice?" Kilder coughed a bit. "Sorry to freak out a bit there," he said, finally clearing his throat.

Kyo reconized the file alright and shook his head writting. ''I'm sorry you had to meet that guy and was forced to take his son in when he didn't fill his information properly. I'll look into it sis. I'll have to contact some folks to say I'll be late however. Have to deliver back something I'm wearring to an employee of bro, kinda been working on something for me when I transform. His face looked slightly excited there, but then went back to serious as he typed the rest. But ! I'll tell her I'll swing by later. And I'll tell dad I might be late cause you need me for something that's okay ?''

Jenia looks apologetic, "I don't mean you'll have to give him a tour today or anything--just meet him. that's all.  I want to introduce you both as the people to go to when he has questions or whatever.  The tours you'll be able to schedule and I recommend not being alone with this guy--ever.  I've seen his Ether and something is off."

She pauses, reads Kyo's text, and then nods her head, "Yeah, I noticed you had used some of your ability today... I'm sorry.  I know this is last minute, but I didn't know he was going to be here soon soon.  They sort of threw this on me."

Kyo shook his head with a smile and wrote ''Don't worry anything for you sis, I don't mind moving my schedules a bit to make time for the meeting. And yeah I did some field testing with the suit this morning. The third form ate some ether alright, but the suit didn't break which is awesoomeee... anyhow back on topic, really don't mind it sis. And off ? Like dangerous ?''

Kilder picked up the file and thumbed through it curiously as Jenia spoke. "Yeah... Sorry to freak out like that Jenia. I know this isn't your fault anyway. And don't worry, we'll take that all into account. I don't think it will be a problem at all. If anything the least bit suspicious comes up, you'll know right away. And don't worry, we'll take care of this together as much as possible, or at least with someone on standby as backup. I think it's safe to consider this official CETE business in this case anyway. No worries.... WE GOT THIS!" Kilder beamed at her, hoping it would put her at ease a bit. Looking at what Kyo had written, he looked back up to her. "Oh yeah.. do you know anything more about that? Is this guy like unstable or something? I mean... that shouldn't be too big a problem.... I deal with that in class a lot, but I may need to talk to Zor about getting some possible precautionary equipment for this if it seems that dangerous... It's pretty amazing what some of that stuff he has can do..."

Jenia opens her mouth to speak, but she stops as her brows furrow.  She listens intently, hearing footsteps clattering down the hallway--running heels.  One of the eyebrows raise as she points at Kilder and asks him to get to the door to open it.  Kilder only just reaches the door as the frantic sounds halt more loudly just on the other side and knocking is heard through the wooded structure.

The door is opened, but the clerk thrusts the door open more wildly than Kilder had initially intended to open it, himself.  It's Jenia's personal Clerk, but she is supposed to be out for lunch.  Her cheeks are red, her hair is a mess, and she looks miserable and aloof with her wide, frantic eyes and her aruduous breathing from the running in her heels.

"I--"  The clerk says, but she bends over to breathe.

Jenia holds up a hand to calm her, "Breathe.  Just breathe, Zoe."

Zoe pushes out her panicked words, "The--Shun Li!  He's here.  He's on his way up to meet you."

Kyo was in shock hearing what he just saw and heard. Guess he would eat a little late for now. ''This isn't good, I'll stay close Jenia and let you speak. '' He moved closer to Zoe and wrote. ''Thanks for telling my sis, are you okay? Need water ? I have some in my bag.''

The door swings open so fast as Kilder reaches to open it that he drops what is left of his sandwich, the door hitting him in the face. Less phased by this he was as the look of terror on Zoe's face. "Woah, woah, it's gonna be okay, just.. we got this! DON'T PANIC... NOW!... Jenia... what do we do? Should we go out and meet him halfway?" Trying to act in control of the situation only worked for Kilder until he realized that he actually didn't know how to approach this at all.... He might as well have been caught in the bathroom stall, not finished with his business yet...

Jenia sighs, "Thanks, Zoe.  Just lead him up here....slowly.  Take your time, really.  And breathe."

Zoe nods her head, taking the offered water and taking a big drink before she apologizes to Kilder and exits the room and Jenia rolls around once more, opening the shades back up.  She then begins to clean up her desk--removing her lunch that she had prepared to eat and the file from its surface with care and into one of the drawers below.

"Scarf your lunches, if you're gonna eat," Jenia says, "Might as well meet you now, I guess.  An hour early, really??  This is ridiculous.  Kyo, bring that third chair over here, would you?  No, not that the brown one--get the black one, it's more comfortable.  Yeah."

Jenia opens up another drawer, pulls out a brush, and quickly grooms herself with a small hand mirror.  She looks herself over, brushes off her business dress, and then looks back up at the boys and sighs.  This is going to be a rough day.

Kyo was glad to offer the water to poor Zoe, he always had extra anyways so it wasn't a big deal. ''And I'll do my best to eat quick a part of my lunch, I'll eat the rest later if anything. I don't mind.'' He wrote after bringing the chair Jenia asked for and placed it next to the wheelchair. He was looking at her get ready and couldn't help, but be a little bit worried about her. Still he would stay with her while the said meeting would last. He took the chair he had initially and brought it a bit closer to eat his food.

"It's okay, Zoe," he told her before she left, "Just calm down and take care of yourself." He then goes to clean up the remains of his deceased sandwich as he listens to Jenia speak and helps her tidy up some of the other things around the room in a rush. He runs his hands through his hair a bit quickly to hand brush it and looks up to both of them as Jenia told them it was going to be rough. He was worried now.. but he knew he had to keep cool, for her sake.... for everyone's sake. He and Kyo were both CETE, and while it had been a while since he had done this sort of CETE stuff, he had to act like a real agent now. It had just been a while. He smiled uneasily... At least he had Kyo here to help too. "Um, Jenia... you have a stray hair there you missed, by the way..." he chuckled a bit, then gulped, kind of hoping it could somehow ease the mood. He wasn't lying about it to fake her out, either way, so it couldn't hurt, right?

Jenia straightened up the hair as best she could, but she could also hear footsteps coming down the hallway--multiple people, this time.  With another brush on her suit, she waits patiently as the door is knocked upon and Jenia invites them in.

Zoe enters in with two men--one obviously a teenager and the other a grown man.  By his stereotypic suit and buff exterior, she can guess that he's a bodyguard.  The strong amount of Ether also added to this possibility, but there was still a chance she could be wrong.  With a smile, she invited them to sit.

The teenager is a boy with silver eyes and black hair, piercings, and tattoos.  His attire is that of black cargo pants and a maroon and black, Jai Yeoung styled, silk vest.  He carries himself casually as the bodyguard simply moves to the back of the room and stands up against the wall quietly.  Bodyguard, indeed.  

The teenager, now seated on the other side of Kyo from Kilder, looks at the other two and nods his head to each of them and to Jenia, "Sup."

Jenia forces a smile, "Shun, this is Kilder and Kyo.  Kilder is a professor here and Kyo is a student, both of which I have selected to help you around the campus when you need assistance."

Shun looks them both up and down analytically, his eyes quick as he leans forward in his chair and shakes Kilder's hand and then "fist bumps" the air in Kyo's direction after he doesn't return the shake.  Jenia was quick to explain that Kyo is mute and doesn't like to be touched, but that his texting is pretty fast and he speaks through that.

"A'ight.  Coo'," Shun says, "I haven't looked through the City, yet.  Just got here, really."

Kyo smiles to the new guy and play around with what Jenia told him. ''Yeah sorry about it, don't want to make you uncomfortable. If you need any help with directions and such I could try my best to help you.'' He wrote to the new guy hoping it would make him feel comfortable.

"Nice, to meetcha dude," Kilder loosened up at hearing this kid's demeanor. "And yeah, if you need anything, just let us know man, we're here to help however we can while you're here. Which could include...." he cut his eyes at Jenia, "uh, yes, showing you around here, if the time allows. However I do have classes this afternoon, so it may depend on time. Jenia?" he said, not sure how far they were supposed to go for this dude... He hoped she would step in and help him not goof this shit up anymore than he might have already... "Shiiiit how far are we gonna have to go for this guy? At least he seems easy going... but...."

Shun cuts in casually, "Hey, today is moving day, still.  I'm getting my suite all set up.  But I can give ya my info and then you guys can hit me up when we go partyin'.  You can show me where all the chill places are at....look, can I be frank, here?"

Jenia looks at him with speculation, but she nods her head, "Candid and honest, yes.  Be so and we will be so in return.  Out of respect, of course."

Shun grins, "Great.  Look....Ms. Delacroix.  I hear my dad made you let me come over here and...well, that's great for me, but it sucks for you.  He's gonna be watching you like a hawk and the best thing you can do is ignore him.  After I get settled, I don't expect any special treatment.  I'm just a kid, y'know?  You don't feel pressured to keep giving me all these..."

Shun gestured to Kilder and Kyo briefly as he continued, "...benefits.  I'm here to learn and that's it.  Once I learn what I came to learn, I'll get outta your hair.  --I gotta say, though, choosing a mute as my guide?  I'm judging your choices here, lady."

Jenia catches the humor in this last part and she smiles genuinely, this time.  He's charming and loose.  She likes that.  With a small laugh, she says, "Well, Kyo here is my brother, so I know that I'm giving you the best.  Kilder....well, let's just say I chose him just to mess with you.  You'll know what I mean when you get to know him."

''I may be mute, but I know a lot about the school and the city so I can help regardless and I'm happy to help if I can help you. I'd do the same to other new peeps who need help honestly. Hope we can get along and that you'll have a bit of patience with me typing. I'm sure Jenia only wants you to integrate the place okay too, you're coming in a bit later as well, so you might need extra guidance compared to people who came on day 1. Really if you have questions or need directions don't hesitate I'll be happy to help. '' He mentioned with a smile. This guy was pretty honest and easy-going so far, though kyo went with it, he was still on his toes in case. But the guy seemed okay.

Kilder let out a sigh of relief that was farther from inaudible than he would have hoped, but whatever at this point. He felt as if all the weight had been lifted, but he'd best stay on guard anyway... He couldn't trust this kid on this alone, as much easier as that would possibly make this. "Well then, that said, I think we're going to be just fine! Hey, you may enjoy my company, even! As far as parties go, Kyo's a bit younger than me, so he might know, but as social as he is, I don't think he typically attends them, haha.. Well he is also always pretty covered up, but dude, I'm glad you understand our position, for real. But still, if you need any help around here, we are here for that, just as we are for any other student!" He leaned in closer to him to whisper, "And I may be a bit too old for parties, but that doesn't mean I don't know where some are if you ever wanna hit me up about finding them.... hehe..." he smirked. "But yeah, no worries about special treatment. You're a new exchange student, so it's only natural you might need a bit of help around here. I mean, not like there are that many ETHER schools around in the first place!" Kilder said, mildly amused. Maybe he was being a bit too casual, but that kinda played into his plan anyway. The cooler he acted, the more at ease this guy should be around him. At least... as long as he wasn't overselling it... which was unfortunately likely....

Shun read Kyo's text, listened to Kilder talk and just smiled with a small smile as he leaned back in his chair as any kid would do.  "Yeah....coo', guys.  Pull out'cha cells.  I'll give ya my number and you can hit me up.  I'll be unpacking at first, but Ms. Delacroix said it's okay to have a few days before starting classes."

He looks over at Jenia and winks before actually taking out a card from his back pocket and handing it over to Kyo that has his contact information on it.  "Man, my dad didn't tell me how pretty Vaan girls are.  Or how elegant you are.  You wearin' Ethermist?  I freakin' love that perfume, I dig it."

Jenia blushes a little, surprised to be flirted with by someone so much younger than she.  And the fact that he could smell her perfume from all the way over there?  Maybe she had put it on more strongly than usual this morning...

"Ahem," Jenia says, embarrassed, "Thank you. Yes, it's Ethermist.   I didn't realize it was such a popular scent."

Kyo nods and gladly takes the contact info in his cellphone and then he starts replying. ''Sounds good, unpacking can be a bit hardcore, take your time on setting up. '' He was surprised the guy started to flirt on Jenia now, he sure didn't expect that. Even less so with the sensitive nose the guy had. ''I know it's weird to say, but I'm impressed by your sense of smell.''  Kyo wrote with a smile. Although inside he wasn't super comfy with the idea of him flirting Jenia, but so as long he stay within the line of respect, Kyo would keep from saying something about it.

Kilder took his contact info, and gave his to him. Then as he listened to what else the kid had to say, his eyes widened and cut over at Jenia quickly as she blushed <.< "THE FUCK? NO!... He's a child... that's just weird.. but w-hu-huuuut.... THE FUCK??" He quickly looked back and smiled at Shun, trying to hide his, unease. "Oh yeah, maan, dude... trust me, there are FAAAAR more pretty girls out there where that came from. Just in this school alone... Just wait until you see your classes man! THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! Hehe! And all quite young and athletic, I might add, too... yeah... haha..." ^^'

Kyo gave a look to Kilder about that last statement, but then gave in return his contact info to Shun for him to add after this one was done reading.

Jenia looks at Kilder as he is talking about all the "hot girls" in his class.  She says nothing, but she just...stares.   Shun is laughing and grinning, looking quite happy about this news, so she's happy that he doesn't notice her glare of displeasure.  If she were Supergirl, Kilder would have met her lazer eyes and been desintigrated, by now.

"I have no doubt, my dude," Shun says, "I just like 'em classy--and older, if I'm gonna be honest.  The older they are, the better they treat me.  That's what I think....I like 'em experienced."

Kilder was about to lose his mind, but kept his smile.... In fact, it got slightly more intense as he tried not to grind his teeth together.... "Oh yeah, well, ha ha... there's still plenty of those around I'm sure...." "I WILL KILL YOU AND YOUR FUCKING FATHER AND BURN YOUR ENTIRE COUNTRY IF YOU TOUCH HER... JAI YEOUNG WILL EXIST NO MORE..." ".... BUT! " he said raising his finger to the air with a goofy smile, "I must remind you that student-teacher fraternization as such is strictly prohibited and stands as grounds for expulsion here, just in case you happened to get the hots for any of our lovely faculty members! ...And I don't know how you swing.... but man... I'm sorry, you just aren't my type..." he said taking an apologetic tone. THIS WAS FUCKING WAR. He would have to explain this to Jenia afterwards... somehow....

Shun was obviously hitting on Jenia again and it showed. Kyo was a little irritated inside and wasn't sure what to say to keep him off Jenia without making a bomb happen. It's then that Kilder started and Kyo couldn't help, but giggle slightly at the last part. ''Well he have a special way of saying it, but it's kinda true.'' He added to what Kilder said with a smile again. He just couldn't believe Kilder said that at the end.

Shun laughed, "Damn, that sucks.  Here I was gettin' excited.  Okay, threesome is out."

He stands up, offering a hand to Kilder and Jenia once more and an "air fist bump" to Kyo as he talks about how he should "get going."  He doesn't want to keep these guys for too long.  With a small, but pleased smile, he says, "It was a pleasure meeting each of you.  I hope we'll talk again soon.  I know my way out, no worries.  Have a nice day."

His bodyguard is already at the door, holding it open for the exit to come.  Fast--he moved fast.  Jenia didn't even see him move from the wall to the door.  He was just there.  That's one hell of a bodyguard.

"The pleasure was ours, Shun.  Please.  Let us know if you need anything."  Jenia says.

Kyo waved at Shun to say byebye with a smile, although the bodyguard freaked him out for a sec there, he stayed cool about it though, but that movement was crazy. His hands a bit more free for now, he took a couple of bites of food while waiting for them to get out and walk further.

Kilder just stared off into space at the threesome comment.... he felt like his eyes were about to bulge out of his head, so he closed them and put on a fake smile as he shook his hand, laughing nervously.... Upon Shun leaving.... his expression went blank once again and his face turned as red as a fire truck.... and then he broke into cold sweat trying to fathom what the literal fuck just happened there..... he was afraid to even turn in Jenia or Kyo's direction now... he just wanted to run to his office and curl up in fetal position in a corner.... and for Jenia to hold him and tell him the bad man wasn't coming back... but he really didn't see the second part happening.... especially after that awkward.... awkward was actually an understatement for that threesome comment... "That kid made a FOOL out of me.... noooooooooo...." He honestly couldn't remember the last time he was so embarrassed... oh no..... never mind.... one of the last times he saw Cynric actually... never mind....

Jenia sighs with relief, pulling out her lunch, "Glad that hell is over.  What a charming kid.  Doesn't seem half bad, now."

She begins to unwrap her sandwiches and noodles, "Okay, so.  His Ether is like...not just in his aura, I don't think.  It expands more widely with him than most people's do.  Whatever his ability is, it might be limited by touch, but it might not be.  What I do know is that he's pretty good at using it, whatever it is."

Kyo started to type with his free hand while he ate fruits with the other. ''I see, although he seems chill but I'll still be on my guard. Plus I honestly don't like how he was flirting you. Though he stayed polite, but still. Anyhow we'll still carry on the task when he's around school ground some more. And I'll try and watch out for his ability though it's hard to tell what it could be. His bodyguard was intense though. ''

"I didn't think he was thaaaaaaat charming, I mean... Yeah he had some, for sure, but I thought he was a bit...  too forward, don't you?" Upon noticing Jenia immediately change the subject, and then kind of hoping she had ignored his last comment, he added,  "Hey, no worries, Jenia, I got it... Whatever his ability is... I'll have it  figure out for ya!" he said smiling confidently and giving a thumbs up to her. "He'll have to show me if he's in my begginer class! ... He is, right?" he quickly cut his eyes both ways comically with a suspicious look on his face.

Jenia rolls her eyes, "I'm hit on all the time.  It comes with being a woman.  Don't worry about it.  Anyway, just keep in contact with him, find out what you can.  Let me know."

Phew... "Yeah, true.... Aye aye, capitan, will doooo!" Kilder replied, leisurely giving his two finger salute. "eh boooy... this kid.... this was gonna be a rough semester.... ugh" he thought as he walked out...

Kyo nods as he continue to eat some more and type again with his food free hand. ''Alright sounds good. Sorry, I just can't help, but worry cause you're my sister. But if you say it's okay it is. Just tell me if one of those dudes ever gets too far yo. And I'll finish eating with you before I leave if it's okay ?'' He asked her to be sure.

Kyo took the time to finish his lunch with Jenia and spoke about more casual things with her. Even showed her a glimpse of what the suit was doing by transforming a part of his arm. He didn't want to go full out to keep his ether in case. Jenia seemed thrilled about it and he couldn't help but smile and tell her to not tell Zorlias she saw before him, he'd probably be jelly. When he was done, he left the school ground to go back and see Imani.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Set made by me ;D
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