Pokemon based RP

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Pokemon based RP poll

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Pokemon based RP

Post by LightningFang on 2nd July 2017, 7:39 pm

I'm thinking of starting a RP based Pokemon. I would like people to answer the poll

I would like to know who would like to join in on a Pokemon RP. I want to know so I know if I should make it a private or public RP. I'm thinking that 4 or less people who want to join, I will make it private. 5 or more, I will make it public. This poll will be up for 7 days. If you don't want to answer then you don't have to.

The technology level will be modern/pokemon setting. It will have both pokeballs and iphones. That sort of thing.

The setting will be the characters starting off in different locations in the pokemon world. So, one person will start in the Johto region another in the Hoenn region, and another in the Kalos region. Basically no one two people in the same region, unless there aren't enough regions for people then they will start in a different place within that region. Without giving too much info away this is what the start will be somewhat. Once this RP has been made with enough people in it, you'll notice that their will be spot for a background, that is for how people will start. Basically with no memory of the past, only knowing a few details about their self and what will be around them. You'll start off with a pokemon from a list based on something you choose within the RP character creation. Without going into a lot of detail right now, you might have only one option or more than one. To note though you can get more then one pokemon, but that will be later in the RP. I know the setting is quite long, but if you find this interesting, I would recommend joining in the RP. I will make a character to have as an example, to help make it easier for people.

The main plot will be figuring out why your past and will expand beyond their going different routes for everyone.

Other than that, please leave reply on if you would like to join or not. Also reply with any questions you have and or concerns. You can join even if you have no knowledge of pokemon. It doesn't matter if you have played the games or collected the cards, all are welcome. Their will be no meta gaming in the sense that if you know the name of a pokemon out of game you know what they are in game. Planes and boats will be the only way to access other regions, in addition planes will only go from one region to the next, and not from one town/city to the next in the same region. Boats can be used to travel from one part of the region to the next, mostly if you are in the hoenn or Alola region, as well as the Orange Islands. It will also be used in regions other than those. Regions will be given on a first come first serve basis, you want a region be the first one to post your character for that region, unless overflow, then you can choose the same region, but it will have a limit that all regions must have the same amount of people before over flow can happen.

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