OC: Aerineth

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OC: Aerineth

Post by Gateway Bot on 8th January 2011, 10:45 pm

Name: Aerineth

Age: Appears 23 but is actually 154 currently

Weapon: 6 foot Katana with runes intricated into the hilt and lower blade to increase speed and damage the blade is suprisingly thin and lightweight. It is easily manuevered in any circumstance in Aerineths hands. She calls her blade Mariska.

Abilities: Opti-slash - A slashing technique with Mariska where the blade is swung blindingly fast with slashes alternating from the left sight of her body to the right for a total of 12 slashes and a final 360 degree spin where the blade is swung horizontally as Aerineth spins.

Acid Claws - Aerineths right hand glows a dark green as claws begin to grow. After a brief charge period, she begins to slash wildly at the opponents armor. The entire purpose is soley to deteriorate the opponents armor. After the attack, aerineths right hand is rendered immoble for a short time.

??? - Aerineth becomes possessed and loses all sense of rationality and humanity. She becomes beserked and will attack anyone in the way of her target. She will regain control after a short while where she will then lose consiousness for hours to days depending on the time she was beserked.

History - Aerineth is an exile from the forest of Nenelata. Nenelata is a secret refuge for the remaining winglies from ages past. Winglies and humans never came into contact for fear of beginning the Human - Wingly war again. Aerineth didn't see the harm in humans and snuck out of the forest at an early age to learn more of them. Upon returning she was met with the Eldar Wingly who confronted her of her true self, The Dark Wingly. Upon his judgement of banishment, Aerineth became possessed and killed many of Eldars guards before fleeing the Forest never to return. She now roams the human world in disguise.

Appearance: Aerineth stands roughly 5"6 and weighs 136 pounds. She wears a full suit of armor sheilding all but a small region below her neck. Upon her left shoulder is a spiked pauldron. Invisible to the naked eye are wings similar to that of tendrals protruding from her back. She wears a signet ring she crafted herself on her left ring finger. She has long brunette hair trailing down the better part of her back.

Personality: Exceptionally kind and caring. She gladly puts her life on the line to protect the innocent. She is a social person preferring anyones company over no ones.

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