Zombie Survival SAS 6! (Stategy/PVP)

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Zombie Survival SAS 6! (Stategy/PVP)

Post by Tomeka Tando on 28th June 2017, 12:09 pm

This game is based on strengths and weaknesses.
You have a maximum of 150 statpoints, as you lvl up from killing zombies you get stronger.
Any suggestions, make them on here.
Health, Regeneration, Heal

0 health means death
Regeneration gradually heals
Heal increases health

Rounds, Time, Roundoff

Rounds are the waves vs your stats
Time long a round takes
Roundoff is the next round

Evasion, Combo, Hitchance

Evasion beats combo
Combo beats hitchance
Hitchance beats evasion

Sense, Stealth, Mask

TARGET or Boosts
x2, 100%, -50%
Double, Same, Halve

Doubles any stats of your choosing
Stats stay the same, unaffected
Cut in half any targeted effect

Teleport, Transport, Export

Teleport brings you somewhere
Transport brings a target somewhere
Export returns the target that teleported to you

Activate, Deactivate, Deny

Activates trigger
Deactivates trigger
and deny access to activate or deactivate trigger.

Crush, Slash, Pierce

Crush beats slash
Slash beats pierce
Pierce beats crush

Melee, Range, Siege

Melee loses to range
Range loses to siege
Siege loses to melee

Cannon, Rifle, Guns
Explosives, Fire, Smoke/Powder
Gas, Poison, Chemicals

Sword, Scimitar, Katana
Hammer, Mace, Flail
Spear, Rapier, Dagger

Warrior, Tank, Machine
Spy, Assassin, Rogue
Spellcaster, Scientist/Chronologist, Inspector

Plane, Zeppelin, AA unit/AA 'Building Name'
Boss, Unit, 'Building Name'
Ruler, Follower, 'Building Name'

Vampire, Zombie, Spirit
Human, Beast, Super
Male, Female, Mystery
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