Etheriest Role-Play

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Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 21st November 2015, 1:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

Welcome to Coldrion City:  The Beginning of the Etheriest Adventure

The day is Monday, August the 3rd and they day is just beginning.  It's just past 7am and the city of Coldrion is waking up and bustling about.  The sun has risen, it's a warm and bright day, and as always, it's just another normal day.

Don't forget that this is a modern era, with modern technology that we have today.  That means cell phones, trains, subways, cars, and so on.  If you have any questions on how to get started, just let me know in the discussions thread.  Otherwise, have fun with yur entry and remember that you have free reign throughout the city.  

Character Posting Colors

Please refer to this following list for character colors, especially for ease with collaborative posting purposes.  
Thank you very much!

Non-Player Character Color Codes
e06e83Cynric Delacroix
00ffccKrissa Nguyen
c22110Zorlias Delacroix
db96f2Jenia Delacroix
743de5Errette/Erie, the Panther
005e99Mayor Cade Amden
009900Piper Arturas
Player Character Color Codes
a4a4a4Braedon Pierce
009966Kilder Arturas
66cc33Sophie/Sophora Chiodo
F9F106Virsago Stolas
00CC66Kyo Delacroix
d4af37Brannagh Jones
2b53d5Alyssa Steele

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by EphPhoenix on 15th June 2016, 10:11 pm

[Attn: Open]

Cynric, now sitting at his desk, has just sent his secretary back into her own desk to do more paperwork for him as he settles a few of his appointments today--mostly canceling them.

This new case at the University is just one problem and it's certainly the biggest. He wonders how Jenia is doing...she's such a good girl. She'll wake up soon, surely. A knock comes at the door. His head jerking up, he says: "Enter."

I opened the door and entered, raising an eyebrow. "You look like you're doing work," I said casually. "And you're here early. You not get any last night?"

Cynric sighs, following with a lewd comment that still sounds so unhappy, "Oh, I got some, alright. And that was great. Came back to work because there was a fucking meth lab in Jenia's school. That's what caused the damn explosion."

Well, that certainly killed levity. "I'll get to the point, then." I dropped a file in front of him. It was a request form to look into a closed case, along with a preliminary analysis and my reasons why I thought the case bore looking into. "I'm wanting to investigate a case that was closed the other year involving the rape of a young girl. I have reason to believe the perp got off on...'affluenza?'"

"Rape?" Cynric looks up at her for a moment, then back down at the folder. Opening it up, he puts on his reading glasses and looks them over for few seconds. The usual, open and shut bullshit.

This case is so old, there's just no way she didn't have someone bring it to her attention. Did the victim come by the station to complain? That happened, sometimes, when there wasn't justice.

After reading a bit, he mumbles. "Mmm. Okay, sexy gal. Show me what you got. I want to see you drag his ass in here with something to keep him. It's been a year, though, so...good luck."

I smiled with grim satisfaction. "Oh, don't worry, sir," I told him with a resolute nod. "I will. Thank you. Good luck with everything on your end, as well." With that, I turned and left his office, closing the door behind me. There was work to be done.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 15th June 2016, 10:28 pm

D'grennar Estate -- 8am


Braedon is outside of the big house, sitting up on top of a fire truck. The firemen have twice since asked him to get down, but all he did was reply by showing his CETE badge. He's got binoculars, looking at the now damaged structure. The fire has long since been put out, so the fireman have been waiting to leave...they'll be okay. The crowds have finally died down and silence, save for the conversations from the firemen around him, has grown.

Ms. D'grennar is now gone, having left to stay with her secretary. Her lawyer and her secretary had given him so many dirty looks today, Braedon couldn't help but chuckle with satisfaction as he recalled their displeasure. Not his fault that they showed up too late before their little woman-child exploded. Today has been such a good day.

Finally, he finishes inspecting some of the higher parts of the house and drops down from the firetruck. The fireman thank him, though they do sound annoyed as they do so. They drive off as quickly as they can and Braedon is now sure he's gained all that he needs from the residence, itself. He's already gotten all the info he needed from the fire chief.

With a sigh of contentment, he leans up against his car and grins. He remembers how Ms. D'grennar had screamed at him, cursed at him with so many colorful phrases after she had set her own house on fire. He had saved her from the fire, damn. She should have been more grateful. It isn't his fault that she can't control her own temper in her own house.

Getting in his car, he drives off into the sunset...okay, not the sunset. More like into the blazing sun that shone in his eyes because it's painfully the early morning and he'd really love to be sleeping, right now. Now, all he needs to do is question everyone that the good Ms. D'grennar knows. All of her family and friends, her current and past lovers...

Braedon can't help but smile as he pulls up the list of names that he had asked Kris to send him. Finding dirt on a bitch with temper tantrums will build to his case and he's pretty sure that once he starts badgering all of the ones that she cares about, it's going to piss her off at him even more.

This is going to be so much fun.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by RadioTanuki on 20th June 2016, 1:34 am

[ATTN: Closed]

*Collab between me and Leah, doods.*

Kilder's Apartment ~7:30 AM

Kilder listened to the phone ringing, debating for a moment on whether or not to actually answer it.... He didn't think on it for long, as he didn't have long to answer it, and more importantly, if it had anything to do with Jenia, he HAD to know about it. After realizing this he went from full sulk to a mad dash for the phone in the next room where he had left it, and..... "Wait.... where did it go?" He could clearly hear it but- "AHA!! COFFEE TABLE!!" he exclaimed, diving and literally sliding across the couch, and into the table, at which point the cheap tables weak legs broke under the force of his dive. "OoooffFF!! *beep* H-hello, ow.... Kilder Arturas speaking!!" "Damn cheap coffee table... never again...."

"Kilder," Zorlias came from the other end of the phone, "Hello."

"Zorlias?!? *cough* oh heeeeyyy buddy!! I didn't even get a chance to check the call ID! I was afraid I was gonna miss the call! What's going on man?" Kilder replied in the best happy tone he could muster at the moment, which wasn't bad, considering his miserable state at the moment, but he had a good feeling Zorlias might still be able to 'hear' through it...

"I see you're...doing great," Zorlias says sarcastically, "I happen to know that a practice Etherball session is going down at the IES next week...the Riven Wings play themselves. Interested?"

"Oh yeah, man!! Like their colors practice game thing, right? Yeah. That sounds great actually! It's been a looong time since I've actually been down there... Wait a second. What day is that? Weekend right? Aww, nevermind. Screw it! Whatever's going on, I'm down!! It's been too long since we've hung out anyway!" Kilder wasn't actually very big into sports usually, but etherball was a bit of an exception. Mostly the no-holds-barred street version where anything went. Seeing all the different abilities at work was fascinating, and also very telling of that person at times. If there was one thing about seeing the way the game was played, it was each person's individual strategy, and just how far a person would go to win given whatever abilities they had. Also a good study on profiling people. High stress brings out a lot in a person, and it was that which made it all the more fascinating to him.

That aside, was there something else going on here? Why did Zorlias call so early? "Errm,.... Just out of curiosity, was this the main thing you were calling to ask? I know you're an early bird and all, but given what's happened.... Was something else on you mind by chance?" Kilder asked.

"Not at all," Zorlias says lightly, "I have a meeting soon, but I just learned of the game and I got a little excited. I'd really like to go with you and Kyo...and anyone that you guys want to bring is fine, too. I just think it would be fun."

"Hm.. Okay." He said, just a bit disapointed, although he shouldn't have been. He was pretty excited that Zorlias even wanted to hang out, but he really wished that Zorlias had some news for him. "STFU BRAIN! This is good. Zorlias is reconnecting with you for the first time in how many years? Be excited! This is awesome! Something to get your mind off all the bad stuff lately!! You know that thing YOU try to do for everyone else?? Lighten the mood?? It's THAT." "It's awesome!! I can't wait to see it with you guys! Put me down as a definite!! I can see if Piper wants to go too, I suppose, unless you want it to be a guy's day or something... You know if they're playing advanced or no..?"

"Piper is always welcome. I haven't the slightest idea," Zorlias says, almost laughing, "...but I hear one of your CETE buddies are on the team this year. That Braedon guy? You could probably ask him."

"Uhh,... heheh... Yeeeaah.... He's my buddy... alright!... If I happen to see him, I'll be sure to ask. But I may not, giving the big case he's been on recently... Anyway, any news from the hospital yet, by the way?"

"Not yet," Zorlias says, I dropped Kyo off there a bit ago and he says he'd give us a text. After my meeting, I'll be headed there, myself. I'll be sure to call if anything comes up."

"Okay, thanks man... I would really like to know when you find out...."

"Alright, I gotta get ready for this meeting. I'll call you later." Zorlias says before hanging out, "You cheer up, now."

"...Okay... uh, thanks Zor.... I should have figured you knew... I guess... Thanks for the invite. It's really good to hear from you again, lately... I needed that. Looking forward to it, anyway... I'll see you later!" Kilder said, sighing as he hit the hang up button. "...I really need to get it together today...." he told himself. "At least I have people who care right now, and that's what really matters... Zorlias is talking to me again!! Jenia is in stable condition... Maybe this is like a blessing in disguise. Things are gonna get better, Kilder.... Everything will be fine. Just calm yourself... Give things some time... Zorlias is still getting to work. He still has his business to take care of. Quitting because of some little accident isn't going to help Jenia... In fact, you should be doing your best to take care of her things for her while she's out.... Are you going to lay here on this broken coffee table for the rest of the day, or are you going to get to work and actually help people? Help her?......" Kilder sprung to his feet. "NO..... Today is no day to be a worthless potato!!... I'm gonna DO STUFF. And FIX SHIT!..." And with that, Kilder got dressed and cleaned up, then took off early for the school.

Delacroix University ~7:45 AM

Kilder rushed up to the school and- "Holy Shit.... This place was a mess..." Even worse than he remembered, which wasn't saying much, given how big of a blur yesterday was to him. Still, he had no clue where to even begin... "Wait a second...... What the fuck?? Yesterday it was just mostly Jenia's office and a few rooms directly below it that had been messed up.... But now... a whole other chunk of a completely different building full of classrooms have.... seemed to have exploded as well...??" It seemed to just be a few of the classrooms in the building that were partially destroyed, and not the entire building at least, but still.... It was a lot for Kilder to take in at the moment... Shaking off the stunned state for a moment he walked up to police line that CETE had set up where some agents were standing by.

"Hey, hey, bud. Just back up.. We got an investigation going on here! Was there something you need?" the agent asked Kilder. He was clearly one of the younger recruits, not totally inexperienced, but he wasn't old enough to know who Kilder was, so he couldn't have been in that long. There were a lot of people in CETE, but Kilder's position kind of made him a stand out in the group. Anyone who had been in long enough at least knew who he was...

Kilder flashed his CETE badge to the man. "Assistant Arturas, Criminal Justice professor here at Delacroix... Due to my position in CETE, I had not been informed of this as of yet. Can you give me any information on what happened here? Dean Delacroix has in place that I assume her duties in her absence and I need to know any information I can to keep things running here..."

"*sigh....* I'm sorry, sir, but I unfortunately have no information for you at this time. Even I barely know what happened, and the case hasn't really been assigned yet. But you can do something for me. These teachers running around here need to go. We can't risk their interference at the moment. Start by doing something about that, will ya?"

"Okay, thanks for your time. I'll deal with them." Kilder said, walking away.

There were teachers wandering around everywhere. Looking very confused. Kilder figured for now, it would be best to get them all together and send them home until he was able to straighten out what was going on. The teachers were all mostly in the parking lot still, so luckily, they weren't super difficult to find and gather, and, once he had all of them there finally, he told them his plan to figure out what was going on through CETE and arrange for temporary classroom arrangements for the upcoming weeks. Until then they would have to take care of everything digitally from their computers at home, at least for today. But there was really not enough space here for them to all work here right now. It looked as if the investigation was going to cover half the campus.

And just where the hell were they going to put the portable classrooms when they got them here anyway? This was going to look like a real nice school to be at with all these cheap, temporary buildings everywhere.... "Maker, WHY?? Of all people to leave at the helm..... This place is going down the toilet with me..."

"Maybe before I even start arrangements for buildings, I should look into exactly where this investigation is supposed to go... I don't want to get these all set up just to have to move them... I have to be as cost effective with our school budget as possible... Which, reminds me... I better check in on our insurance, first, too... They may help cover the temporary buildings, if we're lucky. The first one I'm not too worried about, but the explosion could be a problem, coverage wise, at least until they figure out what happened "

After calling the insurance company to find that, like he expected, they could only cover the damages and potentially the buildings once they had investigated thoroughly, Kilder decided his next course of action should be to head back home so he could use his computer to access Jenia's files remotely. He couldn't get to his office right now due to the investigation, but luckily he had everything he needed to connect to the school's servers from his home PC.

Kilder's Apartment (Again) ~8:30 this time.....

*WHAM* Kilder burst through the door.. "If I make it through this day, I'll be a damn super hero... Now where did I put those access codes to Jenia's files in case of emergency??" He thought to himself as he ran through his house going through random drawers for papers... "Oh yeah.... I have them in a saved e-mail.... Derp...." He then got to his computer and logged into his e-mail where after a quick search he had found the file and used the access codes to log in as her user on the school server. After a bit of digging he realized something.... "Oh thank Maker.... I guess I should have figured.... Jenia had this shit together." Any contact info he would need, for whatever emergency was there, even lists of services for temp building set up. This part would be slightly less of a nightmare than he originally thought, for sure. Kilder knew that the school had standard protocol for in case of multiple emergencies, but he had no clue just how many she had set in place. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, Cynric coming to visit.... plans for anything he could think of seemed to be in there. And speaking of Cynric, Kilder was going to need to figure out who he was putting on the investigation soon.

But first he went ahead and called the temporary building company and decided to have them place the building they needed in the yard on the other end of campus. Luckily, also quite a bit easier to do than he thought. As Kilder then wrote up a mass e-mail to send to all the teachers for where to meet in the upcoming days, he got a text from Cynric:

"I have a guy on the case now for your second explosion. He should be there from 9 am onward if you need to speak with him, but I'll let you know when he gives an official update on the case."

"Gooooood... One less thing to worry about...." Kilder thought, rubbing his hands together, almost menacingly, even though there was nothing menacing about this. He at least had these things out of the way for now, but school was still set to start in the upcoming week, and now that everyone knew the plan it was time to get back to the normal school work... "Well at least I can watch funny Youtube videos while I work a bit from here...." Grin

Piper was a bit concerned that she didn't see her brother that morning, but she was a bit too busy to deal with it right now. She would have to check in on him next break she got. It wasn't often that he actualy made it out in the morning before her...

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 1st July 2016, 11:52 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/9h25~9h45 ish

**This is a collab between me, leah and vye**

(ATTN : Hospital peeps, except the part with sister that's private matters yo.)

Kyo wrote on his phone again to ask something to the cete guy. ''Alright thanks a lot, how was the nurse ? Is she okay ? ''

He says, "All is fine."

It isn't long before the door opens behind him and Zorlias comes out. He nods his head to the man and gives him a sad smile. Zorlias nods back in acknowledgement before heading into the other room and looking at Kyo.

"You're up. I'm out of here. Gonna text dad and the others to let them know she's up." Zorlias says before he heads out.

Kyo smiles to the man and write a quick thank you to him. It's then that Zorlias comes out with a mood that was obviously not really good. Kyo was sad that he had not been able to enter the room with him... looked like things didn't go too well... ''Ah !'' he exclaims as his brother goes away just like that, he sighs not knowing how to react especially that they needed to go check that place at school too.

He gave him a quick text message''I know your mood is not optimal and I can understand... but I'd like to see you again a bit later if possible... also wanted to try going to the new crime scene with you to check out and stuff... Oh and for a photographer I might know of one.... I'll just have to look up the info again a bit later. '' After sending him his text he goes back to Virsago to notify him that he'll be gone for a few minutes to see his sister and that he'll be back right after.

He smiles to the cete guy at the door and opens the door carefully and close it back before finally being able to see his sister. He walks toward the bed and smile to her waving a tiny bit.

Jenia smiles as Kyo enters and she holds out her hand and reaches to him with welcoming, spread out fingers. She laughs a little at his wave and wiggles her finger to summon him forward quietly.

"So, I have this stalker," She says playfully, "It's this goofy looking Asian guy who thinks he's my brother and I'm pretty sure he's been hanging outside of my room for as long as I've been here."

Kyo listen to his sister and laughs a little bit. He writes ''Yeah... sorta I was too worried to just leave. I mean what would be the point of going home if I'm just gonna think about you being here all alone and stuff nu-uh. '' He finish this sentence with a small pout and then adds ''Also our tea was interupted, but I shall bring some later. Anything particular you would like ?'' He then waited for her answer.

"Hmmm," Jenia ponders, placing her left index fingers to her lips as she looks up at the blandly white ceiling, "I think I'd love to have some Chamomile. That's my favorite. Hey. Thanks for sticking around."

Kyo nods when he hears of the tea and writes to answer both that and the other. ''Alright... chamomile it is then ! I'll make sure to bring a thermos later as for sticking around... you're welcome. And I'll help as much as I can with the school opening too so if you need an assistant don't be shy, just ask. Oh and I'll have to leave in a few minutes for some time, but I'll be back later for sure so don't worry about it when I do... plus it'll give a chance to some of the others to come down too. But yeah I'm really glad to see you awake. He gave her a sweet smile.

Jenia groans as she struggles to move in bed, shifting to get comfortable, "I need more pain meds...say, you know what happened, right? That's why...that's why Zorlias didn't ask what happened. Right?"

Kyo gets surprised a bit as she moves to try to get in a better position and tries to help her position herself. ''I could try to ask the docs if they could check on you for the pain meds and stuff when I go out, as for knowing.... well sorta. He did manage to get a vision and told the team concerned about it, but don't worry I'll look after him if he gets too emotive and stuff. Though he kinda look more after me so far ish.... but yeah don't worry about it okay we're all working hard on the case and stuff. Just focus on recovering sis. Oh also I didn't tell you about the vision, dunno if the others wanted to keep it secret from you or something, so I'd rather have them openly tell you when they feel like it rather than learn I told you.... ''

"You got it," Jenia says sleepily, "It's so good to see you. I feel like...I've feel like I've been asleep for years. Is that weird?"

''Well you were asleep inconscious since yesterday so of course it must feel like forever. Like oversleeping in a long vacation day... not that I did that in a long time myself. But you know how I used to be, had trouble getting up in the morning and stuff before and would sleep the whole morning sometimes just cause I didn't want to get up. Though I'm still rather zombie in the morning most of the time.'' He wrote and scratched the back of his head.

Jenia giggles, shaking her head as she reads the text. She crosses her arms and says, "You're so adorable. You're just the cutest. Oh! The usual head of my case...uh...Brae something? He's gone doing some work, I was told. The new girl in charge of keeping watch over me is Kris. She asked me to tell you that. I don't know why. She probably new you'd worry about it if you noticed him gone."

Kyo blushes a bit when she tells him how he was adorable and stuff. He then listen to the rest which seemed to have been a message from Kris. ''Oh cool, yeah indeed I probably would and she was sweet to give a message. She's always sharp and doesn't miss any details and stuff, she's pretty cool. Thanks for letting me know. ''

"Yeah, you're welcome." Jenia says with a sigh, leaning back into her pillow, "Sorry for worrying you guys.'

Kyo smiles to her. ''Don't mind it, it's not your fault. We're just all being alert in case something else happens is all. No worries. ''

"When you ask them to check my meds, please ask 'em for my phone. I wanna catch up on my missed calls and texts," Jenia says, sounding pouty at the end, "I'm never without my phone..."

Kyo looks a bit sad for her and writes. ''About that... I'm sorry to say it didn't quite make it out of the accident.... I'm sorry. I'll try to go see your phone company to try and get another and see see if they can do something about the messages and stuff since it should probably be on their network. I'll let you know. I'll try to see if I can find the same model if not I'll send picts to kris so she can show them to you maybe ?...''

Jenia's crestfallen face shifts into sincere despair. "Whaa..?!"

Jenia pouts some more, eyebrows scrunching in with disapproval and her last words are smaller and more quiet than usual. " was insured."

Kyo pats her gently on the shoulder feeling her pain as if he would himself lose his phone he'd be sad too. ''I'll do my best to try and get you one today though they might ask for me to get my name on the thing so maybe you should call them with my phone quick and let them know I'll pass by and stuff ?''

Jenia still pouts, "I'll deal with it later..."

''Okay...I'm really sorry... tell me when you called them and I'll go get it for you prompto and stuff.

Jenia smiles, mollified, "Thanks."

Kyo smiled to her widely and wrote. ''You're welcome !... Anyhow I sadly have to go, but when I come back I'll be back with tea and stuff ! I'll see you later sis. Before I leave, anything else you would need me to get you ?''

"Okay, I'll see you in a bit." Jenia says, squeezing Kyo's hand for a few seconds. "I'm gonna sleep 'til someone else shows up."

His sister shook her head at his question to say no. Then she spoke and Kyo answered ''Sounds good, I'll see you later.'' He squeezed back her hand gently as well before letting go and doing a nod with a smile. He then walked out of the room slowly. Though leaving was difficult he still had a bunch of things to do.

Seeing that he didnt receive anything from his brother yet, he moved back to the room to poke his friend. ''Hey pal, sorry it took a bit of time.... My brother left a bit in a hurry, but I'll wait a bit and see if he text me back. I know I need to get to cete not for too long, but before that... I'm hungry again.... feel like stopping at my place so I can make us something ?''


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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 7th July 2016, 5:11 pm

[ATTN: CLOSED] Time: Unknown

While he had been in the room with his sister, Zorlias had felt a deep pressure within his chest, right where his heart is. It rose into his neck and then up into his head, all the way around into the back of his skull at the top of his spine. He knows what is coming.

Zorlias pulls out the secret necklace from underneath his shirt as he rushes to the elevator. Pressing the elevator button repeatedly, rushing as much as the man is capable, he opens the plastic device on the necklace and presses the button just once. It begins to blink on and off: a brilliant, deep red. Tucking it back into his shirt, he drops to his knees instantly as the doors close. Silence disappears suddenly, the wracking pain pushing into his skull with a threatening high pitched tone into his ears.

Groaning from the pain of it, he pushes it down, fighting against it with all of the will that he can muster. Sweat at his brow, he stands up as the pain has dissipated and the doors slowly open. The pressure has built up and his head feels like cotton. Heavy cotton. He's out of the elevator before the doors are fully open and is quick to exit the building as soon as he is able to get his legs to carry him. It is difficult to walk as his legs become heavier, filled with lead and hot molten lava as they burn and burn with the warning of what is to happen.

"Sir, are you okay....?" A nurse asks as he walks out, to which he does not dignify a response. Instead, he makes his way out into the parking log with a groan of pain and a somewhat feral growl as he pulled in all of the strength that he could muster. Then, he just...waits, standing there. His fingers, starting to tingle from the numbness of the heat within his core, fumble at his phone. He glares at his phone with full focus, all the focus he can muster.

With a scowl, a piercing and intense gaze into the glass screen, he manages to type two words to text: "Jenia's awake." He sends it to his father and to Kilder, but immediately clenches his phone tightly in his palm as more pain bursts forth, this time into the pit of his stomach. He tumbles forward and falls upon the cement, struggling to breathe. He's about to black out.

He fights to stand up, his body aching from the fall a little--but the pain is dulled against the burn in his core, anyway. Lucky him. He stumbles drunkenly as a nurse takes hold of his arm and pulls him up, preventing him from falling again. She had followed him out of the building--a woman good at her job, but still a nuisance. With a groan, he tries to tell her to leave him alone, but he doesn't have the ability to talk clearly.

She says, "Sir, I'm going to help you, okay? Let's get you inside in a wheel chair. I'm going to--"

On the inside, Zorlias' mind screams. No! It can't happen here! I can't be here during this, you stupid woman! He's not actually screaming, though. He wants to scream, he should be screaming. The burning in his throat cuts off his words as a huge, shiny car screeches to a sudden and sharp halt next to them. It's a brilliant, purple car that is obviously rich and expensive with darkened windows that you cannot see through from the outside. The door opens and a woman steps out, placing her hand on Zorlias' other arm with a quick embrace.

"You cannot take him, ma'am. He's with me." The woman says, holding out a sheet of paper to the woman that she already had pulled out and opened. Zorlias' vision blurs, but he recognizes her voice. He knows who she is and is suddenly relieved with so much warmth, it's like a huge rush of weight has been lifted off of his shoulders. He leans into her, collapsing against her against the nurse's resistance. Zorlias' concentration fades and he blacks out.

- - - - - - - - -

The woman is barely conscious, blood between her teeth and her dressed pushed up to her waste as the drunk and strong stranger pushes into her, raping her over and over against the wet, dirty asphalt. She's drugged, the world seems to spin slowly and the woman thinks that she should be angry right now, but she isn't. She can barely breath as he pushes down onto her and she isn't sure, but she thinks that maybe, the baby in her belly might be dead.

The officer looks down at the dead man at his feet, blood spilling from the gunshots as the man's wife, screaming at him with harsh slurs, stands ignored. She'll tell them that he shot this man in cold blood. She'll tell the world that this man was murdered for no reason and that the officer didn't do what a cop should. But it won't matter, he thinks smugly to himself with a smirk, because he's a cop and no one will believe a crazy black lady over a cop. The cameras aren't pointing the right way. The only evidence of this crime is her word, because he's smart and he knows what he's doing. One less scum on Aria.

The man inhales sharply as cold rushes over his body. The Etheriest stands over his child before his dying eyes and asks the dying man if he'd like his son to live. The Etheriest's hand is shifted into a metallic blade, resting as the 8 year old's throat. The man nods his head, barely able to speak and the evil man demands to know where his money is. He wants the combination to his safe.

With labored words, the man utters the numbers as best he can, reaching out for his boy as the blood pours out. The child is just staring down at the floor, pure emptiness in his eyes as he stares at the blood upon the white tiled floor while it spreads out towards his tiny feet. He's trying to comfort his son, but he can't. He can't say much. He can't say anything that actually matters. Call the police. Go find mommy. Get to the neighbor's.

The bladed Etheriest walks away without the man's son, heading towards the safe. He assures the dying man that if he lied, he'll come back for his son. As he makes his exit, the man looks at his little boy with a pleading expression and as their eyes meet, he musters out a word: "Run."

- - - - - - - - -
The pain. Oh, Maker, the pain. The sharp, stabbing suffering at the back of his eyes keeps his eyes closed as he slowly wakes up, eyes squinting against the dim light within the large vehicle. He's laid across the backseats of the very long vehicle--he had forgotten just how huge her vehicle was. It's custom made--no brand, no model or make of any kind. She had it designed for her alone. It's probably named after her.

The back seat looks somewhat like what you would see in a limousine: Two fluffy "benches" facing each other, though with seat belts. There's a small window where the driver sits, so that she may speak to him, if need be, but that's the only spot where a seat isn't placed within the cabin. The seats are comfortable. Zorlias is more comfortable on this car's seat than he usually is in his own bed.

He gazes at her with a pained expression and she simply sits there opposite of his wreckage, seeing his frail existence for what it really is. Her legs are crossed and she's sitting straight with her back against the wall. With chestnut hair and beautiful, big, light brown eyes, she just stares away with silence and a blank expression while she fiddles with the straps on her blue shirt. In fact, she rather looks like she's barely paying attention to him, which he appreciates. She never looks at this vulnerable state. Not anymore.

Her hair is moving, slowly shifting from a slight wind as two brilliant wisps circle about her head, moving the air about her constantly with a brilliant and warm glow. Her hair is neatly tucked into a ponytail, so as to keep it from going all over the place. The small pile of hair stacked on top of her hair moves about lightly and her head's glow goes unnoticed by herself. There's a small, decorative feather on her blue shirt--she probably chose it just for that reason, so that it could be moved by her Ether ability as it dances about her upper body with a low whisper and hum. A calm, shifting sound, almost like shifting sand.

Zorlias looks upon those sparks with a small inner joy, what joy he has left in him at this moment. This is why he chose her--she has this beauty and warmth about her to remind him that life isn't all ugly. It's not all ugly. Some people are just as beautiful--both inside and out--as she is. With a groan, he sits up a little, but moves back down. His body is sore and he can't do it. Arwen glances down at him and shakes her head. He knows better. With a grumble of apology, he shifts back into sleep just before the next onslaught of visions surface into his mind with crystal clarity.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 17th July 2016, 10:16 am

{Attn: Open, am – seriously anyone can approach her LOL}

She does not know how much time she sits there trying to take pictures. She can only imagine how silly she looks. She decides it is time to move on. She puts the equipment in the backpack and goes back to her house. Even if Ellie is not ready, she should be at least awake by the time Sophie gets to her parents.

She makes sure to pack the card with the pictures and video from the vigil. She then changes into something a little more casual. A cute long sleeved t-shirt with leggings. On her feet she is wearing a pair of tennis shoes. It is perfect for helping someone to move in. The final touch, a pair of gloves.

She does some stretches before throwing her backpack on and leaving her apartment. It is a beautiful day out and her parent’s house is only on the opposite end of town. The jog may also help clear her mind. She puts her earbuds in and takes off.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 20th July 2016, 10:14 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital/Kyo's Appartment - 9h45~11h

**This is a collab between me and vye, a bit with leah at the end too**

(ATTN : Closed)

"Sure. I could go for a quick meal." Virsago stood, ready to head out. A change of scenery would be nice for processing everything that happened.

Kyo smiled and wrote back something. ''Sounds good, after eating I'll let you go back to your stuff for now. My brother left I dunno where for now anyways and I dunno when he'll reply. He usually take some times when he gets in a mood like that.... but yeah enough of that. Anything specific you'd have in mind to eat ? '' He showed the text and waited for his reply before they'd leave the room.

Virsago raised a finger to his chin as he pondered what he was in the mood for. A devilish idea then hatched in his mind. His mouth curled into a thin smile, barely holding back the laughter rumbling in his the back of his throat. "How about some eggs benedict...with sweet hollandaise, hickory smoked bacon, fresh tomato slices, authentic English muffins, served with a side of mixed fruit and an ice cold glass of Pinot Noir?"

Kyo chuckled ''You sure are going for some fancy there, but sure I could do everything probably easily, might have to stop to the store on the way though. Oh and no pinot noir ! Sorry !'' He let him read and then proceeded out of the door to walk in the hallway.

Virsago laughed, surprised that Kyo knew of the light-colored wine. "It was worth a shot." He half-smugly commented as he followed Kyo out of the room.

Kyo laughed a bit as they went a bit ''Well tried !'''' he said witha wink.

They then proceeded out of the building and walked, it was a bit of a way down but the hospital still wasn't all that far from campus. They went to the grocery get what they were missing and then to his place. He opened the front door and let his friend enter first and then closed it back behind them. ''Make yourself at home. I'll go start cooking right away. ''

He then texted someone quickly and went to the kitchen­. Kyo was an excellent cook, thanks to his appetite being enormous he had to learn how to cook well and quickly. Virsago saw him cook before though, but it would probably still be pretty amazing to watch.

Stunned that his friend agreed to cook the meal he suggested, Virsago followed Kyo along on his shopping spree. He waited until The two were already at Kyo's house before explaining himself. "You didn't really have to go so far to make eggs benedict. You didn't even have to cook the thing. I didn't think you'd actually agree to do all this, but since you are an impressive cook and all, I suppose it would be best not to waste the food."

''Don't worry about it pal ! I like cooking and I like challenges ! It's a way to say thank you for coming to the hospital so early and stuff too to help out. Thanks !'' He wrote and let his friend read before he went on with the cooking.

After some time it was finally ready, he made some for himself too along with some other random leftovers to be able to get a bit more full.

Once the food was prepared, Virsago took a hearty bite. He could tell the eggs and the bacon were well cooked from the smell alone. As he chewed, his face softened like that of a young boy experiencing his first kiss. Virsago felt a soothing energy drape over his body from head to abdomen. The eggs went down so smooth each swallow only invited another bite. It was pure bliss.

Kyo smiled widely at his friend reaction and was clearly in approval of the taste. It was indeed delicious. ''Glad you like it !'' Kyo wrote to his friend with a small chuckle between two bites.

"Thisf foodf isthf umazin' " Virsago mouth was already stuffed with eggs and English muffin. In a short span of time, he finished off his portion with crumbs still hanging on his lips. His body melded into the shape of his seat, ready for an after-meal nap.

Kyo was still eating, but was pretty far in his meal himself. ''If you feel like relaxing you can stay over for a little longer. I might have to cook some more for someone else after this. Depending on the answer, dunno if she ate yet.''

Virsago yawned with his eyes closed. "Thanks. I might stick around to take a quick nap. Better than looking for something to do at home." Within minutes Virsago was poised to sleep where he sat, hands crossed over his stuffed belly.


(ATTN : Kris only by text)

''Hey Kris, wondered if you ate something already and if not if you wanted me to bring you something to eat ! Also I'll probably head to CETE for a bit after I'm done eating myself, wondered if you were there or not as well.''

No, I'm at the hospital. Arguing with the doc, at the moment. Your sister is nice, she's gonna be okay. I think she likes me.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 25th July 2016, 8:54 pm

Kyo's Appartment/CETE Building 11h~12h20

(ATTN : Virsago/Ricky/Kris)

**This is a collab between me and leah, double post approved.**

Some time had passed and Kyo was finally done with cooking. He had prepared a nice miso soup, something that was rather mild and nourishing for his sister along with Kris food. For Kris and himself he prepared a good portion of japenese style curry. It wasn't something that was too long to cook and the preparation for him was easy. It took him about 45 minutes to make everything and 10 more to pack everything. He also packed some chamomile tea and a thermos. He saw there was kettle back at the cete break room, it'll be better if he prepare it on the spot. He also brought green tea for himself and three tiny plastic cup.

He release a sigh of relief that everything is over, wakes up his friend to mention he's ready and then they both go their separate way. Kyo goes to CETE and arrive there around 12h. He text Kris before entering ''Sorry took me a while to cook the stuff, I'm stopping at cete for a bit and I'll be on my way to the hospital again !''

Inside a few people say hi to him and he replies with a nod and a smile. He then head directly to his dad office. He knocks gently on the door.

"Yeah," Cynric says. He doesn't look up from his paperwork.

Kyo enters the room and close back the door behind him and then appraoch the desk of his dad. He wasn't sure where to start to be honest, so much had happened. Guess he would start with the easiest. ''Sorry to bother you in your work and stuff... was wondering if there was any spare uniform my size... I'm sorry again about this.'' He hoped his dad wouldn't be mad about it or something.

Cynric looks up for a few brief seconds to see Kyo enter. Knowing that he'll be typing up a text on his phone, he looks back down at his paperwork for a bit more, signing a few more signatures and checking on a few more report details here and there. Everything has been in order, thus far.

When Kyo lowers the phone, Cynric keeps his reading glasses on and gazes over at the glowing screen with is bifocals carefully. After reading the text, he gazes up over his glasses lens at his son with a neutral, unsurprised expression. He barely hesitates before he stands up, moves to the small closet that has his uniforms in them, and opens up the door. There, several identical uniforms can be seen, all the same size, along with one civilian overcoat. They are all Ricky's.

Cynric tries to slide up on the left door in the corner, realizing that it is locked. After jerking at it with no results, he shakes his head, pulls out his keys, and begins to fumble. Eventually, the proper key is found and he unlocks it. Usually, Kyo would have to go to Requisitions to get his uniform, but since Ricky has had so many complains by the department, he handles Kyo, himself.

The door slides open with a silent swishing sound and another set of uniforms is found--this set being much smaller. It has Kyo's name above it on a small plastic sign. He'd never showed Kyo this cabinet before. Kyo usually let Ricky know when he was getting low and then Ricky would drop it off wherever Kyo needed it. This side of the cabinet has at least ten uniforms hanging neatly and unwrinkled from the post within.

With that, Ricky steps away from the cabinet and gestures to it with a "what the hell?" motion to it before sitting back down behind his desk. If the kid is here, he can pull it out off of the hanger, himself.

Kyo watches his dad get up and opening a secret cabinet or something and it had several uniforms his size and he felt so .... moved in a way that his dad had that many ready in stock. Yet at the same time felt sort of bad that he was so much trouble. He took one and started folding it neatly to then place it in his backpack, it was barely fitting in, but it was. He closed the cabinet, but would let his dad handle the locking.

He gets back closer to his dad again and wrote. ''Thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble... Oh and concerning Brother... he kinda left the hospital in a bad mood earlier and hasn't responded to my text since then.... so I think if we do go check the site it'll be more tomorrow. And Jenia is energic enough regardless of her current status. I'll make sure to support her a lot till the opening, I'll still give a much hours on this side too as I can. I don't mind having two jobs for 2 weeks. So yeah what I mean is... don't worry to much for Jenia I'll help her as much as I can... '' His dad looked so tense, he wanted to reassure him in some ways.

Kyo was really worried about Zorlias on the inside. Why wasn't he replying to anything ?.... He hoped he was okay. With the events that happened he couldn't help, but feel anxious about it. When his dad mentionned the phone lines he looked not surprised yet worried about the situation. ''Well... I do have a close friend, others I see them mostly whenever I'm back school since I'm often quite busy, but I know a lot of people. Just not sure if they'd all be interested into helping out cete or if they have the time with school just around the corner. I could try to ask my friend if he'd like to work partial maybe... '' Kyo wrote and then added some more after.

''As for Zorlias, I dunno where he is at all at the moment, though concerning Jenia maybe I could try answering some questions... maybe ? ''

Ricky nods, "I wanna know how long she has to stay in there. I wanna know when I can bring her home with me...and you know what? Brae has been giving that woman that Zor named hell. I mean it, he's made my morning."

Ricky stands up partially while being leaned over his desk, ruffling through a few folders on the desk's corners. He finds one with Braedon's name on it and hands it over to Kyo to view with a smirk on his face. He seems quite satisfied as he hands it over and then returns to his seat.

"Just skim that report," Ricky says, "And you'll discover the uh...results of his interrogation this morning."

Kyo reads the report and his eyes brighten at the results till he just put his hand on his mouth to try and not laugh. He so did not expect that. ''Wooow, holy crap. This is gold, I can't believe this happened over an interogation. That woman truly have issues. I'll have to erm.... high five with Braedon or something later... sorta ish. '' He looked kinda relieved that things were advancing.

Ricky expresses agreement, "Mmm, yeah. He gets things done. Always had a soft spot for that jerkoff. Anyway, I'll be by the hospital around two. If you get the answers to those questions from the doc before I show, just text me."

''Sounds good, I'll try and ask him when I get there. I'll let you know what I get from him. Thanks again for the uniform dad, I'll see you later. '' He said with a smile.

"Sure thing, kid," Ricky says with a wink and a wave, "You give them nurses hell."

Kyo nods and leave the office waving to his dad on the way out. He quickly get to his post before leaving to upload the pictures to the server of the case he meant to upload the day before. When that was done, he quickly texted Kris and said ''Okay I'm leaving CETE now, I'll be there in 15~20 minutes. Sorry for the wait !''

Yeah, no prob. Your sister says to sneak her in pocky. wtf is pocky?

''Japenese snack, stick cookie covered with icing of different flavor it's pretty good. I'll get some for her. ''

O.O OK then, cu in a bit

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 9th August 2016, 5:14 pm

[ATTN: CLOSED] Time: Unknown

The music is pounding off of the walls and those solid separators from the world seem to pulse along with all of the sound waves that are swimming among all of the people and the flashing, strobe lights of various colors as they spin about the room of moving bodies and liquor. Ridelle can see sound waves; that's her superpower. When she's drunk, she doesn't really control it, nor does she care to. Everything just....pulses and moves. Everything feels weightless and, although the room is crowded, she's still higher than them all, somehow. Alone on her own pedestal.

The stranger on her left keeps touching up on her breasts from time to time and she's grinding with the stranger on her right. There's a bottle of scotch in her left hand and she keeps laughing and kissing with the person on the right, but she's completely forgotten about the seven year old girl of hers that's hiding underneath the table, kicking at the strange man that keeps trying to harass her with mean words and racist slurs. But it will be okay, Ridelle is sure. They always have fun here and the party is almost over. Then they'll go home and things will be back to normal. She's sure of it. Yeah.

The bat comes down over the man's head and his last thoughts are of his sister, giggling from his tickling attack after having chased her about the house. They were supposed to be cleaning that day.

Keith just stands there within the doorway with his arms crossed over his chest, silently waiting for them to notice that he's been standing there the entire time. His husband is in the arms of a woman, the man he's been married to for seven years and assured him that he was gay. Not bi. Not pans or trans or anything. Just gay. With every caress and every thrust, Keith fights back the tears, on the verge of either an angry, murderous rush, or the flight of pain and tears as he runs from the very thing that has shattered his entire world with just a few, brief moments of intimate betrayal.

The blonde, one-winged vigilante's mask is a tell-tale sign to all of her identity. She steps forward only very slowly among the pile of corpses about her, blood threatening to make one slip and fall. The gore decorates the walls, the furniture, and her weapon, a Halberg of the most decorative fashion, is covered by entrails and bodily fluids. She holds this weapon in her right hand as she stalks forward towards the man in his fine, purple suit--now ruined.

His place was finely addressed and his body finely groomed. A man of the best attire and best stature, but ugly on the inside. His name is Kevin Brentwood, ironically a Force Healer and the head of one of the worst mafia families in the entire country. Having just murdered all of his major family leads, Kevin rests upon his knees amidst their wreckage with a look of rage and hatred.

With a swift movement, as soon as she gets close enough, she slashed downward into his shoulder and waits for the scream that doesn't come. The man is scarred all over--he's clearly used to pain and to being attacked, in general. That's okay, though. He'll be dead soon enough and when he is, the pain will mean nothing, anyway. With his opposing arm, Kevin takes hold of the staff of her weapon and rips out of his joint with a grunt of pain. It was an awkward position and the Justicar was surprised that he could do it.

Then, he places the hand over the wound and it almost instantly heals. His eyes are closed as the palm of his hand glows a brilliant blue. With patience, she simply waits for him to finish. She has all day to kill him, and this time, she really does wish to play. Mr. Brentwood has lead to many deaths and many tortures, so what is one more? She's going to enjoy killing him slowly.

With a slowness, he stands in a seemingly harmless gesture, but he quickly pulls out his illegal gun that he had hidden and shoots her in the gut. Now, that was unexpected and the loud
bang that erupted was a surprise, causing her to jump in shock just slightly. She places her left hand over the wound and her bare stomach--promiscuity distractions and a certain image came at a price. Cold pushes up her body as her target smirks at her with his own confidence.

"I can heal. You can't." He says roughly, "You're fighting a losing battle."

The girl's hair is like a glowing rainbow--no, a galaxy. Her skin is pale, but her lips and eyes have shifted to that nebulous hue mixtures of purples, blues, and pinks. Her eyes are big--unnaturally so. She looks a little sickly, though, sitting down upon the floor in a narrow hallway with her arms over her stomach. Her hair is crazy long--passing her body in length and splattered upon the floor around her in a huge, noodle mess.

A big man, muscle bound and ripped, stands over her protectively, as if he had just helped her to sit down properly. His hair is white and he looks much older. She's in her early twenties by comparison, but he is around...forty or fifty? With a sigh, he shakes his head and whispers to her with a comforting and hushed tone.

"You can't keep doing this. We can't k
eep doing this. They're going to find out, no matter what we--" The man began.

"Don't." She says back, whispering in turn. Her big eyes widen even further as she speaks with urgency and quickness. "I can sense him. He's here, again. He's watching us."

- - - - - - - - -

Zorlias can sense her, in just that moment as she speaks, as if she is in the very room with is resting body, staring back at him as he is staring at her with his mind. He can smell her--she smells like the ocean and like cinnamon. Her hair, it's soft, softer than silk. And he can feel the breath of her breathing on his cheek as she stares at him with wide-eyed fear.

"He's just laying there, like always." Her voice says, but Zorlias doesn't hear any more. He's thrust back into reality and back into the room that he's always been in.

Zorlias jerks awake, his thoughts muddled and blurry. He rises up to a sitting position, finding himself on the usual bed where Arwen takes him. It's a soft bed, with sheets and a blanket of a pale taupe. The walls are taupe, as well, with earthen curtains and frames upon the walls to outline the pictures and paintings that decorate the small, familiar space.

The room is dim, at the moment, but he remembers the room with detail, as if he had just been in here yesterday. He looks about the darkness, his eyes adjusting to the dim light rather quickly. It's a pale blue light that wavers so slightly against the walls from the large aquarium that is built into the wall behind the bed. It's a huge tank, roughly eight feet tall, twelve feet wide, and four feet deep into the wall.

It isn't entirely bright, since the other side of the tank is just artistic painting of underwater creatures and environs, but the build-in lights give the place a deep, blue hue with the use of blue bulbs and the additional lighting of the water, itself. Jellyfish float about, as well as other water creatures and Zorlias has always enjoyed waking to this view. It's another reminder of the world's beauty, which is probably why Arwen puts him here.

He slowly stands, making his way over to the door and opening it. He looks out into the bright hallway just briefly and then backs up into the room, returning to the bed where he came. It's too bright. He's not ready. He sits down, resting his elbows upon his knees and cradling his temple within his hands as he struggles to push the memories of his visions away. He still feels weak and is a bit shaky, but not like he was before. Thank the Maker.

Arwen says, "Good afternoon."

Zorlias looks up, watches her enter and shut the door behind her, and nods his head as a brief greeting before he straightens his posture. No point in slumping about if she's staying in here. She's holding a glass of water and some pills. Probably to help with the headache. The sparks that fly about her upper body are distracting and bright. Zorlias has to force himself to look her way so that his eyes will adjust.

The sparks or wisps don't dance about just her head, now--they are about her entire upper body, from the waist and up. The small circular patterning of motion hesitates about her arms, slowing when she stretches her arms out to give him his medicine. Zor reaches up and takes the glass and the pills, feeling the heat of the sparks on his hands as he does so.


Arwen says, "Galaxy Girl saw you again, didn't she?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 11th August 2016, 10:18 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital - 12h40~1h10PM

This is a collab between me and Leah ;D~

(ATTN : Jenia's room)

Kyo walked toward the hospital again, stopping on the way to get some pockys for his sister, her favorite flavor too. He took a box of strawberry one for Kris for her to try. When he was done paying, he continued his way to the hospital and then toward his sister's room.

Kris shakes her head at the nurse, "No. I'm not. You let me do my job and then I'll let you do yours. Let me check the damn syringe. It's not like I'm asking to strip search you."

Kyo got inside the room only to see Kris talking with a nurse and she seem like she was arguing about seeing a syringue that they would probably use on Jenia or something. He just stare silently for a bit, but then moved further inside the room and then on the other side of the bed of where they were standing. He was now next to Jenia and waited for the issue to resolve itself so he could say hi or something.

Jenia looks absolutely bored as she watches the two argue. The nurse is rambling on about how it's her job to help people, rather than hurt them, and that she's not going to give into a bribe of anyone just to hurt a patient, no matter what. Of course, Kris just gives her a short "lady, I don't know you" and holds out her hand expectantly for the syringe.

With a sigh, the nurse finally hands it over, pouting outwardly as a scolded child would. Jenia finds it amusing and can't help but giggle a little at this as Kris just checks the syringe and then returns it. With a shake of her head, she pats the nurses hand comfortingly as she readies to give her the medicine.

"Don't worry, nurse, she's just doing her job," Jenia says soothingly.

Looking mollified, the nurse smiles, "Thanks, ma'am. I'll be out of your way here shortly."

Kris talks over them, walking over to Kyo and holding out her hand to give him a fist bump as she says "yo" and brushes her annoyance at the woman aside.

Kyo was just amazed on how much protection Kris was putting, although at the same time he was glad. He didn't have to worry too much with her around. When she comes over to him and hold her hand to give a fist bump he holds his and fist bump with her while waving with the other hand. He then use that free hand to take out his celphone and quickly type ''I brought you food as promised, hope you'll like it.'' He waited for her reply before taking it out though.

Kris waits until after the nurse leaves to leave Kyo's space--she was pressed rather close to him while he was typing up his text, so as to allow room for the nurse. This damned room is awfully small...she clears her throat after she steps away, reads his text, and them pumps her fist with a small victory in the air. Jenia laughs from the bed.

"Food!" Kris says with exultation, "Now, that's why I hang out with you."

Jenia laughs again, "You do not. You hang out with him because he's a badass."

Kris snorts, "Oh, yeah? Then why in the hell am I hanging out with you? What are YOU gonna do, stare me to death?"

Jenia laughs and then flips Kris off before giving her retort: "Because I'm just awesome."

Kyo can't help, but laugh at the silliness of these two. He place his bag on a chair that was next to the bed and first carefully remove the new uniform from the bag and he carefully placed it on the back of the chair for now. He then started to take the food out and took out container that had a generous portion of japenese curry. It was still warm too. Kyo then types to Kris. ''It's still warm, but might need to be microwaved a bit if its not warm enough.'' He even gave her ustensils she needed and stuff.

Turning to his sister he took out a thermos and a small container he brought to be used as a bowl technically. ''You hungry a bit sister ? I brought some miso soup since I didn't know how much you'd be able to eat solid or not ect. I thought it could be a good start.'' Kyo typed with a smile.

Jenia nods her head eagerly, "Anything is better than this hospital tripe."

Kyo nods in agreement and prepare a small bowl of miso soup for his sister. He noticed there was sort of retractable tray thing that he could pull to set close so it would be easier for her to eat. ''Are you able to hold stuff properly and all ? I mean I don't want you to burn yourself or anything. '' He placed a spoon next to her bowl and waited for her reply.

Jenia smiles, "I'll let it cool a bit, first. It'll be just fine.

Kris has already sat down, taken off her overcoat and gotten ridiculously comfortable. She sighs with a bit of contentment before she adds, "Man, what a day. Nurses, doctors...I can't find a single one that isn't pissed off at me. They want Brae back, I'm sure."

Kyo smiled sweetly to Jenia and wrote ''Alright, well let me know if you need any help or if you want anymore once you're done with this bowl alright ?'' He then turned to Kris and giggles while he writes to her. ''Personally I'm not complaning, you're protecting her well. That's all that matters to me!!

Jenia nods her head and says, "Okay, I'll let you know. Thanks, Kyo."

She lets him finish writing up his text and when he shows it to Kris, she watches as Kris replies with more arm flexing and wonders what in the world they are talking about.

Kris says, "Yep. With these guns? I should get a raise. I'm the best bodyguard--did you know I wanted to be a professional bodyguard? Like for real, I almost had the credentials and everything."

Kyo noticed he was leaving his sister behind with his speech so he showed her what he said to kris first by mentioning next to it that it was what he said. He then erase and reply again to Kris, this time showing it to Jenia after as well. ''Oh nice ! I'm sure you would have been great ! Just as you currently are. Oh and you should try it before it gets too cold and see if you need to heat it up too.'' He said pointing to the food.

Jenia watches as Kris grabs some food and then reads Kyo's second text after Kris does. Kris is already shoving food into her mouth as Jenia reads and then asks Kris a question of her own:

"Ohhh, well, why didn't you? Why CETE?" Jenia asks.

Kris finishes a bite, "Your dad is what happened. That man doesn't take no for an answer. The first two weeks he knew me, all I ever heard from him was 'hottie' and 'lady sexy legs' for names. Ugh."

Kyo facepalmed lightly and wrote ''I'm sorry.'' He showed it to Kris first and then to Jenia.

Kris laughs lightly as Jenia shakes her head and facepalms just at the same time that Kyo does. Something his children are surely used to. "Ah, don't worry about it. Now, he calls me Kris, since he knows what'll happen whenever he tries to call me anything else. The last time he called me 'cherry cheeks,' he ended up with my fruit punch all over his suit's shirt."

Kyo tried to hold his laugh, but he kinda thought this was funny, so he just couldn't help, but let a small chuckle escape. Talking about his dad though reminded him about what he asked of him earlier. ''Reminds me that my dad wants to get some details from the docs, like how much time my sister have to stay here and when he can bring her home ect. I'll have to go poke those docs later about it, I'm kinda curious myself.'' He shows it to Kris and then to Jenia again.

Jenia sighs, "I'm stuck here for four days, but then I'm out and in a wheelchair. And then, I gotta go to the doc once a week for checkups. This is not going to be fun."

Kyo looked surprised and wrote ''Oh so they told you ? ... mmm... well don't worry I'll help out a lot, same for school stuff. I'll be there so don't worry okay ? '' He showed it to Jenia first, but then to Kris as well to make sure she wouldn't feel left out either.

Jenia nods, unsurprised, "Don't you dare overwork yourself, bro. I will call Kris to get you in line, if I need to."

Kyo protested and added ''It's summer, I currently don't have homework, I have time and I'll use it to help you as much as I can. I'm not gonna leave my sister in a time of need, especially school opening. Though I am planning on calling out to the rest of the staff from school to see who can help with what. I don't plan on doing everything alone either.''

Jenia smiles, "Oh, good. You know, this soup is good. As usual. I tried some oatmeal earlier after I was just terrible."

Kyo smiled at Jenia's good comment. ''Glad you like it ! I also brought what you requested, but I'll take it out after your soup. '' He made sure to show the text to both of them, including the one before this one to Kris since he didn't show it right away. Although he then turned to Kris who was rather silent other then eating noises. ''Everything good ?''

"Mmmhmmm," Kris says, picking up her bowl and drinking from the side in an ungraceful manner. Jenia will disapprove of her eating manners, but hey. She doesn't care.

''Alright, glad you like it'' Kyo wrote to her with a small giggle. He then turned back to his sister to see where she was with the soup. ''Tell me if you want anymore after. Oh also I brought the tea for a bit later. ''

"I do want some more, thanks," Jenia says, sheepishly, "Oh, how's's Kilder?"

Jenia's cheeks turn a little red upon this inquiry and Kris smirks as she notices this little detail, but continues to munch on her food. While Kyo writes up a reply, Kris says, "I want more, too."

Kyo nods to Jenia and serve her more of the soup from the thermos he brought. To the question he writes ''He did look really worried yesterday and pretty anxious like us all, as for this morning I can't really say since I didn't quite run into him. But he still had enough energy to come out with some jokes and stuff yesterday so ... I think he's fine.'' He then turned to Kris and smiled. ''I'm glad I brought a bit more in term of portions, here. '' He took out another container with more curry. He still had a portion for himself later so it was fine.

The ladies thank him as they continue to eat some more and Jenia seems relieved to hear that Kilder is doing okay. She was afraid he'd be too freaked out, but it would seem he is more calm than usual. She doesn't have to ask about Rick...he's nervous without a doubt, probably pretending everything is normal.

After finishing her soup, Jenia gives him a cute face and says, "Pocky?"

Kyo giggles once again at his sister cute face and he takes out the pockys, her favorite kind that he hands over to her and a strawberry flavor box which he pass over to Kris. He then writes ''Here Jenia, oh and Kris you were curious so I bought a small one for you as well, wasn't sure which flavor you would like so I went with something that most people like.''

Kris watched as Jenia practically pounced on the pocky box as much as she could, all things considered. She took her own box, as well, with a polite thank you as she watches Jenia rip the box open greedily with stars in her eyes. Kris wouldn't be surprised if she were drooling right now... When Jenia opens it up reveal little sticks, the girl just shoves 'em all into her mouth!

"Woah, girl," Kris says in wonderment, "You can't just shove it all into your face hole! You're gonna choke."

Pulling out her own, she sees that hers is a dark chocolate. Excellent, that's just what she likes. She smiles, pulls one out, and takes a small bite as Jenia coughs a little of her pocky back up. She shakes her head, but enjoys the flavor of her own sticks. "This is pretty good."

As Kyo saw how Jenia was eating a bit too fast he went outside quickly to get some water and help her drink some when she's ready. He then writes ''Gee slow down sis, otherwise the docs will be mad at me for bringing some. '' He showed the text to Kris too, but added ''Glad you like them ! You should check the other flavors when you have a chance !''

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Set made by Leah7 Thank you !! ^-^
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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by RadioTanuki on 17th August 2016, 11:14 pm

Kilder's Slightly Messier than Before Apartment ~12:30 -1:00 PM

[Attn: Somewhat closed. Though please, I would like to see you try breaking into Kilder's apartment right now. Seriously. Try it...]

Kilder had been working away on stuff that Jenia would normally be taking care of all morning and into well, shit.... it's ALREADY AFTER NOON? He hadn't even noticed that his phone must have died. Talk about the perfect time for that sort of thing! (sarcasm) Angry

Anyway, the work she had to do wasn't easy as it was, plus the fact that there was all this... other extra crap to deal with today... Normally he would have noticed his phone turning off, but it appeared he had forgotten to turn the volume off silent this morning.... Well, nothing to be done about that now other than plug it in to charge for a bit and turn it back on. Luckily, he had finally gotten quite a few things under control here, or at least it was starting to feel that way. The crew who was set to put the temporary buildings had sent an email saying they were good to start setting up as early as tomorrow, which wasn't too bad, considering. They also happened to mention that they couldn't reach him at his phone when they called, bringing that bit to his attention... Tongue Out

It was really helpful that Jenia had such good backup plans set up to use, but that didn't necessarily mean putting all of them in motion was all super easy or anything, plus he had to fill in on some of her more urgent bits of work that needed to be done, which he did as much as he could of... There were a few things he needed to ask her about for some of it, which he hoped he could very soon.

Then again, he had so much to do that he decided to skip the meeting with the investigator at 9. It really wouldn't be that important seeing as he would get the official report soon anyway and would likely just get in the way there. Normally it would have been hard to resist the urge, but he got really absorbed in all the work today. For all he knew at this point he could have missed something on his phone, and he hadn't even eaten yet....

He got a quick lunch together of... well, just a sandwich, looks like. Meh

"Okay.. Now that my phone is at a few percent a least, I should probably get that turned on...." he thought, also thinking: "Oh Maker, what if I MISSED SOMETHING REALLY IMPORTANT? What if Jenia's awake?? Wait... If she's awake I guess no big, right? I can jus- OH MAKER SHE'S BEEN UP SINCE LIKE 9:45??..... Shocked I NEED TO GO NOW!"

Kilder got some shit together and scarfed down the rest of his sammich, then did a friction-less slide out the door....

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by Elementar on 19th August 2016, 4:51 am

[Attn: Open] 12:00pm

This is my first collab, and it's with the very talented Leah Smile

After his son, Kyo, has taken his leave, Cynric pulls up the intercom from his office and speaks out to the offices that are placed just below him underneath the inward balcony where his corner rests. "I need Corrin and Sanders in my office, please."

The unexpected announcement made Corrin shift uneasily in his office seat. Kellam had left a while ago, but he had remained in a relatively good state in his absence. If Mr. Delacroix had only wished to see him, he would have presumed that it was merely a simple and courteous check-up on his first day back at work. However, it was the fact that this ‘Sanders’ guy was also needed this early into the normal work day that was slightly concerning and unforeseen. Conscious of the small mutters of intrigue plaguing the surrounding offices, he promptly closed his laptop and slid out of the room. Cautiously, he approached the door with the small, metal plate titled “C. Delacroix” on its front. He hesitated briefly, but knocked with vigour.

After hearing the knock at his door, Ricky says "enter," but he doesn't look up from his papers just yet. He bends over more closely at the desk, signing at the bottom of the top sheet of boring words that chain him to his desk. He looks entirely bored, as well he should...usually, his secretary is here to do most of the work for him. What a shame that she's sick today.

Finally setting the pen down, he looks up at Corrin and nods his head in greeting with a brief, but business-like smile as he leans back in his chair with a more relaxed pose. He's very clearly grateful for the break away from this terrible, terrible responsibility of desk work. And who wouldn't be? He's about to say something when Sanders just waltzed on in, without even a respectful knock. He walks in, shuts the door behind him, and takes one of the two seats opposite him on the other side of his desk.

With a critical look and a tone of sarcasm, Cynric says, "Well, why don't you just help yourself on in and get comfortable."

"I did, Sir." Sanders says cheerily, as if he doesn't detect the unhappy sarcasm.

Ricky never knows if Sanders is really that stupid or if he's just pretending so that he can get away with being an ass. Either way, the CETE Chief has never liked it and he's always made that quite plain. With a sigh, he looks up at Corrin and nods his head and waves his hand with a gesture to invite him to sit down, as well. This gesture is much more friendly than his followed glare at Sanders.

"Sanders, you are really annoying." Ricky says, shaking his head, "I expect you'll knock the next time you decided to traipse up my stairs upon my request."

Sanders says nothing, merely nodding his head as if to show that he accepts the terms given to him by the large man, but Cynric is quite skeptical. With another expression of annoyance, Ricky rests his right ankle on top of his left knee and clasps his fingers together in his lap as he looks from one man to the next, back and forth with a silent, thoughtful expression. Which should get which task?

Corrin is happy for three reasons. The most obvious would be the slight amusement he felt from the little sketch that had just taken place before him. A less blatant factor was the presence of some files on Cynric’s desk that had the potential to take him out of the office and into an attention-free society. Finally, it seems that that the two other men in the room were treating him rather normally, which was pretty neat considering the rest of the whole building. Wanting to break the rather solid ice that was created from Sanders’ stupidity (or act, it was hard to tell), Corrin cleared his throat and leaned forward, letting his hands rest together in his lap as he looked at Cynric with bold, yet respectful eyes.
“How has your day been, sir?”

“Hopefully better and more productive than mine…” groaned Corrin’s useless thoughts. A slight furrow in his brow appeared without any intention of doing so. Sanders notices this act of politeness and sits up straight, trying to imitate the maturity just displayed by his orange-haired counterpart.

Cynric huffs his displeasure, "Boring. Why in the hell must this job concern so much damn paperwork? It's ridiculous. Plus, someone tried to sue us today--but our company lawyer got it thrown out immediately. much damn paperwork..."

Ricky shakes his head with a heaving sigh, looking at the stack of papers that he has yet to look at. His secretary is much better at this stuff--is she really sick, or is she faking it or something?? If Ricky had her job...he'd fake it, get away from all the damn paperwork. She'd better not be faking it, Ricky thinks to himself.

Then, Ricky clears his throat and returns his attention to the other two. "Sanders. You're an ass, but you know office protocol like the back of your hand."

"Yes, Chief, I got a mole on the back of my right hand, just under my middle finger's knuckle," Sanders says eagerly.

Cynric glares at him. He wasn't finished. "Anyway, so...I'm gonna leave you in charge for today while I head out. You can't do the paperwork, but you can keep the calls coming and going--answer any questions the new recruits have and whatnot--but I swear, Sanders...if you pull any of that shit that you did last time, if you put one toe out of line--I will place your next assignment with Kris. Do you hear me?"

He pauses for a response and Sanders nods his head with a loud gulp. He knows he'd barely survive under Kris. He's rarely ever been assigned to her--but that's because they are both Agents. Agents don't usually work together, unless they really ask for it, since they can just get assistants to help and out-rank them in everything. Still, even when agents work together on big cases, they still usually have two to three assistants helping out on the case, regardless. However, Kris and Sanders? Not a good combo. She doesn't put up with his shit and he knows it.

"If that's all you need to know, you're dismissed so I can talk to Corrin," Ricky says dismissively. "You already have all the info you need to do this from last time."

"Can I sit in your chai--" Sanders began.

Ricky raises his voice, "No."

Sanders pouts with his expression, standing up with a hurt look in his eyes and then looks over at Corrin. His expression shifts to curiosity as he looks from Corrin to the boss and then back again. Then, he opens his mouth to speak again, but the Chief cuts him off before he can get the question out of his mouth.

"None of your business. If Corrin wants to tell you, he can, but for now, you can get the hell out of my office, Sanders." Ricky says to him. He watches Sanders leave the office, shutting the door behind him with a look of satisfaction and relief. What an annoying douchebag.

"Okay, Corrin. Since you've been out, I don't know if you've heard about my daughter? She's in the hospital and has been severely hurt. I've had CETE Officers on her all day, since she was attacked, to make sure it doesn't happen again. I've got people working her cases, but I can't afford to keep a bunch of CETE on my kid when things shift back to normal and things calm down. Kyo will stay on her, no matter what--I mean, he's her brother...but he has to sleep, sometime. He needs someone there. Anyway, it looks like she's going to be in a wheelchair for a while and...I just need someone to help me look after her around work hours when she's released from the hospital. She's my girl, so...I need someone I can trust."

Ricky pauses, then adds: "This--this isn't just some...babysitting job."

Astonished by this revelation, Corrin rolls his eyes downwards in order to process the information. This was putting a lot of responsibility on him, but he knew he could handle himself. He had slowly rebuilt the wall of psychology in his mind, so he was almost back to normal… Who was he kidding, he wasn’t back to normal. He was always going to be different; there was no doubt about that. But this was one step towards obtaining the taboo of the plain life he once enjoyed. He decided that this would be best for Jenia’s health and his own.

“So… You’d trust me to–guard her and keep her company, sir?” stuttered Corrin humbly. “Is that what you require of me?” He waited with a hidden enthusiasm of honour. As long as he didn’t overdose on electricity or have a mental breakdown, it should be relatively smooth sailing…

Cynric nods his head, "Of course. Wouldn't ask if i didn't. I'll be heading to see her at around...two this afternoon, if you want to come with me. I still have some little stuff to do before then, but I can pick you up after my errands and we can head over there together, if need be."

”That sounds good, sir. I was planning on leaving in about…” He pauses as he glances promptly at his watch. “…In about 15 minutes. I could drive myself there if that’s what you’d prefer. But picking me up would be greatly appreciated, sir. I presume you know where I live? In the small apartment near…” Corrin hesitates. He mumbles out of confusion, aware that Cynric may be offended if he freely referenced the university. “You know…” His voice trails off, shrouded in disappointment and discomfort. He attempts to use his hands to ask for a signal from Cynric, knowing full well that what they were doing was completely useless and wouldn't help anything.

Cynric nods, "Alright. I'm gonna go lecture Sanders some more. Pray to the Maker that he doesn't act like a complete git this time. I'll pick you up in half an hour from your place, then. You're dismissed."

Feeling that the discussion was a success, he merely replies with, ”Thank you, sir.” Corrin starts to make his way out of the office, but halts. He turns back to look at Cynric, who has already invested his attention back into his paperwork. He goes to speak, but stops abruptly. ’I could probably ask him later…’ He turns back towards the open door, contemplating whether to stay for a little bit, or go home to have a shower. He slips out the corridor and advances towards the elevator. Its doors are closing, but he hopes for one of the figures inside to show him some respect today. “Hey! May you please keep it open?!” Despite his best efforts to try and keep manners and decency, he observes multiple startled individuals who notice his presence and shuffle away from the door, one even feeling the need to spam the elevator button in the distant hope of quickening the process. Corrin sprints to the door, knowing full well that what he was doing was probably panicking the individuals even more and not the right thing to do in this situation. The door teases his chances, but ultimately has the final laugh as it seals shut in his face. His head droops low, enclosed in brief shame and alienation.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 21st August 2016, 2:01 am

Coldrion Mercy Hospital / 1h10PM to 1h45

(ATTN : Jenia's room)

**This is a collab between me, leah and radio =)**

Kilder ran through the hospital, pretty much skipping the front desk and running for the elevator, sliding in behind a patient in a wheel chair, and quickly hitting the button before the wheel chair guy could. Not intentionally to be a jerk, that is. Just that he wasn't really paying attention until after he had already done it.... Looking over slowly to the man next to him in the chair, at about eye level with him due to the way the had basically power slided in the door, he asked the now glaring wheel chair man, "oops, errrr.... Which floor, good sir?? hehe...."

".....five..." he replied, slowly whilst rolling his eyes at him, and then muttered "...nutcase...." under his breath.

After the luckily short ride up in the elevator, Kilder ran-stop.... No- he power walked through the familiar hallway towards Jenia's room. Hearing playful chatter coming from her door, he burst through excitedly.....

"Hi guys!" he said as he opened the door to see Jenia, Kyo, and Kris all there, then realizing how disheveled he was looking, he quickly dusted the knees of his pants off and pushed his glasses up a bit.... "Sorry I'm late... was so busy this morning I didn't realize my phone had died until someone had to reach me through email and tell me!.... Um... How is everything?"

Kyo was talking with his sister and Kris casually with the use of his phone as always and then Kilder finally showed up. He looked a bit out of it like he had just ran a marathon in panic. Kyo chuckled a bit and wrote to him. ''Um everything seems okay here so far. And Jenia is in a pretty good mood as you can see.'' He smiled and then showed the text he did to the girls so they would see what he said too.

Jenia, mouth full, simple nods her head and waves happily to Kilder as he enters. She sort of reddens in the face, no doubt embarrassed by the fact that her face is stuffed with pocky that is sticking out of her mouth in an very un-ladylike way.

Kris looks up, smiles a little, and nods her head in recognition. She holds her fist up with expectation so as to fist bump him and simply says, "Yo."

Kilder, now a bit more composed, followed through on the fist bump, replying, " Hey Kris, long time no see!" then walked over to Kyo, giving him a sort of pat. "Good to hear, man. How's the guard duty been going for you here Kyo? I bet the sleeping situation is... err... comfortable.... huh?" Kilder asked him, jokingly cringing. He waited to see Kyo's response briefly before he turned to Jenia.

Kyo simply replied ''I slept okay, though it wasn't the most comfortable sleep that's for sure.'' He then moved a bit to give Kilder some space to come closer to Jenia.

He nodded and chuckled a bit. "I kinda figured, bud. Hang in there!" He then walked closer to Jenia, grabbing the edge of the bed for a second, then nervously pulling away from it a bit, after looking at her. He opened his mouth to say something, but then stopped for a moment, realizing she still had sticks of pocky protruding from her face and was now quickly trying to down them. He chuckled a bit and said softly, "Don't rush and choke, I know I'm close to the nurse button, but I'd rather wait and not take the risk..."

He then also added, "As much as I would love to open with a joke, I'll ask you to hold your laughter until after you finish your meal..."

Jenia's face has reddened even further as she tries to force her snack down.

Kris just sort of snorts, looking over at Kyo with a mischievous gleam in her eyes as she says, "Dude, just tell her you love her and move on. She's fine. You're fine. Geez."

Kyo approached Jenia and gently rubbed her in the back to try and ease her a bit, he looked a bit worried.

Kilder, realizing that he had actually made her digestion process significantly more difficult, backed off just a bit. "Woah,... Really Jenia, easy. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to fluster you. Calm down a bit... and swaallooow...." he said slowly as she got the food down finally. He briefly turned to Kris at her comment, replying, "Shit, dude, she's already choking in a hospital bed as it is! We don't need a heart attack in here too!" he said in a jokingly angry tone, and followed up, "but I actually have other things to address anyway..."

"First though!" he added excitedly, "I would actually rather hear from you, Jenia, as long as you can actually speak now. How are you feeling? How's the bed? Food? Okay, I know that one... It's bad. Sorry about that by the way too, Kyo..."

Jenia, after finally swallowing her food, finally smiles at Kilder sweetly before suddenly shifting to sour when she shifts to a topic that has nothing to do with Kilder's inquiries. "Okay, so! What progress have you made at the Uni? Did you get your office cleaned?"

Kyo listened to them go and then wrote on his phone. ''I'll help with that stuff too, I could set up the servers for the new year and try to see if some of the paperwork that could have been damaged are within the system and reprint them. I can help with the paperwork too by little bits, but of course we'll need to work with sis too a bit just to get her opinion on stuff and all....and new buildings ? .... like how are they transporting that ?.... '' He showed his text to Kilder first, but then to the others too.

Jenia squeals a little as she claps her hand in happiness, "You sound like a business man! Who though, Kilder with responsibility?"

"Ahem! Well, I mean...." Kilder said, standing straighter and adjusting his tie at what Jenia had said,"But nah.... I'm doing what I can, at least, and as for the buildings Kyo, they're just temporary, so they come in pieces movable on the backs of trucks that are then easy put together like a puzzle... except... well you can go inside it and it works as a classroom or something like that, which is what we are going to do, anyway. Also, I appreciate the offer and will accept your help on the condition!... that you don't over work yourself. Dude. I have worked with this school and with CETE, and I know how far CETE is from an easy job. I would graciously accept your help, but I don't want you running yourself into the ground. Just take care of your own work first, and if you get bored and want to help, I'll slide some Uni work your way. You can actually probably help on some of the paper work here with Jenia's partial help, probably. She could even sign off on it since, ya know, she's here and you're staying with her. Just as long as it's not too hard on anyone! Your signing arm okay, Jenia?" he asked with a knowing grin.

Kyo shakes his head and replies ''Don't worry I can do this, I always have worked at cete and studied at the same time. This will be an extra push since its part of administration stuff, but it's urgent and need manpower on that job. So I'll help as much as I can and paperwork I can do them while I'm with Jenia too, that's no issue or in my free time sometimes on evenings. Don't worry about me I'll be fine. As for the servers I'm usually the one who set up a lot of it so... that's no biggy either.'' It was already set up in Kyo's mind to help a lot, but he knew his limits and knew he could handle it. It could provoke some kind of toll on him on the long run, but this was a rush of 2 weeks to try and open up the school properly again. They didn't have time to just take it easy.

"Yeah, I'll help you guys out," Jenia says, nodding patiently, "It's not like I haven't done all of it before. We can get it all done PDQ and then I'll sign whatever I need to. Thanks, guys. I really appreciate it. For real."

Kris sets her bowl down, "I appreciate this food."

Kyo nods to her with a smile''No sweat sis, always happy to help out.'' He then turned to Kris and chuckled. ''Glad you liked it.'' He showed of course the texts to all of them.

Kilder looks up from the conversation to Kris, "Bring enough for everyone?" He asks, jokingly. Then continues, "But yeah. Thanks guys. Honestly, I was afraid there would be NO WAY I could get everyhting done in time without anyone to help. I was kinda freaking out this morning, in case the part about not realizing my phone went dead wasn't a hint. But I think I made pretty decent progress, considering. Not that it's even hard, there's just a lot. Even more, considering my own paperwork I still have..."

"What did the doc say, by the way, Jenia? How long's your sentence? Anything on that yet?" Kilder added.

Jenia has already stuffed her face with more pocky, so she points to Kyo to answer her question as Kris speaks.

"Dude, you're a mess, like always. It's coo', we expect it." Kris replies jokingly.

Kyo shakes his head and begin typing the answer. ''She's here for four more days, then can get out, but will be on a wheelchair obviously. And she'll also need to get examinations once a week for a while.''

"Good to hear my coleagues still have so much faith in me, as always, Kris." Kilder replied, not the least bit seriously, once again. "But hey, I guess everyone's got to be known for something at CETE. Hell, I know Ricky's even got knicknames for all of us or something." He then looks to Kyo's freshly typed message. "Wow. That soon, huh? I guess she'll be mobile sooner than I would have thought, at least. Too bad about what she has to come back to though. Eh, don't worry too much, Jenia. I'll get stuff under control for the most part by then. We'll get school up and ready to go and have a little comeback party for ya or something. Just relax for now, and we'll handle this! No problem!"

Jenia smiles, "At least I got pocky..."

''Well mobile, I think we should still be careful as to where we bring her and stuff for now to make sure its safe. But we could at least maybe use dad's manor or something to get things done, I dunno. Talking about dad... he should be there at some point... But I dunno he might get here late...'' Kyo explained wondering if he'd be able to make it for around 2 pm like he said.

"Wow, kinda surprised he hasn't shown up yet... CETE really must be busy today..." Kilder said, "And yeah, I agree with you, Kyo. We should definitely be careful there."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 21st August 2016, 9:51 am

{Attn: Closed}

Sophie approaches the house and is surprised to see an actual moving truck. Just like Ellie to overdo it. She’s always been enthusiastic about everything. Personally Sophie thinks it is over the top. She hopes that Ellie is in a good mood because she can use some positive vibes now. She sees Ellie carrying a box out. “Are you permanently moving to the university or something?”

“Haa haa very funny. You know I am getting a private room. That means I have the room all to myself and I can fit more stuff in it. I have a loft with a desk under it and my TV. You are lucky I had some friends help pack up the van with the big stuff at least. We made a party out of it. So all we have is the little stuff to load up.” Elianna goes up to her and hugs her. “But first food, I don’t know about you, but I am starving.” She wants to tell Sophie so much about what she has learned, but that will wait until she is moved in. Sophie will not be happy.

Sophie smiles. “Yes, food first, then we can finish up and move.” They go to the kitchen and make some sandwiches. “I have the pictures and video from the vigil for you. I will give it after we move you in so you don’t lose it.”

After lunch they fill up the van and head to the university.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 4th September 2016, 2:26 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital / 1h45~2h20

(ATTN : Jenia's room mostly)

**This is a collab between me, Leah7 and Radio**

Kyo nods at Kilder's statement and writes ''Yeah..... apparently the secretary called in sick and like he has to reply to the phone a lot and there's a whole bunch of extra papers to fill ect. '' He showed the text to all of them.

"Hmm, yeah, he definitely seemed very busy earlier today when I talked to him, like he didn't even sound cheerful enough to make a snide remark or insult me today... Almost sounded like he was in a really bad mood, which given the circumstances, I understand, but now it makes even more sense. Didn't really think much of it until now though. Doesn't sound like he's gonna be very pleasant to be around today... well, maybe for you guys he will, but for me, nah!" Kilder said, thinking aloud to himself.

Kyo answered that instantly with ''He seemed just annoyed at the paperwork and mostly worried with Jenia, like he just wanted to be free to come over pretty much.''

"Yeah, I was betting that was the case anyway. I know I was probably just that extra annoyance to him today with all that on his mind, but I just text him, and it wasn't without good reason! But, eh. I think he just finds me a bit annoying in general. And on days like today, it wouldn't matter what it was about." Kilder said shrugging almost nonchalantly. It was true that deep down, although Cynric's disdain for him was presented in joking manner, he couldn't help but be bothered by the idea that it was a bit more than a joke. At this point he was used to it though.

Kris finally sits down for the first time since she got here. There aren't really many chairs in here. After a bit more thinking, she sighs, as her phone rings.

She answers it freely, not caring if Jenia hears. The woman is sort of half-way out of it, by now, thanks to those pain meds, anyway. She'll be fine.

"Nguyen." Kris says. A pause..."What? Are you serious? Those fuckin--"

With a groan, she cuts off her own frustration as she smiles apologetically at Jenia, who giggles and waves it off nonchalantly with her hand. Yep, pain meds are the best.

"...listen. No, you listen. Give me the number to the Keltan Embassy. I'm gonna talk to 'em. They are gonna either play nice or I'm gonna rail road all over their cocky asses. This is my case! Mine!"

Kyo was about to answer Kilder, but then wondered what was happening with Kris and which case it was about... was it the one they had been working on ? .... He wondered. Jenia also seemed to be a bit out of it which worried him slightly so he moved up to her. ''Are you getting tired ?'' He asked her with his phone.

Jenia smiles, "I'm good."

Kilder looked over suddenly as Kris's phone conversation heated up to high levels of intensity. He wasn't sure what she was talking about, but at least had the decency to keep his mouth shut while she was on the phone. (Although he almost spoke without thinking) I mean... Keltan Embassy?? What the hell kind of case was this? The Keltans wanted to take a case from our agents HERE? That's forever away... He looked down to Jenia with a weird look, to which she seemed oblivious.... and oh, now she looks.... err really amused by something.... pain meds... riiight.... Then he looked to Kyo, who seemed to have just as confused an expression at first, then he typed a message to Jenia. 'Kay, I'm lost he thought, and listened intently again... This conversation was getting interesting, and he was only getting half of it, so it must have been good...

"...wait, wait," Kris says quickly, pulling a pen out of her right boot, in a place where a dagger would be hidden normally, "Okay, go."

Kris starts to scribble a number on her arm with the pen quickly as she holds the phone between her cheek and shoulder. "Thanks."

Kyo wrote something after he saw she was done. ''Does it have anything to do with the case from yesterday ?

About the time that Kris was hanging up, Kilder's mind was racing about what this call could be about. Did she run into some case so big it was a matter of interest to the Keltans even? Did she get on the wrong people's bad side? Did I leave the refrigerator door open at the house? I know I was looking for that leftover pizza in there earlier when I was waitng on my phone to charge, but... aww nevermind. Sure, aside from that last one, it wasn't any of his business, but dammit, he was nosy. This sounded too cool. None of HIS cases ever sparked any kind of international interest!! Much less something from a place as... out there... as Kelt. Like, is that even a second world country? They're so far out from other civilizations I figured they were predominantly farm and fishing villages or something.....

Kilder was about to say something, when he noticed Kyo already at it with his phone.... beat me to the punch... more likely she'll answer him anyway though.... heehee.. he thought.

Kris hangs up the phone and Kyo has already finished his text. She reads it patiently and then nods her head as she crosses her legs in the chair, "Yep. The victim is a Keltan. DNA test confirmed it. Keltans are trying to swipe my damn case."

Kyo looked surprised. ''woah... that's pretty serious matter. What's your plan ?...'' He asked with a text again

"Wow, they can do that? I mean, I know that's one of theirs, but aren't we out of their jursidiction by.... a few countries over or something? And jeeez, I get sticking together, but that far over one person who just happens to be Keltan?" Kilder asked.

Kris scoffs, "Oh, we got jurisdiction. No problem with that...but unfortunately, they aren't being helpful. Jay's deceptive ability picked up on it and he KNOWS they could be helping us more...but they are deliberately holding information and of course, we can't prove it."

Kyo sighs. ''This kinda suck that they don't want to cooperate and act so one-sided.... it happened in our city if they want to be part of it they have to help... beside if they just keep that attitude up it'll just slow the job of finding who did it in the first place.'' He then shook his head.

Kilder looked down to Kyo's text. Maybe there's a reason they DON'T want us to solve this case. It's one of their people, and if they're as proud as every says they are they may be trying to keep something big hidden to save face. Woah... What if it's a matter of national security for them?... This is getting... interseting..... heheh." Kilder stroked his chin smiling. It was these sort of things that made him kind of wish he was still out there doing field work instead of sitting in a stuffy classroom all day. Not that he didn't enjoy teaching... but this case sounded exciting...

Kris shrugs, "Whatever it is, I'm annoyed and I'm gonna pester those fuckers until I get the info I need--" Kris stops talking, her words interrupted by another giggle from Jenia's direction. Her eyes are closed and she's smiling. Is she awake? With a single eyebrow raised, she looks at Kilder and Kyo with a silent question.

Kyo also had a face that looked confused when he heard his sister giggling out of nowhere in her sleep ? Or was she awake ?... He turned to see her eyes closed and he approached her, placing his hand on hers with a soft smile himself.

Kilder shrugs at the look and walks over close to Jenia's bed again. He gently grasps her shoulder and looks more closely. "Jenia,.... uh, you feeling okay? You awake?" he said softly, just in case. He also bumped into Kyo a bit because they reacted at about the same time... "My bad Kyo..." Kilder said, smiling in kind of a nervous manner...

Kyo shook his head in a manner to say don't worry about it.

Kris watches as the two approach her at the same time, amused. When Jenia doesn't reply, she laughs lightly, "I can help clean up after lunch."

Kyo nods and start gathering back his stuff and food he brought. He then type ''Thanks Kris.''

"Nah, we got it, Kris, thanks. It's not like it's that big a mess anyway. Just take care of whatever you need to do. I'm kinda at a point where I can chill here for a bit anyway, and you know Kyo isn't going anywhere," Kilder said, laughing a bit. Then he saw Kyo's text. "Or do whatever! haha..." I can't help thinking communication would go a lot smoother if Kyo... ya know... talked.... but oh well.... ^^' Kilder of course didn't really mind. It was kind of funny, actually, but it did make him feel kind of stupid.... not that it was Kyo's fault, by any means.

The door crashes open and Jenia sits up in her bed with wide eyes as the loud tall man barges in with his arm over the shoulders of another CETE officer that he happens to be talking to. At first, she looks frightened, but when she sees and hears her father, her shoulders visibly relaxes and her tight grip loosens on the sheets. Of course he's loud as can be, uncaring about what he's walking in on. That's just like Ricky.

" then," Cynric says, grinning from ear to ear as he gazes down at Corrin, "she 'falls' down in the puddle, obviously doing it on purpose and she looks down at her breasts before she looks back up at me and says: 'oops.'"

Ricky's laughter barks throughout the room and he slaps his thigh from amusement as he pulls of his shades--which he had just been wearing in the building. Of course he wears his shades everywhere...they make him look cool.

Kilder, at the sound of the door seemingly bursting from it's hinges due to explosion, jumps a bit, taking his hand off Jenia as she jumps in time. Mostly due to her jump though, of course.

He looked quickly to the door, but before his eyes even found the direction of the door, he could tell who it was by the thunderous bellow of the scruffy old man voice in joyous tone. 'Well, sounds like Cynric's in a better mood now. Seriously though, how is the lead of an investigation and public safety agency so unaware of their own surroundings? It was like if Santa Claus had shot down your chimney from a rocket launcher laughing as hard as he could and drunkenly throwing down bottles of booze on your floors, spilling your milk, dropping cookie crumbs everywhere, and then opening your presents before leaving..... Woah.. I went off on a bit of a tangent there,' Kilder thought. '..Oh well, whatever.'

Aside from Kilder's thoughts, anyway, his eyes met Cynric's radiant visage. He couldn't believe he hadn't heard this guy from down the hall--No, from the parking lot, or a few miles away even.... That door must have been made of some crazy sound proof materials.

He finally happened to catch part of the actual conversation Ricky was having with...... well, probably himself, honestly. The young CETE officer at his side in a strangle hold looked like an unwilling participant... As Cynric laughed and pulled off his shades, Kilder replied, "Sounds like one of your good ones, Ricky, new guy there?" Kilder snickered. It was kind of embarrassing to be sure, but still amusing to him.

Kyo almost jumped when he saw the door open up the way it did, but then stopped midway of almost transforming as a reflex of defense. He wanted to facepalm, but he just approached his dad looking a bit unhappy. ''You could have entered normally, Jenia was resting peacefully. Almost thought someone was coming to attack too.... please knock gently next time or something ?''

As he enters the room, he releases his hold on Corrin and looks about the room with a wink at his daughter before he takes a seat on one of the hard benches. The small structure can audibly buckle from underneath his weight, but he ignores it as his chatter continues. He talks on as Kyo types at his phone and Jenia and Kris both meet him with glares as he looks at Corrin.

"Of course, I did help her back up--that's the gentlemanly thing to do," Cynric says defensively, "I'm not that much of an ass. That woman was hot, though. A real star. I think you'd--"

Ricky's voice cuts off as he looks about the room. Everyone is staring at him. Now, this is something he likes. Cynric's a natural at the center of attention. However, he doesn't like being the center of evil gazes from dangerous women and there's two of 'em in the room. Scratching the back of his head sheepishly, he reads Kyo's text and gives a quick apology as Jenia sighs and leans back onto her bed.

Kyo sighs and go to take his bag. ''I'll head to the room next door to eat a bit and leave some space. ''He wasn't sure who was the other person again but he just did a small nod as a sort of nice to meet you and then headed out of the room for a bit. He also wanted to let Jenia rest.

'Great... completely ignored...' Kilder thought to himself. 'Well I guess he wasn't finished with his story after all...' Of course, these kind of stories were nothing new, and Kilder had heard many of them, many times, almost always in Jenia's company, and many times in Kyo's company as well. He was just as embarrassed for them, but it was kind of normal at this point, honestly. Of course it didn't help that the room felt waaay smaller now, more due to Cynric than the fact that there was close to 10 people in this tiny room now. "Thrilling..." Kilder said, rolling his eyes, "That looks like a good idea, Kyo, I'll join you." He hated to leave, but at the same time, MAKER.... you never really got used to it. It was like he had to up his game every time someone new was there. He walked out the door throwing a quick two-finger salute to them as he walked out the door.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 16th September 2016, 2:58 pm

{Attn: Closed} approx 1pm
Sophie and Ellie begin to unload the truck. Sophie also drove Ellie’s car so she would have it on campus. Thankfully her room is on the second floor. The room itself was pretty bare. It had a loft bed with a plain desk under it. The walls are a beige and the floor is laminate.

Sophie sets down the mattress. “If you think I am going to get that up there, you are crazy.” She smiles and sets down her bag. “I have the pictures and video from the vigil. If I know you, it will be on your channel tonight. Let’s get the rest of the stuff moved in and I will show it to you.”

“Don’t worry about the mattress, I can have someone help me with it.” Elliana leans it against the desk. “I am so excited. I cannot believe how many people showed up. There is something I need to tell you after we are done.” She motions to clap Sophie’s back, but stops. “Come on, I will race you down.”

Braedon is already entering the building when a tumbling figure comes from the right so suddenly, crashing into him with full force of speed. Giggling can be heard, romps upon stair steps, but as he had just entered the building, the sounds only came to him at a moment too late. One of his earrings must have been loose, because it went clattering to the floor as he falls to his knees with attempt to catch the girl that rushed into him.

He barely takes the time to get a good look at her or the other girl behind her as he scrambles to stand and to help her stand with him. Brushing and dusting off his uniform, he apologizes sincerely for the crash as he looks the two women over. They book look young and pretty, sweet little things.
"I'm sorry," Braedon says, "I was moving too fast."

Sophie takes off after Elliana. “No fair, not only are you a trained athlete, but you have longer legs than I.” She also has to be careful not to touch anyone else as she chases her sister. They are almost outside when Elliana crashes into someone. She is thankful it was not her.

Elliana is still laughing as the handsome man tries to help her up, blushing slightly. “I am so sorry, sir. Please forgive me. I was not watching where I was going.”

Sophie notices the earring on the ground and picks it up. “Here I thought you were more graceful than that Ellie. Oh and I think you dropped something.” She holds her hand to Elliana.

Braedon smiles, assuring her it is no problem. Usually, he's more short with people...he's not a people person. Still, this girl is cute. Both, actually, are pretty adorable.

"Actually", Braedon says to the other girl, "that would be mine. I'm supposed to have two in this ear."

He reaches his hand out to take it from her and then hastily adds "I'm Braedon, by the way. Do you two go to school here? I've seen a lot of people heading into dorm rooms and such today and it's gotten me quite lost."

Sophie has to fight internally not to jerk her hand away when Braedon reaches for his earring. Her hand is covered so she should be fine. “Actually I was just helping my sister move in. I am not a student, I am a photographer.”

“Today is move in day for the students. And forgive my sister for being rude. I am Elliana and she is Sophie.” Elliana looks at his uniform. “So are you here for extra security? It is such a shame what happened to Jenia.” She scratches her chin. “That reminds me, I should see about visiting her. Oh and if you need help getting somewhere I will be happy to show you around.”

"A pleasure," Brae says, putting his earring back in, "I'd appreciate your help. I'm actually investigating the case regarding the destruction that resulted in Jenia's injuries. You'll be pleased to know she's recovering well, today..."

Braedon crosses his arms over his chest and leans up against the wall in a relaxed manner, his expression shifting into one of speculation, "Did you know that when she woke up, she had the nurse call me to apologize for all of the trouble? Can you imagine? A woman in bed with broken bones after a traumatic experience and she's apologizing to me for trouble."

He pulls out a notepad from his pocket and writes something down for a moment with a pencil that he pulls from his other pocket. He writes for a few moments before he speaks again,

"I assume neither of you were here on the day of the explosions?" Braedon asks casually and professionally.

Sophie shakes her head. “I was at work at the time. If you need confirmation, you may contact Torrino Studios.” Sophie watches Braedon go into work mode. “I am going to grab some more boxes, I swear Ellie thinks she is moving in.”

Elliana raises her eyebrow at her sister. It is not like her to brush off a cute guy. “That sounds so much like Jenia. I only wish I was, but I had Etherball practice in the morning. Our first game is tomorrow, then I was at home packing up. Until I saw some pictures online. I also planned the vigil. Which I will have the video up later of that. Please make sure Jenia sees it.”

"I'll let Jenia know--Etherball, you say?" Braedon lowers the notepad, all but forgotten. Oh, my, I usually play instead of watch, but I'd love to watch you play! Would you be okay with that? Afterwards, we could go out for dinner, or a coffee or...well, just whatever, if you think you'd feel up to it. To celebrate your victory!"

Elliana’s face lights up. “Of course I will be happy with that. It is going to be a tough game. We are playing against Northlynn. It should be a good game. Here let me give you my number.” She reaches for his notebook and flips to a new page. She writes name and number. “The last name is pronounced Key oh do. Everyone gets it wrong. I better get back to Sophie. It was nice meeting you Braedon.”

"Oh, Nothlynn. They usually have a weak support on the right side, thanks to their coach....thanks so much, I'll give you a call, Ms. Chiodo. Did you need help with moving anything?"

“We noticed that as well. Not right now, but maybe later. I don’t want to impede on the investigation. I hope you find out who did this and nail their ass to the wall. My sister is a great help, except for the higher things. If I don’t answer, you can text me. Sometimes I don’t answer unknown numbers. A girl cannot be too safe.” Elliana twirls her hair.

Sophie stands by the truck and glances at her phone. She cannot help but smile. That girl can get a date with anyone. She grabs one of the drawers to her dresser. Maybe if she walks past, Ellie will get the hint.”

"Oh, alright. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask. I'll be sure to shoot you a text and we'll work something out." Braedon says respectfully. With a wink, he steps away and and heads down into the halls. He'll find his way--he doesn't wish to interrupt their work for directions.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 16th September 2016, 5:59 pm

{Attn: Closed...Open at the end}

Sophie begins to walk back to the dorm with the drawer in her arms. She meets Elliana on her way back. “Only you can distract a CETE agent working on a case. I am surprised he is not helping us.”

“He wanted to, but I could not justify pulling him away from his investigation. What are you jealous?” Elliana teases

“Of your flirting ability, no. Come on, let’s get the rest of this in your room. I do have other things to do today." Sophie jokes with Elliana.

It takes only about a half hour more until all the boxes and furniture is in. Now they get to work setting up the room.

“I just want to say thank you for your help.” Elliana runs her hand through her hair. “I ran into Zorlias and his brother at the Vigil.”

Sophie is folding some of her clothes. “I know they were there. Not surprising since it was for her sister.”

Elliana sits down. “Please just hear me out. They actually sought me out. Sophie, why didn’t you tell me about the stalker?

Sophie stops and jerks her head around. “How did you…Oh he told you didn’t he?”

“Yes, he also told me that he knows about your abilities. I am sorry Sophie, but I had to tell them. He is concerned about you. He said he wants to help you.” Elliana reveals.

“Yeah he is concerned enough to get me fired from my job.” Sophie tells her, voice dripping with sarcasm. “It is not that I don’t believe what you said. I am just furious at him right now. It does not surprise me that he went looking for you after I refused his offer.”

“You must be mistaken. He seems so nice. He even told me a secret about his company.” Elliana looks at Sophie, not sure how she will handle it. “They are testing a device for the government. He is calling it a trigger and it is supposed to trigger people’s abilities without their permission.”

“What?” Sophie cannot believe it. She suddenly feels claustrophobic. She stands and goes over to her bag. She hands Elliana a drive. “That is your video. I have to get going. I cannot be here while there is a dangerous machine in the hands of an asshole.”

“That is a bit harsh Sophie. He seemed like he really wanted to help you.” Elliana takes the drive from her.

“He is a business man. All they care about is the bottom line. They feign kindness to manipulate people. I learned that lesson the hard way. It is why I am out of a job.” Sophie looks up at Elliana. “Just be careful Ellie, I don’t trust the Delacroix’s at all.” She walks out of the room. Her heart is pounding as she leaves the building. Is she going to be safe?

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 19th October 2016, 12:09 pm

[ATTN: CLOSED] Time: 1pm

Zorlias had finished his short conversation with Arwen before going back to sleep. It took quite a bit of energy for him to wake up this second time, feeling no more rested than he had before. This time, however, he wasn't plagued with visions. That's nice. Regardless, his head is throbbing from pain leftover.

He sits up in the bed, this time listening to the small sounds of the fish tank with a kind of warmth in his heart. He should get up and get around. There's so much to be done today, but no progress has been made, now. Still, this room is just calming and away from all of the pressures of life, so Zorlias, like always, has a hard time getting himself to leave.

Knees apart, his elbows rest down upon them so that his hands can support his aching temples as he looks down at the dim floor with a deep sigh. Life will always be waiting. He needs to get up and do things. Be progressive. Standing up, he stretches and then notices his glasses on the bedside table. He picks them up, as well as the glass of water that Arwen had left waiting. Taking one big drink after another, Zorlias finishes the glass and places it down upon the table's surface with a quiet tap.

His phone is there, as well. He picks it up and turns it on. The device comes to life and he is greeted with what he expected. Lots of peeps and dings as all of the various text messages and voicemail load up into view on the small, bright screen.

After reading through each text, he replies to each one carefully, making sure to demonstrate that all is normal and well with the life of Zorlias. He asks Kyo for the number of the agent that he needs to meet for Jenia's case and assures him that it will be taken care of promptly as soon as the man is available. He also apologizes to him, informing him that he had fallen asleep due to the lack of doing so the night before from stress over Jenia's situation.

Then, he is sure to send the same thing to several other people, most of which is his father and his secretary. The woman is going to have at him--well, maybe she won't. He's becoming suspicious at his monthly behavior and Zorlias is wondering if perhaps she is getting used to it...and if, just perhaps, it might be wise to get her replaced with another secretary. The thought is saddening, but it might be necessary.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 29th October 2016, 1:25 pm

{Attn: Open}
Sophie just walks through town not having any direction. Her mind is going a mile a minute. She cannot stop thinking about everything that is going on. She finds herself in the old downtown area of Coldrion. She loves the variety of unique shops here. She finds herself standing outside of a photography studio.

She stares at the building as if studying it. She knows the owners, an older man and his daughter. She is a spitfire. They are popular at the various conventions that happen. Torrino doesn’t do that type unless they are professional shoots. Sophie goes there to get candid pictures. She never goes inside the buildings at all though, too many people for her taste. She notices there is no help wanted signs there. It is too bad, she thinks she could be a good fit for them.

She continues her walk. Maybe it is a sign? Maybe she should start her own studio? Outside of Coldrion though, she cannot stay here. Not now that people know about her abilities. Not only that, but the photography business is tough here. She has the money. She has not touched the trust from her grandmother. The only question is where should she go?

Her phone rings breaking her train of thought. “Hello mom how are you”

Hello Sophie, I am glad we got you. I just wanted to let you know that we are on our way home.

“Did you have fun? Oh you should be here for Ellie’s game then.”

Why do you think we are leaving early? We cannot miss her first game.”
A male voice interrupts. “We heard what happened at the school. You should warn her about what to post on her channel.”

Sophie smiles. “There will be more later. She planned a vigil for the headmistress. She is all moved into the dorms too. School must go on I guess.”

Well take care of yourself and we will see you tomorrow night.”

The call disconnects and Sophie continues her walk.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 30th October 2016, 3:10 am

Coldrion Mercy Hospital / 2h20~2h50

(ATTN : Break room close to jenia's room)

**This collab is between me, leah7 and radio ~ **

Kyo and Kilder had moved to the break room and instantly Kyo took out his own portion of the curry he brought and started to heat it up in the microwave so it would be warmer. He then sit down while he wait. In his wait he noticed that he had a new message from Zorlias, back from 1PM.... guess even though kyo kept typing he didn't notice the notification when it happened.

He wrote to his brother. ''Thanks for letting me know... I was really worried. As for the number, dad gave me one to get in touch with the right people. '' He write on a different line dad's contact with the number underneat and then Braedon's number on another line. ''Also giving you Braedon's number since he's been in charge of it if you need to talk with him too. I'll let him know I gave you his contact info for business around the case only.''

"Well, that was chaotic... sheesh... Does Cynric not even realize other people exist sometimes? Or maybe he's trying to broadcast to the entire city or something, and you know your good old dad, 'Why buy a megaphone when I can save the money just doing it myself? RADIO STATIONS? Who needs those? They CAN HEAR ME CAN'T THEY?' I'm glad he knows how to text. Last time I had a phone call with him, my ear rang for the next three days!..." Kilder rambled on, a bit annoyed, but in a light-hearted joking mood. He noticed Kyo was kind of busy checking his phone at about that time. "Oh sorry. And I know he's your dad.. I don't mean anything personal, I just like to poke fun at him, of course..." Kilder added. He didn't think it would bother Kyo, but he knew things weren't exactly the best for him right now, and didn't want to risk upsetting him. It's not necessarily the nicest thing to make fun of the guy next to you's dad, even if you know them super well. Kilder quieted down a bit and let Kyo do his thing.

Kyo stopped writting after finishing his text, then switched to the notepad fonction to write something. ''Don't worry about it, he was loud and I'm not exactly happy about it too. And sorry about that, wasn't trying to ignore you, jus that my bro finally answered back so I was replying too. '' He showed the text to Kilder.

Kilder nodded back, smiling. "Oh good, you were so quiet I was afraid I may have upset you a bit there that time. I know it wouldn't normally bug you, but as bad as stuff has been for your family lately, I would totally understand that I was out of line, if it did. Ha, 'you were so quiet'! I don't even know what I'm talking about now. Like you make a lot of noise or something... You know though, it IS a bit odd though. I've known you for so long, dude, it doesn't even occur to me that you don't speak at times. I don't even think about it hardly anymore, I just see your texts, and I've heard your voice, well... still not a lot, but at least enough of it to just have a mental sound of it as I read what you say. I guess I haven't thought of it much before, but that's definitely interesting... Anyway. Went off on a tangent there... Zorlias okay? I hadn't heard from him since liiike..... oh yeah.... this morning.... damn, I had a lot going on today, okay?"

''Yeah he's okay.... he seemed upset earlier though, not sure his alone time with Jenia went all that well.... which is what worries me really. But when I texted him he took a while to answer back but it seems he was just taking a nap to catch back some sleep... so he's okay.''

"Well that's good to hear. He called this morning and asked me about going to see an etherball game later next week, which I'll admit, was a little unexpected, given how he's been lately, but it was nice. He was brief with it, as usual, but he did sound pretty excited at least. I know he's been a bit less distant lately than he was for a while, I mean, but he's still very..... uh... well, to himself, I suppose still.

It's great that he's starting to come out and talk more, again, of course, but dude, I miss what our friendship used to be like a lot of times. I wish I could help him. But it really feels like he's hiding a lot from all of us or something. And then when he starts getting out a bit again all this weird stuff starts happening! Is all this some crazy coincidence? I just feel so out of the loop here sometimes... If he's still that way to you guys it's gotta suck especially. Something is definitely still up. I don't understand why he can't ask us for help... Has he told you much at all? I know he's definitely around more now, but from what I have heard from Jenia, he's still pretty distant in a way."

Kyo shook his head to say no and then wrote ''My bro and sister have been on really bad relashionship for a while now. I mean they do still care about each other, but it's often very cold still between the two. And I believe he does ask you for help all the time. As for me I try not to be pushy or ask bad question and I know he doesn't want to tell me everything, but I still offer my help if he ever need to. I'll let him decide when that moment will be. '' And then he answered to what Kilder said before that. ''Yeah well... I started with paper and then switched to this, but yeah I can imagine your perspective I guess. It would probably be the same for me.''

"Yeah, well I didn't mean for it to sound like I was complaining or anything so much, I just wondered if you knew more about what might be going on. And yeah, he really has talked to me about some things quite a bit more lately... It's just that it seems like their's a lot more eating at him, and that does bother me. And yeah, that was just one of those weird realizations there on the speaking thing... But yeah. I guess you're gonna stay here with Jenia as long as you can be assigned here of course, right? Heh, I'm glad you're here, dude!" Kilder patted Kyo on the shoulder, smiling. "And hey, if you guys need anything, I'll of course do my best to help out however I can. I do hope you're holding up okay too of course. I worry about all of you guys, really." Kilder listened for a bit to hear if Ricky had slowed his roll any... it didn't take a lot of effort to percieve.... "Well he's still going strong in there, sounds like... I wish I knew what the hell was going on with that school case right now.... Everything does have to go to shit at the same time, doesn't it? I'll probably get struck by lightning on the way out the door or something! Hehe..."

''It bothers me a lot too, but I don't want to force it out cause that's not something I personally would enjoy either... so I'd rather have him rely on me when he needs without questioning him. And don't worry I'm doing fine. As for the case I wish I knew more too. '' Although Kyo did know a tiny bit more, he wasn't sure if he could share the info about what Braedon did. ''And don't jinx it dude, you'll be fine.'' It's then that he gets up to get his plate, he almost forgot he was hungry there and then he started eating his curry.

"Heh, yeeeaaah...." Kilder chuckled a bit. "No worries. I was just joking, but you're right. I shouldn't. And yeah, I don't want to push him either. Just curious I guess. We've all got a lot on our plates right now and...." he looked at Kyo's food with lustful eyes, "Maker... speaking of plates... sorry... that looks really good. Which reminds me how hungry I am... I haven't eaten much today because, believe it or not... I'VE been stressed... yep. But hmm.... I don't even know what I have an appetite for now... oh though, go ahead and eat! Don't let me interrupt or anything!"

Kyo continued eating a bit and then wrote ''Sorry, I don't have anymore, this is the last serving. Though... you could go check downstairs for something I guess. ''

"Oh no, I didn't mean that at all, sorry!" he said, "I just meant that seeing food reminded me that I need some food myself! But yeah. I think I may do that real quick actually. Be back in a minute!" And with that, Kilder moved downstairs and looked around. "Hmm... there should at least be a vending machine with some snacks down around here somewhere...." he thought, scanning the room until, "Jackpot!" he thought as he saw a vending machine full of tasty nom nom something or others in the corner of the lobby.... Upon closer inspection, it actually had some pretty good stuff in it. "Sadly, this is probably better than the regular hospital food here... But sweet? salty? BOTH? SO MANY DECISIONS!!" and then.... he found it.... "WOAH... they don't have this one in very many of these... I don't even see that in stores very often!!" His eyes lit up as they fell upon a small bag of the legendary, hard to find, 'Salty Doughnut Chips,' better than the name implied, a rare delicacy among sugary snacks indeed... And alas.... it was the last bag!! They were also about the most epensive thing in the machine, but well worth it! Kilder quickly slid his wallet out of his pocket, twirling it in his hand like a cowboy who had just drawn his pistol in a duel in stylish fasion, and removed a bill to push into the machine. That part presented more trouble... "stupid money! Stupid machine! I know you want this! Just take it!! I have NEEDS! They involve crunchy, pillowy, salty, sugar-glazed GOODNESS!!"

The money came back out again...

Kilder hissed at it and pulled it out, finally, smoothing it out a bit, then trying once more...

Aaaand it finally took...

"YESSSS!!" he yelled alound excitedly, startling a few patients and nurses walking by...

He carefully pressed in the button code and watched his prize about to fall....



A nearby patient rolled her eyes as the grown man squealed at the vending machine....

Cynric exits the room and heads into the meeting room where a few of the guards are on break. He could hear Kilder's voice in the distance, but he chose to ignores it for now. He looks grumpy as he approaches Kyo and sighs.

He says, "Well. The kid in there is going to help Jenia while you're working, Kyo. He will be making sure that you don't neglect yourself during the next few weeks, as his top priority. I expect you to let him help your sister, too."

Kyo wave to Kilder as he leave in quest of food and continue to eat quietly, although at this point he was almost done. His dad then comes over and talk to Kyo. He started to type a response ''I don't mind him helping, though I'll still help Jenia whenever I'm not working regardless. Need to help with that school stuff, cause it's still opening regardless. It's not much worse than doing homework really. Don't worry dad I'll be fine. Though it will make me more at ease to know that when I'm not there someone will be there for her too. Although there's also Kris and I know Kris is really good at handling stuff.''

Cynric nods, "Yeah, Kris also has a case she's working on. Going solo, I hear. So she'll also need to be splitting the time. As will Bray--did you know he's volunteered his assistance to her? Since when was he all nice? The guy's a good guy, but he's always been an ass...if he's hitting on my girl..."

Kyo wrote to him [i]''I dunno... I don't think he's hitting on her, but he seemed really serious about the job and stuff... he's been nicer even to me. I dunno maybe like... the fact we have a hard time and all he just want to help out to help out and stuff ? And yeah... I was on that case with her before it happened, I might ask her if she need any help sometimes too even though my own time might be short if I have some windows I'll try to help her when I can too if she needs it. ''

Kilder was crouched in front of the vending machine, 'Salty Doughnut Chips' inches away from his face... closer.... CLOSER.... "Oww." he hit his face on the glass.... He had come up with a plan though. Shaking the machine had not worked.... not this time... Plus the receptionist got a bit mad at him for that. It was time to cheat the system. Sometimes these things just required a gentler approach. He carefully stuck his hand in the tray where the goods were to fall out. Looking around to make sure he wasn't getting too many weird looks. If all these metal pieces in here were just connected enough he could slide this thing right out of this machine without too much trouble... he touched the wall inside and slowly sent a wave of decreased friction across the machine... carefully. The slightest bit too much and it might mess up the delicate balance of the machine causing it all to- "HEY YOU!! Quit hogging the machine, will ya!! What are ya even doing?"

Everything in the machine suddenly slid out of their spiral confines and out of the machine along with Kilders arm as Kilder just about pissed himself. "Where did this ASSHOLE come from??" he thought. Then he looked around to see the few people now standing in a line at the machine, glaring at him... he looked down at his lap, now full of snacks.... sadly no doughnut chips- they fell out of the hole right as he realised this... "VICTORY!!" he said, grabbing them quickly and running off before anyone had a chance to say anything else. "Sorry, I didn't mean to!" he called back, and then took off up the stairs... As he got to the top he saw Cynric and Kyo, finishing up a conversation that he barely caught the end of... at least... He caught his breath as he shut the stairwell door, holding his snacks tightly..... He opened them and popped one in his mouth.... "H-hey.... crunch What's good, guys?" he then finally said.

Cynric waves, "Hey, kid. We were just talking cases and all that."

"Nice. So who's the new guy you brought with ya?" Kilder replied.

Kyo raised his hand slightly and shook it in a way to say hey sorta and then he got up to take his stuff and placed them back in his bag. He would go wash what needed to be washed a bit later. He waited for his dad to answer Kilder hoping he wouldn't go too much against him wanting to do a lot. Although Kyo was aware that this whole mess would be enough to exaust it on the long run, but for now he was fine.

Cynric shakes his head, "He isn't new. He was just ona break. I'm surprised you don't recognize him. Then again, he didn't talk much--he doesn't talk to anyone very much. I guess the guy is shy--but he's a good guy."

"Well I guess I haven't been around him much at least, but now that you mention it, he does seem familiar. Not sure I have ever spoken to him though. Isn't he that guy who started pretty young with CETE because he did really well in school or something? He seems nice, but meh, I don't hang around the station as much as I used to, you know..."

Cynric smiles, "That's the one. Say, I'm about to head out. I got to get back and keep the place running. Anything you two need?"

Kyo shook his head and wrote. ''Nah, I'm good for now, just ate and stuff. If I need anything I'll go out quickly and come back or go get something downstairs. Thanks for the offer though.'' He smiled as he showed the text.

"Umm... I don't know. I think I'm good, at least until I need to check anything at the school or something, and then I can get other stuff I need. I have what I can do other than that kind of wrapped up for the day now, so I'll probably hang around here a bit longer before I head out... You heard anything more about the investigation, by the way? I know it's just started, but I'm just anxious for any news right now on it really... May just go down and check on things there actually. I can always come back over here later..." Kilder replied.

Cynric shakes his head, "Waiting to hear back from Bray, but I'm sure he'll keep us in the loop. Anyway, I'm gonna head out. Already said bye to Jenia...I don't think he'll be in there with her for too much longer. Either way, let 'em know I said my farewells, eh?"

Kyo nods and smile and then writes ''Don't worry about it. Will do.''

"Will do, Cynric. Thanks. I've actually decided I'm going to briefly leave to pick up some stuff at the house really quick and check on a few things since I actually left in kind of a hurry earlier when I realised Jenia was up. So I'll be heading out for a bit too, but I'm planning to come back. I can just bring my laptop and keep track of anything else that comes up today from there. Didn't actually get to see much of Jenia earlier, anyway. Oh, and thanks, dude. Take care!" Kilder said.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 1st November 2016, 9:23 pm

Coldrion Mercy Hospital / 2h50~3h20 PM

(ATTN : Jenia's room)

**This is a collab between me and leah7!**

After his dad and friend left the break room, Kyo went to quickly clean his stuff before putting them back inside the bag and then he moved back toward Jenia's room. It looked like the other guy from earlier was just now leaving it. Kyo nods to him and the other two guards in front of the room before entering again. As he passed the door, he noticed that Kris too was gone from view. He get closer to Jenia and smiles.

Jenia is somewhat asleep, but her eyes snap open when the door opens. With a small wave, she greets Kyo silently before leaving her head back down upon the pillow.

Kyo wrote ''Sorry I woke you, didn't mean to. Actually reading that bright screen must be hard too. I can just sit next to you and let you rest if you're exausted and stuff.''

Jenia smiles, "Tell me a story."

Kyo was surprised of this one and wasn't too sure what to come up with. He looked serious for a good minute trying to think of something good and then played on his phone to try and find something good cause his own mind wasn't going too good at making it up.

Jenia stretches in the bed, looking up at the ceiling and sighing as she wonders if everything with the school is going to be okay during her absence.

"I hope dad is handling things okay while I'm gone. And the starts a week, already. Etherball practice is starting soon."

Kyo was still working on the story but opened another tab to answer. ''Don't worry everything will go out fine. Kilder left to take care of some stuff I believe and I'll try to get some of the paperwork to start working on those while I'm here tomorrow and stuff. We'll manage like we always did sis !'' He wrote and showed to her with a fist closed and raised up with determination.

Jenia nods, her eyes drooping, "Don't leave while I sleep, yet."

Kyo started giggling out of the blue. ''Sorry sis, I tried my luck with a generator, but I think I screwed up and don't know how it works omg it doesn't make sense. I'm not sure you want to see it'' He added face palming at how weird that thing got to. He stopped laughing and with a warm smile he replied with his phone. ''Don't worry I'll stay right here.''

Kris returns as she hangs up the phone, shaking her head with displeasure at an unknown conversation. Whatever it was, she wasn't happy about it. Her eyes go straight to Jenia, noticing she is asleep, still, and smiling about it.

"Hey," Kris whispers.

Kyo waves with one of his hand as a way to say hey in return.

Kyo nods and writes ''I see, sorry I left you alone with that yesterday btw. I don't mind working on different things all day tomorrow so I could offer my help for my regular shift and then I'll go back to the school see if I can get some paperwork for the opening over here to work on those for Jenia. And be able to ask questions about stuff if I'm unsure. Does that sound good with you ? '' He asked her, hoping he could somehow make it up to her and he wanted to help with the case either way.

"Sure," Kris replies with a shrug, "The victim was a Keltan. The Keltans tried to take the case, but I managed to keep it. Fuckers."

Kyo was surprised, but not really. ''Woah... I'm not surprised that they tried to do that as I've heard a lot about them wanting to settled their conflict and stuff.... but uh, I wonder who is our killer then. I mean from what I've heard of them, Keltans are no easy target and stuff. So our killer must be a pretty strong oponent. But either from that, doesn't seem like we have a lot of leads yet. Did you manage to learn anything else that could give us a lead or ?''

"Well, we ID'd the victim, got her profile and can talk to her friends and family for information and leads...can't get anything more from the Keltans. I know there's something they aren't telling us. Not getting much information off of the wolf hair that was present, either."

Kyo listened carefully and then started to write a response again. ''That kinda suck from them, but I guess we'll make do with what we have. So I guess tomorrow as soon as we can I guess we'll go out to get info from her close ones then ? Where do we start ?''

Kris nods her head, "Yeah. We'll meet up at the station at the usual time and head out to meet the fam, first. We'll take it one step at a time from there. I appreciate the help."

Kyo nods again and smile. ''Happy to help. So... I'll let you lead and ask the questions. Want me to take the notes on paper ?'' He asked wanting to confirm his tasks for tomorrow.

Kris nods, "Sure, why not? If anything, give 'em an intimidating glare if they get jerk-ish and we can play good cop, bad cop."

Kyo giggled and nods. ''I'll try my best on that one if we do need to.''

Kris winks, "Yesssss, and we should do some training tomorrow, if we get the chance."

He nods and writes ''Sure thing. Hoping we do get the chance it's been pretty crazy.''

Kris' phone starts ringing, so she looks down at the screen with a scowl and then groans, "Gotta take this. I'll be back ina while, but I'll be keeping watch on the hallway. See ya later."

Kyo nods and let her go outside the room to take her call. He then looks back at Jenia who was sleeping peacefully and he placed his hand over hers gently. He then just remembered that he was supposed to get an appointment today or tomorrow with his psychologist. He decided to text him and ask if he could postpone it after school opening. He knew he would understand and Kyo was pretty sure the man knew what was going on.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 1st December 2016, 6:23 pm

{Attn: Open}

Sophie sits down on a bench. She really cannot wait to talk with her parents tomorrow. She will not tell them the whole truth, just that she is looking to start her own studio. They may have some good advice for her. Shadows come into view and the bench creaks as two people sit down next to her.

“Sophie, we are so happy to see you. We are so angry at Torrino for firing you.” Claire motions to hug her pulling back at the last second. “Well we are your friends, and we are going out tonight.”

Sophie sighs. “I am not in a mood to go out tonight….”

“That is the reason we are taking you out.” Leslie interrupts. “We won’t take no for an answer. Now I give you a choice, come willingly, or we will drag you along.”

A hint of a smile appears on Sophie’s face. This may be exactly what she needs. “Fine, I suppose I can spare some time to go out.”

“Good because I have a favor to ask you. First though we need to get dressed to go out. I say we stop at Sophie’s first. No offense, but you don’t look like you are ready to go out.” Claire stands up.

Leslie waits for Sophie before standing. “This will be exactly what you need to forget about Torrin. Claire has a surprise for you as well.”

“That will have to wait until later.” Claire waits for Sophie. “Please promise me that I can do your makeup.”

Sophie smiles. “First the clothes, then makeup. You must follow my instructions though.” They arrive at Sophie’s apartment. It is a nice two bedroom apartment that is tastefully done. Sophie gives them a quick tour and the girls immediately converge on her closet. They ended up picking out a black broomstick style shirt with light blue designs on it. Her top is a peasant style blouse. She completes the look with black gloves.

Claire goes to Sophie’s makeup and is quite pleased. “Now to do your makeup. I cannot wait you have such beautiful features.”

Sophie grabs a pair of nitrile glove and hand them to Claire. “Before you do anything, put these on.”

“You are a strange one, but I have no problem doing it.” Claire puts on the gloves and does Sophie’s makeup. “Now we are ready to go out. First some food, then party.”

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by JerriLeah7 on 28th January 2017, 1:28 am

Time Skip --- One Week

Tuesday, August 11th l 8:00am

Jenia's hospital visit had lasted almost a week, but she's been free of the horrid hospital smell for the last two days, giving herself the joyous break that any weekend should be just before school starts.  Much of the building has been mostly repaired by now--enough money can get anything done quickly enough--but, things still  Jenia doesn't quite feel like herself and frankly, the wheelchair has nothing to do with it.  

She had done nothing all week but rest, rest, rest.  And despite that, Jenia's exhausted.  Maybe it was the constant barrage of visits from family, friends, and students.  Maybe there was more.  Maybe it was restlessness from being unable to walk.  Yet, she didn't really think about it that way.  At least now, she'll have stronger kendo arms when this is all said and done.  Rolling yourself around on wheels is a lot of work.  

Yet, here she is on Tuesday morning, a coffee in one hand and a bunch of books being held into her lap with the other hand.   Staring over at the campus, students milling about and moving from building to building before her, she ponders on the work she has before her today.  It's the first day of class, which is always the busiest.   She sighs, noticing the stares.  When her assistant speaks out of nowhere, she jumps in her seat, her hand that had been holding her books now resting on her chest over her heart.

The woman had stopped pushing her wheelchair upon request while Jenia simply looked about and took the campus in.  She had been thinking about the things to come, trying to get a feeling of how she...well, felt.  Lost in her thoughts, she had completely forgotten that her medical assistant was even there.   The quiet nurses can be the scariest--right out of horror films, if you ask Jenia, so they aren't really always a "comfort" to her.  

Tala asks, "Where's your office, Ms. Delacroix?  Oh--I'm so sorry, Ms. Delacroix, I didn't mean to scare you."

"It's fine,"  Jenia says hastily, returning to the real world, "It's just ahead, in the building with the blue roof.  There's a ramp on the left side we can use."

"Okay,"  Tala replies, pushing the wheelchair once more.  Jenia would have pushed the damn thing herself if she didn't have her hands full.  She could have asked her secretary to handle the books and coffee, but...she never felt good about giving any employee such menial tasks like that.  This is a much better substitute, especially since Tala will only be around for two hours or so.   And now, she's going to have to face that office and get so much paperwork done...

Jenia directs Tala around the building and through the hallways, saying hello to students that stop to greet her.  She's attentive to each one, responding with gratitude at all of the well wishes and the happy smiles and waves sent in her direction.  Most of them seem quite pleased to see she's well, as one would expect.  If you want to do well in college, you should always be kind to the faculty--especially to the ones that can get you kicked out.

As they roll into her office and Jenia is pushed up closer to her desk, it's Tala's turn to jump as a voice is heard from behind them.  Tala's gasp and the familiar voice makes Jenia's blood turn cold.  A thousand moments couldn't have made this one seem any longer.  The dread that she had been feeling finally sank deep into her core and she finally realized why she felt so wrong today as that voice slithered across the room coldly.

"Ms. Delacroix, a pleasure,"  Rochelle says, "I do hope it's not too early for an office visit."

Tala, still started and obviously uncomfortable, wheels Jenia around to the proper side of her desk as Jenia nonchalantly adjusts the pin in her hair and takes a drink of her coffee before sitting it upon the desk.  She then lifts the books from her lap and places those on her desk, also.  Rather than looking at her uninvited office guests, she looks over at Tala, who is still fumbling with moving her desk chair away from the space where her wheelchair now occupies.  

Jenia smiles a forced smile, "Tala, why don't you get a coffee break for yourself, hmm?  There's a machine just three doors down in the faculty lounge."  

Tala nods her head, smiling back and looking as though she feels much more at ease.  Jenia's cool attitude, albeit forced, can be quite convincing when she wants it to be.  Finally, she meets the gaze of the glorious Ms. D'grennar in her elegant seating pose with her legs crossed in her Chinese styled, red and gold trimmed dress.  Her hands are crossed over her knee politely with her shoulders relaxed and her head held high with the confidence of someone who's never failed at anything in their life.  

- - - - - - -

After an entire week of working on the case, Braedon has gotten so much material evidence, as well as plenty of eye witnesses to testify of Ms. D'grennar's lack of anger management skills.  She's openly had violent outbursts and has had several prior assault charges placed against her in the past.  Though none of these charges went to trial, since all but one were dropped (and the case that wasn't dropped from court still ended, since the defendant died), there's a lot to go on.  All of these factors will definitely help with the case, but there's still one problem:  Jenia.

The woman has outright refused to meet with him--okay, not refused.  She's just been avoiding him.  Every classic excuse that Brae has heard at any case during his entire career with CETE has been used by this one woman alone in the past week.  She's not answering his calls, anymore and he's offered to give her time to fully heal before he talks to her about it, but damn...he can't push the case forward if she doesn't give him her statement on paper.  

Unfortunately, her brother's testimony is inadmissible in court--as all "Psychic" type abilities are.  Without her statement on this issue, as well as her presence in court, Braedon's got nothing.  No case, no closure.  That's bad, because the chief is directly involved in this one and if he can't get this stubborn woman to talk, he's going to have to go the chief for help.  Braedon doesn't like asking for help from the chief...maybe he could ask Kyo--but Kyo's been so busy with that murder case with Kris.  They've gotten a lot of leads and there was even at least one morning where he caught Kris smiling.  That means she's on to something...but that was days ago.  Maybe Kyo will have a little time...

- - - - - - -

Cynric steps into the CETE station with his overcoat thrown over his right shoulder, held up by two fingers with a casual step as he lowers his sunglasses and tilts his head downwards to look over them.  There's a hot woman at the front desk.  Checking out her ass a bit longer as he approaches, he removes the shades and pockets them into his vest as he steps up to the desk with a big smile.  An officer is already talking to her, so he listens in for just a bit before his planned, charming interruption.  

Officer Reynard is talking, "...yeah, I know, but we can't do much more than that until after he's been missing for more than forty eight hours, ma'am.   We've already put his face and name out there for everyone to see, but to send out a search party would take a lot of men and--"

"Officer, this is my kid,"  The hot lady says, "I can't do nothing."

"Ma'am,"  Cynric says with a big smile and a wink as she looks up at him from her short height in the cutest of ways.  "I'm CETE Chief Delacroix.  Why don't you come to my office and we can talk about your situation there?  I'll see if we can't get something done for your son or daughter."  

With a small sigh of relief, the woman's shoulders relaxed as she nods her head with appreciation.  The woman clasps her jacket over her arm and against her stomach as she straightens her posture from leaning over on the front desk and moves closer to him with a trusting gesture.  "Thank you, Officer.  I really can't tell you how much this means."

"Please,"  Ricky says with a wide grin as he pulls the rose pinned to his vest jacket and hands it to her, "Call me Ricky."

- - - - - - -

Kris is asleep behind her desk on the floor.  The sleeping bag is hardly comfortable, but the desk lamp was her only lighting last night, so she slept okay until people started parading in and had the big lights turned back in.   Now, she's in and out, but she doesn't care.  She's tired.  Having hardly slept for the base eight days, she's been working non-stop on this damn case.  She's been stalled over and over by the damn Keltans.

Things that she's sure of, though...?   THis guy was killed by a wolf and by another Keltan.  Since when did Keltan's kill each other?  And the Keltan that did the killing is powerful.  She's had Kyo interviewing local Keltan residents and collecting as much information as he can about their culture, as well as had his help with trying to fight with the damn island over jurisdiction.  Luckily, they won--it wasn't too hard.  

Still, they had a lucky break last night.  One of her connections on the island that she had just recently made from all of this mess is sending her someone--someone she claims can help.  Kris doesn't know how or why they will help--she doesn't even know much about the two that are arriving--but apparently, the one who is helping lives on the Keltan island but isn't Keltan?  And her companion will be a's all weird and confusing.  Kris should have been up and around already, to greet them and meet them and all of that jazz...but Kris is tired.

- - - - - - -

It has been a long, boring week.  Traveling from hospital to home to home to various school buildings isn't exactly Erie's idea of fun or relaxation.  She's been constantly on edge due to being around a new companion, as well as around all the new people that aren't used to seeing an overly large, exotic animal roaming about.  She's done her best, of course, to keep those that have seen her around more than once, at ease around her.  

A lot of the University staff are now well acquainted with her and express their affection fondly when seeing her in the hallways.  Several days, Kilder was just in his office alone, preparing for the day when his school's dean would take over the school again.  All of his prep work, the paperwork, the construction crew relations...the guy really was being good to his boss.  Still, Kilder did provide her with excellent lodging and bedding, wonderful food, and even took her to walk through the parks to give her access to trees and space.    

Despite all of this change, Erie has been...okay.  Surprisingly.  At first, she had thought she'd be miserable without her life companion, the Mayor, but...Kilder has made the transition a lot simpler than she ever could have dreamed it to be.  The Piper girl, though...something about her is so...odd.   Erie just can't quite grasp how she feels about her, just yet.  Given enough time, she might grow to befriend her, but the poor girl is just hard for her to read.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by xenolion on 29th January 2017, 12:58 pm

{Attn: Open}

The past week has gone well for Sophie, surprisingly so. Her parents accepted the story about her wanting to do her own work. They are worried about her, but very supportive. It was on the tip of her tongue to warn them about Zorlias. However nothing further has developed from that front either. The man must have other things to do than worry about her. Plus, it is not like her father ever runs into him at the company. He is only an independent contractor.

Claudia and Leslie arranged a photoshoot with Claudia's boyfriend. They 'borrowed' Torrino's equipment while he was out of town. Sophie was excited to do it and it turned out great. Of course they couldn't do anything officially with team stuff, due to licensing. Photoshop is great for removing that stuff. Ellie was so jealous of that photoshoot, and why not he has a great body and there were a few pictures that made Sophie blush a little.

She is still looking for new a studio of her own, and out of Coldrion. She is looking at Simmaryn. It is still close enough for her to visit and not as expensive to live in as Coldrion. Plus she likes how it keep the old and new look to it. She need to return the mayor's jacket to him. She knows he must still be out on his trip because she has seen Errette in passing while taking pictures in the park.

She wakes up in the morning and gets ready for her daily jog.  She has her backpack just in case there is a photo opportunity.

The last week was also busy for Ellie.  They just barely won their first Etherball game.  She was shocked to see Braedon in the crowd.  She thought it would be a one time thing.  However both of them were busy, she with her school stuff and he with his job that they were unable to hang out.

She visited Jenia in the hospital as well.  She showed the video of the vigil, making sure to give Sophie the credit.  She wanted to tell Jenia about Sophie so bad, but did not.

Now she is crossing the campus to her first class.  Why they have classes so early is beyond her.   She is walking in a daze, as most night owls do when forced to be up early.

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Re: Etheriest Role-Play

Post by HikariKuragari on 3rd February 2017, 11:12 pm

(ATTN : Closed(though Kris, Jenia, Braedon, Zorlias and Kilder are mentioned in this)

Kyo passed most of the week going between helping Jenia with school preparations and getting some teachers from the school to help out as well with the paperwork so everything may run smoothly. However he was also on a rather large case with Kris and he's been working hardcore with her to get jurisdiction from the Keltans about it. Kyo managed to get a lot of information about their culture in general which was quite a step forward. Although at that time he wasn't sure just how much help the Keltans would be willing to give them considering how much trouble they gave him and Kris so far.

In that same crazy week there was also the Etherball game his brother had invited him to along with Kilder. It was quite a crazy game and Braedon was playing in it too. He had to admit his performance there had been really cool. He enjoyed the small break there too.


CETE Building/8 AM

(ATTN : Open/CETE offices?)

(Collab between me and Leah7~)

It was morning and Kyo already felt completely drained. He stayed up super late finishing a few more school preparation before the grand opening as well as his own preparation. He was so focused on just having the school running, he pretty much forgot about himself. He could have chose to sleep in though since his classes were starting only in the afternoon, however he knew that Kris was about just as dead as he was if not even more. Kyo just couldn't leave her alone and felt he needed to come in to help. Not only that, but apparently some help from the Keltan island was coming this morning. He was awfully surprised and curious about this. As he came in, he placed his stuff in the locker and went directly to Kris's desk ....He couldn't see her at her chair, but he saw her sleeping under it. He smiled slightly and left to get her some coffee and came back. Kyo wrote on a small paper ''I made you some coffee, it's on top of your desk.'' He gently shook her shoulder to wake her up and left the note to her thinking it would be much less blinding then a phone.

Kris, when waking up with the surrounding noises of office work and other usual, work chaos, groans aloud as she takes the note given to her and reads it.  She leaned back to fall asleep again, but after finishing the note, she sits up abruptly with wide eyes and utters only one word:  "Coffee."  

Using the desk and a side panel that separates work spaces as leaning posts, she shoots up and looks for the cup of life upon her workspace.  In no time, she's gulping down the liquid joy as she pats Kyo's shoulder in a half-awake "thank you" with what she can consciously muster.

Kyo smiles and nod to her happy to see her back from the land of the dead. He took out his notepad and pen and wrote on it. ''I figured my phone screen would be too bright, so I'm writting to you on paper for now. Also I think our guests from the Keltans arrived, but you can take your time at waking up first.''

Kris reads the note before sighing and nodding her head in response.  She looks up at the clock on the front wall, large and digital.  The glowing, green numbers read that it's too damn early.  They'll be here in a minute, if they aren't here, already.  Pulling out her chair, she decides to sit for a second and comb out her hair.  

Just as she finishes that mess, a weird assistant guy walks up to her.  Of course, he's in a freshly made uniform--she can tell by the tag still attached.  PLus, she's never seen his face, before.  He must have just passed the exams to get in recently.  The guy opens his mouth to speak, is met with a hard glare, and then walks away quickly.

"See that?  I don't hang with the newbs. I mea--"  Kris cuts herself off to tilt her head back to take another swig of her morning juice and then breathe in heavily, "C'mon.  At least older officers know not to talk to me."

Kyo chuckles and writes ''Yeah they do or rather they know when the timing is right or when it's not. Need anything else you need to help since you just woke up ?'' He asked wondering if she was okay or if she might ask him to go get something else to help her wake up. Either way he understand completelly, he may be playing tough, but the moment he'll sit in a chair and do nothing he knows he'll pass out himself.

Kris shakes her head, dreading the meeting to come.  Kris isn't exactly a people person. "Nah.  I'll be alright.  Did you wanna meet with them at the station?  We could take 'em to....a restaurant to talk or something, I don't know...  I feel like the interrogation rooms would be a bad idea..."

Kyo thinks for a moment and then writes ''I could go meet them and bring them here to give you more time. Maybe we could take one of the smaller conference room, make them comfy with snacks and drinks ? What do you think ?''

Kris yawns, "Yeh.   I'll be along shortly.   Just leave the door open for me so I can find which one you're in."

Kyo nods and smile as he walked along to go get their guests.

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