Raid: King Ness

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Raid: King Ness

Post by JerriLeah7 on 1st July 2017, 11:55 am

First topic message reminder :

The 2017 Raid Begins

If your Raid character has a green check mark in their submission post, you are welcome to join the fight against King Ness, the Raid boss for 2017!!  Please read the following introduction below and then post this scene, but re-written from your character's point of view with details that involve your character's specific world.  

Registration for the Raid:

Thank you for participating!

Think back to your character's world and time.  Imagine your world as it was--its own force of nature, a miraculous expression of life with its own individuality.  Telling its own tale, spreading throughout all of time in its own way that no other world could possibly do.  

Now imagine that world crumbling apart.  Black cracks of magic coil around it, wrapping up the universe and feeding upon it.  As each black fissure is formed, the life around it dies and decays as your world begins to slowly and arduously die.  After months of this processes and thousands of lives have been lost, one such spirit appears within your world, referring to himself as "The Visitor."  

As he appears within each realm, he looks differently each time, shaping himself as he would best appear to "fit in" and seem trustworthy.  It is there that he finds the most possible public access to announce that this black magic, the coils that no one within the universe has currently been able to remove, is brought here by an evil creature known as "King Ness."   With sadness, he explains that the coils will not disperse from your planet until he is destroyed.   He calls forth, summoning the greatest warriors that will be willing to help the warriors from other victims' planets to battle this King and take him down.

'There will be challenges you must complete to reach him,' The Visitor will explain, 'Trails and tests of all like.  However, you will not be alone.  You will have others who must, likewise, save their their entire worlds.  Just like you.'

Before the Visitor, should you choose to join his invitation, a small circle will appear before him upon the floor/ground, which appears to glow upwards, raining mana from its base, raining up to the sky.  He'll instruct you to step onto your platform to be sent to the plane where the battle against King Ness will begin.

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Re: Raid: King Ness

Post by EphPhoenix on 2nd May 2018, 10:06 am

Maresca goes over to Ragnarok and places her hand on his shoulder. “I know this looks like and maybe even feels like your world, but I don’t think it is. The guardian would not take us from our world if to fight for a lost cause. Somehow we must make it past this, past our nightmare. Why I don’t know, maybe it will make us stronger when we fight King Ness. Or maybe this is what could happen if we fail. Please just come with me Ragnarok. Don’t injure yourself even more.”

Claire looked at Ragnarok as he fell to his knees. It was a horrible moment knowing that you were the last one alive. It must have felt like a living nightmare to him. "There is nothing more you can do here Ragnarok. Please come with us and help us." She said.

Their words washed over him, but his mind was light years away. His mind raced over everything, going faster than he thought possible. His people, his kind, all gone. Is this what Goliath and his clan felt? His heart ached, for the colony, for his clan, his brethren. "Jack..." Tears fell afresh. "Sheila." Her lifeless body; it would haunt his dreams forevermore.

What was the point? He had nothing to return to, now. It wouldn't matter if he defeated this "king" or not. But how could this have happenened? Had he truly been this integral to his world? No. He couldn't believe it. It would be the height of arrogance, and yet...

Sheila. A snarl rose in his lips and his fists clenched. His talons peeled the metal flooring. "What is the point of any of it..." His hands dug deeper into the floor, the metal buckling and twisting beneath his grip. His snarl began a roar. If this was this Raid's doing, if something he could've prevented had caused this, then the onus was on Raid and not him. His brethren, his clan, Jack, all of them.

He burst to his feet and roared with primal fury. "Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaid!" he thundered, the word sounding completely besital, his wings unfurling. "I will have my revenge for this! Do you hear me?!"

He felt full to bursting with wrath, but his mind was never more clear. There were howls a few halls down in answer to him, and his eyes glowed white hot as he considered them. He hadn't been here to protect his people, but they deserved better than to be Folk marionettes. He would honor them the only way left.
"Lucille," he said in icy calm. "Activate Apocalypse protocol, Gamma Omega Alpha."

"Voice recognition and key code acknowledged. Activating self-destruct Apocalypse protocol. Complete annihilation of colony commencing. Initiating..."

Ragnarok felt deep sadness for the loss of his world. This colony had represented the hope of his people and a testament to how far Gargoyles and humans had come. It would be no more.

"Error." Ragnarok perked at Lucille's sudden statement. "Catastrophic error of relays to remote initiate self destruct protocols. Self-destruct would have to be activated manually." He didn't hesitate for a second.

"Lucille," he said, "activate anti-Folk defenses throughout the colonies."

There were sudden noises and whirring sounds outside in the halls. There were the sounds of turrets firing and screams of Folk getting mowed down. He looked to the two women.
"The veracity of this place is of little import at this moment," he told them. "I will accompany you, but only after I have paid my respects to my people. Make your decision: are you coming with me? If not, the door is there and I will join you as soon as I'm able."

Maresca shakes her head. Why can’t he see that this is not real? Why is he so willing to accept this especially after seeing what happened in Claire’s room? She has been deceived by the demons on her world before. The rooms are a picture of that deception. She tried to explain that to Ragnarok, but he refuses to believe it.

“I have to stay alive for my real world out there, not the fake world that is here. If you cannot discern the difference, then why are you here? Why keep on fighting?” She throws up her arms. “I need to save my strength for the real fight, not this fake one.” With that she turns to the entrance to the room.

Claire looks at Maresca. "Go help the others then. I will stay here and help Ragnarok." She said. She turned to face the gargoyle and smiled. "I am here to help you. Tell me what you need from me and I will do as I am told."

Ragnarok looked from one to the other as they spoke and Maresca turned to leave. He nodded to Claire. "So be it." She was a warrior and he'd seen her turn into ancient creatures from his mother planet. He'd have to hope it was enough. However...

"As it stands, you're ill-equipped to deal with the Folk," he informed her. "We need to get you protection."

He held up his tech-band and a 3D diagram lit up the room. "Every colony is set up with emergency armories in the event...of this very thing." Except no one ever thought the Folk could actually infect them. "The automated defenses have been reactivated, but they're damaged and inoperable in several corridors." He pointed. "We're headed here, which would only be the next corridor down, but it's collapsed. We'll have to detour this way, but it's three corridors away this way, and this middle area's defenses are down, so we're likely to encounter resistance.

"Do you follow? If so, let's be on our way."

Claire studied the map for a moment as she listened to Ragnarok. She nodded her head. "Understood. I will do as you say and will do my best to make you proud. Let's be on our way." She said.

Ragnarok nodded. "Then let's be on our way," he said, scanning Claire with his techband. "Lucille, acknowledge citizen Claire. She is afforded all rights and privileges of a 1st lieutenant with clearance to access all areas of colonies by my order. Ragnarok, General--" that would never be something he was used to "-- Gamma Omega Alpha."

"Affirmative," Lucille responded. "Welcome, Claire, and congratulations on your journey into the Corp."

It would never have done for the colony to lock her out in the event they were separated. He needed to consider all contingencies. With that, he headed toward the door, stuck his head out into the corridor making sure all was clear. Then he shot out with Claire in tow.

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