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Forget Me Nots Information

Post by Deerandra on 17th May 2017, 8:04 pm

Forget Me Nots Discussion & Information

This private role-play will start out as a "mystery" of sorts up until the first story arc is complete.  Each character will start off without their memory (cliche, I know) and will go through challenges and plot points to discover memories and re-learn who they are together while also learning why they are together in the first place.
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Other things to note for this role-play:
This is a futuristic role-play where world travel, high levels of technology, and varied civilizations will be involved.  If you have any questions regarding the level of technology, feel free to ask.  It may be simple enough to consider this particular technology on the same level as the Mass Effect world (except that the "mass relays" would have a different name and were not created by Reapers, the races in that world aren't the same at all, and biotics don't exist.  xD)  However, this world will still have commonly used medieval weapons, as well, rather than relying heavily on guns.  (I have no reason for this, I just happen to enjoy a role-play that isn't fully dominated by guns more.  Guns are still allowed, though!)

As far as the memory loss goes, you'll still be able to "know" certain things when you start the role-play.  For example, if you are a human but you see another race, your brain will tell you that you know what they are--and you will.  However, any facts you retain about that race will not be there.  It'll only be more basic, vague thoughts like this that will come to you.  Almost as instinctively as knowing how to eat with a fork or how to not shit yer pants.  Fun times!

As far as magical abilities go (which will predominantly be explained in registration), you must understand that before you lost your memory, you were max-power with your ability, as well as max skill. However, through this role-play, you'll have to re-learn parts of your abilities until your memories unlock more skills through experience returned for you. Keep this in mind for your character during the role-play.

If you have any questions, please ask me in here, yo.

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Re: Forget Me Nots Information

Post by EphPhoenix on 18th May 2017, 9:50 pm

The Sharey

A techno-organic ship, Sharey is ten decks deep (124 feet) and 1157 feet long. When the wings are open, the ship is 600 feet wide; when the wings are closed, she's 350 feet wide.

Sharey was created using what's called "techno-organic" technology. She's sort of a living machine, capable of healing herself when damaged (if the damage isn't too great) and redesigning herself if she feels that it will make life more convenient for the crew. She can also steer herself, but will only do so in the most extreme of situations; she is programmed is to allow the crew to be in charge at all other times. In particular, there is a central area known as a "pilot's den" that acts as the brain of the Sharey's biology. An organic being can connect and join with Sharey, sharing thoughts and feelings. The Sharey is fully sentient and capable of judging character and making her own decisions and though fully capable of functioning without Pilots, they are useful to help sustain a crew to increase efficiency of communication and if any problems arise.

Through the Pilot, commands can be given both ways from the crew to Sharey, in times when certain supplies are needed, or from Sharey to the crew, when an unknown object appears on her sensors.

Being techno-organic Sharey contains both biological and technological components. She has wings she can project from the body of the ship that are "solar sails." In space, stars emit a stream of charged particles from their upper atmospheres (mostly protons and electrons), and the Sharey's solar sails capture these particles as a source of energy to power the ship's thrusters and hyperdrive engines. These thrusters at the rear of the ship enable the Sharey to travel at sub-light speed and change direction.

The Sharey's engines store up the charged particles gathered by the solar sails. When they have enough, they can fire the hyperdrive engines, which push the Sharey into hyperspace, so she can go faster than light for a while. When the Sharey goes into hyperspace, her wings close.

Interior Features

Jump Tubes: The jump tubes of the Sharey provide ways to get from one level of the ship to another. All main rooms have both exit and entrance jump tubes. One has to dial a code into a control panel in order to send them to the room they want. The jump tubes work with pneumatics, using air to push people and sometimes objects through the tubes.

The Command Post: The heart of monitoring operations in the Sharey after the Pilot's Den. The Command Post is one of the parts of the Sharey that is modified most often. Both the crew and the ship herself can change and move things.

Engine Room: Also called "Engineering," this area consists of a large engine fueled by a protomix called the "protomix master" and pillars that store ion particles. The ions are collected by the wings' solar sails through the ion glide; sometimes energy is sent to storage while other times energy is sent to the engine. Power is then sent to the thrusters and the ship is pushed along. Sending the ions from storage to the engines requires they be sent along the channels in the floor. The ship obtains ions from solar winds which can be gathered from stars and the tails of comets.

The protomix master controls the hyperdrive (the faster-than-light drive) of the ship. Once the hyperdrive is shut down it takes twenty minutes to restart it. Crystals are on the control panels of this part of the engine. These crystals are used to start and shut down the hyperdrive as well as other things

The Team Room: this is where the crew finds relaxation. It has machines for massage, a jacuzzi, a steam room, and various exercise equipment, as well as cards and video displays for games.

The Lounge: A second room designed for crew relaxation. It is located starboard side on a low level.

The main feature of the lounge is a sunken circular couch with a bay window above it. It is silver with gold accents and has pillows along with a small table fixated in the center of it.

It also contains massage devices and cards and displays for games. There is ample room for movement: such as for martial arts, sparring, yoga, etc. There are also random things that appear in the lounge such as various games and types of flora.

The Classroom: A room located on Level 7 in the middle of the ship. It has two sets of colorful bleachers that can seat up to ten people on either side, although five is a much more comfortable fit. A podium can sit at the front of the room. The viewscreen is used for video and images. There is also a table that pulls out of the wall that can be used for laboratory equipment for experiments.

The Galley: the kitchen and dining room of the Sharey. It is on the 6th level of the ship, on the forward starboard side.

There is a large eight-paneled "peacock table" in the center of the room. it contains holes to place plates on each level. The levels, ranging from red to purple in hue, slide to form one large stack when not in use.

The food wheel is a contraption that the members of the Sharey can get food from. One spins the triangle in the middle of the wheel to point to a path that leads to a hole on the outside of the wheel. Through the hole comes a plastic tube containing dehydrated food that rehydrates to a meal. Sometimes the food wheel delivers food that may suit one member of the crew better than another; in other cases (or perhaps universes) it is spot-on.

There is a sink for washing dishes that retracts into the wall. There are also shelves for food items, nooks in the walls for plates and silverware, and a micro-processor.

The Medlab: the medical center of the Sharey. It is located on the second level on the forward port side.

The MedLab's walls are a sterile white color as compared to the rather purple walls of the rest of the ship. It contains a recliner for patients, as well as several smaller seats. There are devices to check the crew for ailments such at the macroscanner and the microscanner. The macroscanner checks for larger problems among the body's systems, while the microscanner detects any problems with neurological functions. It also contains many shelves of medicine.

The healing chamber is also in the MedLab. The chamber allows the ship to use healing and even morphing capabilities to help the person inside heal from serious injury.

There are three landing bays on the Sharey.

Landing Bays: The primary landing bay is located through the top fin of the ship and is also accessible through a hatch in the top of the ship.

The two side landing bays are located through the "eyes" of the ship. Spaceways can be extended from here.

Cargo Hold: A large area for storing various cargo, equipment, and various mechanical devices. Can also hold small craft and pods.

Crew Quarters: various rooms where the crew can rest.

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Avi and Sig set made by the awesome Skylar! Thank you so much!

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Re: Forget Me Nots Information

Post by Deerandra on 29th May 2017, 4:33 am


The Valerian people are of two breeds, but they both have many similarities.  All of the Valerian have incredibly large Irises in their eyes, but their overall eye and pupil sizes are the same as humans.  Eye colors always range in hues of yellow, orange, or gold.  Additionally, they have sharp incisors, but they do not have lengthened shapes like that of the human's mythical vampire.  Additionally, Valerians have an additional sensory organ on their skin that is microscopic.  These tiny "fuzzy" feelers detect motion within sixty feet of the body in full circle from all directions.  

Additionally, all of the people of this race bear a mark.  This mark is that of their family up until they come of "age."  During puberty, the mark within their skin slowly begins to fade and scar away up until it becomes nothing.  Once they reach adulthood, A Valerian undergoes the rite to gain their own individual mark.  When becoming married, the mark of a spouse varies.  They can both simply select one of the two marks that they prefer, mix the two marks into a new one, or simply create an entirely new mark that is unlike the two prior marks at all.

The dark Valerian are known as the Straja, with black/purple hair, black/purple skin, and instead of having "whites" to their eyes, it is black here, as well.  Additionally, the Straja tend to be around ten feet tall and incredibly thin to the point of appearing anorexic to humankind.  They are quick, stealthy--but they have immense strength due to their incredible, strong muscles and increased bone density.  Their upper arm bone extends outward--passing out past the elbow to form a rather sharp blade that extends a couple of inches outwards.  The mark on a Straja appears white in color, but it is like a burn mark in actuality.


The light Valerian, Avaline, have white hair and skin.  This breed of the Valerian vary much more in size and shape, just as humans do, so not all have the great agility that most Straja can claim to have mastered.  Although their strength isn't as great as the Straja, it is greater than humankind, still.  They also have an increased bone density, but it is known that they have an additional set of ribs and thicker skin for defensive purposes against the Straja's additional blade.  Lastly, the mark of an Avaline is a dark grey or black, but is also similar to a burn mark in reality.



The Terrasti are a beautiful race, almost always female and rather short and thin in size.  Males are only born once in ever fifty births, so they are highly valued and are generally requested and bartered over for breeding and marriage purposes.  Their skin is always a pale teal and their hair and eyes generally range from hues of blue, green, and teal.  Additionally, a female Terrasti almost always have duller, darker eye colors and the males always have vivid, bright, and clearer eye colors that stand out.  Due to their rather frail frame, Terrasti have a low constitution, but they excel in science and technology and they have extra sensory abilities that allow them to feel pressure and touch with more sensitivity.  

There is an exceedingly rare birth defect within the Terrasti race and that is known as the Ruen.  To this date, there are only nine living Ruen known to the worlds of the Terrasti and they are each highly respected and their company is coveted by their society.  A Ruen generally has brown or black hair and eyes that result in worsened visual capabilties, but they do keep their teal skin.  Additionally, they have a pair of antennae on their head that is known to have several psychic-type abilities.  The Ruen are also mostly well known to have an aura of good fortune or luck and many will pay a Ruen to simply be present at important events and activities so that they will have positive results.


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