Beyond Space and Time RP

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Beyond Space and Time RP

Post by EphPhoenix on 10th August 2017, 11:09 am

[Attn: Open]

The swirls of destiny and fate are like a ripple that reaches out into the ages, beyond worlds, beyond dimensions, beyond time. As they coalesce, decisions are made, lives are created and ended, balance ebbs and flows, and the price is paid...

The girl cried out over the gale that surrounded them, the light from the massive doors pulling her in. Her silver locks swept around her rapidly, her silver eyes reflecting the multi-hued light from inside the doors. Her dress fluttered and flapped about her as her left hand pulled against the door while her right reached out, stretched, looking for purchase to anything that might save her. Only the man before her could hear her as he tearfully reached for her, struggling against the forces throwing the door shut.

"Elise! Elise!" he thundered. "I'm coming! I'm here! Please! Hold on!!!"

He'd fought them all, he'd not let her be taken! He reached for her as she reached for him, their hands longing for purchase of the other. The gales and swirls of power, however, pushed them apart as the multicolored energies coalescing on the other side of the door relentlessly sucked her further in as the massive doors slowly closed.

He got closer and closer, but as his fingers brushed hers, a burst of energy knocked him back and she was sucked in, the doors slamming shut with a sound of finality eternal. The gales died down and the light faded, speckles of it dancing before his eyes. He slammed his fists against the doors, raging at it like a bull gone mad. He slammed again and again, blows so powerful it could be heard and felt for miles. His fists were bleeding, but the doors showed no signs of giving, or that he had done anything. He fell to his knees in sorrow as tears streamed his face, blood pooling around his battered hands.

"My love..." he said in a hoarse whisper.

He sat there in quiet for moments that seemed to drag onto eternity before his fists slammed the ground and a roar of feral hatred for all things filled the air for miles around him. "You shall not take her from me! Do you hear me?! You shall not take her! I will destroy everything! I will end all worlds until I have her back! Do you hear me! Do you hear me!!!

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Re: Beyond Space and Time RP

Post by xenolion on 10th August 2017, 2:54 pm

{Attn: Open}
Ravenna is walking in the city. It usually takes a lot to get under her skin, but today Correia was pressing her buttons. She had to get outside into the fresh air, away from the Villanueva house. She looks up and finds herself in the park. She watches some kids playing, while others are walking through. She sits down and watches the families. She suddenly missed her mother. She never knew her father.

For the first time, she wonders if she could live outside of the Villanueva house. To do that she would have to expose that she is a magician. She is not sure if she is ready. It is like Correia told her, now her powers are unknown. When the word gets out though she will be recruited into the military, and that is what she does not want to do.

Unbeknowst to Ravenna she is being watched as well. She is actually being followed since she left the Villanueva property. The science woman smiles as she watches the servant sitting peacefully on the park bench. This simple natural is a delight. Camille was not expecting such a beauty to be the key to bring one of the most powerful magicians to them. Her icy blue eyes gazed into Ravenna's head, unable to figure out what was in there... "What are you hiding?" She says out loud, trying to psych her out as a "conscience".

Ravenna feels the hairs on her neck perk up. She gets the odd feeling that she is being watched. She stands up and turns around slowly looking at the people in the square. Her eyes don’t meet up with anyone’s as she does her sweep. She gathers the simple lunch she had picked up on her way. In a way she is lucky to have Correia. She has always treated Ravenna as an equal, quite rare for a natural. Ravenna considers her a close friend. She glances through the park again. Maybe she needs a vacation, but first she will pick up some of Correia's favorite pastries as an apology. Maybe, just maybe she will catch Correia at a weak point and get her to authorize a vacation.

{Attn Open}
Since the battle at the museum, Kenora realized that she cannot depend in her abilities alone. If she intends on being outside the haven, she will need to at least learn to defend herself. So after work, she spends time in the training room working on both her powers and a little bit of self-defense. She has not asked Trent outright for assistance. She knows he is busy with the new people. She convinced Vincent to come to the Haven. Thankfully he still had the card of the person who attempted to recruit him. Finley is not staying at the Haven yet. He is going in between Harvest city and his Grandmother. Kenora is too busy to miss him.

St. George’s Bookstore will be reopening in a couple of days. They are having a week long event. Gabriel Knight and her parents will be down the first couple of days. There is also a comic book signing, children’s story times, and even a table top gaming session. That ought to be a fun night.

She enters the Haven, exhausted from work. She waves at Trent. She goes to her room and quickly changes before heading to the training room. “Hello computer, let’s pick up where we left off. However, I wonder if there are any weapons I should be training on as well. The weapon should be somewhat concealable, I don’t want to scare off customers.”

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Re: Beyond Space and Time RP

Post by JulietHasAGun on 11th August 2017, 7:52 pm

The harsh neon lighting and the smoggy atmosphere of Eden's seedy understreets made it easy for someone to get lost, easy for someone to stay hidden; beneath the densely crowded current of aliens and strangely garbed newcomers. If one had the right wits, the right cunning, and the right amount of money, it was easy for one to stay out of sight, and out of mind.

Or at least think they were.

'Statistical probability of critical mission failure is-'

"Sssh." The tutting whisper was barely a tickle on Hypatia's lips as she hung by her foot, upside down, amidst and above the multi-level streets of Eden't red light district.

No, that was incorrect. For now, she wasn't Hypatia- in this moment, she was 'The Operator'.

Her cloaking tech allowed her to remain invisible, dangling upside down, her target in her scope. His name was Vance D'Argyll, a high ranking official within Eden's separately controlled police force. That was the nice word for it, any way. In reality this police force was little more than a glorified gang; with the beaurocrats tasked with keeping them in line too busy with their petty squabbles to actually reign them in.

But vigilante justice wasn't why The Operator was tracking him down. No, the hefty sum she'd been offered had been a significant incentive when it came to popping this guy. He thought he was hidden, hood, cloak, whole nine yards. But her eyes, and her modded Galen-I, didn't lie. This was her man. This was Vance.

She tapped her finger against the cold metal exterior of her sniper rifle as she watched him duck into a rather vibrant building. The exterior read 'The Velvet Room' in bright, red, sleazy lettering.

'So either a strip club, or a dance club.' She thought to herself, removing eye from her scope. No matter what it was, now she was going to have to go inside. She could track him through walls, sure, but she didn't have any bullets strong enough to pierce the harsh, metal exteriors of the buildings here.


She tugged on the zipline holding her aloft above the streets, and it quickly detached itself, sending her into a free fell as the metallic line retracted into her boot. She righted herself in the air, feet now facing the ground. Her cloaking tech disabled as her feet hit the ground, with a characteristic grace expected of an assassin. She'd been tracking him for hours; and didn't have that much juice left for more than fifteen minutes of cloaking. She couldn't let him see her; then he'd get spooked and bolt, so she'd have to ration it out. She shifted her gaze; seeing all the people pretending not to notice her. She couldn't blame them; freelancers were allowed to act above the law, and they killed people. For money. A Lot, of money. Generally speaking they weren't the kind of people you invited over for a drink, or Sunday brunch. She'd learned to stop caring, for the most part.

As she made her way to the club, she fell in with the crowd, expertly maneuvering through Eden's foot traffic to get to her easily missable destination.

'Now, Vance, what brings an upstanding gentleman like you to a place like this.' She thought to herself, stepping inside the club, immersing herself in its tacky, overdramatic decor; it's overbearing wallpaper and its questionably stained plush carpeting- at least, towards the entryway. As she made her way through the beaded entryway, it turned into an organza of rich neon paneling, pulsating with the rhythm of the music. Overhead, a domed atrium of glass was transformed into a flashing disco ball, illuminating the faces of the patrons in prismatic color. After scanning the flashing, delerious faces of the reveling patrons, she spotted him, towards the back; in black garbed company; one of whom was tall, and unnaturally slender. An Altus.

'Please tell me that that's not the Altus I think it is.' She groaned to herself.

'The statistical probability of that being The Glory is-' There was Orion again, with his stupid percentages.

'Ssshh!' Barely a whisper, but damn it was a harsh one.

She focused once again on her target, chatting casually with the Altus, who seemed rather disinteresting, but continued to humor him.

All she'd have to do is sneak up to him, finish the job, and make a speedy exit. All while hoping The Glory wasn't intent on playing bodyguard.

She exhaled, softly, as her cloaking tech reactivated; turning her into a dancefloor specter. She needed to make these fifteen minutes count; get in, and get out. She weaved between drunken revelers, over excited dancers, and underpaid wait staff carting glowing drinks across the neon dancefloor. A few fingertips breezed through her hair, and she was almost amused at the shocked faces of the culprits, most likely debating their own sanity and sobriety. As the flashing lights of the club flickered on and off, strobing and creating an almost hallucinatory experience as she grew closer to Vance; she could swear she saw The Glory staring straight at her.

That was impossible. She was invisible- and she'd put out good money to make sure her cloaking tech was the best of the best. Another strobing flash, and she could tell that Glory wasn't looking at her. Perhaps, she thought, it had just been a trick of the light.

As she drew closer she pulled out her pistol, keeping it tucked neatly at her side, careful not to prod anyone with it.

She was now close enough to smell his overpriced, cologne, laid on almost as thick as the schmooze work he was trying to pull with The Glory. The Operator held her breath, silently raising her pistol to his neck just so-

She felt someones grip on her wrist; and before she could even react, she was flying through the air.

Her cloaking disintegrated as she crashed through the glass table of the club- and as she quickly righted herself, springing to her feet, she could see the Glory hunched over, like a predator stalking its pray.

"Surprised to see you hear, Glory. Didn't think you got out much." She quipped, dusting herself off, retaining her firm grip on her gun.

"I could say the same about you, Operator." They growled her name, the 'r's becoming drawn out sneers. She knew her and Glory had never had the best working relationship- but shit.

"Gotta ask you something though, Glory." She tried to defuse the animosity, and looked behind the Altus, at Vance, who was currently in a state of shock, cowering behind Glory. The Altus, in turn, merely quirked their head in response. "How'd you spot me? My tech's top of the line, and last I checked your eyes aren't better than a Kranit's."

They let out a low cackle. "Didn't daddy dear teach you that before he got chucked in the slammer, sweet Ti? The Altus have telepathic abilities which meant the moment you walked in, I could feel your presence on my brain like nails."

She'd brought her dad into it- screw being nice.

The Operator let out a laugh of her own, standing up straight and rolling the barrel of her gun with lazy amusement. "See, that's surprising Glory. Never took you for a creature of smarts. Figured most of what was behind that big forehead of yours was hot air." Glory's intelligence was something they'd always been sensitive about, and she could see the Altus' eyes flare up.

"Bitch-" They hissed as they lunged for her, long, gangly arms missing their mark as they were cracked across the forehead with The Operator's pistol. Still, Glory attempted to grapple onto her, both of them tucking, weaving and swiping at the other. Thanks to her cybernetics, it was easy for her to throw down with the larger Altus. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted Vance, trying to make his way around them to escape.

'Oh no you don't-'

She drew her crossbow with her free hand, slamming her pistol into Glory's throat, staggering her for a moment. She lunged at the man, pressing her crossbow to the mans chest, and pressing a button. The man cringed, and The Operator was quickly torn away from her target by an increasingly furious Altus. He blinked, looking down at his chest, and gave a laugh, looking smugly at the two fighting freelancers as his other 'security guards' entered the scene, guns drawn.

At least, before The Operator knocked his Altus bodyguard through a glowing aquarium. Then he paled once more.

The young woman scanned the room, surveying her environment after putting Glory through a glass wall. The fight had spilled out onto the dance floor- and now she was a lone, illuminated target on the glowing floor, with about ten guns trained on her, and a very angry telepath trying to crawl out of a fish tank.

'Shit,' She thought, trying to look for an exit strategy. Exits were covered, no way she'd be able to outmaneuver ten guns in this crowded ass room. But the dome- She looked up at the glowing dome, fighting the smile that threatened to come to her face.

"Well, gentleman, and Altus- as lovely as this ordeal has been, I'm afraid I'll have to cut out early." She could feel the apprehension through their helmets. She gave a small, twiddling wave, as the last few seconds of her cloaking tech activated, and she pulled herself via zipline through the glowing dome roof.


Sure enough, they were still on her, and The Operator didn't have enough any juice in her cloaking device left. She wasn't fond of wild goose chases- but here she was, starring as the goose. Dammit.  She had been ziplining through Low Town for about ten minutes now-

When she saw an almost unnecessarily large, armored figure, in a red oversuit, on a very, very recognizable bike.

The one, The only, The Stalk. The Vorn with the plan, who had just as much of a shitty dynamic with The Glory. She pulled dislodged her zipline, mid swing, and aimed herself to land perfectly on the back of his bike. His large, diamond shaped mask quickly encompassed with strips of neon question marks.

"Hey, Stalky, mind giving your best pal a ride?" She wrapped her arms around his large, armored abdomen before he could even turn around fully.

"Ah! Operator! My friend! Just the woman I was looking for!" His accent was thick, almost overdramatic. He was a Vorn who had taken 'The Most Dangerous Game' way too much to heart.

"Aww, Stalky were you worried about me?" She grinned, looking up at him with beaming, impish eyes.

"But of course! The Deacon sent me a message saying you were going after some Eden official, and that I should join in on the fun as a getaway driver! Oh, I do ever so love chases! Like a good old fashioned hunt!" His boisterous demeanor was unflappable, as always.

"Yes, do you enjoy it so much when you're the one being hunted?"

"When it is for a friend, I enjoy anything!" As he spoke, she saw Eden police ships twisting out onto the street.

"Well, let's get this show on the road then because I doubt they're keen on waiting for our touching reunION-" Before she'd even had a chance to finish, The Stalk had urged his bike to a breakneck speed, flying between, under, and over other vehicles in an effort to evade her pursuers. Tragically, a purple haired cyborg, an eight foot tall Vorn, and a ridiculously armored bike attracted a fair amount of attention even in Eden's eclectic streets streets. "One coming up on top!" She shouted, firing off rounds from her revolver, landing shots on the ships behind them.

"No need to worry, my dear!" He pushed a button, and two wing like extremities popped out of the bikes sides. And they held guns. Really, really big guns. The Stalk pulled one out, pointing it at the ship coming up above them. One round was all it took, the canon like blast pierced clear through the hull and sent it crashing into the ships behind them.

"Nice o-Shit!" A bullet grazed her leg, halted entirely on its path by The Stalk's armor. "And now they're shooting at us- Fantastic."

The Stalk pressed yet another button, and plates of pitch black armoring created a cone like fan behind her. Which, while protecting her, created additional drag that didn't really help their efficiency in evading Eden's police force.

"Bank right!" She shouted over the noise of the bullets rattling against the bikes armor. The Stalk did as he was told; taking a hard right-

Directly into a massive blockade. The massive police flagship. Probably headed by-

"Say, do you suppose it's that Vance, fellow?" The Stalk shouted back at her. She activated her visor, and could see the probe she had planted on him in the ships cockpit.

"Oh yeah, definitely him- We need to go around!" She shouted, noting that Stalk hadn't slowed his speed at all.

"You may be content to go around, darling. Yet I am a Vorn who likes to charge through!" She could hear the wicked grin in his voice as they neared the ships hull.

She grinned back, aiming her zipline at the top of the ship. "See you on the other side?"

"But of course!" And with that, she pulled herself to the top of the ship, just as The Stalk's bike fully armored itself at charged through the motherships armored hull. She sprinted across the top of the ship, taking note of the massive explosions below- She aimed towards the head of the ship with her crossbow, quickly firing as she reached the middle.

'How's that saying go? A true captain goes down with his ship? Not that Vance has much of a say, here.'

From the collision course beneath her, The Operator was pretty sure The Stalk was reaching the end of his cross-ship joy ride- and picked up her pace for one, last, big leap of faith. Sure enough, after she flung herself off the edge, there he was, fully armored, and about forty feet beneath her. The now scorched armor paneling gradually slid back, enabling her to land on the cushy seating, rather than smoldering metal. Soon after landing she caught her now bloodied bold- returning happily with its now useless and impaled probe.

"So-" She said merrily, clamping back onto her driver as the ship sank to ruin behind him. "Ship's wrecked, Vance is no more, and I'm about eighty thousand credits richer. What's next, o' dutiful getaway driver?"

"Well-" The Stalk started, his mask, for once, unadorned with neon words or punctuation. ", when The Deacon contacted me- it wasn't just to rescue you on my shining motorbike. He also said he had news about your father."

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Re: Beyond Space and Time RP

Post by JerriLeah7 on 13th August 2017, 2:53 pm

Beeping.  Buzzing.  No.  It's not buzzing.  It's a stampede.  No, that's not right.  What is that sound?  Joie's senses come into focus, her face scrunching up as she slowly regains her consciousness.  She jerks--she's falling.  It hits her--the memory, not the ground.  She's falling and her eyes jerk open as the beeping continues, alerting her of the oncoming impact.  Fear rises up and her breathing quickens as she realizes that Galen is speaking to her in her mind and she blinks, her fingers and legs suddenly flailing as the panic takes over.

Galen says, "Your jet pack has been repaired by 83%, Joie.  There is no cause for concern."

"What?!"  Joie cries out, "It's broken?!  I gotta slow this fall, Galen!  Fix it!"

Galen replies in his usual monotone, "As usual, demanding the obvious needed solution that is already in progress while stating the obvious purpose of its necessity will not quicken the process.  Additionally, it will not calm your nerves."

"Shut up!" Joie exclaims, "Is it fixed?!"

"Your jet pack is repaired by 99% and your current altitude leaves plenty of time for slowed bursts.  I have repaired your helmet, but please keep an eye out for face-plate integrity during your descent."

"Fuck," Joie immediately begins to use timed bursts of her jet pack to slow her descent, which is not only disorienting, but very difficult to do.  She almost flips completely several times, but Galen assists her with it for the most part.  As she gets closer and closer to the planet's surface, she gets angrier and angrier.  She wants to be home.  She wants to be back on base doing what she does best within the law and instead, she's out here with space scum because they lied to her.  Her anger doesn't stay, though.  Galen never lets her stay angry.

The landing isn't great.  There's a lot of rolling, stumbling and landing into things--rocks, trees, and other such joys that she wishes she didn't have discover so personally and bluntly with such close proximity on her body.  With groans, she stands up slowly, injured and tired as she looks around, analyzing her surroundings and listening to her environment carefully as she pulls out her hover disc and puts it together, sliding out the disc and adding the thruster at its base to go for a quick ride as she begins to scout and track for those that crashed with her.

It doesn't take her long to find several of the other pirates, but she doesn't help them much.  She just tells them where to meet up before leaving them behind to find another place--to find the one in charge.  The anger builds up in her and she can feel Galen ready to calm her but she tells him in her mind to leave it.  He warns her not to, but she tells him to leave it again.  Galen does as he is told.   And the anger grows.   Yet, it will be okay, because Joie isn't going to let her anger get the better of her.   At least...not too much.

When she finally finds the piece of Rishaar Shit that brought them here, he's already with the others--go figure.  Waiting for her.  She halts the hover disc, putting it away properly in her suit and checking her breathing within hr suit before she calmly steps up to the group around their cute, little camp fire on the small hill and asks them quietly "Where's your back up?  You do have...a ride home, yes?  A way back to Rynara?"

The greasy-haired, yellow-skinned man with a single good eye looks at her and smirks.  His other eye, white and barely open with the scar so clearly visible over the damaged thing, would be looking at her if it could.  To most, it would unnerve them, but Joie just doesn't care.  Probably because she actually knows how he lost the eye--it's no warrior's wound.  Nothing to be proud of, no story of great feat or pride.  Just a fluke that this runt of a rike happened to survive.  It was nothing to her, so she sneered back at him as he spoke,
"Sweetheart, that's what you're for.  Why do you think we brought you for?  Insurance."

Joie is confused, "What?

Laughter from the others, but Galen is already speaking to her in her mind, "You're no longer in active service of the Armada, but you're also still valuable and a draftee.  Therefore, the tracker is active and they could use your distress beacon to recall for help as a way home."  

Joie laughs aloud with them and others fall silent.  She laughs again, against the awkward silence.  This time, she really is amused.  Then, she says, "Galen, call M."

"I thought you would ask.  It is already on its way.  Would you like me to prepare for lift off?"

"Yes."  Joie says, "Well, boys, I'm off.  I've got a mech to get me home, but don't worry--I'll send a guy or two our to pick you up at some point."

The guys are already pulling out guns and pointing them her way but her gun's already out and it is pointed at his dead eye.  Her gaze is empty, but finally she allows Galen to calm her so that she she won't say anything out of spite.  Instead, she just speaks with a deadly calm as she says, "No.  You brought me here--you lied to me.  This was supposed to be an easy take, with free licenses...but this place is illegal and your ship set off the perimeter bands and that's why we crashed.  You are the reason why your men will be stranded on this shit place for a few days while you wait for a ride home.  No one else.  Take responsibility for your actions, Baerdan."

She is surrounded, but it doesn't matter.  M is landing--her beautiful ride home and they know that if they try anything, it'll fire upon them with Galen's command.  With a small smile, she wishes them each a few fine days and takes her leave.  Good riddance.  And, that's no pay.  Another botched job and another week without rent.  She's going to have to find a way to get a job, soon, or she's going to be shit out of luck when she needs food.  Or to re-fuel.

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