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Post by EphPhoenix on 10th August 2017, 11:11 am

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It was a gorgeous sunny day in the city of Maplevale. The morning rush had already passed, and with school not yet started for another few weeks, the traffic was at calm levels--save the rush of the teenagers with cars. The city was expanding rapidly with the new jobs that the energy and technology plants were opening bringing new people to it. The city had begun to swell from a population of 100,000 to nearly 200,000 in the span of half a decade. The construction jobs prevalent to deal with the expansion had been numerous, but it was dying down finally. Thankfully. It was still growing rapidly, beginning to earn the nickname "mini-metropolis." It boasted numerous parks, a growing expanse of skyscrapers, a few large lakes, and two centers of learning renowned for their academia nationwide--one of them Ivy League. In short, life was good in the city.

Jericho meditated on the roof of the city, trying to focus his power, trying to understand it. He still was unsure of what to do with this power. Becca was still trying to get him to put on some ridiculous outfit and "hero it up" with her. Still couldn't believe that had become a reality.

But was that what his powers were meant for? There was the argument that power not used was no better than having none at all. There was also the argument that great power carried great responsibility--the Spider-Man credo--but just because you had the power were you necessarily obligated to the world around you to use it?

"You're thinking about it again, aren't you?"

Jericho sighed. He'd been so lost in his thoughts that he hadn't even felt Becca's presence. His face made a grimace that faded when he saw Becca in her civvies and not in her "Vivacious" uniform.

"You always do that," she grumbled, folding her arms. "I'm doing some good out there."

"I didn't say a word," Jericho said, closing his eyes and trying to return to meditating.

"You don't have to," she snapped, "your face says it for you. Look, I messed up and am trying to make up for it like you taught me!"

"I don't recall telling you to name yourself 'Vivacious,'" he said with an unsuppressed smile.

She made a face. "You're a real smug bastard, y'know that?"

"Guilty," he added with a laugh.

"Hey!" she said grabbing his arm and pulling him up. "Enough with the monk stuff! I'm hungry!"

Jericho popped an eye open to look at her. "You're a grown woman," he commented. "Go and get yourself something to eat."

Suddenly, he felt a spike of energy and saw a glowing ball of golden light in Becca's hands. She looked highly disgruntled.

"I don't wanna eat alone," she said. "And just like you helped me, it's my job to help you. And all this antisocial behavior just isn't good for you."

Jericho sighed. "I take it that means you're gonna badger me until I agree to go?"

"You're a fast learner!" Becca said cheerfully.

Jericho sighed. "Alright, let's go..." he said getting up.

"Yay!" Becca exclaimed, jumping for joy. "And hurry up! I've got orientation in an hour!"

Jericho sighed again. This girl was nothing but trouble...

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Post by JerriLeah7 on 13th August 2017, 3:12 pm

The alarm goes off and Tam presses the snooze button for the fifth time as she rolls over in her bed. She groans, however, as the roommate steps into the room and punches her calf, ordering her to wake up. She flicks the girl a way with a wave of her half-asleep fingers. It doesn't work. Mornings. The shit-hole of the day.

Finally sitting up, she grumbles out "I'm up," before she turns off her alarm and shoves on some clothes, grabs her back, a granola bar, and heads out towards class...which starts in about twenty minutes. Yeah, she's cutting it close, but she always is. It's morning and morning classes should not be a thing. Of course, all of the gen ed courses are in the damned mornings. What a Godless hour to hold a class.

Her roommate catches up to her, though, something she's never done before. They don't have the same class. They don't walk together. They aren't even really friends, but...they get along. She looks at her and puts her hand on her shoulder, which is weird. She shrugs the girl's hand off of her, looking at her oddly as the girl asks her if she's okay.

Tam says, "Of course I'm fine. I got class in twenty. What?"

"You...you were crying in your sleep last night. Nightmares?" Rita asks.

The little, blonde girl was never much to get too nosy or rude about these things, but this time, she was being quite blunt. However, Tam could tell that it's because she is worried and its sweet. Tam smiles at her, shaking her head, "Girl, I don't even remember what I dreamed. I'm fine."

"Oh," Rita replies, "Okay. Well...it just freaked me. Of course, it's probably because of how cold it was last night. When you wake up freezing and you also hear crying and shuffling--it's like a scene from a horror flick, you know?"

Tam and Rita laugh together, but Tam wonders in her mind how it could have gotten so cold. Maybe Rita was dreaming about Tam crying and about the cold? They keep the room pretty cool, but not that cold. Still, Tam isn't going to suggest that it's a dream to her. She might be insulted. Instead, she picks up her pace to class.

"Well, thanks for the concern, but I'm good," Tam says with a grin, "Really. I don't remember what I even dreamed, so I'm good. I'll check the AC after class."

Rita nods before they part ways, "Thanks, Tam, see ya."

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