The UNRIVALED Tournament

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The UNRIVALED Tournament

Post by Ink on 21st April 2017, 8:20 pm

The year is 2287. Earth has become a bastion of progress, thanks in no small part to the combined efforts of its denizens and its visitors. Cooperation between humans and aliens has led Earth to prosperity in many ways, making it the center of the Galactic Collective. Many races have shared their wealth of knowledge and resources, leading to great advancements in technology and medicine. Flying personal vehicles, commercial spaceflight, and self-repairing buildings are all commonplace. But the introduction of aliens has done something else. Many of these unique technologies have awakened long dormant aspects of humanity - malleability. Thus came the rise of what people have long referred to as "superpowers." These people have come to be known under two categories: Espers and Metas. Espers are people who develop psychological abnormalities that grant them extrasensory or psionic powers. Metas are people who develop cellular abnormalities that manifest in the form of superhuman abilities. But that isn't all. Along with much of their scientific know-how, many aliens brought... other knowledge with them. Knowledge of the metaphysical. Concepts that humans could only speculate about, once upon a time. Energies we'd never known about - Chi, Mana, Chakra, and more. All wieldable through intense training, and capable of granting incredible abilities of their own.

With the introduction of these new types of people, as well as the natural inhuman abilities of many aliens, a power creep began. And so came a new phenomenon for all the worlds to witness - The UNRIVALED Tournament. A competition meant to pit the best fighters from around the world against one another, and determine who would come out on top, earning the official title of, you guessed it, UNRIVALED. Held every year, in Akira City, the tournament has become a major staple of entertainment around the world, as participants enter from all parts, species, and backgrounds to pit their skills and abilities against one another. And this year's is shaping up to be the most intense one, yet.

Are you a Meta? An Esper? Perhaps you're an alien with your own unique abilities? Maybe you've trained to unlock the vast and mysterious powers of Chi or Mana. How will you surpass all those before you? What will be your claim to the coveted title of...



As previously defined, an Esper is someone who develops a cerebral abnormality that results in psionic or extrasensory abilities. Meanwhile, a Meta is someone who develops a cellular abnormality that grants them superhuman abilities of a different variety.

It can be difficult to determine what abilities fall into which category. Think of it this way. An Esper's abilities focus outward. A Meta's abilities focus inward.

The abilities of an Esper generally revolve around the connection to, or manipulation of, external forces. Telepathy, for example, an an ability had by some Espers. Some Espers possess telekinetic abilities. Telekinesis can be used to simply move objects, create force barriers, and such. But certain evolutions of telekinesis grant powers over elements, such as the fire wielding pyrokinesis, the ice bending chryokinesis, and more. Some Espers possess the ability to generate psionic energy. Some are clairvoyant. There are a number of possibilities.

The abilities of a Meta revolve around manipulation of their own bodies and/or forces acting against it. Many of them possess inhuman physical parameters. Less common are those who can alter their bodies in some way, such as turning their skin to steel. Perhaps a Meta has the power to melt whatever they touch. Or maybe they can absorb any form of non-metaphysical energy. Some possess the ability to project energy from their bodies in some manner, though not with the same kind of control as an Esper might be able to exhibit. Even for those Metas whose abilities seem to have external effects, one can assume they have some physical means of triggering them, such as generating tremors by having vibration-based abilities and stomping their foot.


The three (established and usable) metaphysical energies are Chi (or Ki), Chakra, and Mana. Each one is distinctly different from the others. Each applies to different aspects of an individual. Chi is the latent energy present within a physical body. Chakra is the energy of the spirit. Mana, however, is unique. Mana is a form of sentient energy that is present in all things, but it can only be truly wielded and mastered through training of the mind. All beings in the universe possess the ability to harness any or all of these forces. However, some species do have a much easier time of it than others, such as the Manakite - a race of aliens who discovered the concept of Mana, and have developed a natural affinity for controlling it.

On the basic level, Chi and Chakra manipulation grant similar abilities, and simply draw their power from different sources. Chi relies on the strength of one's body, and their fighting spirit. Chakra relies on the content of an individual's character, which can lead to the more powerful but less controllable Dark Chakra, or the benign but ultimately not as destructive Light Chakra. Both Chi and Chakra users possess the ability to harness these energies, augmenting their natural physical parameters, coming up with unique energy attacks, even flying and so-on. Mana manipulation, however, is a different animal, entirely. While it can be used to much the same extent as the former, Mana manipulation has another name that is much more widely used on Earth - Magic. Wielders are able to toy with the very laws of reality if their will is strong enough. However, Magic is not all powerful. Most magic that does go beyond the basic manipulation of energy does take intense study, concentration, and a usually time to cast, making it impractical in combat scenarios. Furthermore, the wielder's will has to be sufficiently sturdy, or the Mana they aim to control, being sentient, may overtake them.

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