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Post by Dr.Kran on 24th February 2018, 7:14 am

Post by the beacon of Ecticon on Fri Dec 24 2017 12:52:30 AM

He's the ruler of Ecticon and is of a paradox. He prefers to use the old age freestyle primitive/medieval ages.
Beacon of Ecticon Dr_kra15
NAME: Dr.Kran the ruler of Ecticon


AGE: Unknown, he actually appears to be middle aged.

SPECIES: An human with an rare and strong draconic growth that's impossible rarity.

Dr.Kran has a very abnormal draconic growth cell that's impossible to find in any human which means he's very muscular and strong without exercise, and his memory and highly intellectual in common comparisons to the average human for unknown reasons. And he's naturally lucky with an equivalent of 17 four lucky leaf clovers. Which exceedingly increaseshis success rate and chances. He has blue eyes, he's normal height and very muscular, his choice of clothes are the expensive of choice garments.

PROFESSION: He's a scientist specializes in machinery and chemistry but in ancient days he prefers to use weapons of the ancient days, he doesn't call himself a mage yet he knows magic.

WEALTH: His currency is of Ecticon and is worth twice the value of a single dollar.

COMBAT ROLE: Support Specialist Assassin Hybrid: He's of a different paradox and he follows the role of sportsmanship and his sport is jousting and Mortal Kombat. He can use be using any type of booked weapon encrypted to belt, he prefers to use weapons of his region but he uses a frost imbued frost gauntlet that can be materialized and a hammer that's bound to him meaning no one can use it except him through it being transparent while it isn't wielded by him. His role in combat is support alchemist and in some cases a juggernaut. A shard based crossbow is his weapon of choice in the day.

STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES: Weaknesses by the terms of 'chance/rarity' and strengthof greater 'wits/will' : He can be countered by vampires and large werewolves but his strength matches that of a werewolf with a rare draconic body and his luck matches that of 17 four lucky leaf clovers meaning. He can counter weapons and shatter them if they're wooden with his impact punch. He can fight against specters or with certain elemental.

CATEGORY : Super Solder Strength 7 : I'm atleast 7 on the scales of super soldier strength is atleast 14 default super solders, 1 super solder can move a vehicle while twice that can move a vehicle without trying and the value of 3can move a atleast which is the equivalence of a terminator is capable of moving a trailer truck or pushing cars away, 4 is enough to move a trailer truck without trying and can pull a boat in current in, 5 can push the truck away without while they can pull a boat in regardless of the current's force, 6 can jump at juggernaut lengths which is nearly a omegaphor with the equivalence of a short hallway, 7 can jump at a omegaphor of twice a short hallway since it's more than many omegaphors than that of twice in 6 value super solder metaphors, 8 can crash through walls and also through heavy objects at a minimum sized omegaphor, heavy objects are light to you when you have atleast 9 in value since this is a math that isn't aphaphor of mathematics but a beyond reach estimated scale on differences which are never the same but are likely to be an omegaphor when it's for super solder strength, you can throw heavy objects without trying but the scale for the omegaphor isn't always the same as fatigue can be a result to even that of a indestructible super soldier which can survive a nuclear bomb.

Punch/Devastator : His punch does heavy critical impact damage while also taking energy from a target causing them to avoid other hits during the round-off. Several hits triggers the devastator doing massive damage.

Knee Kick : This attack reduces a target's energy greatly while inflicting large amounts of pain.
Griplock : An attack that takes away air from the target while doing heavy damage, which allows him to reveal to his target their demise through using punches.

Leap : Takes him to the target faster while using little energy which increases the damage of shoulder impact.
Shoulder impact : A move that does medium damage while on some occasions stunning or pushing them back.

Throw Chair : He throws an wooden or steel chair up or to a target.

Utility Belt : It has a materializer crystal, a teleportation field gate and an anti-projectile prism field. 
Crossbow : Does piercing damage to a target.

Frost Gauntlet : Protects and amplifies damage while it can send out a shard of ice or a powerful ray of frost.

Materialized Sword/Katana, Hammer/Mace, Spear/Naginata : Does pierce, slash, and crush damage.

Materialized Grappling Hook/Whip : Allows him to pull himself or a target to him.
Materialized Crossbow Rapidfire : Does rapid pierce damage to a target without needing to reload.

Punch \ Knee kick \ Griplock \ Punch x number = Demise Confliction : Doing passive impact damage to the target until the target breaks free from his strength which matches that of a werewolf.
Throw Chair \ Punch = Chairs Crasher : He throws a
chair up and shatters/destroys it with his punch doing light
shatter damage and medium impact damage to the target.

MAJOR MOTIVATIONS: Nothing, women maybe or inspired by popular/normality terms, no one could truly know not even he knew or cared.

MAGIC: His knowledge of arcane along with that of learned spells from Dreadlord Plaguestrike is fearsome but he doesn't use it.
Ball of maggots : He can throw disgusting ball of maggots that slowly eats into the flesh of it's host while the target concentrates for the roundoff of duration to remove them from their face.
Plasma Cannon : He can project a force of energy to a target that can turn parts of a target's body into chunks of flesh.
Rain of Maggots : Infests the air with light showers of maggots that hits everyone including himself doing small portions of damage but doesn't affect him since he used the anti-parasite chemical.
Scorch of Flames : He can burn a target and deal massive damage.
Flash Cannon : He can blind a target with a blast of light.
Dodge Ball : It dodges everything but the target and it pushes the target back really far Materialize Item : Like the materialization feature found on the belt he has the capability to do it with his own prism science spell, this allows him to summon a new item from wherever he is from existence.

Bond : He can spellbind an item to him so that no one can use it except for him which causes the spellbonded item to go transparent when one attempts to uses it.
Chemical Force : He can bind an element to him allowing him to freely manipulate it to his choice of movements.
Chain Reaction : He can do chemistry through combining magical elements with physical elements which seems to be appear as a form of alchemy binding spell.

Nature Growth : He can manipulate natural resources to form crystals from liquids, replenish from existing ingredients to trigger fungus or plants growth, or cure anyone from an unnatural or abnormal disease.
Dimensionize : He can create a dimensions from the use of his own materialization factors causing a any fictional material, being or world to exist.

BACKGROUND: He's of a different paradox with technology but doesn't seem to want to find technology where there's primitives.
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